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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 10-04-1974
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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SI -iAaA.N. pae.-ra ILA. it
-' -fhwe or s ps te oi mem6rae -i athey aS 'y '
tj,. bk rt.iL jtlete-Chureti4i-w WSit*ik Oeffice i *Oct6ei 9-This wE7 HtheM k
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Mftm Deanm H6 ig
--- -olAegfadpab.
ae for osrcoming the problcemsan-
* *iopied Coi~ries". 's a- j s W cn owi.as
And" e procxds to expouind -l .chiev
4s an ack -of the Caribbean Comi
.mao Market and tomecommeond dte ests
bisbhmemt of-a new Pofiical Udion in tbe'
f lgivh Speaking Caribbean.
|. ^^^ --. I -****^ ;--

'rtd %. Week f jr lme
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SN$A^ 1* CIalihhItt la~t
June", .jgBilly Go taiae'".
wIs foawad guilty of.
ANSEaUahs t*ary(ari
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CHICKEN n elg nat
P416a lb.

M'L .'S .. :"4W

Shouldn't you order an extn
one, today? : .


Al I x,


ou' 0

Once again we the inhabitants of an, island..wide smear cang fl=g aJa ist
Fond Cold are forced to come out in us. the inhabitants of Fond Col&e on
protest against the terrible manner in the radio. in nikmerous Dublic speeches
which we are being treated. as well as some local newspapers.
So'-ear, we ha*e still been denied W6 of Fo~d Cole are now asking -what
even the basic f aci-itie& (wants) Whlch relt.y aE.xe t ie0chief imx.0 t
includes. WATER.- T.- the. entire village St, w to whether theyr% ; '(1) the:
there, are" only three standpip.swhih g Jcost of l-ing -,ongo -ebor;
are used by most of the 600 vtlilager". t.( the mosquito-and. ly- Ifnste aea
These atandpipes are not. the ord4ia~y .,,.n which the underprivileged live? .
1ppe's, seen" aroi: hRosXPbI'3 l yl -o a y fi 2 ''
-tha- Ti us hernlya i thi~lWtari *' Gy ,5 4)the .rising gate Df unem-'
(primitiv. .and' Ztad te-. : idie to e4), the ,ris ae
the long walking-diat-qee to the Cane ( .
field River' / a s-chance to ,olemis only in .a few ygq2 ,gpeol
0 2"..... -beca.d1se of --constant h. ,n r 'i .
rinse some lauxndry near'the pjpes,, oe ca .se o-l ao~.-.t h-. une eM--en t
1b reportdd becset- police ;n the
village. .. adt,- :several.,women, ave. which o0" -called Patrick's Radio
hbeern: aprgedl Qachphto 'wash-fg Wtion broadcasted Four Timmie-norde&
clothes, byft -hei: l ~ & .to-il ake the :entiire Caribbeathi4 ,.that
,We. of Fond.Colt eted, at., O. 't,~e. a~d Criminalp live-:
rick-John had a" small wforQQm .built Domiica
and co^Mpleted over s-ixon-t ,ag6; but. Patrick must realise that the young
he&oe or :es& riefus td laa it op.e.,are the children. 9f the people
open ula-ieleo~on. tuie wheA heh-pes 4-.,.,- 1, M,,- e -., e... .
to give usa-huge 6eeimo-r (1ie: the .1 .f. i.VM, .T-_,'-THAT- FE^ED,
'opening of the Publi-t Convenience thepr) i e who plas ot w f ir reWalivehat
Pin ordr to 1Wrainwash s .in^bellev He who plays with fire wlll eventually
that he has done so 6h adro6 us,toweive, --u .- *. *. ._ .. .
we have seen through this, and defuinit .T ., o,'.oub*t ;:p3a d..d5 that
ly DO NOT want Fond Cole t6 .eco e. a his present governmentt un.dr il
.a new7 ghetto li" e Pat ksvill i eva a temeans to our young, people,
Gutter. ou parents and iaore the real
Families con isfig inf e prQblems of the State, -
continue to live icr6rd., sie VWe are-.asking again: Wha..aae. the
we cannot affore't MATOR PRoBLEMS? )RFEADS o PATRICK
land on the hills of Fond: Co f Thbet JON AN~D HiS SICK GOVERIMENT?
land have been taker: or- sold :'n xt: to DISP-UTE DAWi vs CABLE & WIRELESS
nothing to the Geest Tndust1ies, hl This has .been going on since August
and Esso, Astaphan a.i other wealk y 26th's strike action, :touching "short..
la wner who ts payment of salaries" Work resumed on
a 2Sept.5. A, Board.of Inq~ iry jis inesti-
Our young children have been shot at gating, WU, unsatisfied with a recent
and also beaten by the owners if the communication the workers received from
so much as take a, mago or guava on 1he C & W, has written with reference' to
land It is n1t.n rI .uncpOn sight to pay- deductions to the Minister of Home
see police iln tthe Village looking fb. AP l ,
children 1tw eenthe.-ages..,of 7 and 14
who are said to have stdoln,Mangoees .an I' :AS OF ERUPTION
Pears* Some of.f the -ro.eh1teilt a little. A Working- Compittee including some
house in order t& 14ve. little meetjigs members of the Cextral flurricane-Com-
and gates. This. too lhave- been, broken mittee met Bon Monday to begin drawing
by policemen who said that the land b*e-. up plans fo6r the coordination of' emer-
longed. to-Geest. ,foweveo i sisters, bro geney action in -the event of a volcanic
thersi mothers and fathers are still eU.,tion,. mince the- waewaithat'-4- inaact.
being exploited.. :' / ve i\vo.le.anesa de-or 4 a, .,;
This is not A.LL., Patrick John has now The' Co0ftitLtt'ee'ltA ir, tond
declared armed warfare on Fond Col6.thi Rivere (P.Mi 6 me
time on the xIaloritv of its. .vouig peop *M3 IX. 94 ( ennad
It -. Misb546mmazi kno Idd& 5hatt iover1 r -ham"ytze 3'Mail~ n
past month Patrick John and his ruling "., Austin Hari is. -'. "tr'-,, -
regime have been deliberately launchi.g .-
~ 4,~-'44

rF iday,- October 4, 1974


&S~lflW~iflSt~l i~ntWLAJbM4u A4O

Kemtvsnt dated Cherin
tk itf day of! Trca r
I 't 1. 4 Iy her Solicitar
t'.i*e d t k Clmi A M
of I f,
-, '.' 1974 "
at 32 sfm. ,
w~a~itaaa -iwi a - --Ma6^ -

Reqaest for the issuw,
of a First Certf icate
of Title in respect of
a portion of .amd at
"'The Morr,' i. th.
village of St *-.
ib the Pariah of St Jo
seph in the State of
Do[inien containing
1432 square feat and
bowaded as fEcka -(8

NoVEh-Eagt by anr Acress Roac wnhc. sep--ates it from
fenid of Ralph tRoyer- Sourrn ey aar;<1 of E vrr HNenry;
Enat by isad of O0 r P.er-e. NorthWta ay the Pu.
bWic Road.

-- ------------r- -
w$&ftL &~ndifl* z.:t din' I Say mberi974

!* Kifest date V ictorac.b equatoTrwaie
the 0th day of by Is SAcitor of a Firast Certifcate
September 1973r" Ca A of Title in respect of
i.ressented tie D, a portion of land at
li day of j Calitbish.s in tha. Pa-
Sdpiember 1974 rish of St Andrew ira
4at 2.;.. an. i the State of Dominia
;.a t!.i !i. 3 q: 0 r ,jar '"ait &A4 boavaded as fo lSws:-
erth by a Public Road. East ov :nds of Lonel George:
.,lti by the Sa.. VW st :y anas of Charias -.avis.
t eiA ta?- Mwee' i<28th #Ay of S embSr 74

UKOnBet dated Joseph Raphael
15th Jvlsy 1974 Ralph Casnimir
jParWnd 27th and Arthur
|tettamr Wadsworth
174 a Lonagife ow
A. -3 pfa.. Williams Per.
iep yof Francis Nicholaa, de-
eansd by dzsr Soficitor

Request for the i as
of a New Certificate
of Tile o respect iof
a portion of land in
Soufriere Village in
the Paribh 0f St
Mark in the Sta. aof
Dominica containing
1,271 square ftet
And bwoundad a. foi4

North-att: Soufrire Estate: S eethEss: Estate f Edrad
Fran es Nicholas; South-W ,t: Land of Cleme n Je.
Lawis; North-Wesat: Public Road.

i i x eand ^ 5th day of Otcobcer lY4
Reaeasest dated Sylvia Ryan Retcowst for th issu.
'thCb Iat day of by her Sobicitor of a First Certificaxt.
Otclsabor 1974 Cilma. A.M. of Title in respect of
Fr.eate.d thb Dupigany a poation of land at
2 1 daay, of St. Joceph, in t13 P&
: Cce>t 1974 rioslh f St Jomspe in
Sat 2a5 p .m. the State df Do :.I-.,
| .I.o t 1140
4.4 ai fnalew:-
41 NtrtbIEast by a Public Road; North. West bty te Sea;
S tEW t P anfd Of Ralph Rossi; Souet.Wst by kind
Oi' f EoAWay Prn*peff.

-, "7"&
;*' s .t (S1 ace,
4'' Aoiosau. Dtonnncaii,

EPHBAIM F. AoCa.ft-Cw i
ROIst"nsr of Thlen

NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the is wuig of
, Cererflae of WitIe on th,, above applcationm ay enter a Cavyas
in the vjlose office within ux weeks from the date of the Fir-t
appearatc a thk% schedaie in the STAR Newipaper pblkshed
in this Seat,: r fronm the date when the .ice prescribed w"
lw was "la served on any owner or occupler of a dstitt
6aX4 ti respct of which the 1ppiWcation it made

w~ .....

'ray tri r 174
'^.4,rnulk. rktkii- atto ftSyiCu.s.. b44 aritBfnt^{lealCaW i


Starting October:. English, Arithmetic, French
Afternoons: Terms reasonable.
Address at STAR Office


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N- baed Appitatket for Cardtficate of T? & NaateM 4VWN i
*"..Oxw forek wdfAn 4th day of Septemfbw 074
S renE Person Preaseting Natt-e 7rees W
er a 1a C rtificatu U Ttteow
1N. x 1 twrenw or C1-
St .v .-- .J ..


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Further details from Resident Tutor's
Office during office hours.

Dictionary of. nCahibbean English Usom

This important U.W.I. project under
tle direction of Dr.Richard Allsopp of
Oave Hill Campus is intended to serve
all levels of use for school, university
and everyday inquiry.
Bafclays Bank International Limited,
who were approached with a request taid
the costly exeriiss have 'respohded-hith
a grant of BDS $56,000 spread over
three years, 1974-1977.
A delegation of four met the Minister
of Edu6.etion on Monday to discuss with
him certain proposals for providing
secondary education for children who
had passed the Common Entrance Examina-
tion but were unable to secure places
at any of the existing secondary schools.
The Minister saw the project as a
laudable effort on the part of the or-
ganisers. He gave it his official !
blessing with the understanding that its
curricu3um would be concerned with mat-
ters truly educational. Three of the
organizers are Mrs. Candia Caudeiron,
Mr. upet- Sorhaindo- and -M?- Yanoul t
Jno Charles., The delegation hopes to

Friday, October 4. 1974

get eonmmaaty aid in financing tho ,pla-l It is high time this set of people
R- E A D E'S P VIE calling themself Labour Party and ,
READt ER'S VT Ir E W having power which I feel they don't
Lades, first, That's True deserve come out true to the people
Wh y Hugh Lawrence Ithey are suppose to represent and search
When we see so many of our weaker sex their memory., I hope they remember when
cutting their hair and wearing pants, Miss ECharles a member of the House
which I must say look beautiful, we havy move the motion asking for water and
to wonder what is going to happen next, light and better road for Kings Hillt
On the other side, when we see so After she had done this the men saying
many of our young men plaiting their they are Govt. members made as if they
hair, we really and truly feel upset. were asleep. Let us Kings Hill people
Let us from now on start considering and all the rest of Dominiea know who
that on election day we should discard are taking real care of the country.
voting for any male sex altogether. The Some time aback one of their Speaker
time has come to have our governor, went up to Kings Hill telling the .poor
premier, judge, attorney-general and people the Premier never known there
government ministers of the female sex. was no water or light at Kings HillZ
Won't we perhaps receive more sympa- Well, Dominicans, how you-all call
thy also? -- H.L. such men, especially the Kings Hill
MEETING OF HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY people who are in back of the Premier?
The seventh meeFting of the fourth If he love his people Kings Hills peo-
e seventh meeting of the fourth ple are his neighbour, so he should
session of the Second Parliament pay them a visit to know their need.
under the 1967 Constitution will And to make matters worst, that
take place at the House of Assembly, speaker asked the people to form a
Government Headquarters, 10 a.m. on delegation to go to the Premier in
Thursday 31st October. two weeks tin e they will get their
'* water and light. So before the dele-
Meanwhile, an ELECTORAL OFFICE gation could say good morning they
has been set up at the Old Treasury were welcome and promised their water.
Building on the Bay Eront, to pro- But no mention made of Miss Charles.
vide for a cont i uous system of who tried for water and better things
registration of persons entitled to for them long ago. A FATHER.
vote at elections House or Local Govt.

Page Four T H E S T A R

A Parliamentary delegation headed
by the Premier the Hon.P.R.John has
been isi the U.S.V.I. for consultations
with the Governor in connection with
proposed changes: in U.S.V.I. Immigra-
tion Regulations. The delegation, ine.
the Leader of Opposition Hon.Anthony
Moise and Mr. Arlington Riviere will
jbe away for about a week."
The proposed changes will require
non-nationals seeking entry into these
islands to possess a. visa, which pre-
sently nationals of Dominica do not
require. The; delegation also held disi-
cussions with Dominicans living in
St.Croix and St.Thomas, and will tra-
vel to Barbados for talks with the U.S.
Embassy officials there.
Advance notice to our Readers:
-Starting next week, we hope to
publish each week a full-page
release from the DOMINITCA FREEDOM
PARTY.- Editor.


4,'.,LV -.. I,6rr. ii Li,, -----
Fiction MA TITIMNE' ynthia Watt
Ma Titine Woke up onp morning
feeling rather depressed, She had.
written Garge about two' weeks ago
-and up4.. na there as no reply
; .a ..Er i-a ,..wr.t saying that. :
they -were.neing :to. -emi6aeLong; -: '
..Island, .so Ma Ti.tie'p visit woutl .
have to b. postponed. until they
had settled down,
M .. tine hummed. t.inelessaly. 's
S.s'- p pe:paed eakfast ",Mo,-ka. ,
ebruteuen. -morne .. thi-ne a a-.,:; : o d::,l -
folkag. .eing all .alnoe ws nq
<^okghe i id; to lher1f .: And. then,
al-l .thia talk: of. t Ie.oleanic .;acti-I
_vi ty^altMicptia dispurbe~drher
Suppose 4- .texplpoded> Ankd hurviliale -
ert-rude.menaciag the;-a-'efiea' f-:: ;
"T"" 'Tit ina'c" and turning, phe .saw, L
,.the .ptmani at the doqr.', tTaking
She.--wO leter..,;he handed her," she:
pyv-ited- himn i. for ... up 9f coffee* a
W "Woo- o.,-oosh'-". he. exclaimed -.
.. i7ag o AAm-dTitifer"
S.he .inked at him,.- '!What aboutt"
": aaittleu " '
"That "again." he, sailedd, an.
downing: 'his gdrin, lef t whistling .
cheer ily-* it ine was a pal
M" 1 : t,.-"ng:..re.ad--her- leit-te.s.' '.
Garge ado undergbhe a^' e ergency, I
-. Peationl a wfi r' wrotee ~fom--t-he'...
s-fospi4t --biut was b'lovly recoVep.rig
"*Eurlh-ll8'-ad -8teve had. bought, the -
Stets&i'n- Log- islahid but had notfet
- move in '.*.*heti -r'ea4':.the fnure.s '
letter P and dbided to bisit Garge:
t- ..When Gei1ia 'and' Rqubih tiurned'.Up.
1 d"i 'shd tld-thm he'. plans. She
-~dawe sttiit ll' huirg -the sane. tiune.
i'Dont. s xg that -song"' Genel ia.
pl-eaded,.. "' it will .b'ri g ad luck,"
-;.r honestt Geneia, 'I don't get-
-.away frXom-th'is place even for &. .1'
inonth, ,- go nad,, ;",
.o- -enGela. nodded under taahdngy.ly :
*I -k-iW.- 6do^bou godd to take a
-,. zeo,'fff o1~~ ll, -still be in, ime
.for.the- Weddingi-- You've worked-o O
,hard,.you really need at holid.ay.',.
R - h&..haven. t e-n Baby' since ;
.- a.dg ,:'' ,Ma z-T.it dihe remarked, ,:.. "" "
;. ..either,"! Genelia rep.iedci-' ..4
,.whe.'n e: asthough:oni.-a cue, B'a '- I.
"eies o.ould -be hr d'-a she .cam iUp.
the .path. She sounded, tiie' .. ,
t\ ti.^:'t$ .'s' e -entered:the riomf' '
and flop-,edo dbwn -.o' chair a. usual
-J'3roeten ..'hai ekiben;. Well'
wat. al ou^'er*o:..-foh?.!Traid.'
M:orid 6; t .p .lodMe"-. 6)I

Madam ditorAlas Our Constitution
Please give me a little space in
your coluimi to tell the people of
Dominica that I am writing top -infoirm
M're',..e, wo wo was ne wb.o. ;ndie.
..'.A.Q i i a nstltution- Order 19Q ,-
aA.d cp0 int, -,ou0t to .him how, tb G6-z",
ern e .t .of Dpminica.- since .the .,.time or
EO.0,Leblane ai.sd his Xini'sters have '
violated. -this', cqnstitut ion4; ..".
T- .rmprepared to start .with Chapter
X. 6) hi reads agS-Ifollows: -'
i the peQpl-eo Dpmini-ca -
.,(a).hve ,af firme-d .that -the State
: of~., '..Dominica 4.s' founded U4 on
S... princples--,that acknowledge
,the .spreracy. of GQod, faith in,. fun-
dale.tal: human -rights. and free.dozna,
the,popsitlo.n: of,.the family in -a o-
..-,cie.ty.: of free men.- and free .institu-
t iqns, .the< -ignity of- the, hult..n
pe son, .an4; the. equal, and,. inal-ien-- i
ablea-rights-.with, which.,all members'
q.. f1:t him.a.: family. are- 'ndowe- "
by thei. .e Cpea o ,-. - _. !
"(ib)r...epect the piinciples.otf 'so.4 --
e ?ial J'ut i-ce. and .-therefore 'be:1eve.
-.. tha-t -.the- operation of the: economic
.system should result in -thebL te.l
.,seou-r ces of .tha ..comunLt~y gin, -
: ;istziibutd as .'to -dibserve the, c
..a"...raon .gaod.,- that. therez ah6uld-'be -add
-quate ,means. of -livelihood-- .for all -.
(To give :,oei: man- severalt a -b
w,.hile ..hundreds' of irls and 'ys"-,
iho., ',leave s-ehool with' their '..G.Ci :
.,have-. nothing.: to ab.," tht- will giV -3'
MFrred'--,ee and-his aucoesse -8some
.idea. how,. this Qbnostituti6n :-hh'b &eei-
vailated)4 . . -: -
To continue -wih'. the Cohati-tiu on- -
"That-laboE aShould not -' :"ploited
( Q.foted..by economic ne.essity-to
operate..,in inhumanec.,.d1it ilns but"'
that there should."be- opportunity '-fbor,
advancement -qn the basl .of-e-Zgni-
tio of.,merit, .ab'i ityr Or integrity;
"c) have .as serted': their? relief in a .
.d&mo oraic.t society in whichh 'all- per.-
sons imay t-' thd extent :'Tf their ca-
pacity, play- some part in te instl-
StitLons of.,the.- -atdoinal_';.i-e- 4nd d--"--
thus dvel6op.id maintain dun _re--
pect.for lahwftui:,conhatitute"' ,-:;
S authority ; .' " : i "' ; "
li(d) .Jbogniide-' that- men"ind institu.-.
,tions reiiainfree only when feedomi
S..:is. founded upon respectt for nal'and
spiritualu: value s-ahd"the rulle7 of' law;
(Final pagraph e 6) .. .-


Pa _V4 &v


I-'Os c 'c F ,-siy .-.r L -fc ^a*______________________-- .._______________________'yitio. ingj i" 1 .i

S*T*A*RS*P*Q R*T.S lMorchriston MA TI.TThE (cbl-d.) :.Ma Ti said.
FOOTBA L:L'. Thi O.X ISBAIE champioA- hopefully, "PC-1haps Mibotrene, will keep
shtip mardhes are- z w lagging After. quiet just. .like Ger.trude trying ,to -doA
the abandoned "iat6hi between Kensborou' She then told' Baby her plans to .see
United and Saints, two replays have- '-:'George.
failed to mnaterialise* .In this match "'Wish'I cood come wid youth "..isno-.
some two to three weeks ago, which Kexs-joke nunh.. .it not good-to stay one
borough U led 3-1. FOur players were place all de time..".-BShe ..frowned deeply,
subsequently suspended "Look," she said. after, a while, "eef yob.
Other matches, in the OD.BRI$BANE doah mine I will come wid you-. Is tim.-1i
league to date, Haldyon 3, Celtics U 2, know somewere.'too...I can afford it."
Spartans 5, Potters United ,-'Gutter Bventually, the trip t t~ .Thoriaps i -
Crowns 2, Spurs 1, a replay-which fol- cluded- Genelia and Reubednhalspo ,ho de-;
lowed the.r e ai'er .one&-all. draw. Hear- cided that 3,t woi6d fbe better .if they al,
lem -RoVrs 7 'cyon.and c' :, their Brd., four went,
encounter thia seasQn. The first match "Dat will ,be a good dhfgrin-up foh
Halcyoin-won'- .l'; the' second. match a- Garge.1, ,Baby observed, '.th winked, at
love-all draw and this -final victory by them- And laughed -saying "dbh" I do
Harlem Rovers. -Rovers ..cored.tfirst- know wat he: will say foh'.Reutbp...."
through W.Dontfraid and led one-nil ait MA" ..OR. : Oi ST'~ TUT'ION .ibii.)-.
ithe t .va.. O.n-reau. option, H.Etiehne.F 11. ) ?-cl 2
the,, :te ra. o.eto, .H.Etene -e) de s.r: that i .he-ir ::Cohstitutionkshould-
ed4ual ewd for -,alcyon. .But a i.pen y)t
awarded' "to Haerws need by ake plovisin. forR- ensuring tl:o-
..... ... tection in Domiic.a 'of fuindad ntial
Brian Peter, aid. 2-1, victory, fo2 ove
2nd DIVISION:. D.G.S-. in their first' human *ights And freedIimi.
match this asn defe ated. Spurs 3-1,. O ITGRA O B "BL
TheBscores were.-aleyel at.'one-aJl after ..
-Spur scored a .enl-t'y to. U.Gi -.eali r. ). -iy.country whicla i-s.ndepe4
one,-1le"ad' scored. by A.Lawrence. Th -ent lt must be independent in e1 .res ects,
other goals- came fr om Lawrence and i d.i- areas of fi 1 -udie .l author-
ish, ... Kens~ibroug*hI i their .-: t~y~~ The real 'quest-on is whether in-

nd ...eefeat, D.G.S. .we always dlivdlual) fQrmal political indepe3-.
,in command and led "et il at .the inter- a.dence w .uld not .eally enhance their
valn Scoren r wea e C.Elw-in at T Kentisr (ltHe Wixdwards & Leewarcds) ffectijr
2, A* Law-oene and .- ierre.. S.M.A. sovereignty but simply lead to lflw'forms
had their first Victory' of the? season ofr economic dependence .even-eithi the .y;
when they gave. Spurs a 4--1 defeat. framework of the Caribbea b-romiuni ty,
Morea~u" ored.'potter s United. lone goal and so iL~deed frustrate :the very- purpose
agailist Mondericks late in the, 2nd hal of the Momunity, "- ".. .a wideninL Ctb.-
to give Potters zlotory in a match; -, munity, accompanied by- the establisheni
lacking in constructive play. And fin- of a new Political Union in the English
ally Kensborough United and .SMAi. speaking Caribbean, *an. make a Very .in.
layed t a goalless draw. prtant- contribution to the ecnric, -
XOUTH ePOOT.BALLi.LEAGUE: Sixteen teams welfare, self-determinitation a. ee .f-. -
registered'fhr the Too`th Development respect of 'the people of th hgion," .
Division -sp6aore d Yo.thi Football writes XilLiam Demas "21 -ii/-ast. paper
League Competition.. The Compeltitib--n" before Petirement- from the 'Ca-ribbeanj.
commenced Wednes. 2nd.Oct., and is ecetaia. ; C e-s- U
scheduled to end Nov., 29, 1974. A I'EXT o EE: on a,. Decia'Co tesa -.d
trophy or shiel." will be presented to "om_ on.M_. Dema_ -thesi'. _.__ ._
the. champion team and. also .expected' is tlOAL' DAY C"ONTESTS CLOS'B *-
a shield to be presentedd to the most C: -Gcopeti.tors' in thVe 4at ona!-y Poen
outstanding player and awards to out- & Shoortl Story Cpetitios .ha ,P irits
standing. .players .in th, .League. . Mon. 7th Octt t6 seand.if entri
Matche-.in .the 'League w-ill be piro C4,istm+.cti3 .o.. can.- av...... P '
Fr days ad Sattrdas. The first i match, 0 0 and 20 a re .estg ffere t,
was:played between Potter .U "& Goodwillf Rovers and wa :of 80 minutes duration..

PrihiteA' anid. Published. by -the Prorieto, .R-.E.Allfrey of Copthaflt Mill House' at
'0* $Bath Road., Roseau,, Dominica,,West Indie4 s