Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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6 /O

/. temb A. 13 1974 Edittr PHYt. -

COMMENT... ly ,I/'I .^,Le
COMMENT.. d?#Axl( ;&;-natn

I am quite certain that I am not the only
Dominican who was astonished to hear the
Radio Dominica news item, revealing that
the state's doctors had appealed t o t h e
Premier for tax exemption on their private-
practice earnings, and for sundry concess-
Doctors are by far the highest paid pro.
fessionals in the state; and they can afford
t o live more comfortably than the great
majority of Dominicans. It therefore seems
ludicrous that they would go so far as to
-seek tax relict at a time when all Domini-
.,i..s-are keing-called upon to make sacri-
fices. (See page 4)

Signing of the Deep Water Harbour
contract took place on ixth Sept. at Go-
vernment HQ. Mr. Leslie signed for the
Ministry of Communications & Works,
and Messrs. Geo. D. Malanga (Pres.)
and James. 0. Kwon (Vice-Pres.) Cons
truction Aggregates Corporation hailing
from New Jersey and Illinois respectively
signed for their Corporation. The big
deal took s e v e n minutes after four
years of waiting, (Turn to page 4)



President Julius Nyerere of
of Tanzania, with his wife is
paying visits to Trinidad,
Guyana, Jamaica.

Obections to the U.S.V.I. Gov'ts amend
to Its Immigration law drew a protest
6om Premier John. who cabled asking
that It be deferred. He was backed by Op. ________,
position Leader Molse. (See page 8)

Raovanized RF lr %F i V(APPnyop
SDREADS Advocalte et:, a-do
Ap article on this topic
appeared in the Advocate
-*^- IR JeBadwsnfe
days agor it was called
"Legislating for Personal
Appearance and Cleanliness".
Everyone interested- (See page 3 )

UWI has approved the teaching of a Mas"
ter's Degree in Accounting. The Pro-
gramme will be full time and will be filly
operative in the academic year 1975-76,
Applicants for the M.Sc. programme will
normally be expected to hold a Bachelor's
degree which includes courses in Accoun-
ting, Economics, Elements of Commercial
Law and Mathematics & Statistics. Stu-
dents who 4-dopot have t h e appropriate
background are urged to contact the Head
of Department of Management Studies to
determine the courses they deed to pass to
qualify for acceptance;, closing date 30th
Sept. 1974.
Fuller details at the University Centre du- I
ring office hours,. -a

To the Magistrate Dist "E"
I, Mrs. Martha- Riviere new residing at Ma.
haut Parish of St. Paul do hereby give you
notice that it is my intenuona to apply at the
Magistrate's Court to be held at Roseau on
Wednesday, the and day of October 1974,
ending for a Retail liquor Licence in ,respect
of my premise "at Mahaut Parish of St. Paul
Dated the zith day of September 7974,
Martha Riviere 437 3
__ 4-j7*'Vt

Page ,Two, T H E __ S T AR y l September l~1l974
C A 1 D I D C M M E T S ,. W.3, Stevehs
computer &0i1 6 Baaa 3VPiA coca
The United Kingdom Government has beqn pouri-j in large sunims moAey
into Dominica to improve the banana industry and keep it alive for good
reasons. Everybody is discussing the alleged irregularities an6 unfair
dealings carried on by the Managing Commi tee for many years. The in-
dustry got into debt and the banana growers have had it tough in every
aspect of the iau1stry. It was no use making coinplainta.
The Dominica Farmersa Union came ine o*-being as a result of the ex-
bloitation of the banana. peasant, and fepble as the Union may seem, it has
consistently expounded., represent d and exposed malpractices to bodies and
organizations including the Ministry of Ov)rseas Development and the I.L.O
Of the U.N.0. on both sides of the AtlantidN
The Union's faith in social justice and the cause of right for human
beings will neve* weaken,
Mr. Room Das of a Canadian Univexrsai 4 and a Mr, Hosan of U.W.IL were
commissioned to do an exercise in the b apa industry. Mr. Room Das was
to concentrate on this pathetic Dominica.Of ours. He was to meet the
Agricultural Department and the Banana Aii~iorities and then according to
the release, meet grower and hear thefr problems early in June. He cer-
tainly met the above authorities and too1~$4 full three months to do this.
On Thursday 29th August, Mr. Room Da 'was at the Marigot Boxing Plant
banana reception day; ostensibly trying meet 7 or 8 persons whom the
Computer told him to interview to hear t4e problems of some hundreds of.
baiiana growers at Marigot.
Among this little handful of banana pgowers were a woian who is vgry
,AL4_vL visitsa-the hospital every week -ifr'yeara; a. gentleman who is para-
lyset. for over a year at his home; ? one ,! a gentleman who sells a fair,
number of bananas, but cannot be expected 't-o put the case for growers in
a convincing manner, and the rest are people who sell or sold a dozen or
two bunches of bananas per fortnight, but who have never displayed interest
in the banana controversy current at Marigot and in Dominiva as a whole,
On that Thursday it had rained heavily in the morning and the feeder
roads had defied jeeps, land rovers and tpcks and there were many banana
producers who were distressed because off the uncertainty of selling their
fruit. MrRoom Das never met them. The Weather, however, improved and no
bananas ,were left on holdings, evidently
It was the Managing Committee who had fed the computer with names,/
excluded many,and asked this highly technlpgical instrument to give every
5th, 6th, 7th name for Mr. Room Das to ca1ry out the exercise of hearing
the problems of banana growers. Not a, sitne name of the hundreds of
growers who had marched, gone on delegation on banana exploitation was on
Mr. Room Das' little slip of paper. It waiV indeed, a clever move,
If Mr. Room Das could not reject thinp"usillanimous trick, he might
as well discontinue his association with a University. Was it a tangled
web woven for him to p~eLate as many peopJe as possible?
But.-two highly placed Civil Servantq fom the M.O.D. will be. here soon
and the D..F,U. will leave no stone unturned 1'to repeat and explain thin at
correspondence and resolutions have already represented,
The case for an Independent Inquiry a4 Adequate Representation on
The Management Conmmittee grows stronger- every day. We have a Banana
Watergate. But it is not the tape tp tell the truth in this instance;
it is the Management Committee's computer.
Aside from their long-term education pf the Island Scholarship win-
ner (Linda Griffin), the-Convent High School' had an overall high passa
rate of 68.2 ot entries, leading in E glish passes with 95.7 er an
Congratulations' DGS cam

rrua.y Decptember Io A -MA0.. --- -..

.idi ayik Jhhn or
W~son a'" ostjw" the rte
incite and tie cdirty, unkempt
appearance affected tby n
mtack power grottp operating
in th mt. IAland and known as
Uthe "rftreads".
Declarmt Mr. Joohn: "Trhetr
mdt '?o dress degrades every
Gom xtcan. They- must be
slopped, here and now".
Premier Join isi nlot the- first
lbader to a'rbitrate fAt regfrd
to dress although lie -may b
the otdre to take hig- stand
on hygienic and aesthetic
grounds; 4nd not on moral
n:i ip iei.
Several of the A tr i e a n
countries. for example, have
banned the miniatirt, while
there are numerous examples
(if mrestricttont on drea to be
tound in- history, both in writ-.
ten lo* as wat! as by, way of
tnwdaitt n cttol t, a ',
MoNt ot thmse regulations
would puzzle modern youth,.
ainee the basis of their intro.
duetion defies ny logical
assuiiption. Cltneit women,
up to not so, very long age,
would iot 0h4w their artifl-
rially oo.eo47sd feet. and it
tsras even I'mnproper to men.-
tion them; Muslim whmen
had -to wear mte yeabnalsk;
ainaoat women kept their
iavels covered; the Sumatran
tribe coxrnemned exposure ot
the irneer
In the same way, ;ustos o
6ffecOted the tonsorial art.
Within, the me ory at fany
mill alive, the controversy
which regid when short hafi
first cams into fashion fo#
women with the "b4.", will
he Well rememberedi. H4oly
Writ was liberally cited, Anct
the defiance .of the y'ouger
women led ,to many a broKe"

frt ii s eAd _c74 etts, at lados

Ho,' ever, thc taboos ware
most, 'br popular r condernmfe.
tiorn ct. than by the
actor of the Law, and it hl~
been iett to modern poUti.
ans. pr'ating of Aunatan rightt
&ad I tiie freedoms, to leg.-
lute I ainit mini-skirtLs, i-
riffs lul pluningg recvHineoa.
.ov. Uom-nicc'5 P~remnier
hvret ins to follow the )ead
ot toiw! new Afrocan Headmen
by bri.ning plaited hair for
men, and forcing them to
aetlire twe rejoice at Mr.
Jon' action because we we nd
pihit& for mew repulsive, and.
the smell of stale sweat
offensive, 've Shoild give
pause. Are vve really prepared
to Verntit this encroachment
of the rights of the in.
derhaps we stiould look at
the inatter on the basis of
.flrst principles. We need rules
and regumatons ro that people
may live together without
feer, enjoying mutual pro-
tection, aidi sharing, albeit
not hec sartly equally the
rittst of their own .aro-
We are expected vWtunf.
taruy to ,pool some oef a"ose
,ftitt in. order to. elntuir6g h
protection and t6 ea f bilsh
other benefits common rfTo us
all. Theme benetfits h V6V ex-
razaded remarkaaby some
mit say alarxisngly oibce
we itrst left the eaves to live
in groups. The voluWtary
A atuire of. our pooling ftM
asSumted a mnre reluctant,, but
more effiicient, manner of ap-
Eiorfot/irs1n^ ir!.t nn~ootiriff "nOt

tribut;ons for the general wel.
a'e, tn;t the bwsis of gregari.
ous living retinas.
SoFar greatest Euccess, theV
member of the tribe must be
given tle opportunity to ex-
ercite fis own deeosions as
much as possible within the
framework of tribal tolerance.
If deci.sion-making is taken
away from him entirely, he
becomes irritated, since the
ass$uption must be that he is
an incaDatble moron. He feels
iiimself emasculated and de-
nigrated. He will rebel, thus
setting the even tenor of
the group.
It is for tits reason that
Channing could declare that
the less of government the
better, and point out that the
silken rein was necessary if
society was to be Iept in
peace and property. (Alat,
his wordA have fallen on deaf
If we are to continue the
creeping paralysis of life by
dictat, rs Mr. John's threat
against the Dreads would n.-
dicate, we are heading
straight for trouble.
In framing Iris legIsiationl,
Mr. John may have no diffi-
culty in defining acceptable
tonsorIal styles although
we do not put it past our
- -, young Mern to i devise per-,
missible halr-dos oT even
*greater repulsivenesc. But
how will he establish norma
of cleanliness?
Or even if It should prove
ssible to establish a. norm,
how would it be. possible to
measure the degree of de-
parjure from the permInsible
levels of smelUiness?

The family and relatives of the late (Nurse) Starting October: Eglishb, Arithmetic, French.
ELMIRA LOCKHART wish to thank all Afternoons: Terms reasonable.
fho8e wbo tent wreaths, flowers, cards, or dr a STAR Office
o 18 Address at STAR Office
showed sympathy in any way during their ra-
cent soirof ul bereavement.

we offer:

NETTING (4ft. & 5ft. widths) (for
Fish Pots & Chicken Cages.)

all sizes & shapes for Dressing
Tables, Wardrobes.


1..' l ',i,?: s- f i


BADGE BARS for Bumpers
f 4[1 *

it may well be that scietnli
can devise apparatuV a1on* '
the lines of a breathalysor to
reghiter a i-arlety t smells,
their intentlty and poisouous
neatire. .But how wil it be
poesIble fcr any breathalyper
to reNter accoptability to the
Tastes differ from grtlup to
group. To -the receptive ewe,
from .11 accounts, the rutting
ram smells like Chanel 'No. 5.
The Dreads, for all we know,
-may be ozone to each other,
Think, too, of the grave
danger to which the ittno.
cent will be exposed when
even their best friends won't
tell them of their body
Nor will anything be solved
by universal use of deodorant.
since thee boons to mankit nd
temsclves h a v e differing
esmeli, and It may elli
be that one bMnd may be
plearant to some, offensive to
Mr. John is surely treading
on dangerous ground. He may
well bind that he could hoist
himself on his own petard, for
none of us knows fow *we
smell to the next man, and
the policeman with sinuses
may make a nmstake toltand
Mr. John in gaol in all good
Much as I ahare the Pre..
mler's disgust at pigtails &-nd
general seuffineas, I still ad.
vise him la let well enough
alone. Discretion is surely the
better part of valour,

Page Three *

ni T "

O'ridgy September 16 4

Page F our- IT Wi ,L a
.b'Fl~~~~~~~~~~e~ Oil .. I1 .in 4 v ,.e-,r,--e. 13 --19.7....

C 0 M M E N T . Rupert Sorhaindo
It may be argued, that doctor's.
salaries here are not comparable
with those paid to doctors elsewhere
in the Caribbean; but the same argu-
ment holds true for almost every
other class of professional in the.
State. One could therefore suggests,
that on that basis, almost every
Bominican taxpayer is entitled to
tax relief and sundry concessions.
There are many of us who recog-
nize, that the doctors are making a
sacrifice by working long hours, at
low wages, under frustrating condi-
tions. We further recognize the ef-
fects of spiralling costs. But the
same may be said of nurses, teachers,
policemen, farmers, clerks ...
It is my view that the present
state of financial affairs makes; the
doctors' request appear very selfish,
and almost unconscionable. I am
-sure that the doctors recognize this.'
This makes it all the more puzzling
that they would, at this time, seek
those additional benefits especial-
ly when salaries have been upgraded
(on pap~e-

A*p-nimutural Officers Tour
Dr.Keith Roache and Mr.R.A.Baynes,
Agricultural Officers from Barclays
Bank International Limited arrived
in the State on Monday.
Thq came here to see what can be
done to help farmers in obtaining
loans; and on the educational side,
young men are being brought onto
farms to upgrade their training.
Loans up to 8 years mainly in the
livestock field will be considered;
the principal to be paid during the
6th or 7th year.
Agricultural loans are not tied
to monthly instalments, due to the
fact that crops are seasonal.
The B.B.I. would like an interplay
between markets and produce, especial--
ly in new business. This would aid
in employment and also help prevent
wastage of products which is ocurring
especially in Dominica.
The B.B.I. has a, business advisory
service not only for Agriculture, bit
for other industries,
The Manager, Mr. Peter Weathered
of the B.B.I. Ltd., is expected in
the State towards the end of the month.

I am rather curious, as to what / iL Baynes, M.SO.,B.Sc., I .A.
the Premier's reaction was to the as in Barbados and expects to
doctors' plea. Did he give an honest visit the region as often as possible.
frank "No' We cannot afford iti'And He will be on call whenever necessary,
besides, it is unfair: we would have Dr, Roache, B.B.I. Agricultural
to do it for .every other taxpayer" Development Officer and Mr. Baynes
response ? Or did he give the de- left the State on Thursday.
ceptive, political-reply: "I see -
your point. I will give it urgent 0 1A MEMOR IAM
consideration. "? The latter would GARRAWAY Clifford. In loving
be a father tantalizing political memory of my husband Clifford
carrot to dangle before an influen- Garraway who died eighteen years
tial group of professionals during ago on the 16h August.
an election year: R. S. "You are always in my thoughts
and prayers"
GIVE HIM THE C.B.E Hug#hLawrence Loving wife JESSIE
Mr.Lennox Honychurch deserves ...
the award of Commander of the British DEEPWATER HARBOUR (fr.~_ l) Other
Empire for the masterly way he han- notables present were Premier John,
dles the history of Dominica. The Messrs. E.I.Watty, J.A.Barzey, A.
New Year honour for 1975 should gg Riviere, C.A.Severia, L.I.Austin (Att.
to him. Everytime I listen to him, Gen.)., C.A.Seignoret (Cab.Sec.), mem-
my mind goes back to a letter I wro' bers of the Caribbean Development Bank,
in your paper a few years ago, men- and Messrs. Shankland & Cox.
tioning that Dominica should have Mr.Wendell Lawrence made the intro-
-remained French. There are enough ductory remarks. Following the sign-
good reasons for that. Hats off to ing, a half-hour Press Conference took
him. H.L. place; (concluded on page 5)

T->, "n ^ --

Friday, September 15. 1974

There is a very strong rumour
that our "fact searching" new Prem-
ier is planning to appoint a one-man
Commission of Inquiry to look into
the affairs of the Dominica Agricul-
tural Marketing Board. This is an
exercise that was requested ever
since E.O. LeBlanc was the Premier;
yet Mr. Pa pick R. John and all the
other members of Cabinet could not
impress Mr. LeBlanc with the neces-
sity of this Inquiry.
This leads us to conclude that
E.0, LeBlanc had been a dictator
under whose regime all the Cabinet
members trembled, and as a result
we have no alternative but to brand
them all as weaklings and therefore.
not making enough to run the affairs
of this country. Let us not forget
that the same people who trembled
and tottered under LeBlanc's Yoke
appointed him "Party Chief". It is
as plain as A B C that what we
thought was the residue is, in fact,
still the LeBlanc Shoe Party, the
very poor administration of which
shamelessly stares us in the face.
Going back to the Marketing Board
Affair, let the new Prermier be re-
minded that the people who now form
the DAMB are for the most, part new
blood. They met a mes's about which
they probably shall not be able to
It is understood that the Board
has debtors at home and abroad with-
out proper papers on the strength'of
which the debts can be collecteOd
and what is worse, the debts of the
Board which are increasing all the
time by way of interest on overdrafts
and loans very far exceeds the am-
ount of money which the Board may *ot
be able to collect from the listed
debtors. If the supposed Inquiry is
to be meaningful, the commission
should be given the power to call in
the Manager of the Board which this
present Board has replaced to give
an account of his sitewardship.Other-
wise the Inquiry will not serve its
It must be conceded, however,
that the Inquiry though rather late,
is necessary; but it requires a 3-
man commission mad u -S follows :-

DEEPWATER HARBOUR (fr. rpaes 1 & 4)
the designer, Mr. Irving Greenganz,
being most fluent with his replies.
Construction of the Harbour is ex-
pected to start within 30 days,with
completion in 15 months time(around
Dec. 1975). The projected cost is
$9.25 million. The labour force at
this stage cannot be estimated, but
one million manhours was quoted.
This force is expected to be in-
creased by 100 per cent after the
first 6 months.
Details: length of dock 600 ft.,
wharf 180 ft by 40 ft.; warehouse
and other packing space will occupy
25,500 sq.ft. Twenty acres of man-
made land will be used on the site,
besides some of the existing flat
lands in the Fond Cole area.
No Special Facilities for
Tourist Shi-s
Facilities to be provided for dock-
ing ships include: bunker, fuel and
water -- but no special utilities
for tourist ships are being under-
taken due to shortage--of fundsbased
on original budget. Local contractors
in on the job are Dominica Mining Co.
and Armour Earth Movers. M.C.

Toronto: Police arrested the Manager
of a Bank of Montreal branch on a
charge of stealing more than $2 mil-
lion from the bank during the past
two years through unauthorised loans
to companies who returned the funds.
TINQUIR-,. fr.col an independent
qualified accountant amd an indepen-
dent knowledgeable farmer drawn from
one of the Agricultural Associationes
This is; democracy.
In conclusion let me say that
whether the Inquiry to be set up is
only rumour, let it be done in the in-
terest of the State. There is no
doubt in nmy mind that it will be in-
teresting. In the same breath, I
would like to inform the people of
Dominica, that our new, Premier went
abroad to get millions o'f dollars for
us, but from the time they put their
.feet on the plane, it costs Dominica
$100 American dollars per day. *
So I say, God help us'
.r- E.C.L'
We make it $160- 4 persons @ 040
US each.

T' A H Page Five



i !-" r, : ;.. ,,. .- or C:. '. u.7 ,fo Ti & Noe.? , OrSet,,,!
5 .," ,. ..' ,. ; .. ... ., 7 ..
E f -,, - t^ ,t-a ..;-. f ^ ,. .. i. ..l.. ... .. ." '", ,7
/.il" e'L:- j;flf4 ei rsonC~ Fcro aics';].- *-l : ,* *-- J ;*-* -' *" '>; '

or a Certrficate of 1 lde ol
Noting theorot or Caveat
Re*quet dated Luke Jerome Request for the issue
the 14th day by his Solicitor of a First Certificate
of August 1974 Ciima A.M of Title inraptect of a
Presented the Dupigay portionof land known
9th day of as-a residential lot in
Sepfembsr 197 in the Town, of Ro-
at 3.10 pm. W sesa in the Parish of
.... "- & St. Geoyffe, in the
Stato of Domaiica
containish 1128 square faot and boandsd as followa:.
Nfrth West by land of Sylvie Harris; North East by a
Right of Wy separating it from lands of Mabla Caesar
ar:S state Louis; Jerome; South East by iand of Atlee
Daid; South West by !and of the Ro'mnn Catholic
"'"'" hwa-ldS^~f~ffl~E~'llfUl-f^

RaqueS.t d&ted
ite 24th 4ay
ofuJly 1974.
Pr-esen'td tbi j
S erb 1974
at 3,.25 p.m.

C It
by his ..: .., ;
Ciima A.iL

D L s~s

Req.std for the ivxua
of a Fizst Certifihcate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
known aa a reiden.
tisa l h at St. Joseh
in the Parish of st., in the Stateo
of Diniica. contain
ing 800 square feet

and boun!aed as follaws:"
North Eals b4y Iands ofEigeva Charles; South East by a
Road w h s-..,c.. ; It from lands Cadony andr Sdin
HI!3; South Wat by lards of Randalph Fehix; North
We t by ftrls of Hammie Ohver.


* ihted (~dIia Bttt~

Request dated' CWiia Barnptt
20dh Auwus' by Ser Soi;itom
1n974,. ..... Va1ya Dupig9y
Scptemb:r 1974

Request for the ihsug
of a First Certific&at
of Title in respect of
a porzmin of laud m.
'Massacre Viia n m
the Paish of ;t. ,.
in the State of Dorn.
inica containing 1984

square feet and bounded as follow:n-
North: Public Track separating it from land of Kiog
Bruno South: Gully separating it from land of Peter
Maxim and Claris Leben East: Foot Path separating t
from lands of tha Roman Cathoiic Church and C0ar!s
Leben West: lands of Watson Cochrane and Dentlt


NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the Issulog of ,;
Certificate of title on the above apphcattomsmay enter a Cava;
in the above office within six weeks from the d;..te of the Pe.'
appearance of this schedule in the STAR N.'-. .p p!.'
in this Stare or from the dote when th a fn.-.e pre ~ ,ceJ :
law was last served onay zoy or ocer of aijo
lwA in rospgct of w V tie zp; r.

In loving memory of Mr. KH.C. A,..'
Q C. who de;.;Ieu i th ife oB the 6Eh !.a'
"You are- gon but not ft',ortt '
From hia loving 190- a) d d; S.Ir Os-
e.d Aleyne & f "' i C

the U K 3aa ,:. ,n .ids 3 i |

Sn maade by

the acknowledged experts in1 the hair
care fid" is the i est e ..--.'-, -
able. Not to be ct-il:-<:d :.. the sh" t
p 2- V'hi are al10st al dergent.
The ingredients which go into DOP
So are :'. ly for their
p..y and gentle :c So if you .2.y
c::- for your .>n., start using DOP
e..apoo today. You wil n'oice the diff-

DOP Shampoo is available as follows:
DOP Shampoo with Egg
DOP Shaapoo with Vitamins
DOP Shampoo with Herbs.
-.,?* .


Available Choice b ,:se lots, situated at
Be u>. E -,:,:e. E- u... vicl".:. oftwo:m'.'2 |
tains and sea. Easily -ac --t. ro00
water and electriciy available.
Approx. Lot sizes:-

5,ooo sq. ft.
10,000 sq, ft
40,000 sq. ft.
Prices Ranging from -

8oc. per sq.fyt
to .,20 per sq.ftA

Belfast Estate Limited,
P. QO Box 18,
Phone 626 i/62

EPHI^RIa F. GU-'.f,'T'


Registrar's Omtice,
Roseau. Dominica,


l Tl ,A -

Piidav. SeDtent~er 13~ ~74

Fiction MA TITIE Cynthia W4tt
Ma Titine was, on 1. : way to Ge4e-
lia*s, but finding the house locke4q
and no answer to her call, presumed
that she was out. So she decided Jo
go to Babyt a home near Pond Cole4
It was raining steadily and the
Roseau river was a roaring, muddy
torrent. There were little groups
all around River Bank and on the
opposite aide looking at the rushing
"Suppose," Ma Titine was thi=1ix,
"suppose I will be unable to cross
the bridge on my way backed that
means I'll have to stop over with
$aby..." and Ma Titine halted.
"Titine' way'you doin out in dis
Ma Titine looked in the direction
of the voice and saw Baby, muffled
up to her ears in a heavy wooan .
coat she had given her, and a plastip
raincoat over it. A striped plastic
rain hat and a pair of Wellingtons ,
completed her outfit. She made a
bizarre sight. Halfway across the
bridge, as she was tripping warily
across the puddles, a car passed hep,
disregarding all traffic laws.
"You dam so an so." she shouted
after the departing car.
When she was safe on the other
side, she removed the plastic rain-
coat. "Whe-e-e-ews" she breathed.
"Hot like. hell." she looked& at Ma
Titine. "You was comin by me?
I was coming by you, Look a day...
messier' is rain, rain, rain.,.ia
:de season now papa,*, is dat to ex-
pelk Les hurry...Annodar beeg show,
goin to fall."
Safely ensconced in Ma Titine's
cosy living room, they mat sipping
strong rum punch,
"Well, tings look & little quiet
now...nottin new...Big A give up
givin news bout Domeeneeka since
Patreek making prayah.,,.Is onlee An-
ceen I heah blasain yoh name on
Saturday .."
"What's thetouble now?" Ma Titino
enquired with raised eyebrows. "She
still pecking after me?"
Baby nodded. "She say yoq making
obeah...becos she deed spik so well
to Genelia foh hah to have nottin to
,do wid you.... (conold. next col.)

Returned to England last week
was Mrsa Phyllis Griffith who was
oni a abort visit to her parents,
Mr. & Mrs, S.J.Lewis of Newtown,
While here Mrs. Griffith met
her relatives and many friends who
welcomed and entertained her.
She left the State via Barbados
and Luxemberg (a grand ducby betwea,
Germany and Prance).
Mrs. Griffith holds the Certi-
ficate of Education of the Univer-
sity of Sheffield Institute of
Here on a private visit to his
friends Mr.& Mrs. F.A. Baron Mr.
Robert Bradshaw, Premier, St.Kitts.

MA TITIIE (concluded) Wa au she
see in how you an Genelia come back
fren.,,.you even have de weddia in
han,,an dat you still goi wid
Reuben in secret..""
Ma Titine laughed aloud. 'Let
her barkl Do her go9bt.,She can
talk from now till Kingdom come.. "
There was a knock at the door
and Reuben and Genelia entered,
having left their wet things on
the porch.
"So everybody out in de rain?"
Baby remarkec- "I self jus come
to tell Ma Titine to sen Reubes
to get you in de car..saa it rainia
we will have a indoor pickneek...
whar you say Tit ine.,. wink1ug.
"Well, well," laughed Genalia,
"our mind ran the same way. Iook,
-1 brought a fat fowl and some
fresh parsley and thyme...Titine ;
will put in the rest and we'll stay
here and keep her company and enjoy
"We 'll make a palo..,," Baby
who was an adept at that dish said,
and the others agreed; so it was
decided that Baby would be the. cook.
"Today," Ma Titine observed,
"calls for taking it easy and en-.
joy ourselves as we can despite the serious
politic-s..only soft music." She
switched on the radio, and was
startled to hear Calypso Rose's
wonderful raucous Voice bawling
a song.

Pare Seven


-T *AT*g S*P*O*R*T*S* Morchr is ton
FOOTBALL:,.. Harlegi Rovers Champions
Harlem Rover,- --the team from- '.
Roseau South, led by State team cap-
tain Oliver Joselh, won their 4th
league championship and their 9th
championship which includes, a 2nd
Division championship in 1971 in
their 5th season. Other champion-
ships include the knockout competi-
tions for 1970, 1971 and-1973 and
the O.D. Brisbane trophy in 19735.
At present they are favourites
for the knockout cup and it would
be simple to retain the O.D.B. tro-
phy for another season and thus. re-
peat last years's feat of capturing
all trophies in the Ist Division
S: They became undisputed champions
whmei:hey easi ly defeated Celtic U
&.-1 last Friday and earned a clear
! 2 points above Kenasborough United
and Spartans,who had 11 points each.
Scorers were: I.Benoit, H.Winston
-and H,-Emmanue3l. BiHrvs-- scored for

O 2281 or 2
LEPHONE 22812 or 211O.

testd amendment will require West
Ind an Nationals to obtain a visa
to yisit the U.S.Virgin Islands. It
will naturally affect Dominicans and
other Associated States. citizens,.
A joint approach by all affected ter-"-
ritories might have an impact<(fr.p.1)
CQngressmen pressed this week for
the reopening of investigations into
possible wrongdoings by ex-President
Richard Nixon, as telegrams poured in-
to the White House in protest at Presi-
dent Ford' a free pardon of :Mr.Nixon.
Leading democratic Senators sugges-
ted that the Senate Government Opera-
tidxn Committee might conduct the in-
vestpgation, and urged it to subpoena.
4all..elevant material on Mr.Nixon, even
"though -he. cannot now be-brougft-to -W

Celtic United,- trii., After an outcry, the U.S..
The knockout competition has gone PreSident said he would also pardon
through.the -lt round already and others, Who have been on trial in this
yesterday Harlem Rovers and Halcyon ca s.; but the Prosecutor 'and Judiciary
met in the first of the second objected strongly to the whole thing.
round of matches. Earlier matches
were: Halcyon 2, Spurs 0 with Albert: UNECESSARY~ EVIL IN EDUCATION
Robin getting one of this team's by May Christian
goals, Gutter Crowns 2 and Potters fow sad to read on your paper of
Unitedlafter the teams had gone into thp failure of certain schools to
extra .time at one-all. Trevor Bert- accommodatee children after the summer
rand scored a good goal to put his vacation. Discouraging to future ef-
team, Gutter Crowns on top in the fo ts from parents especially, isn't
last few minutes, Kensborough U it ,If population explosion is to *'
and Spartans went into extra time at bi~ for it, then in future it could
.2-all and failed to score any fur- be' made an unnecessary evil the
their goals.. When 5 penalties were remedy can be get locally.
awarded to each side, to determine What about the native graduatedl with
the winner, Kensborough netted all, London G.C.E's in Advanced Levels and
while Spartans coinverted only 2, other degrees? Could some not try
Scorers were: J.Lewis 2 for Kens- opo ing private schools of their own?
borough (, and D.Dewhurst and J.C. We have some fine examples of
Lawrence' foq- Spartans. In the last prtyate Bigh Schools in the -other
of the first round match the .is~~ad. Why not -here in Dominioe?
winner was also decided on penalties
after ektra time produced no goals DOWgICA's Lockhart Sebastian. (Combd,
at one-all, 9J.Timothy for-Celtics u #.Kopening batsman. has a 6-month
"aid D.Sijapso for Sa'intaq"'Saints cp ract with the MCC Young Cricket-
scored 2 of theirpenhalties whilst er. at -Lords in 1975._ gn-,needed .W W
Celt'ics U converted 4.* CRICKET: Clive TOyd & Andy Roberts both of the West
Indies topped the English Counties batting & bowling averages respectiveJy.
rintea c Publisnec- y the Proprietor .kW.A.L.frey of Uopthall Mill -Iouse '-
at 26 Bath: Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.


Pridav. Se-Dtember 13.1974.-

Agg 181 hf

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