Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Lans Smiday a big service at the Cathedral
cedratins g its anniversary), and other emices.f
throughout the State, offFered prayers for peace
and unity. At l3st thi was a better -wy of trying
to ea r docility in the population than a* spying
Watergtes .aues in the recenly kl isd Tele-
commEsaios Act, puamu by the new
Premier shoraty before he taped -tie message below:
Ckfiagnsf Danetic
Jce be wkh youI" ThIsd is t csa ton
and the bkling most ancient and most bomoeed
It ia te foundation of bewmleo ce and d ce-

mWt f- d =q r yi .r- -
Wb we wish to describe horror of han=ra
thbe emts we tne ia strife; when we dei r to

Yised asocisy frami savmgt life
The fAnt great gain of a people risig to
embin te aind to ger? is intenal Peatce t
The first e e arr-ievngt to 0ationa deay is
the pnevalne of civil diatrsties c
mr d on p. 4 )
Two dys afer NBtfonal Prayees. ftoseaa Twe Cown
di Emphies 'wae on strke in protst agatint the su.
xwvteskoo of Mr. Sakemc Scotland. They wera backed
by cha .Fremiw'i tsympathiaer; rubbish aid. filth ptd.
Uip n Reatiu utffl Thart. a.m. (stike was erded).


Instrument. in Good. Cmn

eor Athro 2

i ::.l' os. E

-..&- aw

t( i uapet Sorbaindo .wrf rts on R-5S

A shamefaced trickle of Ayes and
the Speaker retained his third highly paid
post in the Dominica Labour Government.
STe vote was 7 in his favour, 4 against and
,oe (Mr, Armour) abstained.
Dominica's most Jearned and adept
Parliamentarian triumphed again despite
the mockery of the vote. Dipping her
sword in caustic, Hon.M.E.Charles thrust
a t the vulnerable sections of the Labour
benches. She reduced the image of the new
Premier to ro Pre

The long Companies Aci, which had its de.-
fec3 blisteringlf attacked by Mis Charles, wa"
badozed though.
The tezmptian cuse and
the very .low fee for high 'fndiee" compies re.-
massted mi the Act, though these were descibed
is against the interests of Dominicans.
very of Coa Ch U
,o*MmcE cocoW& oncD LTD.
Owing to incidents where cheques
have been collected on behalf of sup-
pliers, by persons not authorised to
do so, we must insist on the following:
In cases where a supplier does not ac
company his her Copra to the Factory
a watten, order advising us to deliver
titais the relative cheque to a specific per-
cg. son MUST be supplied. If no order
is forwarded, cheques will. be withheld
itU( until the supplier collects it himself,
AU o, .sends the written order authorising
defivery of the cheque.
,4_, --i/2




Pag. Two T H E S T A R friday. August 23.1974
(Pari I) DOMIN ICA RE V VI SITED by Pierre Lucette
As a-lover of Dominica for twelve years, having forged strong links
with many people here, and being a Wopt Indian myself(a journalist, a
teacher, a radio producer) I think that I have broadly the right to .6om-
municlte some of nmy reflections on revisiting your island, .
Several people here consider Ua*-i ique as a successful island (much
more so than Dominica) on the road. t' progress and prosperity, and dream
about leading Dominica on to a sdmilOir standard: Martinique with more than
20,000 cars, numerous 20-floor buildings, large roads and highways, hotels,
cinemas, ballrooms, schools, two university faculties, prostitutes, police
shooting at.workmen, murderers, ktidnppers, high speed, marijuana, bread-
fruit at 50 cents, avocados at 60 cents, social security and many other
"luxuries"; evoa the hope for 70,000'young people under 18 to expatriate
themselves to Prance if they want to.-earn a living.; dying banana and sugar
industries, and more than 70% of the necessary goods imported! Progress
and prosperity; a sparkling rutila.i-. face under the tropical sun, but with
so many cracks: Martinique* .
It was 18 months'since my last trip to your island, and do you know
the first shock I got, going around and liming along the streets? You have
only a very few white people here d. Dominica belongs to Dominicans. I
imagine that some readera-cre lifting up their eyebrows starting, to think
that'I am a'racist black power brother." Better light the lantern right
aw*p. If I went~ so far in the aboQe reflection, it is because every day
at home in Martinique I see -gew whife: invaders, and in the shortest, time
they fill their cash-boxes with enormous profits which they export swiftly
with the help of the government, an 4pl-ying on the naivete6" and sensi tli
of a pleasure-loving population.
Lo since the 17th century, Martinique has been bleeding and one can ask
oneself how somebodycan3 survi- givi -h-wn ood wthoi g -
things to recor.atitute his balance. a4ad well being,
But you in Dominica have a place of your own, so green, so rich It
natural beauty, and it is a mug& for each of you to cherish your mountain-'
ous forests, your soil and rivers, and tolpreserve them all. Don't imagine
that I want to keep Dominica from the road of progress, but you should think
deeply before you choose to introduce here industries and new ways of
living, which will victimize you if ypu do not handle them very carefully.
Progress is a right for all of us, but only if it does not change our bal-
ance and modify our personality.
In this aearoh for an identity, I saw that some of your young people
cover their head with knit caps (tams). Let us- be frank; this kind of "bon-
net" is too hot for our climate, our sunny climate; if young people think
they must wear a hat to advertise their new personality, they have to think
about it more deeply; it would be vpry interesting to have reports done by
some medical specialist to know how TAny people suffer from headaches and
how many Phensics have been sold sipce the introduction of that kind of hat
here.. I do appreciate all the different Afro haircuts and combing ways,
but some young people think that siace they are Afro-combed, they can dis.
pense with having their hair clean.! Is it necessary to let them remember
that Africans, even when they paint their body and hairs with mud, are clean,
people? It is good that our young people conib Afro, but in so doing, have
they preserved their joy of living?' I have seen so many and faces around -
town, and the laughs are so rare, I did not even see a happy-looking crowd
of fans jumping up during Jimmy Clifffs tunes outside Palm Grove. Is it
old style to jump in front of a nigfi club? Or is it lack of money and lack
of employment the whole answer to tht4 gloom? Those aggressive and gloomy
faces, are they part of the new identity of the young Dominicans?
I heard about some racialist eygnts and attitudes; most of them do not
seem to be justified, and are evidently behaviour of a few freaks who do not
seem to know a dammed word about &eritude. (Concluded on tage 7)

- flAk ifl a

th6 M1th day
of Jaem 1974
Premsate4 tde
13th day of
A upst 1974.
at 3p .a.

Ganluss B
amia a Isr. f
by hi* Solicitor
RandaHl H.

Imi mflSSS

Re~ 6aS.'w vibwmss
oa First C acwsatS
of Trle is repect of
That pieto w parcel
of laad at Woodfiwd
Hill in the Parish of
St. Asndrew, coutai a-
iw 30362 square
feet mad bounded as

J. Northwt fy fyk'4 of Betnaird Carbon and Elvtra B11u1t
S Easy by hdt of frd Carbon and Wilfrad Dkck;
SetMedy te hid of Masteryill Willam, Theodoro
e iemiat, Mwarts st4asmin ad Reynold BSWjmin and
SWvo6t by lad of Rynoil Bejaffmin.

Sasiem. owea. Rei&Ar of Timl
MOE 'y *wos desires to*4.CZ to the ate d
C'erntea ir tid on the above appikcatiomMAWy ea er a
La thetabovfl wihian six weeks fro0 the date of the First
cioe- tkItfe STAR Newspapar .puMse
w ctw Sate or frtal the de when se notice prescribedy
Jfew waS l= sw0nst a amy ownw e r or aof a
|.Jw riapespot f wiesch pp ens o ie



T BA| ie that SC YOur Car and
Trwks' Beat

Ca/l at



We fk o e k0ere the wis and oajects of the Dom(-
afe'wVed Party as drafted by tsa foundernmembers
Wand zttnel4 prInted by the Herald In card form

Mono eMU am" am aMm SM GOM *n "
f7 :CA pmFRDOx PA2TA

SMoetto-- "Wo One is truly Free who does ot werkj
3fr the Freedom /of oths."
To uphold under God thebsic kprin-
diples of fredam:
Freedom of E nnio6
Freedom of Worsbip
Freedom firom Want
Freedom from Fear.
S 2. To advance the unity and social har-
many of our State by standing against
the forces of discrimination and preju-
ice involving class, cokm at creed.
I- To put justice before legalism and tol
Ir siethe best ineret of the peOpe o
Saminica st all tinesI

Tn- pfW2e0 for the improve Care m and
inanag o'r "' 'towa rds a better
feture afrall andifor the wefair of our
I saed
f5. the teopre onf' p in t, deo
| 's'WiVow S regaaaca for fti beoefit of all
t .,"L"w p l of ur.%&
.. To ipresev i even y way, consterat
wh ad&& anSem aend increasing ias-
jls.5 iG, the beaty of lansape and
f tiawac Ih oes f Dominica, sothat
thewe God-gieMn Nresorces wll oUt be
ruined by exploiwttio.
It al thee aims the aimde of the Pany ist
two,;e 4wasps OMMMa _jn-#Mw WMNA mo.m t whwh sw a BB

tithe aJNa oNN
S150 SepmRe Na 5 PA.L
OW CoM.- KAoM eqBu= a TANA
2a Nwo 0i~sM pwili coo pc iw s.

--- ^^^17 --- a-"A-

Pa", T *



French Tourists are now allowed ,J The first step towards the urmanly
to visit Dominica without a passport- blow is the unkind word. The begin-
However, it was pointed- put that thi ning.of murder is strife.
tourists should not remain in the Self control is; one of the most
State for more than fourteen days amicable and most dignified of human
San should be in possession of ae*s attributes. Without, it, there can be
Identification cards. They should. ao freedom. t s
also have return tickets and suffi- Fellow Dominicans, if we labour
cient funds. to: maintain themselves!. with ogr hearts and minds in the high-
during their stay. This came as a ways and byways of -life, our influence
result of representations; made to would spread through the earth crush-
Government by the Tourist Board. i ng and utterly destroying the demons
D-ESTROYED BY 'FIRE .of avarice, lust, violence, envy,
o BY lly's chIRE-i -hatred, racism, discord and pride, and
Mr. & Mrs. Charley Bully's charni, raise man to the high and holy rank
ing wooden country house near GirT for which the Maker designed him.
del was. burned to the ground before, Let us therefore, forget not our
dawn on Tuesday. This home, valued obligations as Christians and Domint-
t'?5,0, wa only insured for obligations as Christians and Domin-
$at.,5,000, was only insured for cans; wait not for others, but do your
$,000, we understand. Police areth part though you may be but one person
investigating. Fire arms are thou in a population oC 72, 000.
to have been on the premises* Pellow Dominicans, let us from to-.
LIAT PROPPED UPI day onwards direct every energy to the
The threatened withdrawal of the preservation of UNITY and PRACE in.
LIAT feeder line air services to thq Dominica; and rely upon the truth o~f'
Associated States has been averted,, the following principle, in all its'
thanks toa- a -s" toripn "-of7 fl-es-an glory,' our -
Premiers Compton and Walters which; WATCOIWORD:-
resulted in a British Development "EACH. FOR ALL AND ALL FOR EACHI"
Ministry grant of 400,000,. This May God Bless You All.
should allow service to continue for. PATRICK R. JOHN; PREM1ER.
several months pending refinancing, ; 18th August, 1974
and organization of LIAT as the EG. 8 A 1-
Common Carrier. English tourist- TUhe eAW oROMt o
charter "Court Lines Oo.Ltd." which The effort of the Neaw Premier, Hon. -
purchased LIAT (whilst W.I. politi-d Patrick John, in his bid for Unity and
cans dithered) two years, ago, went Peace is to say the least praiseworthy
into voluntary liquidation last weqI, and commendable. I am afraid however
atmanding over 40,000 English tour., that the divisive influence hfich-has
ists all over the world. 1 for too long fed our people on hatred,
.. ,jealousy and strife cannot be elimina-
ed overnight. It is well known thpt, anyone who by dint of hard work, fru-
gality and perseverance had achieved some -success .in the community
became prime targets for the venom: Pf those who were either fed or whose
interest tt served to propagate those destructive and evil sentiments.
Now it seems that saner aou== is prevail, but the Premier must expect
no miracle not even by involving1 the aid of the churches;
It is one of the fundamental laws, of the universe "that evil usually
contains within itself the seed oftil-ts own destruction."
It is only by turning away frpm -vil that any good may come. We may
shdW outwardly all the ingredients but unless we genuinely live it, Peace
and Unity will be unattainable.
Yours in the interest of Peace and Unity,



18th August, 19q4


Friday. Au.ust 18 1974 H ST& -....-a.
"REVELATIONS: I" ('n h house) Rupt*
The second chapter in the reveIatiols of ser deals and; m ot
of the Labour Party hierarchy unfol4e. dutinagthe extended: d6btate-o he
motion of censure of the Speaker in the Hoii6seof Assemribly: last. Wednepda
21st August. .. .- :'-
The meeting got off to :,a late 4t4rt, wi-tht eptepty, Speaker (Hon.
Cleve Tavernier) in the chairi.- t. Was evident-hat'Mr. R', OP. :Armour-. wag
expected on the opposition side of the House Chamber; his-seat was removed
from the Government side .- and transferred to*the 'opposite side. .Mr.
Armour, however, strolled: in -rather late, and occupied the ,vacant seat o0
Mr. C. Tavernier (Deputy Speaker), :uch to the annoyance of QGoernmeit mel-
bers.' (During .the. morning; intermission, Mr -Armour dramatically moved his
seat from the opposition s.d.e' tp its ) :- ..- - -
'Later on in the proceedings, Poemiier Patrick John objected to 'U.,
Armour seating on the Govtj. :ide of the House., arguing that he was no long-
er a member :of Government since, he -as no longer a Labour Party Member,. .;He
,was referred, to as "the delinquent back-benchero". Mr.Armour, in defence,
insisted that he had every right to sit on. the Government side, arguing
/that when he was elected, his constituents Voted him into that position.
He further insisted that there should. be a general election to decide on
the matter. -Mr. Armour remained on thp-Government back-bench.. throughout
the session. .The two Government members, almost came to blows during the
stormy. verbal battle, '
.* .*
Speaking-- on thea censure motion, Mr. John claimed that he, "could not
defend the Speaker!' but -went -on-. to. 4ap a .striiig of accusations on Mr.
Armpour, He "revealed" that Mr,..Armour, as Minister of Conmunication ana
-Wo rtks in-the-late --i ti-es, --acaed-n-ti w-resten sC- was
permitted to increase rates even. whep there was no justification for such
an increase. (This in fact was no revelation, since the Freedom Party and
Mr. W.S. Stevens exposed that irregularity during the 1970 campaign. Oddly
enough, Mr. John .and his colleagues defended Mr. .Armour then.)
The PREMIER went on to list the many assets (land & building) of the
Armour family* (Strangely enough, the opposition has frequently pointed out
that situation; and again Mr. John a;d his: fellow-miinisters and party cam-
paigners then defended Mr. Armour.)
Mr. John repeated in the House on Wednesday what the opposition had
exposed long ago. He tried to show .ow Mr. Aimour was involved in r ey
controversial financial deals while je was a Minister. 'Among -those met ion-
ed were: a $10Q,000, duty refund to the Douglas faftihy p'f Portsmouth for the
construction of the ARBIElEE cinema. (The opposition exposed this, irregui
clarity long ago, and Mr. John and hii colleagues defended Mr, Armour then);
.that Mr. .Armour rented a Government Rouse at the Morne for $120.00, while
his Canefield House was rented. out t4 v. Government contractor for an exho'Xbi-
tant sum.' (This was also nothing new, -The opposition frequently said thcis
publicly, but again, Mr. Armour waa defended. by Mr. John and. Labour,._arty
colleagues);reception of a CODBB.' lo1n by the Armour family, even, when as
/a member of the House of .Assembly, .h. was not entitled to'such a loan.
4h* l. Ohn went onto make the mi4ounded. political point, that as a re-
sult of the $300,000 loan obtained b b ihe Armour family, the small farmers
-who needed the money would not b.e able .to get it. The fallacy of the argu-
ment was exposed by the Hon, Third N minated Member.
,It was also confirmed by the Premier that opposition charges of favour-
itism in the allocation of lots at Cqefiel-dn were true; the issue was raised
by 1r. Ekin- Henry- -in. the House in-1968. (Again, Mr. John and his party
colleagues ,had defended Mr. Armour on thh harge}.
One wonders what revelations are yet to be made.
(concluded -page 6)

. T A "

PaT P" i ri n= lrm P; J7

(ftr.. 5) Mr. Armour has not had an We are glad to learn that Mrs.
opportunity to expose Mr. John. Nei- W.S. Stevens, who underwent an
their Mr. John nor Mr. Armour has yet operation at Princess Margaret Hon-
seen. the need to expose THE FORMER pital on Thursday, came through it
PREMIER and other Labour Party Miania successfully and is now receiving
ters. The details of transactions medical care at the Hospital.
involving the purchase of Mr.Leblan- !d e ca-e-at-the-- ospita.
"old house" at Vieille Case have LEST WE FORGET
not yet been exposed! Dominicans Mr. Patrick John tried to make
must be looking forward to Chapter political hay out of the fact that
Three. What do they/ say about Mr. R.-Armour once rented Govern-
"Thieves falling out?" -- R S. ment quarters at Morne Bruce at a
A. G. SPEAKING ON CEi1SURE MOTION:- monthly rate of $120. Mr. John
"This Government cannot defend seems to have forgotten the part
the Speaker"... that he played in the roosting of
"It is obvious that the House is. his political cronies at Morne
not satisfied with him (the Speaker) Bruce, in close proximity to the
and he should bear this in mind".., 'Police Training School' Wasn't
"If the motion also calls for the it the present Premier who drama-
censure of all the House members (in- tized the need for the protection
eluding the Speaker) I will support of Ministers of Government by fab-
the motion".., ricating a 'bomb-throwing' incident
"I am not a member of the Labour at his New Town residence? Remembe
Party, and I know nothing about what the 'Breadfruit Bomb' incident? -
goes on in the Labour Party." KEEN ASSEMBLYGOER, Roseau.

The live broadcast of the Feast o2.
the Cathedral and National Day of
Prayer was very well done, but, to my
disappointment, no mention was made
of-the Combined-Choirs of Goodwill
Church and the Cathedral -- not even
the conductor, or the Organist Mr. '-
Stanislaus CuffYJ. We have a lot o0 '
good under-cover talent here* We
should let the outside world know.
.... .. __.. .. .. .. I N aew t nlin *.. "
I am sure that all the newsean
nouncers of Radio 595 are very nioc
young .people, but please d.o not 1,t
us have announcers reading news in'
English to whom English is a Second'.
Language.. -Primary School Teacher,

Portsmouth & District Improvement -
Committee is concerned at a "hush-,
hush enumeration exercise now being
conducted in Portsmouth Electoral
District." They feel that due notice
of the enumeration exercise should
have been given to the Public as;
required by the Registration of Elec-
tors Act of- l974 in order to make .
the list as complete as possible &
to secure cooperation of electors
and enumerating officers. ILatead, it


-- Only three- days a t~e Piemier'
led the citizens in praying for peace,
unity and cooperation, we have seen
him expose himself to the entire
State, by engaging in a vicious,
verbal battle with his former Labour
Party colleague. Those who heard
Mr. Patrick John in the House of
Assembly last Wednesday dould have
never, imagined that he Was the same
man who asked that a National Day of
prayer be recognized by all citizens,
For the benefit of those who were
not at the House of Assembly meeting
this is. what Mr. Patrick John said of
Mr. Armour:
"As long as I am in Government I
will see to it that his house (at
Canefield) is not rented. And even
if the Freedom Party gets into power,
I will still see to it that his house
-is not rented. And when I die, my
ghost will haunt that house to prevent
him from getting rent for the house."
Are there still those who say that
the Patrick John of today is a.dif-
ferent man from the Patrick John of

'RTC WORK0IS -An authoritative state-
ment on this weeks strike of RTC
workers arrived too late on.Press.das
has been heldext Week)total se
has been held in. almost total secr-

*- <"-* 1-


Pafmm Seiez.-

Genelia, Baby and Ma Titine were GOD IS NOT MOCBED
on their way to the market Saturday I know that God is a super; I
morning. read that God said, "If I am hungry
S"De Premiah going talk in Lodbor I will not tell thee because the
chuch tomorrow I heah..4 world is mine and the fulnese there-
ani e goin to de Catedral in de nit@. of." God said, "Give me your hearts"
All church suppose to read his message and those hearts must be clean.
of peace an unity, but it have objek- Therefore we must pray. Jesus
shun take...ia dat he ax," Baby re.- himself taught us to pray. We alsc
marked, "I wan to go to boat sorvioe read in the Old Testament that the
Ma Titine and Genelia said they blood of the beasts which were
also wanted to :ttend both services. brought by the priests to make saai
"What allyou think about thismoVe fice, were burnt 'Without the camp."
on the Premier's- part?" Genelia asked. Jesus himself, when He came to
Ma Titine opened her mouth to repJy sanctify us suffered "without the
but Baby was quicker: "Well I tink on gate," That means that Gbd is not
de whole is not a bad ting to begin mocked. He always kept bypocri
his Premiership wid prayah, but," she' far away. Men should not believe
frowned "have plenty people sayin dat. that they can spend money to buy
is a flash he makin...he begin his several bottles of rum to make God
Premiership wid prayah, an Nixon end get votes for them. Amen, brother
up wid prayah... Walkert E.C.LOBLACK, RKoeau.
.,," she stopped short as she neared
a group of people who gave her a hard 1ON A SHORT VISIT
look, Here on a short visit is Mrs.
Early on Sunday morning, the town' Phyllis Griffith who arrived early
awoke to the sound of the State Band this month from England to be with
marching its way to the St.Alphonsus her parents Mr. & Mrs. S.J. Lewis of
churh., The little church was filled Nrt.m0.----
and the service which ensued was at Mrs. Griffith left Dominica eight-
its best. The preacher touched on een years ago to work with the Fed-
the highlights, of the Premier's ames- eral Government of the West' Indies,
sage...Peace, Love and Unity. She and her husband Basil are-
On their way home from church, now living in Sheffield, 1giland,
Genelia was rather silent and on an She says. she likes it very much
enquiry from Ma Titine, replied: in Sheffield and enjoys her work as
"Everything was fine, but" she 4 Mathematics Teacher at a large
paused, "one thing was lacking..." comprehensive -school.
. Before she could -explain, Baby, Mrs. Griffith's last visit to
the impetuous one,'cut in: "I know... DPminica, was in 19635
I feel it too...when Communion time i --t--
wood bin so nice if he an hia wife OI A Revisite (fr.P,.) .Lueette
deed able to head de congregashun." Remember that the most powerful black
Genelia nodded. "That's right. Baby; leaders knew how. to remain correct in
that's-what I felt.," ar bad situation. Correetness! A
At lunchtime, (Ma Titine had inv te dimension all our young people. have
Baby, Genelia. and Reuben of course to think about. Certainly, West
the sam topic inevitably came up. Indians need not copy like monkeys,
"The man was divorced and his four. or base their correctness on European
five children are not living with him, wys, but behaving well is, a aoion
he was a Romann you can just all people agree on aroun- our
expect that?" Genelia said. planet. End of Part 1)
"So he joined up the new wife's Next week:" Environment,Market, TV.
church, the Anglican church. We all a.
supposed to be one," Ma Titine said tqLerantly. But Baby stuck to her gunnsa
"In ole time we deed creeticise Anglican foh bein State chuch,..but now
we tie up mid de same State church ...q even moh to Guvment. It even have
cops guardiann people in our chuches -now... "She laughed derisively, "Sa-co
ka dee la," Reuben, who was, ai member of DAWU, only emitted a grunt.

rY A R

S.LJj.~,.LLU -~ -- ''1'~

8*T* A*S.*P*O* l '- -Morchriston NO TIME FOR LIAT TALKS
FOOTBALL: DOMINICA WHIPS BARBADOS ; Just before the House, of Assembly
On Sunday 18th Aug. at the Windwp, -meeting was adjourned last Wedneasday,
Park, Dominica's Young' Fotballers Miss Eugenia Charles asked the Prem-
gave.a fine example of what football: ier-to make a statement concerning ,
is all about to come back from be- the LIAT situation. Mr. John did,
hind a goals down and to eventually not make use of the opportunity.
defeat the faster Barbados team 5-5 Could it be, that our Premier has
after the match went into extra time, been so busy "campaigning" and "poli-
*The Barbados team dominated the las ticking" that he has not kept abreast
half and were always quicker to the of .the recent developments vis a vis
ball .and even. when our boys, were in' the important LIAT negotiations. It
possession of ,the ball, he Bajans. was quite noticeable that Dominica
dashing approach forced/TV error, has not been on the team which has
and hence a tougher task for our de-, been having talks with the British
fence. As Was expected, -Barbados Government, regarding a pos(b3le take-
scored first, through Alkins. A. few over of LIAT. In view of the impor*-
minutes later Seale, the left-winger ance that our Government has attached
made it 2-nil.and Seale again found to the development of the Tourist
the nets, his second, goal to make it- Industry, their apparent lack of in-
3-nil at "the interval. terest is inexcusaleo
During the,half, Lenny Emane NEARLY TOO LATE
was placed by..Leanox Rocque at lin Mr. W.S.Stevens sent in. two excel-
Cecil "the capy n also woat ling lent articles, but these arrived afta'
Cecil "Sharpy" Elwin also at link., waalready crowded. In one,
there was marked improvement in he aper was already rownicle forits
.. __ O V rst 2 .... he praises the New Chronicle for -its
U iads pcny. Oin ump e oqk, t PArticle on the_ Speaker problem "vT,'-
Bjan lads continued to be quick tony ten in simple English a~d Wi argu-
the ball, but by-then 3itz Henry, gravity of ih<& suntio-n
h^ otpa^ sinc':p ment, ci the gravity of the ;fituatiou
land player who had not played sine well-marshalledi-e acd he a an that
June in the let match of the season Att. Geai. Austin should have dissuaded
and put down through injury was pick Govtt Mii Atzsi from "perpetuating a
ing up his rhythm and played a fine democratic indcency".
tgame The othee players al ted It appears, he adds, that Premier
playing faster and the 2nd half was It as ersm h e ad$ Bh t ss
definitely different. .Roy Murphy wag Johns Government like r. ixon' s, Is
nevergiven a.hanea fouled on hanging on until the opposition and
nee a the public gere gets serious enough;
several occasions, Algernon Lawrence.
several accsions Algenon Lren to take the issue much farther B per-
penetrated tihe Barbados goal first hps tothe International dur t of
and fine shots by "Shar py" Elwin a- Jing.
bigger brother Jeffrey Lamrence saw usice BANANA INQUIRY OVERDE
the score level by trul time. Into The GI for bananas per ton-has
extra time they went and a. long f increased from 140 to ow42. But,says
kick taken by J.Lawrence was expert W.S.Stevens, efforts are being 'Mau.
netted by ,a. Bajan' t head. In the iwtto whittle down the reasons for aid
few minutes, Algernon LIwrence aga# independent inquiry into every as-
scored to make it 5-3. s. p Pect of the working of the Banana In-
L In the other matches, St. Lucia. dustry in Dominica. It is not just
defeated St. Vincent 2-1 after train paying..a debt without giving state.-
ing 1-nil at Victoria Park, St.Luc nments' and accounts month by month to
_EAGUE: Harlem Rovers scored a-.S- 1 show how much has been paid by the
win over Gutter Crowns. W,.Dontfrail Banana Growers, how much is unpaid,
scored twice for Harlem Rovers,- and how much longer this debt will
Saints defeated Celtic United 5-1 jaing as a millstone round their hard-
also. D.Simnpson 2 and B.Charles working necks. There are other things
Halcyon' ta So turn up for t r as well, which will be detailed later.
.matc I _a.,za.in_-. t,, ,- u. --,- : "... . .. ...

printed & Published by the Pr4prietor R.E.Allfrey of Copthall Mill EHuse,
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.


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