Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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42 M Olion pDim fOr p tises
b ate. been iatermat that Ut *
acney proisned to Civil Sorrate fowr
pVy riesa pressedd by the C.S.A. aid
prmazed to tam by Preamier Patrick
R.John in the -.Sesoof Aaseub17)will
Imt be forthowiag fraom the Britiash
Goveramat, which ban kaevr aiitMc
Dmsinil&a with "epital iawvetaat rsn-
tbor tam reearrmat e peatiear.
A attural diimappoistmeat oBnues,
abut it expetd that Gvenrmiwent vill
atteUpt to pt the measly twe other
sources before a Genaeral el*tieam.

.. .fe .^ ff ; ^ jmi iT *r -u ; ^ ^ ; ^ -


Mi# Aaemina Thmas?, Noai g Supeine ft
des, Dauioia, who covmr the whole istad
im bit Ueld of pWab heahb work.
Tng his ralc w stay wa b the Sate.
het Dr., J2ii Tbwwm, umi in Gvscwss, diS.
risg bis teemst my i thec Softe.


;MKMMs is tryfas to toake advaakea
-,-to the, trmve'r itas eextive power.
I, Ia less,' put foroawt a 6uch amp-
perted reaews fter the abolities of
the seoema Carakal seah years w re-
fotr of e~rse I toh National Caraival.
te owast, ds woe me it, detrwcta from
ow =a erns2ival pvec"ing.. Leut,a time
hesuared frte. Ser Cexaivala a year are
I mCR, both i" effort wad sacrifice.
Pleeso limiadt Nstial fy elebratios.
to afpseeos, seamwtsta staiam aancea
sa" priszgiaviag s a laer street j
,b atta .4, d sysae OBL
"O3m-ry that Prer Joa s*&m Ust was
*fjg lat tfor Al1. everage toeaty.
*MS ESKiMO Ofte Dy Vut Page Three
WEAX UP ROWAU&__My00-- ft" t

For T PSetin Tmrmee of
handa cc assurn MeS." aft
Dendes Koko Adur

ObwaiiAb fhao-

L1t of and iat Soutrire
Iln rea .430 t. ft;
Vacear ready f teecdo of bugdngo
Apply to
B. CaCrle .
P.O.B 21, -
O.. SUIC,.
Rosew-1 o i ic I *I-#*

PZge Two ....THE ST AS ___. ri.-d Anmr 16, 19TR4, -
STATEMEJnT by HON. R.O.P. AREIQUR -- 12th August, 1974
I have heard over the iNational aind International Radio of my dismissal
from the Labour Party. I have also heard and read in the Educator, a
Newspaper almost wholly written and editedd by Mr. Eustace Francis, of my
alleged joining with Eugenia Charles, I wish to make the following state-
Every few years, as an election approaches, certain reactionary forces,
impelled by motives of personal gain and attempts to wield power have
attempted to seize the Labour Party by using the non-political elements in
the Executive to influence decisions. to choose the weakest leader. In 1971,
the Labour Party Executive did the game thing by choosing Mr. Ducreay as
the political leader and attempting to destroy the Hon. E.O. LeBlanc.
At the conference of the Labour Party which chose Patrick John as the
Leader# these same persons were present, aligned solidly behind Mr.Patrick
John. Most Loyal .Party members are noticing the close friendship and in-
fluence which now exists between the: present leadership and certain ele-
ments who were accused of having uttered seditious statements, and some of
whom were convicted of causing destoruction to the House of Assembly in their
struggle against the Labour Government. It is no secret that out of an
Executive of 24 persons, only some: 1 members were present at the voting
which dismissed me and these did not include the more capable Ministerial
talent and young potential. representatives.
The Executive in fact has now-been forced to write to at least five
other members of the Executive asking them to plead loyalty to the party
and the present leadership.
It is strange that the Press and Radio have failed to come out clearly
to state the events which occurred in the House of Assembly. At that meet.
ing, on every occasion, I stated that I remained firmly a back-bencher,
loyal to the Labour Party, but was fprped to state my democratic disgust and
rejection of 'the facts which are sl3w;Ly coming to light. That in addition
to his post of Speaker for which Mr tustace Francis is paid the handsome
sum of $6, 400.00, Mr. Eustaece Francis, under the Deputy Premiership of
Mr, Patrick John, and now the Premier; enjoys the following fantastic re-
1) As; Chairman, Public Utilities & Rent Restriction

Commissions --- Salary -- $8, 640.0I
Tax free As 600. C0
This Agreement is registered and recorded iA the- Book of Deeds J. No.9
folio 352-356 and dated the 8th daylof March 1974,
2) Apart from this Mr. Francis has as recently as June, been appointed,
presumably by the Minister of Finan e, to collect taxes estimated arrears
of milliono. to $1 million at the :ee of 5% commission which mathematically
would eair him between $50,000.00 t6 $75,000,00, It is amazing that while
the Radio chose to give prominence topthe absurd statement by the Hon. Earl
Leslie that I was responsible for the present financial state of Daminica,
no prominence was given to these questionable facts which were the essence
of the vote of Censure against Mr. Francis. This Vote of Censure continues
at the resumption of the House of Assembly o& the 21st August.
It seems I am now the victim-of a trial by Radio and Newspaper, engin-
eered by Mr. Eustzce Francis and hips lose friends .This seems to be an
attempt to close the eyes of the public to the fact that under the present
leadership no LaiJevements other than empty Radio statements and hypocriti-
cal meetings are taking place.
In conclusion I wish to state that I remain loyal to my Constituency in
Roseau South and to my Labour supporters and Dominica. We are working to
bring together the 'progressive forces in the Labour Party to: have capable
and hoefest ,Government and to ensure progress in the Island in the immediate
iutue*. RONALD O.p.ARMOnR, Representative Roseau Southb

TH ,,ESTAR, :: e:7 Th..r-ee==-=

Ar i/M it 7 a.m, On J.A. 14, withLsbe
Senwo -Natal OCaC.r. (*.1)'CA' -:,:isi^.-rt-1blker
ORE 'aboad this "Tribu, cha l'N :f.;):vv a
picked dsy its '-^. ro, with Vwim from
the Gowror iwand the ic :'tb by Cicersi oo
111 and she "N! d ali.n< u.w and a Wour of
*Goera U.*. A ..*i-.- of Defence Force
&ad pohi" 03ha,:g fi tii b abip for training
A. Montscrat continued on ? 7





upper Goodwil ll
LiL 2658 after 4 p.m
2.1 -f 0t0ion 4 working bom

Don't. miss the Semi-Final
and Wireless Youth Soccer
, Barbados versus Dominica, a

on Sunday

of the Cable
t Windsor Park

i8th August

-o Sae the Local Lads with their 10-nil win over Montserrat

take or the Powerful Barbados Squad -

The Time 4.30
lie/ **

House and Lot at Canefield
S3 Bedrooms, Suting & Dining Room
Kitchen, Bithroom and Toilet.
Con tact K. Win :i

at the RAMWO 2 DIN
o- In sth Spmater at 5 P.M.
a2d Pwrime t" w Pria o- |w ticket

0' x 40' x 15V HIGH TO EAVES



SELLING PRICE: $25,000.00
Apply to:


* 4$4~*i


feA,^&&WWWWWAMM 1!'^ "'- "i 1 : :^.i .. --- low""** M^


Pwge Three

Friday, Awaust'S1, 1074




T Ht .

-;ae v V .

CANDID. COMMENTS by "W..Stevensa
,My first comments on the move for
revised salaries for Civil Servants:
were Back Pay and a General Election
were Siamese Twins, and the. C.S.A.
General Secretary appeared to put
revision of salaries before Govern-
ment having money to pay the usual
monthly salaries of Civil Servants.
If the LeBlanc-Patrick John Shoe
Party had taken the above hints, tho
blunt 'NO' to the grant or loan of
$4,200,000 for revision of salaries
would never have been the biggest
s+unin tn blow everl to be given an

Associate, State Government. BETTER SPEND MONEY Oji RECORDS
Here is another nail in the coffin I went to the Registrar's office
of the Shoe Party Government if Domi- on Weds, morning to get a birth cer-
nicans know their onions. Could no tificate and there were any other
old mouse in the Council get up and people there seeking similar papers.
ask, "Where is the money to come I was ashamed to see how the record
frm?" POLITICAL C books containing proper information
MHE *POLITICAL SENSE were torn to pieces, all the leaves
The" scene in the House of Assembly were torn to pieeds. The poer girl
over a week ago has brought to light wdid not koew what to do.
a good deal of information wh-ich an Now Madam, for heaven's sake inas-
enlightmesaatectorate: will need wh much the government is spending so
the time comes to decide upon an en much money or arms, organising secret
tirely new Government, which is the police defence forceetc. and all
only, answer to the present political police, defep bungry people qiet.
mle, this is to keep hungry people quiet.
melee. Could they not get someone to
The affair of the: Speaker as re bid and mend those books so that
vealed' in the unfinished debate on people will get their records as they
the Vote of Censure against him in should?
the House last week is more than suf- o
ficient to bring down P~trick John's I know the world will aree with me.
Government. It is part and parcel of E.C. LOBLACK.
all th unethical, unconstitutional GRATEFUL FOR BREVITY
and undemocratic deals which bedeviJ We are thankful that some of our
the Speaker's position s contributors, and letter-writers are
v" Ethopan ca,-reducing the quantity though not the
very clearly- that.-"the Ethopian c uing
not change his skin, nor the leopard quality of thir word, dealing our
his spots." ominic has need of P aper stringency. He-e are a few
his spots Dominica hs needof-41 EADERS BRIES
'EW WIIE which cannot be decanted to Since te brutal slang of Mr.Keith
Old Bottles, n Sinceebulsl
It will be a super-human ob even lleyne, know that for-may Dominicans
It wiAoe a super-human job~evenA the mot-to is not "apres Bdndie c'est
for a new :Government to recapture our e b-ut "avis Bn a Dieu 'est
national image at home and abroad. ~a te-" but avant Bon Die eest la
Our fair name is indelibly besmirched err. I prefer- real, not bastard
and I offer Premier John sound advice French.) More disputes, family and
by asking him to dissolve the Dominicaunar quarrels and bloWe come out
House of Assembly immediately_ and let qf land arguments in this state, than
the PSQPLE choose who will serve them .ver sex$ religion, ard even money
If the publicc-.ut their own throats by otters*
taking bribes Jy inability to assess JUIST, Roseau.
a serious situation, or by wanton dis QUOTE: CHURCHILL'S SPEECH ON MAY 8,
regard for the good of their children 194: ".Long live the cause of freed ol
(coxcld nei-t col These were his last words at the time.


3 T AR

."ida. August 16. 1974-


P) -s 'l-i

OANDID COMMElBJ -. and their childa-
ren's childreZn, they will have no one
.to blame but themselves.
The American people realized that
in the Presidei.t iixon Watergate mess,
it had to save the nation, and let the
president go. Let Dominicans get in-
ppiration and example and save their
country too.
Church Leaders' cooperation will
not save us. Thanksgiving Services
in the face of persistent wrongs will
not bring a blessing, and unlike the
Aew Dominica Chronicle I say "So far
so Bad."

Friday. August 16. 1974 __ _E T A R Pag_ Five
Fiction MA TITLE Cynthia Wa .t THAK YOU FROM DOM, M ,H.
The newspapers Were carrying thg The Dominica Mental Health Assooia-
latest news. Liblanc had resigned tion wishes to thank the Goodwill
and cleared off; Nixon had resigned Parish Hall Committee for the use of
in shame. The Speaker was under the hall, also the StGeralds Hall
fire at the House of Assembly; a lJst Committee for their hall, the Lions
of DLP candidates for the General for their public address syesem, Messrs
Elections was rather faintly printed Bruney and Associates for helping with
in the Press, (it was revealed in J^be the. Electronic side of things. Radio
House by another Member); the once- Dominica, the Chronicle, Radio Antilles,-
Deputy-Premier was expelled from the: for advertisements and publicity, the
Party; so Dominicans had enough to Royal Dominica Police Force and Domini-
chew. ca Defence Force for. security and all
Ma Titine was picking some. pigeon others; who helped to make the show what
peas for dinner when to her surprise, it was. Special thanks to all the
she heard Reuben's voice behind hen. Artistes, Calypsonians, Dance Troup
"'Mornin Titine...Long time no members, Singers, Band amen, Comedians,
see he greeted her. Models, Steelbandmen, Sport and Karate
The peas fell from Ma. Titine's experts for giving their time and per-
hand. "What the ... It'1 you Reubexn? formance free to help our cause.
Eh eh, what wind blow you here?" We wish to thank the general public
Reuben smiled ruefully. "Titine, for making the show possible also many
we fret so long, I cannot bear dat wp firms and sponsors who helped in oneu
not frens again. Les stop all dis way or another: Josephine Gabriel
nonsense an be as befoh." (Makers of Coca,-Cola); O.DBrisabane &
"Iagree to that," she. replied, Sons; J.Astaphan & Co. (1970 Ltd.);
"but it's up to Genelia. It's she fBy-Trinee; Guys & Dolls & Valentine;
who has the chip on her shoulder." Reliance Deess Co.; Sunstyle Garments;
Reuben looked somehow embarrassed. Footland; H,H.V.Whitchurch & Co*;
Then he looked straight at Titine api Dominica. Dispensary & Co.; George
said, "Titinei, I make up my mine... Gabriel Cash & Carry; A.C.Shillingford
you doan have to worry bout Genelia, & Co.; Glenda's Handcraft; Glengraphica
She coming jus now to see you." Ma I and many others too numerous to men-
Titine's eyes popped wide open. 'Ye6": tion. Proceeds from the 2 shows' are
he continued, seeing her look of sur- as follows:-
prise, "I siddown an tink tings carp- Before deductions : $1,957.00;
ful. I see. is I to blame, Genelia Net. Profit : $1,134.20.
love me, so I go to hah yesterday ap Once again thank you for making the
we talk tings ovah, an we kiss an' show possible.
make I come to tell you bout MXA TIT-irE "But you can go anytim
it... dat's wy I come." He looked at after Chris But you can go anytime
Ma Titine sheepishly. Footsteps ter we ingstmasrty won't Genela waleod if
crunched on the gravelled pathway ad The weddng party won't be so good if
Genelia came up and flung her arms you're not there. Oh oh"
Genelia came up anec fluisng her a Ma Titine said, "Listenp let us fix
around Titine's neck, kissing her ajidt this way." She smiled. 'You two
crying at the same time. .
"Titine...Titine, I so happy... never got married before; I have never
asking you to forgive me..I was a spent Christmas in America, and we
at three have spent many ChristmasAes, 80
stupid fool..,anyway that's all ove what do you say...get married on
We're friends again enh?" ato ay,
Ma Titine chuckled* "So I can hepr National Day,"
the wedding bells ringing again? When "what you say Reuben?" He nodded,
ao you-all intend to get married? w yo
Oh arou-llnd Christmas-timee ?"then suddenly he was staring over the
Seplied crudily, "oa we'l-i$ Geneja fence...Ancine was flying a couple
Shave on of them crying out: "Dqrty
grand holiday.' She embraced Reube. bastard. Genelia, you d...n dorty bas-
"Well," Ma Titine told them, tar t."I
not be here," and'she told them her ar .. ocrae.. in gtass
plans. (cotnue next o.) just as: a policeman eam up to be..
plans. (c 4u~ed Agxt co1.) co cod.

-. ~ I


. Friday, A ugusi 16, 1i,74-

A~. 0

&cI Ap.heatto foi& ia t'of Tlde & NtMings ttewre
S taw f. 1Fr ay of august '47A
ae Naigre a freauest w t.
er j Certificate of- Tite
(Noking ;.eron or Cave-

the' l ay
of June 1974.
Presented th*
13th day- of
Stuguant 1974

&id Bena .
min as p.r. of
by hi's Solicitor
Ranall H.

Request for th. issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
That piece or par:di
of stand at Woodford
Hill in the Parish of
St. Andrew, contai-.
ing 30362 square
feet and bounded as

N' lhedrly by la of Bernard Carban and Evlra Bazil;
Eawtty by lad of Fred Carbon and W'"fred Dick;
Southwely by land of Mastervilie Wliamr, Th-eodore
BI{.smin, Mcwrls Beniamin and Keynold Benj.nmin and
Westatly by land of ReynolId Senjramin.
Roscso.. Dmin ica, .Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to object tohe issutn. of a
Cetkace of title on the above appicario.nma. enter a C.aeat
n the aboce #tce within six weeks f.-m the. date of the First
appearance of this schedule la the STAR Newspaper ;ublis'he',d
in this Statie or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of afjoining
and "in raipect of whchb the application is rmade.


A shipment of the Reliable and Famous

The Batteries that Serve You: CaT and
Trucks Best

[ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 4) -..**** *A


2nd A,
4:2 .;
"""-""" "

ugUSt 1974

V E. White
General Mansger


UWI invites applications for the fo -"
lowing posts:
(a) St. Augustine
Lecturer Assis. Lecmturer in
Botany in the Departnent -of
Biological Sciences.
.b" Cave Hill
Lecturer in the Teaching of
ar...ics in tfc: Ja-Ser-
.:d Education Programme
at Cave Hill C.zr.pus.
Furher details at the Office of the Re-:
sid~u Tutor, during cL'.e ours.

... Application, .r iv .ed fr.m suk
taby quf ied prsrns :3r admssion
to .,I-A. deree "i Ed.cau.: pro-
g-rn:i;. ~..,i;. offered in 1:1 .c.ool
of Educa)ron, UJai -rsn o 'he West
ladies, ; beginning in Ociober "Ir"n x 1 .ur.:
.e. during offin.' hours,


Ofers are invited for the purchase of
o| iCeveon mn Bedford 4-uck R: ,r, -t"
No. 979, which may be inspected by ar-
rangement with the Operations Manager,
Dominica Banana Growers Association, 13.
Hancver Street, Roseau,
Offers in writing, must be in sealed
envelopes marked "Tender tor Truck"
and addressed to the General Manager,
Dormnica Banana Growers Association,
Roseau, ro reach him net later 0han 21st
August 1974.
The Association does not bind itself
to accept the highest or any offer.

Friaav. Augu st 16. 1v ( -*- -1

Madam, I hope you have been listen-.
ing to the Massey lecture series,
"The Power of the Law" (from Canada,
lecturer James Alexander Corrie or
Currey, CBC recording. This tells'
Us nearly everything we want. to. know
about the place of justice in our
world, and what laws are 'immutable'
and what laws are just a political
fix.) Also about the rightness of
true civil disobedience. There are
two more talks due.
Editors reply: Yes indeed# though
we missed part of the first one, But
we have asked a Canadian friend-to
getus- script copies. They are the
best broadcasts of 1974. --PSA.

I took note of Mr. Armour's state-
ment sin6e his expulsion from the DLU
He is right and Leslie is wrong;
AZmour alone certainly is not res-
p6nsible for the bad economic condi-
tion of Dominica. This blame rests
on all the cabinets) of ex-Premier
Leblanc, who slipped out so smoothly.
All, all put us in the reds Armour
calls it "trial by Radio and news-
paper" presumably the Educator,
and says he remain loyal to the
LabOur Party, But that Party has
been increasingly at fault. I am
one of the members, loyal but cri-
tical (like Armour) and Z swear it;
I am going to abstain from voting in
the next election. CANEFIELSMAN i

*MA TITIKE ( -.Watt
'Baby came up: "The pore woman up-
set. She organising a truck to go
an visit Leblanc soon, to ax heem
why he lef' widdout a vodd of tanks.
I self would like to kxowi I hope
he will give dem a couple accra an
not remine dem he have .a ovahdraff."

C Y PR U 8 seriouss Situation
Renewed hostilities, after the break-
-down of Geneva ceasefire talks be-
tweena Greeks and Turks, with the

Britishn overnmeni- as nthirc. Party
trying to end the conflict, 15aegt QOEENETTE PUI\CH by May -ChristiaU
more havoc and death to the war-torn This is the season for kennips.,
island and insecurity to the whole called in creole 'chenettes'.The trees
Meediterranean area and farther yetre in full fruit, which means the
rees ,are also bearing boys,
But do housewives in Dominica make good use of the fruit? (turn to p, 8)


HMS ESKIIMO (p.3) In the pleasant
Wardroom, Commodore Straker answered
questions from the New Chroniclq &,
the Star. He said that the British
Navy -now played mainly a humanitarian
role in emergencies, and carried ex-
tra stores for the purpose. There
were 4-Negro West Indian crew men
aboard# one of whom had a Dominican
The President of ]DFU (Mr.W.S.Stev -
ens); Vice Pres.4orrie Vidal- Treas*
Austin Stephenson; Burnham Philip;
Alvin Armantrading; Misa Enolia Hill;
Edney Sylbestre; Raymond James;Jama--
Joseph and 'erris Cornelius were wel-
comed by Premier Patrick John on fWs.
6th at GoVt. HQ, He expressed a des-
ire for cooperation and social peace,
S"This can only be attained through
Social justice. Without fair play it
* .s just lip-service," daid. the far-,
mers. Essentials emphasized were
1) full and adequate representation
on the Board of Management.Consider
the banana grower (the most import-
"4,g person) ahead of govt.officials.
A) An independent inquiry into each
aspect of the administration of the
Banana Industry. Growers are paying
a debt without explanatory accounts.
The Premier was shown correspondence
between the DPU and outside bodies,
and was reminded of copies of reso-'
lutions sent to the British Govt.,-
the I.L.6, and other organizations
due to local authorities' disregard
of the Statets biggest industry,
* oOther major-topics were:-.
.eWder Roads .and even Main Roada
- a contributory cause of bad qual-
ity fruit; and Flimsy Boxes packed
: tier upon tier on trucks.
Premier John promised to consi4
der these and other points,
We understand that the Dep.Brit*-
ish Representative to the Associated
States had arranged to meet Mr.
Stevens on Thursday of this week
Ag correspondence with the Ministry
of Overseas Development on bananas
in Dominica.

$ggy Seven

,-. .. ._ _ .i. -i /" 1 r\n A

Page Eight THE 8 TAR iday. August 16. 7 Lt
FOOTBALL DOMIRiICA. SWAMPS MONTSERRT North Trinidad took a beating from
In the first of. the first ever this Tropical Storm, which caused
under-20 football tournament apon- the death of a woman and ruined530
sored by Cable & Wireless, Dominica houses. Tobago escaped injury; then
who played Montserrat at Sturge Parl, the storm v6ered off towards Vene-
Montserrat, gave the home,team a sou zuela, 1~keJ~ R- MW
10-nil drubbing last Sunday, Aug.1l..
From the second minute of play, CLEAN UP ROSEAU & THE AIRPORT (p.l)
Dominica found the nets and repeated Dominicaxs let us take a look at
tha ne - mi4ute.s. later. By half, Malville Hall airport: it is not as
time they led 4-nil. -On resumption, clean as it should be. Do those in
they came back more businesslike, charge there make it their business
and put in six more goals. to keep our airport clean? The kit-,
Scorers were Roy Murphy 4, .Jeffrey chen needs to be much cleaner;toilets .
Lawrence 4,. skipper Cecil Elwin and.4 should always be checked just before
Gregory Robin one goal each. planes come and go. The very wals.
In other matches, Barbados defeat- need washing: AA airport. should be
ed Antigu~ -nil- and will meet Domi- kept clean and be an attraction to
nica afi the' rinsor'Park, Roseau, in visitors. Let's try to make our air-
one of tt~ 'emi -inalist matches. port clean; and...Remember to be
St.Lucia defeatea.Gdrenada 1-'nil and pleasant when we serve. * Again
St.Vincent ~A th *better- of StA.Ki there's a pestilence of rats in Roseau
n a. vey.. oomtatch: 5-, St. Lucia due to poor sanitation to empty
and. t.Vincent. will clash in St.LucIa tins, boxes, rubbish and unwanted bed-
in the, other semi-final match, Ref,, ding e'tc., -- things which are dumped
erees for the semi-finals will--be at street corners.
drawn from Grenada & Montserrat a44. Let. ~i1 clean up now. Get rid of
matches ~are carded for Sunday. Aug.18,8 those RATS1 Rats carry PIIK Disease.
IAGUE: following their 3-2 win over Clean up"* No RATS for Roseau,
Celtics United, :Spurs in their nex DOMINIOAN
mach, ,Sat.. Aug.10) lost 5-nil to CHME T P UtJCH tr. ) A French
Saintsa Brinsley Charles bagged a method is to wash the fruits, break
ha1 .triQk, and other scorers were the chenette skin or rind, dropping a .
Dorian Simpson and defence man fruit blob in each glass. If we cherish'
Kelvin Phillip, who headed in a co,- imported olives in ourcooktails we
ner kipck. taken by Brinsley Charles. should also turn our fancy to chenettes
A few days later ,(Tuesday), Saintsin punch. Why not? Use Local!
defeated Potters United 1-nil in a I Some folks make a plain white sugar
match where many scoring opportunity p~;I then about 1 hour before serving,
were nhuffed.-- Brinsley Charles was the fruit is put to soak in a jairitha
again the scorer for Saints.- some rum. Just before serving, the
CRICKET: The 2nd test match between ture is swizled, passed though a
Pakistan and England at- Lord s, en4 strainer and mixed with the syrup.
in another draw. Again, the final Crushed ice is added to each individual
being abandoned like the first match, glass. Call it a good West Inddan
Score a. -Pakistan 130/9 dec. and 226,&Puch; -- M.O. Roseau
England 270 & 27/0; A. Knott 83. ... .
Derek Underwood for England, bagged -INSTRUMENTS' .PQ -,SALE
5/20 & 8/51 and in one Instruments in Good Condition.
spell bowled 51 balls and got 6 *
wickets for 2 runs. Grieg 3/23. For-further details, contact
Kensborough defeated. Spurs 4-2. Regi.
nald Carrette scored 3 times for. Jeffers P elix
b ou ts froN Joseph Drigo CASTLE BRUCE
SAC E has been increa- Ce At-herton MartIn, ROSEAU
esed by 4 .from 136 to 140 Aug.12. ,.
Printed and Published -by the Proprietor. R.E.Allfrey of Copthall Mill House
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, pominica., West Indies.

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