Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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a.-^ "7/ DIo
S -4. k..+ Y'~r.htut- Pac 4Lmitt 7HrtuAne ___________
4/ ^.^o.,dcr PHYLLiS SHANO ALL.REY Pridy August ,


J*- N---

T ody. Friday, aian,
ex-President lizon
of the 7nitetd ts'
w,?s forced throw -h

thro e .h .S 'people
aai' oe-time frie-'0
to resignTv es.
Gerald Ford wa .z---
in as c.o, Prei
tsee pbem 6)

was Pat Stevens fine pLras'.for r., two-
, ,ar casfigaiion of the Speaker by Hon.
Eagema Charles, who like an avenging
fury released the pent up trustrations and
itemized injuries ,suffered by the oppose
ion .since 1970. Her well documented evi
(.knr' of bia&, interruptions, abuse, and
obstruction of parliamentary criticism were.
preceded by a declaration of complaints
rte c.ral, public has against the Speake
us; the House, who holds three paid public.
p,'".. wa Vice President of..the Labour
Parl, is Editor of the Party organ 'Educa-
tor" ahd speaks on Labour's platform co
iinuaJliy. ,
StI -.was 'pure theatre but more aertiou- a B-
wr though listeners who had waited all day
for This chef d'oeuvre which surpassed their expec
U.tions could not help clapping, laughing or x-
(-;nmmg st to voce at .the devast2tag aies. It,
w ast if thcey t1oo bad brxe pent up .amd were
5:-0i'og rdief 1t last. .
Vi .*.:-I, .the Chair and the Government
Front .Bench seemed to..have. ost touch with reMli-
n. ad toled like I set of discomforted birds dub,
nfig .. . prepatory Apuck'ing.. .COI. oav 2).
4*00 ?-a.Sftvens revealed if the House ths
n;m.3.s of LP Candidaes given to him by the"

.".', d o : rimy,"kZ, ne

q., tir hopem.h to get Ps"
...S c., e .. .. .

]L+ +f;;;;" i- ; n t ". ..:+rt I

Father Felix, Principal of SM Ar .i -been in Br -
tain; here he is seen with friendsir a Shrine Credit
Union which he founded in t969.

*'Y OF MAll


Need and Greed _$4.., D
Ser-nment 5. Conita ht to a m icr-
v ases to Ciril rvaAx its ot. e soteas
fr- 4m o a n .-%i g -axpzen ,s S.c, a 6 -.T-, ,
ie John. may -coK' from '.5. wr:.- e' Brce GreatR.-,i.s herA for

Mr Terry ColHi. 3rd Secretary at the Canadin
Hiigh Coimmissio forBarbados &e ACsemimc:
S; States, paid Dominicaa visit this wet k.
*^l~tfieMffHMlB~fia~fl-i; *

JC- -- -T -H- --? -- -. T A

Pat Stevens backed up Miss Charles
admirably (with additive remarks Yorpm
Mr. Ronald Armour, Labour rebel who
tried frequently, like other members,
to persuade the Speaker to step down
from th-Chair and "spare himself em-
'b.s'rassment"). In fact, it was
traditional for him to step down, Pat
described the Speker'a call upon him
wa a sort of campaign to enlist him
as a. candidate, and gave some shock-
ing revelationsaabout this visit,
including-an advance list of Labour
candidates shown him by the Speaker',
(See -page ').
A strongbut slightly anticllmactiq
contribution was made by Hon. A.Mo'ise;
but Mr. F delle was cut short by the
moving of the adjourniaent by the new
Premier who then delivered a slightly
lame 'thank you' to ex-Premier LeBl1,
rapidly followed by a- more eulogistiTc
tribute from Mr. Armour. 'The HEuse
adjourned until Weds. August 23., so
that Government-may work up a defencf
of the Speaker and try in turn to
flay Miss Charles and the Opposition.
But the Hon. Eugenia will have the
right of reply --and the last word.
' *
The newly passed Telecormunica-
tions Act contains more blows ag-
ainst freedom of -expression. It
contains spy clauses giving Govern-
ment power. to snoop at private cables
correspondence etc. -
"All or nothing" should of' course
have toen the principle for the Par-
liamentary Proceedings broadcasting
act. Instead a Govt. controlled-
board will screen the tapes of the
full proceedings, and Watergate* has
taught even the simple. st soul what
that can mean.
There were, of course, the few
unintended jokes. When Mr. Moise
began a sentence such as "We used to
tell Government Members the truth
and they wouldn't believe us, but
now they know that what we said was
correct..." He paused after the word,
truth, causing gusts of ribald laugh-r.
It was good to see Mr. Loblack
re-enter the House as a listener
after.his slight contretemps earlier,
to enjoy the evening heatry artillery)

* *


Away from the State: Dr. B i .
Sorhaindo, Mr. Mclntyre, Dr, Conrad
Shillingford and Dr. John Royer.
Arrivals: a Canadian Psychiatri&j
Dr. Donald Upton, to work here for
about a month; another Canadian
Doctor, Dr. Derek Cooper, ERCS, is
now working as Surgeon at the Prin-
cess Margaret Hospital. His wife
Dr. Anne Cooper, an Anaesthetist,
will also work at the Hoapital for
a month. The services of these
doctors were secured under the Can-
adian Medical Association Caribbean
Medical Plan.
Those people who were in the
House on Wednesday all listened in-
tently to the exposures made by
Miss Charles, Mr. Pat Stevens and
Mr. Armour. At one stage when Miss
Charles started to read out- from
the 'Government Bible' which is
called Hansard, the whole building'
shook. I thought it was an earth-
quake and it seemed that the Speaker
trembled; he did not expect such
secrets to be disclosed.
Whenever the Opposition asiz LGov-
ernment for anything for the general
public the answer was NO MOI.EY. Has
most of the revenue of this State
gone into two men's pockets? Even
Hon. Armour who once was a Minister,
pointed out in the House on Wednes-
day that the amount of money paid
out to the Speaker for his various
jobs could employ hundreds of young
people. -- E.C. LOBLACK
(by Rupert So0haindo
It does not take' much courage %r'
moral strength for a leader to do
what is in the interest pf the coun-
try when faced with an obvious chbioe
of what is clearly right and just oa
the one hand, and what is palpably
wrong and unjust on the other. And
yet, the state's "leader", Mr.Patridc
John (notwithstanding his recent
public appeals for unity, coopera-
tion and prayer) has, in his debut
appearance in the House as Premier.,
opened himself to charges of hypo-
crisy, insincerity and weekness,
(concluded on page 89

Priddy. Auaust 9. 1974

' l,A Twi


L L.' '.<_ > __ "

Mr. Christopher Maximea is in It was the day after August Monday,,
Canada, the U.S. and Mexico on a the holiday (CARICOM Day) was over,
"seminar on the Adiinistration of and all hands were. back at work.
National Parks and Equivalent Ma Titine was leaving for the
Reserves sponsored by The University States in a few days' time; she hadn't
of Michigan. Major fUnding for 'this -gepinic king as was usual with her
seminar' comes from the Canadian Ha- friends. Instead, Baby spent the day
ture Federation which. is also spon-. with her and they had a backyard pic-
sor'ing the present planning project nic. Now it was Tuesday; nearly all
on National Parka in Dominica. the packing-up was done, except for
Mr. Maximea, who is prepared to -last minute things. So Baby (who had
present a slide show on Dominica s also, spent the night) and. Ma Titine
unique natural features. to semina:- decided to have a rest-day with a
participants, will be away about snack lunch. They lay on their beds
six weeks. enjoying the the cool breeze and warimt
Sunlight that poured into the room.
A GREAT AUTHOR SPEAKS "Wat you tink bout Patrick Joh .
He. raised his own glass, and for talk wid Mbise?" Baby asked suddenly.
an instant the sun caught it, and "Well," Ma Titine replied, "it had
it shone like an ingot of green plenty angles; we didn't hear any re-
gold. "To freedom," he said unex- port from Moise! I hope things wiljL.
petedlo freedom"'Stone repeated work out properly and let all this
"To freedom,u" Stone repeated confusion and mepuis-throwing will.-nI:y
touching glasses, but Alexandrastop. Then they could think of
Karst had not picked up her glass, straightening out maybe at'
,though her hand had retreated from -traghtening out of order comes to
u. last-, some sort of order comes to
-beneath her husband's. Government...and harmony," she added.
"Alexandra?" Karst said.' "IHnph!" Baby cleared her throat,
"I do not believe in words, Kon- I not so you say It t
atanty,' she replied slowly looking again? h ye, opteemistik...I not so
straight into his face. "Especially. opteemistik bout dat. All we can do
such large words. I 1is wait an see...and doan forget House
"She does not believe in freedom of Asseibly tomorrow"
Karst said, as if talking to himse, "o Aeh, Jeixon confess den?" she
"She believes only in what she can continue, de blightah deed
".ee..and feel?" know everything all de time...well, he
"And feel," Karst corroborated. 4ot matt like somebody -L.know, and
"'Perhaps she is right." resign befoh- def ketch up wid him."
"N, -rh s saidThere was aI rap at the door and Ma
"No," dKarat said firmly. "No, itine went to open it. She returned
Alexandra.i s wrong.o Shei s uite to the bedroom with a cablegrani in her
Shand Baby'jumped out of bed
-Happiness, as distinct from please band. Badby jumped out of bed.
depends very little on material Ma Titine w hook her head? "In a
possessions once you are above a he a
kind of way, she replied. "I just
reasonable subsistence level. Beyond a
that frdom is everything.' got a. disappointment. Eurilla tells
that, freedom ethe here not to come right now..." She
.-fromthe book "The Thousand Doors looked taken aback* after her packing
by '*Abraham Rothberg, the story of Bha x
a great persecuted.Yugoslav writer, ndall. ButEurilla said she was ex-
This book is eurently at- the Pbli, pecting d baby and what with one thing-
LThi brary.ookis at the Pb andthe other, it would be better if
Library. .. Ma Titine came up nearer to the
CARIBBEAN FREE TRADE AREA totalled -'hristmas. Ma Titine fiilea eventually.
$7,442, 404 jin 1972 importss) 'nd "Well, anyway, that's great. I'll
exports"totalled. $#,0l5,768 in here to see what's happening in the
Seply to a- question in the House: island-..and then I1l1 be in America
No figures ffor 3973 yet. [ for the winter. concludedd on pae 8)

Pr1day Aumist 9 T974

ri T- T Q M A R

-r-i -- TB^--^

rflT4'r~ qrp~p

-Z ~ If, A P

No welcome speech was'. addres-sed to the incoming Premier Mr.Patrick
John at Wednesday's meeting of the House of Assembly, although there were
frequent references to his radig speech stating that he was following in
his dear Master's footsteps.
Latecomers were R.O.P.Armour who took his usual backbench seat, and
Stanley Fadelle who was delayed by a road-block on the Grand Bay road.
Everyone was obviously tended up waiting for the vote of censure on
the Speaker at the end of the agenda. And considerable ripples of amuse-
ment emanated from Members' and public galleries at times.
In reply to a detailed question on availability of land at Union Es-
tate by the Member, for the South-West district, Mr.Moise, Mr.Ftienne said:
"(a) The area of land acquired 4t Union Estate is 18.852 acres; (b) the
areas of lots are 2,500 sq. ft. and 3,500 sq,. ft. (approx.); (c) there
are 68 saleable lots to prospective house owners; (d) no more lots are
available; (e) there are 272 existing applicants who have not been alloca-
ted lots; there Were insufficient lots to allow each applicant to have one
On the extension of the viJage of Soufriere, the leader of the Oppo-
sition received this reply: "Lbitp have already been allocated in this area.
There were 45 lots in the area, 355 of these were allocated, the other 10
were reserved for the construction of Low Cost Houses."
Mr. Moise also asked: "How soon does Government intend to purchase
school sites at Petite Savanne a4d Pichelin?" "As soon as funds permit" wu
the oft-repeated reply, which drpw a big laugh on one occasion.
Mr. R.O.P.Armour asked the 'Pinister. of Education: "Has Government.,any
'plans for the commeneemaent. of construction during 1974 to 1975 of 4 Juaior
High School in the Newtown Area to' provide improved conditions, additional
space and adequate formal and tehnaiaal training for the children of Newtown
-Kingshill and the surrounding aleas??" And the reply was: "The Honourable_
'Member who until a year ago was minister r of Finance will no doubt be aware
that ,construction of schools .in pominica is financed largely from aid funds;
-that therelany, areas in Dominipc_ with more pressing needs in terms of,
school places than the area effrred to and that no provision has been-
made in the Dominica Development Plan 1971-1975 for construction of a
junior secondary school for the; iewtown Area during 1974 to 1975." Mr.
Armour asked another .question onh the River Claire Road; when would this
road be completed? The answer was:"Government at this time: is unable;tbgNe
a date for the completion of the, River Claire Road. 'However, it is hopeai
that the road will be completed when the necessary funds become available."
'Mr.Fadelle's question;,("Wipl the Minister inform the House of his
,plans and concrete. preparation ror the Sixth Form College?") was. answered
as follows: 'Starting with .thq 3974-1975 academic year, it is proposed thit
the Sixth Form College will be temporarily accommodated at the University
Centre until a permanent home hap been found. A preliminary study has al-
ready -been taken, and a further ptudy is now being conducted... At present,
Sixth Form, College activities are limited to the work which was done by the
students when they were part o^fhe existing Grammar Schools, thus thq tatff
of the existing schools, who wb-ud normally teach these pupils, were they at
school, continue to teach their particular subjects.. There 'would besub-
stantial savings on administrative overheads and.-offic equipmentt 1f zhese
two small institutions were merged into one... .
.Slight disturbance was caused just as the House Was about to resufMe;
Mr. E.C.Loblack, who had left'hs hat in a galle ry' seat during recess,
came back to find the place ocqqupied by Mr. Elkin Henry and raised a
strong vociferous objection. He was ushered out by the 'S2eaant-at-AMxs.
Ten bills became 'acts (or rather one, the Companies Act was deferred c
until Aug. 21); eight questions vere asked and replied to; and th4
big subject of the 94,200,000 towards increases in civil service salaries
and the Censure Vote will be read elsewhere in this paper. (More inex week)


S,, a S. .. .-THE s.r ,R ,
Page.~ X< '-- it-AW& -- m

Richard Ni-o Xieid %j
H M t-he American p.ptae
the lost faith i1
:Mfc c.!e he bad
poll.-ted the U.e'S t

care more about forei-E affairs t.u dqao9B
estic -roble -We _iteed to '1s2 fil*
seech, which was quite an epic of egois-
tic hypocrisy, enadinr l a 3117 Grabas
prayer: and it die not SW what the pOO-
*ie wanted to know t:'e real reason for
-is resignation. ut., at least he made a
Sseeech and sai woo lch is oh
%han Le~lasc it_ oar esaal iLslaad did,af-
ter years of enjoTri7n- pay from the people.
Ilk T
Need and Greed T'Ie i" t
measure in the Houwe, and so do we,wbith
one proviso. 'ae think the top e4ahl*o'
Civil S ervants alreadys draw enEugh py'
and should forego their' increaeas,leaT-
ing the relief to the neee little 2i8s
and women below 'them in status. They
should also ask that their enter tain-
ment allowances be withdrawn :ann.eewarT
Tis T would 1give them a moral aura whh -
they have largel- loet.
cnMAI AMOn =14-MItSD froa TraOR
"PAIY: ".e hold no brief for .oO.P.
Armour, who a" ofte,- attacked the STA?
(ana, personally., its Edi.tor )vi-ndietive-
2 Bu. Bt his o axlsion fo'-.we a lom .
ie of s6imlar- t tor-outs of peoso
ce:ainly nobler than the -resent D? '
set-up; it is -rt of their fear e
% iverrence of view r m

To the people of Dominica generally, ad
o Mr. Keith Alleyne family an i triends:-
.. I offer my sincere sympathy io the barber*
ous slaying and Sad Death of one ot Domi
nica's brilliant and loyal Sons: it is most
(May He Resr in Peace)
Mike Bell
Mie's Place
St. Peter Barbdo '

Lot of land at. Sekime
In area 4730,( .
Vacant ready for erec" bd d1 g
Apply to
M.E. Charles
P.O.B 121,
8 Old Street,
Roseau, DominicL 4t-t2


60' x 40' x IS' HIGH TO EAVES



SELLING PRICE: $25,000.0e
Apply to:



Offers are invited for the M oat
one seven ton Bedford tradt ^.egit riE
-No. 979, which may be 'acted by Sar-
rangement with the Opsa 6 ger
Dominica Banana Groweb, 1siv 13
Hanover Street, Roseau.
Offers in writing mmst. b i eaied
envelopes marked "Ten ft Th ck"
and addressed to. the Gems= .M er
Dominica Banana Growr,. Assoc~ior
Roseau, to reach him not latr dia I21
August 1974.
The Association .does mt bind itsei
to accept the highest or a offim.
nd August 197


42 2


VX Wbite
I. 111sa sas


T-T-r ~ mma 1- 0 0" 1 |f|~~liliiiii...ii.ll~lo~t W

.. ". "** ,..;.,. . .,i Mi.iifii111111m ,ii,,111iiiii ,,, ,ni. fi~| g i ^

SFiridinA at~ 19in



THE STAR ,aJe Se ve n'

STATE OF DO-i-, :.'A
EScheduleof Appleaion for Cartifiae of Tid* & Notingstherea
9 Caveiits for wesik enadtl u7tiy av 1974

e' eq4en Person Presenting Nature of request whi
I I a Certificateof Title'
_o .tng thereon or Cav

Request dated
the ,5th .Asray
or December
Presented the
25th day of
:uiv i 4 atp
2 45pm.

Patrick Xavier
by his Solicitor
Randall H
1 ockhart

Request for the isue
,f a First Certificate
4f Title in respect of
ThAt piece or parcel
of land situate at
EFr Bas FontaineiMor
po min the Parish of
St. Pat-ick containing
A.93" acres and

S. bounded as follow
O nI ~~nyrt a'in Rosaiie John and Patrick Xavier:
On *,a.ty...n o Oscir Xaer On the South by
4nd ofiira Ale'x ,ndr nee .Xaver, and On the West
by -lan4i 6 Gl>y Thomas. :


W- ,. __1_ ____I__________ 1-_____

-Request dated.
the- 18th .:day,
of October
Pr-eiaented the.
25th day of
July 1974 at,
'2.55 p.m.' . :

Oscar XaUrier
ISy his Solicitor
Randall H.

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in. respect of
That piece or parcel
of land situate at
Ravine Paul (Morpo)
in the Parish of St.
Patrick containing
2.66 acres and boun
dod as follows:-

On the North by land of I ra Thomas; On the South by
Jeanty Jarvis and Romain Casimir; On the East by Gsee*-
va Estate; and On the West by Patrick Xavier.'

Request dated
the -5tbh day
of December
1972. -
Presented the'
25th day of
Jily 1974 at
2.30. p.m.

Patrick Xav
by his Solici
. Randall

71r Request for the issue
ti of a First Certificate
H of Title in respect of
t a lot of land'- at'
t Ravine Paul (Morpo)"
in the Parish of. St.
Patrick containing
2.64;acre. and boon
dead asfoUaws:-

Oft the North by fan4 of tra Thobrna; On the East by
land df Oscar, Xrvter On the Souvii by ltnd of-Bennett
John Roseaw and Gnii Jarvts; and On the West by iand
of Emitli DouglaI nee Xayver and Mili Alexander see

Registrar s i0mce.


A shipment of the Reliable and Famous


The Batteries that Serve Your Car and
Trudai Bei :::


Call at :- '- <::'.

Do you have any problems r:e(gad.rA romce,"
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bingo, lottery, pools, or ny other type.of prob
lem, car be solved! .
Details FREE .
24 Deshimesh Pura', -
N. Delhi 5 india- .


Registrar of Title.s

NOTE Any person who desires to object to the issuing of H
Certificate of title on the above apphcatiorsmay enter a Cave4
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the Fir#!
appearance ofi his schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed i
law was last served. on any owner or occupier of adjomintn
"land in r spect of which the application is made.

AoveA7sI' wo THE S^TA
erPS rs fi Ecoom*4 Aloviy/!

For TheEffetive Treatment-
CONSTIPATION which aggravates
Inteml r -Emal Piles, w :-
Dendn Koko Adu"e

Obtain"le from-


on 5&h Sepember at pa m.. '
2d Prime .O PrIC o0 Catf pe ,-ickatZ



m l ii IIJ .. . .

Pace Seven


r"T 11 -V .riday. August 9. 1974
-S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S Morchri-sto4 PREMITpER JOHN... (from p 2)
POOTBALL: SPURS SURPRISE QELTICS '.. The Premier, to the great disqa.pi-
In another" surprise match, .which ment of many, and maybe to no surtlvbe
left football fans -stunned, Spu"rs-Q of many more, semed to be haunted by
Newtown (Harlem), whipped Celtios U, S the debasing principle of "party polJ-
3-2 on Sunday in the most exciting tics and power before the people"
match to date this season. The that has plagued the Dominica Labour
match, which was uncertain of taking Party. By not yet uttering oDg word
place because of the amount of rain of condemnation of the Speaker of the
which fell that morning and prsisate, House.after a brilliant and shocking
slightly throughout the afternoon, expos' by the 3rd Nominated Member of
did not promise much in the way of the House, Miss Mary Eugenia Charles,
excitement and followers of the game of the mnisconduct of the Speaker, in
Wi.ld agree that Celtics U. would u support'of a motion of censure, Mr.
walk away with the match. The match John affirmed his faith in the un-
started easily enough as most matched enlightened tradition of his Party,
do, but to the joy of Spurs' fans, This was a particularly glaring
they netted first and led one-nil at exhibition of lack of courage by Mr.
the interval. Soon on resumption John, since he was repeatedly urged
they netted again,both times from by his, Labour Party colleague and
Doxtffraid, younger brother of Harlem former Deputy Premier (Mr.Ronald
Rovers' Wilfred Dontfraid, and the Armour) to offer leadership to the
match looked .easily their own or so House and country on the important
spectators thought. 25 minutes before,' q~eatibn.that the Speaker should not
the end,. .Adelic.k Shillingford got preside over his own condemnation.
log shqt well into the nets over thee Furthermore, when Mr.Armour asked fr .
goalkeepe9rs head. With five minut.. a division on the vote, the Premier
to go, Morris Isles, the skipper of; hurriedly called for an adjournm nt
COlties, left 4dfence to take one o of the proceedings intil August 1st.
the several oorher kicks he took in' The numerous citizens who attendq4
the match and Henry John Baptiste, the House meeting heard a meticulous
former captain, also left defence cataloguing of overwhelming evidence
and-off that particular corner kick against the Speaker, ranging front t
'scored a beautiful header and the gross and persistent partiality, un-
core 2-2.0' Silence from the Spurs' dertaking Government contracts at im-
fans and wild jubilation for CelticsG pressive remunerations (including
players and supporters~ -With two tax-free concessions), active cam- -
minutes to go, youngMichael Desare paigning for the ruling Party,' to.
shored a beauty -which looped right.. editorship of ,the ruling Party propa-
oVer players from both. teams and"- ganda organ the Educator -It is spe-
lodged.-in:the nets. -Jump-up for, culated that .the hiatus before the
Spurs-, and- supporters.... August sitting will' rovidethe Labouir
On Satu da y, Jeffrey Lawrence Party Executive with a convenint o.p-.
scoredvin the( second half for Spartans dismiss M. Armo-r- from
to give them victory over' Gutter the Labour Party., Most Dominicans ~A1
Crown ). -hop64 'however, that the Prpmier will
F-urteen youth players captained, .reflect'more seriously on the ethics-'-
by Cec .& E lwit. will. leave: Dominica of the matter, 'and decide on, the manly
for Montasr'ara on Saturday, where (though .not necessarily political:
they will'.meet 'te home team in the expedient) approach of foiini. the
Cable &.Wireless Youth S'eries. --.Mange Opposition and-.a Labour-Party faction.
Julius Timothy andQoach, .Vivian R eQa. in" supporting the motion of b ensure
, TF. N -IS. fmi~onica Wina Tabie.,, of the Speaker. #(Armour Expelled~6).
enni. C o hi, neD/i2 TabZae enni quacomprising of P.qharles
~capt) a~ V"Williar & Tjonson won t.e Team Chaampionship-trcq
c heatw .... e ,-.we-e reaentlg held in. St-neent.
in the WCA I n g 5whiaat,5,i DO e ini..

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