Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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W -V 1 ..... *rtut1 P3 ow te ortun-- _... ",,, ', ;,'_ '_
Vo "or "Editor PHYLLES SHAND ALLFREY Friday, Angat 2, 1974

Uf.SE OF POW ER -t,< oriat by Rupen Sorhalndo
The president .r the Uaited States is CRISIS IN OUR SCHOOLS
about to face lmpeachMent on thre county Every critical and involved observer knows
obstrueting justice, abuse of power a that our education system is loaded, with shm'
rejecting Congressional demuuads for tape comings. Inr the short sae at my dipo I
recordings (Watergate). Several Wes lt will expose one of the problems. It was aggra.
4bians leadoff poor. ae Premie r a nd a re ird) vated with the publication of the 1974 Com-
1beasted that he had more power than the moo Entrance Exam Results, 543 Pupils p2Wd
U.S presided Urnth e rhoe pwier riA i (iSz boys and 361 girls). An extra r36 candi-
.S. President. Uder the Cabinet prince i dates got supplementary passes.
pie of colletie responsibility, eery It seems hat the imphcationa of the un~
bine t Minster is a party to any rch usually large number of passes have not been
abuse*. Awong instances of abuse of per- cplored by our education authorities. Obvi-
or it Dminica e consider, are ousy the existing Secondary Schools (withex.
.Imposing .m v to of Eio regency which were listing facilities) cannot accommodate all suc-
iwonrrantS ; bhous arrest of Trade Un- cessful candidates. Is anyone in the Ministry
ios (CSA) iMr.iberi Vibo iore Civil Sery- of Education aware of this? Apparendty not.
ants; and .hrst the 'Sedtious Act'...
Whieh* ~ve tIirtli to the Frbedom Party. continuedon NEARING
.&ao, cuttii down the democratic
rights of toiftRosnan 'Torn Coancii- -- CAMP GRADUATES GE. CERTIFICATES inS
dthe Rosteea electorate, uandu the reported by Rupert Sorhaindo
eontinutit nim of ia large Parl ianen- Lon4ond4erry Regional Youtht Camp graduates ra. CEN UR
tax' majority i to push through laIws alvet cer icaonst t heartwarming and smray.t
a sd mea5Urci vi thout proper debate Camp Drector Major Eart n gave s cic
!?r due refr'tinnce to publ ic op inion. report ol, progress made at *Camr Londonaerrv. and ex-
!fid the Preti.ier af tod.iy ever ob- 'pressed grave concern at the withdrawal of support by :'
jwt t h tee abu.sesin Ctbinet or other A lAted States a sad commentary on Carib-
Sbean In egraton. He acknowledged the vital aid o
in, poublic -.".- the U.N.: thrpugn UNWCEF wiich made $86.000 US
1"T -THE MINISTRY worth of foo avaitabe to the Campers,and thanked the .
1AT T" *E .TRY ,,. British qpvrnment for maintenance grant of 100,000
t continued on Pagqe

say '-

e .eth ings
LINDON The..British
----- -.... t--- ro casting Corp. issued its
on how to pronounce.
pronunciation unit
I "Which faction of the Party do you suit," :4 pn it altows uloca
.Neither. oceted -ee" in decidiWd.
A DECLARATION ",to complaints by.
I, Pat Stevens, Membe for for North s 4 viewers that the
Eastern District, declare that I am in no' 0 -5 ,Wt, WI A t ,M, B C,,icafr om Dorr K ,ear
Way connected with the Armour politi- of sveec mut surely be OI of the most 'seo
.Caribbean citizens to have visited the UK%
cal faction or any other existing political de sho iu. bh suppiid tHeis seen her the We.t India Comrinre'
tO g newsr atdr" some of AGM talking to Lord Campbell of sk'.
Party in the State of Dominica. th are VERY siipo. oES CHfO
.. I III .. .. iir i i ^ ii .... ,. 'FF;T i:NUIES Cbh Oiliah!LE ,1;NE 1S74

by --.-' Lobla k Schoo land Sch o ,
Inasmuch as I am not a lawyer or. keen education-
law practitioner, please give me the local press recenA
space in your paper to'ask whether has happened to school'
the law.of- Dominica provides that are a. very necessary part o school
Dominicans *must not have choice, activity. It -is illogical to ask
even on things that deeply affect about school gardens without fkirt
their lives? Because I see that .asking about the schools,- for surely,
Mr.Leblanc seems to away the part cannot be greater than the
from being the Head of Govt. and Whole:
then he tells us 'I give you Mr. It is good to find'one or two per-
Patrick John, whom you must aCcepj' sons now and again who- raise import-
(in effect). ant educational issues like delin-
I -would like to know whether'that quency and school gardens. Even after
accords with the law of Dominica. I I was kicked out of LeBlanc's Govern-
thought that when Leblanc. ran away, ment (and before), as Minister of
the Governor would call in the mem- Iducation and Health I got together
bers of Cabinet and find out which a conference :of all Primary Head Tea-
one would be appropriate to be the chers. andthe Agricultura /Education
Head of the Government, because up Divisions to promote school gardens
to now I do not know for how long as an important aspect ef our schools.
Mr.Leblanc made Mr.Patrick John Head Both Premier LeBlacn and Minister
of Govt.- It is also in question of Agriculture Ducreay attended and
that tommorow Mr.Patrick John could addressed the large audieAce in the.
get fed.up and might give us Mr.Join Goodwill School.
Reyer as Head of Govt, Would that' The then Chief Agricultural Offi-
have to be accepted also? I cer MrJ.BYankey subsequently selec-
Now Madam, inasmuch as we all ted school aroas. suitable"for agri-
-know that Government is virtually culture-, and I told myself that a
bankrupt, where will Mr.Patrick Johba good scheme to revive school gardens
get the money to give Mr.Leblanc, was set on foot
6'4,000 as gratuity and a pension of f I. mention thia not to pat myself
some $800 monthly? (And when Mr. on the back but'to reprove the rabid
Leblanc dies this pension goes to Shoe. Party diehards who say I was
his wifeL) there and did nothing.
Does that mean too that Eon.P. At secondarylevel.the..ite ada-
John will have to sell the two cranes pent to the University Centre was
on the.Jetty to get the money to procureda.nd subsequently on the
fulfill Mr.Leblanc's demands? And orne-Kings Hill area for agriculture
then if there is no crane to-' and for th-e Dominica Grammar School.
cargo, it will be a question of' Purthermore, I secu ed approval for
WHInAT? WHAT? onlsion,,I adit tht a ehicle .to facilitate agriculture
In conclusion,,I admit that I am pn the'latter site. Whathas become
no lawyer, but suggest the best of these efforts? (se pase 7)
thing Mr.Patrick John must do-for
peace sake is' to call a General ORRECT IOi & OMISSIO4:- There were
Election as early as possible and mistakes in page 8 of last"week. It
let the people choose whom they want' was mi.'snumbered 10; and a line in
to be the Head of their new Govern-' LOOK HOMEWARD, ANGEL should have red
ment. And what about no by-election': Sp the conjunction of brains & good
in Leblanc' s ex-constituency? We are looks has cb&rsed its way back..."'
not -children' The time has come for NSte.ena signature was given as.WSS
all Dominicans to stand,'on their bet. instead of WS.S.S. Sorry. Lack of ed$-
and demand what British law, provides, tbri4. proofresading. Moreover, the
f t' "Beaut uen"as
we are still her Majesty'subjcts nme"of the Ba "Beauty Queen" was
not Leblanc's- subjects." British. law s'. giv -we ve had os of enqui-
. ..... -ies. e is Miss Mary ho nson of,
provides that the .Had of Govt.-must .rbadosSec.of the Year Barbados).'
Aot be above. the law. King Jh ',' Aid dcrmand*of'the people' of Engld:
signed the Magna Charter That' was "- it must apply to Dominica too, een-La:W1


Page Two

ri ay U .. .... ... 1.74 .... -. .. ....P .ge Th

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Sunshine passes, shadows fall
Love's remembrance outlasts all
Ever to be remembered r
by daughter Beulati Tavernier.
II I I I i I.. .


Page Three


12 R F i r --- --- -_

by Anne -Joolfson
Ever since-we left Dominica,
"-which had become our second home,.
I had been dreaming and planning.
for the day when we would return*
It came and once more is gone. TiMe
which is so strange, seems to
play tricks; with one, but this s4Lf-
sane element has not done too much.
to Dominica in those seven years .
True, there are imposing houses
Canefield, a large Government build-
ing, a few new shops and. apartmeAts
in Roseau, and each village is, i
boasting of a new police station,-
but with minor exception, the people,
the heart of Dominica, are as :i
friendly and hospitable as they ever
were. My husband was remembered :
with affection by his, old patients'
in all the places where he attended.
-clini6c It is gratifying to be
greeted by so many after so long .
Our stay was memorable and maLe
even more so by the kindness of .:
Deborah and Roderick Fortune at *vypse
home we stayed; a home which became
ours while- we were 'with them. They,
as C"couple," personified all our
friend in Dominica,.
There were a few' bad things w4pch
occurred which troubled me and none
more awful: than the death of Keith
Alleyie, whose name was given to Us
before we left the U.K. in 1964
the man to know and respect in
Dominica and indeed, he was amongst
th( first whom we did meet and wh6o
befriended us. Pate has so many '
strange quirks for as in 1964 he
Was the first person, we me.t and
talked to,: in 1974 We landed at Mel-
ville Hall the very time of his
Space in the STAR I know is limi-
ted,' so to conclude nmy one hope is-
that the Emerald: Isle of the _Cariby
bean will -grow as green and lush a4,
before, that the troubles that beset
her now, will' disappear, just-ice w,1i
be done and the. fear that surmount
-her people will go and once more sihe
will prosper and flourish,' and we '
hope that the next seven years will ~
be bnefs of"development. Thank youi;
all our friends in Dominica, for a!
most wonderful holiday.
(Written in Antigua en route to U.K.).

Fiction MA ITi nU uynL1"Aa ,bu
It-was a weekend of whispers, con-
jectures, raking past incidents.
Everyone had something to say, bad
or good.
The Premier had resigned!
Conjectures flew far and wide and
at Ma Titine's Baby was giving her
own version.
"Way papa, lookit! According to de
loudspeaker, now de ship sinkin is
now de captain leaving it...zafaire
doh if de passaingar an dem drowns
De onlee lifeboat de ship have, de
captain take it an skeedo&' An he
leave all de budden foh he second.
Poh man! he have a bellifull in front
Ma Titine snapped the suitcase
"When things hot is then I leaving;
anyway, if God spare life, I'll come
,back for the elections, if as they
presume, it may be in October."
'"Dis electionn goin a
fight dat will have garconi" Baby said
"So all'the Unions join:...and
they will seMnd up their candidate."
"Umhni.p. Baby stared into sp8'e
for a while, then, "Dat treeck deeden
surprise me...I know he .would resign.
But who he foolin nunh wen he W Okkin
bout his-money he have ax wat not)..
who he trying to fool..,even de bigger
dotish dat have, can s: dat's fonny.
Wat bout all de mbney .j2L "bank in
America or Swizzerlan? De house he
beeld foh heself... '
S...pahaps is .Gva.ment give
to heem f6h'present...hey, hey, hey,
wat a joke. :..-
Ma Titine went to the window..
"The island-is1 a mess."
Baby said-emphatically. "Wat I wan
to know is wat bout de $64,000 gra-
too0ty an de how-moch honored monthly
foh penshun dat Ile de ax foh? How
he go0n get -dat eef de contree doan
have money even, to pay dier wukkars."
She frovaned thoughtfully. "Pahaps
he...pahaps..." she looked knowingly
at Ma Ti-tine.
Ma Titine shrugged her shoulders.
"Who knows? erhapa..."
".An he onlee domp Patreek John on
us widdout no ceremonee...Ad de
Guvarnar self have no--say-,
S(cooiald.Dp.g^ -

Priday, agones a 1974


RTDAY.AlSl. A.'2(4. T_ n B,- P. :aL U J--

The Churchill year celebration
bells are already ringing: the Duke
of Marlborough has opened an exhi-
bition of Churchill's trophies. ,It
was opened by Mary, (Churchill't ~
daughter) Lady Soames. Richard
Burton rolled out the great wartime
speeches of Sir Winston's so well.
A lump-in-throat experience.
Jack le Vien is preparing with
the BBG a major Churchill film to
go out to the world on November 30O
the 100th anniversary of Churchill5
birth. It is concerned with the
years leading uto tbewar and will
be called in words used by
Churchill -A Walk With Destiny.
Richard Burton plays Churchill.
Le Vien had the bold idea of asking
Sarah Churchill, who was after all ;
a fair actress, to play the then
Mrs. Churchill. Sarah thought aboqt
it for some time and finally decide
it was 'a bit incestuous' Other
parts are as yet unallocated.
'The Dominica Civil Service Asso-1
ciation has called on the Minister'
of" Finance to indicate an early
date for the payment of revised sa
laries and full retroactive pay to
Dominica Public Servants. This re-
quest is contained in a letter to
the Premier and Minister of Financq
Mr.Patrick John, dated 23rd July,
1974, and signed by Charles Savari%
General Secretary of the C.S.A.
The C.SoA.request stems, the
letter says, from the impatience 6o
individual civil servants prompted'
by the continued rise in the high
cost of living which "has soared tq
a point where all public officers
without exception are finding them-o
selves out of pocket." The 0.S A.
letter reminded the Minister of
this communication. The spokesman
added that he was hopeful that a
positive reaction would be forth-
coming shortly because he felt con-,
fident that the Minister of Financq,
was not insensitive at this time td.
the awkward situation posed by a
discontented public service. Our
members are aware, the spokesman
added, that Government has. made.
statements which are on public re-
cord, (concluded page 8).

'by J.R.Ralph Casimir
Adiieu, Capitaine:
Beware HNow, exit the 'Head of State'
Failing to scuttle the 'Ship of State
He's a reckless, poor skipper
Who can't manage the rudder.
There's, been a lot of buffoonery,
How fares Dominique's economy?
Say, how stands your coffer?
'Tis weaker or tougher?
Don't care a damn AT the limping ship
Hence no account of your stewardship.
Forgo and akip
The "Pension Slip"
And make reparations
For untold afflictions. --
Adieu, Capitaine:
Earlier in the year at Bahamasair
HQ. in Nassau, some young ladies
were laid off by the' airline; they
were told to come back and bring their
uniforms at which time they would'be
paid off. '
SOne of the ladies insisted that.
ohe was not leaving the airport with-
out her money. She was told that no,
phe would get it when she returned
with the uniform.
So she took off her uniform, depo-"
sited it on the desk, once again de-
manded her money and after being paid
left the terminal in her two pieces
of underwear shouting out appropriate
epithets at the airline...and others
QUOTE OF. THE WEEK "The higher a
monkey climbs the more he exposes
(Bahamas Proverb)

MA TITINE (fr.n.4)...I wonder ifoddar
Mineestar goin resign tool An *Labur,
dembruddars an some frens goin to
make a naoder pahty..,so I heah papa...
Enbenh, look trouble in peet dia
"Well, Freedom won plenty votes in
1970 they have a good chance..."
"Yes," Baby said shrewdly, "but
onlee eef dey fan up de same speerit
dey deed start wid ovar de seedishus
ack an de beeg battle dey fight on 16
December, an how deyedampion C.S.A...
Eef dey doan keep togeddar as befoh,t
enbenh --"

t<-> fro. TM TTo

ct m A 1

m TT

Page Six ~~~~THE, STAR.Fia.Agj~ .17

Sclhedi of AppfiltCata for CwtrCa of Title & Noings there
i CavOW f(r WWt eda m7h zAy o# jiy 1V74

rB Presenting


Regqsat date l Wilci a eq
the 12th day Charles of a
of July 1974. by her Solicitor of Ti
Preisentied Chlma A.M. a pa
the 24th day Dupig.y at FS
of .Jly 1974 rigot,
at 11.45 a.m. .St.
-- State
On the North.Eaat by land of Alexit Linton
On the North-Wes by a Pubfik Roid
On he South.Est by i Bd of King Nelson
On the SeAth Wot by lad of King Netbse.


Request dated
the 8lth day
of October
Presented the
25th day of
'July t974 at
2.55 p.m.

Ocar Xaviwr
by his Solicitor

Nature of request w
or a Certificate of Title *I
NoIng thteron or Cavest

est fte diee
First Certificate
ine i respect of
wrti6a of land
ma Gutter, Ma
in the Parish of
ladrew in thq
of Dominca
iliag 3W00
feettad bo04p

Request for the istue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
That piece or parcel
of land situate at
Ravine Paul (Morpot
in the Parish of St.
Patrick cefitaining
2.66 acres and boun:
did as follow-:.

Q* Otte NN th by bland of Ira Thomast; Oft the Souith by
jesuty jarvis and4 Romain Casitmir; On the East hy Gas.
va Estate; and On the West by Patrick Xavier.

Request dated
the 15^- day-
of December
Presented the
25th day of
July 1974 at
"2.30 p.m.


Patrick Xavier
by his SolicitoM
Randall H

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of TItis in respect of
a lot of land at
Ravine Paul (Morpo#,
in the Parish of St.
Patrick containing
2.66 acres and boun
ded as follows:-

On the North by land of ira Thomas, On the East by
a of Osar Xaviwwer; On the South 6y land of B mtw t
"John Ros and GenC i Jarvfigt and On the West by land
of Emilla Douglas nee Xavier and Milia Alexander nee

Request dated
the 15th day
of Decicmber
Pr#.sented the
25th day of
July 19/4 at
2.45 p.m.

Patrick Xavier Request for the issue
by his Solicitor of a First Certificate
Randall H. of Title in respect of
Sockhart That piece or parcel
of land situate at
En Baa FontainieMor
po in the Parish of
St. Patrick containing
0.9 3" acres and
bounded as "ollows:-

On the North by 1fA1 of Rosale John and Pntrick Xavier;
, On the East by land oi Oscar Xavier: On the South by
land of Miha Alex-nade new Xavier. and On the West
by land of Glory Thomas.

Sftequet dated
2 5 74
24 7 74
I at 12.30 nm

ii ~ i ... ..

S Fontaine
4by her Solicitor
M. Eugessia
Char s

, No.rth.Wet: Lmd of O0de PacqWeste and iria Rapa
North.Eaw: A .avise Separating from land of JosaphUin
FotaWne South: A Ravine separating it from lands of
Octavs Fetatne & Tos Laviatre
,acease #o& l2-&h daby of Jy 1974
Request dated Robert An. Application of Robert
.22 5 74 thony Piper Ahnthony Piper for
Presented by his Solicitor 'the issue of a firat
19 7 74 M. Eugenia certificate of title :n
at 11.45 a.m. Charles aspect of a portion of
-is lend known as a Lot
at Fond Cole in the
Parish ofSt. Georgte,
containing '83.675
acres and bounded e
East: Lanw of The Heirs of Emma Grell & A Ravine
separatIng it from Lolot Estses; South: A Ravt n
separating it from Lolot Est.; West: Ltead c Cenj-
"tra Hous nl & Plannitg Authority: North Lands
of W.E.V. Green, F.O.C. Harris and The Heirs' of
Emmt Grail.

egtrar ar EPHRAIM F. GEORGE-
Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issui.g f a
Certificate of title on the above piphcatorammay enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from !:he date of the First
appearance of this schedule lt the STAR Newspaper published
in this Satue or from the date wheri the notice prescribed by
$aw was last served on any owner or occupier of adjomint
tand in respect of which thlw apphai=h t made.


UWI, St. Augustine invites applications
for the following posts:

i. Lecturer in School of Education;

2. Lecturer/Asst. Lecturer in Crop Pro-
duction Department Crop Science;

3. Executive Director of the Carib. Agri-
cultural Research and .Development

Further details at
during office hours.

Universiy Centre

-r R"s'dJct T-toir



Application of Lydia
Fontaino as perwsaal
representatives o f
Emanuel Fdntaine do
Sceased for the iassuo
of a first certificate
of title in respect of a
orona of laTnds
Known a& Lotat Ba
gatell in the Paris h
of St. Patrick, contain
ing O.S25 acre andi
bou as follows:-


I **I I - .iiniiiilir ili i i I iim.i ii i-u.l li---1-- *V- I

_B '"T"--"-n^Mui


P5a :Six


Friday,. August 2, 1974

Friday .. August, 2. .1974 .T H S TAR . Page. Seven"
by Rupert Sorhaindo (fr Mr.W.S.Stevens wishes to state that
Has there been any official Minis- he is. NOT a member 'of any political
try of Education' investigation into party and that he has NO intention of
the space situation. Space is a running in the next General Election.
chronic problem,. But why has not CAN)ID COMMENTS (fr.=.2) Rushing the
something positive been done to. alle- school programme for teachers to have
viate it? It must be heartrending all education work done by each
for any School Principal to "shut the schoolday is neither good for scholars
school door' in the face of any nor school gardens. Tired, brains and
youngster who has .passed the Common hungry bellies' by, according to
Entrance Examination, when those in sound psychologists, are not conducive
high offices. keep reminding principals to sound education. Nor does: this half-
of the rights of every child to get a day school help discipline Most .pa-
decent education! "Try next year" ents work, and parents in rural dis-
"maybe he/she will do better next tricts have little parental control
year" -it just is not fair to pupi over pupils...the half-day school in-
or parents. No space; In a develops dicates that schools are instituted
ing country which knows the urgent for the teachers instead of being in-
need for development of its manpower stituted for the PUPILS.
resources,. it is'nothing short of That is. my firm view,. W.S.S
criminal to ignore the most basic as-I
pect of educational planning' QtAMP GRADUATES (fr.D.l), Accent, .said
What appears even more criminal iq Major Johnson, is. now being placed on
'that there IS space for four addition practical training rather than theory.
al. classrooms at the Dominica Grammai One great disappointment was that the
Schbol which' may go unused during thq Camp Graduates have, not been given
1974-75 academic year. w the job opportunities to permit use _
The D.G.S. Technical wing has beep of their newly-learned skills for our
remodelled to serve as classrooms inwv developing community. He was particu-
Sstead of workshops. The problem seem larly critical of the policy of the
to be lack of furniture: I learn re- Land Management Authority; and made a
liably that furniture was ordered fr1m plea for public support of the camp.
from the U*KK., but there is no word' Mrs. Rita Riviere, in a feature
as to when it will arrive in Dominio., address, stressed the need for women
This raises another -serious question, I to take their rightful place iu the
With all thQ talk about Agriculturall State s deve. lopmet, and for grad-ae-
Year., Technical -College, local expert. uates to "keep on learning", and think
tise, buY local, local wood and so co, for themselves, so that they would
why do we still find it necessary to not be manipulated .bothers. Students
import chairs and desks from EnglandI? shouldd view thea1 'Vstruments for
Dominicans are crying for jobs, and change in the society, and among
Dominican children are sent on- to the other remarks warned against drug
streets, because we must wait for : abuse.
desks and chairs from abroad. HOW Mini-ster for Home Affairs,, Mr.John
NONSENSICAL! Royer drew loud applause from' the
I would like to suggest to the amused audience With his "'off the
'parents of the students affected by cuff" rambling address in which he
the"lack of space" crisis:, that they made no mention of Government's corn-
get together and compile a list of mitment to the Camp, or new approach-
unemployed joiners arid other woodwork es towards solving its (concld.s8)L
specialists who would be-quite happy CRISIS ..T .col.1)..Incidentally,
to earn a few dollars during the harI the Technical College haa some of
month of August; this list to be the moat modern and expensive woodwork
handed to the Chief Education Office.r, equipment. tWhy can't the woodwork stu-
An alternative approach would be for' dents at this College be asked to
every such parent to donate one chair make urgently needed school furniture
and one d esk to. the school bere the in their spare time? R.S.
school year. (next column).

Page Eight THE STA Priday. Ju& RO 194
..... li!-+^ A. STATEMENT S*T*AAR *SP*O*R*T*S Morchristqn i
FOOTBS: HARLEM FALLS TO HALCYONV ends to give its workers a salary in-
In one of the biggest upset mat_ grease. What the public servant ,ia
ches to date, Halcyon of Goodwill clamouring for at tis time' Is.the
won convincingly, against Harlem Ro- Prompt implementation of the Joint
vers, who played without Herminus recommendation. They waited for a
Emmanuel (star forward). That deAb Qivil service salaries revision from
became Harlem Rovers' third in the May 1973 when the C.S.A. first proposed
5th season. Both former defeats wer lt, to February 1974 when it began.
against Spartans who won 1-nil in They waited another four months for
1971 and 4-2 in 1972. So that vic- the talks to end. Now they are wait-
tory for Halcyon, who have given all ng again, How long, added the C.S.A.
the teams difficulty in the team to spokesman, will Public Servants wait
date, must be very encouraging and will depend on the good faith of the
gratifying and may well have opened minister of Finance and the patience
a gate for other teams. Saints came pf our members who may yet have to ae-
close to beating Rovers in 1970,but lide how far they will go in order to
the match was abandoned in the dying et what is due to them.
stages with Saints leading 2-1. i We have not at this stage dismissed
Halcyon scored first through Mi- the possibility of stronger action,
chael Freeman, who put a beautiful concluded the C.S.A. spokesman, but
right footer.past the Rovers' stal- first we are calling on Government to
wart diving reaches and that was thefulfill immediately its promises to
intervalANobody worried about the itsa public servants or else make a
Harlem Rovers' chances. It was just .lean, clear statement about its
a matter of time before the equali- position. D.CAUDEIRON, (President)
ser came and then the winning goal',
which would give Rovers a comfort- ISIS...( ) Mr. Rawle Leslie. got
able 2-1 win. Midway in the 2nd h covete uet of the Year Awad.
-half, the equaliser did come from e well-organized Londonderry Steel
off the head of tall Oliver Grell, Harmonettes displayed their skill dur-
frof the 4th consecutive corner ing the interludes. Major Johnson
kick taken taken on the sme north-west- inted soberly, however, at the possi-
-ern side by Iian Peter. However, ability of the dispersal of this fine
one minute later a penalty was -teelband after graduation.
awarded to Halcyon and Albert Robin The function was chaired by the Perm.
playing his 3rd match made it loo ea. (Min. of Home Affairs); vote of
easy. 2-1 to Halcyon. A few minutes thanks was given by Mr, Rawle Leslie.
later, gPatrick Pemberton, always on WSBRIEFS: Guyana Govt. abused power
playing hard, gave a cross right on ag
to the head of Robin who made it oy arresting ex-Premier Cheddi Jagan
3-1 for Halcyon at the final whistle for possessing 13 bull es and part of
and his 6th goal in 3 matches. gun, shutting his wife & staff in-
In other matches Kensborough -doors and searching his papers. Case
United defeated Saints 2-1. Scorers proceeding. lan Smith's Rhodesian
were; E.Christopher and R.Murphy fo'r Klont Pary stunned the world by a
Kensborough and M.Philbert for San runaway victory (all 50 seats)in his
Harlem Rovers, defeated. Spurs 5-1. hite Unity" campaign. Bad outlook.
Colbert Shillingford scored 4 times WO HOLIDAYS: August 1 will be the
for Harlem and W.Dontfraid once and vsual Bank holiday, dedicated to CARI-
R.Winston, a penalty for Spurs. QOM rather than emancipation' Aug.18
Potters United lost 0-2 to Celtics will be a national day of prayer here.
United yesterday. Goals scorer for mAUT begins a JEHOVAH WITNESSES Ass-
Celtics United was Dana Hurtault. bl .h dramas, an Thura.An:. At.h
CRICKET The 1st test match between theRSPORT : after rain washedT play on
England & Pakistan ended in a draw 85 i .d9 England 183 and 238/A

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