Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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3 !NI C A

,a 4 5 L^ B L A N C .. a A45,-. 4. W s^ L

resigned as Premier and Member -for
ywh gs Daie he reg like t
wthu;-, givingan account Of his sate
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exrtAt Gea Xalslztfiost, fr4s P,
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for f Bea Idays Baik ntehataoaa L --
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for Barclays.

4 ana although he has et as wi h
terrible harteam, see caTo no upat,

Meeatiag at Lsgoon tonight, Friday,
830 pML

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- Office Style Pomble -
Perf=ect- Copdtion, Recently
Over huled.
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page Two THE 'STA R Pridavy, July 26, 1974 .
AN I J U S T I CE by Fellow Musican
Please permit me space in valuable paper to make an observation
which is of great relevance to v oesent predicament in Dominica regard-
ing manpower resource utilization-.
The results of the Music ExaminaY'tons. recently held in Dominica remind
me of an injustice that might well have been done to undoubtedly the most
qualified Music Teacher in the Statep
Long before the Teachers' Trang College was opened, Mrs. Leng
Sorhaindo (LRAM, ARCM) was 'encoura|. (by many who were impressed with her
talent and competence) to apply forl., .teaching position at that institution.
She applied, but her application was sot favourably considered. In his re-
ply, an official of the Ministry of E-ucation & Health stated that the posi-
tion was reserved for one of'bur people." In fact, that :person turned out
to be a teacher who had no extensiVp training in Music, and who had in fact
just completed a short course in "rIpfat Methods" in the U.K.
Many Dominicans still remember Ts:. Sorhaindo as the former VSO who work-
ed with the Ministry of Education h~re in laying the foundation for the
entrenchment of music in our school In fact she deserves as much if not
more credit than Mr. ChristItan, fori the status of music education in the
State. The many complimentary offpial letters in her possession attest to
the satisfaction of the authoritiesP with her efforts and achievements. Iron-
ically, just prior to receiving news of the rejection of her application,
:-Mrs. Sorhaindo had received a, letter from the Ministry of Education official
recognizing her- merits, and ,expressing the hope that her talents could be
put to the service of the, State's teachers and pupils.
I should hasten to add, that i spite of the insult of an unreasonable
rejection, Mrs. Sorhaindo has cont. pd to assist those teachers and pup la
who have approached her. In addit i$ she conducted Recorder classes for'
Wesley Hfigh School, students, after' school hours ona voluntary basis.i 1aurth-
er, she has: devoted time to the Hqri ee Group for regular recorder lessons.
She attempted to start a Glee Club, t the St.Mary's Academy, but lack of"
student enthusiasm discouraged coAt aued effort in that venture.
In view of the impeccable qualifications for the job of Music Teacher
at the Teachers' Training College (with degrees in both Performance and
Teaching from the Royal Academy of Fupic and the Royal College of Music of
London) and the Ministry of Education's, own recognition of her talents, it
would appear that her rejection wap discriminatory.
It is likely that she was disqualified on the basis of not being born
in Dominica,. However, when one considers the number of expatriates who
have been actively recruited and roeoifnended for posts in Dominica (even when
there are obviously better qualif$fd .Dominicans for these jobs) that explan-
ation does not hold water.
The most likely reason for Mrs: Sorhaindo's rejection was that she is
married to a persistent critic of GoVernmment. It is unconceivable, that
had Mrs,. Sorhaindo been still Miss. hong, or had she been Mrs. Armour, or
Mrs. Cools,-Lartigue, or Mrs. Prancis or Mrs. White, or Mrs. Karam, or Mrs.
Joseph or Mrs. "Fence-Sitter" that -she would have been rejected for the
position. *.
Sir Arthur Lewis, faanPresident 9f the Caribbean Development Bank, refer-
ring to some of the serious factors contributing to the underdevelopment of
the Caribbean region made mention o_ precisely that problem of under-utiliza-
tion of our human resources,, either ':on the grounds of blind nationalism
and parochialism or on the grounds df nepotism and favouritism.
I submit that the case in question illustrates admirably the wastage
which could result from that myopic, expedient policy. The stark fact is,
,that the most qualified and probably the most competent music teacher on
the island --if one is to judge from the result of her music pupils --(the
only distinction in the practical examinations, and grades of 97, 97, 96,96,-
(concluded page 7)

TheDomin-ica Red Cross Society
earlie- -t-' -week he6f1 its Annual
Meeting at the Red'GCross Headquart-
ers on Federation Drive, Present
were the Governor- and Lady Cools-
Lartigue, :tbe. Minister for Home.
Affair's, Mr.John Roye,r' and. Mr.j.AJ..
Riviore, Perm. Sec.,.' Special guest
was Mis's Mary .Spillsbury, member. of
the Red" Cross Society in Sweden, ..,
Highlight of.the meeting was the
distribution of ...tpeificatea and
awards to members: tMrs.Lorna JRobin-
son, Mr.Desmond McIntyre, MrsBeryl
Harris, Miss Gertrude Davis and
Mrs.Q.Winston receive1 voluntary.
Medical .;ervice/6' Apuffing serveB
the Society for-fifteen years. *-
Receiving a third bar award for
three years of service was Miss. Joan
Bernard, while". Mrs.C.Fadelle was
presented with a second bar award.
First bar awards Mrs.F.Baron
Miss D.Nicho3ls, Mrs.R.Volney and
Miss( Nicholas. Eighteen members'
were presented. frst.aid certifi-
jcates by -ady 'Cools-Lartigue while.
.four took their oath of office. ,
Another feature of the meeting-
wa$ the Annual Report for iJ73 de-
livered by Mrs.Lorna Robinson, Dir-
ector of the Dominica .Red Cross.
Society. The report revealed among
other things., that the Red Cross '
had, been involved in various volun-
tary and relief. work in "sch wellfae
services in Hospital's and institu-
tions, welfare for individuals and
families, blood donor service.and.
disaster reliefs and miscellaneous
donations. The report also reveals
that total membership of the Society
at the.period under review was 138.P
The Treasurer, Mrs.Sybil Baron,
stated in her report that the Society
had cash in hand totalling $755.44.
-In addressing the members, the
Minister, of Home Affairs expressed
the wish that more young personal
would get involved in these volun-
tary organizations. This be thought
would consequently leavAo them with
less time to practice delinquency.

S.T AlP Fridavl Julv 26 .19 74 -



I hope the series will not :close
before: this letter is brought to- the
notice of your readers. .
It is a real delight, to listen in.
every morning at, 7.15 with Radio Domi-
nica, in connection with' our own his-
tory, which gives side glances on the
other nearby islands: as well.
The comments are bravely delivered
by none other but our popular Lennox
Honychurch who is a native.
So far, the story moves from Carib- the slave days when
Father Breton and the other.Jesuit
Fathers protected the- laves, both
morally and materiallyy,
These broadcasts alea educative as
well-as sentimental.' Hence, let us
hope .our. Dominican boys and girls in
particular, ae rivetting 'their atten-"
tion toRadio Dominica just'"before the-
oews frpm the desk in the morning. *
S'By the way, Editor, wouldn't it helppje
local Radio and even Radio' Atilles
advertised these series on each night
peviouly? CRISTIN, Roseau.

Mr.BerbPihl, Caribbean Adviser on
Workers Education for I.L.O. and the'
Danish International Development Agen-
cy (DANIDA), was in the State for.
tiree- days; examining priorities set
up by W.A.WV.U and the Dominica Trade
Union, in connection with training for
He also held discussions with Mr.
AoJ.Riviere, iermnnent .Secretary in
the Ministry of Home Affairs, who in-
formed him that Government is helping
to find training opportunities for
-union members,
E.p J.E.'O.M.Laird, Br.Govt.Representa-
tive to the Ass. States,arrived. in
Dominica on July 235. During his 4-day
visit, Mr.Laird called on His Excellen-
cy the Governor & the Hon. Premier. He
also met other Ministers of Govt..& .
various offiQiAls in the Ministries.
M'f. Laird.'was accompanied by.,his

approved a'lo--.of $540,000 Deutshe marks,,. the. equivalent .of $426,000 E.C
,for thb construction. of a Boys Industrial School at Portsmouth.


Psi; Four THE STAR

Would you give nme publicity in
your columns to point out to the
world the mystery of E.O.Leblanc's
hardupcy. His hardupcy is as follows:
(1) he is leaving us worse off than
he y" t us; (2) when Mr.Leblanc met up
he had an old jeep. without a cover;
he used to tie it with a piece of
wire. During his time with us he could
have smashed new cars in the night
and get a new one in the morning*
(5) About five years ago it was widely
reported that Leblana's wife told hisn
to leave the government and let them
go to America because they had suff :-
cient money to help themselves. .
Leblanc himself told us, in the House
of Assembly once when questioned about
sending money to foreign banks: "thee e
is no harm in putting money in a for-,
e'ign bank where one will get a higher i
interest." He did not deny that he .iddl
not have money in a foreign bank; (4)
Leblanc said on the radio that he 'hap
a $400 overdraft and this is due tc
the fact that he is so poor. (5) W1o
bought that big estate of the Royer-1
at Vieille Case? I heard it is Edwqrd
Oliver Leblann, and if that is true
where did he get the money to buy 't
land? Was it not during the time he. :
was with us that he bought that la.d?
'(6) Where did he get the money to :
build that house at Vieille Case? and
put a glorious fence around that hquse?
Was it not during the time he was with
us? (7) When did he make that deal .
make government buy his former house
for $12,000 and spend $10,000 to re
,pair that house? Was it not during the
time he was with us?
For the shortage of space Madam, .
will 'ay this: If all this leisure
quoted above makes a Labourite worse
off "than when he met the people, in
other words, he was better off before
he met us. .-Sa it stands to reason
that the people of Dominica should 'ot
vote for any Labourite,because by
giving them our votes, making then
Premier, Ministers etc.etc., and for.
-them to turn out worse off than wheAn
they met us, it means our vote has. a
curse for Labourites. We better give
our votes to others that they may get.:
a blessing by them.
ROSEAU, 22/7/74. E.C. LOBLACK,Roseau


Dear Editor, SgopMaligning Sorhaindo
I have noticed that the EDUCATOR
has been making a Herculean effort,
since Mr..]upert Sorhaindo's return
home in 1972, to discredit hii. But
permit me to predict, that its.
cowardly and malicious attacks on
that sensible, courageous and honest
young Dominican will not have their
intended effect.
Those of us who know Mr.Rupert
Sorhaindo have undoubtedly been
impressed with his- sincerity ot pur-
pose, his loyalty to his Dominica,
'and his dedication to the ideals of
justice and freedom.
It is precisely because the
EDUCATOR recognizes Rupert Sorhaindo
as a potential focal point for the
rallying of thousands of idealistic
young Dominicans in the search for
honest and sensitive leadership,
that this 'Labour' organ feels im-
pelled to destroy the good name of
an exemplary citizen..
Maybe that Editor should follow
Mr.Sorhaindo's example, and donate
one of his: many salaries (for serving
on statutory bodies) to worthy
charitable causes.
The formal opening of the Alpha
Centre for Mentally Retarded Children
brought joy and new hope to many, It
took place last Weds, at the Goodwill
Parish Hall --a section of the ground
floor having been earmarked for the
children's school 8 am to 12.50
daily. A committee of six which in-
cludes His Lordship the Bishop admin-
isters the Centre; Mrs.Rhona Fingal
chaired the meeting, giving the wel-
come speech. Missa Andra Dominique
gave the history of the committee to
aid handicapped children. Nine 're-
tarded' children are now attending the
school-and are already making progress.
Their teacher is Miss Sabina Anthony,
aided by voluntary workers.
Gifts from interested donors. in-
cluding $50 from DAWU and many dona-
tions too numerous to mention--- a
tape recorder from the Rotary Club,
gates built by the Youth Camp, etc.
The guidance of Mra.Brownlow is pare.
ticularly appreciated. *

Friday, July 26, 1974


4Fraday THE 5sr BTM^TY I

The toothpaste which has beea formula-
red to do what a g-zd dobpte should
do remove food particles and prevent
the buiJd- up of plaque which harbours
decay- causing bacteria. Besides, its safe
polishing agents leave the teeth gleaming
ODOL is also obtainable with added
fluoride which has definitely been proved
to harden tooth eam th redu the
incidence of dent day.
So for effecve deal care
OBTAINABLE frtm Distributors


To Our Milk Cusiomers:-
We very much reg that fstM Ist Aa-
Rust, ti974, we ate oblige to raise the price
of milk to 4o cef a p, owing to sarp la i
crease in the 0ast of ck fe~sn a raise of
34 per ent iW the cost of ailk csR no.s in she
wtlassis 4nm h *I

h Spab at SHOP

I Pa The Treasem of
CONSTIPATION whih asrvam
latIn or Einclu Pa, sne



h-raw- soad Cwvefts for week wftVag

|o ____a Crdfea of Tik of
NatngtheeaWo Cava&.

Ievw *"ids Lyd^iaN
2 9 74 tastain
Pmaeotod bT hert sebucib
24 7 74 AL sEft
at 1X.30 00 Chad",3

the 12th day ckuurl
of Juy 1974.Z by h si
1 ***O* Ca&M A.M.
the 24th day D"4r
of July 1974
at $l4lS B..m.

*..s y ., f
"' a h'va M %,iA

*.ifes, inf the IPeli at
S-. Andmew hi the
S l.ta of Cow..ft
4madtsia. 3sW

00 th Nor Oft hs* mwlWea bly a P1she 1 sea'
a oen ^ by la#s a King Nfeo.
00 dw Umb _W W Kfeg Neiaj

Re~v of Titles

NOTE: Any parSao who desire to o6ct to the fl
C reiacate of de oN the above aphcULe MaYa tws
% sbthe Aaoe wakA Sl&eOst fnomt the dae of the Fir
apoearce of We *eiem in rh STAR Nsser waa Ieord
in tafs Stat or fMoM the de wh*i the meste prsice by
law *a taK Seaa 04 any ower or onepir of *4doinim

at foo p.m at the Fort Young HokeL
e m* of t8e Domiy sem mipke

Members are kindly a skd to make v`
vey special effort wo -ae.d and to be
a Uawe.

f ....

f'rdayt 1 as ]Htam


Nl~i@SSfcgivi-6 00 V S*N
mpareementfive 0f
Coma fd A i"ew
of a fas evrd&SWe
oaf ftW inarep*6p~? ofa
of SL I t w
Isanwaa ar~e
e SAWmaim s anta
bVlAe^^ &*-a ^ssamt

** U ot B eL. as s sem w4 Ina a
N^i ** A k*** h* W ,
FMaMesee & : A. Sede separ kg fe b"
onesu NOW.xe a Tom UVWWe*er.


Pago $;se v

S .F.-: J .y .2 974'


Sdddetf App castoe f4or uof Title & Nes prewa
a CMause fr wik oa : da of uty 1974

Request dated
lt July 1974.
16th July
1974 at
2.24 pa.

by her Solicitor
S Vanys
I Dupignty

P aw- I

1U PI Prntig a rt
[ lCwpinghman Tit

Request for the isse
of a First Certifi;ate
of Title in respect of
a portion of Iqd
known as lot 9 .ert
of Syera Estate; in
the Parish of St.
Joseph in the State
of Dominic& cntAM i-
ag 1463 square feet
aid bounded aw ft

orth: Lands of Franklin Charkl; East: Lands of' Nor
Buoy; South: A Public Road and lands of Hector A
Wst:. Lai s of Sylvester Buy.. 1
R at dated Berma"d Request for thoe a mI
the 3.rd day Cosm>Moae t a First Certifict
of Jnme 1974. y kis SolScite f Title ia repect I
Presented the Cilmt A.M a portio of laa
16th day of Dpisr knownt'as a part f
Jely 1974 at Bsoncioa Estate, i-
at 3 O'clock the-Parish of W. -r
trick in tke State i
Dominica cotbainiag
7750 Squaref fe t fa&ws:-
North East by Btrricce Ravine separating it from. GenWs
Este; East by land of Clonti Mark and Ann Lawrans,
Seth West by a road separating it from land of Anq
Luarent; Nonh West by lnd of Joseph Lobiack
SRequest dated Felitie Janb Request for the sl
the 12th day by is Solcit r o a First Certific
of July 1974. Cilan A.M of Title ia respect
Presented the Dupignyr a portion of lat4
16th day of known as a lot ti
July 1974 at Jalousie, Casiw
-at 3.10 p.a. Bruce in the Pariak
of St. David in thl.
State of Dominica
containing 1.190
Sitrot rind bowuade
as fgllwse:.
North ny land of Dona Jacob: East by a Foot patti sepa-
rating it from land of Johnion J. Thomas; Sotch-East by
land of Mains Debec; South-West by land Mitchel Lock
hart; Went by land of Leatham Bann.,

Requeat dated
the 16th day
of July 1974.
Presented the
16th day of
July 1974 at
at 3.40 p.m. I

Sylvester Bar
nard Charles
and Beltia
Charles as
Joint Tenants
their Solicitor
Cilma A.M

Request for tho laoe
of a First Certift|st
of Title is respect of
a portion of Iad
at Weirs Masigot, i
the Parish of St.
Andrew in the State
of Dominica cvntain-
ins 2330 square feet
and bounded as fol-

North.East by linds of Adella Josaph; North-.Wes: by
lands 6,& K. Azoue; South-Wast by lands of Pinerd Andrew
South-East by lands of Pinard Andrew.

~ L)aLt f.rtq.nstefl jPer ~u~' ~ r- .~ -
is.~nt dated~ Francis

! Apaikcat~iM5 of F;'~' a
cia Pclydor- fmo the
h44 of a first cenri-
ficate of title in rea
pet a oenrom of fnd I
a& Riviere Cyrxsua t
tfe Farish of tia
vid, c aevemsa ad Imoundd as

Requst dnsed i Fra&,ns
19 4 74 Poyde.Wre
P wated 1by his Siaer
18 7 74 Ml Eafsa
at 12.30 pjan Chafths

orsh Lad of. Germakle %b: ih Rwne 'Cy-
f3 and ae of Ara Abrhaiw, East: Ltads of Arnf
sfeAdm Moa gan Po.yder- and branch of Ravine Cy.
r"; Wa Crw Laoa ar Kavine* Crqun and
land of Watt GeOrge..

Requesit dat^
22 5 74
19 7 *14
at 11.45 a.m.

thosnay ?
by Lis

AHr Appieatisw of Rohsrt
AtAatny Piper for
the ismse of aft first
ys Csrtitca~te of tkle in
respBct of a portion af
f land known as a Lot
at F044 Cok is a.

*; ares tafd Gneddas
;. ewties: S 17

ESas: Land at The tenif Emma Grei & A Ravte
sprAdtag t frm lotos iea; Sot h: A Ravw.*
paraaeg k om Le kic &i s Wm: Lend of Cow
of W.L.V. Grev\ P.QFC. ar ps and The fatrse of
Emma Grwtf

in the above uste wkthr frOn ce ~Oat of te
apwpkrance of tMH scheduLe STAR Newspapr pubOhed
in Ahis Sntt or fro m te e e .e pics rrescred b
law was last served on any w or e ite of ad gain
tad tin respect of wkfh th up a is aa4.

We have just rScevtd suajls of the

6. Paricle Board,
DP HaIrGoNrd SheWs
2. ,Oms-iC C TlS





Fiction MA TITINE Cynthia Watt
Ma Titine was preparing for her
visit to the U.S.A. She was in such
a flurry of excitement that Baby cau-
tioned her: "Take it easy Titine!
You Wan to reach 'Merica enh? Eef
you go on -so fas yoh preshor will go
up you know."
If my pressure didn't. trouble me
the other day with Ancine, is not nag
it will trouble. me," Ma, Titine rep-
plied.- "Donit worry, Baby."
Well, Wendy Alleyne an dem making
de money, boy. Even eeX stenot...
you know...but I like hah voice. You
deeden go to de ball at Pott Young
Saturday night?"
I was too tired," Ma. Tditine said,
trying meanwhile to close an over-
filled suitcase. "Daman" she mutter'
ed as it flew open again.
Baby looked up from where she was
packing another suitcase.-
"You putting too much tinga in it..
heah.,," throwing a couple nighties,
half-slips, panties and two skirts,
"feeneeah full dis one, "pointing to
a smaller one. Por a little while
they worked at tidying the room. and
later over a tumbler of soursop juice
and-rum, Baby asked Titine:
"Since. wen you see Genelia?"
Ma Titine shrugged her shoulders.
"She comes in once in a while, but
she's sort of cool, you know?"
Baby nodded understandingly.
"De reason I ax is becos I see hah
an Ancine talking las night...I deed
go to cinema an dey-was sitting right
in front of me."'
Ma Titine raised her. eyebrows' in
"Genelial....and Ancine- "-
"'aby nodded again .- "Dey selfI An
I heah somi. of deir convorsaahun...
Boy, Ancind fullin Genelia head...
sayin tings bout you an Reuben...
sayin so- moch- lies, I deed wan to box
hah head."
"What Genelia reply?"
*"Wat you expeck? .You know how fre}
is; in Doiaeneeka already...wen dey
well wid you, is beau doodoo; wen allr
you vex, is Xool wosh. She call you
traitor, visille chien, vieille vemin.
all kine of name. Las ting I heah
Ancine say is she goin to obeah you.
an get some ting foh Genelia to give
Reuben foh dem to come back togedder."

I .. -

mv. Iwfli A Tvil-vr 9AP 'lQr7A

AN INJUSTICE (fr.P. )*,.out of 99 at-
tained by the four candidates register-
ed by her for the Theory examinations)
has been given the opportunity to ex-
tend her a large number
of Dominican pupils, either directly
or through Teacher Trainees, This is
unforgivable, at' a time when we recog-
nize the urgent need to utilize our
human resources maximally.
A TITINE (fr.col) Ma Tit a
VuWell, I never thought Genelia would
treat me you say Baby, is so
friends here are...but we was such
good friends;..." she sighed. "It's a
good thing, I am leaving next week.
A^wine so pokey-nosey ia a wander she
don't know yet."
S"Who would tell hah?" Baby demanded,
"not we doan tell nobody,..if
tings was like befoh Genelia an Reuben *
would know. Is only eef Ancine see-
you go to immigration office,.." She*
broke off. "Titine" Boy: is now I
remembah...ny naybar tell me dat Nat
Nataniel gul-fren give Ancine wan
beating day befoh yestarday..,.at -at
home...alldoh he tyad wonn Ancine not
to come dere."
"Good for her!" Ma Titine remarked.
"I wish I was passing at the time.,
"There is no truth in the report
that LIAT is quitting the region at
t1e dnd of August," says Mr. Michael
Warwick, LIAT's managing director.
SWEEK (July 22-28)
Loubiere Progressive Movement
observed its 4th anniversary with the
usual "EDUCATION WEEK" of activities.
i The program commenced with the
on Sunda. 21st. Formal opening was -on
Monday 22nd. Financial Secretary
Mr. E.I. Watty, deputizing for the
Deputy Premier, delivered a lecture/
speech on "TOURISM: Its Role In The
Fco omic Structure of Dominica."
on Tuesday, 23rd, Dr. Sorhaindo
spoke on BIRTH CONTROL amd on Wednes-
day Nurse Peters spoke on CHILD CARE.4
A new feature is td'heheld on
Friday evening, called WAHSEEN CHAUD.
by a team of poets, short story
writers, nad dramatists.

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' ..T'H E

PT*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S ', Morchriston
FOOTBALL Match Abandoned ;
-On Sunday 21st July., Harlem Rovers
and Spartans clashed" n what devel-'
opedjto be a very gcod match, but
was marred by some poor goalkeeping
on the Spartans side, which.left
them trailing 1-5 at the ,initerval.
This' match was the 12th between
the two teams in five seasons, and
became the 2nd' one: to 'be abandoned.
The first time was in 1972 'when they
met for'the J.iB.Yankey Trophy. Two
players banged their heads together:
in going for a ball. One: of the
victims, groggy, blundered into the
crowd. The referee, then Louis Beno;t,
wasted no time in blowing his whistle
and strutted off the Park like
'Napoleon. Harlem led 1-nill
This time. however, was put down
as crowd interference, a situation.'
which will surely take some time to
be righted dVe to conditions at the
gark with no" poper crowd acc.omoda-'
tions. And It' s~ obvious that specta .
tors must encroAch on the field
whether they Want to or not. Every- .:
-one-wants to see a good football
match. However, there had been sev-
eral stoppages in. the match due to
the crowd's reluctance to leave the
field when the ball was in their paz
of the touchline. Fifteen minutes
Into the 2nd half,.the referee, Des,
mond Martin, could no longer-cope
with ,the same situation which con-
fronted him whenever, the ball was
round the touchline or played into
touch, axid blew his whistle*.
Scorers were Herminus Emanuel' '2,
I.Benoit for Harlem and V.Rene for t
On Saturday, Ba1hyon again held
another team to a 2-all draw. This;
time Potters United, who definitely ,
enjoyed the better of the exchanges.
For Halcyon, Albert Robin 2.
Celtics United won their first
match when they defeated Gutter Crofws
2-nil on Tuesday. Scorers were Edwa_ d
Jarvis and Dana Hurtault who started
the season for Spartans.
hBe match between Potters United
and Spartans had to be abandoned
about 10' minutes before the scheduled
end, because again of crowd (ne= l.)
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STARSPORT -- interference after a
foul had been awarded to Spartans.
Spartans led 4-nil and may have treen
the chief motivator behind the crowd's
actions. Sqorera were J.C.Lawrence
2, A.Lawrence and C.Williams.
CRICKET The first test match between
England and Pakistan started yester-
day. --Scorea .at .Pre as-tite . ..
Pakistan 285 all out. England 183
,all out & Pakistan'Wa thelo 2nd iaUng.
R.E.Allfrey of Copthall. Mill House
eau, Dominica, West Indies.

T AR A friday, July 2. 6 1974 '.
F E A S;T- OF.- S, T. -A.1i M Massacre
The Solemn celebration of the
feast -of St.Ann will be held at-
Nassacre on Monday July 29. The Holy
Masses will be as follows?. 5-6~30 am.
.The Solemn High Mass will be at
9.350 am; this will be followed by a
procession to the shrine of St.Ann.
+ Sincere thanks to the hundreds of
pilgrims who have made the Novena in
preparation for the feast so faith- ;
fully and devoutly. May the Lord and
Good S.t.Ann bless them abundantly.
Yours truly, ...
R. Van den Bergh6,
Parish Priest
Such was'the title of a massive
besatselling novel. And- it applies
to two Dominicans, Mr. and Mrs.
Corad Iclntyre, who were feted by
Barclays Bank International at Fort
Young on -Friday last. Mr.Mclntyre
is now the Senior Manager of Barclays-
here; his wife'(nee Angela Letang)
came of ;a talented musical family
McIntyres have always produced- een
bankers and professional men. So the
communication of brains and good
looks has coursed its way back to,"
good old Dominica. We haven't space .
to tell of all Mr MeIntyre's early
posts, training and achievements, but
they have been extensive ands like
Barclays, international,
.iim POLITICAL SCEME. There is a
pate of exposures in the offing, nd
sensible and patriotic Dominicans -
should possess their souls in' patience
rait meekly, and get ready for the time'
o'. take a wise decision. -WW.STEVENS

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