Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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iOIII tu&.& Aw.A of/s
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co.omr Tunrtr (London) Ltd.
Ia Shafi'tbury Ave- WJ1 -


* i.L ...No. 3 .e .- P Y.LL. SHAN.D AUJREY .Frida.y, Jl.y 19, 1974

X.A.A^ A jle %.J S~~~s 0 A ....J | J!.X ^ AXz~xl*

WVe don't believe what we hear
To credibility gop between the prooea' :
al ares v tise laan with their Sate a.mer
trtknl Radie 696 ad t.e gaeranl pibl eic
ta groBi ag vier every ATy- beak *a t t
,Iacre@aig ijtcredul i ty ts the ropor-li
,stwte*xt of tthe Promier ea his anata.ej.
Pcir readers irill read lbet this jerry
!ifur* inx the words .of two con-tribhttrs4
T90 we v eard trom the IMblase Part
aervrglA that 9tr. 4a4ld 'Armar hmo asn-
nosaed M4s intention to rcaign nfta
ae.m4rAip of trem LabnMr Par trVS tOde was
a t l-Uty Aednied by t ghe der ito %t Ci5o...


G IL vanra aegrave now
3 years old of Ros.
Place, Kingstown, had to
WVhy have her right leg ar-
putated at the Generat
Hospital, KingstOtC, in
not May 1972 after a wall
collapsed and felt on c *'
while she was playing
help in the neighborhood '
Her case waE4 brought
to the attention ot Cansave I
who after cwsltalion
with Mr. Cecil Cyrus
obtained a SponsorsFmp
for her to be fitted with *s'
0 artific& leg .
Last fetebr, teat-aget Jsp i
Gabriel, o brave nowraboy sattl I
at amshe,, had his leg aaEtw
te4 after a p ,llm -dr iven
sawnted iem pawsntei where :
ast. As far as we knOw, he got
no e4aupeasation, aW a small
don.rtilo flad will net take.
hin taer towards getting am ar-
titieit l IUg. Cannot the CiA-

da evr Joseph what w" de..
for 8clse in St. Yincenst?
At IS"a 10l.. CAjRSAVB e tUry,

Native Son to be Birciays .
N .-i gt in Dorinic-

.., ..' ,.,, ) .1

A Dominican, Mr. Conrad 0. Mclntyre, has
been appointed Senior Territorial Manager
pd M3nAr of the Old Street Branch of Bar
as Bank Inteadtioi. as from August Ist.

aj.. Mr^.'Mawd Wolftsonere en holiday
S9affte I w (he was a wll-respected
M..4), *W Eeating old frienia
tatr e* Peater jaUst get an
Uea o gyi London Univeraity.

We bee pt received supplies of the

I. IHadband Sheets
2. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
3. Asphalt Shingles (for roofing & sid
4. Asphalt Roofing Putty ing)
5. Ptywood Sheets
6. Particle Board


Page Two T B i S T A a Fridy, July 19, 1974

M | S is4the, leaflet which won the
PeopDle of Domin ca oral Election and put Leblan on
the read to Premiership: there were


Hon. Edward 0.

Member Dominica Leg. Co
Delegate to WIFLP Executive
Secretary-Agent DLP

Mrs. Phyllis Shai
Presidentof Dominica Lab
Member, rivtsh Labour P;

VOTE ___


and for the future of the West Indi
O J( pr umi Pr.t L'A ? ) v Di pI' 4- a S'treer Ted argis n. 4ididese:


Most -',ple know how Mtrs. Alifrey, on returning home, wa 'expelled' from her eva Party on
a quibble. "IWa LARTIGuL BBaCAM SPIkLats In Jan. 1961 at a DLP meeting in aeeeau, %iam iten
w;s choice of a pceaker. -JMD Bouaquot wa present: we were part of the Fbderali Party then.
Hie nominated Robert Allfrey. stamped on the idea. Mrs. Allfrey nominated loith
Allelyne.LIblanc said No. No. So Mr. Allfroy nominated Mr. Zon Lartigue, now- Gvermer Sir
Lonis Coole-Lartigue. There was demur because of his stammer, but the aomination was aeceptur
Most of those facts should be in old DLP minutes, if destroyed; & Mrs. A., writes shorthand.
We have pasted out the word Labour in the leaflet lost some of oar simpler readers take it.
as an invitation to vote for Leblane again or for his Party. WE STOW)NG ADVISE TMl IOT

5,000 of tem,, p.iAd for. and transpar-
ted by air bT rl., Ulfrey. They
Seigh3lf so such that she had to teavT
personal belongings behind in London.
Each ionflet was worth at least two
--- votes; it was the first .time that ean-
did rates photo s ver' distributed. le
the result, al.l other aontest A ts JIt
their deposits and irs.Allf-reey polled
nearly 000 votes'more thaa Leblanc.
That w"&. in -L968.
rhe JDeimica abour- Party,fo"nded
in 1964 by Allfrey stand *Lblack, stru -
gled on for two years ea the few eents
of iaambers and Mrs. A', aslia house-
keeping money. It. groe in strength and
in 1957 Lebltanc And D*ereay joined it
to become candidates for the local geo-'
oral election, during which they won
seats. Fighting the toughest constitu-
ency (Westers, which then covered a
7j vast area including Laldat and Trafal-
Sgar), Mrs. Allfreoy lost toE lkin 1eary
y of Dominica United Pe pt.Pth
DL wasL in opposition. This was fel-
our lowed next year by the Federal all-
island contest described above.
There was no such post in the con-
stitution of the MBP: the President
was regarded as its natural leader.
: Lablanc created that post behind Mrs.
i Ailfrey's back and without even i-
Sforming her. Be had the support ef a
coterie which by thoe included Mrs.
t Jamaes and Mr. Stevens. At the time Urs
Sllfrey, then Padoral MiAiator of Lab-
Souar, wat in GOnevT on ILO business.
rT Leblac quit the rderal Parliaenat to
consolidate his position in Dominicft
before Fedoralism went on the rocks.






Fdtiendliest Store in Domica. Customer
Aaention Unsurpassed. See the latest in
Family Wear, Gift Toiltries,

To Ladies with One Thing in Mnd

Growing. A Top Cotender fo the Most.
immaculate Display. Electrole, Kenwood,
Pyres, Toys, Lamps, Cricket Gear,
and Loca More t. 2,,

Vasuxhall Bedford, Evimd Peter,
S Goodyear, Toyota Spars.

SA. C.oS. & CO. LTD.

,T ^ ^x^ .....y ,_y^ .

Acs.J-CO.W. 304-vi






Q\j Lr1 / FoL



Page our T H E S T A R Friday, July 19,. 1974
CAlDID. COMMRTS by W.S. Stevens . o
Whefa we look back on Meal's Achievements we realise how much we owe to
the past.
Recently I chanced upon a little book I received as a prize for the
best thesis on the "Hand in Educatior1 when I took the Supervising Teachers
Course for Leeward and Windward Isla44s teachers in Trinidad, January-Dec.
1945. I now crave space to quote the, passage that always strikes me and
I consider it very appropriate to nmy country today* The book is entitled
"Extracts from Euripides that mastte- of Greek tragedy:-
"Nought is more hostile to a city than a despot; where he is, there
are. first no laws common to all, but ope man is tyrant in whose keeping
and in his alone, the law resides; and in that case equality is at an end,
but when the laws are written down, rich and poot alike have equal justice;
and it is open to the weaker to use the same language to the prosperous
when he is reviled by him, and the weaker prevails over the stronger if he
have justice on his side,.." /
We in our modern, education havr qpt out too much of the ancients in
character training, which has completely disappeared from our educational
institutions today. 4* *
Thank you, John Spector, for your erudite analysis on S.R.& O's. I
sincerely hope that both His Excellency the Governor and Premier LeBlar.x
will give consideration to the harm done to the Banana Industry by promis-
cuots, indiscriminate and cowardly use of S.R.&'O's to deprive the hard
worked banana. grower of a say in an iLdustry which plays the biggest part
in the nation's economy
One thing though; the handwriting is on the wall. The forces-
are slowly gathering strength, and evil ist going to tumble down before the
quiet forces of truth and justice.
As I write I understand two men have been sent from the U.K. to -look
into the banana business here. I do not know their names. But, surely,
,the Ministry of'Agriculture Trade 'and Natural Resources, the D.B.G.A., ,
that Banana Management Committee and Radio Dominica have details of this
mission. But ignorance, darkness and obscurity constitute the proper
medium for power and profit.
And make no mistake; we get what we deserve, for as Sir Ernest Barker,
Emeritus Profesaorn-of Political Science at Cambridge University wrote:"We
are men, not apes; and since we are pep., and reasoning beings, we use our
talk, our discussion, our comparison of points of viewr in the service of
reasonable action, which is the aim nd object of all our discussion, so
that we can all agree to act,"
We all in Dominica. are responsible for the mess in which our country
finds itself. Perhaps we are now p rared to think hard, straight and
unselfishly, i
-- ANOTHER PLAGUE COMIiG? When we look at those frightening,
by Hugh Lawrence .bushy, ropey and unkempt hairstyles
Some five years or so ago many our young men are wearing, the
people were worried and alarmed danger seems imminent.
about a certain pest that was plagu- Let us beware and avoid more curse
ing the country, especially at the and hardship. H.L.
far eastern districts. That pest L.____"
was bugs; they were seen actually DOMINICA BANANA GROWERS ASSOCIATION
coming out from the ground. The Green-Market Price of bananas has
We seem now to be in danger of dropped by 4 from 140 to 156 per
another pest which may attack our ton as from 15th July 1974.
very bodies and that pest is lice. Growers will be paid seven .(7)
( col) cents per lb.

ThE _-Ily STAR 1111e ',,, THE.- STRV

Schei4 o A(ppicxs n jry Cert ifict*itof Title and Notags
threoar, and Caverts for wee tndtmng 10th ay o0 july W1974
Dute uequest5* Peran Prasen-ing Nature of request wheth-
Ser a Cartificatt of Title of
Noting thereB

pri Appiiceioma of Fraa
19 4 74 Polydore c6 Poljdor fo4r the
'MmW*rmd k1 hs Solk'tor f gue of a first certi,
18 7 74 M. Eiuge f1cate of titie ia rs'
aft 12, p.Sa. (hiUrleIa peet a portion of land
-.-.. --- at Rivire Cim,
te Parish of St. Da
v id, containing 8.525
crewss and bounded a
'ti Lwd .. f-Gmarn Sob: South Ravin Cy-,
rqe sa Md .t4an Art l Abraham; East: Lwds of Aries
.ArBa aod S$pin Foiydyore and Breaih of Ravine Cy.
rique. Wti Cra* w Land s'd4 Ravine Cyriquej and
.Aeiu, Domintca, Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person wbo des~reis to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title o the abov4 application may enter a Caveut
in the a"boe office'within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this s-chedule in the STAR Newspaper published
lw was last ac o any owner or occupner of 64ioinng
land k4 rspct O whf h tWhe appcation is ima a


The toothpaste which has been formula-
ted to. do wbt a good toonpaste -sould
do remove food particles and prevent
the build-up of plaque which harbours
decay causiBg bacteria. Besides, its safe
polishing agenIs lcave theteeth gleaming
ODOL is also ob.ainab, with added
fluoride which has definitely y" been proved
to harden tooth enatmel.thus reducing the
incidence of dental''siy,
So for effetive-'demal care
OBTAINABLE from Distributos
an3umetlXsAam m..3SSP:MSm T L=

Pagle Five



with Air Conditioning


EQUIPPED 2-bedroom
HOUSE, with desirable .
seaside location.

Telephone 2530
orcmLl at- ... .. |
Alleyne & Company -
8 Castle IS treet .Rosu

Put Deante in position, and prs until
Denture fels firmly set
Prwce per Tube $S.50 .

BY TR I NEE needs a Handy Man
Come in Person to see us at" '|

8 ing rge Vth Street

20 feet 1 Om with 6 h.p. cuaibard motor ard
also fishing equipment.
Ccoinct: Miss Julienne. Frentice
7 Rose Street, Goodwill '
____~ 's,

Q M A H 1E 1974

The. mad, mad world of the mental
health 'circle, on Fride4 last,
staged a wild, wild show which, in
my opinion, was a 'bad, bad' affairs
the greatest greatest for a long,
long time, and, possibly, a super
super which will be long remembered.
ICAL FESTIVAL was a mad, super bad;
WOODSTOCK. Undoubtedly, it brought -
the widest assortment and variety of
lopal talent; heralding the return
of two of Dominica's great calypso4-
ians, IDOL and SAINT...0nly disap-.
pointment was its over-lengthy dur-,
tion which, at the near-daym of Sat-
urday, caused it to be' a DRAG..,
Otherwise, Dr.Royer's "EAD, MAD WQWD
OF -DOMINICAN SOUND" was superrific.
Likewise the matinee at St.erard's
Hall next day.
working wonders over in Britain...
The G.P0.U's two first shows were
complete sell-outs long before these
ambassadors of Dominiean entertain
ment arrivedw-. Atene-show-gue#--,
artist' JOHN HOLT -had to escape roap-
ing fans; in lady's wear disguige...,
Bouncers and Jolioemen had to protect
G.P.U. P merberd frbm wailing admirers
and FANATICS... We're waiting for
word on Britain's music scene-diggez'
response to PATSY CADET...Anyway,
all's going swell...well.
In America there'a WATERGATE...
In Dominica, as the greatest of this;
-island's 'Carib chiefs' step by stipp
stealthily and, cunningly makes his
exit: a "SEWER .BOWL SCANDAL" is brew-
ing.. Is the N.Y.C. not going to .i
zprotesit. .agitate against the appoij -
ment of .iome Affairs' .new Chief You.j#
Officer? Of course, we know that th s
newcomer has ever-so-long been paid
on a social worker 's salary scale., .
but, then, why the so-sudden and
strange transfer? What's wrong with
-Amoy Alexander, the "multi-talent"n
donkey of youth division; Eddie Royer
the brain-box; trained and ardent
Elizabeth Alfred?
I agree whole-heartedly with
CHRONiICLE' s "Be Widdit" columnist..
WENDY ALLEYNE is no NO internati6
al super-star. (concl. age )

Wg- -


May r comment on the Premier'st re-
cent Declaration of his assets at 'the
Emergency Convention of his Party on
Sunday 14th July?
Madam, The Honourable Premier in
aimpl a term is saying that his l1abi-
lities overrode his assets. When
one hears of these: $66. in Barclays
Bank, 025 in Royal Bank, an overdraft
of 9400 plus, it is left to wonder
where was his. salary of '$1800 per
mohth, although he only has to buy food
because he has a rent-free house, water
free, lights and telephone free etc,
( 10)

Friday July 19 1974

0 T A "0

Dean STAR and fellow Dominicans.,
Due to the large numberr of errors
published about the Dominican group
of your newspaper, we, EXILE ONE, for
the benefit of our fans, 'are for the
first time disclosing the facts.,
First, EXILE ONE is positively not
going to split; as a matterr of fact
due to the trenemdous impact that the
group has had on record charts and -
sales in the /West Indies, South America
and Europe d.V ing its 7 months of ex-
istenc6 the group has been offered the
release of a single on the C.B.S. labde
and a summer tour of Europe towards
the end of July 74.
Hippomene LEAUVA, a creole singer
(note well, not french but creole
patois) was -employed by EXILE SOUND
PRODUCTIONS; a Dominican enterprise,
to sing with EXILE ONjE,sparticularly
during Prench West Indian engagements
and releases; noting that this man,
made little contribution to the LP .
"EXILE ONE" besides his photograph'on
the jacket, meaning that the image .that
the group is' aimed at projecting is-

one of his. frequent demands on the
group (usually for more wp) 'FEXLE
SSOUND PRODUCTIONiS" decided to compen-
j ate him for his services and inform
thim that they were no longer needed.
Since,"EXILE O'E" has been kept
busy preparing for its summer tour and
hope to check home before the first
anniversary. Look out for a new single
"Live and let live." Thanks a lot.

m _TT 7

M I? P. 'P AT PseSvx
4tciv 19L,-UuLy ..LU1 I *' 5

Fiction MA TITIWE Cynthia Watt
Ma Titine was on her way to Baby's
home. She had just heard from
Eurilla and Steve who wrote saying
they were so happy that at last she
had made up her mind to visit them,
Her pleasant thoughts were sud-
denly interrupted by a harsh voice:.
"Ancine, this thing has to stop..
I only just moved. here in Jeffery
Lane and every day you are literarily
on my doorsteps before day breaks."
Ma Titine recognized the voice as
Nat Nathaniel's, Now what the heek
was going on? She began walking
slower to take it all in. She liked
a good beff, and here seemed to be
"Enhenh." Ancine's voice was vse-
nomous, "because you beeg man now,
you forget all I do foh
have annoder women coming heah to leeve
wid you...tink I doan know;-now yoh
wie leeve you is not I dat shood in
hah place?"r
"nShut up'i"
"Shutup,'Shutupt Not you can make
-~make me shutup nxuh: Is dat you tinki
but I will "od foh you. Yoh shoes
too beeg foh yoh foot but I will make
it wondah de people wrong
heah calling you Ambassador. You tink
you beeg like hell...because you on
yoh porch.. .people on diers
sayin is yoh bisniss dey stodyin. But
wat you tinkin nunh."
Nat Nathaniel's voice was hoarse
with anger. "Woman, you hear I tell
you to shut up! Leave my place' Go'
Go, go, GO! I'll call the police if
you don't go you know" .
"Hah, hah,hah! He goin to call
poleece foh-me Ancine," She rushed
towards him and slapped him on the
face, good and hard., "Call de poleece
now nunhi1 Tell dem I .insult and beat
you" (she meant of course, assault
and battery). "Go' fone dem..,hah-
hah-hah," Her laugh was ierisive.
Ma Titine was close to the house
now and had heard every word. Ancine
was holding her sides doubled up with
laughter. She wiped the tears from
her eyes and saw Titine but did not
recognize h Ethrough her still wet
"You see how God good?4 she went
on. "Look I have a witness. Haie,come
heah a leetle." ( 9)

Madam, by E*C. Loblaek
It is common knowledge in the
world that they who dig the ditch
will fall in it. Mr. Leblanc is
trying to make a big show about
political leaders of the Dominica
Labour Party. I understand 'that
`Leblanc went so far as to say that
a political leader ought not to
serve more than two terms. It is
very unfortunate for us in Dominica.
that Leblanc is there for four or
five terms but it is only when
Leblanc (i) bankrupted Dominica,
(ii) made the lives of Dominicans
abroad miserable, (iii) made hunger
the salvation of the people of
Dominica, .

put Dominica in debt which child-
ren yet unborn will not be able to
pay, (vi) prevented people from .
selling a portion of their land
With which they would be able to
work the other portion; on account
of these things,, he caused ungodli-
' ess to take root in HBe--
bought a big estate for next to
nothing, he built a mansion at
Vieille Case for himself...All this
time Leblanc was first of all Chief
itinister and MiniSter of Finance.
Dominica had the money then! He
couldn't see then that political
leaders were only to serve two
Now a political leader of the
Labour Party in Dominica has
(i) no honour in that, and (ii) no
money either. As a matter of fact,
right now the Dominica Labour Party
has no members, Leblanc himself
said that he needs no members. He
Can put up even a broomstick for
election and he will win. Why did
he not give up the post that has
$1200 monthly one way; $400 or $00
for travelling allowance; free house,
entertainment money etc., and $9
American per .-ay when goes abroad.
If he had done that, we would
gay FAdward Oliver Leblanc, Premier
of Dominica, is a man. But when
he remains in office enjoying all
this leisure, we don't have to go
to Howard University to know who
is. Leblanc. EoCoLI

'PA cr Sev61n

khedwle of Acphemage for Carufcara of iand otnpi i
heranne and Cawssta (feek ^ge d' h day of ju '. i_74
I__e~queet- P

I" **** 'n n w W I A '
ITyg .101 60NWig
Scelafi Appftadeeo fir .da Ttale & Neassqp

fe ~ y h for 20e0rt g. ~ f e of )uly 07 4
er CI IF t 4cgof Titw

Request date
ltt July 1974
Presoe n. i
16th July
1974 at
2.24 p.m.

by her Salicitor

N -

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
if Title in respect of
a portion of land
known as lot 9 part
of Syera Estate, in
the Parish of St.
Joseph in the State
of Dominica contain-
in 1463 square feet-
and bounded as fel"

tNorth: tLsdi of Franklin Charte; Ease: L.nds of Normea
Bully; South: A Public Road and lands of Hector A4nMs:
West: Lands of Sylvester Bu;y.

U mu~Ar~

Request dated
the 3rd' day
of June 1974.
Presented the
16th day of
July 1974 at
at 3 (Yelock

by his &

SRequest for the issue
bdore of a First Certificate
Iicitoe of Tite 'in respect of
SA-M a portion of land
ghgw Sknownas a part of
Beritoa Estate, if
I he t -. .. T .af St. Pat
Stick. in the State of
Domininica containing
7750 aquar feet and-
bndMe as foB&ow:-

Nor-tn w 6y Bprpcxem RevIaP separating It freos Genes.
Estate; Eist by rand of Clanti Mark and Ann Laurent:
South Wet by a road separating tt from land -of Ann
-.t rerot; North West bYland of Je h Loblack.
Req{est d.ted Felicies Jaub i Request for the issue
the 12th day .y hik Solicitor of a First Certificate
of July 1974. CiUna AM of Title in respect of
Presented the D Tpi gy a portion of land
lzth day of known as a lot at
July 1974 at Jalousie, Castle
at 3 1 pg.m. i Bruce in the Parish
- of St. David in the
State -of Dominica
containing 1.190
acres and bonded
4. U as follows.
North 6y land of Dons faaob: East by a Foot path sepa-
ratingit from land of Johnson j. Thomanss South-East by
land of Mains Debec; South.West by land, Mitchai Lock
hart. West af .eathamn Sannrs.

Request dated
the 16t.,dAy
of Jm. 194.
Prieonted the
16th day of
July 1974 at
at 3..4. p.m.' b

Syklvester Baw
mrd Chbrles
and Beltina
Charles as
Joint Tenants
_ their Soicitor
Cijna A.M

Request for the issue
af a First Certgiate
of Title i respect
a portion of land
at Weirs Marigkt, ina
the Parish of St.
Andrew in the State
of Domriica contah-
nar 2330 aare feet
and boendw &S fo0 |
laws:- "

North'lEast by lands of Adoile, Josaph: North.West by
lands of K. Azoue; Soiurlh. Vesc by lands of Pinard Andrew
South-East by iarnd of Pinard Andrew.

keqsast dated Constaace Request for the issue
2nd.July 1974 Astapha j of a First Certificate
Prweseted 4th ly her Solicitor of Title in respect of
July 1974 at Vaiay Dupigay a portion of land
9.20 kam. kaown us a lot 4t
Roseau in the Parish
of St. Georg-, in th<
-, State of Dowin[ca
contanungW 706 square feet ard bosunded a& -oow
Nith.W'est: Kena.;d Avanoe North-East- land of Emily
Fagspn. South.Ess: laWd of EUward Fagat (decessed) South
Wes tend of Wlfred Smth.j

hdt irfApptaentr Certsmase of Title arndNotings
h'rto saod Cavetu for wiek enditg 13th day i '174 -
e;quesrt date G srmania Request for the ngme
thi 2nd day j Auesstie of a First Certificate
of July 1974. by her Soicitor of Title in respect of
Presenatd the CGsna AM a portion of 1ad
S&h do of Da^Sy at Zicack, Portz-
July Ia74 at U h, in the Parish 1
Ms of~_ St. JOBh, in the
State of Dommica
eontaBid .303M a w feeta"d boe &ede tos k-
North by land of David M Liberd; South by Bedford StreGA
*ast by Middle Lanm; West by land of FiorG G
| a t dated Rffia t request for tht isUe
the )th day by hi SSicitor -of a Fir Cer -a-
of July 1974. Cilma A.M ft TJle mr4're c-a
Pryeseied th Dapi'ny a portrnn w..
19 t day of at Saliab&nr .n e
July 1974 &t Parish of St. Joseph!
S_25 p._.___ in the State&o Donmi
swean c nta uln~g1
13,600 'quar- fe'
and bound a't ol-
North by land of Willix Elie: South by iand ov Ad;,!e Gleorg(.e
Eaist by a Dry Ravine separating it from 'an4 of Renard Barry land of Devos Ino.Baprste North West b asAcc$
Road soparalng it from land of Auguitsina William an4 Mt'it J.h.

Request dated Veaonia Shil I Application of Veron
27 6 74 linEford as it Shitflgrord a
Presented peOrnal R p- personal pr nt
It 7 74 resntative of tive of vi -. -
at 10-55 a.m. Phylis Win- aton for. he isue- -of
stone deceased a First rertfrfcate *F
y her Solicitor title in rspPecl a p--
KM. Egntia tion of land a# New.
Charles town. Roaeaua. he
Parishfat 01 or5
contahAg 851 squarefeetand bended a s 1 .
Nrth.Was: Land of Vfna Wiatw: North.East" La d of
Vivian Green; South Easi: Sath Rokd; SOutdi Wii t
Cornwall Strees.
eg rars k RAJM F. GEORGES
RBau. Domac. Regitrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to objet o the tssung of a
Certificate of ttse on the above appikcaiomnay enter a Caveat
le thi above office witht six weeks from the date of the FArstI
apptarance of theis schedule io the STAR MNewspaper ,u4,bshed4
in this Stace or from the date when the notice prescrtbed byli
law was last servd on tay owner or occupier of zdoninge'
land in respect of Wtch the apcaton is nd. .A

w nm q

f7,ijaj, jUly 191' 1974--


B .

i.d.ayV. July 19- 1974 _..T- Ei T A R ""Page -,1
Indeed, such a good deal has cQld with fury. "Who you calling An-
been said and written on Keith ctne? Me Titine? I don't have nothing
Alleyne, the most. brilliant legal t) do with you...what you calling my
brain Dminica has ever-produced, n4me in. your mouth for?n
that there is little left- for me to Ancine stopped laughing, startled.
zay. Then all her bitter hatred 6f Titine
Nevertheless, I need say that I surged up.
taught Keith Alleyne at the old "Ay ay, think you is nunh
Roseau Boys School in. 1927-1928 just Titine? Mai gadd bagai-ee nunh;
before he won the open Scholarship YEven Titine playing beeg too... jus becas
to the Dominica Grammar School. w O Garge senning a leetle rake an scrape
other colleagues, Miss Win.ifred monee foh gay Titine nunh.
Knight and the late Joseph Edwards, you deed pore like hell...cooden read*;
who also taught him, always' confer- -1:is me gake you wat you is now...
red with me on the exceptional Ma Titine's fury mounted; this wes.
brilliance of Keith at school, too'much to bear...She advanced, but
..But as a schoolmaster I emphas- w4s halted abruptly from behind. It
ized two things: character and abi- was Baby, who lived nearby and hearing
lity in that order. Keith was always the fracas, rushed out.
well groomed and well mannered to "Titine, doan worry wid de woman...
his teachers, his fellows and every es take two fool to make a
one with whom he came into contact.' quarrel.. .you know bettah..," But Ma
I was in touch again with Keith Titine struggled.
when he represented Grenada at "Let me go Baby...let me hold that
Caribbean Conferences in Barbados b--h... she will see what I will -give
and Jamaica in the sixties. I was her:, de dam so-and-so." But Baby kept
--en privileged to enjoy his affable pulling her along. Unable to do any-
ty- found him only too thing,- Ma Titine turned towards the
ready to assist me to press Domintab porch,, waving her fist at Ancine.
case in education and other Universi- "You lucky! if it wasn't for Baby...
ty affairs.' Too often other dele- if it wasn't for Baby..."
gates would observe that two Domini- Nat Nathaniel was nowhere to be seen.
eau academic wranglers were con- AlRimA SECESSIOI MOVE
ferring, and that, of course, wa a SECESSION MOVE
source of concern. A three-day convention discussing -
It is good for Dominicans to fresh moves at secession from Antigua
know that Keith Alleyne was no pa by the 62-square-,file ward island of
sive observer in things that =mtte-. Barbuda took place last week. OfficTals'
ed most for Dominica. It will take attending the convention, which .Waa
many generations ofDominicans-to being held behind closed doors, Were
see another Keith Alleyne, and even tight-lipped.
if we find another after a few cen- However, an informed source said
turie s, the circumstances of his the atmosphere of the convention was
cruei death will leave a bitter tastl to Zmake an immediate break with
in the mouths of thousands yet unbor~.tigua, but delegates were very con-
To his sorrowing-wife, children, -. nhed that the implication of a break
near and dear relations and friends, with Antigua was- n't fully understood
my family tenders-sincere condolence. by several attending the convention
--W.S. STEVENS who gave the nod to secede.
*- NIXON'S FRIEND John Ehrlichman, the
And Mr. Stevens, adds this postwript; man de scrib-ed by Prea. Nixon as one of- o
Editor, the NEW CHRONICLE has a his closest friends-and most trustee -
very gross .error on page 1 of last. ssistanta, was convicted of authoris-
Saturday's issue, when- it was stated thle r brglary of a Los A neles p y-
cldatrist office. Sentence g f at n'ta
"In the 1970 elections he" (Mr.All- o' nJy -032. f eon 'ill
eyne) unsuccessfully contested the Patrick Johuf It was in the 1966
Roseau North Seat, losing to the election, and Mr. Alleyne lost to
present Finance & Developmert Minister N.A.N. Ducreay. W.S.S.S

Pn _p .,p, T H1 E T A~ul1

S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S Morchriston RAP (Er,)...As a matter of.fadt,
FOOTBALL Potters Ufiited, after their the monotonous beat 'n' rhythm of
1-- drubbing against Kcnsborbugh Unite1 is; no music at all.. .Personally, I
came back strong to whip Spurs (who hbad know DYiA~iICS will not meet Domini-
played a very good match agaiiist Spar-. cams acknowledgement. ..Live music and
tans) 3-1 in a match whichl produced 3 record sound are two entirely differ-
beautiful goals. The first damae from ent spheres. .So, this week-'end let's
Henry Jackson of Spurs in the first half not be dismayed when we witness anotbh
after the ball had been crscsed 2 or 3' o Draytons 2-typed dread display...
times in extremely lo~~fpasses. On the Anyway, let's thank Vic for there'll
3rd cross, 41aokson bapgdd hoie' leaving be BELLES; STARS, NAKED3EET live;
the Potters goalkeeper ndo chaze. Howi to glossify and overshadow the other-
ever, on resumption after tie interval, wise "KOOL WOSHIE"...Denying me, ehemt
a defence misjudgment re~ilted in Ken-' Well, try WENDY & HER DYNAMICS in a"
neth equalising for Potters Uiited and show alone...AL0NE.. .and prove it:
on that note "Second" Auguiste and--
"Sharpy" Eliwin both iprodu.ed go6d footW AS TS' coupled with his Govt.
ball to.then taka very good'shots to allowances like entertainment and
put. Potters U well on- top 3-1, ;'subsistence allowances which are
"On Tuesday, Halcy6n pinned down high higher than his female Secretary's
rabed Keiniborough U -o a 2-aill draw monthly salary, one is left with the
aiter Kensborough had been leading we34 assumption that the Premier must have
into the 2nd half 2-nil, both goals -r m thrown his salary on .-he RUBBISH DUMP
off the blota: of L.Lewis; However,. .. at Fond. Gole..
Albert Robin for Halcyojdn, ihio a.lway To my knowledge, Mr. Leblanc is
looked menacing got a ooped shot over the owner of an apartment house in
the head of Cletus Popo "6aid about 10 the U.S.A. and saves his money -in the
minutes later, a ball-'pait from Patric Chase Manhattan Bank' overseas, but, in
Pe6mbeton to Jones 1Lahder, who'gave a declaring his assets he made no m'p-
very easy centre pass to Rbbin, resulVted tion of that. And what-ab~oit--the
in the score drawing lev'el- A. few minm. thousands of dollars invested in his
utos later the final his.t was bloj' new Vieille Case house? His fence is
leaving the Kensborough ~'am deflated|a* even valued more than $1,000.00= The
*after having played- a ltazy, relaxed game. Webster dictionary defines the word
'Sie following day,, 7edr'iiesda. Saints ASSET: "Anything advantageous, (2)
after playing a most Lienterprising game items of property available and (a)
lost 2-nil to Spartans.'whb had to p;Lay Total Resourcess" Yet, the Premier
one man short after G.*oibin was put off tends to osarariMe his overseas
the' field for rough tackling A" the. ~.- resources.
terval the soore -stood at love;all. 0ZO Madam, I wonder what are John
resumption a free kicLiG 'iout 10 yards. Royer's assets?
was taken by Viaanh Rend. The'ball ri- .... KELVIN IRARCIS,-Reoeau
cocheted froMVit boo -of. a defended -. .
back to Rene rwho to6k:.a one--timer a OAIVubert John Baptiste d
the coal jy "Bogo" Roy tTillihms leaving goals yseday%, .giVe Gutter Croinas -
him io chaco at all. S'6 ct minutes n over Sp~ .Is taly ud e
m n been higher,- but-prob-ably advantageous.
lator, -a penalty was awhiadod to Spartaa bee iher bu--p'obably dvantageov;
at :.-ap renal* was d-b th Sp a Dantfraicdan.d P. Jeffers scored for SpUrs.-
after aGj.iawrcnce liad beon pushed. ,. .' u .i .tea.. n
Dowhursts shot made--t-- *2-i MORE ^ l The Junorteam is"captinec
TEMENIS Four Senior & 3 Junior by 'u or acmpio, Mtchel Paul,, 1ith
-- -players lft the State yes- Desmond "Winston -and Clifton Lewis. J.C.
Jable-tennis la .5th the of t a
toeiday (18th July 1974)'to represent Josephs, a 5tl member of the
Dominica in the Wind.Is-.'ablo Tennis could no. nakge ,tie trip because of busa.-
Tournament to be hold'.in. St.incent ness cormittments. Junior (under 16 years
from' the 19th-25th July. -The- Snior players 'I, ll e competing -for the first
team, captained by ]Pteorioni6harles, in tie thi"s. ye.aainn t cludes Earl BlacmaAi, Gifford Wiliamp in 1971 T.'i.Ass. thanks -the Iin.of
ad Neilson .Johnson.' A HA, &.:A l thosQ who contributed with



Frinted we ruelashed by the troprzetor .1 .I
t or p
86 Bath Road, Itosequ, Dominica, West Indies.

Friday Ju1v 19, 1974



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