Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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:trs. Jane 1,IaT.AL, Libra ,
Research Ins1ti'Mu for the.
162 East ?7 '1t-cot '
e,~,; ox.10021 IY,. ,;S 2OS
Tei Ptntery 269 ,. Editor 1i61
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Vo XIX. No. 2 .

VirtsHt, "3uct mite. T-ortutA


fi11l vlega rar.ious horrifyiag details of"
I.Q iotrfedy events o4f last weok-end. 16r
t soe 4f our roadara. who gre abrod ad who /
,d a Accoss to local radio aews cover- .
%i^ > We mav say this: during thie past, few
,.fs ~e lost our only arne a ienut ueon's
', gti 3 ( bIutchtrred over 6 land aiapute in
Ui t Kwrt): rwe lost two promising amd vlI
Liked yoing people, one born in ia and
.Ao o fthr of Carib extraetioa;" wma.a -a
iooav aaad in .Pe amout. uid hi a
Si';( A.AIJ: Keit.h ll.C.AJlcy-:ne C.who
%pAs slakled tv death on Savturdav after-
oa.ja, Trevor Bruney,plauter, wa6 arreas-
Q41 wnci e hartu d rhe a he gave himself ap,.
a orewh .swanimerchant, and his girl
:~s kswat' Andrea Graneoath of t ,kinson.,
rer killed ari burned to doath in a hat
:a Pagaa. No 1.rrests are yet reported.

S The Dotrinic Branch of the British- Red
S(Cross Sodiery will br holditdIg ss Annual General
, the Red Cross Headquarters on Fed-.
.ratiov Drive, Good-wiU, on Thursday :7th Jtuiy,
%Y#4 at 5-30 P.m. .

:" Keith

Friday, July 12, 1974

Allevn e .W`i..h hi fi...eJd.
S^,wife Heri ia

"We cannot accept" Ae.
We csanA aeept Wiat the m.derawit
", of bt"ry 1is Naiabe Wa lt"t THE PEOPLE
?tw two, spirit that believe in HM iS THE P L
. isft ienct the most pIwewrft feate
In Aee wofl. Te expewe of. me i CRY FOR
*ri-ra tios tconvinces me that Only t&.A
aesdtng. Wwmaa sirit takltg t stelt
,Bn the froa.t t.H agaiaet Me *clmae "t BREAD
,*;Mateiu It ready to sacriMfe itsew anj
AA 4if 01jimiJf aNet g on I tM U father
~~et a ft esitatM y e tpi. isca AND YOU
w the redl defender of perman p0nWv
iersaim, pace and all bai aty. GI VE
Ga LGILi fJLkr.ioeorges had a
.u.o r.lyu efra THEM TV
ir,: Coure t iJa oot ofr fk
, il.',or.):rern it, a* foot of p.l0.....

Resigns polintcal leadership
fa.i-picked Dep.Premoir Patrick John
was uaderwritten by the. Leblae Lab-
our Party executive 14-4 paiast P,0.
r.ArMur as new Political Leador of
the proesnt rul img Party. Araour them
wre to a nri onea e tt r to Chairma n.
White: the Party, he said, was infiltrated
amw ho objecteti to the procedure.
(2 ll story noxt k) ,

Page Two THE STAR Prid ay... 12t, 1974
On the subject of S.R, & Os *.. Go=paratijre stucdy- recommendations
Historically, British Parliamentary practice is against "delegated
Legislation" as being undemocratic, but it- as found some 200 years ago
that the business of Parliament was so great in Britain that details of
legislation if debated lengthily by ParliamoLt would stretch out time so
that MPs would find themselves working 365 days a year. Therefore in Brit-
ain the Statutory Rules and Orders were introduced, but with many degrees
of Parliamentary control incorporated in thp particular statute authoris-
ing them. One type of such Orders cannot come into effect without prior
approval of the House or may be annulled within a certain time limit if
the House records its disapproval by means of a "prayer" to Her Majesty.
Matters of taxation would invariably be subject to a resolution in the
House. These are the principles embodied in the procedures of Westminster
and set out in May's Parliamentary Practioe.7p.847 16th Edition the
exemplar for Dominica's House ,of Asaembly,
What to nmy mind is very undemocrati -is!the use of S.R. & Os here (now
nai-a. Statutory-Instrument (8.I.) in Britain) for promulgation of unpopu-
lar legislation, particularly regulations. increasing taxation, such as
consumption tax, customs duties, price contrpl etc. Some of these come iun-
der the authority of the Secretary to the Cabinet, some by the Governori
others by the Postmaster Gene r a-l (such as stamps) ... yet postal rates,
the latest revenue raiser (S.R.O. 25 of 1974) was signed by the Acting
Secretary to the Cabinetk
It seems to me thst Members of the House (whether on Government or Op-
position benches) have been lax in guarding their law-making prerogatives.
Inr Dominica, with so few sittings of the HpUGe and so little work to be
done by members, the argument for delegateQ legislation is feeble. As far
ias Ivcan see, the continued use ,of S.R.O; tp such a great extent can only
be justified in cases of emergency or to avqod hoarding or profiteering(as
in, the impl-ementation of budget taxation measures). (concluded on -s=pp.i).
KE I TH H C. ALLE Y E -- brief biographical note
This distinguished son of Dominica was born on 24th February 1918.
He was educated at the Dominica Grammar School andzchieved the Leeward
Islands Scholarship in 1935; thence to University College, London Finals
LLB. 1938; called to the Bar Lincoln's Xh4 May 1959. 2nd Devonshire
Course, Qu-een's College, Oxford, 1948-1949,
LAW CAREER: Keith Alleyne served in prlvateipractice Dominica, 1939-
1943. Registrar Supreme Court (Windward & Zeeward Islands) Dominica 1943-
1949. Msgistrate, St.Lucia, 1944-46. Crowun'Attorney, St. Lucia, 1946-452.
He was Chairman of the U.S.Bases Compensation Committee. Crown Attor-
ney, St. Vincent, 1952-55. Queen's Counsel, 1957. Became Attorney
General, Windward Islands (Grenada) 1955.56. Retired on the formation of
the W.I. Federation. Ag. Judge of Supreme Court 1959-1962 ... St,Kitts-
Nevis-Anguilla, Antigua, Montserrat, Domipija,Grenada. Commissioner to
revise the Laws of Dominica, 1961; Commissioner to Revise the Laws of St. Senator and Attorney General -, prenada 1968 (resigned 1971).*
Antigua etc. Director Dominica Coconut Proqucts Ltd. Consultant Co-op.
erative Citrus Growers Association of Domipipa.
PERSONAL LIFE: Married Hermia, daughter, of Mr.& Mrs. Peterson Shilling-
ford, by whom he had six children Hugo Z Aecturer -in Physics U.W.I.
Brian Attorney at Law
Candia Science Mistrspt, Dominica Grammar School
Ian Motor Mechanic; 'Kenny, and Peter.
Founder member & Pres'ident of the Dominica Conservation Society; member
of the Caribbean Conservstion Association; Pres.- D.G.S. Old Boys Assoc.,
1968. 19st Pres: Dominica Bar Assoc.* Member of Council of Legal Education
u tol1'71 C T VLea dcto

Condole nces to the Alleyne, Daswani -and
b Graneau Families.
S' e Moiurn' the 1kss 'of ,MR. KEITH ALLEYNE
SQ.C. One of Dominica's Finest Citizens, and.
GRANEAU, Two Young Enterprising Citizens.

^ .- ... ,CS Co. o4
L.r: s ""'

/ / -. -~ r / x J.0 1J"1..

Pae Four THE
CANDID UUMMN I'S by W.S. tevens
The "Times Are Out of Joint"
6o wrote Shakespeare over four
hundred years ago. For Dominica it
has become painfully and tragically
more so.
The Moore Park butchery of our
illustrious Keith Alleyne is a
mysterious and tragic act that will
stun thinkers for many a day. The,
facts will unfold themselves but
the pages of our history will be
indelibly tarnished. '
Simultaneously, that same day
July 6, 1974, the Hatton Garden
coast house fire with the bodies of
Varresh Dash and Andrea Graneau -
(charred to death) poses another
criminal mystery unparalled in the
history of Dominica.
Two other incidents of violence
in the north of Dominioa -Ports-
mouth and Penville are staggering
incidents of brutality which will
mark 6th Ju y,A1974 as. the blackest.
day Dominicta has ever known.
C-~G ------ .-------
ettact definition omitted by Editor)
Il leave the above'until tempers
calm and facts: reveal themselves to
deal with an Agricultural Publica-
tion of May 1974 published under the
name of Hon. Thomas Etienne, Minis-'
ter of Agriculture, Trade and Natur-r
al Resources.
The topic "Bush Teas" page 14 has
at paragraph 9 page 16 "0---- G----
V-----" is used as a poison in the
food of an enemy. (Its use in so-
called remedies follows.).
1 this not/dangerous suggestion?
the like of Which I have; never
encountered in all my dabbling in
books, journals or newspapers,
Premier LeBlanc once told Domini-.
cans that he had friends and enemies$
It was in one of his speeches at
Colihaut which subsequently came
over Radio Dominica.
When Minister Etienne publishes
such a statement in his Agricultural
journal, Dominicans have to sit up.
If a drug or herb or plant is poiso.-
ous, it is stated as a warning of
its use. When, however, a suggest-
ion is clearly made of its use to
poison an enemy in his food (the
article -tates that these compounds
cause severe burns of the mouth

ST A R .riday. July 1,. 1974
CANDID COMMENTS -- and stomach), the
Commissioner of -Police and the Medical
Profession Board or Authority must
alert themselves immediately and! take
,pote, and be on the look-out
This is where the Ministry of
Agriculture and the Government of
Dominica have landed us.
The publication has been distri-
buted to farmers and interested per-
sons in agriculture.
Fortunately or unfortunately a
Copy was not sent to the President o0
the Dominica Farmers Union. Perhaps
those responsible for distributing
the journal felt I was not good
enough to be favoured with a copy.
But I say two things now:- (i) That
the Attorney General take due cogni-
Oance of it and ask that it be immei-
Aiately withdrawn; (ii) That it is a
dangerous suggestion for semi-literate
persons or those obsessed with
having enemies.
Again I ask: "Whither Dominica?"

(Children's Tales by Dorothy Jolly)
Dorothy Jolly .is.a Dominican, and
this little booo will, perhaps, be
on sale in our two bookshops soon
It is really charming the natgM
characters are part pf Trinidad and,
Tobago, so our children can get ac-
quainted with them, and perhaps some
day Mrs Jolly (n6e Fortune) will
come back to hex home place and wkite
about our wild and lovely creatures
as well. The author says that these
stories were written primarily for
8-12 year old children. As the
rn' idad Guardian review said
"In Nature's Way' is the latest
contribution to the growing list of
books of stories for children growing
in the Caribbean. Children in this
country and in the other neighboring
lands will find them interesting and
The stories will extend their know-
ledge of the natural environment which
.s, so important to conserve while
teaching them lessons in kindness,
obedience and others which children
4eed to carry with them into the
workaday life of adulthood. "
QUOT13: "We are descending into an age
in which two and two will make five
when the leader says sO."

Fri ...... Jtd y a2 f1107S P, F ve

In the Estate of
Any person having claim against the
:. of Victwr Addison Blanchard late
jof Oid Street, Roseau, Dominica, who
died on the 13th day ot March 1973,
whose will was proved by Wilson Du-
-, :i v and Louis Corriette the Executors
therein named on the 26th day ot Octo-
ber, 1973, is required to send particulars
thereof in writing to Mr. Wilson Dupig-
ny at Dupiguy's Store, Long Lane, Ro-
S:'. Dominica on or before the 31st day
of July, 1974, after which date the exe-
cutors shall proceed to distribute the as
,is having regard only to valid claims
then notified.
Dated the 26th day of JunIe 1974-




The toothpaste which has been formula-
ted to do what a good toothpaste should
do remove food particles and prevent
the build- up of plaque which harbours
decay- causing bacteria. Besides, its safe
polishing agents leave the teeth gleaming
ODOL is also obtainable with added
fluoride which has definitely been proved
to harden tooth enamel thus reducing the
incidence of dental decay.
So for effective dental care
OBTAINABLEK am Distribusm
"M s DaNimf DlIn SMSiSmTf' LfE
-w -- *

tual -w..~LI U, t--.

*. wr" r/ w r! f .E A ~4 .'

., -

Pace FRve

FiidaY. lalwIstv
F r' a,74



i~schdesiApit*tei fwo 4111ofe & Iw efo 197a4
& Caveiti ftar week awdine 294s <&y of je 19 ^

or teerse ar n

Request dated Paul Edward' Request for the
the 24th day Alsxander of a First Cer.ifcate
of Aagut by his Solicitor f Title in respect
1973. F.. DeNazon a portion of land
Presented tke known as Ti Jar
,27th day of at Halety Gepd n ay
June 1974 at in the Parish of S
1220 p.m. Patr-ick, ia the Ssow
| .,,,.,.,,- of Domin ica m cOntas
ins 1.G23 acres andi
|beendd as folhowe:.
North West by lands of Annie Laurent, East by a Ravine seps
rating i'. from jands of Nathanle Phas-oah, South East by lands
of BAnnie laurent and also lands of Green Pierre South bvya
Public ,oad, We-'t by a Ravine separatingn g it fr lante on
1Howell AlexandMr. a

Request date4
the 24th day
of Auuast
Presead tka
S2,7t day of
Jiue 1974 at'
1342 p.a.

Paul Edwaxrd
by his Solicitor
F.E. Degazon

Request for tSIe IsaS
of a Firzt Certificatek
of Title in respect !
a portion of laInd
known as a lot. at
Ha fley in the Parish
of St. Patrick, in tthe
State of, Dominica
contI&ng 3.0"6

ares- ad wel we foiAlrw -
North-West by a Pubtfc Road," Est by ladds of dte daughters
'of Edward Alexander, South-East by lands of Sylvester Green
David Andrew and a Public Road, South.Wen, by lands Season

I ~sJarrr

Rewent diate
the 24th day
of August
Presented the
27th day of
June 1974 at

South '. Ji
neth Kandrson,
East by a PubHc R

Paul E[Award Reqvest forh
Alexander of a First Certificate
by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
F.E. DeasoES a portion of landM
known as Rache
Filec at Harsegy
Grand Bay, in tis Pa?1
risik of St. Patrick, is n
-> --- the State of DoEminica
containing 0.687

of Doris Efizte, Christina Slanc., and KeA
South East by a Public Road North
Load North. .Was: by a PubLc Road,.


Reque..t dated Neville Wilfred Request for the issm
the 3 st day Williams and of a Firat Certificate
of May 1974- Merle -Jaiau. of Title in respected
Presented the Williams anS a portionaa of land
27th day of tenants in CoMM.A kna4wn 6 as bt at &
Jw-. 1974 at neon in equal i i atmn, i the Parisah '
2.40 .m.- shares of St. PFi in te
bIy their Solicitor State of wseMinea .
C*am A.M. containing 9.111
uDEpi.ZS I acres and l A d
----- ----,----. as fowsw. |
North by Irand of DMne! isrmeT. North East by land t
Daniel isrmea. E&T0 by qivid of Sherwood Estte &
Daniel IsrnmenSuth.East by vand of Oltfis Thonmn s~'est by
i an f LAwreate Francl parity tsearated &y a Ratvie.
South West by a KRoad.

aemaat dad Forbes Parillon
the 6th day and Feramand
of Jame 1974. Pariam as teat
Pmeented the ants in Coma-
2th day of en in equal
June 1974 at shares
3.50 pia. by tleir sSoiciter
I Usna AM.
____ _J_ DuJ^i^_

Reqsat for the aseM
of a First Certvsate
of ride ia repect od
a prtiesf. Il
known as a IAt at
Col&AUt, in dh PFr
isk of St. Peter, ema.
wsquizue fiet. a" sa
&d^ as f*MbW6:,;

Nornh by land of St. Geo-crgeThomas; East by ColacOt
Rh'.r: Sowth-West by laid of Theadore LceatEe:
Waest by a Public RoWt.

5 4 74 aU6 Gmmheete LClasajt s Ca-
Prheented Vby 6W SV qC 24 6 74 M. EenaBB da fis Ca fth
at 11.35 &m. sifCAdp in ^^eea oaw f
-"*-----i^~>~^ A L-Pwtkeia ofS kmw
baws a a*a at
'-~OI01 fwsS M~ka tm ^a
Puri*h vi SL. Luke '
I stainingg 971 XQar fee t and Mbat feas i
AeWth Led s t Bler CLates, Et LAn of SaLsd Aof
such awAceoan Rtand sMWrassiag k free WlW f eSOasy &Wr4a0

Chea e on Abi auen ojr COtae !aph of TMe aS :
duwreon *Ad Cae for weak ending is t jrly a-
soea.s -of ELa oe
31 7 73 &ieate & ef Moete
0rosesirtedl VeaBnso Ga*- Vrtg -a'
1 7 74 .ma Wbeh -as0 I
61 12.25 pma Join aUh for the ks" of
by teair Sficitor ft first aritfKicato MF
M. EtSai in aspee af s.
SCharesi partian of la"f kw
Ias a Raidothal 6Et in
Rtaev w iw thee Pareihai
Of .A UGeorge? cwnttin I
in 971 siquae fast tad boeaf&p as fkoea ws
Seath.-Wst- Uppw Lan: NLow.-W Lhedse of Lmi ,
ChOares: NornshEasc LSS( of Estate !wephsaps Beweriwama; <
South Em Lad of %SqpAmts Rewrtzsma A 1 dt jas 1epT
rveqiasat dr Lisa Defoe wn t aie t k f Us n-
3T. 5 74 by.her Soiciter Dwfe for do ka e'I
Presfflnted M. Engenias ao i firstsetifA&a
4 7 74 of tMV M* at --0---- >-EL a m*iram of Lado 'Ti1

'ihof SL t.Josep
nBiaiml 1313.3 wsages feat asd hbrfAW IM febges:-
Motnk WeaWp4 prpYy ofE Wiliams4 P!, iots Eanh
Pn*proyf -?fl Wess; iPrspierty f iLareeiw.
v ^aat. sSa^^vr M

NOTE: Any prsi* w*s esires. to obeps to the or a
Cardcase of Ckde oA the above appwicathia6ay Waser a
I the ambaw ai apparauce of zhis stdwidule is the STAA Nawspawer pubbshed
1 4is Shne 52 (from the data when the ocke ;Lrie hT
taw wa les served am any owsafr or oW Of
kad #n resea of wht* the appcadtW e laie.


ifor w._ 4 !ttt





Friday, 7 12,. .74

Paze Seven__

P.Vri ay ju J i(,_- --- .Jul 1, .1. ..4 ,-- ,.. .
Fiction MA TITINE Cynthia Watt MA TITIiE -- She shook her head.
Roseau was all aghast with the "Poor usi in this island. What an
news. Mr Keith Alleyne Q.C. was ugly name for the place...a place
dead hacked to death over a land which used to be so peace-loving,
dispute, so the report went, hospitable to strangers...
Baby rushed over to Ma Titine's had such a good name although t was
as she always did under stress. a su a s
"Titine you see wat you deed so poor compared to the other islands.
"Titin de odder dayou see wat you deed ow it's bad, bad like hell."
ay de odder day? Onlee mudder, Baby agreed emphatically. "An dey
mudder, mudder? Well look Mistah pa ea eToorisBoarlx-
Alleyne dead." --doee people at de Tooriss Boardx--
"Mr Alleyne which Mr Alleyne?" sennin delegate to Mattinik; to try
Ma Titine wanted to know, yne a get tooripe foh de islan...dey have

"Mistah aieff Alleyne de QC4" gots papah! aftah all dqt happenin
11Oh noZ"1 Ma- Titine exclaimed heah, wat taste people will have to
"Oh no. Ma Titine exclaimed : so ,
"I canrt believe it! What really Come to Domeeneeka? Yo modeep "
SMa Titiine sighed deeply "Well,
"I tell you Mistah Alleyne dead. well, everywhere in the world today
A fella from Mon Pak chop off he there is trouble too, but I find
head. I heah de fella sen an call pomeeneeka come criminal too rapidly..
heem -he write heem an he phone just like a child that overgrow. Baby,
heem -bout some lan bisniss...wen honest, I fed up. I think I'll go
Mr Alleyne re:np fella say he se abroad for a change. Eurilla and her
Mistah Alleyne pokkit big...he dos4 husband are tired of inviting me to
know if is a he doan take come and spend some time with them in
nb chance...he chop off he head," New Rochelle. I long to see them and
Ma Titine bank in a chair, her young Steve too...l think this is a
hands to+ hper head good time to go...this place is get-
"Woy, woy, woy. what a terrible ing me morbid and fearful. Yes,
thing...and his wife not even in 11 go and visit them."
Domeeneeka: Poor lady' what a horri-l WE CAN:'T FORGET HIM bHugLawem
ble shock." HugWhaawe
"You know wat make me vex aagaint j Doctor Ramcharan,once our dental
Is de way dey say de news on Radio surgeon for nearly twenty years, has
Domeeneekal I cannot ondarstand left Dominica together with his
Gens Dominique nunh' wass waicheno" family:back to his native land -
Baby continued indignantly. "Dey Trinidad.
making so moch daybas bout libel wen A gentleman to his backbone, he
dose newspaper write sortin tings served us with patience and human
an wen sometime dey say Zong news uiddrstanding When he told me he
on de radio, dey not making no noise,!' was leaving us at the end of June
SAt Ma Titine s look of enquiry, last, as his contract was up, I just
she went om, "Well dey say wen dey could not believe it,
announce de deff 'a man from Potts-p Dominica has lost a perfect
mouf arress foh de deff'...dat is gentleman. We cannot forget himn
givin a place a bad name. Dey shoo4 and we shall ever pray that he may
check deir facksabefoh dqrannounce continue his good work together with
tings like dat on de radio. How is his religious commnitnat. .
dat Big A tell us everything correck* May God continue to bless him
Enbenh; de place coming wuss an wuss." and his,family! H.L.
But there was more horror to comq--
Sunday morning1 Baby burst in agita-i RIVAL GODFATHERS
tedly: "Titine! Bondieu! wat happen"- New York: Bitter hatred between two
in to Domeeneeka nunh? Look I jus powerful New York Mafia families ap-
heah dey bunn Ash Dash an his gull pears to have flared into a gang war.
fren at Hatton Garden an bunn de Police fear the Wounding o? a man auA
house too." the discovery of a body in the East
Ma Titine's hand flew to her River man the rival mobster families
mouth. "What. more crime again?" of the Colombos and Gallos have deci-
(next col). ded on a showdown.

TO ._ i ___ T---I -i n "l <~-/l

rage ,Liht '~ -.~ : ..~.:, ~': ~kiIL StAR

iFriday, July 12,

E~i~ad~bJ 74

S 'rl.~. o REGISTRAT0o4 ACT.

Sfr-hedulp -f Aip!i~Gtohn fo10 Cert;ficate of Titehanid Notinp
th-reor'aa Caveat, ff6 week ending 6 h day. o.ft,.y f ?74

Date Requested Persd

h Presenting Nature of reciiest wheth-
er a Certificatie of"Ttle of
Noting thereon or Caveat.

Reaueit dated Martha Daniel Reviest for the issue
29th May hy her Solicitor of a First Certificate
1974 Vanya Dupigny of Title n respect of
Presented lst a .port on of land
July 1974 at known as a lot at
2.13 p.m. Marigot in the Par
rish of St. Andrew,
in the State of Domt-
nica 7r.n'taininfg
1.170 acres and
bounded as follows:-
North.East: land of Martha Daniel: East: land ofPata Castor,
OCemon Burnett. and Beckette Robin; South land of Simon
James aid A right of way separating it from iand of Marks
Abraham: West: land of Peter Samuel, Audrey Samuel and a
Putc C "

Request dated
14(h June
Presented sit
July 1974 at
9 14 a.m.

a I Ill

by his Solicitor
Vanya Dupigny

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
- at Warner in the. Pa
rish of St. Paul.; n,
the State pof Dota-
. anica containing
19008 square feet
and bounded as fol..-

Nor.h fands of Alpohonsia Rebert & Humus Luke South
land of Qihristian Leblan East lands of Boyd Charies & Evonna
Luke "South.West lands *of Joseph Luke & Newman John
Baptist i l l l___l I

Requ< t dated] Constance
2nd July 19741 Astaphan
Presented 4th by her Solicitor
July 1974 at Vanya Dupigny
9 20-a.m i

North.West:- Keinedy Avenue
Fagan South.East; land of Edward
WVest and of Wilfred Smith.-,

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
known as a lot at
Roseau in the Parish
of St. Georg'e, in the!
State of Domrinica
ccntai:aing 70
square feet ftr- b.un.
ded as-olow,.
North-East: land of Emily'
Fagan (deceased) South

-Scnedule .f App.icadcn iur Certificate of Title and N4ttns
ther.or' anrd Caveats for week ending 13th day or iu v 1974

Recu-sat dated Germainae
the 2 day i Augustine
of Juv 1974.. by her Solicitor
Pres-nted the Cilma A.M
8th Cay of' Ddpigany
July 19.74 at
10O Q a.m. i

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
at Zicack, Ports-
mouth, in the Parish
of St. John, in the
State of Dominica

containing ,3093 square feet and bounded as follews:-
North by rand of David M LIberd; South by Bedford Strea"
East by Middle Lane. West- by land of Flora George.
cOrdt nycv ncsAumr


m I .. . iii mmll I III I m mlml i

* Registrar's )Offi
Roseau, Dominica.

Registrar of,Tttl-s

NOTE: Any person who desires to bblect to the issuing of a
Certificate of trtle on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date of th'e First]
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published .
in this State or from thi date when the notice prescribed by
law was lase served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
, land in respect of which the application is made.


The family of the late Keith: Affeyne
wish to thapk all those who have exten-
ded their-condclences and have so kind-
1l, assisted in many ways during their
recent sad bereavement.




The pupils and staff of the Massacre School
express their sincere gratitude to the many:
firms and persons who in some way or an-
other contributed to the success .pf -their
(Mahaut-Massacre Improvement Committed
School Fair held at Masspcre on June 3oth,.
B.:Enenae, Principal.

R-au:!_-, t dated Ruffin St Luce Requeat for the issue
the 0Oth day by his Solicitor of a First Certificate!
6f July 1974. CilmA A.M of Title in respect of
Presented the Dupigny a portion of land
10th day of at Salisbury, in the,
July 1974 at Parish of St. Josephi
3 25 p.m. ___in the State of Domji
4.l nica containing
; 13,600 square feet
and bounded as fol-
r:i : ows- Georg-e:
North oy land ol Wiltx-Elie; South by land ofI Adosie George
East. by a Dry Ravine seoara'fig it ram iand of Renard Barry
West by land of Devos lno-Bao'ite North West by an Access separating it trorti land of Augustina William and Milta j-hn
- -----. '' ....... -,-,- ,--" ---
Request dated Veronica Shil- Application of Veron
27 6 74 lingford as ica Shilingford as
Presented personal rep- personal represented
11 7 74, resentative of tive of Phyllis Win-
at 10.55 a.m. Phyllis Win- ston for the issue of
ston deceased a first certificate of
vy her Solicitor title in r-spect a po-'
M. Eugenia tion of land at New.
. __Char les town. Roseau. in the
Parish of St. Georgc.
c{-nta rng 8 51 square feet and bounded as follows:-

North-West: Land of Vina WinstO; North-East: Land of
Vivian Green; South Eas: Bath Road. South West i
Cornwall Street.


ridayv July 12. 1974g: T H V
BANANA- NOTES by W.S. Stevens
" Members of the Farmers Union will
be glad to learn that the World Fedr
eration of Farmers, with headquarters
in Brussels; Belgium, have acknow-
1 edged ieceip.t of our big resolution
of March 10, 1974 passed at the
Goodwill Parish Hall, requesting an
independent inquiry into the conduct
of the Banana Industry. The Federa,.
tion has asked for mpre details and
hoped that the Dominica Government
as well as the U.K. Government has
done something about it. That in-
stitution is forwarding a copy to
the Internatiaaltabour Organization,
The Ministry of Overseas Develop:
ment also acknowledged receipt of
the Resolution.stating that it was
receiving attention.
Two University men Mr Hosein
and Mr Room Daswere appointed sub-
sequently to look into the Banana
Business in the Leeward Islands. Mr
Das was to see the Agricultural
people and the Managing Committee
in Dominica first and then to, meet
banana growers and get to know theig
problems in the early part of June
last. So stated the M.O.D. release.
Banana Grower have not seen M.'
Das yet. Probably the Government,
the D.B.G.A. and The Management Comi-
mittee under Mr J.Robinson, have pui
the problems of the banana growers .
before Mr Das, who is satisfied thai
the job is complete.
But as President of the D.F.U. I
shall make my report of the .Hosein-T
Das research and eXaercise *. if
neither of them turns up. -in accord-
ance with the M.O.D. release .to do
the job they were sent to do. -W.S.S
The novena preparatory to the
feast of St.Anne will start at Mas-
sacre on Wednesday, July 17, 1974 ati
7.30 pm. Every evening the devotion
will be held at 7.30 pm, except on
Sunday July 21, when they will be
held at 7.00 pm. During the novena
no Mass will be said in the mornings.
The solemn celebration of the
feast will this- year be kept on Mon.,
day, July 29.
We extend a warm and hearty wel-
come to our many hundreds of pilgrims
from inside and outside of the parish.
- FrF.R.Van den Berghe,Parish Priest.

STAR Page -Nine
Prince Charles, the 25-year-old
Sheir to the British throne, is get -
ting a 17th century mansion with 115
rooms and 3,000 acres of grounds for
his bachelor pad. "Most young men
would expect to have their own home
by the time they are his age. He
will appreciate a place of his own,"
said an official at Buckingham Palace.
"Marriage rumours surrounding the
Prince have nothing to doa with his
decision to take the place," the
spokesman added, referring to press
speculation that Charles is planning
to marry Lady Jane Wellesley,-the
23-year-old daughter of the Duke of
The mansion is Chevening House,
near Sevenoaks, 25 miles southeast of
London. It was willed to the nation
by the Earl of Stanhope, who died
without an heir in 1967. He asked in
his will that Charles be invited to
live there. The Prince is now on
active duty with the Navy. He is ex-
pected to move into Chevening House
next year after it has been renovated.
Buckingham Palace said the' reno-
vation will be paid for by a trust
fund left by Lord Stanhope, which
also pay for the maintenance of the
house and grounds. But Charles will.
provide his own staff. The Prince
will live in the main part of the *
House, which has four hitting rooms,
Buckingham Palace said Charles:,
would use Chevening as his country .
home and would keep his three-room-
apartment at the Palace in London,.
The Sixth Meeting of the Fourth
Session of the Second Parlianent
under the 1967 Constitution will be
held at the House of Assembly, Gov-
ernment Headquarters, Roseau, at
10.00 a.m. on Wednesday 7th August,
QUOTE: "National Socialism -i a
form of Socialism, is emphatically
revolutionary, A2e- crush the
property owner just as-surely as
it crushes the worker
author of "ANIMAL FARM" and
1 a 8 4

Twill ~z~rn~A1~

Prid-av. July 12.1974

PaaMge KA j I S
S*T*A*R*S*P*O*A*T*S Morchristgn LE AUT IE L C T 1 C S
FOOTBALL WORLD CUP We have just receivedra full
West Germany. for the second time range -of.
in the history of World Cup Football .A V 0 N P R 0 DUC T S.
are champions. In the final match We also sell thbe well known
played at Munich on Sunday July 7t4, JEAN NATE PR 0 DUCT S.
West Germany defeated Holland 2-1. And...
Holland .scored first off a penal- Doit forget your G R 0 C E R IE S
ty kick in the first 60 seconds of when -shopping: ours are always:
the match. Twenty-four minutes late from very fresh stocks .
West Germany equalised also off a *** MA R I E K.A-R A M'S ***
penalty kick. Five minutes, before
the interval, Muller found the nets *HALAFAY PRESIGNING
again for West Germany and the match These kind of half-resignation .tactics
Holland p~rssed for all they were do not take me, Loblack, in. Dr Eric
worth in the second half, but the 1Williams- was a tutor at Howard University,
Germans, refused to budge. a-. man of brains, in economics etc. So
On Saturday, the match 'to decide therefore when he proposed to resign, the
3rd place between Brazil and Poland people did not ask him to remain because
was won by Poland 1-nil, leaving the of back-pay or--o play dominoes all day
1970 champions in 4th place. with John Quashie. They asked him noot
Muller, scorer, of the winning goal to resign because of his brains; the *ay
between Holland and West Germany, in which he could decide the destiny of
has announced his retirement from the country in political affairs, economy,
first-class football. etc. etc. Again I say, thatts why the :
CRICKET ENGLAND TAKES REVENGE people asked him not to resign.
England, for the third time I;: f the political leader of the Labour
crushed India in their 3-match test Pirty here, E.O.Lebblanc,. wants to resign
--series which concluded one day befca why beat airoind the 'bush? He's not tied---
the scheduled end, although the 1st' up by anyone.
day's play was abandoned. India, for That'is hot what I expected of r,. -
the first time in the series, batted Leblanc, due to- the fact -that'-he has a
first and made things easier for national interest ih Dominical, national
England. All out 165. England's re.- pride, seeing that law and order, finan-
ply, 459/2; Amiss 79, David Lloyd cial aspects of the country and many
214, n.o., Deness 100 and Fletcher 6ther importait'matters have got out of
57 no. India's 2nd innings 216,thus his hands, for the preservation of'the
losing by an innings and 78 runs. Country he would resign as Premier, call
LEAGUE FOOTBALL Kensborough United, a general election and let the people
in their 2nd match, managed- to snatch decide at the polls.
a 4-1,win over Potters United after That is what I expected from Mr.Loblaic.
struggling for most of the match lat Does he not agree wi-rith me -
one-all, got 3 quick goals in the EG.LOBLACK, Roseau.-
final 10 minutes to clinch victory e .he puation of Alle as a
convincingly. Potters U scored first ;nent lawyer. was well niown. H was ro~ #
through Ralph, but EiChristopher, ,. owned for hisa erudite views of the lati
.,and the very tragic circumstances--in
with a penalty, equalized for Kens- which his life was cut short have served
bOrough U in the first half. The to underscore to us all that any good- -
match continued that way until the that we can do let us do it now for we -
match continued thatball not pasl theizs way, aUai 0,Te Qpurt
Potters goalkeeper fumbled a save nds solace in the hact EhaN *fs written-
which skipped through his arms and udgns.hen acting as a Puisne Judce
remain o erve the aros."-Justice. Bisnop.
J.: Lewis. scored. This goal demora- kA..
lised the Potters team and in the The mac CeI Vn--Lt- *d
next 5 minutes, Roy Murphy scored i aans ended in a love-all draw.
twice. .... ...~partan ended in a love-all draw.
SOn Sund, 7t July, -Harle Rover won easily-2-nil-against Saints. For
.arlem Rover/ H.Enlmanuol and- U, .ontfra1 ,were scorers. Gutter Crowns won their Sst
match when they defo'td Halcy.n 1-0. op W day. Trevor Bortrand soored*. -- -

MT1111,0U. e rtsulibl.Le ,y 0110 fl'Upr..LELU.L' ,geAlitrey 01 UOtt.tlail 7111 110USS.
at 96 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominicia, \Test Indies.

T * rAT

Supplement (i)


I take strong.objection to Mr.
W.S.Stevens' observations that:
"the General Secretary of the C.S.A.
seems to regard Back Pay as of
greater importance than non-payment
of monthly salaries through lack of
revenue." Mr. Stevens is the per-
son least qualified to speak on the
question of priorities for the G.S.A.
and its General Secretary. It was
the same Mr.Stevens, who in 1969 as
Minister for Education andHealth
swore to have Mr.Saivarin, S.S.A.
General Secretary, removed from his
post as Assistant Master D.G.S.,
because Mr.Savarin had said at a
meeting of teachers that "teachers
are the most overworked and under-
paid persons in the public service.P
If Mr.Stevens were still a Minister-
of Government, what would he have
the General Secretary of the C.S.A.
do over the late payment, not non-
payment, of May salaries
Mr. Stevens must not forget the
vendetta that he and his Government
colleagues waged against Mr.Savarin
and the G.S.A., neither must he for-
get thatmhe, as part of the LeBlanc
troupe, successfully came through
two General Elections on the back of
earlier Salaries Revisions. If from
the sidelines he san see the faults,
the arrogance, the duplicities, the
rank stupidity of his ministerial
days, then let him repent, but let
him do so without casting aspersions
=a the C.S.A. or its General Secre-
tary. :TEACHER,
now serving in Roseau.
related by PICHEAU
0 Dominica whose beautiful "Lords
Day" was now the ruth-
less so-called Leaders, who do not
keep you Holy. 0 Cross on which our
Saviour hung to free we Dominicans
now called Dummy-IN-A-CANS. 0 shoe
that kicked the Law and Order which
the Lord made when he came down to
save man Domi-in-a-can. 0 -what in-
sults against intelligence, the in-
telligentsia getting more foolish,
and the foolish ruling the intelli-
gent. It is the reverse of the be-
trayal of the Lord. 0 what of Educa-
tion kicked down by the same shoe,

S T AR. I riday,. July 218 4
(fr.col.l) Teachers to teach have
become Professors of miscellaneous
exercises. Taxpayers money down the
dpain to train at Erdiston ece. 0
how proud we are to tell the future
youth to go to the abyss, once we
said goodbye, our hearts got harder
just for a couple of dimes.
0 how I love to see our Coopera-
tive officer, oilr Family Planning,
our Local Governments man, our adult
Education man, our Social Welfare
man up in the East etc. 0 monays
there will be a time when these boys
will need you for saying "No" I
prefer to educate the generation to
come, than to keep Dominica in igno-
rance. The master is so cunning when
all these big names are called, it
baffles the ignorant, and gets them
more semi-loco.
0 how I stake my life, send back
those teachers to teach and you will
have a better Dominica. That is why
Amos and the others are afraid.
:Sunday* Dominica, why have they
changed..your name?
O men of Dummy natures, rise up
and stop beimg fooled: There-is one
saying that goes. like this, !'I the
land of the blind the one-eyed, man
is King -- Picheau.

What sad news that emerged from
the North this last weekend. It was
indeed a succession of violence.
Saturday morning, one Joseph Nelson,
a fellow who jobs at the Cinema, was
arrested for allegedly beating almost
to death another fellow '-y the name
of Camille at the marketplace.
Joseph was arrested pronto, bail was
refused and he was in a cell until
Sunday when he was remanded to Roseau.
The fellow who was: beaten up was in a
critical condition, hemorrhaging from
nose, ears, eyes, mouth and his teeth
dropped out, due to bad head injuries.
The doctor is watching his condition,
whether he will survive.
Then comes Q.C4Alleyne's terrible
end, beheaded by a one-time friend;
then the young merchant 'Dash' and
his girl-assistant -roasted to death
in their small home; then again a
man from Penville almost chopped off
the arm of another. A series pf vio-
lent acts. I can't understand what is
wrong with our world today .-CHRISTIAN.


INC S4f Aft Fri days JUlY ~t _
WflOSlW~9 awneua~~M~ ~ tat' -- ~,n~t*~$t3IIflr0WS't

BIUMlED 1MA AtlIW ... or Speaoter (p.2)
TIat S,.ua wn ere uwd, by h'sy i Amim-
istraters is sMeasnr of the ua*hc.tcratwis
.AifLe'h-:OcA* of slosial Bakle 1te rfeann, am
*p 'sA to exemea, for the As# oIf SMS W e'
.semas to be shner a3iass ad ran i5 -y se
igna steM of Beoboris m, Cabimet. Mr theo
Govermant (an 1y Cabinet) it
is a cM'rouieat way of datai4tem ag power
vitheat agw wMit, amd raising amy to re-
pliOe wakes ifaffieitetly sa a step
to shoddy diet&torship.
I sggpat to bsok-b"anarse of the Gew -
sent a14A an. to all. B ar f ltse Oppes-
itis ,tes t ttby commIt the reference in,
*Mays# sad s *nealyep Iar rtaest SA.S.
thakt is issmA oven Um plaierate of Sk-
Idays Framlgud Fby the overmrW, which e
tWis -. is&aement.ry &weat ftafford
(at::- Xall sNet Deisiaems are fa m2rs,aat
farre seldom havea a .oom o take real
holiday like slerkta)$ Let the People 's
Repre ientatiwves have a cheek b n the
SjAL.s tat have. ben paUblised in. the,
last tem years atd na for themselves hew
d.aseracy to beaig mdrmaaied --UBs lot
them lemk at the enabling a&t which is
Stf.A as baiotg the &at m ra which the
Ar4et, It.prnJranit.du.I-stkl a*t, ed-
statA faoibw at the 900" will verY *"a
se AMAt it is I on kbing &at
Meti te lTh bAs of Baoot saits 8 katrs &
af ter som M8 daqs a yetrw t t awrk.

TWT O.^.v.17K 0.L^? 1 P..pS. A:: r-:
-1 ova KXtAh stis e hef ans a sterabi e
ckoirbey vwti his U. r ts.. ( ..: :
RA' sorvinse), in the A':$5. waeh SS
wa .*a-nz.-at.i'D.Gly '**owey- and witty, an itf &e
fharf to hel eve tUt eves -'.ke is >?-, ara.j2
of morAn.a aplinatiem which oe<& hi se-
eerie rise free. 1el. to brrtSiar at
age *1. As Bsoo as I 'eArd of his e&tart-
retading dahg, Itatts- Arstld'. feWwe.- li)*
'9 barn a days stiae wits were freak a
clear' sproag t mind. ftr Zsith Was z Wa
vivr in tIm beat senate of the ter.,... E
who waaw few to live and laugh wat mjwy
friendsh&lyp; yet beoad that wsty prtO4alt
existed a grat sholar &a ad. a with a
divtiton to GaMAses his family,
Imen f rights, satsr es rvaer stion am[
all justice.
The mraer ef this brilliant stawek
-o teb. I e*vn fiad it hard to write tUas
few liies, so will eat by qaettag agP fta
AraSeld's 'Scholar GQApsy's
&at thoe poi.efsast a itartal let,
AMd we isa ai e xempt tro o:. e *

; a ia Prel as prsF8 vuNtil
Poture- fea~lsf firw17 not.
PRICZ r n MW. ... tI&8
Airt"-' "E la S iSS4- 5/

&mininn~mnrnwflUflinflfl4sSW a

V.J MOTORS Ltd. Wishes to Extend Sympathy to
the Alleyne, Daswani and Graneau Families, and Mo:wr.
the loss of MR. KEITH ALLEYNE Q.C One of
Dominica's Fi aet Citizens,

GRANEAIU, T.- Gr.tie Yo1 a-,' Ci'izem. who died
so Tragicay N.' week.



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