Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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L4 'dricr -

Vel. XVLI No. 1i

Friday, April 19, 1974

Since and even before the CS.A. rally
on National Day, which was such a signal
-.L .. .he we arng of shirts emblazon-d
with slogans and in the colours of the proc
agonists has provoked much interest and
The shirt h1s been asked as a symbol
4f protest against bad conditions of
work since the time of the "Song of the
Shirt*by Thomsa Hood. There fre when
eanloyees wear shiirts decorated with
*7s-bola aand slogans they are only fol-
loving an old traditional practice, re-
vivad in BDomiica through the ingenuity
of Glongraphica. and by request..
On May Day, VA#U will be wearing alo-
ganed shirta to the Anglieaii Church -
thai- year the establishment venue for ..
~stagt re a faTai, dx'tjead oi0 the 'old
sla3y A0y practice of joint TV observanee.
DA &W al so ceIebrated alone last year.
Iltba members of the CSA wore T-shirts
t4 work this week bearing slogans "A
Fair Miniumm is ftir for Ewvryone" and
concludedd on page eight)

UUWI new Vice
Mr. Aston Preston has
been appointed Vice
Chancellor of the Uni-
versity of the West Indies
Swift effect from 1st April.
He succeeds Sir Roy
Mr. Preston was
priouly Pro Vice
l Chancellor (Financ).



Mr. & Mrs. Elias Nassief & family
sincerely thank and express their ap-
preciaion to all friends & customers
for their kind expression of sympathy
and assistance given during and after
the disastrous fires which destroyed
their main business premises in Mar-
ket Square. and several buildings at
Geneva Estate.

A short-work week after the Easter holidays
has again diminished this week's ssue. How
ever we DO appear regularly.

r -.1

MSJUair, April 17, 1974 as to be Day of
i tegration with a'l r ,the Asocire.d Stleis
nignin the Carieem Treaty. In fact, only
throe Associatod Ststes Dominion, Stj.Acia,
and St.Vineeat signed. To quote Prime Mia-
istor G'iry *the ancient mafarcho of oent-
sarrat and the independent state of GrMneda*
signed but Anatigua and St.Kitts.refrained.
Premler Bradshaw, give permission to sign
Obu t not for Anguilla for. the time being" by
the British Government, angrily read out the
correspondence, Nswented that other state
signed without qualifications, and refrained
since *the British Government has amlicionsly
obtraded itself to block the full operation
of the Law (i.e. the terms of the 1987 Com-
stitation of St. Kitts, Nevis sad Augailla).
'" ila last woek a'baittied a draft*(lgpai^

Two most o pular candidates

rameoia Mitterand Giseard d 'gstaing
(tar to page foar)

Page .-g'o.-. T H E S T A P Friday, April 19, 1974
.CAND'I D C0 0 I iE T .. by 1, Z. STEVENS
The Grand~~revolutiobh" State of -nerenc-and that Com ission
I searched my mind assiduously to. Writing pn The State of Emergency
find a suitable tern' for what happened at Grai4 Day I must say it was belated. Grand Bay, the largest The radio broadcasts between Premier
village in the"south of Dominica. Leblanc and, House of Assembly IIember
Without doubt -the unfortunate RS. Fiad.le, this ..out.."
pHenomenon has seriously- blurred the The composition of the subsequent.
iaa3e of Dominica. -t is, in the Commission of Inquiry does not" refl .ct '
words of Wordsworth's. sonnet, "Another the iaup and. inspire confidence in I-r
deadlyblow". LeBlancl" ability to handle such an
There are just two or three points important matter or to-'demonstrate high
which call for comment on the "Little& qualitio~ of stato mcanship.
Grand Bay Revolution" at the-momemnt A la.1yer.on- a commission of three is
In the first place-, no' Government- perfectly in,order. The Grand Day
must tell itself that" allis going a. case'irere people rani foul
well if a large majority of those it of law and order, and legal training is
governs is not literate. That Govern- absolutely liecoesary to unravel the
ment may appear to carry all before it' problems, involved,. Dut why two lawyers?
for a time. But'the 'truth is even- There was need for an agriculturist of
tually told.' ,1r. Christian ministere r calibre and experience as well as a
of Education, said hot long ago in the businecssnan or one with some e=.pOrience
HouBe of Assembly that "Literacy is not in cormmefce and trade seeing that there
necessary"'. Iy then resolution fell" was violence in both agriculture and
flat. Illiteracy is a'mental disease businesS, .iat of a member .-to.see the
more deadly than cancer' is to the point of view of those suspected?
physical bodies of human being.. A civil Servant as a aMnMj s is
Thirdrate politicians cannot understand perfectly in order.- Eut why the
this, Permanent 2ebretary of the IHinistry. fdr
Secondly., -it is customary for Co wmu;nication and .ors., since Pie'ier
IIinistors of .-late, to utter inflammatory LeDlanc repcectly berated that IHihistry
expressions on platforms and over the over hip' radio .for irregularities and-
radio. Premier LeDlalhc himself during laxities in its day to day. operations?
election campaigns made threats to Then. the Local .Government Comnis'sioner
villagers,. "I shall pass you by" he as Secre~-tay is not an ideal- choice. His
told people at AtLinson during the by- election supervision records both local
election campaign last year "and give and cen'$ra have often given cause for
electricity to the Carib reserve if you misgiving. las recent report of the
do not vote for my Lab6ur (Shoe Party) September Labt By-Election in the North
Candidate, R.E. Henryi'.' To some others Eastern .Diitr"ict contains a very vexing
he said "Let Pat Stevens give you omissibn;',v*: not mentioning the'place
feeder roads or hospital". NTo sensible where the final count took place. It
politician can -'afford to go on like was at t4he extreme en4 of Calibihie.
this Whether people" vote for your Probably The. Local Government
'party or nbt.-they have claims on the Comminsioner was instructed not to say
GoVernment., It. is democracy. -They where. .
vote according to their wish or will, Finally, 'the Commission will have an
Grand Bay did not vote for Iir. LeBlanc uphill t-hbs, for Government has gone full
.Party. It' is their business. But the speed ahed'd to hold talks and discuss
Government mAb.t hear" their complaints problems .hic. s should be left for the
and do all in its power to"meet their, Commission' itobody mst be surprised
claims or w -shes or demands within the for clucihaesr;and arr6gance are
limits of reason and financial. characteristic.. of 1... LeBlanc's
resources.' Government. ... .. ..
i-zr. Christian as' ITi.ister ofH healthh --- ....
recently made it clears' "Grand Bay i. The u adooatic police pursued) o byn-
not to have a hospital".i^ .Ir. Christian,. thel D/qa Labour (Shoe Party) Govern-
not to have a hospital Christian ment(t1at thdse who differ from it' at
it is not what exports tell you; it is ,
what the people feel in their hearts- the polls fase not entitled' to Seniios)
they need. is both false and dangerous,(Seo P.8)


Peg. th'.M

II R R 'awc, s

The Saga of the Tapes

The I8.mmnute hum which obliterates tht the Republican governors he knew of Bno
firmt briefing Nixon had from Haldemrin on more bombshells', the White House as-
Watergate on 20 June 1972 is. said one nounced the hum. (He had known of it at
unkind reporter in Judge Sirica's court least since 1 October) On 26 November.
room, rather suitable for the President. At ovjr a month after his lawyers promised all
first hke a hugh-powered vicious hornet, it nitn tapes. Nixon handed over seven. One
later subsides into a tedious purr and then of these had the hum and on two more he
revs into a frantic buzz before its abrupt claimed executive privilege. Not quite what
and. in the court, well-received end. t crts had ordered.
Spectators wandered in and out while the The secret history of the tapes is even
first of Nixon's secret tapes was publicly myre bizarre. First, although the President
played. By the end of the hum Sirica was sai5 they remained under his 'sole personal
looking very tired, the Special Prosecutor's control', no one knows who had them. The
statT smiled and smirked, and only the red- Secret Service, who were supposed to guard
haired. brightly dressed witness who had them and log them out to those few aides
perhaps caused, and who now played, the who knew of their existence before Bltter-
hum looked nervous. She had soo4 reason: field, in fact kept their records on scraps of
the help she has given Mr Nixon in his brown shopping bags. These are incomplete
disappearing tapes trick means that, 23 an4 no reliable chain of custody can be
years of super-loyalty behind her, Rose established for several crucial tapes. The
May Woods now joins the growing band recording system, says the White House,
of 'Nixon friends who face charges of at consisted of two Sony 800B machines for
least perjury. She won't be the last to be each of Nixon't two offices. Each carried
hurt b'- the tapes; the Special Prosecutor's six hours if tape and around midnight an
- i- t-fw u~~~ _arn y mor ef -s t4atic nimes-A4 be rd recorders. _lthe
: is pirhap.s otO surprising that this most President didn't use his office such a tape
personal of presidents should have done might stay on its machine for several days.
himself and his colleagues so much harm by Since there was later no direct way of. telling
his vanity. where one day ended and the next began
The public history of the tapes is, briefly. this don't seem an ideal arrangement. But
that the system was installed to preserve then, as Nixon declared in Disney World,
Nixon's conversations for history. On 16 & This is no Apollo system'.
July its existence was revealed against 'at Nixon's 20 June 1972 call to Mit-
Nixon's wishes by Alexander Butterfield: chell was made from an unbugged phone
he said the system was excellent. fooIproof is just plausible. Less persuasive is the ex-
and could pwck up a whisper. Since then planation that the Sunday 15 April 1973
obsolescence has set in. Cox subpoenaed meeting with Dean was not recorded. be-
nine conversations on 23 July. Nixon re- cause the automatic timer had not been set
fused both Sirica's and the appeals court's that Saturday night and the one six-hour
order to haqd them over on 29 August and tape ran out before Dean arrived at about
12 October respectively. On 14 October lie 9 p.M T-h Secret Service men saij this ha
made his Stenais proposal. The American wver happened before. Nixon's log keeper
people said nuts to that. and four days later said he had later been told to chang his
his lawyer promised after all to surrender account of Nixon's movements for that
all nine tapes- Sighs of Republican relief day. The box coutaiing the 'expired' tap
until on 31 October another Nixon lawyer, i marked 'Part '. The Secret Service ays
Fred Buzhardt. told Sirica that two of the there may therefore ave beea a 'art '.
conversations. Nixon's first talk with John Nixon's assistant Stephen RBal, says no, le
Mitchell after the break-in (on 20 June parked it thus in September.,
1972) and his penultimate talk with John On the weekend of 29 September, wheM
Dean (on 15 April 1973, when Dean Nixon was begiqling to think of the Steami
thought Nixon asked him leading questions compromisee, Rose Mary Woods began 29
on the cover-up in order to put his own orws of transcribing the 20 June 1972
version on the record) didn't actually exist. palks between Nixon and Ehrlichman. On
Sirica immedia'Aey opened hearings to dis- October she was, she says, at her White
cover 'the reasons if any' for this pheno- f'lotse desk, listening to the start of the
menon. He didn't have much luck. On 2 subsequentt Nixon-Hakdeman talk which
November Nixon tried to 'stroke' the judge Oeah with Watergate. Her Uher 5000 was
by promising him a dictabel ten days later Operated by a foot pedal. At about 1.30
he said, sorry, it didn't exist any more. On jn.m. the phone rang: she says she reached
21 November. one day after he promised over and instead o( pressing the sop

button. pressed 'record'. As dhe ta&ld on
the phone for the next five mistfes do
kept her left foot on the pedal (asked
to duplicate the action in court she auo-
matically removed her foot from the pedal).
Horrified after the call, she w d back
the tape. then went and told the Presidet
how sorry she was. HIe said ot to worry
because that conversation wasn't sub-
poenaed anyway. That was untrue. But it
was because of this reassuranace, she says.
that she made no mebtion of her 'mistake'
in court on 8 Novembe. She had the.
declared mtety that she had taken everyy
possible precaution' to see nothing was
erased. But although she is prepared to help
the boss by admittingciasmisng that she
was, for once, not the perfect ascretary. she
won't take all the blame. She says that last
wee 'I told the President I didn't think
there was any way' she could be responible
for the entire 18$-minute hum which so
conveniently obterates all the Waergate
conversation. Haig then told her White
House counsel would not represent boy and
she got herself a high-powered lawyer who
ostentatiously dissociates himself in epurt
from the bedraggled White Hol e crew. It
could be that even Rose Mary will one day
begin to wonder if loyalty to Richard Nixon
counties to be a thad t rewariW.
In the nenatinme Nixon is appawtl
banking on the tape of his 21 March talk
with Dean to save him. This w whe
Dean made hi.s- 'cancer on the presidency'
remark. WhitF e ot-sx say the tape
makes quite cter tthat. d-:pae Dean's claims.
this was, as Nixon has always s"id the first
tim he learned of the extent of the covert
up. They say that the Presidat's ahoc is
eqly obvious. But Haldeman. who haa
heard the tap-, told the Watergate co5-
itte n o such thing. He did say that Deoa
toM Nixo oty on 21 March what DeIa
daisi he said on 13 March about eicuti've
clemency and hlsh money-, but he agreed
with Dew that Nixon showed hitte ar-
prise. The Prmsident. he claimed, w assu-
oingly trying to lead Dean on. Nixon has
also listened to that tape a on 2 July
he wrote to Ervin that the tapes.'would not
finamly battle' anything; they were am*
biguosS. Could mtis hidden certainty dat
the 21 March tape will clear him mesa h
it. too, will be full of mrany whooabe?


TWo (2) cres of flat lnd at
Pond Cowd
For further details co tm:-
Karol ki r im g George

Armour & Artms Owan.
bcra HanoD r Street2 Raesn.

vviday A-il 14 1974

Pate Four TEE STAR FridayApril 19, 1974

: No.10

Aunty, Aumty, Aunty dear,.
guess. the latest beff I hear,
election' s -October this .year;
that is what your compere say -
October 3 is Prim's birthday.
Aunty when you check. the record,
you will see how even for Elford
a birthdate was implored.w Prim's brother-in-law,
firm believer in star lore,
1970 elections, October yes,
then of course Prims did best -
fire three, and pass the test.
What. a splendid birthday gift,
for the man they couldn't shift.
Yes, the signs Aunty are all here,
Salaries talk is in the air,
rapprochement Prims declare,
Peace and love, Agriculture Year,
just so all problems disappear*
They working hard to bring in money,
begging investors for this county,
reverse their own alien policy,
and where before they tread slow
they 'rushing madly to and fro,-
The race is on, all man scramble
which is why Patrick gamble,
boldface with his Budget bramble,
and now using police force
to show us: who will be the Boss,


salaries talks soon bog down, -On y4 19 the French people will
cho&ule Two spinning, around, vote fr anew President, and if the
committee of Two we know are bound results re indecisive, the two
to drag it out until September, leadiihg orontestants will have a second
while we all wait for the Premier, round.
Jus-t 1or once, the French Left
Which reminds us all of 1970 (reprelee 'd by Francois 7t'terand
when they gave us Pusinelli with support from Communists) has a
that stretcheduuntil they ready, chance o:4 win. Of' the two other
then meat on everybody's plate,s popular .andidat es,, M. Chaban-Dolmas is
smart moves, Aunty, these men great. fairly strong, but his past was
clouded by. a financial scandal; and M.
et bankruptcy hit them for six, Valery Giacard d'Estaing, an
Deep Water Harbour taking licks, intellect.. aaristocrat blith a good
and in..-y. mind a memory sticks ... reputation as present Iinister of
Aunty, what the poet say? Finance, 'is his- close rival as a
Best laid planIs oft go astrpy, successor. to Pompidou.

~Penale public officers in-reporting for their official duties shall
dress soberly, and tidily, and shall not we. any dress, blouse or skirt
bearing any emblems or slogans nor shall, thepf wear T-shirts with or
without slogans or emblems." (General Order]. 0. 166 A).
C.K. Cabsec. & Palshaw, but have you ever seen a clerk in a nylon
blouse and tight skirt, with or without frilled collar, and not shuddered?

One '.of a series under this title, a
novel whi ch is part historical has been
writ ten- bi,' t. KICtts woman author
Kathleen l,-likelly (Manchester), The
foreword 7,q by Paul Southwell..
Thizs LAi`t book, "The Fig Tree", is
set in St latts from 1624 on,"and
traces' th Triendahip of Thomas'Uarner
with the' fi'b'i Cacique. Tegremani, his
romance t0th the Chief's daughter, and
her disi1Jsiobhment when he brought
back an "E1lish wife, Sarah. It is
described'gs a simmering Caribee popper
pot, leaf~ g"both parties playing a
cat-ahd-Aquse game Ithe Caribs and the
English) ". ""

(Note 0to "Oiter): we shall be pleased
to print our Tetter provided it dbes
not apple: in any other local paper.
& Editor

The Eb4 euccend in Trinidad and
Tobago 1a's marred by '8 deaths on the
roads and in The seaPolice reported
-- In Dominica, nobody died through a
car crasll but at'least two vehicles-
went oveo cliffs, one at Massacre and
one near At i nAlion.




Friday,April 19, 1974

Page Four


k i d its
I .J iless.Ji .e. .s... h al, ,&4 12 III. du lia II m i

,^ e" of Appikcat1oio for Certfica of Title atnd Nottai
4 rhereon and Caveats for week ending 210th day of April 1974

Date Requested Person.Presenting Nature of request wheth-
er a Certificate of Title e
Nong tbreoat or Cavm.
Request date-J osepsine Appfiea-i of Jose-
1 4 74 Josenh phin Joeph for the
Presented by h4e Saticairr isni of a fit Crti-
17 4 74 M.Enenia fiate of title ia ret
at 11. SSa.a. CIrles ct. of & p0Ort*o of
d. ( at Roe=a i tile
Parish of St Georas
eaiRmiBg 1,95e seqAeW feet and blinded M feiowa
Nortis-East: By land of Aice Wylis & Charl. "
s~ufy, North.West: By land of Violet Peters
& Jimes Henry. : South-East: By 4and of j40im i
Casmir & Cianrc Jultn,. South-West: By Upper Lane.

Request dated Ivy Patrick Application of Ivy
14. 3 74 6by her Solicitor Patrick for the issue
Pretsented M.Eu ana of a fir4t certificate
18 474- Cal es of title respect of
at 10 O'clock a Portion of land
.... ,.. 1 1 ..i..mow... k own & a r iden*
tial lot in The Town
of Rosera. in the
PaiL of St. George
containing 2971
square feet and boun.

fer: Lan4a of. Twesr. aebw. wand cGdsnerst.
EFast: Lands of George Karam, Eugene Francis, Flormc
S4herson and James istles; South: Land of Loverty
Greneway; West. Lands of Theodore Lamqutage,
arstyn William and Ruben Hillaire.:, ..

I muft1r's Olce,
Aa.wiu. Demtntca

R**istfr of Titles

NOTE:- Any permso who desires a object to dWeis of *
Firs Cetifflcte of Title In -the above applcatklq.n my t/er a
Cavt in the above Offic within six weeks frim Ait 4dt Wf
the fit appearance of thli Schedule in the ST R Newspaper
published In this Start or from the date when tA,e notice pre-
acriwed by law .was serve on any owner-or occuplpr 44 adjotefag
to respect of wikch the application Is made. ".
To all whom ir may concern. I, Mthitas
Edmund of Layou, give you notice that on
the 9th day of Aprd 1974, my wife Evan'ge-
line Edmund left my home and bed without
my authority and that I have wthdrawn all
and every autorliy which my wife Evange-
line Edmund may have at any time by inmpli*
cation or otherwise acquired to contract for
-me or in my naMe or as my agent or in any
way to pledge my credit and that I will not
b responsible for her debts whensoever or
howsoever incurred.
Dated this i6th day of April 1974.
afc-il. .. Mathias Edmund

Our publisher is responsible for contracts
and charges for these entries.
Further information can be obtained
from our Commercial Business Office,
Telephone Number 2003.

w%- ,/5

76 Federation Drive,

or through

Residential Land For Sale

ONE Attractive and well Situated LOT
at St. Aroment.
Flat and with a Splendid VIEW,
Approx. Area 3/4 of an ACRE,

S Page Five

Fri-ay; Apri 19,1974



Our publisher will shortly be starting to
compile the i974 Telephone Dirdectory tor
publication in September, 1974
Customers wanting to make any change
to their entries as shown in the Alphabe-
-tical Section ofthe current 1973 Directory
should write giving the new entry to:-
The Manager (Directory Sectio)
Dominica Telephones,
P. O. Box 45,
This information must be received not
later than Friday, April 26th, 1974*
These entries are free ot charge.
Requests for bold type entries, additional
entries and entries in-the classified section
(Yellow Pages) and advertisements
should be addressed to:-
International Publications Ltd.,
Fernandes Industrial. Estate,
Eastern Main Road,
Port-ot Spain,


Page Six. T H E STAR Friday, April ,19,, 1974
Fiction: MA TITIlE Ognthit Watt MA TITI (continued)
The night of the party when "WooshJ f he exclaimed, "better don't
Reuben was to meet his match and talk about', that Genelia. Steve really-
Ma Titine played matchmaker was wanted to do so but after all this wave
very rainy, but despite this all of crimes he wrote to say that he change
the guests came and although the his mind ax d 'will be returning back to
weather was chilly, inside Ma Tit- the Statesfrom Darbados."
inets house there was hot music "Can't pay I blame him as he's a
and bright talk. There was Reuben white American" Genelia replied,
besides Titine, scanning every face "He even had the idea of buying one
for an expression of hidden love. of the hotla. 1on sale ..." again her
At last, nonplussed, he muttered: hands waaed in the air,
"Haie, Titine, is not fool you "Is it true thlt they held two females
foolin' me enh?" And he was still from Grand Day' concerning the Nassief
baffled when he bumped into Geneliaaffaixr That's what I hear"', and INa
near the pantry. Titine hook her head disconsolately.
"Want to dance?" he asked her. "I even ;hear that plenty gros boui have
Instinctively, Genelia looked at their fgo~e fill with Nassief beef,"'
Ma Titine who said gaily: "go head "I'iat you expect?' Genelia refilled
- you two! Enjoy yourselves', their glasses. A~yway, people getting
So Reuben swung Genelia round good w.ins from the Nassief fire. I
and round. Nobody knows what they never he euh chin hand at these
said (if anything) for the radio- times, he sihed
gram was so loud. But they both Ma Titine wi.ed indignant.
had rather coy secret expressions "Ah Genelia,"1 she said. "s6 you can't
in their eyes, and they devoted ask me to lend you some? Here, '"pulling
the rest of the evening to each two $5 bills from her purse, "although
Other you didn't ask mo ..* here ... I don't
oer. want no"re yraent enI"
Reuben and Genelia .wore now going .,- O.. -Titmino and Genelia
steady and Ma Titinoe was delighted at thanked her, "you're a real friend.
the progress of her matchmaking. She "Wen you and Rduben getting hitched?'
was a'little relieved, to tell the Ma C'quired, "I longing for that
truth, to have dear Rouben off her dayi -rcon, because II low going to
hands. Well, she thought this Wednes- d o a I turn-out,"
day morning, that's one thins settled. Genelia laughed terrily. "
The Easter holidays had come and gone; "I 1; io* that, Titine. IWell, to tell
Garge and Eurilla had been lavish with the truth, we already decide to get
their Easter gifts. All past sins married on Uhit -Ibnday. I WaS'coming
seemed to be forgotten* to tell you about our decision, but, as
Checking her shopping list she you happen to drop in ,... You're 4
observed that she was lA need of eggs, first t.o know., They emraced.
cheese, butter and milk, so she excited, .
dressed quickly and went out shopping.
At Lagon the fishmionger's wooden Si~~-rincipal's Prize Bssay
trays were shirmnmring. very tray was For_ i second time ina lessd han a
laden to the brim with big'jabkE and year Mr. filfred Sebastian, Principal of
mackerel. She bought Gcmeo, also some the Colihaut Government School# has won
cabbage, parsley thyme a Prize 'i Co5petitions sponsored by
"I feel like enjoying a-nice broth Dave's Friends, a Quarterly Magazine
today"i she said t'd hcrself.' published in the U.S.A., this time for
After purchasing her eggs, butter, "A Prayer for PeAce" Other' winners"
milk and cheese she dropped in at came frpm Guyana, the U.S.A., Africa,;
Genelia's for A chat. Red.- .Chi)na and the Phillippines, .
"But-Titine, Genelia asked her over 'Dave6:sFriendst is dedicated to
their rum and ooke, "didn't Steve and World Peace and cultural exchange. Any
Eurilla say they were coming to live one in a'y part of the world can
here"? participtp in the Contests.
Ma Titine raised her hands in the M PARTY COO WIO -.. .
.JTiaW 9th2 1974 at IA FLA=W3

h~tgt Sfs'WA




"""ScBileo Ai&*or essesiS of Title adr Notip
themcm nd .Caets k f@t !. .ith *ay of Apr 1974
Date Reumete Faprsn reseitat Naure of request wi
SCertirkateof Tite

Request date4 Keith James AppHetii of 4 eith
I I .1 74 JLewis James Lewis for the
Pr~easted by ba Sohicitor issue of a first certi-
10, 4 '74 M. Eugenia foate of title i res-
at 9.45a.m Carles pct of A Portion of
y ^d know as A Re-
js;,idential Lot in Rco-
au in- .the Prish of St.f George coKtainiang
749 sqMsd feet Wad 6ownded as follows. .
North-West: Lhi' of Theresa 'join; North-East
Land of Lufeus Ro'er, Suohfi East, 6reat Maribo
Srugh Streat; South West "Land of j hn Thonms.-
Rq u t adtod Ce_ s Agoi- e. maet for the issue
Jae 'G.2t day by hi Solicitor of a First Certiffiate.
fFeb, 1974.' aya f of Title in respect f
SPreseied 84 Dupigay a Lot of landing tihe
p 1974, '. Tow of Portsmouth
at 9.50..- P% of St. John, in
S tainift 1603
S-ar feet and boadedaes f ow- W v tree
a'^i: 1m4 of Clttw Aiegol Nws: hd si 4p hU
l and of e(ialft Benjamin and Nicholson JqoFph.
-quest dated Octaria Lava&e Applicat q of Octto
S-tir 7 -- ... arsv -viwr- -- erd
Prsentae i, reprsentatw social rtenp tative
10. 4. 74 of Augustina of Augustina Carbon
nt 10 55 am. | Carbon de- for the i"apeof a first
I "Cased certificate' of title in
r her Soicitor- rpect of portion
M.Eugenia of land kopwn as Lot
j Charles 13 at Mo $ylvuavio in I
.u vili Of Wooeed.
.e.sin. [_.m ofSt.Axd Ie
containag 0..44 -and b.aamded as fUows:-
North.Wesi: tari4s Agnes Parks South Wat:
Loms* of Agter -Pat 3 Peter f awr.ence NorthEara:
-Lxads or Wetingtoa 0eph & Arthur WY1Iiarnms
Scuth East: B'_y A- R. . a
- +u~h

Schedule nt A pp =i tor. er.s-c tt at I d f W Not
-heroon and Ca t3 s eWi 6t 1 Mf
IReqasrt dates JdJiy Pros R E st te i n
I Sth Ic]6 1 byh# fAi$Citr of ,Firs Certificate
1974 Vany of i respect of
1*74.ii I. .4.S. Z* * as o Vlew" I.

?o I .sarde, mes Lans .f 1It ea X! olr. Eaats

atRAht ofr of Thriek
"rtin to the -'e of ai

KIat ,. of. ,,-:. T. :: :.:9ew",. .Br +stio, fm .r

-rae. e c i i.- i> .a.e '


public that as from Tueaday the i6th of
April, 1974, their offi wil be opened
from Loo am Atndwill be dosed on Sa-

The new office hou will therefore be
me ,f,&l~na& a" '




rs and Thursdays 8.o Sa.. to t.oo p.m
and 2.0 pm.cnto 5.00 pjm
, Wednesday and Fridays -
Laoo a.t I.00- p.m.

peat NOToffe t the retail, whble-
sale. paint and Showroom. -depat-.
ments which wiU remain opened
to the public as c as maUy -

8"iM applicaic ftr t poet aof:
'Le Lettuctt/Leczrer B Phyica, k
-A,.. atIo TM-dg. Fmnr pa0rticw

M.Sc Degree- 'iN ia
October 1974
University of the Vent Indin Moena:
Candidate* am invited s apply loesss tbire
p I-gramue COure which BO1 fty extends
f2 a cadexnic yea.
Qalitis WMaer .mar a badceor'Ws a
equivalent degree z B acheistry, or my Agri.
Culauralo B Itog uCieor i Chamistry
or other stb ect acceptable to the PFacmty of

i ScholrshipW my be warded to suimbWe

Further info tion and appictioan furin
may be obtain"l feom the ThpicdMebbe
Mim RaCearch Unit, UWI Na l Kiiiirm
at~cio~~ta^ & VB7

Cavse in im fmr Omce wsio 51 wfs ftrow the d- u t
-sA r6m appearance of ate Sichwedule the STAA N.ew-sppr-
publhed t$a s Stut *or from the d wh tie basi pr .
p6 9by lw w"S W-Wd any S mtAr occupier a(4(aise1 a
ead I respwes ofwhkte he applchsfa Is mae. :.

T . T 1.. n. 11 1 i, ST AR........ - -

Page Eight ST S A A- -'ridays April 19,1'974
b ^A &*6 lf"'!1"^-- ~--orc0riston
.CRIC.T. Grand _a "Ievolution" W.S...STEVBI1S
The Benson .& Hodges'Youth series Finally.- youths of Grand Bay, two
being played in Guyana, ldoks like go- wrongs do not make a right. There is
ing Trinidadrs way this year, leading only one t oe thod' i our democratic
with 20 points in three matches which way of life, and that is to grouse and
includes an outright win against Guyana, agitate anr. poster until your claims
the only finish to ?'a6." are mot,' If the Government does not
The Combined I-slands who looked heed yo't wait until the general 1e"c-
strong favourites before the'tournament, tion. en apart from your: own stand'
have had to contend with rain, their at home, go round the country and per-
first match against 'Guyana rained off, suade your cou.trymoi to put out a ;ick
and against Trinidad in the play and corrupt government at the polls.
possible between shower were cheaply People should not oo given land just
dismissed for 109 in repLy to Trinidads as a reward for burning and appropriating.
157. Even though these'deeds are not all
The Spartans club of 't. Croix which of Gran4 Bay's rault,,all must now work
comprises mostly of Dominicans came to to restore peace, lawt, and order to the
Dominica and engaged in some cricket village .and our country.
matches whilst on holiday. Their first -- ------- .-...-----------
match against Celtics United was CARICOM;TREATY DRAMA (from page oee)
abandoned without a ball being bowled. constitution for Tull self-government to
.There next match in Roseau w';as against the BriEili Government. Antigua, on6 of
a representative State team, and they the Wig1 signatories to CARIFTA,
fared badly, losing byan innings and- awaits the report of the 'Halstead Comrn-
182 runs. They wore dismissed for 67 mission! tq tell Premier Walters whether
and 37. R. "Jno Finn 23, K. Laurent 4/02 the populaqe agrees to joining CARICOM.
& 3/18,, P. St. Johan 1/'16 & 73/09, N. They sez4 to delegate. Dominica, unlike
Phillip 2/13 and G. Lafond 1/21. the other signatories', was'not represented
Dominica scored 286, J."Faustin 80, by its Premier'E.O.Leblanc, but by Deputy
2. 1ir radA 72,. L2 4 amC-9 --m- M. Premier -J*hnT conf evosrcme a..- 0o=
George 33. For Spai-tans, I. Lirsh 5/47, icate a d important that the dilemmas poced
II. Lawrence'1/33, P. Ponther 1/53,- C. prevented 11m.Dehas from taking up his post
George 1/38, and A. HIilaire 1/40. with the Caribbean Development Bank. It
BASKETBALL .. involved Luropean Common Market terms, too.
The basketball season continued at BATTLE HE SHTS (from page one)T
the Windsor Park, after a short break "No Food ITo Clothes NIo IMoney", they rain
for the Easter season. In the first into resistance from the State Establish-
match, Raiders defeated Flames 50-35 i month. Verbal abdd written reprimands and
G. John 18 and A. Etienne 14 for Raiders warnings ensued. Then the Civil Service
and R. Harris 13 for Flames. Association endod its protest in an effort
The second match saw schoolss D.G.S, to prevo't a further escalation of diff-
and S.M.A. clash in a close fought con- erences with the Administration. The core
test in which S.M.A. emerged the better. of the wiole thing is, of course salaries
S.MI.A. 55, 0. Burton 27 points the revision dand the cost of living.
highest scorer in -any one match this The mqr* of this tale seems to be that
season and L. Rocque 16. D..G.S. 48, R. Govt., J "Jpison'a House," is more sacred
Jones 18, G. Brunoy and T. Knight 12 than a Church building: you can pray in
points .each. a decorated. T-shirt, but you can't work in
CRICKET: The Spartans Club lost their one,
one-innings match against a Portsmouth DoubtLes:p however OSA members i-ill rear
XI on Easter Monday. Batting first,they their new shirts on byr Day too, not as6a
scored 116: R.John-Finn 26 and C.George battledrebss, but as a sigh of solidarity.
27. For Portsmouth, A.Bannisa 3/2l4, A, A-PM-O J-.t ou
Joseph 2/26 and F.Blanc 2/34. Portsmouth rrPguAE tie is proposta byo ranges
in their turn at the. crease wre 134/7 Interim president for France's Overseas-
at close of play J.Prince 49 &'A.Josepl territor#s during Hay Pres. election4
3, n.o.For Spartans _C.George 1/9 J. Markh For yearp,"French .Opposition Parties have.
/20 &' A.Panther 1/11. Spartans lost alleged, that electoral results have been
again in a 40-over math. against the pr1a r h CaribbeanARe uK on & Ta It-.
State Team. Dominica 209/9 -, Spartans r98 B ppros, .T K E N 0 TE- .. l .OT. Bertrand 57 n.o. r nte ry puo eop byl ,ath 2 Bato Rd.oorosE,
10EE3L--^^W-T-. rBa of Copt IIal1,at 2 Bat Rd.Roseau

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