Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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MrEs. Jane

LOuu;aiTIIAL, Librarian,
InstV-tue for the study of man

162 East 73 S~r6et,
New York 10021 IT.Y. U.S.A. O
,T -rnmer. i6T wEf.7o :6f
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/# ORD 84Y 4REA
Violent and destructive acts in Ooth
Grand Bay area and Roseau, directed
against the owner of Geneva Estate Mr.
as Nassief, resulted in the burning of
i ;. gentleman's Town store before dawn
; Tuesday, while simultaneously his es-
tate house at Geneva was burnt down. Pre
viously it had been ransacked and pilfered,
while he also lost animals, crops and coco
1t3 trees. 124 employees are jobless.
Without exonerating anyone who took part
Ij tbae ruthless crimes, we can admit that the
-_rpe of Grand Bay area have been ne0 ed
6o? a vlonghil- by Government.- The Mint
or oFtdite Affairs did a fairly literate broad-
cuc appealing for reason; but he said othingt
S[b*ut the depressed and forlorn state of the in.
3titants there. Unemployment is rife. Mal-
cutrition prevalentt.
A spokesman for the discontented who came
to the STAR office said these words: "Our
0rople want land, they are perishing. They
sount get a fig really to boil. They want to build
Thberes no wocatioual training Young men
.j: the streets. It msy reach bloodshed. The
*p,e of Grand Bay want to be a republic on
17;r own", said our informant. We pointed out
the impossibility of this wish But it is sad that
thy have weached such a sense of isolation. On
Wednesday a State of mEergency was declared
Condudedi oan PaFg 6
A.t Preas Timi -
Now that the deed has been done, I hope that the
petraoi, or persons responsibiotheir followers and
sympathizers will find employment for the 124 pe
pie who have lost their jobs, or better yet give them '
- a wteely allowance until they get other employ.

A -a a- - *a .A^..,
This stamp mauks the centenary of the Universal
Postal Union -4March 27, and was issued by As-
cension, a .mhouth Atlantc island governed
how by M."G_ C Guy, last English Governor of
Doainie Guy writes that he is very busy -
with a w rileange ofgovernment activities. He
-even runs the Police Force and sits as Magistrate
produces the estimates and writes despatcheal
Various organizations use Ascension, ieludiag_
the BBC, the Dept. of the Environment and the
U.S. Base. Mr Guy ilso protects the wildlife of
the island. Mrs Guy of course is with him, and is
patintg again; their Carib son Ben flies out to
Join them for long school holidays, and they are
all happy
Speak nt at a Republican rally in the U.S.A., Mr.
Gerald 'Ford. Vice-President described Nikon's re
cent advisers as an "arrogant elite guard of political
adolescents". Ha received a standing ovation, said
thereo will never be another Watergate"

Furniture, Fridge, Beds, Radio Gram,
Table, Chairs, 4 Burner Gas Stove.
Telephone Number 2=71*

... .------2 2 o7 ..

A w

*PAGE 1 o T _. Ji A. .. Trid~, AyPri ., 1974
GAlDID- 0M01MENTS by U. SSTaZveh-n
leariLcitY f or more 3gural .Folks. Sag (2) V3a council ew Procedure --
fo.r o ....... .t 'is god .to Recently Rdadio LeBlanc told D6fihinans
hear that more villages ,:i` Dominica will that Wesley Village Council Chairman
emerge from physical primitive darkness : R.E.Henry wrote Premier LeBlano asLng
into the benefits which oloctricity has' that a housing scherie be. established for
conferred upon. manki. the many folkzs at Wesley, who wished to
I say this because of h~theatisfac- build homes.
tion have. in pushin- the a.. for The..iovo is coa mndable, and I with
el&trcty forears when I was a Min- that thS2 teslcyf villagers, who need homes
,inter. The last extension foolliod the will ge 16to. -andh:ouses -- and as
visit of Lord Shepherd, Ilinister of quickly as poccb3ble .
State,' in iovomber,-l1969. iHe had come to. -But t'h procedure is anything but
see hoi the Associated States wore get- officially pi;oper. Is it nw. a. precedent
ti.ig on after .tateho6d. Promiheont for a. Village council Chairman to erite
-among mabters.-discussed by Cabinet was request to, the Premier, and for Radio
:d defense. T hen- I raised the question -of e- Blanc or Dpi;-hica to .say by way of .a
oloctrity for'the Ilorth.; MrI. Donald. port of approval that Mr,. LeBlanc-'isa
: "-:an assistance in thisa.regard-i In Jan-, 'implication i, that" not even Cabinet
.ia-y 1970e she, t me. C, ,s'.decision, ..-will have the first opportunity to dlic-
through -the' -t t-, iLord:Itbwicki ,ts then, ,Puss th61 matter. :
Oihairn n To pXUrste the matter- to its logical
-' :2wo diosl fplanis weoe to. b instal- conclusionn, can't NM. R.E. Henry, (haii-
- ld (at &lville :1 and Yo1C' GCase) man Wosley Village Council, also writo
;to .oVevillagcrs from Mario t o Pen. to Premier. ZoBlanb to ask for the Socoad-
illo- a'id' the charge for all -this would .ary.School. 66 aoiVe Wesley.- (and arigot),
tGr~ only- ono cent poer-.uni ; t' ...seeing 'iat a eonts at-Wesley have :i
S.l o Lord-.HoIrck-s docisian..was a.. y.ery, very -tough to educate theircTi~l--
exred -lo allyt oone plait. wat placed at ren in Roetau axnd--Portsmouth?
eiic, Wh~t Anze-'de4NLai Qi.d neighs. Indeed, is t Radio Doxitaia which
, .villages did' 'not .got current ives- tentative approval to schemes, put
and the -ncreand per init weit far above 1 p to Government by Chairmxin of Village
Sa c.entper- unit'. Councils, or by p.ny citizen for that
Woodford. Hill and CalibisilAe were not matter? .S.S. -.-
included -in -1971,, as was intended, due BObTOmUEOKFK 1972
probably to the.abnormal of the The twelfth animal Commonwaelth Book
Blenheim di3ese site. will. be hld inthe Art Gallr. of
2his time a Br.ti.s Dfevelopment grant he' COMlbhELIIdIITSnITUTE, .KenAritt ol
t oted eleriiy see to Llat odon from the 9 Ootober tp 3 November
that tho.D,E.S. project ,ill bE'i open for -
slhres Dominioa will 'the 'lat o the se themh .this' yoar will be OcIaL-
Associated S-tates to have the privilege T-DIES I.T 1 ID -O 401 .W0EALTII and will
of owving. shaves. ln Iord f6ick's des- ncl-udebOok~ SOnh0-.tory, local history,
patch of Jan.1970 .he deplored the fact. ro ..y, o ,
Ja ,.9 ^197.0 he:. d e. .0re tAoac. geography environment.-conservationi,
that -_the GoVernment o' o'iahnica did '1ot oiri nm o con atin
accept. the 'offer -of shares in -the enter- l, dLng .,, 'and ', "
prise- N~W we MT. participate if we are lh-e inn litoeay -o okf and textbooks.-
The Commonwealth is of parti.
to have the .. .cular teachers, librarians,
to Nable Jams, ir.1. I.3 ay o. K. ITDers
-' ",. ,*binet" i,. r". a__,Du "knew p-_o0.ellers aid publishers and will re--
and I were bie.t. uniters and"ew ivrag :b the e nd
nothing of the of- r, 'Jhe bi'rb I,6" took t o levo t
.. actio, and t-6n bibv.on
the decision without u- .TI-- ws n one r... u r a t
of the pireludes to our boieg sacke. .Now is a. uhos are ivit to
01nd 0EI. copy of .each,.title before 30
a Ministry' activities are denouhned by -". OI*i oD-". *f< -iacn.itle before:" ,Q
.. .. 7. V =o,- 1TI-O NA L B O O K IJE A... 9,
Premier LeBlano, but .tid .;ft nO adsacking- 'lb o TOITO BOOK. LXEG.,
Timel rights'.all thiosa I reo villages LOUDro ONO V 4 3,
will receive current and, everybody -can
own-shares- (1'IEST HE FMEGETa) *

r T ;,A-j TA hr 4-7 H -mrI



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PLAYER in good condition alo
new 23o v.A.C.
Telephone: 2291 saft $So pAm.

in excellent condition

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of Mr. P.F. Acid of Portsmouth as DIS-
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For further details visit;.
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ROSEAU. TEL. 2389 ..

A. Portion of Land. of 32.oo000 sq. ft 1i
Residential Area with Prime View and
Position at St. Ar .
Contact Mark Bradshaw
, ... at No. it Leblanc Lane.


XIP ; /NY'$' #4RPW t. RE

Messrs. HLV. W41ITCHURCH &
CO. LTD. wish to. iorm tM gndrgal
public that as from Tuesday the 16th oft".
April, I974, their off will be opened.
from 8. oam a ad Wil, be closed an S-
turdays. . .
The new office hours will therefore be
as follows:- ...
Monday mad Thursdays 8 oo T.oo p..m

d a.o 1.oo p.m
and 2.oo 4 oG p.m.
The above changes will no0, re-
peat NOT, affect the retail, whole-
sale. paint adfShowroom depart-
ments which will remain opened
to the public as customary.

~.-~~--t 1. -

I h
V.' h


AREAS.- ,.
house .and. let Maha housee and lor. 57$..$bebr Street,
house and lot. -77 King George \
Street, Roseau

Page Three



T.i2 STAI K.zidy. A7. :j S

The "Grand Bay Unrest" .differs ex- g
tremely from the 10.astl'.Bruce Affair" i
in many ways but, irrespective of the w
difference in manner of approach, -the T
objective is nonetheless the "a;mo a A
drive for docio-oconomioal reforms .and a
land. Therefore. before the outn ider q
draws his own "biased" conclusion it
s. both wian and'-vitally important that t
he should survey, view and weigh the
facts. ....... .
Deluded by the. fantasies of a philo- m
sophy :which seems to be th16 most prac- t
tical system of' revolution, the mainly
young people, wish-to "regi'n"-unutil- c
ized lands in the Geneva Estate area I
which they. feel had boon""robbedl" by
the estate's. owner. They. are convinced
that, due to their elders 'and predeces- ]
soroc ignorance, Mr. Nassief, from time
to time, had encroached oh bordering
small holdings, lands and/or gardens
and tactfully claimed such properties.
Mislod or not, irrespective 'of the con-
sequences, they are determined to re-
-azfiacate their "rightful possessions"
for proper and fruitful use, '
The validity of this possibly, just
cause will definitely be'ignodred or
negatiVed' due to the daimnable approach
to appropriation, since the protagonist
have chosen such violent methods towards
the fulfilment of their aspirations~
It 'is obvious that potnAtial sympathi--
sora will turn their bac1ta on the fight-
ers. But there are gruesome realities
which we must face. For instance, vil-
lagers of Grand Bay who deplore such
acts of violence fully know that over
75o 6f the area's populace (the most
dons in the State) approve the youths
and support their claim; and not through
The offensive agitators see in Phiatip
Francis the dynamic qualities of a dar-
ing loader; such as the qualities the
Germans-.found in Hitler. And, although
Phillip's radical means' id so faulty,
the result of his arrest"may be very
catastrophic for the people of Dominica.
As is the case in Jamaica so it is in
G.B. There are more legbl guns and sticks
of dynamite in the hand of illegal
people than we could dream of. In addi-
tion, the defensible. topographical ad-
vantage of Grand Bay's terrain'- Lika it
inpenetrable for both police ,(nt oo.)

While .Presi p ;t 'Tixon is still holding
ut staunchi-r di-inct the threat .
oaohment, tho~ .is an: increasing fooling
n the United States that his resignation
ill have to cprie in the next few months.
hough this is _psentially an internhbal
merica.n effa ir," it has its reporcussionsi
broad: and th so at present, centre on the
question of ih t would happen to Dr.
issinger in he-event of-a change at the
op in the Uni.pd States.
It is many_ years since so many hopes
or peace have coentred on the work of one
ian. And care has been taken in America
;o allow no implJcation to escape that
Cissinger's peri od of office would eid if
anything happened to President Nixon. 'But
;here is bound tp be speculation all the
In recent r4iekts, as a result of Dr.
Kissinger's uprk, President Nixon has been
Lnvitcd to Egyptj-'and President Sadat has
said in an intprview with an American-
nagazine that; t would be a tragedy if
Nixon were to tbeimpeached.. As he has
every reason t" do, ,4adat sees this ques-
tion exciusivelf in terms of peace in the.
Middle East, aand his expression of this"
is a fine trib,;pt to"American mediation
In the same ite view Sadat described as
"a 'direct, frank and"farsighted man of his
word." The bral tragedy would be if any-
thing happened .p- Kissinger, not- Nxon.

RAP (fr.-coblt.iYand dofonce force in the
event of direc confrontation.
.The fact .,hyat ..U.r. Nassiof. is Syrian &
"white" dp -not mko ehe issue -a
racial confrp ovation. It cannot bo re-
gardod as tL' osult 'of neither '1pro" nor
ani-gQvcrnl #t-.influo ce for. -h ,uin .
va rs" havoa[d[o- .~a clear a they are
ainst ngy ont reovenu collooted
roM sacr e of a.- taxpayers for %he pur-
chase of" laadn 0foor which in some instan-
ces Mr. Naps. f paid ls.6d or/and- other-
wis obtain .(say-Grandbay pople)f e,
The fire. to- .Tuesday Apri 2 on .Gnva
Estate and NI.Tassiof's store in-Roseau
are z9 coincn-ncosq.. .Qn Sunday, March 31,
furniture z.i ittins at Mr. Nassiof .
Geneva Estat-. homo .tat could not be ..
taken;away w1r. .doetroyod. On the same
day (March 3 ), the group of agitators
held a public mooting, to publish their
position,. ..
The time. .i141 come. too (like itor not)
where our. veoiy own .landholder*. (sons of
the soil) vwil, unless they make radical
changes in ftle:'r way of thinking, become'
victims of such rebellious attacks. It is
likely topo tha4..any.Gpvernment in.power at
the time, may become: $he- tart u" t=mes-
since "the Crown" .f o

A"Ju'a i wefe "isn Justice Denied". So states the -Public Service Board of
Appeal in regretting the unreasonable delay in the Appeal by Daniel Caudeiron
against the decision of the Public Service Com-issio- made on the 5th day of
June, 1975, with regard to his terms and conditions of service.
This Appeal, the first of several Appeals arising o'7'jt of the Radio Domin-
ica Affair was entered on the 14th day of June, 1973 9 months before it came
up for hearing and 10 months before a decision was f :rlty handed down.
The reluctance of the duly appointed Chairman to lo'jr the several Appeals
before the Board necessitated the aApcdatment of a temporary Chairman in Sept-
ember 1973 to hear the Appeals of Symes and Imaximea against the decision of
the Public Service Commission to retire them in the public Interest. The
Chairman eventually resigned without hearing any of the other Appeals and a
new Chairman was appointed with effect from the 1st of January 1974.
After stating that it has been unable to discover any legitimate reason
for this delay the Board proceeds to dismiss the Appeal on grounds which some
will find difficult to follow. .
Thea Board first sets out the grounds of Appeal and then proceeds: "It would
be as well at the outset to emphasise that the functions of this Board of
Appeal which is vested with jurisdiction by Section 65 of the Dominica Const-
itution Order, 1967 and Regulation 26 of the Public Sprvice Regualtions
(S.R,&O. 24 of 19733 are limited in scope to the grievances outlined in the
notice of Appeal dated the 14th day of June, 19735, The said grounds. of appeal
were supplemented by an additional ground (ground 5. 'dated the 25th day of
September, 1973). This new ground raised a legal objection by contending that
Section 110(7) of the Constitution of Dominica had beep contravened. The
entire substance of this appeal is, accordingly, limited to allegations of
events inimical to the Appelant which had supervened before the date of the
appeal, the 14th day of June, 1973."
Wh-ile.thu-.l-iting its compleence to events which had supervened before
the date of appeal 14th June 1973 the Board's conclusion appears to be contra-
dictory: "In our view, this transfer of the Appellant to the Technical Col-
lege, and at very short notice, may well have imporIted a scintilla of dis-
ciplinary control. But, notwithstanding, the AiElilap. was secured 1n his
emoluments, and his movement did not rest there, because on the 1bth June,
his appointment to act in a higher post at greater emQluments supervened.
He later assumed his new duties without complaint at the material time. His
-grounds of appeal* indeed, make no submission about this post even though he
did later on complain about his treatment in general terms to Mr. Shaw, Chief
Establishment Officer, who also gave evidence that the Aa0i1ant had proved
efficient and reliable in his present .post. Furthermore, the Appellant
,remains the substantive holder of the post of Progranrme Assistant.
In all circumstances, we find that the Appellant is not now the object of
any removal or disciplinary or punitive act by the 'uthorties and that con-
sequently, the circumstances of his transfer or secondment to the Technical
College can no longer become a subject for our delibeirations. It follows,
therefore, that all five grounds of appeal must fail.'"
If a scintilla of disciplinary control was evide4t:,it is, one would have
thought, proof of disciplinary control and thus it 's difficult to see why
the jurisdiction of the Board was not thereby let i4 whereupon the Board was
empowered under sec.85(3) of the Constitution to confirm or set aside any
decision or make any other decision which the Public ?rvice Commission or
any other person might have made..
The Board observed that no provision appeared to exist permitting the free
transfer by the administration of Civil Servants with or without their consent:
"o provision has been brought to our attention other than General Order 66.
(continued on page 6)
Statement issued by the Dominica Civil Service.Association
THE STAR,' April- 5, 1974- Page 5

Page Six ,- .- -
THE DANTIEL CAUDEIROT Al .L (from p.5) "It is of course obvious that where by the
terms of his ointment- an officer is liable to transfer, the issue will not arson, o
but in the case of the Apel lalt We have been unable to discover that any such pro..
vision was made at the t Qm of his appointmeng L--h-Ce Board note.thnat the Appellant
remained the substantive holder of the *ost of Progranme Assistant,, What action an
officer or his Assooiatiphn might take if the Public Service Commission or the Admin-
istration order his illegal transfer is thus wide open as an area of conflict.
Of particular interest to the Civil Servant is the advice volunteered by the
Board to the Establishment Division: "To avoid future misunderstanding, the Establish-
ment Division in consultation with the Civil Service -Asociation should clearly set
out the classification of the'Civil Service within the headihgs Administrative,, Pro-
fossional, Technical, Excutive and Clerical or where any posts combine those func-
tions they should be designated accordingly. On appointment to any. post an officer
should then be informed 'in writing about the conditions bcotrolling his transferab-
ility. This may well entail an amendment of. General Orders.'
,rte mist-also stress 'that when any civil servant', below the rank of Permanent
Secretary, is to be.move4 or disciplined, no Minister or ParliamentarySe.cretary
should himself intervene save and oeoept in so far as he may have-properly made rep-
resentations to the CiviT Service Head of the Ministry involved to that end. 'The
Civil Head should consider, advise upon and guide the- course of events and the pro-
oedure applicable throughout and to finality. If he fails in his duty, he should, ..
himself become the object of discipline. In this way, the Civil Service will,,. in so
f'ar as ia, possible, be insulated from grievances deriving from alleged political'
intervention in the career aid prospects of its members; aid the frequency of ref-
erences to this Board Wil,' commehnsUrately, be reduced. Above'all, more cordial re-
lations between the Administration and its Civil Service, will,, thus, be nourished+.'
The full text of the Judgment will follow in a special C,- S. A, publication.
The above vas a statement issued by the Domin"ca Civil Service Association.
--- -'TA E OF EMERGENZ IIN GRAND BAY AREA editorial frQm p. 1 continued.
We consider that the lain points may be summarized like this:-
The authorities failed, to take early action to investigate and' nip the affair in
the b d. e a t o t i..... ..
The discontented must realise that they cannot achieve "their aims by terrorist
Fifteen months agoU. Mr Elias..N1assief offered 64 .acres of Geneva Estate land to
Government for village tensionn purposes, yet Government has not acted to take
up his offer and negotiate terms despite reminders." t t ..
:b application has evei bpen made to Mr. Nassief for purchase of farmland by Grand
Bay people: they would .have been given the same .consideration as the farmers of
VPchelin, who made a r quest for agricultural land., o
The State of Emergency, although declared late, was unfortunately necessary: it is
regrettable that,, desp te reinior cement of the Police, vandalism still continues.
The use of Hi hands S64hool for billeting the Defence Force, thereby causing chil-
dren to have their education interrupted, shows lack of forethought.
Shouting to the roofto s-'about 'graduate students' in the 1lromier's usual style-
does no tlng to solve h0e problem which is now directly in the p of Government:
ovn1 fidni u loand for ... .~.1contented citizens of the Parish not now be th
Citizens (wherever ,hey may be) should not be encouraged to believe that vandalism
can obtain their reouiremencs: negotiation is still the only answer.

In view of the present State "of The Letang family and Clifford
Emergency at Grand Bv,, Barclays Coriette and family- wish to thank
customers there are e-quested to all sympathisers and all those who
call at Barclays Old?'Street Branch sent any cards and in any way
for their normal banking requirements. helped in their recent sad bereav -
until otherwise advised. meant.
Any inconvenience caused is -regretted. negotiationss brokedow
i l 'TU QUE TU. No the or is hot x Narch 20 oyer wag and salaries -b-
te author of AVY v sxrs. does she tween SA Est saoUshen.unre su.e to
always agree wtn contr~ utors views.Du. da e.

irrr am AR

FrL~ij.v A~vril 5 1~74 Rage Seven


Our publisher will shor ly be starting to
compile the 1974 Telephone Directory for
publication in September 1974
Customers wanting to mrn: any change
to their entries as shown in the Alphabe-
tical Section of-the current 1973 Directory
should write giving the new entry to:-
The Manager (Directory Section)
Dominica Telephones,
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This information must be received not
later than Friday, April 26th, 1974,
These entries are free of charge.
Requests for bold type entries, additional
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Our publisher is responsible for
and charge; for these entries.


Further information can be obtained
from our Commercial Business Office,
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Schedule of Apptcai.on for Certlftate of Title and Notitg
thtreon aid Caveats for week ending 30t h iday of March. 1974
Dote Requested Person PresentingT Nature of request wheth1

Request dated Ehie John
the 22nd day Baptiste
of March by her Solicitor
1974. Cinma A.M.
Presented the Dupiany!
25th day of
March 1974
at 12.30 p.m.:

er a Cerificaeof T deof
Noeng t-reon or Ca-eat.
Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title ina respect of
a portion of land at
Zicack Portnaouth in
the Parish of St. John
in the State of Doini
nica containing 3011
square feet and bob.-
ded as fBw*s-

North by land of Ezekiel Mouton: Ean by Roflo Sreet
Soutb by land of Ford Wayland; West by lands 4f Stepri en

request dated Charles Delsol Asplisation of Charles
4 3, '74, by his Solicitor D3l6ol for the aisue
Presented M. Eugenia of a first certificate'
28. 3. 74, Charles of title in-respect of a
at 12 20 pan. lot "of land at Lou.
..... biere in the Parish of
St. George contain.
g 3858 square feet
&ad bounded as foi.
North: Lsnd ef C arls O.ubl: South: Lnd Lk o-
Simon; West: The Se; East Public Roa d
Schedule of App!;cation for Certficate of Tde, and. Notiag
rthlIreon and Caveatrfor wp~k ending 23rd 4a of Marcd, 1974

Request Jlated Catherine
the 28th day Lawrence na
of February Deshaut as to
1974. : two thirds,
Presented the. share aa4.
22nd day of Constace Ro-
March 1974 yer n Deshait
at 2.55 p.m. as to one third
share :..
by their Solicitor Cinm A.M.

Request foew t. i..ue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land at
*-ortamoath in the
Parish of St. John
in the. State of Domi.-
nica containing 5388
square feet and boang
dAdas folows:-

North-Wet- by tend Ade.aneJiesean; North-Eas by
Bay Stret; South East by land of Cyrilla Joseph stad
tend of Arthur jenes South Wet by the Sea.

Rma~ commn.

Refisttar of Titles

NOTE:- Any person who desires to objec; to the ~ani of a
First Certifia of Ti et to the above appcation may enter a
Cavest in the above Office within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
pubiished In this State or from the date when the noeice pre-
scribed by iaw was served on aay owner or occupier of adjointg
kand in respect of which the application is mide.

Syol& Uid sot get year -STAR lAst
A'ek *Vw6 yY" fvsef# p^Ad y-,r V974

Page Seven


I F:iar Arnt 5- 19S74

--Al Fools. DEY- Th
Aunty, they have we under surveillance, t,
making mountains out of circumstance; o:
Try to buy us out with plastic Bauble, t
plant provokers on us to cause .trouble; 0
turn our friends into' informers.,
stick our names to 'viOcious ritmours; i
observe our daily outs and ins,
building files on wild surmise and speculation, p
tapping phones, digging through our dustbins O
hoping for a break in their investigation.
Aunty, security set we down as infiltrators 0;
Mlark we down to burn as traitors; d
Practising the tricks they learned at Hendon, s
climbing from Sergeant to Superintendent; w.
Making lists of enemies of Dominioa. t.
to be banned next weeh by I1r. Speaker;
Buying our poems for the files they keep, P
Special Branch is keeping busy; a
God knows. they see. us 'all as sheep, o
and they, the shepherds of humanity. L
wonder how they sleep in peace' E
with such unpleasant thoughts as these. b
In the.nation's interest they will say,..
"they become robots., obedient all the: way;
theirs not to reason or to question why -
t6ijs- to subvert-subverts'd 4 to spy.i, T
on every little teacher who saia' boo:
making conspiracy out of Deputy's cronies, inq
disovoering codes and secret papers too; ju
Fabricating James Bond. stories., on'
At night they prowl the streets for thrills, cro
and seek Guevatra ii-thieir mble hills. o
Wheher in plain 4asbor Rasta guise
Special Branch is joke to recogniZe. tol
LUke-.eager amateurs, playing games a y
they're better at smearihngnames
or climbing roofs with tape recorders wom
to check on GSA's progress, -. ed
leading principals to make, comess(. pol
Aunty, why this undercover operation? sce
We learned it from the bigger_ nations, mos
Wtery government has Third Force fixation dar,
so they train a Narx detection* bet
Security is happy to be off the beat now
directing traffic and getting flat feet..
Inveht a pseudoo intellectual" conspiracy, a c;
and hear coded messages in the daily news, Is
and'vigilant as only to6ls canh be, go
they surveille anyone with open ..views. Pori
(co..... clag e 9). deo
You doan lie,nuh,u another woman replied. "an
people. widdout wuk. It already doan have wuk in da
an do.'.
.Manwhile the building was' enveloped in flames
the caskB of rum from the place and rolled them ov

SIp, l I';IP SHERLOCK .t c
e Governors' Cotuncil of the "Inter-
tion;:.1 Develolpment Research. Cein-
Ottawa,"Canada, has conferred
a i ir Philip Sherlock of -Jahma oa
he 'title of Fellow of the Research
e itre, .....
;ir Philip, who was from 1965-
9o6p Principal of the UWI, is
rpph-flI Sec.-Gen. of the Assoc.
f Ui-versitiis and the Institute
f -Oaribboan Recearch.
Sir Philip proposes to conse-
rate 'two periods of six months
uLring -the' year 1974 & 1975 to"
tudyirig and' writing on the role
which the Thiversity can play in
he-.process.-of developing countries%
Born in Jamaica in 1902, Sir'
hilip 'taught since the ago of
eventoo e. '"o'obtained through
orrespohdende' an Arts degree from
ondoh TTnivbri'ty, specialising in
rglish. He 'was for ten- years
he -Principal of a secondary school,
efoe oing'on to adult education.
''6 -is inciidentally a poet and

tion 1A TITIME Cynthia Watt
Ta 'itine was. -awakened by the wail-
'!of the Fire Brigade siren. She
,poed out of bed and hastily donning
clothes," rushed out and joined't1e
iid who.w6or hastening- to the scene
iho fire.'
"At lasnsief.. .at .Nassiof,". she' was
4 by a woman wlio rushed by trailing
dungster- at' lir skirts#
"Which hTssief?" she asked another
qn, but "the question Went unanci'er-
.s the woman i-as literalily'pro-'
ede surgeg ing mass from behind".
.t last 1'a Titine. arrived' on the
ge and thiero. as the building al-
tw allowed ip in a thick, heavy,
k, "Onvoloping: pall of smoke. In
ween the smoko, there blazed out
and thon,' spurts of flame.
uIIolas," one woman wai3a d, '"dat is
r;imo garcon...dat is a crimeJl
do bnloe place a pore puhson-could
an buy a cheap peece of cloth
. us uid all our chilreni Is we
pprp people dat goin to suffahi"
dose claha an dom...look so moch
e place.. what doeo people goin "

, The police had already removed
or near the Bata Stoe, -..

P 'A "P

Aunty, they in'fuXThro'ce on the-brothers .
provoking 'them onseiaeone-'-s orders
Won't leave M.N.D. and OD,Dl.. in peace,
P.A.~T. is clean and Free-y6ur Milnd' eceased.
You see, it's obvious ibow to oue an4 all,
this iS 'another political ball '
We 'kAow security. is put on'thbse wliq criticize
Iell, remember BIXOI 'did it in the i.tates
'anid sudh abuse of law to victiise '
now has" him. looked by- the..Watergatqe'
Special Branch *playing' ZentolcLX, ..
Dep. said Termite, ro aming here at will .
Maybe them is surgeon too,"'nowt aunty,. .
he say a cancer eating tis society '..-
'We. shbrt of dentists noiew'nd hospital st
but the emphasis is making criminals .
The many youth canst work and lack skills, -
forget their hair,- heir plight'is oir concern
But guilt gives way to righteous overkill,
;_lates we -absolve ourselves in turn1
-&verywhere you turn it is the sane,:
the ..real criminals -are making fame.
etching them should be good exercise .
for Specia.. Branch half-Vbak.ed spies. ;,
iWhLile they' indulge ih this charade,
the real subvertAies his trade;
master-at, thh double agent. soeno,
-hw t s'-' .-you" d least. suspe t I r :.
He doesn't write for STAR'or ATAIM.1N
'He joined the Special .Br-ach ,direst.

Primeliiais'ter .& First Lord of the.t-Tr9asury :
Lord President of the OouniicilT &'Leader-pf
the House of Commons:. -
.Secretary of State for, Frreign ic odoimon-"
S .wealth Affais;

Lord Chan llor
oSeortary of State for he .Home Depa:tment'

Ohaaouellor of the 1:cchequeor.

Sooret'bary of Atato
Secretary -of State


of State

for. Employment
for Energy


Social~-Servioqp '

Secretary of-State for Industr.y
Socretary, of State for the-.Envir6nmen
Secretary .of State for Scotland .
'Ghanoellor, the Duohi -pof Lancaster
Secretary of State for. Ti-ade:'- .
'Secretary of State for Prices & (onsu




W- STI. -' "But look at
do kino:.of. hoos6 "nuIlA" and Ma .
Titinq, t.rnod -around to face Baby
who had just arrived,, 'with a breath-
less Genolia not far;bphind. "ILook
at. do hose- .an dml" Baby was in-
dignant, "Is1-dat foh Govormont to
~; look good hose ahi qip-
mtiot fbh do 'Fir6 Brigado nuhl D'
water hot''evon reachin do windowss"
Said. onb man. "Why'dey doan
olimeO ,p ontop of Shillingford
ashop-an hose de roof?""
it Was an awed and sympathetic
crowd that 'gazed at the blazing
building, wliile the firemen -foight
the flaxies .with their inadequate
hoses'. -.Ia Titine, Baby and-Genolia
r"emainbd. there for almost 6an hour.
- yh' tlia' time the .building was a
coripLete ruin, with the roof biirnt
out .and the doors and windows more
When they returned home they-
veri jusit in fimeo 'to hear over 'ho
radio' that the: Geneva *tome of Mr.
Iassief ihad also been burst during
the. night, and .that 'tre.esh.4-b-eer
'felled .o baioioade the '6ad. The
telephone i&-.s had .also oeen
cu" down so that there was no 'direct
commun cation between -'the townn
'- Shd :in- -union. -
-* Z.r .a oid.Wlaon -

.I ,.,& f .A I CT ,.nwf :..-".

.r. --James -.Oallaghan
Lord- Elwyn-Jones
r. Roy. Joenkins.
Mr Denid- .ealoey .
IMr Michael-Xoot"
S- Eric. Va'Iey 4"
jab Barbara Gastle
"'oAnth3ony Wedgwood Benni
M r Anthondy OGosaland
S-r. Villiam less

M ?$ Ha;iold Lover

.?.r' Peter Shore

control :

rc -Shirley- illiams

i en S_ I A R
5*T^A p>*Pj*O**Q *T*S --"'.'n 'rBRITAINj'Z Iu L. ,OTJr GOVEIIETI (:fr. I)
BATIZTBPALL The 1974 basketball league, Min.of Agrj~-~& Fisl.ries E' Mi F*ePQart -
after one 'ofxrtrd pos'tponomenift got on Sec.of State fo. Defence 4 Mr- loy-,ason
the way 'n Wednesday night 3rd April at Sec of State f lothrn., '. -
the Windsor .Park with the first match :"A Irelid .- M4.Rees
between Bata Pros and Raiders. Sec.of Stat. fq UWales, '; Mr John Morris
Before the macch was played, five Sec.of Stte to f 4ia- -
teams paraded with some beautiful out.p. tion & Sq~ence Mr R.Prentice
fits on display, with one team having Lord Privy Sea:: & Leader -
red and white t to match their new of the House of6 Lords : Lord Shepherd
outfit: The Trams parading were: Bata. In addition-- o the two Cabinet member,
Pros, By-Triz-e Electrons, 'Caroni Car- three other wonqn hold important posts.
dinalo;, Flcees and Raiders. Schools DGS "- oc i iiod-quite a vast'e-
& SI. were not represented. Bata Pros panse-futlands. However'. we
won by the narrow margili of 4. pts. after pane -u ouut olans. Howeverint alwys
the uabch went into extr* play at. -40_ view such oUtb-t4tq, one point is always
the snatch went 3nto e la .. evident : restlqes unemployed young men
being. down 38-39, Fnl..coresa: Bata underprivileged flies
Pros 48 (A*St.Hilaire 16, .B.Jonie 12); and women eoft mes to urged famiali.a
and Raiders :44 (G.John & A.David 12 pts. ill go t extrems to cure social abthen
each) .....e pnormalitie may thi oo h igratly affected ath
CRICIKIT The Combined Uindwiad/Leeward The pri6 ay too igh. It maybe
Youth Team managed by on premature occurrence but it s part of
and led by Vio-.or Eddy,, left Dominioa our dooid. --
for Cr.yana on Wednesday April.3rd,where. ON THE 1E: OF CST O'CTION .fr.supp.).a
they will participate in the 1974 Benson a Union to tq-c care of the villagers'
& Hodges Youth Tournament. They will be interest. ":rs- pelsol said that there-is
defending their championship ihich they a proper way tQo go about acquiring Geneva
won ;.n 1972 when they participated for Estate anc. itwa6s necessary to got organic
the first time in Barbados and in St. ized since "Unity is Strength." Withbut
Lucia last year, retained their chami- proper orgnc4at -on,'"there would be
pionsh- p. squabbling H iig theanelves.
The full team reads T.V..Edcy (oapt.), Ho6nA EddelJe thaioked all for their
L.Sebastian (v.capt.), ) S.Drow.ineR .Cendr expressions a4d -dsk:ed that disturbances
M.Detastro. S.Dougan, .O.JElwin,- R.John- cease while' he negotiated to obtain thliir
.Baptiste, T,4Kentish, SJaj3lace, J.Lma- demand and aniiiprovement of conditions
rence, A.NHarage and R.Todd, with r..R. in the area. *Heo advised the meeting that
Ellis as manager. Their first match iA. some of the solutions could be'effeceod
against Guyana. at Bourda Park today, immediately b-t "others would take a long
TEST "The 5th and final"test match by time. He was- in sympathy with their
the ohid of the 4th day was evenly poised grievances and their demands for more e6m-
with England in their"sec6nd inningss ployment and ,ands, and that such"demands
betting at 158/3 and two days left. had been-madd&.by'hixm bo Government, butt "
Bngland in their first innings were were not tak"d* seriously. He felt that it
dismissed for 267 runs, with Geoff Boy- might be necessary for a delegation to- ,
cott 99, failing again to get a test presenttheair Cabp to "Government. T he.
.century in the series. F6r tsat Indies: meeting felt thatt the machinery of Govern-
JujLien 2/35, Sobers 1/44, Gibbs 3/70 & ment was 'too&l and in any .case,G:vern-
Ali 3/86. West Indies.repise-li with'" meht has never hom any .interost-"3'te.
305 and Lmarence Rlowe getting ILs third people. ofx Gra ., pas. The meeting t ha! ar .
century pf the series 1253. Fred6rick 67 journe~d A bl-io meeting was hold,5pm.
& Lloyd 52 (other main *coritgiTutur s). *I T. 14JAr I0jt ING for Franod
ohe West Indies lost their las-,8 wi8ck u-e adtreside nt tomorrow meanwhile six
ots for 81 runs, crashing- from 224/2 to candidates are struggling to,ssucceed him.
305 all ouit. For England: Tony Grioeg TROPICRTFrS S mi Craft Exhibition is on.
shed wi-th 8/86 and Pocock 8/86. West Some fine Oexa-U.i of, local skill.and
Indies were left with 196 t0ow.n on the l i show UET 0s1-
2a0 rndht En rd
final day!after 30/0 overnight.England troub- e0h oz f trnsfi
w oere dilsr ^ss or 06R in 2nd innaxs:-
Boycott 12.u-on ^ -, Caroni Cardinas narrowly won over Elec-
P- ress-time acoro: W.I. tron 42 .. ..
PViited & Publiahod bt, EAllfre of Jo. lf li Hoso at

Supplement i I H E

.b.k .- MIUTDES ;
The meeting was called to 'rdpr at 12
o'clock noon. Present- tiere-
Harold Richards, Adam Ioendrson, (Vil-
14ga Council); Nxr. Ursulha. homas,
IUs.Dolsol (S-ocial League) Misa
Esther Thomas (Girl. Guides ; Mss
Norine John (Youth Group);. W~ilfred
Stuart, Hbyden Merrifield.. Holy Name
Society; Joseph Gregoire (Jaycees);
and a large number 6of individuals,
including Louis leatham, Chur'chill
Henderson and M s.1l6restize Hender-
son, The meeting was chaired by Hon.
R.S .-adella, 'arliamentary Rearesenta-
tive of the Southeri ~,ctora4 Distriot.
Mr.Joseph Gregoire was Secretary to the
meeting. .
The Chairman welcomed the 'atlhering
.and stated that the purpose o$ the meet-
ing -was to find out the . .
qauses- of the recent disturbances in
the area and to .make recminendations
for solving the problems. ito paid that
Jhe was there to help as it.wa. his wish
to bring peace and harmony h the com-
unity. .He invited a I presonf to air
their grieVancs views and qughestions
,in a orderly manner -
- T-he first to address the meeting was
3hurchill Henderson. He said 4he was
spokesman for the majority of the indi-
viduals present and listed tEe"following (
griZevances:- 1) Inadequate-seating ao-
comodation at the Grdnd Bay Sqhool.
This caused the number of schqpl atten-
dants to be'limited. Ther.e was no voca,-
tional training for boys-. :
2) There are large aieas of unworked
land on "Geneva Estate which' should
be made available tb the vSllagers
as before. There was also need for
more 'employment on Geneva I-ptate.
3) There was an urgent noad. fd lands
for extension of the village. A
housing scheme.
4) There was too much'provocation by the
police, many of whom were'e rigger-
happy., Also, police brutality of ac-
cused when ciught'should bq stopped.
It was stated that they were in no
way connected with the bottLe-throwing
-and house-breaking activit.e&S,
5) The police patrolling the school com-
pounds should be called they
"distracted the childreni'?and distilled
fear among the teachers. i(next col.)

T 'T?.' '


Friday, April 5,1974

*V I E W

Dear Madam4. 1TIIE-Ag q O ?
eaw =_-ARE IE GOING?*
This week I heard .-two gentlemen talking,
they said one .o the'honourable members
(Labour Party) who represents people in
the State went to Bath Estate, met .a
government gang -iorking there and. he (the
Honourable Member) told the foreman he
will drink some coconut. The foreman sent
a carpenter to pick the coconut. The car-
penter saw that the tree was wet; he could
not climb the tree, therefore he cut it
down, When' that was made known, they de-
ducted some $40o00 from the carpenter's -
money. I say the. authority should make "
that Honourable Nember .pay back the $40.00
to the carpenter, and that coconut 'tree
must be assessed from now until twenty (20)
years. The assessment means th0 amith",'f
coconuts that will be on that 'erg-.aS&ng
Aub. tree from now till twenty years at .so
much per coconut, so that Honourable Meme-
ber should'pay for all these coconuts, in'
my opinion.. E... LOt_,ACK

The destructive fire which took'- place
on Tuesday mborhing last at th6. store of
Elias Nassief might have been more dica s-
trous if it had occurred at midnight. At when T Vicited the area, I was sur-
prised to see -that only one building was
destroyed. 4When. you- look at the other
buildings which are attached to it, yt "
escaped the fire due to the quick handling
of our energetic aid skillful firemen 'along
.ith our fire volunteers, I must say they
deserve some praise and 'a handsome gift.,
IlUGI LA WR ETCi. oseau
were free to patrol the streets in order
to maintain law and"order.
S) An individual now"wanted by police was.
'Wrongfully sentenced in his absence
since no summons had been served on? him~
so that "e was unable to defend himself
in coilrt." ." -.
7) It was claimed that most of the land
called GeneVa Estate belongs to the people.
" Mr.Nassief had' contributed nothing bo
the development of the villagers. during
his long tenure.i. ;n their, midst. He was
being forced to leave. "
8) There was need for village development.
One Baron'suggested holding a public meet-
ing in the afternoon. This was agreed-.
Another Eddie, suggested- the forming -of

"Su em .s l - .... ...A

T1M TR*-ON 9

I 1 1.1 I .1,. I

ScVedule of Appta '.onfor Certificate of Title and Notings
tfere. and Caveats for.eek ending 6th day of April 1974

Date Aequested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
er a Certificate of Titie of
.Noting tt..ron or Caveat.

Roqmst dated
27 2 74
2 4 74
at 11420 a.m.

:y is Solicitorw
M. Eugenia

__________________________________ I

Applicatioa of Seiwin
George for the issue
of a first certificate
of title in respect of a
portion of land at
Trafalgar in t-e Pa-
rish of St. Gewrje
containing 0.813
acres. and bounded

as follows:
North: Public Poth S.,,"rti~ng it from land of WhitfieWl CauhWr
Sout-n Land of W"ttfied Casimir; West: Public R(oad Snd
Land of Whlkfield Casimir: South-East: Land of Ivan Gallion;
North.Eat: Land of ASertine Anrdre.
Rose;. Dominima. Registrar of titles
TE:- Any pompon who desires to objet to the issue of a
Certfficae of Titli in the above apptikaion may tnter a
eC t In the above Office within six week,; from the iate of
he firtt appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
blished thi this Spte nr from the date when the notice pm_
irlbd by I* wts rvytd on any owntr or oicuptlr of adoring
is respect of wpct, the application Is made.


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CAR & 114laROOi MA/3
aXd MCUA .....0





rsnsay. April 5, 16W4

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