Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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F- -

Mrs,. Jai e O dy+of vlan
Research lStitue f0 tS ~C1Y

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p.S h r .tb y Av. W. t.

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is notewhormy ssatPr.. Casn eask" stotmc to the
faw tat D ieratnn 'h. . Itss iwosWS boepsWit
assartwd se rghft. to clwtomr. itaWst wA t V ad i ns
sOats a cowrsry. .. ." Mapite oS as -^as js aqawts
of ffir "iveign rginfts" and MeOMsence to whMt
they oonsidew "r%ess( w ovenstn es the paA of
The w'srld at tar- .. tis right to be- wnceTnesd xiste
avid .'s. w as ar OsMWAti ft hivan

Hin-er, ag. t5sd!iU** U's are msf. .Sr as Si mioof,
ar~ Ita~e~ i~%Wria f,
recarsed traais h td .0 turn W,Bcasrtan s ottee his s
sWstiinss !iraffy thw' ed 'Jei^ct deci*t *- in-
"sisaes ed f 'ertt Icyfor te s!port of hs rafen I
fian. WItOyF t9b ac ts WfaWa wer tItr tmird s
c.; em rigarili fraw- ergZ tafre-s weaircnasr^Eear
we hf ad ^ .ir T'-ate a a V iWS't f t f hr
with whicfthe wme f4:viewe obt-os attoader; y liter!
.frpo tibMOW aicts brutally in e naoime of his
So~vert'gn YfIhti, btefo'e te aftirmaGion eof tvibsa sotid-
rity evidecram in 0l4 C4w versaK Da nano Man
in *t6 foef a it*hiA. vy are ratimes so swerse to
taekhs a staxd agalyt 04 er na.ties $etn bttir .ity has
fagid ita ugly hfad? Oten a fitnm and cottoeot wami'ing
might be (iod so ch e.k thft bnrtafiN. Afast we wait
fhe hoerrrs, of a Pit Ior-iPke standard of Che sfrd Vte,
hijmTni r12ta and hUWs 6igaity beore s W Int'saBtel$
tdeiscisce cmin be ar+wg
*TA Netuman misry NKI by paqpia. in a waih "foinI-
state ', like i Asf i or 1*iepAwmnt Statse of 0th
W Wst Indies, thr t'ge qacivittes of "Iaeargt pkees",
be they eaked "WVaHo quite as greif as 8I1 folt by. ft Owenma Jews. &vry
effort should be MiP to see tat amocitts on any "e40
te aoWaAn,
It is argued thaOl Britain did mot tMs the powe' to
Mtrvene in th4 iinal" 'aifirn a t o'* '.pr-ls: aec
thaMt as Soversig statess 8iesaseve, wfse rigIts of
cWmpiats dwinaigi o'aer tD a s Iv ves at their citbs
Pnust ais e kept iniuat#, CarItta Coren ewat
courMtris snoi inteol ro- eafla^p use Urdtnd W-
tions shwWl take V ckier Iok at RW ia mtuh wanted
OrdveWsaii- C awaevoja of Ousran Rights aM se if # te
xgranisation isf~refy ?tiepless if* tWs masters VW M ore.
the pOoptee Ot the ClaenMOO th% CasrtSef bater.ta.e

A tIA U life oger fWest of the Yaprd
ri .c4 his life when a grman dr pve
his car iL front of Princess Ann
and Capt. ark .Phillips' limeoaLe
near Buck aghma Palace this week,
jai=Wjg out and shabooting in a kid-
nap attetat. Afou people were woun-
ded (the Security Ma aerioualy)).
laa Ball, 26, m lnewployed, has be n
charged with at-tempted mzrde. The
Queen heard the bad news fr o MI.
Harold Wilmona while in Jaea&a.^a


\ gage breameo ha-B
poI t i 3en1tiaer. ,aS
-JauI47i~ pefrit abeekia
fire* hae etmitrr.d in
'I 01& th. State: dweed, Otera

^^^r^ I MWE S~f
,0 !Lubetta ttC
^------"-- 'oPCX= AT DUGA
?olbittt we faXl"diy uiwskiug ut.4.ata or
AB sad + 4'gged a pil to thair N irhare
1 was .lle4ly atBbjeted to uas. lt, saw,
a VaA oeffletal letter. Stas weMk.
^ ^ ~ ~~ ~ -Gi II "l'T i K ^"
min CAgVe MIm fJOtMB ategan agd
2WJ & wi esx tme1tigo ds -zandiansb
tihdemacw e $ n gda fto d him i M nputbdi*
rs wboie at wrefts d odher tae aof condo.
kew and helped in am -ay a another in diek
rooCEt bestlvWAIR in the passing of Laed&
anaeree Midbitll

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to .. bamg.
^^^^^^1^^^ ^^^be


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.S tXa "
,W S -

Page Two T H S T A R friday. March 22 194
Part II C 0 M MEN T by Rupert Sorhaindo,
Let us bring our minds back to 1969, in which yea Mr. Rosie Douglas
and two other Dominicans became involved in the ra1r well"-publicized
"Sir George Williams University Affair".. According to Mr. Patrick John
the beginnings of our racial troQuble; can be trace 'to that incident.
Mr. John may well remember that year; so may Mr. LBlanc, Mr. Armour aU4
Mr. Leo Austin. The Labour-Government had hastily dispatched Mr. AustiA
to Canada. to investigate.. Mr. Jennrer Armour accompanied the Attorney
General. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Armour advertised the establishment of
a legal assistance fund for "Brother-in-law" Rosiq? (In contract, one has
to wonder what measures were taken by the. Attorney General and Mr. Armour,
to ensure that innocent Dominicans were not brutal zed by trigger-happy
Police and Defence Force Personnel during our ridiculous State of Emergen g
As it turned out, the interest of Government. in the "Sir George
Williams University Affair" wasvsibl1y out of political expediency. Wheo
Brother Rosie and the Black Power Movement opposed,, the Grenada Declarat.ioa,
ROPA, writing in the EDUCATOR rebuked Rosie for his ingratitude.
Mr. LeBlanc and his Labour Party colleagues recognised the fledglaln-
Black Power Movement as a force that was politically exploitable. It was
not viewed -a a, apoteatially constructive force. which would need honest au
level-headed leadership.
If we look back at the "Black Power" speeches made by Mr. LeBlanc
during the 1969-1973 period, we see a man projecting himself as a "leade:"
(albeit an apparently irresponsible .and detached leader) of the fledgling
,Black Power Movement. His racist remarks about "b~ood-sucking clermine:j
On a public platform; Mis Government's action against foreign Sisters it
&re.abi~tothe Infirmary; its unfavourable consideration of the Christie-
Brothers application for permission to conduct ar.imas_ he po-q -~s--
in Roseau and in the deportation of Cardenas (ex-Manager of Archbold Plact-
ations), all carried strong racial overtones.
The Premietr's readiness to exploit the SMA crisis was an attempt V
win the support of a "Black Power" vote rather than a move calculated "o
improve an archaic educationall system, that is wor.e-Qff this year tha
laLt'year' -How sincere Was the man, when he told listeners at a public.
function at Colihaut that they should take down th4 picture of the whi_
Queen Wad rep--ace it with that of "Congo Ray", when he. has recently stasi-
gated the Opposition for not having respect for, the local representat-:v
of that same white Queien
What I am auggestiag is. that the. Premier had the"moral responsli.~t-
to guide the Black Power Movement from its inceptiop, and that when -e choe
to exploit it to the political advantage of his Party he made a grave e-ror
And if, as Mr. John has broadcast, the situation Vis-a-vis race relatiocs
in the State is deplorable, then Mr. LeBlano and his Gabinet must acce;c
the responsibility.
The rest of the Labour Party machinery must also take a share cof e
blame for our deteriorating social environment. Tha EDUCATOR, with it+
emphasis on hate-mongering, has so often tried to d3aw a wedge between slack
and white, rich and poor, educated and non-educated, that it must be cited
as a major contributor to disharmony in the Statef 1ot too long ago, r-
an the author, ofthis article, racist remarks were made about, hi
Chinese wife, and the Christian'Brothers, whom "Cecila Amos accused ou ..
criminating in favour of "potato-coloured" Dominicans such as the author,
and against dark-skinned Dominicans such as Brother Egbert Germain.
We should also cite, at this point, "Brother Vie" Riviere, one of the
original Black Power "leaders" who, back in the late sixties encouraged
the type of Black Power which was more negative and retrogressive than
positive and progress. (ocue on reoave t)an
(concluded on poa -3 )

ri-iday. March 25 1974 T H
COMME1,IT (fr.-.2_ The Labour Party
ersonnel have since. the Radio
Bominica dispute, injected the un-
savoury elefen.t of colour and class
prejudice into the issue, by refer-
ing to Papa: Dee's. complexion and
family background, thus fueling the:
racist tenden.ies, of some elements
in our soci.ty. Labour Pprty spokesa
men have on so many ocassions made.
remarks about the Allfreys, Agars.
and other "white'! members of the
Freedom TPar y,
Mr. Patrick John is really not th
the man to -t lk about racial harmoni
One cannot divorce the issue of divi-
ding people :on the basis of race for
the same purpose.' The effect is re-
inforcement of class or race preju-.
dice, and thpeemotianal response is
frequently manifes-ted in violence!
Mr. John -has so often appealed to
the prejudice- of his audience that
he has no morl claim to be a spokes-
man for unitV 'and harmony. In fact,
the man has publicly spoken out in
favour of th ."lynching" approach to
dealing with? legitimate, dissent in a
democratic State Iron.a
zlvocated burning" those who adver-
tised the ils- of Dominica overseas:.
Mr. John should now be "lighting his
own fire".

Barclays Finance Corporation of
the Leeward 4 Windward Islands Limi-
ted, the St.upia based Subsidiary of
Barclays Ban| International Limited,
has made extremely good progress in
its first fiye months of operation.
On a recent visit to Antigua, the
Manager, Mr..on Catchpole, was inter-
viewed on: th4 Television Talk Show
"What's New -lie spoke of the value
to the Barclys Group and its custom-
ers of having a specialist longtermn
lending vehicle: such as.. "BARFINCOR".
It enables Branches of Barclays Bank
to concentrate on short-term lending:
which is their proper function,
leaving medirm/long-term finance to
the Corporationt. Barfincor is offer-
ing extremely attractive rates of
interest for'periods of from Thirteen
months, to Fiyelyears, thus widening
the choice which depositors; have in
placing. fund with the Barclays Group
In utilising its own capital and
in mobilising savings throughout

E -' P.: Page Three
!'!H WORD PRIEST ... 1ugh Lawrence
So-r*e people, I think, are apt to
misconstrue the word. Priest, sometimes
for the .purpose of misleading their
followers and listeners or perhaps
through ignorance. We have in the-
. State at present a great number of -
so-called preachers in several small
religious groups, who usually mislead
their members to satisfy their own
ends, ..As we.'are now .in the season .
of Lent, we shall be hearing very
r often of sermons and-talks re the
suffering and crucifixion of our
Lord, and also the words 'high Priest6
who took a great part in this in-
famous act,
I shall now try to define the
real meaning of the word Priest.
A priest is one whose function is',to
offer sacrifices, and before Christ
came and during His short stay, the
sacrifices offered were from the
blood of animals. He did not condemn
His, Father ii work, but He perfected. -
it, so that He. died on the .Cross for
the sijnsof _man, and-.then lev-i- His
apostles to continue the same- sacri-
fice in the form of bread and. wine.
This is continually done in our
Mother Church and in the Anglican
Church in our State and.all over the
world. Therein lies the MYfSTIQUE.
-BARfINC:R- and, Windwvrd .1Slands, especially to
provide longterm finance, -:Barfincor
gives bothold new customers the
opportunity .to apply for owner-
oecupation home lo-ans with repayment
over-periods. up-to 20 years. Barfincor.
may ,also provide medium/long term
finance (say up to 10 or 12 years)
fr visible commercial and industrial
projectss: Barfincor may offer to -
share: in the risks more fully by pur-
chasing equity in newly-formed con-
' corns, particularly those involving-
manufacturing and backed by local
Mr. Catchpol.e pointed out that
Barfincor's activities would give
stimulus to. the construction industry,
thus providing more eapoyment
opportunities; in addition, Government
reveAues should increase as a result
*.of duty on building materials imported

4 .l.. I i11 a i .1 .i ,iii-_M..a y^ .. ^ ftl ^ -* ^ f^ W

2rm.STATE W- pDsxsN'2S*rr CP.
-]TmjE "y A a os mo f
11""ra a asw sm an o ''^ -enw
ins ?ca eV tlQiniw Niif l
t gpnme fa wok 23rd day at ic in..

L5 a Cer.W'rfcalfaTh

Request ated Joacim Lwis Ap atiu* of Jos-
17 12 73 by his Salicitr chim Lewis for the
Preseaitd M. i. Euanit Jsse of a first cartifi
19 3 74 Charlest tate f tits in r wpr ct
at 10655a.m.I of a Portiatm f hMa
i t rn~e in the
Par"h of St. Aadrew
co.aining 2.70 acres ad boa nded as NGm
N*ortnb-WW Ied of Si3on Atsen; Sauo.-4ats tand
of M?-ty LwAe; Wesc: leawld of jafees Lawree
East tedts of Lougta Lewis and VieWr Lableic.
A 4ted Joahaim Lewis A
17 12 73 y "ryhi SSficaagr if' fo the
Presenled I EVeasuia is*%* of a Lrst cert&fia
19 3 74 Chariose ars of tsei respect
at II 'clohkt f a partion of au ud
a t Peavvi e, in tI
P"r*bh of SL* An&,ew
qu feet ajwaB
Norah & Nmart.a LaMd OfSh. *& hrc exn
Soti Ent By Red Soutb West Land df Retas
Dapta & wMnte Paul Wat Lead oftalz ~at
Requ& datd Maria Karma ae
14 3 74 fby hr Srficimor wto far e
Presenteda M. Eueada it a fist certificate
20 3' 4 Chadrles oft6i6 iM s eot of
a 10.10 a.m a _' -of I" t i
in the Patla f |
SPeter oniaiung 1
4548 square feet and headed as folows:-
North Eas n .l 1 ts L a &oa" naah Ens
CWnW Rta Seal Wes Las4 of La Lwawcque
N9 WenB CatWefrle Rjver

Request dates
he. 30th day
of January
Presented the
20t& day 4f
March 1974-
at 2I zs15 p.a

br her Solicitor
Cihat A.M.

Request Sfr -th insno
of a First Certifiuate
of Tite in respect of
a portise of ad at
'"Canal" Maswsaref la
the PNrish o St. Pawl
cfntainis' 12340
sqwev feet ad bam:
diadsa ftuaws- .

NwrT.Wa by 6a. of ie* Nam *r;,Nor tEh by lend
of Ena Na"uef. Soath-East' by lid of ers of jeasph; Set Was by a P h W Roa4

MVtpers C03k4
RsVA. -..006

NOTLe- Any pa-rse whoe desire to obtaet ti f Isen f
Fkru Csrrficam of Th Is ian i. above appisW ea bpa n er a
Cras la th agbe, Ofice wfthit xf wnIm femwest.twd
EI P appear q ce of' tSched-Ste Is t&he STAR N e
paddshed te "ss Stan or frWOM the due whea the tot pw
pacethy law was yrvat on any wme M W orn r O0 da
kwt rha, a Of lhl wItftch Ies a. o

Dae aquested

C success In loiery, sweq aka% ObP.M
braigs. 66"V exitrahatte roanace dicrce or smy
Otter type of problemS cm b* sfvad w afth snaianit,
Desai fre:. I VIJATA TRAOES 24 Desesk
Ktmedbag N.Dtlkst S4f05 I Ag 56.44

ParaM Ppresaedt


'9- Y;A P 1 VA

r- ST ., :.

raaa- -ke -our

A Poria of Land of32,00 sq. ftJa
leskenial Arm with Prime Vie az
Polifion at S .Aoe.

\ Cwas &2%iwt of jA ffahbw"

RamB Aaba ffi ft' of DUn5mi=n
S M T-"& ti the d34n also & h Lk ofMarch A
imy wfe&& .is&atisye lftaM Y flmta


t^wi .TM~ igs^ awfsidk geY
tins zridn in ey m towpy at t
M14" de rahthwa e WaSy hve a aM die 1dIBS?

j r a mf y aWs as mny LIeCR C m wa
t p tdgf my predt ad thai I wil aB be i-
inabk fma h 1 $?74 whe Z or esse
De ?tid des I Oteas~ 1s974.,
day ofrrek .
Dah 4 th s lythy of cMarsc1, VIE .

Ot &e Magistrate DistL "G" & .i
4., palce.
!* Toupamts. :"*' reiigatVs.
CkWss~esT"*u4 ^WV Ma gfs'v
CageParik of SL A&d&w &do herpgd
mfc &0a1 it =s my intamica W appy a 1ue
Opes to be hewd at Ptar dh
an te 2nd &ay of Apr 7974 Omdit
repgct of of a6y pretiMg at Sfkveim Parsh
a St. Aukew.
3rgd Muh Ip74 Chareg T(Mussast
I ws,*~


EPHRAimR f rg
efa.,te, ar m.f I~

W=1 i"wmwxk
LOIUVR GLA4 Cleaw & Fmad

IOUK)M slms,
VI~if FOR: TILES, Sel-adheive
DUP/ # #'S A RDJ

Trdq,-r ach2 19741 Page" Five -

DEAR AUNATY Letter No..7
Aunty, what is it about a deputy
makes.. then all so uppity?
is it deputy-mentality,
or merely the proximity
to Premiers posterity?
IS it a. measure of naivety
that leads to the pomposity
and overall calamity
as deputy's ability
proves less than his capacity, .
makes; him a liability,
and leads to a facility
for exits with mobility?
OR, and more's the pity,
is it Premier's propensity
to shelter with dexterity
behind a Dep's vulgarity
or maybe gross rapacity -
thus. keep his personality
free from animosity.
enhance his credibility,
when he drops a Deputy
for misuse of authority
and offense to at majority?
- --r-a--- --4-6-
Such is Prqmier's sagacity,
and proven durability,
Deputies may get priority
but Premien has superiority,
and incredible audacity
to taunt uq with invisibility;
he moves, width rare agility
to prove h#- own virility,
some wisdoq- and divinity
sustains tlh old nobility,
makes, it a4. impossibility.
for even a Vfringe minority
to be swayed by Dep IDOLATRY. the Deity,
branding with anonymity,
Prims keeps popularity
and some reppectability,
while treating as absurdity
the wild desire and vanity,
the disguise and duality,
the anxious amorality,
the vacant Versatility,
the fickle flexibility,
the singular venality,
the total iRsularity,
the hasty personality,
the arrogant stupidity,
the itches and cupidity,
of anyone with temerity
who would become a Deputy,

* *
Au.ity,, notice their partiality
for verbal bellicosity,
while masking their identity
in journalese triviality
and pseudonymity.
Devoid of generosity
Sense or Sensibility
or any authenticity;
loaded with ambiguity,
,crassness and scurrility;
the lack of selectivity,
denotes insensivity,
and complex insecurity,
a general inferiority,
a blatant banality
and basic disingenuity,
also mental sterility,
a constant insxucerity,
a penchant for atrocity,
grievous in totality.
Thus the rampant mediocrity
that plagues the society,
seeped in negativity,
Proclaims their instability.
0 4 *
Anaty, seen f2 its fiali ty
it would seem to be an -abnormality
to bestow slight sympathy
On an. ambitious Deputy
who intent on immortality
is beset by Prims complexity
and partisan hostility;
who fond of false formality,
and prone to elasticity,
falls, victim of duplicity,
WOE betide the next Deputy
who abuses hospitality,
and poaches on Prims-.territory.
Fiction MA TITIM Cynthia Watt
After a spell of sunshine, the
rains. came. Ma Titine, busily dusting
the furniture in her living-room was.
at the. same time thinking of Reuben.
Although she had laid her cards on.
the table, Reuben still insisted on
being lover-like and Ma Titine, being
a warm--blooded human being and not a
reptile (even these had their warm
moments!), was not too-adverse to his
'advances, though she still maintained
in public a dignified distance.
Through the drip-drip of the rain,
she heard the doorbell ring and on'
answering it, was handed two letters
by the postman.. (conclp.6)

Page Six T H E S T AR riay, March 22, 1974
-MA TITINE (fr.p.5) Turning them MA TITINE (fr.cil,l) DOW dowA...
pver, she saw that one was from an Mr. Archbole ^hut his door against
Garge; the other from Eurilla. Drop-'mu'h to go again"?
ping the duster, she sat down to "Is that I waiting to see", Ma
read her letters. Titine replied. "All hotels empty...
Garge's was bried and to the pointopeople afraid. of.the-island. ."
Someone had written to him about "Wat about opse boys dey' arrest"?
Reuben's: conspicuous presence' .where- he enquired, "p'o news bout -dem yet"?
ever ..a Titine happened to be; and "i:Nothing", aie replied. "Even the-
that rumours, were being circulated m=n they shot $4 the belly, they
about them. He, Garge,,wanted an haven't come to no definite solution
end to this, and was demanding Ma vet".
Titine to stop. seeing Reuben. "I Reuben arched his eyebrows.
never liked him anyway'.'l the letter "Well, well'1, he muttered, "anyway,
ended. Eurilla's was rather a hurt even if you veq again Titine, but I
letter. She told her mother that it muss tell tou,,. we have to come. to
wasn't seemly of her; she. should re- goy solooshun joh. Tings cannot go
member that that sort of thing was on like dis. If you doan agree, I
bound to have repercussions, and that will have to go to annoder island...
it would be Ma Titine's own personal maybe Sen Tomas or Sen Croy".
family who would suffer. Ma Titine sighed.
Ma Titine threw down the letters "Reuben, you.really hard-headed
in disgust. "Eh, eh, Garge modee palo..You really doesn't take. NO f.r
wee! He running around with his an answer".
girl-friend over there and now he "Not me", Reuben replied. "I not
preaching to me. Mama-oh! the pot goin to stop exin you until you say
telling the kettle it backside black. YES or as I tell you I will go away".
Do as I say, don't do as, I do' The;
She was still in an angry mood BASSTERE, ST.l-ITTS: Politicians in
when Reuben called in some time later. Nevis are demanding that the 36-square-
"You looking vex', he told her. mile island be freed from the unitary
"Wat wrong"? State of St.Kitt-Nevis-Anguilla,
"You self, leave me alone you claiming the St.Kitts Government has
hear'! she snapped at him. "Is you neglected the economic development and
that causing all that! Don't trouble social welfare of the island.. The de-
me". mand was made. in a resolutni n e +n., +
i~~.euben~~~ wa ae bc0u i

Rieuben was taken aback,.
"Wat I do? Wat I db, Titine"?
"Oh don't bother"! she repl-ied
sullenly. "Is nothing much, but I,
hate to hear stupidiness. You should
know". she ended sarcastically, then
her mood changed. -"Put *on-some ..
records", she said "and let have
some good music. I'll fix up a nice:
rum punch ,4d warm up the balance of
the :callalou. Allyou enjoy it so
much and the weather calling just
for that"
Over the hot thick green delicacy
in which cubed tanias, potatoes,
dumplings, salt beef and crabs were
bubbling they discussed the latest
"I read in the ST.LUCIA VOICE that
the Sisserou Hotel is for sale", Ma
Titine observe d.
"Enhen. an Layou River Hotel close

the Government df Premier Robert..Brad-
shaw after a meeting of the Nevis local
council earlier ',this month,
The bid for S.cession is led. by the
Nevis Reformati~n party which .has six
of the nine seU i on'"the NJevis local
serious monkey '-problem according to a
Ministry of Agriculture report. The-
problem stems i6m crop damage done by
West Africag mqnkeys brought to -Barba,
dos over 300 y.eas ago. -They have left
their hide-out "in gullies and wooded
areas; for the flatter, parts of the
island and are damaging crops near
houses. The Ministry of Agriculture
is looking at the methods of control,
ling the monkey-population and reducing
teigcge ifgl'gsaP ituh t tpoc
the report added.

W-J f-' ,

Taf.,,- a ,. .'-

ow '
t ^I r rfiiat Nit W Cii ^
..i-'' ^' ^ *y^ '

ML g it ib & & h, CA

'l7' I AI

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4 ~er~



GOur pblibsher will abortly be starting to conpile the. 1974 Teleras
i faecio--' for pubitcatioa in a oteaber, 1974,
wCatoamrs watiang to vaAke aBy change to their entries at shown i
tdw AIhMUO*tiUa Section of tih curreAt 19T Directeory aboald write
g~in-g *se new entry to -
te manager (Directosi Sectibn),
Doze Ica Telephones,
P.0. Box 45,

T informal ion Mw wt be received Mot later than fr-I April Ifth
9'47. '2b^ entries are rtc. o? cha2rgo.
kerieeta for bold. type entrieaes additional eatrifl esan entries ta
tUf cltC4fied section (Yallov Pages) and adfvetisooets agoht be abe
cwn' to:-
lInterustional Publliatiouss' Ltdt ,,
PwrOadea aIndaustrial w.ftte,
western Main Road,
On piubl3er is rspona fle or oc3&trtsa and charges tor these

Ptar-ther Infom atiaon can be obtained from oUr GCosereetal Business
T12fice Telephone duraber 2&0Z.

16: Art ""1S

-A^ ^;.^',.^^tl^'; .^^ ^^ l'l7S~lCl wy44!.^C


Attention GENTS
asm-Iandw SHIRT JACS Iae yYw am

aDe! and ose a

Dry Goods Mpt.

N yow YUnow Mr IE Y Tevarase "
'pt ,nY gipats

~r Eight ThE STAR Fr~gssr, ~ ~2 A~CA

kccomodates five people comfortably and lots of luggage

Economiea 35 rzilds per gaon of s

On view at

124 SA OON
t- 4 ............. . .. -" 7: j

Approx. Size: 500j sqft
Served by: .M, bJe Road
Ideal Southern Climate
Safe Anchorage
d Beaching Faciliies available.

Contact: Stanky Fadele,
TeL. 8159, 817, P.O. &a .59.
==i!I!fa ~!;tM i;^~ff~aifli~58ia^

Avahabke from-a;

If u sffe frsonm Consipatsmon ora iaa
the ofe Vega" LxadrM
AviAtbi from:-. TM. DISYARY
1. a.i.1...... 11.11.i-irm nmi~i"^ --- 1-- **lr. irT -i rti V T




I' house an
Sbhouse anc
' house and

i lot - Mahaut
1 1... 7-2nd Stc'ret, Camne
i lot.. 57 Steb ': Street,
ie t.. "' King George V
Str"ei:. Rosernu
Ilot..],4 in pjia 'rtfg

For further details visits.'.
24 HANOVER STREET,. Ustirs Stmah & Co. ItW
ROSEAU. TEL. 23t9 't

Sooths Relieves, Alleviates Coughs
.D e to Colds.
Only W.$ pw bettale ist ad Drug Sweet.


The medium

sized c:r styled for comfort and safety


Pace Eiht

Friftey, M 2,2 fl`74



If AT l' 24

~n~' b~ A i~:-i4~ ~r Pa~~ Nine *W$04.. ~ 9~. S.,- -

A piece or parcel of. .a res-
dential lot situate at N. own in the
Parish of St. Gorgr co: 2757
j quare feei and bo.-r'L'.J' h Wst
.by.k.,- ofAl.... i< N r? Eas-
by Vic" '- ..? South _,Vest by the
Sea a:. South by o of Ursais

For farther i rs apply to:
'.:'::y.- Dup. ry, j
6 KennedyAvenue Rams%

A 5 ew HOUSE .d LOT at Canefied
7 ?. AND located in ihe
v. N. uh
,C,'; :"S ere \ ?.
S 'o f. Wnski, King George
A?,s'oax A"rmour Chan j

;> :. ,k ..... J. .... -1v i1, fr*o m. s u'-tt^ -b_~I-,._ -_
i C. ^'cIN+'cnI- ma vited from suitably
j' q..-..f-. .a . he post of CLERK/

a Maths or equivs- I
S*- Typing Diploma
or typing experience
S C8 3i *


00 x.U & 2io -#24fu

Applications to be addressed "to the
Secretary Manager, T h e Co operative
Citrus Growers Association of Dominica
Ltd, 21 Hanover Street, Roseau'to reach
him not 1 -r than ath March, Y974.
L F.G. Royer,.
Secretary Mariager,
frY'i77 -

If Badde-'Dis aforts cause you to get up
at eight then ycu need:-

Awilable from:-
11.. iiii rr ~ii. msrMtinii..n~ *iiiiinii --- T '"*l-- J'*m"~ ^

Almost new Phillips Refrigerator.
Call at STAR Office
for name of owner
J- --M- -*

for quality

and value


Take a look at the
range of VPBritishWines.The same grapes go
to makeVP that go to make a lot of expensive
wines.Which accounts for VPs fine quality.

Buy a bottle today. LV


To the Magistrate Dist "F" and
| Cbxf of Wo-
lBily C. Gachertc, now residing at Grand
Fond Parish of St. David do hereby give you
notice that it is my itention to apply at the
Magistrate's Court to be held at La Plaine on
Wednesday, the roth day of April x974, ens
ing for a Retal Liquor Licence in respect of
my premises at Grand Fond Parish of St.

Dated a March, .974

Billy C.Gachette

Paire Nine


Page Ten T___H AR P idJy Mar,< R. 1,974Z .
3*T*A*R*8OR*0*R*T*S ... Morchriston CAIDID COIMI hTS : by WS. Stevens
CRICKET: Ther-last match in the Augustus owo things,are not getting the atten-
Gregoire League' to decide the champion tion they certainly deserve: Agricul-
of the 1974 season was played at the tural Year and the'High Cost of-Living.
Botanical Gardens between Saints and In the former case, agriculturists are
Spartans, leaders in the two-zone contsBt. looking for incentives to farmers in
SPARLTAS emerged champions after the several respects repairs to existent
match ended in a draw, and claimed five feeder roads; 'directions to farmers;bet-
innings points. They also got some bonus ter marketing facilities; easier loans
points. Saints batted first and were and better prices locally for laananas
easily dismissed for '86 with Qransworth when theGi-D? goes up'in Britain.
-Lafond -claiming-5/24. Spartans replied; On) coEt of living, control of general
with 163, of which Lennox Uilliams got prices is absolutely necessary, as ob-
52 and J.Faustin 24. Saints in their 2nd tains in neighboring Caribbean islands.
innings scored 146, 'V.Elin'37 and N. Cost of sugar.'fox instance in St.Lucia
Phillip 26. For Spartans, D.Abraham 4/37 is much lower than in Dominica. Ministers
and G.Lafond 2/19, In their second inn- in other Combionwealth Caribbean States
ings at the close of'play Spartans were go out and' hegptiate reasonable prices
40!/2; N. Phillip 2/4 . for their people why can't our -linis-
The MCCG tour im Ich against Guyana en- ter stop ta1kn irrelevant'platitudes
dad in a tame draw, but not without Roy and go out and it e things done?
Frederick repeating his performance
against Australia last year with the bat. Fond nor Goodwill Parish hall Banana -del-
getting centuries in each innings. gates of I.arch 10 were impressed with
Guyana batted first when Clive Lloyd won Banana o anagemeht statements issued after
the toss, and got off to a good start those two meetinr:s. the G.F..delegates
by Baeechan (71) and 4twaroo (25)'with expected the Committee tp deny vocifer-
the score at 81 whemi 1t wicket_'fell ously 8what the D.wFU, published in the"
Quick wickets followed, however, with u of roli5.5Iencehowuver,
the score on 171/4; Lloyd joined Fred- gives deial' Dominica's banana
ericks at the wicket'and they stayed to- quota for 1974 is 55O000 tons;January &
gether putting on 170 -for the 5th wicket February figures have not yet .eaohed
4,000 tons. If:1t1e target 18 reach!6
when Lloyd went for 65. he following bdth Britain ':(whP is giving a once-fdr-
over,. Fredericks went to the same bowler a onc-
who got Lloyd,Jack Birkenshaw.The tail tall hsot-in-thtrm) and the ho rd-woked
crumbled with the total' 393 and Freder- owet themselves on the bac.
icks 112. Birkenshaw 6/101.* England But i my view, with the present Banana
replied with 26/3 declared boycott 18 ngement ommtee "ruling the iandus-
retired wihurt; A326iss3 declarell-played 108 try clandestinely, the grower will not
which included 18 fours. Guyana declar- be e-obomically better off his renrth
ed-their second innings closed at 202/9: will be. diminished. The banana grower is
Fredericks 105 n.o. C "MC casing rum a MODERIT SILWVE to provide fat salaries
were at close of pliay.149/1: Amiss 65 and huge profits to some who don't seem
and Denness 51anoi*o- .. to care tuppenoe for the fellow who toils
an enness 5..._.... .. and swea s to produce bananas,*"
BASsBALL is elected to start in early DistiiaZ3,ihed Vib itor or Con su. t
April at the usual place Windsor Park. People w- o ar P"remier L _n1
the new tariCot lIedical Officer ear-oer
TiE PRICE OF CHICIMT & EGGS: Due rmainy this monthare k iLn whether the ion.
to hi-h feed costs in the Stae chicken Iremer aid a .
is sedSm Been on the tablo o. .Pe .averp S ..... octer
iamai yiere now. A reader ' us news- ^ .. qualif ied 1 chO--
cuttin-s to show that in _rinidad,though alyst from A`r4p-'ca, or whether 1he VIP
the fo ka are moanin -.because. chicken was tP a consult^ he' Premier might havy
gone up cents per b, its .max.r tail e t1~e ppor nity to look a the dil-
price.-is (chilled) 1.36 lb. livel.0" apLt rl hospital. As th-e i"ible
and frozen 1. Average price for f esh uts iit. ito" that are whole need not a
homegrown chiblten here s '2. 5.p r 1J~ hSali ians.' 0oypjr seeing a recognized
Feed prices are very hiigh in 2rin.idad Itoo an a. un. L O lt eitor than consul-
The price of eggs in D,.ca has risen again n_ o 970 elections type, "
printed and Published by .the Proprietoi R.E.Allfrey of Copt, Hall Mill nouse
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau. Dominice, W.1I

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