Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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14jane y23812IL thesuyO
reearch' c1%titu for tbc~~so
i62 East YS Stree 'i'stA_ 0S
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TeW :- st, Dea 1 ^
*1'o Psitaer. Imtz
ef: Priftmery 2691. EdEtorw 2610
SA.'. Media Reprerntative:
Cion Turner (Londonw) Ltd.
122 ShaftEsbury Ave, W. L

On the ist of March 1974 the lalowin let-
ter was sent by the Official Opposition, the
Dominica Friedom Pary, no the Minister
of Finance.
Sir,o P A
We have heard of your release on the radio
cocerning the recent asca of violence which sook
place over the cart I holiday. We underjad
that you have sough the co aion io f the
Offia Oppposaito. We would have capesd f
4dir appr ".- rather thsn on frvsothe adcb.
are WrehNciant to came forwa since, in the past
em offir f ep ac times of aisik hss be=e teamed
"ocs4uhie PA .. How vfr DorWni is da a asi
=ad is our ue sor" a wr Oef tit &a stha
ih ofer of= W .cpntio: may qn e Id
tret a vmt- offertiag oa c erno ~ ri the- flc st-
We consider tht apart firot tai the
culpits to justice the fundaseata4 Ieed n to era.'
dictate this ffeliug of hatred for dif&'erenct sEcM0
of the crIEltrm ty anid for vitari which has bteen
mincicated in e A due Woo amistk a po i-a'
sttaemets in the pest ten years.
We suggest that l national council be set up
representing eaery shtde of opinion so that we
can plan to enradicate tie evil that has arisen in our
midst and to educate the goxd into our people.
As reeeatsativs of 48 % of the vot g pops"
Ssion. we would sueest 'ht we be peraired to
dmd the public y, radio e horting tm to
ch ge their a ni:-.4 let their fellow mea. '
Could we also suggest that the National Cca~-a
cl be chaired by the ? ami'ir so that the feeling
idat rising aum. ng :he people that his gsea
indicates that he does noa abhor the act as do all
other well thinking Dominicans, be swept aside.
Yours truly
,t M arch 974 A.nthry A ise
Leader a the Ogptiteon .
As a result ai meeting took place 1Thrday
morning between the Honourable Minis-
ter of Finance and the L.a.Jer of the Op.
position, the Honourable Atbhony Moise,
who was accompanied by the Third

EW ORK 21.


W* rY PFrilay March 8, 374
W ev received the following notice:

announces that
The Layou River Hotel
will be closed
as of Friday 8th March 1974,
undil further notice.

A mw .HOUSE and LOT at Canefield
... 7sq. ft. of I. ND located iu -h-
1ft 6 ..entre at Porsmoutli.
0e are invited.
Wsrif to or contact Karol Winski King Gegrge
V Street,
Armour & Armour Cham-.
A_13 bers, Hanover Street, Roseau.
N ominaed Member, M is s Eugenis
The outbreak of violence over t h e
Cwanival Weekend was discussed and the
Minister accepted the idea of a National
CoAncil at which all shades of opinion
comld be represented in an attempt to era-
dicate the attitude which is so detrimental
to the State.
The Minister undertook to represent
the matter to his colleagues and to keep the
Opposition informed o f future plans o f
Seion to be taken.
The Honourable Minister thanked the
members ot the Opposition for indicating
so clearly that they were pledging their
uAited support in these circumstances.
( MN.D. VIEWPOINT Page Ten .

Page Mwo T HE S TAR RFridar, I tar. 8 74
1ODEK MTWTBS &. LEGEnDS OF DOIIITICA an adult collec- ion by 2im-Tim (1) Val-ha-la.
VAL-Iia-LA;- is not to be confused with Valhalla which according to heathen Scandi-
navians was the abode iilie'e the souls of those fallen in battle (Old Norsel: Valholl:
"hall of their slain") are received by the god Odin, and fight and Zeast in his oer-

VAL-IH-LA. is described as ferocious, rapacious: creature with several heads; it is
said tobe given to extraordinary powers whenooanered, and can subdue forces vastly
superior in number thrdough-its ability to adopt exceptional camouflage, evasive
tactics and other diversions..
It was first sighted in LTovember 1973 by the intrepid expeditionary unit of
Messrs. A*******, P-: i A.A****** and Miss 4* D,::***. Authenticated reports
since then establish repeated sighting of this unique .bea pt, particularly in the
northern region of' Dominica. However, .official expeditions--sponsored by the Smith-
sonian Institute, the British"M-useum and the University of WForida have failed to
locate the. habitat of Yal-ha-la, and so no positive Verification exists of it.
existence. There is no ph6tbtrhphio evidence, neither has the creature left spoor.
By all accounts "the 'Beast is. -till at large, despite "several daring attempts."*
by indefatigable hunters', -assisted .by expert baiters a.d- trappers to capture it
alive. Already, the existence' of Val-ha-la has asshmeda apocryphal dimensions, and
the countless; variations of its appearances has entered' the mythology of Dominica.
Countering the sceptical note of scientists, Do6minican sources point to the
soars worn by several persohs" who claim to have been savagely attacked and mauled
by Val-ha-la. These include several native mnagerie keepers, amateur zoologists and
at least facr foreign adienturers lured to Dominica by prospects of big game, of
Safari. None of these persons has been able to give ahnacciurai report of their
ordeal. several of their reported impressions are incohsistoinT with their obvious:
wounds, and at least one person appears to have suffered amnesia.
The best reports suggest Val-ha-la is a hybrid -- te result of the nating of
a Dominia Laatain bird known"as the La-bird**,-.-ad hhnother' creature of uncertain
habit, circumstance and form knowhoolloquially as "'al cabrity. The latter-originato;
from the- S Virgin Islands of St. Croix/St. Thomas,, mig ini4gg to Dominica where it
mates and breeds before returning to its origin. This" -Aliant creature has been
described as an amorphous slow-moving mass with at.leas two heads and many tentacleso
It is said, to change form iind hue when excited. Despite extensive research; no con-
nection has been established generically with the migatory"bird of passage,' CoITotra
native to Sicily and. the United States. Despite obvious tsuerficial similarities',
authoritative sources discount any relationship with .-lie prolifico American species
of Watergator. Linkds'have also been suggested with" Guyana, but these, are at best
tenuous. That the creatu-e .is still evolving howveor-is cohfirmed by recentiit reports.
that in its. latest appearance the creature had developed a newly-grown sturdy shell
for self-protection. When alrl ed it withdraws into tlhi carapace and remains-.
immobile for long periods', It is also reported to haE changed form as ic its one
recognizable characteristic..
One sharp-eyad hlinte& .**C"af firms that while Valhala had changed three of its
heads totally, one. remained familiar because of .its-.benigh but cunning smile."
Several eminent prof essrs and legal exports on~. Dominichn legend contend
Val-.ha-la is a. figment"bf the imagination; others-admit .its existence but' day it will
not reappear having risen" from Underground caverns and co6isumod its powers in the
rarifiod atmosphere of the surface. Still others maintain the creature is related
to the Loch Ness Monsto-r and- resides in the far recessed of the Freshwater Lake from
where it makes its forays on a confused public,. This matter report has triggered a
new search for the creature, and at least two recobinaisanc;eparties have ventured
Zfrth without succesas'- Ahoth6r, equipped with electroi'ngo 'a, radar and other
modern sounding devices-is due to be launched soon. "The advance publicity ffor this
effort (said to be fininoed by an ITALO-AMERICAN consdortidim) includes a. promise "to
put once and for all. an. end to this (Sic) Val-ha-la. question". (concl'ge)
*Tha Old Chronicle .10.1.74 'LA' meaning THERE, as in 'There see what I told youth
PATOIS, French Creole -* Some- intriguing questions about. the mysterious hybrid
VAl-ty-La that remn uni3uwored" by Miss E.Charles 2O pgs 5. O Published in Paper-
back by NFreedom J-Prosr, _97 1-.

FidyMarch 8 1974 THE STAR PagRo0 -Tr
Fiction MA.TITIE Cynthia att /.--.
"E61az, helast,', Ma.Titino moaned,
"what is happening to Dominica nuhl" iq e 9
Reubon took a long sip from his-drink. Addressing delegates of various vil-
"I self dQan know nunh-.Titino...Dat lage Councils" and village Committeoes"
pore man as dose poro people dey chop up at the Catholic Social Centre in 1968,
at Eatton garden...bondio, weo fini-bat Mistah SUYCH 'n' SUCH proudly referred to
in dis plaqo.. himself as a-"RENEGADE" in drawing refer-
"And", Ma know how tguo it is, but I'hoae'r that the lor" on daring the administrator at the
mant.s wifo died from sliboc, oven before time to trespass into the boundaries of
his-corpse.l roach tho Siatos. What you his domain:* "VIIIEE. CASE". This was
saying for that?" "Black Powor in Action"I
"Is a. bd mass all round"U, Roubon re- .. To gain the suppbot of voters during
pliod. -- th. last general elections members of
"Know wat I hoah?" Baby chimed in. third; renegade "shoe party" encouraged the
"I hoah dat" a suhtoh -puhson dat pick up molesting of the lives of priests, nuns:
de ---" ; and bishop, referring to them as BLOOD
"Shut upg. ReUbon- snapped, '"yoh wan SUCI3JRS. TL2his was "Black Power. in AbtionV
to put us in trouble? Have spy all Furthermore, the Christian Drothers
roun do plce"., after being judged and receiving sentence
Gonolia turned off the radio. by the ignorant pUblic were forced to gi
"That was the worst", slio said. "But give up their teaching devotion after
you all hoer what the police and them being accused of brutality. The I.ihistry
was doing-Saturday night? Bo6y, that was of Edtucation stayed tjaw-shutW'.&oi the
somdthingl They ohase away. their Fbur matter. (Continued on pe.))
Oornors boys; and tear up all the pOstes -..-- ..'. ..-----... ..-. .
and picture the boys .ad pastoeoM o aS & LEGBnDS OF DOMInICA (fr p2)
hoexso. Dashed. away their tables and It has been noted that some coomtics
chairs, andI-.hear-they keeping s~ rict maintain thorc is no Val-ha-la; thley
watch on them'with outside help". suggest the world has been taken in by a
-"So X hoah'lf Reubon replied, "doboys hoax, a confidence trick of immense pro-
chalidn up all people place.,' .weil, well'!. portions. They say it is inspired by a
"And people afraid to walk at night... need for Touristic publicity and promo-
all hotel eo~pty ---" shoe-hbhofoher heaa. tion of Domiiiica. Though far-fotched and
'Les ta34 bout sometinjelse you heah; casting doubts on the integrity of pub-
I so. sorryfoh do dead mah,- doh I doan lic service organizations, t his plan is
know him" This from Ruiibeh.-' "Isee not impossible. Its successful .prpetra-
Wilson in d elections inEnglad ell, tion would have required high-level con-
he- have a b g job in front hi i4. i'n spiracy, jgrat secrecy, vast expense and
he hae a b ob in on him bring the employ month of outside public rela-
de country back how it use-to boV. tiono agencib "
."But he only win by a small-figures tions agencies.
margin", Gen.olia. finished her-drink. Such suGgestions of course have been-
' he-arwe '-ll perhaps have or -o.m dismissed as ansurd by top Dominican
"I hoar we will perhaps have our owni
elections spon". .- officialdom. Tile allegations have also
"Time enough forithat", aI-Titine been labelled scurrilous, damaging and
sniffed. "Anyway Reubeh e mWe our- the work of mischieff makers' by a oer-
solves hap for the Carnival without tain Board l-embor who has correctly
running mastp. ......... pointed .out. that since the first sight-
"Shore", he replied, "we really fete ing of VA-IIA-LA no more tourists than all Genelia. fr'ins frmin Bermuda usuaIhave visited the island. -
enjoy domaelf fine. I-heah one say he "If anything,, adds the Member, VAL-u
sorry he goir back so quiqk"*,. --L is. scarinb people off. You think
"Is dat doy all say.j Baby wont over it easy? Ily own view is we find the
to the trolley and served' another round beast and.we shoot it down.,"
of drinks, "One even invite me to Ber- Which is-dlao understood to be the
muda". shared by many VAL-IIA*LA believers and
"Woll", said Ma Titine, "ch-in-o; our non-believers.
,next bon temps is-.Eadtor. Here's to ** ..::=;i* **s****..,,s-.;!
another fine fete-"

Pa" Fur 4

Every Tuesday x1 a.m 3 p.M.
Be at;
Mrs. Lambert Caesar.
Rodney St.,

And have your photo


For Appointments
Ring DEPEX Tel. 2012

We take Studio Pictures

To the Mag-:rate Disc. "G" & Commisior
of Police
I Clemance Toussaint now residing at Vieille
Case, Parish of St. Andrew do hereby give you
notice that it is my intention to apply at the
Magistrate's Court to be held at Portsmouth
on Tuesday. the 2nd day of April t974 ensuing
respect of of my premises at Blenheim Parnsh
of St. Andrew.
Dated 3rd March 1974 Clemance Toussaint
4A& >i21

New Housing Scheme at
Fortune Estate,
known as L'Autre Bord FortunE. Lots
from 3000 sq. feet and upwards still for
Sale. 7 Minutes Drive from Roseau, yet
All Facilities according to Government
Specifications will be provided,

9 -- _______ --- ____________________________________

19.75 Acres of Agricultural Land with
Houselot on Eggleston Road, 12 Minutes
Drive from Roseau.
Mrs. C.L. Corriette,
Fortune Estate, Telephone 2056


We wish to inform all Custormne tht
due to the high cost of Production and
Selling Expenses triggered by the ex-
ceptWoily high increases on Sugar,
D~sel, Gasoine, Wter and Ii -
producton ingredients, we are forced to
Sadopt the following measures m an effib
to reduce expenses.
A. from 5th March 1974 the Depot on
Great George Street will be closed. Cus-
tomers may obtain their supply of Soft
drinks from the Factory on Valley Road.
Speda Deliveries will be made in the
emrnoon from Monday to Friday with-
in the limits ot the town ot Roseau. De-
liveries will not be made on Saturdays.
A minimum order of six (6) u is re.-
quired for Temporary Credit.
Orders must be placed at least 24 houts
before time of delivery.
SWe cannot guara ee deliveries azspecw
fic times.


Female Clerk for Travel Ageuw.
G. C. E. Standard
Age between 30 and 40 yeari
Apply to P.O. Box 10.



- .


Pare Fear


j ra *

It is alleged that the supposed vic-
tim can now boldly, confess: ."LDe.Tbruddah
nevah kick me non garcon".. hat was
"Black Power in Action"' "
These are jsut a. few examples bo
illustrate the position o6our leaders..
Colleagues of that same owra:Or who,
loudly and proudly, published "I was de.
forst Black Power in Domnikka".l
The funny story about-our carnival
"pow-pow" and "swish-swash -- shooting
and cutlasses that is yet"unheralded is.
the fact that one victim was. punched in
the face for being a bigger",. chopped
here for being a. "IOJi{'K, Since such is
the case, the only reasonable suggestion
is that every "not to6 black11 "not too
white-" person will have to ask the ques-
tion: "Am I black enough, for you, brother
(or sister)"? before he~ ihves.hiamlf
that he's not a honky...for once you're
not're undoubtedly, definite-
ly colouredd". .....
The four corners headquart-es of the
"trendy. trendsetters" should' have been
Sranetormed memy rveryf instirl ra f
evident .-that this area was becoming an
"idlers' paradise". The guys met at the
corners-to "kill time". There b'eemed to
be no alternative since jobsi were scarce.
Nonetheless, shortage of employment op-
portunities was no excuse for authorita-
tive neglect; a folly were destined to
pay for by serious repercussions.
What has. happened during carnival
merely serves as a notice of things. to
come. Police attempts to keep the cor-
ner clear may help to explode the bomb
at some time; for if provocation reaches
its zenith, those-molested and affected
WILL react and retaliate,-
Besides the stigma obfBlabck Power
philosophy and Drive there .is the un-
favourable social unbalance which drives
young unemployed men ,to'the- point of ir-
rational actions. Also, these "poor
chapd' are acting on the assumption that
their way of life has bee&napproved by
the leaders of out society.
Like it or not, we're bbund to pay for
our errors. I rap about it in no uncer-
tain terms.. .for it is thirough-- UTRIAL
AID ERROR" we learn our- logii._.._
lear to us, with so many of our people re
tioned that our hotel owners should do mo:
more tourists from anyihere'and everywhere
our drivers for such a move, especially a

TAR__ .Frida-y Miarch 0, 19
The Deputy Premier Mr. P.R.John -des-
patched to the U.S,. Ambassador ita-Barbados
the following telegram on March 124-
"The Government of Dominica wishes to
express profound regret over the recent
carnival incidents here in which certain
U.S. citizens were injured and one of
them 1o;t his life. Government is doing
all in its power to bring the perpetra-
tors of the"crimeb to justice. In spite
of the unfortuhate nature of the" incident
we look forward 'to continuing andever .
deepening relations with the Government
and people of'the U.S."
In reply .-th!is telegram from the U.S.
Ambassador, Barbados was received on
March 51 '-'-
"The li'bapsy of the United States of.
America ackn wledges receipt of the '
Government of Dominioas telegram ex~eross,-
ing its pro.'und regret for the recent
incidents iwhich-took the life of. one
American citizen and in which five other
citizens of the United States: were attack-
ed. The Embassy accepts the condolences
offered. by- -"e. Government of Dominica and

will be. bro LTtto stice promt ly. : he
Sassy wisXtes to take this opportunity
to renew'to the Government of Dominica
the assurances of its highest consider,-
atio ",. ...
(We have underlined certain crucial
words. .d.")

R E A.-D E R'S V I E .
Madam, DO -
What a pleasant surprise it was Get-
ting no hin' at all that a motorcade would
take place o; itinday last, I was muCch
surprised wiin iy-'wife called me'froni my
room to see '9- many private cars, taxis
and jeeps Paf ding down Billsborough St.
with most--of _hem carrying placards,' dis-
playing Ameriian'bank.-notes, and our tiny
five-cent loaves, Uhat touched me-most
was one car with a'placard marked 'Why
me? What wrong -have I done. to Domiiiica?'
and most fitting..were some marked 'no
tourist, no ta=il'
I felt elated-somehow, for just a few
weeks ago you published my letter i~n.which
I mentioned howi that blessed America is so
siding there," and just last weok I' tW-
re to advertise Dominica, so that more and
should visit us. I say congrats. to all
s fuel is so costly, HMDH LAW~=ECE

AT O3TH .%,-i 'A . 1973

DeposiIt a.nd Cient accounts Cash and to.vocc with
of cusuonelT ifd other; othr bas :2: 3Z .95 Z 09s,755
bwks 218,402 2 85,.78 Shtt term funds .r 08
l;i;:l ,aad .o'w suaidiaries ..*.r *. p5 Adance and other accountss 3.277,.49 O79,7o
T-' 077 .7 duie by Bardays
COther Accons 3588 i B&- Limited -and
S,.cond itexim divided' 3,4o | 80c fellow subsidiaries ooo g.s6
: 4658,99 3O98 i 4141755 3a,7ga

Loa Capital 34M957 340914 1 Fixed Aet
t .siwe ; a Trade Investments .6,5'os
es 4s35 5,W40 Investments in anociated
r-w r r6 **1,5Z31
ard. 2=1 .1 t |P mu-s &and Equipment 100 ;
*^-*TO '* 2x,7 W7 b' ""
Liability oaeptaa, CWtome' liability for
aaees, iZ pae gumanntag
and credits : 477.74z ie ad dits 64 477,74


"',: .oo _______ OOsNOTE 0o0
currentt liabilities"e=
D.;o-i and current accounts Cash and balances with
of customers including oth,:.r other bans .. 4,42, 6o,86
a2,3s3,398 11399,996 Short term funds 452'492 377 73c
.". Uc-is d Wn Barcmays BRnk I nstments 1 330,or 134,- 2
.Mit .3 and fealow suLbidifr:ies a2, 59577 Advace, and other accounts ,66 .473 .-994,4.
Ac.,jCUr,,. due O-subsidiariet 94163 4 B536 Amountk dueby Bardays
ThA.ti 7Ban34 Limied nd
Other Accounts ,.. f.e.; 274,5o3 tok43 fellow subsidiaries-. i 7,
Second iterim dividend ..Am t duei by subsidiaries .470 37+3
2 ,725,758 T61i6,698 2,55,a72 th92i4
Fixed assets
L capitrj 32.2,928 3aP. Trade investments 23447
Investments in associated

L 17)9 1 1 57 P an4d33 eqipssen y
Lisbrnty on aep s Ctw homers' ability for
arantees inmti cptes gua ?
*and credii- ,;79,35 : o,4 i3aitia. a3.239. ', no.473
*_ _.._.- ... _3,29,4o ; ,9'54,,:fj 3.39.24o ,954.7
= m resa^guggmegmff ^a mw = man a---....f..... -=::::: -

friday, March 8. 1974 'fliE STAR ?age S~wen 2

Schedule of Applicattao for Certificate of Title and Notings
i thereon and Caveats for week ending 23rd day of February i974

Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request whet
or a Certificateof Title
S -Notng thereon or Caveas.j

, Request dated
20 9 73
20 2 74
at 12.20 p.m.

The Roman
by his Solicitor
M. Eugenia

North Easr: 8y land of P.A, Rolle;

SAplication of The Ro 7
man Catholic Bishop
for the issue of a first
certificate of 'title in
respect of A lot in
Charlotte Ville in the
! Parish of St. George
containing 7640
square feet and boun
ded as follows:-
North-West- By

tano or jot.n Wvjmam and J.A. Severin; Sou:h-West:
Ey Victoria Street; Sovth East: By Public Road

Roseau, Dominica. Registrar of Title=
NOTE:- Any person who desires to object to the aIsue of a
first Certhcate of Title in the above application may enter a
Caveat In the above Office within six weeks from the date of
those fint appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
w;biished in this 'Ste or from the date when the notice pre-
Sirlbed by ifw vwa, served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
Ind In respect of which the appiatifon is made.

Applications are invited from suitably
qualified persons tor the post of CLERK/




. G.C.E. 0 Level English
and Maths or equiva-
lent. Typing Diploma
and or typing experience
$S8oo x $120 42400

Applications to be addressed to the
Secretary Manager, T h e Co.operative
Citrus Growers Association of Dominica
Ltd, 21 Hanover Street, Roseau to reach
him not later than zsth March, 1974
L.F.C. Royer,
Secretary. Manager.


Grapefruit growers are notified :1. it
the spraying programme for spraying of
citrus plantations is to be undertaken by
the Division of Agriculture and recom-
mended to begin in March April 1974
All interested growers are asked to
call at the office of the Citrus Growers'
Association in order to make the neces
st Arrangements.
Secretary Manager

Almost new Phillips Refrigerator.
Call at STAR Office
for name of owner.

Take a look at thc
range of VPBnriishWines.The same grapes gc
to make VP that go to make a lot of expensive
wines.Which accounts for Ts fine quality.
Buy a bottle todRNE
Buy a bottle toda. WINES

If Bladder Discomforts cause you to get up
at night, then you need:-
AvaIlable from:-

1 1 I I

Page Seven I

Friday, March 8, 1974


i'r~:i. K

___________________ -~ ~ ~ "'~ ~

FIAT 124

The medium

sized car

styled for comfort' and safety

Accomodates five people comfortably and lots of luggage


Approx. Size: 5000 sq.IL
Served by Motorable RAxad
Idea Southern Climate
Sae Awnch

Contace St aley Fadelle,
otTel. 2159, 8217, P.O. B 5v6

AvMOWbl fremo9
TM DwSvIesEsi A

the 1af Vegetable Laus e
&wlati rq. ,Ig~ggg ^gg^_^T


I ivt~$-4zj--


I h
S h<

I h

house and lot - Mahaut
house and lot... .Corner River/Old
Streets, Roseau
house and lo ... 4-13th Strnt, Cane-
house and lot.. 7-2nd Street, Cane
house and lot--- 57 Steber Street,
house and lot .... -77 King George V
Street, Roseau

For further details visit.
21 HANOVER STREET Uastairs Smith & Co. Ltd.

A Portion of Land of 32,000 sq. ft in
Residential Area with Prime View and
|Poatio~ at St. Aroment.
Contact Mark Bradshaw
*,4 at No., 1 Leblanc Lane.



On vieAwat


35 mile per galea of gas






I I hn' W





rda Mfiarch / 197L. 2L I- ST A. R Page Nine
0 little DJs once upon a time, D Dear I, dam, A Reminder
90ne a lady, also in her prime Hay'I be permitted to write
*hen she got married, hubby'said You're mine in your-columns to remind readers
9 little DJs worlLng over-time of the followinog:
little DJis' working every day, Leblanc said that the-
qne, a reporter, diasleased-..Mr.A., people of Dominica have sho.-t
qoon left to study in-- .the UK, memories, but *-d like to ihform
8 little DJs, .one an 1ESA. him that: it is not all Dominicans
who. have short memories..
little. DJs working up their best, I remember when Mr. Leblano
qne a partimer toiling with a zest-,- said' that -he is the first Black
till they wouldn't raibe"his pay Power of"Dominica, I remember
little. DJs to keep 590 gay.. to, that when the Federation
7-little DJs on your bld transistor, broke, you addam,Editor was coming
qiga a rapper, called herself the sister... dbowh toDominica and Edward Oliver
-he couldn't ge' a radio scholarship, ieblahn,, nowi Premier of Domihica
A. l1ttle- DJs watched-her take a. trip, aid first Black Power'said in-the
office by tHabol James, "why' the
6 little.DJs living' for the radio, hellt t wman is not going back
i hell tlhati woman is not going back
qne was 'outspoken', so he had to go. to Ehgla'id"., inasmuch as (ccord-
up jumped cabinet, -dealt him a blow ing-to-&r. Leb'anc) he. is the 7 "
l little DJs closed.-the studio, only-ohe-who has a good memol *
(8tat.e of EmeXenc .... ) a Dominican, he must remember when
Will ~in with sounds. fI_ lau.g hter,) he said so, I told. him "rsa,'
,Mgroclamations, -.and other effects) Allfrey is Dominican-born; her
(of yaur _qhoioe . .. ) nhiae isPhyllis; she has worked in
Sthe bnahk; she is Mrr.Shands aQniuTh
Sall4a0=cavr i:h D- ter anDd r.Ticholls:a granddaughter
wpll, it was Alvin iEo g6t them' vexed; and everything Miss Maggie has,
from Radio- to MLnistry,- that was quick .- rs. ;Allfrey ought to have a' share
4 little DJs, all .feeling sick. in it"'.*. So I told Mr. Leblanc, .
4 little- DJs begging for a BOARD. is he Domit pni ce or r Allfrey
soon the LIEEman'had tb go abroad. Due to the fact that ir. eblanc
Up leave allowed, so he fabed the facts boosted that* he is the first Black
3 little DJs waiting for the AXE. Power of Dominica, no doubt on the.
Power io Dominica, no doubt on the .
3 DJs remaining on the air, strength" of that he stood in puib-
Tim the darling of the"ladies everywhere; lic and said "the nuns and priests
then came the oall to wo6k oHn GIS. are "blo6dsackers, Iugs, fleas '
2 little DJs crying at the mess. mosquitoes, Xlice etc. etc.,toseso
21. little DJs -both of them top men; -. .creauro to be destroyedbut
Xpt who next the question w.vs, just when I t.3 o what Mr. XLblanc
uias design ---caus-ed-Jeff to res-gn:- meant whn -he -said that the nuns
One little DJ said.. .the j is mne", and priests are bloodsuckers .
Little D said: he jQb.:, e" Yes, Madam Editor, I am the
little. DJ...all that-s up there now, founder of the Dominica Trade Union
ped the Act to nmake him take a vow... and I am proud- of that. So I sup-
on the Committee said 'let s'start again.. pose Mr. Leblanc also ought to be.
4ixre anybody, soon we will have ten, proud of being the first .Blc-k
"a,, 14 Power of Dominica.
b.. 1974 .. Perhaps toe Four Corners boys
e.n new DJs working, o your trains, are innocent
joor news, no ideas, mediocrity reigns. Oh, by tlh way, what about the
even the staff knuowi something is wrong, scandal of St.Joseph which is
one time all ten DJs fall down. uorse than..tle. atergate.2; -
(conlauded p1a2e 10)

p6 S T A R .... Frid Narch 8, 19 74 _j
4p. . .. _ V .I .-_ -
*Tj* R*S*P*0*R* T*S MI6orchriston READER'S VIETU Cfr.?.9). And is there
Cricket. VEY DECISIVE IMTCIHES. .Barbados another scandal- in Cork Street? Is the
.-. gn S-hell 2 GiipAjn law of Domin ia' applied to only those who
Over last weekend, 3arbados, Trinidad are non-suppopters of the Labour Party?
and Guyana all had hone .victories over If so, let the authorities tell us so that
MCC, Jamaica & Combined Isa- respective"- we will know uhere.wue are.
ly. At Kensington Oval,- Barbados won (gd.) E.C.LOBLAX
by 10 wickets after MCC iere -all out for ................
199 in their second innings. Barba- M.N.D. VIEWPOINT: The Movement for a
dos -had declared their 1st innings. closed New Dominica (in brief) is concerned
at -462/8. Nolan Clarke folloiaihg his' con- over the reaction of significant sect.
tury against Jamaica ih his pitevious- tions of the people to the carnival
match, scored 159. Murray 57, King 60, incidents involving white people.They
Ash 5/ 61 and Holford 52 n o. 'older are in deep sympathy with workers in
got 5/49, King 2/8 and elman 3/49 in MCO the tourist sector ( taXimen,holel &
2nd 8 to win. Barbados were handicraft workers etc.) who depend
11 without loss. .- on tourism for their livelihood.They
At Queen's Park Oval, Trinidad won by feel however that it would be reckless
5 wickets.. --Score: Jamaio 212 & 111; to make at 1resen ,definitive pro-
Trinidad 166 & 158/5; L.Gomaes 68 n.o., nouncementq Unwilling to be carried
Murray 43; Inshan Ali got 13 wickets in nouncements unwilling to e carried
the match for Trinidad*. away by mase hysteria, Lougarou-hun-
The Combined Islands' looked like win- ting, Jubie search and paranoia that
ning at 189/3 when the 3rd rwicket, they allege, is being created by Mr.
Richards, went for78,bt 3 ck wickets Patrick J Insofar as the attacks
Eddy, Phillip and Oorriette'siaw the score on white prple purely on a race
197/6. At 221 the ?th iwicket, Allen, went basis are ,ncerned, MND "unhesitat-
for 91 and the total sonn folded for 244, ingly oondimns the acts... and hopes
s that those gsTonsible wilL c be bbr-+-
in that match were: Guyaia- 271 & .32 ; to justioe.according to the right
Fredericks 35 & 105, Balchan 22 & 61, principles f law and humanity."
Kallicharan 47 & 22 Kanhai -46 C 29, However, tbhy state that they condemn
licharan 47 & 22 Iahai 29,the irresp{nsible and unstatesmannjike
Skinner 45 n.o. aid Collymore 59 n.o. ind unstatesm
the 2nd innings after Guyana&-were 7/249. manner in bhich Minister P.R.John
Bowling for thh Combined -Is.: Roberts. has handled' this situation. ..They do
3/63, Willett 4/47 & 3/86.,- -Eddy .1/21 & not think that the politically-con-
2/34. and Phillip 2/44 & 4/62.-- combined acious people of Dominica will take
Is. '305 & 244; Yearwood 68,. Allen 39 and him seriously, and remind the people
.91, Phillip 60, Corriette 33, FMndley that at a public meeting on Nov.21,
33 n.o. & 20 and Richards 78 intbhe 2nd 1973 at the T.U.Hall, the same Minis-
innings-. 'For Guyana: Blair 2/52, Cameron ter threatened to use bloody violence
2/46 & 5/37, Fredericks 1/23,' Collymore against those opposing the policies
5/77 & 4/53, St.John 1/27 & Persaud 1/42, and activity es of the Dominica L.P.
the- valuable wicket of Allen. Govt. The' r attack on the D.L.P &
TEST. The first test match. between "its iae f, tent leaders" includes
Australia & Now Zealand in' New Zealand, tirades on. eae"VIPs' for destroying '
ended in a high-scoring' draw.- Australia the invest nt climate in Dominica.
511/6 -dec. and 460/8'; 'I.Chappell 145 and (We have no quarrel with this.-_Ed.)
121, G.Ghappell 247 n'.o. & 133. TNew Zea- lMND views (wth "the greatest con-
land 484; B.Gongdon 136 and B.Hastings cern" Polige harassment of Dominican
127. The 3rd test match betweenH England citizens, especially the youths...
and the. West Indies started at Bridgetown It is understood that two MND bro-
Barbados, Wednes. 6th llarch iiith England others were arrested during the week
again taking first strike. (Fiday) today and are out on bail. Reports thAt 4
being a rest day the scores. stood ats: persons from Marigot area were ques-
England 395: T.Grieg 148,,AKnott 87; tioned on o Aariea were -un r-
Printed & Published by 'the Proprietor, R.E. Allfrey, of Copt 1al1 Mill House i
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

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