Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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1rs. Jane LOrEIT2IAL, Librariar
research luWtitue for th1i sti.
162 Eas C 73 Strcet,
New York 10021 ITY, UkS.A
; w ~ sM a .S 0- g V T 'j jlt m I
rel: .Printery 2691 Editor 26io0
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eolin Turner (London) Ltd.
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1 Toi ]rioj 9

idy of miana k
08 4

443 # DOMINI_
V i4 act oomite A'orttuA

Friday. M.rch 1.. tBYS

U.S. CITIZEN DIES Others attacked
AFf`R the high hopes and maorry start
to our Carnival, horror and shcmno
struck Dominicans who learned that
a. friendly American was shot in the
abdomon and diod aft-orwa is in has-
pital that four Americans c~uping
near Marigot wro e attacked by in-
truders, one ran sufferingg grievous
cula~tss iwoun' that at Grrain BAy
:a.nd St. Joso-ph revellors wearing
'orbjiddien costumes aund maasks defied
und shot at thp Police, injuring
Aitizons; htt other white porsons

Rala:anU;i violoncc wad i
dofilo e the people's fefit:
a Ivoe frpoiled the iaCir amiau
.nicA H Mow iln o lir4) ti
:-- ror'et, too,..that w.ll-
who heo:ped to miako the la-V
eating masks broke thit I

"There are somen
people who appear to
believe that there is
virtue in iolencc and,
that only if a freedomI
struggle if, conducted,
by war and bloodshed,
can it lead to real
liberation. I not
one o. aiese people..
We believe that i a
door is shut. attempts
should b, 'Made tO
open it; if it i- a1 a
it should be pushe"
until it is open wide.
In neither case should.
the door be blown up
at the expense :of
those inside"tPresident
Nyerere of Taazaniat'

With only 35 more
rosalts to come
Ss wo go to Press,
Mr.iHeath's ill- f
timed snap olec-
tion drew to a ,
SConservatives -
290 seats
Labour Party -
297 soats

deasses8 10 seats
ival a;Id Othors 13, .
C of Dom- This means a
1is diown? minority Govt.,
knoAn people with another ol-
wa1ainst action soon.
aw themselves. Just wasoto and
confusion for UK,

Let the10 0pb Miss Martha Dalrympk of
eld -cess Margaret b...

9th February 1974:
The .Grenada Natl6nal
Party like every decent
,itLzsn i Grenada Is
horrified at the events
whichh took place within
whelatl couple weeks.
an January 21st in front
ot Otwvi Hduse MURDER:
lhkuert .Bishop was. mur-
ditre,. Lws of Limb: A child's
itg wVA shattered by shots,
.,eg. l~,has since been
VA1ksre Law and
Oieyr to intada. RESIGN
rsnferal elections Is the
aniver. .2T T0 PIEOPi


c r dow How.. long ....u h.... e^e... x m aggyou
|Ito *0*V= ycmin oW~ttttti gi?

i a& i


GTS and


Frid;m Noych I

i -


Pago Two T H HE S T A R Frida.narch 197...
Up to a few weeks. agb 'Guadeloupe had been a big mystery to 1e. I knew-little
about that island. and I didn't know of anyone in Triniaad who knew much about -t
either,and to make it more mysterious, it was Freich and" the 6oily Iin't island in
the Caribbean. After 'atFarted learning French and added Iirtiniq~g to-my list of
favourite 'iaisland of thd Antilles' that shroud of mystery over GuaAeloupe made it .
for me the-most alluring of the'Antilles. Guadeloupe became a pro ycation, a tempt-
ation, another West Indian island that I just had to go and get intimate with like
all the 'others .
-Since most of you Domihicans know Guadeloupe more than we abuthern islanders,
I won't need to give much description about that island which is 'Oo unknown to most
of us Trinidadians,....
I prefer to refer'to the s'hape of Guadeloupe ad likened "to :the witgs of a moth at
rest. One writer, froim-wholI got that idea, described 'Guadeloupe as likened
to the wings of a butterfly; but butterflies always, rest with thoe wings .folded
verticallyand not horizontally like the moths. The peculiar thins about Guadeloupe
is that section called Basse-Terre which is the section. .with all the' hills aind
mountains of Guadeloupe-; 'and the section called 'Gthi[e Torre is. aW fLat as Atlgtia.,
Bhsse. Terre in French means low land, and Grande Terre is more descriptive of land
with big mountains.
.My strongest idiosyneracy is that haVing g6t acquainted. with some thing.
some plaoe, some island and finding out that the r wMas"'aistihg, some other 'thing',
or place, or island like that" -something' which ailreidy knew, wpuld get-an
irresistible, uncontrollable'urge to go and get Litiffate. withat 9'fher something;
.I. would finds-it more alluring'and fascinating thah what already' opw. Guadeloupe
was another 'island ofhth-'Antilles' like all tIs ot'hers" 'which I Loye so much'and'
it was another Eronch islaiad like my favourite VAbtinique.I Nbw, 4a do you .e6poot
was going: to happen to m~-with that idiosynoraoJ-That It'ju'st told VQu about?'
I went and speht. a. few-days in Guadeloupe tiiid yer' in that and I hd
sort -o-f--Lo3.g heV0 lveX- vor- Op2re n'ea in any othir island bf ore. It was a
sort of pleasant elevated feeling of 'being', a. "eolihg of~gladh~ch in being young
and alive, and part" of the Antilles,. -I.was seeif Guadelotpo after ,, had see ill
of the other islands and the' island reminded me 'all 'the other if tnds at ohe;
Guideloupe brought tack""toh e those nostalgic meMbries, very viviidl, of those
wonderful days I spnmt makingI ong foot excursioks 'al 6ver St.Kitt Antig'Xua.,
Barbados, Tobago. The "few swft-running, clear "iveri squ&ezing ppat round, grey
boulders, made me recall Db4hioa; the huge bladk" volcanic roois tha-t decorated 'thb
rLadsides of Bisse Terre and'"tho distant blue mountaint','maid me th4nk of. 5tVihoent
and St.Luoia. The flat dry coastal areas of Basse Terre, with iths entle rolling-
hills.'.(I like the'souid" of the French word toollinos' to describe :those hills),
soahty vegetation, fe'w bnna id coconut trees and hartdry grass th a few guava.
tmees now and again, made me remember most of all, the fty lowland gf the Western
part of Tobago. '' .
Sy fondness' for the" Frenbh'lhanguaga made thai'hitherto unaIown ~iadeloupe seem.
more Sasoinating, alluring ahd mysterious, than the. other islands. 4-ways I: vwi l "l
have a. different and deeper affection for it than I- have for my favqoXrite Mahtiniqu&,
or Dominica, and St.Lucia.-' One little incident 'that that is whon I
saw a sign on a building'in a village in Bhsse Terre which 'said 'SABIURS POMPIEBS'.
Over-ouriouas to know what sapeurs pompiers meant- ih English, I refexred to my-. "
French-English .dictionary. ,."SAPEURS POMPIERS .*..what FPronli larneo seeing the *wrd
for the first time, could 6usp'et that sapeurs pompiers i' what the rench people
call their firemen? As I write all this, I think of all th6se sapeiur pompiers in
Guadeloupe. ....
In Guadeloupe, I we"ht':Jloriig Basse Terre only' and- reilly' didn' t see much of
Grande Terre. The.mor.iig hon my flight parted for .Trinidad via B'rbados, I looked
out'the'window at the'l~nd blbw.' We. were crossing Grande' Terre; hw wonderful and
provocative Grande Terre looked *riom above. For a brief, enchant moment, I had
nostalgic visions 'of the rolling *Alls of Antigua; I imagined myself down there in
all that nice, warm. unchine, climbing up one side'.of those n collins, I.
S. concludedd on age 3)

Friday, Mardh 1, 1974 T H E S T A_-R P"e Three .
Rupert: Sorhaindo .
Some Sunday, an unsuspecting Domini- Cyril Sdidford 'iHony Stowe pas
can mother will bp shocked into hysteria away quietly--Ht'teP-Thincess Nnire '=
by the news that her young soni or daugh- Hospital on Friday 15th February last,
ter has been killed by a 'drunken man'.. at the age'of 68.
It could have 41appdned-in-Roseau last He was the only son of Robert Sand-
Sunday; and it wi3l probably happen if ford and Ipsabella.' Stowe of Layou and
something more th4n just talking isnot leaves to -mourn his .oss his wife--Valoen-
done soon to curb the cruel hooliganism tine, sohs Embert, Eirio, Duncan.ii-rnham
that is So rampant in oir society, and Aores. His two sisters,, Mrs.. Ada,
On Sunday, several groups of very Elwin, Mr. -Flora Peniston in the.U-I*.,
young children on thoir iway from Church -his nieOes dacihth Elwin, Mrs., JC.
seemed to derive iffuch pleasure' from Mitchell and nephew Ashworth Elvin the
throwing stones at an elderly man (on U.K. They were a loving family and his;
other occasions, the victim has been an relatives and close friend's will miss
old woman), in the vicinity of the Daw- Cyril.
biney Market. He traihed as 'druggist and held. a
I found it necessary t6 patrol the few Government posts in his profession.
area to chase wave after wave of attack- His first official appointment was. acting
ors. The old man under attack seemed dispenser at Portamouth in 1928.' He was
mentally. unbalanoe6d,' and this made the subsequently coftfifad as dispenser i.
children's exercise s~em even more vic- 1930 and' was appoihted Steward of. the
ious and-senseless Hle retaliated with Old Roseau'Hosppital'from 1948. He retired
"huge boulders, and it might have been from.Goverument Sirviae in 1958.
sheer luck that sopeoneo 'as not serious- Sino1e'4is retirement at Portsm6uth,
ly hurt. The mants intention became Oyril was ilfPbor health. His first wife
quite obvious after a conversation with Georgine died ih' Vebru'ary 1963, Sincep
i. o w-e-sut -+ ES-em-o-tiOsG ten ne remarried again.
-.sons of'a bitch", And maybe he will, Cyril showed comnmondable eouracte il his
some day, if those, cruel juvenile attack long illness? '.He was always courteous and
do not stop. ready to seBve,. but it was his fie-'banse
This incident reported by ro is by no of humour. .that attracted him to many"
means an isolated gveht. That same Sun- people. Most 'of us who knew him intimate-
day, a similar rev~1ting sight could ly enjoyed' his witty jokes. It was his
have been witnessed on Queen Mary Street fine disposition and his attitude to life
(Roseau's main thoj6ughfare and gather- which made him live down the hard lkiogM:
ing place for alcoltlics and other dis4- and deals in his official career,
possessed citizens' On that occasion, Whd kno.ts Cyril enjoyed walking and
though, a large orqwd of adult spectat- carrying his"baggage in the performance
ors stood by, most of them probably re- of his dutis'.in th, orther- Villages
garding the whole thing as free enter- from Viei3le C@e to Penville, from Capu-
tainment. chin to Clifton, in the. days when a. dos-
What is happening to our society? penser had no altbrhative but to walk and
What has happened to our"' society? Where trudge in rain' and' shine I .
will it all end?' Parents,-.educationists, Euneral rites were performed at his
policy-makers, businessmen: to what ex- i sisters home in Goodwill by the. Rev. A.
tent have you contributeddto the deter- Didier-and his bodf was interred at the
iorating social environment? RS. Methodist burial ground. A. large number
-----!- of friends atte e'd the' bbsequios
WHY SHOULD OUR HOTEI FAIL?-Hugh Lawro nce' o 'e e ..
It is rather sad when one. hears ru- FAS ITI GMAE1 -Akong
ours such as: this hotel and that hotel and descending the other side to Uiscaver
a new valle,. 6r village. Deep inside I
are for sale When theso hotels were remembered Grand Trre was another island
built, ,the owners wer6 quite"sure of fu- like Basoe Terre, perhaps more fascinating
ture M~ccoss. If not, they- Would never than Basse eorre which I had just got to
have attempted such projects, which cost know only a few days ago,.,One day I will
thousands and thousands of dollies to have to no bach to find out o what
p goes on n Grand Torrte.., nh
put up. After paying for lot, sighing must be going on as I-gazed at her from
with -contractorsa, brai-thinking (pa ...) above: ,eof lAong's.drwoinr onj_.l)

Page Four A-HE STAR-

CA RIV it QUEN 1974
1974 Carnival guoon Marth& Dalrymwple nal Ruanners-up

rriaty, M'sach 1, ?j



doctor who has studied the
effects nome diseases have on
,members of his race says
there is an "ethnicity" to
some illnesses.
"This is not to imply racial
inferiority," aild Dr. Richard
Williams, "But high blood
pressure: is the greatest killer
of blacks, and we have to do
something about it as a
matter of survival."
Williams, who says he has
compiled the first textbook
-on diseases that particularly
affect blacks, headed a roster
iof black and white specialists
who participated in the
two-day John Beauregard
Johnson memorial
Lth U.E& the Governor, Mr. John Bully, 1973 gueen Telomacquo symposium on hypertension
and other bick-related
AN ALM YN_ LTY CRaTION IJohnson was a black
cardioldgist and researcher TV
RHoward University wh-
Srecently died of tne
hype -te Mns io.
Other speciassts a, th
S' conference yesterday said'
high blood pressure, or
S hypertension, is twice '.
prevalent Kmong blacks a:
among whites and that th(e
death rate for blacks under the
age of 50 is five times higher
than that for writes.
Dr. Jeremiah Stamler of
Chicago said hypertension,
while a common disease in
the United States generally, is
**an "acute problem in the
low-income community
where people see doctors less
.often and have less effective-
long-term medical care'
,.Thoa--f"ujouj costume of Al thoa Shillingford (AP).


New Housing Scheme at
Fortune Estate,
known as L'Autre Bord Fortune. Lots
from 00ooo sq. feet and upwards still for
Sale. 7 Minutes Drive from Roseau, yet
All Facilities according to Government
Specifications will be provided,

19.75 Acres of Agricultural Land with
Houselot on Eggleston Road, 12 Minutes
Drive from Roseau.
Mrs. C.L, Corriette,
Fortune Estate, Telephone 2056


Due Asqumed I

Request date-4
20 9 73
20 2 74
at 12.20 p.m.

North Easi: By laid
land of John Wlliinm
By Victoria Street;

Panmn Preatmng

he Roman
his Solicitor
M. Eugenia


NIatur of ruwest whiedt.
or a Crtifcvaof Tkie of
ioan there or CaveOtM
AplIeation of The Re
man Catholic Bishop
for the issue of a first
certificate of tite in
respect of A lot in
Charlotte Ville in the
Parish of St. George I
containing 76401
quare feet and bou
ded as follows:-

of P.A. Rolle; North-West: By
and J.A. Severin; South-West:
South East: By Public Road

Schedule of Appcation fr Certificate of Title ad Nao
thereon and Cavetr for weeK e ding 14th day of hFu Igy 7.

'.t Requested i Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
eor a Certifcat of Title of
Noting there or Caveat

islk& Jonathan Requm faW e
the 1ott 4&l VTriendly -at 14rat C.ti. I
of October W -11Ce of T"tl6 in ros
1973. by his Solicitor AA that piece,p
Pesatta tie Randaul H. or lot of ii
12th dtay rf Lockhart Lagon Portsma at
SFebrry,- 1974 the Parish of St.
t 2.10 -- containina 19,
fI n square feet and b
ded as ftBUw.:-
rherl) bs iand4 of Edison Sc. Jan Eaterly by the
Paiblc Road Squthorly by land of Andrew Beloay
bad On the West I sy the Se.

Sqat dated J jonatha
the 19th "ay Friendly
of Octoblz WaVLace
1973. by his So.A6itor
Presented the Rand a l H.
12th day of Locklart
February, 19.74
at 12.20 p.m.

h ia

MKeqtest for the iss
of a First Certificte
cf Title iu respect of
A. piece or parcel
of land situate at
Portsimouth in the
Parih of St. John
containing 1554
square feet-and bo1a
dad as follows:-

On the North by Pembroke Suset: On the East by
Harbour Lane: On the South b)y eInd of Ethel EdwFrde;
and On the West by land of Clarutca DimD l.'

ReSistrr of Titles

mues, mr's Oke.
Reunw, ooDominc.

NOTE:- Any person who desires to o4et too the bae ofe a
Fitr Certiface of Title ito the above aplpcato" iay mwr a
Cavest hi te s0above Office within six weeks frae the doe f
the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Nowsperw
p I shed to dtis St~se or from the date when the nsesa pro.
pcrtbed by tew was served on any owner or occupier .e ... taing
nt reapct of which the app cation is nodas. -

Page Five

Take a ookat the.
range of VPBritishWines.The same grapes
to makeVPthatgotomake alot ofexpensiv.
wines.Which accounts forVPs fine quality

Buy a bottletoda L.

9 S -

V%;a 1, 4"'M -



__ ...... : -

-- -:-%K =a

Wof Appitcatkn for CrtScar e of Tiafe and Nocrtae
thereoa ad Cveats for week andg 23rd day of February 197

Grapefruit growers are notified that
the spraying programme for spraying of
citrs plantations is to be undertaken by
the Division of Agriculture and recom-
mended to begin in March April 1974
All interested growers are asked to
call at the office of the Citrus Growers'
Aaoan in order go make the ncs
Mry m gemeam.

Almtw new Phillips Rdrge^r,.
Call at STAR Office
ke name of aw .r,


Friday,.February 1, 1974 T H E S

It was obvious-r a pity that HALF of
the crowd had to return home due to a
'ticket sell-out'. The authorities of
ARAWAK should feel somewhat ashamed for
having treated artiste in -the Calypso
finals so BAD. Anyway, let 's reflect
on what actually took' plaioe-.'Sun.nit61!
CATERER; Hia: two renditions, SOGOELY
and BA YO. BGIS wdre someho-iw weak in com
position, but stage'per6onality and
clarity of voio-e proved to bo-profiting
assets... SOLO:. His _positive' approach
to the stage completely eiaded -all
scepticisms but failure to carry his,
message more clearly to the audience
and judges -- especially-in his first
song --was a fatal setbaddk. But- Solo
must admit that his. personality on stage
must be improved IF he intends. -to oa6y :
oh 'and get along,.. -SPECERi This vet-
oruan by-product of GPU still laoks a
great deal This yepi hids objeootive
was plain. KeH. delibehtely 'puit aside
hie" road, march cont.enper,'AX-jimpin Wid
hkmmina" in a. bid to gain. the. judges
attention with his "6LOST PARADISE"- and
"S.HOP~TAGE" which surely did fp--y outre-
war-di~glyo.. ROBI:- .He surprised mee -
apnd pabB4tpbably, .EIJEDSbf" ofothers
in the audienoe. 3is nbovt leiaoements-
on s aage were the dharaoteridtios ok a
maturing' personality. Tie dld Ohild,
'like bone of voice wag'S"o -lo6ngor domi-
neering. 3bth 15901"an:d "to Peace,
Love and Happiness"we-re .. .ll treated.
This year he. did' not ~g "of-fkey"-but
only had to gobble some iords- t keep
up with the. pace of the accompniiment...
QsR0T -LMBIE.- with her on'hahting and
charming smile; and-,ool personality. ham,
left fans with a lot"to talk'about.
"Iftee for '74" was the bet-ter of her
wo" compositions.. CIHICHlI: If you, choose
0t compare this guy, past and present,
it is obvious, that he-'ws at--hia best
tiis:.year. Ghicki controlled his. Voice.
He mwayad, rocked and moved a bit.
Should I be permitte.d t.o predict his. fu-
ture, I1 clearly envisage bright. pros-
pects for this; ardeit trier... t EVO:
in our personal conversation, I have had
him to understand. he falls short of the
great EVERLASTING .ie onhceknew,- Ganst EOe. (Everlasating of old .)."6mposing-
such a. poor calypso as OBEAH',.'.PROVOKER:
He disappointed his a.i6s 'Ile has left
them wondoerng-What "Jaok va Provoker"

T A R Pago

night and "day, the.draining; of monoy from'
the Banks.-.failure can pqnly be a calamity.
The sad and ri;reottable Acts of discimin-
ation of a few months past have doubtless
been remedied by an act of parliament. *
Hotel others should put out much mor6
advertisement and- bolster up -the Island,
as we are the most picturesque anid most
beautiful island in the Caribbean. The
only 'Cinderella' around the archipelago
where'you find 365 -spark'ing rivers, cra-
pauds; crabs, titiri;, mangoes, ripe bana-
nanas, passion fruit, caaie-juice rum and
and what niiot all in one islp. So lot us
pray as we. enter- the Lenten'Season for
NO MORE FAILUTES. '- -'"Hugh Lawrence.
*The deeds epetratod against Americans
and Police this weorek have not helpod,-Ed.

R.A P by ELEm '-from column '
was all about.., LASK srgagtforiardly,
should try to fashion d. personality
that's all his osn. He 0hpuld immediately

timing 9 'it- i o Off -. ':ii#h tunes which
demands imnmane cobiontr'pt on... And
SWALLOW, Ros a- cr6wd-pleaser. Still can't

bands, "DE BOYS'- A "DENM" and "LIQUID ICE"
were siply- .fantastio, I suggest that
its gratitude b'y Jzking u.. ublio declare
tion, In a nutsholl, st ndard was still
below that o f't73yJT

THE, QflUSEiSiE by L.Z.
Despite a 'Tato6start;, ycr-cowdd
Arawak:'and bdomo tedious : orvals, the
Bbauties were much approeatod and some
of their costumes wore soational, parti-
cularly Alvinu. Bully' ori4ion for'Alothiea
Shillingford (2nd ru"norrpn and our- report-
orts popular favourito). :
-As we alll know, lovely -Lartha Dal ymple
came -first ahd Tlib a- Jacksn placod-nex:t.
Gaylord s P-ower Union'aover turned. up
-- lack of'spaoe sooms to be the reason.
for this dishppointmont. Daniel GdCudeiron
had .o ad lib indo'otigab3 to fill-in tho
oracks;' Radio commontato'-q oame. -ov well ,
as indoed they did'from .y sie hom6as(s
during theljump-ip".- Swinsing- Stars had
their usual srkl. :
:It is La Iwell there wtiv no fir6 soar6
as crowded eo~its. would hai.e' been jammed
by the huge Arawak crowd.k WIhy indeed i-ore
not reserved tickets numbered? Anyhow it
went well despitee all". And signifiod
Dominica's determination to have a show.

TO BE SOLD PURSUANT TO AN Order made by the Honourable Mr. Justice Renw-k
on the 7th day of February, xi74 in Suit No 85 of 197o
"Tb Dominica Cooperative Bank Limited Mortgagee

Blaonford NaXhadu Mullings Mortgagor
UPON the application of the above-named Plaintiff for Sale of the defendants' land un-
der Section 4 of the JudgeMBEi Act, Cap. o10 at PubUc Auction by the Registrar of Dominica,
at the Registry, Victoria SmE Roseau at o10 aam. on Monday the Inth day of March 1974.
A portion of land kocwn as a RMdMential Lot at Wesley In the Parish of St. Andrew.
containing 3200 aqam feet end bounded as fa ows: North.West: Public Road.
North-East: Lands of Son Joseph, Soeth-East Eden Estate, South-Wast: Lands
of Varsalo Jost".

of C

chambers ,
e of Sale.

Particulars ad conditions of Sale may be obtained of Miss M. Eugenia Charles
Old Street, Rwam Dominica, the Solicitor having the carriage of Sale and at the

Dated this ItZth dy of Februry, 974;


TO BE SOLD PURSUANT TO AN Order made by the Honourable Mr. Justice Renwick
on the 7th day of February, S174 in Suit No 0o4 of 1968
Between tb bominica Co-operative Bank Limited Plaintiff
Edmu d Edwards
eada Edwards also known as Emilly Edwards Defendants
UPON the application of e above-named Plaintiff for Sale of the defendants' laid uo-
der Section 4 of the Judgemal b Act, Cap. io at Public Auction by the Registrar of Dominica,
at the Registry, Victoria Steu kosean at Io a.mi. on M6nday the nxth day of March 1974.
A portion of slad I di hwParish of St. Gerge known as Lot S.838A It the Pottersville
Housing Schemae, h the Colony of Dormliaka containing 1797 square feet and bound-
ed as follows: NItthWest by lot S.RA mod lot S.819A, North-East by lot S.
83 7A, SouaW e .b jolly Lane an Souft West by Lot S.839A
Particulars asd emditions of Sale may be obtained of Miss M. Eugenia Charles
of Chambers, Old Street, Roseu Dominica, the Solicitor having the carriage of Sale and at the

Dated this 1ti* dy of February, 974.

E.F Georges,


place of Sale.


If You need a Modern, pS Office
with Interior Design and ut to suit
your requirements
Please Contact:-
at 63 King George V Sk,
or ring 3087.




Approx. Size: 5000 sq.ft.
Served by Motorable Road
Ideal Southern Climate; Safe Anchorage
and Beaching facilities available.


Stanley Fadelle,
Tel 2159, 8217, P.O. Box 59.

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Friday. March 1, 1974

E.F Geores,



Pagje ig . .HE S
S.T'*A*R*S,*P*O*R*T*S. t 'orohwton
Gric2Kot. Last weekend, the matches be-
tween .the touring McC and--the LeowErd
Island, and ,brbados vs- chiaioa ended
in draws,* The Leeward Islands -skipper
Auckland Hector won the,.tss ah' dput in /
the IOC, led by Tony Grle' to'bat. e MG
soorod' only 251-with HIyes 40,"Grieg 45
and Birkenshaw 42, maih scorre.s. Andy.
Roberts'got 4/75, Willett, Gorriette &
Gor,, 3,2- and I wicket- "espectivly. In
their turn at the oroeas, the Leewards
replied with:194; V.Eddy-45 amdaV.Rith-
azds 42. MCC declared their~2nd innings
at 195/4, Amiss 44 and F.Hafye 85 n.o.<
At the closo of. play,- thiLeewards were
193/52 Yearwood. 47, J.Allin 51 and V.
Richards 52 n.o e. "
The Shell Shield match Barbados
vs Jamaia -- played at Kensington-Oval,
Harbado,, Barbadcs; batted first and put
in the respact able. total of 344. 'Gbrdon
Greenidge, yet to soore a'first-olass
century'in the West Indies, topsoored
witHY 90, Sobers 60, (is highest first-.
class 'scoro .to date this year), Lashley
41, .ing 34 and Holford '40, other main
contribute .s,* Eor Jamaica-n t Dwe4/90'
Lawsoh 2/84,- Foster 2/22, Barrett 1/64,
and Lee'giy l/bl.__J b :.3 { i3*
at the "wicket were soon in trbible, but
for Mo.rria. Foster their captaiA, -with a.
fighting undefeated 150, saw thti to 286.
Armstrong, the young fast bowler-, finish-
ed with 4/57, Kolder 2/67 and CG.King 5/2(.
Bhrb-ados- in their 2nd" "ihing~e were
299/6-, Iolan .larka .125, Lash-
ley 56 & Holford 47 n.o. 'Leevy finished
with 3/735, Dowe 1/24,' tbste' 1/44 and
R..Pinnook 1/25. Barbados, with 6 points
for 1st innings lead.and a total of 32
points are well -on their way to the.
championship. Closest rivals arb Jamaica,
who, if they defeat .Trinidad outright,
wi3l. give them an equal 32 points+ Other-
wise the championship looked like Zarbados
for yet another season. M6eawhwild, Guya-
na. and tha Combined Islands are engaged
in the match.-that will decide lIst place
in this year's series." Kanliai" ion the
toss ati'.R~ehall, Guyania' and decided to
bat. .Atthe end of the 1st"day,Guyana's.
score stood. at 254/8, with t'bpsctrors -
being Kalliaharan 47 &'KAnhai 46, Freder-
icks, 35 & Skinner 34 n.o',-- Bowling for
ieg g o iia i._ :Roots 2/5
Printed & Published by the.Prbpriotor Robe:
at-26 Bath Road, Rose.

T A.. R. . .. 1 iday, 1, 197 ..7
STARSPOR-T' (conc.. BPress Time Soore:
Guyana 2717, Combined Islands 2I3/1
Also at Kensington Oval, 100 were 255/8
bythe ehd of the first day's play, after
Holford seoht in the HOC to bat, (it would
flo-egular feature, if M0C do not wiih t1h
toss; and bal, they ar6 sent in for first
strike and -qly once so far did their"".
batting firs -'pay. off-and that was against
the Presidents XL). Jameson got a hard-
hitting 91- Thich.. included 16 fours;
M.Deness 56 ihd F .Hayes 50. For Bba^ .,
Holford- had jaken- 2/50 and. Padmore 3/64,-
of maratho4-.p.polls. Soore at Press Time:
MCC 270,'* arb adbs f .81

CATERER, (alypdo .King) won the Road
March Prime for'"Bai yoh Bois" etc...
"Lot it Pnqn~'won ICing of the Band prize.
Their Quodn also w on the Qnoon of Bands
rigc,, St7t Iartin's School captured
the splohdid $500 prizo for Band of- the
Year Prize 'on the subject of CRISES..

We reprint the following verses in
tribute to our American friends,,kndown
and unknmown; thinking also of those who
sufforod,thisa"-crnival-timoe. And we dod-

Skylab Doctor now in our midst. The
author is a Black Dominican, anonymous.
Anerica..our dear
Ie waited mTn ,a year
Before we loved you.
We saw a plenty moons
Shine in late afternoons
Steady' aboro you...
until youi mado a boat
to pierce the' sky afloat
with a fine steeple,
And in it you put guys
brave as old gods and wise
beyond believing.
Boy what a shocking joke -
a UtS. MoonimokelJ
What"an aclhivingi
I am a Black Power boy
But could not kill my joy
on the moon landing
.1 stayed up deep in night
-not caring black or white
but understanding
Mhan is a little fly
able to pierce God's eye...
......:.t-im b. bo c p or white '._ "
VHs One 0o our- poople. c .. ".
rt E. Alloro, ofsGopt Hall Mill House,
au, Dominica, Wes* Indies.

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