Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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.-. or 3o 152 AST 78 STt
Cable: Star, DorntlAW YORK 2L N,-
pTel: Printery 2691, Editor 260 "' 4
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_: -1. Akong writes
on Guadeloupe;
Obituary on Cyril Stowe
by W. S. Stev'ens
Fridp yFebruary l74

Cuiste and, Breaker present USVI plaque to Jaycees fot
award to 1973 Winning Quiz Contest Scheol.

4P6 e -"eM

Carnival fever..c est bachanal...yes, sah...
This grand occasion of great revelling; heralding -
i: advent of a sad and melancholy, disconsolate
Sd 'downcast FORTY DAYS interval of -
,AHRISTIANS' recollection of the Supreme PRICES
a-crificer who gave HIS LIFE to free the world By
,4am dreadful, horryfying and horrendous con-
-.quenes for its ABOMINABLE ETHICS... Atemporald
EBW MORALITY...s obviously- evident thi times (its
're all MASQUERADING MANNIKINS... bankrupt
L "vingahbe-rbl-- al imponors... T i'arsonating- ebb-permane<
-.ers we ought NEVER to glan'orize...Lephis- shape of
.,,pheles...Asmodeus... Apollyon... Beelzebb.-,The portendec
"god of the underworld" in diguise ..A Fraud Only by
-,Holy Prixiel Faust, you Dig?. .n Ame:ica and evade an,
'rinidad it s MARDI GRAS...Thereo', he an. As for th
a U) Oare among
;,ual -pageantry, Costume. spctacie.,.d isplay of wise enough
historicall reflections,.,Exhibiton of life.-Of fa- themselves
ion,. Of industry.. Parad<: of- the hands...On tent arid 'fi
Sard christian soldiers. Ccrtinued ),, page 8 long run it
S- communist
world wot
The relatives of Cyril Sto'We wiis through the mercy
this medium to express iiincere thanks to believe tha
all friends and well wishers whv have communist
expressed their sorrow and helped in the present
.one way or the other. invoking ma3
:: .' .. .!invoking th(

!In fond memory of our deir MERVYN
I HILL who passed away oC 2oth Feb-
'ruary 1973.
S Tenderly we treasure th,. past,
With memories that will always last,
And when we cease to thn'K of you,.
Will be when God has ca,.kd us tmo.
Loving mother, brother, sh:ers & aunts.

Sunder Sovie
Kremlin r
the Arabs to
resources. M
to replace \
pertise with
with that, it
radical Arab
ist regime fir
has already r
out Western
day Libya n
three Americ
pattern of
for the resl

m* ustr force the great non- One ve disconcertin '
powers to unite for com- aspect this- whl b
omic security. The Arab pect obs whoe fact b
,ld then be left wholly af one of te ther 12{ eolt.
of Soviet Russia. One cannot reprea tativ fro ry'
t the Arab world is blind to rertythas frn Oa$rte
ie bcy Subparty ha9 been reported as
power and the overthrow ofg h f from
dynasties and conservative 1ir.y' outraeeh. Surely
finally be their reward for thycannOt b1 i a-
e ultimate economic weapon, re nt ih t; thi
t proding w Gairy bat done. Are they
t prodding so afraid of Garry, or are
propaganda has longagitated tey-oing so well out of
expropriate their foreign oil Giry? I Gairy perhapar
[oscow's obvious objective is ls* a waster of te art
Western technicians and ex-. of picking colleague who
Soviet counterparts--and have some personal reason
inevitably, the dominance of fhr gratitude to tlim or
movements. In Iraq, a Left-: whose fear of exposure
mnily bound to Soviet Russia keeps them loyal ard Mute?
nationalized its oil and driven m ."
influence and capital. Yester- NEVER TOLERATE THE
ationalized the properties, of RESTRICTION OF PER
can oil companies. This is the SONAL FREEDOM EN
Moscow's hopes and plans TAILED IN THIS TYPVF
of the Near and Middle OF SYSTEM.

g to oil blackmail may $
y relief to some of the
lowest P>rice is inflation i
f'.) but it cannot provide
,t solution. The free wc
loner brimWF-d~iif' to
current and coming eve
I by the Mideast oil state
acting in concert can tf
economic holocaust.
e Arabs, one hopes that th
them leaders intelligent a
h to perceive the dangers
inherent in the useof so
frightening a weapon. In t


.Although the Police a..
Defence Forces fall under
the M kistry of Home A-
ffairs the"' :y.Opera
tion of these forces is limit
ted by the stature and iw
tegrity of the commanding
offieere the.magistrates and
the Director 0 Public Prt*
secutionaind one. wondeis
what role tbese have played
in the Gmnada tragedy.
Officer holding auch po1
tions must not be allowed
ive to excuse themselves on the
vic- grounds of "orders receivWrd
and They represent en impori
e ant bulwark for the de.
rid fence of the cifzean righWts
fhe aid it i8- t ieh duty to
ntsI stand firm i4 protecting
gy. thess rights from the in-
vey roa0e that aggressive power-
drunk politicians may seek
ere to make into those right.

.,Page Wo --THE STAR .. Friday,_ b 22 w 1V' 4
2E 3AN DRA=iN .. By -a Spoiae Qrrespondent -. .
r love 3miraa fa un suad the (fn.qol,) .. hold int er national abnd
Gari-b1ean. I ow.- eyarytkah haV regional.cohiferencesd wbiqh cost hundreds
evecy hia I.a h t ot IdioS of thousands of dollar. `"They hold Goot-
AUd it 20 PVO**Os Iy 1aOue 9f ay Q ov ly national or indepoen et celebration',.
for this. place that I wIte- They build stadiums a4 pther such thin ,.*
The problem in Dominica and adjacent And on their governme..o wned radios thor
territoriOs is. similar t- that facing issue grand" statement: of noble intent".
other Third World countries. Poor'and My friend is-hot against any of that.
wrongly developed usually, they have Except that : "the-y do .not practice that
sufforod under colonialism and imporial- socialistiO ideology nternally and.,equi-
ismi. Yost of them have ihdopendenoo how tably. They traile on. individual Id .
--politibally. Agents of imperiali-sm collective rights. -They use repression_
and colonialism are still operating in as their weapo'i and" victimisation as
our countries. But there is no oecuse their deterr-et.. ey out back 0o. 3du-
for what is happening. ... cation and Ko6ising nd ~alth:, and spend
My friend also mentioned what has more on Police 8.ations- and on increasing'
been happening to dissidehts'andopposi- the extent andiscope o; internal security.
tion groups. in the Gaxdbbean, 'and to They' aot'liie Men who iust be there for- '
individuals who so much as question. ever, hence hethe need pr entrenohing 'their
Government. Examples abound; 'Grenada position.' A new breed of colonialists;
and its secret Polioe deal ihn violence; dictators, who j*usti theirher acts .with
in Dominioa so far, the law has bedn grand statements 6ofX ia-est Destiny, -
used to bring in threatening and out- born tbo z, Ie, .tbo-~v in, I.lead our simple
rageous legislature to stifle all comment and ordinary people'" psychological in-
there are threats. of job-loss, transfers dependeine. Thijey"4Ae"_f-appointed
and other punishments, and subtle press- Messiah, but" thair. pr da..ection to nira-
uro is brought, to bear" on their families cle-work{nig is' minimal; They are for '
in -: -:'afy or afnoher whenever indivi- the most par inoompetent, inefficient-
duals become.too outspoken.1 .:iei the inept and indolent. 9topt that by mati--
organs- of propaganda, .ike avehnig pulation of miinds less grpeedy thail thioirs,
jackals,' are set loose: radio, press'and by subtle control of tl' propaganda
the devastating reputation-destroyer, machine, they maintai.~ their advantage
authoritative gossip. Henoee th great the divisions of class, a ace, creed and
exodus of the intellectual,h Enoe the origin among the'eleotc'r te. They are
long self-imposed exile of the'lWet Ind- the voters' ohoioe' They are professional
ian artist, or those rich enough to politicians, meaning that they earn their
attehd"the outward journey' living through politics,.: Bence theirs is
A, new elite has sprung up everywhere a question of survival. ,y any means.
Dominica inoludedo An elite which harps And according to my friend., all this"
on ignoraine, prejudice ad- false class lavish. axteriial spreeing and the frequent
differences so as. to entrench its elitism trips. with friIge benefits are all 'futile
And it is; getting rioher and richer, and meaningless if the ordinary man in
acquiring more real estate,. mor" land, the Caribbean does not gain from it-all,
more directorships, and ohainrmaships ih fact, h. tends ob the current View '
than the normal organisation man can that moat of' the "regional meetings are
manage and in the procesisthe opposi- used by UChibbean Heads of State for con-
tion of the-poor gets poorer. tinuous reVie-s. 6f-me.hiods. to control
Even more diaturbing than that --is public opiohir, the prs-a and c6mnri-Ica-
the. imaga that Dominica aihdother W"st tions, as well as disaenj, They obvious -
Indian states wish to give"fo the outside instruct aid.advise each-other on how to
worldaabout their countries'. "'he foreign stay in power-. .........
policy of some of our -overnmentIs appear Now I: 'd6n"t"know how true all these '
to be the most progressive'" my friend things are, but I do know my friendist not
adds. "They are revo utionary even, or a sensationist. He is a realist and a
socialist and onward l'.boking. Their sincere Dominican' whlo thinks he has tried-
statements in their publicity" organs de- hard enough, lho'sees the chances for
0lare their Bsoial'ooncer,, -1the'politcls change are bleak, tiho views with dismay
of o.hange'.. They vi with eadh othar to the erosion of free depression (page 3)'

Vebruary22 197.4 S T A- .B;,_ Page. Three -_
BRAIN D CIN' 4the' lack7oT. BRAIN DR.&IT (fr. -17 dissoiting1
strong public opinion, the loss of Radio opinionatedod individuals: whose presence
Dominica, the p -essure f the i 1 Ser-' creates probleMsi for them and whose
vice Act and other pieces of legislation?, personalitioesattraet youth'and the
the. dithering og the a~dniiStrahtio over proleto iat to thelim. .':-They can always
the artificial ps shortage, 'the -nepotism be replaced by" Ovorsoas: Advisers, aoo-
and political c1iLoanery involve d n'app-. turers, Ddb ',,ord all available ohn
ointments to thq. P.-.C., the'PlannLig requestt 'from the Ministry of Overseas
and Development oard, the iioAnifnual and Developm6nt 'in the U.K., or from aanada.
blatant rewarding of'party'hacs and Those foreign porsonhol are aliens and
financial saipporters, the alanderas as such,'itoop their noses clean, Will
attack on outspocen.individuals. and civil not contradict-or complain about govorn-
servants in party organs, the 'impotence mont policies no matter how ridiculous
of the other press, the lethargy or'loss or insane. .
of prinoiple-in juost of the Soci'ety,! And if you think this. last: comment
that society's proness to rui btr, .iLnu- is farfetched-, -juct start counting. the
endo and oharaotpr aasassinabibii, our number of 0S .A.S. persons: now oii con-
gradual surrender to materialism, the tract, the' number of Tochnical. Assist-
oontinual and lack of unity; ants. and TT.1. advisors doctors, eco-
between trade unions, assoiatioi~ and nomists, technicioais, teachers and -iy-
organisations, tie inevitable creep of friend theo'ngineer and. you begin to
botalitazianism i and the eventual loss of wonder." And then thiiik about recent'
public and private constitutional rights problems at t]ih Dupigny Tohnicoal GOl-
and. liberties. lege which'were flushed up
Re is. leaving the country, and an Roll on, 1984f
exodus will follow, R -. M D7 V E
Which may pleasai some people, but itE L D. -a VIEW
upsets me 'enough.,to write about it. 1 Madam, Teryr AngLr; _atholio. "
oana=% see whore: we. ae headed-f we Oon- Let -us for a moment compare "A Yery
tinnu to lose -our beit -ind -'and 'have- to Angry Gatholic 's- Tew Pclitical Party."
ooipromiao with tnoonpetonts. And it is (Educator 30tlh- Januazry, 1974) with the
obvious":that the solution lies hot 'just LeBlano Labour Party's. ministerial line
in 6dkijig' then to stay, or invitii* up: .. -
other to return on mode attractive terms. LEBAIN LABOIdUR -PAR'TY: EOLeBlanc,
ihat changes nothing. ..thoe bohditions re- Patrick Johln, 'Thmai Etienne, HRL,-Chris-
ferred to above are still.'ih existence, tian, EWrl Leslie Arnold Active, John
you only remove he effect not the' cause. Royer -and-Eglhert- Shillingford- -. .
The salary may b% f ine but the frustra- A VER AWSY. GATHOLIGS EW POLITICAL
ion still remains., the.permanent secre- PARIYf Pat"Stev6ns,:. harlesz. Savar1
tarios still shoeve:-and pideon-holo Daniel Cauirn,'Athertion Martin ~ind
bright iasa. Qe men still have Rupert Sbrhdindo witth Eathor Alexander
the far that tho. young bright sparks are as religious advisor, ...
threatening their obs. The Civil Ser- Eranlly, the Editor of the Educator,
vice is still concerned" only witho'souri- who to all appeavrano is the Very An-y
y,,, promotion an soif protection. It Catholic from Wesley, should realise that
is oumboorome, out of date, expensive, i there is milch more potential. in the men
unproductive, inefficient anid parochial. whom he seeka to make. fun of than. there
and it" either willows up'or apits out is, was or over will be in the LeBlanc
the anorgotio, p.oticieeiten .rprising Labour rty. ......
individual who views Domiiioa ihf the-2nd Vys ow.h:reactibn is HurrahI for the
half of tha. 20th: century" a. at th ross- New Party)J rven if only a dream so far*
roads* To borrow a phrase" iVis not now I j "p y SUPPORTER -
a question of aordevolopmolt"- Xiidopon-
don0o, but Doponoi.o. Iib6ration. We .the .youth are not at all pased
6 obonoludo, eozo is a.'-iiggostion an- about the 'squashed raid' at St.Joceph,
other friend mad9. TKd"uExbdis o. techno- concerning Govt..-oVwnd "ement 8& lumber.
orats, intolloota ana-qiiduli:fied skilMa The rumour is tht those involved are
o "Labour Partyj members. If this is true
persons on R DRA to e o a and they. go free anyone who a cse
by govorimenta as a positive .wa-of. rid- at Court-for lar1, ny should go ree .
ding thomsolfos of radical, (Tna. ) .The A.Gshould start an inqw-lry or else
... close the police Station. SEiTJO IJfm.

Reaction MA TITINE- ynthia Watt OfADIDX COMNffiTS 0ItevMtS
Reauben went in to. M Titiho' s house -8 -am- 1 jm primas hq.o ing
and placed a package on the table. Ma At the February.P, m.ting in Marigot,
Titine closed the door and followed him .-parents oam6oin for oas gation by. the.
in. He sat with his legs crossTed on the three. education e bport" n, theo:..platform
sotee, his hands at the back of his (a4l -pupil&-pupil.4 abhers.of. he
head' Marigot S.chool). .'-h 'factual stories :were
"Oarnival in de air you know. tyad galling' to meo ahor wx-pipil &. ex-Princi-
coming.. here all de time in my wuk. lose, pal of the'same-school,
so &at's why I all dress hp today. An But when thie Princi. -said t.intat"'
I bring you somptin...opon de pa.Ol"4 a recent conference of eacherst thsid ono-
Ma Titina. did so anid took off a bottle session daily schoolingi'was suggest&,
of Dominioa'rum, a bottle of v'odkla and there was 'uproar among. te parents. at
a- be-ribbohed box of olo0olated' -. this.. I- rose-and dplqpd: the. move after
"I not wukkin today TI klor Qehelia hearing of the cho tic state of.affairs:'
an Baby sewin hard, maJkin oar.niva 410los8e. at a school with' -a phrapunt achievement
so I ainy Let me go. a kbep Titine corn- of-intellocbual records'in the'past.' To
pany foh-de day' He patted the set- me, it was obviousbthat the change:would
te.'. "0ome bit' heah' fraid make matters 'borse, 'and, the parents un-
me nuh?" animously showed approval of my stand.
MW hat 'you manri'ax benI?" n. Fifty Marigot pupils had appeared at tho
:Reuben smiled. "itine you know. dat Juvenile.Court there o;.' 6he previous' '
t'l-ov' yiou; I tell*you no-awieady an you Monday' I declared it ws another vot6-'
ma e jookd wid *it. Wll,.'-I not jobkin.. catching.-*tunt. .Such an important change
Wat'Gargo stayin in Son Tomas foh*, we1h should oemanato direct.- f- o-. the Educition
ha oan afftrd to' Oome"ba6ck an live heah? Minister Christian and not just from
You dodn see' you oann*t stay so teachers i4ho would alwai; welcome the '
timea, 'till a-y6ung3o"wbm '*.." easement it 6iouldd br4ig- them, plus placin-
9a e-in repli'edd,' "Stop talking them on thl good bboIs of an unscrulvulou.
stupidness an leave 'arge alone. What Government. Let us hopa a few t-ecc-cor.s
he do is, his business I" will put their country above so12 and
."O.K,..0.IL Titine,-but still meanwhile personal- advancooriit.
me an you can..." Should Policoon. compete like thi
Ma Titine, frowned-,.. Reubien, me and you Now I have Y o report a matter w.hc,
are good friends; dont spoil the friend- if .accurately stated, should shook reader,
ship".,. '.- Not. long ago, a .fisliormaR was charged by
"O.K.", Reuben replied, but he was a police 'Constable wit h selling, fish at
hurt-by TitineTa words and went on .aurli- $1.00 per. Ib and fined : by MaIistrate
ly,, ."you. doan, believe me wen I tell you Marie at.-airigot...Police (hurt. But last
Garga.e have a woman ovah dere.,.well ook", week at Marigot f'Bay two -plice GbCor-oorals
and he: he:d something out" of hisc pant .e said to hve. openly bought dolphins
pocket -and handed it to her. whole at l pe1r lb .deapie the controlled
-Ma 2itine stared anhd stared. "I' price of 70 cont'. S.ur-ey they wero aware
couldn't b truel- But tlier-e i't wdas in of the law?" It is the tces of
her hands. .:It was -a picture of Qeorge rich alike. that- contribute. to the wages
on a beaoh in'St. homaS" with a very light of policemen, and other servants of the
skinned woman, whom he was isi ng. They State from H., the Goveranr downwards.
were hugged in-a tight embzacoe.- The purchase of d. wh1o fish when fis.
"Well, wat you saying now?" Reuban is scarce shows lack of consideration for
asked her. ... others; .the -price of $1 per lb is-wro" '
Ma Rtitine; made -as though to tear the Dontt try to twist-my contention by- sa,-i
snapshot,, but Reuben was quick enough to that I don't like policemen and am 'tIrring.
grasp it from her hand. 'Slowly, a up mischief. Policemen ;Ve absolutely -
Titine sank onto the settee beside him, necessary in every civil ed society, "d
her shoulders heaving, sqme .are .men of' calibre and scrupulouanlos
"I3 oaa-o-ean't believe itI-l she sobbed -will have more to ay on thi sna
Reuben sidled, closer to her and put an arm- Cna' ^youldo, loa re
I dere to oomfott you. Lbok,' dry yoh eyes' an les have a good strong dregnk. Dat
will brage you up.. .Wo goih run mas" nex week an. have a gpod time an forget all bout
Gargo-'an hi woman. As'Ma.. itine gulped her'drink, "Datrs bettah; we goin enjoy
ourself 1., -

s. K-ft4y P (ra y Pag 8.

Now located at Texa&o Tan";tral, Cane-
All offers to Valley Egineering e &
"v "ce Ltd

for the Erection of a STEEL FRAMED
Bq hLDING at Texaco'Termmal Cane-
Sfield. 'w
Interested Parties-, can'; obtain Drawings
I nd Sp...-cif'o-naio,- from -

Applications are invited for the post of
Lecturer A assistant Lecturer in the His-
tory Americas, North and South, at the
University of the West Indies, St. Au-
Closing Date: February 28th 1974.
Applications are invited for the post o.
Junior Research Fellow (Plant Patholo-
gist) in the Grain Legume Programme
of the Faculty of Agriculture, Universi-
ty of the West Indies, St. Augustine.
Closing Date: As soon as possible.
Further particulars obtainable from the

Valey Eninecri Soea & Srvic Ltd. Resident I utors UOmce.

;r. rn.t' -: ST ,.AT!ON ACT. .- et 0 pa--d i ADVANCS :
edeoaf Appiko Fr Cert-ficate of Tite ndNoings your svb. r 1. STAR x .
t r'eoin wd Caveats fa- week g 160 ay of February. M74 p- d o y '
.pv -e- an D3?973tyou'r
t.!- i0i F r ure of request whti .
Certificate of Title of Cp fiM1 t ? Ug .t
S.. JN~l3eqiTtritai a-r Cavea.-- ----- --- -

''- d t ; .i A ed

'. .. : .... 4 n ,
5 t -

Request for the inue
f First CertificateI
i Thid in repect bf ,
re z-orti-rn of Iand a~t
C'.iu.m ^fe. in the P a-
rsh of St. Patrick in
the State of Dominica J
ontaining 1 2 78 1
aquqae feet and boun-1
id S foillows:-.

;Nayrth by # F Road bE.J by !and nf Harris Thmasrn
.I. y fd of A31dy Wftihul aid Arnestin Laventer
Wa fey in of Akdy Wfi-ssan
CRtrwt or th iae
1 JW^e~ ^a ** Eth d'y | n of a rst Certihcats
.F-'rtey helr Sokicitoa r f T: i repect of
S*- Ciman IA.M -a portion of land
Sre r ,:d the '. known as, o lot in the
Ith day of *Town of Roseau, in
Febr ry, 7 h* Parisah of St.
t 10 06 %a ii i. Gqorgeia the State of
a a- -.. Dmisica contains
1 912 Square *eet angi
a ir faUiws:-
SNerth by.8tdts of MarteE Jam2Rn. Virg'r.l Val -Ion
Swuh by Great Mar borough Strot- Evit by landr of
SChristiante Burke; W'AY-ICA. by Fautz of tlawirtnis Peters.
mra^'s$e<. CEPHR.4M F. GEORGES
|QWi .msnka *e e traVi' of Tidex
FNOT:--- Any person who desiFrs to object ao vhe isue of a
Ci t.Sficase od Tte in t.he ataw miy o-nEr a
-vew tn the above CffkA within sii weeks frwi the date of
e first app",raace of ths S 'k.4to ahia State or from the datt when the no>n:. pre-..
.mrie by saw was served oa any ownercr oxcupier .f :.I,oining
-1 t; 0.rt of w h e .th ;, -: is i d

Take a look at the
range of VPBritishWines.Thc same grapes gc
to make VP that go to make a lot of expensive
\ines.Which accounts for\Ps tine quality.
B boBRiamSH
BU\ hBOlie oda'\. WINES

Page Five

., i-1 'SITAR

Page Six .T II E
(who left to take up a job with the
B.B.C. this week)

S T AR !,riday',1ebiuary 22, 1974

In June of nineteen hundred seventy three
A conflict broke out between oppressors and froe,
And in that conflict was a fearless marshal
In `the person of well-loved Jefferson Charles.
Rules were soon issued to Radio Dominica
SWhich would have disgraced. Vor-tor of South Africa;
We all knew that Jeff would never give way,
Althoughwe wished him evermore to stay.
Come February second of nineteen seventy-four,
The shocking news was READ by the rich and the poor
That "Daddy Jeff" would be leaving for England,
Mournfully,forced to leave his own beloved land.,
Now Jeff, it is sad that you had to go,
But in our hearts you will always be here,. you knLow.
0 gosh man we are really going to miss you -
ALL, I mean all our listeners .- not just a few.
Good luck and good-bye to you, dear Daddy Jeff*
I speak and write on behalf of the dumb and blind and
For another like you will be impossible to gett
o--one- day- "THEY" are bound to feel regret.
0 you worthy sporta-loving son of our soil,
How frank and firm you were amidst great turmoil!
Remember, we'll be waiting with an open door
To welcome you back home on our island's shore:
I close these gripping pensive lines of mine
(Unable to speak, I must swallow my saline)...
Hopeful am I-that when we hear of you
We'll have one-consolation c'est Jeff tout doux.
And now, although we hate to see you go,
We lift voices and hats for a well-done BRATVO
Our democratic rights and freedom you did defend,
So ... adios and au revoir to you, Jeff iT friend.
M 0- U R N E R, Petite Savanne.

..... ...... .. .r.Adcast in 39
"PS~UDO-Ii.TL'LCTUALS A'TACKiD BY JOH broadcast in 59
In a speech strongly reminiscent of the Soviet lla4guages.
leaders; preparatory attacks on Al exander Solzhenitsyn and his friends,
Mr. Patrick John, Dep.Premier and Minister of Finance warned the Water-
front and Allied Workers Union of "dangers in allowing these pseudo-int-
ellectW4 termites to infiltrate and sew seeds of disharmony" This is
also the language Gairy has been using against his opponents, particul-
arly of the New Jewel Movement; so Dominicans please take warning really,
Mr. John., a one-time student at St. Mary s Academy (but we do not know
at what Form he left the School) added, according to REUTER: "We find
not only in Dominica but thr oughout the Caribbean, groups of pseudo-int-
ellectuals who believe and give -the impression that they have the answers
and/or solutions for all problems."
We of the STAR do not recognize pseudo-intellectuals. We just kndw
intellectuals and morons in our daily lives.
QUOTATIO.4 OF T1 .....VK.... .....
You have not converted a man because vou h.vw .-ionan *d -I 't-..

B. B. C.
From 2245 GMT on
until 1745 GMT
on Friday March 1
the BBC World Ser-
vice will follow
the course of the
UK General Elec-
tion while the
votes are actually
being counted and
the results de-
clared, minute by
minute; country-
wide trends will
be analysed and
broadcasts from
the HQs of the pol-
4aTa -- itical par-
tie-fin th.
country will be
given. Also there
will be short news-
casts from 'World
iNews', 'Radio Niewe-
reel' 'The World
Today and '24
Hours giving
the latest elec-
tion positions.
On the afternoon
of.,Eriday March 1
results and anal-
yses will continue
until the result
is clear. The re-
sults will be




TO. SOLD FRSANI" ,TO AN Order ade oy e1 Honourable Mr. Jus.tic Re ick
on the 7ia day of Februar., i7,4 n Sun No ; I 5 ol70.


SiThe Dominica Co-operative Bank L:..ed
Blanford Natchanid Mulhngs

, Mortgagor

UPON the applicatoc. of ine above-ri:aT Plaintiff for Sale of the defendants' land un-
der Section 4 of tbe Judgemeant' Act, Cap. To at Public Auction by the Registrar of Domitica,
at the Registry, Victoria Street, Roseau at 10 a'm.- on Mondayv the. nth day of Miarch 974.
A Dortion of land known as a ResidenttaW Lot at Wesey in the Paris cf Si '.Anderew.
containrg 3200 stuaire feet na sourded as foiowr N rth.WVest: Pub6c Road,
North-East. Landn of Son josepn, S~uathEast. Eden Estate, South-West: Lands
of 'vainsalo joaplt.
Particulars and cooditions of Saie may be obtained of Miss *M. Eugenia Charles
of Chambers, Old Street, RUseau Dominica, the Solicnor having the carriage of Sale and-at the
place of Sale.

- --

E.F Georges,


TO BE SOLD PURSUANT TO AN Order made by the Honourable Mr. Justice Renwick
on the ti diay of February, 1974 in Suit No 14 of 1968

Betwe;e; The Do'minica Co-operartve iank Limil: 'PimnIff

Edmund Edwards
'Amerac Edwards abso known as Emilly Edwards Defendants
UPON the application of the above-rnamed Plaintiff for Sale of the defendants' land. .
der Section 4- of their :udgements Act. Cap. io at Public Auction by the Registrar of Dominca,
at the Registry, Victoria Street, Roseau at 10 a.m. on Monday the i1th day of March 1.974.
A portion of iand -i the Parish oa St. Guorge known as Lot S.838A ;" the Pottrstvl!e
Housing Scheme, n tne Coionvy of;ca containing ?797 square feet and bound- follows; North-West by 'ator 58A and lot S.819A; Noth.East by lot S.
837A, South East 6y jolly Lane arn *South W st by Lot 5.83rA
Particauars and conditions of Sale mav be obtained of Miss M. Eug-nia Charles
of Chambers Old Street, Roseau" Domimica, the Soliitor having the carriage qf Sale and at the

. Dated this iIth day of Febkuary, 1974-

E.F Georges,

Dated this irth day of Febra, 974.

place of Sale


If You need a Modera, Spacious Office
with Interior Design and Layout to suit
your requirements. .
Please Contact:-
at 63 King Georg,% V St.
or ring 3087.



Approx. Size: 5000 sq.t.
Served by Motorable Road
Ideal Southern: Climate; Safe Anchorage
and Beaching facilities available.
Contact: Stanley Fadelle,
TeL 2(59, 8217, F.O. Box 59.

rrsSE tt IV HIE iiST^ptK t ,~, ___. _iii i' ii M^ .

Wma- .fl........--- __,- -------.- -

= ,, it I II I1 _- --- .... --.

P Ei lit S T
.' e (fr a' is one
....Sistah hol' me an lewse. pessa dat'
ban'...Dia year ah aint-.6ut fuh war...
butiif dat come...It ain't taking' me
flat-footed...surei The-very- thought of
a. LENTEN preluding-carnival is AGANIST3E
in origin...Mais;garde...You mustn't dB-
3EO- .S!he didn't bring you here to
change her mode-of life...EbbonJ You
can't-beat she...join she...If that'"
fight' between "SOLO" and "OATERER"...
I.giva the edge to the reigning. monarch,
SOLO....And, therefore, put' PROVIDER in
third plaoe...Rom all angles...EVER-
1nSTI=i" an 4.LAI1' aeemed-.o. -have had
N0 plAoes in the. I S.., I" EAIIfPLAY
had only prevailed. (in my opinion) 'ina-.
lists SHOULD BE, .*Oat3rer, Prooker,.
Spenoa,, thicki, Rbbih, Tiger Boy.-r MLo,
awallbw and Obrn Lambie.. *.Ad 1'*" the
Judges had only stuck bo the ralos'...
SWALLOW" and "CORW L.AJIE"' iould- -o OUT-
OF-IT-. oo...Woosh-too-4ooshl "-le've had
our. bellies full of SHiUS over %the.past
few weeks...iht, goodness graciousl
Mighty Tempter...Ah ,ait' .--afford to" miss
the QUEEM 'SOW tonight. #That-zs' going to
be a GAS,..thst imagine" at C.' opening
lfy' pub.lshing, in grani- alam ashlion*.'
"In" d0 audience, ladies an7 gent'lmen,
vW gow' 'L& -" cymaz oy-Oogfpere o a-plve-La
Just imagine the audacity ehi.. ," rst
opntestant is; MNia; VYala w~iid Vital sta-
tistitcs of 38-24-34.. .Wee-. mati*.. Sihe's.
got tb. be EEOifQ t7hE....ree for me...*
will go down alongside Sbpnoer'si "EVA.LUA-
tIONT"... Breaker's l" Al..S....parkt.-a ."BACK
MANV"....Don't get despondent..-..heasy
judges always turn "SY:PATIEETIC!" two days
READER S ...V I E W...
Dear 11adam -

'oncerning- "Why AlIThiite" by a con-
oerne& Gitizer* of Pttersv.ille" in your
Readers'. Views Column'of The-Sta., (Fri-
day 15 February 1974), I aStudent Nurse
at the Princess Margaret IHospital, 'choeo
of Nursing, want to-"ma.e a feii comments.
First, I wonder whether""Coicerned Citi-
zen" has an iea of wh d 'the aim' is of
wearing uniforms as Nirses? 'It looks as.
if 'he/she is. biased in writig-g the letter.
Doea he/she know the reasobnwhy 'in the
last three years the Stiudent Nurses Uni-
forms changedd three times? There have
been difficulties in obtaining adequate

SAR Friday, FebQruay L22 1
R E-A..D .E-R...'S V IEZ W
Critics, think first
Some people take great pleasure ii
criticizing everything non-stop, viz:
repairs of roads which they know nothing
about. We should be happy to see so many
poor labourers on"the roads struggling to
make a few d61oars at this time of trial
and hardship., he stuff used'to repair
the streets in TRoseau is good,"but when
he heavy rain'is on, 'nd. with so much'
heavy traffic, the vOey holes just re-
paired get bad ag"ai. q country y roads got
less traffic adn most of them are loss
flat, thus cdusing theater to ,run off
quickly, ,leaVing theo.iVoad intact. A.
perfect job -with proper surfacing calls
for plenty money which" the.State cannot
afford..- uHGII T&.flCE, Hoseau.

-- --- --e- --- -0
O O A I N T . .
,aports Uhich lint- at a decline in
commercial- morality (~rph as Mr. Stevenohs
tale of fish-"price)" inude a complaint -
by a TEi-obiar--rive 'that he. was sold
gasoleno-in excess of the controlled
price and that 4 o dealer was "vindi-
cated by Government". "
Ab we'see 'from his' o0qsh receipt, th 'f
ontlemai-J2bi rr-a e i h wrrote a
complaint to 'the l~anistry of Agriculture,
Trade &,'0f al' o. s;' they replied
With" a c.ww:t t signed by the
Perm. Sec, .'JIt is therefore proposed to
let _tji" i attr rest,t This -3Caan
ie sit, however (lis atme is Zjr.-t-ax'
Casimir) -aid h oees th ough the. oxcusos
% 'by ecu..

REPLY to "Why All-1fhite (fr.colzl.)
supplies of uniform blue. material, .o6r
one thiig. But the various categories of
Nurses will of course wear different-
colours of belts and ot,@r identification.
The att'idudes of Juntr Nurses to,6wa;ds
Seniors 'ha~ nbthing-to 4o With uniform,
we dont-"respect SeniorW.for their ,uniform.
only, bIft for what they,are as professional
persons. The uniform does not make the
nurselease don't blame the Authority
for an inevitable problh". Just a few
questions, should ITurses~be in civilian
clothes. on duty? ... Or hai "Concerned Cit.
iten"a solution, to the problem? I am Cor-
ry your Star correspondent seems to have
a lot of worries about possible damaLe
to the :Profosslbn; Why?
It i. .too typical of 'ts in Dominica
to make mountain out 6ofk-molehills, There
is nothing wrong Vith wearing a.pret-bty
uniform with dignity. Our aim is to help
patients to regain their health J-S ..
M, %L

I~'viilav. Fai~aaaj.w 227 1B~M


Page Naine

. the 7th day by his Solicitor I
, of February Cilma A.M !
1974. Dupigny i
Presented the
13th day of
February, 19741
at 10 40 a.m.
___,r,------ -

of a First Certificate
ef Title in respect of
a portion of land at
Burnet in the Parish
of St. John in the
State of Dominica
containing 8. 7 5 0
acres and bounded as

North by a Ravine separating It from land of Mrs. Octais
Bertrand: Norr.-East by land of Green Carbon; East
by Estate of Felts Hodge South-East by lands of the Heirs
of Ernest Toussaint & Mde Tou Tou Sout--Wast by land
of Billy Bell NorthWest by a Ravone separating it from
lands of Decosta Joseph and Mrs. Octavia Bertran.

Request date Sersphine Request for the ise&"
the sth day Muray of a First Certificate
of February by her Solicitor of Title in respect of
1974. Cibna A M a portion of land at
Presented the Dupigny Mahaut in the Parish
13th day 6" of St. Paul in the
February. 197 4 State of Dominica
at 11 O'edc containing 5 73
- -w square feet and boum..

North-East 5bY Pubibc Aoad; South.Eat by land 'of
Sylvia BurtoL. South-Wet by land Maxfeld Luke
Nortth-Wes t" lan d of Raddiff Joseph,

7ywet detail :
the 19th Au:
of October
Presented th
12th day of
February, 1574
at 12.10 p.n..

by lja Soicitor
Kal.atl H.

P- 4"Pow"w*no- 1 ----
k quemt for the isom
of a first Certificat
of Title in respect of
All that piece, parcel
or lot .of land at
Lagon Portsmouath in
the Parish of St. John
containing 19,106
square feet and boun-
ded as follows:.-


Northerly ivy Isds of #dlsm St. Jean Eaterly by the
Public Rtoa Southrty tq land of Andrew Buelly
and On the West by. t 5.
Request dated JonttB t for the issue
the 19th day Feien&, of a First Certaficate
of October Wallace cf Title in respect of
1973. by his Soli, itor A piece or parcel
- Presented the Randall H. of land situate at
12th day of Lockbart Portsmouth in the
February, 197 --- -- Parish of St. John
at 12.20 p.m. containing 1554
at ...... "squarb feet and boo .
ded &i follows:.
On the North by Pem broke street; On the Eat by
Harbour Lane: On 00e Soutt by trod of Ethel Edwards;
and On the West by Ind of CLrence DanieL.'


Perfect Ruating Condition Just Sprayed
Contact: M. Durand 68 Cork Street.

y 2 IQ74



Schedule of Apptication for Certificate of TItke nd Nottinp
thereof a;di Cavw-ats for weei anding 1"th day of February, 7.!
'Dat Rkequetd Pwerson Presentint Nature 3f request whet.
er a Certificateof Title of
S-" Noting thereon or Caveat.
R.. 1t l I td Rfari > Request for the issue I

Request dated Elpha Delan-
12. 11. 73u ney n6e All.
Presented port foanorly
5. 2, 74. Didier per. rep.
at 10.30 a m. 9f Oliver Didier
and Atherton
Didier and Gif.
ford Didier as
tenant in cow
nmon yb her
M. Eugenia

Application of Elpha
Delauney n e e All.
port formerly Didier
per. rep. ot Oliver
Didier and Atherton
Didier and Gifford
Didier as tenant in
common for the issue
of a. new certificate
of title in respect of
a Portion of land
known as a Part of
Marne Daniel in the
Parish of St. George

ontaiuing 6. 8 2 4 Acres and bounded as foBews:-
North A Ravine which separates it from lands of Achille
Pinard; South Public Road; West Heirs of Dr. GArard
partly separated by a Ravine; East Lands of Aoltoaea
AMsrray. i ___
Request dated ipha Dela Applition of Elpha
12. 11, 73, ney one All Delauney noe Al-
Presented port formerly port formerly Didier
5 2 74, Didier per. rep, per. rep. of Oliver
at 10.30 a m. of Oliver Didier Didier and Atherton
and Atherton Didier and Gifford
Didier and Gif Didier as tenant in
ford Didier as common for the issue
tenant in cem. of a new certificate
mon by her of title in respect of
Solicit M. a Portion of land'i
Eugenia Charles known as a Part of
Morne Daniel in the
Parish of St. George containing 5.2 9 4 Acres aUd
S... buded as ffw-
North: Public Road separating it from land of Ralph Le
tang; East: Land of Ralph Letang; South East: A Ravine
parc'y separating it from land of Pearle Piper; West:
Land of FO C. Harris.
1 i I I IIn i I II. I I

Ifagetra Ork.
Resm, Dominic*k.

Registrar of Titles

iNOTE:- Any parson who delres T ob~Ct to the tau* of irst Cert t of t n the s applcatoWnrmay enser a
'-Caveat In the above Ofce %AtMn six weeks from the dare ethe first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newsppero
published in thMs State or from the date when the notice pe.wartbed by 'aw wts served on any owner or occupier of adjotitaf
"nd to mrpct of which the appication is mede.


Schedule of Applcation for Certificate of Title and Nocinp-
thereon and Caveats for week ending 9th day o F.. ry 1974.
Request dated Renold Paul Appliation of Re-.
31, 10. 73. by his Solicitor nold Paul for the t
Presented M. Eugenia issue of a first certi. i
5. 2. 74, Charles ficate of title in res-4
at 10 50 &.m. pect of a portion of
at land Morne Ra-
chette Coulibiatrie P
ish of St. Joseph containing 2,312 sq.ft. and bounded
as tollows:-
North by an access Read separating It from land of
Nethelia Paul, East: By land of Howell Shiliingford,
South: By land of Howell Shilingfol-d. West: By land
of Howell Shillingford.

Page Ten T HE STAR friday -L,%bxuaryM 2, 1974
Gricket. AI4ISS TIMARTS ITEST'I11DIES VIC- On Satuiday'IG6th-eobruary, 1974-Truz
.TORYBTD. England opener Dennis Amdss No.1645 -owned by MrTevyile Wade and '..ri-
carried hid bet right' trough- England's von by 3Be soA Benoit, o6verurned along-
,Znd -innings- for a. fantastic 262 which- the Oaaefield.ro6ad, pinning down 13-year-
spanned 9- hours, his career best, and old Franklyi Bellohy'of the Portsmouth
put paid to a West Indiani hopes for vic- Scondary School, who6e hand was amputated
tory.* Batting first, Enhglaid, after through an emergency operation. "
being:.134/4 at one stage managed'a form- Bellony had taken lift on the truck
idable.35'b.efore they'were all out. which was going to Bosoea to got gasoline
bycoi6t 68-, Denness 67,'Grieg 45 and for the Portsmoutif illing:Station; over
Mott- 3L9.weae ..the. top-asorers for England the period- November, 1973 to Saturday 16th
Barrett celebrated hid'come babk with February, 1974, thel Pbrtsmouth Filling...
53/86;- Sobers took 3/65, Julien 2/40 Station had ohily had two loads of gasolhno
-Boyoe 1/52 and Gibbs l/7?.." . delivered-by the bulk suppliers.. One 6.
West Indies when t hei.trn' came the llth J auary- (1-3000: gallons) and the'
started magnificently. Bbwe ahd-Freder- other. on the"22hnd January (1,000 gallons).
icks made 206, (a new Opening" reobrd While gasolene was' available' without "any
against England), befor.~Fredericks. went. restrictions to-motorlsts in Roseau through.
Though IT.I:. finished T*es-day'at 434/4, out February, motorists in Portsmouth and.
their runs, one felt/, \bame too slow -con- the surrounding area wore' without gas.
sidering.-the fine start-they"haa b-een Efforts: b tYebopdrator of the Ports-
given. It was left to'Julien onWednes- mouth FLllin Statibn to get supplies sent
day to liven up thing. At" luhch on to Portsmoutlf'proved fu4tless, as-thi'
that day Kanhai decla redhis 'innings at bulk, suppliers .
$83/9; RoWe. 120, ErederioEs-94, Kalli- always advane'.d ons excuse or another
oha'an'93, Julien 66 Sobers 57,.-iloyd 49 petrol wahs6ont t6 Portsmouth',
MJ^ Lt. ,-the main oontributf6r. .Bowling- As a filial measure,. tWade bought. -
for gland Grieg -took 3/A02., ylli lae -", taye- x ,yG4 gallo2sJi 6oo0tL
/977-,OI2727- Ta--milein 1/17 ... ing between. $1,000 to 1K~C .0 whef new),
Led by 230 runs on' 1st innings, Eng- placed it- on .his truikT and sent the truok
land lost Boycott on 32 and W.I. seemed up to Roseau in a final b4d to get some-
set to win. England ended that day at gasolen6. 'In turning g q Pobrtsmouth with
218/ and. one. felt that the tail would about 1, OO.gallons of. gagolene thie truck ,
be quickly wrapped up. That however, over urhed and little Bel4o6y lost his
w as not to be with Amiss on ohe end left hand. -
*batting magnificently, each tail-endd t Why should'.the filling station operator
decided to hold his end for as lohg as. have to resort. to such- desperate an.tex-c-
possible: and that was oactly what hap- pensive measures .to ensure that the Ports-
l nuth area gets_ some gas $e? Why o
opened .Unnderwood..,batted'105-'nnutos. X ut 4"s nus ?-
pened*.. Underwood. .batted'105- ihnutes, as and Portsmouth none? What stos
Old 90 minutes, Pooock 80- minutes and have the authority 's taken to ensure that
Wyllis batted from the first' water-break gasolene supplies are equitably distrib.
after tea. till the proceedings were uted throughouttlie Stato? Has. the-Pal-
oalled up to a. halt. Ams'iamade his way iamentary repreeoontAtie for the Portsa.
to the pav:illion to a tumhluous applaud mouth area put forward any suggestions,
England at the close t--play-.Ias 432/9. made any move to ensure .th.t his cohstit-
Bowling for West 1.nies,~Barkeft 3/86, uencyis adequately puppl ip with Gacolone
Boding- for West Indies. e- or is he to busi to Su:le. p o
Boyoe -2/78, Gibbs 1/85 -andSobers -1/73. of Portsmouth and- %heir prlems'?
_IEipJ. The A,G. match played at Canetield Last question: 1Wi11 s ona "'
between Somerset and-Geltic't".,'ended in Company orA the Iinistry of Agriculture,
a. drsd. .'Soores were: Geltics--U. 154 ad Trade and ITatural Resources compensate-
122/7, O.rie 77&35. o Somerset, W. young Bellony.for the loss of his hand?
Shillingford /33 & 4/37, E-.Eddhund 2/15, -- CTLE SAVARIN
auren4/68 & 1/2., K.avalier. & '--
and A.. Romain a .22-.--\- Some-set-ll4,- U TOP O.. POLL Popular 1Ir. Alvin Arnmad-
s / iAnt3d2 s trading cao out top in the recent St.
4 e r Bat eoa'de, oe Joseph Village 'Council Election.'
Printed mblished. by e Poprtor Ri.E, Allfrey, es'-Cop ll nie s ous
at 26 Bath Boad, Roseau, Dominica, West:--Indies

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