Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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gi j fll ^' ^ Editor -PHYLLIS SHAND ALL
Feature Article- Necessity

by a spciwd Correponewtk
I want to talk here of the current BRAIN
DRAIN, the unchecked flow of the best
minds of this generation out of Dominica
to foreign fields ot opportunity. It has
always happened, Dominica's limitations
and man's desires saw to that but in for
these last three years it appears to have
swollen and flows now with a fury likely j
'o be increased by bureaucratic and mi-
nisterial attitudes, standards and policies
prevalent among us
I can think of some whq have gone because they
had reached their peak hqre; young ambitious men
who will contribute in the wider context of Carib- Choice association... Messrs Crispin Sorhaindo and
l'hiip Nassief, Dr. B.,Yankey et al... wa. app...
toIiave gone only tempurory and volunwrily. That '' toln,'
)nay be so; but any one who has a real inkling of Hpols giv
Dominican goings on (and who hasn'%?) will know Party a load:
that even these worthier went with a measure of But they may
TeUief at being free of that millstone around their beo wrong.
gcks, our policy non-makers and mal-admiaistra' ., A
tors. They will not be returning in a hurry. .44n&) melootion 1h
See aMe 1 date w
,,b.28th. ir
NOT Gronada not Sqlzhinitsyn but the
talo of some surplus c buildin&r material
which was transferrq4d rom thio site of S
tio noewly-built packing shed .rx storod
3sosowhlro at St.Josqph.(Contd. on p.3) Hat

- I



Hi Pat!
"Sorry, old boy,
shortage of
time, you know!" -
Friday, February 0, 1974

S Izhenitsyf
.. . ^ ;.. .:. ...,

Arrested and Exiled
rested then bundled out of li.s oyn
nmeland,Russia,heroic Nobel prizb'
i tor Al exander Sol zheni tsyi pauso d
W.Germany,t anxious over the fp;doC."
Shis wifo and tlroo sons.

piest member of. the medical team

7 which tested and safeguarded the herpl'i of
America's latest successful spacemen is Dr.
Michael Whittle.
Mike Whittle (who is English) takes off for
Dominica as soon as his'patients'have undergone
all their back-to-earth tests. The recent Astro
nauts are said to be in better health than any of
their predecessors, though they grew 3 inches
taller through weightlessness.
Mike is married to the daughter of a Domi.
nican lady, one time Rosalind Shand (the
Editor's sister), wife of Commander Leslie Smith
RN, OBE. The entire family will be here for

loving memory of our beloved one who
departed this life 2oth Feb. 1968,
Your presence we miss
Your memory wi-. treasure
Loving you always
Forgetting you never.
Her loving husband, children and


THE BRAIN DRAIN by a Special Correspondent from Page. One
I can think more obviously of frustrated young men who have opted for
alienation, a quasi-exile and better conditions abroad, and are all
prospering. Messrs. Clayton Shillingford, Simon Richards, finston Watty
had to go and now Dave Shillingford, with a doctorate in: Agricultural
Economics has (even while there is a vacancy for a Chief Agrpicultural Of-
ficer, elected to join CARICOM. And where is Fazal Alexander? And now
Simon Francis, an economist recently returned, has been di missed from
Planning and Development after a few months employ, and is' iid to be out-
ward bound. Why? And now too Jeff Charles, who has long pad his pro-
blems with administrative personnel, and who laboured long pfid lovingly
for Radio in Dominica, has been forced to resign his post, and soon quits
Dominica, Now Herbert Charles, only fully qualified Dominican electronics
engineer, has been refused a contract at the Computer Centre and is off
to Canada. The list goes on.
While it can be said that often it is a question of self-aggrandisemat14
better prospects, personal problems or the like which drive 'ur young and
able technocrats abroad; while it is true that there may be a measure of
egotistic ambition in their move, and that many wish for th` academic life
forever, the converse is also true. To quote one of our recent departees
who while wishing for further qualification expressed to his superiors his
sincere intention to return if he could be granted an extension of his
-It has often been pointed out that when officers get advanced quali-
fications, they often want "big"posts, but that government s got neither
these posts nor the salaries to offer. 1 do not think that after acquir-
ing advanced qualification, personnel always want "big" posts. If cases
could be dealt with individually Government may find that it can employ
highly trained personnel .
And with this statement I concur. Despite the doubts of cynics,
pragmatists and other species of realists -the fact is that there are
many Dominicans who are competent, qualified in modern practice, efficient,
young and willing to return here to help in our dream for development -
at a cut in salary, at an inconvenience in a lowered" life-st e or status
and the burden of an increased work load. They 'would do s6 Wvllingly and
happily for Dominica, because wherever they are, no matter how wql off, how sedure,
how full of expectations, most of them feel torn from their root, post of-them
yearn for the tropics and'feel -no real substance in thbir predehf' situation" They
are materially comfortable, b ut they are always detaclied, 'uiiiivolv0 in their alieh
surroundings. Even if they stay as immigrants it will be ogenerations before their
proeony ,is absorbed into the inewi milieu.
Yet many annually (and as woe shall see, many more this yoar) ill run away
frrom'the problems of life ih-Dominioa and seek solace abroad. And fewer of those
abroad return each year. Why? The following account may -explaint -
The other day I met a friend of mine. He was on 'his way to the airline office
to book a. ticket for TRINIDAD where he had an interview with'the Canadian High' "
Commission Authorities. He i-as going to work and live in Chanada.l W'hy? I wanted
to know, After all he had returned to Dominica a year ago with exqtement and
anticipation. When he"left Eigland after five years of study and work he told
everybody: "I think now iwe have'our own leaders, were an Associat d State heading
inevitably for Independenoee all of us who are hero-should go baolk ;ome to help,
to give our all. We should respond to the call. They need us back home and we
have the expertise".*: Azid home he came. That was a year ago. No he is off
again, t o- Ganada. To work and live. "I want nothing more to do with Dominica or
the- West Indies," he says. "l-aybe they ll make more use 6f me in Canada".
I was sad to hear that. lie is an engineer. A man whose technical knowledge
we need desperately. Why, I sought to know? Why did he have to leave?
(continued on page )


Priday,February 15, 1974.

Page Two

Friday,February 15, 1974.. T H E S T A R

BRAUIN DRAIN (fr. 2.. "Because things
are not as,. expected. IHNot that I need
special attention. On the contrary, I
just want to be left loine to6 do the
job without interference.- But no.
There is interference from petty offi-
cials, and at everyolevel 6f responsi-
bility... It' job seemsito outdecross
some of their side activities, -which
means in fact some- of their private
financial activities I did hot like
that, so I took it up- with i 'senior
who.-was unable to do aiyt-hing. And
let's face 4.t; I amih -otthe only one
to eicounter that sort"of trouble.
There are many others who have returned
with'great expectations ahdaare leaving
soon, dissatisfied and disgusted. There
are several ready to'leave as soon as:
they complete their bonds, aild some who
won't wait but will buy themselves out
and-runi "
isa case he says is ijst one side of
the problem of the graft, bobol and
corruption that is presently endemi
not only here but iii. moat' Ciribbean Is-
lands. Hence Barrow 's- c6iments of
banditry, and reoont'-reaction especially
in'Antigua. I ere, we have had rumours
'of minister J al ~ealings- qjiickly hushed
up, talk of Iatergate Uover-up in the
housing depth tment, strange whispers
about Vnlhal,,, speculeationin commodities
in short supply such as gas, And food.
Yet no investigations are possible.
Suoh is; our political-j'saem- it al-
lows for no 'heck point, no Watoh dog
committees aid no public: prbseoutor. No
4acountabilijy is necessary. "And the
real orime in our society is getting
The'other problem according to my
friend, is the personal "ggrandisement
and desire for privileged, pomp and power
on the part of civil servants and local
politicians.. The situation as it stands
is so bad, sys .he, -that--hi refers to
them as The got d Reiault Tribe.
It seems tha very pety yoicaL and
every petty and small-time politician
wants among qther things, -to" have his
Peugeot, Nasza or For i oalcn. We have
not aspired to theolUercedes-Benz as in
Trinidad, he. say, but it" will come.
My friend says: he coula not take all
this, so he ,s. quitting in disgust.
I repeat all this not because it is
fun or pleasant, but because I worry
about all this. (r0oitmtF4 ntst we.k)

k ,


Dear Miadam,
I Dishonety tJi. .oad to Success. 4
TPeople who have no shame always
spoil good society. According to B.$it-
ish justice,there should be a stone
in the gaol for every offender whet-
her Leblanc Labour supporters or not,
Have we reached a stage in Dominica
in which certain rulers are determin-
ed to make dishonesty the only road
to success? I understand that in
one of the villages, one or two per-
sons were caught with almost a truck-
load of Govt. building material -
cement,boards etc.,- and a case could
have been brought against them; then
I heard that as soon as it came to the
knowledge of certain authorities; that
they were Leblanc supporters,further
action was impeded. I was told also
that the A.G. was not satisfied. Can
this be true?
Madam Editor, turning to another
point,I see the Government is commit-
ting a lot of strange acts in this.
country. They are removing stones and
macadam from roads and.puttingsojta=--
rish and a little cement; within a few
weeks, the-whole thing is smashed.
Recently I saw that they were spreading
tarrish oh-the- road about four or five
inches thick and then spreading bags of
cement over'" the tarrish: and then passing'
.a presser over' it. IThen rain falls every-
Sthing- is washed away. s
As far as miy klawledge goes: concerning
concrete usage, I: say this is a vilful
misdemeanouir-, for if you take sand, ainoa-
dam and'cemienf and mix together after
wetting, unless it is properly mixed-it
does not hold afi yherie, uchless to take
cement, spread over tarrish and pass a
roller over it dryi "
I think the time is .ully ripe for
tax-payers of Dominica to raise their
voices as hliigh as th- highest and'call .
on Government to leave Dominica in peace
and go-and enj6y all the taxpayers money
they have. in their pockets;
E..C..IOBIACK, Rosean ..
"TOPIC OF THE ETIEK" (f several,, in -ritihngand verbally, the topia
is that the police were informed and"exe-
cuted a search; ~and that the owner of the-.
property, "cooperating nicely"-, told. police
he was merely atbrih~g the materials for, a
Mr. X ("a well-kno&in lackey of the
Premier"). (conocl.s ii)


'hA .r4


Ash Trays
Foot Pumps
Door Buffers
Roof Racks
Wing Mirrors
Interior Mirrors
Licence Holders
Tail Pipe Trims
Feeler Gauges
tevrinag Lights
Gear Knobs

Remould Tyres
Bulbs (12v)
to fit every car &t uck
Spark Plugs
Ampere Meters
Light Panels
Vacuum Gauges
Oil Gasuges..
Water Gauges
Door Guards

Tyre Pressure Gauges
Tf'soub! Lights

4-Way Fief,
8-Track Cassettes
Sic. Lamps
Booater Cables
Fuk Holders
Triangle Reflectors
Hand Brake Grips
Vanity Mirrors
Copper Lines
Fog Lamps
CAr Tidy Sets


Transistor Radios
Gas Stoves
411 AT

I'f ,

Pipe Wrenches
Allen Wrenches
Pliers of all kinds
Shifting Spanners

Kerosene Stoves
Bodywork Tools
President Irons
Lawn Mowers

I29? 4

awo months after- the creation of the

general pubrio,s caught unawares, learnt
of a sudden decision taken by the mem-
bers of the DCA which -left the flat-
footed looa LIO 0GAfISAIION with no
alternative but that of discarding hopes
of oalypson.ans operation in Hat
Day activities The move by the DCAMat
directly a WOYCOTT but, merely a WITH-
pDRAWAL all 4ue to th6e failure on the
part of the organizerss. 'The calypsonians,
at the time wished to fulfil the wishes
of the people who c6ntiibiiTed~to the
2.i~dihood of calypso" in the State --
VLE PUBLIC, which was rejecting the
over-emphasdped topic which became most
oRIM5. It ip fair to say that at that
Aost crucial period -the ASSOCIATION was
16oked upon Py those it had affected as
-ust a- radiepl group which"hag&Ln was out
o seek drastic and spontaneous change.
oiicotholoss., the doop interest and posi-
tive action by CALXYSOI~=IS ih their
arivo to offqr. BE-RE songs aniid tune and
the effective approach -t6wards bringing
_-St truo aspivit of arniva l toall areas
of the State demonstrate the real pur-
posI of thiabod,. .
So far, carnival '74 La solely calyp-
so." he number pf pairti,.phnts is. higher
than over beUoro.- Frbm a membership of
wonty- wo, 4ght:' "cont tants"will
ight for thq orown. -Thias'oar, the
bonts aore mopo d:yna.i Subcoss in the
DlCA&s objoct1vo can bo estimated by its
achi:vmceonts With only approximately
twenty moro ays to 'go-for- 'AS l, the
publte has t9 romain"SKEPTICAL about the
programme published b. the CCG. A- final
word on the quoan a iow is apt to be re-
leased. Wh.4 o~e reaalizos that these.
4alypsonians mir motivated to work -
and work on ,thei own pr3~3.cipally on tho
grounds that: too muh onoenitrtion was
devoted to Queen Shos while o"lypso
and stool bapd (the most iporthat fact-
ors for this paxti'ullar i oa) remain-
ed insignificant iii tlhe minds 'of GCC
porsonol ; wioso involved in assistiuL
the DCA must be proud of the Aassociatio
for its outitanding co6ntiibitions.
DCA-.-trie4 very hard "to6 involve the
Stool Band Apsoc.. but" hgaiti'e attitude
on tha part pf "SBA." executive made
efforts fruitless, .-
Tha DCA and CCC both work on common

STAR Page ; M.Ve
(from col.1) AndI should the latter
hurricJy invite the next to directly
participate in the organising of other
activities, I am- confident that the DGA
would most willingly accept this res-
ponsible role. "
Dates 'fb-rquqrter, semi and final of
Calypso competitions, were set for 9th,
15thwand'24th.- Queen Show is boarded for
23rd.' Every-.Dominican should--how got
involv~c'. Gaylords Satars, Beles,
Granmaoks etc. Death of- boseauti orni-
val vouild mean premature destiuiction.
Liquid 'io anid Do Boys an$ Dea- ai~ now
playiig .thir_. art; ably aocompanying
the artistes *L the tents. -
Wake up follow-countrymen 1' Time is
tight. l are r"'alroady late, a' :.
T-Shirt Bbhahnnal or not.. .Let. us pro-
serve6at_ leastthTa GAIETM and ER5IT.M7n
aspects ofocarnival. We'll have FIVE-
steel baids obi thE-road on the 2.5th' aiid
26th-" Bi t., ear.'1n mind our-'at 'ouvirt. '
Junior rQueen, Baind B btravaganza, -Panto-.
mine id the. shows. .
,-e'oS a ~ Ty- -DE-, .~'W 1
Baigner: 4 Dvils- by -*y Christian
ngri : 'JIb flour, 4 eggs, h .
white sugar, vanilla essence, (or almonds
about 1"quart boiling water, 1, pt. cook-
ing oil,
METHOD : Pit-olonwat6r; sift flour into
a pan and mix in some' of the sugar. Pour
the boiling Twater over the flour while
stirring quickly and vigorously. The
batter or dqugh thus formed must be
allowed to cb61
Boat the eggs meanwhile; add-'"tea-
spoonful of each essence. Next, .wh&n"
batter is coolod,'Lrd in the egg thorough-
ly. Letstand for a few minutes to
process all ingredients.
Use a deep 'pot for. frying. Ihon oil
is really hot, puit aboutiteaspooiful of '
the batter'at -a time into the pot."
When thoiioughly cooked, the o'bals
'will ieLs and tuin'golden brown.
To e: Piut on a- plate. and roll in

has apeaNpc)d again, to H.E.. the Govornot
to oncobur5g&o th- sitting of the Piiblic
S'rvico Bbard- b~t Apeal to hear and d -
terminj the ap0 6ls of LaniZ. Ca-udairon
*against his rio.vol tIcan Reai oii Dii4 a.
also ~1i appobls of hundrodae of (1l"-

....e at. -T H.T E. S. T A.-R- ....J. -g .bu 15, 1974
ATLE.BUCE SVTRUGGLE M=ARI re "art t) . '(fr. col) Q.. viSit the
by Rupert 8orhaindo statTon. .._e saw no room -for "roclng t~he
d hcJadierBtallgt^ s 'no n 0 .ore- bboatV1: A -OR i ..AQT be:irhat,.:chang must
44vn -d fIr mnoteoftid ^^ c *e take place within .'ekistig institutions,
lack of leadership- from his Government apparently'leavin-h0o "room for 'serious
on. the issue, He. still" Hisited that questionit~ of obsolete ind unproductive
the. thinldng of the Castle Bruce workers policies and iEhtitution and wayward
was in conflict with the policy-of the leadership. -r.EStihenen must have recog-
Ministry of Agriculture. Th is ay well- nized thit the white powgr structure in
be true, but Government has: -n'm'y oc- the United SatiitesofAme-ica, in Sb.uth
oasions changed its-policies overnight. Africa abid" Ibdesia"ooonveniently describes
Even in hindsight,. Mr. Etie~ne'should democracy in similar terisz.
have' recognized that the"-astle Bruce In a plea" for understanding, the Minis-
issue provided the, oppbrtitity" for re- ter suggested that" the qed of the struglo
placement of a very antiquated and in- for reoognit'in-was not 0. victory for one
efficient agricultural policy with a side, and th "i~ t was a yiotory for common
-more relevant and efficieht~policy. It sense. I'agroe With him I would have
' nd. not seem to occur.-to-the Mi ister agreed with him eighteen months. ago, if a
that it is. Government's proyogative to similar collusion had been arrived at by
change its: policies to' suit the country's the Minister.
needs. (Unfortunately, his-Government Mr. Atheron--~artin, newly-elected.
frequently exercises that "right to suit Manager of the6 Catle Brgce Oooperati.,
the- narrow interests of -the Labour his closing remarks, took exceptioh-
Mr. Etienne stressed' the problems as- with Mr. Etienne' s interpretation of d4mmo.
sociated with a. "communal" cobpeiative", cracy, poiiiting-out -the peed for replacing
while he extolled the'virtues of the obsolete and' iefficiente if not damaging
traditionall. operatives limited o institutions with more relevant and.
marketing. This: exposed the T ister's efficient obes..
reaatlonary attitude .oward- development. Mr. Martin saw the Be failed to recognize theimaiy" facets attention to be given to .human deVel6ooent'-
of community and human"Eev.elbpmeiht .that in the society nad stated that agricItural
wd'1 opened up. by' t -he _., devep6'pnt. approached iftIAbolation rod"i
rogri f'i obh%: i r"e' "human develboment is not true development
It was very curious that -the1I-iister Mr Marti. suggested that axy inititu."
would seek to justify the Govehrmcnht's tion which 66uld- not sole th6 problems of
shameful treatment of the 'astle"B1uce the community and the country, which could'
workers on the. grounds 'that .Gvekrnment not solve the' imasive unemployment problem,,
had to think of the 72,000'Dominicans should be changed, abandPned1
when dealing with issues such as that of In. a dramatic-ending `Mr. Martin pointed
Gastle Bruoe. Was: any- effort made by to the Dominica 'oat of 4ms and observed
Government to ascertain the viows-of the that it symbolized the'lack of concern for
Dominican public on the'issue? Aandin MAN in our development s qemes. He sug,-
reviewing the situation, did the Goverr7 gested that "the- motto' sh4ld read, "Apres
ment mak& an effort t6"educate--the people Bon Dieu- 6est L' hommae, A'res I homme C'est,
an the issue? The answer is MO- ` How La erre"- .. -
did Government arrive at 'te conclusion In the elections for Board of'Maiage-
that it was not in the interest of meant of the 110 member Cooperation, H r.
Dominiqa to help the Castle"Bruce workers Eois; S lveste. popped the seven man team
find. the money so as to purchase an with 10Q votes.'
estate up for sales, and-t frustrate the Needless to say,"the eyes of ,he'Carib-
efforts of the Gastle Brude-.people to- bean are .on the castle Bruce workers. All
wards GCOmunity DeVel6pmeih? .. Dominicansh soul wiah them success....
In a vain effort to" p6ortra:'the Gastle ...
Bruoe struggle as a. "Revblutib6hnay." A -QUOTATIONI'.-
strategy alien to the principles of -., (chosen by Janet "'l ..or)
Domooracy, the. Minister went on o give Motherts" khee'is very Visible becai so
his"vewy narrow-interpretation'otdeao- of the miniskirts, but the-children are
craoy.- BeH stated emphatioally, that the not clustering around it:-picking up
people, s involvement in the political morality.
lifd of the country should not extend -- GENET
beyond the nie Oery v- ie ye-, G .


Friday, FebrUary 15 4,74
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for the Erection of a STEEL FRAMED
BUILDING at Texaco Terminal Cane-
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and Specifications from
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~b~ti~ Rque~tad

Request dated
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11th day of
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square feet and bwan-
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North by a Public Road East by tand of Harris Thomas
South by ilds of Aldy Williams and A stimine Lsvenlr
Wes by laAd of Aldy Wiliams.

Request dated Gertrude t *W the !
the 5th ay L nd of a First Certificate
of February cy her Sicitor of Title ia respect of
1974. Cilma A.M a portion of lanf
Prsenated the Drpiay known as a. lot in the
S11th day of To'wn of Rosea, n
February, 1974 the Parish of St.
at 10 06 am. GeorNe ia the State of
_j i.. Doeaaica containing
1912 square feet and
bokund& as foalw6:-
North by lands of Miril E jmm asnd Virginia Valrose:
South by Great Marlborough Street; East by land of
Chriiadzale Burke; Westa by Estate of Rawina Peters.

ason, Cornica.

Registrar of Titetk

NOTE:- AMy person wbo destru to obje sto th lase of al
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Cavesat to the above Ofice wtthfn six wee4s fro= the dese tof
h first %pnawc of tha Schedule in thes STAR Newmpar
pub~iihad t% tk State or from the date when thi Cotice prm-
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PAkif YOU 8k WA 511"1

P1 rn Firm TAr m--. a-. ,
- -- .11 ~ i ^ ^ ~ i ^ ^ M -- -Tr -- T' I ' -*f i* -"* J ^" i^ r -n~i~ a T 't~ln^Ltg~lIl H l C~n~tfl'rliin[:~L0111HlI < Ull l ~ JMll-_nL-.l u tm.*TrL-~JL II__- -~ ILi rL' .__.

iSddule ri AppIkcaktn for Cerdtffafd TkebI e
therf aod Ces for week NZmgt 9th ay of Febraawy

RIequt dated biansia
the 14th day iviere
of January Carrier
1974. y his Solicitos
Presented the Cilma A M
5th day of Dupi)gy
February, 197
at 3 O'clo&

ReqAeAt for t"eima m
of a First CaoniSatm"
vwparie of b"nd
kMwU as 0 a o elefla I
d"*ia lot at Ziiack
PamouthRQU in tn &
Pariub of St. Johna is
the Statoe of Demini
* cootafnnac 1 S 0 6
square feet MAn ded as foas w:-

North by as access Read separatmg it fra lha4d 4
Ne.ia Patl, East: By land of Howe WU
South: By land of Howetl StilIsgford, Wast: land4
of Maowa Shimngford..

Request datedi Elpha DelNar ao E EhR
12, 11. 73. ney we AU-. = =a sIt Be AB-
Prewented port formerly pat fe rl0y Vidir
6, 2,74# Didierper. rep r. rep. f ORi
at 10.30 a.m. Oliver Didio Dl a"d A&ertobm
and Ahefrteo Dhidir amd Gifow
Didier &Bd Gif Didiwr as t6=04t in
ford Didier as R asmum for t ies
tenant in Bof a, now caraSw
nuo y her of 6titS in r Ct of
!Soicit ctar a Prwtio a land
i Chawrles htwas, paWSet cf..
3Bm. Dania ias*
Parish of St Geoarga containing 2. 5 6 Aaa ad
boun.aded as fofa*w:
(Nwd Q Harris; SoNOirly: fy inds of Good" Sam$;
W*tar"y: By IBs6 of the Hair of r. .anwd saW
IsparMaed by a Rane.
Request dated KamoM Poda : a
31, 10. 73. by hiSofiitt POW for t
Presented M. Exaenwia sme oa a 6A catiae"
5s. 4 *9, Chalar anmt s ti Wo in
at 10.50 a,n, iwe ofa y-wFAV6 cf
. '-i-".------------------- as In B B ti a
b~aef~t... .p
kS lOStmJoset and
ifb fSL Jeawhe m8n&iniBa 2.312 a%.f And bW*
1 ------ ^2j"a2as vfftm..o^ ali, Or

Nerh by osn sxase e ss eft raUpo tw& feed of
ftabehA Paul, Eans: By lad of How SY 4 aqS,
So&th: By laI of Hwel SIPWengfor4, Wsse: FV UsR
or l-iwna Saitiifofo&Brd.

Schedute of Appicaton for Cerxjcate d T*te aSW Nstep
theresO and Cavea=s for week ey ljjje 4 FeWsey
*'^^* ~ ~ Cee wf~pltatTitte l

RVarat d Vie6tr Aofrath ai ete
22L 10. 73. Bardki'.e BeanilBs fror &6B
Proeemted by is Saliser inew ad a fiat Caw -
31. 1. 74, M. EB eiay finet of title i 9"T
at 1.30 a10 C3 ha rose pcact Poa a we
I-a-a-d at Cheaat g
in the blosghlua
*ftete-larlIs-a TShParsh of SLt. Liy ..Wseas- ws
24 &MassesM 'bohunded IdkWW
1- 6Wm$ & MetfesWvt: SBy a Tirck aeparatdag ea .m
*feds of Chrbtanel Cewaie: Sam&:% ,- tebW of Suath
ToUsalane; Eau;: By The Pubfic Road To Ch"aWigy;
Wewt By lands of ChrstIne Caeaire.

"Ii whoess ftp" Ssw 0.tflW0M

*Mien br fivat doe4pdaps to o vr& imusvi I: d.
itS anlaSr as O Ofasow. or as We osbf j eqa g.i

A ceam'ti pi=c of kend coe di. d* 1
nime (39) acres Owe (i) rad twy.
Ave 25 prs caMdW or MR knows
by sh inane of sems Gaid= sisn*
Sa th t PMsh of SL. AcdmW, in du
Swse of' Daminic and bnded as fif-
1mv: On al seds by Crcsa LeavL
For further pariclas aply am-
MinB v11" Da. *aM
Cbaaas9 itcsa

|| Piassft 4atosd Elphisa Wuo- Aj^^s~ayisi s ps I,9*
12. MS 73* may eoe A& Dea a* ssc A-
P paIRs VIsadr fortBUWy pat formerly D .
5. 2. 74M P.M.. rapsB. e &. of ofiveI
iat 130 .m. Olwer Dider Diw anad Aiherr F
and Atheto Diiw E ad :
Didir Mad C D as tenan
feWd Didier as coma"& fo t6e; ig"
| AR tenant i w of at new teEaraea |
alge a Sry her -of W 6; -sepe.t1D
SgAtier a Prtoa of kad
M. Eveslia kNown as &Poe VI

mie t i 4 AsesB andi wul as esiw- I
Nanh A Rawi whkic farst fri huLDs& of Adg I
j Ptard; Soum h Pft MRead; Wams Hoat of rB Gd
prely seperwed by a RKeswe m Lax& of Aubtea

I. 73 m oawy AL AM, FR IA.
1190ex | part iamruffly Part be"< ierg
2. 749 i P' ar. fop- per, rep. of Ober
Ila* a M@ 069iw Didiir Dira a ad Aasatepea
ard ADiiher Di5lr aa ad CGi|d
Dwid r a.d 1f Ddess asa _r ti
ufurd Didier as caaazmm for ONe siwo t
fatmi axt f* 090iw vi aw mwp Sea '-
Ssadlicitor L a fatiof i |

Egemn Canas faue gap Pet
|j ls of St ----r-- ena ei-ffia e S4aa % 4

Nrthi: Public Read sepa ti It froto l anife .
sMag. E-e: Iaand of Ralph Leeamgs Souith aw& Atwim
pnly separatifg it from baed a Perfe Viperw Wat
& aw of F.O.C Harrtsi



Pf F^lkt




Fida-. =

FebruarOM HERE..197 .... ..
& '~* ; !

Public Sorvice onmmissioh: embors of
the public will b interested to loan
that that erudioe 'partisan of the Domin-
ioa Labour 'Parfy,. shopkeeper .Mrs. Fossie
Joseph, has boei given tho'so6aton the
Public Sorvieo Qommission vacated by Mr.
Ninian Royor..
Other the Commibsiodi are
Mr. Bernard Goos-LartiJgue, CGhairman;
11r. C.H.E'.Guistq, Chairman;-I'rCharlie-
A.Winstoh, Mr. ..E'.W-hitb and. IR.A.F.
Josoph (representing the GSA).
Mrs. F.Joseph is the wife of Mr.Hubert
Joseph, a Civil Servahn" -who heads the
Central Housing & Planning Authority.
The CSA newsletter VIE=1POINT takes
a poor view- of thTis. JSC appointment,
using such ter* as 'imr6prietyY, 'this
gross act of iniliqcretion' and Ithe
possible --violation o-2 the intention of
Section 76 (2b).and 76 (12) of the Con-

P"We are infoTSOT E thT rcetly A "PINAnd Iastly, I would like -to ask the
twelve year'e nfolgb`y -t t th the htro6h and the Sister Tutor of what
twelve year ol; 'by-student of the importance will be the day the nurses
Portsmouth Govpnieient School snatched r
r--d wlp- from th1 ds 6f School Princi- change from blue to white after theor
pal Mr.Morris J sph ianadministered nal -E pM nations ?
pa few slid st*ek4 t-6 principal lease, authorities of P.M.14 don't.
let Dominica he-a laughing-atook again,
who had earlier thrashed him for some let Dom he a laughing-s
misdemeanorr. --..-. CONCERNED CITIZEN,
Mr.Joseph (4oib.-habeena Principal o-. :.. .- 3 1
for over 17 ye ) was"- taken completely ACTRESS-POLITICIAN VAESSA
by surprise and after wresting the. rod World-famous actress and political
p^,,^ +^ .. ...^^ /* .... *', t/nactivist Vanessa Redrave has announces
from the hands pf'the boy ordered him eshe wil-stan asa candidhas announced
off the school pompoun on suspension. Left- ikeorkei s Revolution Party in
It is understood that later, that day 'the coming general election. Miss
Mr Joseph WaS ordered by the Authorities Redgrave, 'an outspoken Pacifist 'and
to' 'readmit the 'Dboy t6'-th"- school.
yto readmit they t thud school e campaigner for the rights of minority
Why this mat6er- has remhdied under-
.. groups, will be o6.ontesiing the Londoh
cover is a puzze. to the staff of the constituency of East Em, a traditional
Portsmouth Government School. They feel. T hie o m
that the. Principal may have withdrawn t' ._. -
from effective control of the school AFTER SOInME 27 YEARS a Dominican lady
thus,-it is impossible--for any kind of who feels that her w'ar-service gratuity
discipline to be mait:iiibed." The Civil was unjustly withhold from her has
Service Associatioh-"was liable to shed written to the appropriate British Govt.
any light oh the matter as the Associa- Dept, to have the case looked into.She
tion was not even awiare"that is Mrs. G.St.,LAdams of Terrell's Lane.
incident had taken place. On Feb.llth Adams lost a cold ear-
Teachers from the Pbrtsmouth Govern- ring and "toilet art-icle-through a
meant School have pointed out however, I 'li' ta ~t ) h p
that the Erincipal maybe reluctant to refer the matter to the C.S.A. as. he did not
support the Association' during the 9-day strike in Juhe last year; Nr.Joseph
and Education Offiber' M.Linton were reported actually to-have been looked in the
school by the students after the-teachers had gone off on strike. Contributor.

Dear Madam, W" l..
Please allow mo"somo spado in your
newspaper to express 'm opinion oh an
upcoming' situation at the Princess
Margaret bospItal.
For the past three years the student
nurses at the Hospital have changed 3
different uniforms and the 'new one for
1974 is'white uniforms for everybody -
from Sister to Nursing Assistants.Don't
you. think this is rather ridiculous?
'The Authorities don't seem to realize
the. damage that will be done to the
nursing profession. What attitudes are
the junior nurses going to adopt towards
the senior ones?
As far as I have understood the aprons
were abahdoned because nurses took nore
care of them than the sick patients,
What' is"going to happen to the sick
people when student nurses and nursing
assistabits will be in their pretty white

Pa g.'en E S T A R Friday, J 19
CRICKE.T. Elusive Victoxl .. .In the first Mr. Michael Douglas who fancies him-
olass matches played throughout The re- self as a. Laboir- Party ndidate to coen-
gion, victory eluded Guyan,- .Combined test one of the ITorthoer'Gonstitueincies
Islands and MGC.* At Boutlt Guyana seem- in the forthcominhg-Genoeal Elections -"'
ad well set for victory against"Barbados. assaulted MrX. Staphan -,avarin, father
who'enthe rains, came and put.'.paid to 'Guy- of C.S..A General' Secreat.ey Charles
ana'a.hopes. Batting[ first, Guyana, Savarin, and obstructed him in his4pr
thanks, to their fiv6 left-handed batsmen vate affairs~hrUthe'P'ortmouth Jetty on
Eredericks 58, Baiohanh 113, Etwaroo. 118, Sunday 3rd February, 197 .
Lloyd 62. -and Gollymore- 39 hi* b(KJaLLICEHA Mr. Savarin owns' an= .rives a hire
BAN didn't even some--Off)" piled. up 469 truck and was off.loadin|' some cargo for
runs' Bolder 3/62, -ing-3/72, PadmPre a customer when ir. Douo as, behaving as
2/lObO Armstrong -1/98- and Hiilck n- 1/61 if he was undei- the 'inflIence of alcohol,
were Bhrbados successful bowlers. .-- walked up to6 ID. Savariy barring his
When Bhrbados' turn came they obuld path and shouting at himi
only manage 226 against what 'one might IWhalt has Staphan" for Portsmouth
call one of the weakIer'bbwling sides, in that his, son should want to represent
the area. Gordon Greehidge 74- put up Portsmouth$- Iook at my Kather (R ;.D-oug-
thb-stoutest resistance'. David ~Hrray las) look at -wht 'he has done. What' have
& David Holford 37 and. 37 no. respect- you done? 'You simply e a truck
ively and King 32 were the main contri- carrying 'goos for oth? people. Yo .
butors to the Barbados tot6l. Persaud donst carry my goods beatusa you hate me.
-bowling in place of Gibbs took 3/5,* Look at yobitrsob- h'e"i' a- disgrace.. 1Bow
Fr'ederi-ks .2/28,. QGmero6n 2/57 and 1air can he wantto. irepresoen. Portsmouth? What
1/39 were Guyana'sa; successful. bowlers. can he doifbr Poirthibmo ?"
Led on first innings by 2435, l6yd, who Mr. DougliS' tirado which also went' -
was responsible for to run-obuts during into more personal matterB is.just another
the's 1st innings, asked .them to example of ithe n&ar'pa 4. rettion whi6d
'* Low on*..At the end of "lay h the U rd seems to be gaippig al tins 6-
ay- Barhbados had scored 12 runs for the LeBlano Ldbbur -Party at the mez 'thbuohht
loss of 3 wks. Ch the last day, play of Savarin' entering politics. 'Other.
had to be abandoned badAuse"of a Water- Labour Party" die-hards rom time to-'time
logged. outfield.* Ii Otudlatob, the 0om- Work themselves'up inht a frenzy whenever
bined Islands were cheated of a possible the name Charles Savari4 s spoken within
w3 against Trinidad-7 3ent in to'bat by earshot.
Der,'L. rray, Combined scored-2235, The loss..of tho VI'.ie Case Village
R3ichO-U, who mercilessly pounded anythir Council to Teddy Tongo and Willis LoBlanc
thosee 14t had to throwat him' topscored (cousin-Willis) -nd-thoe rejection of J1om
with :64. N.Phillip, regaining his form, Royer and-his; ghng has b.en such a blow
made 60 and the pluck-y Sebastiah, who to the Party,-that'abo~iwParty Eaxecutive
was 6th man out, made round 50. 'Bowling Committee ember Elmuman Martin was fit
for Trinidad, Inshan Ali got 5/53, Juma- to be't ied when. .he went on raving and
deen. 2/55, BartholomeL IA79; Julien 1/23 ranting-at h t Vieille (a~e people.
ImtBaz Ali 1/59.* Trinidad, when their The VMeilIe Oase VilV ge C1ouncil ..l6Ct-
turn at the crease came, found tho going ion result is a lesson 'fr. all Dominica
very hard. against one of the finest at-, and for the- people of Po.osmouth in parti-
tbaoks in the region. Andy Roberta: spear- cular. "-
hoeaed the Islands bowling and was amply,. If Vieille Gasecan sa D to tthe"
rewarded for his .4 eating back tho rin eBlanc Labo P1arty, "i they have. at ast
dadi.ns who, though 103/2 at one stage, found the courage to iejeqt John Royer 0an .
werq all out. for 197. 1- laude Phillips: his. gang, 'then what are t-e people ofPort-
topsbored with47 .,.Robert./62, 'Shilling- mouth waiting for?". Te 5%wn of Portsmouth
ford 2/51-, Phillip 1/21 and /illot 1/32 dedsves better-th-i Earl es1ie, IL'chal
were the Islands bowlers.* Cobbined 2- Douglas and -maiuel. Martin. They are
batti :a,2nd time, were at the end- on already -scared, le -them .hide themselves -
r.i.n z1oped .pl.y n .the final d. in shame. - --- .... RFgS -
Printed & Published by- the RPoprietor R*.E',A lrei y at btope t 1=s. -1 Oe
26 B33ath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.


Schedule f Application for Certificate of Tite and Nosings
thereor and Cavefts for week ending 16th dy of Febrary, 1974.
Date Reuested rW Presenting Nature of resse
er a Crtlficai f Title of
Noting thereon or Caveat

Lqwet dated Rufus Sarain Request for the issue
he 7th day by his Solicitut of a First Certificate
f February Cilnm A.M cf Title in respect of
974. Dupiray J a portion of land at
resented tihe Baurit in the Parish
3th day of of St. John in the
february, 1974S State of Dominica
Lt 10.40 a.m. containing 8. 7 5 0
acres and bound as
North by a Ravine separating It from land of Mrs. Octa
Bertrand; North-East by land of Green Carbon; Est
by Estate of Fets Hodge South-East by lands of the Heirs
of Ernest Toussaint & Mde Tou Tou Sout--West by land
of Billy Bell Noron-West by a Ravine separating it from
lands of Decosta Joseph and Mrs. Octavla Bertrand.

equest date Seraphine Request for the issme
the 8th day Muray of a First Certificate
of February by her Solicitor f Title in respectof
1974. Cilna A.M a portion of load at
Presented the Dupigay Mauhat in the Parish
13th day of of St. Paul in th
February. 19 Stat of Deoinka
at 11 O'clock otakiEng s 73
square feet and boma
lN.rth-East by Public Road; South4Est by land of
Sylvia Burton; South-West by land Maxfteld Luke
North-West byaofRaddcfF h.
gisrar's 0 [ EPHRA F. GEORGI
Rtoe DomoincI. Registrar of Title
;;M : Any person who desairs to object to te issuaing of a
Cerntficte of tkte o the above aplicattson may enter a Cavest
in the aove oc within sx week from the date of the First
appeuwce of this sc*dvte In the STAR Newspaper pubbihed
ia tbis State or frwm the date when the notice prescribed by
tew was last served on any 6wnrf or occupier of adjoining
e4 in respect of which the :tpphcatboa is rMa6.






Approx. Size: 5ooo sqA.
Served by Motorable Road
Ideal Southern Climate
Safe Anchcrage
nd Beaching Facilities available.

Conact: Stanley Fdelle,
Tel. 2159, t2z7, P.O. Box 59.

442.-I Iv

OWly $1.37 tr tube

Perfect Running Condition Just Sprayed G"e:

Contact: M. Durand

68 Cork Street.

Applications for following positions are invited:
As Cavehill Campus
(z) Lecturer in English Language
(2) Lecturer in Education- specialist in the
Training of Teachers for the age group of
B. St. Augustine Campus
Q For the post of Professor of Botany in the
Department of Biological Sciences.
(w Two vacant posts of Lecturer Assistant
Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry.
13) Lecturer Assistant Lecturer in Education
with special reference to the teaching of

f #Lecturer Assistant Lecturer in Education
with special reference to the teaching of
Social Studies and or Geography
5J) Lecturer Assistant Lecturer in Education
i with special reference to the teaching of
Modern languages (French and or Spanish;.
Further details from the Resident Tutor's
Office, i.___-


" aw l.. l... .... -l T[ S


New Improved ESTOLAN will provide the
essential oils your bair needs to retain its natural
Sun and wind dry out its natural oils makes itr
coarse. Shampooing leads to your hair becoming
lack-lustre and frizzy.
That's where ESTOLAN comes in. This Con-
ditioner replaces the natural oils, invigorates
the bair so that it become supple again, at the
same time leaving an invisible film on the
hair to protect it and give it natural sheen and
therore provides a complete hair terinen2M

II I .


_ lfli i ,,, ,i |


Pridiav.z^'eoruarvy t. lJA4

'~H..~Jt*~CS. .J.aL- --
Title by Registration Act
1974 No.15
The Dominiba Co-operative Bank
Limited Mortgagee
Raleigh Johnson as personal repres-
entative of Kitty Francis deceased
An application to sell a certain
piece of land containing 5 acres and
2 roods situate in the'Parish of
Saint Joseph and bounded as follows:
North-West by land of Albert :Edward
Messer and Rosabella Stowe, and
Samuel Rian; South East by land of
Modest Noel; North-East: by land of
Williaim Warner ; South-West: by land
of Albert Edward Messer., Rosabella
Stowe and land of Gillan Daroux
-has been made to the High Court. The
registered proprietor of the said
land is Kitty Scotland as personal.
representative of Reggie Scotland or
-Reginal-d Scotland. The heirs or next
of kin of Reginald. Scotland are here-
by invited to attend at the High
Court on 'or before the 31st March,
4.j9.74 t o make kaown their interest in
the .said land,
France, odd-man-out in the European
and Westerii..o l confrontation, has
concluded an oil deal with Libya.
She refused to team up with .other
countries at a Washington conference,
William Demas is now President of
the Caribbian lDvelopment Bank.
*Eastern Caribbean Microwave System
of Cable & Wirelesss Ltd with French
and Dutch and regional co-operation,
will ultimately give Dominica a micr(
wave relay station.* After a vacuum,
a Veterinary Surgeon has been found
for us: Dr. T.R.Bevin, here on a
2-3 year contract.Office at the Bot-
anical Gardens. His wife has worked
with Save the Children Fund.* Sir
Fred Phillips and Sir Garnet Gordon
Caribbean Assoc. of Industry and
Commerce visited the State over
last week-endo

Cabe1'& Wireless (W.I.) "Itd. invitea
tenders for the erection eof-la prefab-
ricated building approx. 80'0" x 30'O"
with part m6tal clad0ingl, part block-
work infill, concrete s3hj,hard stand-
ing and ancillary site works- to house a
Telephone Installatboi a# River Estate.
Tender documents may be obtained from
the, offices 'Of 1 C&. M STOTT RIBA; 7
Cornwall St., "P.O.Box 98; Roseau, Dom-
inica ,fr6m 9.30 a.m. ona:Monday February
18th 1974. Tenderers arp required to
place a deposit of One hundred dollars
(EC $100.00) which will be refunded on
the return of the documents or a genuine
Sealed. tenders are to be submitted to
M &'M 'TOTTR 'RIBA by 12.nooni ob Friday
Mar=0 15th 1974 at which time they will
be opened.

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: (Pages 1 & 3)
This story ends like a storm in a
teacup (so far); a PWD voucher was
apparently issue d .. tocover, the
possession of the stores, which were
restored. But .some of our readers who
reported, the incident. in great detail
feel that a parliamentariy question or
better still a Public inquiry y should
arise but of this topip of the week,

a LOCAL IMSfnIEFS: IM. '. Normal RolT
is newly-elected President of the Dom-
inica Association of -In dstry & Commerce.
On MonFeb.ll Agriciiltuip Minister lion.
Thomas Etienne recei4Ve delegation of
the Dominica,Farmers Unxi n Executive -
Messrs. .:S.S tevens (Pre $Norrie Vidal
(V/Pres-), *II,St.John (Sec.) and Burnh am
-hillip. They discussed'problems of the
Banana Industrv,prei/oualy set out in
writing: Administration & Expenses,Feoder
roads, Rohabilitation, sWheme Reception &
Purchase, Provision of eSsential materials
Price to Grower.. .and of course the major
issue of DFU representation on the Dana-
Management Committee, The Minister prom-'d to amend the lati to accommodate a
Larger Committee. It was on the whole a
use ul coi:er. .
6u 1%nwlone at.a Parnt-Teachers.
meeting in Ilarigot, a s4ll gathering was
addressed by the C.'E. O.4r.B.O,Robinson,
Ed.Officer I.rr.i, Linton and Mrs".Mlona Jos-
eph of Weirc-iharigCot Schliool. "Parlous
discipline at the school" and a proposal-.
for .n am- I session'wee tackled. O.ur
corresponnt 's views wll appear nx; wic.

Premium Gasolene (retail) $1.68
Kerosene (per gallon) $1.53


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