Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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1Net York f2 T n1z

Med La Represen 1
o!In Turn-r ('London ) Ltd. b ri
122 Sh aftesbury Ave, W. L T
V 69 XV m e 6 PHY

British G(ovcrnmient plonked indmopenienc
on Grenada, Thiarad-y. Vat state is
still iinder a dark cloud. Morris BishopT
has boon reoarrested: no neows of Alister
Hughes ai man~y, M~%y others. fTavon help
the poor su iforing Granadiamas,wh. were
congratulated by ca by .Coeel--Lartineo.

Opposition MP Pat Stevens called on the
Government and the Speaker of the House
to resign, before a crowd of 3,000 in
RoseroM on Feb. 4, charging Govrerment
with eorruptionnogligence & ikefficiecyv.
*We could become a second Grenada," said
Pat4Stovens, receiving massive vocal sup-
port for the resignation of 'Speaker nd '
Premier "in wthom we hame sB confidone '
Ti re rwas. wvre mwo' y in t he .. i
police stations than for agricalture in
spite, of 'rlricultuaral year'," he sid.
Chairmawui BADlW A.F.Joseph; feature
speaker: Castle Brutce's Athertea Martia.

We have just opened our Wholesale Outlet
which is ieate4 on. the Right Hand Side of
the New Bridge at No.4.STEBER STREET
Hours of business shall be as follows:
Monday to Friday 8.oo a.m to 12.5o p.m.
and 1.30 p m to 4.30 pm, Saturday 8.oo
a m to 1.00 p. P.
We'll be stocked to supply all your require-
ments of JU Q products and SEVEN-UP.
Bottlers Dominica Limited
-f'\ -,Canefiald

In loving memory of my beloved
mother Evelina Rossi,
Always in my thoughts and prayers.
May she remain in God's care as
she will forever in my heart eternally.
-Your loved ones.


, --. D 4

T / at. week:
Pages two & three:

Prime Minister Edward Heath announced
yesterday that Britaiin w-uld go to the polls on
Feb. 28. P!e will takeI advantage of. public
feeling against the coalminers strike c... .1 for
Vieille Case Village Council election
results revealed tiat (as elsewhere in
Desinica) Mr. Leblanc, tlwrough Mr.John
Royer- hnmd-pickod candidate for.three
gen.elections & chairman of that Coun-
cil for over 10 years and his' Party
were totally rejected. The new
youthful Council comprises Mosars.
Teddy Tonge,ryllis Leblanc,Clifford
Royce, f als James,Daidson Douglas;
Government nominees are yet uaWm, r -.

"I say, instead of taking over the college, let's studv., .'-aduate,
workl our way to the top, and take over trh Establshment."

A certain piece of land containing thirty
nie (39) acres One () rood twenty-
five 25 percaM called or well known
by the name of Banana Garden situate
in t h e Parish of St. Andrew, in the
State of Dominica and bounded as fol-
lows: On all sides by Crown Land.
For further particulars apply to.-
Mi-s Vanya Dupigny,
Qhamberts Romecu. ne:

- R T A P-.- P 'k. _- --'-- --

Tourism: Ca Ka Fait?
Aunt your Tourist Bbard throwing fete
ah heah is three tou-rist boat they get;
ten visits in all this year and yet
they could do better. I prepare to bet..
St.Lueia, Grenada and Montearrat
getting 200 plus, so look at dat.
Ca Ka Fait? I hear is their new motif
and already that one sounding stiff,
Ca Ka Pait in truth with all their plans
They have we down among the. also-rans.
Cause we dotish if .wa dig that talk,
How is Black Power feeling kill de work,
an we nice Deep Water Harbour go fix up
d, numbers; somebody real mix-up *

No. 6

Well Aufity, dey complain 1 critiZOQO
Typical, cause them won't realize
is you an me what have to watch aid
and talk else ca ka fait go turn to
ca ca yS.
Best to stop now and correct
than do the usual1 wise in retrospect.
is years we talking bout Tourismn
so' what the hold-upj whats the -eason.1
for this no-go-slow-4.9 attitude?
is time this Tourist Board come good.
= e i'. *
qa Ka'Fait is the- big question --
Aunty, what is your suggestion?

Cause St.Lucia& have Black Power, dat's true PUBLIC ACCOUITS COO~TTEE
Grenada have confusion and demonstration too.. .... oveltions ........
and Montserrat doh have deep water, so I guess ,-. many- instances the o'oyart-
Tourist Board covering some mess ... nt is notn aware of the pos-
Ca Ka Fait, tourism playing lickrth ti bonregarding its own ac-
but of course l if we so foolish, counts ~vis a vis the Treasury."
s,1t-iSefoared that the unszi-
Who say Tourist Board working well? .-f ia ry state of the ac-, -
Dey's travel plenty but dey can't sell ounting syste, will not im-
the special package that they promise to pro-e in spite of the ratio
"Cinderella island land of Sisserou, costly' out layon the. computer1
orjaelse it halve a )Ji^.Jo,,.on 4ioiqa ? OLINAUT POLIQE STATIONT- tflho-
and State of Emergehcy ain't 'help we none... firdt outyay approvedd was for
all that bad publicity it really- stick, 37000 (wh fion was fdr-
everybody think is the DOMI.ICAN Republic 3th7ir r(wvised. fig $5,000 -but
Ca Ka Fait Tourism, how you do? a tboal of $486192.68 was act-
And how is your B.B.C.T.V. crew? ually spontU)' 'TEl1DERS BOARD:
Well look out another member gone away# "Seldom .is the recommendation
some conference again is what day say. of the -Board accepted. In one
To do what aunty? Well don't ask me instance the rejection of
maybe this time we go get report from she, their 'rocommopdation was fla-
Between you and me, I done figure out grant, and very costly to the
What this Tourist Board is all abrout:- State. loi refpr to the tender
is sending we own on Tourist Trip, for purchase of tyres."(Full
'you by air ... I'll go by ship', details give4n).COIITROL OF VOTES
Spending all we money overseas, The vote for othe creation' of
giving revenue to other countries, if you please a darkroom ang garage undoe'
-the Premier's 'office: $5,000
Is natural for you to say that I unfair, was handed over to the Inis-
but check, the money Just ain't coming here.., try of- Comm. Works-;accounts
and the only things we have to attract disclosed that the amount had
the stranger well that stopping back. been exceedebut the Cabinet
Hotel, Hotel is the song they know, Secretary "could not explain
hotels without night-life, without a show... the overexpend;iture which was
In plac.0 of sand we have some bush not iiidicat9di'n his votes
and obeah, music, we- could push; book nor did he know that- the
and local food, crabs and such rarage and Dark Room had not
Ca Ka Fait Tourism,.. yo- don' t know much! been built."
~--...........-.......-... ,~Under FINANCE..&
AUDIT ORDINANGE (to. which ."little attention is paid"),, the. transac ton over INC.
quarters at Vieille Case. seems..very peculiar. "Informatmon was in .ha~d in October
of 1972. This was not included in the budget ...IMarch 1973 Yet expenditure was
made ain April 1973 on a project which was not urgent..." (Concludd aon ae.)

Page Two


r TT H ,

= T AR

Friday, February 8, 1974 T K'E S T A R Page Three
by Rupert Sorhaindo (PaRt I) Further, no mention has been mApm of:
byAt a vi ert morhaindo (Pat this expenditure at subsequent meetings
At a moviBu ceremony held at of the House of Assembly.. (It may be
Castle Bruce -east trid ithe C.B. noted here that the original building
rmcogsed ao-oeraive Cooperiall was previously the property of the'
recognized a4 a b i Coopera- Hon.Premier.-Editor The Pub.A/cs.
tive Society. This significant event committee stated: "In examination of
marked the beginning of the end of this project it was also revealed that
a long and frequently frustrating the usual policy of valuation by an
fight independent Committee was not adhered
Following a well-rendered welcome penden This Statutory Body remarks:
song and a stirring prayer read by ",t is unfortunate that some officers
the Parish Pripst, Mr.Elois Sylves- t
the Parish Pri t, lois ves have found it difficult to co-operate
ter (Steeringom po ittee Chairman) with the Committee in its inquiries...
traced the 18-month history of the uder this item we. particularly note
unnecessary but fortifying struggle the Permanent Secretary of Home Aff-
of the Castle pruce workers, ending airs who indicated that he considered
with a plea for the cooperation and he had the right to limit the commit.
support of Dominicans.In the course tee i eir investigation We ma
of his address one thing was made their investigation" We may
very clear: thi Government's attit- add editorially that in every instance
ude towards thl Castle Bruce work the Pub.A/cs.Cttee made recommendations
was shameful agd revealed the bank- r the emendation of defects and faw
ruptcy of the ruling regime. Humil- a proper conduct of future public Ecs.
eating rebuff s and-persistent vas- The Committee's Chairman is Hbon.ME.
cillation of Gqvernment character- Charles; Meibers Hon.A.C.Active,Heo ,
.4zed its response to the forward- E-J.Shillingford & HoI.C,Tavernier.
looking and exciting proposals of Sveral Govt. Officials assisted,
the Castle Bruqe group. P- blic officers who do not wish to
11r.; Barrie, 'egistrarof' r*ph ftotyheo series of the co"imitee
atives, welcomed them into the fold aloW.l1d make this known to the proper
of the Dominica Co-operative Move- auh.norities who will no doubt appoint'
meant; however, he failed to give reaft alternative public officer to give
sons for not recognizing the group ,he evidence necessary,- states the
sooner even qfter it was general report.
felt that they were thoroughly pre- MIISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS: "no improve-
pared for the tpsk of building a meant in the collection of revenue in
model community. the Police Dept. was noted...(ll) We-
Mr. Barrie's" address seemed more recommend that all licenses for vehi-
designed to get the Government "off cles be collected by the Inland Reve-
the hook" than to ;analyze the signi-nue Iepartment.":
'icance of the Qa tle Bruce program-Sw EPSTAKE PUND: "evidence indicated
me for developing. For instance in that a -committee independent of Govt.
an effort- to jug'ttfy Government's Joperate the said fund., (which)should
lack of lea der hijp in the issue,Mrjbe subject to audit".
Barrie dleverli suggested that' goo-ARREARS OpF REVFNUE (Min. C & W): "a
things are hard to come by...Easy great deal of time was expended on
some, easy go'. He further hinted atCoompiling lists of arrears of revenue
The reason for government's refusal which would never be collected. (These)
-o cooperate withW the Castle Bruce should be written off." POST OFFICE:
workers, suggesting that "people do "accouAts not up to date". CENTRALI
aot normally lipe. change" and that OUSING:"XNo improvement in the accoun-.
'people tend to cling to the status ting of this Dept...imposrible to un-
a_"., All in ll, the Registrar of favel (them)." 0iAXKTIO &A- RALTB: ...
Cooperatives gave a series of flimsy-payrolls were largely overdrawm,,
excuses for Government's inability P.M.- "arrears of revenue had not U0.
and unwillingne ss to recognize the proved."(Concerted -etfot neceaxyt,
important lesso; of the Castle Brucer. G.A.Robin (Dir.of Audit.) ,Mr..0,
experience. He "orrectly viewed the Lewis (Dep.Fin/Se ,Mr.A.Lazare. Bade,
projected plans of the new Account&nt Gen.Mr.P.O.O.symes were
an important experiment.(Contd.p 7 a i00tbd tr vaUable asi stanxe,

iday, -J8ebrua2y 8, 1974 T H E S T AS INM .
Short -.or3..7 -_- .': An PUJPPI3ES1" ..-.. -..- -yAl Akong 4-Part "
c- --ce. bread.of a man confined in prison, who' ultivated a deep affection
oj -c- and ;h-e.-made it his pet and' turned it' t carry a g cigarette on its
bac,' .aealso-read o -a cbhdeoned man in death row who6-fouhi. a~'.rue friend 'and
S-nly eniioi.n u1i-h m he used to share his f.ood, and mopt of us may have
soen th,"io4ie 'Bird'man of Alcatraz' in which a prisoner developed an unusual facul-
.ty td co-mmniate and be come. intimate with- the birds Onhe eight playing -
affeetiof lat with:mydog,-T thought of those men. I realized thq I was becoming
a. ort' o. l'..og-.mnt of .yril!?sbay; I was seeing .y puppy as another human being,
feedid i with fish from my pl4te, not even bothering to"wash my hands to eat
aft'r ht7ndlig her, a thing I never did with animals before. The more I- looked at
he th t more I. marvelled at. how perfect and graceful the body.. of a .dog wae; it was
li f lyd13 yi tendon when Iwas teaching myself' anatomy for figu. drawing and
spent06 o6st of .my Saturdays and Sundays at the museums mar4elling -at, the perfections
of .those Greek and Iobmanude atatue- "
:About & month after I 'got the puppy, I went back to -oMique at Maracas hzWy* Ee
had anothEr puppy. at- liis home*, the sister to the one I chose the first time..mge-
that time I could 'tte7l" the sex of a puppy; I thought it was a male, hence
that choice); "L. was' ovebi-aiibus and curious to meet"this next puppy, to see what
madeoitsimdilar ord, iffere:fefom my own.' Again, it was like the Airst time I another West .Iniain-'isl d and having go& seo fond of it just couldn't
resait the urge to see the others. "
oniqu wias sickin bed ,.at his homo. The puppya small -undeored thing, a
.ico .g.lossy black, with .a short_ tlail, looking rather sad and quiet, was still
depending:: on milk- from ls .mothoer. My puppy is light brown in color with a dis-
tribution. bf -black ba its back and hose and. a black average sized when I askoed-
a huitor.,from Maraval if'he Iknew"what breed of dog sch is, he told 'e that it was
probably-.y: hound*n y puppy was. bigger than her sister now, mor. robust, oneriooti
an o' frend.y,- even't. strangers. -The black shorttailod puppy opant most of her time
-sleepng. inside.a large stel -pipe buried in the yard of MIonibue'a house to servo,.-
as a. unnol-to divertingg the'ewater from.'the yard when it wasi raining. You couldn't
get near p. her; she ran and. if you managed to hold' her, she would try to-
bite' yo,' and "fight frantically 'to escape, in fact, anyone trying t befriend her
would ind' ~-er 'd~ownr v-aeius, but I just couldn't I6et'-itJgo at"that, not me,
the 'Dog-manof .yril's bay'' that .I now like to. call myself' 'That puppy 'had the
potential to become like her sister, 11 said to myself, malnutrition had something
to do with her temper, so' had'something to start with.
Down at there were two cats. When many people used to be there -in
the-fibuses on weekendn ds, : or sometimes. during the week, those cats wPuld get lTft-
overs to eat, but soon they '-ot themselves, a reputation for stealing uncovered food
when no one wass aroundd. consequently they were frequently chased out of the house
and they' fl.E to" the.,sutroundlng bush and became wild, coming out 04ly at nights *
to feed" on t1di leftovers that weekenders. left on the beach. 'Around December last,
when people hardly, came to tlie bay 'those cats had to- exist as-best. as .they could.,
I believe they .lived- off Clizards' they hunted in the bushes. Wfbn -_ was there they
would -doma near '.the house Scrying for hunger and I. would give- tliem' whatever I 'had,..
but I .cou1 'd-never get t- ithinh 'ix feet of them;. 'not even food, hungry tley
were. Gradually I.managed .- persuade them that I meant, no harm and o0n night
I actually had themt'ihg irbj my hand. Y -next move: for .tlm was mre-domestication.
And so-, from that experience with -the cats, I woh over' the' black puppy; I fed
both of ,them with the best pitppy: food I'founid in the groceries and then back to
Cyrils b~ry- they went :ith me. Thie two cats at th bar' mot a-.trangi end during the ...o
New Year's holidays. when I spent my time at' Moniqu.'swith the -pupp4es; they-found
Sheir boqies,-on the beach,; iba-r death was probably. due-"to starvatLon.-
Today .I:-often leave. off jy'.work to' watch 'my. two "puppies -play among themselves.;
When I A dn't "see them aroundd -,I just''have to go and find out where they are; the.
black pup:is ,getting on' icely I-like her a liftl mobre.than the-brown onei .
Once she ran away.up 'thlhillq at Cyrils Bay (over ` mile)5 and spent two niga
sleep i -the bush1 returning the bay 'all by herself Each morning as I et
out of bed-, whether t. t the boy or the -city, I have my two-puppies rushing, madly at

i-i ~T~ STARjr PaiiffttgeW 1PJi've~n-~t~liaBl '.-^WW--^r*l^^^^-*-^--tt^^N -^ --^*W^**^*--?-

CARD OF TH ,...a-
: I w'sh o znder sa.cere chanki te Dr. Shl-
, .._: ,Pmberton, Dr. Griffin OWBE ad |
: l r. Gc re' for he gre-t. ca re 4d a t.e. 'e

|and ^ a of Imran Tard. T.ey cerainay
knw ideir jobf-,F. *-j God bklss b a. &.

in, zhei Erection of a "ST .: 1, _'1. .',.D
BUILDING at TexAco Teminal Cane-
SLuresed Parties .,-:s chi'n h Drwinp
And Specificatis from .
Va1 y- Engineeding & Szfice Ltd

1- --.^ ---- -- ^.-- __

S W Csavss for week w 2id ay oaf Febr ary, 4

Re8sskt Ad&ted Lawreane Request far the isme
Sirflet dh yef -The Of a FirAt Ctirtificaft'r V
| Ju 1973. y his S Prseoatd the Cilma, A.M a portion of land at
6h daIy of iDU4aawe Pointe Michel ;n the
Jasary, 197 P4re f St. L a
-| 5.0$ i. in th. S_%te ao Dea
__,________________--'m" aica coanitakgim 757
'de as feetewass-
a G- L-.t--.--- -. s A I i .

North by a Right-of way separating it from land
Faha Sisapaw. West by a Public Road.


1: rue diaitec Nelo" Saith
the 14h day by his S-itor
of Java"ry ohem A.M
PI t he the D
29& day o
Jaairy, 1974
49 3 15 pMam.

vawsk4 rvr Sae isen@,
oat Hrest Cerftific&u
cf itWO la in rospt of
& Various of land at
Botica in tid Parisi
of St. Paftick in the
S te1 i af Damsinia
containing 2 4 7 2
so wire feat wad b~ee
dad ft foHews:.

Noth* by WfWd .ef Meics Abrakam; South by land f
Pter Heitry; Eas by land of Monica Abraiham,;
SWorn by Sbad of Alp4ose Josph.
PPIQs9. OMosA F. cwf1
.,w:* ** ,,,,,,
&own. waqaea.. Astia fiw.i. 'r of Tdia
MV4&_ Amfy pmsutm wk dEflr> fAe to^ dw hwe of &I
ifRms CasoEssi ef Tideto dwabioswe atopgaato* BRW a8r a,
Cwas la to e abeos a-ace wteh* t!% %w:4s free d0e *a al
16* qM zi)!^.%r tin f this Sc+41, sm) thw STAlt N~ia
"Omd ti ddi Start *r frcm thette fthenas dw *saw*e Pw?
0thal t rtB w v i ?irm a ty "VOWOfer 0 Of a perftu
,*ird b vxr",s & "a Wniti die aiw*4.t

Take a look at the-
range of VPBritishWines.The same grapes gc
to makeVPthat go to make a lot of expensive
wines.Which accounts forVPs fine quality.

Buy a bottle today. I[P'

Pace Five

Barrei of 200 lbs $187.96
Barrel of 200 lbs $237.42
Barrel of too Ibs $ r6. 15
Barrel of ioo lbs $t46so
Prices are rising.
Quouation for February shipment atre 64 %

Now located at Texaco Terminal, Cane-
All Valley Eto I ineri ng Sala &

_ :I ^ ..r l^
I al** ,'


1 1


ag x -L - -F y-- T A R9L

'They were conscious some-Q sharply, others dimly that on that; chilling
-afternoon they were mourning the unique. '
Thus James Pope-Hennessy concluded his 621st page of the great life
story of Queen Mary which took him over three years to wriie. And this
is how all who knew and loved him and his work must have fjlt on that
chilling Friday January 25th when they heard that this brilliant author
had been foully tortured and murdered by a 'knife gang' am.Ong the ruined
and ransacked belongings of his cherished house in Ladbroko Grove,London.
The full horror of such a death for such a man is not some thing one can
get over. He was a devout Roman Catholic for whom, as his Writings show,
death was a moment of great dignity and resignation, the f nal curtain
of the earthly pilgrimage. It is terrible to think of the work undone
which this brutal slaying cut short, and very impressive to contemplate
the works achieved already: biographies (including a study of his grand-
father Sir John Pope-Hennessy, once a prematurely federal-;Iinded Governor
of Barbados), documentaries bearing his particular hallmanr of distinction
and astuteness and these touched on the West Indian scenp too ... not
always to the satisfaction of Caribbean dwellers. In fact, he got a
rather jaundiced view of Dominica ("The Baths of Absalom'")' a Dominica
which I had encouraged him to visit; but alas I was not there at the time
and he could not stay at (then) Kingsland House, so he lodged at the old
Paz Hotel where he was miserable because of noise and otheap discomforts.
This may account for some -peevish comments James was notla socialist,
Vut dire poverty affected him strongly, as strongly as English-type sub-
urbanism annoyed him and natural beauty delighted him. "A-'.est Indian
Summer", whichpreceded "Absalom", is a delightful book wi h glorious
illustrations, provoking in parts of course. But then I li,%e provoking
-- Ealier James had won the Hawthorndei' Prize for "London- Fabric". He
was devoted to the grey, brave, history-soaked city .which gas his home.
The quality which compels admiration for his works aside! from his in-
imitable style is the unflagging industry of his research. Nothing was
too much trouble, no archives too vast for him to tackle. 'Small wonder
that in 1955 the Royal.Family commissioned him to write Queen Maryte
life, which (like, a few of his other books) you will find .n our Public
Library. He was made, a Commander of the )[ictorian Order i4' 1960.
When I :first met him, James Pope-Hennessy was a ILakjor in the ]itish Army,
attached td.the. War Office. In his house, after he came back from'Washington '
following Presid fit Roosevelt's death, one would meet writers much older and
(then) more renowned than the-young host: people like Rose Ilacaulay and Harold
Nicholson. It was "a haven for the brushing of intellects- and the enjoyment of
beautiful objects. BVt this modest, delicate and witty man liked the company of
simple and even rough characters too. And through these' last he met his end.'
Onee James and I searched Westminster Abbey for a memorial to Thomas Chatterton,
sad suicidal poet.. I wrote these lines then for him:
Who will write the' biography of this ingn an imperial Abbey
a poet and a croyant
marvellous and mysteriious man? Probably moved between sainted plaques
only his mother, Dame Una Pope-Hennessy seeking the tomb of a young poet
(Dickenst biographer) could have done who had died In failure and anguish
it; but-she was mercifully spared the 170 years before:
horror of his death by dying years be- and as they drifted together
fore him. d like shadows on the aisles
To his brother Sir John Pope-Hennessy urmuring throuh'pale lihadps
Director o he seek me not here, but rather
all sympathy, for James dearly loved seek the truth in each other.
his family. Words are my monument...'

Friday Februpy 8,1974

* "D- -A 'Q ^

Fr Februa 8 1974 T H

e.f ..A/
ROVING hits the NOIRTIH* Last weekend. .*
Portsmouth, MHrigot -" Mighty P.ponbh,
Spark, Wizard 'Spencer, Provoker,'
Beginner...Ani, most of ll. Mighty
Gorn Lambie, the only' lady of Kaiiio in
Dominioa,. .Whq says Big D, 'Manger of
G-P-.U, is to take over from-ihere DADDY
JiEF leaves?. ."Twenty-to-Onen that-'s.
possible says LORD KITCE1MER.. 1.That!s-.
my road march choice, spal".niiss.-~Mary's
great. But, lhat ts for brass ....This "
year it's. going to be a T-SHIIS n CHANAL
..Plenty. pana, lapo-cabrit, brass...
'But there's gqing to be athabsence of
the traditional colour spectacle. ..Noo
moolah... o mtzums. .:o" abbage..It s
a dread, dead scene...Glen, you better
oater for thousands .-.TEhere -seems. to be
a. little ease in the GAAS .SITUATION*..
The long queuqs are fewer ."Jh-I.h L You
have to put a gun at their neck. to make
them budge,..*ELLES remember you.-*.Vic
returns...Resonse in'Dutch aind-French
MPd'QSS "fantabulous"..eltiIlE.'~7AMID< -
OqUNTAIN DEW.1 .No offedse...'llTake.
anyone availa41.. .Th s'"my. specialty
- De leardt ..Keeps ,me i" oc -.
pied". ..When 4.m drunk I find'ino time to
v worry... Siree times too 'iough.. ,~4Lfets
too rough to harbor pains and miseries..
Loubiere boy, TE4, moves oVer to Guade-
loupe to cut his first siinglo-,BE WIDD2I
Bappa lDee ts 'out" ... Coots It There 's
somebody new. I*.The difference- is delect-
able...0Of course, we've ,fouid him out
already... e' *. ..ZION-lI Right' on...
WE) is now fu l-time. at- -o6ntrolis'ih
590' s Room 1.2.Z... E .T*-Skahn, saah...
ax-omeo.,.* ur Corners. 16o. rapper...
Where is. that WASEEN7?? TIm 'huiagy for .
some local re ding material; -Ghris
leaves fob SO0 TH..,St.Luciaa, Bimshire,
St.Vincent, E inidad, Grenada* .Einal
leg of .C. aj ency seeking for COUNTi
SHIE.Y RECORD GO ..."OO0 0 and' "D"
are working 4 excellent uhison..o .3
Steel Band Go petititn*...But. paharama
promises grea' pleasires.-L.'..SBC represent.
rFVE. steel o heatras...Bass-man diggit!ff
That's MAB..41.y on; 'gel onie FPE...
BEL-0IL.-..C le i pure, sh I 7 ihe .
BEST,.. Buy 10 oa.*,Gear up for the "best
in Clothes" t as., soonto--come with thb
"BY-TRI:EE" t ...Pyrex-1 Vy favourite
dish,,..A cont under for KSS WORLD.. .HKei
Sbr sa. Kachoa i No. -fu-fu..Ho pia'cu...-
We've got BEA to iqualify...-'.ais'yea,
es-ou co *pwan ..Q4est 1as..Carnival.#


E ST A R Page Seven
Dear Madam, -
The people b6T Vioille Case and around
. the Vieille Case area confess that they
are puzzled w iththe mystery of .O.0.
Leblanc"s (Promier of Dominioa) old house
at Vieille Case.
When 1rr. Leblianc first had that old
house there Was'no Labour Party in
Dominica at 'that time, so things were not
bright with himi- What made the people.
puzzaed is, after a time they hear- -thalt
Mr-. Leblanc sold that house to his'6rcd1ft
-H6o1 much the brother paid for that house '
only heaven knows.
After a time they heard that. the bro-
ther sold that house to Leblanc's govern-
ment for $12,000 and that same I&eblanc
government paid "I10,000 to repair the
house soon after it was bought.
Is it too much to wonder what (at the'
time the mystery of that transaction was
on) the house might really have 'been
Now Madam Editor, it. appears to me
that the rev6fiue"of this country is oily
for Mr.Leblanc -and his family. Fok" an
account of that deal and many others'iie
have seen that the water that God gave-
us.fre, i '.Domhinica ,' under M.iLejlancs
administration, th6"rates have -gone up-
high, Alao f6od, meat, clothing, oil
etc., etc., goes up like wildfire.
Again, is it too much to say that this
rising, costof fliVing- is to cover the.
cost of those mysterious transactions?
I also heard'that Armour discovered a
wonderful mystoy "as far -s bill "for
cement cohnoerned.
4th February 1974-." EC ,O LAK.
.HE TLiBRUCE -R.Sor-hai"do
ft'e ._ful- effects
8n agricultural. development not only in
Domiu*.ca, but throughout the whole Carib-
bean. i oe alo recognized that the long
bitter l~-month ..'ts had s strengthen
the group ad shown them the impor ance
of working togetlier. .
The Governmeit -nisters present at"the
ceremony were obviously uneasy when '.
BRrrie-predicted that those who hatt o
faith in the Castle Bruce Co-operative
would "e dicappodinteg
Mr. Thomas Etinne, Minister of Agri-
culture4 Trade &. natural Resources, beg
his vera...aologetic 'address by giving aa
excuse or the conspicuous absence of .. e
Premier whohad. (he said) a previous: comn-
mitment. The abaenae of Mr. Lblani on .that
most historical occasion served to illuq
trate the detacliment of our leaderr' froJ
the realities of life in Dominica today.

PmE-- VWi6

Schedule of Application for Certifacate of Tide ad Noctsi
thereon and Caveats for week ending 2nt day of February tP4.

D9se* quashed Person Presenting

Naure of request w im
er a Certficateif Titaef'
Noingtheron r CMt.

Request tated Victr Appliation of V-
22 10 73 Bardowie Barteille for the
Presented by his Solicitor issue of first certi
$1 1 74 M. Eugesia ficate of title in roe
at 10.30 am. Charles pect of a Portion of
I a a d at Champiga
: ,.- in the ~iihts ef
IPe Miceld in the Par"ih of St. Lare cntautiiat
204ac and banaded as flirwea-
North & NorthWest: By a Track seaprating it from
onds of Christine Celaire: South:- By leads of Smith
T'r -zint; East: By The Public Road To Champigny;
Wet: By lands of Christine Celaire.
Schedule nf Application for Certificate of Tltle a Noti

thereon and Caveats tor week end
Re*qest dated Thomaas
the 14th day Rivier
. of January Carriere
1974. by his Solicito;
Presented the Ciama A h
Sth day of Dupikgn
February, 1974
at 3 O'clock

9ch day ot February I7(
Request for the issue
e of a First Certificate
cf Title in respect of
r a portion of land
I known as a residen-
y dental lot at Zicack
Portsmouth i n the
Parish of St. John in
the State of Dominica
containing 1 9 0 6
square feet and boon
d4d as follow:


Nlrth an access Red separating it from land cd#
N Paul, East: By land of Howell Shtllingford,
South: By land of Howell Shillingford. West: By land
of Howell Shillingford.

Request dated Elpha Delan. Applicatiom of Elplha
12 11 73 ney see Al- Delauney nee All-
Presented port formerly port formerly Didier
5 2 74 Didier per. rep per. rep. of Oliver
at 10.30 a m. of Oliver Didier Didier and Atherton
and Atherto" Didier and Gifford
Didier and Gif Didier as tenant in,
ford Didier as common for the issue
tenant in comn of a new certificate
mon of title in respect of
a Portion o f land
know as a part of
More Daniel in the
Parian of St. George containing 2. 5 6 1 Acres and
bcunded as follows:-

l: By a Public Road; Eaerty: By lands of F.O.
C. Harris; Southerly: By lands of Goodwill Estate;
Weurtly: By lands of the Heirs of Dr. Garard partly
-p r-ud by a Ravin*.

- I a

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Nocinp
thersen and Caveats for week endin 16th day of January t79
Reqest dated Yvette Application of Yvette
2, 11. 73. Dorway Dorway for the issue
Preseted by her Solicitor of a first certificate
24. 1. 74. M. Eagenia of title in respect of
at 9.50 a. Charles


a Portion of land at
Poimte M-iche in the
Parish of St. .Lak
6ataining 872 square
S feet and bounded as
North: Right of, way separatig i- from I a n d of Ma.rpret
Phllbert South,: Land of ludin Henry East: Land of JuOins
Giraud West Public Road.

BRoaest dated Asth ate Applicatiou for A&thea.
13. 12 73. Didier ton Didier for the
Presageid by his Selicitor issue of -*a first certi.
24. 1. 74. M. Euagesia fiate of title in reo
at 10.10 a.m Charles pect of a Portion of
land known as a F6i9.
deatial lot in the
Town of ReD"a" is
the Par ah of St
Geo~rg'e continuing
3M5 square feet nd
bo"Wlaed .as Ameww.s:
Norsth-West: Leeds of K.D Shillngfora.and Dr. Harf Resr.
dmter; Northi Eas Land of Gtifford Dimer; South Eatm:
Turkey Lame; South Wesc Lands of Richard Cable and H.

1te0mes 0111M

Acting Regiustar of TitleiI

ii- -~-~---.- U

oftE eaf a Bwth deutre to object to the asa lsig ot
aqtplesiosmay aeur *CaM
hi she o dte wak6s six weeks *om the dame of the fro,
1 of het cthsdee to the STAR ftewspwper publhledl
Sthis Smes or boa the dowhen w thO mtlc* pescrtbed bt
w"a test sr we son any Ower or saecupiwr of dfateii
e6il I rpeM of wikh si he pifqteana easds.


i P le m m

Ml N

New Improved ESTO4A will provide the
eeasmu ow yaour air needs to retain ts I tura i
Sun and wWid dry out i Mtura ils a makes I
coire. Shampooing leds& t yor hair becomig j

That's where EST A s in This Can-o
ditdoer replaces the a"to jilo -, -an gorates
the hair so dt it become pple again, at the
sme time Jeavig aavWisible fir oan the
&ak to p kn= it ad My -itUaRsihseai aad '

tbH foge provides a 4cr trelo rzes
00ly $L437 Pa txee

6,U 0 glf8 Dt t lg Co. Ltd,
___ __ lit.4 j


1agoc Ha E S T A. R 1iday1 bruary 9 1
' CANDID COI4ffNTS ji by-WS.Stevens READERS. .......VW .....
Is the Fuel Criqi a Curde. C or6Cx' 1bto a Blessamo the Pe iier.
Since the FuT Gris s,. -re.member Please allowI me space in your Valuable
writing an essay at London. UTaiversity column to- congratulate the Kbnouxble
matriculationn eamination on: -"Do we gain Premier, Mr. E.O.LeBlano most heartily
or lose by doing things more' quickly than for his geiat leatesahip of Stoogaes an -
our forefathers?" That is? over forty his quickness of selling any Dignitaria
years ago. I dq not reAember more all from bis. r.ak, .... Congits I And t0 the
that I wrote on the subject.- But it was Stooges I say,'-Oh man, where is thy
easy to find poiAts on either side, dignity Amen.
In the case of the -Fel Crisis before ............. A ind, Dominica
me it is ,on the surface, a curse* We are -
too tehnologio and scientifically THE FUL CRISIS -- W.S.Stevens .(contd
oomverted to regard the Fuel .risia. as. In the present Fuel Crisis, no communi-
a blessing. y, no people, "no nation Oan abtag itsi
I amf, ndverthpless' 14illined- to- the shoulders: and say "- am neutra!yor "it
view that it is f blessing not merely does.not affect met.. There is: absolutely eo
in disguise but pn the surface. escape. _.....
Man has been blessed with high intel- This is e paragraph from The German
lect and science and technology hae con- Tribune of January -10- last on the subject
erred upon him 03most sipernatuiral energy y Crisis -Iaposes a new way of Iife".
powers., Long ag,,, the Psalist thought "we have lately. learit that the enormous
tan was a. little god. Since then man forces set-free by progress are beyond our
moved from progress to progre-ss. T-he control and at a certain point progress
unprecedented h4ghts which lanknd has becomes destructions. -.
reached within toe last two centuries are Mankind has.all long been workLng for
isearing and breath-ta ng better times and better "living. -he-Fuel
At the moment three men are i. space. Crisis, like'a bolt from the blue, has
They will be thee -o. three .monh. Men fallen upon us as -a salutary st
Sto one another rbuk of oi selfilihess, our greed our
Sbeen ar f hted Everybod is oe pride, our uteu ahd total disregard of
on one another's doorstep. Cou iters neighbo tLs with their wants and their
W the .sufferings. Thoe'Fuel tCrisis says to tlie
entale toral ae manly amplitiey inthman world's millioari high -d low, rich and
kind. Invention and 4Ltcoveiesp have.guity d innont "You have too
followed one ano her lik soldier .on the long misused y6urmid,. the bestt'.hi in
mollowe one woherl o odsca on t you and yoic haxe carried the misuse ofT the
mach. At first we ot oap d precious resour o eegy e oil
an era. of progress was evolved 'hen the (call it riat yo -n willntoo .,e l
same improvemehtq from progress began to I have n mch pce to defero-, '
hurt; they. baca. more- -cost-f thSi the theme. Otmuc wilin rceto dere Vi MYn-
peopia could ac eve Too- much money was ducthee. Bt wll men reconsider e n-
spent on useless 'things. Our ambitions. "oTs: Fel- .Crisis": is just an accidefit.
cost much when ocppazed to the needs and d by a il-producing countyac e it.
sufferings of mijions of poor and hungry Evaused by accept oi-prodt a erficial epountri7i"
folks. "Wasn't it all a waste that likEven acepti -a sspe-icial e-ltnem to
adequate or excesive fuel had brought it is a ursulg the .theme t
b Out .. -- i t is a..... .. .. ...
apitalism a Socia m haveepeated- Anyt which, hweer evil' on the -
apitolis war 4 hca~irem haveeptedsurface, can set men thinking again is an
ly.,.fought wars tat have nbt-brbught the untold blessin T present hardaMU w
peace and pxrospe ty for which millions.e eab
yearned. .. .. ...... ..-intoeab, miserable. But who
co- would ever imagine that there w aW -a pho-
Wars have bee"t ought -r two devastat nomeno round the or~dier t the "
ing ones in th a ory enwere nations toto say to themselves "After all we
told come true? s i noon every Did are all equals an etho sooner we sooI a

oasion a wanton wFste of- fuel We know disasters r sometlimeblessiget s in din
it was a cruel wapte of precioui humai t g s are nsomt .'lessint in bihot
lives, a. blatant materiaL pro guise. Ia r not ead there fuis s hortag
ducd b fi-ie as a disaster) A* disactolr is sae-ei
,...duced by al. pll)that cannot be humanly avoided. *


4sh Trays
Foot Pumps
Door Buffers
Roof Racks
Wiag Mirrors
Interior Mirrors
Licence Holders
T6il Pipe Trims
Feeler Gauges
reversing Lights
Gar Knobs

Remould Tyres
Bulbs (12v)
to fic everycar & truck
Spark Plugs
Ampere Meters
Light Panels
Vacuum Gauges
Oil Gauges
Water Gauges
Door Guards



Transistor Radios
Gas Stoves-
411 47

Pipe Wrenches
Allen Wrenches
Pliers of all kinds
Shifting Spanners

Kerosene Stoves
Bodywork Tools
President Irons
Lawn Mowers

l .,I ...

r I

Tyre Pressure Gauges
Trouble Lights
p Panil Lights
4-Way Flashers
8-Track Cassettes
Side Lamps
Booster Cables
Vus& Holders
Triangle Reflectors
Hend Brake Grips
Vyafy Mirrors
Copper Li'e
Fog Lamips
Gar Tidy Set-
Ivire Clips

.q AR

vX.'. .J X:uuI.J.LuiLLry u ..L.'/.t .JL ,._ :.. , ,j -- 1 -,

Ziaction la qTIH N Watt. .
Sunday morning fouid Ma Tiainio, Baby,
Genelia. and Roupen wh*rling. away in: the
oar for a. day's outing in the coiintry.
"At least, -thanks God, we-have enough
gas and petrol to last us for some time,"
Ma Titine remarked. -- .
"Wat allyou s;ay about tListah 'Kissinger?
Boy, dat man deserve a kiss,"-..said Baby,
at which, they a41 laughed. .- Tessah, he
really deserve a. big-one foh. helpin stop
dat Arab/Israe4l wear. ....
When they arrived at their destination,
a village some miles out"of Roi~atiu, they
were greeted by their frichd' and her
husband with whom they were siponding .the
day.* Their house was perched on a hill-
side from where they hiad" &b gnificent
view 6f the sea and the- sprawling village
beloVitiem. A- variety of flowers with
ipola k- predQminating bordered the
pathway leading up to the house, At the.'
back of the houae there'wa" a good-sized
vegetable- garden, also a ~owl-ruhi and a
pig-sty where a. sow and her litter were
grunting away. ". -
S"You have averting to hand,"! Baby
observed. "
a-~oept fish.l," theip hostess replied
laughingly, "LS iT. Plenty cooonut-,
water an Sagatelle rur."
'Sj meanmrhile they sat ar~uoid discuss*a
ing'the energy qrisiB and" world confusion
especially the Otate of affairs in
"I: hoard ove* 610 Radio that they
going to .have a spocial- iss" h'Port-of-
Spain for 'he people of Grenada," Ma
Titine told. the -* ... .
"Is" dat X heqh,1'' Baby replied1 "an 4at
man dat leave Gaenata an go.S.h-n Vincen,
say do same tin1g like you Titine..."
"Oh, about having bloodihed there? -
mhat's true lbok what. is 'happening. Even
the Duke of Gloicester's visit is can--,
celled "."
1 "I agree wid de Queen an" dem," Baby
replied. "I only prayin an hqpin' dat
-noting so happen hoah;"." -.. -
Later on they all 3weitfor ia swim. It
was a fine, sumn day and the iwter was
warm and 'lear. They- enjoyed a .gloribus
two hours on the beach and after returning
to the village nd visitiing other friend
it was time to etuirn home. ..Zi-at as thqy
were turning up .the patf .to' Titinie's home,
who should run across thoeim fbt-Andine .
,Luckily, Reuben was a very careful driver,
and with a screech of brakoZe.the car
stopedj to a halt and a nea" dcOideat'. Ws
avoided. 0ox, oo..l


.TBE FUEL CRIISIS (Cone '4): And, who
would dare to. say' that the Uol-'Short-
age couild not have boon avoided;. The
world was on a-& md race, the stronger
growing stronger,-the rich getting richer
on fuel and the weak growing -weaker and
the poor growing poorer. i'spite of fuel.
The Fuel Crisis is a man-made phenome-
na- .calling oh i ankind to stop, think "
and reorganie- justrly, for fuel supplies
as well as other World resources, are
suffioicnt"if only'the world's wealth is
distributed"fairly, instead of being "
squandered by a" fow having too much and
the many, too little IXf the great "
powers can reflect-and see the Ui&l Crisis
-in this. -light.,. be.GAn itold
blessing -to-liumbliiy.t .. ..... -...

ftw that 8ranivaL is full in thOidi ",
one who has -ived ini the past Will, Vo
likely remember the traditional customs
of the Seasoif. 'or 4ome. years.baigner"
(pronounced as the 'rench or patois for
"batha"t) is no longer on the streets of
Roseau during the Shrove days. To all-
appearances, it is discontinued also in
private homes where-party-loving families
.invitedT friends toW eat; .bo .eo .r'
Dimancho- ras-. And why that? It cobild
not be that the" natives have lost fhe
appetite for this lovely fritter or dough-
nut type of-fTood.
Is it"that all the good cooks have :
passed aay? ..
The c&Ustoim came to us from bur Frenhoh
ancestors, of oourse, and is still.largely
held up by our sister islands of Martinique
and Guadeloupe up to this day. -;
Biut we hdve the ingredients locally:
eggs, flour. shgar, spice.* "e mitfure
is fried in-diee.: (cxonla r ?.3)
.. (ITM ghl)- BtAicine wac
yelt24.p oudy anTfiuriously, "Titine,
Titine 1 you see allyou nearly crutshme I
I. doan know wat allyou have wid.n ybu -
know I Allyou havae gas to run bout an
have. bon temps an kill people r SEoe had
fallen o the goi6und in her rumning es-
cape fro the ono6ming cart.and.had cut
herself on the am and leg on some broken
lass- that lay on the roadside. "'Tou soe
oat I" she shoiu.ted rg~ly, wiping-the
blood ff.-hbr., r will aa un you -
Titine, I will ackahun youx4 g goi4to
de- police station an make my epbht''
"Go ahead" "--a M itine sorachaed -after
her. "lhn I m4,ke p report yoii" 'rin ",
be between the devil and the deep bluq
sea. Go ahead I "

T H E-.-" S T A I

S*T*A*R*S*P*O0*R*T*S_ .,... orchriston
Cricket. W.I. ONE'UP '" The last time
the-. West -Indies won a-test match, at home
was in 1965 against Australia." In 1968
our run of bad luck Xwhich seems to have
ended) began, at w*A1sV ome6 Had described
to be our' jinzbd ground Q even's Park
Oval, Trinidad,.at thea hands oof England.
India won there and New -Zealand came
lose to winning. Auntralia won that
oliffhanger after W.I. looked sure of
winning by lunch on''th1e final day,'
Now in 1974, 'it is fitting (and a
little ironiao), that it'-isat the very ,
grounds', Queen'a Park, tat we should
win our first home match.,aganst England,
If then, the atberse of those frustrating
years should chance, we may Onbe again
be world champions.' To the match itself,
the first in the five.mhteh series, and
as: one commentator put- it', we just con-
tinued where we left off at Lords last
Winning the toss-; ahiai""put MC in to
-bat and Keith Boyce, Bernard Wulieh and
Garfiel. Sobers justified iKaihai!s deci4
slon by establishing an- 'orly briak-
_t~'rugh from which MCC' nhver-recovered
and were all out for. 131.- Grieg 37,'
Boyee 4/42, Julien 2/149-~Sbers 2/37,
Gibbs 1/15 and Itshan Ali 1/12.
West Indies, when their turn came,
didn't- find things all thiateasy,' but
Alain Kallicharann compiling his 3rd test
century, held the. innings--together with
158 supported by Julien. 86"h.o. and a
hectic 26 by Boyce..' w-. 'rere all-out
for 392.* England,'iwith.. a-deficit of 261
started magnificently, Amjiss &- ibyoott
(93). putting on 209 for the fixast wicket
and-"another 119 for the"2iid wicket, when
Denness (4l4 was beautifully run out from,
a throw from Kallichar'an way out-on the
boundary. The score: 328/2. --Ten runs
later"the collapse stared, Amiss for a
career 174 and the middle order in quick
succession. They succumbd to the spin
of Sobers and Lance Gibbs who returned
post-lunch figures of 3/15 6ff' 14 overs
and 5/35 off 20 overs respectively. Final
figures: Sobers. 3/54 and Gibbs 6/108.
England 2nd innings score wais identical
to W.I.. 1st innings; V.I. were left with
132 for victory which they di'd for the
loss of 3 wickets.' Fredericks, playing
into .form wan. 65 n.o. -(niet ol. )

F riE.da,- ebru.ry 8 17 4

'Printed & Published by, the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey at Copt- Hall Mill House at
26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West. Indies

Pp.~ge Toly01V

Madam, .
I think it is high time that Bus Stops
.be put up in certain' areas in the State.
I cannot really say who should be respon-
sible for this improvement. Perhaps not
the police dept., but rat er the Bus
Drivers Association. Driving through th6
capital for a day is already so tir6some,
saying to stop" at" every !$TOP' sign.,
imposing on brakes, losing time and more
so, suffering under the g1pl crisis strain.
Leaving town for the northward or- south-
ward bound, it is necessary that Bus'Stop
signs be 'put up at certain distances, say
about a quarter mile'apart, where 'pass-
engers-to-be'y-iuculd wait 'when they -know
the approaching hour is nAar.
The bus-driver, kniowing the stops and
seeing people waiting, stops, and collects.
Small hamlets'like Tarroeu need have only
one bus stop sign about; midway; while
villages and so oh could have about three
or four stops.' Dfivers 9puld refuse to
stop at random, -except for a sick man or
a cripple' and at times tq unload luggage.
near doorsteps.. .... HUGH~AWPITCE, Roseau

...The round balls often".'ake on two little
horns with the hot oil 4. ad that is wh~r,
they say, our '.English friends call them
devils. After" consulting .one of two of
the older folks who always adhered to
baigner making and eating, I now take
the pleasure ai'nd pride in passing on the
knowledge .gathered. to the young generation;
Full recipe noit wook. AY CHRISTIAN
STARSPORTS'Conc3l.) ..An also struggling
uh'ai slamdn n.". to see "T7.I. to

LOCAL LEAGUE: Spartans, continued theiz
winning stre~ when they defeated Coltic
United' by 5 wickets over, last, weekend.
Scores in that match iIwere: Celtic U.
46 & 136, Charles Marie 62.' Grayson
Shillingford'5/15 & 3/42. D.Abraham 4/21
& 4/39 and_"G.Lafond 3/270
Spartans:' 96 & 87-/5. G.Williams 24,
C.John 22 &' 54 and J.FPautin 27.. 'oy-
Celtic Ut E; Jarvis 2/19 & 2/29, J.Joseph
3/21 & 1/29, E.Anthony 2/12 & 1/25 and
H.John Baptiste 2/8 & 1/8'.

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