Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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I22^ anjsor ove./^ .

saaa mm^ emVm y |
Mb<^<^i~ ^r


Friday December 7, 1973

There is a crisis no the affairs of men but in
Dominica the crisis is worse compounded by
the abysmal ignorance of the Leblanc Govero.
ment, who appear unaware of the larger issues
andh.ave. many. months before the crisis was
vomrld wide, devoted theur energies to persecu-
ting civil servants, controlling village councils
and driving essenna!. commodities off the mar-
ket by making therr. uneconomical for the met-
;l.;'e to purchase in bulk with price-fixing.
:',rd-, of gasoline and other fuels could have
been bunk up, brown s-igar, toilet paper and
eggs need never nave been ip short supply and
.he e:gst of essential impor(ed protein goods
i:,druced by cutting duties 4pd other customer
*. a .." Whrt a ,e g. veMerper doing now? -
UOTHING cut oArimal vii'ying of those
.-want-. to :ee Dominica, rir. by -intelligent'
experictced people..
..CWluded on PWj t

Xe hope our readers and friends will not be
'p''ted it the lack of personal Christmas
cards from tu this year.
A depress;ire Governmaent, world fuel crisis,
world newsp:rint paper shortage acd other
.iUe. local mishaps have combined to make
tlis the worst Christmas we have ever anticipated.

Secondary Schoio eandin
up wAth two 0 ?"ek, unale
to co ndruct popr cngfish
niti;owes, is noW t ducoia n.
it is.m l$ a w $ste c4 the

~.__- _Wilam DPema


Head i

z e rFomign and ----f
Cemosonwealth Office,
Owras Development fw
Adfanistradon, has has for
immounced the appoint months to
amMt of Sir Bruce part of th
Greaotltcb, K.C.V.O.. directly
CMG.. M.BE. until
meeently Governor of Conserv
the Seychells. to Fuel
Oscceed Mr. J.E. Red-,
all as Head of the
EBritish Development
Division in the Carib j
bean. Sir Bruce will "j
ta in February 97 point
mnt in February 1974,


".SI .

e1tamed crtaias
e word is sMow
affectiag alL


Notning .here -

not even
for rats

~IPv~a ~So~ika 7orhaaa


Sixty-five overdue subscriptions
dre still o4titanding, totalling S 5oo.oo!
and 6 are individual Dominicans, ii
are. Government Depar-m-ats and 18
overseas subs, 'these total -7oo.oo,
.mtxy postage



Page TJ I .

Dominica is in travail, :.and the younger obstetrician' standing by
for the ultimate delivery is the Movement for a New Domifica. The sen-
ior is, of course, the Freedom Party: and make no mistake" that Party
still has a strong hold on the loyalty of a big section oi the community,
spread far and wide. But today I am not discussing the forceps of Free-
dom (kept surgically clean) but the latest bulletin tTWAVAY' of the MND.
This 'organ' as they call it is now 15 cents, like the NEW CHROiAICLE.
And the November issue is worth every cent of it. Although Radio D/ea
featured the article on Christianity which, although containing any re-
statements, is thoughtful and non-vituperative and ends o, a note of ,
reason ..."MND states her willingness to dialogue with the local churches"
...the really important material in this number is the front page article ..
By quoting from platform speeches at a recent Labour Partye--tnagy-,-
the article, which takes up the whole of p.2, cites chapter ad verse of
the ex-Deputy Premier and present Deputy Premier's horrible and warning
exhortations to the listening public, such as (Armour): "I/believe, to
be in politics 'in a developing country now, you need to/be a small
Dictator... And if we- are going to rule we will have to rule with an
iron hand ... I an no longer a Minister but I am sure that what I am
saying all the Ministers agree with me but they probably cannot move
forward as fast as they want to move forward because you, the public,
do not understand and until you understand and back them up when
Savarin comes in the street with 200 fellas you have to put 400 fellas
and Adrive them off the damn str e ets. ... Labour Party Oipporters are
not militant enough'..You need to support stronger political action on
behalf of the Labour Party and we will come to you and tell you h we
mean political action..."
TWAVAY eonnments: 'The message is clear. Hon R.O.P. Armour in clear,
frank, simple,straightforward and unambiguous language istalling on the
Labour Party Government to establish a dictatorship in Dom nica -- a
fascist government.' And 1, John Spector entirely agree iw"th that comment.
TWAVAY then quotes Mr. Patrick John (while acting PreiSer during Mr.
LeBlanc's visit to France), who referred to non-supporter9 of the Govern-
ment in these words: "Such people who damage the image of Dominica they
have no use and such people should be burnt like in the 91d days when
they burnt the witches, because they are living witches when they try to
condemn our Country..." And the MND organ asks: 'Who, therefore, is
preaching, advocating and planning VIOLENCE in this county? Is it a
Third Force? Is it not Ronald Armour and Patrick John? ,Who is calling
for the destruction of all opposition? Who therefore is planning a ONE-
PARTY STATE?' ... Writing ironically, the commentator ePpects the Hon. ..-
Premier to move another resolution similar to the one P.R.John spent :over
an hour on (Thurs.July 19, 1973) quoting outdated textbooks on communistig
violence -- but this time condemning John and Armour for inciting their
supporters to resort to violence.
Finally 'TWAWAY' presses the Freedom Party to move a resolution at
the next sitting of the House (Dec.18th, to my knowledge), condemning
the Dominica Labour Party politicians, R.Armour and P.John, for planning
to unleash bloody violence --- burning & street-fighting -- in Dominica.
I have seen a draft resolution by Freedom deploring this fantastic
use of language by leading members of the Government, but whether the
Speaker (who has already rejected Freedom members' resolutions out of
hand, such as the one on Customs Officers), will ever let this one reach
the Order Paper, is another question. So while I appreciate MND's strong
.stand on the alarming proclivites of Government Ministers, I hope they
will not go around shouting "Zor tout s6 meme'". It would be most unfair.


Pridav December 7 1975

fH E ,. S R P- h. 9
Fiction: MA TITINE Cynthia Watt CANDID COInINTS ... by W.S. Stevens
While walking up Castle Street. wilh Complaints have been widespread
Genelia, Bqby whistled under her that promiscuous aerial spraying of
breath "Whee-ee' Genelia, well dat bananas destroys vegetables in this
ennogy crisis have dem stuck! Look State.
trucks an qars papae" She pointed The Agricultural Department in the
to the stalled vehicles queltng at North and Il.East categorically denies
the gas station. Her eye caught that such spraying materially affects
sight of some in the 'inner bracket', vegetables, (*) basing its attitude
She giggle. "He-hee! Dat good foh on science', and has a particular agric.
dem.Wid all deir money dey have to officer going around to tell vegetable-
wait like everybody else and get de growers that the stuff used in spraying
same amount too...Les go at Titine:" is harmless and that the disease which
Hugging their slack shopping bags destroys vegetables is in the soil.
the ladies stepped gingerly between Aerial spraying was carried out in
the parked vehicles and oncoming cars. the Giraudel Area, the section in Dom-
"Dey not even giving a sign, "grum- inica which produces the most and best
bled Baby."Jus coming on you braam, vegetables. Giraudel complained and the
den dey blowin deir horn.I glad gas spraying was'stopped there.
ration now so dey can't run roun." In N. & N-E districts the spraying
They met Titine in a flurry of continues with a vengeance.From Vieille
powder,perfume and deodorant spray. Case to Salybia vegetable growing has
"Where you off to?"asked Genelia. practically ceased. A teacher at the'
"You mean to tell me you forget Londond'erry Youth Camp assured me that
today the Court of Appeal will give since aerial spraying, it had not been
decision on de State of Mergency possible to produce-vegetables; that
-case over C3A and all that...?" And was some time ago. Wow the Campers are
Genelia gasped: "I forgot." Baby growing vegetables but their area is
looked crestfallen not sprayed. In fact there are few ban-
"It's n6t too late..*Put do m ana plots on the Campus. So why de-
your bags and fix yourself up in ceive the public? Hypocritical Agricul-
the bathroopi...your dresses are ok" tural Officers speak of diversification
yesterday the Judges were arguing of crops and producing local foods.Yet
whether what's past is-past and the these very officers may be' destroying
matter dead,..academic, that's what the foods vital fo human beings ,esec-
...I don't know if they mean justice ially children. Since the banana in-
is academic like UWI,...," dusty was ;wickedly taken over by t-he
"My," exclaimed Genelia. "You- do LeBlanc'-ovt., farmers are deprived of
talk a nice brand of English now, i the right to decide their own problems.
Titine, fancy your getting all that :Bananas MIUJST be sprayed -- but cer-
in your hea.:" tainly not at the e:rpense of people 's
"What's past is past but what food. But the Premier and his satellites
about futchah." added Baby shrewdly, seem hard-boiled. They do not care, and
"We'll soon know the answer, "said he has fully established the biblical
Titine. But Baby drew back. "I have truth that the Ethiopian cannot: change
to sorch for a bottle kerosene all his skin nor the leopard his spots.-
ovah de tong. I'll heah de verdick Aerial spraying should be carried
on de radio...even if I mus wait on- out only on large banana plantations
till BIG A ketch up wid de news." far from villages and peasant holdings.
As the other two walked up the This is'simple commonsense & socialJutke.
Court House steps, she fired a last True, lancemen spraying for the small.

shot: "Aye-Wye but I didn heah hoeldsn require thorough supervision.
nothing abopt the CSA meeting ovah Does the Leaf Spot. Chief concern him-
nothing a oAt the CSA meeting ovah self with his specific job of control-
BIG A. Wonger why Nevvah mine, I ling banana disease? (Concluded on p.8)
glad Papa Dee is elected President T.--
ofSA." The writer does not discriminate
A woman on the sidewalk grinned between ground provisions and green
at Baby."See how Guvment trouble end?" bleon the AgricDet also vague.sore?

Paae Three


Page Four T H E S T A R FridayDecember 7, 1973
Ma.^L Reading the Editorial of the Wednesday December 5th edition of the
Educator-against the background of the Radio Domihic4 I.20 p.m. newscast of the'
same day,s leaves one completely disgusted with the b.aelessness, the dishonesty,
the maliciousness of the ruling Labour Party.,
When a commentator signing "E.H.Francis" states' on the question of Salaries
Revision that "It is noteworthy that it was the Government who initiated discus-
sion on the subject or rather attempted to do so", i he really serious? Doesn't
the writer know: That as early as May 1973 the C.S.A, made a request for a
'Revision of Salaries in 1973' ?
- That after first turning down the C.S.A.'s request because of the 'economic
situation', Government, as a result of further representation from the-C.S.A.,
appointed a two-man committee consisting of the Chie f establishment Officer and
the Financial Secretary to"go into the matter? ...That the said committee failed
to meet with the CSA following a request from the CSA for..a meeting on 7th June
1973? What does Mr. Francis' mean therefore by "it is noteworthy that it was Gov-
ernment who initiated discussions"? I wish to refer the writer and those who
think like him to the Civil Service Association Viewpoint of Friday 16th ITovem-
ber 1973 for confirmation of My information.
Immediately on the heels of this untruth, the writer continues: "Well it is
now public knowledge that almost six months ago the Government requbsted propo.-
sals from the CSA seeking to have their views and recommendations on the qAestion
of Salaries Revision. To this dates. as information from Government 0eVeals, the-
CSA has failed to comply" with that request."
Even Mr. Francisrs mathematics cannot make Octpobr'2nd to December 5'hh six
months it looks more like two months and 3 days to 'e. It was on October'2nd,
1973, the very day that the Civil Service Act was rushed through the Hduse, that
the Chief Establishment'Officer invited the C.S.A. to submit proposals for a Sal-
aries Revision. October 2nd and not six months ago .
Then too Mr. Francis must know that on November 1th the CGS*A. requested a
Cost of Living Allowance for 1973 and asked that negotiations be entered into
with a view to "its early implementation in 1974", Tii C.S.A. further offered to
bargain away its claims for back pay in 1973 in favob r'f a Cost of Living Allow-
ance of $50.00 a moth for all public officers., Further, the 1..20 newscast over
590 on Weds. December 5th stated that the C.SA.' had-',1 Monday December 3rd-sub-
'mitted its proposals for a-Salaries RevieW. Sd why al' the misinformation from
the Editor of the Educator? All of this of course:iis just a build-up for the
real 'comments' which Mr.' Francis wishes to make, and 'a few paragraphs later
after criticising .the CSA for requesting a Cost' of LiiVng Allowance for 1973,he
writes; '"Very -reluctantly" therefore, I am forced to' come to the conclusion that
the motive is quite obviously POLITICS". According to' the CSA Press Statement of
Saturday 1st December, the 'Political Bogey' allover againI
Well I have looked at the GSA proposals. H6w 6 Government or any of its
henchmen can say that in asking for a Cost of Living A4lowance for 1973 the CSA'
is playing politics beats me. Since the CSA made its application in May of' 1973,
new salaries would have"to be retroactive from Janua y'1973. It means that'ac-'
cording to the CSA proposals top Civil Service posts Eill' b, entitled to $3,000.00
back pay for 1973. and those'at the very bottom $1,532p90 that is, in back pay
al6ne. The C.S.A. is shying'that instead of giving mom $3,000 public 'officers
$3,000 back pay and others $1,320, give everybody $600,00 Cost of Living -Allow-
ance for 1973 and let's pay new salaries from Januay" 1974o.
The Educator & Co'. call this playing politics. Tp~my mind the C.S.A. is try-
ing to help its membeis- aid to help Government at 'tie' same time. But perhaps
those in 'Top Management' want their $3,000.00 after all', and neither Mr.Francis
nor the Government Iinisters are clever enough to se 'a -break when they get one.
IEW CSA EXECUTIVE: Pres. .Daniel Caudeiron;V/Pres. John.Alodxis;Gen.Sec. C.Savarin;
Three Asst.Secsi Roma LaurentReginal Elie,Norman Letang.Treas: Milton Green;
Ass .T rehs: Ralph SElwin ; 4 Committee members (names i reek).

F,*dy imavk.t ffwse 973TH SARPg

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Announce the Arrival


of the
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Barrels cf 100oo lbs.

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TILE 'BY REGISTRATION ACT. of ,i)1ilcation for Cerclficate of Tide and Notints
Sereo sa nd Caea4t for week and: 8th day of December 19731
(hvte Requeted Pon Presentlng Nature of request wheth-
er a Certifitate of Title Of
Notingj chereon or Caveat.
suest date6 j'arjbelle Ber- Appfirtion of Cari-
A1 2 73 q~dine Cyprien beile. cernadine Cy-
Presented iy hir Solicitor priern fcr the issue of
12 73 M. Eugenia a first certificate of
it 11 a.m Charle) title in respect of a
"--" portion of I a n d
know!i as a Lot at
:Lagon) in the Parish
of St. John containing
34.593 0 square feet
and bounded as foi-
North By Gutter Ravine. South By Lands of Ernest Pascal
Easc 3 the F"oirt y yo the Roman Cathohc Church;
Sou ',-West '3v Lpnd- c' R.A.GQrawav and Public Road.
fIlxtrar's Wks. EPIRAIM F. GEORGES
S'esu. iominica. Actiat Registrar of Titles
NOTE:- Any person who desires to object to tke loue of al
First Certtifcate of Title in the above application may enter s
Caveat In the above Office wkthln six weeks from the date aof
hNe first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
ubiished in this State or from the date when the notice prt.
cribed by law was served on any owner or occupier cf adjoining
.ind to respect of which tht application it mad.


and value


*pW~ ~..i'. ~ *.

.~. ;:-~

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wines.Which accounts torV\s fine quality.
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itRs o 1 I

I II z

Pace Fiw



PaeSix -T HE .. S T A R Friday, December 7 197 ___
TO BE SOLD PURSUANT to an-Order made by the Honourable Xt.Justice Renwick in
Chambers on the 26th day of Webruary,q 1973 in Suit No.100 of 1969
Between The Dominica Go-operative Bank Limited Plaintiff
Nathaniel Christmas Defendant
UPON the application of the above-named Plaintiff for Sale of the Defendants
land under Sction 4 of the JuTdgment Act, at'Public Auction"by the Provost MaNshal
of Dominioa, at the Registry, Victoria Street, Roseau, on Monday the 17th day of
December, 1973 at 10 a.m. .
A certain portion of Crowh Lands situate in the Parish of St-Andrew in the
'Colony of Dominica .containing 4.5 acres and bounded as follow- Cr9.
North: Grown Lands, West.- Enock Christmas, jbuth4t-Grown- Lands: R& viere LaC.
Particulars and conditions of Sale may be obtained of Mi6 s M.N genia. Charles
of Ghambera, Old Street, Roseau, Dominica, the Solicitor having the carriage of.
the Sale at the place of the Sale,
Dated this. 8th day of November, 1973.
E.P. Georgos
41-2/2 R ... -. OVOST M1=A
TO BE SOLD PURSUANT to-an.-Orde6 made by the Honourable Nr.Justice Renwick in
Chambers on the 18th day of April, 1973 in Suit No..17 of 1962
E The: Dominica. Co-operative Bank Limited Plaintiff
Luther Boland. and Lionel Laville Defendants:
UPON the application of the abdve-named plaintiff for S-ae of the Defendants'
land under Section 4 of the Judgements Act, Cap 10 at Public Auction by the
Registrar of Dominica, at the"Registry, Victoria Street, Roseau on Monday the 17th
day of December, 1973 at-10 a.m.
That portion of land in the'parish of St.Andrew in the Colony of Dominica"-.
containing 4 acres 3 roods 7 perches- and bounced as .follbios: On the North,
South, East and West by GCrown Lands, registered in Volume. Z folio 20 ...
Particulars and conditions of Sale may be obtained of Misa M.Eugenia. Charles
of Chambers, Old Street,-Roseau, Dominica, the Solicitor having the carriage of
the Sale and at the place of Sale.
Dated this 8th day of .November, 1973 '

Resolution passed at the CCC Inauguration held in Jamaica.:-
"Whereas the Caribbean Conference of Churches is concerned with the overall
development of the whole Caribbean; and whereas there is a deep concern about the
development of the individual and the family as well as the area.and whereas it has
come to the attention of this body at it? Inaugural Assembly which opened on Novem-
ber 13, 1973, that there is legislation being proposed to legalise gambling in the"
territory of the U.S Virgin" Islands; and whereas, experience in other places has.
shown that the material gain.apparently generated by'this form of activity has-been
offset by the decay in family strength, moral values, and the development or in-
crease of corruption and criminal activity in such areas; therefore be it resolved
that the CCC regard it as a grave and lasting error for such legislation to be en-
acted in your territory, and further that we urge you to act expeditiously to re-
ject this legislation and also to act decisively, to forestall any further activity
aimed at legalizing gambling in your territory. + Done in the'iname of Our Lord,
Jesus Christ, at Kingston. Janrdi6

TO BE SOLD PURSUANT o an Order mLe by t Honuate Mr. Justi Remwik in Chbm
bern on the 26th day of rC4wyJ, 1973 in Suk Nog I2 of 1967
The Domiica Co-pevz.: Bnk Limied Plaiaff
Boart St Aimie
Bel ae Robinson Defendans
Upon thie pplicatiom of the above-named Plaintiff for Sale of the first maed De
fendant's land under Sectio 4 of tihe Judgment Act, At Public Auction by the Provost Ma ai of
Domitic, at the Registry Victoria Street Roseau on Moad. the ryth day of December Jon at

A 'ort.rn of tend sEtwate at Champarn* Woodford Hill in the Parish of St, Andrew i% the Coteey
of Dominica cmntaIing acres $425 snd bounded as follows:- On the North and South-West: by
find of Mrs, Edwd Carbon:- On the So"uhr-Est: by lands of Francis Benjamiin
Particulars rn, conditions of Sale may be obtained of Miss M.
Eugenia Charles of Chambers, Old Street, Roseau, Dominica, the solicitor having
the carnage of the Sile and at the place of Sale.
Dated this 8th day, of Nowa ne-, 973,, .EF. jGeB,

TO BE SOLD PURSUANT m an Order made by the Honourable Mr. lJttice Rmwio an the
271th day of Novewmber, 1973 in Suitr No. x86 of 197x
BetweenThe Dominica Co-operative Bank Limited Plaintif

Materlyne Labad Defendant
Upon the applicatiort of the abowe-.named Plaintiff for Sale of the Defendants
land under Sectaih 4 af the Judgmetas Aot, Capto at Public Auction by the Registrar of Do i,
nica, at the Registry Victoria S;-reet Roseau at lflo:lock on Friday the .2st day of December 1973
A Porpon of land kiown as lot' .960 situate it the Pottersville Housint Shem e in the Parish of St
Georg containirng 1800 siquae fn rid bounded at faiews- North-East by Leblane Lan*w
Norrh-West: By im c%61, South-West: by lot 5.945, South.EaStr- By lot 5.59
Particulars tnd conditions of Sale may be obtained of MissM.
Eugenia Charles of'Chambers, Old Street, Roseau, Dominica, the solicitor having
the carriage of the Sale and a- the place of Sale.
Dated this 29th day of November, 1973. .E.F. GeM .,
'"I *~ 4. /i ____.___ [TO^ lll_MC: .... _............._"___

A Furnished three-bedroomed hoe at
Phone Mrs. Harris n after 4 p.m.


$26.00 EACH
18% LY0-.-IV- As.end a

Friday. Dacemhe I L- .';<

0*: TAi

Friday,December 7., 1973

*S * A *RS *P*0O*R*T*S ... Morchristbn
The Popham Football Tournament came
to a premature end with.the departure
of the St.Vincent team from Dominica
back to their homeland without' going-
on to play Grenada in the final match
in Grenada especially as the champion-
ship was already decided in their fav-
our after their love-all draw in Domin-
ica which ended in catastrophe when
they should have been jubilant. This
came about because as football enthusi-
asts here claimed, rugged play against
our team on their aW'y -matches -6t1lly
climaxed with Dominicans taking things.
into their own hands. -
Ehns here were determined to have
some form of revenge, thinking our team
played- the Vineies too easy in last
Friday's match| so when the"game ended
without Dominica scoring one vital goa3
all hell broke loose.
One could never have thought thht
.Dominicans were so bloodthirsty -cheer-
ing our boys on numerous occasions for
dirty play. The Eastern section of the.
crowd would run onto the -field praising
the offending' players The Stc.:Lhcian
referee (a lone man away. from home with-
out backers) could not do"his job with-
out fear of personal injury to himself,
so failed to put off the field'the
offending players. But as soon as the
.match came to an earlier'-than -antici-
pated end due to stoppages beyond the
referee, the largg Eastern section of
the crowd came in one surging mass
directed at the Vincentians, who were
collecting their gear at-the stands on
the Western side of the playing area
seconds. later to my surprise (standing
on the North-western side' of the field
just in front of the basketball' court)
IX saw the red of the Vincies, the grey
of the police officers shirts and up-
raised chairs to protect heads,directed
in one mad rush to the main exit at the
Windsor Bark, closely followed by a
determined Dominican crowd. Stones and
bottles were thrown at the'Vincentians
and there was talk that some policemen
got struck.
One wonders what will happen to the
Popham Tournament after only its first
year of. a home and away match for every
team, which everyone looked forward to.
It nowi seems that open war has been

Not He is pnerally engaged in repeat-
ing himself .'t village council functions
while aerial spraying helps to swell the
banana debt, Meanwhile the Banana Indus-
try is managed by a dictatorial Govt. ;
the Banana 3,R.O. puts an iron muzzle on
the mouths of meh and women who toil and
sweat in th~t industry. I suggest an in-
quiry into complaints that aerial spray-
ing destroys essential foods, adversely
affectin- tlih health of many inhabitants.

A Pc -4 e eV
NEGATIVE 4 o~1OUBIE.PE is in-a, positive
way of bring-ng Black~hchine4 Jeune Etoile.
Sijfleur Momtgrine, South Stars Steel,
Kubuli and B1lizier dancers, Evo, Arcadians
and CHRIS. SEAPHIME in a. gala. concert
TONIGHT...Yo. can't afford to miss it when
spotlight.. ,Sunday with Jeune Etoile at
GbODWILL -PARSH HALL. .No.40 "I" heard. -
"you'...So avoid getting mixed up for I 1LZ.
BEAR WITNESS On behalf of any BITCH or. DOG
against "youhs. "Oh, friends...Is. den dey
go know "relem" pronouncedd "LM") "
Those sa pepeople are the only ones who
are doing, .planning and thinking. The STAR
has interesting material, well worth pu1b-
lishing, frV' -"X.A.I.C., Castle Bruce Tain-
ers Co-oper Itive, Salisbury Livewire ahn
many other i'- king intelligent organisa-.
tions. AI with the shortage oi'news -
print, the I.tor- cannot print theag.
-atost from ',.Z C. is a planning baxft
for import susti'tution of essential food-
stuffs; also ,he energy-use of our thermal
resources. Unlike'the many Labour-loyal
muddle-hoadbd Porn. Soos. who 'advise'
government, thero-in D-rA.I.C. and other
bodies (the -,;IT.D. in Twavay could give the
Perm. Sees. pome points too 1) are sano and
sensible vie -g democratically debated and
arrived at.'. ..
How Long, 9 Lord, Eow Long? I
istors' incitement to violence: the Mov'd-
ment for a Hob Dominica has wrtt.en Mr.
LoBlanc aslkn ; him to.implomont his July
17 Resolution against- violence passed in
the House unanimously, by coming out
openly in rd6pdiation of the inflammatory
statements made by two Ministers at a
Roseau o6etinC (-se John Spoctor,pag_2.).
Prit-ed &..rJ1tshc by tho Irojioor,
Robort-EAllfroy of Mill oaseo, Copt. 'Ha1
at 26 Bath Road, Rosoau, Dominioa. W.I.

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