Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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-. "*

%.`Q X.j18 Editor PHYLLIS S ..*.
,,-, '" '^ c% i^ *' ...^ a _ ,

' 'e XV ]] No, 18 E:r PH L I S


L~~ ~ no naMIfiifse h
\ ^S^ ae gaS' sffmr

Mkhi 434r" &Rt from
-mng asowt

Friday; N!.whw22,9l73

The Great C.S.A.Raly Nov. 3rd.

^ *aia^-.~~~ .^Ae^-^f-A>

People gad from verandas asi
they do during Carnival: it was
quite specsacular over 3,000
metabers n :Criends of the CJA
winding th4ir way through Loseau.

The PremieV flew to Partls last
week, to t4ik culture and aid
with Frenrci officials & d~epuths.
* A well-alterded Labour Party
meeting i^ Lagon wae treated to
slabs of dfrty innuendo about
'the Sovermpent's enemies'. **
Freedom meptlrg the next night,
Friday. chaired by Runert Sor-
haindo, &rew a fair crowd but
'"De Boys & Dem's" St.Oecilila
Day musicale at Peebles Pafk was
a counter-d>aw. *** Tropicraf ts
display IS or. daily until Dec.
22 (9 am-2 pm, 3.30-530 erm). It
is'certai:l.:7 worth a visit ****

r i m IlI I L, : I -. mJ m ,q ,

(Page 8 )

Rev. Potter Flies to Sick Mother

r POTTER, general icretary
of the World Council of ChurcheI
After his tremendous key *ermon at The
Caribbean Council of Churches inaugu-
ration,-.Rev. Philip Potter and his wife
Doreen flew from Jamaica to see Philip's
well loved Mother, who was taken to the
Hospital on Monday last.
The C.C.C.opening marked a great ad-
vance in regional Christian unity.

was returned
unopposed .
at Roseau
Town Council


this week.- -

Page Two T H E 3 T AR Friday. November 25'3 1975
UNMANNER LY C 0 N DUCT . . . John Spector *
I was: interested in Parry Bellot's article in last week's Chronicle,
which highlighted the lack of talent in the ranks of Lebland' s Party. To
this I would add that it is doubtless due to the unattractive personalities
of the better educated members of the hierarchy of Labour, (the back-bench-
ers have no personalities to be unattractive). The crude rh6puis on the
platform, parallelled by the personal remarks in the House of Assembly dir-
ected against the Opposition (nd unchecked by the Speaker) 8"r symptomatic
of the degraded human material at the disposal of the Labour party. The
Speaker in an ~9~here for a two-fold purpose firstly to see that debate
is maintained on a level consonant with the dignity which should, by tradi-
tion, be inherent in a legislative body; secondly to keep the debate within
the bounds of the formulated rules (Standing Orders) and prevent members
straying from the point at issue and wasting the time of the louse. The
present incumbent here of that high position appears to consider that his
duty is to harass the Opposition and curtail their speeches, ii any way he
likes regardless of "order".
The mgpuis from street platforms: has the effect of alienating for ever
the person who is being 'mal-parlayed'l No person with any, pride could ever
again consort with a person who stands up and publicly makes vile, vicious
and untruthful personal statements about them purely for political advantage;
attack the other man's policies or political beliefs as much as, can be, but
the sheer bad taste of character assassination merely boomerangs against the
speaker and eventually rots any integrity that person ever h44. As. is
proven over and over again the law of slander is no protectjdp for the v4c-
-tim, and a slander case often merely compounds the wrong against the com-
plainant. Our poor Dominica has been-brought to an all time low by the
resulting lack 'of normal good manners, arrogance and ignorancP together, and
complete lack of political principle or administrative ability.
This is exemplified by the "findings" of the Boundaries Commission, which
would have a seat in-the House of Assembly for every thousand voters. With
the over-18's, when'enumerated, Dominica should have some 36,000 voters.
In a recent by-election in Britain.Liberals took the seat of Berwick-on-'
Tweed by 57 votes, out of 39.000 cast. One member to 39,OOQ Voters. The
Boundaries Commission consisted of the Speaker as Chairman, two' Government
Party members and two Opposition Party members (S.Lestrade a6d M.Sorhaindo)*.
Contrary to a. statement in Twavay the Opposition opposed th@ increase of
members from 11 to 21 (in a minority report) on the grounds of expense and
over-representation. The Boundaries Report was slapped on the table of the
House but not debated. Trinidad and Tobago's lower House ha a represent-
ation of around 80.000 per member: the radical organisation' fTapia" this
week came out with a. strong plea to increase representation t0 one member
for every 10.000 voters (doubling the size of the lower chamber). It makes
one wonder'. And, as the New Chronicle points out, with the peor human
material at the disposal of .the present ruling party, how are they going to
assemble any more candidates of better calibre than the existing 'zombies'-?
More 1971 AUDIT 2~CTOT; Att'n Inland Rovenue Dept. Clause 61 "On the authorization
of th'e l ster of Einance arrears of Income ? totalling $8,957, 84 wero'written
off during.' the year. lhis-brings..the total write-off to date to S3*l058.83."
Clause 102 Police Traing Allqwancc (Min. of H.oir Affairs) "Tho amount voted for
was 14,599, however, -'6b,600 was quoted as savings. In addition $24442 was socnt
from the already depleted vote. This further illustrates the serieu4 lapse.'in
control. of expenditure by the Ministry." Clause 41 Sundry_ Doqsit $1, 961.743.62
As was the case in *thb previous year, a number of acc6 ntstar"b n debit The
abcve balance incluadas 5 accounts in debit totalling 'T',554,055.84, The most out-
standing'are the fo6 iliing:- P.W.D. Hire Account 460 823.65'' Central Water Authqr-
ity $905,690.70; Centra.l Housing and Planning Authority $29,193.56; P.S. Agriculture
Lands and Co-operatives $192,314.06. .

9!ag A- 3 R Fia Novombn 24, 1W3.

Comment by W.SS tbvns,. -
This is last we*6i.eiid's n6wss Prem-
ier LoBlanp,IMinisteo 'Etetnne, Att.Gon.
Austin and Porm.gec.Arlington Riviere
took off lpst week-end for Paris, re-
portedly tp discuss trade, obtain aid,
exchange cultural relations etc.
When Lord Moyne vidit6edthe Carib-
bean regioti for the 1938-39 Royal
Commission, he sailed from Dominica to
the two Frpnch Colonies to see why Dom-
inica (lying between'then) was so back-
ward in all respects. The Royal Commis-
sion Report set out clearly recommend-
ations to put Dominica 6n its feet ec-
onomically .and socially.
I hope that the Freich. authorities
who will treat with N1r.LeBlanc and his
delegation will question the latter
seriously pn present economic condit-
ions in Dopinica. Those authoritiesmay
not be told that up till how .(with a
banana industry over 25 years old)
Dohminica ip hopelessly without feeder
roads; that our social services are on
the decline; that nothing is done to
cope with increasing"unemplo yment,and.
that bad spiteful laws Khd measures to
make Dominicans miserable depriving
them of their freedoms, rights and
Privileges '- are too radny- and frequent,
In short, will the U.K, Government
stop making grants to the local Domin-
ica Goverrment just to discriminate
against Dominicans? It is easy to ham
a Commissioner residing here not only
to vet requests for grants, but to see
that the grants are'distributed fairly
and justly instead of being used to
placate and facilitate 'Mr.LeBlancs
unprincipled supporters and to. depress
and spite the many who cannot share
his views, Feeder roads, water services
schools, hospitals etc. are instances.
Taxpayers may have to. send a delegation
to Britain and to the United- 'Nations
on the iniquitous practices of the
LeBlanc regime.
BA7A= MEDLEY: Farmiors just don't
know what's happening in the Banana
Industry.,A gentleman like Mr. van
Geest visited Dominica last week-end
and Radio Dominica said not a word on
his visit. True, no conscientious ba-
nana farmer wants to discuss any mat-
ter affecting bananas with Mr van
Goest. ; .. .
* See 'SHAKESPEARE, Henry V.
(This article concluded on page 8)

From since the opening of the New
Roseau Market I noticed that the people
who live in River Sank and Zining Lane
have to close their windows and their
doors during their lunchtime hours:,'be-
cause if they were bo oat with their win-
dows and thcir' dbors open they would end"
up eating dust, sand and their food. -.
Madam, the reason why I.say from since'
the opening of the Market is because there.
was never a continual flow of traffic in
those streets as it is today before the
opening of'the Market.
I am inviting the public to walk along
River Bank from thedhew bridge to the
market, Hanover Striot and Laing Lane on
a dry dby, excluding Sunday, with a. clean
white dross'to see how black or dirty
your dress would got ifter your walk.,
With the flow of traffic as it's today ..
in the above-mentioned streets, I compare
vehicles passing- -in Rivor Bank or Xaing
Lane with a War 'Tink passing in the Sahara
Desert full speed. I'am convinced that .
more dust and sand Would be raised in the
above-mentioned"sti'et and lane -
Inasmuch Government is unconcerned.
about the pitching-of those streets, I am
asking the Ni ister for Gommunicatidis &
Works, What are your Ministryts. plans at -
hand or in future for the betterment of
those streets? -
If nothing can 5~. said, I would like
to advise the Ministbr to rename the
streets referred .to as followst-
-....- LVIi. ERAuCIS;, Rier" St.
_' __ Roseau
I see that the-G.PU. -is building a. new
place at Palm Grove. I. hope that the .
bridge near by will hot break up visitors'
cars. It"is the worst bridge in Dominica.-
I ever sawl Governmoht can fix other
bridges but-that one "is always badly
repaired. It is a trap .
.. TRUCK -DRIVER, Rosaau .*

WEST IfDIAh.S: Commander Peter I.arshall,
new HIIed"of Lohdon's Community Relations
Branch, was guest of honour at a reception
held by-members of the S.London West In-
dian Assn. in a Pub. managed by a Jamaican
- Mr. George Berry. Six senior officers
came with him, afterwards joined by other
Police Officers based in S.London and 200
.1 ir "T I *****

Rage TIMKo

Page Four T II E S T-.A,R. Friday, ItQvember 23, 197- .
RAD I O G. .I, -S,. .by D.C. Fiction I'1. T.ITINE Cynthia Watt
IAm the salesman, I replaced the 'BIG' one, "Baby I "-burst put Genelia un-
Who tried 'hard to. show it--could. be done, happily, -'Ancine has one story going
Well problems', the folks won't advertise, around about Titine."
they'd rather give it-to-the GIANT guys. She seated herself and patting
I'm the-technician who doesn't have a- care her face with a tipaue napkin, burst
So long as wetre Still ON-TIE AI ; out again -hotly.
"I'ts a damn shame I I am certain
Aside from breakdown, I do my best Ttine uda shnever thing liker
4 m T Titine would never do a. thing like
to avoid editing the -G.IS. that. It"s so ong since Ancine and.
Itm schools' broadcaster, two years qualified herself are hnot terms..She just
- yet in the studio I'm always terrified, wants to spite Witine I ".
My proudest hour, though people.-don't know me, "But what happen?" demanded Baby.
was,reading news during the. 'emergency'. "eI6l," replied Genelia., "you-.
Tan sa. I'm the watchman at the station, know. that cuckoo-clock of Ancine:Is
happy with my cool and breezy occupation; the Minister bought her in Switzer-
But how it's going I must 'confess land?"
it looks like I'll be. next on G.I.S. Baby nodded.
S"W1ell, yesterday. Ancine was tell-
I'm the radio station, once I had a name, ing people how' hels missing h6er
this happy home became a house of shame; clock'and she's ~ptain she saw
And now the people oome and go, Titine across-tae road from her --
daily, weekly, some. I.. hardly.- even know. house carrying the clock to Reubeh's
I'm the radio audience, 'widely scattered. homeV ( Reuben 3ived. four doors away
- left amused, amazed and battered. from Ancine)."
I could tell the facts about this mesa Baby gaped..
-If they ever put me on.G.I..S. "Wa-a-a-at 1 1' she spluttered.
Genelia nodded slowly.
PFarS"90 2nd anniversary "That's ri:l t,.`just imagine 1
It-'i.Tovember, 1973. : Titie liastuo bV~ clocks, and two "
o ne *onl thier- dresInThg oe-,-one b- em lumn gifth -f~te6g.e .ah .u illa .
Sighting Ma. Titine coming just then up the path, she said;
."She's coming..."
Baby-jumped out of her seat. as though she had been seating'oh hot stones.
"Who dat coming? Ancine? If dat b---h put hah foot on my step..." she advanced
menacingly, but Genelia stepped forward.
"No, 'no," Genelia told'her, "it's Titine that s coming....talso it easy manI "
When Ma. Titine entered, Baby ran to her excitedly.
"Wat I heahin dmeenunh Titine? Ancine mad niinh? -Wat dat" da~a woman tinkin'enh?"
Ma. Titine'so face -was a study of suppressed rage and anger, ,
"That damn b---h she paJploded, "If I could lay hands on ,ipr, I would choke"
her...the--the---ehe--" she .plunked down on a.'chair, her emotions overwhelming her.
"Take it easy Titine," Genclia said comfortingly.
After a few seconds while 1a' Titine pulled herself together, Baby said:
"Genelia has start to tell me..."
"Yes," ha Titine replied, still somerbat heatedly, "just ima'ine..." she paused
for breath. "What happened is that Reuben had just come from buying new!things for
his home for the Christmas-and I was helping him carry...and I 7pw Ancine staring
at me as though her-'eyecs would drop from her know ihyV? Reuben bought
an imported 8-day clock just like hers She gave an angry an.#t. "Just let her
ring-bell my name more... at she and I will end in boirttr t -f -"
National Day Portsmouth We know some oountzics: do not believe
had a rather poor turn-out of school- in Capital punishment, and have ovon.
children, though the performances during abolished same, but "a those countries;
the MarchPast was good enough.' Most of better of morally or phorwise than
the teachers had gone to"Roseau"to attend those which ontortain.it2 TLis moats'of
the CSA Rlly, so there were few leaders, punishment should secrva .as a-'ddterrcnt
unlike previous years. to murder, (concluded on pago 7).


-.... .........-- II ST J-- '--.--m

TTrif.E Schedule of A I tiaon or C a of Tite ad an J gv
thereon wd Caqass for weak giYht day of Nov 1973
cDae Reqaeted PNrum PrevsW4& Nature of request wheth
Ser a Ceitificat of Tte of
; jNotlng thwessvi o CxwigtS

itReqt det4 ama
25th Oeaoeber' UadoY aa d
of 1973. |Justim Visi |
|s tfam tsi
Presented 1301 oea in
SNoemamber. 1q7 eqmal 1aba
at 10.40 e.m. by their Seiiei"
; itor CilmaBA.AJ,
I | Da a^

Request for the issue
of a First Certifcate
of Title, in respect of
a portion of land si-
trate at W-.-.., i7 m
the Parish of St. An-
drew in the State of
Dominica containing
8 5 28 square feet
and bounded as fol.

Nedth by id i Cahr sbe l Pf P; South by land of Ed-
m nd Rkcards nwd a Pubilic Pandv East by iand of Euven
MAxwEii; West by and oW. Phldtiaae Prosper.

Rt d.04 datei Nichoalso
the 5th day Y Bras and
of Octoab. Annix &-ee
1973. 1Y their Saag
Pr'?emsS W& Cte tana JL
13th day of
.Novembw, 197
at 3.30 """L I"""

tnh-Ee tby a, -'Al RA i SA;
Willism; Sotht-West by isid of
Mnrtk-Wost y a Bye Rew4.

Va of Aivkes uce, for
wer %Wd Cavert for, week

Request dated
the 20t4 day
of Augzst 1973J
Presented the
17th dai of
Octpb.r, 1973
at 2.30 p.a.

by his Solicitr
Randall IH.

Request for the issue
of a First Certifeate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land at
Woodford Hill, in the
Parish of St. Andrewr
in the State of Domi.
aisa containiam 2778
square foet and boam
a.d as foljows:-
EAst by land of Reeetn
Brownie Andrew; and

h.V ml Iay .4 i Btiwl lt
ih e8 Octoe 19J

Request for the-issue
of a First CertAficatel
r'f Tie to respect of
All that piece or par-
cei of land at Guil-
lette in the Parish of
St. John containing
12,888 square feet
, d wounded as fol
Slows:- .

N?h*FfV y& 4'*4; Efutwff by land of Hers of
,EftV14Q6UX NAMM; 5fth-W18tary by tnd of Lambert Victr;
mad Wastw lay 9 ny *iia EBfmne Awon and Octavis Wallace
^ _-.^ -- ^. .'lf iri M --- -. .__.'

i, DesekA. "ta Regsltta-r of Titles
is:- Asy p won dW5A a te0c to de is" of a
ar Caarkai of Ttie la ine deo apltcation may eater a
mat sp dwe aov* Oea wttha #a, weeks froen thr date of
first appsracte orf tittl.Sc 0ke; bi the STAR Newspaper
diked W Ws Soao or from the 100v whe- the nocke pa-
bedby te we's Ssrwed on a"y 0W or oc:upi of adwoaing

^ ^ ..

I- 4..
I ~~ o ahic



range of VPBritishWines.The same grapes go
to make VPthatgo to make alot of expensive
wines.Which accounts forVP's fine quality.

Buy a bottle today.

Just outside Rosea, to quiet employed
person Home or Overses. Meals by
Write ONLY to Mr. W.,Ck P.O. Box 129


Announce the Arrival Soon
Of the


Ia Stock
Sl-ton 4 3-ton
44-,- - ^-



* 'y^'f Ji-^^ XM^-k
JM $ 3 3 S4

Friday, November 2, 1.7 Tg

Mr & Mrs. Adolph left Dominioa over -30
years,-ago and have resiAed since in- New
York City. Mr Adolph wias in earlier 'years
organist of the Portsmouth GCatholic Church,
and his wife, Eldica, was a ch6ir member,
so they were both Portimouithians. The
wife is an immediate relative of retired
Sister Elsie Dubique, ex-Nurse of the
Princess Margaret Hospital. By the ex-
oellg.nt programme s6i3 from New York, we
observe that the ceremony was a concele-
,brated'-masassist.ed- by five Priests,.
The altar-boys. were the coupler's grand-
children, offspring of their only son and
only daughter; the Ushers iwere. likewise.
The Soloist at the Offertory'was the wife
of the organist of St.Mark's church N.Y.,
daughter of Portsmouth---B 5n-bapis I
%Baptiste, Bedford trdo w' -i I
the most important figures in this. cere-
mony were i n3-cans.
The reception was held in the Church
Auditorium, at which over 200 guests

In the Decemberx-4ril 1972/1973 cruise
ship season 5 ships (not 10) called regu-
larly'in Dominica. These were the"Stella
Maris, the Victoria. and the Neptune Jason
and Jupiter of the Epirotiki lihes. Out
of these ships 3 will bereturning' this.
season,. giving a- total of 10 calls. The
Stella Maris has been removed from the
Caribbean route this yedr and" will be
cruising instead- among the Greek islands
in the Mediterranean. The Victoria of
the Incres Lines which called on three
occasions in December 1972'will no longer
be calling here. ** The Phantom, a large "
yacht which carries.about 100 passengers,
will be making its usual fortnightly calls
here. This yacht is unscheduled and has
no local shipping agent. The three boats
of the-.Epirotiki.line which made 6 oalls
last season have increased their number
of oalls to ten this season.
The ports in the Caribbean that mostly
attract cruise ships are Nassau, Bermuda-,
St,.Thommsr St.Mnaarton-,. San Juan, Guadehup,
Martinique .Antigua, Barbados, Grenada,
Curacao Aruba, Bonaire and La Guira.
These ports%'ffer the amne basic attract-
ions that can be easily identified as:-
1) Duty free shopping of perfiuhes, liquor
'and jewellery; 2) An attractive and clean
oity; 3) White sand beaches and luxury
hotels a short drive away from the haxbeou

TOURIST BOARD countt ) Dominica has none
of these to offer...
The popular ports of call have com-
plained of severe"oyeerewding by cruise
ships resulting in a multitude of domestic
problems which include a serious de't6orior.
ation of the service offeredd by harassed
assistants in hotels and shops who simply
have too many visitor.. all alamouring
to be served al .th-samae. time,
(iiore ,e&t issue).

said Martin' Luther King.


S T A ..R

Eage S iK

Like other parts of the world our
Wol. islands are facing problems of
lack of food items, petrol, pro-gas
I keep thinking that the leaders of
the islands should be more concerned
over the lack of- fod items and the
high cost of impor ed food and make
plans for growing "f more provisions
and raising'of mor. livestock, I do
not mean just to appeal to people but
to do like Barbadoo Aid at the start
of the last.war when estate owners had
to plant,.a certain .percentage of their
acreage (by law) in yams. and potatoes
and keep -a certain 'aount of livestock
again according to- the acreage of the
estate. Eveh the smll landowners were
asked to keep a shee6 or goat. I know
there was a law passed to make the es-
tate owners carry Oput the order and" .
they were -Tld by the Agriculture Dept'
when to-plan and reap. It was done by
a. plan so that all' tjie yams. etc. were'
not reaped at the saie time I. a^-so
remember hearing -tha. no one could sell
a young calf tob butchered tor voal
and a cow had to'be 4 certain ago before
it was butchered. ICY, Castries.
*..and besides we read in the aoly Bibl'
'For all that take ith sword shall .
perish with the swbr4,*
Regarding corp6 punishment, some-
teachers and parents .ro very reluctant
to use this sort of qcastisement; 1
always think this-hliostation is wrong,
for we road again:. a te who spares the
rod, spoils the- chil .il

imea (Prog.) and OsbOrne Symes (Asst.
Sec.) have decided--n-t to stand for-Ex-
ec. posts. Th.. arc the victimized men.
4.1, artev

TO "i SOLD PUIrUANT to an Orier made by the HonotrabI e- Mr Justice fleawick in Chnambers on
the 26th day of February, 1973 in Aiut No.112 bf 1967
T hBte en ~ The Dominica Co-.opervtivo Bank Limited Pltantiff
SBarnot St.Aimioe wand BlgraTe Robinson. Dofendmats
UPON the ipplic.tion of the. above-nawcd lainatiff for Sale of the first named
oefondant's Iuand under Section 4 of Ute Judgement. Act, at lubli.c Anction by the Provost
'Marshal of Dominica, ',.t the Regisatiry Victoria strOet, itoseau, OD onda i the 17th day
of December, 197J3 :i 10 a .m.
A portion of Icrid situate- at ChiMpa"gnO, .loodford Hill, in"the parish of zt.Androv
Sin the Colony of DotiAnie containing 3.425 acres and boundedi as follows:- On the North
iad South-West: by laind of Mrs.Aiwil Carbon, On the Southh-einAt: by Indis of Francis
B benjamin.
Particulaxs and cuMditions of sz~a am be obtained of Miss M.Sugenia-Chatlos of
Chambers, Old Stroot, Rtosoan, oaminic', the solicitor hawing the carriage of the SaAc and
at the place of Sa~ e.
Datd this 8th drvy -f Noveober, 1973
'CI/ST 4 6,1 1 S2 oS M an
e^Wf1.f jif4S C4,k EMPLOYMENT.
.Canadian Save the Children Fund One (1) Experienced Slip Form
Construction Suptrvisor. Apply in person
I 0sbo".ig e, t Mo: Mesrs O. D. BRISBANE & SONS
j Rosmu. Queen Mary Saret,
a 4 a .



This Coupon is worth 150:
towards the purchased of a New BED FORD.
S TRUCK I-ton or 3-ton up to
[Ist December, 1973.
I Cut Out This Coupon and Take it to 0
I .15

S .. . . . 47-./.


T i ET


/0 0 Cy a C0 e I view my unopposed
Congratsi Congrats La Jeune Etoilel Roseau Town Council as
Your efforts have resulted in a terrific serve the people ofth
exposition of DOMINICAN FOILK HERITAGE.To Roseau faithfully, sel
be frank and sincere though, Dominica is The call to serve t
becoming less & less of a paradise. Oh, answered by members of
it's terribly unauspicious and doleful* ily on countless occas:
"Sure gets funny was set by the late C3
Thinking A.bout money of the foundation-stor
Thinking bout daily bread efficient Village Bbari
The more you make It is so unfortunate t
Tho more they take Council has now been p:
They never seem to get ahead... nothing more-than a do]
You break your backs of incompetents, head
To pay your tax imete et
And, you don't like the way it's spent liamentary Secretiry.
Somewhere aback you jumped Lhe-track The Roseau Town Clong,
THIS ISN'T WHAT. THE GO RM ENT..." ment body ith a long
Svice-rendering history
'Toughbrudsi ToughlJ Things ain't viyears been virtusy s
like a few decades'back. No dough, no years been virtualyro
lettuce,, no maguma. pal.ITo spondulix.. authority, and its rol
No BEADI* And,-like DAVID GATES so rele- 1 restricted to save:
vantly puts it: "kinda distreamn' to se occurred against a bac]
how our OLIGARCHY puts all that MOOLAH of lol government by
to use." Oh dem MISCREANTS' should be mentu The deliberate
incarcerated... After fifteen years, toseau Town council w
.where have they taken us?.. 'The camp is tended-to its-dissluth
FOUR YEARS in operation how, man; How people's:December 16th
are the receipts from the projects spent ts undenale th
Government's attitud&e
No placements...All camp graduates are oen n s
KILLING TIME ON FOUR CORNER ajS, aj.. own ouncl has count
in btaff morale and th
Come on...Tell'us. Or are we to just ln taff moral th
shut our eyes, pretend deaf and doti.shtha is obvious- on the
*Chris Seraphine gets. richer by ONE HUN- I hope that. I will
DRED SIMELEONS when G.PU. turns up... some of my optimism anF
UPS 'cause CLAYTON GUISTE pledged NEVER the Roseau Town Cohnc
to-get married before he is sixty..... I firmly believe th
RVIN SORHAINDO qualifies too... My Roseau should be invol
sympathies to.4. to... whom...? ***All launched b heir Couni
dem who still PRETEND not to know that ?na rea na 1
the idea of a t1National Day Colebratk campaigns. I hope too
came from .ole CISSIE"CAUDEIRON (Boyd) will be done soon to .a
should make enquirlo'. boforo YAPPING... and public facilities
Happy birthday- daddy JEFF CHARLES Thatb and other Municipal paj
it,. Amon,..Amen.l Have you met Bro'ors BANANA EDLEY -b
AZOTUS and BARZILLAI? Sure, them-souls But Mr. Goest is a ban
have revived. They now spearhead the secret visits t6 Dormin
NEW REVOLUTION for JESUS,** Who gets dicative perhaps that
the CREDIT for all the scapegoats labor,(The Green 1-farket Pric.
Parry?? Who? Who? Oh gosh,you know it. 'U.K. has dropped from
LOVEBIRD correspondence cards,in sets per ton as from Monday
of FIVE, are for FREE, from LOVEBIRD Farmers are apprehe
CARDS, P.O.Box 39, Roseau, Dominica... new banana crop is in
They're designed and haLiidpainted by your they will have to spen
"AT THE BAY" sweetheart.. ** SHARE BRO- days at Boxing-Plahts
THER SHARE is 26 on BIG A...BLUE WON- The Dominica Governmen
DERS-.have recently rcleasod a .CALYPSO. Industry as another Go'
They're due here this AS...That uper The first boxing plant
SEXMAS TEEN QUEEN show staged by BAL- luxur fious est.te.ok-
ISIER is at ARAWAK on the 23rd.D/CA CAL-. fromu esteito i
YPSONIAN ASSN. festival 5 pm Dec.l-5am. fom

Ra e Ei ht

ember 23, 19p73,
E --Rupert Sorhaindo
nomination to the
an.9pportunity to
e municipality of
fleasly and well.
he people has been
the Sorhaindo fam-
ions. The example
ive S.orhaindo, one
es of a viable and
3 in Vieille Case.
hat a 6nce -respectead
rostituted into
mino and social club
d by the Silent Par-

ncil, a local govern-
co ourful and ser-
, has in recent
tr4iped of its
e his been practical-
nging. This. has'"
Ground of promotion
Sthe Central Govern-
sabotage of the
uldi have been e,-
ion but for the
, 371 protest.
at 4he Central-
tow; rds the Roseau
ibuied to the drop
e lack of initiative
Torn Council' scene.
be "ble to inject.
d enthusiasm into
it the citizens of
ved in the activities
'il, I hope thae
0 4 fean the City"
, t'it something
ahanco the appearance
it the Windsor Park

y-, W.Stcv en .(f.. )
anaI ace and his--
ica of late are in-
he "is not so happy...
e of Bananas in the'
l. per. ton to 2119
Noy.19 1)
naive tbat when'the
oarly next year,
d m4re than three
to .oll their fruits.
t hass the Banana.
vernment Department.,
s were expensive
houses, despite ad"
ld modest' structures.

mn-iqr A cyP Paiae Nine
--- LU _A'L _4~~iJ. ev-'a4 01 (_~ .LL.L -- -

TO BE SOLP PURSUAINT to an Ortdr-made by the Honourable r.,Justice
Chambers on the 26th day of February,, 1973 in Suit ITo.100 of 1969
=Betweea The Dominica Co-operative Bank Limited
Nathaniel Christmas

Renwick in



UPON tho application of the above-named Plaintiff for Sale of the Defendant' ;
land under Sect;on 4 of the Judgement Act, at Public Auction by the Provost Marshal
.of Dominica, -at the Registry, Victoria Street, Roseau, on Monday the 17th day -of
Pecermber, 1973 at 10 a.m.
A certain portion of Crown Lands situate in the Parish of St.Andrew in the
Colony of Dominicn'con'taining 4.5 acres and bounded as follows:-
North: Crown Lands, Uest.: Enock Christmas, South: Crown Lands & Riviere La Cr
Particulars and conditions'of Sale may be obtained 'of' Hiss H.Eugenia Charles
of Chambers, Old Streeoot, Roseau, Dominica, the Solicitor having the carriage of the
Sale at the place of Sale.
Dated this 8th day of November, 1973
4 / / ..E.F. Georges
41-1/2 OV. T MARSHAL


TO BE SOLD PURSUANT to an Ordet made by the Honourable -Mr.Justice Renwick in
Chambers on the 18th day of April, 1973 in Suit No.17 of 1962

The Dominica Co-operative Bank Limited Plaintiff
Luther Boland and Lionel Laville Defendants
UPON the application of the above-named plaintiff for Sale of the Defendants'
land under Section 4 of the Judgements Act, Cap 10 at Public Auction by the Registrar
of D.ominica, at the Registry, Victoria Street, Roseau on Honday the 17th day of
iDecember, 1973 at 10 arm.
That portion of land in the parish of St.Andrew in the Colony of Dominica'
containing 4 acres 3 roods 7 perches and bounded as follows: On the North,
South, East and West by Crown lands, registered in Volume 2 folio 20.
Particulars and conditioAs of Sale may be obtained of Miss M.Eugenia Charles of
Chambers, 014 Street, Roseau,'Dominica, the Solicitor having the carriage of the
ISale and at the place of Sale.
Dated this 8th day of November, 1973

The Exequ#4ve Committee 'of the Dominica Freedom Party met yesterday and among
matters discussed was the radio announcement that Government had signed an agree-
ment with 4 Company incorporated locally for a twenty million dollar development
of Dominicq's tourist industry,
The Exequtive Conmittee were informed by the members of the House of Assembly
who attended the meeting that except for the radio announcement they had received
no intimation of this a.reemeiet nor had they received copies of the said agreement.
It was emphasised that since Government would have to guarantee the repayment of
any money .aised for the purpose the consent of the House of Assembly would be
required i the agreement was to have legal effect,
The Exequtive Committee expressed satisfaction 'that Governiment had once again
followed the lead of the Freedom Party in that Government had at last abandoned
its position against foreign investment, and had seen that to develop, Dominica it
would, be necessary to rely on more. than the resources the island-has-to "offer.
(Concluded on pa e 10)


. .. .** .*. re grxsiw *

OTBAs Doainicf Tw ora.s & a Loss.
r ee away xmtcheo played by the StAte Tona
in the Pophsra Cup gave as tae points only
ror two draws against t.Vinceont (S-.*) and
-realda (1-). They lost too St.Lucia 2-1 ia
a m-eh marred by dirty play and a weak ref.
one team in decisavely ahead; Botdnica
,^as 10 point, with one match, StVincent
a pnlayr in Dominica., In st.Vincomet our
>ay were ahead 2-0, ap to the last 15 misa--
ates (E.Bma*elr& I.Beuoit), them St.Vineig
equal Aid, through Guy. Lowe and Rady bducher.
.Alfrod Soloimi was capped for the Granads
match replacing Raoy Williams in goal. In
the and half Grenaoa swarmed all over the
Domiasion goal bat failed to penetrat. Alf
Soloms'a brilliant anticipation. Both of
the goalie came from penalties (Baaoit took
a re-kick expertly). 0* In St.lcia tim
.om tem scored first as BBmaire hooked a
arvings long shot from tbe right flaa*k to
the Yoe of the goalaiouth. aisles eqaliued
vith help from Deotfraid who pushed Aisles'
long shot back past the keeper. In the 2nd
half eonaire made no mistake when a pass
Poiad him uncovered in front f goal.
.otball Leaee: Harlem R. v. Petters U. .
.-0 in final& replayed * --otters United took M yesterday 1-40.


*I -Sffe^ of Appkcemoo for CWmtMcsne Of I We Mad NMo
* thusonWaCadeCsmfor week wdag2fOd rd 6 ew

Oae 5* PrAsaad Ntiav of requMt WBem4
S*er a Certtcamo( Tkmk
_Natmg hireea ofr Cwaml

l.quat dA&td
ba 24th day
of April 1973.
Presented the
1l5tk day of
|at 2.50 p.E.

by his So icitw
Raa&d HW

Iequzet for the iawe"
of a First Certifcate'
of Title is respect of
a portion of land
known Ma a Reside.-
tia le at Scottu Head
in the Parish of St.
?A- r k L sanaiusfiiak

1 ~ ~13S2 square fvsoos
*bM as fmo*
Norh-Westarly by lad dfVk. e Lfwt; NWOrf-EfaLy;
by bad of Folix j*ab Mere: Soaude-Estarly by a ghes of
way superseta k from land of Luke Jarvtear; South Wetar
ly by lead of Matodd Oth=ca.

Iew D=AUteatea- Aetis oristatrar of Titles.
--Any person who deste %o p oaee t dlo oS of Ma
iru CarNaix Co The w he i ho.a apption k i any "Wr a
eawm M tho above OMcs wthen sMx weeks from d *a*e dt
he fis apwra of s Sctetduw. la tde STAR Ncwsp.g
1pubasewd ina Set $ato* frorm th dae wrtw tte woo pa.-
adtuirpy ew was served. on awy Oei or ocaipei af o(aw
.'A*Bt Is* irfes*H(of awdi Iii

-"yeP T "a

C 0 M I N G


A challenging article by a e scontrib-
could not give it the appropriate apace in
this issue. The writer analyses .the- reason
why Goverwet spokeamen attack Mr. Charles
A.Savaria 0so relamently, and iakes a atw-
sing aggestio9.
We also hid to held over a letter by a
young lady well acquainted with the life of
student nurses at Princess iMArgaret iavpital,
for the sama reason. Important lettars,art-
ieles and statements should really be handed
in early in. the week to aid ear plaunisrg. .

Thae lt meeting of the 4th Sesaiou of
the 2nd Parliament anuder the 1967 Constita-
tion will aave a formal opening on Modady
26th Nevoebar 1973 at Govt. gadquarteras(l1 s
The Spooch from the Throne vilI be read by
H.IK. the Governor.
On DIectimbor 12th the 1974 Bxdgot will be
*gter, alm d E: t MrDhzd
Leblti&.ls Sen firaips 1'4,.a-a~^ iet taACe
Saf SUMkWS VBBWUI p sri 'enmt !al k
ThBe anOOn aad g&.M Mother took part in the
cereviwy when this 12 ft statue facing Bip Be
VWa wvoil ed. Tbar Prizae Ministera of ., v
and py,00at.F Xt'" there in tribute,
Printed & Pablished by the Propriietar,.,
Allfre- of Copt Mill 1Mill lons.e at B ath
ftad, hosetw, Doiiniea, Vst,

.. TAAW.;val s

^jlliiir *iiinri 111 may--irifii ur.'mfc..oiini..l-i >i *wuwwwiinnnmsul ii-r


TAR *.er a a.ndaa .er.e .a pr sier. 8

o (CoRti meM frWn 1 A 0
Not haViing been give the opportmii to
see 01the asment -it wa s,;possibleFor '-r-ae
Party to knowr whether the agreement *as a
good one for Dominica. It was htpod however
that past lxsonr and erperi ne. wild .have
taught the Gaeaven t the ar~ase- in which the
protection of Doinieans w"s .,acessary, It
Va" felt that any atich aWreM t Maat provide
r conditions in which the foreign investor
can operate and mast ensaare that provision
bead ben mde for the b&a&ancedB .see1e-oconiic
ioevelopment of Dominica and Dom.iimani.
Government sahold be earned that another SIA.
failure could only help to push Dweinitea
farther avwy from sound and beneficial pro-
It was a pity, the Execatire felt, that
again Government hed negotiated in secret and
theas had. deprived themselves of tihe m ic of
Dominicania which wield have been useful to
the and wmld have enasared that tey h"ad nmt1
again blundered.

. i

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