Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Z 61y_ Ak Y-tive:
S urner (London) Ltd. Virtute
Shaftesbury Ave, W. I. Editor: PH

Voj L(lslIIP;i-;=Z;


NOv 26e ',
a. DURBAN, Daniel


di An t 3 1973


We announce with joy that JOAN ROBERTS, 18
of the Convent High School, the eldest daughter of
our late lamented ANDROCLES, 'Mr. L.A.
Roberts, and his wife L.aura (ae Rabess) was
recommended by Cambridge as the Island Scholarship
Joan,with 3 A-lev-
els, leaves for UWI
Trinidad soon; her
aim is business ad-
ministration. She
won the National
Essay contest 1972. *
uI this recent exam
ase placed first in
the General Paper &
iglAsh Literature
(distiactlon)* .'o
other entraat came
uear her aclhAenment. JOAN ROBERTS

71 qualified voters

by M.E Charles

left off list:

There was a little man
And he had a lite hut
He had his little hammock
He grew melons in his plot
He went to see his family
Just for weekend jollity
Up came the the stupid fools
And burnt down all his tools.

In every land, when t h e Premier
makes a speech at a Party A.G.M., the
text is broadcast and published immedi-
ately, so that the people can know his
views and intentions. Heath does it.
Wilson did it. Dr. Williams does it. Mi.
chad Manley does it par excellence; and
go o38
But after Wesley's AGM total sil-
ence engulfed Premier Leblano's
speech, which got a 'standing ov-
ation'. The official hand-out
gave no quotes from it, though
Party speakers described the poss-
ible future CSA strike action as
being for "transparent political
motives" and illegal, claiming
that the 'retired men were fair-
ly treated. Yet on the front page
of the Govt. organ there is a clue.
Leblano's address, called 'electri-
fying' contained a tirade on
"treachery in the ranks of theParty".

A 4 bedroom house; with hot water
and cold water on Upper Federation
Drive at Goodwill.
Apply: 17 King George V Street

n,~Y~DIU-~--c- --- --- I-

ApEt, $djtUr:

ALTy August 31st. 1973 _*. -.- T. H Z STAR Page9 -o
A4. onth-long,, multimillion dollar Black Here in Dominica no female WJomen's Lib
World and African Sstival;rSf:'the Arts. is leader has come forward to punch home the
to be held in Lagos, Nigeria in November ways in which ouri women are underestimated
1974. and underprivileged. The first. blow has
The first festival, held in Senegal been struck in th'e 'aibbean magazine
six years agoiwas the-greatost'boutpouring INTOUCH by Dominican ale Ernest S.Nlerrill,
of black culture ever seen:in-one place .-,and I .am bound to 'ay' he-. does it very
at .one time. The architect- or the ori- well. This jourhal is published in
ginal festival was 'Seingal's: poet Antigua (11O. 00)' aid seems well patronized
President, Leopold Senghor, the French- by advertisers,, so .presumably it has many
educated a'pstle of Negritu-de.. readers. l hope at"least half of them
Events a this second -festival will are women, man 'of whom may be Dominicans,
include dances, music, drama,: .films, "The Dominican woman" (says Merrill)
writing and poetry. "is' taken as a.passive cosmic sex machine
Oil-rich Nigeria. (Black Africa s most that receives .the deposit of sexual ejao-
populous;, nation) will foot most of the" ulations t. produce the next generation,
bill, -including 200 million'dollbar just Indeed, the'womha is devoid of genuine'
for the festival village 'which will house self-inspired feeling, for her existence
the estimated 100,000 guests. ,' is tied down :'.-- to that of a man.'
Blaok people of the world hiae been .Tiacing woman's traditional work and
divided'into 12- ones, each z-Sne grouping role, Merrill goes onto underline'the "
together a. number of black.,communities 'single standard" to which woman in this
and countries:. State is pinned. M'en operate by a double
,Each zone will decide for Jitself standard. "They are permitted to have
,whether to .have a.'zonal festival 'or sep-: outside concubines and children and still
rate 'national festivals in its zone to remain respectable; but women (says
select-participants for the 1974 gather- Merrill, and I "'hihk his observation is
ing.. ... . true) are b-=raned as 'bad' and 'whores-
Ohairman for. the Caribbean is hSlirley if they oarry on in the same way. 'jome
Field Ridley, minister- of information, women" he writes "just find it natural
.culture anid yout, Gi.vyaia. ", for men to have a lot of women evex if it
,i.' -_ U- E..NP i, aaffects the .home'..".
Doiinioa" .';;1973 grapiofjit eaon s5 Equal rights are said to be guaranteed
SDominia.s.1973 grapfi saon S by the Dominica constitution, but Merrill
in fuull swlng with farmers still sufferr- points out tlihtit doesa+t work that way,
ing under -unsatisfactory marketing and either in so, plits.or jobs, EI giv
.either in 'ex, politics.or jobs E16 givoc
packing conditions, .. some, tellihc.examples: of this.
'Despite- ministerial promises earlier e Doiicanoan I see her
not The RDomihican-woman as I see her Is
this year, the neW packing plant has not .-r. ....c
been'completed' in time :for the-initial etrong.. Since women are in the major-
rush, so that trucks still have to queue i, the octy I.urge them to have
for an avrage of 24 hours before being 'a: stronger voice in the decision-miking
off-loaded at .the only bay provided -- process .in the political apparatus."'
off-loading itself ..taky bot 'There is a lot of iisdom in this Iessage
off-oading' itself tas3ing abiut l-h bors to..DominicAn ome n.- Ilerrill haan'ttdaid
per truck~. During midweek, work -was sus it all, biut He h 'aid an awful lot`
ended for hours due to wter 'cuts. -a .a a
and his a-Etithd6 tow-ards -womankind is
This is the time of. year'. when prices healthy a .;triie. '
are highest for- Dominica fruit. due to _u..
grapefruit shortages elsewhere. It is .TI- REAL BACIEPR _.. by Sohn Spector"
also ncohef the only crops how on which The Editor has.stolen some of my space
farmers can make any substantial gains. for lier. Tbei's Lib review. Yet I wanted
----,- ----.-----. --- --- to mention two: omeni in'particular this
week: Mrs. Stella Symes, a Sister atP rincess 1agg~ret .Iospita3l4 wife, of, Oabbin
Symes and mother .of his tvwo children1 and Heather, wre. of :CC.Maximeatiother of Eva.
In their support of their husbands they have set an. example of endurance which most
men and women might well envy and emulate, Domiiicani jives are exposed to 'the' chat
of family and: friends 'wh may sow seeds.,of doubt in.the. outcome of the struggle,but
Stella and Heather have iot wavered, showing that they are persons in their own
right, with faith-in the ultimate outcome. I do sincerely salute them. Ie all know
y now of Maxime&'s atainding, but STAR readers abroad Miy be interested in the car-
eer of F.O.Symes, one-time. DGS -student who became a non-graduate staff member of
his old school before transferring to the clerical side of the Civil Service, and
then shuttling into increasingly higher posts between. Audit and Treasury, finally
(after a special course in England) becoming Dominica's Accountant General,
(Concluded on supplement)

A~em~s~ 31 ~73 THE STAR Pag~ Thrtz

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i nm Mnmrnin iiitn ir*i iirri ---- -- - ;"--
* To the Magistrati Dist. "E"
| & I he Chief ot police
I, "The Grern Panrr 'now resding at Roseau
SParish of St. Gcorge *do hereby give you notice
that i ii roy ioterrtio to apply at the M.agis.
State's Court to be held at Roseau on Tuesday,
the 2an day of October i973, ensuingfor a TA.
SVERN LIQUOR LICENCE in respect of my
premiis at Bay Street Parish of St. George.
Dated the a2th day of August
Dsphne Agar
fo r '"The Green Parrot"
* - ,^'__

Against the System

Let tem not feel that there
is a void in the world d
that everybody is theirenemry.
Cultivate their trust in you

and the world

at large.

256 acres of Land in the Stewart Hall
Area with Land Rover. $6o,ooo.oo.
Terms can be arranged.

Agencies & Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Telephone: 3124

9" .1

Dominica Banana Growers'
Applications are invited for the post
of Mechanic with the Dominica Banana
Growers Association. .
The duties are to Service and main.
tain in good working order all spraying
machines. pumps and other mechanical
equipment and electrical installations of
the Associations; to service an d effect
minor. repairs to motor vehicles belong.
ing to ihe Association and any other du-
ties assigned to him by the Operations
Applicasns must state their previous
experience, th e salary expected and
should address their application to:-
The General Manager,
Dominica Banana Growers Association,
to reach him not later than 7th Septem-
ber, 1973.
V.E. White,
General Manager
Duminicv Panane Growers Association.
' '*6js..__ ... ....__..

Pad* Thrie


I Frhr Amleot 31 19S73

Pag.e Bo-ur ... -T HE S T A.R ..... 3ida,.August 31st _5
"'M .J TO JAMAICA .irie .Davis-Pierre ... cond.fcoll)' expectations of
a III n Jamaica, the"hobiing prob- increasing-thelherl so as to reduce the
lem and the crime wave have over recent importation bill in' meat.
years brought --. : forCibly to the Assisting the government in its vagr.-
mihds of Government thlt .a ohnge.'in cultural programme is the Bauxite Co.
their. development policy ~4s necessary. This Gonmpa4 y has dated, some of its
It had been discovered that the accent land to the'gover.lent. It has: also'
in the. past was too much industrial and leased lands-to Tenant farmers at lowi
and not sufficiently agricultural. Agri- rentals:in order, that they may-supplem-"
culture had declined over the years. And ent their income'from their own holdings'.
in spite of the increase in manufacture They have also assisted the farmers iA
growth, which represented the major con- supplying'them i-ith fertilizer credit,
tributor to the Gross'Domestic Product, a small'loan scheme and also marketing
work had not been proVide'd"for 'the work assistance,':all 6f which are aimed. at
force. I would like o' mention in increasing" farming productivity. The
passing that the point was made at the Company has also-gone so far as; to hold
Gohference Sessions that the Caribbean crop production competitions. so that the
government were sacrificing the potent- People may be encouraged to increase
ial resources of their codntries'through their yi~Id through seeing what is being
incentive legislation, tax free conces- done rather than being told what should
sion, and double taxation agreements be done,
whereas their food bills remained very A. further step in the Government's
high.because of the airge imports from Agricultural policy is the question-of"
foreign countries, thereby providing import substitutes. In order to reduce
work for the people in those" countries its large food import bill, the govern-
whilst the people of the Caribbean coun- ment has been developing its Agro In-
tries were jobless. 'The T meaia.ei Govern- dustry tlihrugh the Jamaica Industrial-
ment have since tovkn.steps to rectify Developmhnt Corporation. This Corpora-
this by setting about examining and im- tion has been carrying on research in
proving its:agricultural policy so as to the development of food processing for
eossen imports, from foreigih countries the preservation boflocal foodstuffs.
and prevent high unemploymeVnt levels. The object of this; research is to eni
from escalating even higher. Its policy courage the people to acquire a'taste
is to get the people to go back to 'the for local foods, At present, research
land, but it has also riealis6d that it is being undertaken on the soya bean
is not an easy taak, fio in'the field of which is now being grown locally since
Industry the people earii 'V800 a day supplies ban no longer be obtained from
whereas in Agriculture the wage earn is the United States. "The bean had been
only $2.00. Agriculture asi therefore u6dd c iefly in animal feeds. but through
to be made remunerative'to 6ti act the various processes the proteins: are being
people and the government has now been extracted and' mde into a drink for
working to this end through its Go-opera- schoolchildren, thereby replacing the
tive farming system whereby the people aerated drinks an at the same time giv-
join together to farm; their"lands; throgqi ing them proteins. Research is also
the Land Settlement Scheme whereby the being undertaken oh the skins of bananas,,
people have been encouraged to settle on pawpaw, melon to be made into peel to
the land, pay a. small rental with event- replace the import4e citron During our
ual ownership at some time; through the visit to the Corporation'we were shoun
Land Lease system whereby .lahd, has been samples of coconut cream, sorrel" concen-
leased to the people for Agricultural trate, tamarind, passion fruit, soUrsop
purposes. In this latter case the gov- and sweet potatoes ;n syrup.. These"
ernment has not yetfeided whether the were told were"s'til. in their eslerimont-,
land will sold to' the stages and tests were being made to
And.lastly, through the heavy taxing of see whether they would ptand up to the
the large land owners so that they would climati c conditi-ons prevailing.
either develop the land or dispose of it'. (Lok b foris- a ~~; alent nexd week!)
The Government has also been conscious of ----:-- -- -
the assistance required by the bi&all TO OUR COEPSPOlDMBM :
farmers, and this has b~on achieved -W.S.S. Gorry.we could not print the
through technical,. financial and market- whole of your Bananas & By-Election
ing, assistance. letter* '' To .'Energetic Youth'' your
thought has also been give'n"to cattle last letter is ,too pointedly personal
Paring and the government has at present for publication. to R.S. As Obeah
a. herd of 5,000 cattle with great(nextcol is illegal' we cannot publish your most
entertaiinng skit'. So sorry, all of you.

9Ma1 As U 3 2 ,. THE STAR

Inn1 ~a ~

gr eat new 48
page full colour

Fortune on

for only 8 GOES a PENNY stakes

s"ows how you could wi n a

tot-i-M- 04 w

V6w* -aI_ J. 4 4. 0 4 .44 4- !:4- C = v= 2-r.

Fiction MA TITINI g : Cynthia Watt
Ma Titine was bustling ag usual about".ei kitchen in a cheery and
happy mood. Eurilla had returned trom BarbVOos with little Sonny and her
recently-we& husband Steve.
The newly-weds were all agog with the latest Dominican news.
"You mean nothing isu settled yet?" Steve enquired in his Southern
American voice.
"De way tings going, I doan see when anything going to settle," replied
Ma Titine from the kitchen.
"Anyway," Garge joined in, "dat was a real good show on Friday night.
Titine, I sorry you wooden go beco of dat bad cold, but Steve," he. chuck-
led, "dat was one good show boy You should see how de Guvnor enter sitting
in his sedan chair, an de pore fellah harrasa...he: tyad 'sign, an sign an
SIGN He go in mad wid all dat signing an de radio in de han of E ou ta
an Lala~ QEooa. Man, 4Se. audience take up dat chorus you heah! Den Papa
Dee, boy when he near fall wid his; Aata '1.99 shoe, an he blame de
shoe..,well I split my side laffin. "
"I was surely glad we came ov4r in time to attend the show and see
lovely Lorna and all of them," Eurilla- said. "Ma, the Arawak was packed to
the full...all tickets were sold out. We were lucky to get any at all.
Even STAR printers, couldn't get in"
Ma Titine brought in the scrambled eggs and coffee,
"Come on allyou, brekfusaa ready."
Garge was about to take a helping, when he suddenly laughed aloud.
"Wat de joke?" demanded Titine.
"Dat oonvenshun I"
"En henh, wat about it?"
aarge sniffed an wiped his eyes, .
"Titine, you mean to tell me you doan lessen to de radio news?".
"Well," Titine replied, "I does heah so much nonsense, it~ mikin ny
blood boil..."
"In a time like dis you mus listen Titine. Well lissen tT me now...
heah some of de announcement de radio give: '800 pahty me6bahs an suppotahs
was dere' .. imagine 1 only 800,.,'
"An de Freedom one de have' tousansla"Ma Titine replied.
The coming by-election was discussed, and Garge became very heated in
Mis language when he spoke of the unfairness such as putt ng a little vil-
lage Council election just before, to confuse the people. And worse than
that, trouble over the Voters' Lists !
"all dey -doin is making monkeys out of people !" he declared.
Steve said he hoped that Dominicans would not always be led like sheep
and show the outside world that they also had the guts to ,'fight injustice.
Later that evening, Ma Titine's happiness was ahatter2ed, for Garge
announced that it was time he returned to St Thomas. He had more than over-
stayed his. leave, he: said; Steve s presence (as the boas's son) reminded
him that the employer had been considerate when he had written to explain
the reason of his long absence, but return to wori was now overdue.
Ma Titine wept.
"Jus when I so heppy," she sobbed, "all my family arong me an now you
saying you gotin oo-hoo .. oo-hoo-oo-oo..."
"Come on Titine," Garge consoled her, "You knowo I promise to sen foh
you foh de Chrismass..."
Ma Titine. continued sobbing.
"Why all of us doan go an live in Sen Tomas? Dat wood much bettah!
I wooden be woeryin bout you all de time !"
Garge grinned .and patted her hand.
"do dat you cood keep an eye on me an discourage all ny gal friends
Tit ine you know, Well you wooden leave Domeeneeka an stay abroad for long...
you too like all yoh Domeeneeka beff an politicks...dat is yoh bread an
buttsh. Tink how you wood mis all dat if you come an live in Sen Tomast
An who wood be de champion fightah for de Freedom cause?"

R ~1 h ~R

~i"~iAn~T ~~~o71a.+. Rl~t!+._ 1:9~7n

Fridy Aust st 1975 TH E S T A.Rae Seven
R E A-D E R S' V I E W S A ..- CHTLEiE by W.S.Stevens
-- ... Mr. lie PBlanc, hero are some items of
Dear Editor, latent Victimiation the Grand ;emonistranoe which Dominicans
A.certat nubic officer '; o is sup- (including e frmers) have against you':,
posed to pursue a tr-ihing course in 1. The Grenada Declaration; 2. The"Town
Canada has jupt received one of the Council AAedent Act; 3. The Bank- t;
greatest shocFs of his life. This offi- 4# The Passport Increase; 5. fllieoracy;
cer Who was previously trahied at the 6. Roads and FeeddrRoads going to Bades;
Antigua. Teachers College, and their later 7. The Banana"'Exploitations; B. The Domin-
at the St.Lucia. Technical-College; having ic Agricultural Itarldting Board Soandals;
been successful in both capes, recently 9.# The Scanndlous. Irregularities of the
'applied through his Iinistry (Education) ofrtIc uing By-election including the
official countUiig of Votes two ,as ,nd.
for urther training'.. After hiuch hesi o.t w
for further trining.try fter uch essa- two wholo-nights after the election;
station the Ministry nade the necessary Yarti of a State of
recommendations to Canada ahd the offi- 10. ur perncy ith olaration of eeSting of
cer was accepted. A.-fef iFeks ago the Emergency uiith -`ban on public meetings
caller was a in ptada reee wthe ago theini and the unjut' treatment of two top Civil
college in ada requested the -Servants who6spoke on behalf of hundreds
try of Education (Dominica), to furnish of their colle gues.
it with a. detailed account of the candi- of heir collier Addr
dates: performance at the Antiua Teach- the country on their ove points and drefen The Education Officer the country n ove points d def
called this officer u' and told' hi what your position on these issues if you daro.
Canada had requested and I quote "It-is ,The By-election gves you a. golden oppo
Vour business to supply this information unity and please justify also your eight
t5 date the poor fellow has made three towns.
phone calls, to Antigua, but to no succe Sensible and loyal Dominican~, will 'e
other candidates for similar courses' glad to hear ou. At any rate do better
were due to leave the Sthte "on the 23rd- than Mr. Nixon in his recent Watergate
inst. This dpes hot come as a surprise, Speech I .......--W ....
.because the officer took an active part ook .Review "byrLeo Narodny
in the recent CSA activity, so therefore "TIm FATAL GIET"-r rove by ALEC WA~T H
all, those who supported the 'CSA can look Published by barrar,Straus.and Giroux
forward for similar treatment. ........ .ew York 1973
As a last thought, I douild like to Not over.ybo"dyill pay $14,00 fror'
inform the Education Officer that a Alec Wauihs' latest hovel about Dominied.
'departmental pall to Antigua should be Followinga recent trend, Waugh includes'
paid from public funds. himself and his friends in an old-fishion.
NTIR-PLAY, Roseau. ed cocktail of real and fictional everins,
TE: We hope the officer concerned man- Dominiocas "fatal gift of beauty" eerted
aged to get away I -Ed,.-. a magic -pell. on his-English pal whose
rus'tratiing opefiG es curio'Tb separated ninej and I aiA sure, many others
tryird- to imake a living in Dominica, 'Iy .mothor. lived at' L';mprbvue
until she was-.90 years b.. age, "in'd admonished me with Go&the's "When you-are .in
Paradise, don't question f Waugh's hero accepted. life'too mitch to suit Waugh.s
living --and everyone els. thought he was a vegetable, not a man. Refusal of a
so-called brilliant career was not in the old English tradition of aristocracy,
especially when the alternative was-to grow citrus an'd distii essential oils. The
young people of today, however, don't accept the old stafdards of financial and-
diplomatic success if the price is too high in happiness. Waugh makes it. appear
as a. tragedy, when it was really ,a design for living .....
Instead of portraying the attractive sophistication of the intelligentsia..of
Dominicans "first families"r who carry the mantle of Frhehc culture bequeathed to
their ancestors before English rule, Waugh chooses to.denigrate the denizens with
incidents of ambivalent sexuality and subconscious paternalism which has resulted
in a resentment of all 'lins threatening their economic life. Like Switzerlandi ,
in its scenery only, it'has attracted an unusual number of eccentrics and indivi-
duals. and Waugh explains why, in part. .. .
Seduced by an aunt imitating Etonian flagellations', the hero finds the path'
of least resistance in spite of a series of love affairs roaiilting in loneliness,
rather attractive, The story is admirably adapted to a movio "Island in the' Rain"
to match his " thie Sun" describing Farley hill in Barbados, and I expect.
little of his conversational script need be changed.'
I remember Alec Waugh's "effortless composure" ;in ii met- him on a. cruise boat
in 1948, (contIaMed on pgy 9

Sdledule of Application for Certificate of Title and ~toting&
therson and Caveats for week ending ,st say of tapt 1973,
Dek i Requeted Person Presenting Nature of request;
whether a Certificate,
of Title of Noting
thereon or Cay
Request dated Euthlie Louis Request for the issue
the I7tb day by her Solicitor of a First Certificate
of Augvzt 1973 Cilma A.M. of Title in respect of
Presented the Dupigny a Portion of land at
27th day of Salisbury, m the-Pa-
August, 1973 ri of St. Joseph in
at 3.35 p.m. the State of tDomnica
contmaing 2, b1 2
square feet and boun'
eas foliows:-
North West by land of Vernon Langdeau-
North by a right of way separating it frofn land of
Theresa Vidal South West by land of Theresa Vidalr
South East by Iand of Th 'resa V _._
Requeaoi dtad Mary Jane Request or the issue
Sthe Zlistday Au stin of a First Certificate
of Act::t 1973 y b hr Solicito of Title in respect of
Presented the Cilms A.M. a Portion of land at
27th day of Dupigay Wesley, in the Parish
August, 1973 of St. Andrew in the
at4.10 .m.. I Stat. of Dominicma
containing 1 8 4 2
square feet and bogn-
ded as follows:.
North West by land of Ketura Lawrence :*
North East by land of vy Whar;, South East by a P.isic ROa
South West by land of Joseph Harry.

oquest dated Keturab
the 2 1st day Lawrence
of August.1973 by her Solicitor
Presented the Cilma A.M.
27th dat -f Dupigny
August, 1973
at 4.O'clock

WRetqut for -the isse
of a First Certificate
of Title is respect of
a Portion of land
known as a lot at
Wesley, in the Pariah
of St. Andrew in the
State of Domisicna
containing 1 5 1 6
square feet and boun-
ded as follows;-

Nank-Wet by lted of Joseph Harry;
NortdEast by land of Sally Richards.
South-East by land of Mary jane Augustine;
SoutdrWesa by a road separating it from land of Joseph Marry,
Request dated Xavier Fabien RJequest r the iesae.
the 13th day by hai Solicitor of a First Certificate
of August 1973 Cilma A.M. of Title in respect of
Presented the Dupigay a Portion of land at
27th day of Bense. in the Pariah
Asgust, 1973 of St. Andrew in the
at 3.45 .mn. State of Dominica
Containing 7 2 5 6
square feet and boun-
ded as follows:-
South by a Public North by land of Sidney Sandy;
West by a Public Roa* East by a Public Road.
Reglstrar'; Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
SRosRau, Dominica, Ating Registrar of Titles
NOTE:-- Any person who desires to object to the issue of a
First Certificate of Title in the above application may enter a
Caveat in the bove Office within six weeks from cha date of
the first appearance of this Schedule rn the STAR Newspaper
published in this State or from the date when the notice pre-
scribed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adjtcAnhg
land In respect of which the application is made.

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Noting
thereon and Caveats for week ending 25th day of August 1973.

rsn+ Frescttlogfi Natrure of requelti
f whether a Certifictce
of Tiie of Noting
thereon or Caveat,

Request dated Gerald St. !Ae1.B ation of Gerald
13 7 73 LueeS. Luce sole ,*urvi
Presented by his Solicateaowg eecutor of Mary
23 8 .73 M, Eugenia aBes ine for thd issue
at 9.47 ra.m Charles of a* first certificate
..-......---....-.-.-.... --... of title in respect of
a portion of land in
the Town of Roseat,
in th, parish of St,
George containing
686 square feet a&td
bounded as fol cws:
North Ct;urch S iet Sou.h Land of Louisa Benoit 'ast
L..s:'ie Strei West lard of Nuthaie Phillip and C!mitn.
tle 5 -;! m i .... ...

Request ded Fedina Application of Fedi-
8 8 73 A n na ad r Alexaner for
Presented by her Soicitor the issue of a First
22 8 73 M. E gi~i Certificate of Title'in
at 12,25 p.m. Char respect of a Portion
___ __ .of lan3 at St. Joseph
: Village in the Parish
of St. Joseph contain.
ing 2010 square feet
and bounded as fol-

SNM:rh land cf Eden George East Partly by land of Leonora
Cufy anr. Psrt!v byy and of Huson Baptiste South St. Joseph
River West Parrly by land of Donaid Skeritt and Partly by
tind qf Leor;or- Cjfly.

SRefto trar' Office,
RoseOU, Oominica.

ActingRegistrar of Title&

NOTE:-- Any person who desires to object to the aisue of a
First Cte.rtfcate of Title in the above appli~aticn Umay enter e
iCaveat in the above Office wt'hin six weeks from the date of
ithe first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
published in Lhis State or from the date when tfhe notice p-
icrfbad by law vas served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
lhnd In respect of which the application si made.


House Lot for sale in Canefield -
The Lot commands a Magnificent View of
Telephone 324


Contact -
Christian Literature Crusade,
36a Great Marlhoreag6 Street
Box 103;
A or pkaone 27OOr2701

I wmrmw


'Di$i Re( re!Ete Id

I ll~n~~ II~II~---UIIIU ----~-~----


Page ,light



T TH'E STAR Page 9

S\\ .... Gottin dong
Sto de-nitty gritty
o otings, s dere's a
i,7 'message every song-
/ 'witer wishes to con-
Svey thru dis poetic
r style of expression;
be it philosophio or
plain '"Iona-,otearth'
Srap on de happenings,
.'. NEDI DIA1IOND is ofne puffec
Example o' dat kine o* song
S-poet..who demands his aud-
S ience's attention to. his ly-
rics instead o'gbin 'cahoots'
over his personality#( tec. An
SBro'er Louie is dat kine o' song.
wid. a terrific, relevant account o!
some o' today's so-common" '
love-stories dat need ears' appeal.
interest. Yeah, skip de musik-fer a,
while. an listen to de words *..
4 **-*- - *
Despite all her misdortunes, say
LOR~A BENNETT was 'streat", 'Tlhe show was
"fanttisio". And, .gov 't.lnows what to
expect from calypsonians-in 74'-.
'I go wackie over anything made wid
flour, An prob'ly you do too. So here's
a piece ,to'try; Cream cAp' shortening
(gloopreadmellocream,lard, any kind a-
good ting) an one (1) cup sugar together
Beat 2 eggs till light an'add. Press 1
cup masht ripe bananas'thr.u sieve an add
1 teaspoon'lemon juice. Blend.wid creamnd
mixr Sift 2 cups sifted POM*an y teaspoon
salt together an mix-.-quickly into banana
mix. Add 1 cup chopped nut" meats. Bake
in great loafp&pn at-375 degr-ees fer 1
hour.. An lemme know resultsal (flour)
.'. *
Look out fellast CflBBY. C0ECKER is
back on de scene.. No'bnbt 'twist 'again.
"Reggae My Way" is de new sihgl5e.from his
album; released thru 20th Century which
should bang in HEAVY *." JAM E BROWN goes
from Black Caesar" to "Slaughter's Big
Rip-Off" while ROBERTA .."LACE starts
;shooting BEESIE early r'74. Rolling
aTONES are ten years on.. STEVEN-STILLS
got coyed to VERONIQUE SANfSOIN Best 'fer de
'future birds.o. And, who cai doubt-me when
I say GAYLORDS POWER UNION will have a.
Gold Record 'fore 17';- ends".,, SWINGIN'
!STARS inten to do their nex album wid
violins', etc*. .

Friday, -Aurgut.l 31st,; 1973

People are sayin da't LA-iSs !'Buffet
Scandal' soo- to bei~re..eased will
be BAIED -over"-590 ... CHRIS SERAPHINE
"At the Bayy is reaL opened, played over
Radio Guadeloupe.,-Good work, Daddy
Jeffl M ike Andrew's recording came
out-fine. Dis supports my'conviction'
dat: had 590 been bigger there'd be
no use for us to gb elsewhere n-'-Hey,the
new name circulating dor 590 is PJlAIO-
L-O-G. Doh ax me; ah ain't know ... I'm
about to'say dat I'm surprised avtde
great ITo. of letters pourin in re:Aiigg
17 competition$ But, dere's NO winner
YETS So*+;..-let dem entries como.o.'for
nex-weelk's BIG surprise @.,
Book Revie' of THE FATAL GIFT '(A.haugh)
by Leo Narodny .(from p.7)
Mr. N'arodny gives a spirited account of
personal experiences in Dominica-related
to this novel- which we'wish We had
room to reproduce here, and adds He
includes his friends without flavoring
their-biographies with the bitter bits
of reality that Somerset Maugham couldn't
omit in his 'stories: of the Far Eastqne-
of which Was surely the story'of his
host.tIolley Knapp in Dominica." He 'ges
on i Toreaders who have never lived
in .Dominica, the characters' seem unreal,(
but the compensation of traditional Eng-
lish-life and'patterns, of living.will
make it real enough for a good ZV ser*
ial. It is a good sequel'to the' fiction-
al "Duet in-Discord'. by Elma Napier and
'the ,"Run 1Iasked" of Robb White. It is
time for a'"Gone with the. Wina" about
Dominica today,' Waugh's hero' gies
a party in London which he explains
'..Dominica needs publicity.
IEvery place needs publicity; every-
thing'needs .publicity. Surely you as an
author a~ .ee' that.'
1Yes, when heels anything to sell.
Is there inI Dominica?"'
of 'course :there is, there's ..'' he
paused.... ...
'Are you trying: to attract the tour-
ist trade?' I asked. 'Do you think Dom-
inica has mucli to '6ffe3 -to the tourist?'
*Only -o the exceptional tourist.1 -
!So you think publicity will attract
oapital?.Are-you hoping some speculator
will buy up property' (Final words ple)
S *. -

Pae!A Ten T n S T
ST*rA*R*S.*P*0*R*T* ... Morohriston
Gricket. The. West Indies won their first
test"series since 1967 by"taking two out
of three matches from Ehgland,t They won
the first and. drew the second but in the
third at Lord,'s, they out-bowled, out-
batted and out-fielded the Englishmen
for a. win by an innia&, -' and 226 runs,
Winning the toss for the 3rd time they
were 106/2 at lunch -on the 1st day.and
Kanhai declared at 62. for 8 sc ored
in 617 minutes. In the field the West
Indians dominated holdi4"jteh catches
in Sglandis; first. innigs,'.of 233 and
and eight in the 2nd '0follow-6on"rof 193.
Sobers took 6 catches for a record 116
catches in tests. Kanhaif:acored his
15th century (157) and his 6000 runs,.
Sobers his.26th (150 n.o.) and has over
7000 runs already .Berbard Julien got
his first test century (121) very
stylishly, whilst Fredericlk (51) and
Lloyd (63) added their coqtributionsn
In the total of 652 there were 97 fours
and 4 sixes. For England only Fletcher
shone with 68 and 86.-n.o. Bowling: "'
W.I. Calder 4/56, Boyce' 47_O CT-/49,
Gibbs: 2/38 & 3/26, Julioh '3/69. England -
Wylis 4/18, Grieg 3/10o, Illingworth
1/314. The latter will not. captain the
team to tour the W.I. -Mike Denness of
Kent will lead England.
Shell Shield: IrvingS Shillingford will
capta&n'i e CGombined islandss .team with
Lockhart Sebastian, Grayscon Shillingfor4
1orbert Phillip and 1Qleb Laurnt 'from
Domihica, plus. 4,Antiguans, 2 Nevisians,
2 Mont&apaatians, 1 Kittitian-and 1 Vin-
oentian no St.Luci.ans nor Grenadians.
gootb~.a Harlem Rovers continued to be
undefeated in the league. -beatinAg.-Paranai
4-'nil.- Scorera: were: IBenoit, H.Emman-
u'el, t .Augustus and W. Dohtfraid.j
Geltics United went.-down easily to
Halcyon -- 5-nil. sr Halcyon, J,C.Law-
rence. and J.Defoe 2.**Kensborough United
the youngest team in the league and who
gave Harlem Rovers their hardest fight
dominated their match against Saints
winning 4-2. Sor Kensborough, R.Oarrette
L.Lowisn and R.N;rphy 2,' For' Saints,
C.Burgins and. B.CharleBs,* ':Yesterday,the
Spartans Vs. Gutter Grown match came to
a. premature end when members of the
Gutter Crown team walked off the. field.
This incident occured' some 8 "minutes
before scheduled end when a goal'J2ored
by Crowns.and awarded by the reereeee
the ball was put in the centre of the
field for the kickoff{ a linesman thoa
told the acfeiaothat Walch"wac off-side,
--so the referee disallowed the goal,
drowns walked off. Spartans kicked a
goal. The referee blew off time.


i Mh Clement Z. Burton, Chief Fire Of-
ficer, won the Seabrook Memorial Prize
1972 for his performance. at the Fire Ser-
vice Techlical College', Moreton-in-Marsh,
Gloucestetshire.' He 1 .o one of two stu-
dents who, in'.nhe course of the year,
showed the o..t during .their '
course of training. l
Mr. A.ITrederick .' JbOeh, Gen.Sec. of
DAWU and Regibhal AsI t. (English Zone)
of the' LatinAmerican Institute for Social'
Studios, spent 4 days in Surinam recently,
where'he. .attended" the 2nd Cohference' of
the T.U,,Council of Caribbean Workers.
SThis Conforence passed a Resolition
supporting CSA action in Dominica
Mr. Jose~ih was elected one of three
Executive Siz bof the T.U.Council of
Caribbean rWorkers.

PERSOI~amsL (Doctors, Nurses:,
Dispensers, Orderlies and
Domestic Workers) at the
on MONDAY 3rd Septeipber
starting at 2 p.m

Printed & Published by the Proprietor, Robert E. Allfrey of Mill House,
Copt Hall, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

A .. jiday. 'A 51agt 197
Review of TIE FATAL 'IFT "...andt'develop
it? Are you planning to turn-your own
estate into' a public company? '
'That's. nottthe task i' on at all,'
he 'said.- m tI1inihiLA of the island it-
self and. of-the Dominipans, They've got
despondent" about themselves, -Too-many
things have goienwroni for them. They
have begun to lobe interest in themselves,.
They need to be bucket4 up, they need to -
have someone to take an interest in them:
someone who cab help'them to take an in-
terest in themselves, so that they can do
something for themselves, pull themselves
up by their. oWn bootstraps. This party
.,may help.* .
-Perhaps that !d'-what Waugh has tried to
do: make his story an old-fashione'dcock-
tail for .a Dominica .party and .
ouge movie. EO NARODNY
Hugh B. hite. resident
Jenner Bj-4. Armour -Vlce President
Victor Riviere General Secretary
Acme Trocard "Asst. "
Flossie Joseph Treasurer & Hem-Sec.
pristine tfhite.
Committee- Nembe'rs
imRaknuelafflr T'R. tenry, Jerry Lee,
Michael Douglas, 'Symbert Richards,
Radcliffe P.Joseph.
AUDITORS- .- .. :
-rN L.O.. Liveorpool and McM. .Dorval,

---- ------ -~-


Friday, August 31, 1973

offers: for ,sale the following vehicles
SHillma Minx Estate Car -2622
Mii~-- Mke 2848
Volkswagen Double Cab Pick-up 2996
The Vehicles may be inspected at
Fond Cole Power Station by arrange-
ment with Mr. Palmer on telephone No.
2622. The vehicles are offered on an
"as is where is" basis with the pur-
chasers removing them from Pond Cole
on payment of the accepted tenders.
Written offers only will be considered
and must be received before Friday
14th September by:-
The Manager
Dominica Electricity Services
P.O. Box 13,
To perpetuate the meiiory of the late
Mrs. Marie Elizabeth James, who devoted
her whole life to of chil-
dren, a Scholarship Fund has been launch-
ed. This will enable a deserving under-
privileged boy or girl to attend a Sec-
=dary School of his or her choice for
a period of 3 years, in the first in-
st'ance,(subject to good performance)and
a further period later. More than one
child will be sent 'to such a School, de-
pending upon the amount of money collected
The Committee responsible for the
above Fund is:- Ir; Alfred Leevy,Chair-
man; Mrs. Arthur Tionge', Secretary; Miss
Elsie Ritchie, Treasurer; Mr. Kenneth
Richards; Rev. Father Jollyj Mrs.Denise
Defoe; Miss Alfreda Georges.
The first child awarded'this Scholar-
ship is EUNICE DESmInE, 13,of Loubiere;
her chosen school is The Convent High
School. Eunice passed her entrance exam
twice beforehand. .She was awarded a
Bursary by Government but has returned
this, as'she would not have been able to
afford the other expenses.
good fortune, and to the Committee too.
^^^^ ^ -^ppj^.^-- --- --
Mr. Alfred Leevy D.A. has been appoint-
ed headmaster of the Dominica Grammar
School. We offer him 'our good wishes.
S- -- aa o-- -
The little rhyme by Miss Charles
was censored off our front page
during the State of. Emergency. Re-
member the' :fuss over a woodsy hut ?

TIE IEAL BACIC0EP : J.Spector (fr.p.2.
During those years of service (and
he, like ~aximea, is only 36) Govt.
must have thought highly of the way
this officer performed his duties.
Probably Govt.'doesn't care what Dom-
inicans abroad, inclusive of relatives
of the 'retired' men, think of the way
they have been treated. But I would' have
given a lot to have heard Flexie Symea
remarks when the news first broke in
Boston, U.S.A.
LOGIC ... If Department heads such
as Madiiea and Symme were in J private'
btsjieft they could logically be classed
as management (having the power to hire
and fire being; the concomitant condition.
Conatit utionallJ only the Public Service
Go'miasion has the power to hire and
f1i -M" thus that body is the only lagal
Baan~aient vis-a-vis trade union.prac-
tice. The Permanent Secretaries, as:
advisories to the P.S.G., must be
classed as management, as also is the
Premier. The' 1Ministers of this Govern-
ment doubtless consider themselves as
Management. However it is not the bMsi-
ness of Management (whether "Ministers,
Permanent Secretaries or the P.S,C.)
to decide whether Department Eeads are
workers or management -- are.they to be
judge, jury, prosecutors, lower 6ib:
magistrates .and executioners? The mere
fact of"the enforced "retirement" of
these two officers (officers: of both"
the Service and the Union) indicates
that they are not management'by any form
of logic.;. and'-%th Government, Public
Service CommiJsion and Minister of Home
Affairs have"dug a deep pit of illogical
persecution for themselves. If any two
persons needed the full and solid sup-
port of a' trade: union it is:'1essrs
Maximea and Symes.

At the corners of some of our streets
in town, and maybe in the country as well,
there are some idlers watching purposely
when our young women are walking up or
down the streets. Some of them make
the girls'feel embarrassed'by directing
unpleasant remains. at them, causing them'
to feel that they are not free to'appear,
talk, laugh and walk, on our streets.
Some girls iay enjoy a funny joke and
laugh it our, but' cannot feel happy when
their character is impeached. Perhaps
our various unions and associations can
lecture our inhabitants from time to
time, as how to conduct themselves on the
streets, in any function or anywhere else.
Our police can only act when complaints
are brought in H.L.



Friday, August 31., 1973

That formidable Unionist Charles
Savarin is never at a loss when
the Civil Service Association gets
letters from Home Affairs, the
latest of which "informs" that
"there is no legal or constitution-
al provision which would allow him*
effectively to interfere with de-
,isions of the -Public Service Com-
mission by referring such decision
to a Board as you have requested,
and therefore he"(*the Minister)
cannot lawfully comply with any
such request." John Spector has
dealt with the second part of this,
letter which underlines that!'Messrs
Symes and Maximea not being workers'
within the meaning of the Trades
Disputes Ordinance..." any strike
calculated to ensure their rein-
statement will be an illegal strike.
Savarin hits back: "Your letters
of. the 22nd and 28th August 1973
reveal a complete misunderstanding
both of the Association's case and
the role of your Ministry" (Home
Affairs) "under the Trades Disputes
Act, After relating events follow-
ing the CSA decision to return to
work on June 22, and the subse-
quent request to refer the dispute
to a Board of Inquiry or Arbitration,
Savarin goes on: "Not only has the
Ministry failed to take any action
to refer the matters in dispute to
a Board... but the Ministry has
participated in the general victim-
ization of public officers and has
condoned the action of the Adminis-
tration in retiring Symes and Maxi-
mea. Obviously neither your Ministry
nor Government can have their act-
ions examined by an impartial Board,
and your threats are simply an
attempt at frightening those public
officers who are determined to stand
by the C.S.A. to see to it that
justice is. done." Savarin described.
Govt.'s reference to constitutional
provisions as "cynical,.as the very
composition of the Public Service
Commission is questionable because
of the obvious one-sided party pol-
itical bias .of the five members ap-
pointed on the advice of the Premien'
After denying that the Association
wished Home Affairs or anyone else
to interfere with the Commission's
decisions, 'but pointing out the wid-
er fields of conciliation and arbitral
procedures, the Gen.Sec.CSA turns to

C.S.A. NEWS ('from column one)
the Ministry's interpretation of the
word 'worker', pointing out also that
the CSA is the only body in Dominica
which can legally claim the right to
represent public officers other than
Police Officers on all matters...
"the right to belong to a Union is,
as you know, constitutionally en-
trenched." Then there is a final
tough paragraph. We think CSA is
holding its own all right. Ed.
PITAL INCIDENT. This relates to an
incident at Stronach Maternity Ward
on July 21, and CSA feels that the
basis for such a request is not prop-
erly understood by the Ministry (of
Education & Health). Upon receiving
a letter (Aug.9) from the CSA.,
the Minister replied at once stating
that "long before you got wind of the
incident...prompt and appropriate
action was taken on this matter by
my Ministry." The Incident concerned
the appearance of a man with a gun
in thp ward, and Was considered by
CSA serious enough to warrant inves-
tigation. Queries as to the nature
of the action taken by the Ministry
of Health were stone-walled. Hence
this affair will be a major topic
at the C.S.A. meeting announced on
page 10 of this newspaper,
Acting on behalf of the People's
Action Theatre, Mr. Daniel Caudeiron
presented the CSA Gen.Sec,C.Savarin
with $1,400 cash, total proceeds
of a show put on at the Arawak cin-
ema and this will go towards LEGAL
AID and SPECIAL EXPEiiSES of victim-
ised Civil Servants, Miss Lonna Ben-
nett,Jamaica's top star, performed.


wish to thank
those young men and women (over
150) throughout the Windwards,
who applied for the two-year
Diploma Course (worth some $5,00Q
at the Eastern Caribbean Institute
of Agriculture and Forestry, Trin-
idad. Two Applicants have been
selected; Mr. George Bissette of
St. Lucia and Mr. Odile Valmond of
Dominica, and to them we extend all
good wishes for success in their
diploma course and look forward to
their contribution to the Agricultn-
ural Industry of these Islands.

Supplement ii


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