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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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1Y J4. e.t
Al-c ait /eth /A v / Al
'. ^S,^ ----
; r-sh-rierisur-y 1./E. W i/i~


-- v / *


-d 1 weaqe e

Herald next week see p

I diir, PHI Il. ,1.s AI.I FRFY

FrkJay Aagest_. 24 1973

The Jaycees have launched a fund for the vic-
tims of the K'eontedy Avenue Fire after carrying
tout a rsrvey of the 31 people who -lo posseSaio7'
when the four buildings were destroyed in July.
Los$ is estimated by Police at $45,ooo e:c
clusive cf the buildings, The Jaycecs hope a
raise a target figure of $20,0oo and hsvi
opened,, a Fire Vactums Fund at all banks as
placed collection tns in stores. All good ciut
zens are invited to contribute.
Ten out of twtve victims questioned said thc
bad received no assistance at all to far. NorC
were insured

The People's Enemy
by Stephenson
'The Labour Party have for quire some
time been parading under the convenient la-
bels of "socialism", "te poor man's parry"-
" democracy? etc.
Their recent irresponsible actions,
however, have biatant'y refuted :he a.ove.
We can no longer cast a bhlnd eye and dea
ear to this government's wrorgful doin.s,, fo
after all it affects every one of us.
There has been and still is a break-
down of Democracy 'if this form of govern-
ment ever existed in this State) and we are
faced w i t r Papadocracy Dictatorship
whether we like II or not.
Are we going to stand by and allow the
feeble few 'the government, to implement
their sesivry motivated ideology in this
state? -'* ', e. 5P

by a visitmg correspondcat
Another storm is brewing In me Caribbean is-
land of Domminca. The decistcn cy the Civil
Service Associaton, the bargain ng body for
Civil Servants here, to walk our again from their
tobs if need be, to dramause ius displeasure over
the sacking of two members of its executive, is
further proof that there was more behind the
gene strike ia June w hic h crippled the
Dominican ecuoomv and ei to a deciara:iao of
a state cf emeriencG\
Was ':t Must a row v-rr the transfer of a popular



program asmsstan. from a radj station? or was it
frastratton brought on by the iotahitanan d fiance
and arrogance by a Government which has en-
trenched itself solidly for the past thirteen years?
Caribbean politicians should do well to ponder the
answer for the Caribbean miru-states have become
ripe for violent change overs. It would be naive
for us to say that there is still the democratic pro
ces of the ballot box, for we know too well asd
from recent experience that Caribbean govern-
meats have become adept at "fixing the vote",
(concluded p 9)


I 1__1~

-- -.-.-----~-- ---- -------- -------~------- --





The Editor has passed to me a few documents or papers "for your
comments". The first is a letter from Harvard U.S.A., the signatory
being a conservationist of extreme distinction. There is no indication
that he would like his words suppressed or kept secret, and in-view of
the hazardous position of conservation in this land, and of the career
of our foremost conservationist here, I venture to ask the STAR to re-
produce it:-
"I follow events in Dominica with sadness, particularly those in-
volving Christopher Maximea. He was such an excellent ambassador for
Dominica when he attended the Second World Conference on National Parks
in the .United States last September. He did an outstanding .job.
-it was hoped that lie would also be abif to attend and participate in
the Eighth Annual Seminar on the Administration of national Parks and
Equivalent Reserves which began a few days ago in Seattle, Washington.He
was invited to participate along with the'representatives of 21 other
nations. Funds had been arranged for the six-week study tour of Canadian,
American and Mexican National Parks and obviously he could not accept
the invitation under the present situation. He would have gained a great
deal from the experience and he would have contributed a great deal to all
the participants."
The writer, who is a constant subscriber to the STAR, continues:
"I am no longer with the Conservation Foundation but have recently
started my own-corporation called Environmental Concern International.
There is so much work to be done but obviously it can only occur where
governments are hospitable to the concepts involved. I would like to,
think that Domltica will turn a corner in its internal troubles and be
able to focus some effort on the preservation of its resources. At the
moment we all seem td bd faced with the destructive effects of the polit-
ical process." "William H. Ed y" Jr.
Now in noting the, above I am not exonerating the Freedom Party-from
criticism. The great Civil Rights lawyer Roger Baldwin (also of the USA)
noted the omission in Freedom propaganda of a stand in favour Of the found-
ation of a great national park in this "virgin island" ; an immense
national park of world-wide celebrity. But I -qote the letter above,with
the publisher and editor's permission, to show that although (as a female
civil servant -unconsciously quoting Lenin-said 'no man is indispensable'
no g od3s.m -anr.-e cast on the rubbish-heap of politics with his wife and
child perhaps to starve while we in Dominica are cut off from the
greatest opportunity of our lives.
Now I turn briefly to Vol 1 No.0 of the MIND publication "Travail" or
TWAVAY. It contains an article CIVIL SERVANTS STAND STRONG reporting how
500 divil servants..expressed total condemnation of the action of Dominica
Government in retiring Messrs. F.O.Symes and Maximea. And on the subject
of Symes I shall haveamething to say next week' The bulletin said:' "By
resolution the Meeting"(last Sun. at Goodwill Parish Hall)"expressed their
total condemnation of the action of the Government of Dominica in retiring
Messrs. F.0. Symes and C.C.Maximea 'in the public interest'." By resol-
ution the Meeting agreed to bring the issue and their decision to stand
by the two executive members to all sections of the Dominica civil Service.
It is good to know that MND supports the public workers of this State in
their just struggle "against the reprosive actions of the Leblanc Govt. "
The pamphlet exposes the handouts Leblanc has made to himself and 'ex-
jokers', Defence Force etc... money which could "transform the miserable
life of the mass of the Dominican people." ..
It's a very interesting paper the only things I find peculiar are
the fake names of young supporters (maladroitly translated into Africanese-.
and .the description of Mrs. Allfrey ('Phy-lis Al-frey) as "a socialist at
the time (when the Premier developed politically). As far as I am aware,
Mis. Allfrey is today exactly the same sort of socialist she was when she
founded the then Dominica Labour Party, and she has joined the Popular
Front of the Freedom Party because it contains every point of view.


Friday,August 24,1973

Page Two

Page Three



S Honestly, I looked
/ f 'forward to "tying
c, / a goid ribbonaR. round
;. '.f JETnlIFER IIOSTEN's 'lin-
gor". Another local nut
-had that idea tol3 But,
l like GLADYS KIGiIaIT, shie
jeoeered: "INeither one of US"
follas'mot her choice. But
brother, ah feel LOIdA BEN-
N ETT IS OOINT to. have"Break-
f ast in BED'wid 10!' as from
'[ at'day mornt'.
.JaL LORTNA is here. Ahnd,
sU'he'll be turning you on at de
iAh--- it hurts to want YOU So.badLorna.
Sure, JEAIT ITIIGHT can confirm TIAT'T
ETTA JAIES mus' a.had so many tings to
"tell mama", dat by do timni shoehad said
half de things, sha had to say-, she had
forgotten-de part 'bout how DIANTA ROSS
almoq~ got herself-an acadenm airard for.
her role in "Lady Sings The Blues"'. So,
moa s prob'ly, she' culd"i' find .time to
toll dem.aroun' de reason why CAJLY
SIMOfT is so turnedd on". in her struggle
for woman lib. Coo 11 It's Vsurely puzv-
..'ling.. when one consider bone "so vaini*
as s Mrs Grly James Taylor is such a
"chicken d mother-hen",
Women'have never been "outa place"
in show-biz.. "I'm sorry" that BRENDA
LEE had to be regarded as a midget; till
outie COON=E FRANCIS had to be finding
"where the boys:are"'for Brenda. But
look at skinny, zany, bass guitarist
SUZIE. QUATRO.. IAntH she just 5"ft?
Th. prominence' of 'WOIEITin ohtertain-
ment was at its peak in the late 50s
and up to the latter half of the 6Os
with such feminine soothhess from the
-tars as'the .SHBRELLES and. CRYSTALS;
NAI'CY WILSON besides others., Prght
here, in those days, we could be "set to
sleep" by the golden voices'of PATRIGIA
ROSS and ASTRID IEWJIS." But, strange I
Since the disappearance of these two,
beautiful CARLL WILLIAIL' has been the
only girl to add a "lildcie slice of
dicie gig" to our male over-domineering
show-biz sceno. Yet, attiids time, we
hear so much about "swoet. rilliam"
"lollipop" Jamaica-girl, IILLIE SM1ALL-
still dreaming of accompllishing her so-
far-unfulfillsd wishes.


, I i I I I I

Aa;'JEAIT 'KIGH putsa: it: No woman ex-
pects a "Mr1 Big"Stuff", in her life; not
even though it' was MARSHA HUMNT'e philo-
sophy, as early as in; the 60sa,-to "keep
her customers -satisfied". '
Women are WEAK only when TRUE LOVE
captures their hearts, Sly. Stone will
Support this through practical experi-
ences with DORIS DAY. Another defying
example is MRS DAVID BOWEE who simply
.doesn't care what the world feels about
her husband's. BIselxiality,
I say they 're all like DELILAH. Look:
AL-Green refuses to do what-he-considers
NOT MORAL song bf SYLVIAT and the young
girl dares society to make a. hit outa
""Pillow Talku".
-My most reasonable recommendation is
to: "treat your lady in de-contraree".
And, with"three like 11ANCY, JEWA and
LYNDA thoUSUPRErIMS-you'll end u~p
"wonder-boy". "Bht, if. you believe
flattery is'.gonna..dbo I can't see how
we could expect a. rich, intelligent
'ex-school-teacher as .:ROBERTA FLACK; wid
all dem grammies; to "put up wid u".
Women are FREE MORAL AGENTTS too. Smash-
ing could be their game. Jus:' see how
MAGGIE BEEL"tbcrashbdd" Stone de:Crew.
Dd. wommin day sharing' alike bruddah?
I don-tt kaiow exactly.. -But, NANCY. ILSON
doesn't mind seeing "Morning in YOUR
eyes". So, iwho' cares?
lId like to see our women on stage
AGAIN. I'd like to hear DEM VOICES on
record too. I say to o'r MONEY-IME
show-bizis iiinestment TOO. With our
own, we(ddo. wid a little less of LIZA
MINELLI-ahd.-.LYISAY de PAUL. Hey, dob
eVwhh take 'way ,SHIRLEY BASSIE nor
TINA TUR1IER-doh I Pardnor, that's be a
womsterer" sitU&ition than PATSY
CADETTE could over dream of.
.Ain't that so... LINDA, "'
Ouch I Las'1 eel's "e's
competitions still on. .
So flip-.bac'if' er miss '
it, Anl, get dem letters:
comin'.. -,
Chris. Seraplinel s: first "-
(of two singles) will be
here NEX' 1EEK.. And, "
we re giving SUM away#.
Yeah, dat's de [/


SFriday, August 24, 1975

page our T THE 8TAR i:At9 August a2 ,197 .
VISIT 3 TO" aJAMdITSh D Ivf~k7b-` (con1we) th thd opportuney of z v18-
)'~ucite 'Indutry is the- tTg the site tformerLy occupied by the
Tourist Induatry, which is a,:-ooming one: wharves and warehouses, now no 'onger in
skyscraperos of 16 or more' toreysa. abe to tee since the new deepwater docking faci-
be seen mushrooming. all over the place. cities were placed on reclaimed land at
Montego Bay, where we spent a ay, is a Newport. This: area 2 miles long and. one-
real tourist resort. Most 'of the hotels fifth of 6.'mile wide, has been handed
have, their own private beaches, but the over to the Urban Development Corporation
present. Government is; trying to change fgo development purposes. This Corpora-
thio. It was a very. pleasant butprise tion has been empowered by Government to
to me: when I: saw such a large .umber of create and implemht ba. plan for the re-
coloired tourists in the" hotels taking development of 46twhtown Kingston, which
advantage of-what our islands have to has bena fund essential in order "to
offer sun, seabathing," aihd the relax- control and plan the present and. future
action which' one cannot enjoy"inh those growth of the city. The Corporation is
fast-moving countries. "I was never more expected to lay dowh' the infrastructure
surprised too, when I learnt that the required and thoh' sell the land to'do--
Government had gone into 'the 'hotel busi- velopers in accordance with a strictly'-
ness, Knowing that government-business laid down plan designed by Shankland 'Cx
is. never a profitable one, I'tried to and Associates." From the model shown to
find out the. reason. Most"pebple thought us there will be h"notwork of. roads, car
that it might be a result of "~le amount parks, shaded' pedestrian malls: and'land-
of money pumped into totiiisit prfMib on by soaped squares, red'thurants, shops,
the Government. The- Sh:raton hoti, clubs, baiks, hotels, dwelling houses
wherq w-r stayed in Kingston,l had 400 With car?.parks attached, marinas etc.
rooms- (16 storeyas and. Wtas fully Govern- When finalized it wi)l certainly change
ment-ownedt but forgive"me ifI' am blunt. the face of KinHst6on, 'There are other
in saying here that it wasi.s typical ex- such development areas talking place in
ample of how government-ow6ed business is Jamaica. ..
run. Service was poor, one could see Now with regard to the people of
laxniess in the running 'of' thii g"", every- Jamaica, it was. apparent that the iUduo-
thing done in a slapdash manner' giving trial boo~n.had- ot provided enough work
one-the impression that things' "iere not for the work-for.e' nd the gap between
done 'on sanitary lines. Han gement was the "SHve land "Itave" ~ots! has been
nowhere to be seen, unlike other private- simply widening, ';This became very A6ppar-
ly-owned hotels. where I have stayed in ent when we visited ppanish Town and saw-
many of the other islands and Twhere the houses which one; could aptly describe
"Management is on-its. toes and service is as match boxo, in oompariPsu to the
of a. much higher standard.' I believe the great mass of health meen all over the
reason for this is the attitude adopted island. A. housing problem was created
by the people at the'top rankLwhich as a direct result of the people from
naturally infiltrated to"those in the the rural areas flocking to the city for
lower ranks. When will we colourid peo- jobs because of the industrial develop-
working in Government concerns assume ment taking place'the"re. The problem'
that role of responsibility? That day was further aggravated when these people
seers far distant. TrainiAg"alone cannot could not find employment because they
and will not work the magi' wand; the lacked the required skills thereby creat-
change required is:in our attitude to ing the great crime 'wave taking place in.
work I~ Jamaica today.' The unemployment percont-
WV next visited the 1Snieau of"Standardsa'Se which now. sGnds at 25% -represents
an institution established by law' to pro- in"'figues 195,000 people. Crime
mote higher standards in 'goods, practices is constantly 'taking place. During the
and'- processes. We saw tests'being carriedweek of our visit, no less than three
out on various; samples collected for crimes were committed by youths between
foreign'matter 'and bac'teria6ihicih'may the ages of 16"'and' 2) and at the weekend
endanger health, or caus.o spoilage, Ghecks. just before our departure four moro .
were.alsd made on locally made materials, crimes were c6mitted; two policemen were
shoes etc. At present the standoads em- shot and killed --policemen on duty for
played are those of the English'ind Ameri- their vwn protection. I would like to
can, but the Bureau hdpes to-develop mention here that there was not, a. single
original 'standards for use'in' "J.maica. place in Jamaica that we delegates visit-
The Bureau is considered necessary to en- ed without being"escorted by armed police-
courage producers to make good quality men. The hotel"whbre we stayed was heavi-
goods and so enable consumers to purchase ly guarded- and' we wero advised to be
goods with .confidence. careful. (concluded- on .age 10).

as~Agus 24 1973----I-- ThE--- STAI.- -__-R -YC~

Cathy/ osir


SHouse Lot for sale in Canefield -
The Lot commands a Magnificent View of
,94 TIelephone 3214

Body needs good attention but
the engine is OK.
SPhone offers to 2700 -o r 701,
Christian Literture Crusade
36a Great Marlborough Street
Box 103
or pb ne 2700/2701

N/ftff 1014# -r CIRI, #44A0ESP

The beautiful film star of
"Samurai" is. to marrry Peachb Pernod
Prince Gerard PFousser, grand proprie-
tor .of the House of Pernod (anii-flavy
*ou"r'd rinkt populm rin 1 ;'ance for ages
All Cathy.' family front ? artlnique went
o '-r to .the huge house at Saint Jean
Cap Perrat to .aet the fiL ao.
PhotoFraph. :

"- -- ...... i-- >-- L -- '
Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notvini
bsereon and Caveats for week ending 25th day of August 973.
1to requested Person Presenting Nature of requeTs
whether a Certificate
Sof Title of Noting
I j thereon or Caveat.
ReQe.t dated! Gerald St. Apicratfion of GeraM
13 7 73 LuceSt. Luce sole aurvi
P,;esented b y hi. Solicitlc viaoxecutor of Mary
23. 8 73 M. Eugenia tBore for the issue
at 9.47 as-n Chriles r of a first certificate
......... ............ ..- of title in- respect of
a portion of lwnd in
the Town of Roseau
in th- parish of St.
George containing
686 square feet and
bounded an fol'ws:
North Cnurcn S ,eet Sou h Land of Loflk1a Benoit Fast
C.s etth West land of Nathalie Phillip and Ciemen.

Request dated Fedipia f Application. of Fedi-
8 8 73 Alexander nia Alexander for
Presented by her Solicitor the issue of a First
22 8 73, M. E miai Certificate of Title in
at 12.25 p.m. Ckarj*a respect of a Portion
S...... ..of ani atSt. Joaeph
S Vitlage in the Parish
of St. ,oseph contain-
ing..2010 tquaze. feet
and bounded as foa-
N-errh lJndir Eden Ge .rge East Partly by land Pof Leonor

i Registrar's Offic, .EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Rets u Domitnica. Acting Ragistrar of Title&

NOTE:-- Any person who desires to object to the fsue of a
First Certificate of Ti'le In the above application may mtr iR
Caveat in the above Office within six weeds from the date c
the frst, appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
pubh~ihed in ihln State or from the date when the notice prt*-
vcribed by law vis sei-ved on any owner or occupier of adjoining
*and in respect of which the application is made.

~"sersa r"
.~srr-ral:-.l,r,r;u lanlarrP;~n~h-~:rr;iohrili~n~-~l;sDils~


4tLI"C-C I I -IO~--I-~R-CI
-- ---~--- I-( -~---- -r--c- -~ --i~--I---~-


4khay Aastw "24 1973



; ;: .'I
! ~'c -




.Friday, August 24, 1973

-- ------ur,, ,---- .... -L -
by E.B. C. S. ,4.'
Much as they would like- to, tha The newest and jqpbably crucial
present rulers cannot live forever, stage of the battle'for T.U.rights
Even in the unlikely vent .of their is op. Letters flew diig-dong be-
ruling to a very old'age,- they must tween Government an4 C.S.A. We quote:
die some day. Dominica cannot be AUGI 1 from Gen. Sqo.CSA to Home
taken to the grave twitth them. Or.. Affairs Minister: ".!,.the CSA will
Island will remain, relieved from resort to strike action if necessary
the chaos they have created, and it to suree the reinstatement of-Messrs
will-have to be revived. Maximea and Symes in-their, substa-n-
With. the 'Leaders' gone, the on- tiee posts in the public service."
ly answer to the problems of running AUG 22: From Perm.! Se'c. Min.,-,ome.
the State is: the youth of today. Affairs 'to Gen.Sec.CSA. (after* para-
This must happen, whether the pres- graphs saying that Civil Servants:
ent leaders like it or not, and in "absented themselves without leave
fact whether the youth themselves to eBbark on an illegal strike" and
like it or not. quoting an Order providing, that "no
It will be the youth of today salary shall be paid" under said
Who will-be working hard. to pay tax- alleged circumstanpes.)...
es for the pensions of the.present "yaximea & Symen are not .'workers'
incompetast rulers and perhaps even within the terms o Section 2 of the
have to pay-the expenses of their Trades Disputes Ordinance. Therefore,
State Funerals the Government band,any strike such as you are notifying
Police and Defence Force will have ...(21 Aug.) .;, will be an illegal
to turn, out, all at the expense of strike...' Theh follows a threat
the taxpayer, about "possible 6onsequehces for
-Therefore the Youth should not members of the Association individ- .
be brushed aside as they .are today, ually, and for the Assbciation as:a
with only -those that conform to"THE trade union, if an illegAl strik is
PARTY" being given a chance.Instead embarked on." ... Government can no
they. should all be met, spoken to, .longer allow the provisions of the
encouraged 'and allowed freedom to law ,'o be flouted by the Civil Service
express their ideas, as well as being Association,"
exposed from time to time to the The C.S.A. came back with a reply.
practical difficulties of rebuilding AUG.23: "...We are therefore request-
Dominic ing that the matter be put to a
Board so that the decisions may be
EDITORIAL NOTE: Despite whai anyone made in a properly impartial manner.
mI say, most of this paper is produced To refuse this request would make a
by the youth offthis State. The above farce of the Trade lDisputes Act and
is. a characteristic example of. iews would leave the Association free to
being expressed at present.-Asst. Ed.wo
bing expretake any action it considers expedient
MEMORABE DA ence for promoting a settlement of this
The 15th day of Autust 1973 was the dispute..." The letter also pointed.
Feast day of the Asaumption of- the out breathes of the provisions of the
Blessed. Virgin Mary, who is our blessed Trade Disputes Act 'condoned by the
mother and the Queen of Heaven and Eartlt Ministry of Home Affairs.
Secondly it was the last. day of the State ..O.a
of Emergency in Dominica. Lastly it wasi JAYCEES- OF -DOIII ICA laUch
the day when the Amierican bombing halted
for good in' Cambodia. We have only two T A G T 20,00
churches here that honour the Mother of Dominica Jaycees appeal to the
God, and it is appropriate that we-.of- public .to contribute .generously
fer' up to her the following prayer: to this fund at all Banks and
'0 Queen of hearen you who meLtione business places in Dominica.
in your canticle a tae home of your.
cousin Elizabeth that from now on all HELP A WORTHY CAUSE .
all jonerations shall call you b essed, .L ..- 00*
We db lovo and honour you, .and beseech T T K Lea sLabour
you to listen to our prayer and ask your Lao
dear Son to withb.ld. lRi Avenging Hands Govt.- concerns itself with inconseq-
from this wicked world, so that all who uential can tell who the
have not yet known Him may seek and find smart Govts. are. You can't help but
him, and live in- peace ith each other. Notice that we ar.ebeing made the
A M E N.; l~g Icn Aiia too.k 10
..... t of
... .i -a o0 t3,n' lO

T .-K.E "..S'TA.R

Pa e Six


V ICT IM IL SA T I 0 N TEI PEOPLE'S ENEMY -Stephenson(p.l)
(from a letter by A.Prededck Joseqh Are we going to sleep while this
Ge~aSec DAWU addressed to the Government employs methods like sign-
MinisteO of Home Affairs on Aug.16, ing the CARIFTA Agreement in a fran-
- copies to Radio D/ca, Reuters, tic effort to accomplish the economic
Star,Chronicle,. Herald,Educator, ruin of Dominica (as to the best of
TUCCW, CLAT News (Venezuela),Labor my Iniowledge) wrote E.H. Francis in
WCL. Expression Dir.-Gen I.L.O.):- confidence) to the screams of "the
The Gen.Sec. opened by saying price is too high" by the masses
that DAWU's Finanee & General Pur- Are we going to aleep whilq the
oses Comittee had directed him to ruling party stages the dramatic
oComedy of Errors of thd'rebeat St'4te
e pressithe Unign's grief over HE Comedy o Fror o threent Stote
the' Governor's ret irement of OMax- of Emergency in a desperate effort
iur an P.0.G. Symes (Pres. & Asst protet'es teoalo ifoni"htiemseves?
Gen.Sea, of CSA a Trade Union Are we going to nod with indiffer-
registered under the laws of the once while by this Government's rash
State, sole bargaining agency on and irresponsible action, our Island
behalf of all public servants) "on is made again the 'laughing stock'of
the advice of the Public Service the Caribbean?
Comiasion 'in the public interest'* In one of his editorials the edit-
Grief at "this act offer es or of the Govt. organ refers (perhaps
S de o.tic ation mer d sarcastically) to the ruling party as
nesas ..despotic ation,.. 'patriotic'; are its recent actions-
a reference to the Premier's boast patriotic ; ae its recent ctions-
of how he had defied the Queen's the State of Emergency, the suffocat-
ofion of 590 and attempted suffocationthe Queen's
Representatives by holding an illeg-101 of 590 and attempted suffocation
al. sit-own at,' Vieille Case in the of the' newspapers a feeble attempt,
Sst-own a Ville ase in that their show of patriotism?
asrie that while the'non-belonger. Are we going to stand still while
Grief that while the'aon-belonge v symes, Maximea and
Attorney Gen. prayed during the 1Government fires Symes, Maximea and
torneyGen p ed d g te others to follow individuals who
conference between CSA Exec. and fight for fairplay and justice?
Premier that there should be no vic Are we going to sleep while la
tim~at ion in the mnatter'.(Radio D. Are we going to sleep while law
timization in the matter (Radio D' and justice' go down the drain; while
tape), N0 VICTIMISATION but local o ur vta icghts down the dra; while
belongers (Perm.Seca.,Dept.Heads, stifled?hts a eed
Govt.Ministers and PSC came out for AR WE PREPARED TO FIGHT OR TO
Grief (and hanging our heads in Either we fight n, or later
shame) at acts of the oppressor bear the cone fences of our indiff-
when a firm stand is not taken to erence c.o silently .. .
counter this. ... ..
parently unrelated to the CSA vic- It's a shmlco tTiht father Alexander is
timisation issue: Shell Antilles the only prioat'who can see all what is
over-ruling a decision against im- happening in the Churchi We have four
position of $5 rental on domestic other Doiniicun prieots, what are they
gas cylinders; LIAT fare increase; doing? lWhat of the Iodenptorist Fatheors
the dashing to pieces of Human Rigitsand the French priests we knew before. I
and ILO Conventions'by a: 'Socialist understand thhat they are afraid -o otd
Trade Union Government'. '. because of foer; if this is the case, an-
Thus the protest is registered, other crisis will be declared ** in the
and DAWU makes it clear that the churches. What of. the Bishop2 Cant he
Union is not begging. "We and the see all that is happening? He s a CITISET;
Country demand it." Those are the he's the one to put the rules-in the.
last words, Church; POOR Father Alexander.
BL---ACK ARM BAlS- I as a Church-Pillar see women corinrC
These are easily wor by botto church wit their false hair all 'fall-
Civil Servants and working people ing down their faces going to communion
without hata. It's a shame that the Anr,-
of all sections, to signify grief lican priest ii Trinidad took up the
and solidarity with the victims. ssu f halters, bilins and imuodosty
WAWU comes out in support: on of te M an ioos
WAWU comes out in support: on What are the Catholic priests doing? Oui-
Tues. WAWU declared its Support for au
Church is g9adag DOIT DMITN DCMN becauiso
any necessary strike action towards Cof im est dessig of women who naow
reinstatement of the 'retired. men. better. WHOAIt PILLAR OF Tw E CITwho B
lbetter.. 1-101MYT~ PILIAR~ OF THEH C111MCHTI


Friday August 94, 1975

l 1 i 1-1 n r. ... .

MORNING-PRIDE has great Antiseptic
Is highly Emollient,
And makes perfect Skin Food
To be ma'ssaged into the Face after shavy
,Only zi.oo per tube
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...I i


Los foer Vacation HHomes at Clsare l
Estate on the Public Road East oft h
Cocoa Centre.

size from
Gumtr on

^ /S tt

I~UDW -- -----i~-I~DY-~(~illllU

Agricultural Farms varying in
3 acres to 40 acres at Manette
Clarke Hall Estate.
Appy: M.E CEarls,
~f~E 6O, Bos ii .

28 ........s OldStrt,
SRoseau, tomina

Take Care Of Your
Children's Teeth'

NODDY (Fruit Flavoure'd) and
SOOTY-(Orange Flavoured)-are spe-
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Young teeth. They contain no abrasives
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Cote y . $6.50
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1Scedule of Applica on for Certift ae of Td nd MantBa
4wfro and Cavetsz for week entlng lth dty of August PT3.

.A, ---- -.,.,....., - -

Rquesat date
tke 16th day
of April' 1973
Pmenmted the
15th day of
August, 1973
tit 9.35 &ia
K> ......... ...I~imMp

P"erioPriithiq? Nature of req01
whether a CErticatJ i
of Title of ,atin
thofte1 or -C
Request for the issaw|
ZClbariah of a First Certifica-t
H-WM brys" -TTitle in respect cd
by hi SoHicitor that lot piece or par,-
Randall H.. el of land situate at,
Lockhart, Zicaque. in tChe ITwal
of Portsmouth in thel
. .... Pariah of St. John
containing 2 4 1 5
square and boun-
ded as followv:-

Northerly by land of Michael Carbon Easrerly by land of F A
Baren Southerly y and of Ma-Ha'M Whyte and Westerly by
Scott Streat.

Maoria RoaSi
aeid Edna Roai!
as tenants i m
coamma in i
equal shares
by their Solicitor
Cilma A.M

Raqei"s for the sma.a
ef a First Cwrtif cate
of Title in respect eRf
a portion of land at
Salisbary, in the Pa-
rih of St, Jonpek i
the Stat. of iDomsniica
containing 10, 0 3 8
square fwOt an boaun.
API P. foilow:-

North West by a spars" tng It from land of Howe.ii
Shillingford North East by lands of Iona Harry rAd Adaita
George S*teh East by a 6Public Road Souah West by
aW4d of Maximae Harry.

Igarper's Office.
Qse5aw Dofninte.i

Actitg Registrar of Titles

NOTE:- Any person who dresirs to be40 to the ~ afe of a
First Centficuae of Tite 'n the above appjaciorn may oEtar aj
Cveat In the above Office wtthln six wweks from t he da f
he first appearance of this Scheduie In the STAR Nelwpapo~ r
pubtlsd in this State or from .t-h4ats tB hei i the noItce pr.
Frlbtd by I!w *W served on any owner or accupiwr o0, aisag
d toa respect of which the apphsation is m* __ade.

by Dr. JD.C-Jarvis?
It offers a new theory on the tretmea and
preveaios of a wide range of disease incudin-
The Comomo Cold
Hay Fever
Kidney Trouble
Digestive Disarders
.. Overweight:
High Blood Pressure
Ch- romic Faidgie


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s3th 4my of
Asaust, 1973
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Page Nine

-Fi~yAuus 2, 97 TE TA

Fiction MA TITINE ...Cynthia Watt
Rain, rain and rain] Whenever water drip-
pe fromi above for too long, I-a Titine
got low-spirited. She cheeoupsed and
humnnphod. Gargeemerging front the bed-
room, asked: "Titino, what's wrongg"
"Dat rain nunhi I want-' to go an see
Rose-0 and de blirldhi rain koepin me
back." But just then the sun shone
'"Well, I goin. Reuben have do car takin
touris from de airport, dat's why I mus'
walk. Soe youl" She stepped off smartly.
"ocll, Titine,"noso-O greeted her.
"I was just deciding to comet over to see
you... Lat night I celebrated my lib-
erty in old Freedom Street, and what
about you?"
"Oh I was dere but do crowd was so
beog I nevah saw you, Hergency feenish,
now you can move free!"I
"I despised the stupid law," said
Roso-O."I never stayed home at night.
I did as I pleased. I was prepared to
go to prison."
Ma Titine accepted a glass of Coo
d'Or and; a cup cake. She said "Dere was
plenty ypung people lissonin, and Say-
say an' 4ndrew ax to speak, an de crowd
cheer dom. ."
"'e need all kinds," said Rose-O re-
flectively. "And what about gas? And
what about wator?."
"Dat ;as situashion is one hell of a
ting... only one pussoh making all de
money. Soon it cost as much to drink
watah as to drink gas.. .an doeo light
bill BpndidJ EveryVihere is one talkJ
As for watah) Imagine, de people at Ro-
get has to pay de same watah rate as
dose in Tongi An is de oie pipe ting
Nistah Rock bill so lonj: ago dat dey
usinJ Dey not even cleaning de place.
Is a-fren I know dat clean it out de
oddor day,an is dat fair?"
"Have you brought it to the notice
of Government?" asked Rose-0 in her
mocking voice like a whip of stinging
Bring it to doir notice? Eh-oh,wat
dey care? Go to Peter, he son you to
Paul; Paul will son you to IIchael an
Michael will son you bacd; to Peter, an
de place will still stay so, and de
people will cry blood but pay de watah
Rose-O asked: "You haven't heard any-
thing about a petition? I think Loblack'
has one circulating..."
"I sign my name to dat long time,"
said.Ma Titine. She sighed.
"You can always pray," said Rose-0
"I agree wid Zaboca, not going to
Church to pray for no Preemiah an Guv-
ernah," declared Titine stoutly,'

West Indian literature, social con-
flicts and history were topics discussed
during a meeting between visiting W.I.
writer Jan Carew and young Dominicans
on Tuesday" evening at the U.W.I, Extra
Mural Centre. After reading extracts
from his' own work Carew embarked on a
meandering but at'times extremely Ani-
mated "rap session" with the group,cov-
ering many viewpoints on 'the id .Indi
Alfred Leovy, .arloworth Carter and
Lenno:x Honychurclh reading their short
stories and poems was another highlight
of the evening. .
The Caribbean peoples should ask then-
selves some questions: what has happened
to the leaders they voted in? Whberceis
the integrity and honesty which goes with
good politics? They should have those
answers very soon, because it would ap-
pear from the present trend that soon
they may not even be able to ask those
SThe Civil Sertioe Association here has
stated that it will exhaust all avenues'
before instituting strike action. The
Trade Unions ahd the Employers Union have
place themselves squarely behind the CSA.
Will Government want to negotiate an
issue that it maintains is done and fin-
ished? It SHOULD, at least to salvage
what's worth salvaging here. The Radio
Dominica isdue has done morb to create
deep division between Dominicahs than
any other issue.
Government should well make efforts
to become friends with the Press, It
would not be unfair to saythat 'officials
in the State' haVo alienated themselves
from the Press, both local and regional.
A case in point was when the former Dop.
Premier ir. Ronald Armour haughtily told
a foreign correspondent who was seeking
clarification on a Government position,
"I have nothin~j to discuss with you," -
and slammed down his telephone.
Thc--Caribbean peoples must ask them-
selves: whatt conditions, what situations
have brought about the almost complete
reversal of the People's Mandate?"

The Management of the Dominica Herald
wish to apologize to its readers for
technical difficulties which prevented
publication during the past few weeks,
and to say that the HERALD will be out
again next week.
Sl- JP`---RT- -r,'2- 11- -(5F *- M-- S-
Buy your papers regularly. Pay up your
subscriptions; and advertise whenever
possible The Free Press is your DEFENCE.


-Friday, August 24, 1973

S*T*A*R'*S*P*O*R*T*S orchriaton
Ebootball. Halcyon took sweet revenge on
IFargo-dn when they mrt for their..second
match, scoring 5 goals "to Paragon's 1. In
their lone match last 'easdn when both
teams made their debut, 'Paragons won 2-1.
Goaladorera were A.Solomon 2, J.C.LawreIox
D.Guye and D.*Elie fbr Hailcyon' EL.Mullon
for Paragons.**In their. 5t-h match in 4
years, celtics "United scored their first
goal against Harlem Rbvers in the first
division league' Rovers won- that match
5-2." Pr Roversr B.Peters, I.Benoit,
H.iinaton and W.Dobiffaidt;E~ .arvis, the
fira~ goal for Celtics against Harlem ,
Rovrsa and M.Cyrille. n ph revioua en-
counters, the teams opened the seasons
of '70 '71 and r722 .'IM bversit-nil*
The-two others were goblloes draws. The
other match was the final of '70 (Knock-
ou~3j-overs won 5-niol.*
Other matches, t artais 2, Saints 0.
For Spartans- LEmahuel arid ID.urtault.
Kenaborough Urited swaimped' Earagons
6-0. Scores were R.'Murphy 3, J.Lewis: 2
and. Pascal.
Halcyon and Gutter Crobns- met yester-
day. .Results 1-1. Scor'rs T'.C.Lawrence
for HaIlyon & A.Auguitt "o,r Gutter Cram
Crilckt. The. Benson & Hedges Youth Ser-
ies played in S.. Lucia9. ended' earlier
this week with Combiiied Islands betain-
ing.-the ohampionsIip they won"lasat year
in Larbados, after scoring tho only out-
right win of the series over-Trinidad.
Their. victory over Trinidad -earned them
)2pts: Final. standings, Combined Islanri
18pts, Barbados; 14., 'Jamaici & Guyana, 12
and' Trinidad 4. L.Seblastian won the
award for the highest aggregate of runs.
266 in innings. *.*S6orej in the last
matches: Gombined r T "225 & 297; LSebas-
tini 42 &.58; J.Oimmings 101tn.o-.-; R.
Solomon 5/79 & 2/68 andi Sanka P/63.
Guyana 313/9 deo. Jeimadli 132 (drawn).
Trinidad 236 & 179;'D;Edghill 64, M.
Holding 3/38 & 1/3584 HGor:don 3/47 & 3/35
EBaXttigan 3/58 & 3/44'. Jamaica 243/8
dec., &.108/7; R.Austin 54,'Alexander
65 n.o., G;G Sriel 4/11. R.Gomes 3/57
(draw:).**Trinidad'163 .&- 199; D.Edghill
75 & Murray 46 & 69.- 'Griffin 1/9 & 3/30
Combined Is. 194 & 169/7.;..Edd: 81, R,
Oliver 5/57 &.4/86 and G.Gabriel 4/46 &
3/511 -
Guyan.r. 259.-& 268/7 ded -Bacchus 139
& Sinhda 66. BSbaidos 199i- 2"54/7;
Greenidge 127 n.o., aid Trotmai 53.
Th5 3rd and final tbst'~ma'ch "between
inland and the West "Idies started at
.lids yesterday. S.cors iat Press time:
jpt di .. decl.- -Kanhai 157,Julien
ari..ed :Bo.yce-3g
-frtted & Published by -the EPro;rietor, Ro

at 26 Bath Road, Dominica, West Indies. -.

-~--~------------ -- -- - -


Friday, August, 24, 19-


Page Ten

It seems to be a great sport now in
this parish for peole..-- some say young
men to go' to-others' property and.
steal their animals. 'At one time we
heard of fowl-thievbs, but now people are
looking for bigger prey. and the favour-
ite is now goats. Some pigs have dis-
appeared too. Some time ago a gentleman
in St.Joseph actually ran after two
young men who were carrying away one of-
his pigs. They dropped it qnly after one
tripped and. fll. These rustlers are
getting so. bold t hat- hey bring in front
of your do6r the skin'of. the goat they
have stolen. In those days when things
are so hardl,-to tako someonots animal-is
really a.crime, and you know-that CRIfI-
DOES NOT PAY You may- be caught, ..,,
(froar SEN JO, Parish gazine of St.*JosEoh)
MY VISIT6 c To UKAMc (!fr2.A) on our "*-'
return feot~' he tour-of Montego Bay we
were met at the'train station by two
armed policemen. This to my mind was a
little disturbing as we, Woat Indians: at
that, were not free to walk leisurely
around the streets' and enjoy the country's
beauty and its lovely scenery, as we had-
to be cautious and this restriction was
imp6ood on ud by our very Jamaican
The question now is. what is Govern-
ment doing .,bbut all this?
(Read neot week's instalmont)
The Oppositioii Dominica Freedom Party
stated (Thturs.) that it would break any
ban on public meetings declared here at a
public meetl g held. -at' ottersville.
Party Preiiident 1Mibs Eugenia. Charles
told the crowd that .the two dismissed
executives of the CSA had her party's full
support and that the Freedom Party. was
not turning its back oh the issue in the
face of Government's arrogance and utter
disregard for human rights.'
The lady~ lwyer stated "We are hot
taking it. standing up, we are not taking
it in 4fwAif.'. -Uejust ain't taking it
at all"'. 'The-0CSA had stated that it would
use strikelacti6on to bring about the re-
instatement o'f"fire"President Christopher
Nhiimea and Assistant Secretary Osborio
Symes. Gov6rnAnt' countered by saying
that any such strike would be illegh) and
warned, officials of 'the CSA that they
would be hold r'eponsible for the grrve
consequences. (see p.6),. *Miss Charles.
said that close to 75,000 of public funds
had been used to fiinnce the 2-month State
of Emergency;. much needed industries
wpro b.ein r b Fod Fb 'dthos States...
bert E. Alfrey of iMJll Housef Copt Hall.

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