Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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< ^e-i^- t 't

-,- i-'nereT Editor 2610
Sr. h'. M:di\: !'fr.s' t
S.i Ti;t:ar ;i I.ndon i Ltd.
122 ShAftisbuty Ave W. 1.
c, L XVII N. 7 A

1(tete "WsA *eaMlta
editor: PHY.LIS SAND A
mst. Editor: LENNOX HON-- NICA 50 C

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FrQida Aat 1 IZ 3.

Dominica out of G

IOtet.- r wa .lt .a,--.,. -\
oiJ.h. artipr;iics ra, .
out on 'ec ta .1B. 0lt Co. tikero
arriveod itday, Friday'
with 1604", barrels -
aT t. or unl reltarn to Antigua for
roa t-her -onasi gRamwnt.

S by cur Assistant Eitor
Being born and brought up on an is-
I,' we seem, to have developed the naive
noon thar anything we want to get rid of
an b de~:- : i into the sea ..-*j rev. r. be
seen or heard of ag'in. I suppose thibs was
a:-. pFabie up to fi een years ago when there
were mu.n fewer .efus about, and plastic
did not dominate 'ur lives as much as it
i t. O,: to Xay' ,,.i.

On Wednesday the ludicrous, wastefud
and derisive 2-months Strie of Emergency
impose J on Dorm aicacame :o an end. Now
the remains to be counted. But the
CSA's sirtlgle for the Human Rights of ih
vicumisec members continues.
And .he damage done by a faWous
government will long burn in Dominica's

to we ned is t6e

to ft, 0


The majorityy of atI'mas eol decl
1 a ste ofnq
eomste:, s ma t '
red oeist,
t o p J o 4 w o r ;

We reprint on Pa oe an article by

ADAM SMITH in the Chris tia
iasse-e -" su +"sy -- s S.... oa -... .

arisbbean journal "CONTACT"
E it ea' si bTY

TAh n Sams c te Chi t
wrl be withh at fro plamiseoaa at
quest. aRwever,. an Ieasrs at e
by a boia tide %sigsate 1i eE iab tob
idlered as mnaIni3.

- I~I ~--(l)l--r~--~-~r -~lqls~C

r---= --~[ szsl

-uuunrurrrw~u~ll-rrY-aau~( r I .-~-I-


"At lea he 2S6S, ET abVSA IL."

M)-MLN]IC( N~J;4_~~


at we need is theWe repri

people to declare a A

in the Chr

against their governments

IT is .rea tema taias mwadays not to take Cariblean polities
We wsaeuesy. te fact is, aiaest everywhere in thte region governments
are datg their best to make as the laughrug stock of the world's legis-

Thifi is certainly what Mr. Edward Le Blanc, the Premier of Dominica. has
bete attempting to do since he hurriedly declared a state of emergency in thA island
(an J 15) to stop the protests and strikes which followed his removal oi Danrel
Cadetrol from his Radio Dominica job.
Now, n top of this ab-
surcdit, Mr. La Blac has The majority of times, the decaratkic.
proeeded to debar Mr.
Candeiroe and other Do- of a state of emergency protects
minicatis from the Domi-
nica BlIou What bet is doing, says poe is gie he rmen
the editor o te Domicarpo is t g ernment
Heral. M. StaI Los-- licnce to suppress dissent or to
trade, who has been bar-
red from the House of destroy Opp8os~tit.
Assembly as well because ferent to the rn
of hi paper's allegedly DISSENT type of legislation
nti-go erodingt vhumanws. isif taken to its ridi
rgsa .ya eroding human extreme would r
ri8htb I have no doubt that this their movemems
Let At mince words: is tried. The majority of deny them freed
this is really what it is times, the declaration of speech.
Mr. Lae lanc when he a state of emergency pro. The fact is, this
&SUnourow the state of tets governments, not actly what the sta
emi ergeas had said that the people. And their real emergency was de
his government was doing purpose is to give to gov- to do to the leaders
so to sas~f ward the puh- eruments the licence they Civil Service Asso
lic; but itis was sheer would not have ormally -the labour union
ypocriM". What the gov- to suppress disorent or to had opposed the t;
ernaes was safeguarding destroy opposition. The and demotion o0
was its iterts. shame is, it is always Caudeiron.


Recalls Miss- Shirley
Ans Bualm, a Trinidad-
ian graduate teacher who
was alLwed to stay in
Dominica -aly five days
after the state of emer-
aey vwas declared:
'"Te people who have
been saying that instead
of warning Dominicans
not to panic when he an-
nounced the state of
emergency, Lr. Le Blanc
should have implored
them not to laugh are
right. There was never
any threat to public
"But I don't thi.k you
would have found many
people laughing at the sit-
nation either. The truth
is, the announcement just
went over their heads. A
state of emergency
means nothing really to
most Dominicans.

none in the name of the
the people. 4
But this is where the
Dominica situation is par-
ticularly instructive. How,
indeed, was the security
of the people threatened?
And is it still so after
more than a month of
emergency law?
To quote Mr. Le Blanc
who quoted from a paper
published by the Move-
ment for a New Domi-
qica, the threat to public
aOfgTy lay in tih s'ifc
sentence "The govern-
ment and their functisn-
aries (the Police) seem to
forget or are unable to
assess the kind of revolu-
tionary violence the peo-
pie are capable ot."
There has not been,
however, any outbreak of
violence before the state
of emergency was de-
clared, or since. Domini-
cans have quietly and
conscientiously gone about
their work, largely indil-

in of
is ex-
te of
of the

ror more man a montn,
indeed. the detention
orders issued against
three of the executives of
the CSA made them, in
the words of Mr. Justice
Renwick on July 17. "vir-
tual prisoners in their
own homes and restricted
their movements to an
extent which Was both un-
reasonable and unjusti-
The men--CSA president
Christopher Maximea,
general secretary Charles
Savarin and assistant
general secretary Os-
borne Symes-.had gone td
the court to seek a decla-
ration that the order
against them was uncon.
stitutional, null and void
Mr. Justice Renwick. from
all appearances. agreed.
And, as it to scoff .,i
the government's haste to
declare the state of emer-
gency, the Judge included
in his two-hour ruling ths
statement: -'There had

not been the slightest su _
gestion that the secuurity
of the State was in any
way threatened by forces
outside oz it".
Isr't it then as Mr Lcs-
trade says? The govern-
ment's intention is mere-
ly to erode human riThts.


Unfortunately. ha h at
always lieg ; under these
political' acts o. folly is
the desire to deprive peo-
pie ot theii fundamental;
rights: the right to pro-
test and the right to be in-
This is what is sinister r
in all attempts to censor
the Press: People cease
ti. have the possiili y of
knowing what wrongs are
done in the name of law
and order.
I have read somewhere
that it a man breaks thf
law with impunity hl.
action ip tht end become-
justifiable. It is the same.
let me warn, with the 'in
clination of CaribbealJ
governments tc declare,
states ot emergency at
the slightest provocation
in the end their 'violatmn
of oar rii;hts will become
ligitim ate.


It has hanpenel etiw-
where. Several times DC
fore. in tact, it has led i:
the an.ihilation of ,ni!-
lions ot people-and an
Europe do concern rftrl;:;
camps. And yet. we sti::
go axbo our business a'
though there is no tesson
to be leziraed froni his-
Well. ,:h;re is In tlhe
meantime, one wa'y t
maintain a balance ol
sanity IrT tte comnunit,
is for the people e to de-
clare from time 1o tjm.: ow y emergency .e
against. their :,cvernmi.ent,.
rAwti. i Ko i;me
!l-.- +tf .. ... '

Friday Auntt !a1

nt here an article by


istian Caribbean journal


Three years ago the Grand Ravine Coq We were somewhat shocked to get
dump began piling up, and at the time ignorant and ea i
there was a trickle of letters* to the two ignorant and obeah-ridden notes,
there a trickle of leers to the typewritten (one on Government stat-
Press commenting on the unpleasantness ypewriten (one on Governmet at-
it created. Now signs have been ereot- ionery)pzromotig some bogs magic-
ed forbidding the dumping- o refuse in religion claim for good fortune if one
ed forbidding the dping of refuse in diersed copies andill-luck if
the area and the site has been moved a dispersed 20 coies andill-luck if
mile up te c t discreetly hi n one refrained. The names of one top
mile up the coast .. discreetly hidden-
from the road by tile limefiolds of Cane civil servant and two other well-known
field. Admittedly this is an improvenmnt Dominicans were typed in, whether
and the disposal of refuiseon dchV'island fraudulently-or not, we do not know.
nlike Dominica is a problem but what is We ask disseminators of such rubbish
being done at Portsmouth should not con-lnot to waste such efforts on us again.
tinue unchallenged FROM A U.S. COQRRBSP OxiD)1 T (lor ida) :
For about two years the refuse of "We have been. leading with interest the
Portsmouth has been dumped along the struggles 'of the Freedom Party :and those
shores of Prince Rupert 's Day at the of, the IED to arouse the people to the
beginning of the path up to the Cabritt terrible lais and edicts the Leblanc's
It would be useless to argue o3 case .government is imposing on them. Also in.
on the basis of the bay and beach being terested to note that you now have Lchno:x
the most beautiful in Dominica and to Honychurch as Asst. Editor...enjoy his
point out that yachts calling at Ports.' 'style of reporting and can well imagine
mouth anchor off the Purple Turtle Club how much his help means to you in your
which is affected by'this dump Such busy lives." -11, AND FROM TRINIDAD :
points do not carry weight, as we in "i too look forward to the day when wo.
Sominica have little regard for aesthet- in the Caribbeah really get serious and
ic beauty, sweep away' these so-dalled leaders" once
The point to be made 'however is that and for all."-A.A' From DOMINICA, Hugh
the Portsmouth Town Council have atthebi Lawrence writes on 'Chan is a Must'
disposal one of the best sites for a When -a 'ch d is born event" t' lw-
rubbish dump that anyone obuld ask for r animals ie can neor remain a Ir.
Se 'rows up in stages. changes of ife
over one hundred acres of swaamp.The idea manifest, ti emselves even unobserved. If
has been raised on and off since 1798 he ever gets married, changes talse place
when historian Thomas Atwood urged the immediately. .When he gets old or sickly
he ha *to be helped 'd cared.fol.Changes
filling-in of the ~wamps around the mush also ltake pade d cons tit onszGe
town to rear cattle for the troops sta- churches, schools and in traVels. se'
tionod at Fort Shirley. should be convinced that change is some-
Toay e-have at ou thin inevitable and that we must be pro-
Today we have at our d the pare to ada oursolv whatever comes.
material to begin such' a scheme. By sira- h
ply dumping their rubbish on the right afterhiur O n aaRehaae be
side of the road instead of the left, made to'extend the carnival route. I do
b hope that the central.committee has talcon
thq task of land reclarmationhcan .begin a'serious note of it.
If, in true West Indian style, we want I sec now almost all 'oui .streets in
to be sure it has been done abroad be- Roseau are. one-way traffic, and it wae
fore we do it ourselves, I can say I hare really time for this change, so that on
seen such a scheme worn the ut- the wider.trt vehicles can be parked
been such a scheme orld o- on both sides, leaving enough space for
skirts of Tel Aviv in Israal. 'where, one-way drivers. Bravo Mr. Phillip hoop
sand dunes and swamps are being conver- it up. H-L.
ted into agricultural and residential ........ ....
land by fitting in, leveling and plant- PRESIDEITT INIXON A FEEBLE SPEECH
ing eucalyptus troops. The edtiro' city, The U.S. Prosidont's second attempt to
in fact, was built up in thhis way in disarm severe critics of his behaviour
only sixty years. There is no reason bcefore-and-after Watergate (while his
why the same thing could. not' be done popularity was at its'lowest yet) only
here. *' But of course I must remember caused disappointment, say the Press and
that we only' do such things on the ad- Pollsters. He is 'hanging on to the tapes;
vice of overseas "expert's" and that the and he says he is not guilty.., "Leave the
ideas of a Dominican, especially those Watergate the Courts while 'we
expressed in the more fiery pages of the Set on with voycrning",, is his plea.
local Press, go unconai'dcrod' because o -TrETIMoN= ar1Dr0l =r
according to the Premierf'k reply to ti PLAY": your letters arrived too late for
Movement for a New Domini'ca, this is incluSion in this' week's issue .
an unsatisfactory method of' entering in- FRIEHDSHIP WEEK'I inSt. Croix had to 'be
to -meaningful correspondence with Govt." cancelled because of several murders of
A quote for the Commonwealth Press Unionw1hite people there.

. 'Page Three


Friday, August 37, 19735 FOUT H E S T A R Friday, August.17, 1975
'- M Y, PEAR iR]ADER" ,. T ... John Spector
On':A 4gst' 2nd,' the'. STAR published an account by me of the events
leading up to the Stat,_ of Emergency. A factual account, each fact
'checked wi'-th', parties, or (in the case of the Premier)
checked with the recorded apes of interviews and speeches. What came
South .was c0,Ar 'the. diecttive' for the transfer of Caudeiron was issued
on the direc,t instructions of the Premier, who publicly claimed res-
ponsibility.' T1e, procedure. adopted was in- no way in accordance with the
Regulations (whether those of the old General Orders or those promulgat-
ed by the Public Service Commission on January 9, 1973 which we.e, how-
ever not .gazetted until after the transfer on June 28, 1973 nearly
six months afterwards). As far as correct procedure involving a trade
uhion dispute with Civil Service management -was concerned, owing to the
initial mistaken use of authority, the chain of command was unclear and
the'Pr .nier in taped discussion promised that a proper "grievance pro-
.cedure"'vould be agreed with the unions and management (despite the fact
that politicians 'are supposed, under British Parliamentary usage, to
have no control.-over-civil servants,, our Constitution (sections 76-78)
gives "advise and consent" powers to the Premier: these make nonsense of
clause 76 .(12) which reads: 'The Public'Service Commission shall, in
the exer&.ise of its functions under this constitution, not be subject to
the direction or control of .any other person or authority').
I quote all this additional material since the ruling party's organ
has chosen to write a lot of "',-called "facts" talking about the C.S.A.
saying "rules and regulations are made to follow and -obey. Those who
violate must accept the consequencess" (sic). A hundred and fifty years
ago there were "rules and regulations" for slaves, here in Dominica -
yet Balla, Jgcko and the "rest are now heroes., A hundred years .ago wages,
working hours and conditions of work for labur 'were sub-human; now,
thanks to trade unions, who.set the pace first (at great sacrifice for
their leaders) in Europe and America, conditions of work, especially for
white collar workers, are cushy by comparison with the past. However,
the 'gains can only be maintained by eternal vigilance. An injustice has
been corrected, partially, thanks to the leaders of the C.S.A. two of
whom have lost their jobs; perhaps they may lose their pensions (which
would be small, anyhow); certainly they will be unlikely to get any con-
siderable gratuity. The original officer involved has now got a'higher
grade job and can still pursue his creative arts outside working;:hours.
Radio Dominica is a shadow of its former self. Attempts are being made
to emasculate the C.S.A. by the employers. Punitive financial measures..
against the'strikers, have been announced.
Victimization of officials (elected and unpaid) of a union and of strikers
on this ocale smacks of the 1920s, 'n .any civilized country such victimization
would be immediately take up by Government and the Homo Secretary would appoint
a Tribunal to investigate, Perhaps the Ministers of Finance and Home Affairs
.(who are. both supposed to be active trade unionists) will take up this case -
even though the employer in the case both as executor and adviser'. is their boss
--,the Premier.. '
On the question 'of pensions and other remuneratidns, they should..bear in
mind the precedent created'by thePremier in which'throoe Iinisters were dismissed
'in 1970, yet without -a; help from any trade union, they received gratuities of
a very generous natre --which probably accounts for their non-alignment to the
Civil Rights struggle of the.'Freedom Party.
Noto until poor (v'ey poor) Dominica gets a government which puts a 'moral
,basis into its politics, realisetg the vast. responsibilities of its power -A.nd
puts the wellbeing' of ALL persons in the State before its.'individual and personal
wellbeing will we, the'ordinary .people of this gentle and 15eaceful island, be
able to, hold up our heads and say "HERE. IS TRUE CIVILIZATIOIT, HERE IS PEACE and
Fr--EEOM PARTY CELEBRA.'ES YLBjATION:l A:pr0y eG--i-r:-y]ntl T1a' -T -'; iElf 1OabT-s ""'3
Some two thousand *listeners hear ring evort will appear next week. The
tough rue:Fr'eedom tes lash the Govt crowd was animated and appreciative..
over Mhe Emergency issue on 'Thurs. hth, Feature speaker of the night was ZABOCA.

.__ _

_ _I __I

Diese Ge r ting Plant St.Lucia

The following plant 'i offered for ~ale o the basis of where is"
"as is", tie would-be purchaser being entirely asponP efor the removal
of the equigi ent by a mutually agreed date.
Vieux Fort

1, 2 Chicago pneSmatic -6- yliader engine direct coupled to
187,5KVA altern.ators generating at 4160-volta, 750 rpm
(one engine is fully operational and the second requires
a new lubricating 6i3. pumpp), Cooling is by radiator
(Mo. 1) and aqua-towe-r(for No. 2).

*2 1 switchboard rated at 4,160 volts comprising 2 alter-
nator panel, 2 excitepa l.. -with Browti-Boveri voltage
regulators fitted, 1 'feedoer pa el and 4160/220 3ph. 50
cycle step-down 15KVA transformer' for auxiliary supplies.

3. 1.Bellis and Morcom 155KW 7 .cylinder type A5LS diesel
generator running at.. output a400O volts, (1953).

S4. 1 switch panel with i piter. controls. for item 3 .

5. 1 Ruston 6 cylinder VE1BX diesel generator running at
428 rpm, 375KVA at 400 v 50z The turbo-blcer has
been removed and the set running' normally aspirated
(.22GKw). .

6,. 1 control panel for thie above (item 5).

7. Single phase 60 cycle transformters manufactured by Gencr&l
Electric U.S.A. :.

9 4160/24o00/80 'volts 75 KVA.
3 /240/120 volts 75 KVA
3- 37* "
9 5'. if "f 25 "
2'. f 15 .;'.' :
:7" 6350/4160 volts 100 .

8* 2 Conpensated generators 45KVA 3; phase 400/230 volts ~0
cy.le 48 p. f,.
Cast:ries .
S 1. 1962 Bellis and Morfom 6 cylinder 11.A.P.C.I. 500Kr
S500rpm 400v 3 ph 50Hz. Engine governor defective.

2. 1958 Bellis and 1orcom 6 cylinder 11A 300Kw @ 50Olrpm'
400v 3ph 50Hz,. Sct in working order.

3, Two panels cociprising oil circuit b.rekers and synchronising.
panel. .;.
Air receivers for the sets are available.

Tenders in envel ,e mmared "Confidenia" should be addreed 'o :-

The Manager, St. Lcia Elecricity Services Li l, '
P.O. Box 230 Casries St. ai

me SIAT"

i',-i~a~ BPrrs~iC BbJ gQ*I~

Page -. Si T-I- TA
by Marie Davis Pierre Part I.
(Mrs. M.Davis Pierre iws Secretary to the
Dominica C.P.A. delegation which recently
attended the Commonwealth"Parliamentary
Association there. She' 'now gives readers
the benefitof her im.ressions,of Jamaica.,
Jamaica has a land mass of ,41500 sq
miles, a population of just under two mil-
lion, and has been fully independent for
eleven years. During the last decade it
has enjoyed a significant level of indus-
In order to get a true picture of Jam-
aica, may I bringyour minds back to 1952*
Two decades ago Jamaica w as primarily an
agricultural economy and depended on the
production and export of sugar, rum, ban-
anas, cocoa and spices for the major por-
tion of her income* The amount" of indust~
was then limited and the Tourist Industry
Was just beginning to have an effect.With
little capital resources available local-
ly at that time, Jamaica's industrial ar-
chitects had to attract outside capital
from overseas industrialists to get real
industrial development under way. Like
many other developing nations'seeking
development'capital, incentive legislatiac
was enacted, and to further attract new
industries Government also set aside 300
acres of land outside Kinpgton which the
Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation
(JIDC') (a Statutory Govt. Board)developed
into an industrial estate'where such vital
utilities as power, light, water and com-
munications were provided. The efforts
of this Board were directed to the encour-
agement of labour intensive industries
which were to. supply Jamaica's basic needs
of food, clothing and shelter and above
all, jobs. Some 200 industries now op-
erate with over 1400'registered factories
and provide employment for approximately
46,000 workers. This continuing growth
of' industry has done much to build Jam-
aica's image as one of *the economically
most-progressive and fastest developing
nations (for its size in the world today),
Let us now examine this. growth vis-a-
vis the people. A tour of Jamaica enabled
us to see for'ourselv6s'the great indus-
trial boom taking place." We first visited
the Ewarton Baujite Worls, one of the
country's. major industries (Jamaica being
the world's largest producer of bauxite).
The topsoil is removed and the bauxite is
dug out until limestone is reached. The
rich alumina is then extracted from the
bauxite by a very'interesting process and
shipped to Canada, Norway, U.S.A,,Sweden
and other countries to be smelted into
aluminium,.. We were informed that one of
the most expensive imported commodities
used in extracting the alumina is caustic
M);12EISSI: Tourism Peop

RAIS of flood intensity lashed Doninicd
for a few days this Week (a regional wave),
JAMAICA corntd. soda, and in order to keep
down costs, the same caustic goda has to
Sbe 'recycled' five'times before the sup-
ply-is replieished. On querying the
possibility of smelting alumiia in Jam-
aica, we were told that it would be too
costly because of lack of low-cost elec-
tric power required to manufacture alu-
minium at economic prices. Bauxite Ind-
.ustry emploa a very large percentage
of Jamiica's population. Skills have been
improved through the Company's traininS
programmes. The Company has acqui-ed
49,000 acres for bauxite reserves,plant,
port & housing sites.A research programme
to restore the mined-out areas is in
programs, Same of these lands have been
put into farming and xocky,less arable
land into reafforestaton.
Le. *

_I___ _ __

Grateful that in spite of the many
restrictions and oppressive legislation
roceatly .enacted in the peaceful and law-
abiding'8tate of Dominica, the Star -
The People's Paper has continued 'to
.inform.its-matny friends and supporters
in the region of the perilous state of
the Nati6n whore democracy is definitely.
on trial.
X read of the State of.Emergency pro-
claimed and extended, Strikes, Resignat-
ion of a Minister and Press censorship
but it was particularly distressing to
read of the dismissal from the Civil Ser-
vice of the two Officers who wore well-
iUtentioned"in fighting the cause of
their fellow-men. The entire West Indies
is in a state of confusion and, turmoil
but I think it 'is more pronounced ihn sme
and I do hope that events such as theSae
will open the eyes of those fanatics who,
during the election campaign, mistook
brass fob gold and were. taken for a ride
at the expense of democracy,
Did not Uilliam Shakespeare once say
"Experience keeps a dear school but tools
will learn in no other"*' Some of us like
to learn the hard way with.much regret,as
is the case in many parts of the Caribbean
today. But all is not lost. 1p still have
time to correct our mistakes and thank,
Godo Dominica' (unlike many of the other
States) has' an outstanding, honest,capable
and vigorous opposition in the FREEDOM
PARTY'who are prepared at a moment's
notice to assume their rightfUl'position
by taking over the reigns of Governmeat
to guide the destiny and to r storo a
lost Paradise to Dominica.
Wishing you, the entire staff of the
STAR and the members of the Freedom Party
the very best in the future,
... GERALD WA;LDRON St. lic hael,
3B A R B A D .0 .


.Friday..,August 17, 1973 ---

Page ... Six

TEE:~ a~fi~iir- ~ Pag Seve

!on1 oa aeay, 19&#t, Auigust
at T-.m.
at Goodwill Hall
All civil 3erva.ts adr *WtPectf'S to
0AS j ___



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- young teeth. They contain no abrasives
70 per tube


5jjofis, mcreased
ifAiserks /3 RP :-

Full Pae . ...
H e .. . .* .
k Pwe Cflwai *d. 4v I oo
DEAkaA* -"i -fN2. Wlr 4eA


Lots for Vacation Homes at Carke Hall
Estate on the Public Road East of the
Cocoa Centre.

Agricultural Farms varying in
3 acres to 40 acres at Manette
Clarke Hall Estate.
Apply: M.E Charle,
P 0. Box I2u,
28 Old Street,
Resau, Dommiiica.

size from
Gutter on

Dwelling House at Madrelle
Furnished or Unfirmshed
Dwelling House at Loubiere
Apply: M.E Chstalc ;
28 Old SEreet
Roscau, Dowmica.

LMORNING PRIDL has great Antiseptic
!. hig:h;y Em:'ieat,
And a p-rr Skin Food
STo be massaged in; .,he Face after shav-
Oni:y Oi.oo per tube

~p~------ ---------------- --


Page Seven


C.S A.

U -3.3

sce".le of Apprt cub for Cwtlnae of JIft and N!otings
Aum Md4 Cas" for wee esd( is. (hy f of A"gust OIn

M Repowd

TPersoI n *---



of request
a Ctertficae
of Cotla g

Ref Nest dabtd JAob Authemy Request for the Zbc
s8h as of PPeel of a First Certificate
Jl.y, 1973 by bh Solicitr of Title in respect
Presmted tIh Cfha AJM a pertioa of t
7tday Of Dupigb y kkmw m a le at
A 1973 Galete, Soufriere, in
t IS pm !the Parish of St. Mark
a- thl Stea of DoBi.

dod so ftioweSrs
Nwrth iby nd of Victor Etienn Eut by a Public Reed
s~oh by lnd f SyIl Fraci We by the Sa. .
--.: /. ... i -,' - r

Request dated Ge aifdi.I Reqp t f frte iesm
20th da of Andrew of a First Certificate
July, 193 by he Solicitw of trile. respect of
Preumted the CaM AM of land
7th day of Dipigy at Mi Ratelette,
Awiut, 1973 in th Rnfia ofiSt.J
0t 3.35 pN& the State Of
1738 fea aa
'BM ~as fimaa>-
NoMtf by tend oeKutsoa beijamin East by land of Hut.
sI Beni .:-a Soath by lead of Mrs. Nesaly jieeph
Wes by hed of dste*i Amandwar.

(i ale Quibaica Asins Resribar of Titles
NOTE : An person who desires to object to the issuing oWi
Ctificate of title on the above application may enter aCawam
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the Firnt
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land in respect of which the application is made.

by Dr. D.C Jarvis?
It ~Srs a new theory on t te treasentm and
preacaaaa of a wide range of disease iaduding-
The Coumon Cold
Hay Fever
Kidacy Trouble
Digetive D3orden
High Blood Preaarm
Chronc Faigue
and many others which of defy convention
diagooms and trmtment.
Only $x.oo per copy
Also arviiable by the ame rnthbo "ARTHRI-
TIS & MEDICINE". $1.0 per copy,


-$ ddulI of Appllicaton for CertWtcau of Title ai~dNo"
wnd Caveats for week endtWlng8h day of Auyust t973.
Ftrson Pr'sentg iso req
whether a Certifi e
of Title o( Noting
teireon t r Cav.
Zachariah Roq'est for the iuas.
ik i 16thday "of a First C-et ifica
the eth day Humpbareya of Title in respect of
of ApriL 1973 by his Solicitr that lot piece or panr
PTrested the Randall H. Cel of land. state at
5t dy of L ckart Zicaque in the Tow
Aut, 173 a. of Portsmouth in the
at 9.35 a.m 1 Parish of St. John
containing 24 1 5
square feet and boun-
ded as follows:-
Northhrly by lnd of Mchw Carbon Eaerty by land of F
i ron Southrly by land of Marinet Whyte and Westerly by
som.:St reet.


73 pages $3oo
Copies nDOW n tock. Get yours today.


a*"0. dat ed
the 7th day of
Astrust, 1973
Paf'imatd the
13th day of
August, 1973
at 3.45 pj.

and EeaM Roosi
as tenants in
coanwso is
equal shares
by their Solicitor
ca&= A.M

IsRweSt for the I
I of a Frat Certificate
Iof Title i respect of
a ortin of liand at
ZaibIry, in the Pa.
ria of St. Joseph in
the State of Dotminica
comtaini a I 0o 0 3 8
square feet wan bo6n.
dod so folalm.-

North Wes by a ravine separating it from land of Howell
Shillinlford North East by lands of Ions Harry and Adasli
George Soth East by a Public Road South West by
lad of Maximes Harry.

R~ire Dor'm a.
Rtaesw, Douenica.

Actina RB.gitra.r 6f Tidle

NOTE:- Any person who des4res fto obje to e t Issu of a
First Cerencfto of Tfltli in the sbwove applfston mray enter a
Caveat in the above Of'ice within six weeks from the date of
the firs appeawaice of thic Schedule In the STAR Niwspoper
published In thfs Stite or from the date whebn tS* notie pro.
|IClbed by law was served on any oe"- r or occupiar a(fdte
Ilad to respect of which the applicatio is ftad.i
91 III'' ii*in Tir r -Tf nr- mn---- I -^ii~BH- irn -T-inrn i(--i-rrT -* n-~* '**---*--"P

119 -"s in Bottle (Daonasi) LA
]For pmistami-c .
Apply to: Van.ya Dpigny, Chambers
Ka3 I edy Amuem Rsasem

~sslarrr~4lr(bna~pP-~W~14~g laaqPPPlliUlla~p)l-I~pur ------UM

e------ ----rr~-urmar


'am E's~ae


Page iine

' iction: MA TITINE by Cynthia Watt b /e
Garge woke up in a grumpy mood. -,
Ma Titine, -bustling -in the kitchen, LED sEfr i broke the 7b year old
gave vent: "Garge, you heah wha hap BEATLES record for ~t e largest .cceet
pSn las 4ight?" attendance and larista gross receipts
His rqply was a mumble. "People in U.S. history'at' Tampa Stadium, Flor-
minin' people bisniss too much:" ida by 1800 (56,800 to .55,000) hiich
Ma Ti i)e .exploded, "Haie Garge, accounted for a difference of .$8 000
Maroyi Tl e ,epodd a.a ,money-wise (1009,000 to $30lO00.****
careful hol! Minin' people monee (Do Y 09 000 to 30 Lovely" hi
bisniss' Dp man really trow dong de "Where Do You Go To, ,y. Lovely" hit-
hospital! An is onlee de oddah day maker PETE' SARSTEDT has teamed up-with
dey had Sl.mUch trouble He forget his brothers RICK (known in the 60s as
Sde have to go back to dat sae Eden Kane). and CLIVE (ex-member of a
he dee have to go back to dat same
hospital; de ideahl An he want dem Swedish'Group) to form the SARSTIEDTS. So
t o a*ttei him right away" She brother., look out for their vecy first
sniffed. '!Dose people dat was wrong album : "I orld's Apart Together"... NIIL
SEDEKA and PERRY COMO are back on the
cashwalteQ making so much kool lang scene with a bn. DOReIS DAY's tue
l. ', scene with a bang.*. DORIS DAY's "que
salle' Q"
"You was dere ?" Garge inte Sera Sera' is actually on SLY AND THE"
ted.- e, hut u I get i FAMILY STOi"e's 'latest album "Fresh".Ain't
td sae," "Y A in that rather surprising??? "Pillow Talk"
from good sauce.. "Yes,Ancine. .
om oo s black, attractive, buxom and obviously
"'You mad. nunh? Is Reuben tell me texy SYLVIA (Robinson) wrote the score
oor shuts if especially for AL GREEN to do with WIL~LIE
Garge smashed the door shut as if to MITCHELL... The name of ETON JOMT con-
repel an invader. "Titine, eef I tinues to make Gold. This no one can ,re-
heah you call dat man name again, ject co -"Saturday 'Iight's Alriht for
will modd..h you: You heah? You know Fighting" is a nhocker... DIANA ROSS and
what jalousie 'do in dis lan? I will family are touring Britain during'Sept.-,.
MODDAH -9E't; His wife Titine subside (anwhile, BOB DYLONI's first album in
"O.K. '(prge, doan go on sb... I ,,well over 2 years is soon to be released.
*dee telli4 you about de acceedent ..vVery mucl in the&news these
Garge settled. down to a drink American born, Ca.ibbean .reggae bred .pes-
"Hmph. I know more bout dat dah gently Engarid'based JOITNY NASH who is,
you" He -.aunched into a desiptiot he moment, off home doing his film
of the icidente "I heah a wdman
tell aiodah oe.t hein andinavia.. .ReZ.releases of F'IVE of
tell annoah one JIMI HENDI!X's not-too-lohg-dgO oUt-.of
But Ma Titine bristled. "Wat you EENDI's noil-ooog 6 out-o
But ina Titine bristled.. "Wat you circulation albums are causing a senaa-
dee doing uere? Oho,. .it look like. Yotion... SUZ: QUATRO is a slim, beautiful
has a woman up dere at Pm!" "au
has a w oman up dere asmooththings do snooker fanatic who -has gripped the 'world
Garge tried. to smooth-things d~ow of-the-younG -ith- CAR THE CAN while the
"No no, ypu know Genelia brudder plays er bass uia. Incidenta'll,Suz
sick.. I dee go an see .him." plays er bas 'uitar Incidentally Suizi
sick. I ~e go an see .him." is not from Japan.. But she makes 'her own
"Oh:" 4a Titlne sighed with re-
"Oh Titine sihed with r music... The RINOMDS are nesting quite
lief, "go wat happen?" meaningfully.1 ay ow a uu acre ranch
"Is so I heah dat it have men in Utah... DAVD CASSIDY also appreciates
mek deirself popular wid women jus this kind'of iTvestment. He has 25 acres
for a shiny blouse, or a wranglah, in Maui Island, ~Hwaii... ELVIS PRESLEY
or a piece of cloth." has yet another iiipersonator. This" time
Ma Titine laughed. "Way,way,way! it s ELI CULBERT rho sent thousands. iiailing
Is no lie. But not for me Titine: "ELVISV wi-hhehe arrived in Britain (with
So wat happen?" guitar in haid) to fulfil the Vrshes' of
"It have certain pusson have spec-his few fans... "A Warm December" with
shul doctah, so dey sen for one; an SIDMEY POITIER ahd ESTHER ANDERSON is a
de fellah dee bleeding. wonderfully 'mysteriously-planne, love
Ma Tit .ne hmphed. "Well, look it .'story that movie goers could'watch-out
Our people steel doan know wat to do for..-O0iice at a garden party, behind
an wheh to' do! Tout bagaille boul- daddy's home, me and mrs. jon is enjoyed
versez" porcupine pie. Being in love, day- after
Gargei added: "But you doan know day, we didn't care about the auniUhiie.
de aftah' bisniss.. Dey put Poleece to We were just main. it natural, trying to
guard de hospital, And de young make thick night. a special one.Wllhe.,quite
Poleece lay dong in de orderly room -suddenly, a pusherman- named harry hippi
an take of he hat and shirt. Vihen he disclosed that ylv.ian s mother Hyasn y
wake up, someone remove he hat," (e raln to J C hconlyou


Friday, kpgust 17, 1973

Gri*ket. It's a known fact that the Trd .JOEEPXWQ GA L & Co. LTD., (author-
Sbetween^nland ad' ized Bottlerseof "COCA-COLA") ar, ostab-
the West Indies ended in a draw which, fishing a. yearly award (trophy).:or the
although there were no stoppages, was .os.t outstanding footballer of the 1973
predicted,by the end of the first day. season. Selection will be made by a.
By te e end of the secndda, England Panel of three impartial observers of
y th end the secndday, England gue games-who will choose the ten
was woll poised for a big ~otal' at 96 players, for the season.
without loss in reply to West Indies 327 SpeciaIyi printed forms with the names
with Roy Fredericks. 150 playing a solid of the ten outstanding players will be
sheet anchor role and B'Gulien a dashing circulated to spectator 'at Windsor Park,
54.. By the end of the second day, the towards the season's end thus making them
big query had arisen which included a. special jury. The winner will keep the
Boycott', umpire A.Fagg and the' Wst trophy.**SPECTATO PRI.ZE: .6r balloting
Indices fieldsmen for an alleged catch. at spectators will need to fill in papers
the wicket. That decision took the gilt showing a list bf the five most out-
edge from off that test match which only' standing players iiforder of merit. The
only sparked..again when WI. (Kanhai 54 spectator/spectators' whose individual
Lloyd 94 and Sobers.:74) delighted the ballot or ballots most closely 0rros-
crowd to -stroke play wi-hich is always ponds with the final ballot or tlly will
a. part of West Indies' oricket in be awarded a prize/prizes by the' sponsors.
'thoir 2nd innings; of 302;. *..'' -
England who promised'.~ liaoh, found eRAP : y tS *.h ('from pagE 9 Noyyou I
themselves in trouble because of the in- The the songs re hidden in
ability of Boycott to bat on' the third, that paragraph bo ining "Once" (page 9).
on account of a bruised' rib in a colli- .end yr.r0 ults to pos!' (c/ This
sion with W.I. wicketkeporr Doryyck urrayPaper). Look' out in the post f9r prizes.
who had to cpver ground to"run dut And, right" heoo' for results cum, nex'woee
Boycot .when RAP is dedica~i d -tothe ladies,
From 96 without loss, England t6r'eail presentinEtlorna Benhett XLiza Minelli,
out for 505. Final scores', W.I. 307 & CLdaley saimn,. usi tuatro, .Marsvint,.
302.' For England, Arnold 3/7.4 & 4/43, inda Ii, oberta lhck, -ylvia,
Old '/86 & 1/65, Undor6ooa 3/4-0 2/66, Doris. Day, :Diana Rose .ad OTHERi. hiel,...
.old 3/86 & 1/65, Undorw ood3/I" '& /661 _
Illingiwort 1/37 & 2/66 and Griog -2/35. DOMINICAOUA. OU F GAS -T*OTFl
England 350 & 182/2; Boycott 56 n.o. Under' the CAIFTA Agreement -'Wost In-
Amiss 56 & 86 no., and Fot.chor 52 & dies '.Oil. Co. c6nes in free 'of duty and
44 n -. For W.I.; Holder 3/83,"Sobers consumption ta&. Some of the- otl com-
3/62, 'Julion 2/55, Gibbs 1/32 and Lloy'd panies in Dominica buy from .W.Ifpil Co.
2/26 in the 2nd innings." in order'to make a profit at allif'(under
NeotbalJ. For the third year in success- the Govt. controlled price); She 1 and
o'n Dominida. failed to. produce .a tbam to Texaco receive from. '!Trinidad (oGsaFTA).,
.take part in the W.I. Netball Pournament' .but a port' strike in. Trinidad hbe 'iield up
now going on in Grenada,. In 'addition to tankers. 11r.'Jo Jo'Karam is the Ibcal
the past two' -easons' shortage of funds, agent for' WI.Oil Co.; and we are told
for .ending the -girls overseas, this his is the only firm 'now making, a profit
Year,'O date, there has -be'en no local under Governmenlt price, control. -Editor.
'league', which made the question bof' send-
ing a :team non-existent. "All thle same DA-WU STA1PS UP TO BE COUNTED1 I.{O muW t
one can remember'some years ago., althoughC dio e o na.. 2 "m ed i-Tor.rsi
Union (Cron.S.c.A*.F cJoseph) for its. strai.gJ
there was no netball league, money was and honest stand-against the victimization
obthiad .to send a.:team'to that' year's of OSA members.,' TOO late for inclusion to.
touw-namant, Our present girls who show day, their statement will .appear next-wk.
so much talent are just pot appreciated. P ws directed too the inis'eGr for Homoe
o fars cop oe i G any organ.zatons- .
ibotba3. The season without any warning,
has ust slowed down with two'playing STABSPORTS. Enthus"ia'ts enjoyed the"
daya- this week No football.. Oh Tues- Saints/Harlem 'overs, match which Rovers
day, 'Paragons-failed to field a team won onq-nil, scored by H. Emanuel late
against .-Hilyons; ahd one 'wonders if the' in the soccond half... .psterdhy afternoon,
match will be rdplayed or'the points' Kensborouh United'& Gutter Crowns
given Halcyon. Wednesday,' usually second clashed in a 3-1 goal. Kansbqroughl U. 3,
division playing day, there"was just no Gutter Crc zh4 ..':-:Second Division. -
football, Saturday, Celtics United play- Harlem Rovers &'Pott iW Uited played.
ins a. bottea game than they. have done to a 2-al3. draw. -Soore at halftime
this season to date won over Spartans Il. stood at 1-1.
Printed .& Published by the Proprietor, Robert E. Allfroy. Vf ill House, Copt Hail,
at 26.Bath Road, Dominica, IWest Indies


.im rioir Anoyn.'a-fh A'Isv. AlIqTi

m T-T TV raQ A "'

__ fw --

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