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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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eYvta %iirtute omi .ortry
'-// "" Ast. Editor: LENNOX HONYCHURCH-

Gen. Sec. Civil Service Association.
.1 '- -
^^^^^K'.^H^L "^~..T^ ^eA '

"All' Civil Servants who value justice
should stand by the Association to
secure the rpinstatement of Mtimrea
and Symneas"
The wearing of black ribbons on the left
breast .by Civil Servants signifies mourn-
ing for their two colleagues Chris Maximea
and Ossie Symes, who are still under res-
triction and face"enforced premature retire
ment. (.e Page Fo1ur)
We think members of the public could
well join in thi. gesture of sorrow and

Kathleen Telemacque

.',Page 3

Page 8

Supp. i
* *
i t!

I News

N/ TrS

-R "

Dwelling House at Madrelle
Furnished or Unfurnished
Dwelling House at Loubiere
Apply: M.BE Charles
P 0 Box 121
28 Old Street
Roseau, Dominica, 92

MORNING PRIDE has great Antiseptic
Is highly Emollient,
And makes a perfect Skin Food
To be massaged into the Face after shav.
Only 4i.oo per tube

II ........IIII

I \r vr-gs

for the breaking up of the West Indies
Federation which lasted only four years
-1958-62 was the stunning lack of information'
-eon-thbe-part-of the populace about how..its
political, social and economic superstructure
wa8 being built,
This 'in formation gap' led to so much
doubt, suspicion and alienation among thel
West Indies masses that the people in all the
islands became vulnerable and easy victims;
to any anti-federation doctrines. Eventually,i
one of the political parties in the largest unit,
Jamaica captured the disenchanted mood of
the people and rode, the crest of this bolster-
rous wave to victory in, a referendum
apeckfcally designed to test whether Jamaica
should remain in the Federation. The whole
endeavour was torpedoed by this event and
the F ideration fell apart like a jigsaw puzzle
.being accidentally knocked off a table.
While we remain strong supporters of the
present integration movement leading on from
P iARiTA to the Caribbean Community, with
the proviso of course, that much more must
he done to ease the burden and sacrifices that
the Less Developed must bear, we cannot but
be extremely concerned and alarmed at this
*repeat performance of keeping the public in
,such ignorance of their affairs.
The West Indies public is fed up with all,
these secret meetings that only the politicians,
3know about and from which it seems only, a
eet of schemes or deals between Heads of.
Government emerge, based on a philosophy of
-'you scratch my back and I scratch yours".
Historically, this lack of information as
we know it, is a feature characteristic of the
rigid regimes of the Fascist and Communist
types. We would hope that there is no such!
flan to subject the W. I. peoples to ,some
form +of neo-slavery.
In our State we have noted the refusal of
Government to inform. tle public as fully as,
possible about this new Caribbean Community.
Government did respond in an extremely
limited way to our call for more information
by holding a debate on a resolution support.
ing the Government with. regards to its
signing of the Georgetown Accord at its last
House of Assembly Meeting, but it was based
mainly on the Georgetown Accord, which
was supplied in a very limited quantity to
the public and the people have not seen up
to now the draft treaty nor the signed one,
nor has there been any reasonable attempt
to explain to the people or hear from them.
The people are. not involved,

T H S TAR Page Two
Friday, Angst o10, 1973
We roprint hero two timely
Sodiorin~ excerpts from the '
ST. KITS DEmOCRT for the
enlightonmeont of our readers.

conversation in St. Thomas, a certain
Premier was being badgered that he is
a "Jack of all trades..." when he immediately
.shot back, "But I am master of politics."
Many persons casually regard politics as
the "art of the possible" or "the art of
propaganda", and since Watergate, the more
sinister tend to dismiss it as the "art of
dirty tricks".
Politics is rot a dirty game. In fact it is
one of the highest callings of life-it ought to
be one of the noblest professions involving
the hard-and demanding tasks of formulating
.laws for the proper maintenance of law and
order and, the promotion and enjoyment of
yeace, harmony and freedom for all citizens.
it is concerned also with devising strategies
and policies geared towards enhancing the
material well-being of the people. Politics
-embraces ALL and we are faced with its
impact every day of our lives.
It is on these latter grounds that any
politician who regards himself as "master of
politics" should base his claim-not on
tricksterism, quick propaganda and everyday


Our people feel that we are
bting taken for a ride, but that we
muzzled, blinkered, saddled and
our political masters. This is a ma
West Indian Governments and


not. only
are being
ridden by
ior sin of
ours in

If we bear in mind that it is not for want
of tongue that dumb beasts don't talk, but
that sometimes they do react either like
Baalam's ass or in some other spirited way,
then this should be enough notice to the
politicians that an unenlightened public is a
dangerous public and it is time that they too
should stop, look, listen and explain.

_ ~~ 4, r

II-- ~-



. ,cI c e ,.,- 8. .T R a

Verse: REVOLUTIOl4 AZ.VA D.onJLi41-
Motivate' I Agitate '
The' 'cries' of .-youth: penetrate .
How, long car we stand
In suppression and 'fear?
We .must stand to fight
Against the usurpation of right*
If we use the right means
We '11 come forward.
The call is here for us. to unite
To face the ills of society
Andi to build a true nation .
With love and sound brotherhood.
So youth, it's to you, your turh.
is here
You; the Dominicans who really care
Think deeply, seriously, then move
the motion
Lead our society to a full revolution

Today another well-known friend is-
Tomorrow yet..another..
The."followers gather; in they come
As at the death of a mother,.," ,
The Psalm 'the Lord is, my Shepherd' ;
'ABIPE WITH .ME'O ;0'pGd our He.lp. in -
Ages Past. '(and Preen'zt)
,are sung, and the Sacrament
of the Lord's Supper is observed.
Ping PAng I Ping Pang I
The ceremony is over
And the crowds follow the coffin.

Kathleen Telemacque 1973 Queen'
The tall graceful girl who won our
own 1973 Carnival Queen contest was.
awarded the Caribbean Beauty Queen
Grown in Antigua last Saturday. Her
dress was designed and made by Alwyn
Bully, and Was first worn by Miss.
Dorita Jno.Baptiste at the local cornm
petition: it was an exotic (cannon
ball) blossom surmounted by a butter-
flv...more 'attractive than the nur-

Dear Editor, ."In a Free Country",
SIn a free country, one ought to be
free to say what he thinks and to act
on his beliefs. I truly seek my free-.
dom, why can't a, certain editor shut
his mouth and go back to St.Kitts
with his dirty Infiltrator? He
.should realise that -his so-called
paper doesn't stay in Dominica only;
suppose this paper should reach
Haiti what is going to happen? Any-
way Cecil Amos & Francis, get ready
for when the Prisoner is released
from Haiti to send your 'Officers to
search him. I say to one person -
You'.'are a Kittisian; why can't you
shut your mouth and give 'another
Dominican like myself a chance to'
talk? Your uncle. Francis is jja opp-
osition against the Bradshaw Labour
Party, so let Dominicansn speak. It
is my solemnc duty to :take, a. stand and
support whomsoever' I wish..
L..,. H---- you seem to be the one
doing the OBEAH 'for the. abour Party
and also the one-accompanyjng the .pil-
grims cause you can't, tell me you.
know the words .of 'the. praers they
are asking to. deliver Leblanc and his
Regime too' well .
..* OBEAH Beat' OBEAH.: 'PRAYERSbe-at:,
PRAXE YOUTH, Goodw ill.
* * e* *
Dear Madame, R. I D MINIC
Since the takeover of Radio Leblanc,
paid by funds from his.pocket and not
taxpayers', money ?would you kindly
tell our Political Bandits not to erm-
harass Dominicans like myself by hav-
ing to listen to such rubbish, bad
pronounciations and stupid rubbish in
music as we now hear!
Not one of the announcers can read
like myself; all my friends from.
abroad are laughing at us Dominicans.
m4y God have mercy on you and your '
families, you Political. Bandits!

sery rhyme -style she wore at home. VILLAGE QUEEN OPENS FAIR
Her evening gown for this latest Miss.Rhonda Mcntyre, daughter of
event was designed by Isabella Shil- r. & Mrs. John IMcIntyre, opened the
lingford and decorated with paintings Trafalgar Fair on August 6, in the
by Mrs.Joan Mallalieu Jewels of presence of many prominent persons
Africa a glowing creation. including His Lordship Bishop Bogh-
It would seem that Dominican girl aert, Rev.Fr.Jolly and two Govt.
are unbeatable for good looks and Ministers. The booths were attractive
fashion, and no doubt poise and the and the festive event was well pat-
creative talents of:the artists and. ronized by island wide crowds. Prof.
de signers are unbeatable too. Jan Carew & Mr. Daniel Caudeiron read
Certainly all these lovely and .- poetry; Mr. Edward Elwin welcomed
lucky'people have earned congratulation.- visitors as TVC Chairman come
visitors as TVC Chairman.

Page Three

n~;cil~fi~ ~n 7~'~:~ IL' H' E


Page Jour T .HE TA R Friday, uust 10, 19 3
Ia 'itine'was taking a.rell-deserved MAXIMEA and SYMES FIRED
rest in her lounging chair. Garge and
herself had celebrated their 25th wedding (letter from Governor's Sec.)
anniversary the night before, and she was 9th August 1973
feeling all out. S, I am directed to .nform you
Garge esconced nearby in a wicker that His Excellency the Governor has,
chair, and lazily puffing at his pipe on the advice of the Public Service
remarked: "Damn good time las night enh Commission, approved of your retire-
Ma Titine nodded. "Alld6h de crisis meant, from the Public Service in the
Still on, we-all shore can enjoy we-self" Public Interest with effect from
Reuben called in a few minutes later. the 1st July, 1975.
S"Eh, eh, wat a. wondah Genelia an Baby I am, Sir
not heah," 'he said in mock surprise. Your obedient servant
"Dey mus be well tyad- aftai las night."
Garge blew a circle'of smoke rings. C. St. R.B'BERTRAND,
I"at news. on for now?,J :- (Governor's Secretary)."
Notting," Reuben replied, "onlee I After days of waiting for the
see de girl dat get shot, she out of threatenedaxe to fall, and many days
hospital. of enforced house arrest in two dif-
Later on, Baby and Genelia arrived. fervent forms, these two staunch civ-
ferent forms, these two staunch.civ-
"Way papah," Reuben .greeted them,"I il servants and members of the C.S.A.
think allyou dee dead. Too much bon temp executive were finally sacked. But
allyou having.e" a when we say finally, it is not the
Genelia gave him a scathing lolk, end Of the affair by any means. The
'Doan even answer bhim Bb; de pot civil servants in sympathy with them
telling de kettle it betkside black Itwt"em
Ma Titine shifted in her chair and and an increasing number of members
took a. cigarette from a pack on the table of the public are wearing mourning
at seei dere ne eclamed,tokens black bands or ribbons.
sincee when you smoln itienea ex edSo, we feel, should all Trade Union-
"Garcons dat crisis bisnisi dat make ists worth their name. For the be-
"Ga~rcon, dat crisis bisnis~ dat ake haviour of Government is a blow to
me smoldn so. It like a imedeecine foh a ur o orn t
my head, ,beos. dat bisniss have me tinl- trade union -nd civil rights.
ing too-uuoh.1"
ing too much." th W.I. JAYCEE PRESIDENT VISITS
Btinben said thoughtfully. "Allyou The President of the West Indies
Ptintk everyting will really ovah on de 15- Jaycees, Mr, Trevor Marshall of Bar-
Plenty people saying dat it will exten bados, paid a flying visit to this
again." State yesterday, as part of the an.
Ma. Titine shrugged. "I see a CSA nual tour of the President throughout
girl wid a. black ribbon jus like Grammah the region.
School boys an she tell me dey in mawnin Mr. Marshall met the local Jaycee
foh de two dat Guvment foss to resign." chapter and had a radio discussion
"You read wat de Infiltrator say bout with Dominica Chronicle Editor and
590 an de banana- industry?" Garge said* the Star's Assistant Editor on Car-
Baby nodded. "Hqpe *dy -doan say in ibbean Socio-Political problems
bout six mont dat banana industry in with which the Organisation is help-
trouble again i ing to cope... One of the rare
"An jus imagine," Ma Titine chuckled, occasions since the Radio Dominica
"ministahs tun show-biz agent Chalkie crisis that such discussions have
big shot man." .been allowed.
Genalia. gave a loud hlmph. 'D Ar
brain dey usin.- You see is de same song P BIyrISS AR ET HOpTAL FeIBITIO
dof ban ds wase P11 Staff inv-eothe C u jl their
dey ba de was singing? anybody ls Exhibition on-z'eds.-Thurs. 15-16th August
de ask permishun, you tink dej wood get 193 tarting at 10.30 am. Ites on dis-
it. Not even K-Hides.o." 9t0.I
Said BabyN "Dat las paragraph in play include information on Diabetes and
Said Baby, "Dat las paragraph in d .
Infiltrator...dey talking jus like dose High Blood Prossure, twio common diseases
Commies. Dey not squeezin demeslf foh in Dominica today. PLEASE MAKE EVERY
anybody; onlee dose dat Oid demr dey EFFORT TO ATTEI'TD If you come from an
helping. A. cousin of mine ax dem to help outsideoRosea parish, you will be caked
hah get a peece of lan in dO.r lan skeem, f l toher will b refresh meatP on sae
dey tell hah 'Wy you doan, make Preedom Visit your own PM EXHIBITIOIT, starting
Pahty help you?' Well O.K. Titine, till Wednesday 15th Augf. through Thursday 16th.
tomProw.." 10.30 am opening.


Friaaz A V &Ufa3
rrsua_ I-K~ W~ ~- -'--------ir~iv

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending flth day of August 1973,
* .. -- .. .__

Date Requested

Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.

Request dated John Anthony Request for the issue
5th day of Peel of a First Certificate
July, 1973 by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
Presented the Cilma AM a portion of land
7th day of Dupigpy known as a lot at
August, 1973 Gallette, Soufriere, in
at 3.15 p.m the Parish of St. Mark
in the State of Domi.
nica containing 2349
square feet and bous.
ded as follows:-
North by land of Victor Etienne East by a Public Road
South by land of Sybll Francis West by the Sea.
Request dated Geraidam Requnt for the issue
20th day of Andrew of a First Certificate
July, 1973 by her Solicitor of Title in respect of
Presented the Cilma A.M a portion of land
7th day of Dupigpy at Morne Ratchette,
August, 1973 in the Pariah of St o-
at 3,35 p.m seph in the State of
t .. Dominica containing
1738 square feet and
bended as follows:-
North by land ofHutson Benjamin East by land of Hut.
son Benjamin South by land if Mrs. Nesley Joseph
West by land of Raleigh Alexandqr.
Registrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau. Dominica, A.ting Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the. above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed byf
law was last served on any owngr or occupier of adjoining
land in respect of which the application is made.


73 pages $3.00
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zi9 shares in Bottlers (Dominica) Ltd,
For particulars:-
'Apply to: Vanya Dupigny, Chambers,
Kennedy Avenue, Roseau,
.... .... . .. ...

Paze Five,

by Dr. D.C. Jarvis?
It offers a new theory on the treatment and
prevemion of a wide range of diseases including-
The Common Cold
Hay Fever
Kidney Trouble
Digestive Disorders
High Blood Pressure
Chronic Fatigue
and many others which often defy conventional
diagnosis and treatment.
Only $1.oo per copy
Also available by the same author "ARTHRI-
TIS & MEDICIN". $1.oo per copy.


Vacancy exists for post of Assis-
tant to the Accountant in the firm of
Dominica Coconut Products Limited
Applicants Male orFemale- must
already have knowledge and experi-
ence in Accounts, the keeping of Ac-
counts and work associated therewith.
This is a responsible post, and sal-
ary will be commensurate with qua-.
lifications, ability and experience.
Apply in writing, stating qualifica-
tions and experience to-
The General Manager,
Dominica Coconut Products.,
P.O. Box 78.

All members of the Dominica Employers
Federation are asked to note that the
of the
Federation is scheduled to take place on
TUESDAY 14tb AUGUST 1973 at 6.oo
p.m. at the Fort Young Hotel.
Members are kindly urged to make a very
special effort to attend and to be on time,
2,, 1- /

w' A ._.... rar nL r

TFriday, Aumust 10, 1973

CONVENTION Juie 3. 93.-. (concl
ST'i YOUTH e younger geiera-
tion of Dominicana. should" not be
patient. It .should .not 'be repared. to
-sit 1 by pAssively''ifl. by the
inertia, imposed by a"systeml that"'is'
frozen in thea cast of narrow traditions
It should not resign itself 'to-'being a
victim'to a system that is 'bouid to ob-
solete1 irrelevant and hopelesdly
sterile doctrines. The younger genera-
tion of Dominicans; should not -stand by
in silence as-, decisions aid cirbiuastan-
ces'. that affect itsl futuree piaraiao by
teasingiy", Moolingly -provod1inglyJ I
Young Dominicans'
-hould not only be loboiihg fior dynamic.,
honest,' esponsived, tolerant leadership,
but should also be engaged in creating_
in..shaping this needed newrleadership au
a.- leadership which will recognize its
missiono n to LEAD- and not to reinforce
taboos; to give direction and not to
drift with the fortunes of political
expediency; to put the country before
the party; a leadership" 'which will be
bOmitted to .distributing Powo.e to the
People and: iot :to one or two ministers
and their families; 'a leadership that
will involve'the People nh the decision
-making process, rather than concentra-
ting power in'the hands of- a few I
'Dominiea.are in the position tb effect
these necessary changes "I By virtue of
their newly-acquired iaEht'.tto vote
(long fought for by the Freedom"Party);
by virtue of their numbers; by virtue
of their awareness; by" virtuiio'f their
incorruptibility.; the young people of
Dominica, if united in the" cause of a
New Dominiica, a Better D6minica, a Free
Dominica, there ia: no power that can
stand in their way; It is the young
people of Dominica, who ih concert with
progressive adult Dominicans,'oan safe-
ly rescue and revive Dominica, 'Young
Dominicans thus have'a grave responsi-
bility to live up too
Young Dominicans
thus have a'.grave responsibility to live
up to. They are faood with an obvious
ch-allenge, an inescapable; challehgo
TODAY. How urgently, howk courageously
they respond to that challenge will
determine whether or not' oar children
will grow :up in a thriving-, free,.proud,
progressive, unified .community .
.HARD WOCaoASB" leo usibegin to work
today .(concluded; iext column )

warded Jamaien. 9*Or4der of Merit'.

P a I arfv

-- ` -`- -' s.i_

~" '

In a* certain pui1'shed article was.
,mentioned .he various drugs and their'
effects. I'would tbe most grateful if
the .writer could"tell the public whether
these were his ow6n. experiences, or.just
some other persons' statements. Rule
No, strikes me very much. For example,
some time ago a young man from Massacro
was playing cricket at Fond Cole and
ended up at the PVM as a result'of care-
less driving by bowner of Gar No.1111.
Some time before *this incident another
young man from Iahaut had his Ford..
Corsair .Motor Car completely written off
by that same Vehicle. The people of
Massacre- all suffer hysterics whenever
car No.64l passes by. All these acts
were presumably committed by the same
person 1 I" would therefore like to aslt.
the article-writer whether this driver
was under .the' influence of dangerous
drugs and if so, which one of them: or
whether these 'erero just a result oft care-
less behaviour. I would like to add,
tfu.h1er- that dangerous drugs and alcohol.
go side by'side and therefore have the
same ill effects. on the user.
To conclude, I would like to infdrm
the public thatVwe have lived to see
another "SAUL not of Tarsus but of
Mahaut" being converted, but he must
remaiber 'that"it'is' not the use of dan-
gerous drugs which. affects Dominica.
socially, but the many meetings about
"BLACK POWER". held at the Botanical -
Gardens.thathave and are still plaguing
the minds of .the.average Dominitan youth.
GOOD CITIZEN, Western Area.
Mr. Spiro C. Agnew, Vice-Pres., USA,
although exonerated from Watergate in-
volvement, faces. srious'charges of mis-
use of fuAd 'i"~1 Maryland, where he was
once a Governor. *;':* Twice in the past
few days, U.S.S bomb6rs..have mistakenly
destroyed their' allies. encampments in
Cambodia," killing' hundreds. millions s
of dollars spent.-:h -.only on Nixon's home,
uo 't 'he, r ences-. curity
VENttIcOf^SPEECH f`col1) Letn us com-
mit ourselves to he long but rewarding
struggle of building a new Dominica.
I offer you my'hand, take it, and grab"
someone else'1, and lot us light a fire
that will burn through the ignorance,
complacency and" fear that paralyze our
society. Let ues.oirge. a new path in
Garibbeai political history I
NEW NAM.mAugust 1, the CaribbM7 '
Regional. Secretaria based in Georgetown,,
Guyana., hias been redesignated the
Caribbean Community Secretariat. Public
please note l

.T H E S T* A R

-,. - .9IF k N o4.fl i C
j T ts c Y I Y OTI CE
S v is T~eeh . All members of the Dominica En-
DON'T SCRATC pTHE NAWL pl oyers' Federation and the General
I NF TT OF ^ hYOURihc are z s paec to note that the offices
|ofthe fiObMC ". EmUployeqs Fcderaton
wi.O'-'.Ms c Wx.rghn trfansired 109 Great MaN,
S .^ ., . 'borough Street upstairs the DominLa
INODDY (F.ruit F1 avoNured an, d iaa Bank.
t SoTYi (O;aw. FlavourCc-ue s- -- r- -

teeih. They cn., no ves
oc per Trhe trading of Cash Bills for Gifts
u nsHE r :iC ^pa to : '::. | will take place on Tuesdays and Thus-
i' coo L -1. 1.).
j 4 .ATeO ST A? or DC- '.- CA ji e
kct*Ie of Apptiin o . for C kate!r .e of Tvrk and Not .

Requii;d tPer einj Nafue C:: Trorn ASSOC$ATEO STATE OF DOMINICA
S.. ..C. C. !. Schedule of AppkItlion for Cmletficate of "TiW and Nt)ings
'^it :C -.-A- &.r..I-;W 4 t.i |tereo n and Caveits for week ending 4h 6 3y .1 August 19o7
(2^. 'il. 4*:*:. 7$; .~: V VA $k&h s*-. 1.ames fod a9 -r------- -- -P
J.rE a -** t ; Ftirt CItfica6t j Dai Ri-Eqt d esion Present ngf Nature of reqrestt
. 4 ~ 2CUh 3S aTih i rCespCfl f L I whether a Cericate
a 7 % of iE .j n n. of Tizle tf* Ntling
-.^, -e oa St. o ? t t dchereon- orf Caveit,
a- fTSl i! kPar aRev #ast dateA Asw etfporatnm bAs*M
U *j 18U t &y o.0f men of a First Ccrtificat
o J April, 1973 by his Soiiitor of Title in repeck
:scs Prg^e 30th Va.ny&a e portion < ofnd
612 ' ax bf^ il 197 3 ,Dirp.isy known as lt. 6- pa t
ft aeadt 3.00 w Dup p of La Ptilie Estate i
n S4.; W, 3y lanes M o aronuh Lysch South at drew, in the State of|
; o ?f i'Ocar ChrleS Damd Akstrda lBa E!ordhs Eas 5y 'Demmica coantinigs|
4w? ci s 4 i bo oded l, fols:-e
t. *- .< Ei9 Nrcuth^ Lot 7 I1.. land of SRoner n

I r a
l^ - ; ~ -- -/-..-^--- E ias land reserveafor Road oer la Pallie stat,
D t- je1r4 .- .. N N re o;" re wthber a CteetiScar t
VCS f lrorf T:rile otr Notng ,iwa-f P daed phcSPE a nstfrWtf m ssv:
thcreon or CavszL I Stfa"y of A'anadE a w Fwrst Certificate
.p r Ap1ri, 197. by h64 SoSitr of Titde ia roapectt of
| ac;"!B *i tedi j.i;a.c.Tij %?Ryay i RKvquast for the iaaw j Piesoataed 30thx Vanay a portion of kad
| ui o hss S!ic tor4 of F'irs1 Crtifickat Jxsy J1973 D knasofwn Ia lot 5 part
T- ? "1,? Ws oVal f Tite of riepectf of oa 3.25 p.mIs of La P=a1e Estata in
Present a.4.- .* i- y a p. rion of d ----- --- th Pa',riii- t 'SWot 4 A-
\Wf Y13 *k |.w sn Was \C 7. rt drIow, lo t? Stite oi
eat 2..0 -f La Pa.aHi Estate r Domi --... ihe P h of' St.. A6' 298 qar .et 8 M
drew, in S-tah--f e l3- feiws
aqaa'reso e e rnd Le 2ad a e Aleseder
FAss La Pafli* EaxMn
N ort4h L4, 6 4>d C. ACph.os enan we h.04 rvfv-d Wr Rea d oer LU P1 it' 'a"&* |
Se> <, R w 'e Sr Ln & $!' Es$tze., r Ajgirar's (CicE, EPHRAIM F CERG ES
W* 'h ab i;?t..!a *. j RZw Sn ii-$omtfti3 Ad4tin ?af.RfKl fgirtrar of Tit- Tr
r- "..? .A, g;jT'-eft 'r'< rta i-a .ai.. 4 j4 X-.-i t A.r Crr--i re id s4e3 T eU a .n r ariD
ri li rar US ar :^. ^^s a da^. ^ srv as; ;.Esr ?r s wwrev fcany a
" -,;4 ^ *T.-i~ -.^t J;i^-rte.ffig^'-~L~BLBR^-^^figt -i~~ '; -tQ SY~::~ 'pft~a~~ Zbi _-.-_-_".~ i.i(fp!i) )

=:age :T. THE S TAR . iday, August ,0 1973.
S'*T*AR*PSZ.E-*0*R*T*S -- TMorchriston C.S*.A.: RESULT LIBEL SUIT
tickett. The 2nd cricket test match be- In a recent libefsuit brought b~ Mr.
tWte "The West Indies & England in their W.W.Plenderleith against the S.SA. ,the
3-matchhseries started at Edgbaston yes- Judge's decision iras that no' action could
terday with the West Indies.-again batting be brought against the CSA (being a T.U.).
first. Score at prsds"tim~ei lTJ-"'263/6, Costs were awarded to the C.S.A.
Feredericks 150. romt time -scorQo 7, -E .LE
In the Benson & Hedges series now bea T -Is c IT
played in S-t.Lucia, no team seem to have (More on our Beauty -queen by EYE-WITIISS)
gained any advantage, due mainly to in- "Kathleen TSlemidcue left Dominica on
clement weather. The opening matches Thurs. Aug. 2, 1973, accompanied by her
were both abandoned. with no ;points avail- chaperone I'iss Isabella Shillingford,to
able in the Jamaica. v. Guyana match be- compete for the Caribbean Queen Crown
cause of incomplete first-ih.nings. 1973 (in Antigua). Twelve lovely
Scores were: Combined Is.v.Barbados, young ladies fron'Guyana, Grenada, St.
Combined Is. 168, Bron 6. Lucia, MIartiniciue, Guadeloupe, Aitigua,
Combined Is. 168, Brown 65 For Barbados Montserrat, St.l1.artin, St. Croix, Aruba,
Dhniel 6/24. Barbados 242/9 declared, ontserrt, St.
Knight 63. For Combined Is-/La9place 4/38 Curacao and Dominica. took part in the
Knight 63. For Combined Is.- Laplace 4/38 contest.
and Marage 2/31. Barbados Gpts. Combined on the night of Sat. 4th August, ale-
Is'. 2.pts.** J-amaiao v. Guyana, Jamaica. gant Kathleen, Hi+No4 Contestant, first
305/7 declared; Dujean 93. GuyaHai 120/8. appeed at the creation n Grouns it
For Jamaica Rattigan 4/17. ,**Combined Is. appeare at the creation Grounds with
For Jamaica attigan 4/17. her usual poise aad grace before a crowd
v.Jamaica; Combined Is. 91 & 225. Skerrit of about 7,000 personis in a costume
50 & 39, L.Sebastian 72. For-'Jimica, "Butterfly on Gnon Ball" designed a d
M.Holding 3/24 & 2/281 Wittingham 2/16 & mButterfly ona GCnonBall" designed bnd
1/37; Rattigan 3/23, VAustin 1/A' & made by r*. Aliyh BDully.
/ She made her second appearance in
3/29 and Gordon 3/29. Jamaica 119 & 50/2 She made her second apearlace in
Dujean 37,. or Combined--Is. Browne 2/11, evening attiro "P ecious Jewels of Black
jeann 37. F~r: Combined- -Is. Browne 2/11,
Murage. a/ 8, Laplace 3/26, Eddy 3/08.'** Africa" designed by Miss Isabella ZShil-
.ados: V. Trinidad Barbado 35/8 d lingford, made by! ,Irs. Vanya. Roy r,
Barbado inidad Barbado 315/8 dec. painted and bdeauti Lfully decorated by
6 3/3; Greenidge 6,- IKight 88 -'and Roach Mrs. Joan lallir"u Her evening- eon-
60. For Trinidad, CG.Jario 3/36, Trinidad semble of bge crimplneo I.4th..b~ter
.27.6oeA matchosvBre abandoned, Jamaica Co a doep V plunging nccllft. 'WStasto-
Spts; Colied Is. 2 pts.j B..rbados fully bejewlled, and over the evening
6 ptsv., rLtrinidad 2 pts.'
FootbaUl, Last Saturday, Spartans and gown she -oro a ri h rod crepe coat,also
r=oy$ns: played to a 2-~.ll draw which beautifully painted, with matching jowel-
gave Spartans their first point of the ry and long beige: c hollder-length gloves.
season in 3 matches. For Halcyon, Law- Regal Kathleon-was chosen Caribbean
rence & Ereeman scored twhl4st Hurtault Queen 1973 by the Caribbean Judges and
and G.Williams who equaliced with a pen- popularly accepted. 'Miss Guyana was ad-
alty 'for Spartans. ***Kensborough United Judged 1st Runner ul, Iiss Antigua 2nd,
held E.arlem Rovers to a very hard match Miss Guadeloupe 53rd. '"
.whi4b Harlem Rovers won 2-1. At the in- So Miss Dominica 1973 Dominica's
terval, Rovers led 2-nil, but on resump- slt CARIBBEAN QUESE will fly off to the
tion Kaenborough dominated and just Labour Day celebrations in New York later
failed to draw the match; For Rovers, this month (celebrations in early Sept.)
H.Emanuel 2 R. Carrette for Kensbor- And as Caribbean Queen, Kathleen gets a
ough.***On Tuesday, Saints defeated chaperoned trip to a place of her choice
Celtics U. 3-nil. The goals came in the on an AIR CAIADA route." EYE WITINESS.
1st.half wviilat Celtic U. ho shared the (Many congratulations from ill lovers
better of the. exchange failed to score; of grace and beauty..,. not forgetting
Goals came from O,Simpson, C.Dbctrote. & that Kathleen is a STAFF NURSE at'PIlH and
B.Charlea.***,Yesterday, Paragons and a credit to her choose profession...Ed.)
Gutter Crowns played. Gutter Crowns 4 OTHER I PORTANT DST -Carib Reserve Nun
nid Paragons 1 Scorcrj:F3br Cr6wns, Sister VielIa Williams, I.C.M., made her
For .Pragons, T.Bertran e an A. final commitRnt at Salybia this month.,
Far .Paragons, T.Bert~rand..... MO MSEPZRAT GENERAL ELECTION
Second'Division. +n earlier matches Chief Minister Austin Bramble has announ-
VLayo, HarlemmRoers defeated Saints 3-2 ced a general election halfway through.his
Saints then' played to a goalless draw Iterm of office '_because of the threat. of
nst Potters United Tsorid ay racism Ln eontserrac .
agansborough U. and HarIlif'.LRo.0ray' 'played
K boroUnited defeated Saints 2-1. For Kens-
tscore and r Ro-es,. Dontfraid b .
re1 u ieat U saed b^tor Ro erEad, Dom yefoT I ue, Cotf nd
at *-. 26 Bath Road, Dominica, West Indies.

4Spplement i T H E S T AR Priday, August 10,1975
This collection of poems ;is wha I wish sincarely by this media to. oqn-
the Victorians would have cal-led' gratulate Ic. s Kathleen Telemaoque qn
'considerable': it has quantity, becoming the first to
quality and diversity. I am very win the coveted title of Caribbean Queon .,
happy to have a presentation copy, Dominica certainly has been doing re-
and can imagine with what pride andmarkably well in the field of beauty opn-
joy Cissie Caudeiron who was 1my tests in that Hiss Anthea Mondesire was
friend would have turned the well- the first Dominican to be Miss Carifta,
printed pages. The volume is in followed not long after by Miss Esther-
fact dedicated to .her the poet's Fadellc as Fliss Carifta 1975. IndCed con-
mother. gratulations to those two elegant,lovely
Some of the poems are deeply and graceful ladies
personal and subjective, as a poet The orgaiisationa in Dominica most
of a much earlier generation and fittingly and appropriately had Motor-
different lyrical style (Rupert cades and cocktail parties for those
Brooke)'s were. These have gems of exquisite young ladies to celebrate their
lines such as "and come over dewy, glorious achievements. Radio Dominica al-
sparkling me..." and "Going into so played its part in ensuring that this
the glad night of your hair.,."; I worthy news was well broadcast far and
think Daniel should avoid abbrev- wide, so that all Dominicans would be
iations like 'tween, and I remem- well acquainted with these happy events,
ber crossing words or swords with As everyone is well aware, the Carib.
Daniel for putting "Johnsons Baby bean queen Contest is on a much ibgger
Oil" into a delightful love poem! scale and is a tougher contest.Therefore,
Broole did that kind of thing too. I sincerely hope that Miss 'tthleen Tele-
When we reach p.9 we are in macque's win as the first Dominican -jO bo
another country the home or nat- chosen-Caribbean queen will be Given its
ional country. 'One man's view: appropriate measure of recognition. -'-In
Iiational Day" is a superbly inter- the meantime, I wish to offer heartiest
testing poem. Obviously Daniel neve congratulations to our Caribbe~ Queen
read Rose-O's lampoon 1973 our own KCat eln ae-e.
read Rose- s lampoon- -.. KEEN OBSERVER, Rdseau
Apres Bondid cest later E ER R,.
said the boy to his mater, EAGLES DOMIO CLUB GOBS ABROAD
for doubtless when he wrote that
real description sf Domrtca en Nine happy and victorious men of
real description of Dominicaen thief Club left Dominica on Aug.Srd
fete he truly believed in and love foth Guadeloupe, led by Mr.Lartigu e
s h afor Guadeloupe, led by Mr.Lartigue
that somewhat bastardized motto, Pasc; returned on
cooked up we believe between E.O, after bet Fench domino
Le blanc and Mrs. Administrator -aer beaina enh d tea
Lovelace. The next. offering on p 2-11 in three games there. Our team
beg ins o show a refreshing cynicismwas captainedd ojj-udolph Pond,aided
"To the Politicians" and "On the y Hartford Bostn. It is believed
Ieed for- a National Consciousness" to be the first to bring back home
a donineoetrophy from overseasN The
seem to carry forward the mood. a dontino trophy from overseas. The
Daniel spells English with a small teas er Captain Patrick Jno.
'e' and Dominican with a big 'D' Baptiste flew from the Virgin Island:
to celebrate the victa~y, attending
but as a nationalist we can hardly in Geloupe the vitYhen attending
in Guadeloupe firbtf then here for
blhe ems crowd around one and the Club's 2nd' anux1vrsary. He was
The poems arowd around on and.
there is not room here to be truly a founder member; tq, team has 28.
selective or do the whole collect- MIN WA TS WJ ...
ion justice. But if you want to be President Idi Aminn -of Uganda said
brought up to date. on Dominican in Kampala yesterd that if Britain
events, read "I'm sorry I'll take wanted to discuss .compenation for
that again", and "Cutting Water seized British bu&inessas, Premier
Authority say". Roseau life in the Edward Heath and "Queen Elizabeth had
raw.., better come to Uganda.. As top man in
The production of this book is Uganda he would:not talk t '.lesser
by Hilton Services; but one omiss- persons!
ion is that no price is given, so REGRETTABLE OMISSOIOIS-.
that enthusiasts may buy extra cop- We are sorry no RAP column this wee
ies for friends of family, (P.S. at Holiday difficulties. And we must
Press time: remodiod by notice on p.5). consider a long piece "THE QUEST "


The relatives and members of the Blanchard fami-
ly wish through this medium to thank all those Lots for Vacation Homes at Clarke Hall
who n anyway assMited or who tendered wreaths Estate on the Public Road East of the
cards or other tokens of sympathy on the occasion
oftheir mcct bereavment. Cocoa Centre.
At, so
Agricultural Farp varying in size from
) )3 acres to 4o acres at Manette Gutter on
A A Clarke Hall Estate.
Apply: 4.E Charles
P 0 BoX 121
28 Old SSeet
Roseau, pominica. ...4,

During the hurricane season it is wise for
everyone on the island to be on the aler( for the
late warnings of anlppproaching storm.

Tmha poster is the work of an Aruban
*holgd".L Its design is appliqued on cloth:
'The o~ngi1 now hangs in HoUad

Ipobr xai5, z973, Aruba

When a hur ijane warning is issued remem-
ber to: -
(i) Get away pnd stay away from low-lying
areas. If your only passage to high ground
is over a road likely to be under water
during a .severe storm, then leave early.
Don't rup the risk of being marooned.
Those on coastal areas should move
further inland, there will probably be high
(ii) If your hose is out of danger of high tide
Sand is w0li built, then it is probably the
best place (o weather out the storm.
(iii) Get in c4tra food, especially things which
can be eatdn without cooking or with very
little preparation. Remember that electric
power may be off and you may be without
(iv) Emergency cooking facilities (oil and coal
stoves) may be necessary, be sure that
they are in working order. Procure a
supply of kerosene and charcoal.
(v) Store drinking water in clean containers,
such as jugs, bottles and cooking utensils,
as water services may be interrupted.
(vi) Have a flashlight in working condition and
keep it. handy. Also candles and storm
(vii) Check on everything that might blow or
become loose.
(viii) Bar up or brace up your windows and
(ix) If you 4re taking shelter in a cellar take
with you your supplies of food, water,
lanterns, matches, etc. Do not forget a
tin opener.
(x) Let go thl cattle and other animals, if you
are a kUeper of animals, and if they arc
kept tied in the pasture, so that they may
seek shelter on high ground.
(xi) Anchor your boat securely before the
storm arrives or evacuate it to a safe area.
(xii) Check your battery powered equipment.
Your radio may be your only link with
the world outside so keep it handy.
(xiii) Keep your car fueled. Service stations
may be closed l'or several ';
storm strike'.

.. .. .~ i- ~ I- -n~ r II ~ -~~ u


I __ .I_~-- ---r~-- --

. Friday Aumust 10 1973

gluantrsarnt IM



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