Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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o eL i ,2, ,,. 2 /-t. 9 -, .,

it 1614141; A ve, ZW -. 1.I M
SrU..j /,. ,ry Av W .- . 'tEdtor: PHYI I.IS
Vo*. Af N 5 At. Editor: LENN

I JcTsiM'sATIO ys




Construction began last week on a bulk-pack-
ing cement plant at Canefield. The plant, to be run
by a Dominican company with Mr. Ivan Brisbane as
director, is expected to be worth some half a miliio |
dollars when completed. Government has already
granted the company pioneer status and given other
The plant will be situated near Dominica Mia |
ing Works and will use the sme port facilities where I
bulk s supplies of cement will be landed, stored and
bagged. Mr. Brisbane says that this venture will en-
sure a more constant supply of cement and help sta-
bilize the price, which it is hoped will be lower than
at present.
,Those who depend on construction lobs for
rbeir lvehioci will be more secure witl a ccnsiant
suppiv of 'ement in the State.,
'C.(,im t will rn- imported from. a. Puero Rico
firm which has helped to keep Domioica supp lied'
in the pait .through O. D. Brisbane & Sons/.

1 Vn Ly
t-. -.i. l,. ,, t. .S, .. .'O.S... .

l r. I .

'.,,'., r,.rixiW th hla s

Labour and the Elections
By the establishment of a State of emergency
(renewed) Government loaded the dice heavily mi
its own favour in matters of propaganda. informa-
tion and elections of any'sort for the duration. Who
imagines holding a by-election without permission
for opposition public meetings? We know on good
authority that British officials take a poor view of el-
ections held under such conditions.lf su1h a hing
is promulgated here it, would surely be the ma-
terial for another Court case;

ON wedneadmry, the Public Service Com-
mission, comprised of Labour support-
ors, reloegtod the two oxceptiotdA1
Civil Sorv.iats above to proawturo re-
tironmen "in the public interest".DAW,
Gen.Soe.A..P.Joseph vrtlkod out.(Seo p.10.)
Gen.Soc.A.F.Joseph~ valked out.(See ple),]

c wa Dor i9vUev, ae
i \ ill i' f : .

.. --~---.. P

Candidates for any election MUST be allowed
to present their programme and views to the
people and to be supported by their Parties and
sponsors in a fair, public and democratic manner.
Anything falling short of this is dictatorial and
impossible. We refer specifically to the North
Eastern by-electio but there is al o an-
other by-olection pending: IBosen T.C.
(Concluded on Supp. ii)

- ,, i I I 1 I I

_ _0

- ww

- i

- -

~b: II

Fridw Ae~ ut 3 _1,1 8

rp TT T1

I .4 - -- ,7 v .. --- --

The outside world must be oQndering what sort of strange people
Dominicans must be when they hear that a State of Emergency exists eight
week~ or more after a. programtme assistant in the State-owned "Radio Dominid'
had been transferred to another post of lower grade and salary. That is
the impression, and the only impression which has been allowed to leak outt
from Dominica.
The facts are not, of course, quite so simple. The enthusiastic news
commentator, interviewer of youth and jazz buff, Daniel Caudeiron, joined
Radio Dominica because he. was interested in radio as a profession. His
ouQcess was immediate, and he became, as Papa Dee, a household name within
a year, not only in Dominica but also in the rest of the Eastern Caribbean.
It appears that his popularity posed a challenge of charisma to the Premiei
of Dominica who proceeded somewhat precipitously to act.
Without reference to the Public Service Commission Caudeiron was
issued from the Premier's Office a directive late on Pri ay afternoon,
June 7th, to terminate his work at Radio Dominica immediately; and report
to work as a clerk at the Clifton Dupigny Technical College on Tuesday
June 12th. The new job, as classified, was several grades lower and the
top salary lower than the minimum for his present job.
The issue was immediately taken up by the Civil Service Association.
The then Deputy Premier informed the officers of the.C.S.A. that the
Premier himself, as Minister responsible for broadcasting, would see them
on Tuesday morning (the Monday was a public holiday). They officially
registered a dispute according to the Trades Disputes Act requirement.
Messages were phoned, passed and written to the Premier that day by the
C.S.A. but no appointment could be obtained (the Premier claims that he is
always available), and the C.S.A. that night in General Meeting decided ,
that if they did not hear from him by 11 awm. the next day they would pro-
ceed to strike action. No answer.
In the meanwhile the youth of Roseau, devotees of Papa Dee, were try-
ing to organise a demonstration in his favour. The C.S.A. called the
strike, not on account of Caudeiron, but of the circumstances involved and
because they were refused the ppoDrtunity of -roper trade union negotiation
All essential services (hospital, fire service, doctors etc.) were informed
,that they were not, :'e.peat not, to strike.
After the walkout on the Wednesday, the C.S.A. officers succeeded in
seeing the Premier, whilst a crowd of young people demonstrated outs de
the Government Headquarters under the eyes of a posse of police armed with
riot batons (which were used on some unfortunates)). The alks with the
Premier (taped and later broadcast) were abortive. According to the tape-
recording the Premier stated that Caudeiron was only "seconded" and there
would be no loss of salary. It had not been drawn to his attention that
there would be loss of increments. In the meantime the three trade unions
and the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce had declared a one-
day sympathetic strike (excepting the transport and loading of bananas).
The Defence Force was mobilised. All strikers, civil servants and indus-
trial workers alike, were instructed by their unions to stay quietly at
home and not provoke any incidents with police or defence force. Roseau
was as peaceful as a Sunday; beach and river picnics were the order of
the day.
On Friday the 15th the Emergency Powers Act was invoked, also the
Public Order Act. Regulations: were promulgated, allowing the State to rea-
trict the liberty of individuals, calling in all firearms and ammunition,
bombs and the like (:), requiring censorship of all news pertaining
to the State of Emergency and banning public meetings. On the Thursday
and Friday Premier Leblanc made three radio speeches telling Dominicans
about sinister plots, threats of violence and of a leaflet With subversive
ideas (given out to the demonstrating young people, and written by a small
group of intellectuals with Marxist views.) For a couple of days police-
men and defence force boys roamed about., armed to the teeth with automatic
weapons, bayonets and hand-guns. Leblanc's order to civil servants to go
tack to work by 8.00 a.m. on Friday 15th was largely ignored. (tonoldo 19)'

h~Y~i~RV- Ill~.mlR;t. .7- 1913

1"P-_ r/-i

so" TW WI

W W" -"-" i I

r shires in Bodner (aric-) JA
For pwricuiars-:
Appty to: Vanya Dupiany, Chambaer
Kennedy Avens Romem a

It, 4-.t/


/I Wave jt REcEZEl
We have just received for

sale a stock

in a2-quart,

4 quart, 6 quart & 8 quart


MAW Make Nearly Everything For
Pelycrboate Feeder s & Feeding
Se, Measuring Jugs, Mixer Spatolas,
Baby Powder, Prickly Hea Powder,
Baby Soap, Baby Blend Cotton Wool,
Baby Cea nsing Loti o a, Baby Oil
Baby Bathlrse, Juni'o Soluble Aspi&,
Orange Halibut Tables, Tancolin
Cough Medicine, Petroleum Jelly Zinc
& Castor Oil Cream, Nappene
(Nappy Sanitiing P o w d er ), Tufty
Tails (Exura Absorbent Diposablei
Nappies), Also Toiletries Gift Boxe,
abygetme Baby Packs, Bathtim
Baby Packs.


- &IA

vacancy las INr po1 oAsfsiAm-
saom w the Accoastts i the firm oft
Dominica Coconut Products Limited
Apkpicants Male or Female" most
already have knowledge and expcri-l
nce io Accounts, the keeping o Ac-
counts and work aociated thereith
This is a responsible post, and sal-
ary will be commensurate with qua-
lificaidon, ability and experience.
Apply in writing, stating qualifica-
tions and experience to-
The General Manager,
Dominica Cocont Products.,
P.O. Box i8.
V7r- L A..

^!ssar.,.,,iin i.. .*--.*------"-- """"""**
Of~er are invited for the purchase
f one (i) Ford Cortina No. 2968.
The vehicle may be inspected by
arrangements with the Acting Finan-
dal Controller; telephone 2671 or
Offers should be made in writing
and addressed to the General Mana-
ger, Dominica Banana Growers As-
sociation to reach him by Monday,
13th August, 1973.
Envelopes should be marked


Tue suAi

l~t~q~g P _,~.~ ~g IBPa

by Dr. D.C. Jarvis?
It offs a new theory oa the uimu.t m.d
peven*oin of a wide rawge of diseasn idaes diofn
The Comma Cold
Hay Femr

DiWjfgm Dmdionica
Hiq Blood Pmesre
Chroenc Faapgn
and many others which ofte defy cxvenisoa
OWy $1.00 per copy' :
Alp avsilabe by the ame ehor "AARTHRI-
TIS & MEDICINW'. $1.o per copy.
TMI~~ I"rl~ejs~~~np~jB~l~~


V. E. White.
General Manager

27At0u, 197 3


QONVENTION, .-ne,. 197.( on Dear Editor,..
NstW CObTITTENCES t seeming the in- Errol Bar;ot-'f Barbados' reference
terest..of the Labour Party to create ten to politicians of the LDOGs as "politi-
aew, constituencies, wheii ihfaact,- the cal bandits" is- he saying of the cen-
problem is not the inadequate 'number of tury. Right h're in Dominica, through
representatives in Parliiament" but the the power-seekihg of our bandits,
poor quality of representation in the Dominica is dying an economic death,
House of Assembly. When we have a. Parl- from which it will take a number of
iamentary Secretary who cannod"even reply years to recover.
to his correspondence, much less under- While the hospital lacks Phensic,
ataxnd the issues discussed in the- House bandages are being washed, hung on wire
of Assembly, what a farce-.tlat isl T.ragica fences or on"sheep-ind-cow-inftsted
VINDICTIVE LABOUR grounds to be'dried; no sheets, no
IAnd when 6"yboung quali- nothing ini 'he P~I. Hospital, an incom-
fled Dominican returns to his homeland pleta maternity"'ard, collecting wood-
to t-ach less fortunate brothers and sis- ants for the last-six-months, the-old
ters it seems in the interest"" of power- Infirmary crumbling on the inmates who"
hungry Labour dictators to mike sustained have to live 6n I dollar a. week, we now
efforts to prevent that Dominican from have Our 'om puppet bandits playing
teaching in Dominica. Aiia' this is. appar- dominoes, football; basketball and
ently all done in the interest of eduwoc drinking away bes-;k at. taxpayer' .
tion in Dominica. expense. I suppose like Challde-say"s:
ROTTEN S.YSTEM I could goon and on cata- "They owe 'ilton $2000 dollo s for beer",
loguing the short-comings' ofb the'Labour these others may- owe one pf the shops
regime of there past 13 yeaods. The. comp- of their choice more than $2000 for
lote picture is one of a system-characta beer. For everyone knows, the Breasury
ized by Patronage, Afrognce,'Greed, is dry, DRY, D R Y. ..
Contradictions and Mismhnagoimnht; Wast- erg; oia Patra.
age .of Resourceas, Warped priorities, .....
Madness i We se ,a. government who have Dear Madame--
only one. thought at the back'of' their Cot in Staes
minds- What tricks;.to pull bff ,so as I have been notiin in e last' few
to remain in power. and "daW ft salary- weeks the variations in Courtesy and
Service that one receives at the various
We see *- country crying for examplary a
Ie dee a- cuntrycryin fr ey branches of big local firm .Instead
W pRE1hOM PARTY IAS RESPON ED of the very popular Saying "sign, sign",
SIn the I think that advertisement should be
face of this serious state of. affairs in.. signed off", The"Boutique Rouge is
our otherwise lovely island, I might ask: the most discourteouc, of all the branch-
"What have most Dominicans beeh doing?" es, with Firebird a.good second., I have
There are some Dominicans (including nothing to say abbut Fancy Store, ex-
freedbm Party officials and other mem- cept that it should be renamed Friendly
hers) who have ,been making their confri- Store. .. CONSRI-
butions' trying to'educate the people CONSU.. s "caw
and bringing the issues'before-them I Dear Editor,. -
,he Opposition party has offered leg-is- puplemontary CoAfusion
nation and amendments. (in the otiuse) My child went to sit the Scholarship
which, could have helped Etocorrect some exam and- just-annb et a. space in any
h cth defects of the "syste These of the High Sc hools in Dominica. After
of t deecf the ssutbe'. These land the
effortsmin the House. havebeen frtiitless, all the cliildf iled one subject nnd tho
-since :it is not the ntUthtio of the Would you spindly eplain what supplies
Labour Government to give the' Opposition would you kindlnt plain what f up-
credit for its;valuable suggedtibns,. elementary for me please? I. know if you
,,here are many of us who"think'that the are at a School.and you fail one subject
Freedom Party has not always done enough, you are promootd to another class and if
but we hope that this can be corrected you fail one sub'ct in he Scholarmeny ship
n.. exam they said,.:its supplementary and
in the near future. there's noP l1-ce for you at any High
sc~E"oo eve- when w pets"t an-lzCl~Ee~' nv fetught so ha- 'for' them to go to *
high school and they cannot go; When you go to the masters they say that's what
the Government told themnto do. When you 9o to the Governmrnt they are saying its
not they it s the mas 6oT,.. 4Out of 1000 and odd went for the exam and only 285
paaseB? and yet still there bto plare for supplementary I GRIEVANT MD~IER,,Roscau.

riday-, August 35, 197





yadirF 11apyd 3 1973

Black peop1~ white '3peple,"i brown pe lPe ~Ade AmaLXik, the celebrated
yel.ll $eapl rea'pesole R.ssian author who was imprison-
Nice people, ugly pepl, old-'pople, ed thr'e-years ago for "slh.dor-
youn pgopla, ailepeo 1 ple I nGt: Soviet state" in his
SAll are-People.. w.ritihgs, ia: again in the newts.
eo has been released a.tthe ed
Tbh gentle, tIh~. rude', th6hoihHsi the. dishonest; of' his"forced labour sentoice--
The affluein, the poor,'the'needy, the beggar, andMthen immediately re-arrested
A. 1 ax' .People apparently on an identical
The learned, the unlearn6d, the'aane, the insane d iso,. Andrei Sakharov, the
The moral, the iimmoirl-the lean, the dirty,s.* eLinent nuclear physicist and.
4ll are.-eople.. inveterate protestor, has dos-
cribed the affair as"an intol-
Those who lead or mislead, 'being led'or misled;' erable attempt against intell-
The. waywad, the miiuided't the true, the false, ectual freedom" and "a crying
4Al. are People, injustice,-. Those of us who'
sh-e -are still free to write ihat we
People must share n ths.
1iLe will concur in this,
in the pragyers,
in the uli nt, '.Adrew ioalrik went on hiun-
in the. progress or strke ti in protest against
in the sympathy,o he new three-year Labour Camp
in the sufferinLg, sentence and against Soviet
in the h-el ref lsal to allow his wife to
of the People., atttnd his recent trial, inform
by the eople, d sources said. The author,
byor the People, wlho 'is 35, was tried in Siberica
........ or the Peoplaw
on charges of defaming the' State.
People are People,." I i. Aailrik, a historians,
GOD the. easter--Cr made PEOPLE.. Survive"until 198l4?l"-which pro-
'didted war with China. It, was
______ ub____shed in uassic-SPR.,
SA. Word" of Praise about CRISPIN SOiPMoAINDO rom CSA- Newsletter
Cispin Sorhaindo of.tered the public service' in 1950.- His meteoric. rse to
the eminent position which eli has just vacated was not achieved through simple
luck or fortunate connections, but through dedication 'to hard work and a conscious
effort to improve everything around him, including himself. 'His seemingly
inexhaustible atore of energy enabled him to produce an astounding amount of
work, and his meticulous efficiency could be relied upon always to produce the
As a public servant it is difficult to find' his equal in dedication, dignity
and conscientiousness ... Wtoknow he is well respected in boti own small community,
we know also that he'is esh 4 more renowned'in the io'ider area of the Caribbean
community, In fact wherever'he ~it wvarked, at home and hbrobd, his. simplicity
and calm officionoy have gainod for him nothing but praise and. well-deserved
L. country does"not lose' by sending its great sohs"abroad. Rather a. country"
gain: in stature with the greatness, of its. ambassadors'* T'hus Crispin's.
departure for the wider field of Caribbean finance does not constitute a loss for
himself, but for Dominica as well.
We'wish hii wovll : ..... .....
NOW WE. KNOW why Antigua avoided a State of Emergency The Carnimal, of couan ,
Hundreds of visitors arrived in.that island for thl fete, and local, enter-
tainers, masqueraders &fd musicians, are engaged in wotk of revelry.
During the week, there is a pageant of Caribbean beauties for the Miss
Caribbean Qu.een title.*
Meanwhile, several .Civil"Srvants have been sacked4. Protests are mounting.
Travelling southwards, C~RifA UIM.-tl QEEr Ether' idelle is visitlih. se.v-
oral islands (with a ball at each one I ending up in Trinidad for a-presentation
from Dr. Erio Williams..

P~g6 Six TEE STAR Friday, August 3, l97-

The People's Action Theatre (former-
.ly Little Theatre) seems to thrive on
controversy. Last year's staging of
its fantastically successful (nine per-
.formances in Roseau) SPEAK BROiRER
SPEAK aealt essentially with the men-
...tal revolution going on in the young.
It, was presented in the midst of-the
ST. crisis; P.A,T,'s current 'DEAi ON
OTiUCEY MOUNTAIN deals again with What
may be termed revolutionary ideas,the
fight against the status l-ao, the remo-
val of (perhaps resurrection from?)col-
oniastic. mentalities and practices,
while those in 'power' do their un-
thinking best to resist change and lib.
rated thinking with the help-of the
Police and 'states of emergency'. The
production may be controversial, yes,
but it is also.great by all other
Quite frankly, the Play belongs to
Daniel Caudeiron (Derck Walcott excep-
ted, of coursed) Daniel is nothing
less than outstanding in his portrayal
of CORPORAL LESTRADE (evie that name
seems to have double. meaniings in Dom-
inica ..,) who is seemingly the link
of a play which by the Author's own
admission is essentially illogicalyot
trt yet laughable,yet ironical, yet
derivative, yet dream. yet ,o. He is
a well-cast link. Diniel's' acting and
voice-control not only outshines all
thLc thersbut he has ,the. personality
and versatility,'of character" to get
the. many diverse refero6icez'and con-
notation of the play across'. His of the finest -I hav
seen anywhere.
Not that the PlAy's other perform-
ers are .disappointing," In fht' almost
all were good, which is quit.i, an im-
provement on other local dramatic per-
formances to date where.there are al-
ways two ,or three main c.haractEers
whose acting simply doesn't maka the
grade.; ..Darnel Shillingfordias s-ur-
prisingly good in his portrayal.of the
slightly. (?) mad AIK.I" Srprisingly,
because Darnel always plays the easy-
going. humorous' West' Indian' o' well
that one somehow never imagines him in_
any other role. Indeed, I think I
asill 'would have preferred to seo' him.
as MOUSTIQUE, the more'typical Darnel
character. This. was actually played
by Roger Atherly who although initially
tending to over-acting, soon fell into
his.normal impressive pace. Another
excellent performance came from Raymond
i.awrence as a rather shadowy doomsdayy"
figure.i Raymond is a superb character
actor,, and again I would-have liked to
seen his interpret tionr of on .1),
%concluded on p.alo)

EN CAA WI by Chef
Now ihat we have a whole extra
12,-days in which. te,..enjoy.the peace
and. quiet of a' Stdte..of Emergency,it
may interest some readers' to utilize
some',of that new-found tranquility in
the coIcoction of new dishes in honour
of the events taking place here. If
you can supply an ingenious recipe to
go with these titles, send it in to
the STAR before next Wednesday, in
the spirit of true gourmet friendliness
and humour
WHAT ABOUT: Innuendo Stew (who can
Rumour Pie (the birds began to st1.)
Permanent Secretary Punch (heady
stuff, allow for hangovers)
Oeufs Establishment (hard to swal-
low).. or
Red Herring Sanscoche (what an
Curfew Curry. aroma.)
Meanwhile, why not try this at once?
Ingredients: 306 Eric's rough cake
Ipt, (2 cups) soft custard or
vanilla pudding
4 tbsp. Bagatelle rum, 4 Tbsp.water.
2 cups fresh fraises, crushed With
a quarter cup of sugar, or
S4 tablespoons guava jelly or other
jam.or jelly.
SLICE rough cake 1/4" thick and spr-in-
kle with rum and water. If using jelly
or jam, spread some on slices of cake.
In serving bowl, make layers of cake,
fruit and custard until all ingrediLnts
are used. Decorate with whole fraises
or drizzle .with melted jam or jelly.
Chill about three hours before serving.
THE CARTOON on Page one refers to our
national condition,. It was inspired
A Government-backed "Cercle Univ-
ersit, Frbacaise" has been accepted
.by the Paris. HQ of.the Alliance Fran-
'-aise as the Dominican Branch of the
-Alliance, Dr. E. MUller has been nom-
inated by the Paris AdminCouncil
a their representative. Officers are
Mr. Arlington Riviere of Govt. News-
broadcasts and patois newd fame, Mr.
Barnet Defoe (radio Dominica -Treas.)
an d Mrs. Lucienne Francis, Secretary,
The A.FP is non-politicalnon-partisan
and non-religious, and this local
branch hopes to offer regular meetings
for French. study,French films,cultural
French lectures,Courses for 'special
agencies, exchange pr6motion, Freach
elocution,French play group children),
Hon Member: $20; Active Mfm.$5; group
Membership $20,depending on size/grou

Friday,. August 3:: 1975'-


.Pag........ Six .

Friday, August. 3, 1973 T H E. S T AR Page Seave
Fiction IMA:TII.Ni Cnthi6 att L Titine. waved he haa aifrity.
"Wat de Lates?" Genelia asked :Baby "As .fab.m a.!.- tyaa, tyaA, tyad
.Monday morning 'wid dat betise. :I feeling sorry fob
"Well, tings Lookin cool, even if dose hotel., .Nobody comn to de islgua
i s.ontop sacrface ~" Baby replied. Is at de airport to see @dat. Only
"Baby, -wat yoi EaVin bout dat obeah Domeeneetan dit codmin home an a few
bias? offeeshals' from overseas; one or
"Hmmrphi I.heph. one of de poleece two odders maybe. I -was at dee Library
dat de go an raid de, place, well, de odder day an~.irt Young jus like
he. dee already uie. one. of.. ose; book a graveyard,
from der sane. place, an he tell his "Pore Domaeneeka," Genelia sighed,
fren an wi so well for heem! ". more an more prite going higher,
It look like doh de~; good luck, las Fancy, difity rice 25.' a pong "
canled six mont or so., be.cos'd eni' ".An kerosene still scarce,u Sai
begin to say de, 'book nat wakkin for Ma Titine. "Plenty of (ose sho, no
hemenis it use o do, an he be leeve even selling yoi a bottle... is' 7y 6
dat Freedom people 'ahaps get it an cents dey selling "
wukkin on heem", . "You know what again," (and Ge4el-.
Genelia's mouth opene-d agape.with ia poured out yet another drink)"it
astonishment. have two or tree shop dat tellin yoU .
"Wa-Wae~at you sayingn ere Baby? dey not de half-pong. Some.
You theenk @at is true? You believe time a pore .person cannot afford more,
soch foolishness?" an dey eider have to beg, borrow or
Baby shrugged her shoulders, steal."
"Nowadays you dioan know be- "No .joke." Baby was in agreement.
leeve,...everyting opside dong." "Sometimes I wondahreen how pore
But there was- more news-Ilater Opn people livin in dese'time."
when they paid their usual visit to "Well," Ma Titine'stipulated, "I
Ma Titine* steel have. ch6-choux, dashees., ch&- '
"I heah, something lass night," Ma dasheen an ceewik. '.
Titine regaled'.them. "I he de. -
P---t, .iknow who 1 mean? well I. heah PLAYBOY PROPAGANDISTS
he hidingg iai dee. country an he say-it 'A constant reader writes:-
have. a book in Domeeneeka dcat strong- "Madaam yoS *ere no doubt out of
ah daah hiss, so da:t is why dey Rseau last weekend .and did not see
puhson.,hoine," and ear those two HI tab Minis-
Genej.,i plonked her glass on the ade hose twMini
Genalia plonked her glass on the ters Patrick John and *Arold Active,
table tg well knoWn for'sports and hight-life.
"Well sal you, .lheahin -ings. : activity, .going around our capital
Puss ish de bpoleece*elulahdat say de broadcasting the.arrival"next week"
book he dee b,.ro-i IP. ro .of Chalkie,. the very calypsonian
him.."' whose songs have been under an. ec-
Ma T n pLa ..inedi.'
a .., eh; wi..;, how..heah lipse recently, and this has been
I,,. . to well ho heah mentioned in Bouzaille-la .I wish.
lt i: .... .. beeol,:he e poleece to know why. Ministers, should. act as
know o,,at book, o when deP----t,- publicity agents in, and .
you know who,- say bout a strong what, sort of a dea- has been made
book,' naecherz ly, is dere dey go~an.... with Chalkie,. Is.-this a dignified"
look'for it. way'for Ministers to behave during a
After a long silence, bro1 n only State of Emergency. Kindly help me
by the soft to of the radio, to get answers to these questions,
Gene ou know people bri and quote for the benefit of inquis-
Allyou know people ringing itive friends of mine the regulation
ting in politics...even in church. iabut broadcasting min ng this o-
Lass Sunday I heaha. woman a in, about -broadcasting. during this. so-
Las Sunday I heah. a woman saying in, called crisis of which we have heard."
de pew behine me, lemne: go an seat a
somewhere else you heah, dat pew full. EDITOR's reply: You have asked four
of Freedomites!" .' estions. I can only answer one at
Baby wiped her face-.. present. ',.. .
"One ting I know," 'she said, "every- AMENDMEIT.T of zeulatfi.n, 9..,Emergeency oi-errsi
ting bong to have an C&nd All dat. Regulations 1973: (2) .I. person sh~ll,
foolishness. bong to stop one. day!" in any or in any vehicle
(concluded Dn page 10)

-. ; ,


Schedualof Application for Certficare of Title and Notlep
thereon and Caveatsfor wtekendlng :Is: day of July 1973.
Oste Kequesttd Per"on Presenting Nature of request
o whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.
I - i = ii i 1

Sd tUias Magloire Requet for the ih
1 93rF73 as personal of a Firt Certificia
?resested 19th Treenttiv of Tite in respect of
July1973 of Adarme a portion of land at
.%at 2.30 pm PariBo de. Guillette put of D*ga
ceased by her son Estate, in the Pa-
S' olicitr rish of St. John con.
Vanya Dpiny taking 5.25 cres and
bounded as follows:-
Nori Reavia go the b4d, South Public oad and and ao,
alkira Victor Wat lmad of Chrstlana jno. Baptisat & Le
ta;o Pil, East Lad of Maraan Tousaint and Otbher
Schedule of Applicatson for Certificate of Title and Nothing
thereon snd vetsas for week ending 20t day of July t7l.
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
Sof Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.
Request dated Juatin Jae. Applicaioa f Juts
24. 4. 73 by his Solicitl Jaae for th isue
Presented M.L ELa i f a First Crtificate
24. 7. 73. Chars .of Trite in res ct
at 10.55'a portion of land
.th.e illias of St. Jo.
ph formally part of
I and of Leester
Charlu in the village
of St. Joseph contain.
ha 812 square feet
and bounded as fomwa
North Wett by lands 4f Anne Clatin & Loucille Tedn
South West By lands of Monair Lynch South East By
lands of Leetmr Chrles and Aford Flagil North East By
s access road which eparates from lNIds of Staley David
,ind Anne CoIlitti. .
I Not-'

SSchedule nf Application for Certiicate oTit and tlnI
thereon and Caveats for week ending 4th day of AuLut T19

Date Requested Person Presenting

quest dated
18th day of
April, 1973
Presented 30th
July 1973
vt 2.40 p.m


'Cecil Royer
by his Solicitor

! I

SNature of request f
whether a Certificate

or t title of Noting
thereon or Cavrat
Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of'
a portion of land
known as lot 7 part
of La Paille Estate in
the Parish of St. An.
drew, in the State of
Dominica containing
1634 square feet and
bounded as follows:.

Lot 6. land of Alphonso Seaman
La Paille Estate
land reserved for Road over La Pallle Estate,
La Palle Estate


All members of the Dominica Em-
ployers' Federation and the General
public are asked to note that the offices
of the Dominica Employers' Federation
" have been transferred ti 9 Great Mal-
borough Street. upstairs the Dominica.
Cooperative Bank. .,-

A Vacancy exists for a
Dominica Coconut Produces Ltd., require a fe-
male Cashier with "0" Level in Mathematics
and Englih Language Previous experience an
asset Salary commensurate with ability, quali-
ficadons and experience. Excellent opportunity
for advancement.
Apply in writing to -
The General Manager,
i Dominica Coconut Products Ltd.,
P. a Box 18. aW


Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Ntlngs
thereon and Caveats for week ending 4th day of August 1973.,
Date Requested Person Preseiitngi Nature or request
Whether a Certficate
of Title df Noting
thereon or Caveat,
Request dated Alph on Request for the isue
18 th day of Seaman of a First Certificate
April, 1973 by his Solicitor. of Title in respect of
Presented 30th Va'ya a portion of land
July 1973 Dupigny known as lot 6 part
at 3.00 p.m of La Paille Estate in
the Parish of St. An-
S drew. in the State of
Dominica containing
: 2380 square feet and
S bounded as follows:-
North Lot 4 land of Janntte Aexander
South Lot 7. land of Cecfl Roynr
Eat land reserved for Road' ver L Patlle Estate,
Wet La Pallie E sta
Request dated lSteM 'equoet for me iI
18th day of Aleozalar of a First Certificate
April, 1973' by his Soliitw ef Title in respect of
Presented 30th Va iya a portion of land
July 1973 m known as lot 5 part
at 3.25 pva of La Paille Estate in
the Parish of St. An.
drew, in the State of
Dowarnica co tai -
< 2982 square feet

NHoth Lee 2 lad of jatie Al etider,
Seut La Paille Estate
Em La Poille EsCe
Wes ltd served for Road over La Pal.e E&sR.
.* -"

Registrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominica,

Acting Registrar of Titles

_______________________ .1

ewL'.A* wb deores w0 s*o.Ma to he 1Iaa Of 4 Fr C1100eiftle '- ofWI el
Caewdi a. the*m-M A* she wn &mso shia dae e thae oau --I of htshejdvlio in dwea
puWld to do sur aunrM. the a4e wt soa WIs prkftc h *ro wsairve i anny ow L w or octiupsr% d
Jiad 1t p11 ras of w11ic ud0at1an a.

1 =----- i

L ~- i.

-- ----------

- "

- - ------; ----- -.--;- ----- ---


i-riday Aunust 3 1973

Pa e FAAt

F 9112

Friday, August 3, 1973 THE Z T A R Page ine
(acnt. from p 2.) THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORX. ,... JOHN SPECtI R
A holiday was enjoyed by all, except the essential services, the
SSermanent Seqretaries and the strike-breakers at Radio Dominicca (who haA
to get the services of a British electronics enineeer working on the Police
Communications; network-to work the transmitters): one should perhaps add
to the list --Premier Leblanc, who stated over the radio "this is: like
the Gestapo, qnd people no more have any freedom".
On Thursday 21st June a special general meeting of the C.S.A. decided
to return to work the next day, having" exhausted all reasonable approach-
es to management", so that negotiations between Management and Association
could be resumed: a team of officials appointed by government were to meet
the C.S.A. members. These negotiations were brought to an abrupt end by
an- anouncomewit .1te team that they were not authorized to negotiate.
The strikers returned to their desks to receive letters from their depart-
mental heads telling them that their salaries.would be cut (unless a
reasonable explanation of their absiene was forthcoming).
Earlier, 'notices-had been served on'the three officers of the C.S.A.
The President (Chief Forestry Officer, Christopher Maximea), the
General Secretary Charles Savarin, and the Accountant General Osborne
Symes putting them under virtual house arrest. The General Strike had,
in the meantime, been called off. The three officers of the C.S.A. challenged the
constitutionality of the Order' in the Supreme Court. The Defence Force was stood
down.. Dominicans remained' calm
T he following week' Mr."Justice Renwick heard the case for the government, and
the three applicants cases were put during the week ending July 13th. On the fol.
lowing Tuesday the learned Judge delivered his verdict the Emergency Order was
constitutional, the house arrest and censorship were unconstitutional. The ban *
on public meeting; due to expire on June 30th was re-imposed" until July 17th. The
three civil servants under house arrest returned to their desks, got tremendous
welcomes from thqir colleagues and shortly afterwards were presented with letters
by policemen telling them-that the "house arrest" had been re-imposed I Also re-
imposed was the censorship. ..
'On July 12th the Ilouse of Assembly met, and Premier Leblano suddenly declared
an extension of the State of Emergency until August 15th. The next day Minister
of Finance and Development Ronald' Armour resigned his ministerial post (which also
included the job of Deputy Premier).
So, dear readers, why was a State of Emergency declared and then.further ex-
tended? Why was all the" fuss made? Why did Leblanc take it upon himself to trans-
fer one single individual" in the civil service? He now says "I wash my hands of
it; it is a matter for the 'Public Service Commission" -- what have they done to
improve the situation? Tothiig I Why?
There would be one good reason why there is an emergency. The fact that the
Treasury is empty. The cupboard is bare. All the Revenue has been swallowed up,
and it is only halfway through the year. I understand that the commercial banks
were nota.position to lend the Government money to pay the civil servants for
June on its:; own recognizance"- they had to get further guarantee for the overdraftl
That could be one good'reason.
Another good reason is that a by-election is due ext. month in the north-oast-
ern district (and a local government by-election in. Roseau). Public meetings are,
of course banned --but reports have it that meetings by other parties than the "
official opposition (The Freedom Party) are being held. A.General Election is not
to be ruled out either, especially since the ruling party's newspaper has announced
this week that government is increasing minimum wages for-daily paid workers (by
law) "effective Ioveboer Ist, 1973". A. snap election before Christmas ??
It appears, then, that anything goes. Kill the economy. Victimize the civil.
servants. Lie like hello Saddle private business with wages that are uneconomic,
Create more unemployment" DBlame the "Capitalist bosses" for the unemployment.
Blame the Banks for allowinL them overdrafts. Bring the whole country down around
their heads in such a colossal catastrophe that they hope no-one will notice who
made the mess in the first place. Then use your force"and violence to saddle the
poor little island with a dictatorship. Is that what we want.?
______ ooQOo,

_ __

Page Ten ---- T H.E S T A R Friday, August 3rd,, 1973
.S*T*A RS *P0 *R*T *S' 'Mrchriston "PLAYBOY ?PAc T f
Cricket. A WIN AT LAST. 'After, 4 frus- Amendment contd: "or in any vehicle
Rating years of draws, dIefeats and dis- make use of a loud speaker except with
appointments, the West Indies finally the prior permission of the Commissioner
won test match I of Police who in granting or withholding
In the first of the 3 testmatch series such permission shall have regard to the
against'England, W.I. achieved a convin- requirements of public order.' Presumably
cing 158 run win. -Batting first W.dies the Commissioner agreed, and we understand
reached a: formidable 415 before they that the 'deal' i'as promoted by a Lo'dge.
were all. out after luncheon the 2nd day. As for dignity, bur correspondent has
C.LloydTwho owes the W.I quite a few great expectations. Editor.
runs made 132 supported'by in form
Kallicharan 80 and a hard hitting 72 by THE PEOPLE'S ACT-IO TEI 1ARE (f'ron0.T
hero of.that test Keith Boyce".- Bowling But a completely satisfying production
for Englana., Arnold 5/113, Grieg 2/81 & dependS on more than good acting.A good
Underwood 2/68. s script, good direction and stage getting
England in their turn at the crease are equally important. "Dream on Monkey
could only manage 257, thanks to 97 from Mountain had all throe. Derek Walcott is
Boycott. ,--r West Indies, Boyce 5/77, unquestionably one of the best playwrights
Sobers (on this his return) 3/27 and in the Caribbean and his .work has tre--
Julien in his. debut match 2/49;' With mendous food for thoughtWith its subtle
158 runs on, W.Io scored 255' ih their and not-so-subtle comments on W.I.society.
2nd inning Ka-jlicharan 80 a-a' Sobers Add this to the capability of director
51. R.Hesa.dl2 (p.aying-his first'test Alwin Bully and you can understand why
match) 42. Snow /62, Arhold' 3/49, the play has been successful. I am al-
Illingworth 3/50 and Underwobd 1/51. ways impressed with "the little things"
Needing 414 runs for victory, England which mJake a per-formance more profession-
found themselves in trouble by the end al than aoateurs appropriate music before
df the fwrth day at 126/5 with Gibba and the show, ;god lightingm special touches
Ali doing the damage. On the final day, to stage setting and props.
Boyce continued the damage after a fine An attractively printed souvenir pro-
93 run partnership.-betweeh Illin-gworth gramme is another impressive. ".little thing".
40 and Frank Hayes: his debut 106 n.o. It is becoming part of the PlAsT ota'-
England were all out for' 255. For West dard but certainly much praise must also
Idies Boyce 6/77, Gibbs 3/6-T and Ali 1/.be given to the printers, Hilton Services
***In the trial match between t'he Lee- Ltd. I was personally satisfied to see
ward and Windward for the Combined Shell that Barclays Bank covered the cost.Seems
series team late in 1973, Windwards for that Dominica Comcrce is beginning to
a. change 'waon the match by 5 wickets play its rcle in cultural development.-
after an--undefeated start of 151lbetween P. A. B.
Findlay 66 n.o. & Phillip 78 n.o"Final YOUTH OFFICER LPS NATIORLL YOUTH COUNCIL
scores Leewards 209& 195 and Windwards Mr. Eddie Royer, who.was recently ap-
187 & 219/5. pointed Youth Officer attached to the
Oh Friday 3rd Aug. the B 'It Youth Govt. Youth Division will be primarily
Tournament starts in St.Lucia.. The Com- involved in implementing a Youth Dovel-
bined Is. Youth aJbe defending champions opment programme. One of his first major
and are favourites to twin. duties was organizing the 2nd annual
EOOTBAL. Last Saturday, 'defending Youth Coyventio at'o tle "Bruco l a-~ab
champions Harlem Rovers easily defeated Butw.-lo lol^e ou -lans o -ov."J ..
Balcyons by 5 goals to 'one. 'No one VICTIMIZATION: Symes and Maxit~ea
doubted Harlem's chances, but poor goal- The items 'retiring' the two Civil
keeping by Hal-yons: custodian. made it Servants vwere not'orcu3ateCd before the
so much easier. For'Rovers, HI.J'ackson, meeting, we understand.; and when Mr.
H.Emanuel, B.Peters, W.Dontfraid and Joseph requested postponement, this
Benoit scored; and J.C.Lawrence for was refused. oHnce the walk-out.
Halcyons. On Sunday'Kensborbugh United There are throe I.L.O. advisers to
surprised thermelves,. Spartans 'and the Government in this State. .What aro these
public' when they defeated Spartans 1-nil men thinkining and doing about such treat-
aftor scoring midway in the 1st half mont of 'rganiaod workers (trade union
through R.Murphy. Celtics U. and Gutter representatives)- treatment which defin-
Crowns annoyed the crond 'with the poor itely contravenes human rights and the
brand of football displayed. The game I.L.O. charter? I pose the question as
ended in a one-all draw. (2nd.DIV. news a 3-times Federal delegate to ILO Genova.
J I-k). sr'Yrv nn space now. ITOTz.
Printed & Published by the Proprietor, Robert E.Allfrey of Copt HallMill
House,Dominica, at 26 ath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies. ********..

k~W~t4V Aauma 3 ThE TA




and PLENTY to our LAND.



il -~ . I

A vote for DURBAN is
a vote for our future


- a farmer
of the month

One of your own to
represent YOU.



Ever Loving Memory
Of my beloved mother Ann Edwards
who departed this life on August 7th,
God be with you till we meet against
Daughter- May Chrisian.

The trading of Cash Bills for Gifts
Swill take place on Tuesdays and Thurs-
days o2lU

I hae wsatehd ftis fanot iaand secedingg incontimintly,
fes.y, the asEisBy wh kh lead to a drk gulf. It is a fin
bad s arway at it begiwtni, but after a bit dth carpet ends. A
-ttle fk~art on -tR . on*** *m and a fitte further on
*-R*,. .: w -.* ,+ t ********* r


Take Care Of Your
children's Teeth
NODDY (Fruit Flavoured) and
SOOTY (Orange Flavoured) are spe-
ciaily formulated to clean and prote:_-
2 young teeth. They contain no abrasives
t 70o per tube
DEAR BEADOWI: I thd tis Is wsrt mtaig:
"Every gua that is made. every warship bmwanrt
every rocket flred sigaifes la the flm as e, a theft fem
those whe haBmger ad rwe a"t fed. tbje who sre eold anl
are met elthed. Thi --..: ." 'r., i st apemaig s ey
a ue: i; e sweat of iu la ners. the ge~in at
.muats, the bapes f it chdre. .... TMis m t a
way of We at I a in ay true sese. Under the clad f wa.r
It is hamasaty hangig M* a rws of r he."
Do you knew wh said that? .,-wmt Garge IMcfexfs,
It was Dwight D. Eieseaner, Apt M, 1rA, bdo the
Americas Sclety of Newspaper E9deri. Aat rs as taw
new it was taies.


itour AnFtiamw" a 19,73


Supplement ii T H E S T A R, Friday, August 3, 1973
a a People can hardly be blamed for
Assuming that 590 had a eel~y II thinking of both .the Town Council and
PARADE feature, I am almost certain that thinking of both the Town Council and
SDam Africa Dd north Eastern by-elections as rigged
"Me and You", Dreams of Afr"ca"'Dady's under the umbrella of a State of Em-
3me'i "Give me Peace',. "On Marque","My
Love"$ "One Gone One More to Go,"How ergency. Announcements if any have
you could ??? So"n"Sounl Ilalosa" and only been made by radio, which hund-
"Walk like a Woman" would fill the 1-10 reds do not listen to; enumeration
spots. According to audience-appreciat- has beenl casual or non-existent.Did
ion, mark you... Manager VIC RIVIERE is the 18s-21s in Roseau get an informed
surely sore over the fabricated kind of chance to register? In the N.East,
propaganda spread by "BE WITH IT" col- August 16th is declared nominationday.
umnist. Meanwhile, front a reliable sure Sept.3rd is polling (election) day.
I learn that BELLES GOdf&Ti-ave TO immed- and on the FIFTH Sept. the votes will
iate .plas for a Faandetour.. nt can't be counted, not at the populous centre
cope with wh- punkie and Idownright Marigot, but at C A L I B I S H I. EF
degrading" standard of newscast as was DOES OUR ODEPR EDUCAVUL A'IO L~I =L 7
the case on July 31 Can't #authority' hengI tre a a bomin r memir e
hnac only ur t ee main nurcnes n ie
do something to justify their reason for island, and our parents were all adopted
"kicking out Papa Dee" and "pushing aside in these Churches. They were happy. .ob-
Uncle Alvin" (not by replacing those edient law-abiding and God-fearing.I' o
strangers-to-the English language bombs some oS our children after leaving scec
ondary school "et more foolishlre ectihn
that were there during 590s normal staff God hose ver; Churches and their par-
God, thos e vavc Churches and their par-
recessi No... No.... Io..I) The stage is ents advice. They get restless, rude and
set for K-HYDES Rock Festival at King's wicked. This mass education was only
Hill. I understand that FUNNY,CHALKIE made possible by the reduction of fees
an' resl may make contribution to Kings and by banana money.
:sill Youth Groups fund-raising efforts. Nowadays we have about a dozen more
I Council's intention to discuss ways churches. in the State preaching the same
SCouncil's intention o discuss ways bible bu' it rseoem to mo that the.
and means by which young Dominicans are preacher. are oftee t moe interested in
preachers are often more interested in
DIRECTLY AFFECTED by (a) Radio Dominica's making their belly or society their God.
shortage of a programme fot youth-expres-Can anyone enlighten me? HUGH IAPJEENCE
sed opinion (b)the illegal, unconstitu- DU-G .- hav
tional and non-democratic approach by opy letter -pferrin'Lj to an rtic e nub-
Govt. in the North-Eastern by-election ished in anoUher newspaper. The corrs-
(to fill vacant Les.Co. seat caused by onden is fatefull for information ono
us I their poffects, but points out
Teach-Stevens resignation) reached Govts that alcohol and bad driving are just as
ears too early. Prompt action by the harmful: "For exeaple sometime ago a
Police, drawing NYG President's atten- young ma Irom unossacre waste play ndd riot
,o. aCon o and unfortunately ended up
tion to Reg. 9(1,): SfO ITo. 23 of 1/3 at MPI a result of careless driving...
SUPPRESSED ALL .;lans... (see p.'10) a. o
Mighty IARK, now under a one-man-show RAP (contd.) ,ther but good-look-
with CLUB CARIBEE, has recently been re- I little RIDY AKW, A Nnwomer...
cording BUFFET SCITIDAL. in Trinidad.... The OiM0 DS a~e America's indisputable
Pappa DEE's PROFILE SERIES is another leading moneymakers nowadays... I'm
indication of the (deceased mother) Cis- sure you've heard it man that it
sie Caudoiron's hereditary influence.. is supposed to be the Premier of Gren-
Nothing is going to prevent WIZARD from ada who, in a telephone conversation,
singing "RISE & FALL OF COIPERE T3aRE" disclosed: "how can you allow this
come August-end when Belles, Lark,Robin, Pappa Dee fella make such anti-insin-
Toklyo,Spencer with Chris Seraphine clash uations over YOUR radio' Man, that
at ARAWAK and ARBEEDEE before leaving cannot happen over Radio G'da. Listen
for Sept.-Oct. CARIFTA-memb6r-countries' and you'll find out!" Ain't that
tour... As a matter of fact, you may have real BANDIT? Who knovs how they stand
lyrica to Wizard's song on request(from with their Pundit-backers!
ELEM, c/o S. T A R)...* Why didn't G.P.U. Is US say so, Bar is Ui Feel Free
let STARR F. "do Ihs do" on "BACK TO till nex' SEVEN-NIGHT! U
AFRICA" ? That's the question 'C ERYM ATC.. --. ...
Starr Francois fan is asking... Jackson This has Peen goiC'ng wel u to Fri
5 (or 6?) OsmondWyilliam Bros and een ag wel p to ri
NOW it's JAMES BOYS. (look out for "OVER being preent;IDI
and OVER" Michael's popularity at stake AMI of Uganda wouldlit attend be-
he "uisace o a-iiltrator" causa e emanddla rgal *- arom
The "Nuisance of anU-infiltrator" is non Her MaJesY .plomac a.

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