Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Id .-7. T4.

~:jwQ4 Ti
,;^4v 2.Qt^. 2610
\ 4A % l /O 4 / -phSae:L
AI ^) /OO .4 /td.
q** --fG '

Asst. Editor; LENN

It is good to know that you have not
been put under house' arrest so far under the
state of eme~ etcy. I cin only wish you luck
because I see that 'their emergency' has 'been
extended till August.
You know, we in Trinidad think of your
'state of emergency' with mixed feelings of hu-
mor and disgust; having passed through two
states of emergencies, those of us who did not
get the worst of it see Dominica through the
eyes of a grown up man looking at boys trying
to get some fun out of hopping on and off a
fast moving vehicle.
Today in Trinidad we are still bearing
J' weight of the last two states of emergency;
we feel the weight through increased govern-
ment taxation and consequent rising cost of
living, no doubt caused by the tens, of thou-
sods of dollars the government spent on the,
mutiny trials. After they spent all that money
to bring over to our island those 'third world'
military experts to pass judgment on our sol-
diers, and find them guilty, they had to release
the convicted soldier s, then pay two of
them something like $10,0oo each; plus they
had to spend some thousands on the police.
Just a few days ago they were ordered
to pay something like $r,0ooo to a solicitor
that the police had wrongly detained during
the emergency. , P.,? ..

In the event of a Hurricane

District Hurricane Authorities
The District Hurricane Authorities for each District indicated
on the Hurricane Map are as follows:--
For District No. I. The Mayor of Roseau.

For District No. 2.

For District No. 3.

For District No. 4.

For District No, 5.

For District No. 6.

Mr. Alfred Parillon, Chairman, Western
District Council.
Mr. Joseph Alcendor Chairman,
Southern District Council.
Mr. Roumanis Bannis Chairman,
Eastern District Council.
Mr. R. E. Henry -- Chairman, North-
Eastern District Council.
Mr. Hugh Fabien--Chairman, Northern
District Council.

IFor District No. 7. Mayor of Portsmouth.
|________________ __.sosl 8cpg6_

EVirttor: PHY
jl Editor: PHYLLU

VoL XVl No ,
"3 9l l l .

~p.l--- -- ---- ---- --

~-9 --11


-- __2 .... .. . I

Civil disobedience
AL Why., or in what circumstances, ought
we to obey the law? Anyone seeking a
.3]Forh= dispassionate answer to this question
Ic should be able to follow Peter Singer's
5cLL Y argument In Oaimocrcy" and
SScLDobedlence (2, paper covers sop).
The common view is that disobedience
OX HONYCHURCH to the, law, while justifiable in a
dictatprahip, lsdifficut to-justify in a
democracy. The author develops a
FROM GEORGE didstlintive theory of political obligation
in an ideal democracy, and after
S discuassri various, forms of,
WASHINGTOWS disobedience, including tonsciantous
objectoh, he asks to what extent existing
FAL ADDRESS, ayatemq ofgovernment approximate to
rthi idea. Hli answer points to crucll
Respects in which western democracies
SEPT. 18, 1796. fail short of It. *. O P.
Let me now... warn you in the most solemn
manner against the baneful effect of the spirit
of party generally. This spirit, unfortunately
is inseparable from our nature, having its root
in the strongest passions of the human mind.
It exists under different shapes in all governt
ments more or less stifled controlled or re
pressed; but in those of the popular form it's
seen in its greatest rankness and is truly their
worst enemy.
The alternate domination of one faction
over another, sharpened by the spirit of re.
venge natural to party dissension, which in
different ages and countries have perpetrated
the momt horrid enormitles, i s Itlf a fright.
ful despotum. The disorders and miseries
which result, gradually incline the minds of
men to seek security and repore in the ab
solute power of an individual, and sooner or
later the chief of some prevailing faction more
able or more fortunate than his competitors
turns this disposition to the purposes of his
own elevation on the ruins of public liberty.::


- -- -- --


ae Two



19thi-July,. 1973

Governor of Dominica, Government MBuse
You Exoellency,
I wish to bring to your notice the
following facts :-
(1) Oh Thursday, July 12th, 1973 1
tried to obtain-a ticket for entry
into the House of Assembly". When
I asked fo the ticket, bone of
the six police officers around
the table ordered 'ime" t"stand by
and said: "you cannot get a. tick-
at here."
(2) I replied to him that it was pub-
lished in the Official'Gazette
that the public'was invited to
the House of Assembly,
(3) On Thursday July 19th, 1973 I
again endeavoured to obtain a
ticket of entry to the" House of
Assembly sitting.*. I received the
same curt treatment
As a. worthy citizen of the State of
Dominica, I wished to attend the meeting
of the House for reasons ably' and. clearly
stated in the Universal Decliration of
Rtaumu' ights of the Unite d'ation:- ,
"That everyone has' the right to take
part in the government of his- country ard
the right to equal access to public ser-
vice in his: country."
In the light of the foregoingtstate-
ments I wish to state that I strongly
deplore the action of the Royal Domiinica
Police Force officers in denying me the
rights and privileges of a citizen of
the State. This form of discrimiaimfA.ti.
contravenes Chapter 1, Section 13 of the
Dominica Constitution Order 1967, which
states explicitly that protection from
discrimination on the gFounds of race,
place of origin, political opinions,
colour or creed, has boee guaranteed.
My name has never appeared on police
records of this State for any misdemeanor
our or felony., I have a clean record of
loyal and dedicated service to my country
- Dominioa.' I have been a"Legislator*
In fact, you, Sir, on behalf of the State
of Dominiow. accorded me a Certificate of
Merit on the 3rd day of Hovembetr, 1967
in recognition of -- nCd"I quote --"your
services as Civil Servant, Legislator
and Trade Unionist." '
,When you became Governor,"I 'composed
a. song in your honour-. The words of
which are as. follows:-
(next col.

. ,* ... GOD

Friday July 27 1973

Father"of- all Creation
Whose' wisdom love and power
Hath made this laid rejoice
Thou bless our Governor.
Vouchsafe' today'Thy presence
With those who call on Whee,
Your gifts to him'we plead
Thou blesp our Governor.

0 spirit of"the Father
So tender in Thy love
Pray, guide him by Thy presence,
And bless our Governor. ..
This song"was not allowed to be"broad-
casted oh the 1adio Station (a: network
of WIBS)" From this very early period
the righa: 6f"thle' citizens of Dominica.
were being denied. .This final:blow to
democracy has put the seal on the free-
dom of the individual in our unhappy
A copy of this 'lt'ter is being sent
to the United Kingdom, the United Nations
and the local press.
Yours faithfully,
WEST IED;tjf1"VCfp-SS- Cyntiavia Wttt
Tahia aid Fish Pie
Required: ZlalT2isfin; white,
-e.pper & salt to taste; Ibundle chives;
-lb tomatoes; -; cup coconut milk; 2 ocs;
parsley & thyme; 2tblsps.butter; -gill
METHOD: Soak codfish for 11 hrs. Peel
anidwash tanias, cut in fairly thick
pieces and put to"the boil with the cod-
fish. Cleananndr ach the chives; wash
tomatoes aind mine or chop finely the
chives, tomatoes, parsley & thyme. Boil
tanias and codfish until soft. Crush
tanias, mince codfish and mix together
with the chives & tomato mixture and the
water in which the tanias and codfish
were boiled, (about'1 tablespoonful).
Beat eggs lightly and add with milk to
mixture* Iix thoroughly and add oil and
butter, Mix again.' Grease a deep bowl
properly and pour'i h the mixture. Bake
in a mediumI hot oven.
'(Any other'fish Or minced meat may be
used in this,:.recipe),
-'i ,* #
Coconut Cakes
Required: lT'gra te tir;t of coconut; 6 ,
eggs; cup mill; ibs white sugar; a.
little cinnamon; sufficient flour to rai:.
METHOD: Beat eggs; add milk, sugar -
cinnamon; then coconut &. flour and mix.
Drop by spoonfuls on greased baling sheet
in Rnot oven.

V 11 E S T A

----- ---

FridayI July 27; 1975 T HE
There is a respected British jila dnd
theatre critic who, admits that part of
his assessment of 'a show is determined by
his rear. If he has to fidget 'in his
seat he usually'fipds that it is at that
point that the show he is viewing is lag-
ging. Despite the hard seats at the
Goodwill Parish Hll4 however there were
very few moments when I needed'to fidget
while watching Th. People's Action
Theatre's two-hour production of'Drem, on
Monkey Mountain by Derek Walcott. I went
on the first night half expecting the
play to be banned for containing inflam-
mable political statements,' but neither
Derek Walcott's. literary views or the
P.A.T's talent were questioned a the
play continued for its three scheduled
performances with packed audiences.
It was an ambitious: venture, for plays
with dream sequences are difficult to do
convincingly even in theatres atl.e the
best facilities. 'But Alwyn Bully's ex-
pertise triumphed over the box-like stage
at the Parish Hall' and the changeA off time
anct place were clear, or should say,
"as clear as a dream can ever be"t for it
is one,of those plays thit'you only fully
understand at the very end. The simple
scenery was apt, as starkness. seemd -to
be the play. The lighting I
found a rifle disappointing but"without
Proper dimmers, swxivlling lights and
spots it was pBabaply'.the best that could
be done. I did whatever like' the use of
natural light: the: candles and fire, whlida
though dangerous, did add' the required -
touches- of mystery' to the scenes Leniiy
Georges' costumes was one of the highlights
of this-production. The religious white'
gowns and headties worn by the Sisters of
Revelation and the brightly flowing col-
ours of his African creation contributed
their own rhythm to each scene was
these costumes, alpng with 'Alwyn Bully's
direction, which added life and'rreality"
to the already praiseworthy group perform-
Of the three. individual actors, Roger'
Atherly, playing the chl-cdal-buriner
Moustique, was the audience pleaserr. His
realistic portrayal of the character could
.ot fail to amuse. The m6re pensive and
thoughtful Makak, as played'by Daniel
Shillingford, was also good, though the
full personality of the man did not fit
together as completely as I. would have
thought necessary. Daniel (Papa Deg)
Caudeirp coped ably with the complex
charact r of the mulatto Corporeil of
Police, and with all the disjointed ideas
and chips-on-the-shoulder-statements which
made the part a difficult one.
_Concludod on pa.on 10)

S "T A iR Pag. Ttb;iCi

T display. ty Breaker, Bingo, Baby
Julie ,i-tarr Francois, Jhlien and
their ftau 'fadl~ concert at ARI~A K
definitely helped to erase all possible
stilli-exsting doubtful impressions of
GPU's sovereigaty in Eastern Caribbean'
show-biz f .KING' SOLO's soul expression,
at that concert', has.also given rise to
much speculation' am to which fiold does
our reigning calypso-monarch really be-
longza.SOUL or CALYPSO'?? As the news
DOMINICA ARS 'COUNCIL seem to be in a.
dispute over the former's priority
rights to an "invitation-from USVI show-
source... Larkl, Robin, Wizard, Tokyo
and Spohcer' have 'so-far consented to an
all-September Caribbean tour with BELLES.
Solo is still awaiting his.emplo'erts,
consent to a
request ta 'met those overseas omnihit-
ments. Whei *roupo expects to go on a
fund-raising drive by staging a few '"
performances in the State near August-
ending, preferably in Roseau, Portsmouth
and the other EIGHT of the State's so-
labelled, belhihdtime towns.* .Grenada's:
GAIRY's role as instigator in the "Radio
Dominica 'issue' is being 3ehked'.off by
some fed-up oble back-sliding, back..
stabbing tennis-shoe-party's fanatics
(so, be prepared.for next week's bomb-
shell account ~f)..It can be said,quite
justifyihgly, .-tlat some OWfERS OF INSTRU-
MEVITS are Most heartless with THE I US'IE
1AMi: who make up -TM.IR BANDS. For
instance, MIR-. SOFTEE (now in the U-K.
supposedly- to. be buying "new Tools0 to
replace his. JUNES) has just notified his
SOFTEES HAPfONIES' band-leader to return
his equipment (ignoring their sighed
agreenimnt). -o- his Goodwill residence --
for 7aOLUT6~L NO' 'SEAON. Vibrators have
long 'cufif.erod.from this. uncomfortable.
stifation. Can this sign beone of many
hindrances which lead to the over-hight
collapse..of SO MARTY of'our bands and
groupa?? GPU-ianager, Big "D" is sure-
ly travelling with the boys, It means:
"adios" to 590..,PEOPLE'S ACTION TItXATRE,
presentation of Derek Walcottas 'DREWA ON
MONKEI MOUiTAIN can best be described as.
"outa.sight.and beyond audience expect-
ation." ITo artiste should be singled
out, foi praises'; it was a.super "body,
heart tn soul"' involvement on the part
of all.' You're GPRAT, director-ALW.I-..
K-HEDES ROCK ISTIV"L will be a super-
bad musical* affair a-rocking KIJG'S HILL
from August 4-6. Twelve of Dominica's.
leading bands will be there.(concld.j.i10)

Page FPoUr T IE S T AR Friday, July 27, 1973
THE HOUSE E-ARTY ... continued ...
by Lennox Honychurch The real 'daybah' this session
I understand that it is quite a however was over the paper issued-
I understand that it is quite a by the Movement for a iew Dominica
distinction nowadays to be deniedMovement for a
entry into our House of Assembly, and the premier's resolution delor-
Humiliating as it may sound, it gives ing the 'revolutionary violence it
contained. Almost the entire morn-
clear indication as to whether or ing sitting on July 19 was taken up
not you are considered to be anyone with discussion Julyon the resolution u
of importance on the political scene. wth discussion on the resolution,
If, towever,you are apparently tame members on both sides using the
and 'Ho-u-r&trained' one of those opportunity to play political table-
tennis with the word VSOLAENCE. While
seats in the plush penthouse atop ennis withthe wordVOLCE. While
seats in the plush penthouse atop the Premier and Patrick John accused
Government Headquarters is yours. the Freedom Party of instigating
t's all very comfortable andeo the Freedom Party of instigating
It's all very comfortable and decor- 'straight' violence, Miss Charles
ous, but is it intended to make s e bak on t t
members forget that a hundred feet oloammed back on the teme of psych-
below them are the slums of Roseau ologicl violence vead te use being
and the people of Dominica? Is it made of p t y governments Excet for
almost literally an Ivory Tower? a couple o rude asides directed at
Somehow this Session it did have the Third Nominated Member there was
that effect. silence from backbencher Armour, who
Premier Leblanc's statement on lounged half-heartedly in his seat,
the extension of the State of Emer-- The man who was whispering so confid-
gency ~ias an ivory towerP declaratt ently to the Premier during the first
agency was an ivory tower declarat~bo sitting oat July 12 appeared extremely
if you wanted one. The unexpected s edittg a uy 12 a appeared extremely
fashion in which the declarationwas subdued a Week later. Patrick John
made, shortly before the House was with his pile of reference books on-'
made, shortly before the House was communism gave an assessment of the
adjourned until 19th July, took ev- comnism av as met of the
erybody by surprise. Even certain M.N-D. s Pamphlet,.though his dentn-
members on the government benches citation of Party lackeys and puppets
were visibly shocked by the date; seemed rather ironic,
the gasps of astonishment were not The pamphlet itself is a blueprint
restricted to the Opposition and aud.-for a rather radical Utopia which
ience alone. It was one of those mo- would only work if we were all perfect
ments in time one wished could be human beings, it does however contain
played back and studied.The recorded sot ver oelevant points which should
not be dv-looked. The second page
expression on- each ministerial face nothe dtle .nt, which outlines what
could tell a great deal as to how of the Movecent, which outlines what
the decision came about and for what the Movemei dees as being the most
unfathomable reason it wds made, importat steps to be taken, iS of
The Premier's claim that the ex- special interest; but to take ideas
Th like thdse and lift them from the
tension is needed "to restore Domin. a e ts and i he f
ica to peace and quiet* cannot be easy pages of a pamphlet intdo eality
taken. seriously., for as my respected i a task wre cicreqres people of
colleague Parry. Bellot said in the tiemenous calibre and self essness,
Chronicle last week, it is-merely It is so easy to talk of change, but
Chronicle last week, it is- merely implementing it is another matter.
providing the circumstances for pre- What both the Government and the
cipitating the exact opposite.This What both the Goernment and the
however could be the point of the Opposition must realize however is
entire wercise. It did not work that these ideas exist, and that un-
beforeJuly 12th 'so it is doubtless less things are done to alleviate(note
being hoped by Government that some- A VIAT adL not SUPPRESS) the growng
thing willhappen before August 15. dissatisfaction that is prevalent,
The-game of politics knows no rules. there is bound to be an attempt at
Later on in the Session there was a implementing the ideas, Resolution or
claim that the extension was intend- no resolution, this pamphlet is a
e.d to "lure back the foreign inves- pointer on our political and social
tors that may have been turned away. thermometer, We can either make an
by the one-day strike in June '". If effort to correct things now, or sit
we-believe that a State of Emergency back as if it is none of our business
signifies a settled political climate and let the temperature rise. When
it isfno wonderthat we are perplemaed the dam bursts it will be too late to
it is, nor wonder. that we are perplerid send Permanent Secretaries
when our prospective investors. choose send Permanent Secretaries rushing
to go to St.T-icia irnsteadL around to solve the problems of the
Dominican people, (Concluded on p.9)

,- 5~lWlUI II S TA R I I '' V..,

Dominica's own 1973 Carifta Queen


will not be going to the Ball on Saturday night in a
Her Majesty will be driven in a chauffeured

After all Royalty deserves Elegance.

Sole Agents: A.C. Shillingford & Co
Car Accessories Dept,

GRENADA EXCiRSION OF A W MAW Makes Nearly Everything For
What about a 7-PAY TRIP TO THE SPICE IS Babies
LAND OF GRENADA. From August 3rd to August WE STOCK TrHEM
10th. Inclusive?
Ye. Dominia's UGH IBLA=CO wl b yur Hosw Polycarbonate F e e d e r s & Feeding
Enjoy Grenada's Lovely Beaches and world renowned Seti, Measuring Jugs, Mixer Spatu 1a s,
BLANCO'S BEACH CLUB. Baby Powder, Prickly, Heat Powder,
BELLEZ COMBO. D)omnia' N. I Band w Baby Cleansing Lo t i on, Baby Oil
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WA 4# P Nappies), Also Toiletries Gift Boxes,
Changetime Baby Packs, Bathtime
AGED 25 to 35
Advantage if applicant owns a motor car
Apply to P.O. Box 1o O. L9TD

-- I.


Page rFlae

i~ii$ls m.~~lsp rars~?i'


Friday, July 27, 1973

Pm Six- l'~ 8?AR ~-I ----"i- ---- ~ I

Hurricane Precautions
At te beginnig of the Hurricane Season
SEveryone living in this island knows that certain precautions
must be taken at the commencement of the hurricane season each
As a reminder --
(i) make a thorough check-up of your shutters, hooks and
latches;. -
(ii) see that galvanised sheeting of the roof of your house
is properly fastened;
(iii) keep nails, hammers, wire, rope and pliers handy; '
(iv) keep in hand a supply of timber for barring up purposes;
(v) keep a flashlight, hurricane lamp, candle and matches in
your house together with simple First Aid equipment
such as iodine, bandages, eye lotion etc.
(vi) See that there are adequate water storage facilities such
as tanks, drums, barrels, etc. If possible tanks should be
constructed or installed well in advance of the hurricane

2. Th.. i'incipal Tiaders in the State are especially requested
.o ke6p their stocks of essential commodities especially food, kero-
ene, corrugated iron, water tanks, timber and other building
materials. t as high a level as possible during the hurricane season.
In the event of a hurricane, special attention should be paid to the
storage of these commodities.
When a hurricane warning Is issued
3. When a hurricane warning is issued remember to ---
(i) listen in to the radio. If you live in isolated parts of the
country, make sure that your neighbours are aware of
the latest situation reports. Pay no attention to rumours.
Rely on official advice and warnings.
(ii) Get away and stay away from low-lying beaches or other
location which may be swept by high tides or storm
waves. If your only passage to high ground is over a
road likely to be under water during a severe storm,
then leave early. Don't run the risk of being marooned.
(iii) If your house is out of danger of high tide and is well
.built (securely anchored to foundation with a good roof
also securely fastened) then it is probably the best place
to weather out the storm,.
(iv Get in extra food, especially things which can be eaten
without cooking or with very little preparation. Remem-
ber that electric power may be off and you may be with-
out refrigeration.
(v) Emergency cooking facilities (oil and coal stoves) may
be necessary; be sure they are'in working order. Procure
i supply of kerosene, and charcoal.
(vi) Sterilise the bathtub and till it with water. Atfo sterilize
and fill all jugs, bottles, cooking utensils and .other
containers as water,service may be interrupted.
(vii) Have a flashlight in working condition and keep it handy.
'i so candles and storm lanterns.
(viii) Check on everything that night blow away or become
(ix) Bar up or brace your windows and shutters. But be' sure
that a door or window can be opened on the lee side of
the house the side opposite to the one facing the wind.
(x) Let go the cattle and other animals, if you are a keeper
of animals, and if they are kept tied in the pasture, so
that they may seek shelter on high ground.
(xi) Be calm. Your ability to meet emergencies will inspire
,..and help others.

-~-- -~-

-* six..

Action to be tAkei after # disaster
4. Tlhe if lro\ ng is a guide to action to be taken after a disas-
ter :--
(i) Seek medical care for persons injured at a hospital.
health centre, dispensary, or emergency first-aid station.
(ii) Do not touch loose or dangling electric wires or power
lines. Report such damage direct to the nearest Electri-
city Authority, or to the nearest Police Officer, or Officer
of the Works Division, Ministry of Communications
and Works.
(iii) Do not empty water stored in bathtubs or otber recepta-
cles and boil all drinking water until you are sure .hat
a safe water supply has been restored.
(iv) Safe water should notbe used inamediatly' after a storm
for washing of houses, yards, cars etc., until normal
water service has been restored.
(v) Be alert to prevent fires. ..owered, water pressure or
broken mains make fire-fighting very difficult.
(vi) Guard against spoilt food in mechanical refrigerators if
the power has been cut off for any length of time.
(vii) Beware of broken irecs. Collect fallen branches and
other debris and pile where they' can be most easily
(viii) Drive motor vehicles cautiously. Debris-filled streets
and roads are dangerous. Where a road passes near th6
edge of a cliff or river bank the soil may be washed away
underneath and the road may collapse under the weight
of vehicles.
(ix) Utiless you are qualified to give valuable emergency
assistance; or have been allocated some: specific task in
connection with the disaster, or have shite genuine and
urgent business there, keep away from disaster areas if
you are not already involved. Your presence will only
hamper rescue, first-aid; or relief work. T-is is no. time
for sight seeing.
(x) If you are involved in the disaster, as soon as possible
after you have dealt with matters requiring immediate
attention, make a report ofthedamage you have sustained
and of any urgent relief required, to your Local Hurri-
cane Committee. Do not worry your Local Committee,
or public officers with any matters that are not urgent.
SYour other problems will be dealt with later.
Warning System
The Hurricane season usually extends fro n June to October.
During this time it is wise for everyone on the island to be on the
alert so that precautionary measures previously planned are put into
effect as soon as information is received of an approaching storm.
2. When a Hurricane is near the gusts of wind become stronger
and more frequent, and they are accompanied by torrential rain.
Sooner or later the fult destroying force of the storm strikes the
.island. If the centre of a hurricane should pass over the island, the
first blow will be succeeded by a calm of half an hour or an hour,
after which terrific gusts of wind would suddenly blow from the
opposite direction. During the -calm, opportunity should be taken
to carry out any further precautionary measures possible, because
it has been established that it is the second blow from the opposite
direction, which usually causes the greatest damage.
3. The main source for weather report is the Police Head-
quarters and Police Stations.
When a gale, whole gale or hurricane is reported, the general
public will be informed by bulletin, RADIO DOMINICA, loud-
peaker vans, and over amateur wireless, as appropriate.


Emergency in Ilminica

Page Seven

WH T ?

THROUGHOUT the Commonwealth
Caribbean, there will continue to be con-
cern over the decision to extend the State
of Emergency which was imposed last
month in Dominica to stop anti-Govern-
ment protests.
Most Governments become uneasy
when confronted with protest, since it is
immediately interpreted as a challenge,
however slight, to their power; and Gov-
ernment is a power game,
It iq claimed that the Dominica pro-
itks hail their origin in the decision of
Uli5e rnment to transfer a popular
dtfc jokey from the Government-run
radio station to a less prominent job in
the civil service, which nonetheless paid
more money.
Premier Edward LeBanc has charged
that the disc jockey Daniel Caudeiron
used the airwaves to put across his so-
cial and political views. However, when
we consider that the protest revealed it-
self at one stage in a crippling island-
wide strike, led by the Civil Service As-
sociation, it could only be concluded
that perhaps there was a lot more to
the matter than just the removal of Mr.
It is obvious that Mr. Caudeiron was
very popular, and while we are not in a
position to judge the validity of the state-
ment concerning how he did his job, as
the Government sees it, it might be
worthy to consider that in many ways
the sentiments he might have expressed
held more meaning for the people than
the statements or lack of them from
official sources.
The Dominica Government, for ex-
ample, might well ponder if in the pur-
suit of power, it has tot managed to
estrange itself somewhat from the people,
thus making it easy through this neglect
for the people to focus attention in other
the LeBlanc Government started out.
with much goodwill, for it came to of-
fice on a majority vote in a general dec-
tion. As a rule, Governhents starting
with such goodwill have to fail somewhat
miserably for people to react against
Mr. LeBlanc's last election speech, for
example, is a far cry from what he told
the House of As.embly last week about
the decision to extend the present State
of Emergency. He told the House how
unrelated groups in the country were now
drawn together for the sole purpose of
overthrowing his Government. He claimed
that a third force was trying to overthrow
the'Government. He gave a breakdown of
a number of incidents involving these
unassociatedd groups" such as the Trade
Unions, the Junior Chamber, the Civil!
Service Association, which in his view are
seen to be drawn together to overthrow
his Goverrifient. As a result the emerg-
ency is extended "until such time as Dom-
inica is restored to the peaceful and quiet
placid it used to be."

* As we see it, if Mr. LeBlanc's fears
are justified, it is still puzzling how "un-
associated groups" can somehow hold the
same opinion about the Government, and
conclude as one that it should be over-
It is still hard to believe that it is
only the question of the transfer of a
disc jockey that is involved here. For
all we know, there might be a lot more
worrying Dominicans tha the Caudeiron
issue.. The issue itself miight only have
caused past frustration and worry to
surface at that particular time.
What ever else might be behind it- all,
whenever a State of Emergency exists in
a country, it is obvious that the goodwill
necessary for peace and quiet has taken
some blcws. And one thing is certain.
After the State of Emergency ceases to
exist, the Government will still have the
job on its hand of helping to restore the
It is inevitable that this goodwill be
restored, for no Government can hope
indefinitely to resort to States of Emer-
gency to retain "p'ace and quiet" in a

-Sunday Advocate-
News .tst wa
-*" *" /

Some one must be

For armed Xmen you tow
can see
On the roof and around
the building
Used for meetings of the
.As no State of EmerI
gency now exists
Polioemen we expect to see,
But the reason for soldi8rs
with machine guns
I no puzzle to you or m
jm 30 1"3?


loorgiana Rup oll,
daughter of Lord'
Russoll, British
to Spain.
She has boon much
foaturod in
into national
as a, s
of the

~T !

,,NC&ANT. Est-ce la future reine ?

Friday, July 27, 1973


. I
. 17

.6t we refuse to believe that the
Government of Dominica carried the said .A ~fesh Supply of flower and
resolution through malice, illillwll or vegetable seeds just arrived
naughty motives, le believe rather, at
that Government is innocently ignorant
about the Movement, and is Generally DUPIGNY'S HARDWARE
ill-advised about the nature and work CO WYLLIS on OUSE A
of the Movement Our work involves iden. COUS ITN WLLIS on IIOUSE OF ASSE~ILY
of the Movement, Our work involves iden- .We;h opc to print at least part of
tification of and seeking solutions to this interesting account next issue.
our crying problems with a viw to in- No reporter on the House meeting,however,
volving the Dominican people in their mentioned the brush-off Miss Charles'
own development. resolution asking for the Revocation of
Yet a great deal of damage has al-:.p Proclamation Declaring State of Emergency
ready been done. People are asking got from the Speaker, who said the mat-
whether there is reason for them to be ter had already been dlt with; nor the
afraid. People everywhere in Dominica fact that that stupidness about soaking
who have not had an opportunity to dia- the wife of a Dmrinican 'Belonger' $500
logue with MND personnel are demanding now aand6oe..1 member the case of
is now aband6Hiea-.--Rbmember the case of
explanations. Mrs. Byron TYao,U.KA wife of a Bataca
In the same democratic spirit the Cari Sho. suffered a lot through that
Premier and the ministers emphasized so Carib? ShFosuffered a lot through that
Premier and the ministers emphasized so iniquitous imposition, which was widely
eloquently, we believe that the people reported in the STAR.
have a right to get answers to their... .
questions. We do not command the polit- NEWS FROM AROUND AND ABOUT
ical resources'as does the Government, Big joke of the week is a contemporary
but we believe, like the.Government newsorgan's attempt to pin the badge of
does, that we all have democratic right. 'obeah clientele' on the Freedom Party
We believe we have a right,'and indeed at largely Judge Franklin F.Adams of
a responsibility and a duty, TO ANSWER St,Kitts-died suddenly while dining with
PUBLICLY THE MANY CHARGES MADE AGAINST ex-CM Willie Bramble in Montserrat.Post
US BEFORE THE NATION. Mortem verdict: heart attack. Th6 body
Accordingly, we humbly request that- was flown to St.Kitts for burial. The
(i) Government grant us some little time male relative of. a merchant whose, baby'
on Radio Dominica to clarify our posit- ied at birth ih Stronach Ward, P.M.H,
ion vis-a-vis the accusations that have flourished a gun Nurses fled an ar-
beexL hurled against us, and r ^ ^ ^ ^
been. hurled against es, and rest wan made, but later the man was 1re-
(ii) that Government, thr0ogh6 its rep' leased. L.Laidlow, alias "Bladkery",
resentatives and spokesmen, join us in one of two men charge, with the murder of
a'PUBLIC DEBATE anywhere in Dominica,to late Att.Geh. Eric Rawle in St. Vinoent,
discuss the problems that are plaguing cut the wire on his prison window and
the island. .escaped.Public is warned he is dangerous.
Since we non-members of Phe House of
Assembly in Dominica cannot in the "" QUOTATION. FROMi Rupert Sorhaindo's
House by law answer charges made against Freedom Convention Speech:
us in the House, we tifist the democratic LESSON-OF CASE BRUCE
spirit of government will grant these I would like to think that the Castle-
spirit of government w ilAl .ran these .
modeet requests which will benefit all Bruce lesson is finding its way to the
Dominica. other communities of Dominica; and that
SYours f. fitaithfully, more and m6re Dominicans are seeking and
(CoGies to G .MOPvEAU for M,N.. working towards their independence from
(Copies to Ra 3oDomini ca, Reuters & tress;. .,
Do u s the cooling grasp of the Labour re-
XDITOR'S NOTI- Trf6o'e tion is made in gime. And there are hopeful signs that
this letter of the powerful registered the people of Dominica are awakening to
Opposition Party, the Freedom Party, the realities and needs .of the dayl More
which had much to say on democracy in and more delegations pressure ministers
the House; if MND is given airspace, for the fulfilment of their election cam-
and we see no reason why they should be paign promises. MIore & more youth groups
denied it, Freedom has even more right are being organized BY YOUNG DOMINITICAIS
afterr repeated'applications)to the free- themselves.
doi of the air ,.radio being paid for by (We', shall ~ive another quote from Rupert
the people of this Sta e next issue; also some excellent quote from
i pc sEiPlSppea the GSA NEUSLETTER, which is full of news.
in our next* eu ... -


Friday, July 27, 1973

Pa -e Eight

Friday, July 27, 1973 T H E

HOUSE PARTY by Lennox Honychurch
(fr. Bp.4) Because of the'threat'
the MID leaflet posed, there was a
great deal of talk about the sanc-
tity of the House of Assembly and
respect for the Constitution. It
was amusing to note that those who
defended the Constitution most were
the very people who days earlier
were shown up by the Courts for
having imposed UiCOmSTITUTIOiAL res-
Later in the session the Attorney
General defended the presence of
Police around the House by arguing
that the same conditions prevailed
in the "Mother of Parliaments",Framn
experience I do not dispute this,but
on every occasion I visited the HaZe
of Commons there were never as many
Policemen on duty as we have here.
And as a parting thought: if
Things are so serious, Why keep all
those Policemen up at the House of
Assembly? Should not half of them
be out on the streets of Roseau
"restoring peace and quiet" ?

CHEATS : by J.R. Ralph Casimir
The world is full of cheats,
But the worst types are those
Who use their position to crush
Their subordinates in want;
Cqnniving with their ilk
By evil word and deed
To damn the aspirations
Of honest folk and poor;
BreetLSg hate, greed, treachery,
Strife and utter devilry;
Trying to compete with Lucifer
And boast of achievement:
Can their poor victims pray,
fervent and true,
"FA.3IR forgive them,
they know not what they do" ?

A writ has been served on Governor
Sir Louis Cools-Lartigue by
Mr. Charles Savarin, General Secre-
tary of the Civil Service Associa-
tion, for 'false imprisonment' in
connection with the restriction
orders recently set aside by the
High Court.
Shortly after the Court ruling,
'revised restrictions' were imposed
on Mr. Savarin, Mr. Christopher
Maximea and Mr. Osborn Symes. They
are now permitted to enter the 'pubta.
lic sections' of public buildings
and speak to meetings of civil ser-

T___fl._ Page __ i_ ue _

MA T I IT E : by Cynthia Watt
Genelia, Baby and Ma Titine loft'
early on Monday morning for a drive."Ma
Titine had acquired her licence week ago.,
feeling that Reubon might be a comnplio-
ation in her married'life; and when she
passed Ancine'lshome, she tooted her horn
with a flourish. As luck would have it,
Ancine was just coming through her gate,
and that lady bolted back into her yard
green with eilvy at the sight of Ma TitIne
at the wheel.
"Los'go an cool off in de Botanic
Gardens," Baby said, and there they'sat
relaxed in the'car with the doors open.
"Well, well," Genelia said, "so dat
Ministah resign J Dat is all de talk wrong
tong now. It shock plentee people, but
not me nunhli'
IlAs for me," replied Mh Titine, "I doan .
believe is resign he resign. I believe de
Premier trow'heom out democrati4ally.You
dean think &o, Baby?"
Baby yawned. "I self doan know wat to
think, Up dat' beelding look like it have
so much kxness, is only when tinge so
happen, you heahin all kine of ;. iaxgt
Ma Titine chuckled. "I see on one of
de newspapah '01TE GONE'1 an have plenty dat
behind it." -
"You doan heah dey say one ncoh to go?
Allyou heah how Opposeeshun walk out do'
House Assembly?" Genelia was speaking,
but Baby cut her short:
"Talkin about de Ministah dat resign,,
I heah he an de Premiah did have a show-
dong. ,De Ilnistah"say he against Emergency
an is he dat havo:0o Preemiahl "
Ma Titine chuckled'again. "Plentee
money dore enh garcon, an plentee po6~ah.
Dey not fighting to join Poleeco dohl"
There was' a hearty iaugh at the"j'ke,
then Ma Titine said seriously: "I woncdah
when dat crisis going feeneesh. It look
like anytime you trow stone, or you say
what Guvment" dan like, it will always
have a crisis~''
"An tomorrow de Jodge going give his
decision bout done boysn
"Eh, oh," Ha Titine ejaculated, "Garcon,
I forget is tomorrowJ Garcon, I ddre. We
has to go orly becos-de court will pack,
an I want to get a good sit."
Next day the Court was duly packed,and
after almot two hours the Judge decided
that the Emergency Ordinance was lawful
but later found that the house arrests and
censorship of newspapers were unconstitu-
tional. This finding was received with
mixed, subdued feelings; and what a sur-,
prise it was when the following day the
three brave young men were again put under
use arrest of a slightly different sort
Welll' 'a Titine exclaimed emphatic-
ally, '"Way we goin from heah?"

3 T A R


Pge Ten T.7 E S T A R Friday, tJuly 27, 1973
Srchriston) And, he anticpt-
Football. That Sasta-7ayT ernoon the ed marathon-audience will have to try to'
season tarted with speeches by the cope with the atmosphere of "songs..and
Governor, the Minister if -i me Affairs, music; peace, love and unity." It's the
"the payor of Roseau and footballl chtir- KINGIS.. HI~J YOUTH GROUP's means of-raising
man Urban Harrigan. ... k.E. Kicked off in funds for VOLUNTARY' community development
the-first match -- Hrlem.XRvers versus projects...Yet,'. quite sadly, ever since
Spafans. At the start Spartans had the Covernment'-s absurd proclamation of a
best of the exchanges but failed to cap- "S~IATE OF EMERdGENCY", there has been cause
italise. Harlem Rovers scored first for a.sudden, veEry dramatic rise in the
through Wilfred Dontfria wiho'scored number of young men who are due to fear
again short minutes later --2-nil at the. of the forseeable economic, social, etc.
interval. o -atastrophiV' plaguos and. debacles -
On resumption, Dontfriid completed a hopping vessels, schooners, sloops and
hattrick. Skipper Oliver- Joseph then yachts,, simply fleeing-stowing away to
brought in Jackson fbi Winstoh which GOOD GOD KINOWETH NOT. WHERE.
paid quick dividend'\. Jackson made it Mein. Biuder und Maine Schwester, auf
4-nil. Six minutes before the final Weidwrsehen !. .
whIis-tle, I.Emanuel converted a penalty DE .Q ~ IONii`N~ (from ae thr )_
to make it 4-1. ( DaA 1N)
t e t M. h small. part pf. the mysterious vi1:'
Other Matches. Halcyon beat omer Kens- large carpenter was played by Raymond
borough 4-3 in a. good match.' Paragons Lawrence with his characteristic natural-
v.Celtic United a one-all draw. The ness and eas. ...
first second division miach.I wa played What pleased me most that evening how-
between Potters. United and Konsborough ever was the audience. At last there is
United. Potters.: U. wdn i 2-nil. Another a streak of maturity and understanding
Div.l match, Gutter Crowns and Saints beginninG to appear that will help immense-
was won by Saints: 2-i iAfter Gutter Crownly in the development of the arts in
led 1-nil at the interval. . Dominick, for without mature audiences we
Siteeo West Indies Captaic Kanhai won eight as well revert to performing the
"- Ws ....pieces we had during
the toss at the Oval for"the 1st Test painfully amateurish pieces we had during
yesterday. By tea-time''today they were the 1950's- and 6o s. So, with increds-
all-out for 415. Underwood got 5 wickets ingly aware audiences t.o play to and with
for..-England- but'the W.tI. Satsmen were on people like Caunoeiron, Bully and the P.A.S
top*- Lloyd 132, Khllicharan 80, Boyce about, I think we can look forward to an
72; iobers; kwy out 10 .when looking con- interesting future for theatre in
fident for a.big score.-Stu .inglIand ominica.
Basketball .. .. DEREK ALCOTT' ous pay has caused so
-----The Hy-Trinee Electrons Bask- uch talk t-hat -ye another review of it is
qtbal team had to call off their own to be published in our newspaper next week.
organized first West"Iidies competition T b
after receiving phone calls from over- e also ost a o w0 -neoeed
seas teams saying that they could not from the tourists, for a .fw hotels closed
participate because of the present state down in Tobago after the emergency, and
of affairs s adcordin". a.P dio releasese, since then it seems to me that the tour-
of affairs according a.dio release. ists (who are the main supporters of local
The tournament was previously postponed artist) seem to bo...scared of our islands
from 25th June to 24th"July because of- now. Last year., in December I broke' a
the tLen existing state of. emergency. record by not selling a single drawing,and
The second postponement is of an indefin- things show no sign of improving today.
I can ima.nine what must be happening'
.ite time. .. to some of the few artists I know who. ~ave
SALYBIA CRIClET PRI~Ck"VIITG:' the Loague familiE and depend solely on 'art' to get
their daily bread.
with carib Reserve teamsat a function Yesi T r afterthe Sttes ofr
attended by 4 Ministers and other persc-. aen we a e the .
S.a e 'gency d w, e are still feeling the re-.
had prizes presented by Iir 'I- s Clem' bcussions Oio businessman whom I know
.... .. .. .. ;.~ousns uric businessman whom I khnow
Frederick, wife of the Chiif who him- quite well .ndh oon to Dominica some-
self got the prize for "most catches". times said to me that he couldn't see wly
Best batsman was Frank Laurent, Best a state of omer:ency for those nice pcaco-
Bowler was Kitchener Laville, Best Wicht ful people of Dominica. I don't care who
-keepcr Watty John & Best Fieldsman was says I am interferin- in the internal af-
deogrie Davis. Self Stars Cricket Team fairs of Dominica, but TAKE WARNIHG Domin-
of Salybia were Chhmpions ('Capt.Newrius icans somobodCfhas to pay for every state
Stanford)winning John..Bannis Silver Cup. state of emeipary in any country, and it
Printed & the Proprietor, is,always the taxpayer. A. A .
R E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Hill House at ............. .....
26 Bath Rd., Roseau, Dominica West Indis '

Having read the G.I.S. release entitled "Maxrmaa, .Symes -and Sa var.i
and The Honourable Attorney General' (my un-derliing) I ask why these
outstanding and exemplary citizens of Dominica Messrs. Maximea, Symes
and Savarin should be demeaned by omission of their form of address in
such a petty way, They, unlike many persons-both in the-Government and
in the higher brackets of the Civil Service, have at least stood up. and
been counted despite threats and harsh treatment for the sake of prin-
ciples ... principles not just affecting their own interests but unself- ...
ishly to fight for the interests of many others.
I am not concerned with the legal claptrap of the struggling Trades
Disputes Act (one of many the Caribbean which are now inhibiting
the proper growth of trades-unionism and the rights of the working people)
:if politicians pass bad laws which ignore humanity in order to make
administration and continuity easier for themselves, those laws are like-
ly to be broken, as our same Trades Disputes Act has been broken, and
the breaking condoned, several times since it was promulgated.
In the same class of stupidity is the prohibiting of .public meetings
by S.R.O. 27 which made funerals, educational classes, sports meetings
and even the cinema illegal. After the Learned Judge had pointed this
out, the Honourable Attorney General pops up with S.R.O. 29, repealing
S.R.O. 27 and putting in a Schedule of Exempted Meetings. Unfortunately. .
for the Premier and other luminaries of the ruling Party, they forgot to *
put in Village Council Inaugurations. Those at Pointe Michel and San
Sauveur were surely illegal by both SROs 27 & 29, as also was the
Salybia Cricket League prizegivitg in which hardly veiled political
speeches were made by Honourable Patrick John, Honourable Arnold Active
and Honourable H.L. Christian all of whom, if one takes the SRO
omission seriously, were breaking the law. No doubt on all three occas-
.ons our upright Police Force were elsewhere engaged in keeping an eye
on Messrs. Maximea, Savarin and Sy3mes, and thus did not observe the law---.
breaking. Perhaps I have, under Common Law, a Citizen's right and duty'._
of arrest ...-and it would give me the greatest pleasure to arrest..
practically the whole Cabinet eh bloc for breaking their own laws I '
must take advice.-from my Legal Adviser

The HonPrimier, '' .ahaut, Dominica.
Premier's Office, GHQ, Roseau. 24th July, 1975
Dear Sir,
During recent weeks, and up to this day, many mentions have
been made about the Movement for a New Dominica (MND). It would
us that all of a sudden, almost like'a thief in the night, certain persons,
and certain institutions including the Government of DIoinica have
pounced upon the Movement, bespgttering it with mud and singling it out
for slaughter.
False reports about the Movement ave been made 'by newspapers, and
announced by radio. Tens of thousands of..West Indians have read and heard.
One witness in a recent High Court case testified that the Movement-
- as far as he knew comprised a group that wanted to form a new politi-
cal party. In the said case, the learned Attorney General spoke at length
in his submission about the undesirable nature of a statement made by the
On Thursday, 19th July, 1973, at the highest -law-making body of
the land, in the House of Assembly:, the Premier, seconded by the Minister
of Finance, moved a resolution. They; condemned what they called those
aspects of the Movement which advocated ".revolutionary violence".
The Movement was referred about as subversive, Coimunistic, under-
ground, unknown, afraid to come out in the.p9en, etc. etc. :etc. It was em-
phasised that all such qualities of the Movement were contrary to the dem-'
ocracy of Dominica.
We submit that all such impress-iOns about MND are'misleading and
unfounded. (Concluded on page eight)


Friday,. July .7, l97:

Supplement i

Schedule of Application for C'ertificit of Title and Notln~t
thereon and Caveats for week ending 21st day of July 1973.
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
I .]s whether a Certificate
Sof Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.

Reqet dated Minelli eqest for the issue
the Sth day of Toussaint a First Certificate
April, 1973 f Title in respect of
Presented the by her Solicitor portion of land at
17tx day of t. Joeph, in. the
July 1973 Cilma A.M. arish of St. Joseph
S2.35 p.m Dupiny in the St&te ~f Doai-
Snica, containing 800
square feet and boun.
dad as follows:-
North by land of Doyle Felix South by land of Etglva Charles
East by a Public Road West by land of Lowance Pierre.
Requet dated Herbert Request for the issue
9th day of Winton of a First Certificate
July, 1973 of Title in respect of
Presented 17th by hi Solicitor a portion of land
July 1973 known as a residential
at 3.35 p.m Vanya lot at Newtown in the
Dupigny Pariah of St. George,
"..-..--,----.., in the State of Domi-
nica, containing 1504
square feet and boun-
ded as follows:.
North East Victoria Street South East land of Blossie
SAlie South West The Caribbean Sea, North West
land of A.C. Shiltingford,
. .. .. , ,

Request dated ULlian Magloire Requet for the as.u
18& April 1973 as personwt of a First Certificate
Presented lth representative of Title in respect of
July 173 of Adamise a portion of land at
att 2.30pn Parilon doe- Gullette part of Dega
ceased by her son Estate, in the Pa.
SSolicitor rish of St. John con-
Vanya Dupigny training 5.25 acres and
woundedd as follows:-
North Ravine go the bed, South Public Road and land oa
'Elmir Victor West land of Christiana Jno. Bapcte & Let
/an Rlle, East Land of Marian Toumsint and Others.

Registrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau, Dominica, Adting Registrar of Titles

NOTE:-- Any person who desires to object to the issue of a
First Certificate of Title In the above appllcationsmay enter a
Caveat in the above Office within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of this Schedule in the STARl Newspaper
published ID this State or from the date when the notice pre-
rlbed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land in respect of which the applicationJs made.

All members of the Dominica Em-
ployers' Federation and the General
Public are asked to note that the offices
of the Dominica Employers' Federation
have been transferred to 9 Great Mal-
borough Street, upstairs the Dominica
Cooperative Bank.
____ _~g, _____9r-a


We have just
sale a stock
4 quart, 6 qu

received for

art &

a quart,
8 quart

I ** ,*** ; t. **21


Containing: o1039 Square feet &
19415 Square feet

AGO -a/a

Apply: M. E. Charles
P. O. Box 121
28 Old Street,
Roseau, Dominica.

Dominica Distilleries Ltd., require the
following personnel:-
I. Bonded Stock Controller.
2 First Class Shorthand Typist,
Salaries will be commensurate
with experience and ability.
Applicant should communicate
direct with the Managing Di.
rectors in writing, enclosing de-
tails of their previous experi.

Dominica Coconut Products Ltd., require a fe-
male Cashier with 'O" Level in Mathematics
and English Language Previous experience an
asset Salary commensurate with ability, quali.
fications and experience. Excellent opportunity
for advancement.
Apply in writing to -
The General Manager,
Dominica Coconut Products Ltd.,
P. af Box z8.

ocrat ~r~r
=I =I I c 11,----I-~-- -- -- I ---~---c- --'- -.- ---



~kfBarlY iFi~iiY ~~~ ~~


. n .




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