Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Tss.,.-. 7"e i B)r: I .
U_ 4i y, 2ctw ,2.oat.e:
Colin Turner (London) Ltd. Vu lrtat 'ua
122 Shaftesbury Ave, W. 1. Editor: PHYLL SlM
oL., VII No;' ; Ant. Editor; LENNO Si


Mr. Justice Renwick delivered his
decision in the case Of the three
Civil Servants vs. the Attorney -
General last Tuesday iporning. The
Court House was packed tight and
His Lordship's address was nearly
two hours long. The atmosphere was
one of tense gravity,
The Judge ruled that the Emer-
gency Ordinance was constitutional
and that the regulatiOns thereun-
der were not ultra vYiL This
first part of his decision, deliv-
ered in a solemn establishment main-
ner, gave points to the respondent
in other words, Government.
Mr, Justice Renwick then passed
on to facts, and'.later found that
the Orders imposed o0 the applicants,
being contradictions of freedom of
movement, were speciallyy unconstit-
utional" and too widely worded.They
made the applicants virtuallyly pris-
oners in their own 'homes" .Censorship
of the Press and other restrictions
on freedom of expression were also
ruled "unconstitutionral". He added
at the end that he woald deal with
the question of costs "another time".
The decision will be tested on
appeal by the applicants.
Since the case was over, another
set of orders under the Emergency
"Powers Ordinance have been imposed. "

2ays Jacko.

[Ol1YCHURCH Frids July 0 197T3

All Thnreday tm. was taken up by the
Pronior's roaolution 'deploring viol-
onco*'and discussing a flimsy papor by
the Movoment for a Now Dominica.This
was passed unanimously, but Eroodom
apoakors accused Government of instig-
ating violence, particularly psychol-
ogically. All Government business got
through. Nothing moved by the Oppoa-
ition hl d a chance. A full report of
this Sossion by Lonnox Honychurch will
appear in our next issue.
Several reputable Dominican visitors
were barred from the Chambor, but some
overseas persons were admitted.


Provisional election results are
Burnham's P.N.C. 37 seats (out of
53): Jagan's P.P.P. 14: no seats
for United Party: Guyana Liberat-
ion Party 2 seats.Clear majority.

--But still, a start in Gloau Gommior
area are earmarked by Govt. as bFrost
Roservo. Some 100 acres only are to bo
preserved as 'Dominica's natural forest'.


.Page :Two i T H E S T A R __ day, July 20, 1973
'- TTER TO THE SPEAKER 40 Upper Lane,
Sunday July 1t5. 1978
Mr. E'lASbtgce Francis,
.Speakqr,. House of Assembly,
Sir, I would like to bring to your attention the following incident.
which took place ,hen I attempted to gain :entry into the House of
Assembly on Thursday 12th July, 1975.
It .has..been the practice/custom for Dominican citizens to be
allowed, space-permitting, to attend meetings of the, House of Assembly
previouslyy Legislative Council) without any preconditions' whatsoever.
As long as. there was room for you to sit you were allowed in and
permitted to remain there as log. as you did not disturb the House.
I n November 1972, the. obtaining of a pass or "ticket", was made.
:a precondition for citizens to gain entrance to meetings of the House:
of Assembly.
My understanding was that all. citizens who had satisfied the
precondition, i.e. obtain a"ticket", would be allowed to enter and
remain in the House to observe/witness/listen to/be educated in/
the affairs "of the nation-state, as long as they did not disturb the
Believing that'this understanding was the correct one, I joined
the line (queue) of persons at the entrance of Government Headquarters
in order to obtain a "ticket" to enter the House to see how those
whom we, the citizens of Dominica, have elected to the House of
Assembly are conducting the. affairs of our Country.
On reaching the 'head' of the line I asked for a "ticket. Police-
inopector James looked at me very seriously and said, "STAND ASIDE!"
": replied, "What do you mean by 'stand aside.'?" Pdlice-inspector James
replied, "I say, STAND ASIDE: I replied, "Does, that mean that I
cannot obtain a pass to enter the House?" Police-inpecto-r James
replied in'a louder, angrier and more aggressive tone, "STAND ASIDE,
I SAY116" I stood aside and left, Another citizen of Dominica
and. civil servant~ obtained a 'ticket' for me. Armed only with this
'ticket', in my back pocket, 1 attempted to gain entrance to the. House
itself in order to listen to the business. of the nation.
At that point another Policeinspector, among others, approached
me saying, "You need a ticket to get in there I" I made visible my
'ticket' and was proceeding towards the: august Chamber. The self-same
Police-inspector spoke. He said, "You cannot go in there". I replied,
"What do you mean I cannot -get in there?' I have obtained a 'ticket'
to get in there". He replied, "I SAy, YOU CANNOT GO IN THERE11 At
this point the other members of the coercive force manoeuvred to impede
any further.-progress .that I may have contemplated in order to get into
the House, The time was 9,50 aa..
SMr Speaker., Sir, I would be most grateful for avy explanation/
enlightenment/clarification advice, wht you Will that you can gve
on this incident. If your onerous. and immediate commitment/responsibi-
lities permit you to acknowledge and reply to this request I would also
be grateful if you would explain, also, why other DOMINICAi CITIZENS
like Mr. E. hiodatopher Loblack, Miss Eugene Jemmott (of Virgin Lane.),
Miss Anna Burnett, among others were similarly treated. Mr. Speaker
you may remember that one of the items on .the Agenda of the House under
"Public Business" was a resolution s e 0i.a g to nrotoct the ",institutions
aUnd the acce-ted princiles of Democro a'. ..
In replying to my request, you may wish to reflect on the. follow-
ing statement by Roman Catholic Archbishop Helder Camara when he stated:
" must be underlined that violence already exists and that it is
wielded, sometimes, by the very people who denounce it. as
*.irunlrt t s~cft rvf ssnai*t R.'v-.

concludedd on_ .pao ni.ip)

_1 ( ___ I_~h_ __ *_ __L___ Y_ _

*Friday, July 20. 1T_ HE S T A.R -. e Three

Madam, Your article'UNJUST TO OUR PIEI BRIGADE' appe~ring in the Friday
July 13th edition of the Star has only touched on the surface of the Fire
Service problem. As early as 1968 the Civil Service Association has been
pressing for more men, more equipment, better conditions etc. At a meet-
ing held at Fire Brigade Headquarters in 1969, between the C.S.A., the
Ministry of Home Affairs (represented by the then Minister Mrs. James and
the then Permanent Secretary Mr. Maynard) and the members of the Fire
Service, it was agreed among other things that the Fire Brigade would be
expanded from 25 officers and men to 50, by a gradual recruitment of 5 men
in the first six months to be followed by a further five in the second six
months, and from then on, 5 men a year until the strength was raised to 50.
The recruitment only got as far as the first 10. At the moment there are
no more than 35 officers and men in the entire fire service of the State.
In 1970 while negotiating on the question of Revision of Salaries
for public officers, the G.S.A. insisted that the same salary scale should
apply to firemen, prison officers and policemen. The management side
absolutely refused. One Permanent Secretary even contributed that all the
firemen did, was play dominoes. We find, therefore, that after the Chief
Fire Officer, the next 'highest paid fire officer receives no more than a
-Sergeant of Police. The post of Deputy Chief Fire Officer requested by the
C.S.A. and recommended by the Pusinelli/Liverpool Commission in 1970 has
not been filled up to the present. Yet, before the ink in the 1975 Esti-
mates was dry, appointments were made to the newly-created posts of Super-
intendent in the Police Force.
The question of accommodation for firemen is in a class by itself..
The Melville Hall Station built for five ws. used to house twelve men.
Though we see 'much needed' police stations springing up all over the
place, it is over 13 years since a fire station was built in Dominica.
The denials by the Ministry Of Home Affairs of newspaper reports to
the effect that hose had to be borrowed during the last Roseau fire must
have caused some surprise among the firemen particularly when the release
goes-.on to say: 'Incorrect statements such as that which appeared in the
Chronicle could do much harm to the image of the Fire Service Dividion and
dampen the morale of the personnel there.'
In a further release the Honourable Minister is quoted as saying in
the House, that: "the men and their equipment were put to rigid tests and
survived, such service certainly could not have resulted from equipment in
a very bad condition' (The British Government must wonder why Dominica. re-
quested urgent assistance to the tune of $178,800 for Fire Equipment).
The Ministry mu t be. completely in the clouds if it really believes
that the question of whether hoses were or were not borrowed would affect
the morale of the men. What the Ministry failed to mention is the fact that
the three obsolete Dexinis Pumps which were drawing water from the sea broke
down completely, that some of the hydrants in the area were not in working
order and others could not be opened because the Central Water Authority
and not the Fire Brigade hold the 'keys.' to the hydrants. More than this
however is the fact that while His Excellency the Governor and his brother
and Public Bervice Commission Chairman Mr. Bernard Cools-Lartiue could
find time to visit the Defence Force and congratulate them on the splendid
job they were doing for their country' not a word of congratulation has
come from any official quarter to the members of'the Fire Service who have
in fact been rendering a service to the entire community, as opposed to the
police and defence forces who are merely a- crutch for a Government which
has lost all sense of direction.
Trinidadian solicitor Jack Kelshall ho against Police Su EBrwn Sr. Supt
John GrellC: i- itional Security 11inister
was a political detainee during a State Basil pitt. lI'r Justice des lies awarded
of Emergency in that land in 1971 was Besial Pitll, r in special -d amaesd
.tr, we~ awarded $51,885 TT for wrong- S3K all,000 inLravato d general damages &
ful arrest and false imprisonment, with $5000 in Gravat gneral damage s
costs in the legal action he brought 5,000 in exe play damages.


Part III of

..June 3rd,

Ssone Conmnwec. ,-angs what
is even more frightening and intolerable
is %y effort being made to corrupt, the:
Police. There are those in high places
who seek to make puppets out of thb for-
oesof 'law and order', thereby making
them lose the respect-that they deserve.
This: seems, all ctaoulated to drive a
wedge between the people and' the Police.
Once this succed the current rulers
will be the qualified winners. Dictaito
are not immortal. I ..
iEDICAL SERVICES ..regnant.women must
sa~eap on the hospital floor, -because
$64,000 -cannoot be found"to equip the New
maternity wing at tlie Princess Margaret
Hospital.. The tPo; simUtli Hosjital is
still a::fed by one doctor, who must
serv:i.ce:. r.t of the Northern half of the
isla32,, !;;rae of the babic medical supplila
are frcq-oi.cntly in short supply. Marigot
and GranC':bay cottage hospitals are prac-
tically 5abanidon;io, Thaiks" to OXFAM, a
few aomru._nit;;- H1alth Centres are being
constructed in. CWesley, Mahaut, Gaatle
Bruce anA so on
0anadidhn:aid makes
possible new school buildings, but when
the Leblanc Labour Gbveriicht boasts.
achievements in education,"it should re-
member that t. building does not make a.
school; and that a. foreign-initiated
archool building programme does not alone
make an effective and" ynamic education-
al policy,. Imagine', that today, in this
enlightened age, there"are some under-
paid, abused teachers who are expected
to manage classes of up .t'odhne hundred
students frequently ajijnourished,
parasitized children. Teachers are not
expected to display independent thought.
Teachers who are suspected of holding
'non-government' views are'ofton victi-
mizoed Aand we arcetold that we live in
a. democratic state i
Minister of Education said sometime ago
(at'the Teachers" Rally), that he was al-
armed at the high rate of vandalism on
school property; and he went as far as;
to suggest that the 16th of December
1971 revolt was responsible for much of
that vandalism 1 But M1r.Christiaanmust
surely remember the truism 'the devil
finds work for idle hands to do F" 'Mr.
Christian, as menbor of the Cabinet,
should be very acutely aware of the very
high rate of unem.loynont among Dominican
yoUth.. His. Governnnt' whichh has been in
B6w@r for 13 years) has not provided for
tho-.hundreds: of young Dohinicans leaving
school each year. (next Golumrn).



hundreds of young Dornnicans who quali-
fy for entry into Secpndary Schools
must bury their' ambition of higher ed-
ucation, -becbusc tlierb are very limited
places in.the Secondary schools.
who gives lip service to democratic
principles, has actively sought to
stifle-free thinking among our second-
ary schobl- students and teachers i Ho"
has sometimes referred to some of-the
more vobc.Il of the student leaders as
subvorsitos and gullible juveniles; all.
because they-ro hnot prepared to have
words put ito their youths by the
Labour Governmnnt.. And we are told
that we live in a democracy I
There is an ,
atmosphere of lainaozrfaire prevailing
in the hallways of Governmsnt minis-
tries; ann"people, soee to be encouraged
to give less 'than' their best And they
take the hint from the very top I
general population, there seems to be.
the dangerous attitude of wanting to
"get away'with as much as. possible,
while contributing as little as possi-
ble". This 'is what has boon 6ncoiraged
for years; ai6' in the process the
Leblanc GoverinLhnt has created a nation
of people"waiting for hand-outs. They
had promised to take from the rich to'
give the pd6or But reality is catching
up with them is as good a
time as-any for every Doninican to ask
himself:.. 'hliat ca I do for my country?"
and not 'What can my country do for me?"
The habit of
making a 'OLITICAL decision every time
a. decisibinhas to. be made, is beginning-
to take its toll on the countrysa;poli-
tical, social,-'coneonic and normal health,
The NATIONAL interest is kept in the
background when important decisions
are mado It soens nore important to
Labour Party ministers to punish an-
tagonists, and"to take revengeon well-
meaning critics, than itis, to incorp-
orate their good ideas into Government
Policy. another inralmont to follow)
-- ---- --- --- 1
West Indian Recipe Cynthia Watt
Make a roux i ith 3tblap.f lour & gill
oil, 2 dz butter, -- teasp white or
black pepper and 2. tablaps.ilk, Stir
until smooth and brdon. Add another
2 tablsps,- ilk and si: -mor for a while.
Remove front fir? and add 1-tablsps.
vinegar, some prepared mustard, 'salad.
crean and mayannaiae, JAdd a little salt


---- -

Friday, July, _y .-._2.._

Page Four

Friday, July 20., 1973 T H E S T A R

P A P A D 0 C R AC Y "
'Do Guv'nor started to tremble
ahd signed a State of.. EZergency with no preamble
If he had refused to sigh
Everybody would have ihalcen his hand at some tioe
ie knew dis whole thing was uncalled for
'cause dere was no breaking down of law and order
he should've told do Premier
dis matter should go no furder
cause British law is not an adventure.
I hoar people saying de Queen of England
was very much annoyed
dat such a matter was examine with so much void
because she put him dore to arbitrate
but de man did not inves tigate -
instead he chose to instigate, berate and frustrate.
De rest of de world started giggling
because dey say our Premier was clowning,
don de newspapers started saying:
Is do first time dey hear of such a crisis
where de people still go to doir picnic
an de radio station shouting 'Don't panic"
When negotiation time came
.de Premier started to think and think,then think and
and drink and think and blink and blink and think
and then think and think and think and think and
And then he open his eyes and seen
dat he had to do something quick to persuade DAIC*
So he started telling den dat all de trouble
'was coming from a Third Force
but de man so clever
he never mention to den de plans he had given
de Police and Defence Force..
Doy tell de people to turn in deir ammunition
So dere would be no riot or State confusion
Dis whole thing.turned out to be a circus with a lot
Of fun
because it was one of 4eir own boys dat first pull"
out his gun
De recipient receive gunpowder in he right foot
while de cowboy kept on saying he didn't mean .to shoot.
De Forces got so embarass, doy manage to harass de crowd
but. de crowd behaved, deselves and- didn't get loud'
de crowd was clever and knew dis whole thing was a game
so dey kept deir co6oland remained tame
because dey knew uha-. do big: boys was hoping ,for
Den all of a sudden de Premier decide to get tougher in
do battle
so house arrest tactics was use so de matter could quick&
ly settle.
Den some people who support de Premier had big smiles on
deir faces
and started hailing do. Prmier and his aides as big time

De Premier comforted dem and started saying:
"De newspapers call me a clown
but with de help of de CGuv'ner
I manage to keep all opposition down
Election time coming
So de Emergency law will keep everybody mout from opening

Page Five

a Continuum

(The writer of this ar-
ticle wishes to remain
anonymous, We. have given
her the name 'I EDITA'
froti Shaklsopear's -
1"1inter's Talc".- As you
may akow, Perdita was
thrown up by the tides on
a strange land, to encoun-
to~ 'many hazards. She
emerged happy and trium-
phant, wife of a Prince.
THE COURTS a continumm
by Perdita
It's like standing
under the enormous can-
ogy of a guardian tree --
a living being of imoencse
agg and solidity. A gold-
en light amongst the dark
leoavos announces the pre-
sence of spring blossom -
the symbol of returning
life. Like the timeless
hum of bees in that som-
bre foliage b~hgs the
weighted atmosphere o.f
tradition *.. of actions,
$actures phrases....
smooth, heavy and lus-
trous as sea-rubbed shells,
Those well-fumbled arte-
facts of thought are
echoed in the similarly
doudy and decrepit splen-
dour'- transported, in-
tact, to the colonies
of the British Court.
Suspended in this sod--
nolent current of oft re-
peatod rites, the patient
shafts of tropical dun-.
lliht, the restless broezo
turgini 'countless yellow
pa:;es in its journey
through the years, seem
only slightly more an-
cilontthan the hideous-
ly varnished railings of
the Bench, and the dusty
lion and unicorn pranc-
ing abo't a cobwebby
shield on a forgotten
ledge. (Concluded on

*D.AI.C.- Dominica
Association of In-
dustry and Commerce..


S(Concluded on )

Page Six T H E S T A 1i Frlday, july 20, 1973

"PAPADOCRACY"' (concluded) TTIM COURTS A Continuum(ffr.e2.5)
'While everybody grininina o complaining Of on peace with this impression
1*11 take 590 and do my. camPagAing of changeless venerability are
the human participants in the
Allyou can call me clown if'allyou want scene, who seem to have donned,
but dat is a clever in front". with their formal vestments, the
IM friends you must agree with me attributes of forgotten judges,
dat de moral of dis poem is plain to see jurors, solicitors and assembled
Freedom of Expression is slowly dying citizens whose bygone presence
with Public Order Acts passing still murmur through the proceed-
and people still ain't complaining ins.. Would the observer of a
much less to talk about fighting hundred years ago, if introduced
People in die island -into our Dominica court todayfind
All dey do is talk, suck and pass de buck a startling change in appearance
and atmosphere, from his own day?
Dey saying de state of affairs is wrong To some extent, he would.
but dey still remain sitting on deir tongue. For one. thing, racial stratifica-
By de way Dr. Rumour just tell me de Deputy tons were in those days more de-
resign voitly maintained; A white man sit-
But don't fool yourself, he got a lot o' plans ting on the Bench, and'a gathering
on his mind of the white community, with the
He no longer Deputy" mero6st sprinkling of well-to-do
nse no de eculcur amongst the on-
but he still got power in de..Houge of Assembly no ~ o-rs b.e the ruleCitizens
hookers would be the rule*Citizens
So all dis talking about "Resign, Resign" of darker hue might cluster out-
is just a big game to play on people mind side the deepset windows as one of
their ot-n was admitted to testify
Sget-ting real stin against another of his colour,
dat de people wont... open deir mind and think c apitve in the dock.
People should realize I the last fifty years, of
dat if de Premier extend de Emergency law to course, this has changed. Our
.shut people mouth observer might be surprised to
de people in de country won't know what de find that, while white faces have
issues is all About become almost'rare in the court-,
So de frustrations go on and on room/of today, .he administration
and dere's no shoulders to cry cn of justice remains essentially
untLahurbed. The fundamental prin-
No change in sight cipleo of justice remain unblem-
1Tobody *want to fight ished, intact, in the midst of
But the status quo must o- rapid social change. The
IF OUR COUNTRY IS TO RAVE..A.BETTER TOMORROW. cons-ciae an important strogold
-- Emile, <. .tisaty.-ad morality, a vital
element in that continuum of human
The writer of the above (Emile) asks our existence which we take so much for
readers; "Please pass on to' next reader, granted.
If you want to keep it as a souvenir, then *Where once the ultimate 'pro-
that'd fine; but if you d6 not ~wnt to do so, section for our democratic instit-
let the next person borrow it, but please do utiona lay with the Crown, in these
not use it for TOILET PAPER. Things are very days.:of Associated Statehood and
bad in the country, but you don't have to imminent independence, the vigilance
carry it that far." of the citizenry is of vital im-
..-.. .... ... ... portance to ensure that every in-
dividual can continue to approach
the Courts for justice 'land can continue to receive a true and impartial judge-
ment without undue delay.
It is the duty of every Dominican to realize his' responsibility to future
generations and to exert, nonviolent as far as may be possible, his influence as
a check to unwelcome trends in the affairs of the State.
"Not me nuh" can no longer be the order of the day.

(Extra-cts from a recent editorial This was the treatment meted out to
in the VOICE OF JAMJAICA). the well-lknown journalist at Pearls
Just where is the CGribbean Airport recently:
flowing or going? Geologically, waghbe was surrounded by about a
areas on this planet are supposed dozen men who snatched his notebook
to have drifted far from their from him and ordered him to leave the
moorings through cataclysmic up- airport. It is alleged that his pen
heavals over millions Of years; was grabbed from him and he was cuffed
but this sudden meandering of some and butted, his neck locked and a
Caribbean governments towards radi- stone thrown on his back. He got in-
cal concepts far from tho. Western to his taxi and while awaiting the
Hemisphere must indeed create driver, an attempt; was made to take;
cause for alarm among observers of off the brakes so that the car could
global politics***-e- hppe that roll away. It is further alleged that
Jamaica, tempted to move with the an appeal made by Mr. Hughes to four
changing tides, will not be take nearby policemen was utterly futile,
along with the eddying current of It has been reported that on Tues-
Guyana. Opposition Leader Hugh day morning a police squad swooped on
Shearer once chided Jamaicans for the home of Mr. Hughes andi seacred
loving too much to adlhoro to the for gunsand ammunition. Pistols were
freenesss mentality", and when thi seized from Mr. Hughes' museum which
is accepted in all phases of socialMr. Hughes described as "aged". We
and economic. involvement the will learn that the police have said that.
of the multitude will be no more if the three pistols are found ~it a--
assertive than the zombies in Haiti. amination to be of no use and unservic-
We have been assured that Jamai-able, they will be returned to him.
can's new diplomatic alliances will We also understand that nothing else
'not taint our internal-system of was seized,
politics; nevertheless, weslhould Mr. Hughes has reported the airport
not allow the prospects of foreign incident to the overseas-born Commis-
trade to lure us into imbecility. sioner of Police.
It is true that Britain is leav West Indian Recipe (NO.2) C.WATT
ing. us graduall- to assert herself FRIED STUFFED JACKS
with her European neighbours, a Reauired: Big acks, (fo stuffingg).:
:in the dissolution of the once- mashed yams, t
mighty and protective empire we r lile mik & te
the hemispheric warship of thi litte milk & water, pepDe salt,
United States rather than the dis- thyme, minced chives or onions the
tant arms of Russia or China. crushed liver and eggs (if any) of
No doubt there is still time for the fish, parsley, beaten eggs, flour
leaders to save the Caribbean from or breadcrumbz, oil for frying.
the quicksands; of Communal pradS eMETHOD: Clean and bone jacks. Soak
and the electors still hold the in salt water and vinegar for 15 mins.
power to save themselves from the Mix thoroughly the mashed veagtables,
life of robots manipulated by the minced chives or onions, crushed
life of robots manipulated by theey
divine State a fate which un- liver and eggs, pasley, thyme, salt
happily has trapped other unsuspec. &- pepper, milk & water, until it is
ing nations, well combined. Have needle and
Is it then any wonder in this thread handy if skewers are not
closer grouping in the Caribbean available. Fill fish with the stuff-
Common Market ard federating poli- ing and sew up or skewer neatly.
ticso that the young people of Roll in flour or breadcrumbs; coat
G~Enada are not too anxious to obtainith beaten gg an ry crisply ll
political independence? And that hot oil. (This recipe can also be
a Third Party, for the survival of made wi th BLUE lNNER, and it can
democratic freedom, is being launahiea3 be baked.. n that case,put
in Guyana.? These are factors worth-li~s in well greased baking tin
Sand place a rasher of bacon on each).
considering and acting upon quickly Serve with mixed salad and sauce
before we are all swept along in Se eq wit mixed salad and sauce
the tide of t.yranny. piquant, toast or- rolls, and a-
tho'tiad of ty-^ ^.riii? _____ !QQo d=01 rnicJ&L -Q -Q.e ,.__
QUOTAT;ION:..tho criticism of the Opposition is. primarily directed towards the
oloctor te Qr. with tho'.aim 9f influencing govCrnent. policy through the prossuro
of pub ie a6pnion. The Opposition has a rccognrzod right to all the facilatios.
noodod for this purpose... Mcya Parliamentary Practico, Chap.XIII, p. 260.

CIY.-N~~r T~~~:r r~h

~rFr~ ~~BR

Pame Seven

__-A. IR I ESITII J 2 .. 9

In Dominica today afer people are not FOR NCOs Q~.RTERS
only suppressed by police and Defence Dawn's Height, he Premier's form-
Force personnel, but also by so-called er residence in the proposed new Town
shoe'loving, soup drinkiSg, favour seek- Case (Vie.ill3 Case), near Morne au
ing t~re free and trigger happy gun- Diable, is the site for i.C.O0 $30p00
slingers.. Here at present we' the people quarters. This building site which
of Dominica. are now undergoing a state was to be sold at.the cost of $14,000
of emergency peril, .whether the ruling reduced to $7,000, is now being sold
party benefits from such an act is very to the Labour Goveprment. at the exor-
slim, but we know for sure that some of bitant price of 21.125 USEFUL DOLLARS.
the people mentioned above are not in- Land, is now presently sold at 500
eluded in this so-called state of emer- to 700 per sq.ft. in this village,
agency order and, take it' from me, the and the building of course one needs
Government has something under its sleav to assess against the best wooden
to surprise the nation with and so this structure and the price to be paid
must be the only reason for the sa of for. This is the residence of a poor
emergency Act. Now.we knlw that Domaiinican of some 15 yea~a ago, but as life
is internally independeAt, but .t overy-. goes on small men revalue or overvalue
time, those responsible, stir up their themselves in stattire and power, and
mess and some of the state police and then wlves in stature asd power. man
d n then wealth aacumulates as such a man
defence foroe more around-like Gestapos, dominates, and theaiesser small men
antagonizing the people but only of one have to pay the coot which he dictate
party. .. .... .......
The next thing is you see a giant Unfortunately, the Premier's pre-
'battleship pointing its gunsi ,towards sent new private residence which the
doomed Dominica | where it comes from, no Labour Shoe supporter-constructor con-
one. lnows; it is a. fact'that battleships structed, was underestimated and them
-don't cone on-their own, but I wiish to had to be recourse to litigation or
God-somebody'would askthe'reasdon for Liquidation.
such actions, because if the ruling pary Let us hope like some of us do say:
thinks when they start their dirty shoe "Oh death, where ip thy sting! Oh
bloodshed the battleship "i going to hit grave, where is thy victory "
Roseau without 'hitting Kingshlll or COUSiT WYTLIS
Pprtsmouth without Vielle Case, God help__ _
them, and if this. little war which the Labour Party is planning, has to come to
change Dominica, let it--come and be over with. They have all their guns, but our
spirit by'the grace' of God will bug them down, Conversihg with a big man the
other day, I said "I don+t.. think the Government is looney enough to gun down any-
body"' he replied, "boy, don't underestimate, they ,will you know". I replied,
"God said thou shall not"kill, but there is no part in the Bible where he said
thou shalt not defend thyself when attacked." I would like the outside world to
understand what we the people of Dominica are now undergoing under the present ..
ruling party., and as:a law-abiding people please help by at least talking to those
concerned to understand and unite. We have employed a body by' election for the
benefit of the State and' because of dissatisfaction at their wrongdoings they turn
and offer war. Not that w'.o are afraid of war; we are aal Doninicans of the same
blood, but we want to prove' our rights and leave them- the laughing-stock to the
outside world. Nowadays the House of Assembly is being kept in a building which
runs partly if not -all, the'State"s offices, but when the Assembly meeting was on,
on Thursday, July 12th, I personally was not allowed entry to the fisheries
department by the police, though I am the general supervisor to its works at the
Botanical Gardens, where three fish ponds are being constructed. This makes me
sick and how long can tlie dead carry this nonsense.
During this.present state 0of emergency, no public meetings are allowed, but a.
bye-.election is expected'soon; the Opposition cannot campaign through this Act,but
the same people Who imposed the state of emergency Act go around keeping their
meetings as usual. What do 'you call that, Mr. Governor? Are you doing the Queen's
duty? or Mr. Le,3lanc's wishes? When are you going to think for yourself and think
straight? I am sorry-for you my friend the Cormmisaioier of Police but the police
force acts as the shoe party Police. You must respect the nation so as to be
respected. I have just read an article on the Dominica Chronicle (14th issue)
entitled `'Grenada on trial.. .'ell dear writer we are copying them here in Dominica
so we can only say "4ay Go d's will be done"

Friday July 20,1973




4F.'*..ay= Ui v - -.-- -- -----------------------
6 ** y It exists in' the underdeveloped countries.
Oa" do klar bl y 8 the nasoes in a sub-human situation are Nklor blow d~y c lose LM, exploited viol'ontly by privologed a1id
Nut won axeso wrat cos ; powerful groups. It"ic-woll known tha~
Yot, all ov dCo.oso tr.o-ly zappid if the tasos'attcEpt, to unite by neons
Wid do kyne ov ttinG .o.rapp.rd"- of education at the grass roots lovel
GENE PITNEY is bacT on tho scofo with based on the popular culture...thoir
"24 Sycanoro",,."Lottcr tQ Lucblle". loaders are accused of treason or
could re-ostablish tio supc-r-star- Connunil._..- This hadl aptly boon doscribod'
inago of TOM JONES...BO0B ]YLON is writ- as follow :. ....T'lhy-r.6bcl against~ the
ing the score for a now filn by singer/ oetabliah-d di-sordcr so they are clasoo.d
congviritor KRIS KRSTOFEPiSON about as outlird .toE 1unt disappear so .t.hft
"Billy the Kid" ...In brdilo on PALT order nay roigii.' 'An ORDERLY 'DISORSDER I.
McCARTITEYsG "Rod Rose Speodway" is the As for 'I2t.'. it-~i too often reoc~ td -
ncssa-gc: -"We lovo you baty" "just -for to the fin:c brasos of docunoints and
STEVEN WONDER...BoeioVo-it-or hot i declaratioiis..."
SWEET started thoi ocaroor by morning (Fron hC urch & Coloniflian' at'page 106).
(ac nuch a $i?) $a4.00' for a ni:ht to I have no doubt, l1r. Speaker, that
engaS0nent.:.. SLADE-.reoordd'ad. live you will road :with tho greatest satid-"'
album at their Earjr" 'Court concert with faction the latoh t bbatseller "Lectures
the whole audience singing: "'U11 nevva on Public 6dvalty" Odited by Richard
wakkd allune".. .SA1,irY DAVIS Jr.' deplores Milhous'e Iixon-and' iia WatergatG non
the murly, filthy and ira~ciboe imago and dedicated to the nomory of .AL
of the black race as projocted-by-to- .PONE 0...
day t; black filns. San fools that Yours vory ainceroly
SIUFT IN AFRICA. ought to bb tlihlast-in ... JTUIAIT.JOMSON
its prosont trend-in tho"sorion. This
nagioian-.of Anorican 6hor~iaishhip, re- c.c* Mani. o" HOmo Affairs,
commonds: filna: that will portray the Chief- of"Polico
down-to-earth qualitiob, charactorin- BO.P, Ainour Rop. Rosoau South
tios and porsonalitios,of bur people. P,R, Rop. Roseau North._
,..It is likely that Guaddoupo-based, Proqs/Sadio
LES VIKINGS. (Doninican-born). GORDON The Kingdi'a -i oi iouth Group people aroe
HEiIDERSON will use LIQUID ICE to pro- working sonme tw6nty Hours a day ona th&irz
duce hi.. first album. At least, Gordon WOODSTOCK-TIGHT-THING... Meanwhile, to-
xcproaosd such intcitions. The guy's night, tho.TIBRCTORS will accompany the
.vai patriotic. Ho "yhon I release guest artisatoes poring with GPU,
an albuS it has to be aill-Doainiican... Solo will be thoro...And, Wizard. So .
GAYLORDS POWER UNItON lTay our shore look out f I understand that PAPPA DEE's
on the 22nd after their last LIVE Arawak rap at the I'I jwas errific..Itisti- -
Theatro Concert (which is tonight inci- tutos of Ibarihng ovorywhoro seen to bo
dentally). Raunours are that GPUtJ in rough" dtores. GRENA3DA no grants;"
Moinager, BIG D, will be accompanying the no r.cults."DOflNICAn no acconadItion,
group. If he doos, RADIO DONINICA. will no facilition, bhbrtago of space... and,
be losing one nore dynznic personality,. a police station'is venue for a youth
BELLES COMBO are working on material for training l chiincr. JAIf AICA no M I. sub-
their first album I f6"l'"their second osription; no ontry.,. Hoey BABE1 I'M
single (with such a. mnstor apoogo thing cure we cbuld ~o.a better job than-Mil
as 'ME, A1. YOU) is. going to nar the pros- (on the froctal.).,...........,,
poets of MARQUE. But, lot just hope That's it i L.M s1litas,
that "fair play" provails;.. OVING CALYP- RHODESI- 1 -DETL--E?
SO TEI1T (with Tokyo, TLrk, Wizard and Prino Iinibter ahii.Snith and'the' Tador
Spencer so far) is working' on a Caribbean of the Africdt 1kation Council, Bishop
Tour with BELLES. Toklyo anid wizard arc Abel Muzorowa;, ill- moot tomorrow for
promotion and bookLng agonts.,.LORD talks on the constitutional deadlock, it
BREAKER has gone into the auctionoering was officially announced today. The
business lately. A cin that. he hopes spokosran for the 'Pririo Minister s. office
to return with a certificate (or dip) in said Mr. Srith had, agreed to noot the
profiteering., *.1RQUE ib currently No.5 Bishop after tli.A..-. adors had ap-
on Big A; GAYLORDS have just entered sopold for a personal .mIoting to try at
the, charts in the 32nd placo GIVEM pal find a.solution to those ispu te with
OVE is: No.,. in St.Lucia, In Trinidad, Britain.
1-'WLIFTIL OF NEVER tops the hit parade... (PaUTER)

Pago Nina .

*n.,-3 i -_ -.- ?n .'nnn?

Page Ten THE S T
S* T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S : Morchriston
FOOTBALL# it seems will definitely start
on Saturday July 21, an--that is an im-
provement on previous years when seasons
failed to start on schedule. The Windsor
Park has been put out of bounds this
week and part of last week in preparation
for the season with things shaping well.
In the opening, encounter, Harlem Rov-
ers,, last year's League champions, will
play Spartans, Coco-C.ola (knockout)
champions in what is expected to be a
very good match. Rovers have such play-
ers as Oliver Joseph.(Capt.), I.Benoit,
0. Groll, W. Dontfraid and 11. Emanuel
in their line-up. Spartans present play-'
ers (among others): L.EmanueI,D.IIurtault,
C.William, G..Mondesire,V.Rone and J.
Faus tin*
The other six teams participating in
the League are Celtics. United, Saints,
Halcyon, Paragons and new teams **
Teams r tsaa Averag
Caroni 853 599 65-6 46.1
Bata Pros 629 521 57.2 47.4
Electrons 620 571 47 7. 43.9
Sharks 730 657 52.1 44.1
Raiders 734 674 52.4 48.1
D.G.S. 592 711 45.5 54.7
Gales 363 537 .36*3 53.7
Concords 417 648 32.1 57.5



P. Henderson Pros
C. Williams Caroni
W.LeBlanc Caroni
L.Henderson Pros.
G.Daniel Electrons
C.Roberts Caroni
A.St.Hilaire .Pros
C.Elwin S harks
E.Dalrymple D.G.S,
G.John Raiders
E. Royer Sharks
A.Etienne Raiders

,ts. Games

190- 10
181 12
233 `13
178- 11
216 13
181 12
169 11
182 14
169 15
,165 13.
164 13
158 14

1 1.3

Above are the positions and averages of
teams and top players in the recently
concluded Basketball League. Caroni Car-
dinals won the League anid Knockout com-
petitions with Bata Pros of Grand Bay
first Runner-up in both competitions.
CRICIKET: In a trial match played in
Montserrat to select a Combined Youth
Team to participate in the Youth Tourna-
ment to be played in St.'Lucia, the Lee-
ward Islands Youth achieved victory over
the Windward Is. in a 3-day match.
*Gutter Crowns and Kensborough united.


R Friday,, July 20, 1973
As readers will have noticed on the
front page, Lennox Honychurch has joined
the STAR as Assistant Editor, part-time.
We are very glad to have his talented
Dear 'Editor25A River Street,
Dear 'Editor, Roseau.
Please allow ne space in your paper
of July 20 to express a growing concern.
I am a constant listener to Radio Dom-
inica.. But. since the Crisis was declar-
ed I haven't heard any.of CHALICIE's
songs or the "Gbod Citizens"by Sparrow
over Radio Dominica. Are the songs ban-
ned from playing over 590? If the songs
are banned, what are the causes or reas-
ons for banning the songs? Is it because
Mr. Attorney General advised that too
much Chalkie was being played over the
Dominica radio?
I would be grateful if Mr. Premier
could answer the above questions, and
look forward to receiving the answers
in any newspaper of his choice or at
the above address.
As far as I am aware, Mr. Premier
gives us Dominicais the impression that
Dominica is his estate and'that he is
the MaInager of thit estate, also that'
what he says goes. But that is not sao
in my view. ICLVIN FRANCIS
To FPRI.'A.WU.: We cannot print your let-
ter here, but you are mistaken in
thinking that a Bill to legalize homo-
sexuality alonj the lines of the fairly
recent British'Act was being presented
in the HIouse. Editor.

MA TITIIST: we are sorry to disappoint
"Ma Titine" fans this week, due to the
series of long letters etc. which came
in. And to our more serious readers,
the same applies to JOHN SPECTOR.
--- -- -~- -U- -- -_ -L 1~C
HEiS BRIEFS: On a year's assignment t6
review Labour Legislation in Dominicar,
I.L.O. expert Robert Mitchell *** U.I.
Jaycee V.President Hartley Dottin here
(left today)- on*.Iembership Drive.****
President Nixon, pale and shaky arrived
in White House this morning after his
illness: he refuses to hand over Presid-
ential tape-recordings to Irvin Cormitcee.
*** France's nuclear bomb scheduled to be
touched off yesterday postponed for-bad
weather. Yacht' protesters marooned by
Fr .e jiav gy sselqnm_ lonely Island.
Printed (: Published by the Proprietor,
Robert E.Allfrey of Copt Hall 1iill House,
at 26 Bath Road, Roseaus Dominica, I.Ir..

THE STAR Splms l
-'""'m'U "_P_, __lr-
'... . .. .. . .. I I I I I I I II I . .

b-~-cc~ar-~ C-li~~r~b-~~aPII I~C(ml

SV A U AX Ii A JL L Theo Hartford Fire Illsurneo Compna riyahoi
to inform thei public that the Cfmpaniy has
RARES YfU rocontly complotod a gonoral roview of
Stir operations in the Caribboan. As a
:-osult it is felt that continuing to opor-.
n:to in those parts would not be a viable
proposition, The Hfartford Firo Insuranco'
has therefore
has therefore discontinued operations in
Dominica as from Jume 30's 1913.
Arrangements have boon mado for Insur-'
anco coverage on nll policies in force to
be continued with another insurer.
The IHartford embraces this opportunity
Si to thank nll those who have patronized
them in the past.

0' APPLICATIONS ..are 6a qsttd from suitably
"W qualified persons for: tho post of supor-
&F vising the day-t.4 -day affairs of an oil
i company agency, Exporionco in this field
is ossaentia3l ,ad conditions of employment
Sole Agentq: will be commensurate wit, oxperionce.
S kWiln ritton applicntiona should be addrossod
A.C. Shillingford & Co t .- ho Offico Manager,
u-ar Accessories Dept. 1- ox 11, Toaoou
P.0 o~~iox 1, Roseau.
,t ,900-9/2 ': ,1 >" *

What about 7-DAY TRIP TO THE SPICE IS- rs i fo t of .
LAND OF GR NDA. From August 3rd to AUguSt Offear invited for the purchase of the
loth. intricsive .A following:
Y," oL BLANCO will be TMr w O Olne Fordd Cortina Car 140,St07
One Volkswagen Car No. 2824
Enjoy Grenada! vely Beaches and world renowned
Eno COSe BEACH CLUBd These vehicles may be inspected by ar.
A HOCID YYOLL NEVER FORGET. rangements with the Acting Financial Control.
RATE WILL BE VERY ATTRACTIVE ler; telephone 2671 or 267
Doli a's No. 1 Bald wll Offers should be made in writing and addressed
SC to the General Manager, Dominica Banana
Teera o fit u Vaf Growers Association to reach him by 28th July
For more Ifration Contact: 1973. Envelopes should be marked "OFFER
Phone 3276 or 8219. '-J." Desires HOLIDAY JOB
Best Subjects:
Mathematics, English, Science French and
Sn f Hiatory.
Three years Saturday Sales Experience.

-im 1

AGED 25: o5 .
Advantage if applicant owns a motor car
Apply to P.O. Box o ga.

S- -4-,

-- -- ~~ ---,-----

.Slpplemov'st, 44*

~Prld~a lauS1, il~ a

jar--e----------------- -*" *
Schedule of Apptlcation for Certifickte of Title and Notlnt
thereon and Caveats for week ending 21ist day of July 1973.

Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a CerHficate
w -*Ithereon Notingve
1 thereon or Caveat.

Request dated Minellie Rquest for the issue
the 5th day of Toussaint f a First Certificate
April, 1973 f Title in respect of
Presented the by her Solicitor portion of land at
17.t day of t. Joseph, il the
July 1973 Cilma A.M. arish of St. Joseph
at 2.35p.m Dupigny in the State of Domi-
nica, containing 800
square feet and boun-
ded as follows:-
North by land of Doyle Felix South by land of Elgiva Charles
East by a Public Road West by land of Lowance Pierre.

. Rquest dated
9th day of
July, 1973
Presented 17th
July 1973
at 3.35 p.m

by his Solicitor

Request for the issue.
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
known as a residential
lot at Newtown in the
Parish of St. George,
in the State of Domi.
nica, containing 1504
square feet and boun-
ded as follows:.

North East Victoria Street South East land of Blossle
SAlle South West The Caribbean Sea, North West
land of A.C. Shillingford.
Registrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau, Dominica, Acting Registrar of Titles i
NOTE:-- Any person who desires to object to the issue of a
First Certificate of Title In the bove. applicatlontmay enter a
Caveat In the above Office within six .weeks fro n.thbtd4te of
the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
published In this State or from the. date when the notice pre
scribed by law was served on any bwner or occupier of adjoining
lend In respect of which the applicatlonJs made.
',. 1 - I II III I I I N I I I ." .

SWin Customers and Friends

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ever the shade, with


COLOURBAC is not a Hair Dye but a
restorer, which gradually brings back
grey hair to its original colour.
Only $3.oo per bottle at


Continuing by request
at the.
Seats $2.00 & $1.50
A People's Action Theatre Production

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Have Just Received a Beautiful
range of Enlightening-
Fluorescent Paints
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Date Requested

Through Special Circumstances
Station Wagon in excellent condition
8(a5 Contact: Telephone 724x

II ~I~ __ ___

-- -' -- --1-

o ----


Vei-tay day 3. a Mi'

Supplement (ii)


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