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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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&*-a". Jane Lenthal,
'Research 'Is titut&
thelStudy ;,of Man. i
162 East 78 Stre\ "
..New York 10021, ,
CT-O/ er 2691, Editor 2610
l .^.~ Media Representaive:
Colin Turner (London) Lt0.
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"10 R.A

SVi'rtute P "Y act oFrte

RPSee page
showbiz column

by LetM
: II Ill I 1_ 1 *" r"

-ol XV ...I .r J.. ..... _ -t cents


Miistr resigns aoU
TE long-suffering people of Dominica awoko UNNECS~SSARY OXUTENSION
on Friday 13th to hoar that theo ma long re- OPPOSITION Mombors walked out in protest
gardod as Deputy Promipr had resigned from during Thursday's sitting of the House of
the Ministry of Finaneq. Mr. Bo0.P. Armour Assembly just after Premier Loblmac had
remains a Member of th9 House and of the Lo- declared the extension until Aug.15 of the

blanco Labour Party howevor.
In the Cabinet roshuffleo Mr. Patrick Jolm
got the Ministry of PFinnce and Mr. Arnold
Active was stepped up to Homo Affairs.
The majority of our:readers will regard
this evident crack in iho Party hierarchy
with considerable satif&action and expectation.

Only two< cheeks
WE ARE enjoined by the Lord Himself that if we are smitten
on one cheek by an assailant, we should turn the other cheek for
another blow.
A father, pointing out to hil son the rules of life to be
followed, urged him to observe this practice in his human
"But, remember, son," the father emphasized, "You have only
two cheeks."
By the time a man has been smitten twice from the same
direction he is supposed to have sense enough to guard against a
third blow.
I don't think God ever intended that Christian charity should
extend to the point where a maI is expected to lie down and
allow his enemies to walk all over him.
SThis kind of behaviour is bad for the man who is attacked and
also for his attacker who is thereby encouraged to abuse the
rights of others and establish dictatorial control over his
'i is because people are afraid and they crawl on their bellies in
the .presence of an aggressor that national dictatorships can be
established and maintained.

matter before court
NEXT TUESDAY Mr. Justice Ronvick will de-
liver his verdict on the case testing the
validity of the Emergency Powers Act and
rules and regulations under it. The 9-day
hearing, with Mr. Koith Alloyno QC, Mr.
Brian Alleyno and Miss Eugonia Charles ap-
pearing for the applicants (three C.S.A.
officials under a form of house arrest)
drew auny tons listonors to the hearings.
For the respondents (Govt.) Attornoy Gon,
L.I? Anstin, Mr. Jennor Armeur,Mr.Estatco
Francis and Miss I.Shillingford appeared.


When this mis announced, Miss Charles
told tho House that Dominica was already
"tho laughing stock of the Cdaribboan and
the World" and that such extension would .
only increase this impression. The State
of Emergency was quite unnecessary, she
declared, and was not only killing the
economy of the country but would have fart
roaehiing roporcussions taking sevoral
years to got over. (Concludod on page 10)

y (Daniel eaudeiron

Man, how they change
the leopard, fierce and feral,
becomes a sleek and sated cat,
the muscles and reflexes atrophied.
Man how they change
the slave,defiant and unbowed,
becomes a majordomo
exuding propriety and pomp;
the mind obesued with protocol.

The reams of history are replete
with this recurrence
man, fervent and indignant,
is dulled by time, duped by power
and seduced by adulation and advantage;
the radical turns financier
the people's champion their overseer.

Manhow they change:
the leader,selfless and inspiring,
becomes a wary recluse,
paranoid and reckless;
ambition a malignant cancer.
* ot- *


Friday, tth July, 19735



Dear Publisher and Editor, Let me congratulate you on being courageous
and democratic enough to publish somethioin these evil and crucial~ days.
I warrant your editions of recent weeks will go down in the history of
this country as a mark of qualities which many did not aee in you*
VWhat a resa we are in. A by-election in the offing ~d no public
meetings permitted' Yet the Govt. Part candidate (EQ I d Henry, the
Premier's brother-in-law) official Labour; Lionel LaviiU and Stanley
Prevsct (unofficial) keep public meetings at midnight a4d the Police do
nothing about it! Pat (Stevens) reported the matter ,o the Governor
through his Secretary. Thinking people conclude thaj the extension of
our restrictions aimsat hamstringing the by. election canaaign, I would
add the House of Assembly Meeting too. It has become fashionable to have
a Parliament during such a crisis.
Electoral lists are not published. The enumerators did not go to
the homes, and there is no mention of a by-election. Yet Village Council
affairss take precedence:
The BANANA BUSINESS has a new mess. Boxed bananas from Northern Box-
ing Plants (I am reliably informed) are taken to Portsmouth and dumped
instead of being exported: This treatment, if true, will create further
debt, get the British Government (which is doing gll it can to revive
the Industry) disgusted, and may also give Geest Industries the excuse to
collect bananas from foreign sources,. glut the market and bring the green
boat prices down. An old pupil of mine is head of the Banana Management
Of course, a ban on public meetings will cover-up shortcomings
in high places.
At present I am President of the ?armer Union. Mr. Norrie Vidal
(Salisbury) is Vice-President, Mr. Hobbes St. John (Westley) is Secretary,
and Mr. Austin Stephenson of Castle Brtce is Treasurer. There are four
other:mnembers of committee. This was the result of the Annnual General'
Me-s:,eting of the Farmers Union held at Wesley on 20th lray last. ***-Many'
Banana-growers don t know of all this. So please publish.
Do keep up your censored STAR. Let it shine in the darkness which
has enveloped this fair land of ours. I think you also have done more
than your share.
I was trying to get Mr.Oliver Green over the telephone to thank him
for his fine contribution during the crisis. Paa. the Wp pie~i
You may not be aware that the British Govt. has sent out a gentleman
to supervise the rehabilitation of the Banana Industry, especially in the
North. Xis office is at Wesley. He goes to Roseau every day. Can he be
happy to see the exaggerated reports given by the Agricultural Division
of progress in the rehabilitation scheme?. I am satisfied that I have
successfully persuaded the British Government to send someone to see what
is happening to their money. People plant bananas through price incen-
tive, not through the hard and dictatorial conditions laid down by the
Agricultural Department.
My daughter Helen, with. her. husband and Nigerian-born daughter, is
a. at month-end,
Yours faithfully,
"Strathil", M A R I G 0 T.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Mr. Stevens son, Pat Stevens, is contesting the North-
Eastern by-election as an Independents Mr. Elford Henry, 6aptr*d by
the Banana Association, is said to be Labour's chosen candidate; Mr.
Stanley Prevost is said to be Independent but sponsored by Labour;
Veteran election candidate Lionel Laville is trying at the Polls aaain
as an Independent; but the OFFICIAL FREEDOM CANDIDATE is Mr. DANIE.L
DUB.AN, farmer, who has the full backing of his Party. ************

Page Two:


Friday July 13 1973

Is there a new type

of 'flu virus ?

Many people could well
think so, from getting ailments
and miseries they never had
before. Like a virus that likes
to play around just in your
chest. Or one specializing in
intestinal agonies, or mostly
making muscles hurt, or seeing
what degree of headache it can
produce. And, of course,
there's the super all-body
influenza virus. Are they new?
Some are or may be, in the
sense of being new strains or
"cousins" of already known
kinds of viruses. Thus the
London Flu virus is" a new
strain related to the Hong
Kong flu virus. The new strain
was first isolated in England in
January 1972, hence the name
But there's some debate
among experts whether an
entirely new virus has or will
come along that our ancestors
had never experienced
somewhere along the line.
If a truly new virus did
appear, it could escape notice
for a long time if it caused only
very mild illness. There could
be little inclination to run tests
to get the identification or
licence number of a virus
involved in very brief hit-run
A truly new virus might very
well kill thousands of people,
perhaps millions, because
humans had no immunity to it.
The situation is analogous to
primitive peoples being
decimated by viruses, like
smallpox, introduced by
visitors or hunters who did
have immunity.
But there's no question the
virus-cold and flu season is.
here. Flu may have influenced
the outcome of last Sunday's
pro football championship
games by having hit and
weakened some players,
The new London flu is one
concern. It's an A-type of
influenza like Hong Kong flu,
which was blamed for killing
27,900 Americans in 1968-69
and making hundreds of
thousands memorably sick.
It cannot yet be predicted
how widespread London flu
will be this year, says a
spokesman for the centre for
disease control in Atlanta, Ga.
Possibly, he adds, a major part
of the population already has
some immunity from prior flu

viruses. The currently available
fju vaccine should offer some
protection against the new
rain, he thinks.
The flu virus presents many
i~ysteries, including
puzzlement over exactly how
new strains appear. When a
yery different one comes along,
previous vaccines usually don't
work against it.
Some new Chinese-American
co-operation is exploring some
4f the problems. Dr. Robert
lobster of St. Jude's
Children's Research Hospital in
Memphis, Tenm., visited China
last fall, and returned with
sampless of virus that caused flu
outbreaks in 1957 and 1971.
ie now is growing those
viruses in his laboratory.
: There are two theories as to
how a new strain or mutant.
Spears, Webster explains. One
is that it is simply a change in
on existing form of the virus.
The other is that it results from
a recombination or genetic
interchange between a human
type of virus and one that
affects animals or birds.
A new strain can be lethal. A
worldwide flu epidemic in
1918 is estimated to have
killed some 21 million people,
including 500,000 Americans.
Asian flu in 1957 was wicked
and deadly. So was Hong Kong
flu some 10 years later.
Both the Asian and Hong
Kong strains are known to have.
originated in China, Webster
said in an interview, But
neither was entirely new; each
had been around in the world
before, he adds.
Understanding how the new
strains originate might increase
the chances of preparing.
vaccines, in advance, for
defense when a deadly new
strain did appear. The viruses
he obtained from China will be
useful in this study, Webster
said. He gave Chinese scientists
serums that make it possible to
type or identify strains of flu
virus more accurately than
with older methods.
Webster said the Chinese
virus laboratory he visited in
Peking "is right up to date,'.
They know their stuff. For
example, they knew of work I
had published only a few
months before."


Page Three



PRIME MINISTER Recognise him?

7:~li j~~

... "ours is the opportuni

J^- '^^^-Ti-g

'~w .{ .' T^ B ,R ^ *-*'

. r

On July 10 the Bahamas
became an Independent YOU DO. Well done. Yes, of
Commonwealth country. course it's Bonnie Prince
Legislation on citisen Charles, heir to the Briti ,
Throne, spyglass and all!
-ahip, now passports, .
and a limit ost on the duration of a State. oj
meorgency were prepared, beforehand. Prince
Charles represented his mother the Queon at
the handing-over ceremony. On their way
back from the Bahamas,: Mr. Stuart Roberts
ex-UK Ropresontative in the Assoce. Stntos
had Mr. Roger BIkrltrop, present Deputy Brit-
ish Govt. Representativo, will stopover in
Dominica from July 17-19.

Next Monday Guyana goos to the polls after
strong Opposition protests on onumeration
and the non-posting of overseas votora lists,

UNITED STATES: President Nixon is in hospital
with pneumonia. He has refused to testify on
Wattorgato or to hand over White House papers
to the Irwin Commission.


APPLICATIONS are requested from sa* ably
qualified porsons for tho post of super-
vising the day-to-day affairs of an oil
company agency. Exporienco in this field
is essential and conditions of employment
will be commensurate with experience.
Written applications should be
addressed to:-
The Office Manager,
P. 0. Box 71,
900-t. Bosoau.


Page For T.H E S T AR Friday, July 13, 1973
June 3rd, 1973
N( Y INGQ UNI-~-EDD Some years ago, I suggested in an article which
appeared in the Dominica Herald, that "Dominicans are at the fateful
crossroads of their history". I stated then,, that "we are teetering on
the brink of totalitarianism and economic bankruptcy"o It would seem
thac. during the years that have elapsed since ,that article was written,
we have found ourselves "i4 the fire"; because we live in a virtual
dictatorship, directionless and "moneyless'" This may be expressed more
emphaitically:Dominica msy be described as a plantation owned by a Premier,
mis-managed by his Deputy, overseen by a bunch of greedy politicians,
and worked by thousands of black, Twentieth Century Dominican slaves.
SATION.AL BANIKRUPTCY We have been plunged into economic, political and
moral bankruptcy by the reckless abuse of.power by a small clique. of
incompetent and naive politicians; gided by a number of-heartless, para-
adtia businessmen and professionals seeking fat contracts and generous
favours that they may not qualify for; abetted by a handful of insecure.
and ambitious civil servants seeking to hold posts and big salaries that
they do not deserve; serviced by a grateful Governor; an- tolerated by a
complacent electorate
:ERTI We look abound us and see people, things, and organizations
rumbling.,. Our youth are driven into a state of inertia by the repressive
poliies of a power-hungry government Our roads do not seem A0 be cap-
able of being repaired. Our Churches seem ineffective in solving the
myriad. social anid economic. ills of the State, their potential being
'frozen by the *unwritten law of Church non-intervention in "politics".
HANA- .0An arrogant and selfish Government has managed to play
enough politics with. the most important local industry -.the banana in-
t~stry' -to .crpple it. The situation got so bad recently, 'that an
Q.Oposition member's .advice was taken, and the Board was dissolved and
replacedd by civil servants. The growers themselves were and still are
ignored And'when. a General Meeting of the Banana Growers'Association
was called recently, it was scheduled on a banana cutting day, a=d growers
were told that only delegates would be allowed to attend; and that even
they would not be permitted to vote for a new management board, since
Government had extended the Old Board's term of office, A&A we are told
that we live .. a democracy .
..AtI D1 I We have a Radio station called Radio Dominica, but which
should be more appropriately named Radio Leblanc; because in spite of the
large sums. derived from public funds spent on that institution, the rights
of to the air waves of Radio Dominica are not even acknowledged,
much less. respected. But there is a fresh breeze 'blowing from that Radio,
station. We hear with increasing regularity, the voices of frank, arti-
culate, young Dominicans; and occasionally, we hear a probing interview,
or an objective analysis. Let us hope that these are but signs of a more
welcome future ... an independent-Board-controlled Radioostatin (Spnkon bc-
SPLCEAND DF E FO Millions of dollars are spent on theT~:oEfuc
foh of new police stations aWd police housing quarters. The size of the
police. fbrce is incre~aaend by leaps and bounds.! The. multi-million dollar
incomplete edifice in Roseau is a symbol of the waste and the warped.
priorities that characterize the Leblanc. regime. 62,000 are allocated
this year, for what was intended esaent.ially as a Volunteer Defence,
Force More and .more money is being spent on -such expensive British ex-
ports as modern arms to equip our mushrooming Defence Force. And
Domiricans, are Suah a peaegful people :o (Cont i.ned in our next issuo)
There is on exhibit at Wesley High School various works of art (mostly
paintings) by the youngest set of budding Dominican artists. The generous
pgrize-won gift of Mrs. Gilda Thebaud Nassief made this possible. An in-
terestlng panel of Judges includes, Lennox Honychurch, whom we welcome back.

T~ni~'9,-r, July 13..- i97t

by viarie Davis Pierre
One often hears quite a lot about the Commonwealth Parliamentary
Association, especially with regard to Conferences being held in various
countries, but may not. kiow the real meaning and value of the Association.
As an Honorary Secretary of the Association, I thought I would take this
opportunity (since a delegation from Dominica will be attending a Con-
ference in Jamaica. shortly) to wrpi. briefly on the aims and objectives of
the Association.
The Association, which is an independent Association of the Common-
wealth, has its headquarters. in London and its management is vested in.
the Genrsal Council. On its formation in 1911, the Association adopted
a Constitution, which has been revised from time to time, and this out-
lines in.,detaail the aims, compa~itionr of the Branches, Membership,
Activities Privdleges etc.
The Association is composed of many branches, the status of which
accord more closely with the constitutional position of the countries of
the Commonwealth. The countries which are not completely alf-governin g
have been given the status of Auxiliary Branches. Dominica has theatage
of Auxiliary Branch.
Each Branch makes a contribution to the funds of the Associationl .
The amount is: determined by the General Council and is on a sliding
scale. Each Branch is encouraged to have its ovw local Branch and to
make its own Rules; for the guidance of its members, but these Rules must
conform with the Constitution. Every member of Parliament is entitled ,
to be an Ordinary Member of the local branch and any person who wa,., at
any time, a member of Parliament is eligible on application to be a~
Associate Member. Membersare also entitled to certain Parliamentary
Priveleges and to receive- Parliamentary Publications.
The general purpose of the Association is to promote knotledge and
education in the social, economic* cultural, constitutional and legisla-
tive systems within a parliamentary democratic framework. This aim is
pursued through the holding of Gonferences, Seminars and Exchange Visits
by Parliamentarians..
A Plenary Conference is held annually and this takes place in such
countries of the Commonwealth as the General'Council from time to time
determine, subject to the approval of the country hosting the Conference.
Branches are invited to send a delegate or delegates or an observer to
these Conferences.
Apart from Plenary Conferences, Regional Conferences are arranged
annually and these are held within the e.gion. The Tenth Caribbean
Regional Conference is. being held in Jaumaica, thUs month. At both the
Plenary and Regional Conferences, the host branch is responsible for all
internal expenses except passages which are met by the delegates' local
At these Regional Conferences, Parliamentarians representing varied
interests and points of view exchange opinions in a friendly, informal
and intimate atmosphere. !The purpose of the discussions is. not to concert
a common policy or to plan joint- action but rather- to ensure that all
Caribbema Governments have, a common understanding of what may be at stake
and that they appreciate the motives and purposes underlying the policies
which each is separately pursuing. The members are not bound to expound
the policies of their Ministers; they are free to express their indivi-
dual opinions, which are not binding on the: GoVerar3ient. At these
Conferences resolutions are not passed neither are decisions taken
(continued on Page Nine)
UNJUST T OUR FIIEE BRIGADE e The quipenoit licih brought water fro .
Wo are not blaming you of the STAR,but the sea was our own., not a ship:Ss.Our
we (that is my neirhbours and myself) own firemen did a manful job aided by
Sdo feel that the Doninica Fii'o Brigade loyal DominicaLris including CSA Gen..Scq
was not given its just due over the re- Charles Savarin1 According to my knbowldgt
oont devastating Roseau firo, wIhich it is true that.IriTcain sent somno'$17 00(r
Qould..hae been nuch wore, but for them for more & better equipment: AND TEAT WA
In fact, they worked. lce- heroes* TWO MOIJTHS AGO. Uhy was nothing done?-VJ.

"D rn ma l?4tT

rt\ h' 1~ .C? 'i' aR

Pas* S...- ...
11E ll STAR lirlda J aly:....


Schedule of Application for Certflctte of Tide and Notlntl
thereon and Caveats for week ending 30th day of June 1973.

Date Requested

Person Presenting.

Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.

Requaet dated Ferdinand Application of Ferd
Chare nand Charle for the
28. 5, 73 by hi Solicitor iss* of a First Cart.
Presented M.Eugena ficate of Title in reso
28&673 at Charles. pect of a portion of
10.55 a.m. d at Pointe Michel
Sin the Parish of St.
Luke containing 2638
square feet and boun.
did as follows:
North Land of Mary Giraud South: Land of Vera Warrng
tn- Eastr.Public Rood -West The Sea.

Request dated oretta Jaq Aplication of LorettaJ
Allard JacqueAllard for the
13. 3, 73 by her Solicitor issue of a First Certi-
Presented M.Eugenia ficate of Title in res.
28,6.73 at Charles. pect of a portion of
10.50 a.m. land known as a lot in
RRoseau in the Parish
of St. George contain-
ing 993 square feet
Sand boundedas follows:
North Westt River Bank-South Westt Land of Vernice Dess
South EastiLand of Clarice Birmingham & Cornelius Cuffy -
North East: Land of Princess & Theresa cqu lard
Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveat for week ending 7th day of July 1973.

Date Requested



of Title

of request
a Certificate
of Noting
or Caveat.

Request dated Gerard Application of Gerar
L Ma lore Magloire forte issue
25, 6. 73. by his Soicitor of a First Certifica
Presented 4*77 M.Eugenia of Title in respect of
at 11.30 a.m. Charles, portion of landat Lau.
St. George containing
11200 square feet
and bounded as fol.
North Land of Dennis Magloire and Public Reod South
Public Road East Public Road West: land of Dennls I
Mloire. :
tqut Cayton Victor Application of Clayton
12, 8. 7 Charles & Cecil Victor Charles & Ce
Presented Charles cil Charles for the.
4*7.73 by their Solic- issue of a First Certi-
at 11.10 am. tor M.Eenia ficate of Title in res-
Churle. apdct of a portion of
".nd at Bridon, Pointe
Michel in the Parish
of St. Luke containing
1638 square feet and
bounded as follow.
North l Lands of Jane Charles and Josphine Peltier South"
Poree Road -- Eat land of Josephine Pelier.. We Land
of ane Charles.


Containing: 10139 Square feet &
19415 Square feet
Apply: M. E. Charles
P. Q. Box It2z
28 Old Street, -
Roseau, Dominica.


Offers are invited for a portion of land in
Turkey Lane, Roseau, measuring ap-
proximately 3300 square feet.
For further particulars contact:
Peter I.H.. Mallalieu,
Telephonip 'T24

Put the Colour back into your hair what-
ever the shade, with


COLOURBAC is not a Hair Dye but a
restorer, which gradually brings back
grey hair to its original colour.
Only $3.oo per bottle at


Win Customers and Friends

[Registrar's Office, -- EPHRAIM F. GEORGES Cveat In the above Office within six weeks from the date of
Roseau. Dominica, Acting Registrar of Titles the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper,
Spublh1hed In this Strte or from the date when the notice pre -
NOTE:- Any person who desires to object to the issue of t scrlbed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adjoining :
First Certificate of Title in the above appllcationsmay enter a nd In respect of which the applications made.

Through Special Circumstances
Station Wagon in excellent condition
8~8 -~ Contact: Telephone 7241


-- -- r

I Peso

Friday July 13,1973


*- -._ 0_




Ma Titine woke .up in a jocose CONGRA3TULATIONS to the Arts Council
mood. It. was Monday morning, a new and to Daniel Caudeiron in partic-
week had begun and... it was raining, ular for pinning down one of the :
"We shore need dat rain,' 'she research students among many who come
mused as she rattled the breakfast to observe, study and'vanish;
dishes in the sink, "Is not only dE Norris Stubb., in Dominica on a fel-
groun an de plants an dem nunh I we lowship, has left behind him some
self need dat rain bad." brief notes made from his Survey of
She threw back her head'- aLnd ,ou.r folk music (part of a Caribbean
laughed heartily. "Dat rain come ir study). One. week with some old
time to cool down people 'topeah A WIBS tapes, Cissie Caudeiron's
frown crossed her forehead.," "I hope Music. and Songs of Dominice" an"l '
it cool down deir tempah foh true!" limited number of interviews with .
"Haie Titine., you talking by yo- th' general public' would not produce
self?" Garge entered the kitchen ansaj m amnoth thesis, but this litti~
hugged her from behind.. She sank memoir id a welcome contribution,
against him, sighing deeply. .*d, as Gaudeiron remarks, it msy be
"Oh Garge, I was dere tinkin abo a'1'a catalytic' for greater interests
all dis trouble, an hopin it feencelsh Cissie's work (in Dies Dominica
s0oon." "1972) gives better coverage on the
"You really is a worrier Titinea' side of music and soadg: Sttbba is
tuning on the transistor radio. more informative on the dance '
"Wat you expeck to heah"' Titine particularly the bele (African in.
asked him with a woeful smile. "Is origin, not )renach), for which he
bettah you tune on Radio Antilleas, delineates the steps.
at leas we will get. spme hot Freonh JNeatly printed qbut badly proof
song." She turned the dial and B3ig; read especially the Bibliography) .
A was on in full swing, it is a commendable work which could
M Titlne swayed against him. well encourage more" research. sut .
"Les dance Garge. Dey woman vex vAha do we get--that patois. grammar
foh dat." .. s use o the 8t.Luc a Peace Corps 7
Around eleven o'clock Baby and .......
Genelia dropped in. )MA TITIiE... "Well wat about rd
"Wye-ya-yaie Babyexalaimed, one foh restingn people." Ma Titine
"is. I dat mad you heahTTitine."' said.. I self think is time I go'
"Wat happen now?" Titine enoqired, sa see Rose-O." And that very
"Up to now I :cannot get my vouchai evening she paid Rose.O a visit.
Dose people make me leave my wuk foh. I "Well Titino," Rose-O said to
two week-, to ack jurah an dey cannot iher, "I am confined."
pay me yet...since. de begeenin of M.* ..~a Titine's jaw dropped.
Is not hundred muchless tousan dol "iaCr on-con-fine-. I1" she exclaime4
nunh dey have to pay me," incredulously. "But I tinkin you
"En henh," Genelia added.,.."An ee.. ee efeeneesh wid all dat !'L
you deeden'go dey wood even fine Uyou Rose-.O laughed unrestrainedly,
an you wood have -to go to. jail ee.f 4u., wiping the tears from her eyes,
deeden have" 4e money to pay.'. oow "Come on Titie, don't be :. gooQe,
dey owin n y, an you canot get pay. After all, at my age I meant I am
:agea hrrmphed. "Dis place s 2a csohifed 'to rwy home, because of ofu
kine of a place. Titine, I glad in 4 predicament. (Titine noted that
way I doon go back to Sane Tomas yet, word carefully). Each time I go
but papa-, is I dat within I was deret out I never know if I will return
Way papah! It look as doh I will home. You know that feeling?"
have to carry you wid me." 'Ma Titine nodded her head.
There was silence for a while,theA "Oh yes Rose-0, same ting wid
Baby leaned forward : "An House of me. We was talking bout all dat d$a
Assembly on Thorsday, I heah it wroai ma~nin."
be dull. as usual. It. will have a lot Roae-O offered her a cuppa, but
of question to ax an Miss Charles 'sih decline "I eat soch a heavy
going to move a resolooshun... lunch," patting.her stomach, "an
"Haie, Baby cried out, "T i amtah dat one beeg Zesseat, I can-
heah bout dat one. De one foh de got take more. Aayway we'll see iat
troublesome mattah to feeneesh. .. c~ House o Tor .Ro0)sade-- ed
benh, I wonrdah how dat one I l'ps" a

I~ ~ I

M Page Sevesr-

___ _~L ___i~ __ T ~U~l_

TH I E s T A-

Pridhav. July 13. 1973

Friday July 13,, *.

MAW Makes Nearly Everything For
Polycarbonate F e e d e r s & Feeding
Sets, Measuring Jugs, Mixer Spatualas,
Baby Powder, Prickly Heat Powder,
Baby Soap, Baby Blend Cotton Wool,
Baby Cleansing L otio n, Baby Oil
Baby Bathcare, Junior Soluble Aspirin,
Orange Halibut Tablets, Tancolin
Cough Medicine, Petroleum Jelly Zinc
& Castor Oil Cream, Nappiclene
(Nappy' Sanitizing P o w d er ), Tufty
Tails (Extra Absorbent Disposable
Nappies), Also Toiletries Gift Boxes,
Changetime Baby Packs, Bathtime
Baby Packs.

, E s .. .. .W . .

Another Great BELLES COMBO Spectacular



Yes, Another Great Hit For BELLES COMBO,
Dominica's Top Band (without brass.)

Fantastic Spouge Sound "ME AND YOU" Belles OWN Composition,

Also Available


-....- ....__ __ ..mi i-,

'Fag. Eight

ENUMaRATION in the North Eastern
constitutuoncy has now taken place.
(soo p.2. letter from W.S.S. of
July 4 was long in reaching STAR).
Prolim, Votoer' Lists are on show in
the ar6a. Voters should chock and
report omissions &c. by Monday 16th.
L A. Dupigny & Co. Ltd.
Hal o Just Rocoivod a Bo auti fl
Rango of E N L I GOHTENIN 0

Mrs. Claudette Li Rocque Lewis and Family
Mr and Mrs L.J. Larocque and Family desire
through this medium to thak all friends and
well wishers who sen wreaths and other token
of condolences or sympathised with them du-
ring their bereavement. Our special thanks to
Dr C Grell for his devoted attention to
Christopher during his illness
" [I [ I [ '" I | 1 I II [ -

I-- --'--I 1----I ---------~-rc--.,


Rocket Records is ELTOT JOHN-'S own
record company. .Religious' differences.
are marring the bright prxepects of a
WAYITE (of the Qsmonds.) and z"'SEEJY
(daughter of Pat Boone) 'marriage...By
the way, EANDY makes the"sixth'member of
the JACKSON 5 (or should we"now say 6?).
Come '74 and DAVID CASSIDY will be'say-
ing "adios" to Partridge-S'..aily...~CESY
(just eleven) is Britain's teeiie-weenie
contender in the curirenti"littlo idol"
show-biz domination...David'Clayton-
Thomas,. who left' '7, is how
suing the group, claiming $50,000 as
one-ninth of revenues 'due hia,..Meanwhil
3 Dog Night are being sued by Dunhill
Records for alleged broach' of contract.
5$3m is at stake. .Gladys Knight and the
Pips are no longer with Ilowtown. Their
follow-up to "Neither One of Us'" will
be with Buddah...Klaus V.borman will have
to be bass-man if therers to be a BEATLE
re-union (that leaves baby-fhce Paul
Mcdartncy, whd;troealiing 'mar athon suc-
cess with WINGS -- out).., "Play it
Again Fats" is a. beastly albuim'from
FATS. DOMINO no one should miss* It in-
'cludos Blueberry IHill Ain't That-A '
Shame, Country Boy, I'm Roady, 'yAy Girl
Josephine among other -Antoino" .Bartholq-
maow' monstrous 1%its of tli late 40t5
and-50 1... then GAYLORDS l0avo 'our shore
(THIS month?) I bQlieve it's 'only then
most of us will '~gin to prove the
INvalidity of the aged ol"maxim: Outa
sight- Outa. mind Suroly-w6 ARE going
to miss the wonderful sonds of CPU:
Not for a.wook-ond, thn. '"'But,' for SIX
months., Wha Won't their souhda sound
foreign????? But, are wo going .to
treat BELLES COMBO the samo way 1 Or,
are we going to a~t;tto apprjr-ciato the
good things we have..'.Francob s record-
iLotcors are going.- wild over GIMIS,
SERAPHINE's "At the. BayT" '(souil) and
"Lovorbird" (roggah) releasedd on sop-
arato singles: by Colini and. accompanied
by Guadoloupe'os GUITTARRE BOYS& ........
SWINGIi STARS. are now heavier and more
up-to-dato(ish)....LIUID' ICE' ro buying
off from GPU as.tho latter finalize
vrrangemonts for their ENGlLAND-bookings.
1SOLO's fans will be 6dho mire thrilled
when.he appears at Arawakt'. July 17 hoav
jam (details nexc wooJz).,. But, WIZARD
will be there too with a "tim-tim bois
shosh" controversialI in Chalkio-fashior
June Atrailo are definitely going to
cut their LP in BIl-shire noect month*..
I understand that 1YC intends to meet
Gov t discuss recommGencoient of TEENAGE
TEMPO by a Students' Council-National

.. by lxrio Davis Pierre..
It can be 6aid thorofore that the
'greatest advantage to be derived from
the C,P.A. 1"tho opportunity it
affords members' to mot their folloii
Commonwoclth Pirliamontarians at Con-
feronc'e or' through visiting dole-
gations. From those personal cont-.ts
spring lp friohndships, understandings
and an exohan'o of ideas which are
the essence' of the Commonwealth and'
mako of it a vital living commiunitj.
Delegates are givon through organized
tours of'the islands, procoding Con-
forehcone aii opportunity of viewing
Sthe sceiic'woidors of the Conferonco
vonuo -and of th6 varioyi achievorionts.
in colitruction, trad~ and culture and
compare them prith thoircs It is laso
a measci of 'fostorihg various interosts
of Parliamoiitarians. so that they can
1 gain a widbr lkoiorlodgo of their pot
suboctc' also' find new forms of co-
oporation and become sensitive to the
problems of others.
At the0 irihth Caribboan Regional
Conference hold in Bermuda last yoer
members"r'ofute6dthe charge that thd
C.P.A. iwai a waste of money. Thcy
maintainedthat there was no better
opportuiiit, to' discuss and debate the
Sproblems of tho islantds than through
those Conferences. They were of the
opinion that delegates should soe to
it that discussions wore not the end
of their deliberations but that ':
thoir return' hbmo they should take
positiveoaction on matters where
agroomont was reached.

The C.P.A. 10th Regional Confer-
once mentioned by our correspondent
Will _take place from July 23-88,and
three Dominican Parliamentarians are
leaving on July 17 for Jamaica.They
are Hon. EA.Leslie (Home Affairs),
Hon.RS. Fadelle (Opp. Freedom Member)
and Mrs. Marie Davis Pierre herself,
as secretary to the local Associate
Branch of the C.P.A. They will do
some scene-survey in. and discussing
S fore thee actual CPA business..
Youth Cbihcil panel (but "I', I
ry doubt"whetherP YC have given such a .
worthwilo idea AIiY thought. If 3ou
are a moeabeor of some youth group,,..
. why not bring up the issue at ,YC's
convention on the 22nd at Castle
Till, Rap TIGHTi
9 9 9 *

"Page Nine

Iljfda!r. Juls 13, 1973


Pago Ten T HE S
$ T *n'*RS **P O*R*T "S H or chris t on
Cricket England won the three test
-latch series against Now Zealand by
beating them 2-nil. When the final
test match resumed on Monday morning
with England batting at 526/6,. a drawn
match was predicted unless one of the
teams collapsed in their second innings.
Much to the surprise of the keen follow-
ors of the garei. iow Zealahndit was who
failed to get their heads down and were
so1ittled for the meagre total of 142
with Glen rner who failed miserably
in his first innings after getting 1000
runs in May11 was lact man out' for-81.
Final. score were NITw Zealand 276 and
142r Mark EBurgous 87" and Vic Pollard '.62,
Turner 81. For -,_"ngland, Arnold 5/27,
Show 3/34 and. Old2/41. "Enland 419,
Gooff i15, Fletcher 81 anjd
Ilin&gworth '62. For Now Zealand:
Collin-go ,/''
Pollard ~. .ed the batting average
with over C100 fc.ll.owied by Congdon in
eho 70:; and cycott and Antis in the
60s. Chris Old led the'bowling aver-
ages followed by Arnold.'
The West Indies touring toan are en-
joying a successful tour tbodate having:
won three of their six' first class
matches played, most recently, Glanorgan
who lost by an innin and 11 runs,
drawn two; matchaoe tthe test star
studded Derrick Robins X1'.
The West Indies batsmen are in form
but nohe so much as the lefthandod
Alvin Kallichran who in his last four
first class matches has got 3 centuries
and.a 60.
The West Indies start their first
tost match on July 26 at th" Oval.
Meanwhile, on Saturday they will start
another three-day, natch against Sussex
at Hov*e 'Connentaries' nay'be heard on
21.47 MHz,-.17.79 'MHz and15.07 Mhz.
.England's convincing win in the third
teot against Now Zealand muct have done
them a world of good since the first 2
matches were rather closo things-for
then. They boat Now Zealand ift that
last test by an innings and one run.
SCORES: N.Z.276 & 142; England 419. *
New Zealand's performance was disappoint
ing .after their superb cricket of the
first t'o Tests. Boycott topped Englandb
batting,, Amis coming next. For IT.Z.,Pol-
lard topped the average & Condon (who
scored most runs) cane next. -Toet match
averages), *** WEST IiDIES, with a con-
vincing vi-tory over Gla:iorgan, look set
to withstand anything England'can throw
at then wh.en the Tests start.Glanorgan
(batting lst) scored 255':. U.I.only had
to' batoonce iiled up 439 for 7 wktd.i
(Another century for Kanlicbheran-) ****

{ A Ru-
Offers aro invited for the purchase of
the following:
One Ford"Cortina Gar No. 3107
OrioVokswaigen Car No. 2824
Theso vehicles may be inspected by
arrangements with the Acting Finai-
cial Controller: telephone 2671 or
Offers shoiild be made in writing'and
addressed .to the Geonral Managor,
Dominica. Banana Growers Association
to reach hin'by 28th July 1973.
Envelopes. should be marked "OFFER FOR

SPECIAL CLASSEr wil be held on Mondaysl
IWdnosdays and Saturdays between
10.30 a.m. and 12.30 (noon), for stu-
dents of the Typing Class who live in
the country-side remote from Roseau*
At those sce classes students on
long vacation (whoce parents would like
them to spdnd'a useful eight-ten w5~K'
in learnihG to typo) will he adzittqsd.
In this'connection please consult
the Principal at the Dominica Trade
Union Hall or at .68 Kennedy Avenue.

HOUSE ADJOURTS -(fron page one)
Miss Charles referred pointedly to the
by-election in Torth Eastern District-
It was halfway through the Premier's
cnotion-chakgod tirade. about the (alleged)
Police State and the (rebellious) Civil
Service that the Opposition walked out.
Many'persons desiring to attend the
Session, including Ir. 'E.C. Loblack, a
famous past-legislator, wore denied'
admittance. A strict search of all those
admitted wras:mposod by Police personnel.
A wonma E1adLUe officer pulled this Ed-
itor's reading glasses out of their c 6c,
looking for a lethal weapon presumably.
The 'ITols is. tabled to sit again on
July 19th. (Much unfinished business)

Globalanxiety has boon caused by the
insistence of France on exploding a
nuclear borb in the pacific on July
14t, Bastillee Day. We think the French
are dead wrong, and admire the brave
N.Z. navy who are prepared to face ex-
termination by entering the danger zone.

Printed & Published by the Proprietor,
R.E.Allfroy of Copt iall Mill Houdo, D/ca,
at 26 Bath Rd. Roseau Doninica West'Indios.

__ __ _~ __ ___C

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