Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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MrsT Jane Lotithal rj ;

[0setudh Insot -a w. ak TO OUR ADVERTISERS I
Itte study of Man v ia
Es2 t 7m 8 Street We Rely on Yuu
cew Yrk 10021, T To Keep The Free
VOS/ / -o.a a *e: STAR ALIVE
Cbr~rner ( London) Ltd. -Vlrtt l 6uc Omlt*ste Jortuna
122 Shaftesbury Ave, W. !Editor: PHYLLIS SHAND ALLFREY
Fri j~ 1977104 C anto
Sovern meant DyE Ban on public meetings under Emergeny
r Excerpts from an editor Powers Regulationa, due to expire June 30
IoIla THE VINCENTIAN was extended until July 17,
how Q02~1 a, man who profesAses
leadership of a country be so mentally.r AS W IJ CON T /ffI /IfNii tmp
myopio--or do hypooritical-- a to talk
glibly about "good regional relationshipal BIG FIRE IN ROSEAU
when the island, .that he leads ia byword On Sunday night at 8.3o a huge blaze
ant and th piple who try to us was seen oposite the. Carib Cinema.
govrnment and the pt*ople who try to use f b f
their own minds7 How' an you talk of good The greater portion of the block facing
relationship while you practise savage the Carib was gutted.
brutality on your ol people? How can you Shocking cases of looting and des-
talk about hating ipereialism wxiile you trtlion o property took place.
a1d your follower* practise gross iMper-
ialism on your own people? Such an atti
tude can only be due to a combination of
ignorance, .etupidity, cupidity and. power
When we look at what is happening in 6
Grenada and in somo of the other West
Indian islands,'we cannot but ask ourselv-
es why are the West Ind4ian political lead-
era so loud about economic. development and
so silent about----so indifferent to---the
development of good, ~zst, democratic Sov-
emrnent in the region.? Are they and their
regional' secretariatv s stupid that they
do not know that tyaanny, repression is a f i S TROUBLED- YOUTH
sterile, negative (f tair in which nothing
thrives, not even i6onomics? Are they so Mr. Godber's secret I
empty of view and vision that their only agreement with Mr.
answer to .our distrebsed complaint about Gairy was that, if Mr. J .
the prevalence of -political corruption, Gairy made indepen- 1
.tyranny, injustice and crime in the region dence a plank of his
is---"We cannot interfere in the internal election manifesto, and,
affairs of any islandd? So the economics if Mr. Gairy won the
of each island is an eternal affair. fTey E e c t i o n Britain
can interfere in THalT but not in tyran- would "confer" inde-
ny, not in the overt crimes of a govern- pendence on Grenada.
ment. That's internala". Perhaps the truth But the other As
is that not a single West Indian politi- eociated Sta-es should
cian dare cast the first stone at a 'cor- take warning. Britain, .-
rupt colleague. may again connive me ci
The double irony pf all this is-that the with political leaders See Rupert Sothaiado
people of Grenada were advised by the to violate Consiitutiona
British Government some time ago that a in which the people Address on Youth p.7
Gairy government var not a fit and proper have trusted.. .. _ .
organisation to run ithe country properly.
The Grenada Constitution was accordingly 'same Britain which discountenanced Gairy
suspended by Britain. But no sooner do / a few years ago has now entered into a
an opportunity arise than the people of / secret, dishonest pact with him to under-
Grenada returned a Gairy government to run / mine the island's Constitution and betray
I. I .. -h- / the ieo le of Grenada!

Page Two T H E S T A R Friday, June 6, 1973
To mark the recent feast of Saints Peter and Paul, we reprint this
editorial in BOUZAILLE-LA, by Father Edward A. Alexander.
Chalkle was not singing calypso yet, but this particular song would
have relevance in Palestine of Acts 12:1-11.. Herod, the first man of.
the land started persecuting members of the Church. The first O1E 'GONK
was James the brother of John. Herod had him beheaded, and seeing that
this pleased certain people, he decided that Peter, the leader of the
Church was the NEXT TO GO, Soldiers were called up, they arrested Peter
and were keeping constant watch over him; and, human nature being what it
is, they must have. given the pooDr man a rough -time, beatiAg.jE ima.p~ yi,.:
be even torturing him. The Church prayed unceasingly for him remniber-
ing the words of Psalm 33: "The poor man called,, the Lord heard him and
rescued him from all' distress. The-angel of the Lord is encamped around
those who revere himi to'rescue them." The Lord sent his: angel to res-
cue Peter.
Peter must have remembered that night in the garden when soldier?
came forward with swords and savagely swinging batons'to arrest his
master, to beat up onq who was teaching in the temple day after day,
preaching justice and defending the rights of people; a man who never
preached violence or appeared in any way to be violent, but as he himself
said: "this is your hour; this is the reign of darkness". Peter
remembered when he himself.drew his sword and struck, cutting off the ear
of one of the at;ack4ts. Peter must have remembered that the Lord told
him thafe things:
1. The will of the Father must be done, he must drink of the chalice,
a. He wams capable of calling on the Father to sendl him legions of
angels: who could defend him without using swords, clubs, rifles
or machine-guns,
3. Those who draw the sword will die by the sword.
The day came however when Peter had to drink of the chalice, on a
certain 29th ofJ une, Peter died as his master, crucified. ONME GONE.
The NEXT TO GO on that same June 29th was one who at one time per-
secuted the Church of Cad. He aided and abetted the killing of the deacon
Stephen. He worked for the total `destruction of the Church, he weAt
from house to house .rtfst ing both men and women, harassing them and
sending them to prison (Adts 8:17)., He was breathing threats to,
SLAUGHTER the Lord's disciples,' He had gone to the High Priest and asked
for letters addressed to the synagogues in Damascus, that-.wouu autharise
him to arrest and take to Jerusalem any followers of the Way, men or women
that he could find. (Aats 9). Paul said it in his own words: (Acts 22)
"I persecuted this Way TO THE DEATH, and sent women as well pa men to
prison in chains.,," "I used to go from synagogue to synagogue, imprison-
ing and flogging ,those who' believed in you, Lord; and that when the blood
of your witness, Stephen was being shed, I was standing by ,in full agreed
ment with-his murderers, and minding their clothes." God struck this man
and made him an instrument to bring his word to the pagans. His own
people A.n turned against him: "Rid the earth of the man AIe is not
fit to live. They were yelling- and shouting, they- examined him under
the lasn...he who had lived lashing others was on the receiving end,l qnd
at the end he died. His conaslaItn.-Lwas that he died in the Lord a
for the Lord., as he himself said: 'I have fought the good fight to t.
end; I have run the race to the finish; I have hept the faith; al. thdre
is to come now is the crown of righteousness reserved for me "
On the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, let us learn from tht lives
of these two great christian giants that:
1. We must always be prepared to do the will of the Father
2. God can deliver us from any type of problem,
a. We must not be too quick to solve our problems with swords, 'clubs
and arms, for those who draw the sword will die by the sword,
Let us pray for all oppressed people, those fighting for their rights,
for justicao for peace. May God help them, and may they receive eomsola-
tion from the beseaitudes.

Friday July 1973.


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Page Four T H E

Friday, July 6, 197.


LIBERATION, why, when, where, how?
Africans in Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau
must be liberated from the Portugese tyrants.
who destroy with chemicals.
the very foodcrops of the inhabitants.
The Basuto, the Griciua,, the Hottentot, the Mashona
the Matabele, the Zulu in South Africa
must be liberated from the Afrikaner murderers'
who deprive them of the amenities of life.
LIBERATION in the independent African States"
of Uganda, Zaire, Zambia?
What kind of liberation do the citizens enjoy?
LIBERATION we demanded, fought for and received
from our white 'masters' **
Are we liberated under our' ruthless 'Black Brothe
Brother, Sister, what of LIBERATION?

INDEPENDENCE, what is it?
INMPEENE for the tiny West Indian Isles --
Antigua-Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada,
St.Kitts-Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent -
S With problems of economy ignored,
with coffers almost empty,
with starvation in the offing,,
with hat-in-hand begging
Canada, Great Britain, U.S.A. --
with no sense of gratitude?
INDEPENDENCE for the State bosses (not the masses)
ignorant of a Welfare State --
to live in aTflueace,
to drive citizens like dumb cattle,
to silence the voice of protest,
to good advice quite deaf,
curtailing the means of decent living?.

INDEPENDENCE for a Police State
to shoot, and maim and kill
those who dare oppose
the evils of inconsiderate mortals
mad with drunken n power?

Mr. Ivan de Grasse, leader of the
St.Kitts Opposition, after com-
plaining that a militiaman was
pointing a machine-gun at him while
he was in the House (from the roof
of a building across the street)
rose and left Assembly, followed by
other opposition members. We believe
you, Ivan.
Because they got a letter from
Premier Bradshaw accusing them of
'effrontery'in raising fares, LIAT
pulled out it-, services from St.Kitts.

One of the pooris wuo
printed last week
was wrongly attrib-
uted to the'poet
W. H. (Wystan)Audon.
We, apologist for
the error and quote
now some lines fror.
his voluin NME YEAR
LETTER, publiShod by
Faber & Faber, 1941.

The situation of our tino
Surrounds us lilko a -
bafflihtg at atl
There lios te' body
rs'? half-undrobsoed,
Ue all iad reason to'
And all are supoects aCnd
Until the mystory is
And under look and"oy
the cauce
That nakeo a nonos6feo of
our laws',
0 Who a0s trying to -shiald
Who left a hairpin'iii
the roon?
Who was the distant '
figure soon
Behaving oddly oil the
Why did the watchdog
never bark?
Why did the footsteps
leave no mark?

Where w6ro the servants
at that hour?
How did a snake got in
the tower?
Delayod' in" tho donocrac'ies
Bydepartnontal vanities,
ho" rivil sergeants run about
... nore to squabble than "find out,,
Yet where the Force has boon cut
down *
To o'ho inspector dressed in brown,
Ile moacos the murderer whom ho'
.And. all investigation cases.
What was that? Wliy are the public
S buildings so high? 0,
That's because the spirits of the
public are so low.
*A'io a --
Audn was satirizing 1itler's 'Policv
Stato: Ilitler inaugurated the.browin
shirt jack, later a popular uniform.


H O'.U S E OF A'.S S E M B L Y continued .
Nt w s m g te The Att. Gen. promotes an amendment
Next week's meeting of the House, to the W.I. Assoc. States Supreme,
to which the public is invited_ pro- Court (D/ca)' Act of 1969. Home
vided they obtain tickets at the Affairs proposes amendments to the
entry point on street level, will be Juries Ordinance, the Narcotics
held on Thursday July 12 at 10 aom. Jures Ord (inaxic, resting of all
It is the 3rd session of the 2nd Act,' and (most interesting of all
It is the urd session o the C nd- and already a focal talking point)
Parliament under the 1967 Constitu- an Act to amend the Emergency Powers
tion. It promises to be less dull Ordinance. (See foot of page 10).
than usual. RESOLUTIONS: The Premier will move
THE ORR P R one deploring violence and threats
After the preliminaries of prayer of the use of power in the State.
and confirmation of minutes, the It is full of noble sentiments. aid
Premier will present four village attaches papers "purporting to bc a
council by-laws. Then the "Honour- publication of the Movement for a .
able Financial Secretgry"? will pre- ew Dominica"* Dfebate ont this should
sent an instrument for the exten- be interesting, ROADS: Comm,& Works
sion of time for 127I Audit report, makes known'that certain Roseau roads
and then the 1971 accounts,ait.l* within the Customs compound shall
oLter items which coine up later as cease to e roads Mr MOIS urges
bills, exemption of spouses of Dominicans.
,Question time.' follows after
estion timeioiov after fro- the term non-belonger', ardi has
Government Notices and Unofficial
Notices, and. includes 3 questions an important resolution on the need
Notices, and includes 5 questions .r. ^^*ndum ^-pre r\^4 '^ -
by Parliamentary p tion Leader for a referendum before Dominica
by Parliamentary ,Opposition Leader
A, oise on (1) obsolete fire-fight- becomes Independent-y Association
A. Moise on (1) -ther nd. Commonwealth country.
ing equipment (2) position of stud#. with uaoterndon h try
ents at U.W.I. and (3) jpbsition of (onluedo page 10)
students at Law School, TIE WT0D 'STRIKEI '- by Hugh Lau-once
The Hong Third Nominated Member I have beer. hearing so much today of
Miss M.E.'Charles will asl questions strikes that I took.time to find the real
on Land Management Authority, meaning 'to convince me., from my VWobaoer 's
on the Government's Authorised new Twentieth Century, Dictionary.The -fiirst
Overdrdft (how much has.b.been :paid one I cane upon, with its 36 meainihs,,
from the $900,000 voted: on 9th May pertains to 'a blow!. The.second onb; with
1973 for a). Deep Water Harbour & 25 meanings pertains to 'to pierce'. And
(b) Low Cost Housing; and she also the third, with its 19 meanings, reads:
presses for details of gratuity & "A concerted' refusal-by emplloy-ea-to
pension details, of monies paid' to go on workln- in an attempt' b6 forbeat~''
retiring -Public Officers.. employer to, rant certain demands, as. for
MOTIONS: Dp/Preeiier as Min/ higher acoGs, potter working conditions.,.
Finance & Development will ask for collective bargaining etc."
approval of $474,540 dollars in The' average person must or. shboild eoal-
addition to sums provided for in is'e that 'this moaning is the last resort,
this estimate for year 1973; and that is, the ultimate means of relief.
for another supplementary estimate IS O T E BEAUTY QUEENS
of $89,998. Miss Dominica 1973 (Kathleon Telomaque) i:
(Hardened Assebygoer are going to AntiGua for the Caribbean Queen
used to these extra; appeals by now)Queen
used to theseappealscontestyiAn early Au ust. She will'have
BIELS: An Act "tq'validate the stiff competition from the region, but
holding of a.:By-election to fill the.Carnival Committee is confident she
a vacancy" (Scobie's seat) in the will win! She will wear her triumphant':
Roseau Town Oounoil, the time for costume designed by Alwin Bully. To raise
such by-election having elapsed, funds for the trip, a special fee will-be
As Minister of Finance etc. ir. taken at the tarib Cinema show on Sat.niL;i
Armour corms up with an Act to 1973 CARIFTA Queen Esther Fadollo will
sanction certain payments from the be honoured at'a Ball at Layou River Hotel
Consolidated Fund in excess, of the on Sat.July 28', an event promised by CAR1I1J
sum provided by law (twice)-, an Director IIr. 17. Lewis, now in the State.
amendment to the Finance Act and Special gcuest will be earlier CARIFTA
simililarly amendment to Income Tax success. from Dominica, led by Anthoa
Ordinance. Mondesirc and 1972 (Jamaican) CARIFTA 'Quec.n

PAge five


friday, July 6, 19Y3

T4TA iday Jul 61973

-.. '" "- .,

,:- Schedule of AppllcatOln for Certiflcati of Title and Notingf
theiton and Caveats for week ending 30th day o4f June 1973.

,Date Requested
,, " '

Person P


.1 - -- L}

Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.

questt dted Feordlan ppliation of Fer&d
V* Cadrct llnd Chailea for the
S38 73 his Solic itor tie f First Corti-
SPresaented:. ,. MEunia ti of Title in re-.
t 28,6.73 at .Chares. pt portiou sf
f iO5Si Lm. t ~datRPotnte..Miahc l-
, -. ,- ._._. r_,_ n tb- Pariah' of St.
.Luk" ~o, tainiog 2638
S.... .tnd boun.

North' Land of Mary Girsud sit bf Wjrh
ubc Road --W t -
Request dated Loretta Jaeu poti f 1ks ret
.. .t64]uosAeIIrd for the
13. 3, 73 by her Solicitor ~ste of i Firt Certi.
Presented M.Eugenia ,ieate of Title in sea-
28,6.73 at Charles. pect Of i portion of
10,50 a.m land kiowni a lot in
--_ Roseau in the Parish
of St. George contain-
ing 993' square feet
and boundetia follows;
North Westt River Bank-South Westt Land of Vernice Dea
South Eastland of Clarice Birmingham & Cornellus Cuffy
North East: Land of Princess & Thera jaces Ailard.
-Schedule of Application -for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending 7th day of july 1973.
Dots Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
*... ./ .thereon or. Caveat.
Reqadst dated Gerard Aplication of Grard
S; "* M jloire h4aloire for the issue
25. 6. 73: by his Solicitor of a First Certificate
Presented 4.7.7, M. Euenia of Title in respect of a
1t i10.30 a.m. Charles portion of landat Lau.
S'____________ dt in the Parish of
St. George containing
11200 square feet
and bounded as fo.
North, Land of Dennis Magloire and Public Road South
Public Road East. PublicRoad West: land of Dennis
IMalair. .

7uoat lay ictor Application of ClarIon
12. 8. 71 Charles & Cecil Victor Charles & Ce.
Plesnted Charles cil Charles for their
417. 73 by their Solici issue of a First Certi.
at 11.10 a. tor M.Euenia ficate of Title in res-
S- pect of a portion of
Si '"d at Bridon, Pointe
Michel in the Pariish
of St. LqW containing
S1638 square feet and
S-.boeundead followr-
North? Lands of Jan Charlie and Josephine Pettler Souths
or i Rad -. East Jand of jophlne Peltler, West Land
Rof jantCharle.
Regstrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau, Donminica, Acting Registrar of Tites
NOTE:- Any 'person' who desires to object to the issue of a
First certificate of Title In the above. applicationmay enter a


. ... 7" ,.

agoi.j o_ k 1

The Group I S 0 SN (o Search Of
Something New) would like to thank the
Defece Force, Mr. Brand,- and all other
guides and volunteers who hae helped in any
way to find lSolnge Prigle. Cairon Elwmi
Martha Richard nd Kaihy Toulon



I ~FJn~


:Containig: 10139 Square feet &
t. Square feet
Apply: M. E, Charles
P. 0. Box 121
28 Old Street,
Roseau, Dominica.


3 bedrooms, dining and living room,
kitchen and 2 porticos.
And more cool refreshing air at all hours
of the Day. Of course, don't forget that
beautiful scenery.
For further information contact:
Mr. or Mrs. Miller
5 Murphy's Lane
Goodwill or call 2333

Accommodnation Vacant
Situated at Goodwill.
Also House fob Rent.
Contact: 'Phone 2o41
coIv4 enW!scHoLo
Best Subiectm:
thatcEnglih Scin, French and
Three yearjlSaturday Sales piece.
I Caveat in the above'Office within ,slx weeks from the date of
r the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspapaer,
| published ln thf( State.or'from the date when the 'notice prc |
scribed by law was served on any owner Or occupier of adjoining!
land in respect of which the applicatioesn made.

~ sc

Friday July 6, 1973



Pago Seven

Friday july 6, 1973 T E S T A

Address delivered y -Rupert'-Sorhaindo at
the Freedom Party Convention, fesley,
Sunday June 3, .1975, After saying that
he could not pretend to speak on behalf
of Dominican'youth, he added:-
"Ido h9pe, that' tEeviews which I ex-
press today arone* thp. -cscheb:.of t ,.sottii-
meant xa. most young D inicans. "
It may be appropriate to refer here,
to the "generation gap1. Sociologists
all over the wobl4 have beenasponding
much tine trying to understand and des-
criba that pheAongnon.' The' widespread
revolts,, riots, a d'other news-maling
protoets of the 1960 d and1970ts brought
out with painful clarity,' the existence
of a 'generation gap". iero-in Doninica,
we have seen, and still seeb "anifosta-
tiona of such a'. 'gap' ih various forns:
nodes of dress a~T.'eixression; tastes in
nusio and dance forns ;"Four Corners; the
SMA.orises of 197?; the cynicism of
youth; and so ona-
Today's youth-peeon to iatch their
parents as they grapplo, often clumsily,
often unsuccessfully, with the now con-
ditions of the Space Ago. They soo the
tasks which their olders are porforning
as poorly done; they feol that there
munt be c.better way;" a bettor approach;
and they. rust find it.' They recognize
the hypocrisy and the rule of 'double
standard' which chhracterizo aand govern
the behaviour and attitudes of so many
of the intentions of .the older genera-'
In the. opposite camp, haiy adults
judge the actio" and responses of youth
in the context of their own exporiences.
And this only reinforces nisunderstandin
and distrust, an only widens the 'gen-
oration gap'. A loiig as b. y adult
thinks., that he, like th" parents and
teachers of old can becob6o introspective,1
look to his own pxper'encos, :and invoke..i
his own youth toi understand' the youth
before him, he is lost." There are many
adults who should recognize that tines
have changed'; and that wishing that
things today-weor as they were fifty
years ago is not going to brAige the veQy
real gap that divides the 'generations',
I would like to thiInk that I an in
the nidst of people ho are hot married
to the past; people who are not frozen
in the cast of sterile traditions;pooplo
who are not narrow-nindod; people who
are not intolerant. 'In hoert. I hope.

Tonight, July,at u. ,30 p.n, the
Kubuli acc Coipany is procontin'g an
evening of ontcrth~inant "Tropical
Poolsido Fiosta" at the Fort Young:
The show. foaturdc'Bolloo Combo,, 'Ast
Cats Steol Orchestra, Siffleur Montagno
Chorale, ULa 36'116'"Thoatro, Models and
The Kubuli Dancrsc.who recently tourqd
St. ThoriI. "T'ho highlight of the ohowe
will be aquatic da4cores in the hotel's
Seven now nuabor (dances) choroo- '
graphed nainly by Raynond. Lawronco fpr
the Kub li Dahcers will be presented
and thseo include "lo' Throe", "Lot it
Be Moe1, "Ihcid'bnt" and "Shanmgo".
The show, which will also include thh.
nodelling of hbdern designs and croationsA
will be followed by'a dance with mucio
by the BollesDCo.bbo.
Tickets dao on salo at Fort Yourn "
Hotel and. .r.ntonl., .ad front aenbiors
of the Kubuli Dance Company.
Nowly-w od Kola andSonia. Adoloko, are
now in Austria enjoying the: mountain'
scenery, iTins and nunic of that beauti-
ful country. (Sho6 Wa Sonia Allfrey).
They will return to London after
two o. weooks.

Detr Editor,..-. without tripping you, I
had some friends&coning to visit no from
the United' States I had bought now shoeeo
pillowcanac dishose"tc, and now they say
in a letter that owrin-g to our condition
here they will not cone in 1973.
i1 an very upodt and disappointed 'as
I an a private person not ,a rich hoteL.
and besides I had cancollod my yearly
holiday to mako preparations for them
I have always boonn a loyal voter
and supporter of Govornme.nt. Should I
a-pproacl then to.. hlp c?:no
S ,"., (PHs) AiL.P.,,ROSEAU.
We'=t 'dvYac ou.d toaoy
-a--- ---a ..--e - ---
Hupert 'Soslrin.' contd.' .that weo all
~horo-eibeors and supporters of t1 2 Free-
don Party) are inobbors of a happy fraily'
a fa-ily characterized by undorstarndinga,,
respect for one another, tolorasce and
I hope thero is. no generation gap in
the Freedom Partyi
* *
Next week's instilment will include
I-RT?.IA, A.NA~KA 'FASCO And sevoe'al
oth~.s, a'iouating.aections of thi~ .
ad dro.s. (Contd. next icue)

Frid3v. July GI 1973



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Friday July 6 1973




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A.C. Shillingford & Co
Car Accessories Dept.

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PAW, S I[ II 11f I- .. r
ii I i~~--C i--RIIB IIII .... .. ..I~I~IIPIIY


riday, June 6 1973 E S T A R Page Nine
FIicto MAEe Cynthia Watt
Fiction M1L TIT'IE 'Cynthia Watt West Indian Recipe Cynthia Watt
"Garge," Ma Titine called out from PUMPKIN CAKES
the kitchen, "no news yet bout dose qued: 1 young pumpkin (full),
children pumpkin
Garge, who had just returned from I egg, I grated onion, a little
WidsorPrk repied: .flour to mix, salt, pepper & Vhgme,
Windsor -Park, replied:
"Yes, deyjus. rig d'emntd deir 'home; Oi! for fying.
'Way papa," Mat. Titihe 'xclaimed,"wat Method: Boil pumpkin (with skin);
a weekend I One beeg fiah," car akseedent, crush well and add all the other
children lose.,.way, way, w a~yJ1 ingredients. (The parsley & thyme
When Genela-. apid Baby arrived later, .:aust be finely chopped). Have f*y'-
the ladies settled dovw t their daily ing pan properly hot and drop cakes
chatter. Of course, there' wai plenty with a spoon. Pry until golden
material at hand to discuss, and they bromt. SerVe hot with pepper-pot.
fell to it with their habitual. gusto. fried fish or steamed fish pU~tding,
"Garcon 1' Baby said, "when I heah de .
beeg explosion I. jump from my bed an DOMINICA GRAM~AR SCHOOL MAGAZINE
pull a. ole dress ontop my nightgown an This expensive production ($1,
fly down by de fiah. "hen. it have fiah quite worth while for students, par-
I dboeon stay inside nunh`l I have to ents and old boys), was well printed
sao wat happonin. I not hoah t the Govt. Printery and better-than-
wat people. tell me." J usually proof-read. It is an exhaus-
"Tru- you yes Baby," Genelia replied, tive accoiut of the school present
"Boy, but no jok...&ally6u doan see dat activities and its editor is Mr.
damage? All 10 Rsst ihhi all MIarina E.O. Loblanc's son Einstar, who gives
Club, do. house. dat facing Pewoee Factory, his father's patois verses and trans-
all dqt bunn d[on$ flat 'oo I Dat pore nation a 2-page spread. The magazine
gal Idris...all ose people- children Fuas is well patronized by advertisers.'*
Communion clothoe...all dat 'buhn. Iss Obviously a lot of work went into it.
only her machine, an a bed.aho sc... There are touches of humour in some
An people tief 14ke hell Is dat doy of the less..factual pieces some by
dbin you know wcp you hoa, it have a old boys.
fiahi..aomin an pay day helping, an mean- If you want to know what goes on
wilo d4y carrying away people ting at in this 'nursery of the elite' buy
doir home., or bettor still borrow a copy.
"IHmmph I" said Ma. Titin6, "an dose
pore people have to make annodder ex- APPREC IAIOl 'f-ROM- PORTSMOUTH
ponse to buy clothes agaih I An what Kindly convey to Mr. Oliver Green our
abdut sholtacoi People already cannot get thanks for his letter on Ca&. F spoke
house to rent*.. onh honh look trage&gy.' a mouthful, though his tongue got bit-
She ruminated: "even c0f Idris-willin. 1 ten. Certain individuals DO degenerate
to pay back somoting to help-do parents, Jaldr we XDO hve.-heied of RiE MENA.-- P~M
way- she gottin all dat money? T MAI TITN r.. f course Ma. Titine.
MBby chimed in. "Dat woman dat leave i.. tie e to
~~dola gdsloopin rotortedf, 1i long time -I doo want to
do lp lighting wi doe chilrn do dat, but dat fiah make me decide
in do house by deysclf, anus coelf go quickah. Tomorrow I going start to make
cinema, ,.I self doan know wat I wood dotart to m-
hah...1 mad man eI -..w -do rangement vid a contractah. "- ..
ha... m man I"Bottalilook"foh an honest one I"'
"En honh," Ma. Titino took a long swig Genelia. advise- n .
Ong sw3 Genclia. advised ,-
at her local rumn, "oven oof do inshorance 1 i e hmiphed. "Who know witch
help, dey cannot never got back do same wan bettah? llo radayns people only lo-bkin be os' feD foiu..u.I.ntin de foh deor pocket. Since I can get-one
girls by Boilin li!ake, ioe'"d6ii people of dom to bol mby house foh me how I.
tief black is white. Doy even mash up wa it 4id wat money I hav, is all
tingc. wee "
Ma. Titino took another swigi "Allyou
a decide to doby id'' Genelia. mile indulgontly.
kndw iwat dat fiah mktd- nib decide to do?",
",tllw uat said Go.ah -- "You not easy nunh, Tititn. You
"Toll us," said Genelia. too gdod foh ydh~elf heah! Baby said.
"I going to break doliddid house ha "We," aid Gcnelia o! ed hr drin,
put it up in block. Evbn if fiah come, "good lulk.Titin. We wid yhu all d,
t lowu I will have dom good luck.Titinc. Io %id you all do
at lean I will have my wall an dom still
standin. Is only clean I will have to. .
S, f "eoah, Heali "l' and Baby followed
clean up aftah." uit. "Eong live Titinc 1"
"You moan dat I" Baby asked.

. T E

A*T._**S*P oR* ; .- *...- liorchrioton
Football is relatively crt. or the 22nd
of this month and all 'cnthusia'a and
f as hope that the s6oson can really
go.' going on that date'.
If football really a'tartoi 'schdule,
one hopes that unlike past yearof we can
havo-" completed season, possible with
Gr:tckot: The, West Indie' .'eam after .
0osaing to R.H.Robins XI came good in
their next match by doeoatiHg Niottingham-
shire (Sobera county) by 9 wickets. The
West Indies batsmen continho .t score
heavily: Kallicharah got hia secondd' con-
tury in smccessivo matches; Foster.,
Frodoricks; and, a. atill" linmpiAg Rowe got
in the: 80 's in that .g &a6o' Rowrs. 84 to
be oxact included fiftoen-4'- a'd 'a 6.
SFinal ascores in 4that'"Notts.' gamo- were
.NottinghFashire 201 & 292, W.I. 328/6
doeo, and 166/1. .
The final test matchli btwc.h o{ew
Zoaland and England tarted 'Tiursday,
'rith Niaw Zealand batting "fiist"T6r the.
first"time in the three htch'series, .
EngLDnd are one up. Scores at"Pross
tineo, New Zealand England


Fr9idwy l y /1973.

mimortant High Court Came

To our readers:

an entire article of some 54
lines regarding a case in.,the
High Court in which the applicants
were represented by Mr. Keith
Alleyne, Q.C., Mr. Brian Alleyne
and Miss Eugenia Charles, and
the respondents by the Attorney
General, Messrs. Jenner Armour &
Eustace Francis and Miss Isabella
Shillingford, has had to be-omitted
by order of the Censor,

You will hear about this case
all around town however, and even
read about it in a less restricted
local newspaper.

West Indies will play "heir. first'
test math against England on July 26. C
TABLE TENNIS. A- DASA. run table tennis E.
alub coapo-tio.ion is in full .wing at the N
-Fire Brigade, Recreationi Hall" S
The 'eans participhtihi aro, 'Royals, 0
Diodoabma Martians, C.ononnwaith,.Asto

At this stage in the competition, D
Conmonwcalth, (which includes" Blackban
and the young pronmising- ohbnso in their C
throo-natctrong -toan,;th' third nonrber E
.being Honderaon) are y6etto lode: agam Tr
and are favourites to win in the first
o-vor table tennis: le0aguo... 0
HOUSE OF ASS EMBLY From, pae five) '
Finally, HIon. ,M.E.Charles will move
.a resolutionn "Revocatioh of'Proclamation D
.D-eclaring State of mergeency"; she
Swill ask that immediate stops be taken
to draw-up a grievance procedure for the C
public.service along ,CSA-suggoated lines E
and press for the appointment of a com- N
mittee for drawing up Guide lines for .
Radio Dominica 0
We quote from the already published R
and disseminated amendment (c) to Bill E
.9 .(viii)-coming up in the House next D .
'Thursday; 'by replacing paragraph (3) ) of m~ Q1 -C ( -a1 ?-7r ay, 1951)
thereof with the following -"to take any a
other measures, including t{he arrest and simply ,aid: "to thk'e any other moc6sures
detention of persons that are.reasonably which hoe(the Administrator)" deems
justifiable for dealing with the situa- essential to the public safety and the
tion in Dominica during the period of life of the connunity.".
public emergency." (See neot col.) Printed & Published by the Proprietor
Robert E.Allfrey of Copt Hall ,Mill
House D/ca at 26 Bath Rd.Roseau,
DOMINICA West ,Indies.

1 __ __ ___ _~__*___ UI--L-C-CII __

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