Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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a&s. Jane Lowent ha A
rsiirarian rA
*ReSearch Insti.tdte fo .
f the Study of t lan,
(162 East 78 Street, A
IT ew York 10021, N.Y. mttt -u c e rtua>
Vonq/5 No.15 Friday April 13,1973

Georgetown Accord Signed
A document, The Georgetown Accord,
is being signed today by all the partici-
pants in the Commonwealth Caribbean
talks with the possible exception of Mont-
serrat and Antigua. The Accord agrees
that the m o r e developed countries
(M.D.Cs) -will form a Commonwealth Car-
ibbean Community by August Ist, 1973.
(which date will be .kept as a West Indian
holiday) and that the less developed counr
tries(L.1.Cs), the Associated States,may be
phased into the community by May 1.,74.
Briefly this means the unification or pre-
sent common services, a united front 'in
dealings economicand diplomatic with the
rest of the world, and a common external
tariff with equalised fiscal incentives for
investment from outside, The LDCis
have bargained for greater.. jindus-
trial advantage ( W al E )

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Page TwMo T H E S T A R Friday. April 13., 1973
To return to that question raised last week "why do sections of
the Dominica middle class now support the Labour, Leblanc or Shoe Party?"
I-think the operative word is'noW'. Those who join which has
stated idealistic aims in its early days when the struggle for recogni-
tion is on,,are in a very different category from those who climb on the
band-wagon after the party has undergone considerable metamorphosis.
The early joiners, and. this particularly applies to intellectuals may
genuinely. feel that the poor and underprivileged. have had a..shab.yQsocial
dea.,, ^ha1a a t aw e reformers they will
b'e helping to change society and improve the lot of the majority. Some
of the best and most selfless members of the British Labour Party came
into this category, for they had nothing to gain and very often something
,.to! lose by their stand. None of the early Labour ,joiners in Dominica can
be estimated to have rallied beside the founders for this reason. In
fact, the middle clase, or the bourgeoisie as it is so often mispronoun-
cedly called, shunned the Party in its early days and almost every joiner
was & peasant, an underemployed or workless perbO'n, a person eager to
have a membership card because he was going to migrate to Britain and
felt it would be a key to Labour friendships there, .r an advantage-taker.
One oa two of those advantage-takers had the shrewdness to see that the
movement, so honestly started, --mld. grow, change its structure and
give them opportunities. Moreover a'e. word 'Labour' which is a password
or nickname. for almost all political' parties in the Caribbean, was then
beginning to become popular
It is also true to say that the Trade Union movement is bound by
its, very nature to support an early Labour Party. "A fair days pay
for a fair day's work" is, a maxim of both. The Trade Union joiners did
not therefore come under the categories; named above, save insofat as
its members were working-class peiar.s engaged in a battle for existence.
Alas, despite the ascendance 'of the so-called Labour Party in this land,
the. samne persons or their younger generations are still engaged in a
bitter struggle fol existence, for a roof over their heads and for
,,secuity- -- while the main industry, bananas, artificially. propped,
trembles in the balance.
And the biggest irony of all is; that a new dug-in ruling class has
been established with the biggest incomes for the least possible work.
The se people have come to tqa s.. wiLhisome-..of the- old middle c.lass. It
*is like'"'Gaorge 'Orewll satire. "All men are equal, but some are more.
equal than others."
The people about whom my reader inquired have one trait in common.
It is a curious sort of loyalty. They will support the Party they have
embraced even when it does wrong or harmful things, out of sheer self-
interest. That, and not the fact they are middle-class., is what makes
them different from the rest of us.

A bouquet for the Deputy Premier who seems, with the aid of Robert
*Bradshaw, Bramble and others to be putting up a fight for the LDCs against
the MDCs in Guyana. The Caribbean Economic Community idea. should
certainly be pressed forward, but not on the original terms of second-class
partnership. I trust that the Hon, Minister is conducting himself at
the Gonference with dignity and maturity, rather than the schoolboyish
giggling manner which he sometimes puts on in our own House of Represent-
atives. If only we had a Speaker who refused to put up with the bad
manners of the Ministers of Finance and Home Affairs, the affairs cf
the House would be worth broadcasting. As it is the gentlemen concerned
often turn the deliberations of that 'august assembly' into a farce.
When it meets next week to amend the The. Finance Act 1973 by exempt-
ing some of the spouses of Dominicans who are 'non-belongers' from the
$500 fine for- daring to marry a. born Dominican, I hope that someone will
point out that the whole business of reducing UK citizens to 'alien status'
is unconstit u tional (despite the wrong and absurd fact that an English
Government did not see fit to exclude the Associated. States from the
Immigration Act): two wrongs never..made a right. (concl p. 6)
f 0 2

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required to strengthen the Accounting
Department of the Geest Group of Com-
panies. This is a new position and offers
Considerable scope for advancement. The
position will be based at Castries, St.
Applications are sought from West
Indian Nationals who should preferably
be in their late 2o's or 3o's,
Applicants should be qualified Ac-
accountants (AACCA) or studying for
the said qualification, or similar qualifica-
The post will involve the preparation
of monthly accounts and budgets and also
include systems review in addition to
general accounting responsibilities.
Internal Audit work will also be in
Solved requiring limited travel within the
A salary in the region of $8oo. is en-
visaged but is subject to negotiation de-
pending on experience and qualifications.
Applications, giving details of age,
educational and academic qualifica
tions and practical experience must
initially be in writing and forwarded
to the Manager, Geese Industries
(WI.) Ltd., Roseau, Dominica by
the 3oth April 1973,
marking the envelope 'Assistant Ac-
Counanta '.

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Roseau. m

riday April 13, 1973

Write for the free 32 page booklet "Con-
flict of the Ages" to:
Rev. James L4 Van Hecke,
St Joseph Baptist Church,
St. Joseph, Dominica
Z2) 142a\



and Windsor Gap.,

r19e- 9


Page '. bour THE S T AR Friday, April 153 1973
(Early this month the Inter uanorican Press Association Committooee on Freedom
of the Press mot in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Primo Ministor IIichael Manloy said
then that he gSav Press Freedom his outright support. This article is from
the Swiss Press Review).
It is the old problem again. One of the first things that dictators
do when they come to power is to control the press. They can't stand
criticism especially criticism which is shared with their subjects.
Critical journalists they describe as saboteurs, as people who want to
prevent the great tasks of national reconstruction which they usually
reckon they are about to achieve.
On the whole., they have absolute, power; so they find it relatively
easy to abolish the free, press. They can't suppress all criticismn, but
they can suppress the kind of criticism which gets printed and spread .
around the country on paper.
When they have done this, however, they often find that they have
to return to the criticisms which appears- in the foreign press --some of
it available in their own countries. The classic response to this the
one which has been used by the Communist countries for several generations
is quite simply to ban- foreign newspapers, or at least those which are
critical. In Eastern Europe and the; Soviet Union, you can buy, for
example, a. British newspaper on a newss:tand sometimes --put only the
Morning Star, the organ of the Communist Party, which is hardly, read at
all in Great. Britain. The. same is t'ue of all the Conmmunist newspapers
of the Western European countries.
This is the most effective and the most rational way to go) about
suppressing foreign press criticism. Its effect is of course limited,
because it does not treat the criticism at source., But Soviet leaders and
other communists are sophisticated enough to know that this is impossible.
Not so, other less experienced dictators, like Amin of Uganda.. They
nourish the thought that they can go right to the asurce of the criticism
and get rid of it there. They are so obsessed with their own absolute
power that they cannot understand why there should be other governments'
whidh do not possess this absolute power and harbour no wish to possess
it. They fail to realise that a Western European government is in no)
position to stop the press of its country from criticising them, even if
there ware :any wish to stop it,
The. latest example of this comes indeed from Uganda. President
Amin does not like the tone of the Sunday Telegraph, one of the British
newspapers still available in his country, at least to a limited degree.
He consider himself insulted by this respectable organ qf British public
opinion. So he starts thre.atoning: both the British Government in
general, and the Sunday Telegraph in particular, He says that if the
paper doesn't stop criticising him the few British remaining in Uganda
will have an even harder time of it. than they have had so far. "They
(the people who write in the. Sunday Te.legraph) should kno-t that they are
putting the; British personnel in Uganda into a very difficult situation.
The Uganca Goverarnt may take action".
Thereis no doubt an- expectancy on Amin;s part, based perhaps on his
happy experiences. in this respect in Uganda itself, that !the Sunday
Telegraph, and perhaps other British and European newspapers into the
bargain, will stop criticising him when they hear what he says. He
compounds his threats by saying that quite soon the ban on tourists in
gaenda will be lifted, but that if the criticism continues British
tourists will be; excluded from the general relaxation.
Amin, like other dictators, will have to learn the hard way that the
only way of stemming adverse criticism from abroad is; to stop the .news-
papers in question being sold in Uganda. He can't get. at the. critics
themselves unless they are foolish enough to go to Uganda while he is
still in power. And every time he tries to get at them from his residence
in Kampala he. will merely provoke more criticism and more derision.

TH~ SAR Fee Fxw

Friday April 13, 1973


Dominica Agricultural Society,
Members are advised that the Annual General
Meeting of the Dominica Agricultural Society
will ble held an Monday, the 14th of May
Resolutions should reach the Secretary at P 0
Box 61, Roseau not later than Saturday, .28th
April for inclusion in the Agenda

Antony Agar
Honorary Secretary

I 8I*1-1/1

Write for free Bible Correspondence


Rev. James L, Van Hecke,
St Joseph Baptist Church,
St. Joseph, Dominica,


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persons for the post of Town Constable,
Roseau Town Council.
The post is pensionable, and is in the
salary scale of $162o x 60 x 80 x 120

The Officer will be required to wear
uniform provided by the Roseau Town
The duties of the post are governed by
Regulations of the Roseau Town Counci
Applications mroust be addressed to 'he
Town Clerk and reach the Office ot tihe
. Roseau Town Council not later than 23rd
April, 1973. ...

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Pafe Five



Q4vTH E S T A R Friday April 13 L 973

In any case in the accepted Horo are the main points of 3 reso-
international sense (those little lutions passed unanimously at a DFU
cards one fills out at each stop mooeting early this month, and for-
when one travelaabroad) 'next-of- warded to the Premier, the British
kin' is husband or wife, wife always Minister of Overseas Development,
takes husoand!s nationality sometimess WI1BAN, Radio Dominica & the Pres's.-
also preserving her own), and, ac1cor 1. That neither WI1iBAN nor the Dom-
ing to Chriatian Marriage rights, inica Banana Management Committee
husband and wife are one. This wholeconclude any contract with Geest In-
business of one tiny little indepen- CLustries- May 1st next until every
dent state running contrary to inter- item in the proposed contract is pub-
national usage. and law, for the- sake. lished, discussed, carefully scruti-
of a few hundred dollars (which ma nied by the public and the Dominica
however be a lot to the individual n Farmers' Union, and finally placed
is. going to bring Dominica into (at. before the House of Assembly for
the least) ill-repute, and (at the. approval
most) conflict with- the Interna-tion-
al Court at the Hague. 2. That WINBAN and Management Comnittee
R Dof Civil Servants should be scrapped
READE R S V I EW ...and replaced as eanly as possible
Dear Editor,Not Much Change by two bodies that will handle the

Last week I read the, front page
article in fine print "Island In
The. Sun"', which is very interesting:
but conditions at present are almost
the same as those years. aback, when.
Terence wrote that article.


The Death of English





It is all very well Madam Editor
to hear that Spanish and even Ger- "
man are being taught in Dominica
now as well as French. But what
about English? Our so-called mitheD r
tongue is so badly used even in l
educational processes, at school,
over the radio etc., we hardly
recognize it as the-language of n
Shakespeare, Dickens', or even the
great modern writers. c
What really worries me is the I
accent in which it is used habitually
these days. It is a pi.jin accent c
without any of the purity of good .
masters such as; Skinner, Pidduck
and their successors... When we speak +
bad French we can always blame it on
our patois, but when we speak bad a
English-we, must blame it on our
parents, teachers, leaders and
broadcasters DICTION FAN, Roseau.

TWO LETTERS have been rece.ited crit-
icising strongly the manners modes
and. shortcomings of secondary school
students, particularly those of St.
Mary's Academy since the departure
of.the Christian Brothers. They blame
Govt. for interfering and even slam .
the present Principal. Sorry, no room
to print in full. EDITOR.

banana Industry in a manner that will
give justice and fairplay to all con-
coerned and in particular to the pro-
lucers who count most in the industry,
3. That the Banana Management Committee
of Civil Servants be dissolved (follow-
ing the Jamaica pattern) and replaced
y a 4-man Advisory Committee including
an M.P. and Banana Farmer as chairman.
That Farmers be given immediate 'repre-
sentation on the local Banana Committee
or Board.
It was also resolved that the Ban-
ina Management Committee of Dominica
rake a statement immediately in the
Local Press and over Radio Dominica as
?egar-s. the December 100 per bon
-/hich was not revealed and from vlcah
-o grower benefited in Dominica.
All these resolutions. had preambles
setting out the reasons therefore, and
ucidly stated.
In January and February 1973 articles
critical of the way in which the bana-
la cricis was handled were printed in
-he WEST INDIA CHROiNICLE. One stated:
,his present situation should not have
At the grand age of 92, Pablo Picasso,
the world's greatest modern painter,
died in France and was buried on
April 10 near his Chateau at Vauven-
iarques, Provence. He was married 5
or 4 times and was the father of
four. His art, through its fascin-
ating stages of style and development,
first shocked then attracted the
admiration and patronage of the
connoisseur everywhere. He despised -
the dictatorship of General Franco.


Eridav. ~Q~sriL ~8, ~918

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Area approximately 8too s. f

S Cll 2481 Extension 36

To the Magistrate Dist. "E"'
I, Herbert Winston, now residing at
Newtown Parish of St.George do hereby
sgvy you notice that it is my intention to
apply at the Magistrate's Court to be held
at Roseau on Monday the 2nd day of
April 1973, ensuing for a Tavern Liquor
Licence in respect of my premises at
New Market Parish of St George,

Dated the 27th day
of March I97

Herbert Winston

To the Magistate Dist. "E"
I, Cuthbert Baptiste, now residing a
Trafalgar Parish of St. George do hereby
give you notice that it is my intention to
apply at the Magistrate's Court to be held
at Roseau on Monday the 2nd day of
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Dated the 26th day
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Cuthbert B aptid I

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The paper that makes youa
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Schedule of Appicatn for Certificate of Title and Not I
thereon and Caveats for week qpoding 7th day of April, 1973.
bate Requested Person Presenting Nature of request whethi-
er a Certificate of Titie o
Noting thereon or Cvatt,
Request date James Clarence 'aequeat for the iasua
the 17th day of a Firat CertificAto
of October, by hig Solicit of Ttle in r t of a
1972. portion of land in 'he-,
Presented the, Cima A.M. villge of St Jos lPhi
4th day of Dupisny in the Parish of St. Jo-
April 1973 | saph, in the Stte of,
at 10.10. a.m. Donanica, cotlaisnin
at 1O._O. 350 square feet andj
----- bounded as follow%-.
NWtAs by iands of Alphonse josaph; fsaig by kis of Marw
Touuainte South by lands 'f Crisford John Charl;s and sn
Aceu Road: WoY by land of Mrs. Emanuial en ,.

Access Road.
Registrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominica,

Acting Registrar of Titlefs

NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from the date of the Fi t
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the noLce prescribed! by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoi-;., |
land in respect of which theaa? !cation is ma e.
-- i 1 1 1 1 iiii n i tii~ r M a *i iilli *r ir i i iii i ir n



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!Friday Aps-i 13, 1973

Ptge Eirhti


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Fiction MA TITIiME Cynthia, Watt R E AD E R S V I E W S
It was a-few -days after Ma Titine's' Dear Editor, roud oF 9omlncA.
visit to Rose-O, and having prepared
her dinner she was in the drawing I must sendyou afew lines to
room enjoying some music from the say how very proud I was of Dominica,
gram. Eurilla was sorting the. records for the very good booth they had at
and Na Titine was about to fix her- the Exhibition at the Beach Hotel
self up with a strong rum punch,when recently. Many people here were
Baby and Genelia arrived surprised but I knew that at Expo
"Eh Titine, heah you busy nowadays! 71 in Grenada, Dominica really
papal Genelia greeted her. "You came tops of the Associated States.
have a new fren!" They put oi the exhibits very
Titine brought out rum-punche.s and attractfully and there was always
handed them around. someone capable in charge. We
"Wa. tnew fren?" she enquired, thought the Dominica. hats looked
settling herself cosily in her chair. very good. What a lot of drinks
"Ah Titine : you know well who I they ankoe The mats as usual were
mean. Rose-0 nunh," very good'and we thought the prices
Titine shrugged her shoulders. had dropped. a bit
"I only go an ax her -someting I We thought that Grenada put on.
dee heah about. You know shie know a very poor show in St.Lucia. The
all de beoufs, dat goin on anytime, furniture may have been good but
Wuss dan me ." She smiled, there was no mark to tell anyone
They sipped-. their rum-punches that it was from Grenada and many
while the gram blared out: "I doan people thought it had come from
want, I doan want, I doan want." Venezuela
"Garcon, I dee mad las night," Congratulations to you Dominica.
Baby said. *"I doan know what dey Once more you are tops of the.
doin wid dat patois programm. Do Aszsociated -States '
aniounsah dey have now not bettah O0 WH LOVES DOMIiMICA,
dan de fuss one. I dod have to cork Gastries
my ears. Is broker French already, -1O -VIs1S i011 THAT SIGN
but dey mashin it up now 1. COITGPATULATIONS and "Good Show" to
Titine said: "An to make mattahs Coca-Cola for creating, taK meaningful
wuas, Guvrhent doan worry bout wat we. and directional signs at the Copt IHall
say. Is useless goin to de Premier : and Trafalgar Road junctions. *Tourists
As for Crown Prince," winking at them, and other strangers hiking to enjoy the
"helas.: poor us." natural beauty of our countryside will
Later that evening, as Ma Titine no longer fool lost, and perhaps unwol-
was passing through Lagon, a dense corned, in this part of our State.
crowd attracted her attention. Hurry- Thanks a million
ing to find out what was. happening, from "TRAVIC"-
who should she run 'into but Ancine, .
her old enemy, the Minister' s friend. Gvrte;t (guided by the Tourist Bbard)
They collided head-on and Ancine. was should be very careful how they givo .
sent sprawling into the gutter. concoesionai to commercial firms to put
Rising, she came rushing with a, bull- up signposts advertising their products
like roar at Ma Titine, who was on our country roads. This is a cheop
roughly pulled aside by a policeman, and vulgar form of advertising which
"Wat de..." But Ma. Titine was defaces the landscape, as opposed to
given no time to answer. With a the dignified signposts which would
sharper jerk, she was hauled towards, cost Government little to erect and
the police jeep, and roughly hustled would ro.lly. help the tourist. For
into it. "Dam trouble-maker she instance, where the commercial sign says
heard a police say. Bursting with "Sulphur 'M4AZs" it could also sac
fury, she turned to her captors.. .Ptotton Uavon Island House and IIornio
Again she could say nothing. Proopor",Once in old days Mrs. Napier'
"You will give your statement at spoke in the Houce against road signs.-CD,
the station," she was told. MA TITIihE (concluded ) -C.Watt
The news, spread that Ma Titine "I doan have nottin to say now. I
was arrested for vagrancy, and a'croed was going to tell allyou wat happen
gathered near the police-station, an allyou doan let me spik. So
Meanwhile Titine refused to an- all I want is my lawyer. he will
swer any questions. advise me. An dat is dat!"

_~__ ___

Friday, April 13, 1973


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S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*TS Morchriston E
CRICKET -Ausitralia Retains Troply
The Sir Frank Worrell Trophy l
(competed for since 1961) is retained
by Australia..
Australia defeated the West IndicsE C
by 10 wickets early on the final day.
at Bourda. An the fourth test match,
an unbeatable 2 nil lead in the five: t
match. series.
West Indies batted first and 0
amassed 366 runs, a. match winning 0
total according to the experts. W
Clive. Lloyd 178 his highest test scace
and R.Ka.nhai 57. Topseores:-
J.Hanmond 3/110, MWalker 1/77 'and '
Doug Walter 5/66. Australia replied. '
with 341 (much to the surprise of thh
critics); Ian Chappell 109, brother h
Greg 51 and D.VWalters 81: VHolcdr
1/64, K.Boyeo 3/69, L.Gibbs 3/67 and d
Willet 2/88. U
7 rT + + -

Friday. April 1., 1973

NOUGH OF OBEAH from page one
)beah is in fact popular with folk-
.orists, the superstitious, the re-
eengeful, and the love-lorn. Such
peoplee will sometimes pay quacks and
charlatans to work .spells for them,
nd rather dirty spells they generally
Lre; politicians are not averse to
;his form of winning friends and in-
luencing enemies. We've all heard
)f the famous baths and visits to
theirr islands.., as well as the Pundit!
[hat we never entirely know is how
much rm the exercise does. Not just
physically but mentally. So while
re appreciate our witty youngsters
rho treat obeah as a joke (and we are
holding up one' such story now), and
.re happy over their increased scept-
cism, we would like to add that the
Lubious practice of obeah is not pop-
lar with US._ ..

1o0 on the fourthcla r crashe.cT -efore Sdr
o on the fourth day crhd befo under Carifta and .for priority to
tea for 109 all out, their second the Investment B
west score in the, Vlest I 6 h the Investment Bank which it is pro-
loewst score in the West Indies, The
bowler mainly responsible for the p .ll th set n i
damage was Hammond "'durif,. t r.irm ll these meetings and decisions
ssaia. After lunch, Ulke.r and are steps towards integration by com-
f lamercial meansA anfd pnr linn .+-ns,
Walters continued the damage and afit mehca, aid from it0 hi i ai tit.I-IS
21 minutes batting, 10 min. on the which will. held:1 om
third day they were all out. Hammond in Dbminica.
4/ /45 a Waters 2/2. The first two matches will' comr-
4/S8 Walker 4/45 amd Waeters 2/2o.
4/u8tralk were ater 2/. mence on Sat. 21st April and continue
uswh ih they i withoure t los. o on Sunday 22nd April. Dominica Will
which they did without loss. K. p G at t B n Gardens
Stackpole 76 n.o. and I.Redpath 57 Grenada at the Botanical Gard s
S taokpol 76 n^ o. mudr I .Rh 5+ 7+.- no.- while St.Lucia meets 'St.Vincent at
The 5th. and final test match start wh cagrounds. t
Saturday, 21st April. The t1to winning teams will play each
other at the Botanichl Gardens on Tues.
The touring Australian Cliffhanger & Wds. 24t 2hAclL, while tho t.o.
XI drew their 2-day match against losing toanc iiill moot at the Grmmnar
Dominica on that leg of their West School Grounda on those ame dates.
Indies tour. Ticheta uiill be on sale for all
Scomes:- Dominica 242/9 dce.e. andl matches at 25ccnt' each.
151/5 dec, Lockhart Sebastian of BASITBDALL. .By-Trinoo Elections easily
DGS., Widwards and Combinocl Islalds defeated SIL rGails 55-32 last Friday
104..highest individual score. C.L- were
ro e 24, Gr 20, E.evening, Topocorora wore:- Elections,
rooque 24, G.Shillingford 20, E.CharJs c.Rohinon, 10 and G.Dani-l 13. Gail,
34 n.o.,'.L.Gardner 3/35, P.Ferguson M4Thonna 10.
3/65 J.PFuller 5/64 & 1/15, D.Hou Me The other match of ..that 1vonin0r ZI-A
/51 and: 1/36. Sharks overcanao .DGS 62-44. For Silar,
Cliffhanger'3;I, 146 and 192/6. J. A.Dixon, stylist 22, E.H>yor, otoodyl6
Fuller 35, J.Bell (capt.) 30,G.'1cMal- and E.Loblac!z hardworlking 12. DGS
44 and G.Bennett 62 n.o. G.Shilling- I.IuCight 15 candEDaltymplc 14.
ford 3/27 & 3/29, N.Phillip 1/15, On Uo'dnooday'night, Raiders whipped
K.Laurent 1/9 & i/58, D.Abraham 2/36, SMA. Gaild 64-46. :
,T.Faustin 1i/17 and L.Sebastian 1/7. In the highest scoring match thick
LEAGUE. Matches continue today aot season, Caroni Cardinals completely
the Botanical Gardens with a match overwhelmeol PRosau Concords in the first
between Celtics United-vAid Spartans. match of the second round.
Un.der-19 trials; are in full swing for 1UiCA U has loft hizc whole collection of
*the Windward Islamds Tournament ctihor modern painter to the French nation,
Printed & Published by the ProprietibvRobert E. .AleQfrev QfMill House
opt Hall, at 26 at Road, Rosea' o minca, tneWe dies.,

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