Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Mrs. -Jane LoIIA lt S,.

T search institute for DOMINICA

C162 Fast 78 Street virtte 't't -an -St -Tortuna
1.1 York 0021, N. idor: PHVLLS SAND ALLFREY
Pe-t- V t 93 TA. r,
tr' /m, N4. 14 daa Anvil 6 1973 T.. ('.,r+

LJ - = *~'** ~.tD

THE $64, E

ON Weda. April 18 we hope to have the
aniswer to a rumur that has gained a lot
of credence inco it was satirically
treated in another local nowspapor, thus
I am surely not ihi'nking ot
4loolving ths Goveaament. No
&at ,eWoca expeS mIe to do that
e ow. that I am only waiting oD
amy $64,000.00 gravaliy; whether
it comes from Provident Faud,
Loan Fanda, o2 from Moira. '
When ho House mooets at 10 am oa that
day wo hope to learn whether the Premier
really hnd tho computers working to as-
seop a gratuity of $64,000 for him on
leaving 4tho Governmnent,


Mr.Cloemnt Burton, 38,
once a pupil teacher,
who underront exten-
sivo training in IUK
And Trinidad,aml has
been acting Chiof Pire
Officer since Oct. #'7
is confirmed in those.
Job as from Januaxy.
W1o was awarded a Mem- -
orial Prize by tho.
fire Technical Colleg .
Glouiostorshire, tng.


The Central Water Authority wishes to
inform all Consumers of water with unpaid
bills for the periods ending 30oth June
1973 or 31st December 1973 or any
earlier period that these serndices will be
disconnected if accounts are not settled
before 13th April 1973.
Consumers are reminded that when-
ever water is cut off from any premises
the new regulations require that a re-
connection fee of $o,.oo be charged.
This notice refers to all water systems
in The State of Dominica,,
..-..- ^ ..- ^ -, ^ ^ _. _ .^ ^... ,.. _-. O g f -j2{2

Island I
bY Terence Fidgeon
Whatever one's walk of life,
living can become routine and
monotonous Periodically one
needs to give one's life a jolt
in order to break the accus-
tomed way of life and thinking.
Wendy and I had done this one
year previously, giving up a
good practice in England.
I was now comfortably set-
tled again withtwc partners, one
of whom, Pat Brown, ran some
organization called COMA, to-
gether with Ian Manning, the
Administrator of the Surrey
Hospital. At this stage, I' am
not sure that I knew that COMA
stood for Canadian Overseas
Medical Aid, but thought it
rather an apt name, as I never
heard of any action.
During a lull in the office
in September, Pat opened a
telegram from' Dominica and
mumbled, "Do you want to go?
They want urgent help."
"O.K. When?" I replied.
"Forty-eigit hours should be
soon enough." was the answer
I got.
That evening the scramble
was on to find out what clothes
and equipment would beneeded.
One advisor recommended a
flea collar and an umbrella, but
I felt this could make my en-
trance appear somewhat eccen-
tric. The one piece of advice
I did accept was to take my
Merck Manual, which helped me
later to diagnose and treat such
things as yaws, typhoid and
Two days later I flew on my
own to Toronto and then on to
Antigua where I was placed on
the local plane for Dominca.
When the plane landed on the
small, little known island, I
soon realized why it was little
known. After the air condition-
ing of the plane it was as if
one had walked ihto a bowl of

n The Sun
steaming soup
My arrival had taken Dr.
Shillingford, head of the medi-
cal services, complete by sur-
Dr ise. Although urgent help had
7een requested, it seemed Inm-
pssible to him that anyone
could actually arrive from Can-
ada within three days. I wac
billeted in a Guest House and
spent my next few daysworking
in the Emergency Department of
the hospital in Roseau, tEe capl-
talt I discovered that working
conditions were different from
those I was used to. The X-ray
machine only worked in fine
weather thunderr upset ii). Local
anaesthetic was in very short
supply as was everyth.ig else,
and one had to get used to su-
turing using enormous needles
and thread with no ana.-Ahetic.
After about five days I felt
that it was time I moved about
the island as one of toy main
projects was to try to find out
what problems the island had
with its medical services and
report back to COMA.
This was my first meeting
with the local bureaucratic ma-
chinery which was an inheri-
tance from the time of Briffish
rule No jeep was available
until it had been approved by
about a dozen different depart-
ments, which would have taken
several months This was re-
so)ved by informing the Mini-
ster of Health that there was
no point in my staying any
further if I could not do the
work intended. The next day I
got my jeep and set out for
"Grand Bay", a town about an
hours drive from Roseau,
Most of my work was done
at the local hospital which had
about six beds, with seldom less
than ten patients 'in it. A head
nurse with a practical nurse
ran the hospital for seven days


"About my boss's appointment, doctor he's terribly
frightened of a needle. Use the biggest one you've

People who remember my article in the STAR of October 28, 1972
about the Public Utility Commission Act with special reference to the
Commonwealth Development Corporation must realise now that CDC policy as
stated there is being implemented .five months later. The Dominica Elec-
tricity Services will become a joint company with Government. This was
suggested to Government by Chairman the late Lord Howick in January 1970,
but was never touched on in Mr. R.0.P.Armour's radio emission of February
the same year. In that speech he turned so many somersaults that the
listener became dizzy -- one minute- reproaching the CDC, the next de-
fending them from some mythical 'mischievous persons' who had attacked
the CDC (so he said). Anyway, Government agreed at that time to an in-
crease in electricity rates, and has recently agreed to a. 1973 increase
of 20 per unit (a from April 1st) because it is imposed."by Dominica
Electricity Services and not by the Government itself, who will however
be getting a share on January 1, 1974 of a viable enterprise which should
not require any further increases (this. one is 25% on the average unit
cost of around 8z0 ast month).., until after the next election.
This, as my readers no doubt observe, is normal Shoe Party Government
practice; slap on taxes, increase duties, put up .costs in fact "tax
like fire" in the first three years of office (after all you have to re-
coup the expenditure on election gratuities etco); then in the last year
or so, a gentle budget, reduction of income tax, subsidies here and there,
review and increase of civil service salaries (since the cost of living
has risen -so high in the meantime). Thus a kept-in-ignorance electorate,
the Shoe Party doubtless expects, will gratefully accept some free rum,.
-thank Leblanc and successor 'from whom all blessings flow', and vote in
the Dirty Shoe to continue the same mismanagement which I estimate re-
duces the worth of our money to a third of what it was and then crows
that the Budget is three times greater.'
However, I think that next time the majority of voters may have got
wise to the tricks which have been played on them so many times. Yes,
next time "I-am-the-greatest" Finance Minister will metaphorically have
a fractured jaw;' the nut will be too hard for him to crack.
To come back to some more Spector prognostications -of course CDC
were always prepared to sell Melville Hall and Castle Bruce Estates. But
there are some unexplained snags somewhere: Castle Bruce Estate is 1,485
acres and Melville Hall is 1,104 acres but according to Sir Eric Griffith-
Jones, now CDC Chairman, only 1,000 acres are economically viable (or so
the CDC 3-man mission which visited last year told him); and if these
1,000 acres are divided into 47 units to be sold to the peasant farmers
of Castle Bruce and Melville Hall they will measure roughly 20 acres
apiece, I estimate. How many lots to Castle Bruce and how many to Mel-
ville Hall? Will the arrangement satisfy the workers of Castle Bruce who
have been unemployed now for six months? Since the remaining 1,589 acres
are 'non-viable1, what will happen to them? How are the farmers going
to pay for their farms -through a co-operative method or singly? Is
Government going to sell the 1,589 acres for building or factory lots?
I ask with irony if they propose to sell them to some unsuspecting alien
American -at $1,000 an acre, give himn an aliens land-holding licence,
charge him- 5% tax, $500 to enter the state, $500 each for his wife and
each child, then refuse them Work Permits? In my view Castle Bruce has
'had it', as far as this Government is concerned.,
*** A reader asks me: "why do sections of 'the Dominica middle class'now
support the Labour, Leblanc or Shoe Party?" This would need enough space
for a treatise to be adequately stated; in short, some reasons are laud-
able and others degrading. The paramount reason is of course self-interest.
Some such people don't back a party calling itself socialist initially
until the party has become 'establishment' and respectable and proven it-
self more nationalist than Labour. When they see that a party is well
dug in and has perks to offer, they. fall into line, sometimes even swarm-
ing with eagerness. (I will expand my reply next week).

'Page Two


Friday, April 6, 1975

Friday- April6 1973 THE STAR Page Three

One 3 ton, 32-passenger
$3000 or nearest offer -
Decius Benjamin.
de'ai s; 'ing9 *6o cr 249
LJ" L -,____.. ........_.

4. SfHItNl/FORn & CO. I Ta
Portable Mini Mules
Kenwood Attachments

and of course

m ,

The paper that ma
laugh while you learn,.

kes you :

One house and lot, Canefield.
For further details visit:-.

Dominica Mortgage
Castle Street,

Co. Ltd.

. Tel: g389

One Fibre glass boat 16 feet long
Fitted with 2 x 25 H.P. Outboard
Engines Selfstaring and Remote
Control Also Compass and Trailer
Inspect at Geest Office, Reseau
j t- a


and alue
L" ** r -<

Take a look at the
range of VP BritishWilnes.The same grapes go
to makeVPthat goto make a lot of expensive
wines.Which accounts forVPs fine quality.
Buy a bottle today. V INMS
A Two Storey Dwelling House with
all Modern Conveniencies situ at at
upper Goodwill, corner Federation Drive
and Windsor Gap. "rm- I/
One portion of land situated at Giraudel,
motorable road, 300 yards away from the
Chapel, ideal for house lot. Partly cul-
tivated in Grapefruits.
Containing 35 oo square feet.
For further particulars apply to:
Miss Vanya Dupigny,
Roseau. w '-13
Write for the free 32 page booklet "Coan-
flict of the Ages" to:
Rev. James La Van Hecke,
St Joseph Baptist Church,
St. Joseph, Dominica
7'__-i 3

F~da8. B;~Pri~~.

Page Three


": i

An 10

S~a~g Jtfi~ai_ Bg.aW

READER S VIE WS We reprint below a fine article
Dear Editor, C written for BOUZAILLE-LA by Father
A CPYing sham Bernard. Gardner, S.J.-of Guyana who
I am quite sure that everyone recently visited our island.
except landlords/landladices will
agree with me. This thing has been WHAT IS DOMINICA?
ama~tter of concern to me for some. Dominica is...well, it's very
time., and I feel that I must exprea difficult to complete -that sentence.
my. views on this important matter. The island was the twelfth stop on
We all-know that the housing a journey of enquipy round the
shortage is creating-havoc in the Caribbean territories and this was
State.- Everyday it is the same my second visit to Dominica. As a
complaint. "No place for rent." In beginning I could say that Dominica
some instances, when a place caM be is different. It has a character all
fo-un., the rent is beyond most its own.
people's pocket. Yet so. many Dominica is the drive from the
houses and first-floors of two-. a4iport --up and down-the hills
storey' dw'ellings*could help: out in. twisting round-the hairpin bends.
this appalling situation. Yet theseDominica Ie rain forest of incredible
same places are being rented as density-and beauty. Dominica is high
warehouses Just because they brag ggeen hills and deep-forested gullies
in a bigger rent. I call this. u with clear, rocky rivers, Dominica,
crying ahamr. Meanwhile people on-the drive from the airport, is
are living in hoggish and worse- glimpses of the sea. Waves and break-
than-alum conditions, simply throlit ors to delight a surfer's heart.
lak of housing. We read of our Black, sandy beaches that, to me, are
ndigh-bouring islands being helped so-much more. lovely than the glittering,
within their means in this sad con- white band elsewhere. Dominica.,-on "
edition. the drive from the airport, is tiy
I blame our. Government f6r this villages, clusters of houses and waving,
miserable state of affairs in a smiling people, who call out as we
supposed-to-ba upcoming State. Theygo. by. Dominica is a-truck crammed
are not building really law-cost with men and women going home-from work*
houses to meet the. people's needs. Dominica is banana, swathed in blue
CYMTHIA WATT, Roseau, -plastic.bags. women, like
as they srcub clothes and children S Qk ; SjologMIg r1'd Was;glap
to. the. capital along the Seashore, with fishermen in little boats coming
home in-the evening, Dominica is Roseau in a golden-oventing sunlight
that paints. everytl0gA In precious colour. Dominica Is my room at the -
Cathedral. presbytery with the sound of bells and th5 huih of people living
out their 1tives it the streets and-yards-below. This time -- this March,
1973-. Dominica is Carnival. Dominica. is the outright joy and comdanJion-
ship of three days before Ash Wednesday; Dominica is the Calypso King
competition hard on the'radi'o and wishing I were there. Dominica is the
Queen of Carnival competition which-I did attend; wide-eyed with admiration
&t the beauty of the Queens and their costumes, impatient at the long time
it took to qive-the -resultt and disappointed and p uzzled that the obvious
choice didn t Win. -
Dominica i my work of enquiry for the Antilles Bishops. It is visits
to the radio station where I was received so kindly and where I met people
as onocerfled as I-am for-the-development of the Mass Media in the Caribbean.
Dominica Is a. radio station in ferment covering the. events of carnival.
Dominica Is a. radio stat~io where I am encouraged to talk about subjects
which fascinate pe. Dominica i. newspaper editors who are concerned about
o.fig"theTr job well and producing a-pape that will educate and inform.
Dominica is a plact where the Media is beginning to mean something. -
Dominica is the. Cathedral on Saturday eVOning where the singing is
bold and strong and where the congregation listens with an attention that
makes me nervous. Dominica is after Mass in the sacristy where people come
to say hello aAd make me feel at home. Dominica is friendship.
Donminioa Is Sunday Mass at's It is the joy of baptising
six babies. -It is a parish where a choir sings sweetly and well and the
people join in with their heatts. Dominica is Sunday at St.Joseph's where
a short walk through the village makes me feel so welcome. (concla2I...7 )


rainv.- ATnrl .- 197r8

Friday April 6, 1973

Island In Gran
The Sun p.) a g
a week wrn no relieL Thedaiiy which
clinics were enormous (up to the
175 per day) with malnutrition
and anemia the biggest pro. Wh
blems. Hookworm was endemic privi
and haemoglobins of 4 or 5 loca!
grams. common in children ing t
Our supply of drugs was hope- like
lessly inadequate no iron or They
worm me-diciune and chloram- the a
phenicol the only antibiotic, It very
made some of the work very oelen
depressing, but was partially the \
resolved once again by cutting about
through the red tape and taking ering
everything wanted from the
main dispensary in Roseau At
whilst the dispeffser was out at home,
lunch. exciti
The social life after work of our
was a joy. The local people in lived
spite of their poverty, knewhow time
to live and enjoy themselves. my h
Every spare moment was a Aft
spontaneous party swimming, streak
dancing (o a gramophone or cians
playing bridge. My first intro- speci
duction to bridge was when I ia a
was invited down to the locai servi
police station. We ate an ex- trained
cellent stew of pigs' trotters equip
washed down with rum served went
by the local "maidens". Then all ag
the sergeant, twoconstables and or pr
I sat down in our shorts around able t
the table. A pack of cards was -
produced and to my surprise I (The a
was asked whether I played v Cann
Goren or Cuthbertson! r
nal, r

THE STAR Pags fyi

*ndy eventually joinedt'eat
u Bay and adapted to our
style very quickly and was
eat help as we divided
clinics. The only things
h dismayed her a bit were
ilst at Marigot we had the
lege of looking after the
Caribs the only remain-
ribe of tim.original w'ar-
nasters of the West Indies.
are more fair skinned than
iverag. Dominican and a
proud race Motherswould
carry their children to
hospital a journey of
fifteen miles in the blist-
last we had to leave for
having spent the most
ng and rewarding month
lives, In fact themermory
on for six months, the
it took for the bites onr
ody to finally clear up.
er I left, there wasa steady
m of equipment, techni-
, general practitioners and
lists from B .C, to Domnin-
id I understand that the
ces are running-well with
id personnel and good
ment. Those doctors who
there after me, howler,
ree that we gained as much
obably more than we were
o give.
*bovo, culled froin

Juices build up your resistance
to disease ---
They are made from produce guaranteed free
from chemical sprays and artificial ferttilizers,
For imparting vitality and building resistance to
Properly prepared juices have no equal.
These juices are made by a special lactic fer.
mentarion process authorised to be used only by
Eden and are therefore tremendously improved.
Ask for Eden's Carrot, Beet, Tomato,
and Vegetable Cocktail Juices .,
Also Eden's Strawberry, Raspberry, Red
currantMorefio Cherry Fruit Juices all
obtainable from your Health Foods Store
at tb* coner of Old Street and Hiallbo~ouig St

f19C 'I

di, medical jour-
ofors to Dominica of some






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Y--II-----LI- --~I-

4-- THE STAR -i' A-ri-.6, Ws

12 Volt Heavy


Batteries .o o
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For Cars,
Plants, etc.

Trucks, Ligl




4i.2 .J

Residential, Agricultural,
Retirement Lots,
Hotel Sites Beach Lands,
iTnvestraent Property,
Offices and Stores.
Contact : Peter Malalieu
Agencies & Insurance Brokers Ltd.,
P.O Box 70, Roseau, Dominica.
Telephone: Office 3124
4,I74 Hople 3269


To the Magistrate Dist. "E"
I, Herbert Winston, now residing at
New tow Parish of St. George do hereby
give you notice that it is my intention to
apply at the Msgistrate' s Court to be held
at Roseau on Monday the 2nd day of
April 1973, ensuing for a Tavern'Liquor
Licence in respect of my promises at
New Market Parish of St George,.

Dated the 27th day
of Mirch 1973

Herbert Winston
94 ?

To the Magistrate Dist. IE"

I, Cuthbert Baptiste, now residing a
Trafalgar Parish of St. George do hereby
give you notice that it is my intention to
apply at the Magistrate's Court to be held
at Roseau on Monday the 2nd day of
April 1973, ensuing for a Restaurant
License in respect of my premises at
Trafalg Parish of St George.

Datd the 2tih day
of'Mtrb 1973

Cuthbrt Bapticm



Write for free Bible Correspondence
Rev. James L, Van Hecke,
St Joseph Baptist Church,
St. Joseph, Dominica,

of Applictan for Certificate of Tritle and Noting%
thereon and Caveats for week ending 7th day of April, 1973.
bate Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
er a Cerrlflcate of Title v
Noting thereon or Cwvtat.
Request date James Clarence st f te i
the 17th day of a First Certificate
of October, by his Solicitortio of land t he
te1972.7t doy portion of lans in th
Presented the Cilna A.M. illage of St Jo [h,
4th day of D in the Parish of St Jo
4 upgay seph, in the Sts~e ofk
April, 1973 y
at p0r a7m3 Dominica, containKing
at 0.0. 350 square feet and
bounded as followa:-
North by lands of Alphonte josoph Eas by lands of Marain
Tounsint~t South by lande of Crlsford John Chariso and en
Access Road West by isfl of Mrs. Manual Baron and an
AccessRoa. ___R
Registrar's Office, FPHRAIM F. GEORGES1
Roseatu. Dominica, Actirsg Registrar of Tittl e
NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application riay enter a Caveat
in the above office within six eeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by ,
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adioning
land In respect of which the application Is made.


the latest in Car Accessories:

ome: to:


~--~- ---I-----


P-- Sei

Friday April 6. W-73


,s~s d


ROAD RECONSTRUCTION short drive to the beach and a ;
Britain is making a grant of delightful swim in cool water. !t is
1,35a,600 (over $6.5m) to the sharing a family-lunch-of mountain
Government of St.Vincent to assist chicken the first time. -but ct
the reconstruction of two sections the last.
totalling 10.8 mijes of the island's Dom cnica is generous kindly priests
leeward and windward highways. The and sisters. Dominica is people who
add funds are to be used to pay con- are-never 'too busy to stop-and talk,,
struction costs, to purchase road Dominica is people who invite you -to
building equipment and for the reno- lunch by a running stream., Dominica
vation of existing-equipment. is people. who' lend you their balcony
- The reconstruction of the roads to watch the carnival pass by.
is needed to facilitate agricult-ural Dominica iS loving, open-hearted folk
and tourist development on both sideswhose hospijtllty lives long in the
of the island and to provide better memory.
links between Kingstown, the capital Dominica is all the memories there-
and population centres along both isn't -space for unless I write a book,
highways. The.wvork is to be suoper- Dominica is all thlse and so much more
vised by a Crown Agcxts management that cannot be put into words.
team. Dominica is...a;place to visit
(Why don't they supervise. Domini- again.--sooni Fr. Bernard Gardner.
ca's grant-aided road works?) -------r---...............
TRAALG-AR VILLAGE IMPROVEMEMT COM- The trwo Ministers who were 'switched'
MITTEE (contrib. by "TRAVIC") are responsible for the following
An i ssie "departments:-
An imressiVe *Crnival Celebra* HonE.A.Le.slie, Min. for Communi-,.,
tiol''s Prize-g-iving ceremony was nations & Works:- Civil Aviation,
held at the Trafalgar Village Parishations & Woks:- Civil Aviaon,
HaHll on March 18.. Communications,Harbours, Hdusing,
1 on March138 ,,Meteorological-services, Postal servi-
The Hall was packed to capacity Meteoroloic Utaslices, Postal servi-
with mostly villagers of all ages.. es, Public Utilities Pblio Works
Among the guests presents were:- Shipping, Telcommunicaons Town&
Rev. FP. Clement JQlly (the CathLioCountry Planning, Water Supply.
priest in charge of the parish) and Hon.P.R,John:- Min. for Home Affairs:
Sr j Davis-Plere who had e.& Protection of Children & Young
been one of the -judges of the Carni- e Couts f
val Competitions held on Feb.25 and D eprtation -Fxtradition Firearms,
March respetivhely. eg Hurrlcane Relief, Labour, Law & Order,
March 3, respectively. Regrettably g
absent were the other judges,namaly Mre ions PatinaIc
Mr.& Mrs."PapaD" Caudefron,. Mrs.A aolce, P misons, Probation, Publ c
Gray, Mr;Cuthbert Jn.Baptiste, Assis acne a rd Poor Relief, Publit
Caypsonian "The Saint" (Mr.Imbert Funtions and Ceremonials, Repatlriationp,
Sto~e), and Hon.. Patrick John, the Social Development, Sports.
village Repro 6ntative in GoVernmonat who: had witnessed the Junior Queen.
,and,0alypso'Sl4ngng, CGdmfetit!cta. Prize' Winuers wereT-CARNIVAL B.RINCESS-
Miss August.ina.Jn, Baptist-$j 1st runnero-up:- Miss Shirley Isles;
2nd runner-up:- Miss Josephine Francis.- JUNIOR CARNIVAL QUEEN:- Miisa
Rhonda McIntyre; 1st runner-up.:- Miss Linda Baron; 2nd runner-up:- Miss-
Chery-Landter. CALYSQ. COMPOSITION & SINGING:- 1st Prize, M.Le.roy Daniel;
2nd Prize, Mr.Thomas Jean-Mario; 3rd Prize, Mr.Clayton Ulysses. All. OthE
participants 'received consolation prizes.
Cash prices were donated by the Village Improvement. Committee-, Other
donors of.various uSeful gifts including boxes of eggs, exercise books,
pencils,and decorative candles and bath towels wore:- Mr.& Mrs.opetr
Mallaileu; Mates Poultry Farm; Mr David Andrew; Miss Ruthin Dejean;
Mr. Henry George; Mr-s. Ann Gray andp Mr ,Edard Elwin.
,,r. Elwin as Chairman of Trafalgar Village Improvement Camnittee,
thaLnkod all contestants for their participation at -such comparatively ghort
notice, and the villagers for -their patronage, making special mention of
the most active helpers. He threw out the suggestion of a regional Junior
Carnival Queen Competition between Laudat, *Trafalgar, Wottoa Wavea
and'Morne. Prosper. _____'_

Page Seven

e s m ss. ,,,




Friday. APril 6. 1975

.-' P Eiht T S T A R

eS onK FAITTby Uynthla. 7DOLT
Well, Steve had returned to SA LA PAIT by ZAlDOLI
St. Thomas after a month's stay Y you haven't hear the latest news
with MI Titine and family, It About the Premier scheme?
would appear that Garge had got He making everywhere a town
his way, and the wedding was to be (At least is so it seem.)
postponed until Steve had a job. From Colihaut to Castle Bruce
It- had taken some persuading from From Vieille Case to L'Allay,
her parents, but finally Eurilla He going to make eight towns in all
bowed to the decision, with Steve .s With councillors and pay.
promises that things would work Don't tell them that I tell you that
out, soon. The drought period Because I myself don't know
seemed to be. over andI rain fell But I hear is votes he looking for
daily. 'And he don't know where to go.
Garge sat on the porch while So by changing village to a town
the rain beat incessantly on the Labour hope to get my vote,
galvanise roof. Ma Titine bustled They think I stupid like. before?
out with two cups of strong hot Well keep their dollar note!
coffee. When Garge sipped his he They bought me with their back-pay,
said;: They fool me with their talk,
"Lace dat coffee widl rum Titine. And after that they tax me
De wedder. so cole I" Till. I don't have shoes to walk.
Sipping their hot, rum-laced So when they finish make me suffer,
coffee, Garge. and Ma Titine dis- This plan will change my mind?
cussed everything but Steve s Well I'm sorzy Mr. Leblanc
depaturea. But you won't get me this time
"Well tings a bit cool now Gargg' Main, if he, think this township. thing
Titine. said. Is really so worthwhile,
"Dat I see, Garge answered. He should change- the whole place
"Wat. happen to Freedom Pahty nunh? upside down
I heah day gmin in de. country an And do his; thing in style. ,
all, but I doan heahin dey have. no Declare. Boeri Lake a. Ocean'
hot meeting in Tong. Dose. Wash- Make Freshwater Lake a 'Sea'
Yah-foot--a,-Putt-On.-Yoh-Shoe people And call the Governor "Emxeror':
sayin Freedom Pahty d.ead." He can do it by decree
,. Ma Titine. said darkly: "Well we Make Ministers into Generals
gain see; who de. funeral fohA" (I'm sure they'd like the name)
And she swept the cups onto a Create some Dukes and Barons
tin tray, excusing herself for a Some Lords and Earls and- Dames.
shopping. bout. For every title he gives out
But she-didn't really go shop.- I'm sure he'll get a vote;
ping. Nov did she visit: Baby or; Distribute lots of medals
Genelia..-orcall on Reuben to take And certificates of note.
her for a drive. Instead, she And aiLe he. don't want hotels,
headed eanizgly for -that well- I'm sure Labour would agree,
known Roseau character, Rose 0. If he. turned them into palaces
"Hey. Rose-O" she crieAd, -For the party hierarchy.
entering the cobblestone yard of The bars would all be open
Rose-O's antique home near the .Bay Throughout the fight ad day.
Front. "That was a bad poetry you But those allowed to enter
write about $500 for a Wife last Would have to be 'Bouillay1.
week, man!" You think I am insulting?
Rose-0 received her coolly.They Well I don't mean to sound vex,
each had the other's measure. Then: But what the hell is going to happen
"Titine, you re right!" Rose-0 said To this. poor country next...?
at last. It was just bad verse and ***
not even calypso. I wrote it in a hurry I was so mad about fining a man
for marrying a girl from abroad. But you do that sometimes too, don t you?"
she added cunningly. "Yes, man," said Titino generously.
"Well, I'm nagging away at that law," said Rose-O. "Look out this week!
,..But let's talk politics now..."
So the two femmes formidable sat under a very old creole cashew nwt-
tree and hatched their complots. They had first become friends on the 16th
of December, that marvellous day. So they murmured... "meet in the House..."
as' they parted.


i-' -' *' w fJ u.-J r ./ g A .J a 7 a.e- I.t J [ MB
Applies to all electricity supplied for electric lighting to premises
to which the Industrial Rate is applicable and,upon the consumer concerned'
so requesting in writing, to all electricity supplied to another prem- I
ises at 22 -ents per unit, subject to a minimum monthly charge of $1.00.j
Applies to all electricity supplied to premises used exclusively for
private residential purposes in cases where the consumer concerned has
not requested in writing t'o be charged at the Lighting Rate, as -.follows.-
A service charge of 1.30 peor month plus 12- ceits, peor unit for up to
50 units'-in any month-," and 7q cents per unit fo 'each unit in excess of
50 units', in.any month.,, subject to a minimum monthly charge of the service
Applies. to all electricity supplied otherwise than for electric light
to any premises on which there are installed for the py.p P of industry,
electric -mo-tors.having an aggregate maximum power outpuV/) not less. than
5 horse power and not normally in use between the hours of 6.00. p.m. and
10 p.mi, as follows:- .
-A service charge of 2.00 per month per. GT. of installed capacity., plus
6)- cents per unit, subject to a minimum monthly charge of the. service charge.
Applies to all electricity to- any premises, not being used exclusively,
for private. residential purposes and not being premises to which the In-
dustrial Rate is applicable,, in cases where the .consumer concerned has.
not requested in writing to be charged at .the Lighting. Rate .as follows:. *
A service charge of $2.00 per month, per KVA' of installed capacity plus
.12- cents per uhi'Tfr up to 75 units in any month, 9L- Gents p.e. unit
for each.- unit'-in excess of 75 units, in. any month'. but not .in- ce-ss of '
5,000-units in any month and 74 contL per. unit for each unit in.'excess
of 5,000 units in any month.
"KW of installed c4a6ity1 menns the agreogate of the MKilowatt ratings
of each individual piece of ,apparatus, machinery"or equipment... which
shall, be asosedssd on 'the basis of. their name-plate r'atinga .provide that,*
for this purpose very 1. horse, power of such ratings shall bo d& .
be- equivalent to .75 kiloiat.ts; and the oxpression- ,.
IKVA of installed capacity" means the aggreoate of 'the. Kilovolt atpeore.
ra-tings of each individual piece of apparatus,:, machinery or. equipment.
which shall be' assessed in the case of the following item" on the
following basis--
(i) in the case of aiy'industrial process incanesocont lamps.or. any
heating -applianhccs, their kilovolt ampere rOtings shallbo deemeded
to be equivalent to their Kilowatt ratings and,
(ii) in the" case of any industrial process flw)roscont lamps; their
Kilovolt Anporoe ratings shall be deemed to be equivalent to their
Kilowatt ratings whon divided by 0.G and
(ii). in the case of electric motors, their Kilovolt Ampere ratings
. allbo deemed to be equivalent to their rated horse power".
1st April 1973 P.J KING, Manager.

AREA ... ... APPROXIvIATELY 8100 S1q. Ift


D irr

ageTen. E S T A R Frida', April 6 1973
S*T*A*=R.:-' *P*O*R*T*S Horchriston PAPPYSHOW WEDDING by ROSE 0

(dedicated to the of
Uon-Bolon ors)


CRICI.E'T: Saints Resume LJeaeu.Lead.
With only three matches to be played
in the Augustus Gregvire League, and
'one match-each to be played by Saints 2:
Spartans, Saints have again taken the
Saints defeated Spartans in the very
first teague match and lost the lead
once to Spartans who had played one
match more. Saints are 01 points and
Spartans 75 in the same amount of
matches.. Saints gained that advantage
when they defeated S.ii.A. by 8 wickets
adgearned 10 bonus points for batting &
bbwling. ..
S.cores- in that match wrere:- Saints,
249 and 6/2 wickets. HTorbert Phillip
128, V.Elwin 41 and.J.Kentish 20, For
S.M.A. R.Shillingford' 4/42 'and K.Gabriel
4/79.***' S.M.A. 67 and 1_7.' V.Alleyne
62, E.Augustus 21' n.-o. and G.Ualsh 34.'
N!.Phillip 3/42 & 3/36, C.Doctrove 7/20;
in the first innings and ii the second,
two wickets; like Kentish and Larocque.
AUSSIE TOURISTS: The Dominica team to
play'against Australian Cliffhaanger XI,
are Irving Shillingford '(capt.), Ilorbert
Phillip (v-capt.). D.Abraham, E.Anthony,
B.Charles, E.Charles, J.Faustin,
G.Lafond, C.*Larocqxe, J.C.Lawrence, K.
La"rent, LISebastian. and C.Shillingford.
Royston Ellis, Manager.
Guyana Loses A. Chance'
Guyana, like the Iest Indies, suffer-
ed a surprise defeat by the touring
Australians. at Bourda.Park, over the
In the four-day match, 1,424 runs
were scored. Roy Frodorickis got a cen-
tury in each innings:. Austialia batted
first and declared at 399/8. .(Grog
Chappell. 154 and R.Edwardsa74), Guyana.
Diled on 458/8 by the clobe. R.Froderick
1$8 par.tnered Clive Lloyd who scored
"124. in 127 minutes, his century' coming
in 88 minutes, (the fastest first-class
century'in the Wost Indies. for the-
docado) SCGbmacho 55, Scoring Times.:-
50-30 mii, 100-70mins, 150-114 ins.,
200-149r mins., 250-180 mins., 300-210
mins., 350-238. mins., 400-286 mins.,
and 450 in 326 mins. Fredoricks/Lloyd
partnership 180 runs in 103 mins..
Australia's 2nd. innings -332/8 end
of. third day, all out' in the Airst over
on the 4th. day for 333. Cs.Chappoll 77,
Rodpath 63 and R.Edwards 56.
Guyana. st 275 for victory, f11ll
short by 40 runs about 18 iainutea after
tea.- all out 234 (R.Frodoricks 118).
Bob Masnia captured 7/53 in a bid for
inclusion in the 4th test match which
started todayPT. -esv 1W -15,/3 .

Britain has given Grenada a grant of
$183,528. to build a IPolice Station &,
Officers' Quarters in Carriacou,also to
furnish and oquip the building. Grenada
is applying' for S50,200 more. *********
In Dominica, newly appointed Deputy Con-
missionor under Commnissionor 0.H.Phillip
is Mr. Abraham A. Joseph. Mr.E.L.Piorro
is appointed to the now post of Siupor-
intendont, stationed at Roseau Hq.- New
Asst. Superintendonts aro'Messrs.J.C.P
Phillip, Tyroll A. Thomas, Jones Powell,
Landalo Valmond and Thomas Bannis. NHow
Inspectors aro'oessrs. Desmond Blanchard,
Karl G. Hector, Percival S. James and
Patrick R.E.'Josepnh Nowly appointed
Station Sergeants : 'Mssrs. Earl Black---
man and Revoeroice 'H1 Roberts; Sergeants:
Lartigue J. Paacal and Hawkins Rabess.
Jgpg-: that ue have had to leave out-
lettors containing Readers l Viows. *
BASKETBiA.L: Last Friday, Caroni Cardinals
easily defeated SiA :GzLils 53-26. Gails
started well, at one stage loading 14-10.
Bata Pros trampled Roseau Concords 9-
22, and earlier in the week displayed sup-
eriority over DGS 70-40.* RaiderF's beat
Roseau CoPnaords (aba. ,A.Loblack): 67-28.

Printed t FubDlsneca or 7h Propr'iorr, Robert E. Allfroy of MJll House Copt Ianll
at 26 Dath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

With this -ring I do thee wed -
lon-belonger to my bed-;
And I plight my solemn troth
Vhat is mine will be for both.
Take my heart and take my hand,
Take my own, my native land -
Where I'm going, thou willst go;
Nobody can stop us, so
Just ignore the caph imposed,
If in jail we are enclosed

Let them put us in one cell.
And. let the Government go to hell:
Curse them up and down below
For making marriage Pappyshow.
The Queen's husband Prince Philip will
visit the-Soviet Union by invitation
in September to aso the riding champ-
opnship show in Kiev. lie is the first.
British Royal peorsnnage to visit USSR.
* Prince Charles will not toturn to
Bermuda aboard InH 1I inerva, but will
transfer to another ship because the
murderer of the Governor & ADC is still
at largo and conditions are unsettled.
The Queen received qho President 6f
Mexico with much warmth this week. *


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