Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Mrs. Jane LowenMit ,
7Research Institute f
:Tthe Study of
ul62 East 78 S ,,
1ccNew York 1002 ,. V
i iU.S.A.,iry Ave, W. .
VoL VI No. 13

vEirtntor: PYLLiS SoANt' A

Friday March 30, 1973

lIectricity Two Cents More per Unit ' '
A JOINT Stock Company will be formed for Government to
participate in the Dominica iloctricity Servicoa;our ol-
octricity rates will go up by 20 a unit; Melville Ha1
Estates (including Castle Bruce) will be transferred to
Government (dotails of transaction are not yet revealed).
The viable arable land of some 1,000 aeres may be divi-
dod into 47 units for peasant farmers; the UK Treasury
are making 'soft' loans to CDC for Agricultural devel-
opment from which Dominica may benefit. CDC will


juices build up your resistance
to disease -"'-
They are made from produce guaranteed free
from chemical sprays and artificial fertilizers,
For imparting vitality and building resistance to
disease ,
Properly prepared juices have no equal.
These juices are made by a special lactic fer-
mentation process authorised to be used only by
Eden and are therefore tremendously improved,
Ask for Eden's Carrot, Beet, Tomato,
and Vegetable Cocktail Juices ..,
Also Eden's Strawberry, Raspberry, Red
currant,Morello Cherry Fruit Juices all
obtainable from your Health Foods Store
at th corner of Old Street and Hillbhorausm St

On March 20 the MANIAC
Feonoh Proess ad- DRIVER
vanced tho theory P
that Bormuda's
Governor & ADC
were murdered by
tihe "Drug Mafia"
which haa that
land in its grip) r '-
the Govornor hod '
sworn to fight,
against them,7iko
the imrdorod Pol-
ice Chief earlier. L-- -'-

omake availabo an
additional t $slliton
sterling loan to
the Mortgage Finance
Co.; oloctrification
of the North will
proceed.* Those wora
main points at. 's
mooting boeteoon CDC
Chairman Sir Eric
ori-Tfilh-Jdiosir aind ---
four Dominica Gort.
Ministera. Sir Eirie
appreciatedd the
constructive spirit
of the in-
torviow". COMNT
by SPECTOR noxt wk,

Tts" ".

Ten Cents


!;Mini "ii 'I :
Queen of Martiniqw
i Photograph Pierre Lucette

- - -- in..nn<

... W.-00"

PaBjo PL.o T H E STAR id -r .L ch 5c2 1Q973 -
SOCIAL LEAGUE STUDY DAY: SaliBbury, 95. March, 1973
Chairman Mrs. Mildred Vidal welcomed 250 leaders of the Social
League representing all branches of the West and South of Dominica
gathered for a study day at the new Government School at S.alisbury.
Mrs. Carmel Agar, guest speaker, on the. topic "Dominica leads -
leaders for today"-challenged all leaders "to serve, to be involved in
community-change, in the building-of healthy family-relationships and
responsibility shared by"each individual of the family." For too long,
she said, We have made different standards of what we expect of our men,
boys and girls, hence the irregular unbalanced situations we find in
our society. "We-have to work."
A lo0k'at the Pre-School Education Programme was ably discussed by
Miss Vyleen. Hazel, Teacher Trainer of the Social Centre, and Mrs. Rita
Riviere, Diocesan Piesidont, led the elections of representatives to tlSl
League's new Diocesan Board. The leaders are :-
West No&th : Mrs. Sorenette Bruney, Coulibistri
West : Mrs* Mamah Shillingford, Massacre
Town Area : Mr. Moses, Newtow-
South East : Mrs. Lucy Alexander, Loubiere
Fathers Alexander and Loneke celebrated the Eucharist. Plans for
22-23 Anniversary of the League on June 16, 1973 were formulated. "A
warm spirit of welcome and joy was created by the host branch, Salisbury,
and animated everyone.
esar Editor, Correspondent
"Rad o Dominica Doe.s .tt'Help There's no getting away from it--
Now that we are in the season of there are-a lot of maniacs holding
Lent, we. expect that this season driving licences in this State. You
should be observed just-or even can see them about every day1 but
mo~e. thanothers in their wvn WaY. what to do about them...that s the
It is a-time when more meditation rub. Once a person has got a driving
is required of us Christians. Radio licence, there's no power on earth
Dominica &doesn't seem to take much that can make that person drive well,
care-of this -espedially on Sundays safely and with comnronsense. The law
At.-times we are obliged to close off does not cover stupidity or sheer in-
this station when we hear of such competence, so the Police can only
bongs unbecoming for Sunday-listen.- pull up those who break specific laws.
ing. We believe in the scriptures The theme of a recent BBC pro-
and we see Our Lord retreating in gramme stressed the need for making
the wilderness without food for 40 driving licences harder to acquire
days and nights where he saw-no on. and, once acquired, harder to retain.
but-wild teasts. We would like At-the moment the standard of our
Radio Dominica to help ua better driving-test here is ludicrously low.
during the-Lenten season, so that Aid go is the standard of driving
e. can meditate more on the suffer- tuition, which is necessarily geared
ing and death of Jesus, especially to the test itself.
on the: Sabbath. Two things could be done should
HUGH LAVRENCE,RKoseau. be doe without too much difficulty
or excessive cost.-First, make the
iD~r1 test oan-tmore severe, and also the oral or written test leading
up to it. Second, make re-tests compulsory at fixed intervals say
every five years. A third need has recently been identified --a thorough
eyesight test at regular intervals. It has Ibeen guesstimated that over
40% of drivers have vision defects that affect their-competence as drivers.
We hear plenty of-talk about road casualties, maniac drivers & so on.
What we really need is an honest awareness that higher driving standards
can lead to greater road safety, and a willingness to accept the restrict-
,ions that those standards will impose on liany of us. PFor too long (as
drivers) have we had our cake and eaten it.
S P E C I A L R EQ U S T The Publisher and Editor-of THE STAR would"
be grateful if anyone proposing to call on them would kindly telephone
610 beforehand, as they are extremely busy people. Thank you.

Page TLree


As Dictator and General
-- 4, 9,

JUP. ?9 j

The British were next.

This week Ami' took over the I
Bata Shoe Compaxy of Ugauda.
Recently Amin declared that Tanzanians
were massing with expelled Asians to in-
vade Uganda. President Nyerere denied
this. Somalia offered to patrol the border,
but the offer was refused by Amin. The
Somalis earlier found no sign of mass
invasion forces,

SAMIN Is a hero to many Afr

To the Magistrate Dist. "'E;
l, Herbert Winston, now residing at
Newtown Parish of St. George do hereby
give you notice that it is my intention to
apply at the Magistrate's Court to be held
at Roseau on Monday the 2nd day of
April 1973, ensuing for a Tavern Liquor
Licence in respect of my premises at
New Market Parish of St George

Dated the 27th day
of Mtach 1973

Herbert Winston



H 3490, 5000 miles
Contact: STAR
2691, 610o.

To the Magist:ate Dist. "E"
I, Cuthbert Baptiste, now residing a
Trafalgar Parish of St. George do hereby
give you notice that it is my intention to
apply at the Magistrate' s Court to be held
at Roseau on Monday the 2nd day of
April 1973, ensuing for a Restaurant
Licence in respect of my premises at
Trafalgar Parish of St George.
Dated the 26th day Cuthbert Baptitte
ofMarc 1973 W_

Write for free Bible Correspondence
Rev. James L, Van Hecke,
St Joseph Baptist Church,
St. Joseph, Dominica,

Dlbll~aru~-~l--rr~CUDIPWIII~IBYlli I~~-------UYIYI---~ltlUIII-ll~-

n~mMI;I, ----C----- -




rddav i~i~eurh ~$r. tslS

Four ... .. E ST A. R Frid, irch 30 19 _
Kiction.. MA. TITINE CyWthit Watt R E A D'E. R-S.. VI E W S
BEcause there was nothing' uch on Dear Editor.,tois Doinica s I-nua
the political sidb around town, Ma '
Titino was in a. grumbly sort of- mood ermt me. eavo to erss hoert s
se enjoyd public aff.airs,3 Carge also congratulation towards a-. small portion-of
aeaked. not too well-plo6asod abdutfo- "Bits and Pioc6ol by John Spector (Tov.17,
thing. Ad- to makde -ttore worse, the 1973). Dear Sir, as a son of the soil,
eaat was .at its zenith. It was uhb~or- (Dominican). but now raiding, in the
ably hot I Grasses, fields and lawn1 Netherlands Antilles (Curacao) for 40 yoarg,
Sr br us fi nsmuah as you ill otly hoar "Papiomon-
xpanraup oi af0txr another figh now to", Dutch and Englishi also Spanish
Tpra up am aftor another'.- *RiGht now I
sho. could hear .Gwarge '-voice'.',hut he. languages. '~ny time or anywhere we the
a~unadd'. hot-up 1 What could be the b- Dominicans meot in Craaao, if oven'o .
ter? She wont onto the porch and-theor open our conversations with English, we:
woro G"rgo and Stove corAh up the ast must contihuo and end in patois I (NQnchar,
Garo lokad. angry and Stovos face patois kroe. doo I Laiguo mama-moin L.-
was flushed. Therefore, I 'Agrood ith the writor-to.
l, "*arg sayihg, "I knw- comments and oxlaition
oyvrylody tzalkin bottdo weddinitdhtbs Of courso,'yohi will find in some strange
alrigi.., .but wat I- want to know is wat territories, somo Dorminicans are trying"
yoa' into~-to do for a'.loovin...y6u doan to ignore th6ir nativo-born dialeoot, but
do no wok, not vaen in Son Tomas,. .yh. when I moeti ith auch projudioed-ignorant-
fadtor. wokcLn yos, bit you. ,you.aiS ists, don't wasto. regards on thorn
jos play you playing round. Yes, yoh anymore. y dear Sir, the onliost: time
fadder re.ach. .is Iknoi *dt-..but I. L will :forgot iky language is when I. dio.
dean want my child to narry' nban : Thanking you. for aceopting my views con.
noa: doin nottin foh his lo-vin. Wy-1, corning "Bits aad Pieces" and not only I ,
avou. ma. wooden atay roun h6ah"doin but other Dom`inicans who road it.
nattin I When I use to play my gootah, Yours for observation,
.tino .ase to take bnhino ihe.,.bawl me J,B.CAITOT, Curacao.
out 1 Tism-ah I tall. me go 'an got ok to y1ffi'f-OLSIZ'f d IGA-ETT ES '
do, .. Is a-lucqky ting I 'dee have a way The Tobacco Co. 'should know that I bought
wid; boats.." ... two packo of 501 cigarettes in two dif-
Stevoe' face wao getting roddor by front little shops lately and both had,
thoe seconds, but he managed to break little holes like pinholo-borers nakoe ,
in- .. ,which mado it impossible to smoko them
"Look hero. G orgo, I- 1ioan to work, (and that should' ploase the Doctors). I
honest, L d1o mean it. .1 could oet donit know if they wore stale on the
a job-right now I would.tako it..." shelves or needed nore checking at the
"!WOll, '" repliod Gargo' "you oood factory. ADDICT2D SMOKER, Rosoau.

T"ButXl.hiaventt a-. work port, and .you. A N C.EEhat a'new Gonoral Election
knaw how rigid.your Alio~a Act is." td assign now raini.iQrial posts this,
Garga nodded his. hoad.. "'Dat is tru. rWQ ~'in.l..1 _l a Jocge i -
Anyay. doan:. worry bout"at"I: ay jea- MA. TITITE E o oin .to narry a
now dere...wo we will soo wat"woe can dia'millionaire son, so wd not in yoh line,
Eurilla. moanwhilo Wars having h,_ You if higliy-tighty nwE'" e apast
onssion with her native .boy' fiind,undordisgustodly and turnod away,
a tree in Gardons; And over~whorb it as? the same. All
"'Even if you have his chile," the hor old-time friends 1opt shy of her,
boy was saying, "you not bowuhtb marry and only a-'inuto fow klopt.up their
heem. Ybu use to be one of uo,- now you old friendships Eurilla folt rather
tonnin like. a. whito puhson I -iomo man, sad, for she w sa an oxrotiely friendly
Eurilla,, forgot dat nah an .marry -o." and warm-hortoted girl. It hurt her. to
Eurilla. -shook her hoad, '"I. kridw you soo her one-tim" friends turning away
mean well, but really, I lovo.Steov'..,"t, from her (at first, i hon slp had arrived,
"B-aco. ho- reach.,an ho can give you and also when Stove had cone, they had
oreryting you want9 cried the boy con- boon invited ovoerwhoro with the old
tomptuounly. gang), b-Ut litoly, sho, had noticed
"Ieo, no,r."" begah Eurilla that their grootingEs ore rather on the
"Shut upT-he repliod'savagely, "you cool sido.
doan have. nattin to say. Everybody know Wkild Stovo'a love always be able
is.b-ocoa of dat, ti.nkyou-too. good to shield her against thoir unfriondli-
fooh us now. (oonl.uded noxt column.) noss-

Pare. Fiv*

Friday March 30, 1973

Schedule of Applicatibn for Certificate of Title and Nothings
thpreon and Caveats for week ending 24th day of Marcht 1977
bare Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth
er a Certificate of Title of
Noting thereon or Ca#eat.
R .quat dated Nobt Jamejs RequestTor e s Juo;
the 7th day I of a First Certificatei
of February, by his Solicitor of Title in respect of0
1973. a portion of land att
Presented the Cilma A.M. Wesley village, in the
21st day of Dupigny Parihh of St. Andrew,
March 1973, in the State of Domi.I
at 9.25.a.m. nlea containing I 8 S
square feet and boKu.
ded A# follows-
North East by land of Enid Celestlne South Est b'
land of Mignonttte Andrew South West by land of
MerleSylvester North West by land of Martin BRnj~.
in, tnd a Ri ht of Wa.
Registrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau, Dominica, Acting Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
tn,this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land in respect of which the application is made.

2-bedroomstrong timber house painted
white on outside, walnut type panelling
inside. Space for apartment underneath.
Bathroom,2 bedrooms'. 2o feet long.
The house is on freehold land of 8,0oo
sq.ft. on a road at Mero, with water,
electricity and septic tank drainage.
For further particulars apply to:
Miss Vanya Dupigny,
Roseau me.

To the Magistrate Dist. "E"
& The Chief ot Police
I, Ayoub Karam, now residing at Trafalgar,
Parish of St George, do hereby give you notice
that it is my intention to apply at the Magis-
trate's Court to be held at Roseau, on Monday
the 2nd day of April 1973, ensuing for a
my premises at 48 Hillsborough /Queen Mary
Sis., Parish of St George.
Dated the z3th. day of March 1973

Ayoub Karam

To the Magistrate Dim. "E4
I, Edward Hugh Green, now residing at Caw.-
field Parish of St Paul do hereby give you
notice that it is my intention to apply at the
Magistrate's Court to be held at Rosau on
Monday, the 2nd day of April 1973, ensuing for
a Retail Liquor Licence m respect to my preadi
seo at Caafield,Parish of St Paul.
Dated the izth day of March 19g3

Edward Hugh Green

To the Magistrate Dist, "E"
I, Edward Hugh Green, now residing at Catae
field Parish of St Paul do hereby give you
notice that it is my intention to apply at the
Magistrate's Court to be held at Rose-i on
Monday, the 2nd day, of April 1977, ensuiog for
a Night Bar Licence in respect of my prcmisca
at Canefield,Parish of St Paul,
Dated the i2th day of March 1973
7IS s Edward Hugh Green



'in office' printing is:

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E for Extraordinary Versatility
S for Simplicity and Speed
T for Time Saved
E for Economy
T for Ten to Ten Thousand Copies
N for Neatness
E for Efficiency
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Outside Printig Cost.

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'GESTETNER' the world's finest Duplicator
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L A. Dupigny & Co. Ltd.
S .---.,I- .. ....

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N- A --



, 716 /3

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Friday March 30SO, 1

Page Six


SL LLL' gX4I L U Jy p T1 7( -P. q --A*-L -

Y 0 U T H
Tho wooden canoobounced and samyoed
and quickly took in wator as the furiawl
waves rag od on. The two occupants shook
in their clothes- an4 w6ro oxtronoly
terrified as they stared death. in their
-Yeoo, two oscupants were a wonan' by the
naeo of Ma. Joe and a fishorhan from the
Village. They wore facing such a toeiri-
blo plight because the wohan, Ma Joo,
had planned to go to Buadoloupb and" ho
had hired the fishornan whoso nama~ by
the way was Charltot. "
Ma. Joe was a big woman hot known
socially for hqr good 'd&eds to society
but bocauso of her type. She talked -
nuch., ata much and mnrovor because she
was a malicious womaniand' ndi sho was
going to do some malicious deed.,
IL-. Jpoe lived next to a family and tho
nrot-heo and father -in this family, Mr. &
rs. Thanason, woro early friends of her6.
But now they wore a'bit high in society,
.they had a bungalow, a car Hnd their
throo children woet to "ocondary schools.
liero was alwag.-now, quite regularly,
a quarrel botwoon IJrs.Tlionason and tMa
JoG# Why? Baecauseo one. Woas poor and had
a wooden two-rQon house and the other
had:a car and was better off? IWell,
they knew why.
Ma Joe had that foe'iai ian her that
Mrs. Thomason had "doneo soobthing"t to be
'in sualt a.position. They *ore both poor
When young and both had lived togothero
now in that same. aeoa for thirty long
years. Had Mke. Thomason "dbho. something"
t'o prevent her- going furthlor?
"Plenty people does do-obboh, or evil.
Maybe Ma Thornaon do that," she thought.
But Ha. Joe never realized that though
she and Ma. Thopason had booh poor When
young-and lived nearby for so long, Ma
Thonason had got married and her husband
was naidng his: daily broad s "that he
could build a bhhgalow, buy a.
ear. and send their children to secondary
school, while she (Ma Job) had nbt done
anything worthwhile dHring her long
thirty years on this"birth., '
Now she mado plans,.:to got her neigh-
bours into difficulty, Sloe wanted to go.
to Guadeloupe by p3ino but sheo iould not
be able to take along allr. tho things she
would want to go with. Therefore she
decided to hire a fishornan aid hlia: out_-
board motor canoe, for a journey by sea.
Uhen Ia. Joe finally not a willing
fi hor-an, she explained her intohtions
and. offered to pay hin'r175; yosr one
hundred and seventy-fiyo d llars I
(noxt col.)

P. A- Q E..-
Verses: Fjiily Sitution --by Youngoter
Dad is hrond and. ho is drunk- -
Coning frori the ruashop
With yet another bottle.
Of 'ItasquoP. run in his hand.
MIn is bhouekooeping
And cooking whitr poor food
The money sho wreoted from Dad'e.
Pockeot could purchase.
ITnlucky us I No monoy, no food,
Wo would surely starve if Dad
Had squandorod hin whole pay-ptckeot
On run.:., but he. v-as too drunk.
Birds, Butterflios & Bee -- R. D,
It kept aucking that flower
and I wondered] hou marvellous a. thing
that a.creaturo could support itself
with such beautiful flying wings.
Yos, a hum ingbird it ws. and it
kept hunr.iinrg
as it wont on auch:Lih a hibiscus thin,.-
There wero others, too, on tiny flouorst
they wore buttorelioa and booo.
And as I pickoeda flower
I tucked it in my shirt jauntily.
I plucked it out and amolt it
A I wa ,od' to another, trooee,
and I hold"it out to a grean-blacl bee
which had Uii6ked
and wMas buszing off free.
They are madb for fishing and rowing,
As I sto6d boesido the Bay
,y attention tuirnod to Scotts. Hoad.
and there I 6s*a them, those throe I
In the first a man was roving- -
and' I wondered about the rest.
My attention caught two men paddling,
And a. third in a fisheorman's. vest.

It is hoard in town
It is heard' in' the country,'
A.n mighty. iruhih sound in the valley.
As tall 'tr6eon away
And the voeot breeze blows
It lifts, our spirits gradually.
FLATAL jifobhf y. She pleoaoded 'to th -
fisheornan Chairltot, that ho should tell
no one of their destination, but though
some stay or other their intentions T'hakc d
out. TMw6ver poopLe wont about their "
own thing, pretending that they had hcazrd
The nig ht for leaving cauoo. Tho bells
struck soven and M~, Joe, with her roc7ry
her lavenders acd other peculiar burdens.,
slyly left h6r home and ran down to the
bayfront, paccing through dark alloys'
and'corners, (co2acluded on ja;o 9)


T'iD C! nr+T -

i One 3 ton, 32-passenger 1
S$0ooo or nearest offer -
$3000 Decius Benjamin, tOrquality
| CYA)* Yin's arao 1or 24) I , A Y I k

- --- --aU -- --

i The paper
laugh while

STAR-- -----
that makes you '
you learn.

One house and lot, Canefield.
For further details visit:-
Dominica Mortgage Finance
Castle Street, Co. Ltd.
Tel: 389 "**,__

One Fibre glass boat 16 feet long
Fitted with 2 x 25 H.P. Outboard
Engines Selfstarting and Remote
Control Also Compass and Trailer
,Ispecc at Geest Office, Roseaum

Dupont Car Wash
Flymo Electric Mowers

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vs-\ --
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CESSORIES Departments will be
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Write for the free 32 page booklet "Con.
flict of the Ages" to:
Rev. James L, Van Hecke,
St Joseph Baptist Church,
St. Joseph, Dominica,
-,y__._i-!_, ...._ _, ,

_ Tgy -

Page Eight

Fiids` ~BaPeR ~0.19%3


Friday, March 0, 197 T H E ST A.S R f A page Nine
DO M ICA SCORESI T" T,LUCIA Sia. FATAL JOUE .. .f..7) .Then with her ..
The Venezuela/Associated States Tradeback to the sea, she walked to the water,_
Exposition now talhing place in'St.Lucia edge and muttered, "UI6i ka .allez, zor kay
has been described as of a very high say leh moi irivay Guadeloupe."
standard. It, as officially She then entered the boat and joined
opened on Sunday, March 24., by the St. her hired boatman.
Lucia I.inister of Trade t.: Industry, Charlto roiwed' out to sea. and when he.
Agriculture and Tourism at the St.Lucia had reached almost half a mile off he
Beach Hotel. Approximately fifty exhiW- started the motor, and its sound shattered
iting visitors are taking part of which the silence' of the sea. at that distance.
twelve are D.Opinicans. -"Well Charlto nous assi job nous, nous."
MIr.. Charl s Maynard President of kay wiVay bor cinq heures-demain bon natiA,
the Dominica.-Asoociation of Indisotry & sawoo di?" said"Ua Joe to the boatman.
Commerce and 'Cairman of the~ Venezuel- "Oui, bor ea, en kalitay la mer salaa,"
an and Associated States Mised Commiss- he answered.
ion. delivered the featiure address of Sly eyes had seeni the departure of the'
the opening; emphasizing the important two and went about spreading the news that
of International Trade un& ethe theme Ma Joe had gone' to -Guadeloupe to do Mial.
'Neighbours fo:. Progress". "Ou pas tn nn on Ia. Joe allez. Guade-'
Messrs Belyot Gerard James, loupe avec Charlto on. on cannot, .I- alles
Waddy Astaphcan, Dr. N.J. Livorpool, faire monde mal," people would say as they
Parry Ballot, Pater Mallaliou are among mno one another on the streets,
the Dominicans in.St.Lucia attending But Ma JooI'sintontions were proving-
the exposition. Largo orders have to be worthlocss She wa, getting her oun.
Baen placed fony most of the Dominican medicine riGht now.
Products on exhibit. A chartorod Now in the furiiouis uators of the
plane left Dominica today for St.Lucia Guadoloupo Chnnoel Ia. Joe was hard at
with interested', businosamon aboard. work, She was bailing water from th6 canoe.
as fast as she could with a. calabash,
N A. CVA P. CALINJ' --but nlanco place I 1
N e have receivdCA P. CALTG but erc n which she hha in her right hand and. olaspod.
e have received an interestinglft, saying her prayer
appeal, from the "National Assistance her rosry inher lf aying herpraer
Committee. for Voluntary Aid Programeas" as she did o., Charlto himself was
with a slip about voluntary nemborship. regretting he had accepted thoo.ffor:, but
Bt1% the naeos qf Steoring Conmittee it was the greed for money which had
emberss and its background do no.appo, driven him to accept it. Now he w as:.
and we could not road the Chairman's fighting to koop the boat steady and to
surname.. Enlightenment is needed I- satrt the ongi-no which had stopped and
Incidontally, honorary riombborship also to save his life.
implies froodon front paymbnt of. any But this attempts woro futile. A hugo
sort (like "Hon. Soc."), so an Hon. wave came, rolling tot.ards the canoo.. The
oiboer cannot e4 obligod to contribute end was near.' M Jo dropped the calabash
anything; suggests. r.ewording 1 and hold the rosary in both. hands and
The ains rand objects of ITACVAP are started crying and -shouting:-
however clearly stated and appear very "Bondic, Bohdio Imoi kallaz mort '"
laudable. Thcyindicato .aid for civic- Thoese were her last words as' the W'avo
minded projoctq. ,. covered the can6o And rolled it .over,
-..... .... spilling out' its aocupants. Down: and down
A quotation from "FEED TE I tiNGRY"' Ma Joo wont, and'as sho did, those words
by Rav. 3, Proosnans, C.Ssi*. rang in horoars, ias fair monde mal.
"Keep hunger away from a poor nan, Pas jamais fairo sa."- But the warning
a. poor homo, a poor country, To food was too late.
them. noans to grow food, grow it. in A few weeks litoer...and no one noithoer
quantity, of the right quality. 1Market hoard nor-aaw a traco.of malicious Mas Joa
it in a good condition, at prices that and her companion Charlto, and everyone
can be reasonably paid, with a surplus thon know,.that they had met a terrible
for thoso who cannot afford the narko.t end.
pricp, -without humiliation to those ... ., .
thia helped. To make the food, the .meat, the broad, "the fruits, preserved,
stored and in readiness, in as nudh as possible, woasol and cockroach proof.
To prepare the food by kitchen attendants as well as a lonely cook, prepare it
well, loarn to do it better, iinspoilt, served in a pleasing way, untouched by
hand or finger whoro podsiblo, in clean and pleasant containers, with special
attention to variety, health, needs and reasonable -roquironents a hospital.
kitchen, a hotel kitchen, tho' throo-stone fires in the yard or in the bus~h
Nurses and attendants of the sick, nursing mothers and those under prenatal
caio, the list is much longer........... ,

Page. Ten T H E- 3
S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T'*8 Morchrtston.
Aus"tralia won the Third Tost in an
exciting finish by 44 runs at: Queen's
Park Oval, Trinidad. The third wIdlin
the West Indies for the last four : ,
aorias, all at Queonts Park Oval.
There ware injuries on* the fiold
from the first day when L.Rbwo stained
his. anklo and took no further part in.-
the match, thus weakening the' batting:
on the final day Stackpble was truck
in the faoae close to the wi.ckot from a
swap stroke, by Kallicharan: Foster in-
jured a finger on thb field and could
no#- open the. West Indieb second innings,
batting painfully late. Ihighlighta. of
tho. hatch, was the century by Doug
Walters: between lunch and tea on the
first day, and the long innings of Ian
Chappol and Kallicharan who both failed
to got centuria-- falling at 97 & 91.
respectively. '
On the fourth. diy, Australia were
bowled out fpor 281, leaving 'host Indies
334 for victory with an afternoon and a
day to get it. However 'tho'highest
score at the Quern's Park Oval"i'n the
4th innings of any-test watch h was 267/7,
by Noe Zealand. last yeir.
Sfreadericks in a. beautiful knock of
76 paved: the way for a West Indies fight
back ably supported by ICillicharan, and
gave West Indies a good. st&rt and a
fighting chance of winning. '
By lunch on the final day*, West
Indies, were 268/4, with Fostedr and
Kallicharan batting. Well, then, there
was; not much doubt as "to who would win.
But the Australians were giving nothing
away. The, miraculous stops and saves,
from possible fours was mostt discourage.
ing to the West Indian batsmienand .
directly after lunch with the score
still on 268, Kallichara i went off the
first ball, caught at th. wicket, fol-
lowed short minutes later by"Foster.
The tail than collapsed. Final scores;
were:- Australia. 332 : 281, Redpath 66,-
G.Chappell 56, Walters 112 and I.Chappad
97.* Boyoe 2/54, Gibbs -3/79 & 5/102,'
Willet 3/33 and I. Ali'3/89 &-r/823.
West Indies 280/9 & 289/9. Fredericis.
7t, Eallicharan 53 & 91 ahd Kanhai 56.
Walker 1/55 &3/43, Hammond 1/7, Jenner
4/98, O'"Eefe 2/62 & 4/57, G.Chappell
1/16 & 1/65 and Stacloblo -1/27.
LEA~UE. partans defeated Blackburna
BY- aninnings. and.-180 runs aihd earned'
10 bonus points in .the process to bring
their tally to 75 from"535at the Botan-
ical Gardens. Scores were "'Sprtans 3546
GCWijliams 146, G.Lafond 79, J.C.Josepha.
357 and G.Ghi.llingford 31 nAo. (j col.)
Roberat E. Alfrey-of r- il 6- house MCopt Ha

T AR Pridayv. March 50, 1973
IT 0 T I C S
Offers are invited for the purchase of the
following vehicles which may be inspected
by arrangement with the financial. GontrOl-
or, Dorinica Banar.a Gawers Assodiation,
13 HPanover Street, Roseau: .Tel. 2671/2672'
ONE VOLIU AGCIT 1302 CAR 1971 Nodel ---
Reg ITo. 1521
Offers should be made. in writing and add-
ressed in sealed envelopes to the General
Manager, Dominica Banana Growers Associa-
tion to reach him not later than 7th April
1973. The sealed envelopes must be clearly
The Association does not bind itself to
acceptingr"the highest or any tender.
29th March, 1973 V.E.HEITE
The Central Vater Authority wishes to
inform all Consumers of water..-with unpaid
bills for the period ending 30th June to
31st Decermber 1972, or any earlier period
that these services will be disconS d
if accounts are not settled before 13th
April, 19,735 .
Consumers :are reminded that whenever
water is cut off from any premises the
new regulations require that a re-connect-
ion fee of $10,00 be charged.
This notice refers to all water systeirs
in The State of Dominica.
LATE IHEUS: At a CARIFTA meeting in
Trinidad yesterday (Thurs.) the More De-
veloped Countries agreed to allow the
Less Developed Countries to impose pro-
tective tariffs to protect their indus-
tries from mompbtition by the M.D.Cs.
'SAPOP, tForBaekburns K.Laurent
4/101, M.Charles 1/635, MZamore. 2/80 and
H.Lafond' /32,2. r r b S
At the DGS grounds' SEL defeated the
DS. by 6 wicket However DGS got-5 5
'bonus points for batting, the first teoa
to score 175'runs in 30 oversaw 'Soores.
were: DGS- 189 '98, S1IA 197 .& 93/4.
BASIETBALL "Bata Pros defeated By-Trinea
Electrons .42-33. In .-ho other match of
the evening, Carohi GCzgainh1ul got a soore
from Raidors. 'Final ac-ores: Cardinals
59, Raiders 50. .*SIHIA. Sharks. defeated
Raiders 44-42'. *By Trinee .Electrons
whipped GS4-2... :-
LOCAL I5E1TS3DIEFS: A 45,000 Banana SIt.
ing plant ijas opened at Salybia on Ueds.
* The nucleus of a much-needed Consumers
Council net at the Social CentrejThurs.
.Prntd: listed by the Proprietor,,
.1, at 26 Bath Rd.Roseau-Dominica U.Indies.

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