Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Ithe Study of Man, l &e a W rA 5
A-62 3st 78 Stre'd. Vtte '-cg d>w^rrtua<
;V York 10021, dtep: PHYLIjS SHIAND ALLFREY
SS -w- *Anrh --- 16, 97-3
VaA No.l 11 Piriday Ma rch 16,197 3

Oilt Roadors will noteo tAint a Ford Transit
Bus is nAvertised for aelo in this iasue,.
A and and shocking italc leads to the notic43
A man of Carib origin yonlt, to xg)o.>d' tI, ,
sook his fortune HLe a rried nta ksnglish
girl and has two little danghters.Roecontly
ho brought his haor to seottl, and
with theA caste the bus, by which ho hoped
to make a living. On arrival, ho ,was maud.o
to pay $600 before his wife coituld hav per-
mission to reside. permauncutly in Dhminica.
This comes undor Part II of the now Fiina-ceo
Act, 1973, an anendtmont to the Isanigration
Ordinance, Cap 157, Study thu Acts it rofers
to prohibited imsigrazits mad certainly not
to the decent vives of born Douminicans, In
fact the Carib and his wife havo bo-on in-
sultitagly treated. They are selling out 1to
3oavo. Altfr this, who c-an -est a stone at 's recently improved inigraiust I awas?
lbc-dent.Ay. the vian.n is unclo to our adopted
Carihb son4, a -d all Craiba r aos.t tlh& injury.

iLost vookend Sir Richard Slianrplesi
Captain HIugh Sayor his AACG a6d a
rreat DPmo dog wero shot to death
by a msaxsisn a they strolled
in GaU. growtda, TIwlaiiton, af4er
a dinnor par-y. .Ase gu t,,o recessl
British axd Bormouda CG. .. are
still mnting for the, killrwho
may also havo mSurdorod- tho Police
Chiefetact-ly 6 doatha boforo'
a taii dreadful cri ie.the wourk
of aooonoe .-dor.ingad orr political? .

Gra am Norto .a postscrip
One regret: thac there are no records yeTf f
Dominica's 1973 calypsos to rtke away and play
to friends, Lec'a hope that soc or later sam'1
,sliig c-a be done bout that
And one question why hwve. there nevr
been Domioicwa co testcats in. tbe Mxss World
coMpetition? It i mystifying ,Bot, in Roaesai and
out-of town shows most of the Quee eomes-
tants have been amazing for figure, poise and,
above all for their skin, which glowed. with
health and vitality ?a Roseau, I was opaicularly
impressed by the costume designed by Alwm
\ Bully, for Dorita Jno Baptise which ia Its light.
and shnimaering beauty was equally effedive on
the stage and on Sunday's parade Dorias wa
mprs sive too"


I -

H.P.., amet.
seomo more
lovely girls
during his
visit here-
on dock,in
the river,
awd at. the
parties he
WParm hiF

WAfts obvious
that he 12U1
4u good, time
uand was Ocx-
cIhane-Jd by
ouir scenery,

Esther Fadelf, first runner up in the Carnival.
Beauty Queen contest, had the honour of 'lead-
ing offat a ain'formal dance iti the Domiaica
Club hist Saturday her partner being H. R; H.
Prince Charks,



The gentic and famous
patriarch of tho Sor-
haindo i>hNily died in
Dolices this rock.mrs
Elizabeth Sorhaindo
of loving aMormory .was
,fust haort of I0-5,


We noveor ot any-
ono who didn't
liko Victor Addt--
son Blanchard,
SWshose untimeoly
daath thiiweook
upset his faxiS
oad friends. It
van thanks to
Adio that aet-
orald Hillsido
Staso to pea.
Boat of all,he
wo both devout
and kindly.
extends the

deepest sympathy of ts riradesn

Page Two HE S T AR Friday, March 16, 1973
HERE & THE R E by John. Spector
On all aides I hear congratulations being showered for a successful
&ad law-abiding Carnival in Dominica. Even Martinique, with her enorm-
ous population, feels that she must compare her Carnival with Dominica
and Trinidad, saying (to quote France-Antilles) that "the people of
Fort de France had recovered for Martinique the position of Carnival
belle of the Antilles this year, a position formerly held by her before
she was dethroned by Trinidad and Dominica.." But in fact, although
Martinique's Carnival with its lavish floats and costumes, its Vaval
Mort in black and white on Mecredi des Cendres was imaginative, sumptuous,
magnificent etc., complete traffic anarchy reigned, with qars invading
the parade route. From all. reports the most unlawful acts in Dominica
occurred in the constituency ,of Colihau., where a stabbing took place
and telephone cables were slashed; Port.mouth had a cruel rape, too.
However, vandalism of telephone cables and public call boxes seems
to be. dying out, since: the appeal over the radio last year. Boys with
catapults and men with shot-guns and rifles still occasionally penetrate
the wires, thereby making themselves liable to "two. years Imprisonmeat
with or without hard labour" (Cap.259) and probably.also under Cap.97
Protection of Birds. One of the commonest perches on telephone wires
is the Pipirit (or Loggerhead) which it is forbidden to shoot at any .t.m
(along with humming birds, siffleur montagnes, rossignols, titines,
rwil@ ducks, troupinl, parrots etc.). Between. March 1st and August 31st
is also forbidden to shoot or take the eggs of Ramiers, Doves (Ortolan
&ttou3ferelle) grive., thrush, trembleur and morvie. Of course shooting
birds is not the only -" thing which can disrupt the telephone
service, foolish felling of trees so that they fall across the wires has
also caused trouble recently.
What a long time it seems to take for the establishment of the
Council of Legal Education. St. Kitts-Nevis becomes ohly the 8th
signatory and there are, I believe four or five more to come. Is it
because so many politicians are also lawyers and have that old-school-
tie feeling towards their Inns of Court? I understand that the Bar
Association of Trinidad have stuck, in full conservatism, to hot wigs,
fusty gowns, and ties and jackets for jurors, witnesses and clerks,
Let us hope that the Associated States will decide on a style of dress
more appropriate to the climate and the century. May our upcoming UWI-
trained lawyers be learned, skilled in debate and comfortable in their
-courts; and my good wishes go out to the Director of Legal Education,
.Mr. H. Aubrey Frasear.
Some strange prognostications from the world of science' Bigger.
passenger planes carrying i000 persons long-haul and 750 short-haul with
quieter engines by 1985. Fatter cattle (in. shorter feeding time) by
implanting or feeding artificial hormones to them so that they can weigh
aver 1000 Ib. instead of some 800 lb. (why not make steaks in the
laboratory and be finished with all those troublesome bulls?), In
America abortion reformists are objecting to the Catholic campaign
against abortion as being financed out of "tax-deductible funds". The
Vaitcam states that a person exists after conception; however the U.S.
Supreme Court (through Justice Blackman) has "'enunciated the vital
principle, that the foetus does not become a. person protected as such
by the Constitution until after it is born". Is this Metaphysics,
Philosophy, Theology, Exi'stentialism or plain common sense?
-* HRH Prianice Charles' stay in Dominica was a complete success. He was
treated by all in a calm and civilised manner, was not crowded or dis-
turbed, and his range of enjoyment included a rest at the .iicholls country
,house with its lovely lawns and views, in the company of Bishop Boghaert,
brother officers, Major Bertrand and the host family. This took place af-
ter he had attended divine service at St. George's Anglican Church; that
Sunday he also swam in the York Valley pool with several young people,
water-skiied off Castaways, and listened keenly to the Siffleur Montagne.
Chorale aboard HMS Minerva before a late dinner. He told an old woman
near the Arawak that he was happy to shake her hand and (colcld. p.. 10)

bri!& Mac 16. 197 Til STAR- Page Tb v-


S*insuros easy starts and greater officioney
in warm or cold woathor.
HORSEPOW ELowor octano fuel may be used without loss
of power.

Add ONE unit per gallon
(Sufficient foa zr phlons)
"Tune Up" has boon toatod and fully approvoA
by ildopondont laboratories in ungland .md tho
U.S.A. It is supplied to the U.S, Air Foreo
and other sorvico s.$




Restores sulphated mechanically sound batteries.
Preserves new batteries-converts them to long life
Stops battery failure.
4 Climate Controls batteries.
a--starts at 40 degrees below zero
b-efficiency at 160 degrees F.
Increases brightness of lights by up to 25%
Reduces internal heating and prevents damage of over-
charge by 100% SAE test.
Reduces repair bills on generators, regulators and other
electrical equipment.
REMEMBER A shorted or mechanically unsound battery
cannot be treated effectively with VX-6S.

SAFE TO USE.. $4.o

V- 6 Maxilife battery formula iNSTALLED sPFR,,.It FOL

IBM.. .. L
_!_ : -:- -? _:. 7:_ .' --:- -: . 0 0" ..,


Friday March 16. 1973

Page Three


S Here's how
*Provents carbon build-up in combuation
chamber; koops pistons in top condition,
froos sticking valves.
SRLomaovoa gum and varnish from carburrotora
and koops carburottors loan. wvoa tuno-up
ES and docarb cost.
*Elimindtos moisture in fuol tank and lines;
improves compression.

Page--- Pour ?H--L~-~~P-ll~-~-- SPAR --Y-l~_- ttiday J Parzb t$, 19



A' 4


Don't Call Them Mayeresses

A STATELY figure in her mayoral robes. Councilor Margaret
Wambui Kenyatta of Narobi.


THE leading French press calls him
"The New black Pope" "Pastor Pot-
ter, spiritual head of 400 million
eouls,"- pointinjtg out that there are
52 Christiax Churches: they d.eacribe
him as doublyy black, being from the
West Ilaies, and of the Africaa racce
They say he is very ecumenica,' be-
cause his mother iq protestant and
his father was a Rowmau Catholic. AS
Secretary o" the &c.uarpnical Cou-ncil
Rev. Phillip Potter as we know him
s and. love him here, received im-
mense support ou election at Utrecht
because delegdtee wanted 'a ran. of
colour, close to the problems of un3-
derdevelopment'. He declared then:
"How dare I speak of G-od., of fhith
and of virtue to people who are dy-
ing of hunger?"
(Coneluded o 1-..elA-01

er : eha pritsl de 400 millions d'ames.

MARGARET Wr-mbvi Keny-atta
the dAghter of Kenya Ihead of state
am.d the "burning spear of Africa,"
NMzee Jomo Kenyatta, has managed
to folIow in the footsteps of her
father. Being a mayor of one of the
b ~ies~ cities in Africa, Nairobi,
Margaret is busy bunming in on the
ma&'s world. orn in 192S, Mar-
garet grew up in a period of bitter
tWheriog and struggle, the day of
Mau Mau fighting.
kHer freedom fighting .spirit is still bur-
ing high in rhe-i in 1970 she was cluc.ted myor.
-ae a Mu 4 t4~ran. tt>u, 45i. 4f Gate rwv. f 4. **A
And our own Mayor

Councillor Annette St
Hilaire. Mayor of Ro-
-seau, She is so-meimrtn
wrongly described as
'Mayoress', but such a
term applies 'only to the
wife of a male Mayor'-
SAnnete is Mayor in
\. her own right,.

Whose fault -l it that
Rosea,' t Ma-yozr is ft
accorded the. dignity &
honour due to her eleo-
ted. right?





PridayM.arfc lN, v1973

Page Pour

---r-THE STARv- Page D'ive~_--~

Fiction MA-TITIiE by Cynthia Watt Reprinted from BUZAILLTE--LA

Ma. Titine and Garge were enjoying
an after-lunch siesta. Sonny was
fast asleep in hie play-pen; Eurilla
and Steve had gone as usual to the i
"Titine," said Garge, his eyes
twinkling, "I nevah see you enjoy
yohself so much for a. long time." "
"How you can," Titine retotted,
"when you not heah."
Garge laughed, "Want me to stay
foh good?"
"No,no,not You mad.1" Titine. re-
plied emphatically. "You is de goose
amt laybin my gole eggs. What I will.
want you to stay heah for?"
"Allyou heah dat ." Garge chuckled
to Baby and Genelia, who had just
arrived. "Titine doan want me again
They all laughed and Titine went
in as usual to get the inevitable
"Well," Baby said, "dat was a.
heffay week, Carnivaal an den de
Prince of Wales...
"Yessah," Genelia interrupted,
"dat was_ a week. But allyou heah
dat nunh?... leave Carnivaal for de.
time.,.. we always have Carnivaal,
but is not everytime we seein de
Prince. Well, I heah dey treat de
Press bad. You know dey dee have a.
confabsence on board de boat an when.
two Press repohtahs go on de jetty
to go on board, dey deeden have no
arrangement make foh dem. Is only.
d'e Radio man an de Educatah man go
on board. What allyou sayin for'
tWamt Baby exclaimed in surprise,
"You mean wat you saying. An de Guv-
ment paper jes shut dong when it
pleases At Genelia's nod, Baby
exclaimed again, "Well, well, deat is
a shame' Dey:can do tings in dis
place wee papal Dat looking well
bad on dier' side...dose people dat,
was in charge to fix up tings'. Same
ting we say de odder day...dey does
want awee to heah one side all de
"Anyway," said Garge, "d1e. Prince
look as doh he enjoy himself. Boy
daey say de patty at Dominica Club was
a big success an he have picnick at
Layou River Hotel."
Genelia noded. "Yessah! you can
say dat again. But I dee tink it
wood be de 'Swingin Stars or Gaylords
dat wood play."
"Dey dee engage somewhere else
already," Baby explained.` Is de
Bella Combo alone dey coeod get. (n.col)

A 'T ER 1R

Let us say it very early so thdt
something be done about it before
wEt carnival. Carnival is for the
enjoyment of all, we said last week,
but there are some who make it their
duty to make it unpleasant for
others. Among those who do such
things are people from certain
villages through which main roads
pass and near which there
by-pass, c.g. Mahaut, Massacre,
Pointe Michel, aoufriere. Not
everyone likes jumping-up, and.
some may want to go for a swim or
may want to pay a visit to a friend
somewhere; but sometimes it is
extremely difficult to pass through
these villages without receiving
abuses or insults, and without
sometimes being delayed considerr.
As far as we know the only
throughfares;c closed to wheel
traffic during certain hours of
Monday and Tuesday of Carnival are
sections of Queen Mary, King
George V and Old Streets and
Ken.iedy Avenue in Roseau. Why then
should citizens who pay licenses
for their vehicles and who are
entitled to circulate without
hindrance in the state be molested?
MA, TITINE,.."Dey deeden begin so
well at de fuss, be.cos dey play
cool for de beke sake...but dey ,
" pick up well aftahwards wid Mona
an dat maybe is as dey believe de
Prince is aristocrat, so dey play
music to soot him, but when dey
see how C.I.D. begin to dance up,
day change de tune ," .
"You see who .e Prince dance-
wid fuss?" Genelia took a long sip.
"De. girl for Fedelle. Boy dey was
looking great. I bet plenty of de
.odder girls was jellus"' '
Reuben came in just then.
"Well, .all fete feenish, an my
bosa goin to Bermudah."
"Wat I" Garge said sharply.
"Bermudahm You doan heah wat
happen, ,man?"
"No," Reuben replied, "'I was
stale booze since Friday night...
dead to de wohl!"
"Well," Garge continued, "dey
shoot dc Guvunuh, his aye-de-kan,
an his big dog. Aftah a reception
deay was taking a leetle fresh air
in de garden, when wha-a-a-am..,
(concld.p.6 )



Pa-e Five

I -. -Tnv Maerh 16- iv7s



Page Six T H E S T AR Friday, March 16, 1973
by Ecouteur, Pottersville
Year after year the audience at Carnival Queen and Calypso King
Competitions have always been shocked by the Judges' decisions. This
year was no exception and I believe there is a solution to the whole
problem and it is quite simple and not expensive at all. I am sure My
idea will save the. Judges and the Central Carnival Committee (which is
doing a good thankless job) a lot of unnecessary embarrassment.
The solution is this: A Forecast Sheet should be handed to every-
body who has paid to enter Carnival City at the gates. These sheets
should be used at the Queen, Junior Queen, Princess and Calypso competi-
tions and should-bear at the top the name of the particular compete.,
tion and below. that, Forecast Shee.t No: ... Then squares of stickers
with various lettering and numberings should be placed above the names
of the competitors whjch follow. These stickers should be placed in
'such a manner that they can be easily removed and. placed alongside the
names of the contestants each individual in the audience has chosen.
The people in the audience will be required -to place' the stickers
opposite the names of the people of their choice. Below is a sketch
of what I mean.:
Forecast Sheet jNo. 5

ANWY JO1a . .. .....0.. '..............
JENMIFER BLEAU .... ..... ................ c
etc ... ........ ........
etc ...o ooo .
N.B. Place stickers opposite to the names of
the contestants of your choice after the 2nd'
= Queen appearance....
v first RuUner up etc.
u~etc. etc.

Tho Forocast Shoots should not have to be sold to the audience unloss tho.
C.CC. decides to have a raffle after the winners have boon announced and a prize.
of say 5.500 for the first 50 ENTRY FORECAST SHEETS TO DE, TA1ZEN OUT OF' A- AG OR
OTHER CONTAINER. which are similar to the AUDIENCE MAJORITY DECISION. If this "
is to b.e don each. shooec'hould not cost more than 250 and nobody in the audience
should have more than ohoeshoot. I believe that this is .going. to involve the
audience more in the actual shows, and there will certainly be more excitement.
1M.TTII- (conftdf.,5- .o. '"jus like dat I (Al treoo' dop dead; an only a.couple
waote aga Princ e ro was talking do same stroll. "
"Bon Diau Gonolia criod out, "an is diah do Prince Coin back I If I was
hl I. woodJfrid- woo papa I'
"He not going dero ye.t," Gargo replied. "Doan afraid foh him... God an C.I.D.
will protect him."
"En bonh I It thiss from Daby)"look daybah in dis wohl 'today 'When you heah
dose Icmna of tings happonin it mus make you wonder how o1ng o bf-oh our island
do do sanma. 31 only prayin doso tings dean happen horo in Domoeaonoka."
largee wont .on. "Doy sa is da same man dat kill do Polioe. Chocf six
mont ago. .Baermudah in state of oamorgoncy. Everybody fraid deir own shadow.
only hope day ketch dis mod4Por quick."
'Woll," said Titih', "up to now Domeoneka. doA ro.od dat' stattn- yet. God
help us Then changing 'tho subject, Titino saidjocularly, "Lea. foenoesh
wi'd sad -talkc for now. "Unt'1 2tindkin of now is I want to know wat Stevo plan is.
Eef hea sarios s he saj, I tinik is time he an I have a good. talk, an maybo for
do-Eas9ta. wo. can have a boog Eastah weddin. Wat'allyou say?"
Baby and GOnolia clapped thhir hands. "Way, way, Titino I you get it.."
Said Gnrge (sani=in as though he had a personal joke to himaslf):
"Thust my Titi i *to look fuddor dan. hah noase "

Prida.v. March 16, 1975 3
by Ann Blackman
now," say the girls a.t the G
Hotel Bar. It means "very I
The explanation is simple
go home," The bar girls arc
with little more than their
GI slang and some must sup
half-American babies.
Within a year, they say,
income has; dropped to $32 fi
In -better days the bar gir
trained Americans on the grer
screened veranaah that over]
Da Nang River, Today they s
playing cards occasionally
makeup with hopeful glances
the barroom door.
"Sometimes here, two, thi
I never see one American,"'
Le Anh,28, She lives in a ,
room alcove of a dirt alley
blocks from the hotel with h
year-old mother and three cl
two half-American and one ha
Le Anh said the American
or she lived with asked her
an abortion the second time
became pregnant.
"he tell me fini baby," L
said. "Go to doctor. I ino
fini you, I love baby. I nc
Nguyen. Thi Gia,, known as:
lives across the alley. Hoi
American daughter, Lorna, is
Although born only a month b
army captain father left Vie
Lorna. knows; what he looked 1
well-thumbed photo album pes
small table in the one-room
Her mother delights in show
of herself and the man she c
"Bob" together on picnics; at
Beach, Vinh said she would
marry again, but is afraid "
ese. no love American baby."
Vinh and Le. Anh say they
working as bar girls when th
of Americans were in Vietnam
money was to be made. The b
up began when marines came a
Da Nang in 1965.. The last. A
combat unit in Vietnam left
this August.
The old woman who runs th
bar said that more than half
girls who worked for her as
have children fathered by Am
Countrywide, official estima
number of such children rang
5,000 to 20,000. '"Americans
Madame said sadly, "but thei:
stay. it

r HE ST.AR Page Eevn.
Mrs. Editor, In Honour of the. 0oneois
Ti money I am impelled to write some-
rand thing not about our dead soldiers,
Little." but of our teachers, both dead and
I: "GI all living. In the olden days when
left there were about 20 Govt. schools
earthy in the Island we had to import
port headteachers and even policemen from
the Le.ewdrds mpoatly from Antigua.
monthly I can. remember all the first set of
om $250, teachers: 2 IIarneys. 2 Angols, Parker,
?ls enter- Thomas, Boworc, Pearson, Goorgc,EHector,
lade- Caines, Uatty., Richard Stovens, '3Z.Jsephs
.ooks the Miss Brooks.. (William, the Angols'-and
sit around my father were Dominicans). All,I think,
applying were trained at an Antiguan Colelgo.As
toward far as I know all have taught three gn-
erations at least. 'The second sot are
?ee days Jno.Lewis, Bonjamin, Uarrington,j Fi...
raid James, 1-isd s Aloeston, Hypolite and anwthlcr
Lark, ono- William'(from Antious). All have'gone
a few to rest, excepting Didier, Lewis, I.isoc
ier 68- Mary Pascal, float oT those were trained
iildren, in Jamaica'.
Ilf-Koren.. I sat exams together with'the-3rd
contract- set at the old Girls' School, but only
to get taught'for 18 months, They were: Sor-
she haindo., Registe, the' Misses Whately and
Yankoy and Bertrand. All those have gone
ae Anxh to roat, o-copting Irs. Abbott Shilling-
go. I say ford, Misa IKnight and Fingal. They wore
cod baby." all 3rd and 2fd year pupils. Th6 4th
Virnh, sot are Jolly, Steovens, (Lawrence', Nich-
half- olas &'Pond carne 'from the Loowards),
three. Guisto, Jno.Rooso, Georges and Uayland.
before her The only dead member of.this set is
-tnam, Ashley James.
.ike. A I am compelled at this stage t''mon-
its on a tion our deceased pioneers -, Casoy', Bir-
home. mingham and Bruhey. As a boy of about'
.ng photos 10 in my travels to PoTtsmouth on foot,
calls I always called in bo see Mr. Casoy'at
China, his small school covered with trashand
like to perhaps collecting only one penny a wcok
Vietnam- from each child. Today his daughter Jo-
sephine is head teacher. of a largp Govt.
began school in Dos d'Ane.
ousands Now. that uo have over 50 Govt.
and much schools in the State, our teachers arc
ig build- having it a bit easier, as we have no
shore at more donkey roads and more bridges.
meeri caln But they have to contend with the atomic
Di Nang age which brought disobedience, rest-
lessness adnd violence. I advise'them
to hold on, don't got despondent for
the 20 they arc already dedicated to the task.
I conclude by offering to heaven at. thi.
prostitutesLenten season our usual prayer for the
ericans. dead souls: '"ternal rest grant unto
tes on the. them 0 Lord, and lot perpetual light
e from shine upon them. Hlay they rest in
go home," peaco." HUGH I3AWRENCE, Roseau.
r babies

Bag. Eight T HE S T AR Friday, March 16, .1973
TWO RESOLUTIONS IN THE HOUSE by a Special Correspondent
a) The Eighteen-Year-Old Vote
The 18-year-old vote. has been granted by
law to Dominicans young citizens yet were an election to be held now,
we would not be able to cast our vote. We have the power now, we are in
the majority, we could sway a general election, we can influence change
in Dominica. Yet we can't I
The Premier, under questioning by Miss Charles, kept insisting that
the 18-year-olds have. the right to vote by law so he doesn't see the
problem. It is significant that large numbers of young people attended
only the opening sessions. of the House, because it is this puerile reasom.-
ing at the national level that is driving y6uth to the point of taking
action to kick Dominica forward. Anyone knows that for a person to vote.
whether he is 18 or 80 he must first be registered and to be registered
he must first be enumerated -yet the Premier does not see the problem.
In fact he is appointing committee in his words, to look into the
ramifications of the 18-year-old enumeration" which should have a report
ready after the next elections.
It is only because he sees the problem too well that Mr. Leblanc is
trying to keep us from the ballot; he knows that he can't send people
like Leslie, Armour, Etieunne, Christian, John Royer etc4, to us and expect
them to- impress us with anything but their incompete6ce4
Ho.knows that, his gang is afraid of confronting a thinking audience which ak "
searching' questions, whichL dotestsa mepuis. Mr. -Leoblnc anid'his gang know that as
soon as we are rogisterod a d can vote we will demand a typo of politics which
they are incapable of delivering and that as a result they would lose deposits
and: job, ..
Mr. Premier kxows all this, he knows we can't be bought with a gill of
nanny; our price is. too high for him, our priceois change, 'our price is work, *
our price is dovg!lomont the very things they have boon unable to genorato in
12. yoars of office """"
By this summer, whether the Labour Govt. stupp6rts it or not, a. massive
island-wide drive to enumerate and register 18-yoar-olds will. be launched so
that by the end of the holidays everyone of us will not only have the'right, but
will now be able to exorciso- that right to vote.
b). The Gastla Bruce Estate Schome- -
----. .--.......- Amidst much mumblihng from the Govt. side of
the HSuse, BHon. Eugenia Charles moved a resolution askingg Government to "give every
assistance to the Castle Br'ce group in thdrattempt .t.o purcho and manage the
Gastlo BrUoo estate according to their proposala" TL a'rg'umints put foreafrd by
MIiss Charles wore based on primarily on'the need to find' now organ*sad. system
for an agriculture that was floundering, coupled 'ith the nood to encourage a.
moe a-olf-roliant approach along the lines of Govt.'s expressed policy of'co-
operative farming. Supportive positions wore taken-up by Moeqrs. Stevons,
Fadollo and Mois .
Mr. Etienno, Ilnistor of Agriculture & Co-ops, replied ihat'Govt. could not.
buy, then sell, to a Co-operative as Government.'s laid policy was that all laEi"
iurchaeod by them would be only LEASED to those-who wanted to use it while Govt.
hold TITLE. In other words State Ownership and administration of land develop-
mont projects. The I-nisteorfurther expressed the Vioei that -Govt. could not
accept the proposals put forward by the Castle Bruce Group (no reasons were given.
for this) and that in any oase the Co-operative was not registered so Govt. could.
not even discuss matt owitih the workers.
These points bear more discussion because the request of the Castle Bruce
group has always boon that dialogue bogin betwoon Govt. and themselves so that
the proposals could be discussed and amended to fall witEi-h the framework of the
laws of Dominica. But even before this was done, the workmmE had requested that
they moot with the technical men of the Ministry of Agriculture to work out more
immediately, how the estate could be rehabilitated as soon as Govt. purchscd.
The reasons offered by the workers for this interim arrangement wore that (i) the.
estate was being rundown through lack of proper care by C.D.C. and (2) there are
numerous people out of work in Castle Bruce (a situation further aggravated by
C..D.C.'s refusal to implement the October 18th 'settlomont' requiring 80 workers
to be roomployed).. (Continued on Supplement)

rday *Mrh 196, 73 THE STAR Page Ni~e

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AC S.ARK "range of VPBritishWines.The amie grapes gc
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-- STAR --- wines.Which accounts for VP'sline quality.
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laugh while you learn. Buy a bottle today,. W
.^ ..... WI E

4444, *09, iP

Pae. Ten


S*T*A*RS*P* O*R*T*S by Morchristof.
CRICKET: 2nd Test Drawn
Tho 2nd Australia,/,os- Indies Test
ended on Wednesday afternoon just be-
fore 5,0 when rain stopped play (3 bra.
of, playing time lost. earlier), on a
batsman' wicket at Kensingtoh Oval,
Barbados. Both sides got plenty of
batting practice Australia 1st inn-
ings of 324 being topped by UI. reply
of 391. Late wiokt 'stands wore feat-
urea., of both innings, wickot-looporer
-iarch (78) and Murray (9U Ythoiherooe.
Gr.og Ghappoll 106, lah Ghn.ppll. 7.,
.tnhai 105, Frodoricks 98; Tight-bowl-
Sing- kept. the. scoring slow, alkeor 1b
5/97 containing 22 waidons in 58 overs.
The Aunaioa: 2h2nid inning of 300/2
doa ,1 was tmnteresting and the decla-
ration no invitation to battle
WinAdie were 36 without loss at close.
LEAGUE: Pointo Michol won" their first
match v. Blaokburna ini the Auhustus
CGkogoiro League. Pto., iichl' 'eoe 81/9
mi ioir first innings, "Blackburns took
tko.points with 86: pt'o I.ichol's 143
the next tine took the 'gabe fron
Blackburns 113, who cirahod from 100/3
due to' K. Gharlos:' fine bowlihn which
earniod his side 4 bowline points. G3tf/2
** At tha, Gardens Spartans gained a
big. 256 run- victory over DGS with
scores of 202 &515/9 against DGS' 172
& 89/9. Irving SLhillingford 65 & 139,
El.Charloes; 33 & 75 for Srprtans;
JEffrey Lawrondo 105 n.o, '39 for OGS.
G.Lafond took. 6/57 for Spartans.
inns. n*.o h,s. To6t. Avarge
Gorriotte 6 2 113no 163 40.75
aSgoLnt 8 -80 297 37.125
Findlay- 8 1 68no 228 32.25
Phillip 8 70 255 31.875
S/ford L 8 111 243 30.375
Sebastian 8 78 233 29.125
Willct.- 8 2 47 162 27.00
BOWLIhG:. ...

Gorriotto I(
Willot 4
Phillip 35
Richarda 1
S/ford' G. 3-


runs iT. 10 wktc. 16.30
' 1i 23,.78
13 25.38
6 26.67
9 39.89

By-Trinao Electrons boat Raiders 33-32
(G.Daniel 13,Robinson 10 for Electrons)
Rocoau Concorde boat S11L Gails 30-20.
(A.Loblaok 12 for Concord'.)-.. Bata Pros
boat SMIA..Gails 75-36 (Pros:B.Honderson
20, L.Hondorson 30, A.St.IH.lairo 15:
Gala B. S/ford" 12)'. Riaidro -beat
D)GS- 47-3-3 (RaidbrorFrooaii "1- Jamnes 10,
David 10;. J. Lawrence 13 for DG). '

S T A R Fridge, March 16, 1973
Jackie (Kennedy) Onassis, nude,
is featured in. the current SCREW,
admittedly Manhattan's worst pub-
lication. For only 500 U.S. read-
ers can sde the former First Lady
in two of fourteen photos taken
by a Greek photographer's telephoto
lens on. Skorpios, the 0nassis week-
end retreat. Originally published
Jin Italy 's PLAYMBl, which had paid
$30,000 out front, the photos are
clear, front and back. An accom-
panying article uses the vilest
language imaginable and regrets
that it will be unable to feature
Pat. Nixon (the President' wife)
next. week because. "she seems to
have worn that Little;' Cloth Coat
for so long it's grafted to her
skin. "
(fr.p.2)... had appreciated Zaboc's
cordial waterfront handshake of welcome.
The Prince. had been working hard. as a.
Sub-Lieut.; heieias' thin' and* sunburnt; a
blue hotshirt wa his informal, wear..
Fr.Alexander gave Him spme crapauds when'
they swam in the river;, but due to lack
of official ballyhoo many people who
would have liked* to see the heir to the
British throne never got the chance. I
feel that there some English people here
who have served both thq Prince's countej
and Dominica well, who'weare left out of
the official reception, which was:of
course packed with partisan of the
ruling party. "
A disagreeable hote:.a Parliamentary
Secretary who likes to "shoot off" told
a. Star contributor that. royalty should
be abolished"-- they were living off the
poor people's money. We know that-there
are others at the tojp Who feel likewise.
But as our friend retorted,. you are get-..
ting fat on the poor people's money too I
,.When asked what the 'topic of her talk
with the Prince wad, lion. Eugenia Charles.
replied in one word "1Comnnism",.
TNOUVEAUfTPjAPE'E I-7Ir1" from page four
Pastor Potter '(says PARIS MATCH) has
other abilities: he is a practised dip-
lomat as well as an eminent theologian.,
His urgent task is to tighten the some-
times loose lihna which unify so many
diverse churclios and to work towards a'
reconciliation of these churches which,
in the case of Roie, is far from being
attained. lie rules over a veritable little
Vatican with offices in Noew York & Geneva.
ITO UU OrJS -Ol&Vinr^:' -L ,.Dbarr orr-y
we cannot publish your. letter. To W.S.S.:
Sorry, your script arr[YflSo, te.

Printed Z! IHu-lished b y the iroprietor qR.E.AJlirrey 0o I-.L.-L House Uopt aalpL
at 26 Bath "-Road, Roseau, Dorninica, WIest Indies.

S ne oe to RFice to grower


--* -----~ -CY'-`~Y~~'i~~ L-

Frda Marc 16. 1973 TH__ STA St appIj31 (

Scheduef Applicati n for Certiicate of Title and Notligs
treon anda C.veats for week ending 7th day Marh. n973.

bate Requested i Person Ptesent

Request dated Jamet Wris
the 12th day
of February by hia Soli
Presented the Cinma A
13th day of Pupi
March 1973
at 3.45. p.M-

ing Nature of request wheth.
er a Certificate of Title of
Noting thereon or Caveat.
;ht Reqrt thZ Ias tt
,of a First Ce1+0ti&te
itor of Title i reepeat of
*a portion of auad at
.M. Wesley in the Pariah
Mny of St. Andrew, ina te
State of Dowminia coag
tauiain 4 6 3 5 square
..feet and bounded a*

North by 4i4 of rsianme fehrd kAst biy k"
Prety Du4& West by iAd of jam HenryI
South by a Public KRed.

R egstrar's Ofice,
Roseaw, Dominica,

Actirig Registrar of Iithes

NOTEi; Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this'State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land In respect of which the apglication is made.

I bedroom,strong timber house painted
white on outside, walnut type panelling
inside. Space for apartment underneath.
Bathroom,2 bedrooms. 2o feet louna e.
The house is on freehold land of 8,ooo
sq.ft on a road, with waste r, electricity
and septic tank drainage.
For further particulars apply to :
Miss Vanya Dupigay,
Roseau, 7



H 3490,

5000 miles

69i, 2610.


m~------.-.p- ~-l Js~~LBI

To the Magistrate Dist. "E"
I, Edward Hugh Green,.now residing at CuAs.
field Parish of St Paul do hereby give yo i
notice that it is tay intention to apply at the
Magistrate's Court to be held at Roseau on I
Monday, the 2nd day of April 1973, emuing for
a Retail Liquor Licence ti respect to my premi.-
se at Canefield,Parish of St Paul.
Dated the x2th day of March 1973
Edward Hugh Green

L.77.I. /6

To the Magistrate DisF. "E"
I, Edward Hugh Green, now residing at Cae.-
field Parish of St Paul do hereby give you
notice that it is my intention to apply at the
Magistrate's Court to be held 4t Roseau on
Monday, the 2nd day of April 197",, ensuitg for
a Night Bar Licence in respect of my premists
at CanefieldParish of S& Paul.
Dated the izrh day of March 1973

77D -1y Edward Hugh Green

To the Magistrate Dist. "E"
& The Chief ot Police
I, Ayoub Karam, now residing at Trafalgar,
Parish of St George, do hereby give you notice
that it is my intention to apply at the Magis,
rate's Court to be held at: Roseau, on Monday
the and day of April 1973, e n s u i n g for a
my premises at 48 Hillsborough /Queen Mary
Sys., Parish of St George.

Dated the

13th. day of March 1973
Ayoub Kararn


For those readers who were disappointed at aot
getting cepiea while we were sold out (as has hap.'
opened lately) THE STAR Can be obtained at the,
Sfollowing places.-
Vieille Case ......... Mrs Brumant
Wesley ...... ... Mrs Dunstan .
Marigot ..... ...... Mrs Anthony Winston
.. ... ... Miss Nora Wallace

Atkinson ....
Pte. Michel- .
Grand Fond.,

...... Mr. Patrick Laville
S. ... Mr, Sandy$
...... Mrs Blossie George


Win Customers and Friends

~ "



r' -----LIIIIC _____I--~CC- -III__~_

~---II------- ---I .-..I---LC-~.C~IY.~~~111~-

suppleacsat (i)

Friday March 16, 1973




....----' '"-- - u



In TH3 HOUS .. CASTLE BRUCE (from page eight) .. A Special Correspondent

This slap in the face t.o the Miinistry of Home Affairs has been
conveniently ignored by Government as they concentrate their efforts on
keeping an entire village (nominated to be a "town" soon) in hardship.
Mr Etienne knows all these facts yet insists on trying to keep lab-
ourers down. now it is the reason for this that is so significant for
Dominicans; because Lr Etieine's other argument for not supporting the
resolution is that "it is all a political move connected to the Move-
ment,:for a new Dominica." calculated to begin the overthrow of the
Labour Government. Again offering no proof for the statement.
.The Labour Government are obviously much more interested in retain-
ing their political ;1,200 per month jobs than genuinely trying to help
a group of workers to set themselves up in business. It may be because
the Government did not (as it Vhappens ) itself start Castle Bruce on
its way to self-relianoe; it may be because the workers have proved
themselves more certain as to a direction and approach to development
than a Government which has only been able to produce a policy clothed
in nice-soundig phrases but which it has been unable or unwilling to
co4cretise. It could also be that the cheap politics of promises played
by the Labour Party depends for its success on making things so hard for
workers that by election time the price of a vote is rock bottom (Q gill?)
and.corruption can once more bring Dominica five more years of selfish
and dishonest government. Whatever the real reason is the Labour Gov-
ernment is doing nothing to help a village which only three years ago
they begged fot votes.
One thing is certain, however, Castle Bruce will no longer be the
same gullible constituency it once was because the workers have come as
far as they have in 8 months due to their own patience and hard work
with absolutely no help from the Government.
The lessons of this experience speak of change in Castle Bruce and
throughout Dominica, change which frightens cheap politicians.
._______.__ f,

The Blanchard family wish throu
this medium to thank all those at
home and abroad who extended their

sympathy in one way or another in
their recent bereavement.

Dear Editor,
Works from Portsmouth
At Portsmouth, the Queen Contest
and the Parade were very good. There
were only three bands. The 'Jump Up'
was not so good, the Steel Band went
around in the morning and the Brass
in the- evening, but neither of them
conformed with the spirit of the
people -- stopping the music for
long intervals, this was not at all
encouraging. A few distinguished
persons visited Portsmouth for the
In the February 23rd issue of
the STAR Lennox Honychurch made men-
tion of Jean Rhys' "strange romantic'
(see ".ext column)

in one of her tales; he went on to
compare this strange figure with
Ramage. I was glad-tp read his brief
account of Ramage, which brought me
back to my schooldays in Roseau.
One thing I do not think is true
is that he used to swim from Loubiere
to Roseau to make his market. He
used to be in Roseau often enough,
but always in a pair of shorts only.
The single time I ever saw Ramage
dressed was at a funeral of either
Mr or Mrs Coriette; he was in full
white, a heavy white drill suit,
most solemn -- his hair of course
long and flowing. All eyes were on
him. The story that hucksters and
shopkeepers hid away from him is
hardly correct; children were very
much afraid of him!

THE LIVEWIRE, a group of young civic-
minded persons in Salisbury, are
publishing their magazine LIVIiG-UP
2nd to.) on Saturday, March 24.
It is full of interesting items
about their village (soon to be a
tovn) -- and about Marijuana, too..

Supplement (ii)


Friday. March 16, 1973


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