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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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VoL Z7a Fridab H arS
Swas abolished in 1824 Yet one wonders
whether the chains have been re.
moved. Fear and suspicion envelop# and
becidouds the atmosphere ofD'Omfiiica dividing
society into two distinct. strata- those who
dare to weather' the storm and ride atop the
cloud in quest of the air of freedom, and
those who because of their weakness and other'
failings continue to stifle their conscience un-
der this -cloud of doubt and mistrust.
In this latter group are thv now p)roverbbal
'sapplings and creeping things' who dare not
lift a finger in support of a brother fallen
from grace for fear of incurring 'the wrath of
the Boss;, those who turn their headed rather
than greet a relative, an old associate or a
schoolmate whom they suspect, of being in the
offer camp; those who rejoice for a brother
dIeprived of his means of livelihood, as his
:.m- is their immediate gain.,

But little wonder! Most of them 'hold
office at the Boss' pleasure. Allegiance and
not efficiency is their mainstay; thus they
continue to fawn ana flatter for fear of falling
out of. favourwith fortune...
Fie! Ambition should be made of sterner
stuff. Why cringe and crawl when the rights
to life, liberty. and the pursuit of happine",
are enshrined in the Constitution of Ihis Dei-
mocratic State? Aiding and abetting anyone
in the, derogation of these rights is unpar-

Know then thy rights! Live up to your
obligations! But 'hjoy your privileges, for
though discrimination ..pervades every stratum.
of this society, the dark clouds will one day
break, revealing a silver lining 'ltoo dazzling
for those whose eyes have been too long ac- I
customer to darkness. Awake therefore, and
-see the light!
Shock and grief struck all relatives
and countless friend of this good1,
talented and anbition- young man, who
iied at 22 last Tuesday eveniAgp
(Tuka t P -&~a
'*"*" Im r iiiuirii, m *. - 11 1111111 i~i ii i iru M H i~ ~ iT n

.'I sp 2073

23, Tn Cen_ t

BUT one bright mormat happened in the
House oA Thnaody ar.m. when an exaber-
and Dominican back from overseas.,with
.briefease and camera. entered the -Mem-
bere enclosure cried "Hold it! What
-Ayou-all doing? and shook Boa.Padaelleh
han4 before his removal by Police.
Our report starts p.8; see alao p.10

Tesa. a*me from MatiniqUe.
Buat Ois .w t aS ar
"ttA Wy ? onsy tAMro
not eanouh of thom.

QUALITY OF PERSOiiS by John Spector
Sir Hugh Springer, Secretary-General .of the Association of Common-.2
wealth Univesities, during his recent address at the graduation ceremony
at Cave Hill Campus pointed out that in a democratic society the quality
of governments reflected the quality of the people who elected them and
who had to bear the ultimate responsibility for what they (the government)
did for or to them. In effect he is merely paraphrasing the old adage
"A people gets the government it deserves". This is a really terrible
reflection on the people of Dominica! What sort of impression do
intelligent persons in other lands have of Dominica, when to all intents
and purposes there: are only two people among the elected members of the
House of Assembly (under the Shoe Emblem) who can conceivably represent
Dominica elsewhere without acting, talking anq looking like' dim, dumb fools,
However, Sir Hugh (a former Registrar of U.W.I.) had more to say than
that, and I trust he will-excuse me if I spread his gospel a little
'further than to a small group of graduates. He said that "excellence must
be our watchword; so that we ourselves will be welcomed and respected and
what we offer will be in demand." So, what can we offer? For a start
the sweetest, best-favoured grapefruit, in the world (which ripens earlier
than any other grapefruit) and a government that for years has strenuous-
ly played politics to hamper the Citrus Growers Association efforts to
get tho,r fruit washed, gassed and packed to catch the high-price early
U.K. market. Next we have (if only they were properly promoted) first
class coffee, top-quality vanilla, top-quality bay-oil. Lastly we have
many top-quality people: but the odd thing is that a lot of these people
,are just very ordinary people (not rich people, nor gwos bougs, nor minis-
ters of state) but the man and woman in the street. Despite a bit of
ignorant "honlkey go home" nonsense among a few younger dispirited
Dominicans, the average person is. very natural and friendly without being
subservient to strangers: -that is, of course, tourists. By and large
this means that Dominicans have a fine' quality mind, mostly far finer than
that of a few mediocre tourists. Add Dominican citizens to the so far
unspoilt beauty of Dominica nard We have a quality for the discerning,
,visitor that is unequalled anywhere in the world.

Afe~ting to our poor, quality government, I came across a really-
cheap bit of deceit quite by chance when looking through the S.R.Osi for
1972 (S.R.O. stands for Statutory Rules ana.Orders, which are a convenient
way of altering ordinances involving money without debate in Parliamentt
they are signed by the Governor on the advice of the cabinet). This
S.R.O. is No. 21 of 1972 cited as the "Limes Export Levy (Revocation)
Order, 1972" and states "all sums standing to the credit of the special
account .... of the Limes Export Levy Ordinance shall be paid into the
Consolidated Fund".. I was curious, especially when I found that the page
no. (1165) cited in the Revised Laws of Dominica was incorrect (it should
be "1665").
The, history that I was ablo to dig out was that in $940 an export
levy could be -placed on limes and lime products (Cap.271) by an S.R.0.
This was done in 1942 but sums collected between May 7, 1942 and October 5,
1942 were for some reason refunded to the exporters. Th.s S.R.O, was
suspended in 1949, and an amendment in 1956 disposed of the proceeds of
the levy by placing them in a "special account" from which 'the Adminis-
trator in Council may from time to time direct towards the formation and
other expenses of the West Indies Limes Association, or towards the
expenses of the Dominica Limes Association. The amount, which had been
frozen since 1949,was 414,508.74. Not perhaps a lot, not enough to build
a Minister's house in Roget or Canefiold, (or oven Vieille Case) but still
a useful sum for some good cause. I have three comments to make on this
(1) if the money had been put in a deposit account in a commercial bank
for some 23 years at 2%,'the sum would have been doubled-to $29,000 (2)
No person or firm who had originally contributed was informed or con--
suited before sinking, it into the bottomless well of the Consolidated Fund
(3) the S.R.0, was sneoked through with incorrect reference and a minimum of ox-
planation. By and largo, it was not the act' of a Government of Quality.

I~_ _I~_ ___

Page Two

Friday, February 23, 1973


Pajge The,

~4dav. jFebruary~ 2a.1973

One 3 ton, 32-passenger
$3000 or nDeaBtest offer -
Decius Benjamin,

Car Antennas
Olympia Calculators

and of course

%\M//I i
/4 Y V'

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending 14th day of February, 1971i
bate Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
er a Certificate of Title of
Noting thereon or Caveat.
Request dated Athene Request for th& issue
the 21lt day Idillne of a First Certificate
of February Shiilingford of Title in respect of
1973. by her Solicitors all that portion of
Presented the Alleyne & Co. land in the tows. of
22nd day of per Brian G.K. Roseau mn ti 'r arish
February 1974 Iloyne. of St. George conta-
at 11.16 a.m. inizig 1069 square
feet and bounded as
North-East Estate of joseph Julien South-East King
George V Strat South West Upper Lin North
West Estateof Joseph Julean.

Registrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominica,

Acting Registrar of Titdea

NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newipaper pubNshed
In this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining,
land in respect of which theapplication is made.

February^. 23.-. 1973-~iiniHi..m r'.?^"~8^ uui~uiimgsv"^ ^ ^ ^ *L:*-ll'" -" wae

by Lennox Honychurch by Lennox Honychurch
Jean Rhys, in her book "Titers are
Better Looking",1 rote: "IIr. Sawyer How exciting,
was a strange man, ITobody could make Cries the girl
out what he was doing in our part of With the long blonde hair.
the world at all lie was not a planter "The West Indies'
or a doctor or a lawyerior a banker. Sailing, sunbathing,
He didn't keE. a store. He wasn't a Sea, sand., water-skiing ...
schoolmaster or a government official That's the West Indies
..., We had several'resident romantics But not my West Indies.
who had fallen in'love .with the moon My West Indies
on the Caribees ..,,r That was at the Is Morne Anglaise
beginning-of this century and we have In the early morning
had many other president romantics' A broken truck
since then. But none I think have been On a rutted road
as strange, or some would say 'as crazy, The saltfish smells
as Damage. Of a Lagon kitchen
I have never been able to find out Shack-Shack music
his full name, though' I am sure that At a country wedding.
there are some that-f'now. There are My West Indies
many people who remember him or have Is aging fishermen
heard of him and know much more about In the stormy channel,
this strange man. than I do, Some of Political meetings
what I have boon told about Ramage may In a. crowded street
be false rumour or misinterpreted facts The methodical beating
but I find even the general story of'fs Of Tambu L6 Ld
eccentric a. fascinating one. Dust and sweat
Apparently was an Englishman. Late Carnival Tuesday,
who lived in Domininca"r.bughly between In my West Indies
1900 and the late 1920d Some smid Love, hate, hope, despair
he was a Professor from Oxford. He Mix infrightening beauty:
married (or lived with) a Dominican Once experienced
girland had an estate on the slopes Haunting you everywhere.
of More Anglaiso between"Giraudel and I--'
Bellevrue Chopin. Some say that it Was resident Romantic"(contd.)
after his wife died that he 'went crazy,' One planter, lohg since passed away,,
but reports differ. Xbwover.there are who visited RCm=age said that about -half
stories of his walking down the Grand a mile from the house, a little boy was
Bay road to Loubierb wearing only a posted to ldt out a 'houckayt to' warn
sarong wrapped around his waist and of a visitor so that.Ramage would have
carrying a little leather money-bag. time to put on his clothes.*
On reaching Loubiore he would strip, ut the most outstanding feature of.
tie. the sarong with the moneybag arounR the Ramage legend are the deep caves
his head and swim across the bay to which he dug into the side of Morne
Roaeau to do his fortnight's shopping. Anglaise. He wcs apparently struck
Another report' states that when he with a fanatical urge. to dig to the
got to Roseau things almost came to a belly of the world or according to
halt, hawkers scuttled into the side others through the centre of the earth
streets with their trays, some shop- to Australia. Whatever his target how-
kecpers closed their doom .. and as. if ever he began employing people to dig
Ban' MaLwvais. was coming down the street down into the mountainside. Either the
people rusahod into their houses and money ran out -or the workers -an off
poeped through half shut"jalousies at but vey soon Ramage was legt to con-'
the "B1k& qui pa nif bon ttoe." It was tinue the task on his own. The first
probably his appearance mixed with the cave that he had begun was not Succeos-
rumours, circulating Roseazu at the time ful. He reached a layer oZ hiard pau''
which made evory7ho so terrified of and the drippy beginnings of under
him. Descriptions of lim indicate that. ground spring. ut so firmly had this
his' hair was long ahd unkimpt'- and fantasticidea' taken hold of him that
that he had a flowing board. Joan Rhys he resolutely started another hole.
in a loving short. story about him men- With a small bucket and spade he made
:tiona-'fiery eyes'. Dut despite all endless. journeys up-and down the shaft.-
'this he was probably a gentle old man. (Concluded on Jyargo ten)

Friday, Febotuary 23, 1973


Bage Four

;r.Iday~ Febuar 23.1973- T~I STAR~


Clhedfule of ,A.ppicuai..)n for Certificate of Title and Noting
trnon ard Ca-ats fc, w'eek ending 17th day,of February. 3973,

SDte Requested jPerson Presenting Nature of request whnth-
I er a Certificate of Title of
f Noting Thereon or Caveat.
Request dated i John Mc.intyre Requeat for the issue
Sth February of a First Certificate
1973. i by his Scricitor of Title irt respect of a
'Precented 12th portion of land known
February, 1973 Vanya as a l~t at Morne
at 12.15 p.M, Dupigny Prosper, in the Parish
PgY of St. George, in the
l ----------- .--- $ tats of Dominic.


Reqi.St dated i Hypolite
the Sthi dany f Cirrksc.n
Jana-a.r, 1973. Par
Presented the jby his Soli
15th day of Cilma A..,
February; 1973 Dupis
at 10.45 am. .

fny j

Request for th isaau
cf a. Firat Cartific&a ,
of T i- in respect of A
portion orland k2now
a a house lot at Col;-
h)ut, in the Parivh o.-
St. Peter, in the Sata.
of Domininc, contais-
ing 1596 square feet
and bounded as foi.

North by larid ofTyrtle Gardier: East by land of lRoslb
& Kenneth jno Baptiste: South by Feicita Putblic Road:
West by land of Lewis Parkiinon Parilion.

Schedule of Application for Certlficate of Title and NotingZ.
thereon and Caveats fcr week end24th day of February. 1973.

containing 1.09 acres Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
and bounded as fol. whether a Certinate
lows:- of Title of Noting
On the North by land of Selwyn Prosper; On the EASt thereon or Caveat.
by land of Stephen Lockhart; On the South by a Ravine --- --.----
separatng it from land of Benjamin Aron,and on the West Request dated Nelly Request for the isaue
by land of Austin Charles. 29th Septem- Henderson of a First Certificate
ebr, 1972. iit of Thle in respect of a
----------, by har Solicitor portion of land known
Requ -at dated Fedilia Thoqmas Request forth, issue Presented 19th as a lut at Berekua,
,he 6th day of Inee Nicholas of a first Certificate ofI February 1973 Vanya Grandbay, in the,
february, Title in respect of a I at 3.10 p.a. Dupigny I Parish ot St. Patrick,
1973. by her Solicitor lot in Potteraville, --............ -in the State of Dorni-
Presented the in the Parish of StL nice, containing 1160
16th day of Cilma A.M. George, in the State! squaree feet and boun.
February, 197 1Dupigny of Dominica, contain-i ded as follows:.
ot 2.50 p m. ing 587 square feet j On ehe North.Evs by land of Sinilia Andrew, On the
.......... ---- and bounded as fol- I South. Evat by rind of Smniia Andrew, On the Sofoth.
IowA:- Wiesi by safo of Joseph Alexander and Sinilia Andrew,
On the North.WVst by land of Kay Founrtine.

Norzh by land of Rosline Emanuel: East by the Strast:
South by land of Catherine Cockrans: West by-land of
Petersrn Nchols.

Iegistrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominica.

Acting Registrar of Titihj

INOTE:--- Any person who desires to object to the Issue of aFhirst Certificate of Title in the above appllcatloramay enter a,
Caveat in the above Office within six weeks from the date of the first appearance of thIs Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
published in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land In respect of which the application is made.


There will be a General Meeting of the Federation on, MONDAY
26th February 1973 at 6.30 p.m. at the Fort Young Hotel.

All members are kindly urged to make a very special effort to attend
and to be on time.
i Confirmation of Minutes
2 Matters Arising
3 President's address
4 The Role of the Dupigoy Technical College in
our Community by' the Principal Mr. H. J. H. Gray
'74-. 5 Any other Business

I atS.,: Roseau ...m %5.00 _**. Country ,. -56.50
AIRIMAIL: E. Caribbeaa 16.00EC **** uther ZWI, Fil, LSVI ,19,00EG
SU.'K. .., 5.5 ** Africa ... 7.5.0 *** U.S.A. .12.00US ***
Ianada .. $11.50 Ga..*SUO;WACE &AIL (aaywihere ii, world) .,$10.000




------ l~- IIC I 11


-riday, February 23.19-73


11111~-111 1 __ _r -

-- Page six -_ -__ TH,... E STAR

SMotor cars of class. Enjoy trouble free ,
S motoring at it's best. Whatever your choice f qu ity
there's a DATSUN for you - f1or1 qualiJ
SDATSUN 16oo DL... A high performance and value
car. Now available with radio and head-
I rests -
I DATSUN 12oo DL....Compact, exciting
Also with radio headrests, reclining seats-
DATSUN 1300oo Pickup.. A real workhorse
Choice of farmers, contractors, trades-

4 All backed by our super service and spare ,
parts -
Choose the right <.ar...choose a DATSUN
SPRINGFIELD TRADING (1959) Ltd. Take a look at the
Goodwill Road, Telephone k.34o, 3293 range of VPBritishWines.The same grapes gc
WE DON'T HATE COMPETITION, WE MAKE IT to makeVP that go to make a lot ofexpen0sive
wines.Which accounts forVPs fine quality.

NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR Buya bottle today. vPt[ W NiS
i, Cidron Pierre now residing at Marigot Parish
Sof St Andrew do hereby give you notice tW it is Now in stock-
my intention to apply at the Magistrate's Court
to be held at Marigot on Monday, the 2nd dayited number of
of April 1973, ensuing for a Retail Liquor a limited number of
Licence in respect of my premises at Mangot
Parish of St Andrew. 3-TON BEDFORD TRUCKS. .
Cidron Pierre
16th day of February, 1973 '-Io By popular demand the proven
S] A utility vehicle for Dominica.
Featuring the fabulous DYNA-FLEX TIP. A.C. Shillingford & Co
This is the exclusive Miracle Tip that never Car Accessories Dept.
wears; precision made of solid acetal plastic
for smoothest writing.
Never "Muches" like a fiber tip
Never "goops"like a ball point r BEDFORD
Never scratches like a fountain pen.
es, it's a whole new way of writing..... hoes 14 entire
.... VEGA!!? hsoes entire
,I1.40 at for the family
he Dominica Dispensary Co. Ltd.
7i -ig '2 ............

.-Page Six


Page Seven

Fry.ay, February, 2, 1973 T H E S

Fiction. MAI TITIHE. by Cynthia Watt
Ma. Titine hummed as, she'sot about
putting the house in order, while
Eurilla. shopper' with Sonny in his pram.
It was a glorious moriihg, and the house.
sparkled with Al anliness. Ma Titine
was doing he3ol.f proud; lot those tongue
waggers have a bit of a shock I They had
told no one of S.tovo's intended visit;
not even Baby and Gonolia.
She..walked over to the wiindow...then
gave a loud gasp, for a taxi. was just
letting out T. paasenger at the. gate.
Gracioum I a. Wvhit man Steve And
Eurilla. j.uat .'gone out Garge -was also.
out. Well, said Titine' to herself, I
can Welcome him, dat's not hard.. And2.
she went out on the porch. The. taxi-
driver saw her and'.waved. The young-
blond. stranger turned around anid waved.
also. That was enough. Titine ran
down the steps and soon was shaking
"You mus be Steeve Welcome I Heah
Denis, gimme dose two -odder passess"
Steve Varnoy,"made himself'at home.
He. waS. a genial, jovial type; no race
prqjudise with'him I -Aftor all it was a
chlianging- world, but the way' his' mother
wej on, whan shoi. saw that he meant to
marry 'that girl' one would think he.


. . .. .

NJ T I x


The Green Market Price of Bananas in the U.K. has increased by
another three(i3) pounds to. bring it to the level of 89 per ton
as from Monday, 12th Febru.ry, 1973.
The Management Committee of the Dominica Banana Growers
Association is now able to increase the price to the grower by 0,5
cents p pound (lb.) and the next pay packet of the grower who
delivered bananas at the boxing plants will be computed at 351 berts
a pound. Growers who sold at buying points will be paid at 283 cen,,ts
per pound. This: means that for the, shipment of the week ending 16th
February, 1973 and until further notice the following-price schedule
will apply-: '

.iPer Lb
Per Lb,

Per Lb.
Sleeping. Truck Possible
Sleeping Truckig Total

At. Boxing Plants 53,1 05 0,625 0.25 j 0.185 4.225-
At BBuying"'Points 2.3 0.5- 0,25 0,25 0.125 &.425
......Y." E. WHITE,
19th February, 1973 Geneal Manager
....--General Manager
756--i 1/1.. .
..Mr., Swinburne A*S. Lostrado. is Asst. Sec. in the LMin.of Finance &
appointed Eqonomi st l from Feb. 6, Developmcnt. He was born in Dominica
1973 on secondme-it -fron the Dominica. 25 years ago, atoned the S.A, -.
Public Servic6,- IJr. Lostrado was an and is a. graduate 4,4 ,) of the ZI.


SBonuses in 0

Foam &.
Qual ity.


was the first white man to have such
an idea. '
Sll,"':"said I.ETitino, after
having settled him in the little'
guest room, "I am sorry Eurilla
wassen -heah iwh~n you-reach, but she
will soo;i coike.'"
'.'Bt she' will bc':'surprised I "
Steve laughed. '"Iy I but Ma. Titine,
this is the bost.'.rum punch I have.
tasted. It sure has a tang I 1" and
away they. went oil chatting like old
"Ma has company ," Eurilla said as
sho' tu'riHd. in at the gate, hearing" -
Ma.'Titiiio's laughter. (She -was' not
expecting Steveo intil the next 'day'.)
Imagine her surprise, when on openning
the door with.l'onny in her 'arms, I
thore was SteOve co'zily at home inI a
camfortablo chair sipping his rum
punch. -.- -
"S'eve f1 she burst out incredulous-
ly. He jumped to his. feet and em-
embracod her and the baby lovingly, -
"Surprised'? ho laughed. "'I just.
deaided 'at the last minute... I could.
not wait t' "I I.----
By midday the town was all agog,.
"Allyou doan hedh dat? De white
man dat give Eurilla. do c-hile, he
come to marry ha 1 ..




--- - --

Friday,February 23, 1905

reported by C.W. and D.B.A.
The keen. listeners in the House c
Monday 19th dwindled on" Tusday when
the debate became .increasingly boring
Following the Premier ts'half-hboir spec
and Miss Charles t reply, I-tr, Armour
tried to lay blame for the condition
of the banana industry on IIurricano
Dorothy (1970) and "an attempt at sab.
otage" -which nettled 1r. Stevons in.
to reprisals, the ding-dong causingstu
audience reaction that the Speaker hai
to call a halt, fl-Uiss Charles was
charged with reading her speech and s]
riposted that Ministor Etionno had dai
the same thing last session, so it mit
be in order. On. the question of l1-yr,
olds voting the Premier said they wer,
entitled to vote now but enumeration
would have to be done first. Parlia'
monetary procedure in Dominica was muc]
criticised; and IMr..Stoveni was lam-'
basted by nearly all Govt. Ministers,
with rude remarks about his ago. When
he spoke of the poor state' 6f the Mi1i
istry of Education e: Health, called
the Budget "a miserable effort" and
said (looking at the Promi6r) that
"Work should begin at the top", he go,
paaoed, but persisted ii raising point
which required replioe Vit. from John
Etionnea nd Leslie on farmers and
rOad equipment (only available for
foedor roads free); Stevens said the
reception of the Farmers Union Dole"-
gation was an insult*. Mi. Fadollo's
brief remarks oontaincd. this one ;'tho
Marketing Board has more members than
money ; he also mentioned tho emascu-
lation of R,T,C. and -. taxes and lic.
oncos, and the need for an. .operative'
woodwork section in Grand Bay School,
Britain having financed'this. Mr.Los-
li thought his function was to re-
fresh memories of the past. D3% part
of the archives had beoh lost.. He was
annioyed that the Opposition continuea:
ly criticised the Police and describe
the building:of now police stations ai
replacements statingig that some youth
had volunteered for fire service duty
and that equipment would have to be
housed in police stations where no fi:
stations existed. *.14r. Etionne said
there had been a lot' b trouble -
with foreigners aliensns a)who had 'boug:
huge .portions of land and afterwards
split them into lots for sale at very
high prices- which the poor could not
afford. He .addod "we.-don't mind if yo'
sell one acre of land for 'l000 -thati
your business". 1r. Moise (Opp.Mom.
congratulated thQ Pro.icr on arriving,
up a pr). -l:oxt column)

CSS Baffin has been in port here to
conduct a formal training-programne
for hydrographic records. She is
one of. Canada's major hydrographic
and oceanographic research vessels,
l.. and was built in 1956.
d' ------ ------------ ***. --- *---* ", '.. **
Moiso tookGcovt. to'task for writing
trash about the Bible in the budget
speech, such' as "Jesus was born in
Bethlehem by force"oSuch nonsonso nado
a bad- impressioih abroad. On'- person =ust
re have vritton the budget speech and all
others said AYE. Whon he attacked the
Proni-or about joining CARIFTA, relating
hIt his earlier exprossod objection,- Le-
blanc said it was an integration move,,
bettor thCan joining with Japan & China,.
or having those jump on us. On Tuesday ....
a afternoon Armour replied to the critics
s of his Budeot Speech in extr6emly per-
) sonal and often vulgar terms, which tone
g persisted during 1IWednosday "
ed (To-be continued next wook).Soe p.10.

This hard-hitting piece which. is
most applicable to Dominica was pub-
lished in another Assoc. State news-
paper. We offer $1 each to the three
first readers who write in giving.
the name of the island State and the
name of the newspaper concerned.
PLAINE GIRL: Lucky Mavis Albort is
one of the children sponsored by the
Canadian Save the Children Fund, and
her sponsor is a famous radio broad-
castor in'Vancouvor. He is on tho. air
over day, and ILavis is ono of 40 kids
whom he helps through his appeals;the
others are all over the world. lie wrote
Mavis a nice letter asking to know all
about hr', her family and her school,
as well as her country, and intends to
read her reply on his. program no, prom-
ising to write to her again, and saying
"Good luck in your schooling"* Miss
Juloes of CSCF hero announces 4 moro'ovor
-soas sponsorships 3 in La Plainio',oe
in Roseau. This is encouraging nows I
-Back-from -a siccossful showing in St.
Croix,!J4.V.I. ,'whore the Dominica stalls
won two "firsts" Qon for the most
colourful stall and the other for the
best display of .tropical objects, Mrs.
Beryl Harris and Mrs. Rosalind Volnoy
must -feel elated at the success of their"
mission, sihco it was hard work tbo
organism and run. Those events took
place at the Agricultural &' Food Fair
in St. Croix and Dominica cane in 2nd
in the "Best Overall Display" contest*
Local handicrafts wore immensely adnirod.

Page Eight


Ssidusa Fetbpuatry 23.1973

Par. Nin.ii


Read: Psalm 34:11-19
The fAm)l is nigh unto them that are of a broken
heart . . Psalm 34:18
4 HAVE in my possession a clipping given to me by a
precious servant of God who ministers each week to
a congregation of those who cannot speak or hear. He
himself is similarly afflicted and so communicates to. his
flock through "sign language." The article he gave me is
yellowed with age and no doubt has been a real source
of strength to him. In an effort to spread his ministry of
comfort, we pass it on to you:
"What broke your heart? Unkindness? Desertion? Un-
faithfulness on the part of those you trusted? or did you
attempt to do something beyond your power, and in the
effort the heart-strings snapped? A bird with a broken
wing, a woman with a broken heart. a man with a broken
purpose in his life -. these seem to drop out of the main
current of life into the shadows. They go apart to suffer
and droop: The busy rush of life goes on without them.
But God draws nigh. The great Lover of man alwa:,
comes closer when lights burn low and dim in the house
of life. Where do we see love perfected? Not between the
father and his stalwart son who counts himself independ-
ent, or between the mother and the daughter in whom love
is awakening in its first faint flush; but where the crip-
pled rhild of eleven years, frail and wan, lies in the little
bed, unable to help herself. There the noblest fruits of
love ripen and yield refreshment. The father draws nigh
to the little sufferer as soon as he gets home at night, and
the mother is near all the time to sympathize and comfort
and minister. Such biokenness attracts God! It is dark;
you think yourself deserted; but it is not so. God is there.
lie is nigh; call on Him. A whisper will bring a response
especially if it is a sigh from a broken heart."
There. little one, don't cry;
They have broken your heart, I know;
And the rainbow gleams of your youthful dreams things of long ago.
But Hearvn holds all for which you sina-s
There, little one, don't cry. -Anoo.
TIOT! "The caverns of sorrow have mines of dlimonikd.!"
QM19 by Radio Nible Clum
Used by permission and shared with
you as a paid advertisement by the
St. Joseph Baptist Church.
Rev. James- L. Van Hecke, Pastor
Further help available upon request.

'r~'t ntth1 *ir --- _.~jm.iiri--..r i.nT~i.i.r---r-*-*-*- - *-^ -- .-i-- .--- -- .


A NEW HOUSE AND LOT containing
3583 sq. ft. at Souftiere. Lots of space for
expansion, modern conveniences, ea
beach, quiet location.
No reasonable offer refused.
For further particulars apply to:
Miss Vanya Dunignv

74., .: Roseau.

Colds, Coughs, Hay Fever and Sinus
Bottles of 24 tablets .65

And to clear the nostrils and make
breathing easier in seconds -
it contains one of the m o a t effective
decongestants prescribed by doctors

;1.50 per spray container

The Dominica Dispensary Co. Ltd,
4w... 1n

Sterilize Baby's Feeding Bottles with

Just drop one tablet into 4 pints of
water in a plastic or glass container. The
tablet dissolves completely to gi'e a steri-
lizing solution in which place your
baby's feeding botdes and teats.

Box of 18 tablets $1.oo
One months supply:- $1 50
STeir out this advertisement and take it
in to The Dispensary for a sample of
BABY SAFE TABLETS. This offer is
on a first-come-first-served basis only.

The Dominica Dispensary Co. Ltd

amJ ___ .


We are selling out our Hair Wigs and

Hair Pieces (Human Hair and Kanke-

IonoJ and are allowinfrdiscounts of 4o%

Swhilst they last. '
A year's Subscription to the MIA DISPENj co
STAR $5.00 plus postage _ CVLTD.4

i--rida4 February 23,1973-

re ~m~--UI------- ~- ----- ------- -



I -C -

Tawwww" -llulr~"'fII~--~)-

PEage en '...T- H E S T A P "Fri day, February 23, 1973

CfPCICIMT: Fostor 1Lintains Form
When the first test match between
Australia and the .ost Inlios ended
in' a tame draw at Sabina Park in
Jamaica, highlight of-'that math_ was:
Harris. Easteras. maiden"century, ths
Jamaican team captain who has been in
-aMlleonU form this Shell Shield
series. Eoster helped his captain
Kanhai put on 210 for the fifth after
Wast Indies were 165/4, the partner-
ship being broken when Kanhai got out
with the score on 375. .Final scores
in the match wore Australia 428/7
declared and 260/2'declared. Bowling
for Wast Indies, L.Gibbs 4/85 &1/40,
U.Deowo 1/95, 1.Fostor 1/85, I.Ali 1/82
and W,Holder 1/34.
Weat Indies 428 &. 67/3. L.Rowo 76,
A.Kallicharan 50, R.Kanhai 84,
H.Foster 125 and R.Freclricks. 31.
Australia- bowling : lax Wolker 6/11 4,
Jeff Hammond. in his maiden match 4/78
& 1/17 and G.Chappoll 2/18; Notable,
was the. inability of Lilleco to get one.
wickat in the match Ho -camde down to
tha West Indies: iith a.trbmondous rep-
utatidn. His match figures were 0/132.
SE far on the tour he has taken only
one wicket for ovo& 200 runs.
Tha third and final tost between
ITeow Zealand and Pakidstn ended in al
draw.. Pakistan won the soriea 1-nil.
Faustin Again Scores 1st Century
Thm first century this season was
scored by Jeffro Faustin of Spartans.
Ha got 102 n.o. in the first innings
giving his team an addod" 5 bonus points.
Last. year he got the first century
as skipper of Harlem Rovers (120 n.o.-
in the 2nd inning against Blackbuxnso).
Spartans massed 238 in their only
innings of tho makh, defeating Pointo
Michel by Z. innings -to one with
Emmahuol. Charles who shErod in a big
partnership with Fcdutin .coring 72-
Pointo Michal successful bowlers were
P.Deloney 5/60 and U.Gharlos 4/78.
Point. Michal 118 & 26' (the lowest
total. this- ae.ason and" 'lo.rer than Inst
year:s- lowest1, which was1 32). Spartans
oarned:.20 points including 8 bonus for
bowling- &. batting. .The other league
math handed with .'4Ar earning a fine
2.wioket victory over Blackburns who
led bn 1st innings andI ended.the match
with. 14 points, 2bonua..points for
bowling.i Scores weore Blackburns 124
& 86. S.M.A. scored 97. & 114/8.

Printed & Published by the Proprietor, R.E. Allfrey of Mill House, Copt
'Hall at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

Resident Rmiantic (fr.R.4).- digging
deeper than the first hole, spending
the rest of his life in a. hopeless
battle with the earth.
Last year; in the back room of a
Loubiore rumshop' I listened to an old
man in a felt hat: and faded white jacket
as he told me about those caves. lHe
used. to work for .Ramago and still lives
on the estate. F6r"years he had been:
filling up the fira# cave with wood and
rubbish and some time ago was able to
plant some -bhanna, over the spot. He
woke. up one morning however to find the.
fullgrown plants had. aunk into the earth.
But the deepest hola is still thoreo
fringed with ferns-and luxuriant under-
growth lico' a gaping memorial to that
fascinating eccentric. L. -i.
Staraovs ASEOw.LLBA: lMamchcs con-
,tinuod at the o.indaor Park with
By-Trinoo Elections narrowly defeating
S.M.A. S1harIKs 47-41. The match wont "
into extra. time and. was. throughout v6iy
fast and oicitihg as both teaamsc strbov
to maintain a ioad but was always out-
done by the other, 'hoaoe, exciting- play
In another match, Caroni Cardinals:
had it all their way in their match --
against nos'oau Concords'. Scores wored
Gardinals- 83, Concords: 36 (A.&Lob'lack 20)
D.G.&. gained' I victory in their first
match, defeating S.M.A. Gails 50-29.
Caroni-Cardinald had to fight hard for
victory in their' match against JS.Y.
Sharks. Theb schoolboys led at thei
interval uitXfilbd to contihuoe tIeir1
shooting prbro es i4 the second half.
Caroni Crdihaals displaying superior
bas-ket tall and shooting won. 57-39 A above,
D.G.S. defeated S.4.A. 50-29 in their
first game on Thursday night. Earlier,
after the 8-team opening, Raiders lost
40-42 td Jgata Pros.7 .:.
MERVYN'S DEATH (from page one)
This well-loved youth was the son of
Mr. & Mrs. Cyril Hill of Goodwill,
brother of HeatheAClez&Pat. His fun-
eral (followed by' about 100 cars)took
place at St.Alphoniaus Church, an-d --
mourners, including the Governor,
wept openly. Everyone feels the. loss ,
DEBATE (pages 1 8): Mr.Armour wramD
slammed the STAR for an article criticis-
ing his new taxes which actually appeared
in the CIRONTICLE (a letter by G. Moreau.).
We concentrated on the curtailment of FUIT
and travel essentials to any West Indian*
Even the poor huckster needs a passport
You will hear more on the Debate next wk.

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