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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 02-09-1973
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Friday, Febrouary 9, 1973

Arc^ starts SAT. FebolOth
4c^ Don' t miss it -
PRICES from 25 o

Tenr Cento

---------- -- ~ waTen Ce~aMte

We have al koown for some -tim& that Governa
maet is in the red. The budget speech revealWed
twt last year revenue fell by $i,7 miion. Ana lt-
tempt to make up the loss by anticipated $5ocs~oo
taxes was declared. These taxes hi FUN (cinema
Beats), $300 for visiting entertainers, beer nce
a.bank managcr's.drink here but aow increasingly
popular Mravel (passports up from $4.80 to
$10o.o) and gasolin', regarded by all as a r% eci.
ty not a luxury : 5y per gallon higher.
The gasoline t.ax will affect people
In. the country most truckers who
carry banana aand village busee
make a poor living already, and
their vehicles use 3 times as
much gas as 1;he average private car.-
There is no doubt that this budget
has not pleased the population.
The debate is set for Feb. 19th.

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Just drop one tablet into 4 pints of
water in a plastic or glass container. The
tablet dissolves completely to give a sterin
jizing solution in which to place your
i baby's feeding botdes and teats,
Box of i8 tablets $.uo
One months supply $si.5o
Tear out this advertisement and take it
in to The Dispensary for a sample of
BABY SAFE TABLETS. This offer is
S n a first-come-first-served basis only. 1

,-The Dominica Dispensary Co. Ltd.

SPOILING the fiiiale
of the Health Minis-
ters' conference this
week a disagreeable
incident occurred at
new Layou River Hotel
ol ,iedieesday night.
The Premier,his Deputy and another
local Minister stopped in there for
late-hour drinks after the usual open-
ing and blessing of a new Police Sta-
tion (this time at La Plaine). After
final orders were taken by the Barman
and Hobn. Thos.Etienne paid the bill
for the Ministers, the till was closed,
Then Mr. Leblanc called for
Another driXk. The Barman told him he
was seoxry but the bar was shut, but
,w; tw 'Ie tch-the .Assistant, Manager
Mr. Clancy Charles (Manager Mr. Peter
barodny, having a night off, was in
Roseau). The Ansst.Manager told the
Premier he was sorry the bar was clo-
sed but offered to reopen it for the
Premier personally. However the Prem-
ier left in a huff, saying that he
,would have the Hotel closed down in
six months. Subsequently the Premier
.(who was too busy to attend the Con-
fereice opening) came before the del-
egates and made a statement which was
broadcast twice. Meanwhile the Hotel
Manager had both written and spoken
to the Premier expressing apologies.
A Policeman arrived at dawn on Thursday
to notify him that the dinner for 360
delegates and guests ordered for that
night had been cancelled.
Unhappily the Dominican Chef had
prepared a magnlficenv banquet over
the past few days: this most of the
visitors did not enjoy; they had free
drinks at the Siseerou instead., But
maay Dominicans enjoyed a good fete.
WIDE SARGASSO SEA: film-makirng of
Jean Rhys' famous book will start
in Dominica shortly.
DEATH OF A SPORTSMAN : Gregoire dies-p s
I (Page Seven)

The Budget Speech started off with a sweeping world-review intended
to blame others for any and every economic shortcoming in Dominica, but
when I heard "our democratic elections are :unquestioned" I thought "Why,
he cannot have read the newspapers or listened.-to talk in the streets!l
The last election could perhaps be 'unquestioned' legally, yes, but
ethically it was very questionable.,- Pundit, back pay and all.
As Mr.. Aimour ploughed through some more.philosophical musings I
:'as struck by his strangdy. out-of-character Biblical references and I
was reminded of. Antonio-'s remark to Bassanio: "The 'devil' can cite scriptuse
for his purpose ... A goodly apple, rotten at the heart'" However many of
the statements made in the speech quite pleased me since they showed:
that Opposition criticism has.been effective and Opposition. advice, (though
unacknowledged)sometimes acted .upon,
?For instance the East Caribbean Common Market 'which' I so heartily
supported as a bargaining tool for the LDCs was allowed to wither for
two years: now it. is suddenly being resuscitated., Ohf but why- do the
heads of governments of the Associate. States..refer to-themselves as *WISA
(pronounced wiser)? --the already used initials-of -the West Indian Sugar
Association: Childish. Armour's comment that..: study. -is--being made of
the position of the Assoc.States with the E.E.C,, (in regard.to citrus) is,
I trust, not a mere pious hope; the proof of the .pudding will be in 'who
is'eating our citrus .' .
Despite Shankland Cox's recommendations the t'Armour International
-Airport' idea at'Braitridge is stiLl pursued. If it' ever comes off it .
will by noise alonec'over a 4-mile; wide belt, 12 miles long;' ruin the
:ecology-of the .island and frighten off the better" type of visitor seeking
-tranquility and wildlife conservation. It doesn't tally with the Minis-
ter's assurances to the Health Conference delegateIs, I "
...As ,I. -have- said, -the principle behind 'the, Banking .&. Insurance .Act is
1'sound .but it,should not apply to Savings Banks and Credit. Unions and, the
privacy of accounts must be'.safeguarded and-.ensured. A pityithat a Biil
.cann.ot be enacted -to-ban the sendigg-of money out of the country to .um-
bered.Bank -Accounts in Switzerland.ior the Bahamas '
On land, Government has turned a somersault.over (a) the wickedness
of CDC.and..(b). the Castle Bruce farming .idea,. which will incidentally need
,a great ,deal more. education than has been provided hitherto: perhaps Mr.
Atherton Martin might be given a n'w postt bf Co-operative-'Collective-
-Farming Educator.!.. (I learn since the*budget speech that he and his com-
mittee would prefer.to-.buy- the land on the hire-purchase system than have
.Government buy -it), .
. like- the phrase (after Govt's 12 years in the saddle, and. despite
the so-called .Agricultural Marketing Board): "Goveinment will have to
.act to organize marketing to ensure that"the grower is supported,...I"
,AbOut time and don't forget bananas.
The Work Permit business, like land deals, is still (I feel) open to
abuse.,or favouritism. I can 'see a :time coming when hotel supervisory staff
may move around.the island from hotel to ,hotel taking each other's places
at ever-increasing wages: -Surely Vork Permits should-.be graded: I,Assoc-
iated States nationals, II, Other Westindian nationals, III, English citi-
zens, IV The Rest,
For a Finance Minister, the arithmetic is a bit shaky in parts; for
instance, if from 1975-1975 "2,000 young people leave school to join the
labour market "(?force). of 30,000, how come 6,000 additional jobs will be
needed?' Will nobody die, retire or emigrate? Or is 2,000 young people a
year intended?
An attack on the President of the Chamber of Commerce and a state-
ment that Government "will continue to bend backward to encourage the
local investor" is no encouragement to those outside investors in the
past and present who have been bewildered and baffled by forms, red-tape
and.continually amended laws for months and years until they give .up in
It-is curious'that a Labour Finance Minister of the Upper Income
Group has failed to observet-the convention used in other lands (see >.10'

T'H E S T A R riday-February 9, 1973

Page Two

Page Thure

I'ridiy'. February 9. t973 THE STAR

Our publisher will shortly be starting to compile the 1973 TELEPHONE DIRECTORY f o r pubHcation in
July 1973.
Customers wanting to make any CHANGE TO THEIR ENTRIES as shown in the. alphabetical section
of the current 1972 directory should write giving the new entry to:-
The Manager (D directory Sectrin),
Cable & Wireless (West In des) Ltd.,
P.O. Box 45,
This information must be received not later than Friday, February 23, 1973. These entries are FREE OF
R EQu-STS FOR BOLD TYPE ENTRIES, Additional Entries and Entries in the CLASSIFIED
SECTION (Yellow Pages) and ADVERTISE2AENTS should b2 addressed tot-
Intern tional Publications Ltd.,
Fernandes Industrial Estate,
Eastern Main Road,
Fort of Spain,
Our publisher is responsible for contracts and charges for these entries.

Further information can be obtained from the Commercial Manager, Telephone Number 2003.
Manager, Cable & Witless (W.L) Ltd.,
74 ... Rc ram

Ui rFNT- NOT I^ a
BOTTLERS (Dominica) Ltd. :nd JOSEPHJNE GABRIEL & CO. LTD. wish to advise
the "public that, due to an increase in Governmem. Consumptio0; Duty from 2o0 to 444
per case. on aerated Lev:g..s as from February 6th. 1973, the wholesale price per case
is as follows:- a v
COCA COLA, ZIP & FANTA Flavours, all [U-C flavo'ur a 7nd7UP..IO oz. size
selling p r i c e $2.56 per case consumption duty 44 total $3.00
t ZIP & JU-C Sodas o10 oz. $2.08 t a 44- .- $2.52
- CLUB MIXER....7 oz. $2.20o 44C-;. 2.64
We regret that advice of this notice is so short but this is entirely beyond our control.

Available for the first time:
Complete Trade Index of -
Importers/ Wholesalers in:-
Norway... -US $4,'00
Sweden... US $6.oo
Denmark . US $5.oo
Clas'sified trade index -14oo
pages, 16o,000o classification : USs 18.oo
or the equivalent in any other currency,;
postpaid from:" SALESMAN A S;
N 73TO Blornmenholm, NORWAY

UWI Applications (STAFF)
1. Research Fellow/Junior Research .
Fellow (plant breeder) in the Legume
Programme of the Fac. of Agriculture,
St. Au.gustine.
2. Assistant Librarian Cave HiU.
Details at the University Centre
,--,, during office hours.

CAR NO 786
TELEPHONE No. 3097 or. 3010



~-~--~Y,~ ----~CYYBIIPI~/PCd~-~Y~-~~



Friday, February 9, 1973

,. Page --our -It STAR FrIdui- Pubruary 9, 1973

Short Story S WI N D D oY Verrieux Mourillon
She looked at the letter that had just cone b 'thb morning post. She had
not the slightest- ida from whom it camo, M. irta fbled with the envelope in
hew smmity tn wh ow it contained.
fetr scanning ithb inglo sheet of chO p g paper for a few Osconds,

M..a.tfs facn suddenly wrlithod with agony. She-lit out a cry of pain, nd.'I
rshe.d t Jhar. JuSt. i time to catch he.- from fCllij-. She was my wife-
the woman loved. I tried my best -o find out iow felt But. ho only
neiagd to say, 'I don'tt know, My stomach "
I. a agadta to- ti telcphoneo and called up our doctor. Ho was there in ten
mi .t He examined her. Then re-examinod with a puzzled; look. He told me
that she had to 0o to the hospit.lt1h next da for t abdominal X-ray; then
he left. 0. ..... ...
ho picked up the mystorious lottery There was nb&hing GO n trange about, it,

A. friendly latter sayihgi hollo to my wife and. g~rotings to me. It was ined
)"Ta. I threw it down ana wont in to Mirta. She twas cooling. lightly better,
Sh- could not quite describe her feelings, she told me. :t was like things
moving about in her utomaool. hore was .nothing I could d4,
Tnext day my wife who taken to the hospital and Sheo hs X-rayed. Soon
after she came back home sho bogan to cry out over 'her stomach, and her left
albow appeared to be deformed on one side, She roemainod ii this state for.
approximtatoly half an hour, then sjo was almost back to no-tal. This. happened
every following day, I was totally bewildered and son6wuh,t ivexod. Socing
jirta suffer daily and. not able to do a. thing abott it, uas highly annoying.
WV awaited the results of the X-ray impatiently.' lhon it cameo L was quit.
shoojcod. The doctor said that the L-ray showed nothing a.iss. Eo had never
cone across anything like 'it before .
S.I was about to take. my wife to another doctor -hon an old find 'dropped
in.' As.a-oon as ie had got the details she drow hoer conclusion. :t was
definitely oboeah, It had to be. No doubt about that, Someone s=nt somotting
in the letter, worse than a letter-bomb.
I told myself that it could be true. Many of the villagers were jealous of.
us. because of our position. Mirta was a- teacher and"I. hahd a good job --
espoctable etc; Theya-" id that we were 'up.' DBocuso wo felt we wor Oa.
itio Better. than. then, w did not want to associate, with them, L. picture ..
of the. haughty boing humble, was formed in my mind. 'ltagieo, our friend, said
that Mirta. should go to see Madamo Foster, the strangest oboah woman.
*> Thus my .wife went to the oboah woman. She (Mirta) cut the cards .- xocn.
'of Spadaos
S ."Ai Madame Foster. cried. "3 know it have to be a black woman liko
yourself dat doing you' this ting." ...She wont through her. usual procedure. "Sho
put come- "muck 'ol jumbie" in her hand amd -rubbed my wife's belly. Af.torwards
*Iihe told her that she had tiwo frogs and a. lobster loose in her abdomen, and
sho should come back another day, a .Tuesday preferably for htor to see what she
could do for hea. I'irta had.to pay her fifteen dollars; and 1adame Foster ,ave.
her some "kind ar rubbidge" to rub with.
The following Tuesday she re-visited Madamo Fostor. As she entered,
Madame. Foster immediately took her to, he door. of a snall room painted all in'
white. She. informed "for. that spirits could not cone face to face with people,
so sha had to conm In bac kwards. She lead Mirta in an. guided her to sit on.-
a. chamber-pot specially for the occasion. Mno, Fostor"bogan rubbing- my wife's
stomach with all kinds of strongly smelliris stuff and while doing it she asked
her .
."You not fooling them coning down yet?"
"No-, not yet."
Aftera. while sho asked again and this time my wife answered, "Yes I I
fooling then. They are -oming down slowly." otio." Foster rubbed and rubbod,
nuttoring something under her breath, until Mirta said that she no longer felt.
the. frogs. The old itwoan told her to got up and looked into-. the chambor-pot -
thero were the two 'frogs covered by a sliy grooeen substance eI Moc. Foster said,
look at that You soee hoipeople wicked Soe What they putting in a. woman
belly for nathing'I "-' 1y wife asked her what was horfeoo. She said, "Well'you
seeo, because is you.-- Maggio is.your friend -give no a hundrod and fifty., ".
(Concluded on page 9)

N 0 T I C E
The Dominica Banana Growers Association in the interest of
improved quality wishes to appeal to all growers to pay particular
attention to the times stated in the cutting notice and follow strictly
the instructions in respect of time of cutting. Premature cutting re-
sults in stale fruit, ship ripe bananas and spoilt quality and must be
avoided at all costs.
Growers who fail to follow the instructions in the cutting notice
in respect of time of cutting run the risk of being disqualified for
quality bonus payment or having their fruits marked and rejected.
The field staff of the Association have been instructed to look
out for premature cutting and report all discovered cases.
6th February, 1973 738-1/1. GENERAL MANAGER

The sad news of the death of
noted cricketer Augustus Greggime
("Rice") at age 35 brought a sense.
of loss to Dominica on Monday 5th.
His early death is greatly regreti-
ted by the community. He had been
a member of leading cricket and
football teams, by whom he was held
in high esteem. His funeral was
extra well attended.


lHe loaves to mourn his mother, his
widow, three. sisters, and two
News of a DASA fund to be eat-.
*blished in his memory is evoking
much interest and (I hope) will
draw much support from admirers
of this brave sportsman.
"In your death you are not
forgotten, You have only gone
before." C.W.



No. 104

The. Dominica Co-operative Bank Limited

Edmund Edwards
Amelia Edward's also known
as Emilly Edwards of
2 Rendle. Street, London W. 10



To.: Edmund Edwards
Amelia Edwards also known as Emilly Edwards
of 2 Rendle Street,s London W. 10
TAKE NOTICE THAT judgment has been obtained against you on the
O.th Decembobn 1972 in the. High Court of Justice, Dominica, Suit No.
104 of 1968 by the Dominica Co-operative Bank Limited for $15607.7f5
an. $60.QO costs and interest thereon at 8- % per anumn being money
due on a Promissory Note dated 21sLt June, 1965.
And that it has boon ordered that service of the application to
sell the said land in satisfaction of the Judgmont debt shall be served
on the .dfenantsta by this advertisement, in four issues of the local
press and in four issues of newspapers in England circulated in the
district of the last known address of the defendant Edmund Edwards and
that this advertisement so published shall be deemed to be good and
sufficient service of the said application and documents appurteaart
therato for the sale of the said land.

711 4/4

Deaf and dumb children are getting
a chance to learn speech and writ-
ing techniques at the UWI Extra

Mural Dept., under the supervision
of Dr. Muller, with Mrs. E.Lancelot
(who has had special training) in ,
charge, aided by Mrs. P. Wyatt,



... . ... . .. Jl . . ,

--- --. -- -- ---

- -I----



Page Five

Friday, February 9, 1973

Page Six THE STAR FrHtay Ftua.ry 2. 1t

There is no doubt that "WHITE MOU.N. v-
I TAIN" Ice Ceamn Freezers are the hig h c st '
quality e v e r manufactured, ufderstandable so
since The Wh ite Mountain Freezer Company and va e
have manufactured nothing else for over a cen-

We have received a stock of their Model d "' :
643 in 4 quart & 6 quart sizes. This model is
the only Freezer in the world with Triple Mo-
tion, which results in quicker freezing and simoo-
ther Ice Cream using mninum Ice. Prices are
$55.oo00 & $65.oo00 respectively.
We have also received a supply of the a
quart models wbib we wl exchange for $4.o T -
/A in Cash Bills covering retail purchases. I. TC l ,OOK at ti he
^'' " range of' VPBritishWitnesThe sam.ie gaje 'pisf ,
`'She Dominica Dispensa rf Co. LtdE ,< : 1 ., ,-, 1. 1
_TheDominica _DispensarCS to make \VPthat go to make alot of expensive,
Shines. Which accounts for VPs fine quialitv
Availabl a Buy a bottle today lRi"

41ERIS C(OR4WM Now in stock-
Frmak Tock
For the Relief of Pz- fumenstruation,- a limited number of
$1.55 per botrdk 14-4
.. I-FoO 3-Rr ef ocTON BEDFORD TRUCKS....

ICT/C EDUCTION By popular demand the proven
R Utility vehicle for Dominica.
We a.u Waening out our Hair Wigs ande Agen
Sole Agents:
Hair Pieces (.Human Hair and Kanke- A.C. Shilingford & Co
I rCar Accessories Dept,
SIon) and are oaluwing discounts of 40o/
whilst they last.
INVEST IN DOMINICA TOURISM-- and earn with tax-free concessions.
Offers are invited for the purchase of the fouowmig valuable *sharv-a;
FRANKLYN HOTELS LIMITED Forty Sit One Hundred Dollar Shares
Eighteen One Thousand Dollar Shut Applicatio dce BOX R s

A~id.ay, February 9, l97~ TI1~ STAR Page Seven

Fiction MA TITINE by Cynthia Watt
Eurilla ran up the steps and
dumping tha bag of groceries quickly
in the kitchen, she ran to her bed-
room where the querulous wails from.
her infant son lustily filled the.
Ma Titine arrived soon after and
fthen the dasheen had been peeled,
and the midday meal, was bubbling
away on the stove, mother and daugh-
ter settled down for a cosy chat.
Sonny was in his play-pen gently
coo-ing away.
"Well Ma," Eurilla took the bull
by the horns,. "I know you bursting
to know about Sonny."
Ma Titine hnmnphed. "Well is two
week you heah an you nevah tell me
who de chaile fadder is'
Eurilla smiled. "Guess Ma. io...
I know you won't believe mc. But
is the truth Ma. It's Mr. Varney4s
son's child." (Mr. Varney was'
Garge' s employer.) -
Ma Titine jumped out from her
chair. "WVt you sayin chile? "
Going over"'to Eurilla and holding her
closely. "But Eurilla, he done you
wickedness. Still he, treating you
well doh. I can see -dat. All dose
nice tings you an de chile have.! Not
even Roseau gwos boug chillren have
so. much ting."
Eurilla smiled. "Ma, that's not
all. Steve wants to marry me, but
his mother is against it. She calls
us the colQured servant class."
Titine bridled, I know dat You
think I deoan know dat. WomanI is so
dey is... eof $ou can good enofftiprk
he chile, you not good enoff to
marry him? Dats de talk HnminphI
What de fadder say?"
"Oh, you mean Mr. Varney? Stave's
father? Well, he. don't mind. He
says that this a changing world, oand
everybody has. a right to their own
choice.... wouldn't say he's madly
Titine put up- her hands. "Wait,
wait, you gbin too high for me. But
I know wat you mean. She paused.
"De fadder right. Everybody doin
dere own ting nowadays. She clapped
her-hands and smiled maternally.
Garge came in from.the bedroom
where he had been sleeping off an
* overnight hangover. Titine ran to
him and embraced him. "Garge., you
"aly mangoose you You nevah tell. me
-nottin (next col. )

The British Government has
announced improvements in its
immigration rules. The main
improvement relates to Common-
wealth citizens, one of whose
grandparents was born in the '.K,
These will now have the right to
go to Britain to work, and to
settle, for as long as they like,
needing no work permit but only
an entry clearance in proof of
this. Already, under the terms
of the Immigration Act, which be-
came operative at the start of the
New Year, Commonwealth citizens
whose father or mother was born in
Britain have complete freedom to
enter Britain as they please.
These patrialss" are totally free
from control. Those now granted
the right of entry to work and
settle in Britain upon the
relationship of a British born
grandparent, will be free of any
kind of supervision in employment.
They will also be admitted *for
settlement at outset.
The changes in Britain's
immigration rules were published
.by the Home Secretary, Mr. Robeart
Ca, They provide. also that meln
with\ grandparents born.rin Britain,
-who' marry women resident there or
exempt from control, will also, be
admitted for settlement. The--
new rules also extend from, three
years to five years the msximu
period of stay of young Common-
wealth citizens visiting- Britain
for a holiday, and underline that
the. period for which they are
T e will normally
MA TITIIEi. She frown6d slg~Laty.
"Eurilla, wat- you loohi n so sooekrit
f oh?1 '
"Well, Ma," Eurilla answorod, "I
just Sot a letter from Atove, and he
is coming over... in fact he will be
here on Honday....."
Titino ran front Gard-e to RBrilla.
"Bon Die she exclaimed, "wo have
to hurry.- Uoy6, woy6, look work
we have to 'do I Gargo, today Friday;
quick...give me moh money foh me to
go an- shop, Ue have more cocho6-
pafecmay, but uo muss buy a big ham
bocos is dat he custom wid. An I
Goin to ma.co noioutb~ot his brodddr
to ketch some crapaud for us. H11
awroady have twro maniaou'an a agouti.
Shave togive Sonny ladder a real
bon~~ ccp. So,_

Page Seven


Friday, February 9, 1973

-Pavei; ThEht IITAI-R- riday Fr 9 13

SSchedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending 10th day of February, i973.
P' aeRequested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
er a Certificateof Title of
A Noting thereon or Caveat.
.. r. w 1eR uem t Fr h e N tiiZ

Requit dated
the 6th day of
February 1973,
Presented the
7th day of
February, 1973
at 11.35 a.m.

rergus on jno
by his Solicitor
Cilma A.M.

of a First Cerdificate
of Title in respect of a
portion of land at
"Grand Savanah" in
the village of Salia-
bury, in the Parish of
St. Joseph, in the
SState of Dominica,
containing 3 9 6 4
square feet, and boun-
ded as follows:-

North West by land of Clarence Louis North East by
land of Hughes Baptist* South East by land of Chrisian D0.
touched South by an Access Road separating it from -
land of Alfreds Charleg South West by l, nd of Alfreda
Charls ______

Regaitrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau, Dominica.' .. Acting Registrar of Titlh-
NOTE:--- Any -person who desires to object to the Issue of s
Ftrst Certificate of Title in the above appllcationtmay enter a
tCaveat- In the above Office within six weeks from the (date of
the first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Nevspaper
published in this Sctte or from the date when the notice pre-
scribed by 'aw was served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land in respect of which the application Is made.




590 x 14 BEFORE $35.70

560 x 13

I) $28.50

750 x 16 BEFORE




NOW $30.35
' $24.25

$74.95 NOW $6370

100 x 16 BEFORE $69.95 NOW $59.46

165 x 15 BEFORE $61.45 NOW $52.45
590 x 14 $48.55 $41.28
175'6t95 x 14 $53.50 $45.48,



Shoe Poishes,

Shoe Creams,


Shaoe aces (round and flat),

Boot Laces

Shoe Horns

- w W-W W

Leather Dye

All obtainable at your favourite Store

7a7 -1 /


__ .. ~a:

a Ie~spsss!S~aas~

~-p---~ -- ---I-


raaBSBS5Ba^'SS=aa~ai SBK^SS252SSSSSS^^





Friday February 9, 1-973

e gaP Eight

Whh.e. Cleaner,

- rid.ay Februry- 9-, -197- H .T ag A:ne

" Story:. SWINDLED-.by V. Mourillonf(-)
."You iso ,"Mr r. Fosetr.. it onf, -
that Ais .for, t-ho dif f erot -intmont I
order from. India arid so on; and-
furthormoro you c.till -.havo tihe lobster
in your. bolly. : You have to go. right,
HaiLti for. tht." .. .
Iirta .gave-.heor the hoIney, thanked-
her and cana. hom.o That- night she. --nd
the. attack, again. -:Sho lobster -" I
thought : .
'-t.. :.. h "so haiod that -aroiAtdl that'ti.tio
.- fo roign-deotor was .ini the island 'rid
I told-' y.Wi 6if that: thero was nd harri
in :trying imi '" ".
h. ., we. enod. up in :d l Scl 'op~nhoo l-
.var'a. offipae. Uo0. okamined,'Iirta
thorou-hly, Then lihe told'.1s1 that', sho
was .uffeoring- with.`i. 1I.an, one long
.word: onding i ,"'-iti ." l3ut I' a nota
the nan to recall it*- He proscribed
sormo nodicincs and a special injection.
-After- a- wook- of troatnont, mny'wif '
was on her foot again"'" She had npot .
'the slightest ailmentn, I ondored
about ao .'Fosterts. crapauds and lob-
ator. and rl hJundred and oixty-fivoe
bucks 1 oy tho .first time sinco
Mi-o.' Fostoz "had Giagnosod, .doubt of
what cheC ap.id flirted, with 'uy innop
0 0. o . *
A.monthblator, thoro uas a road
accident and .soicone canoto call uGt
paying that a vwonan who' ias fatally
injured wanted to'sec uGs.. To: our
greatestst svrpriap it':hs Ho.kbeFstor
wo. saw on our arrival, who *ras lying'
there I Wh'n she saw us she looked
roliov-cd. She said she had a 'onfoss-
ion to iake. She had TSought thie' frogs
and placed theou in the chahb'or-pot- .
with asoeo.. mixturb made bylhers elf.
She b&6god us to.forgivo lier. She'did
not have the nbnoy to refund : Gho had
swindled banypeople in this way, but
tLo,:greatest pull had boon riado with
L.. said to myself t'h.t it was a good
thing we did. not nix 'iith the 0thors,
;for: wo. 'would have boon the laughing-
stook of. tle whblo village.'. VT.o never'
did find out whether. l.-rs.. Foster wrote
the.. letter, too ... '
Minii-Minia:r within the procints of
City- Hall. have boon b-anned by Georgetoow
(Guyana). t woman I ayor., She linked the
high hoeline- in the current rape attacks.
to be represented at the Conmmonweoalth
Ii6ads. of Govt.. conference in April:,.said
Dep./Pronicr, Armour at budget session.
,! >

..- R 'EAD E .' 8 V IE W
The. following controversial letter-,
.with most of which we disagree pro-
fofudlyy -is published for' other-.
.readorsa information. ,- Ed.
Madam, HQ Deserves the Prize
After many years of fighting,
peace has at last come in Vietnam.
it. is really and. truly a welcome
surprise,to us and to the whole.:..
world. I., say Pre.sident. 1jixeon
deservess to.win the d6be.al Peace.
Prize for. the.-year 1975.. About .
two, years a. go. he.. almost suffered,
a chickenw-hearted, attack when he
ordered: that. the- bombing' of-.the
North be stopped. It was the same
time.I sent.:the:.STAR ias letter which
was published saying, that :it: was"
the ,biggest mistake: he was making,
in his, life." We kx-w. however
that this. was. done .due ,t-or world-
criticism and, home pressure', -
iixon- has. proved. himbslf a
great hero- and; has'.suc'eeedd-
convincing the commOnlists 'tht.hW:
is no mean boy, and that they Wtre
compelled to bend theit' *' ae'.
The U.S. is. the 'only "b`ig titiu y
in the world today .With-M char'itable
heart& 'No better -loe thaih~ *hi:'8-
that a man give his 1if 'for-hi'
friends' America has shon"m thi"
act of love several timesi It is
a fact that 45,000 U.81- soldier srA`
died to saVe the lives eof .5: ml-
lion innocent men women ands& chil-
ren. I do elieve- that our Heaawe-n-
ly Father -is pleased with the l US,A
HUGH .LAW.RECE,. .Rosea."

.', S A D .. D A-'T. S
by Ronald' Didier
Tho gh'I have- not shed tears for
many. years,
I sometimesfeel like crying...
For.when one thinks of accide'its
It brings a bitter taste of dying! /
What of the Cease-Fire Treaty ,.
Wen one. considers the lost -
'There may be another World War Three
Though Peace is always the quest,

MARKET:,: the Premier of St. Vincent,
Mr..:.J.F, Mitchell, has beei appointed.
oh$irman o-f the Council.. ...
"1.I SERVICE TRAIiIING" for all pre-
school teachers starts at the Social
Centre on Monday February 12th, ****


Page Ten 'TH STAR Friday, February 9, 1973....
KT to reduce"Class stratification and
WEST INDIDS Ai1OUNXBEETEAM Class WZarfareo Uhder Housing he refers
On Monday afternoon 5th February, it to a Urban Uorkihg Class Housing Pro-
w.s announced by IMr. Clyde Walcott, jct' as if the I-iddle & Upper Incomen
*Chairman, West Indies Selection Conni- Groups do no- wok., Lowor Incone Group
";;boo that Rohan Kanhai, skipper of the Housing Projoct, ploaser Mr. Arnmour, I
Guyana tean, would load the Weost Indies judge that lesa than half of one por
in the coming test series against cent of adult hon-retired Dominicans
Austr.lia. Trinidad papers objected live on unearned incono.
to the choice, naniing Joby Crowew. Figures are trl.cky things to boast
The fourteen players naned'aro Kanhai, about or cjiticizo unless they are con-
capt4linatan Ali, Uton Dowe, IIichaol parative or ti:d to a cost-of-living
Findlay, Morris Foster, iZoy Frodoricks, index (base 1960). However I will'con-
Lance Gibbs., Geoffrey Greonidge, plinont the Iinistry of Finance on, AT
Vanburn Holder, David IIoldford, Alvin LAST, moving towards proper business
Kallicharan, Clive Lloyd, Dory.ch principles with a "prograome and perfor-
Mirray and Lawronce Rowo. These players ance budget system. Many developed
are to nakea thensolves, available in countries are still labouring under an-
Jaiaica by February 12th, front which tiquatd -budgot systons- I had hoped
the final eleven for the first test since 1967 that Doninica would be able
natch which starts on February 16th to s tart with a new and modern clean
will be. picked, slate'.
West. Indios ca taih, Gary Sobers, a
who i h under ng a imkno operation and STARSP.ORTS (col,1). S cr. s wore S` "
mor~roecent*y an- eye operation, said Spartans 115 &-112;.. S.M.A. 60 & 108.
that he was not fit enough for the SHELL SIIELD Results: Comb.Islands/T''dad
firat, test match, .He also said., that drawn Trinide-d 292/8 docl. & 101/1',
his aknee felt stronger, but his eye Islands'283 & 314/8 docl Queens Park
injury keeps hin front playing in the Oval saw sone go6od crickoti Battihg'first.
first test watch. the Islands started 70/1 then after lunch
Dominica can boast of two players struggling at 119/5 but a Findlay-Phillip
on the residentss X'I team this yearZ stand .put on 126 and the side finished'
They are fast-bowler Horbert Phillip with its highest against Trinidad 283.
and young toenag opening b atsnan The Alis caused nost damage. Trinidad'had
Lookliart. Sebaotiah. Lsat year Irvin' t o fight hsli'd for lt innings points."
Shillingftord scored a. century against C.Isles top-od their 1st innings score
the touring- Now Zealand team for"the thanks to Trving S/ford and Coriotte --
Presidents X1. 111 and 113 n.o-
This was. released directly after Barbados/C',uyana cdawn Barbados 433
th-e Woet Indies: tean wToas announced and & 136/6; Guyana 322. Lashloy retired hurt
Clive Lloyd, the hard-hitting middle 144 n.o., G-.Gr enidGo 99 whilst Roy Frd-
order. West Indies"'and Guyana br.tsnan orickis toppcord' for Guyana with 118.
was. naned captain; The full tean reacb-, Australia defeated. Jamaica in their'
Lloyd Intiaz Ali, Richard De Souza, second natch'by 5 wickets Janaica 237 -
Richar-d Gabrial, Gordoh Groonidge, & 235; Austr,. 322 & 242/5 (G.Chappoll 106.)
iohael Holding, -Bernard Julian, Dtvid TEST I.IXTCIHES Palkistan-N.Z. 1st Test .
.*Mhray, N.hilR.lip, L. Sobastian and a tano draw; Pakistan 357 & 290 docl*d
Evorsley Willet. Tho Prosidonts. JCI N.Z, 325 & 70/3. 2nd -Test is now in its
match. atarth today,-re/den t'S XI /1//6' 3rd day, Badig i6h1oinned 176, Mustaq Moh-
I T" m rannced 201, India-England 5th & final Test
MTCHES'* BRIGHT START DY AUSTRALIANS Scores. to date:Jndia ^r englanid 3331/
Australia won their first match in K. 7-lethe6r / a.n/ I Groie e h-o.
the West Indies by 86 runs against a AugustusGrogoiro Monorial Fund
Combined Universities played in JanIian The DA14 DivI irike:t League will be
last. waekend. The iatch was a one-day a conpetit ion fo, the Augustus Grcgoiro
40 -over affair. Scores were: AustraliaTrophy and a'fund to purchase a worthy
196/6, *:l:.*;... Universities repliodtrophy has :.ow been opened. Further .-:.:.
with .10/6 in their altaed 40 over. details will be announced later.
.... SPARTAI'S REGISTER' FI2ST WIN An Appreciation of Augustus Grogoire
In last.weeokend's rnatch, Spartans by Morchriston will be published next 'oeek.
earned 17 points for defeating S.M.A. -Insufficient space this week. A Tribute p.5.
Printeodd& Published by tle -Propriotor, Robert E. Allfrey of Copt Hall Hill House
at 26 Bath IRoad, Roseau, Dcninica, The 7est Indies.