Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Mrs. Jane Lowenhal, 9"
Ltbrariant |
Research Instit 0e for
f'Ae Study of Man, m
162 East 78 Street,; 260
New York 10021, N.Y".-
S i (London Ltd.
U.S.Aiaftesbury Aye, W. 1.

Vol. XVI No, 5

Virdute N ICA
l:dlitr: P-lf'j t '.DOMI NICA 4C
FriIay,, February 2, 1973


Ten Cents

THa fortress Johnson's House, or
Government HQ, with its Assembly
Chamber as devoid of history as a
morgue, will be the scene of the
Budget Session on Monday, though
it was not called such on the Or-
der Paper.
This session will start at the
new time of 2,30 p.m, Sitting
around the hygienic catafalque,
members will hear another apologia
for increased spending.
The Hon. Minister of Piuanwce &
Development will move Eatimates of
#25,6198,60 for the year ending
31st ']ecerbe 1973.
Since Decenmber 16, 1971, the
public ihaa not ':;..-..xy bee en-,
couraged to attend meetings of the
House They are scrutinized alid
have to obtain tickets. It is to
Goverizwuet's advantage to have as
-few people as possible listening
with critical ears. Goae are the
days when notices inviting public
attendance appeared in all papers.



T. h *

We gready regret to announce the death
of Mrs. C h a r 1 e s 87, wife of Mr. J.B.
y, Charles .and m o t h e r of Dr. R.M.G.
Charles (Trinidad), Dr. L.J. Charles (of
p Brazzaville, Congo Republic, Africa) and
the Hon. EugeaiaCharles. The sad event
I came after a long' period of ill-health,
and the funeral took place at P o i a t e
, Michel'Parish Church with Fr Proesmans
Sofficlaung, last Saturday afternoon. It was
very well attended by a great cross sec.
tion of the community*

y N Fifth Conference of Caribbean
Health Mi sters, Dominica
., (Page five)

1\. -iY N,

- - - .--.---.- --.


changing attitude
fI an editorial under the ministerial
peeucdonm of ROPA in Goverimaents aewS
organ, a new and steri er attitude to-
wards CARIFTA ca; be read, This change
of tone has already been given an air-
ing over Radio Dominica. Ixn other wordm
the Leblaac set are at last echoing the
misgivings so often expressed by the
Freedom Party *that the saall islands
or L.D.C.s are getting a shabby deal.
The Caribbean Goza-noan Ixternal Tariff
which was promoted by our present
rulers in the House seems to have
needled them into a change of front.
"There is therefore no longer a
contraot-, "the article ends.

Republic of

Trinidad & Tobago
As some see it,
with Trinidad and Tobago likely
before very long to become a republic.
if Williams remains as Prime Minister,
he will have in Ellis Clarke a tower
of strength as President who will be
able to relieve him of some of his
arduous responsibilities.

We hear from
Peaville that
the Premier is
already can-
vassing for
Mr. R.O.P. Ar-
mour in that
area as his
successor in
next general.

Peace ay Be a Little Late

~-~pu -------IYI~1-~- U -LU1I-ymrru_-- *~-~---. -~ ------rC--~--~CI--~L -- IUI1~-l-





I asi really amazed' After all these years, the top-managemen~t of the
banana industry still think that the only way to get "quality" is by ex-
hortation and trips abroad for a select few. As I listened fto the, radio
week, that practical farmer, chairman of the Board, who has sat at a desk
all his life, proposes the solution to the problem lies in watching the
.peking of.bananas in the French Islands -where the, boxes are a different
shape and size and are *packed at home by the growers: why has not EBGA
studied the- Martinique and Guadeloupe industries: exhaustively in past years?
I thought they had! Just another waste of money. when a truck or jeep can
take any number offarmers -or: boxing plant workers to the two or three plants
ina Dominica which (according to the Geest records) have a high quality out-
turn which g6t into the "Top Ten" of .the Windwards And even then boxing
is, from the record, only a very small part of 'the answer: for instance
market rejects from boxing faults. in several cases were as high as 5% yet
the same shipment produced (from. that boxing plant) 77% "Select. and Best".
The three Plants that always figure- in the "Charts" are Picard, Woodford Hill
and Gleau: Tourne6, all, I understand, private boxing plants.
This immediately suggests that poor supervision is the key to the low
quality out-turn from the D.B.G.A. plants, But actually this is iNOT TRUE.
The secret lies RIGHT THROUGH THE PRODUCTION PROCESS, from first planting. to'
the despatch of the boxes to Long House or Fond. Cole. .1 am glad to learn
t mear two of our more successful growers have been asked to, demonstrate -
but still the trip abroad is, on. Why waste. time and money?
I, believe, that the average production in Dominica is around 5 tons per
acre, yet certain key growers: can get more than three times as mush as this,
due to careful agricultural practices and they are willing to pass their
knowledge on. Many small growers just lot the matts spread, leave the
fruited pseudostems on the ground (to bread borers) aEn never plant or re-
plant. I have- often., asked small growers how many plants to leave per matt,
mow, to, choo.e- and prepare,ar crown for planting, how many feet away to. space
matts and other questions and I have asked the same questions of agricultur-
al extension staff -hno two answers are alike. Shocking as it may seem,, I
truly believe that more than 75fo of our bananas are wrongly grown, poorly
fertilized, wrongly cUt, carelessly transported and badly handled. The
grower does not know any better because for one thing persons who should be
teaching them do not themselves know.
Lastly, their eis another bit of bad psychology being propagated and that
is the bonus system -which few growers understand and most growers are
suspicious of. The only sensible way give a top price for top quality
and say that "a limited quantity of lower grade bananas will be purchased,"
The present system just encourages the grower to put anyr old stem of bananas
in for inspection or rejection at the boxing plant and hope for the best.
The result is an intolerable load on the inspectors and lower average quality.
There haa been some education in proper handling, and cutting in the field
and in transportation but what is ttill needed is to get a high quantity of
high quality bananas from every growers' every acre. That means educating
the growbr that agricultural husbandry .does not- just mean first planting und
final cropping, but a small amount of daily work throughout the year.
*Disposing of pseu(osatems, watching each matt and leaving one "follower" and
one "peeper" only, regular application of\fertiliser (and the right formula
for the soil in question), keeping up the fight against borers, nematodes and
leaf-spot, and planting. omr regularly using -quplity planting material fr~g
matts which have produced quality bunch.
The. Banana Industry will die sure as fate unless everyone from the
Gr-owers. Association, the. Farmers Union and the Agricultural Extension Str-
wices get dovw to education, education, EDUCATION. Radio--OT "Tropical
Farmer"- Visual Aids, Demonstrations and hard work should all play their
part -- otherwise greon-gold will dry up completely and Dominica will be even
worse off than it is. right now.

Friday, February 2, 1973


Page Two

Ikidav: Fiibiarv -2. 1973 T R Pg Three



"Offers are invited for the purchase of
one used Diesel Bedford T.J. Truck,
Registration No. 1564. Inspection of
the:vehicle may be arranged by contact-
ing the Operations Manager, Dominica
Banana Growers Association, 13 Hanover
Street, or by telephoning 2671 or 2672,
Offers should be made in writing in
sealed envelopt.s marked "Tenders for
purchase of truck" and atdiressed .to the
General Manager, Dominica Banana
Growers Association to reach him not
later than Wednesday, 7th 'February,
24th January V.E. Whit
24t Jauary General Manager
S 1973

|Announcethe following revision of telephone rates to
ibe effective from ist February, 1973.

Normal' Line Rentali New Rate
Re6ideptial Lines $6.60 per mouth
BusiNorms ltin '. $8.40 pew oant
Normal Ifstallato( tere $35.00

Meterid'Call Unit. '
Ancillary Appartt-
Internal Parallel laitruspent
P. A. B. X 2*7 7
P. MB X '10+30


lion Po


Ext e eion
Internal Exteridsion:.., $30:00

.' L.x.IrUtieal xAiTensiLioi U I I 1 ydl. 437.20iU fi 1I.O
'Change of Instrument $7.50 :
Cuin Box call charges remain ancbhanged.

Details of rentals and. installation fees for abnormal
exchange lines and -full information on other tariff
changes can be obtained on Application from the
I Commercial Manager (Telephone 2003).
The Manager,
/ Cable and Wireless (W.I) Ltd.'
173 -2/0 Roseau. .



- /* .-


The Dominica Dispensary Co.

Advertisements in The STAR
appeal. -to people of thought
and action. Ask our Advertisers!

b.iji i i 1r-- i---*---~------~---"~--


CAR NO 786
TELEPHONE No. 3097 or 3010

Coughs, Hay Fever and Sinus
Bottles of 24 tablets .,. .. 1.65

And to clear the nostrils and make
breathing easier -- in seconds --
it contains one of the most effective
decongestaxnts prescribed by doctors
$1.50 per spray container

The Dominica Dispensary Co. Ltd.
7% .-,4! I


~:rirdda~-.~'ebplrpgrV '2. rsan


Page Thres

Sterilize Baby's Feeding Bottles with

Just drop one tablet into 4 pints of
water in a plastic or glass container. The
tablet dissolves completely to give a stearn-
lzing solution in which to place your
baby's feeding bottles and teats.

Box of 18 tablets -s.0oo
One months supply $1.5o
Tear out this advertisement and take it
in to The. Dispensary for a sample of
BABY SAFE TABLETS. This offer is
on a first-come-first-served basis only.


a center per iUnit

Ts-- V

Page Four THE STAR _Friday, February 2; 1973
Fiction MA TITINE by Cynthia Watt * * * $ *
"Haie Titine you ready?" Reuben TEI LEP HE CHARGES BEIiG RAISED
t I : R With extreoc reluctance", said Ir.
hailed her from the pathway. Way P.G.Cornish, Group General Manager who
way" she Titine. puffed glancing at recently. visited Dominica for discussions
her wrist watch. "Los hurry Reuben; with Govt. "O(hing to inflationary fao-
dose youfs will think' I not coming. tors wo.-have b6oon forced to introduce
See, you la-tah Garge," kissing him. higher charges... losing largo amount
o-n the top of his. head. He was not of money ,.. the accumulated deficit .
too -leaaed at her departure, but between ruitinig'costs .and revenue was.
knew she was: going to a New Dominica $359,,t000 in'llirch 1972...Since .thonhit .
youth meeting. Eurilla had corn- has grown oven larger. The time has .
posed .her mother's -speech although 6omc when subscribers must be asked to '
it had .taken a little time to get bear a groatbr share of the: financial
Ma Titine, to learn it almost verb- burden if fiuturo expansions & efficienoy
atim, but this she did, and after are to be assured."
the. clamour and questions had died An average of over $1,000 is what
down, other speakers addressed. the it costs to provide each telephone line
gathering, in Dominida a system which id vital to
After all was over, the young the State, to trade, and tourism. The nbw..
people gathered around Titine.. charges will griv6 a chance to improve
"Well, well you surely gave. us service; oven so, G,& W.will suffer fin-
something to think about, Ma Titine t" rncial loscos. But the D/ca subscriber their leader kindly will pay up with extreme reluctance
appre.iatea your ideas very much, A T1 an onr d tre
don't we boys? (He winked back- week befdhKaRneeval. Odder yeaha
w rs.) a. people. dee already have everything.
"Sure," they answered simulta., ".. organize an dis yeah, dey, only meet-
.Oqus m_. in n to. talk about wat dey going to. do.
"But, only one thing," said one of You mus see dem in de StayshBm1' Talk
the boys. "We agree you are on our .talk talk... half of dea not even
side. Ho6w; come now that Eurilla tonntin up; den.4.o no money, no money.
have a whiteman child?" 1 nevah see ting, so. Is bet a: we
Tiine was nonplussed, but re- go back to our 01e-time Zmas 1 I
overTitine was nnplussd but re self I not spenniln money to go,-in
covered herself With a 'quick stke no ban; I doing like ole. dayss"
of 'thought she. anweraed: "Me too" Baby said. Eurilla look-
"But boy, how, I cooda help dat? ed up from nring her baby'
I right heah in Dameeneeka an she. up agee th iouhall Al
quize in Sen Tomas You think I is "I quite agree with you-aall. All
a mageeshan nmrh? Eef she. was, hoah this fuss and bother, and nothing
I wood abl to do some- much comes out of it : Most times
aing; but quite ov-th deh? Dat the winners gramble that the prize is
inmosg butle foquit me man not worth their time and mey ',
Titine.'s quior me right said "Well, all I can- say," said Ma
Titin.0, "all I can say .is dat dis
another. But the majority, thinking yTtine, seallfIc a'say sdoag...
of Eurilla., looked doubtful. e I sel-goin to run 01e ags..
In. the days that followed, Titine wuss dan ow I dee go to de Ministgh
& Co. had some very good time-s. At ouse : Bao Die It dey not dom like
aon of their outings down Can.ofield ole days. She snorted. "nnph,
the topie of the cost of living was Ibefoh re dee use to come ot, eight
discussed o'clock sharp, now.. is; ten, eleven.
"Boy"' exclaimed Garge, you'll is den you0 seeing one, two tree
really have it. hard heah. papa: It leotle kas ban, 3innin heah, dare
nearly doan. have nottin in de, shops, a. every.hece, jus like poole
I mean it- have, tings you know..,.but ,wooz[E Dey-all' ty7a befoh dey
do price Way- papal I doan know even start Leetle han here,
S.lectlo ban. dere. We use to have: so
hoiw ae poh peopleleev ,.,
"Yo a sy dot agn Gage :" much nice boeg ban. from More Fedelle
Genelia chimed in. '"Why, de morchans to Lodbor All-you, we going. aun
a dem daloan even have money it look our own mas jus like ole time. an
like. to. sonsaw Nashunal Qeenl an drink our rum. -To hell wid dere
Kalike, to sKongsa All about is one jomp-up. Since when people jomp-up

talk. ( col.) mas? Is I minmas' "

Page ITNie C TEE STAR Friday, February 2, i7l3

The wdck-long Fifth Conference of
Caribbea.. Health Ilinistors scheduled
for oIominica on Monday 5th. February
will be 4cclarcd officially open By
the Hon. ,R.O.P.Armour, D,6p. Premier &
1iin of Finance, Tradecand Industry*
tmmoUaditly after the address of
Welcome tuo dolegatoe by IIr. Armour,
Dr. Abraham Horvritz, Dirdctor of the.
Ean American Sanitary Bureau, will doe-
liver. the keynote address at the core-
monial. oponning. Dolbgatoo, advisors
and observers attending" the Conference
will be drawn fon Commonoealth Carib-
boan Countries, the RIb:ional LUnivcrsi-
tieos and Organisations,; Drmunda, -
British Virgin Islands, Canada, the
U.S.A. Venazuela and several inter-
national. agoncioes. The Cbnforonce will
consider an abundance of health mattoms,
scientific papers arid problems affect-
ing- tha Region as ropbrted on by the
Chief. Medical Offic6rs of o alth of
CommonWoe3th. Carihoan Countries,
Bermuda and the British. Virgin Islands.
A two-day meeting of CliO's will proccdo
the' Conference.
Itoms on the Agenda. incudoe.-
--..... _____(noxt. col .),

,1) Suggestod .health goals for the Carib-
bean Commuhity--for the decade ending 1980;
8) The stre notbin-g of management of
health services; 3) The creation of
systonmsfor the prevention of serious
throatohiing commutuicable diseases such as
polio and cliolora| 4) A regional programme
in health oedication dosigiecd'2 to help the
peoples of the Caribbean to identify the
community health problems. and what they
could and should do about them; 5) Improve-
ments in: the creo of mental patibntc ans d an
progra~rib to rdoal with the probloeifs of
alcbhiliza and other forms of drug- dopen-
dence ; 6) The establishment of- a"siocia-
ised regioiinal drug testing laba.rt6oy bo
protect consumers against drugs whetherr
locally produced or imported) that are.
unsafe or for which misleading, claims: aure
mado on labels or in advertisements,
The earliest pattern for such a con-
feronce was the Federal Conference of
Health IIinistors'heold in Port of Spain
Trinidad in 1960, since which the concept
that regional health is indivisible has
boon confirmed and extended. WHO,7PAHO
have always played a strong and helpful
role at those gatherings, and there is new
emphasis on mental health. '****'****



The Dominica Co-operative Bank Limited
Edmund Edwards
Amelia. Edwards also known
as Emilly Edwards of
2 Rendle Street, London W. 10

No. 1C04


- Defendants

To: Edmund Edwards
Amelia Edwards also known as Emilly Edwards
of 2 Rendle Streeat, London W. 10
TAKE NOTICE THAT judgment hasa been obtained against you on the
20th December, 1972. in the High Court of Justice, Dominica Suit No.
104. af 1968 by the. Dominica. Co-operative Bank Limited for $156071.75
and $60,00 costs iand interest thereon at- 8J % per annum being money
due on a Promissory Note dated 21st June,, 1965.
And that it has been ordered .that service, of the application to
sell the. said land in satisfaction of the Judgment debt shall be served
on the. de fa~ants by this advertisement in four issues of the local
press and in four issues of newspapers in ;England circulated in the
district of the; last known address of the defendant Edmund Edwards and
that this advertisement so published shall be deemed to be good and
sufficient service of the said application and documents appurtenant
thereto for the. sale of the said land.
711 3/4.


_ I_ _______

. I I I I I I


Pat Six THE STAR Fr~ay~ February- 2, a.~--*


There is no doubt that "WHITE MOUN-
TAIN" Ice Cream Freeze:rs are the h i g h e s t
quality e v e r manufactured, understandable so
since The W hi t e Mountain Freezer Company
have manufactured nothing 'lse for over a cen-
"; We have received a stock of their Model
S64 3 "in 4 quart & 6 quart sizes. This model is
' the only Freezer in the world with Triple Mo-
Ution, which results in quicker freezing and smoo-
9 their Ice Cream using miniMum Ice. R Prices are
- $55.00 & $65.00oo respectively.
We have az:; received a supply of the 2
quart models whi'oh we will exchange for $450.00o
in Cash Bills covering retail purchases.
|The Dominica Dispensary Co. Ltd:

For the first time available,: complete
trade index of importers/wholesalers
in Norway US$ 40i, in Sweden US$ 6 ,O,
in"Denniark- US$ 5.. : .
GEPRMANY: Classified trade index 1400
pages, 160,000 classifications, US$
18th, or the equivalent in any other
currency, postpaid from:-
N-1310 Blonunenholm, Norway r.-,


We are selling out our Hair Wigs and
Hair Pieces (Human Hair and Kahke- I
Ion) and are allowing discounts of 40%'
whilst they last.

,'w ".._ _-.* ': ._. . .. .-. .... . .. r ._- ,l .yf

Take look a. thec
.range of VPBritishlWincs.The same grapes go
to makeVP that go to0 make a lot of expejiive
wines.Wlhich accounts forVPs tine qLualil v
yoc y. ,
BUva5011 o IiMx10 s I

Availabe at

For the Relief:of P.ofru menstrua'ton.
.. $1.55 per bottle

** ----_- ~p-^- "~--r~- LI--_-

INVEST IN DOMINICA TOURISM and earn with tax-free concessions.
Offers are invited for the purchase of the following valuable shares:-...
FRANKLIN HOTELS LIMITED Forty Six One Hundred Dollar Shares
Eighteen One Thousand Dollar Shares Applications in confidence to:- P.C. BOX 140 ROSAU E

* Residence at Upper Goodwill, 2 Bullys
For Particulars
Apply to:
Vanya Dupigny,
6 Kennedy Avenue
71 -3/A Roseau-.
--- ----------- J"- ^ .


-- ---------------~I---------------U------

,-- IIUIII~--PIIZ~L~ -_~-~y_ 11-111 1111



-----I~-11 ----------"~-i ~----- ---- --- --

Friday. February 2, i t3

Paae Six


forqua lty

and value
,~'* .*d




It's dark....
I can't breathe, Mother.
Come help me,, please, ..
Just like you used. to do, Mother,
Whe. I was high as your knees.
Now Itm way up tally Mother,
But, sometimes, thingss still' scar
And that's when. IVm glAd, Mother,
That. you' re always thbre -
To love me and care .me
Like when I was srli, '
For though I '.m 'bave -Mother,
TherdeVetime.saI must call
You to my bed, Mother, .
To comfort and kiss .
To. keep me safe, Mother, '
Just hold ':me like-'this,. .
0 a P .
Oh it's dark ....... ,,
I can' t breathe; ..Mother,
Alone, .night gnomes. scare,
Ao clasp my hand.., Mother;
Let me ared-there.'

Dedicated to 'YOU' who have master-
ed the art--of artless, chatter., .
The almond tree .
spoke to me last night.
What did. it say?
Why, nothing . .*: '
or anything '. . .
who? Y6u guess,
you see,
I only know
last night
i .heard
the almond tree,
last night
speak to me.
the almond tree.,
last night,
I heard it,
speak, speak,
speak to me.

CONDEMNED (Roquentin..,.Meursault)
Condemned to think
When I would leave -b thind
All that broathos -.. .
Freedom . .
That's what "t moafw. to be free.
Condemned to die..
And I woul -a.-Tivo foreverr
No matter what- comes.,
Or is to come .
That's-..h' is to me.
SPubli1s d by Arthur -HI tockwell Ltd.,
Ilfrtacombe,: Devoh gland.' (55 .p)

of Antigua .
M U'L ;. T T'O -
took.;my- inh 8,e...
and. laid -it aol. the .hot bare sands
to, bleach .and burn.
to .nothing;.
whe-n, -.
clothed in the. scorched remnants,
1i i al-':but naked,
looking at. them 'each night
with 'sexless.-eyes
that' delight ..
.in every sin-ous. curve
of a perfect body,
and revel
in each boneless- move
that sends them
arching .
frenziedly .. .
into tthe dark..
,ahhgaspig-i-fX .ziedly
into the, dark'"!:- .1,-
that': lovely dar:.
that en-folding 'dark
that cold, frightful, ferocious dark,
that covers me,
that hides me,
that hides .my frightening nakedness,
that helps me not to know or to forget
that.lifeis a little
. HELL.... 'a hell of 'them'
br6wn. black white men
yellow-orange tall men
'ugly pretty short men
press, a button
to be serviced.
made me an expert,
a s3eass e-e. pt,
a boneless expect,
who delights in'her expertise,
who revels in her ability
to summon emotion
* (their salily emotion)
at thea crooked crook
of a crooked finger.
each night they call for me
"mulatto' 'mulatto', mulatto' 'mulatto'
.each night i go to them,
go to- them and love them;
go to thornm and sell myself
just as you sold me;
go down. to those bare hot sands
just where'y.bu led me;
go to them and please them
just how you told me.
and who
could te4a1, me better than.

~1C~S~ ~CSfLLU1LLiW;YL~ 17/j r


,,a-e E t THE. .R i .y-. -.U.... .. ... Eight,-

SSchedule f Application for Certificate of Title and Notings .
th.reon and Caveats for week ending 27th day of January, 1973.
atetRequested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
er a Certificate of Title of
Noting thereon or Caveat.
equest ate Elick Williams Request for the issue
the 23rd day of a First Certificate
of January by his Solicitor A of Title in respect of
199 3. a portion of land
iPiresenetd the CilmaA.M. known as a residential
i24th day of Dupigny lo at Point Michel, in
January, 1973 the Parish of St. Luke
;6t 10.20 a.m. in the State of Domini.
Sca, containing 932
square feet and boun-
dad as follows:-
North West by a Public Road North East by land of
Felicia Alexander South East by land of Virginia Joseph
South West by lands of Rosalind Benolt and John Peter.
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
er a Certificate of Title of
Noting thereon or Caveat.

!'Reqoest dated
'he 15th day
jf January,
Presented the
V23rd day of
t 3.15 pm.

k! --

David Robin
by his Solicitor

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of title in respect of a
portion of land at Mid-
die Ridge, located in
the village of Calibi-
shle, in the Parish of
St. Andrew, in the
S t a t e of Dominica,

containing 1 3 2 0 0
square t-fet, and bou.i-
North by a precipice ded as follows:-
East partly by land of Kindnes's VAimond and partly by
land of lulletta Leslie South by a Public Road and
land of julietta Leslie West by stand of trfiard -'Marie
Registrar's Office, ~ EPHRAIM F. RGORGIES
Roseau, Dominica. Acting Registr r'bif Titi:-
. NOTE:-- Any person who desires to object to the Issue of a
'First Certificate of Title In the above applicationtmay enter a
Caveat in the above Office within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
published in this State or from the date when the notice pre-
scribed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land in respect of which the application Is made.

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Rolle and f am i ly
wish through this ni e d i u m to express
thanks to all the kind friends for t h e i r
assistance a n d tokens of sympathy in
their recent bereavement.
announce the following alteration to their
Telephone Directory:-.

Rolle, Rebecca .. -
29/31 Old Street -

- Old Number 2574
New Number 3387


KJ 'I)

Shoe Polishe, Shoe Creams,

S KIand


Shoe Laces (round and flat),

Boot Laces

Leather Dye

All obtainable at your favourite Store

7a7- 1 /a

Shoe Horns

J 8m


w -yef


;-~-. I_~----C I -CI

~B~II~CC-r~oLu Ip- 1-----~.._-- 1-~-


,La^"""","" ;L, ;,,";M- rS a .. 1


Friday Februa 73

Pare Eigffht.

1 1hite Cieaner,

Friday, Fe~5ruary 2nd., 1973 THE STAR Page

A poem by Phyllis Shand Allfrey
Strangest of all strange things is the presence of strangers
In the rooms and the :haunts and the glades of the dearly known.
Small wonder 'the slave girl moans and the French -priest, talks
And Victorian Doctors stroll out in the moonlight for walks.
Shallow in graves of loam in diminished. acres -
Diminished by predator buyers assisted by drink --
Lie the skeletal forms of pets from,-an earlier period:.
An occupation more gracious; a grace under God.. .
At last the young Laird awakens to hies endowment.
"What's mine is mine!" he says.: "And to hell with you all.
"Leave .the place empty and leave it'to the spirits
Until the day when my -youngling son inherits-.".

But land is land and the predators' are-.busy. :
From an enchanted enclave of long ,days past
Nobody wants to move. Both ghosts .and lawyers, are waiting
Deep in the shadows: the struggle not .yet abating.

To the P blishor : MORE READERS VIEWS -
The STAR Domrinica. oe 'or ,
'Doer ,Mr. Allfrey. TCANS Dear Ma dam,
Tar Ir Iro 1st Do0iTICA.S I Eucator mca
SI an just through roadin your" art- E
iclo in DIES DOMINICA entitled 'TIHE enlihtcnin,
FIRST.DOMINICANS' I LIust say that it sexuality.
wcs quite informative," -id I would just understand
liko to add a little movb to that. The medical aut
first. Dominicans wore.'the 'CIBOINEYS I c aicles. 2
and not the 'ARAWAKSM, as we woro led cropping up
to believe. *. pervorsionh?
-'olUAhus- found warlike cannibals, the. For somr.t
Ca'ibs, :inhabiting tho;, Lessor Antillos. dictatorshi
Recent. arrivals from northern South peoplo.. *
America, they, had defeated and" largoly ual in
replaood the numerous and wiidesproad itals l ound
Island Arawaks. These peaceful farmeors who th ., i
had themselves pushed earlier inhabit- who tho"pr,
ants of tho. Islands, the C'lOIEYS from article, I
the Lesser Antillbs into woatorh Haiti have caused
and Cuba. Under Spanish enslavement, castration.
all the 'native populations rapidly fruSome t rct
dwindled* beginning as 1500, ustrate
they wore replaced with' African slavos has boon ra
The Cibonoys (who had an.'a.ricultural suspect tha
economy based on:. maniaoc)were believed sonal undor
to have boon in the Looser Ahtillos with infido
around 700 A.D. .More details about the
Cibonoys may .be obtained from-thoe Div-
ision of Anthropology, Smithsonian Dear l-Irs. E
Institution. FREDERICK B. SYIES (Flexi) May I take
TOTE tho Freedom
---0T As far as I know, no definitive wishes for
trace of Ciboney occupation has b-oon copies of t
found in Dominica; but our readers will up-to-date
welcome the information, and rItako the entire area congratulate the very tinued co-oj
versatile 'Floxi-t Symos on hisexcellent Enclosed pli
promotion.--- R.E.A.- my subactip
G-I., 2

Columiist .Katie1 of the
y think herself brilliant by
g Donrinicans on- current- heao-
But she fails.. to have& any
ng and compassion for what
horitios.-considor to beo' a
ho word 'perversion' keeps
in hor exposA. But-what is
; .
ppopl6 it's the Vietnam Ua-.,
p rule, and exposing sick

article didn't help homi6odx-
commnunity or theo community
for those .of ius who guess
ncipal charactopr wore iLi her
venture to say that she may
them untold grief and social

convinced that Katie is'a
hag who would like a man, but
other unsuccoassul; I myself
t sho .iay have something per-
covor. Why is she so obsessed
-- 4-.--- -.-- -
this chance to extend to you,
of the STAR office and of
PIrty groetings and best
1973. I thank you for the
he Star in which I am brought
6n current affairs of the
. I look forward to your con-
peratiop .-and publication.
asoe find a postal orderof.or
tion. 'Best of everythingI
ad Avo.,St.Nichaol, BARBIADS.,

- --- -- -----~-------------3;rl~Cr--L---.---; C

Friday, February rind, 1973


Page ... e


Friday, February 2, 1973

S*T *A*R- S*P-O R*TS* S
S1ELL SHIELD: Tuo Shell Shield matches
were played over last week end. Com-
bined Islands lost to Guyana at the
Recreation Grounds in Antigua; a drawn
match between Trinidad'and Jamaica at
Sabina Park in Jamaica. The Combined
Islands/Guyana match ended' shortly after
lunch. on the fourth and final day after
three- or four stoppages 'to rain earlier
with Grayson ShillingfordTs dismissal..
by 'veteran. Lance Gibbs' (he'whlked away
even before he could'b'e given out).
S-cores in that' match were Guyana 282-
and 206; S.Comachec' & 3, J.Kaahai
117 and supporting' knocks of 41 Bydonne.
Lloyd 32 and Ramnarace' 33 n.o, Forr
Combined Is. G.Shillingford 2/54 & 2/3,5
IN.Phillip 4/34 c 1/40, E Willet 3/67 &
3/58, Gorrette 1/42 & 2/46 and W.Richaid
1/1. Combine Is, '135 u 255, L,Sargent
35& 55, E.Willet 29 n.o. andIrvin
Sliill-.ngford: 36.. For Guyana, P.Blair.-
4/26.& 3/53,. L.Gibbs 4/51 &6/85, Golly-
more 2/41 and Ramnarace '1/31,
@y!a' a/TjiniLdd. Jamaica' batted
firat. SLaores: were Jati.ica 310 & 278
(Morris: Foster -135 no., and 82,Allison
55 and L#Rowe 68,'and Trinidad'.289 and
94/4, RASuza 70)-, .
Today, Combined Islands play Trinidad
in Trinidad and Guyana tdke on Barbados
in Barbados. CavAbJ-. /1^7/$' -.-- d
TEST MATCHES4 The fou-thITest l~aiia//
England. ended in a tame draft India.,
leading 2/1, dragged their feet to
stonowalk for the dullest cricket ever
s.en.. The Cawnporo spectators behaved
abominably. S-cores Ihndid 357 & 186/6,
Ajit Wadakar. the captain topscored in
tho first. innings~'with 90. England 397?
Tony Iowiai England.s skipper topscored
with. his first test-century with 12-5*
Thia. is only his fourth test match.
The. first New Zoalaiid/Pakistan test.
satrted today at'. oellington in -
SBt2al.nd. The touring Australians.
arrived in the West Indies when they
landed in Jamaica' theo igh't''of S-unday
28th. January. The team captain and
manager said. they vtould play'bright
cricket. Their first atich was played
yeste-rday against' aG"Cbmbined University
X1. Tho VisitdrsT are to play
fifteaan matches in this' their third
tour- of the West. Indo.s. .
LEAGUE. At the. D.G.S.. 'grounds, Saint :
fd a.finoe.match agHinst Geltic United,
getting 16 points in the match andd

3?2iate d & published' by -the Proprietor, R.E.Allfrkey of Mill House,Copt. Hal:
at 26. Bath Road, Roscau, Dominica, West Indies

(o.. .orR.oyston Ellis)-
lon playing doni n-oos-
on half broken tab1s,.-
slraniing hard
as if to express
anticipation of victory
Fomne ka danso belairo sans
,'-uliors .
soloil-lJ chaud
yo. pas nelay
Little boys running
without trousers through
narrow streets,
Exposing' thoir underdevelopod
occasionally burping into
A woman nursing her ono-
month baby cradelod in
her arrs; rocking her child
to the rhythnio melody
of a boy playing "Touto ca adeyn"
on ac bamboo flu to
Men hanging their fish nets
in preparation of a Monday
morning's work...
A Sunday before c Feast Day. -LJ.
MORE SAD DEATHS: Five men died i1i
another motor accident (Dominicas .orst)
at the start of this week; a sixth
escaped. The victims' joint funeral
took place at. La Plaine,--crowds of
STASPiORTS: their waib.33 in two
matches. They got 4 bonus points for boW&
6g. Scores woro Coltics U. 83/4 169.
Saints 174 & 81/44'*** D..G.S. earned full
points in" their match against Pboi~Thichel
at the 6Bothical Gardens and podsiblo
bonus bowling points when they easily
won 'on Suhday and'by 4. wivkots.- Score
wor-c:-Pointe I.ichol 129 & 85; D.G.S. 140
& 76/6-. .
UNBER;19: "The. Uhdor-19 league match boga-.
at MIro Tarl, Jan.30, with a match be -toen
Salisbury and I.toro. We hoer 30 .
teams. have registered, and the conpetitioa
is to be played on a zone basis 'with the
champion of each zone alashing ih a.
knock-out for the all-island champions.
A. tean is. to be picked to play in-the
WindWard Islan-ds iTndor-.19 Tour=eiaoiht. to
be. hold in Dohinica from which a. lUindward
team rill'be picked to play in the Wost
Indics Doenon'& Hdegoa Youtha series.
John Eioseph of Vie ille Case area are
still reported missing,presamed dead.


iage- Tean

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