Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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U-r,.^ /- -in
New dr LT ito7r 2610
Co in^ (London) Ltd.
i22 Shafceibury AvE, W. 1. '

97.POM INI - .... ,D..oI. I,/

"V.te 'VU* GO-'M,

itdor; iHY!..IS Su ANO ALL"'RTE:Y ., 73 "! f
F'ijey, January 26,1!73 Tern Ceats

Letter from London
by Lennox Honychurch

"What is the Freedom of the Press ?"
So much has been written, said and
screamed in the past few years about press
freedom that anyone would think we were
e"pents on the subject. From newspaper
columns, political platforms and in the
House ot Assembly we hAve been bom-
barded with emotion o a d e d statements
about our loss of Freedom and democracy.
But what is all the fuss about? What is
meant by freedom of the press? Why is it so
important to us? How. is it used ?And how
is 1i threatened ?
After a little research, I would say quite
simply that Freedom of the Press m e a n
that the Press must be aflowed to say what
it likes about anything or anybody without
fear of the Govero meat or a n y o n e else
penalising it in some way. It must, however,
observe a few laws Jke the rest of us, pir-
ictliariy the law of hbeL There are f o u r
kinds of I i b.e 1; defamatory, blasphemous,
obscene an:d seditious; and of t h e s e defa-
matory b e occurs more frequa dy thaa
the other th pu together. (page Three;

v?4~4 Q4'i4 wfa

Eighteens to vote in R.T.C.
ky The Freedom Couucillorsa requ est
that time be allowed for enumpr-
ation of 18-year-old voters has
beeni granted by Government. The
Freedom Party candidate has alo
ready been chosen; name to be
divulged later. Unanimous choice.

Lyndon Johnson Sudden Death
Two Amerioan ex-Presideats have di.d
within the past few weeks. The first
was Harry S. Tru-nal, who took over
after Friaklin D. Roosevelt's death.
He did better thai was expected. The
second, LyDdon B. Johnson, rose to,
the Presidency after the murder of
President Kexuiedy, aud (like Trman.n)
was elected for a seco-d term. Mr,
Johnson died suddemxy of a heartattack,


Goodwill Parish Council writes on 'Such
-l-t~ ~~~ ~ I) ,./~ *^f -" -. N

(Page 2)


Awe. a= mo

While convalescing from a mild form of 'London flu' (a variant of
JHonkong flu, aad-not present in epidemic proportions in Dominica, I'm
glad to hear,), I listened to the so-called news of the imminent end of
*the- Viet Namn war. So after years of carnage, death, maiming, destruction
of families and homes as well as brave serving men, the whole bloody busi-
ness is to be terminated --not with a bang but with a whimper. And not
with a victory .either. One cannot help feeling an exhausted thankfulness
at the prospectof the ceasefire. Millions of ViLetaaee and 45,,000 U.S.
serve iiceen have. died; 7the President has praised the dead, the maimed and
the returning. It is 'the partial conclusion of the longest and worst war
in America s history, its cost stAll unestimated. And.I reflect that the
STAR was the only nw0organ, in DBminica which declared from the' very fiirst
th-t it wasd a bad war ot' 'through yrmtpathy with the Communists, :but
'because it 'was'-glaringly wasteful, brutalizing *-and. doomed romn its begin-
I have heard over the air and 'have had a brief chance to examine "A
Chance for a Change`",, project manifesto of ,the Castle. Bruce Co>-operative
group, leader Atherton Martin.. It is a long, interesting, idealistic
document which may 'in'parts be unintelligible to the peasants, although
its aims are clear.- What .As 'nvisaged is in my vieW a .collective farm
(I do not, mean this as an insult or hint in any way about Soviet-Cuban.
patterns).. ,-Obviously it is' designed as. a pilot scheme new' to this land,
which will take a lot of faith in human nature to get going. What will
be difficult is the attitude of descendants ..of the, original pioneers, who
may resent other children inheriting land while they are. part of a product-
ive" land-ownership scheme 'But that's a. problem of the future. There is
much more" that I could say on the subject o'f the paper, but I am not yet
gearedto do so. 'However nmy conclusion is that if these courageous
risk-takeee can raise the money to buy Castle Bruce Estate,, they should be
-encouraged to 'do it and see what they cah make of it fox the good of the
local- -people---and perhaps a precedent for our small tropical farmers,
: .I1 have now been asked to give placc to what appears to be the STAR's
topic of.the month -- "Such "Changes" in Church Services,

Madam, The letter ih your issue of 12th January, signed by Lundi, did not
accurately represent tho facts when the writer stated that the creche over
the entrance of the Goodwill Church last Christmas depicted a black baby
Je'tss. The writer-might have recalled (but regretably failed to mention)
that ,the two Angels were represented as black -or shall we say brown -
,persons. Angels in Catholic theology are pure spirits and have no body.
An artist is therefore free to represent angels in any form. In our
case, they-were depicted as coloured persons because the artist was a
coloured person. No one, we thought, could have any valid objection to
this. On the other hand, we. recognized Jesus as a person historically of
Jewish origin. No attempt was made to suggest that he Was black. On the
contrary, the artist took pains to represent the baby Jesus with a realis-
tic pinkish complexion, which a healthy new-born baby normally has. We
will concede that the colouring of the baby was a little on the reddish
side but definitely not brown or black.
On the question of the "masqueradec" and "dancing" in the church we
can only say that it is unfortunate that Lundi was unable to appreciate
music which, although admittedly not of the same rhythm as he was perhaps
accustomed to hearing in England, nonetheless reflected the African ele-
ment of the culture of the vast majority of the parishoners, Or would
Lundi have us believe that the renditions were vulgar or anathema because
they were in Patois?, This we must inform Lundi, is not the attitude of
the Church. The Church is a living and changing organism and especially
since Vatican X1, is anxious to be "with it".
Lundi was guilty of a bit of exaggeration when he stated that the Siff-
leur Montagne Chaine were "dancing"in Church. (Concluded on oage eight)

Friday, January 26, 1973


Page Two

Page Three

Friday, January 26, 1975

In. Britain and other free-press
countries there is great respect
for newspapers because of the power
which they hold. It is this power
which politicians either use to
their own benefit oa attempt to
destroy. I was interested to read
the following in a book ona journa-
When a dictator takes control
of a country, soonae or later he
stamps on the freedom of those who
oppose his ideas. He may prevent.
his opponents from holding meetings
to discuss the situation, and he
may prevent them raom holding res-
ponsible ati influential jobs. He
can destroy their freedom in many
ways underthe threat of the army.
But the first thing he does is to
tenzso or top the publication of
newspapers and periodicals which
might, criticise him and influence
their readers against him. This
has happen dd in communist countries,
inl parts oa South America, Turkey,
'Spain, Portugal, and in. South .' .
Africa."- Xt was with a certain
sen e of Shame that I realised I
could Vit-iplly add Dominica to

44j yet 'w simple it would be
to emrn that opposition! It
has been tried for centuries by,
English kings, African chiefs and.
Chinese emperors but time. tad
hmnaaity have proved them wrong,. In
a democratic society it is an im-
portant principle that people who
accept public office must also be
prepared to. accept the..often. harsh
criticism of. how they perform it.
Criticism oQ a Cabinet Minister is
a rather spcOtacular case of this
kind. There are many abuses of .
power lower down the scale, among
officials of all; kinds, afoong busi-
ness mIen, among various elected
bodies such as town councils, and
among members of the general public.
Newspapers pshuld warn their readers
oi~ what is going on in such. cases
and then spP]ak out strongly against
it. .

has kept its side of the bargain and
whether the local newspapers really
do fulfill their roles. If we feel
that they do not, we may well won-
der why they made and are making all
Ui.L- -- .x. I _b UJJUL .-i- *i^ U. V 01^-- t-- nL- -rV(- -3 3

precious asthis, it isv a bargain If we are convinced of their value
precious as this, it is a bargain, wdth
with two sides to it.' The Press we should support them, since what-
itself possesses great power and it ever their faults, they are defending
should be carefulne of our basic human rights as a
should be careful not. to misuse it. matter of principle:-- this principle
We may well ask ourselves whether or is difficult to understand bt principles
not the Dominican Press. (next col.) (I think) a worthy cause. *ut
1 think) a worthy cause. *******

N 0 T I C E
wish to inform their policyholders
in Dominica that premium refunds
nay now be collected at BARCLAYS
commencing on Monday, 29th January
1973 and continuing for one month
after that date. Refunds will be
paid over to policyholders pro rata
to the unexpired term of the policy
in each case by Barclays Bank
International Ltd. in exchange for
the relative Certificate of Insurance.
Policyholders are requested to call
at the Bank with some means of
Identification, and their Insurance
Certificates. MOTOR & GEJXERAL
INSURANCE CO. LTD. wish to effect
payment of refunds immediately and
policyholders are therefore requested
to respond to this announcement


The Community has been grieved by
news of three deaths during the
past few days. Last week .
Mr., J.E. Nassief and his wife
Ingrid lost their infant son Louis
through illness. He was named for
his grandfather Mr. Louis Gorriette.
The loss of this promising child
caused sorrow to family and friends.
An elderly citizen of Dominica
who disappeared after attending Mass
two Sundays ago Mr. John Rolle --
was fond dead near his Wotton Waven
Estate (at Casso), beneath a cliff.
He was the brother of Mr.Phillip
Rolle, prominent business man.
Word was received in Dominica
that Mrs. Maude Ross, wife of the
late Charleston Ross, one-time
Warden in northern parts of Dominica
writer and -prominent official in
various of the islands has followed
her husband to the grave.


page .,Four THE STAR Friday, January 26, '197
Fiction MA TITINE by Cynthia Watt * * * *
Garge woke up tb see the brilliant sunshine streaming -into the
room. Titinel's place was empty and the smell of bacon and. eggs
per..ded the house. The banging of pots and pans blended with the
noise of Titine' s vociferous singing told him all too well that it was
time to be -up.
After washing and dressing hurriedly, Garge joined Titine in the
dining room where the table was laid in decorative welcome to honour
bIer family. -
Garge's hair was carefully pomaded ("I aian t in dis Afro bisniss,"
he had told them last night), and he 'exuded a fairly strong scent of
socne perfumed after-shave and eau-de-cologne. As he was about to en-
quire for Eurilla, she. came in and took her- place at the table.
"'Morning everybody she. greeted themm. "My, what a fine morning
Hope the weather keeps up like this. I just came in from walking-out
Sonny," she told Garge. "Hei's fast asleep, naow "
"I so oppose you goin gallivant as soon as you. Teenisheat Garge,"
Titina stated matter-of-faotly.
"Who? Me? Garge asked. "Aftah all Titine, is you I come to see;
I will have. enoff time to see my frons. Even so, I bet Baby tell every-
body I healh, an bet. befoh de day over..."
Garge was out short- b: a loud:, "Haie 1 Garge garcon, we coming. "
and before anyone, could reply, Garge's two best pals had entered and
were shaking hands and thumping him on the back.
"Way, way Titine l I bet you glad. Garge you looking fine, an Erilla
too. Euriilla, I heah you have a nice baby I "
"Yes Pat3, but he's sleeping, now."
And all day long, friends kept pouring .in at Titine's home Around
four b'clock a breathing space was reached and only the family, with
Gen.elia, Baby and. Reuben remained.c .-
Baby was watching Reuben. and Garge amusedly. She was wondering if
they were thinking the same thing as she was now. Titine caught her
glance and smiled slightly. Reuben was watching Garge warily, and
Garge, also was on his guard, but none of them betrayed by any expression
what' they really felt.
"Whar say we. go to de Manicou tonight?" Titine broke in conversation-
ally. "You not too tyad Garge?"
"Tyad. Ho-ho-ho, a puhson like me dat feting roun de clock in
St. Thomas 1"
"lDas jus it! exclaimed Titine, forgetting for the moment that it was
she who had introduced the. idea. "Das jus wat.I: was tinkin. .You wood
too tyad to go anywhere.' Always' fetin ovahb deor C You an..," she
stopped suddenly.
S. "Go head." Garge said softly, too softly' "Me an. .?"'
:But Titine had realized her mistake.'and quickly cove ed it. ."Yyou an
&d'se frens of yose nah" -' '
Garge said, "Is. not dat you was. going to"s'ay. ." '
"HcW. you know wat. I was going t-o sy?" -
".De. way you..i" But Genelia oame to6the rescue, "Eh-eh' wat is
dati"now Garge, only jus come, ta- youall starti- to quarrel : Pas
play sotte garcon is not. dat we he.ah foh.-" Raising her glass of
vodka, "Garge, we heah foh a good time, notrue! You come ovah fah a
good time,notrue? So wat. de hell allyou. begeenin to look for noise foht
Baby full up, Garge an Titine glass." She began to sing, then jumping
up caught Reuben. by the waist and began dancing, across the floor to the
radio, tuned it. on to dance, music,. and with her gaiety and vivacity
finally they all were dancing away to the tune of a Spanish rhaiba,
Reuben exclaipmd^: "Look-out, allyou 1 my pardner takin all de room."
An she' can dance enh. Boy Titine can really dance well' Garge, see
how Titine roomba-in wo11, We dee always was praotisin." And so
Baby had saved the tense situation which had cr-ept between them.

____ __

h_ 1_UO

Friday, January 26, 1.973

More on "Such O9bage.s"
Dear- Madame, 'White-Washea
I was quite mad when I read the
article entitled 'Such Changes' by
Lundi. We must admit that Dominica
is backward and primitive, but it,
is so' and will remain so as long as
we have people like Lundi who oppose
changes and are still superstitious.
The writer says that there are a
lot of dirty people in Roseau, but
what about :the hippies in London?
Now, if we have to compare the hip-
pies of England and the dirty people
of Roseau, we. will find that the.
hippies are mostly young people who
have run away from their parents'
home and from society and are living
their own type; of life. Now, most
of the dairt- people in Roseau are
uneducated,/ poor and are. parents of
many children, Some of these people
are, drunJkerds, why? I leave you to
think of an. answer or answers.
Some do jobs now and again for the
'Big, Man. who finds it- hard to pay
what, they ask for. If Lundi would
just stay in, Dominica for awhile and
do some social and economic research
he would siirely shut his. mouth. I
agree when he says that our people
talk loud bad language, but I find
nothing wrqng if' a man plaits his
hair,. Looi Lundi, this is done in
England so "don't be surprised if you
see it here too, Man, it's a free
world, so if you feel like plaiting
your hair, you do it and that's no-
bod~y's busiieass; and no crime. People
like you Lup.i, go to England and
copy the Enplish people s customs
(example: wearing a coat in the
tropics on top. of a cardigan, waist
coat, shirt and vast and you still
weaa a neck-tie). I am not. saying
that you cannot wear what you want,
but man don't stew yourself (and
it's unhealthy in the, heat with so
nuch clothing on. Do you do it. to
show off? )


I write in support of the letter
under the heading ."Such Changes" in
your issue of 12th January.
On the point of the, masquerade
show at. Midnight Mass at Potters-
ville I would like to add that
instead of trying to raise man to
God at worship, they have sought
rather to lower God to the level
' of man.
We would do well to reflect on
the following words by Archbishop
Dwyer of England which should be
taken as a warning by us all:
"There is a powerful movement
afoot in the conten gpary Ohuvooh
to destroy the very concept ofthe
sacred, to invade the sanctuary
with Billingsgate, with songs
borrowed from the night-clubs, to
act with a complete absence of
hieratic dignity or decorum, with-
out the difference of vesture or
the dignity of gesture. It simply-
will not wash.
The pitiable little folksingers
in their miniskirts huddled around
the hairy celebrant at the altar
strummimg. their "Michael, Row ycur
Boat" for Communion or their
"Lazybones" for a Requiem may be
bursting with good intention% but
they have not been taught the
first, thing about the sacredness
of worship* Perhaps there is none
to,.teach them' But their resent-
ment will darken in time. When the
sanctuary is made a place- of cheap
entertainment, the day is not far
off when it will be empty, its
window sockets vacant, its vaulting
shattered, the dwelling place -of
tae hoot-owlo"
*__in the shake of the Cathedral.

Dear Editor.,
SA Young Man.s Hint
The Churches want the Youth and
n7evw -fl 0_1 -i o- T1h il 1 -1

As a Domlinican, Lundi should but may lose all or many of their old
that moat of his people work hard p may lose all or many of theirr old
for the wealthy or big-shot people patrons. SEEING BOTH SIDES,
for nothing and when they are work- aged 17.
ing they don't and should not bothe -
about the way they ae dresshoud obot (After this series of letters we must
call a halt to publication of corres-
according to the type of work they pondence on thi obviously vital
are, doing. Lundi ahows himself off subject. This week we have received
as -z West Indian who has been corrtgqabout 10 communications, both uro and
ed by English customs or we could _co!n the -pro tradition in the majority.
call him a DOMtI.d-I. -(concld.u.7) Editor. )

Page Five


Pag Six. TIj STAR~~m~atn~p~ri-n--^ `.II`Im-- u-j----_~------ -


Dr. BRUCE STUART.Deantl Surgeon,
in Roseau is preparing a -NEW PRI-.
VATE SCHEME for service to the
REGISTRATION of names, as per-
manei patients .and their FamIilies, will
be open until 3Ist January 1973. NON,-
REGISTERED Patients after that date
will not be accepted for treatment .
established at King George V. Street,
next to Astaphaas Super Market, and
will be open on 8th January ,1973.
Persona] calls,. -etters and telephone
calls for 'registration will be accepted
from 8 a.m.- I p.m. & 2 p.m.- 4 p.m.
P.o. Box 77,
Dental stuge,

A Fine Range of Mathematical
Sets for Schools.

also Slide Rules and Extra

To the Magistrate Dist "E"
I, Fred Bellot now residing at Soufriere
Perish of St Mark, do hereby give you notice
that it is my i. icnt:.a to appiy at the Magis-
trate s Court co be_ hlid at Roseau on Monday,
the 2ad day of Apii1 1973, ensuing for a TA-
VERN LIQUOR L1CENCE G respect of my
Premises at Suufriere,. Parish of St Mark
Dated the 9th day of Jadiuary 1973
.-,,.., _ Fred Bellot

a -~


Offers are invited for the purchase
SISSEROU&' HOTEL o w ned by
Eighteen One Thousand Dollar Shares Applications i

Take a look at tl-ic4he
range of VPBritishWines.The Same -gripcs g(:
to n makeVP that go to make a lot of expensive.
winCes.Which accounts forVPs fine quality.

Buy a bottle today vP FIN


Residence at Upper Goodwill
For Particulars
Apply to:
Vanya Dupigny,
6 Kennedy
7,y/ Roseau.

, 2 Bullys


AvAilabe at


For the Relief of P;i:u men truation.
$1.55 per bottle
and earn with tax-free concessions.
of the following valuable shares-
Forty Six One Hundred Dollar Shares
n confidence to:- P.C. BOX 140 ROSEAUj

Page Six


i-cjtn:, Jg;rUsPi

Friday, January 23, 1973 THE STIAR Page Seven
M OR E .R EA D E, RS V S :' .
/oH j2 'Iadaer tor, I- UAS THRILLtIfG
(Such Changes from page five) In F i Ai L or MayS 19TILLI T -
BRIEF EXCERPTS: "Samedi should re- g i o i t
member that the 'Show' as he so wit- we hoa'.d groat rui lig.; n .t '- ,i
tily put it, was taking place in a e continuous noise was;ri. he r ui- .
church. and not in a parish hall u. .0 o.tOof aaon.-o .W ot .co
usuca. and- out of seaon. -6 goto
"Why not try compromise? Leave the cite' that weruahed out of school.
Cathedral and its High Altar to the o headnastor, not *oven a preacher
traditionalists and experiment with doliverihe one of his beat copreon
new forms of worship in parishes ould have hld.back his obors in
-desirous of change.." "I believe school oi.churcl I
it .was the .Anglicains. who started We aw an ob jot coniag towards us
shifting the altar in this State. high above the ea.; I aoautod oxciteod
Why didn't their members protest?" *ly 'i, ian .rooplao I It was
"Please leave our Cathedral as it thrilling, and wo.lanjoyed it. LcAor .
is, not cluttered, extremely clean onwe llnrnt that it was pilot. otby
and serene, a place for prayer and Mr.. Linbor. a U.S. cititan. We also
contemplation where one can speak lcnrnt. that 'a .niddlo-aged farn.r. nQt
to the Lord aid .Master." I do far fom the Concordeo,arza. w;'.:riib-
not care how the ritual is conducted h h far .tat ,
provided some elements of the. Old. hnutod aloud to on 1of.'h labourrs.
Faith are left intact. For instance o0 lhill the only pit .tiod .in the
I. am a humble man and have no objec- pasture so that'ce nay oat before uo.
tion to the priest addressing God .di, for th oi'o th"e l'd hl ...
with his back to me and addressing cno I '" r younger farner ju.'a ow.
the congregation face-forward as in- miles- -ray ordered his wirfe t6. fll'
the old times. I think all this. her pot t the bring with ground .pro-.
fuss. about conduct of services is. : i iono, o that he night at agfond fp L
damaging." *"All this trouble conoqs hia stonach right up to his throat .
because the women were not consulted as the eond had cone. .-.
at the same time as the men.," The newo of the plano .cfasu i..'
-J--}) Doceribor 'ver IIrno. Diablotin wccs i"nbt.
DOMINICA BAWANA GROWERS ASSOCIATION a thrilling onoe, but a sad,.and rograt-
N 0 T I C E table'ono. nay ask..Wlhiy .
didn't the pilot tato th.acior,, coureo.
Offers are invited for the lic-iinb org, s. .ho wask -oily flyingg
purchase of one used Diesel Be-dford front Antigua to"*lartiniquo at dead Q.
T.J. Truck, Registration No. 1564. night in rainy weather? ....
Inspection of the vehicle may be
arranged by contacting the Oporatiaos9 Lin HUrGIr L MEeTCE, Rosa au.
Manager, Dominica Banana Growers ....
Association, 13 Hanover Street, 'WHITJ-WASI.SD (f, )-- Doninican. -
Roseau or by telephoning 2671 or with an English mind (Whijc-Washod).
2672. Offers should be made in T1ohe Sifflour Montagna, (GhalMeo -
writing -in sealed envelopes marked cone carols in Patoia at thoa...Aeft
"Tenders for purchase of truck" and Church at. midnight naone and
addressed to the General. Manager, it wa beouitiful. Wt.a: true. thoy
Dominica Banana Growers Association were swaizi withhthoa-nusic but thero~
to reach him .not later, than Wednes- was notlhing-so nocquorndish about it- I
day, 7th February, 19735. People like Lundi balievo they are
V. E. WHITE white when they are really black.
1/ General Manager It :s pboplo like him who grow up in
--..._ the hard times in the soluna= of
UGAuDA: Two journalists, a Chief Doninica and n6o that they have man-
Justice and a Magistrate have simply aged to got but, pretend that thoic'
disappeared, murder suspected. *:* sluna'never o :ieted until now* 2as,,,
S. .... Englandc is a civilized country; '.by
civilized* .ny dear frionda, Lundi probably noa nc Modern, because vwhen wo road
the British now s peprd there are cono things I concidbr uncivilized that take
place there* I would ad-o. Lundi:- Never try to be whit you are not and can
opver be. You are a DoniniAian; don't matter what you do, you can never be an
35- S Roseau.

_____S_*___T_ bo___ SO ROSEAU MiARIKET AUTHORITY (see p.1)
SMr. E.C. Loblack writes: "That mis--
CRICK~ET: ..b.. n erable little square of paper repro-
L-auo Blckburnrs Tri duced on front page is given to cer-
Last weekend, Blackburns gained.full ta people as a receipt for a sell-
points (12) in their match amainstb
poits (2) tin tr natch aaiby 55 runs ing concession in the iew Market.. As
after batting a an st hort by 55 run you will note, it does not state WHAT
after batting a nan short in-cach inn-
it is for, neither the AMOUiT paid.
Blasckburn, batting first Is it valid? Should not the Police
Blackburns, batting first were soon
.... ,o look into thia? -- E.C.L."
in trouble droppihg -t6 48/6. But a look into thi
seventh wicket partnership between "N 0 T I 'C E
Hayford Lafond (14 n.o-,"nd Jerome The Office and Printing Service of
Pierre (76). saw then over'the 100 nark: H I L T O'N S ERVI C E S LTD.
the innings onded at 143/9, E.Blacknan WMILL BE HOVING TO
351 But for a hard littingl knock of
37 Ly Royston John, the youngest player 20 B A T H R 0 A D
on tha tean, Celtic U. would -not even next South of Central Water Authority
have reached the 100 all-out I and opposite the Fire Station
Blackburnas second innings produced on or about
only 91. (P.Bardouillo 23, T.Bertrand JANUARY 29th, 1973
21) for 9 stilll one a'ian liort). Set to The Telephone number remains the same
scoro 135 for Victory,'Coltics fell-for 3 1 & 4
79; R.X3bhn again topocored, run out 20, LETTER fr. GOODWILL PARISH COUNCIL (2
BlackburnsI wich6ot'-tor- .wore E.John, Even if this were so, we contend that
M. Charlo wand J.iori-ro: Goltics U -' the worship of'God is not limited to !keel-
J.J.Pierre, R.J1hn, E.Anthony and ing and reciting prayers, singing hymns
Griffith. .. -- -.-..--....... or celebrating the Iass. We can worship
Shall Siad. ,-B /do' v. Janaica Drawn God even in our daily work. Any act thragh
ehaecocond Shell Shield match .played which we uplift our hearts to God is a.
between. Chanpions. Barbadon and Janaica pious act. Dancing in itself is morally
at Sabina Park, Jamaica ended in a draw, an indifferent adt and through it we can
Janaica. got 6 first innings.-and draw either uplift our souls to God or debase'
points, Barbados 2..-. Scores: Barbados ourselves. In the Scriptures (2 Kings vi,
273 and 301/5, and anaica 306 and 44,i 5-22) we read hou David danced a dance of
'S kippor: Morris FOster 145 n6.O. joy in front of the Ark. Would it be
Todoyj abiday, Guyana take. on on- wrong if we Christians, in a spirit of
binad slandb. in Antigua in their joy engendered by or remombranaceof'our
firsc Shield match this year. Scores redemption through God's incarnation,
at..Press TinmGuyana 144/5 IKanhai 33no danced before, his tabernacle?
InERNTATIONAL. SCE.IE: The Fourth Test Finally, I-adam Editor, Lundi might be
India. v, England sthrtedthis weeook.: pleased to learn that the welfare works,
India has a 2-1 loed af tor the first the church decorations and the perform-
throa matches havingrlost the first, ances of the Siffleir Montagne n the
and convincingly won" the next two. Goodwill .'Parish last Christmas wore all
Prosently Pakistan is in Now Zealancd undertaken at the instance of'the Parish
They loat the series against Australia. Council and other parishioners, for the
A Gliffhangeor toam front Australia glory of God and for the pleasure and com-
will be. touring the Weot Indies this fort of the community at large; they were
year in April. Two matches are expect-, not initiated by the Parish Priest or mL.I-
ed to he. played in Domini'ca. bers of the Church's hierarchy to huLouy.,
BGI1=: After only 1 nihi.35 sec. of placate'or please a. limited segment of
the second round of th6. bchodulod 15 .society. GOODWILL 'PARISH COUTIIL.
round bout, Jbo Era!ior's r.oign as. ............
licavyweight- charpoir of-the world LATE N'ES : Dominioa Chamber of Comaorce
*(since 8th March 1971) cano. to an end. and Domiiica Mlanufactures Associatioh cre
This. happened in Eingston, Jinaica at merging Two fishermen from Viville .
the. National. Stadium, (a first world Case are reported missing at sea. DBGA
hliavywoight title-bout in the history states that UK'bananag r s c. i. moving
of the West Incdla) oAi the night of referoo stopped the fight. (A TrCO win).
Monday 22nd January 1973. Foreman (24) Frazir hardly stuck a single blow.'Ho has
knocked Frazier down 6 times in 2 rounds never seemed a rbal Champ since the Ali
and in the 95th scooond of- 2nd rd, the. affair. A crushing,huriliating defeat *
'Printcd & published by the Proprietor, R.E.Allfroy of'Iill Hlous2e,opt all, at-
1 26 Bath .1 Road, Roseau, Dominica, Uest Indies

Page Eight


Friday, January 26, 1973


SFIday. anuary26,1973


Supplement (i)



For the first time available: complete
trade index of importers/wholesalers
in Norway US$ 4.00, in Sweden US$ 6.00,
in Denmark US$ 5.00.
GERMANY: Classified trade index 1400
pages, 160,000 classifications, US$
i8A0, or the equivalent Th any other
currency, postpaid from:-
N-1310 Blomnienhd1m,' Norway
72.t I, -

'StatUe lke-over

bid for Irees
New Agriculture Minister Joseph
Godber found an urgent memo onr,
his desk when, he took over in
It was from the -TuC, demanding Government
action to bring a bigger chunk of Bforestry
business into public ownership.

Union and ITU(
spokesmen are seeking
a meeting to pul their
case direct to
Minister. Meanwhile,
Godber has a memo
urging -
an end to the lax
and estate duty conci,'s-
.sions t lhat lead the
wealthy to invest in
forestry, and
an end to Govern-
ment grants for private
forsc.try development.
t'h unions' camw is that
forestry development.
properly planned, canr
make a vital difference in
many regions of high
unemnployicnl, ikc Scot-
More planting
Thie Forctry Comis-

sion 'should be C. ixpaindingt
its: planting progi-amnme
and .building up a range
of ancillary industries to
hboost j'lhi prospeticcts.
to prevent Private
owners felling nmarire
woodland a;nld 'selitng om;
t 4ii1e- hel" lit\ *oni'cefsiit,
have gone. Ihec i t.
sfggesis giving, the Co(wr
hi )sion .an optiw to pmi-
chaie before felling van
lake place.
Fewer trees
Britain has tewer ircet,
per acre i *hWn ally coulnltr
in Europe except Spain.
o!th the unions ih the
industry ,imt t(he 'i!(
want to see mole of rhem
to provide new emplov
men! o new life in dying areas
anri to improve the



The Domii.ic Co-operative. Bank Limited

5Edmcmd Edwarwds
and .
Amelia Edwards also knowva
a3s Emiilly Edwa2rds of
2 Ree.ndlle Street, London- W,10
To: Ed -Ewad
Arelia .Edwards o o ao Emrnll y Edwakrd.s
of 2 Rendle Street, Lorion W. 10

Xe fe~ndat t a

TAKE NOTICE TIHAT judgreiaDt ha, been obtained against yo.u ,o. the
2Ot1h Dece zaea, 1972 ti the High Court of Justice, Domiaica. Suit No,
104 of 1968 by the. Dom:inica Co-operative Bart.- LimitQd -o.. 15607.75
n $60., 00 eosts and interest thereon. at' 8.1 % per 1am being money
me- on a Promissoxy Note dated. 21st JTie, 1965.
And t'hht it has been ordered that service of the'applicationz to sell
the said la nd ir. satisaction of the Judgment debt shall be served oZ.
t-he defendants by this acdvertisemenrt in four issue of the local press
and in four issuea. of newepapera in Engla.nd circulated in thae district
o.f the last known addra.s o.f the defendant Edmmnd Edwads and that
this advertiaemen. so published shall be deemed ta be good a=d
aLfficient service of tha aaid appliJation aad documents appurteuanat
thereto for tbhe sale of thq said laad.
711 1/4


No. 104


*I~--n(n(l~ll*-mmu~-ll--a-r- ----~ar~----a~aLI-~r~-----P~-~.~

Schedule of Appl!cation for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending 13 tn dq of January, 1973.
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
er a Certificate of Title of
S|Noting thereon or Caveat.

Request dated
.7th June 1972.
Presen: -J 11th
January, 1973
at 3.00 p.m.

Seylma Smith Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
by her Solicitoe of title in respect of a
portion of land at La.-
Vanya Dupigny you, in the Parish of-
St. Jcseph in the
State of Dominica
square feet and botun
ded as follows:-

SNo.rth.Iat Puie Road,
North-West an Acesse Road separating It from land of
Samuel Joseph and Clarence Joseph, South.E-at an Access
Road separating It from lands of ivon Hector and Helena
Shilllngford, South-West land of Fortune Hector.

Schedule ,'f Application to"r Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending 27th day of january, 1973.
Dare Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
er a Certificate of Title of
Noting thereon or Caveat.

Request dated
the 23rd dAy
Sof January
,Presenetd the
024th day of
0January, 1973
j'at 10.20 a.m.

Elick Wdllian
by his Soliciti
Cirna A.M.

is Requet for the issue
of a First Certificate
or of Title in respect of
,a portion of land
known as a presidential
Slot at Point Michel, in
the Ppiah of St. I uke
in the State of Domini
ca, containing 932
square feet and boun-
r l .

.d. aaB rollows:-
North West bv a Puiiic Road \ North East by land of
4 Felicia Alexander South East by land of VirginlaJoseph
South West by lands of Rosalind Senolt and John Peter.
ReDate Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
er a Certificate of Title of
J Noting thereon or Caveat.
eq ,eat dated David Robin Request for the issue
he 15th day of a First Certficate
>f January, by his Solicitor of title in respect of a
!1973. portion of land at Mid-
resented the CilmaA.M. die Ridge, located in
23rd day of Dupigny the village of Calibi-
?anuaryl973 shie, in the Parish of
t 3.15 p m. St. Andrew, in the
S It a t e of Domrni':a,
containing 1 3 2 0 0
square feet, and boua-
North hv a pr.rrecric, ded as follows:-

East partly by land of Kindness Valmond and partly by
land of lul!etta Leslie South by a Public Road and
land of julietta Leslie West by land of Bernard Marde
Registrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORGES
Roseau, Domrinica. Acting Registrar of Tith-a
NOTE:--- Any person who desires to object to the Issue of a
First Certificate of Title in the above applicatlontmn:y enter a
Caveat In tha above Office within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
published In this State or from the dace when the notice pre-
scribed by taw was served on any owner or occupier of adjolnlng
land in respic; of which the application Is made.

An experienced ENGINEERING
DRAUGHTSMAN is required for our
office in Roseau.
Nationality West Indian with preference
being given to Dominicans
Qualifications 0. N. C. or equivalent.
Experience Three years minimum in
Civil or Structural Engineering
Salary and Conditions Dependent on expe-.
rience with excellent
opportunities for ad-
Interested persons should apply in their own
handwriting to:
P.O. BOX 17,
DOMINICA, #77-a.

Mr. & Mrs Usief Nassief and children Sophie
and Karl, Mr. & Mrs Llias Nassief and family
Mr.& Mrs L. Corriette and Relatives, here and
abroad wish to acknowledge with sincere thanks
and grateful appreciation the kind expression of
s y m p a th y of their many friends sent in the
forms of wreaths, messages of sympathy, attend-
ing funeral service or helping in any way to con-
sole them on the sudden passing away of dear
baby Louis.

Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Doctrove &c family, Mr.
and Mrs, John Charles, and f a m i I y Mrs.
Doroth y Maximen; Mr. and Mrs A St.
Hilaire and family and Mrs Rosalind Collins
wish to thank the Doctors and Nurses of the
Medical Ward P. M,H.,who cared for the late
James Laudar during his illness there, and also
all those who sent cards or flowers or in any
way expressed sympathy with them in their
recent bereavement
Clotilda Doctrove

^________________________ -_'W

u; ""Lz-- ,.mia J, I 1 -



Supplement (ii



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