Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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VoL XVI No. 3

X-MAIM20AW --momm"WARMnn"

Friday January 19,1973

Ten Cents

On Wednesday Roseau Town Council
met to elect a ew Mayor from its ranks
wo replace Mr.NEd Scobie who has resigned
due to prolonged absence in America, where
he was lecturig at Rutgers University.
.Mrs. Annette StHilaire was unanimously

Dominica Herald
New Mmanagement

The Dominica Herald, which had stm-
pended publication for the past few weeks
comes out again today and under new
management with Mr. Star Lestrade as
EditoKThe Herald proprietor, Mr. Ed-
ward Scobie, recently agreed, to sell
inore than half the shares, as a new Com
pany is being formd Mr.Scobidi book'
'Black Britannia' has now been pub-`



(The Editor recently rceriv a the following weloas
revealfbg letter )
.. Do you remember our meeting when yo
were Minister of Labour W.I. and I held the
same Portfolio in. ... .. and we represeted
our countries at the I.L.O. Conference in
Geneva? It all seems so long agol
After that, I became Foregn Minister fl-
lowing our Independence, and left the Go-
venment in 96- when our first Prime
Minister died and was illegally succeeded by
... .. I then returned to my profession
and spent five years as Assistant Director
General of a U.N. organization in Geneva.
"On return to my country fla z97.I had a
stormy eincote'.r ith the New Prime Min-
isters who has since become a real dictator
and is well on the way to establishing a one
-party State, after an illegal declaration of a
Republic. So once more I am in exile and
am Visiting Professor at one of America's
Top two Universities.
"I found out you were still publishing your
Paper while in The W.I. the other day. It
would be gqod to keep in touch again.
.Te writer's naei, county ea
dates are beilg withheld.- XA.*

UK GRANT $2.4m. $'750,0oo for Dominica Page Thre
h- ^ 4 ., . -- a, n~l n ^ ,l|l| ,> ,,U


.;~;l~a~~~ac~"~-~,----~--~-`lrr~-"I~L ~

~ ------- ---IY-------- -r -------u-Ll-rur ~


Page TwoThE T.A -'~d~a, Jauar19, 97'


1968 No. 104

The Dominica Co-operative Bank Limited.
Edmund Edwards
Amelia Edwards also known
as Emilly Edwards of
2 Rendle Street, London W. 10



To: Edmund Ed wards
and. /
Amelia Edwards also known as Emilly Edwards
of 2 Rendle Street, London W.10
TAKE NOTICE THAT judgment has been obtained against you on the
20th December, 1972 in the. High Court of Justice, Dominica Suit No.
L04 of 1968 by the Dominica Co-operative Bank Limited for. 15607.75
and $60.00 costs and interest thereon at 8- % per annum being money
d@l on a Promissory Note dated 21st June, 1965.
And that it has been ordered that service of the application to sell
the said land in satisfaction of the Judgment debt shall be served on
the defendants by this advertisement in four issues of the local press
and in four issues of newspapers in England circulated in the district
e.f the last known address of the defendant Edmund Edwards and that
this advertisement so published shall be deemed to be. good and
sufficient service of the said application and documents appurtenant
thereto for the sale of the said land,
'11 1/4
IMPGRTANT HEALTH.-MlISTEIRW MEETING .... .(fr.col.1) preceding the Ministeor1"
it next moQth's 'Caribbean. Health Conference which i6 oxpecteo. "to bring'
ministers Conference to be held in together some eighty delogateo and
Dominica. (5 9th February). delegates: observers ihcludin-g; some from the,
from Bermuda, the British Virgin. Univeorities of the Woest Indies and
Islandra, the Bahamas," B'elike and of Guyan...
Carifta. territories ai"iteol. aba obcorv- Dr. P.I. Boyd, Executive Secretary
orc: from .various organihatibna an of the Conference and Chief of the
territories including the Unitod Health Soctioh., GCoinonwealth. Caribbean
Nations, UNESCO, thi Canadian Inter- Rogional Sccrotariat, met staff last
national- Devlopment Agency, YVenzuela, Eriday to review arrangements and'
Canada., U.S,A. and Surina. are expect- detail plans for the big occasion.
ad. .

The Gonforfnco will be bffocially
oponad" by the Deputy Promier and Muin-
iscor- of Miinnca & Development Hon.
R.O.P.Armours while the" feature
addrocz. will bo' delivered by Doctor
Abraham Horwitz, Director of the Pan-\
American Health. Organisatibn,
V.ariouz. progress rbp'orts on matters
of Garibboan-wido int6rect including
Control of Peaticides, Advanced Nurs-
ing Edhucation, and. N6ow'Iethods- of
Health Garo will be roviewod at the
A. meeting- of Chief Medical Officear
of the Region and., alo a meeting of
theo Conferenceae Standing Dommittaeo
will bo. hold during the woek--oid.
(nocxt ool)

Tho Dominica Chamber of Commerce
and the Dominica Manufacturoers Asso-
ciation at .a joint eooting of their
Execiltivo Comnmittobs. deliberated among
other thing -on the csorioumc situation
which. had ariaon as the rocult of the
confusion and hopeless. service now.
provide~-t6'Dominica by L.I.A.T. In
their- pinion the inefficiency of'.
L,I,A.T. oj5oratiodn as, thoy affect
Dominica id having grave reporculisiobi "
on the tourist trnda, on the travelling
public and the business sector, with
a.. oesul'tant effect on the economy of'
The inland. The two joint groups are
studying- the matter carefully. U %rgont,
(con~ald. p..J3


THE STAR z Friday, January-19, 1973

Pake Two

Friday, January 19, 1973 T h'E S T A R Page Three"

A SHAM AND A MOCKERY ? by John Spector
Five hundred thousand pounds for the banana industry in the
Windwards sounds like a lot of money from O.D.A. Britain, and as usual
it comes out of the British taxpayers' pockets.. I feel sure, however,
that the British negotiators were not told "you owe us a large sum any-
way" as was declared in the House by the Premier recently. That would
certainly have put the great mass of the British working-class, who are
definitely not descended from colonialist exploiters, into a rage,
Yes, the money seems a lot but we know that it is to be divided.
up Winban-wise among the-four Windward Islands, so that our pro bata
share will be about $750,000. This is, of course, only a drop in the
bucket compared to money already borrowed from the banks (guaranteed
by Government) ,Geest Industries and owed to Canada for the Phase 3
technical consultancy services (which seem in my view to have produced
nothing better than unsatisfactory and ill-placed boxing plants, better
titles and more money for the favoured few on the DBGA payroll, and a
prolonged, "holiday-in-the-swnA2 for the consultants).But I may be wrong'
Anyway, we should be thankful for small mercies and only trust
that the money will be wisely spent, giving the greatest incentive
to the growers (whether by credits for fertilizer and other .current
agricultural expenses directly concerned with bananas, or by direct
grants) continue with replanting, harvesting, thinning' etc.
Let ;po-one think however that this UK sum alone is going to. "save
the banana industry" The grower, and most especially the enormous num-
ber of small growers, should be told, if possible' by word of-mouth from
the agricultural officers, DBGA field workers and the Farmers Union, what
is going pn, where the industry stands now, how the joining of Britain
with the Iuropean Common Mgrket will affect them and --almost more im-
portant than anything else -an explanation of the connection between
the published price in cents per lb. the. grower and the green
boat price as advertised simultaneously.
Take' as an example
1) GBP Jan.5, 1973 of 75 per ton equals accordingg to the Notice)
0.8 cents per lbs at boxing plan-ts,
2) dBP June 13, 1970 of 76 per ton equals 5.100 per lb.
at Reception Stations or 4.850 .without Summer Bonus!
Where has the 4.050 gone to? Why the reduction of 1,200 %? The
listing separately of 'bonuses'! (5) amounting -all told to 1.1250.per lb.
still doep not,cover the enormous gap in price to the grower. If Geests
is getting the bananas; already demandedd' and boxed --a job -that the-
Company used to do in Enxgland them- -,-"--_" ________O__ (. ,.
selves ,- aid is thus- transporting -.I.A.T. SITUATION (fLrR).to mJale
10-15%a nao i~ms in their refrig representation to Government and to join.
rated holds, thus presumably cover- other groups w.ithl a view to edrly '
ing any' rise in shipping costs, relief or to urge on the. authorities
should .not they. be able to pay the some alternative air-line flight
DBGA more instead of less? Or can it arrangements to. Donmina. if Court Liixe
be that, without precisely informingwho now own LIA.I... remains indiffor-
the growers, the DBGA (which is now ent to the present problem
a non-elected body) is subtracting "One could not sit back and do
all' the various cesses',-for export nothing in the Taco of a service whicli
tax, bank overdraft charges and had rapidly doteriorated to the extent,
principal repayment etc.? that it was a positive threat. to intcr-
Geest Industries have a monopoly island and extra GXribbean travel aid
to Dominica. in- particularr' "says th"1
on every banana ,grown in Dominica, toDom.C.C D.InA. releases
yet if they do not 'load bananas in C., D.IIA. release.
any one week, 'do they pay a 'non-performance' fine on their contract?
So what happens to the bananas which will be too full the following
week? What happens to the rejects at the boxing plants? We all know -
mostly thrown .down and left to rot. Bunches .that are too small or with
fingers shorter than six inches are rejects just as much as bruised
fruit. (Concluded on page six)

SPage Four

STA.. Friday~.~-nry 10

Fiotio-n: MAL TTINE by Gynthia Watt
SREain I sain I rain'1 After' a whole week
of the- most delightful weather, the
rain suddenly decided to have sits own
spell. ..
"Ghrups!i "' Ma. Titine pouted discon-
solately, and tidied the chenille bed-
spread.for lack of something to -do. -
"Dat rain apoilin my bisniss I Hmnphl
haesoups. I'" And. throughboT that. whole.
morning- the rain fell non-.stop and Ma
Rltinra "aCheeoupsed"' noji-rtop..
., Aruni...2- o'clock tihbo weather clear-
ed up and the-sun shone so brilliantly
that; soon there was no trace of the
steady downpour that morning.'
IXitina I Mitine 1 Baby- ran up the
,pati "Mitina I one sorprise for you Pm.
''" She sank. into a.chair in the porch
and panted heavily .
,t run all. d- way TI Titino guess I "
Bewiildoeredly, Titino. sat facing' her
o0r the. opposite. hair. "
"%Ihat .saorpriso 1. Baby, what s.orprisao
Wait.. bref nont"
Aft r a. little while fanning her
f.aoa with an old calendar she found
n-ear at. hand, .abyirhiseporod: --
uasa; non I guess noi Titine. I'
Mt b-efore -Titinc"had time to. even
open her. mouth, she was staring: dazedly
toivards the gatee, for who should bhe.
coming- towards. the 'house but Garge
and. Eurilla. And to make hoer surprise
complete, Eurilla was carrying a.
mQnt..-old baby in her arms'.,.an almost
white Baby I Behind" hem- iias the car,
which had brough-i t'ho'.(In the oxcite-
ment of Baby's talk, noithor of them'
liad. noticed.,its approach, as vehicles:
wore going up and' dduin tootiirg -their
hiOrn)A. ia tbai'-drivor was at thoe,
boot extricating suitcases, boxes and,
+.'Pla... .wha...wha, .'.ihat I Seoie.
dor i l' Titina G3.ciaimed. I dream I
.But i dream,- for Garg eas
voice called out ,gaily -
"H-i Titino I Titino ole gal I Look
all-a-- P "' .. .
And soon Titino was bing: warmly
. omnaced by her husband. and 'daughter,?
Baby having takon hold of'tho infant,
"Well, well, dat--.I a surprise shoro,"
said. Mitine giving Ga=go another hoarly
kiss. "an Eurilla...dat...dat is yot
baby' -
"Tea. "' EurillahCanswerod ashyly.
. "Why you novh: sen afl toll me.?" but
ndiwaiting for a. reply sho-, on,

10th Arniversary
The 10th Anniversary of the
in the Windward Islands falls on
14th February, 1973 and will be
celebrated in all four islands
during the course of the year.
The Canadian Save the Children
Fund Dominica wishes hereby to
notify the general public of this
important occasion in advance, and
looks, forward to their usual support
and full participation in the
celebrations. (Programme to be
announced later).
2/2. Local Representative.
Conmmicsion..- Sir Henry Piorroesurgoo61
of Trinidad, Dr. M.Byor, rotd S.M,0.,
Barbados & roetd.Magistrate IIr.Dudley sitting to enquirer into it;
deadlock -broken- by2 r. r Dorian- Shillingford.
MA. 'TIlN'E "-r.col.1) Ianyway s dco.
fdrit, yoself nbo," %hea.took the 1bby
from hoie- fri'Jd. "1qll, ia. a pri-tty chilpe
nottin to say, nalgeo say yon beke."'
Whon all the luggage had been jut
away, and. .tho chil was asleepihG peacco-
fully on I.-1 Titinols bed, they.all
settled down.-for drnk, .....
"IW.11, is. an-. douh -deeoo knboi aoma-
ti'rg- was goin to 'hapan I As L rain all.
morning I- cloan-up db house spik ain apaC;
I doan know wat makl ac cook so much.
dough, but is a good ting; doro have
plenty to bat so wh9n. allyou hungry jus:
say..". Then Going over to Gargo and .
kissing. hiii over .and over ("'You ill:
toofay Gargo mah 11 Baby giggled),
Ill so glad to as-- you Gargo, I so glad I
But. w-hy allyou. deadon aomof. for Chris- -
mass I .
oWe try' to Titino, nbut do bosh was
having a b oog to-do an I jus cooden
leavo at do tirio, I dco have, to wait
on. Eurilla too'. An.yvtay here r is:, an
Burilla. an do baby. 1T70 come for 'troa
months io .dat' shood make. up for uis not
comin att Chr'isahaas.1 .
After a hoaoty-.-l, (Baby loft for
her homo) the fariily relaxeod private-
ly in th& living-room, and the really
big story of 1972 the tallo of
Eurilla' a* baby, tho its father- wias, why
she wnam't roaring, a ring, this and.
a lot abro u6. related in an unusually
low itbne of voice. But first Titino
sioiakod back into the bedroom and un-
pinned the baby so that she could nake
sure dead sure that it was a BOY.


.y.. nay 9, 1973 THE STAR
WWW: ~ ~ ,c-. -r-At~a *ao3i^^M^ T?iM^ai B^ tfmi

P.O. Box 77
Dental SMgeon

Applicant must be knowledgeable in the
cultivation of bananas and c o c o n u t s.
Housing provided and salary according
to experience. Appications must be ad-
dressed to The Manager, Woodford Hill
Estate. (67 W-
~- -- -'---- ''
Applicant must be knowledgeable in Ac-
counts and application must be in the
Applicants own, hapdwriting. Application
must be addressed to '
The Managers ,
P.O. Box 131, Roseau, Dominica.
To the Megisttate Dist "E"
1, Fred Bellot now residing at Soufriere
Parish of St Mark, do hereby give you notice
that it is my intention to sapply at the Magis-
1,reue's Court 10e helda't Roseao on Monday,
i-.he 2nd clay of April 1973, ensuimag for a TA.
S VERIN LIQUOR L ICENCE in respect of my
.premises a: Sou iere, Parish oi' St Mark
'Dat-ed the 9th day of January 1973
t- .i. .^^.: !Fred BeluOt .

Take a look at the
range of VPBritishWinesThe same grapes go
to makeVP that go to make a lot of expensive
wines.Which accounts forVPs fine quality.

Buy a bottle today. T 161f .

Schedule of App;1caV.:n for Cetrtitcate.of Title and No^ng

or a Cartificate of Title oa
I Noting thereon or C ,vaet
... .. .. . . ... ... .

Reqiaet dated*
7th Junws19s2.
Presented 11th
January, 1973
at 3.00 p.m.

by hD Soliciba
Vaay Dupsgar

Request for the ies *a
of a Firlt Certificate
of title ia re pect ofa
portion of land at La.
on, in the Pariah of
t. Josph in t.he
State of Douinica
c on t afIi -f33841
equare feet andhou(
ded a. foliows:-

No?th.BIaj P0si1e Roa
henh-Wit sn Accos keed seperateg ui frnm laad 41
Sama u J6seph and Clarence Joseph. South.sea an Aftsxu
Road Beprating It from landa of yvon Hetor andi Helam
Shlilingford. South.West land ofFortune Heuar.
inT,..~iiiii.l i~.. i~-,,. .i.ii.,....1. l.,, i.i~..,. illi.. .M ll.. lll~lll n

Registrar's Office, rfonminil-"

Acting Registrar of Titles

NOTE:-. Any person who despite to object to the issue of t
rast Certificate of Titie in the above applicationmay enter a
Cwveat :n the above Office within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
pubH tsed i, this Start or from thetdate when the ncl0c. prm.
scribed by 'aw wts served on any owner or occupier of )o00ta14 ,
|id in respect d( whkch the appi tltion Is nade. -.


Dq, BRUCE STUART.Dental Surgeon,
in Roseau is preparing a NEW PRI-
VATE SCHEME for service to the
REGISTRATION of .names, as per-
manent patients arnd their Families, will
be open until 31st January 1973. NON-
REGISTERED Patients after that date
will not'be accepted for treatment.
established at Ki.g George V. Street,
next to Astaphaus Super Market, and
will be open on 8th January 1973.
Personal calls, letters and telephone
calls for registration, will be accepted
from 8 a.m I pn.m &,- 4 p.m.





Page Six THE

In my opinion "Lundi" who wrote against
the Christmas -PAttrevill o'oservice was
a sour old-fashoined person. I also
canoe from Ehgland and attended the said
seorviaoc at Pottersvillc. I found the
form of worship lively and joyful, in
keeping with the Christmas season and
with our own Dominican style.
As to the youth, they are no worse
than the youth in cold countries as
Lundi should know by reading London
newspapers Jesus is JoYsus, whether
painted black or white.
I. agree the town is shabby and often
dirty, for which the stupid rows be-
two-on Govt. and Town Council can be
blamed. Lundi can blame Loblanc for
that but not for any show goingson in
a Catholic church. As Saturday's child
works hard for his living, I sign
SAMEDI, Rosoau

L would like to cohngradt ilAto Lundi -
from London for his letter, a topic
which.. is close to the hearts of many a,
Dominiann Catholic4 I would really
lik. to know who scome.of'th6 clergy
think they are following, by trying to
alter this wonderful religion of ours
There- is now a move afoot to remove
the 5o0autiful- altar in the Cathedral.,
a.plaao of worship, which is still
untroubled by the "modernization" which
is now rampant. When the Throne of
St.Pator is removed from that Histori-
cal Church, then our altar'will be re-
moved. We are not Shakers, our reli-
gion is one of depth and not of mockery,
so we are asking you priests, nuns, and
so-callad church fanatics "hands off
the. Cathedral."
I. hear that there' is a church com-
nitteae. made up of a n6wspapor editor,
a. religious who does not oven cover her
hoad when going- to receive her Lord
and a. church singer. who belongs to the
pariah of Kahau'. I trust that such
advisors will advice our Dishop proper-
ly and no cause the little ones to
Uhona there is work to be done when
the tine comes to fight for thiL-
religion of ouro and for-the rights of
our Bishop and sono'-of our priests, it
will be the women who 'ill work, march
and fight. So hands-off our Cathedral..
- no mockery in this place of Worchip
(1,io iromo thi -eolf Yor other letters on
this subject).


Friday,Jaauary 19,1973

A SHAM...? by J.Spector (fr.p.3)
Maiy are used, cooked as green figs
in the home; some very few sold
in the market, green. Just occasion-
ally children or adults see a ripe
banana on the table and even eat
one: this is particularly true of
town. We should certainly use and
consume our own bananas more for
our health's sake, There has been
talk of a ripening shed, so that
bananas may be available to hotels
and housewives, ripe. Perhaps
'sucriers', Dwarf Cavendish or Grog
The banana industry may not be
dead but it is certainly moribund.,
.andas for the price -which some
growers call the grsgrene boat price-
that's a sham and a mockery.

IA agreeing to grant the Windward Is.
500,000 sterling ila emergency aid for
its banana industry, the O.D.A. spokes-
man said (according to Reuters) "It is
a special, ONCE FOR ALL gesture intended
to stimulate the recovery of the indutis-
try from the effects: of a long period
of bad weather which preceded the recent
weakness of the United Kingdomn Irkot." -
On Thursday night, in a voice like
recorded replica of'His Ma4ter's Voice,
the Iiinintor of T'radp, Agriculture and
Natural Rocourcos Ilon.Thos.Etienne gave
a serious leonthy prepared address on the
banana situation. Ho did not however
mention the warning proviso.
- -.---- --- -
Consultin Civil & Structural Enginoors
An experienced engineering draughtsman
is required for our office in Roseau.
NATIONALITY oWest Indian with preference
being given to Dominicans.
QUALIFICATIONS O.N.C.or oquivalont.
EXPERIENCE Threo. yourc minimum in
civil or Structural Engineer-
ing draughting.
SALARY & COITDITiOINS Dependent on o:r-
poridnce with excellent
S* opportunities for advancement
Intorocstd persons should apply in their
own handwriting to:
P.0.BOX 117,
PUPS FYO' S'AL'E : thrco fine strong pups
(all fomalo), parents both part Labrador.
$4.00 coach. Two'black, one snow whit-.
Apply C.Loatham, Copt Hall, or tol:2610,


LANES ORIGINAL MUESLI BISCUITS 7 .Th new family favourie.-
LAM l 3IUI7BTS are made to a special reipe, baUed on the
geausb1 Swiss Mse3ki formula, and that reans a balanced cobiaatioa
of natural iUgrdients, nutritious, health-giving and tolicius
Lanse as li biscuits contain apples, aaWicots, s3l~t&a, citrUs
-frmit and at and, nem less to say, they are made ezalsively from
stegrounw&a wholameal. flow, raw sugar, vegetable fate and sea slt.
Zo rhite flour, refined sugar or asial fats are used. Chiltron
love these biscuits and they are really good for them, while adults
appreciate the new taste of 1aX s Muesli bisuoits with morning coffee,
at tea-ti or with the bed-time drink. 11600 p3r packet*

FRUTROSE .. The unique Rose Hip Syrup
Ron IP SYUP is ova of the moat popular Vitain C mspplemate.
. but Vitrose is mething rather ascial. It contain a no adcA
colour or flavour, no white sugar, no li1uid glose, "at it is rich
Asn ita 0C c0 ontaining no Ioss than 100 a. i2'n each fluid oune,
Wnrtrose is of special benefit to expoettat aId nursing mothers,
babies and young childres .00 per b 1ttle.


' JI&S8 iM!Ct?3RiM IW=TIs ade from pure blaekoerasat
Juice, just as it is squeeasd from the fresh fruit* X0 coloring
or flavourw booster is Added and therefore Lanes Blaoasvtant Health
brink looks and toates different from all others. Natwralliy,
Laaes Blackourrant is only sweetened with raw segar.
Lanes Blackawrrant Health Drink a *2.00 per bottle.

DANDEX .. Caffein-Pree Beverage thbat doesn't hm the heat
tMN isI as easy to make as instant cofee) It in prepared
from pae, ground dadelion root by a unique process that retain
the delicious flavour anDA the woll-daowa health-giving qualities
of the freshly roasted dandelion root.
DIMSX Makes a good family drink because children, #A 111 as
adults, liB tfhe flavowu; it' a milder and more subtle thmn iost
beverages of this kinda aad, because it is entirely eaffrea-froe, it
has no tiaamlating &fTtot upon either the heart or the Aervous system,
and so it makes .the finst possible aightezp for young and ol& alike.
MAk4 .. Instant a.tffeinafree Beverage: I1-os tins 5.00
4-sO tinsa 00

cRaEdble frtam



Prklfy Jaguary 0 1973

Pa ''

.. TUnited Nations Higfh Conmmias
t^ ^ugeess gn. representative Dr. Hugo
Itanw to uite ZaLnoia-talawl borda.' Ha I
j**fletl that mei;otftqn refugees botre
'atz a&d gashes apparenny Infliftd by
pugaws the huge knives conmott...t:East
Afr *'-New York 2Tims, October 22,

pnAt village in ithe lantyre area, Wit-
:s* M.aogoza, a. i~a ty-year-ld widoWv,
:wg *rooched by members ot the Yoath
Lekdgt who Raked" h- teI tWy a polltl-
(al Almd. She xet-,d r eConstletlaudu
groft Over a pre$od of anm .weeK~4"mr
ge~telber 24 to Septenmber 30, thleykided
,her .ackens, one by 'ote, end. wbtl she
atil'ef3seti, they'kl'ed her goats, one by
onBtbes were heyr oiy poseesiorlo. They
then .Treatened her own life, causing her
to: eferti village.

* A Blantvwo firm of soll itors even t;/
thte ter to cPreuidtt sttohi. seelk-
lt-ply :t uceeas 'i Oy-U arvoI i na *g fAc
qf their nVost truste'a.w el oyers, -bet
KinTeuta andof LI. i okt. {(inktwnl
*ife, a trhooltaeka*tsh;fr 4at -gm b
.etn t. n p r? Byro
^.ftfi of ycuth~ the Ih ff a .
ti dotacihg, destroyi g, looting aid r.p.
trig, what iis Thier to glltrati* e tjhei-,
afrtply because the original group of viea
tirita han coats94 to be-these y0utts will
r'QW stop anid return to orderly, p conduct? Whai- la thero to gurin~ntie th'it
they r'v- coti seoc new Viktflia p' r. r be
cone aChorny pMoleni for tMe. very gov.
qniweet- in power? By not tsaiag acton
to qwub sucn violence1 mlgkt aGt tlw govt
enrnmertacttaoly bee -ifting the.1t1 off a
'Pandora'M box of evils'?.

A Fine Range of Mathematical
Sets for Schools.

.also Slide Rules and Extra



tema ,I.W Ir ..
Ch~irfavw. 7k, rn'ti FetssaiaI1cv...

By all accounts, a vu'at o i I
is in progress agoltt the 22,(10 eho-
vahs Witnesses in the Afric4 tipitoi.
of Malawi, The Witessmes hqv4 bewn
outiawed there since 1967 on thi
grounds that they are "d'dagerou. to !hc
governmentt" bu, the> hin-'e p,.,ic
as an underground chiumh.V Mai.,i
Prcsident-for-tife 1r-. H kamuvu Ban,
Ida, a staunch older in ':.[.ws i ..,
byter'ian Church of C'eiitral Africa.' ha
beo ncaesmgl.y. hager e-Ay the
0o join hit rulng Ctongrm.s Parr, their
refusal to takd !loIl.Iy ontbt-a1hibei
exclusivist cIaims to religious truth A
Congress Party convention ;n S.ipicm.
;btr dcmnded tiat the Witneses be s "-
'pelled from their jobs and property, and.
since then party zealots have been car-
trying out teo mandate with fer.or
!company wih 200 emplyen s w Mfit
down because it refused to flr "a Wi.,
ness who worked there. Huts hav' brna
burnt, and ns n1 n} l (.6 E'W'Iln.5s m" y
have been killed. Most of ilh WVi nes
es have iFkJ. ifo- ;aiarriousiy Owert
'Crowded refsugc camp across the bh;-o
.derh in /anbLi. where .n castim.Cd.
:19,M0O r;ie beciln figKorig drmonp them.
selves for the mreager watei r .uppli. A)
many as tIe're dyvi dally. ,nolti,
chiloden. Said a dairskzed Zaniman et-
Iicia laDt Bai k.,Onv nomnge of lart.
byDr.Babdacaa- savetheemn,"

-~~~~ w-ener-Llnwr~- I, Y ICI -IUlU -~PI~*~~~

Availath at


Femak Tonic
For the Relief of Painful menstruaion.
$X.55 per bottle s4,

White Professor in Guadeupe wide to met
Black girl of fiee physique; obect mardage.
Please mark replies "'condential" ad address
them to Profesior "M", P.O Box 129% ROseIs
Dominica, for forwarding to the advertiser.


SResidee at Upper Goodwill, Bu ya

For Particla
Apply to:
Vanya Dupigny,
6 Kennedy Avenue
7"*-/a Roseau.

"L V, IL wuld .bei e eficial to upgrade the..,.pb1;
4iatge t rcsmpayn boss. Where shall weL stA "


~Y -~-- --------------------------


--- --- --- -----------------

Schedule nf Application for Certificate of Title and Notinp
thereon and Caveats for wtek ending 6th January. 1973..
Date Request.ed Paison Presenting Natur of request wheth-
I oer a Certificate of Title of
Noting thereon or Cavest,
oquesat d.ted Maudrina Application of Mand.
/ IS/72. Fero by he rina Ferol for the
see of a firat certifi.
Prsatd S olicitor cate of title in res peec
of a Portion of land
4 /1i3/ . ; know as part of lot
.E 44 (Port meoutbh in
at Charles. the Parish of St. John
c ont a i n i g 84
e as.-_ .-- I feet and boun.
North By land of Deitnis Josph &nd Martin Maria
South Syands of Mscthurine Wudacac
Eait gy innds afHubert Magitira known as faanly J4ad
i[st By i9nds of oeversont *ap t
ii iii i~i~ m ii~iia nii iiiiiir n iii M1 i-i ii n ii inii i- *-i- r n* 11 -* 1i-i iir 1

Re~~stramr Ofie.,
Rsoga, Domcta,

Acting .Aegistrar of Titlea

NOTV:, Any' person who destrs chbject to the astije of a
'Rst Carttficate of Thia in she above app*icastormrey enter a
Caveat in the above Office within six weaks from the date of
the frst appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper.
pubish*d in this State or from the date when thhe notke pro-
sirgbed by law we served on an y owner or r ccwter of adjinting
We?4 to respea of whlh th th ppicatotn i; msA4.

gRellsttr's Office,
Rosesmu, Dmileca.

Acting Registrar of Titles

NOTE:-- Any prsooa who desires to obJmi the ue of :.:a
First Ca-tlficU*e of TiWeO in ste Above application may enter A
Cavest in the above Office wthfn six weeks from the date of,
the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
pubiish.d in this State or from the date wheh the notice pro low was served on sny owner or oacupier ( d jmrii ,
land in respect ofwhich the application is made.

from Petit Coulibri Co. Ltd.
.-Apply at the Green Parrot
Bay Front TeI: 2698

Must be fully experienced in the mainten
ance of all types of vehicles and agri-
cultural equipment. Housing provided.
Good salary offered. Applications should
b addressed to The Manager, Woodford
Hill Estate. 09- 1A

13L ~qB~~(tCTg


~C~'-LE,:,~ fdarl~r se 19?a

uie of Applaton for Certificate of Title nd Notng chedue o0 AppJicatan for Cerm te of Tle an Non
thereon and Czveats for week ending 0th fty of Dec. 107 thereon and Caveats for week ending

4 a Certfficat ofTide of 4r a Certificate of Tide of
Noting thktreon or Cav6t. Not th&eve or Caveat,.
'Request dated Catherine Cock, Application of Ca- Requeat dated' Johni Maxirm Rqueset for the Wasu
therine Cckrane.for the 25th day ot Birmingham of a First CartoIia
10f 1/72 raee by h.r the issue of a first September, of Tite in respect of
certificate of title in 1972. by his Solicitor a portion. of tad at
Preheated Stiitor ropect of & PorttIn Presented the Da.ting,in Psal&s
28/W 72 ;f I a.nd known as a 8th day of Jan. Ctia&A.M.. of St. Jolstp in the
7 M.E nia presidential lot at Coc uar y 1973 at SDpigey. Soate of. WeeIO
at krane in the Parih I 1.00 a.m. conaitang 4.10 a ',
11.10 a.. Charles. of St Pa l, contain!ni ----- ad toned as fl-j
- -8 ~835- q3 aire feet and swrr-
bounded s foalpw:- North ESt by NObs AllV
Noart Lands of Fsedllt NWihelas Southfia, t by land of Clive Sultr
East Lands of Peterson Nicheola North W43 by a Rovine
Soth Lands of Morris Nichola South Wost by land of Motonle D Od er
North-West Pubiec RoaC.
ag Date Requested Persoh Presenting Nature of request whetfh
Dase Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth- er a Certlficate of Title of
jr a Certificate of Title of Noting thereon or Caveat.
Noting thereon or Cavem...
Requet dated Cordon Jean ReqBuest for the iateM
1qRest date S4ayd the -7th day o ford Leointe of a First Certificate of of December, by his 5olictol of Tidte in respect of
December as Pstonal Re. t'itn resci of a pors 972. a portion of laudiit
1972. prszentative of tion of lnd in the Presented the CaimaAM. Crown located mi the
Presented the EmedaLecointo Teon of Rosea, in 9th day of Jan. heights of St. Joeph,
29th day of decwsed by his th1e P ai h Of St. uary 1973 at Doplqay, in theParish of St. Jo
December Solieitor Cilma -G ge, the Sate f 2.55 p.m. "h, i the Stat" 2
1972, at A.M.Dupigny. Domminic, contain se Domin the Sontate
12.i& pm. [ 330 square feet and 4.3ni, contae a n
-- I bounded as. follows.. 4.32 aor and bow o.
North as, by of land Chltrlj Dtobeyes South East by North by Itnd of 14ecor AdamsSouch by lantof Hew" '_
land of Gwetnh Boyer: South West by Upper Lanat Adams: East by land of He6or Adama% Wes by land
North West by lartd of Edih S~dmar . of Hector Adams

PEga Ten THE.
CRICKET. The first Lnatch of D..L.S.L's
first division. loajuo in Poseau ended
on the secondday, SaturC'-y with Saints
winning outright after being led by
Spaztans on first innings.'
Spartans batted first and were skit-
tled out for 78 with Irvin Shillingford
getting 30 for Saints,, David Defoe 5/33
ani. Norbert Phillip 4/29.
Saints in their turn at the crease
could do no better and only reached 63
with Grayson S.hillingford 4/29, tbsephs
and Lafond 2 wickets each.'
In thliir second innings, S.partans
were bowled out for tho -lowest score'
in the match 60/9, G. hillingford un-'
able to bat, N.Phillip anid D.Defoa 4
wickets each.
Given 76 to win, Sainta got the rune
for the loss of 4 wichets, B.Charles
batting innings for 42 n.o.. Points:-
Saints 17 and S.partans 4, making 9
bonus points for bowling in the match.
The third cricket test match between
England and India played at Madras in
Indid, was .won by Ihdia by 4 wickets,
taking a. 2-1 load in the five-match
I Scores in tho match wore England 242
and. 159, and India 316 and 86/6. The
Indian spinners, Bodi, Prossana and
Chandrashakan got all the English
rickets in the match among them.
The Kant County Cricket Team,champ-
ions in the John Player Cricket League,
Gilletto-style matches, presently on a
short Caribbean tour as part of their
prize, has not boon a really successful
tour as they would hIa : wishod-having
lost more matches th. on. Landed in
Jamaica, they lost twico.eto ,an Undor-2a
team and the State Toa:I.n Trinidad,
they defeated the Under-23 tham and
c6taii: td= State tob. 'They also
defeated Tobago. DBrbad6s defeated
them. in'their scheduled. two matches,
but they came back and boat both thhb
St.Lucia. and Antigua State teams.
Thoir. tour will end in Guyana before
going home. All matched wore of a
Gillae.ta type, all of of e-day duration.,
Wostc Indians Koith Doyco of Barbados
Bernard Julien of Trinidad played for
the tourists. Test players Brian
Luckhurst and Colin Cow-droy wore also
in. tho tourist line *up.
Today, Friday,. Bltackburns and; .Celtic
United clash at the Botanical Gardens
in the second of the 1.A.S.A. cricket
loagua ...
Printed & published by the Proprieto
R.E.Allfrey of Mill House Copt Hall
at 26 Bath Rd.,Roseau, Dominica W.I.

Friday January 19, 1975

Ni 0 T I C E .




In ordor to acsist The Authority in
giving prompt attention to complaints
and, also" with a view to elininatin-
unnecessary t.l phone calls, coidund i
with defective water services aro horoby
advised to use the following schedule
as a guide who-h seeking "Service" from
The Authority-..
Water Supplioc Teol.HIo. Timos.
In all Areas 277 7 am-Cjim Monday
to Friday aHid
7 am to 1 pm
Saturday & Sunday

In Northern Aroas
Dublanc to Atkinson

In Southern ,Uosto2
& Eastorn Aroas, o0-
cluding Rbosau,Gboo
will, Horne Bruce

In Roseau, Goodwill
Morno Brnce

In emergencies!
consumers failing.
factory response!
listed, they shoi
further attention

7 am-4 pm'iHonday
5220 to Friday.
5261 After 4 pm IHon..-
Friday or in omn
orgoncios on Sat-
urday dr Sunday
After 4 pm Monday
1- to Friday or in
3056 enorgoncios on

3137 After 4 pm Monda
to Friday or in
eomrgencios on
S aturday/Sunday.
s in the event of
g to obtain satis-'
s from the numbers
uld call 2324 for
^ .

Chief Engineer,
Central Water Authority.


OMMI-SSION : Addendum To page 9
r.h. column, top, (Certificates of
Title), after "week ending .'.a.": please
add.: 13th day of January,- 1975."
UNDER EIGHTEENS ,- appeal for. vot e o
On Weds, at the meeting when a new
Mayor was.elected (p.1)i, a resolution
requesting Government to postpone the
holding of a by-election for thevac-
ant seat on RTC for three months (to
enable the 18-year-olds to be enumer-
ated) was moved by Councillor Martin
Sorhaindo and passed, one Labour man
abstaining and the other voting against
b The old ordinance requires such an
election to take place with 30 days.
The resolution was forwarded to Govt.
BARBADOS Opposition Leader Tom Adams
r called on Britain to allow natives of
non-independent Commonwealth 'countries
free access -to Britain. *********

L) _II~~



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