Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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3.srJane Lowenthalm,v
Zasearch Institute for
TttLe Study of yManf, P .
1162 East 78 Street.' \ M cO, \ II 4 1l
c)Iew York 10021 N.I, T ,t a e .--..* '
"iI No. 2 Friday January 12 1973 Ten

MOST colonial territories today apart from
those of Portugal and those inside the Soviet
Union are small states. They have not been
decolonised because there has been some
d o ubt about how they can be decolonised.
Most of them are British colonies, and in
spite of the very clear consciousness min
London that the colonial era has passed, no
one knows what to do with the remaining de-
pendent territories. The Anguilla crisis showed
us several faces of the problem.

This situation was foreseen a quarter of a
century ago when the extent of decolonisa-
tion was only dimly envisaged and thought
to belong to the distant future. At that time,
it was accepted doctrine that although the
main colonial territories like Nigeria and
Ghana were destined for eventual independ-

ence, no such destiny would be remotely
possible for the smaller colonies.
Today, however, many of the territories,:
,which used to come under this heading are
sovereign states, not even linked by defence
agreements to the former colonial power.
There are island states in this condition and
also continental states. There is the Gambia
in West Africa, and there is Malta in the
Mediterranean.There are the Maldive Islands
in the Indian Ocean and there is Barbados
in the Caribbean.
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Government Portfolio .

44N4St4*M US

I _.-


Page -TWo


These are only a few examples of those which have achieved their
indep en. ne. They have already- discovered that the political and. e6oio-
mic problems which come with independence are great; and perhaps the'
greatest of them all is the nem and perhaps a little unexpected -
coaasoousnesa of national honou r which independence brings. Many ot -as
have been astonished And impressed by Mr. Mintoff's assertion that1'-
sovereign Malta is equal .to savereig, Great Britaino, and by his attempt
to foaud a new relationship between, the two states on this basis.
The number of these. indepexndoit states pales beside; those which lare
nat yet reached independence The original British idea for these was a
s tem of regional groupings the creation. of new states which would. be
big ea ogh to reach viable inde;peundezce- i the long, run.' Many of these
hae been ti~ie.d, weave; and it is difficult tc find one which has
succeeded. At one time the most flourishing of embryo federations was
to be found in the Caribbean -but little trace exists today of the
efforts towards union which engaged some of the region major figures.
a decade ago.
The Caribbean area, indeed, provides us with a microcosm'of the
problems of small states* And this is one reason why I should like par-
ticularly to recommend to those concerned with. these problems Sir
Harold Mitchell's new CARIBBEAN PATTERNS SECOND EDITION (Chambers -
6.50 UK pounds). This is nothing less than a manual on small states,
as exemplified ih!nthe small states of the Caribbean area. When the,
first edition was published in 1967, reviewers were impressed greatly
by the thoroughness and scholarly attributes of Sir Harold, as applied
to a. subject which has in recent years engendered so much polemic. It
was suggested by more than" one reviewer that this should become a stand-
ard textbook on the area; and since 1967 I am glad to say that this is
exactly what has happened --in the sphere of higher education at least.
The second edition ofi CARIBBEAN PATTERNS is very much more than a
second edition usually is. Much has happened in the area in the past
six years, and this is all integrated into the book. The prospects and
conclusions are different now, and. Sir Harold takes account of this.
Mapy chapters, in the book have been rewritten, and much new material has
been added. Those who know Sir Harold's previous work will be anxious
to know how he sets recent events into the Caribbean background, and
those who do not will find here a coherent survey of the subject
Above all and this is the main purpose of its mention here\--
CARIBBEAN PATTERNS is a contribution to the study of the problems of
small states; and it is, I think, important to apply this contribution
to states away from the Caribbean whose leaders ought to be well ac-
quainted with the thoughts. of other peoples' leaders and governments.
Sir Harold does not think that-islands can get very far in the
twentieth century world if they insist too much on their own local
nationalism. Nor does he believe that there is much immediate future
for federation of the classic type in the Caribbean. Territorial diver-
sity, he says, impedes close union. In this sense there is something
of pessimism in the book. Economically, the smallness; of local markets
seems to set a limit to the momentum of economic development, and there
seems very little chance of small states- pulling themselves up by their
But the Caribbean islands are in an ideal position to cooperate with
the major industrialized powers, and Sir Harold, unfashionably but with
impeccable economic argument, feels that small states cannot afford the
luxury of cocking a snook. He quotes Frantz Fanon, the philosopher
of the Algerian Revolution : "Come, then, comrades, the European game
has finally ended; we must find something different, We today can do
everything, so long as we do not imitate Europe, so long as we are not
obsessed by the desire to catch up with Europe."
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Friday, January 12, 19735

Acting- ii accordance with the
Premier's advice (Sedtion 53 of the
Dominica Constitution Order 1967.),
H.E. the Governor has assigned res-
ponsibility for the business &'*&pts,
of Govt. to the following Ministers:
Hon. E.O,Leblanc,. Premier the
Legis latur-, Local Government ,. Public
Relations, PIblic-Inforfation and
-'Broadcasting, Printing, Honours, Immig-
ration, External Affairs--and Protocol,
Personnel, Establishment: Organisation
and 1Methods, .,and Caribbean Integration.
Hon. R.O0, Armour (DepPremier and
Minister of .Finance & Development)--
Agricultural and Industrial Develop-
ment Bank, Banking and Currency,Customs
and Excise, Exchange Control, Finance,
Insurance, Registration of Companies
and Business Names, and Taxation, and
-under Development and Planning Ind-
ustrial Developmint, Planning, Promot-
ion'and Research* Incentives to Indus-
try, Statistics and Tourism ..Promotion
and Development.
The Minister of 2riculture, Trade
and Natural 0esotumes (lon. TThomas
Etienne's) poytfolid includes Agric. &
Veterinary Servicisj Trade L&Commerce,
Fisheries, Forestry, 'Iarketing, Lands.'
.and Surveys,: .eology, ;'"ning and
Q7Larries, Co-operatives, Trade Fairs
and Exhibitions, Patents and Trade
Marks, Supplies Control DBeach'Control,
and Caribbean' Trade' (?CARIFTA).
"to the political-rinded' it will be
known that tho Premier has shunted
off 'some of 1he'more -onerous jobs he
hitherto carried, and has"jplaced Mr.
Armour firmly' into the rOlo. of heir-.
apparent with "Mr.Etienno as runner-up.
Mr. Leblanc ;s. keeping a. grip on such
delicate matters as personal and public
relations in which. many people feel he
has not so far excelled; Immigration;
,is usually a Home Affairs matter, but
he has kept it from I1'. Leslie; Carib-
bean integration,. in which he had his
biggest downfall (excepting the events
of Dec.16) through the'"death of the
Grenada Declaration, to which he was
totally committed is an example.The
vote -catching depts. such as Local
Govt. (village councils) and the In-
formation services remain with him.
Mr. Armour's 1trongIiold is in'the field
of finance5 taxation, banking, industry
and related depts.. ITothinn is said
under Mr. Etienne"'s subjecb'of ecology
or a National Park. Tourism lies with
Armour, and the two are interrelated."
-- Editor s comments in quotes.

Next woeeh e shall print a letter from
an African friend (still young) who was
MI-inister of Lab-oui and *then Foreign M4n-
ister of his jonntry. We thank the
reader who sent us printed articles on
Malawi !'showing the other side of the
benevolent front seen by Mrs. Pierre."
We hope to reproduce parts of it.

As a recent Visitor to Dominica,,
1- feel obligatedT to share my .impressions
with the Dominican people.
Overcoming the desire to discuss the
beauties of the island, I choose to
discuss two points of serious; concern
to me. "Hot so much-to appear as an
outsider tolling Dominicans how to act,.
but rather as one "who may have a.
slightly different point of view.
1 have-spoht much of my stay collect-
ing insect in the interior of the
island, 'and that "gave me. the opportunity
to observe the tremendous, diversity aid
richness of natur& that the islandThas
been blessed with.- Much of the aroae
that 1 Qollected in has valuable timber
'and undoubtedly there are hopes for,
large- scale lumbering- operations.. I
only hope" that when these forests are-
logged 2.dy will bUa7cut under
ive cutting system. father .thanby clear
S-o man of the once beautiful isladita
of the S6uth-EPcific have bee ruined by
"clear cutting."- Evan.when the "c61ar
out" areas aroereplantedi only a f e"
tree. species are planed', and thii.frac-
tion of tha original plant diversity -s*
able. to supporF only a. fraction of tho
original animal diversity.
With'd iou'ch forest, many of you will.
say th&t-there is no need to worry about.
conserving: it. -Thlia: was the. sa~me' -.
argument" that""lc, to the OXtinction ot
the --Amoeric pCWssnger pigeon, and the
near Eitinction of itha Buffalo. The
time to plan :for conservation and. ros-
ponsible fbor't usa- is while" the
resoureo is still- -abundant. lans "
should include a. National Park.ic incorpor-
ating oemo .of the- morao impress.ivoevirgin.
forests Siuch'a. park would not only
provide Laporpotuil roemindbr- to future"
gonorationbof lDomihicans. of th6 foroxe
that. once covered -their country, but ..
would scrve to attract tourists avoiding-"
the raGo' triat has accompanied '6dovelp-
ment" in Zthor islands of the Caribbean."'
Second point that I wish to cbommndt
on. is. the use of the ocean as- a dumping'
ground, (Concluded on Supplomont i)

__ __~_ ____ I


Page `'11wn

Page Four ..TE -. STAR: Miday,. January 12_ -1973
THE VIABILITY OF' SMALL STATES by laA Tickle (from p2.) ,
But,- says Sir Harold, it is easy for Frantz Fanon, .a West Indian *
to write o.ff'Europe]'aud work out new concepts.- "North Africa does not.
face the. populatiOn. pressure of his native Martinique, .Regardless of
the advantage.of being k department of France, Martinique has not the .
space-, of Algeria, .though it has a. substantially dhigher- standard of. .
living. "
This is the- crx- of .the matter. Small. states simply do not ave' -
the same...prosgeet.s as large'.ones,. however. uninfluential-the latter-, may
be at. the moment... Libya is a potential giant, which Barbados canr neverbe.
Small states cannot afford th. sau'n luxuries on the.political scene
'ialess, that- is. their leaders should prefer prestige to achievemezntt,
"As more. and more, countries seek to industrialist", writes Sir' Harold., -.
"the temptation t exprop-iate. or take, over fbraig.n-ovaied concerns in-
creases. Yet at the: end of the, day the only large sources of capital
and expertise rest in the .developed countries. This position is a- n.
likely to change. in the near future." '
Reading Sir, Harold's book, one.does not have. the feeling that he
wishes to preserve foreign influence for its ow sake, but much rather
to ciro*micribe it; -for he recognises the dangers as much'as anyone.
But -there is very little. cho.iee for a small country: development needs
heavy injections .o. capital; and never, whate-er happens, can these
amounts of capital be, obtained through anything 'that happens inside .a
siall country. This is, in short, a thesis which has relevance in
parts ~f.. the worldd mainy hundrods- o.f milos from the. Caribbean.
(Writing about Algeria Editor) '

D 0 M I N-I C A 1967 No. 112
The Dominica Co-operative Bank Limited Plaintiff..
Barnet St. Aimie '
Belgrave Robinson.
To: Barnet St. Aimie-
Woodford Hill,.
T TAKE NOTICE that'.an application has been made -against you for
the. sale of land. registered by certificate of title in your favour.
dated 19th day of January, 1965 registered at-Volume. Q 1 folio '
49 for "'All. that portion of land situate at Champagne,, Woodford-
Hill, in the Parish of St. Andrew-; in the Colony of Dominica con-
taining 3.425 acres. and bounded as ..follows:-. On the North,.and
South-West by land of Mrs. Edwil Carbon, ..-On the South-East by land .
of Francis Benjamin in satisfaction of a debt due to the Dominica
Co-operative .Bank Limited in the-sum-of $9476.02 inclusive of.
interest to .31st December,, 1972 at 81 % per annum,
And that.-it has been ordered that service, of the application and .
Notice.and Summons in the said matter be effected by this advertisementn ,,.-
If you desire to be heard in this matter jr.ite to the Registrar, High
Court, .Victoria Street, Roseau, Dominica and so inform him before the
31st January, 1973.. ,
M. Eugenia Charles
of Chambers, 28 Old Street,
P.O. Box 121, "
Dominica. :


Friday Jammary 12,1973

I -__ _

Fred Bellot

Dr. BRUCE STUART.Denrte Surgeon,
in Roseau is preparing a NEW PRI-
VATE SCHEME for service to the
. REGISTRATION of names, as per-
manent patients and their Families, will
be open until 3ist January 1973. NON-
REGISTERED Patients after that date
will not be accepted for treatment.
established at King George V. Street,
next to Astaphans Super Market, and
will be open on 8th January 1973.
Personal calls, letters and telephone
calls for registration will be accepted
from 8 a.m. i p.m. & 2 p.m.- 4 p.m.
P.O. Box 77.
S Dental Surgeon

Applicant must be knowledgeable in the
cultivation of bananas and c o c o n u t s.
Housing provided and salary according
to experience. Applications must be ad-
dressed to The Manager, Woodford Hill
Estate. ____ -__
Applicant must be knowledgeable in Ac-
counts and application must be in the
Applicant's own handwriting. Application
must be addressed to
The Manager,
SP.O. Box t31, Roseau, Dommnica. o
To the Magistrate Dist "E"
I, Fred Bellot now residing at Soufriere
Parish of St Mark, do herby .give you aotice
that it is my intention to apply at the Magis-
trate's Court to be held at Roseau on Monday,
the 2nd day of April 1973, ensuing for a TA-
VERN LIQUOR LICENCE in respect of my
premises at Soufriere, Parish of St Mark
Dated the 9th day of January 1973


Take a look at theWM W
range of VPBritishWines.The same grapes gc
to makeVP that go to make a lot of expensive,
wines.Which accounts for VP fine quality.

Buy a bottle today. VI |,

Mrs. Claude Burton begs through this medium to
thank all those who in any way expressed thef
sympathy at the passing away of her mother,
Mrs. Leah Harry.
A very special thank-you to my relatives and
friends of Mahaut and FromagE.

Mr. & Mrs. Joey Cools-Lartigue and family, Mr
& Mrs. Bernard Cools-Lartigue and family, Mr.
& Mrs, Frobel Laville and family and other rela-
tives wish to thank most sincerely all those who
sent wreaths, messages of sympathy, attended
the funeral, or helped in some way or another to
console them on their loss of little "Busines
'sheijustawa jus

Joey Cools-Lanigue & family, Frobel Lavilie &
family and Bernard Cools-Lartigue and family,
wish to thank most sincerely all the doctors and
nurses who attended to the members of their
families who were involved in the tragic accident
of December 3rd. 1972.
May God Bless you all.

.-Ta -- tl I L . .. ..

~~.. ~I

Bafya Si7 THE ST2BR. a 1Frid.., Jaruar 12 lo-

R A D E_ R S
Dear Gir' g .it nai 1
-Kindly allow nro space ii your val-
tal.o- news-columns to offer ny advice
to the- Hbn. Prenior who oonas to be
to7 vary often using the word HAtE,
meaning strong dislike.
I have been told tnqt during-thb
Christnau, seasnoh noaning "PEo.o on,~and Goodwill to al MX!n"', he
had' lten- using this word suror-
;luouslZ; and I quote: "I don't hate
anyone, but.. only TUO PfEOPLE." _-ay1te
thbix. prayer, usually recited by the
late, President: of the U.'i. Benjamin '
Franklin, may help to adjust hirs morkL-_
,tO Pawoaful Goodcib6s t Bountiful
father I Merciful GuiAo, Increase
in me. that THisdormiw2hioh'. disoovers'
my truest in:borc'st ndl'strongthon
my oasolutio? .to poerforn that '
which. wisdom dictates.
.Accept my kind officoeo*to thyr
othor ohild.n% as the only return
.in fy power 6r Thy- continual
favours to-ne." .(.B.F.-)

Dear MIn Editor ..
I.t-: is rather appropriate at this.
moment that we should express a few
words: of. praise and offor our oongra.-
vulationa to our local 'hager of
Baxclaym:Bank, r. FMr ndas Dupigny,
for.: the good moves anid' extensions: he
is putting through t6HIielp wohierfully
to easa tha.Banktf over rowding situa-
tionv, already-had tha.'intention to
write'you about. the said situation
when I- noticed the daily crowds at the
banks. tf mind perhaps- .may hava
stretched too far, for I ihad intended
to mention places. like Chstle BRuce,
3a.Plaina, St. Joseph, Goodiwill,
New Town, Soufriere and Granidbay; and
it is possible thaitlight bills could
b-e. paid in such brazichb6s. However it
in. fine news to lerni that Graihd.,Bay
and QuooenMary S_-reet (Lagon) will be.
having- branches soon.
When I wroto you"somo.time ago mak-
Ung my suggestions t.o the 'banks to open
tr is.Lo oa week,in the afternoons from 3
to 8 pm, I felt sure that thb banika in
Barbados did not'soo my letter, but 2
woeks afterward, I learnt that they
had planned to open in the afternoons.
Ti' our., 5sate some months later '
-azrangomants worw mado. to *open pn. Fri-
days. HIte. off to tho Manager.. M -&2S

V i E ..- S.
Boar. Jadam ... UC CHANGES M
HEire I am in Dominica after being
in England for 12 years, I. spent an
overnight in 'St, L-cia. awaitingmy
plane; they-wo6re yory bright -
and full of"lights and CGristmas Troos.,
but whcnI's6oo my Debinica, Rosoau a
ghost towh, no Sg.' lights, broken
streets, dirty people, loud bad lan-
guage, men wiith plaits, torn clothes
and barefoot,"T aim hooked,
X spent Christmas with friends at
Pottorsvillb" and. .wean with them to
Midnigh )IHas I 'cried when I saw
how my church, the Catholic Church
had changed; mihd you the church was
beautifully docoratod but though I. iim
a black man, Josis was a Jew and. not
black. SO do not make. a farce of
that wondorful Faith.d ours just to
please. Theno the worst, a masquerade
show started, somi DRominiaan. group
dancing and' 6hakiad themselves:; we"
are not- hikors, weo are not. horn in
that kind 6f faith',
When I'wont ouitoida and met what i'
the youth, 'sich b6haviour I What-they
want'near the church for I do not
know, for the bad language and dirty
fokoa: of'the. girls and boys was"
shameful. Ity Visions to build d. home
in Dominica" wai no more I longeda to
go home to-my wifo and children nid
my alien and civilized way of life.
Madam,' I will not return to Domiinic'*
and bring my* 4hildran back -- .-ot eotT
Dominica is in'. a. sad dtate. The yo-th
is disrcopectful "ad dirty,'also lazy
and thaxIk to Lablanc & Co*, w.o
Dominicans ao mblihg-D ominica, the
monkey of the CaG 'Shan.
With a hbavy hoaert I: bid farewoll
to my native lahd and return to my
home of adoption England and civili-
zation. God bless: Lha Quebn, whoro
men are free who chanis. to work I,
Dominima. you iro alav.os of ignorance,
corrupt government and a. nei claas of
loafers.. --.LUNDI ,Off to-
(Shepherd's Bush, London)
carbon copy of your letter to an-
other newspaper, but prefer not to
print letters appearing in other
sections of the Press. sorry, Ed.
t0 H N S P EC TOR has given
place this week to Ian TICKLE, Co-
Editor of.Swiss Press Review and
News'Report.. He resumes next issue.
woI e WImhI Unn~

Friday, January 12, 197 T H E S T A R Page Seven
Fiction A TITITtE. by Cynthia Watt 4- ~ IN-IES- NEtBIrEESS
One afternoon>'fter the hectic seas- Colonial Polico Modals for Moritor-
season .was over, I-Ha Titinc brought out ious Service6 wro awarded to Police
her loungingtchair to the shade of the Deputy C6mnissionor A.A.Joseoph and
huge mango tree in her yard, and settled Assistant Supt, A.T.Bellot of Dominica*
down contentedly- for a short snooze. Rodick Aldbn Ualcott of S:tLucia,
The weather Vas glorious ia delightful I dramaUtit-brother of famous poet Derok
breeze played throu:;h'the branches of' Wl"bt, was arded the OBE in Now
the thick groon tree, and soon Ma Year S honours...
Titine was fast asleep. She was rudely
awakened a short while later by a hand Mr. Phillip ITassief presented an
shaking her. houldot vigorously. automatic. haombglobin dilutor (value
l"akUe upJ Titino, rako upl. Bon Di6 EC$600), to the Maodical Laboratory' of
whar happen to you dose days? You al- the PrincesS -Hargarot Hospital. It
ways sloopini Eh-ch' will be of Great benefit.
Titino oppnod..her-eyes wide." "But Mr. F. "Cunningham-A1dams of St.Kitt-s,
Baby, you maudool e .ll dat fbte, you will act as isne JudgO Of thy
doan oxpeck J will sleoopy now? Well, High Court as from lst-.Jan, 1973,
whar happen? Rosoau bunk down?" during the'tio. that Mr. Justico Louisy
Baby pokoe an envelope at her. "Is is acting as a Justice of Appeal or
one of Reuben sister chilo jus give me until fiurther"notic6. He will be
dat foh you."
"leoll, open it an road it nuhl"(For resident:-in Antigua.
.Titine's reading and writing wero alas The iewn mahagr for D/ca Gocdniit
still very weak). Products is Midlish-bbrn Mr.Gedrgo ".
,The letter turned out .to be an in- Warrori, mainagerbof--*t.Kitts sugar'
vitation from the Youth Survey Group factory for 20 ye.ars. Be wnas chosen
asking Ma Titino to attend one of their by Mr.. -hll'p .Nuaosie; is on contraet
nootings which was to be hold next wook, for two years.:
..."You are puch a publics-pirited per- MA TITMIE. -- (from o '
son, and so full of ideas, we feel you "Weoll, I in really glad I was. invit.
will bo an apsht to us in our pro- by allyou. .I tiniz allyou plans is: won-.
grammo, and the loan of your car dorful, an I will help *allyou to do :
would also asisct us..", boes of 7 boolity. a-
"Who dey talkin? Mo?" Titine was ole woman" (ioud cries oMf ""o io,s "
astounded. A.ole woman like me?. Dose and "Oh, come bn Titine ", were to be
children crapy." But secretly she was heard); "I tin" I can give allyou sono
fooling proud, ,good idoahs." _oh dan dat I kannoftsany
"Is not -, bad ideah Titino," Baby now, ;h I' dooden. propdah my spikcht
S-.x now, .an I: deeded propoah my spitch.
replied:, "it will put you more in the So until nx time "-
publick eye is not so dey sayin it? S tino t applaud.
public eye Dat Voundin good enh?." Titino sat dow.n amidst groat applause.
Publick eyo Dat soundin good enh?." .
Titino chucklod.' "I shbroly in do "Garcon, you shood heah dem clap moe"'
public eye already'; I .oan novah for- she relato- to her friends next day.
got New Yoah's night. But is not pub- "I talk_ s6much, I: was nearly out of
licity I looking f oh." brof. Vayl, way, I goin to have m hans
Baby laughed aloud. "Yos garcon,but full." And she put on a. secretive ox-
dat was a gQod show. You doodon see do pressioh.
Ministah faqo? Boy, all he could do Roeubon was lauighing. "What you
was-preton 4at it was nottin unusual. laffin foh?" .Titihi demanded.
Ha I 1a I Ha I I could "di6 laughin I1 "Not you Titino, not you. Is Anoine
After- having- a hearty laugh at their I laffin at.. If you deed see hah dis
NeH Yoar's escapade, Titino said sober- morning, allyou wood dead I Garcon, I
ly: "You think I shood go to doei young heah haki bra-bra-ing away ,she 6o vox.
people motin?"- She wasm!akin hois.o wid hah son he....
"Of- course 1 "- replied"aby instantly one of 6 group. rSo llyou ax Titino
Titiio closed hoe eyes reflectively. dat b..,*to' allyou meeting an allyou
"Yas, I tink I'will go." cooden a=: mno' I. you own fodder | '
So the following' odhoonesy.-found Ma Garcon you shood hoah hah I" -,
Titino being walcoiod by the Youth Sur- "Woll," Baby-'milod, "it look as if
,voy group, as a guebt of honour. She you stor-up do.-an. -nos:, Titine.1"
Sas asked to address theo company and Rouben said: "I. takin off; I goin
rose up blushing as f.r as her dark: to DfTU nootin an soo dat av donn "tako.
akin aould allow. (next col.) a colSonal tax charge on Titinc car dis
.........yoe a '


'LANES ORIGINAL MUESLI BISCUITS The new family favourtel

XLAWN MUR=SL' _BSSUTS are made to a' special reelspe, based O the
getae wiisa Museli formlasla, and that means a balanced ooubiation
of natural ingredients, nautritiots, health-giving aud delioimsa.
Lanes tiseli biscuits contain apples, apricots, aUltazas, oitra*
-ftit aM nuts and, needless to say, they are mad&se e3olusively from
stonegro~na wholemaal fiour, raw aa s r, vegetable fate aA ea salt.
Mo white flour, refined sugar or animal fats are isead, CMlra
love these bisoaits and they are really good for them, while adult
aspreclate the new taste of Lanes Muesli biscuits with moralnig *offee,
at tea-time or with the be-tiBm 4riank $1.00 per packet

-FRUTROSE The unique Rose Hip Syrup
R0 On P YRtUP is one of thk maot popular Vitain 0 lppliaatts,
but 'urtrose is .cBmthing rather special It contains no adde
colour or flavour* no White pagar, no liquid glucose, d it is rich
r. Vitamin C, containing no..lesa than 100 isn in each fluid onmee.
Pratrose is of special benefit to expeotant and nuaaing mothers,
babtie and yo nig children. #2.00 per bottle.


LANM BLACRURAT AMOHM~ MESSM is atde from pure blackourrant
juice, just as it is sOue6d from the fresh fruits X0 coloring
or flavour booster is added and therefore Lanes Blacka rrant Health
SWink looks and tastes different from all others. Naturally,
Laes Blackouwrant is only seetened with raw sugar.
Lanes Blackaorrant Health Drink $ 24.00 per_ bottle.

DANDEX ,, Caffein-Free Beverage that doesn't e n 'the hea t
DAM3S. is as easy to sake as instant coffee. It is prepare
frtme pure, groAiund aallon root by a unique process that retains
the delicious flavour and the. well-IEown healthgiving q alities 0 .
of the freshly roasted danelion root,.
QDAN= makes a good family drink because children, as well as,
adults, like the flavour; it's milder and more subtle than most,
beverages of this kind aad, because it is entirely caffeins-free, it
has ao stiamlating effect upon either the heart or the nervous aqstea,
anDa so it makes tshe. finest possible nightcap for young and old alike,
2M=A : IAnstant caffein-free Beverage: 1-aso tins 5*00
4-os tinas -. 82*00

P?d"y -* JAuesr '12, 19873 .

P&A Mok-k


.' Friday, Ja~uary 12. 1973 THE
-AFKS .E Was he. really a doctor?
.Was:-Shakspoare really who
.-qdbblod in writing os well? This
*.acinating questionn probes a side of.
\,,tIL9 Bard tha has.;possibly escaped most.
ii-stprlans3 and literary men -- but not,
.the doctors has found, over 600" medical rof-
.eronces in Shakespeare'.s writings. They
; ar.eso frequent that the possibility of
"Dr.PShakeqpearo" the medical man, is
put.. forward. "
j.:: r. John Gotterill, a Leeds Universitj
and hospital dermatologist, suggests
S.'-Ihakapeare had. more than a layman's.
.i: grasp of tha subject.
m .ny clinicians would accpt the
.groat mans description of herpos labia-
. :Lisi, a virus infection of the- lips, in
Romeo and Juliet. -
"O'er ladies lips who straight
on. .nkisse dreams
Which oft the angry. Nlab withl
blisters plagues,
SBecause their broaths-A-ith4
.. leetmoats tainted arbe."t
Mke eare also appeared to know
Sthro, -sV.,a .ink betwabn virility and'
facial hair In. the Merchant of Venice
he' penned those linos "
"HIow many cowards, whose hearts.
aro, all as;" fa ls '
a.. ; stairs of'sand, wear yet upon
Sthir'chins "
\ The beards.of Hercules and
.-frown ng Mars,
Whoj inwdad searched, have livers
white as'milk." *' .
The doctor's journal "The' .Practition-
ar":has. entered the controversy. It t
. says he is m9re likely to have been a
playwright who learned much' about medl-
.cine., from his. medical 6on-in-law, Jphn
.Hall. .
:The journal adds tartly: "'If
..Shakospeare was not a doctor, he cer-
tainly had the powers o'f 'observation
that are so 4adly lacking' in so many of
the. products of our medicadl'schools in
...-his. second Slizabethan era."'

Mrs. Indira {fttiL has a huge majori-
ty Th the Indian Parliament. There s16
nothing to stop her changing the Cohati-
tution.. And to- continue in power indefi-
nitely she needs in:,the long run to
restrict lhdia's .dynamic free press;.
Th=B. are thoughts which rise urn-
bidden at the news that. the Indian
Governments attempt to restrict news-
papers to ten pages and to prevent thorm
increasing the number of their editions
- on the doubtful' ground of a shortage
of newsprint a- has been foiled'by the'
Supreme Court. More than. this., four of
the five judges concerned wore convinced
that the Government's attempt had ini
reality hopih~ng to do with newsprint "at
all .but ,*wtA"prt. bof its: general policy"
for the.:prsa.. In other words, the now
regulations w'6re a direct..attempt at
press control.
Naturally -- for India is. a free".
country freedom of the press is shrin-
ed in the Constitution. W.e don't even
have to .look 1for ~Ehe relevant chapter to
know that'.- The Swiss. daily 1E=E ZTCBEKR
ZEITU1W, reportihg the affair-, wonder
whether the Condress will want- to change
hfe Gonstitution here, as it. has:done
in other points to. gin. its ends.
T. here is a chance, however, that this:
time it will fircjt sly. Msm.G a i has.
been criticisod rather a lot, and rather
sharply in recent- months. And this crit
ticism has made her- more sensitive than
he. used to be.. 'Thich, of- course, id
one very good reason -to go !on criticisid
a, also to stop people carttcising. It:
works; both ways. .

MICH NOB '. .... and commerce. makes, .th.
businesss oonneo'fionW.of, members, of, t fho
Houso of Goumono pale into insigiifi-
eance. ;
"Peers," say :oth, "make members of
parliament look' like barrow boys..-- a"
reference to the fast-.disappearing' brood
of fruit and fish'.selloerT who. puAl their
carts, or barrow." around Londons.
Roth astimat6o- there are 60 million-

aires an. the I ,u00-man iouse, o.f Lord --
.; TIH RICH- 4OBLES OP U. K (AP) probably t-enty timc, the number in the"
BFuse bf Commons.
r ritain'a lords and ladies own almost tThe dis.parity between the Lords- and
Sontenth of the total. lnd in ha. the Comm6ns is also' underlined by land-
Brit'iah Isla but neovrteless they hoidingsa,": oth cay.- "Their *ordships
'are.a:doat; about their possoesionasanys; hold an intimated 5,655,096-acres as.
a: bhok published reentl....... against ?75.199 acres in the Commons --
"Thea Countess. of Suthorland 0oomplains or 16 timos. the acreagc.."- The Unitedl"
-tha.. she is, down to her 'last 150,000. Kingdom has a&total of 59,530,oo0 acres.
a -says aAndrew Roth, author of "Peers are very modest .about their
"Lord.on the Board*". possessios. ord.rg le insisted
The book anys that the stoks British he had only .'a. few'thousand acre&:"which
pctrs have in British industry C(JMA t# turned out to be 80,000 a .ffaa.( Te)



Pge F

THE STAR Friday, Jauary.12, 1973

*** S*TA*R S*P* P -T. 'S
The first Shell Shiiold--iatch for
197.5 was; played between- defending
ohampiona Barbados and Combined
Island". Barbados won theo i'atch, but
unlike former years, Combindd islands s
struggled valiantly to the end.thus.
winning more loyal, support from the..
islands to criticisms ahd lambasso for
poor showings in machlies'over the years*
Combined Islands. batted first and
after a poor start reached 251#
Ldckhart Sebastian, 17 yoar-old D.G.S.
student in his- Samit Shield match,
so-rod a. patient- 78 to top' the Islands*
b1attingwith knocks, of 68 n.o. by
MFrindlay (wkt.), N.Phillip'35" and E.
,lloat 28 in support. Successful
Barbadoa bowlers: wore V.Holder 2/38,
(Gayno 1/29, a.Farmor 4/55, D.Holford&
2/57 and L. Howard 1/51* .
Barbados replied with 404 leading
the, Islands. by 153 rimns Oponors G.
dteonidga. and. J.Greonidgo go t 88' and
66. runs respactivoly, '.Liashloy 38,
.urray .(wkt), 86 n.a, and S'aThrmor 58.
di~binod 'X"ands, using a limited attack
after Andy Roberts- of Antiu&d broke.
down. for the rest of thi match, were
G,S1iillingford 3/81., N.Phillip 1/77,
Z.Willot 4/120 and V. icha6rda 1/ 62,
i their second innings, Combind.
3sl s; a th'c oepfjctsablo total
of 306/9 after a poor start. Valuable
contributors, were, I ISobastian- 553,
V.Riichards. 52, L.Sargoant: '46, N.iillip
"70 and E..Willot 47, the last' man out*
Holdr. 1/64, 21xrmor 3/65, Holford. 2/47
and IHoward 3/59.
Barbados, woro set 154 t6 wiri in
half an hour plus tho twe ity cmpulso
overs. in thoa last hour. "TTiy lost
J. Groonidge. and CG,miLngoarly but with,
Gordon Groonidgo batting beautifully
and Steve Farmer. Just"as good, they put
Barbados: to within- striicgl.i distance of
their target. Groenidge fell to Phillip
and. was soon followed by the
run-out route. Two morb iickots fell -
Parmer. run out, and Clarko, -caught of
Thillip, but in the last ovor-bowled by
Shillingford, the one run needed by
Barbados was scored by I-Trray giving
Barbados. full points, T2*' Plillip got,
ifhreo wickets: and Shillingford one, the.
only bowler used.
TLE. LOCAL LEAGUE starts this --ookend
with .a match between Spartaan and.
Saints. next column))
.- E ... h ...... T. -H . -_ _. L .... .

RICI U4 OliS (fr.p.9 includingg the-.
who-l of the'- e of I.lay," the book
Roth says that the use of--poes to.
add respectability to a firm's: board of "
directors has long been used -by companies.,.
"This ..iibit is so distinctively, British.
that visiting'Americans; have tried to sash
in on it,v" Roth says' Ho said thiat oie
American had 0ot upj-a. sort of "ront--a-
poort outfit called oble Diroctord'.Y'
L A- T E 11i W S
Prime Minister Golda M:eir of Israel,
in Paris for an IAternational Soc-
ialist Conf., is threatened with
assassination by bomb terrorists,
who already attacked Jewish offices
there. The Duchess of Windsor is
in a Paris Hospital with a broken
hip. She is 76. 4 Prime Minister
Burnham of Guyana says his Pa ty
must win 36 seats (/3 majority) in
gen.elections before end of March.*
Anti hi-jacking precautions are now
in full force in 'Jamaica. A spee-
ial Mass for Dominicanas who are in
the State from England will be held
at Soufriere Parish Church, Sunday.*
Barbados received. books valued at
pll,000 from the Govt. of W.Germanyt
Writers who are not 'given the air
over Radio Dominica are finding out-
lets in other West Indies networks.
Cynthia Watt's Ma:Titine will be o
broadcast over BIG A Sat.100 a.m.,
John Spector haa a good mention over,-
the same Big A (Radio Antilles) and
a 20 minute interview with Mrs. P.S.
Allfrey on books and poetry was
broadcast over RadioDiffusion Fran-
caise last Tuesday. This is the
way to beat the closed circuit. ***
ZAMBIA: Pres. K. Elaunda is freezing
trade & currency with Rhodesia. He
refused to accused of -rder
inc ictnts0 fro~snei-+,erin ri -7,fzflnnip-

S*'A 'R*S*P**R*T*S( (concld. Hoabilo.
six teams have registered; they include
Spartans, .Saihnts, UCltics: United, Black.c-
hurns,.-DIA.S aii' Ponite Michelo.
The. Third Tesit match betwebo Edigland
and India starts t Is weekendn* Te "
series: stanbsat oneoall with three matches:
to go.
Australia. won" tho third. and -final tost
match against P kis an by 52 runs. to win.
the series 3-nil'- -
Paokisthn looked clear favourites the
end of the fourth- "y needing 11.1 runs with
eight wick6ts in hand but a dramatic
collapse and'they-failed to reach their
target of 159. 'Scores in the match wore
A-4traia_34 and i84 and Paixstan 360
019!~ ; ________

V)intod L' Pubiied .by thlo Projp-rotor, *.E.Alfrey 01 I-ELJ House UOpo haj-i
at26 Bath oad, Roseau DoacaLL H.ouse opst Indies. .
at' 26 fla-h Road1 Roscau,z Dom2.niacaz Wost Indieos.


---- 1 4 I] F, -


- ---I I- ---

Page Ten

. Tn o f

Supplement i TBE STAR. riday, Januar 12, 1972
Johi Comptop of St. Lucia headed a On a. global level, much of the world has:
delegation of Windwards Ministers & become a rare tliat the. ocean can become.
officials anxious about the future polluted, -ii adalred.d imuh effort is being.
of the banana industry. Dominica's amcotaed toward rcdaicing oceanic refuse.
group comprised Dep. .iJem,Armour disposal. .
and Mininster Thos. Etienne, along O-r, the D6minidan:. level. I' ae fobuii a.
with Fin./Sec. Crispi. Sorhaindo & great many of 'tf boachos. along the West,.
Mr.Joffre Robinson, interim chair- coast to'bo filthy with rofuse and'htiman.
man since the collapse of the elec- excrement. 'Imagine. a visitor arriving .
ted Dominica Banana Growers Rosc.u by' ship. As he approaches docsl
London intelligence received by us side there is abundant refuse floating-'
indicatei. that sharp scrutiny is along the pier. Slightly to the north,
being given to the appeal for finaniwaste. is dumped directly into tho. ocean.
cial aid to maintain the price of to float Up and down the coast '(plluting:
bananas. Most people here are hopingtho only sandy beach. in thea vicinity of
for large sums to help growers out. Rosoau). A 'service station. is disposing
We understand that during the of Used oil cans'si*mply by throwing them .
Ministers' stay in London they are over the. scawall. To the south (by Scott's
trying to buy Castle Bruce Estate Head), tlio"piiblic latrines ompty-divrotly-
from C.D.C. into .the watbr. To the north in. the
How the Dominica Govt. will 'deal vicinity of" Bolfast, the beach is Ilttorad
with the land if acquired is not yet with htmah oaxcromont becausee of the
ascertained., apparent la;cl of public latrines.'
The beachos of Dominina may not'bo" of
.SOUFRIERE SCOTTS HEAD VILLAGE COUN. whitsanhd,-but i pebble beach can bo'0a-i,
Of 8 councillors elected on 10 Jan,, important national asset if it is clean.
two are Labour, 5 Freedom, and the Dominica.iah boast of .the finest forest"
8th in-betwpen, says a knowlegable in the Caribbean; it would be nic -ifI it
correspondent, Councillors Hobson could also boast" of tha alcanest beaches.-
Francis and .Hon.Cleve_ Tavernier Both of those resources should be areo-
(Labour) are both employees., of Lo fully watched boforc.-thoy become 'hopo- ,
Rose & Company Ltd.. ** :**ss lossly despoiled. hoD Bominio ni.:pooplec
S A V E THE CHILDREN FP N D have bo-on warm, friaoidly andoxoption-
10th: Apnniversary ally holpftl'to mn as a stranger during
The 10th Axiiliversary of the my stay liore. A woll-prosonvad for.est.
SAVE THE C1IlLDREN FUND's foundation and a clean coast combined with thd -
in the Windward Islands falls on naturally high calibre of thoe. ominians,
themselves should result in an island
14th February, 1973 and will be that is joyful, both to resident and
celebrated -in all four islands dur- visitor.

ing thne course of the year.
The Canadian Save the Children
Fund Dominica wishes hereby to not-
ify the general public of this, im-
portant occasion in advance, and I
looks forward to their usual support~
and full participation in the cele- h
brations. (Programne to. be announced 9
later). DOROTHY JULES, -
Local Representative. 2
Received by the STAR this week
are two beautifully produced volumes
of new poetry, both printed in U.K.:
REFLECTIONS, by M.E.K. Gunner, and
'*Allo et- au 'voir by A. Cecilia
Hewlett of Antigua. "Nick" Gunner,
a farmer, has prose extracts in the
illustrated collection; Miss Hewlett,
a young B.A. (econ. & French) of
Cave Hill, now works for ECCA Treas.

(Mr. Swain was' lioro on a two-woolk study
risit' s a guest of Ruport Sorhain'do.
1 gava* a. sdorics of locturcs on insobdta
;o Upper 'F.ori tudonts during, his stiy
iore. 'o._rodtrnod to the U. .A. last
luoeday to0'resumo his studies at Bvrvard
Xniv ersi'ty,)' .... "': *
LATE EWS (See also page ten) :
of Nova Scotia will be opening up
soon: "Scotia Baj.k" as. it is. kaown
To Professor M. of (uadeloupe:
Your notice appealing for a wife
from Dominica will appear. in our-
next issue. ******,***********
ERRATUM: in the centre of p.2 last
week, the word 'defied' should have
read 'deified' viz "means whish
should not be .deified while ends are
forgotten"., Sorry Editor,
s;;-se s;esses+++eesseseec43sse^^^4:^+++;4a-iiv .

l__ -STAR- .. ,.-


Schedule of Application for Certificate of Titi and Notings
thereon and Cavaats for week ending, 0th ay of Dec. 1972.
Date Requested Person Presenting.. Nature of request whet.
er i-certificate of Title of
Noting thereon or Caveat.
Requestdated Catherina Cock- Application of C-a.
therine .CckJiraie for,
1.62/W7 ram by her the isue of a first
certificate of title in
Prp tte S!i3or repeet of a Porteori
of ad known as a
M.Euseala residential lot at Coc
40t krane in the -Parish
t1140 Uo-L Charl. of St Paul, containing
,*---.-. 835 sqare.feet and
bounded as follows.:
North Lands of Fedlls. Nihelasl
East. handss of Peterson Nichsi .
South Landi ef Morris Nichoelm a
North-West Public Road.
st4q Raquested Person Presopting Niture of request wheth.
o- r a Certifcate of Title of
.. Noting thereon or Caveat.
-, . -.'. : .,".- "" ," ,

Request dated
the 7th day of
Presented the.
29th day of
December :
12.16 p.'p.

Hoyden Wift
ford Leeointe
as Personal Re-
prtsentative of
deceased- by his
Saliciior C0 a.

SRequest for the issue
of a Firt Certificate of.
title Mirespect of poar.
tion of land in the
. Town of Rosca&%, in
the Par i. h of St.
Geore, in the State of
Dominica, contafaiing
330 square feet an l
bounded as.followsa,

N c(ttMeyby of land Charlie D1itoeyet South East, by'
itn. .f GSwe. Beyer .jSoutih Westby Upper Lanes
Nertb West by land of Eth Sterman, ..

............U Yr......awammuna' f H o A a

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Tttle and Notinp
thereof and-Caveats for week ending 6tht January. 1973,'
Date Requested Peron Presenting Nature of request wheth-
er a Certificate of Titte of
SNotn.4 r on or Caveat.
Request dated .Mauadina .. Application t Maad
i/t'/s F dol by h eir rina Ferrol -for the i
Si s-e of a first certifi.
Presented Solitorr cate of title in respeca
of a Portion of land
4/n73. known -as pat of lot
I .Eugenia 44 (Porttmouthb i
S.t Charles. the Parish of St. John
31 &M containinn 74
l0-,-,-- s'qu-are feeta'#dbou.;
dod as fo owe:-
North By land of Dennis Joseph at MartiA Mkri
South By lands f Mathutide Wallace
East-Cy -ands of Hubert Magltrer known a family lead
West By land of Deverton Joseph
heglstrar't Office, EPHRAIM F. G.EOR-0 ES
Reas, ot,' inlca. Acting Registrar of TiTles
NOTEr:-.Any -i. rxW who 4esres to object so hei issue of a
First Cortificate of-Tte. In the shove: applicationtmay enter a
Caveat in the above Office..wfthtn tix weeks from the .te of
the first apperance aof this $ilu.le In the STAR Newspaper
published In this Stat-ortfrmm thS date when the notice pre.
s ribed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adjolnlsg
Wand in respect of which the application is made.



hedufe of Appiliction for. Certificate of Title and Notinas
thereon and Caveats for-week ending

Dat.e.eque4ted Parson Presenting
S. j

Reqtuat dated.
the 20gth day oi
Presented the,
8th&4ay of Jan..
uary 1973 at
11.00 a.m.

$oh MaxiiS --- -a-~

by his Solicitor

North East by Neba Rhv
South East by land of Clive butler
North West by a Ravine
South West by land of Melonie C

Date Requested Person Presenting

Request dated
the 15th day
of December
Presented the
4a5 dky of Jan.
,ark 1973 at
2.55 p.m.

Gordon Jean~
by his Solicito

--ua~-- .3--

Niatur of request wheth-
er a Certificate of Title of
Noting thereon or Caveat.

Request for the issuk
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of lead at
Deatian in the Parish
of St. Joseph, in the
State of Dominicaft,
containing 4.10 acres
* and blundd as fol.

Nature of request heth .
er a Certificate of Title of
Noting thereon or Caveat.

I ~ ~ --- -- ^, p -- l I -I--'.. .

Request for the iasue
ofia First Certiffeate
of Title in respct of
a portion of lad at
Crown located in the
heights of St. Joseph,
in the Parish of St. Jo
seph, in the State of
Dominica, containing
4.32 ar ees and Uotst.
ded as fQllows:-

North by land of Hector Adamt South by land of Hector i.
Adamst East by land at Hector Adamrs West by latn
of Hector Adams

Registrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominica.

Acting Registrar of Titles

NOTE:- Any peroln' who desire* to object to the issue of a
1frst Certificate of Title It the above applitction may enter '
Caveat In the above Office within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of. this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
Spubfished in this State or. fror the dste when the. notice proe-
c, law, was served on any owner or occupier o(iadjoining
land 1t6 respect of which the application Is M.ade.


from Petit Coulibri Co. Ltd.
-Apply at the Green Parrot
SBay Front Tel z 698

Must be fully experienced ia the mainten
ance of all types of vehicles and agri-
cultural equipment. Housing provided.
Good salary offered. Applications should
be addressed to The. Manager, Woodford
Hill Estate. -





sa -L-.U~- ~l~k-~~--------L

I9bMl-O*h)l~LBPIIIPIWQIBP------~L~-- ~




,-~-~u3u-r-- ------~L~ ---I--~-

~ia~t~ .cTaa

~orp(p~t~mcwt ~t~

b~l-, P,,,s, or)."p~~ql- 1.':

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