Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Mrs. Jane Lc
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Study of an,
East 78 Street,
rwYorkO 1021, N.Y.J
'm315 Ltd.

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j Your Attent on Pleaw
ON ,
j SUNDAY DEC 32. 1972

COmea and e-py ourselves and see th
It is THE FAIR and

WKtC$'I$ >ajsw .i-tttF a, dAisussio
Gal Caylrbbea4! lAt gr&aion '.ti &t
graup Of co6nada4y etiool *tu4ta
leat F'tiday, Dec. Mr. .,olnald
Amour (1epPremier). anzacuatwe
tVat be fad 3nat received word tiat
14fA price of AIanfadt k dropped to
two aratas a poaa.. Tke Milsloter adaA
2%ast wposMA-vp tin iutegratiou tUtti
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the ra, Tam.%e.t, t.
Mr. nawour emda4 (aKnnod. by ',,$
fact ntat he was not greeted .rfiv-
iliy or formally &&tr.dued, and
ie4'A thm stutd.t'a for tzeir 'lack
of orgaaiAstiowi4' he also cowauted
on dtsciplins and p&nctuality. tta
tact we are iaforaed tkat the prnr-
.as &ST, Mr. Armaur dAid not aWow
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iU thf G tailtl M AL
Pleas aote tarT. as ft'ao tWW
1st .aauarry no &nse deliveries
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Do 2*ft at V-WS SUECASAWM R or
MSeratrne 124c2a flS40 @ ^le tes i j
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Ptyay,.a to z> redt# at SasAU ot:teo.

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I am keeping John Spector's Resolution to myself, but here are some
Very Good Resolutions which I have especially drawn up for Government
Ministers and Labour Party Hacks which, if carried out and adhered to,
could well put Dominica on its feet again. Of course the Leblanc lot
may reject them and in that case I am sure that knowledgeable adminis-
trative thinkers of the Freedom Party will be pleased to step in and
run the State oii a sensible basis, thus reducing the cost of living,
encouraging investment, increasing the revenue from tourism and putting
money in the pockets of the Farmers (to whom John Spector wishes a hard-
working but prosperous New Year.) In keeping with correct Parliamentary
Practice, I shall word these Resolutions in the usual manner. All Leblanc
Followers are invited to recite one resolution every day in front of a
mirror as they take their morniing-after-the-night-before aspirins (those
who have not looked in a mirror recently may get a salutary shock at
'seeing themselves as others see them'). Come along then repeat after
me: 1) WHEREAS less than half of the voters in Dominica have any faith
in the Leblanc Party, and Government Members of the House of Assembly
only got and hold their seats due to bemusing of the ignorant with
'bonuses' handed out before the election and other devices which use
the taxpayers' money;
I HEREBY RESOLVE to try and think for myself, and take into account
the views of the Opposition, the sane and the experienced,
2) WHEREAS my Party has consistently warned Civil Servants of non-
advancement unless they conform to the Leblanc line and are notto be
, seen talking to Freedom Party members, and WHEREAS such an attitude
has dulled the wits and the initiative of the Civil Servants;
I HEREBY RESOLVE to inform all Civil Servants with whom I work
that I welcome new ideas, criticism of my dim Ldeas and argument
(even if it is against the Leblanc Party Line;
*3) WHEREAS I have done little or no work for the State for ......
years/ months/ days (insert number, delete as necessary), and WHEREAS
I have only the education and brains of a mouse/cockroach/ or centi-
pedae (delete as necessary);
I HEREBY RESOLVE to take only such part of my salary to which, in
justice, I am entitled 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10, none (delete as necessary)
... (this resolution mainly for Ministers);
4) WHEREAS I have been appointed an unofficial member of a Statutory
Board because I have lost my job and/or status due to various causes
such as ... ..o.... ..*. (kindly enumerate) and WHEREAS I do little
and know little about the matters my Board considers;
I HEREBY RESOLVE to resign/refuse the 'emolument'/ charge only
true travel expenses and will recommend that a member of the Opposition
or some independent-minded individual be invited to take my place;
5) WHEREAS I have been informed (with chapter aad verse) that the
rate of pilferage on the Roseau Jetty and Customs House exceeds that
of any'other Commonwealth Caribbean Country in percentage and WHEREAS
said pilferage is blatant and is increasing the Cost of Living greatly,
I HEREBY RESOLVE either to take steps to put a stop to it BEFORE the
Deepwater Harbour is completed with its 'maximum security' OR RESIGN
(this resolution for RESPONSIBLE MINISTER);
6) WHEREAS the wealth of any country depends on the effective Working
hours of its adult citizens, and WH IEREAS an under-developed country such
as Dominica cannot afford even as many holidays as TECHiNOLOGICALLY AD-
VANOGB COUNTRIES, and WHEREAS we understand that Dominica has more hol-
idays each year than any other Commnonwealth country,
WE HEREBY RESOLVE to cut down on the number of holidays in the same
way St. Vincent has done, and generally to alert the citizens of the
State that only through hard work and more effective work can we main-
tain, let alone raise, the living standard of Dominica.
This Resolution for the WHOLE CABINET (and forget possible loss of
votes) ... for the good of the whole country.

Friday,December 29, 1972


Page Two

Friday, December 29, 1972

I1 n TAR

Page Three

In Dominica this Christmastime Deputy Premier Armour spent much
the public heard several Christmas time defending Government's stand
greetings broadcasts: the Queen, on CARIPTA to the students. He went
the Governor, the Premier, His Lord- far afield to comment on Vietnam and
ship Bishop Boghaert, the Lady Mayor South Africa without saying a word
all had their piece to say. We note about Castle Bruce or Morne Bruc
that they alT- mentioned the things He also touched on the Aliens
that they al. mentioned the things land-holding Act, without drawing
nearest their hearts. Her Majesty land-holding Act, without drawing
spoke of marriage, the family (sym- comparisons between Foreigners and
bolized by the Cormmonwealth) and landed-Dominicans such as himself.
Britain's entry into Europe. She With reference to a Government res-
ever before solution calling for the allocation
spoke more quickly than of for the South African
and named Northern Ireland as one of o
the United Kingdom's "own particular Freedom Fighters, Mr. Armour mis-
sorrows", praising "the forces of represented the facts as know
law and order" for "their patience them, telling the students that the
and restraint,"as after Dec.16 1971 opposition had voted against the
we praised our own Police, resolution, when in fact the resol-
The Bishop's message was the best ution was seconded by Mr. Fadelle
both in content and delivery. He of the Freedom Party. The opposition
spoke of holy matters, God's love actually suggested that the amount
and human beings; we only regret be increased considerably, with the
that-we have not got a copy of the members of the House making the con-
text to quote from. tribution on behalf of the hard-work-
The Premier's message had two re- ing Dpminican taxpayer. Of course,
ligious touches and his great obsess-the Government nd DoA amend its
ion, nation- building, was the centralresolution,
theme; ..."I am assured of eventual P.S. (Friday morning): Up to now,
success --your cooperation and that Government has not told the Dominica
of our friendly nations ensure this. Banana Grower of the Drop in Price
We do appreciate their assistance in of Bananas. That is understandable,
the maintenance of the regional dev- We are in the season of 'Rejoicing'
elopment thrust to which we are all and 'Good News'; why spoil the fun?
committed." This doesn't of course Besides, Mr. Etienne predicted the
relate to the birth of Jesus,; but "Great Banana Comeback of the Decade"
Mr. Leblanc revealed the truth.With- quite recently in the House of
out the propping-up of Britain,Cana- Assembly.
da and Guyana, he would have been from a Special Correspondent.
out of office long ago, DIVORCED MINISTER REMARRIES
Mayor Annette St. Hilaire's words n Dec. 28, according to a R uter
came over strongly and sensibly,but ror Dec. 28, according to a Reuter
as is so-often the case with guest report, Mi^ister of Communications &
broadcast-tapes, it was a bad record Works Mr. Patrick John married in
ing in our view. Roseau's Registry Office his "long
Here are one or two quotes from time sweetheart" Miss Desiree Kentish.
the Queen's message: "One of the Mr. John was divorced from his first
great Christian ideals is a happy wife this year. The newlyweds moved
great Christian ideals is a happy into a new 9-room home in the Cane-
and everlasting marriage between
man and wife, but no marriage can field housing sector near to Mr.
hope to succeed without a deliberatOeArmours (let) house. Mr. John told
effort to be tolerant and understan- Reuter that he "had informed only
ding. This doesn't come easily to I jemier Edward Leblanc and the
individuals and it certainly doesn't couple's immediate families" of the
come naturally to communities or event.
nations. We know only too well that DR. SHILLIiGFORD GOES TO ST VIX CET
a selfish insistence upon our rights After some conflicting statements,
and on our own point of view leads I some implying that DnDorian Shilling-
to disaster. ... The new links with ford was taking up the tricky St.V.
Europe will not replace those with SMO post (over which 18 doctors went
the Commonwealth...Britain will take on strike) we hear his visit is ju.t
her Commonwealth links into Europe temporary, to assess the situation.
with her." .***~*.***** ***.. and possibly relieve the crisis. ***

Page Four THE S T
(conclusion) by RUPERT SORHAINDO
In the last session, the Premier,
(Mr. E.O. Leblanc) returning to the
House after several consecutive ab-
sences., made a valiant effort to
soften the impact of opposition crit-
icism. in the face of what must have
been (even for the Premier) .a poor
performance by HIS Ministers.
His first few remarks hinted very
strongly at the prospect of new and-
increased taxes during the next fis-
cal year. He continued by giving him-
self credit for some of the excell-
ent planning actually done by the
HANDFUL of competent Civil Servants
in the Service of the Dominican
people. He even went as far as to
imply that he might have been the
one responsible for the personal
achievements of such distinguished
.Dominicans as Dr. Yankey (now of the
.World Bank) and Mr. Vivian Grell of
Mr. Leblanc continued on the fam-
iliar tune of the Growth of the Bud-
'get since 1961,"when he took over", ,
pointing out that in- 1961 the bud-
get was $4.5 million, while in 1971
it was $25 million. He was quick to
add that $14 million of that figure
was ,derived from revenue (mostly from
the dying banana industry??). He
did not say, however, that along
with an increased tbudet came a, 60%
increase in Ministers salaries,and
provisions for pensions for Ministers,
as well as padded expenses and en-
tertainment allowances for top civil
servants. Then, too, there has: been a
proliferation of redundant and un-
necessary Goverinent posts. (i.e.Sec-
urity Officer, etc.; perhaps instit-
uted as rewards for political allies?)
What Mr. Leblanc also failed to tell
the House was the reason for the in-
verse relationship between the bud-
get growth and the growth of services
offered to the People of Dominica -
look at the state of our roads, con-
ditions at the hospitals, the lower-
ed educational standards at our
schools, the primitive postal service,
the increasing numbers of malnourished
Dominicans .
The Premier seemed to relish giv-
ing himself credit for the decentral-
ization of Dominican affairs. When
he "took over, only Roseau was- Dom-
inica'"... and today, "the rural
areas are just a part of Dominica
as Roseau". (1ext Column)

Friday,December 29, 1972

(continued .....
Without bothering to inform the House
that the construction of the Transin-
sular' road and plans for other roads
linking the productive regions hz.d boon
"in tIhe works" long before "ho took
over", ho wont on to take credit for
all improved communications. *(Roads
are being built in St. Lucia, Grenada,
Montserrat, St. Vincent and soon,
without the intercession of Nr.Loblano)
Speating on Tourism, the Premier
went too far, I think, in blaming the
Newspapers for the lack of progress in
that aroa. He overstepped badly, too,
in obviously referring to the editor
of the Star as a "quasi-Dominican"
(she has documentary evidence of fam-
ily ,csidence in the West Indies since
1623, and her groat-grand-mother was
born here). His attacks on the Icarbon
copy elite' as "being more dangerous
than the Whites" was also out of order.
The Premier may be excused from making
those sort of remarks about Members of
the House who have the opportunity to
reply, but it is inexcusable when
the persons being 4ttacke'd do not have
the same privilege;
In fact, though, any discerning
readers will be bound to recognize that
the Star has done more to encourage
tourism in Dominica than the Loblanc
Government and its political appointees
to the Tourist Board. But Mr. Leblanc
should remember that tourists are not
only attracted by mountains trees and
rivers to any land; the attitudes of
Government and people, the provision
of tourist services (among other a-
tors) are important, In this context,
the Government pusey-footing sa the
National {k" oposals calls for
heavy critibiafs.
The Premier defended his Government's
Aliens Ladd-IIolding Act, insisting that
the l.and is the basic wealth of the
People. But he did not explain why
some Dominicans (Mr. E.O. Leblanc and
Mr. T, Etienne among other "monied"
Dominicans) have boon buying up the
lands of other more needy Dominicans,
thus depriving them and their descen-
dants of that "basic wealth". Ir.
Leblanc thus conveniently failed to'
draw a comparison between the white,
foreign land speculator and his"native"
counterpart. And when Leblanc refer-
red t.o foreigners putting up "ITo'Tres-
passing" signs on Dominican land, he
did not disclose that o f his newly-
acquired property in Vieille Care he.
has strung up barbed-wire fences a few
feet aiway, from the water's ed~c..(1iG*
in violation of Dominican lawi) (p.0)


Y'day, 2ecenber 29, 1J72 THE STAR Page ...,

"Well," said Ma Titine to Re'uben, as Mr.Roger Srain, a graduate student in
she sat on thp porch ;the da; after Biology at farvard University is it
Boxing fDay, "well dat's dat' Reuben I Dominica for a three-week "study-visit".,,
Chrismass over an I really enjoy myself Mr.Swaih ii engaged in research studies.
hein? Whah you say?" on termites (wood-ants) and is preparing'
"Garoon, no complain I"An dose people,his thesis work for the Ph.D. He was one
garcon dey was glod' fr de treat you of the twenty students selected for the
give dem. Everybody talking bout dat. organization for Tropical Studies (OT)
Bet dey will put it in do papah V Course in Tropical Ebology held in C st.a
Genelia and Baby cane in just- then. Rica earlier this year. Rupert aosatindo'
"Way papa I" Genelia flopped down on was also a participant in that OTS"Couseo.
the co. h, "I tired. I dance so much, 1r.Swain expects to deliver a bstlA of
is as doe I doan have no foot again lectures on insect biology for the benefit
"Sa ka.fait Titine," said-Baby "you of Fifth-and-Sixth Formors. He will be a
looking so fresh dis mornin An you guest of Ruport-SoB nindo. Accompanying
fetez jus like us 1 r-- Mr.Swain is a fellow student, with interest
Reuben answered for her: "Is de good in Marino Diology,
fenlin still inside .hah"
"Good feeling Baby wras puzzled. WORBS& OF PRAISE
"Do .Chrismass-dinnah feeolin, non man Dear Editor,
"Oh I now I get you," laughed Baby. Please 'congratulate on my behalf the'"
"Genelia. an I was: talking bout it as we whole staff, technicians as well as stUdi,
was: coming, notrue Genelia: I even heah back-room as-well as front, of Radio Donini
dat de. Linistah for. Interiboh Affaih wife for their wonderful and untiring goodwill
going to give .- New Yeah dinnah for de and hard work to mako Christmas by Radio
poor too. An dey goin do it on Taxpay- as excellent as though it had the compc et
ah. money, an. not from dey own pocket, staff of an American 1adio Network behind'
an have GuvmeAt Lovah ban play free 1" it. Particular gratitude for the fieo
Titine spoke excitedly. "Whah I tell poloction'of BBC Nativity Plays which,
allou? I know dey wood follow fashionI am cur, loved and appreciated by every
"En hanh. said taby, "woll is not listonine Dominican and many persons in
dat day sayin. Doy say you heah bout oth r islands.
wat day was planning to do front' your JO-N SPECTOR
feeyele; as she do 1-inistah puhsonal Goodwill.
seykeatayree; an so .you run an go makIe __________.___________.._______
de Chrismass dinnsh I *Dey say is Politielt .Editor,... A UE
you playin ..... I havo-scon in your paper of th-1
"'Wat?.wat dey say?"'Titino jumped up 22nd Decombe'.. a prospectus of a company
excitedly. "Is I- dat following fashion? which was registered on 23rd November 1972
Doy mad non I I will c.k6hbn doe, dose-- and yet that company seems to have been
dose--- "she spluttereod, able to givo past performancee particular
"Take it easy Titine I Take it easy,"from 1969 to 1971, Hlow was this able to
said. Roubon. ."After'all dose drink you happen?
drink for Chrismass, mine you buss a Paithfully,
vein Would be Shareholdor,
u. aia you yourself doan f--- me up W R-cseau.
Titine was raging mad, and could not be "Ie"ar .d.6r--r', *--
so easily pacified. She ranted through Don't uasto Bananasn
out the dmay, and. declared thalt she was 1 111nl about the bananas
-oing to her laWyer early next morning coach fortnight so'much that is not
an fix dem up, dose dam-good-for- in condition to sell, but some part of
nottin I I will akshon for injunshon 1' it can still serve for meals. I think
she shouted. "Ay ay, but dose people omoething can be done with the rest,
modio wee I Dat even wons'dan insult an instead of carrying them away by truck-
boat I I not -leavin dam so nu1h. I wil loads to just throw away and got rotten.
good for dem I" "Man shall not live by Dread alone, but
She was finally quieted when Baby, by every Word that procoedoth out of
Ganelia and Reuben reminded her that the mouth of God," says Jesus. I think
.h( something in view to upset the some banana can be made into flour.
Minister's wife's dinner-party. Then I say this for a thought for the
they all-had some tafia, discussed thei: future '@ God's H1plp'.
New Year's resolution, and went for an K D.,
evening drive. Wesley.

Ng 3i" TH STAI-- -P --~~ )---b --ll 1 -)l~~_UI-tI


The House of Cards
(CCT O you call this bread ?" asked poignant M.wge of nostalgia for t ose
LD Riohaid of his wife S5lvia, his divintly happy dayv her breatfliesa ado-
voice stony an:l lacad with iry sarcasm. ration of Richy brought a lump to her
"Didn't your mother teach you how jo- throat. And yet now, she was conscious
toast a lousy piece of bread without burn- of only seething hatred arnd corrtoding
g it up disenchantment, In a savage gestuuc, she
g it ? i ~deliberately tore up the letters iwto a
"Oh, stop it, Richie, I wish you wuld w d r -
thousand shreds and set a match to tinm.
have something diffeicnt to say than h with a twit smi a th
making sneering comments about myt of ttc lint thal
cooking. I won't stand it any more. I a en were reduce to MCMe aschs.
am telling you and don't drag i my .ed te an wloh
Silvia collected the ashes in an envelope,
mother into it.' ~md when Richy returned home, presented
And so "wir arguments would go on it to himn with a triumphant gesture. WitbL
exaspeating and enervating squabbles. saradonic swiftness, Richy understood the
No cause was too trivial for a flahe up. meaning of her gesture and murmured :
In fact it seemed as though they were on | "Very thoughtful ot you, my dear."
the look out Ior a reason om which lo
peg their mutual vicious baiting. Their, Richar calmly gathered al hi;
furious arguments were all so poinctless Care belongings and after parking
and self-defc9ting. But they were like two -hem into a suit ease, waked towards
marionettes acting under the hypnotic the dor. In blind pani, Syva asked
influence of their haired for each "' re gong

I And the routine was the same tquab-
bies at the baeak-fast table, raking up ox
past wwouids culminating i s Rihard
samnuing the door of his h:,use shut and
making ,a furious exit.


"Dmn't you think it's high time you
took to a decent job ?" You are just
sweating yourself ou fis a low-paid
crooner at that dingry joint ?

"You knew very well before marrying,
me what my status was. Why. it you
wanted to hook .ourself to a rich bloke,
who was preventing you."
"I never imagined that life with you,
wotk b: like this. It's ages saice we saw
a movie or went to a dance. Of !c,.
Vou don't expect me to make a folo
of myself in public with my dowdy

"Well, the only thing we seem to be
agreed on is that we hate each other's
guts and bitterly rue the day when we
told the priest '1 will'."

Sylvia 'ent into the living room and
from a t.upboard pulled out a sheaf
of letters- -letters she had %,itten to
Richard ma-riage and his letters.
Full of passionate love in tri first bloom
Mf having met each other and faliing
head-over-heels in klvc. There wa*
ienden press and iaaocenc, adiraatiors 6f
eternal love and mutual ftiefity. Gla(cing
through the episodes. Sylvia was conscious
of conflicting feelings. A sharp and

~hafsto hppe t roe

sWei. ~utey you are ;.,-hi. f,
k:.oking after yourseri. A,.i an' was
I tpiainty don't give a damn.'
S"But Richy can't we ,- aioe mo, ;'
; I am sick and red up ao ptckirwg .1r
Sti bhrokn piae;s of our marriage, :-.
j trying to make sense oau of them as i
j were it a bally game of jig-saw."
Sylvia watched her husband giiag
down the steps of the house and ati-
away without once kloking back. As whe
nmeaniot of the moment of paizino, of
their .ways suck her with lull fowce. she
wanted to rush out and pl4ad with him on
Sber knees.
But the accumulated bitterness and
hatred welled up within he!. "I sho'dna't
lose my tace." she told hersch. "Le; him
t go I will look after myedf."
Sylvia picked .up an old .-crtcay
r-ecord-~a jazz number and as the .ly.
im.ane m',sic started ;pouring out. set her
.feet muanping. But even in her tnoi.". o'
Sdefiance and apparent gaiety. he w,
So.ouscious of an yawning eptiness :tihm
her . -.


Schedule of ApplikViO for Crtificate of Title and Nooing
thereon and C*'vvts for week ow4dng 23rd day of Da, J972.

eued emaceia P, e.enting Natirc ot ue wha m
a CertTicit of ;e of
SNon It heron el Ca% rat
du th Ge*aht Hyaees thes &a s tha ouf
a" doofDOMs- Pa Catwiaate of Ttl.e t i
bM. I M. 'by his Soicitar regApetof a prtioveaod
?rsf'nrd ttelth knowa as a haes "a ina
day of December, CiahA.M.Dur. py Point Mkicetfithe PArUa
3972iat lI a.m. of 8&L Lukl, i thA Sate
Of Doin ifcoain as Gl luae ce an wadd tollow s:-
M4orth East by land of Bourgoine Paitler .5ui East ey land of!
Fedst.a a) Pierre brekg West by PIujic Road.
Sa West by a PRght of Way epararg a o lead of
jsihi, P tekar

kqatpi fEaad te t
S& day 0i Decein
bir, 1972.
?miarnd tb-eh21e
1972 w 3.22 p.

qrr~~~~I- ~a- --serL.' I,4n~kIW(

Gershowi Cynflk
by tia Su, hU-ary
C'naA.M. Dupnigy

-----u-- a -

fc Cru atee of nie W
reaners ef a5pe -at nd
aU AtkinsoN, mtithe Parait o
St David, in the Ute of
eft ose bou.-l 4*

Neith East by lad el Augtsta Muathew
So at Ea~t by :and oi A.kmsor village couhc-
Nf"th Wst ty land ofMurry tit-trbs
Sw i West by nds' fAlhied Laurent and Murry Rabas

."* -- --- J f

Rsonu, Domkwti, Acting Registrar of Titlhe.

NOTE:- Any person who desires to object to the tisue of a
First Cerficate of Tirtle a the above app!catlon may enmtr a
Cavw t i the abovt Office within sIx -eeks from the datt at
the first appearance of this Schetdue tn tinc STAR Newsp4per
published in this Statte or rom the date when ttha no e' pf*.
scrthed by haw was strv e. on any owner or occupter of adAJoin
Wand in raspc sf awhichi he application is Mad e.


: 94Fa~eall~o9u)*Iu~OU~~YbcQH ~W-LBm~h~rJEhfiB

-~ ------

---- -tMM0I-_ -- __e



~p--- --~r -a I __ ~vrr


roe Six



Friday,December 29,1972 T H E S T A R Page Seven

S-*T *A Rp,*S:p:R*S --- 1972 R*E*V'IZ*: -- by MORCHRIS-TO1
CRICiET: The 1973 Cricket season started with a Leeward-Windward Islands trial
match in preparation -for the 1973 Shell Shield series which the Leewards won.
-Making the Combined Leeward-Uindwards team from Dominica were Irving Shillingford
(Capt.), and fast bowlers C.rayson Shillingford and Hiorbert Phillip, who &cquittod
themselves.on the team well.
Dominica was host to one Shell Shield match at which the Combined Team allowed
themselves, to lose to Darbados during the rain-shortened match. After snatching
first innings points by the end of the third day-, they were bowled out on tho
fourth and final day for the minimal total of 106 added to a small first innings
lead leaving Barbados to get 142 in1lO minutes including 20 overs in the last hour
which they did with overs to spare. With performances like this, it is no wonder
the,.Combined Team ended at t'he bottom of the table;
LTOCIL LEAGUE MATCI.S, supposed to begin January 27, only got under way on February
17 with Harlem Rovers- (Cricket Debutantes) and Blackburns (Veterans), which Rovers.
won. The League ended June' 11 after Harlem Rovers were defeated by Qeltiocunited,
fading-after the Windward Islands Goodwill Tournament: not abruptly, but premature-
ly -- as usual.
THE BEESON & EDGES series which included Youth Teams from Guyana, Trinidad,
Barbados and Jamaica4ad Combined Leeward-Windward Islands under-19 team led by
Hugh Gore of Antigtia (their BMH debut), which won the trophy, with Derek Abraham
and Lockhart Sebastien (Dominicans) instrumental in achieving the championship.
.ebastien performed so splendidly, that he was elected on the West Indie Touth
Team to play against the touring Australians in the WUet Indies next year.
GOODWILL TOUPAIM ET: D6iinich hosted two matches in the tournament.: Sit.Vincent,
to whom they lost and Grenada, whom they easily defeated. t.,Vincent won the
championship for the second ybar and completed the double also for the second year.,
when they defeated St.Lucia in the Rothmants Knockout finals.
During the course of Iarch, i1. Royston Ellis *of" Iero was elected a member of
I.C.C., exclusive.-aricket law-making body, He -was proposed by Billy Griffith,..
After the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) received capgaina, and, umpired reports
for the first time (Shell series 1972 and the Hfew Zealand tour), Phillip Alleyne.'
was reported upon and the Board accepted him as being one of the best up.rires of
the Wect Indies.
Joffre Faustin, Dominica- and Harlem Rovers. (Gapt.), had the highest indivi-
dual scoore of 120 n.o. in the second innings of the match against Blackburns.
Derek Abraham, Combined Le'etard-Windwards., Dominica and.Spartane, took the" most
wickets in any one ih-nings 7/30 in. the first.innings of the Spartan-D.G.S:. match,
Cuthbert Will-ams, Spartans, had the most victimS in 'any one innings in the
match against D.G.S. -'.'-five victims in -the first innings,
R.Cuffy, Smerset had the distinction of being the- only opening batsman to carry
,his bat through ani .-_nings, the first in the match against. Saints, for 40 in a
total of. 104.
Celtics United, had the honour of topping the points table this season with 49
points in three matches over 10 points more than their nearest rivals. The
Dominica. State team came second in the Goodaill Tournament after losing to St.
Vincent and defeating Grenada and St.Lucia, A Dominica. team which toured
St.Thomas in June' as victorious in two matches played. (See also below)
E.H.E. VILLAGE TOUId NA -MT: Special M.C.C. pens were given to outstanding players
in the E.HE. Tournament,' I.Shillingford, veteran island player, most runs in one
nnine- -.127; Beach Robvera of St.Joseph, Champions; C.Sablon of E.H.E. 8 wickets for
five runs in one innings.
Celtics United had the satisfaction of scoring .the most runs in any innings
294 in their first. ihnin:; against S.M.A.
Saints with speedsters ITorbert Phillip and David Defoe pacefully bowled
Harlem Rovers for the lowest score of the season 32 in their second innings
(I. Phillip 6/9).
Starsports Columinist Morchriston. wishes all. Sports FPaas, Sportsmen
and. Readers a keeie- Sports Year and Active Participation in L973.

-COMING INE[T VWEK: OBSERVATIOIT.--by Rupert Sorhaindo (from p.
"How Race Hatred Affects Me" a

striking article oy Afro-uninese
Trinidad-born artist AL AKONG.
*S*T*A.R*S*P*O*R*T*S Morchriston
Cricket todate: Early this week,
the touring M.C.C. to India and Aus-
tralia's host team fo Pakistan both
scored victories with their first
test matches respectively.
M.C.C. defeated India by six
wickets: (Captain Tony Lewis got an
undefeated 70, thus earning the man-
of-the-match award..)

Miss Eugenia Charles had earlier referred
to the double standard which had been used
by Govt. in relation to the Aliens Land-
Holding Act. In thIs context, the Premier
should have explaihed why a British diplo-
mat (friend o the Deputy Preiier) had
acquired ciloice land in the North from
Mr. Armour.
The Premier went on to attempt. justifi-
cation of his extravagant spending for the
1972 National Day celebrations, claiming
that as far as he knew, only about `1 10,000
had been spent by the Lominican Government

Australia on the other hand de- to accommodate and entertain foreign guests.
feated Pakistan by two innings to Most of that money, he insisted went to the
one with their skipper Ian Chappell hotel owners and taxi drivers. But maybe
scoring 196 runs of thbir mammoth he conveniently stretched the point when he
585, and wicketkeeper Rodney Marsh presented the lavish affair as a "tourist-
made a swashbuckling 118, the first attraction" and an opportunity to make con-
century scored by an Australian wkt/ tacts for "foreign aid". In this context,
keeper in Test Cricket. it was disclosed that the Guadeloupe Govt.
The second test matches in both had offered Doninica technical assistance.
countries start this weekend. Why didn't Mr.Leblanc tell Dominicans why
,CAPITAL NICARAGUA DEVASTATED it was necessary for. the streets of Roseau
CAPITAL OF CARAGUA DEVATED to have been sealed (temporarily, since the
Managua, a flourishing city of pot-holes have already reappeared, a mere
400,000 citizens, is a mass of ruins month-and-a-half after National Day) or for
and buried corpses after a terrible "flowers" to have been transplanted for
arthuak during th Christmas h the enjoyment of our foreiLn guests I Should
days which killed several thousands, not Dominicans enjoy a smooth\ride or a
The. iest of the people fled, and wald decorated by blossoms ..through their
anti-epidemic aid was flown in. The once renowned Botanical Gardens?
new Labour Govt. of New Zealand gave To crown his defence, the Premier. went
$50,000 (P.M. Norman Kirk); Trinidad on to relate some of his personal experien-
stepped forward to offer help; U.S.A. ces asa.young boy, claiming that he was
sent invaluable decontamination equiP-isicriminated against on the grounds that
ment. The size of the disaster is he "did not enjoy'the atmosphere of'a
almost incomprehensible, secondary school". In this context, he
intimated that he had come to Roseau "for
Remembering how during the time
of the W.I. Federation Australia re- -
jedted the idea of receiving our W I F E X 0 T I C E
immigrants (both at ILO, when the
matter was broached by the then Lab- I, Simon Stepben of Massacre, beg to
our Minister, and in written commun- state that my wife Martha Stephen,
ications), we are happy to state that having left my home without any due
the new Australian Premier and his: provocation, rep.eatey during Novem-
Cabinet's policy are vastly to the ber and December (six times to be ex-
advantage of -forward-thinking people act) and that she pays no heed to what
the world over. Mr. Whitlam expects I, have to say, therefore I will not
the Queexr. uwd the Duke of Edinburgh undertake ar-responsibility for bills
in. his country during 1973, and the or burdens o.f any kind accumulated
purpose of the Duke 's visit is to i-by the said Martha StePheas nee Laur-
aspect the all-important national. parksent during. her absence.
which are a big tourist attraction, 687.1/3 SIMON STEPHE
and of which he is President (of the TR'IKS FROM STAR STA-F
Australian National Conservation Soc.) THAr. KS ROM STAR STAher members
Australia has refused entry of U.S. Mr. Morris yrille and other members
ships in Australian ports until the of the Star staff wish to thank all
bombing of Vietnam stone. those who wished them well, and par-

ticularly J.R.R.C. and Hudor, who
helped to finance their Xmas cheer.
^S'= f * ; ;:. >; ; :S :! ;:S : ".;: f ai .

Prnimod & rFublishe by tihe roprietor,1TE.,
Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House at 26 Bath
Road, Roseau, Dozknic ., West Indies. ****

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