Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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' **swi us reA s. a

That was a very interesting page on Karl Marx in last week's
STAR: the only pity being that Marx's statement on Ireland, which seemed
both provocative and prophetic, was so blurry that I could t read it
all -not even with a magnifying glass. However the piece containing a
review of his daughter's biography was quite clear, and so also was
the inference to be drawn .from it; for it revealed that the great champ-
ion of the poor and the underprivileged had a bastard son whom he did
not recognise or support, and whose teen-age working-class mother he
had exploited.
The review goes on to state "of course nothing in Marx's writing is
falsified or justified by his private conduct." Now would not this make
a challenging theme for a UWI or essay thesis: the effect of the private
life on the politics/philosophy of West Indian leaders? Of course it
would have to be most carefully researched and prepared, with an eye to
the libel laws of the States; but not all of it would be unflattering.
It could in fact be built up into a world theme, not just a regional
I am one who believes that a man's private life and public utter-
ances are indivisible. None of this "don't do as I do, but do as I say"
stuff for me. I believe a public figure should stand for what he IS. If
he is really a champion of the poor he should not look after his own
creature comforts first and exclusively, but should spend some of his
public-gotten gains on those unfortunates whose condition he laments and
whose deprived state he invariably blames on his enemies. If he preaches
public morality he should look about his own morals first be they to
do with spending, borrowing or human relations. There is a current
theory that Westindians don't care how corrupt their leaders may be so
long as they get things done. I cannot subscribe to that. Even if it is
partly true, or rather true of some hangers-on, it is becoming less and
less palatable to the majority.
I used the word 'preaches' above and do not want at this stage of
the Christian year to sermonize and do the job of the real preachers, so
having thrown out the idea I leave it to some of our young thinkers who
are coming up with such interesting and sometimes even brilliant essays.
But on the subject of preaching I must state my genuine disgust at the
type of Father Divine broadcast to which we are subjectfeover Radio Dom-
inica on Sunday nights. A 'Sathern Baptist' preacher known as Rev.
Skinner who is said to do miracle cures, rants along in such a way as to
cheapen the whole concept of Christianity. To be quite frank, his Louis
Armstrong voice and ejaculatory way of rousing the throng are at times
extremely funny, as also the sound of background choirs of angels and
witnesses to cures whose authenticity I am not here questioning it is
just the total vulgarity of the charismatic performance I dislike. Of
course there may be a lot of perfectly good followers who disagree with
me entirely, and if so I am sorry to have offended them. It is a question
of taste.
On the evening when this issue of the STAR is published, it would
appear that a commemorative meeting will be held (Friday) to mark the
December 16th events which stirred the hearts and minds of Dominicans
more than any event of the century. It is fruitless for Government and
outside moralists to water down the achievement of that day in 1971 or to
try and degrade it by pretending that it was criminal activity. That is
not what the findings of the St. Lucia Magistrate indicated. And as to
the Ward report, it may peacefully be buried at this stage. One man we
shall all miss on the occasion of this great anniversary is the late
Androcles, Mr. Loftus Roberts, whose upright courage remains a pattern
to those of weaker calibre. He, perhaps more than anyone, realized that
the Press was the first champion of liberty in Dominica, and would have
spoken out against any new destruction tactics -which may be on the move.
It is my guess that the outburst against the Press last week in the House
was inspired from Guyana. (Concluded on oage sngV


Friday,December 15,1979

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-P~~-~~;~~~d~~~-jt UPerma~~sa~aIl~-~~r

To the Shrehbokk of the i ov Campamy
2it DECEMBER, 1972. ATr 5.00 P.M



&7^mon ___d_


~i~, ------------------~------F~Em~~


P9 e Fo T H E S
OBSERVATIONS ... House of Assembly
by Rupert Sorhaindo
Mr. Christian must have embarra-
ssed his Premier and Chief Medical
Officer when he intimated that such
matters as roads, agriculture etc.,
took precedence over the health of
Dominicans. (I always thought that the
most valuable resource of a country was
its people, and that the health of a
people was a prerequsite for success in
education, agriculture etc.). In the
same breath, Mr.Christian spoke of
achievements of his.Govt. in the field
of health and the rising incidence of
'tuberculosis. In reply to remarks
made :by Mr.Stevens about the condition
of the cottage hospitals at Haricot
and GraigAbay, Mr.Christian disclosed
that designs were drafted, a-id that an
estimated $6 million would be .required
for the projects. He did not forsee
the funds becoming available for sever-
al more years. (Does it occur to thb
Health Minister that much improvement
can be accomplished by a small fraction
of the figure quoted in his .estimate,
properly used?)-
Tn defending the policy of his Govt.
in the field of education he used the
opportunity to remind Mr.Stevena of his
Iaeign? as Minister of Education I Mr.
Christian spoke of A king education in
Dominica more relevant, and in this
context referred to the Caribbean
Examining Boa d, which will apparently
cure the ills of ou' educational sys-
tem. (Personally, I uould suggers to
1,r. Christian that appointments to
schools and to National Committees be
made on the basis of merit 'and not on
the basis of political expediency. I
would also suggest he.should aOt inter-
pret concern by young Dominicans about
theiE future as a hint of subversion.
encouraging critical thought is a sure
way of making education relevant.
The Minister mentioned his Govt. 's
introduction of agriculture in the
secondary school curriculum. (As far
as I know this has not boon the case
for the 4 Roseau Secondary Schools.
Incidentally, the Portsmouth Secondary
School is heavily ItDEPRSTAFFED. )
Mr.Christian doggedly defended his
decision to locate the new primary
school bordered by major thoroughfare,
reasoning that increased police guards
Will avert slaughter-of young students.
He also suggested that traffic diver-
sion have been considered I (But how
will the noise problem lbe solved? With
car plugs for the children? and sign-
language training I presume?)


~ __

House *.. (Continued)

The Minister was quick to point out
that Govt. had little to do with the
management of the UU.I.Centre, but he
promised that soon first year college
courses will be offered at that institut-
ion. (I am looking forward to receiving
an invitation to lecture in Zoology and
The Speaker bofthe House' during the
course of Ir.Christian's speecN, irritated
many "spectators' with hisapprSt par-
tiality. 'le actually told Mi. Stevens
that he wds interrupting too often 1 And
he was always quicklto make the.Govt.'s
Eoint clear This must stop Ii The
young. students in the audience caught on
to that uneX~~pcitpractice very quicldyl)
Mr.Fadolle, speaking on the -oppositi-
on side objected to the new liquor l~i
encos, which ho recognized would mean
incroeasO in liquor'prices. He wondered
whether the Govt. was prepared to moot
the anticipated increase in smuggling
activities that would certainly accom-
pany the higher cost of liquor. (Pei.
sonally I forsoo a decline in the prac-
tice of bribery with rum at election
time; a welcome development I) Shb ban-
am. industry theme' was again hhammored
on. Mr. adelle should certainly have
,spent more time roeparing his remarks !
Mr. XStionne prefaood his speech by
stating that 'too many. people are look-
ing after themselves' a. statement that
brought cheers from opposition and liston-
erse The MiNniatorfor Agriculture, Lands"
and Co-operativoes then got in4to a rather
personal dialogue with ,Mr.toveon a
practice which is indulged in far too
often in the House.
In defending the Govt. 's Aliens Land-
Holdings Act, Ir. Stienne made reference
to his belief that Dominicans tend to
sell land to foreigners at a very
high price, thus Getting a. trend that
might load ominicans not being able to
purchase land. Ir.. Etienne did not say
that HE recently pur-hased: a large piece
of real-eatate in the Delico. area. from
a sick-old man, at a very, very 'good'
price; nor did he mention that the
Premier purchased an estate in the North
not too lons ago. Incidentally, the
Premier too, ham~iered on the point of
keeping Dominica for Dominicans. All well
and good; but in fact, many young Dom-
inicans from Vicille Gase and Doleccs
will ask their father, why did Q(rand-dad
sell hi land to that Minister?
(Cojot'in.c 04 Page Seven)
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-Bsa ------w j--j ---a st .

Friday, December 15,1972 T H lE 8 A R --ae beve
CBSERVATIONS ... House of Assemb2y J aP2 TQR' (continued: fr. p.t)
by Rupert Sorhaindo (.p.4) Politicians,Philosophers & Private
Lives :
Mr. Etienne, in referring to the Anyone who got the import of an
selfishness, of Dominicans, made a official Government broadcast on
curious reference which might be a Tuesday night the recording of the
fore-ahadowing of what Dominicans can interview being as blurred as the
expect. He .ntimated that Govt. will STAR print on Marx or who saw the
in effect legislatgrgenorosity, indus- transcript of it, as a friend of mine
try and loyty, 'in spite of the re- ,did will understand that certain
actionary forces that exist in DominicL Caribbean rulers hope to suppress
Maybe Mr.. Etionne does not realize Press freedom under the guise of
that the very attidudos (,clfishnoss, criticism being unfavourable to
opportunism, laziness etc.,). that his devlcriticisopment, nationhood, etc. This
Govt. might now ~ant to uproot by is not a new trick. It will not
force, had been cultured, nourished succeed provided both Press and pego
and promoted by his Govt over the
past decade. I wish the Govbt. luck in are alerted to it. I prefer the
the campaign. I dare suggest that the attitude of Michael Manley, who says
first stage of the clean-up campaign -he is absolutely on the side.of
start at the very top of the Leblanc libertarian means.
Govt. OBSERVATIONS R. Sorhaindo (col.l)
In trying to soften the impact of and the part that Govt. had played in
the heavy opposition criticism to the bringing about its ruin. She pointed out
omnssion of any reference to the. ban- the lack of achievement in areas of Fish-
ana industry from the Throne Speech, cries and Co-operatives, and sho further
the Minister of Agriculture suggested questioned the judgement of Govt. in not
That banana comes under the heading concerning itself with the immediate
'Agriculture' which 'was discussed problem of disposing of fresh fruit',the
fully in the context of crop diversi- lack of space in the packinU Shed, and
fictionn. But as opposition members the waptage of tons of fresh citrus, etc.
pointed out, the omission was deliber- The Aliena Land-Holding Act came under
ate, since -the state of the banana heavy attack-, with many contradictions
:-dustry .iE a source of embarrassment exposed, liss Charles noted that Govt.
to the Govt. Mr.. Etienne oent so for had not yet explained why Police training
Sth for Dominicans was no longer done in
encouraging the delop t of te Barbados but in St. Kitts,.. She noted
Banana Industry. 1,Mr. Etienne spoke on with interest the emphasis made by the
Governmental aggressive policy' in Minister of Education & Health on Mental
the approach to farming; but where are Health. She reminded Members of the Housa
the co-operatives that have been plans. that they were public servants,
ned for almost a decade now? And as Minister of Communications & Works
Sfar as fisheries are concerned, how P. John followed with an assurance that
successful have the fishery co-opera- Government was not discriminating against
tives been? Do they really exist? the people of the Southern section of
Fish is a RARE commodity for Dominicans Dominica (who favoured the Opposition
and it is becoming increasingly more in the last General Election), No accept-
rare ...... able excuse was proffered for the poor
Miss Eugenia Charleso speaking on condition of the Pte. Michel Grandbay
the opposition ide, .called for co-op- Road and Grandbay roads. Mr. John in-
eration from Govt. on all matters sisted that they wore NO WORSE than
affecting the welfare of the State.She other Dominican roads (Which, if true,
further suggested that' the formality speaks Very' unfavourably for the Govt.),
of the Speech from the Throne be abol- Suggesting that'tho Opposition was
ished, since it served no useful pur- allied with C.D.C., Mr. John challenged
pose, being invariably filled with re- them to march with the Government in
curring promises, hopes and ambiguities. protest a,-aiknst CDC's proposed increase
She felt that it would be more profit- in utility rates. Opposition asked the
able to enter the debate on the Budget Govt. to name the date, and support
without all the fanfare of an empty would be at the ready: Mr. John then
Throne Speech. Iaiss Charles systemati- defended'Govt. policy of building, police
cally dissected the Throne Speech,point- stations, saying that an 'expert' from
ing out its duplicity and weaknesses. Britain had recommended suoh policy with
She made reference to the Danana Indus- the object of preventing another Decel6
try (contd. next column) revolt. (Continued on p.'10)

Paige E4g

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Noningr
thereon and Caveats for week ending h day of D) 172.

D :e Reqaeted Person Presenting Nature of feauest
whether a Certificate
cf Title of Noting
therson or Cavent.

6aaussda ted the A sste La "lik Irwerss for tbe ioas e a
& &day off D First Crtf izate of Tile is
eeraber, 172. Sohitor fr c' of a pornae la ad
Presased 'bet in te itaiLgeof Cotihaut,in
eyof DcOaNri, CilmaA.M. Dupit the Parf'roi St.P Ns, t tiwe
-974at it 33A.m State of Dominic.i,cntaiam-
---- 34- square feat and
rwzade a&s fallows:-
Sea-Wat& by lMd shtsed by CamSge Anadrw a4
&Sw aSrdt Norh-Wait by a Paubik Road ;
NawtS.Eut by Ia nd of Mary Sebasstin
tSouth-.Eass by the Celfbast River,

Date Kequested

Praanted the th
dav of December.
1972ta1 3.00p.m

Person Presenting

I aaa, AWSenc wad
Davina hiliwgfoad
ob Lem solicitors
UytX Msas4 Cow&n-t
oy par DriseA GAJh.

Nature of request wheth-'
er a Certificate of Tite of
Noting thereon or Car sv

2 OuaeG fm tde 1"-!* 61
Past Oertifaste of Title
respect oall t poreImsaE
land ithe. rowoof Rosian
WcnIUSg W29S %sque eA
aUd bauided as afofbwV:.

Nordi-Wea by lead of Noaent, Atbea, and Davyia
Shitingford stlSeh-Wesa by lad of aSybl Tavatew
ortk.Eas by tead of Heirs of Vtew he'a,
Iuth-Emt by Kig GOWN* V scrI' V


One piece or porcl of land comain m
acres, situated at Fouudland Estate,
ortsmouth, Dominica, Culiivated im
Coconuts & Grapefruits ferdle &oil siu-
able for Bnaana culrivation,
Apply to: He'=n BeD*to,
4,9 Quaaot S .x5 Portfmcmuh b

Schedule of Aiplkaition for Cettificate of Title and Nouins
herewn end Cavests for week ending 16th day of Dec 1972.

P ; t e .I ,'.. (, r m e a,
j un nei'iy ctwon f tin

R4 4di JaN i D teci
bei 19 2
Presenta.t uhe 12:n
iaj tD c.mbr
1972 : 2.25 pm

Roner; Fi\ nrtei
by hi'- oi iwo

Fi-s, ICe'lq 'o0 r ,i &
respect oi ur;ion .]d
at LA Re- ii, h tbh P. >,. ,
St. Patt .r, r b "C -
tOmloiis. -.UDittf -
q.,uio e !ve" w nd lste'ii J .t

North by !and oI Tnrwsa James. Waet b a o",,.c
Northte. s by A Pwbitc Roia,! S11th bY 1and 1 tv.f4ce
fatnrnefEasrt Sy land oe Theres James.

Kaseau. DSitir Ic,


Acting Regnatrar c Tt

NOTE:--- Any person who desirs to object to the 10sue of a
First Certif cate of Titi in the above appi Hatton may roentir T
Ceveat In tbe above Office within six weeks from the ls*e of
thhe first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
I ublishod in this State or from the date when the vnoce pra.'
scrtbed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adpiinntg
.n4 in r0?aspoS of whih me applicatopt imsTo .

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.. g "

p~aa:-- --~uu~n~---. IC---IRI~-

l~h~cluPa~~--"-~~ Ii


Pas Eate

Short Story : RUN BRIANj RUm N 0 T I C E
(by Ve'ile*xMourillon) At a meeting of the Insurance
"Run Advisory Council (Motor Section),
"Run,. 'Brian J Run held this week, members expressed
"They catch me already I Runu their dissatisfaction with the man-
Then I heard her gasp, but I could fr: in which termination of insu-
not bear to look at her boding ruffed-up recen. cov t Was been dehat with
by -the policemen. So I ran. As fast as law only provided for seven days
I could, I tried to reach the bushes n-tice on cancellation of a policy,
where they would not find me. But soon but it was generally felt that when
I heard the spund of policemen chasing Several policies were being cancelled
me0 I Ound a footpath and turned into at the. same time, more time should be
it, continuing my flight to the bushes.
Although I was still hearing my mother' given to member of the public to
voice shouting, un Brian seek coverage elsewhere.
voice shouting "n Brria | Run '." I
hoard the policemen close behind me and Members also noted that reunds of
I n ate ve. Iua uno uwith pers- unexpired premiums were not being
piration and my face, hands and feet ma simultaneously with cancellation
were scratched up by now. But I did not and disapproved of the manne in whih
stop. I ran on and on, until I met a ths was being carried out.
fork in the path. I chose one route at G.L.AIRD,
random and continued my headlong flight. Honorary Secretary/ Treasurer
After I had run a good distance past the Insurance Advisory Council of Dominica.
fork, I realized that the policemen ( !f)e-t/l
would hesitate a little there, giving RNVI BPRI 'rUP!' (continu.) I wasted
me enough time to double my pace. This no me but just dashed forward. After I
I did at once. I Just broke through had got through, I realized that I had
bush and I did not stop until I had passed between two lime trees growing only
doubled back over the path almost to the about 18ins. from each Other. I felt a.
beginning. Here, feeling safer, I stop- stinging pain. But there was no time to
ped to rest. I had no alternative be- spare. I ran. I did not know where I
cause I was almost fainting, and gasping was going. I just ran ahead. I was
for breath. It was only then that I thinking 6f giving up, instead of having
thought over all thdt had happened. my mother, who was quite weak, 'taiing
oBeinS fourteen years old, 1I-was the my m i q
Bleint of seven yleat old, I the jail'for me. But I said to myself it
oldost of seven illegitimate children. I. would be no use. They would have jailed
did not know my -father, nor did I know thif and hi.accomplice. So o I
fhe 4 o the o Since I had~ the thief and his accomplice. So on I
t'ho father of the others. Since I had
,become f en e o I the e. ne I had my ran. I was tired, hot, wet, bleeding and
bcoe sensible, I had never asked my thirsty And my tongue was hanging out of
mother about the matter. The others. o
SGfmy mouth, but I could not stop. To take
always got their food and clothes and insor, d
whatever else they wanted but they had a
roc-y slope, I sliced and fell, getting
no idea where it was aJll coming from, a bad cut at the back of my foot. It waa
I had always banked on ohb common rumour: abad cut at tl,
I had always banked en theO coi~lon rumour! then thht I ran the fastest, vntil I did
that Dominican policemen wore very in- not her the policemen behind. Than, I
efficient, but then I saw that I 'was not hear the policemen behind. Then, I
quite mistaken or maybe I had played it saw it -- a cliff with the root of a big
quite mistaken or mayb I had played tree going all the way down. It overhun
too high. Throe hundred and fifty was the sea. I did not wasto a second. I
the amount. It was now safe in a plas- slung myself so far down that my head
tic. pocket sewn into thie inside of my would not be visible from the top and
underwear. I had dreamed of how I would held on to the roots of the tree. The
make my mother and my brothers happy for policemen did not suspect anything. They
at least one day in theirlife. One passed straight by. I supposed that they
day when they would eat something morvewould have ended their search by the
luxurious ..than roast fig with a trans- time the-` i:eached the end of the trail,
parent coat of butter on it and some for .it vas almost dark. lFrom the frying-
limeo.t. ..But the officers must have the fire. described that moment!
n e-.4 into the fire described that moment m
boon on..the loo-out for me or they. must On looking around I saw a very big anke
have become suspicious of my mother, coiled up on.a ledge, ready to strike.
waiting below. I almost let go of my support. I could
How I was .just. becoming related, when not understand h.o life was so hard. I
I heard their runni booted feot.n (8. ) waite. o-ld do oing else.
(This :exciting tale..ia cLclrudeod on ol.O

Page Nine

Friday,December 15,1972


Page Ten T E S T A R 3iday, December 15, 1902
*** S*T*A*R*S*P'O*R*T*S*Morchriston RU IBRIAN RU'i' by V.MouRiELon
wishes, to make one alteration and But I was shaking like a leaf, I must 'ad-
two additions to /their li-t of don- mit. After five minutes like thgQ.?I
ors (State Football Team's St.Luci- realized that the snake was dead, probably
tour), published Dec. 1: Dr. W.B. recently, for there was no smell.- I lifted
Stuart, and not W.B. Edwards, was myself back unto the pc-. There, I
the kind contributor of $10.00.Two breathed a great sigh of relief. I1y pounds
late contributions were Coca Cola werevery painful. But this was not import-
Factory $100.00 &.D/ca STAR $22.00 ant, then. The idea hit me suddenly: I was
.... -- THA IS' near to the sea-beach from which many men
FOO(iBALLAs usual,. the local football left at bimes on smuggling trips to
league, after the Popham Tournament, Guadeloupe. They would not refuse to give
comes to. its premature end. There was me a trip over if I 'wot their hands'.
some talk of continuing the J.B.Yankey Besides, I knew one 'of them-:; They were
and Gillette Registe competitions after sure to leave next morning.
the Tournament since such matches had I found myself a spot in which I could
been suspended. Apart from these sleep for the night, and settled down,
there are still Div.II-matches pending pleased. I dreamed that I had gone to
(Championship decided.already) and the Guadeloupe and got a job; I then paid my.
Div. II knockout competition is un- mother and brothers' passage to come over.
touched. We were living in a big house -- eating
As things ae, we can say goodbye to well and having a good time; everyone
another season of football. (More on happy. We also had three big dogs.
that when Starsports review this year's One morning I woke up early and heard
sports.) the dogs barking loudly. I went downstairs
CRICKET: The focus at present is on to see what vas urong....
India and Australia when H,C.C. and Just then, I opened My eyes to the lijht.
Pakistan are respectively touring. My dream had ended. But the barking oi the
Australia has named their team for the dogs was still there. Police dogs A
First Test which starts on Dec421st rough policeman poked me in the ribs uith
against Pakistap. IAChappell (capt.), his shoe. "Come on I Get up L he shout-
K.Stackpole, Po Sheehan, G.Chappell, ed. I got up, and the policeman escorted
R.Edwards J. Benaud, I.Pedpath, me back to... I didn't know what, then...
D.Hassie D.Lillee, .Maroh, A.ailet. _
and K.O'Keefe. OBSERVATIONS : R. Sorhaindo (fr.p.7)
On the local scene, the Village (Construction on the Police Fort in Ro6seau,
Cricket Tournament has begun, Uork which a distinguished English journalist
on the Gardens cricket is in progress recent
said recently iis large Deough for London"
for a mid-January start for the coming began long before the Deco 19th incident),
SeaS~~~n..~ h t-',- t-^1 .1^,,^nibl ^>P o n rfu whenir hr>

N 0. T I C E
Offers are invited for the pur-
chase, of One Used Diesel Bedford TJ
Truck Registration No. 1564.Inspect-
ion of the vehicle may be arranged.
by contacting the Operations Manager
13 Hanover Street, Roseau or by tele
phoning 2671 or 2672.
Offers should be made in writing
and. addressed to the General Manager
IDomlnica Banana Growers Association,
13 Hanover St., Roseau.
679.o 1/1. General Manager.

Michael Laird CMG NMBS is now visit-
ing Dominica accompanied by hisf Dep-
uty Mr. Roger Barltrop. **********~
AUSTRALIA has a Labour Govt. after
23 years; P.M. is Gough .Whitlam.*

M oU 0111 S W J. 4 -- c
tried to blame the opposition for keeping
tourists away from Domi5,nica. The Promier
later on continued on that theme.
(NEXT WEEK:) Uhat the Premier said (con-
clusion.) *



- Make a change and give the children
Books or Stationery this Christmas.
For the grown-ups too, we havq the
best of current writings which make
up lovely gifts; and of course
don't forget the Cookery Books for
the ladies. All at
WELCOME BACK to Father Edward Alex-
ander 'after his furlough in Europe,
and thanks for the fine card he sent
lni -Prnm Germpnv- ".-it******^ ;;t**.^

Printed & Published by the Proprietor, Robert E. Alllfry Of ILill House uoptV1-1
at 2 BDatl Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.


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