Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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s. Janes Lowenthtl
{Itdbratlafl 0)
earch-%Istitut fO
e Study of Nant*
East 78 Street, "
York 10021, N.Y.,
,IA.^"* o .-*r

~. IN*VI I

x'l )a INDIA

Mrs. Indira Gndni- Prinme Mitsta .
S t hd v.

,:,:t, r.-.,,EW YORK 21 '
,JAN 2, ? .0 ..,.

S On Natiio;v Day (Friday Nov.
tl-r". will be no STARS on alK ..n fac,.,
we are givnmg our Staff the we'k ofK
S fro '-: Oe'b'r 30 to Nov.6 (p.iunti.
; jas i s d'Iit"u, to do much n rk durrn;
rpr.ltngvc, .naAonal holidays. 2' f h '.I
t ur ra. r enjoy thems::' e>. e-
S.m e t yniuL l t so own or .
*coun: .. Ae.
MisN-tWdlIE i& inearty St. Vsincent tap
3overar g CoraOtnittee ou banit riolilay:ds"
nas reesanended cuts: no holiday o01
tae Qee.en's Birtaday, and only 4Ise
'stattory nolidays of single 'ls ya eac.
p.3US the ComEon Law hiola..-$days,
Chri tas Day and 4cood riday: "to t.
more In keping witI our eooaominc
itn 'social tirc'umstances."
a.-,.'af 1.

We un4ar8tstand4 tat som 0
Mstinguiosed rlaistars incltdiag
a few Jtate Premilers ar teifr
Deputies, -and. peraaoage-s from otjsr .
coaairies will 0o 1a tamirida for
ationa.l Ier'Jo!vaber art, hkw
taat mrars bi.ria -Jit4s i aesag
taam may be disraocAte- Qa t $ie
daugater-in-law 'has tw*. *na)
will probably arrive for tae *ttt.

A..C o kpo4 Vd
*. thrae Governat' of t ,Vi Lic ct, '
tix' &rpprt Join, nas. ppoiLte4 *
Mr. T.MAi'&ael ?indlay, famous i.1
oricketer wickret-a-eer, as One
of two -new A'.(XCS, wit ttte
courtesy title of CGaptaia.

Vo i ET" NAM A
Tht war will bt overS
ty Nov. 1 if the South
Vietnamse wgp are witte -
J.3,/taart teruia.

4 ,)

S ''

Do8ie back page 10)

iV' Waa;

So now I. know what the Premier has been doing during his three
months' vacation: writing a patois poem. This first came to light or
to the ear on Monday evening when Mr. Arlington Riviere, in tones of
awed respect, asked listeners to guess who the author was, revealing
the name at the end of a session and telling it over to patois list-
eners throughout the State again subsequently.
I guessed him as the author during the first stanza, not because
of the voice, which had a more frenchified cultural to4e than that of
the Premier's polit-ical village speeches.; perhaps Mr. Leblanc has been
taking refresher courses from Dr. MWller in private or from. some noted
Guadeloupean confrere. What bugged me was the classicist form of the
ode, so that at one time I thought it was a patois translation from
Dr. Thaly read by Mr. Randall Lockhart' Then I thought no, it's too
chauvinistic for Dr. T. and Mr. L. would not do that sort of thing.
It was quite long, too, and will doubtless appear in pamphlet form.
I must congratulate the Premier on its infinite superiority to his
English verses.
In my honest opinion this poem qualifies for what should be named
the Dombel, not the Nobel, prize of this island; prizegiving is in
the air and lots of people whose criteria are rather feeble are sit-
ting in judgment on other people. No-one will ever ask me to be a
judge, because I am too cantankerous and too critical. Still, it
would appear that this Dombel prize was awarded in advance, since (if
the supposition in my first sentence above is correct) the creation
of this patois poem cost the people of Dominica $36,000 i.e. three
months of the Premier's salary, allowances not included. A noble and
well-rewarded effort.
We don't need a poet laureate here, because the Premier has al-
ready crowned himself in the vernacular.
Subduing his usual hilarity, Jeff Charies recorded an appeal for
listeners viemvon the anniversary of Radio Dominica's inauguration,
November 1stb Were you at that sparsely attended function for inu.
vited guests? Well I was (perhaps) but I don't want anyone to check
the, for the function's main point was rebroadcast lavishly
and with intention. It had to do, not with the formation of a national
broadcasting station for Dominica (that received brief references) but
with the GRENADA DECLARATION. It came during a year when the Premier
was alleged to have made a declaration that he did not associate with
failures. Well, the Grenada Declaration was a failure from the word
GO and the word GO was the inauguration of Radio Dominica. The
people of Dominica -- and let us admit that they were ably inspired
and supported by the Freedom Party vociferously rejected that mis-
guided plan to tie us up with Grenada, St. Kitts and Guyana and a
couple of other States who soon saw the red light and opted out. THAT
was the big event and statement of November 1st 1971, and today it is
a failure, as dead as a doornail, and Mr. Gairy is in London negotiat-
ing insular independence. The Dominica people are genuinely happy-
go-lucky, forgiving types, bless them all. In most democratic countries
any leader who made such a complete flop of a plan and of himself would
have been on the way out long ago.
What I think Radio Dominica ought to do on Nov. 1 1972 is to re-
play the whole recording of that inaugural function (even at the risk
of boring thousands of listeners again), including the pious Ecumenical
prayers, the preamble by a civil servant, the visitors' remarks (inter-
esting at times, particularly about Marconi) and above all the full
text 'of the Premier's speech. Then people would really get the event in
perspective. And may I add that Radio Dominica has done better than
I expected, even with all its faults -after such a start. (Contd. v.4)

Page Two

Priday,October 27, 1972


Friday, October D27 191,. T H S T A Pag T h

Irtroducin Death "* -

Ry aoWA"D HIOr' T

W1VM Uttie Jane's AUnate Sue diedA,
aer other took her to the NOee"d
pa-r for the vkewan@
"see all the ce poaeu?" saiM her
mxtser. "T*rs ame raoe an W dKe
are eCaattions, and those ar km-
anths. o't they d" el ejuttowa*f"
Jane had evr MeeWto as mjay
beaif flowers. She clapped hear
little hBnds 10 jpee.
-Why are the opee whepi t
Oad mambltfnb'i insted JaXW.
4Thapt is to show ther reaspct for
AMalie SMe." aid her ptbWr.
"But she ca't aVw thesa =nhw,
can she?' asked sa.A
"No Dear," said aw Mother "bit
set that LsOW htarn trf WAies sak-
ing? Do't yu losVe P' Now wet's
g tp and pay osesapects to
Aamtae Se."
They got n line, antd wbtea It was
thewr Ulm to lkx* her hw Maks hoid
Jane p to sWee the pretty cofMa.
There lay AuIats Sue in her best
dress, her hands CoIded, he- eya%
Ased, sm&ghug wn intor the M&t

S"tDoean she IoVk wonerffl" said
t_%it ftteJ, Ms. B&dtaw-
'Yea, aleesO't sghe2 agreed Jacts"
aotWe, "Tnahoe two weea* t i?-
.'oncaa 4lij her as world orf "s.

W%!r cee look inds of pr*.""
s aid Ja#oe.
ywwr i rst wrItas scores !fr
tI c ouldtenai teaches.' a astes
c .hoo&

'Ir. Morter tahe anstki*as, ised
cosrDi3xs Mn Auntie Sae, Deaa 4A-
planaad ew another,. "jst iWke yoa
do soaosnems with yow Barese dae.
Now, isat this tan?"r
The =eal day they wat a oen
fu"er Jane and ha r b aubr and
fahat rode in the saw'd car beMhad
tf- hearsm.
"Why ca't v de bdied Aate
Sae?' asied Jane.
'"Unck en a&W the chSdra w ai
wn the firt car hisind Azade Sae,"
expaied bes =oVther. "Boat is M-
cause they are the dCiaseat raati.
Now, wfem de youi and yar father
wAI he 16e coseat natives. Thena.
y cani ride in the ftrst car behind
tie heurase. Wcwht Ihke Iso Won?
"i CM tWay? wait." samid Use
"See all the shiny Ublack "s. OWe
aftgr the other. said" r haMhe~ -
"YoW know. Dear, vti is JaW Wt
a pra'ee iW&t Wt?"
"Wcret are the b&hOsMP*" aiSId
dann. bav
"Q.s w sea @ i have fedanasa,** as-
pawne4 ke miather, "NAt sy do
turn the ghtss 0a. 'Wt it pettyl Btt
her we aWr -t the tlvey caniai,
'ltlcy mat Wou o(A t6 car ayw? AvA'
at t place whete A Se was
to he- biA'md. Sia men camied Axo'de
GSe'sA coffin CUt of the hUAr!% to the
hbg bo&e e te giovt dv Jana nm t ed
a fraaue aWt aidds the heia, just
about the svze Of the cOS&M. Sws
ensuh ithe coffin to in. IL ane S-
spected all the pulieys and rapem.
"'XIt'a just Wta a Ma gEator l et,.
iAsa't it, Mansui," Ashe said. "'ay I
pLy with t?"


Cahib Wnk 3 s

M5 S A6 MS9EAN DeveTlop- r A substanCtiaI part- l4
Smeet 1a 8K (CDB) is moving' hard rems rcs was it rs'i
swimt lowards a "crisis" af members' ate wte S the
empty aoaers. Bank could not spand; and
According to CDB Presideat. aUnwing for this its original
Sir Arhur Lewis, by the end spenadble maey, to be paid
of neax year the iank will in over ire years, was abut
tlave .pent all -its money and;TT $0 million .
the coffers will be empty. Sir Arthur pronted out that
So by the end of 3197, CDB by the and of W27. the Bank.
'aouid have to close hop t l have committed about 4
less it got more money, Sir Ia Aad s it w* audy
Aruabr told delegates atteasditngieapraly
the 18M annual general on t h came to about
Sorro .hoefvr and lbieb came toy oat
meeting of the Caribbea T-T rr ma!i, wih i'*r
sociation of haduw o and Casm- TI $W aa t
m ar hel n Doi Rw ti- 6 s ,
aica. on Satmday. Sir Arthur said the reason
But the CDB's "celais" was the back's Maoey was going
nt really a crisis, Sir Arthur io fast was that it had swOThi
declared. It was a uormai iato its stride very swiftly.
lauochbag of the Bank ime its lHe H otal that aoralliy an
proper buamweo. whiuh was to mnternational deeopmint.
bor-row money and re-4end. bank did not make 2ay loan
lThf CDB Presitdasl c.x duriT, its first two %eoxs,
13ained that the viriginaal cum fbat timc wa.- utuaill spasnt
uitRimeAt Lo the Bank va TT r recr yith ata making ruleW
i. milon of had resources 5 i a and Oins and studoatw
Pu TT S.:e nmii.mie of soft te put to I.t

"No ? eaw." said h mRtwer, "am
otf Ir. Mertmer's sasetants we' da
thwa, buest you eeCa ap close when
&te tee comes and watch taem ow-
er the coffinn"
"HMt wG1 be cky," wml ed
Jant as s*e crowd up ckame to the
Som the rai=ia-r arrived andm ev-
weyi bh W a to sp taihing. lS
;QofA5d ,*udld ia lAds Mack veW-
OW a Sssa w was hG il e atnd
all us he read 6r e thae Bib3O.
Then "kiey iwaed the cWna4, and
. M sa*ia stow it was doan She
Was a owe e dsapopukated dtwt She
tdaidt O6 too aS" OMMs teraw an the
Ati and ovar up Aimbe S.A but
her athr awssned er that evry-
*thing waa be taean care of.
Tmesn was a peasant chatter of
akwes w- eveeryoae ageed on how
besu~suft the twytAi was. 7%mheafB?
ad her mnather and father got back
in the sWiy black car and drao*
to Asutrie St and Undle Bean's
webee they hMd a vwpeeful dibmier.
Neighbu had breluta in all kinds
af cold cuts and potato saAd and
deied eniW and pkddet and oWves.
ad a aad caMs. it was 1.4 ltke
a pmick ewcpt t was nsidde and
hedy Wod 00 tW4-agod OWracc& -ane
never ate so macm th her 1We.
"Hses ya m he-d a goNd tikna,
Dwir asklS heras mother,
Jane loeed at her aNimer. very
aewrkasy and theotsaly. Then her
bx> A kp with a happy, hapy

'Whenl amre yu gains -to di ,
wMaler a

But )wVowin te te' i h to demonstrate to
aeeds of the people *i 1 a" iernatuonal Ananciera
regime the Bank want to f that it was a very sound cva-
from its first day and hadW aerdal undertaking; other-
i ,ved m last, tha ay. wise they will not lend the
i'ts predecessors, Sir Artr Bank oe = 'and it- would
MOd. be .ovtof b=rtWea, Sir Arthur
He made t clear that ftom said.
194 the Bank will lead as For instance. CDB's biggest
much as it cold. borrow and lender, the United States Ad-
no More. minlstration for Inailnattuial
Yet the word "erisi" was Development (AID). demanded
not irrelevant, he said. slae, t see .a full appraisal for
dance latched, CDB WS W t each siagle loan the Bank made
be able to prate successdully with AID funds, and' reserved
without a revWolationary chouange ts rigmt gf fin aA oval for
io the public's image of the any project costing more than
Bank. $. us af8.
'At present," Sir Artur de- m Wovid Bank. from whem
cl.aed, "our cutoiaM U ak CDB was also hoping to
.o us more as if we were a borrow, took exactly te
foreign aid ftwad, contiaany same li Sir Arthur sa.
repiekShed by Parliamenta The CDB President said me,
grants, than as a Bank =u I
h s to borrow meiey ia in-: P k *
teniatimal capital markets. Cs om m se J st
Clearly what the gra*4 d shk tI e was at
agency can do and what is ODD d 2 le t -
imposad an the b or wer mn M (
capital markets are qube CU ,IMS tC)110lhm s
SffertC per t ca the cost atf a pro-
In fact, CDR's potion In t he .
capital ao iK w wlik ot the Bank
trMM Sir Arth said. to the per et, he
The Bank could not lae Its aB a y CDB was
rs Mo the y 8na development
Mait garantees 0f any Wnda011 a M agt. U

-- -------------~-----i*- -~---~--l---urr~-~-rr~-ru~r~-r^- r

Now listen to what the Educator in its 19th issue (of Nov.3, 1971)
had to say on that lamentable matter, under the heading "A iEW STAR IS
BORN" (p.10, 3rd para. rt.hand col.) "The Day, however, waa climaxed by
the moving ceremony of the opening of Radio Dominica and the momentous
f announcement of the Premier, E.O.LeBlanc of the Declaration made
as a- result of a meeting of Heads of Governments in Grenada' which an-
nounced the decision to form a West 1ndian Nation of Guyana, The Wind-
wards and St. Kitts presaged the formation of a constitutent assembly
charged with responsibility of drafting a constitution WITHIN SIMREEiN
MONTHS."(My caps.)"... Amidst applause the wife of the Premier, Mrs.
Edward LeBlanc, cut the tape and drinks were served..." But not to me,
Subsequently a grey pamphlet, as dismal as the outlook it envisaged,
with an introduction by Mr. Arlington J. Riviere, and paid for at the
taxpayers-l expense, -set-forth in some 20 pages the whole Tandangle of
the plot of the Grenada Declaration. It confirmed how firmly the reput-
-ation of the Premier was tied to the success or failure of this scheme.
So -- the Dombel Prize for Poetry, and the Dumbell Prize for the
Grenada Declaration. And I have mentioned the latter historic flop in
detail for the benefit of the young, who may never even have -heard of
it, so suddenly was it dropped, in the hope that it would be forgotten.
My dear young friends, it was dropped because the people of Dominica
would have nothing to do with it.
*E *
On the subject of a different and heftier printed booklet, one
can get considerable amusement out of the new Tariff Act and its
schedules. It contains some wonderful legal gobbledygook like this in
the Birst Schedule; "iAy reference in a heading to an article shall be
taken to include a reference to that article incomplete or unfinished,
provided that, as imported the incomplete: or unfinished article has the
essential -character of the complete or finished article."
As they say over a current spot-the-tune commercial,'Did you get it?'
Our readers will be amazed to hear that Ice and Snow are subject
to a General Duty of 30% and a Preferential Duty of 20% (and are precip-
itated by the gallon!). Among other curious anomalies, Communion Wafers
are dutiable (Gen. 30%, Pref. 20%); this would seem to be discriminating
against Anglicans who use wafers in favour of other denominations
who use ordinary bread.
The most irritating part of the whole, of -this Brussels Nomenclature
is the lack of any kind of index, or even some sort of guiding rule'
which would allow you to get within a page or two of the species of goods.
being checked ona- for -instance-I should. have- thought that fire-exting-
uishers were an important life-and-property-saving factor in an island
with so many wooden houses; I find refills for fire-extinguishers dutiable
Gen. 10% Pref. 5%, -but nowhere can I find fire extinguishers themselves!
And I trust that the .customs men will find time to count the number of
matches in each imported box, because the General Duty is 50% for up to
30 matches in a box and 60% from 31 to 70 matches in a box: why not
give them a real job to do and call the duty 1% per match in each box:
Mechanical devices for spraying liquids or powders, such as "Spray Guns
and the like" carry 22% Gen., 15% pref. but- "Others" are Free; why not
state Agricultural Spraying machines (Free) 0o that' there is no amlguity.
Those who are in the habit of .putting on "good smell foh cover up
bad smell" as a shrewd villager once described her cherished bottle
of perfume to me will find the device increasingly expensive. Scent
and perfumes are among the single. luxuries of life which are bound to
rocket in price.
,. ,h, and by the way, the next time, you want to import any "Bombs,
grenades, guided weapons and. missiles" you must pay 70% duty.-


Friday,0October 27,. 1972:

Page Four

m---iotcr 17 '91---

sChedule of for Cer!fi'cee of Title and Notings
ihereop ada Cavcats for week ending 2;t day of October 1972.
Dtte Resueted Perscn Pr-eese;fng Nature of reci'est
wfethsr a Ceriflcate
of Tide of. Noting
z..nn or c'-Vftt.
R uw dad e a quest fo. the 'ue oi a
5; dh a. esae wrsr cer cas- oft Titi.: u
Ie, M72. by 6W 1ahaatb !vp*ct o& a porio'n o0 land
enweted the W1h A i P.iasrov.;kl, unntwe u'rman
davoy oC t'oe, 19' CUMiAAM.DIip 4 St.. Geowic al the State
a IS.1 p.m of Dtace_ _ontanlas
...- 6 square teet and bound
d as foItoas.r
kNwth by land at Gewrgla Fraisht Eus by 1t2d of Sarkie
Gfowl. Soeh by iamd of Helen 4s*eUw West bY the SWB
Wirth5watby land of Nelly Edwds,
soiA DD ca, Acting Registrar of Tites

NOTE : Any person who desres to obfnr to the issue rgj
Certvf(cTe of tcia.e the aibov* application m0y enter a C
It the aove off t within six weeks .fri the date of t.e
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper pubt,
In this Stata or from the'date whei the notkW prescribe-
iaw ww a tic served on ony owner or occupier of ada.
l -ud in r.a.ct of which th i s .


Usten to the

Monday 30th Ocwber 5. pA.L
Write to ua at:
Box io Romsea, Dominica.
Children's prograsas w
rawn "s4ftar CM shNovnt

- ~- .U-~~~- '-- T- -




- Oc
s*t c612 -


^. -


c ~~ ~~~ ~ B~-l-~ IIP ~ I


or further details visit
LTD. '
R(ISI, .


e Government of Dominica
on Your






Radio Dominica



YourST OU A4.aiveraary Day

Addrm Books, Any Year Diaries, 0&R 3 ..
Scap FoL Books, Sothaad-No RISBANE & SONS
Bo.ks,.Accountm forms Will ForC*I ep.-u tnoe good Work
Duplicae mad T C e Books, Supply
Statementr and 'lks Tciplcase
Books, Dicioaaries, Caribbean AAases N PPEA
Ft. ch dSp sh Dicioaos F' Fren ch a The. kindly asked to sup-
d S Pr port the Jumble Sale planned for vil-
so Leaos" aId "Spsl h W'1 s0o lkNo, agesgs ftom Grand Fond to- Laroche.
Also: Mi sy Ea po *All articles should be clean and in
Recctd CGh&doi nri
S* good condition
1/'7_2 Deliver to the office of Martin
NICA DISPR ARTY OM LTD. Sorhaindo on King George V St.



iu the following areas:-
house au Lut .- Upper Ganefield
t" - Steber Street
S- Massacre
" - p~ond Col
" - Lowe.r GaueeftIeld
- ioodwiL11.



liui~d~4ifTILJL~~LI~iijNIiiii- r,1 TiHl l

-I I-~~Lll~IC

Pato F"*e

it. :5 AR

O-rank+ Z;a'. 189r




Friday,October 27, 1972

Although we are not quite com- We wrote last week that we would
plete in our list, here are some provide readers with more information
of the lucky, beautiful or clever but we were relying- on releases
contestants:- from the D.T.U. and the Steering
fALuTr.KING ... Lord Tokyo, of Committee, which were not forthcom-
tennis-shoe-scandal fame. Runners- ing by press-time. However, an
up were Mighty Lark (2nd) and the important item of news is the arriv-
Mighty Chubby (3rd). And they all al in Dominica this week of Mr. J.
come from the Grandbay drea. Stocker, an erudite and much-travel-
Tonight, Friday, the CALYPSO led man who livedfor a long while
QUEEN will be chosen at the Arawak in Africa. In fact, he set up the
Miss Veronica Colaire, a pupil Federal Government of Nigeria s in-
at La Plaine Govt. School, won 1st formation and broadcasting services,
.-prize in the National Day Essay and from personal experience I can
Competition on "My Country and Me"* say that they were good... until the
Second Charles Martin of Scotts tragic murder.ofthe Prime Minister,
Head Government School.71 competit i. Sir Abubaka Tgfawa halewa.
STEEL BANDS top players were the At a anall party last Wednesday
South. Stars Steel Orchestra of Pte. at the Sisserou Hotel (given by Mr.
Michel, last year s champs. Running& Mrs. A.R. Taylor of the Commonwealth
a close second was the 54-piece Development corporation for Mr.
Londonderry Youth Camp Steel Harmon Stocker), it was a pleasure to talk
ettes. This event took place on about places and people in the lands
Wednesday night in the Gardens. to which CDC had brought progress
or at least the promise of it and /
DRAMA Dominica Granmma School in particular of Julius Nyerere whom
topped the judges' polls for the we admire. Nyerere is as you know a
best play, best Director (Alwyn socialist, but when engaged in a
Bully) and some pretty good act- nationalization drive he left an
ing too. Theirs was a locally writ- important CDC project alone, for he
ten play. had confidence in that organization.
POEMS: Mrs. Marilyn Seraphine of Mr. Stocker was last here five years
Back Street, Marigot, scored a doub- ago and it is a pity he cah't come
le with her second year of First to Dominica more often.
Prizewinning: her 1972 poem is en- MA [MEA BACK FROM COioERRNCE
titled "A Country Farmer ".100 prize. Back here last Monday after a
Closely following was Luke Dangle- vital 10-day conference on National
ben of San Sauveur ($50), for his Parks held at Yellowstone, Montana,
"Dominica Land of Infinite Wonders"* is Mr. Christopher Maximea, Chief
Mathias Vigilant of La Plaine came Forest Officer. He addressed the
third with his poem "Dominica"- 25. conference as part of a panel, and
Fifteen poems were judged. we hope an occasion will be made
"MISS P.M.H."-the Hospital Queen for him to address the Dominican
Student Nurse Cherry Joseph, 19, people on conservation and National
was acclaimed the Nurses' Queen and Parks over our local radio. ..Why
crowned by a smiling Matron Dorival not on November 1st? As well as
(ret.) She works at present in the Yellowstone, Mr. Maximea visited
male medical wards, and should other N.Ps. & forest reserves in
brighten the eyes of patients: Her Puerto Rico, Florida, iew York, St.
lovely gown was designed and made Thomas, St. Croix and St. Johns VI.
by Mrs. Elie and in fact the Hospi- The U.S. Dept. of the Interior and
tal sponsored its contestants (or the U.S. Conservation Foundation.
in this case the C.N.A.). The gown sponsored the intensive tour.
was black, for evening wear, with a BELLOT & CO. GOING PUBLIC
low;back agd fitted bodice embroi- The firm of Parry W. Bellot & Co.
dered with sequins and pearls. The Ltd. is to go public soon and a
Judges were Dr. Yankey, Mrs. Bernard diversified list of early investors
Sorhaindo &.Mrs. Watty. Miss Idris including Mr. J.B. Charles and "By-
Leblanc came in second, and Miss Trinee" are starting things off *
Leona Loblack (last year's National The firm is giving official guests
Beauty Queen)was third. ** here for National Day gifts of bay
Congratulations to all the Winners! rum.


Page Six

;wzf I P ..e t5

Sds4hAue.of Appkatton for Ct*iwts vf Twt ?ad NKPar
5kereb.4a and Caz-ts for week trdf4nw 14t% $ 0e 1.?2.
E--g- --- l PnnP-- gf---* o-est
on~ ^ayi't $?na" Prt""""l N 'y/ o' r" s

&it i e4 r
-A-- hc t dae .13th


ft ..aeqsh-s0eow-sw--

j *****4- a Cefritic&te
f TiSde of Notiang
DaS r Ca w..

.>:Okj jf TY4 e Att:'ot B
TS^^S. 1rfa i)!^.].^ '*'. ..ay
tatrLtnktn, r, tte Smer 1,93

Kuttare cst Ed4 O't'poudetts

L4- h* e ai Ciu a k= *

Sch*d4%e of Appacsi Nr, Cgr*nficet, of Thi* an4 R06tea
*r*f on &ad Caveatu for w'c rtm"ting 2nt dtay oft Octoatr P72.
P- - - -

k---------|~ Mi

tx3. (S t 9 7
at 3.,s io

Person Prisentiog Nture of requJett
whether a Cerrrficstac
of Title oW Noting
Lch er o; Caive~t.
.scephme Cuostar "4r' } e.:i ;' r1tq iwmsad
#Fr Certilcast o' TM.e fis
by bW- Soliciw atw s a of ti anM i
n RIt r.t Soias d thie te
'Chua A2.V1 lss4 4 ".A.iE t* =ess ofS
A D'l OJt> s: pa
w~.wfcis st %^ Sars aBtx
d f Rd -^ B R d*. s s.M

sn Wa 'v y ye s4 W"eosma*s. A*ksanem Ncrnia Wal
RPwer Svcrs North Emas y ktod of Wfithefi d loe ,
R4*a&j. Dawinpa, Actiz& R(egistrlr of Ti es
NOTh' Aky person who tieslres to okfrct to th< :'tTU1 of a
Cfrtficna of title ow the above SapptoCtiorh Piy entir.- a CavetS
Wt the abov ofce wtghn s.tx wi'c, f-om the d..s, cp the Ftirs
app*arance of this scheduwa in the STAK Ntwspaper pubfts.hed
to hit Stae or from the date Awtu the tnoice prescrmei hy .
18w wss tst erwrd op' any owtav? oir occupier of amloinfa
k iftd n S of whtch the spoS3i , W a g


No m e boilig your baby's fM.ding
bottles and !sts.

Simply ue

as directed.,
A month's py co4e
,msD -- "
!? i S .aBi L





AI D 1 Lk E X



Appre .7800 dq+ fte

Ch C'Terw do


T' aww a z C.

zot~~~ f 'TSt$zo
tinOI^?-^^^B 0 i





(lader Mewbdist Church Managemenmy

App icants, preferably Aethodist, mws
be Graduates with. some years teaching
experience. Apply with two iesimoniits
one being from present employer to

Rev Atherton D'itct,
P.0 Bo 92




,' i~or~ ~aoca~e~,

~SB~bO- ~4~9:

M 7p :2,.

Friday, October 27, 1972

Right about now (October, nearly Dear Madam., I would like to make the
November), there -iasmall-to-medium- sUgSestian that the signs posted bear-
sized tree blooming profusely with ing words like "ROAD WORKS AHEADtr are
its large pannicles of bright yel- placedtoo hear to the road-workers. I
low flowers, a spreading canopy was once an unlucky pedestrian who al-
of bloom, and it is as spectacular most became the victim of a taxi-driver,
at this time of year in its bloom These signs should surely be placed
as the flamboyant in June-July. It where the drivers'may have ample time to
is the Cassia Multiiuga, a slender, check their speed, in order to avoid
brittle, quick-growing tree which accidents or unpleasantness and alarm.
for- the rest of the year is not at The road-supervisors ought to know
all conspicuous, with its feathery that this is a "key factor" in road
leaves and small branches, and it safety. CECIL ST. JEAN, Mahaut.
can be easily ignored and removed CRITICISM FROM PORTSMUUTH. ..
unwittingly. It's hard to grow by Dear Editors, -
cuttings, apparently, but if you and the o is strange that thell
want to obtain one, seed iLngs should STAR and'the thr local papers as well
be easily located in the area. do not give reports on High Court cases,
Another tieee commonly overlooked which greatly interest our people in the
for any decorative purposes is the North. There were quite a few cases of
bois glo' or gliricidia tree.When robbery around Portsmouth this last
bois gloom in the early months of the Session. e hear the verdicts
year it forms mass of purplish- given by our ew Judge. Please do some-
year it forms a mass thing about it J
pink flowers. It is an extremely Incidentally, there has been an- In-
useful tree and, although during quiry into the treatment of foreign vis-
the rest of the year it is .incon- litors on a tourist schooner anchored off
spicuous, it provides excellent Portsmouth some weeks 'ago. You may re-
shade, is supposed to contain a member that the Captain recalled hi'
high degree of nitrogen, is report shipload of tourists and pulled out'. We
good for supporting vanilla vines, want to hear about the report.
and the leafy twigs have been fed LEGALISTICG, Portsmouth
to various aidimals during a shortage
of grass. It grows extremely easily AND FROIM TIHE U.S.A.
and quickly by large cuttings, and Dear Editor, .hen I was in Dominica re-
and if placed where it is wanted cently I found that many people over the
and left alone will form an excell- island were reading the Star, but one
ent spread. Or two of them said to met (not in these
A shade tree, and a windbreak words) "The paper indulges in too much
tree, which should be given place. personal attack, -thereby mitigating the
is the Imortelle (Erythrina). Its strength. of its argument."
striking show of scarlet-flame comes EDITOR'S REPLY: Our 'personal' attacks
only once a year, but is worth the are on public ftiires, and once a man has
wait. Apparently the tree is sus- become a politiozuanhis whole actions are
ceptible to borers during the first subject to scrutiny and exposure, save
10 years or so. One author says of for the most intimate aspects of his fa.m-
this tree "this group of small ily life, whichiwe do not touch oh.'"But
trees is useful in the tropics, es- for the vigilance of the Press, these
pecially for the garden where water esconced public figures would have got
is scarce.,. The tree is recommnendeA.away with just ANYTHING. As Voltaire put
for gorgeous effect either in mass it:s 'Yes, I say things over and over
plantings, or for specimen purposes, again. It is the privilege of my age and
It will grow in dry locations." I will say them over and over arid over
A friend of mine told me the in- again, until my f GILow countrymen are
teresting fact that in the Carib cured pf their folly.",
Reserve it is sometimes used as an I NOV. 1 RADIO ANNIIVERSARY
important boundary mark (and perhaps Thvee readers have written in wonder-
elsewhere as well) It is .called ilg whether it is worth while to complain
by the people there a mortal tree." to Radio Dominica that the Opposition
W* is denied the air for its viewpoint.
___ WHY NOT TRY? but sign your names


Page Eight

Page inne

Friay Otobr 7,.97 TE TA


V I E W S -


There is an old saying that
kisses go by favour, but it must
now be established thst Winning goes
by Favour tpo. I was in audience at
the Wesley Government schoolroom on
the evening of Mon.16th Oct. when
the three singing competitors of
the North Eastern Division viz:Mar-
igot, Webley and C alibis ie pres-
.ented what they had come to offer.
On the termination of the com-
petition, I concluded that the Cal-
ibishie Group was the winner; but
when one of- the two Judges went to
the microphone to disclose his de-
cision, he was observed to be very
reluctant tp do so,
His declaration of the Marigot
Group having won the competition
raised great suspicion among the,
audience. Tpe ppular opinion (even
of the people who had no technical
knowledge of music) was that the
Calibishie Group was the winner,
Among other faults, the conductor
of the Mari:ot Group turned to the
audience an1 sang one verse of the
"Alto Solo" part of the contested
piece. .Thergfore I fail to see how
the gouqp bOuld have scored points
against Cal.bishie when they should
have lost ppints.for that glariihg
breach. Thore was also a tbtal
absence of Stage presentation,
I was interested enough to wish
'to hear the number of points scored
by the individual groups under the
five different headings; unfortuno-
ately that was not disclosed,
-Members of.the Marigot Group
themselves should admit without hes-
itation that they failed and even
lost.,to Wesley.
I 'think that there was an over-
sight on the part of the two Judges,
or rather there may have'bee. a.spec-
ial reason why the Marigot Group was
given'the win.
Let the truth be the truth be-
cause, it is manly and right and
let Justice prevail for God's sake.
MUSIC LOVER (name attached)
N: orth Eastern District.
EDITOPS .*OTE" We wish Correspond-
ents (Ano4f1byjpreference) would have
the" courage :to allow us to print tteir
own names. This would lend more force
to their arguments. Ed,.



There are a lot of people we
would rather see to leave this
State than Mr. Bill Campbell who
did nothing but good to the poor
and this is a Labour Government
supposed to look after-tie poor,
When I read the piece in the
Labour paper EXPULSION MA1iIA I-
got really mad. Making noise over
Roosie Douglas and Dr. William
Riviere getting turned out from
Canada and Trinidad (and the papers
know what they are supposed to have
done), but these people here do the
same thing themselves and worse,
for has Mr. B.C. done anything to
burn down Govt. computer centre
or to agitate politically? Abso-
lutely not. Yet they throw him out'
Don't look for me among the
youths he gave food and education
to. You will not find me. there.
But I am a friend of them. And I
know what I am saying. And the
thing just burns me up. Hell.
RADIX (name given) Rpseau.

Dear Editor: RENDER UMb CAESAR...
When I was born (in Barbados)
the Anglican Church there was7 still
a sort of State Church, part of the
British Establishment. I felt glad
later that I belonged to a minority
Church of that land (Roman Catholic)
for I did not believe that State &
Church should mix,
Now I see that through CADEC
the various churches in the Carib-
bean are welding themselves into
a-sort of arm of the authorities,
meddling in development and doing
more about practical welfare than
about spiritual things. I cannot
help feeling that this is wrong and
may lead to the churches rendering
unto Caesar the things which are
God's. I do hot know whether I have
invented that expression or not,but"
it certainly.troubles me,
Let me admit with the priests &
ministers-that poverty and under-
development are among the curses of
our times. But are the churches
tackling them in Christ's way? Are
they not -rather doubling up with
the State or states and tackling
them.4n Caesar'b way, to the great
advantage of Caesar?

Friday, October 27,-1972



*S *T*A*R*S *P*0*R*T*S *.*by Morahriston MORE WSD(CB
FOOTBALL: Div.II: S.11'.A'. Score Eleven On page 3
Paragon had it tou!h when they took on s speech mad
S ,II.A. with only eight men (7 in. 2nd 1) Lewis Presid
-- 5-0 at halftime (Tohy'Dickson 3, G. ment Banki'h
Walsh C& Jerry Lewis oHe each) .'Paragons bhis talk to'
got'their lone goal from goalie Johnson and the Ianu
Isaac who played out in the field. -SMA in Dominica
goals in second half Christopher 2, G. "The Govern
Walsh 2, Patrick Jeffers &'L.Clarendon rassed if th
one each. Final score 11-1. to the CDB w
DGS and Celtics United diew 2-2 last political pa
Friday. Goals from. Jeffrey Lawrence- and they want to
Mich6al Darroux' DGS, arid 'A.Christopher their own ch
and A. Shillingford for Celtics. certain type
The First Division are n-ow busy on the cultural cre
Regiae* Cup and Paragons' this time drew land settlem
their second match against Harlem Rovem Therefore Wh
with stubborn football 1-1'* Paragons ments for su
opened the scoring and'missed a number in terms des
o f other chances before the interval, influence. A
The League Champs played hard football is higher in
but failed to penetrate Paragons def- than in most
ence until the' dying seconds of the ments have n
match,, after 10 minutes Katsle in the editions. Bu
goal area and many corners," one of outraged by"
which was nodded in by ',Ivine Benoit of their so
his tenth for the season. ..."I hope t
Spartans v. Harlem" Rovers fourth to judge its
'encounter for the season was called off rowing money
just after the interval by referee with whi6h i
Louis Benoit after an incident when *(Those who
Spartans Captain Cuthbert 1illiams and HOME O1 PL
-Harleas dofonceman Cecil' Bertrand both
put their heads up. .to theball and was noted,
rack two dazed players walked off uettes, ga
in opposite directions; Cuthbert Will- tiff bread
iams into the crowd with a nasty cut af
on.his head was followed into the crowd loves lang
by some of his men. The ref. promptly the former
blew off the match and talked out -of study Span
the Park. 'A bit hasty was the opinion Rico. Hav
of players- and spectators alike. The obtained a
replay will be next week.. patch"from
J.B.YA l=1y TROP'0Y. ... .Then-he to
The first match to be played in the THE BIT
Yankey League;waobetiwee i Halcyon and- A o' tural
Celtics United which Halcyon won 2-14 from the M
with goals, from H.Volney and D.Elie. great popu
They scored first -buit a' defence, blunder shows and
gave Celtics an equalizer before the 1972 Show.
interval. Halcyon scored the winner que:-y thei
soon after, The Vincen
The Football Season in the Newothern following:
League has now been in full swing for The newly
two weekends at Benjamin Park, Ports- group know
mouth. We have no details but would changed th
welcome a correspondent from-.the North. Cultural &

Page Ten

Printed and Pub).ishest by the Proprietor, Rob
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, The West Indies

Friday, October 2701972
we reprinted the gist of
e in'?dniona by Sir -Arthur -
bnt. of the Caribbean Develop-
ere are some escerpts from
the Chamber of Commerce
faccturers Association
tents* would also be embar-
oe money they made available
ere used to 'support one
rty rather than another.(If
enter that game, they make
oices.) Nowv in many countries
s of lending are highly prone
influence, especially age-
dit, small business loans,
eht and housing allocations.
en we lend money to govern-
ch purposes We have to write
signed to minimise political
actually political integrity
our part of t1p world
others, so most govern-
o trouble with these con-
t the one or two who do are
tH" apparent infringement
dgnty'.. ..*,.
hat our public will learn
'Bnkc by its success in bor-
, rather than by the ease
t shovels it out." ******~**
have put money into the Bank).
YING VISIT; Mr. Paul,who
here not oily for his -bag-
lletteb* banton and mnaa-
., went to'-Antigua thence
field to St. Maarten. He
ages and was a member of
Cercle Francais, hopes to
ish at the Univ. of Puerto
ng lost his passport, he
new one with utmost dis-
the Passport Office'-here.
ok off again. for points .'
CHES 4-.of St. Vincent.
and. musical group hailing
arriqua Valley, StgV,gained
larity, sp onsoring talent
a Miss Windward Statehood
.. until people began to
r 'nomenclature'!
tian of Oct. 7 appeared the
formed Cultural and musical-,
n as The Bitches have now
.eir name to Organisationfcr
Musical Expression."
i 1 'h N" b I tr-

OUR MISTAKE: Leona Loblack ,of PMH'is the sister of 1971..N national Beauty
Queen, whose name is Lena. (See NUR~E8' QUEEN on page six) Editor.

- --


Supplement ...L T HE s T A R. Pridaay,uctober Z7, 197'
..' L. 0EMi: BLACK- MMAp, LISTEi)' by J.R. Ralph Casimir
BLACK MAN LIS1"JT . '1. -e
: :. What"will you make -of your Black World?
A world of discord, deceit,- disease?
-.A world of hatred, rapine, murder?
A worId-of.-disrespect, indenehny, corruption?
A sick world of a thousand ills?
We curse America and the American,
Canada and the Canadian,
England and the English,
irrespective of the benefits we get from them;
wasting monies thrown in our laps.
Advocates of 'Black Power'
blale the white man of today for
crimes committed by the White manhs ancestors.
'Tis trues the Enoch Powells,jthe Vorsters, the lan Smiths
are despicable mortals unworthy of the enjoyment of
the good things of Godts creation.
But tell me, how less despicable are the
misguided leaders of
Burundi, Dominica, Ghana, Guyana,
Nigeria, RwaAda, St. Kitts, Uganda -- ,
Black man obstructing, illtreating- killing his
Black Brother in Africa, America, the West Indies?
Now do y~u'-read History?
Munai Ismael had over 30,000 white .slaves;
Ali KCrussa, Mulai Hassan had English and Irish slaves;
the Mobr6 dominated Spain for. five centuries;
King:Eyo, Kihg Nzinga Mbemba (Affonso' I), Ardra, Jakin
and other African Kings and chiefs sold their
African brothers and sisters'as slaves
'to merciless white 'masters' ;
Anthony. Johndbn and other Blacks had white and
black slaves in America;
Hannibal dominated Rome for thirteen years.
BLACK MAN, You oft quote Marcus Garvey, btt Garvey's philosophy
was to educate, build, unite, uplift -
nothing destructive nor reckless.
How. do you study History?
Donet you get inspiration from
'Imhotep who was revered as the god of medicine?
Etclid the mathematician?
Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth) who discovered the planet
Roman Emperor Lucius Septimus Severus? Mercury?
Popes Victor I, Melchiades, Gelasius?
Navigators: Pietro Alonzo Nino, Paul Cuffee,Hugh'Mulsac?
BEducators: Booker T. Washington. .A brose'Caliver, John
Spope Frankilin, Carter G.Woodsonh.
Kenneth D. Clark, Charles .;Wesley?
IMedicdl Experts: Daniel H*. W-illiams, Charles R. Drew,
-Louis T. Wright, Theodore K.Lawless?
Inventors: Lewis B.Latimer, Benjamit Bahneker,
Granville T. Woods, GarrOtt Morgan?
M-illionaires: Norris B. Herndon, "Khotso Sethunsa,
-Arthur G. Gaston, Mobolaji Bank-Anthoniy?
Apostles of Peace: Albert J. Luthuli, Ralph J. Bunche,
Martin Luther King, Jr.?
Did Black scientists help in the nsakin of the first atomic

____ ____


$14)ptSSflMl&t ii

irrt4aytJetonr 2?, ) VIZ

8~AKRA~e ;i0'"E t
Thflefi siabie Sbasks Vere -nt -wichietf-nker;.
tbey did ast waste tber ttie blvwi'g Skbaei -t'
4.. *4 bAvn b3ee up &ad oi.jg for cnt'uttries.
Do yeu likewixee
Lear to aspi.r7, %Alto, creAtet build,
lest you be. t'i t
*Go to ta s&at, thou i1aggard, ; .
S LACX MAYA lt9t2l
*;ke rA aiE r of bftii At braWv ,
B1Ct FAA, LIS.T. I ,

t .i gtc B? aA i x C w-J prtviewv Leaeons 6 a1* eM?
Z-S 6A. friday Oct -Z?, 8,440 p6 repeat Mo0.ayA I. garagiste
gaflageseonaa.Ls., gaLkec fwZC3' pIsp e 4 ei, )a *tatiflO &4 *a4tt e -
gas stwtiou 4. tvo.tret ear; l*t tr4iise -* brozes; enlaxoa. k)acrt;
Alasu '# 0soae- ta&e hra. Le wt)1ur motor; plaque. AiaiwatJLu).ot t -
llceaio plat; 1 jtaptiu t X&; ip w l; la I h&l I bre iir -c iaaer &.-
t Ie s ehWssa Cebasiga, Wa U P4sprett-i apprnatiae.
LrSSEiA 7 .., 3i SovlO (repeo.t khata saae tiv ): La rue o-* et?040 ?t-etV
- is it? S116 *at enrsu., 0 s 'ost-ze rs-tte *an com, haua't aC? Consan-ta.f
ce-itrpes now agR-' rrt7)0U Loa ImrCaiso eat oammwde tao useA it coajveaient,
cnofc.rtable. La porte d4pnse dr un bali6on bhe 'door -to tte osalic'7y
La s&t' do baj --. re.ia oor0. Tiottes GW.C. or toilet. L-. saloa lonagg
j2ai duc-nsc.f a-s I a 1 years o&. La casino tjitcis,.


1,? Clian saft te UZt Children'"aa d ,
like trough this aedimn !o express a theaty
Tha"k You for the support and ecroaragexagt
r&cxieved dUrig '.L week of AcUivites. a41 ob
iarance of World Chbi-rea& Day, cdebratd
on Monday 9th Otob'.

The Food has been in operation& in the
Wi.dward Islands si Febmuaty 196. Fr the
tist e ia.igs hbuty in Doemaics, w S fort
Ias madlto raise Fands though- pabic suf-
acipptida by ae of Sticke". ThIs a .A
$28,73 has bca colected.

rc,.: i,'.f # Ca.-,.in.. s ae s a1s m Ie ers' of
|the public who contribuLwted We lok4 fow'ad- to
your cmimu4d supparn of this anaua Ceyasr.

Tbe paper tba, makes you
laugh while you learn.

.............. .........



.Talk of

SB lazin g Ma tniq


At th MANICOOl a1.
ThtSFday rdo Nowboo pt
From io.oo pm*.

Music by Domlica's.
Top Combo Band

ffi 08..

Pride of iMahau




rrr~~--~ pU~'7 *1ul~~rca



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