Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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IMs I .ane Lowenthal,
'Librarian, I'
Research Institute lor
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street -
I. ew York 10021, N.Y.,

1.< W |.


.J-,tw- t


lyU T -,- "-.. .."_, - .- -

CAIC, ZlbCA, CAkIPTA all these
initial bound IIYe suburbs of
Voremouth, Doiica- BAt CA1C *
ea3a .Carlbbe~ai AMsociaiioCa of
.nstry a~uA CUommiree, ad is.
tAerefore of regional iaorta.ce.,
Qpite an array of persons eig-
ixiftoauat iu idodustry u& Vublic
affairs assaaoled foi iJe Opeun-
ing at Port Yoluo o". Thursday,
led cy c.AIC Pre'siL.t Sir earuet
Gord~oL, wao will .(a hei. eai.')
staud .dowva' aT Oattrday'a AUM,
at which, aaotaevr Altigulaed
St.,'Wcian Sir Artimar Lewis -
wil1 mBxe au imaprTS. it iatameat.
air Lfarzet .ba als're i.ta?. ...
that the LX0z ueed maoe iudus-
trlizatiou, kWe hope aot a rash
of aMnall:' dotmBd factories to
blight -Wete Idldis laudsaeapes)
Wearing its maay medals as the Maior-Gei-
eral, Mr. Edward Heathat the Royal Mgkuy
f4;s:1&,myi SaaawassM ,

c ato against Eooh:Powe.l at hus Pay
Coafncrect awd won the day,


AUSTIN 23o0, No. z8 8.
PHONE -2,07.

"" ~~- F . ::h ,
W eear Of -AS

.. a1g. a .-
.tabout t"e &aN-

Ovl ware Oud

% ixonV~-
&u tiwr Ami'91
ViL a nti
ti was ter,
asar'P satdg

.in November,

can people wn

N 3 '

O F&D'o or. -7 0( lfNI
ejfr of Major Items
Domizica t!-dites,,n ta *va.ue "
e 1..^ a n-A of o'.ve; W.

rnaiat & el.z rrJiAg Iocn eoto
a 4:nd Oemt c

ift.. itm. a ,C)EiS MOA .
listed onAsm sig a foaw the &Vix
I'- aue *f his vVt"(Ir 401a of Gokwyrua. *.
opeem c ge at a la wwek .'n. (oan tacsa
*S.01', 1AvU 1 iesdlose,
tnarz tae J&as Oaricoea
C<2n&s. Mar~a t, ist ^ h:7') w^i^^83 *i
at 1lsegt :. *uasd to l~ges es^
ahw a u-.ated :r- c Mou
the > e Dklos powe- 41 v D F4
t~rift ^uX^,. Thiis rna t e jthe a7.5 yeS-,
ioag be a pla& of u^ y of tbe Weit :..
SiW & t&r fe Fu.w'iD IZiDi
In hi ra-Td?.o taifei, t-a*?- 5 ** u edS8analI 0:;
MaSi i'alse -'. :.rt tr tp o non:
Ctu'ms'er ot Consergrcie a^ nd1 B

"I rano.-ally waft son*>-^^*-'*Fr^0
matted,, .. o on.., ,^e or Ct for mf:-
Qu^A nq n as. ^foialoa ET ca J^

"i-- ui;4~ w~-r-. -r

~ -.~-irl~l~s~'

_ ~

-------- u~ar-----~u..


t Va~ !~3la'.~l~i~iiE

In general it is rather foolish forbone newspaper to publicize
another even by means of attack. ;.But tan editorial appeared in tle .
Educator,...organ of the Leblanc LabodF.?arty, .on October..11 which .
really calls for a retort on several points.
The 'paper attempts to give the. impression that the strongest
opposition party in the Associate States -. the Dominica Freedom Party' -
is 'disunited' and.on the decline. *The faicts do not support thi .'
fabrication. One thousand new membership cards for new', members are
being rushed into print for the Freedom Party this week -I learn this
through the Editor of the Star, which is doing the-printing. A great
number of people, throughout the country are coming forward eager to
join. This -betokens resurgence and not decline.
Next, the L.P. organ refers to 'the indignity of the final retreat
of December 16th'. But there was no retreat^ at least not by" the" 7".
Freedomiteo, on or after Dec. 16. The people of Dominica won their
battle and a detested bill was never passed. That day is regarded as
a landmark-in social and political history,-and no amount of'hired
whitewash can obliterate that.
Members of the local Labour Party claim that they are socialist,
when it suits them to do so, and discard the tag or conveniently.
shelve it when a really ideological issue arises such as the Castle
Bruce affair. I regard the policy-makers of the Leblanc Labour Party
.as socialists but their followers as nothing at all, for the poor fel-
lows do not-;know where they are being led. And I qualify that by
adding that the ruling party here is NATIONAL 'SOCIALIST. There are
as we most of us know several kinds of socialism. Everything this
LLP has done proclaims it to be a national socialist party. The short-
form of ..national socialist was invented by the Germans: it is iNAZI.
It puts the State before the People and, *starting perhaps from a bene-
volent socialist concept, works itself through to a dictatorship. The'
Dominica Labour Party with all its early good intentions degenerated
into a national socialist party in the 1960s, It seems rather funny
that they style themselves as Social Democrats.
The interesting thing is that I am aware of several genuine
socialists of the social democratic brand who are leading members of
the broad-based Freedom Party and who see in it the only hope of social
justice for Dominica.,This does away with the insistence of the rulers
that Freedom is a capitalist oppressor, for such people would never
associate with oppressors, either of the right or of the left. In an
early speech when the Freedom Party wads inaugurated,.it was described
by one enthusiastic speaker as "a many-splendoured thing" and 80, as
far as my observation and experience has proven, it remains
*The impression given by that editorial which has called for my
retorts is that of apprehension. Coming from a party which hangs on to
and embellishes colointlist legislation, it. speaks of the people facing
"the nervous apprehension of the unrealities of< opportunist and irres-
ponsible radical opposition". Man, how twisted can you be? Of course
it is not only Freedom of which they are afraid, but of splinter groups
probably within their own ranks. At one moment they are worrying about
"splintering groups of radical socialist'.emerging, pursuing policies of
extremism", and the next second about "senseless reactionary politics".
I know that the object of the exercise is to- hold on to power through
belittling any form of opposition. But this time it will not work.
In the same issue there is an article by that fine West Indian
journalist Alister Hughes. And this is, how Hughes ends his piece on
'Put the People before the Party' which supports liberty of action
within the Assembly. West Indian Electors are becoming increasingly.
sensitive to the antics of fly-by-night politicians." (Contd. on. 4)
(Contd. ono 3. 4)

Friday, October 20, 1972

Page Two


Page Three.

Friday, October 20, 1972

Gusty winds threatened to s oil Word review of the Friday & Moeday .
Gusty winds threatened to spoil you)
the second half of Her Majesty s lessons (8..4 r)-- (Keep-before you
highly successful visit to JugoslaviaESSON5 ... Regardonsi e yet's look "
she was told she might not land at Allons: Let's g~6 Courons! Let's runl
the coastal towa of Dubrovnik, and autour de la mai on around the house.
press & photographers found them- devant lc jardin -in front of the jar-
selves stranded along the line at den. Sur la table 'on the table.
Titograd, while the Queen pressed au adas du -ayon over the bookshelf.
on regardless.* In Belgrade on Weds, dans 1'eau do la claire fontaine in. -the
the Queen spoke about the great water of thfe clear spring, uel homimel
portance of nature and the environ- what a manl quelle femel What a woman.
ment: "you cannot view the country- UWI EXTRIA I-nRAL DEPARTMENT
side through a computer'" Earlier DEATH ANOUNCEMENT dt
she told President Tito and great We are sorry t learn of the
crowds in the first Royal visit to ofe are s. Presy tenolar of theKigs Hill.
a Communist country "no people can funeral took placPreeBenot of KPoings Hill
get along better than the peoples of His funeral tookhursd place at ernoont. His
our two countries," Jugoslavs are Michel'on Th.ursday afternoon. His
very popular in Britain because of widow, Mrs. Louisa Benoit, daughter
their,markedly democratic trends and Marcia (Mrs. Barnett), son Louis and
their sportsmanlike football. **** other children and several relatives
On Nov.22 Princess Margaret will op- mourn his loss.,
en Cable & Wireless' Barbados Earth
*Station, 8th link in the Company's DOMINICAN GETS ACCOUNTANCY CERT.
global satellite communications. Mr. A.N. Winston has becomepan

Churchill's son-in-law Sir Christo.-
pher Soames and Labour ex-Minister
George Thomson (once designated to
us as a future British P.M.) will be
proposed as Commissioners to the ECM
from Britain when entry becomes a
fact on January 1 with the Queen's

Associate Member of the Association
of Certified Account nmto was articled
toa firm of Chartered Accountants in
Br'itain, and is employed as Account-
ant with Messrs J. Astaphan & Co.
(1970) Ltd., being also an Associate
of the Institute of Taxation.


NulE H oricial announcement was made
NOBEL BIOCHEMISTRY PRIZE in this case under arbitration that
British and American Professors are a settlement had been reached between
sharing this prestigious award for CDC Management and the Union (DTU),
their work on the exact nature of Agreement on the reinstatement of 80
antibodies. They are Dr. Rodney R. workers who had been employed' by CDC
Porter of Oxford Univ. and Dr.Gerald at Castle Bruce before last May when
M. Edelman of Rockefeller University. the troubles began was announced,but
FOUR INDEPE iDENT CARIBBEAN STATES the Castle Bruce Steering Committee
Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana & Barbadobs has stated its rejection of the set-
have decided to establish diplomatic tlement on grounds that well over
relations with Cuba. We are not in- 1OO workers are involved. More de-
favour of the permanent extension of tails on this matter in our next ise
iron curtain barriers, and are sure CALYPSOiIANS 16 Calypsonians have
that persons more exalted than our- registered to contest the 1973 cal-
selves agree with this viewpoint, aypso competition.
The 'banned countries can. learn frano RA;CE: Diplomat dies- M. Pierre
us if we keep our cool and don't copySusigVy,top French diplomat,- died -in
their mistakes, a Paris hospital of injuries received
LOCAL NURSE$ TO HAVE BEAUTY QUEEN when his Embassy in Hanoi was..'bon'ed
On 26th Oct., an auspicious day, by a U.S. plane this month,
Dominica's first "MISS PMH" will be JAMAICA: West Indians should take
crowned on C.N.O. day by the hosp- an increased interest in W.I. instit-
ital's first Matron. Any guesses? utions in Britain, thu helping t
QUOTE OF THE WEEK at tacks onVies 1O ean naO~ u
"People only shout when gentler say leading Jamaican spokesmen,
approaches have got them nowhere."- .
A. Harvey in New Statesman. *


Friday,October 20, 1972

A TWISTED VIEW .,. "by John Spector (from -Dae ty.o)
"It hy- take time, but- eventually, politicians will be controlled by
those Who, fo 1b-iettter -r fP r worse, must be the final authority -
the epbple -1 "Its is roaic a to see this article appearing in the
same issue that editorial. "
,Theaiesat slogan of the Freedomf Party in 1968 was
c .. People before power
... People before politicians
S-. . ..People before privilege and things --
to which list :zHughes has added for us all: "People before Party".
S . *
I think the people of Dominica should know that while Asians are
being expelled from Uganda (and it's still going on)),a British electron-
ics engineer was ordered to leave 'this island.
He came here to work for Cable & Wireless, later leaving them to
take a job with a local firmm After. his contract with that firm
was earlier terminated, he did not have the work permit recently leg-
islated for. as: essential, and one was not granted to him. A C.I.D.
Inspector interviewed him and he was given orders to leave.
These. ae. the facts as. told to me by reliable friends, since I
do not know 'the gentleman personally. I am also told that he had given
shelter to a few underprivileged youngsters who were extremely upset
- by the- sudden removal of their benefactor. They are of course Domiiicans.
..A forced expulsion always has a sinister \ring, and because no
case is ever publicly made out at the time for its justification, it
always starts of rumours. Supposing, for example, this man had
resisted the.-expulsion order and been arrested, he would have had to
appear before a magistrate.and have a charge laid against him, and in
the ensuing .examination some of the true facts might have come to light.
Dohe' in secrecy like that, it is just one of those national socialist
actions against which the spirit of any free man or woman revolts.

Pennants slung across the main
streets of Roseau give a festive im-
pression of the C.U. week which is
now being celebrated. After Services
on Sunday, a radio address by the
President on Monday and on that day
an official opening at Goodwill Par-
ish Hall attended by Ministers(plus
-a floor show), events moved through
school talks and further radio ad-
dresses, at Thursday' s grand birth-
day function certificates of. merit
were given out to faithful workers
and the 21-candle cake was cut.VIPs
were invited. On Friday there Jg
a panel discussion over the air at
9.30 pm, preceded by a cocktail party
for invited guests. On Sat.21st, a
dance at the Parish Hall .- entrance
$2.00, and lastly a Sunday picnic
at Macoucherie: transportation is
to be provided, but'members will
bring along their own food and drink,
A successful and well-planned week
to mark many years of splendid effcTt.
******** ****E************* <& il

Next week it will be the Dominica
Nurses' turn to observe their spec-
ial week, as they do yearly. The
opening ceremony will take place at
that most useful and capacious venue
Goodwill Parish Hall, on Sunday Oct.
22nd. The Nurses recently had a
3-day Seminar on the introduction
to Family Planning Methods at PMH
Nursing School Pan American Health
Organization provided personnel %o
assist with the lectures.

A release from the Poultry Pro-
ducers Co-operative Society Ltd.says
that recent "slight increases in the
wholesale & retail prices of eggs &
chicken" are due to rising costs of
feed because of increased freight
rates. With restrictions on imports,
and if Government implements the
development of a feed mill using
local ingredients,if a broiler pro-
cessing plant & hatchers are installed,
expansion will result. ***********


Page Four

Sche4uie of App kclon for Certuicae of Titte a u Natiigp
tthereor, and Caveats fh week ending 14&b gf On 1472.
Oek Rqett*ed f rson Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
| o |f Tti!e of Noting
|___ tifoB or Cavt.
tad iq e e fo "r the i.-! of a
lifIi k y ILA Oct 'i ) .ot C N IIa -v e rsit c.irifc.we o(t T"l.! .
I -* i 3'h py ba Subek* 477 at, In Liar k arL Ii of
y 4. yo(0;t' ,) 19M .... St Co,:g in te Siaitc o(
\f 2 a(1aEViOLGA7orIVaBgZ930.

'WnN by a P"&,C Md: Soh by NaB4 ef Chrwcle
s by a P tii Poe', )me" by_ _Vi_ _Ormi._
cheduite of Ap:tton for Certificate of Title and Nttngs
thereon and Caveta or week ending tst day of October t972.
o:wt Requeststd Fersn Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
Sof Titre of Noting
1 \ thereon or Cvat.

*reuutm at*) rbe C O;mkj.. A&Q-.4 fas fi, --
h97trbici ,o Iof O Cdi.atac of T"it
IsT eusI renpi ofa poref otf
i.~t 'h~I ~h Cfk~i 04*44,& in the te
ai SM ramb
'L 3.'paB St (ecrge, so the S&ate
|s-e Ws liitia f banad"
ksutn ltt by ;aX< i Robecca KCA(Ae u"sw
Seitn West py *ad Wlbnsel fKaientima North W*est
fy Rifer'5.cre: Non 'Eas by lark of Whicfielo ioseph.

--a -1


10-h Octobqr,. 972

General Manager


Containing 41.712 acres of land
situate in the parish of St. John
Near PotsmouLt
Apply: M.E.Charies
P.O.Box 121

L. 4-48 square feet on the Martnique
Channel at Scotts Head.
2. 1672 square feet on the sea si&e m
Scotts Read.

3.306 acrcs at MonYt Soutri*,w
Appl: M.E.Cbarka
P.O.Box 121


flitra'r s ,c, I EIRAIM F GEORGES
ReeaU,. Dorinic. Actilg Reguitrar of, LIte
NOTE: Any person. n des.res :o object to the issuing of a
Certificate of tile of? tu bove apFdcation may enter a Caveat
Snt the above office witto sx weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this sche.'e in ie STAR Newspaper pubiished
In thit State or from th, late then the notice prescribed by
law was lat served orv vy o*ser or occupier of adjoinlag
lerd an res ct of whichth~ aplcation is mad.


i8 Acree Land For Sale at
Head of PicttrOeque Mahaut
Valley 3oo00 feet elevatiom with
river. 9 miles fr Roseau..
Ideal for Grapefruit bannIx and
Residential Land, Good tmad
access. Also roadside Houve
Lots available in arnme area.
Write; Land laies,
P. 0. &^X 81

F*iday0 cto r 0O 1 97



Dominica Banana Groweri
Applications are invited from suita.
bly qualified persons f o r appointment
to the post of Clerk Typist in the Office
of the Dominica Banana Growers Asso-
Applicants should possess at least
G.C.E. 'O' level pass in English Langu-
age with qualifications in typing and
filing or competence in clerical and
st8aographic work through several ycars
of experience.
The salary attached to the post is
dependent on qualification and or exper-
ience. Applications stating age, educa-
tional attainment and employment ex-
perience should be addressed to the,
General Manager, Dominica Banana
Growers Association a n d should reach
him not later than 25th October 1972.




Page, Six


Friday,October 20,1972

Fiction B 0- B..O J AC KE TMA A N.. by. Collins P. O'1eill,
eral years-, g6 a ioman named Florence gave birth to an only illegiti-
mate boychild whob. shlr'iied Boson. Young Boson di -not know his father, and
from about the age of ten his mother kept on telling him that his father was
dead. pThisti not-so. But i"- schoolmates had told him the truth of it all.
One of them claimed that his mother was an intimate friend of Boson's mother
*and that' through her he had learned one day the secret of that love affair
resulting in the birth of Boson. Boson had more thail one father, the cruder
boys alleged; but the name of'the right one he might" never' know.
When Boson was -si months old, his mother (so as to be able to go to work)
left him in the creche until he was seven. Boson grew to be a big boy,attended
'the Roseau Boys' School "where, through poverty his mother sent him to his
classes in a big" old jacket.. This. made his schoolmates whistle with cruel
glee and they soon found a name for him galling -hie "'Bo-B0 Jacketman".
Bo-Bo. 'resented this kind of fatigue, but since he could not do better his
only solution was .op 41break eeooheO or play touba' each school-day. Although
he was a bright ,by he goon:ceased 'to be a student.
Around 'the Cinemaj, B..Bo' Jacketman soon became VeAy'wel-known, and "to a
certain degree popular, since every night at the pit section, if Bo-Bo was not
around,. -his :pals did nhot dae enter without seeing him. 'One thing was though
he was 'unemployed. in- his' teens he never'missed a cinema show; 'nor even a local
talent showc... At'- east. wherever you go0 -look back and you are sure to see
Bo-Bo Jacketman p@ind you, .The local police were now keeping an, eye on'him
and intensified their vigilance in certain quarters, especially at night. But
*there came the tim'ewhh Bo-Bo, had to be apart from his. frien.s. He had vis-
ited the wrong place' one hight"- 'the rear walls of the Botanical.Gardens -
with a garden fork and a-pickake. He had already drilled a sizeable hole
through the rock and concrete' wall, skilfully stuffed' it back: with green leafy
1ines and grass and was making good his escape when a policeman driving a
joep pulled up aside' of him. The lawman shouted to him that he might be taken
into custody and asked him to hop into the jeep. 'Bo-Bo told the policeman he
was preparing for Ntional Day Celebrations at the Gardens,
"HI in, I say,' ordered the. policeman. After a show of' peluctanoe, Bo-
Bo threw his tool nAto-the back of, the jeep--and started -olimbing up when the
*officer ..t. ed i q "No It Hte shouted against "ILn here.-ACome hin front here."
As the jeep pulled out, the policeman continued, "What's your'name?"
"Bo-Bo." .... ,.'
"BoBo what?'" '
"Bo-BO Jacketman." -
"I mean"'ybur right.' name," the policeman said, toughly.
"Right name Boson," the boy replied.
"Where you live?" --
"In Newtong." ...
"In Newtown," the policeman repeated, reflecting, "and you came up hero
to steal?"
"I wasn't stealing," ..
"It's 11.30 in"the night. Why were you digging that hole in the wall, in
Government property?"
"I tolee you already*"
"Told me what?,"
"I said it was a hole for Sational Day. I'm not lying."
"I dont sundeortaid-that." ) "
"You see I'm not working. I have no money, so o drilled the hole and I
stuff it back'so I- can c6me anytime an' see the show in the Gardens. But be-
lieve me, Sir, I: wasn't stealing." .. .
"Very clever," said the policeman, after listening patiently, "You.-young
generation.donit 'want to work hard for a living Why didn't you go look for
a job with your pickaxe and fork, instead of trying to steal even a look at
a natioA3l show?"
S BoBQ.was. at a ls-s-and chuckled: "Sir."
"Whols your mother?"
Bo-Bo paused aLw-ile then said, "Sir, a lady named ILiss Florence."
"And your father?" Conclude, .on Page 20)

fiday, Oecteber S 1912 a S. TI Al -"
I !" "'' 2 5 " T B o "s (" "

I 2 t 'Me f-

So 4v a :+. I. goa.*
*0i l .1 sr sr *- -c
a, .... 5+ 0 ...

, 0 n a" j1 . :* 'i

NO- U. -mo1 0" F-A -00 Q 0t c- 0 6
0 ,--c 4s+ m- luro

-o _
i4a 00-* c ,
..1i r a = **4 -l PS!
ol C4 I I

o*"-m.+ t 95
k" 0 01 #"

i l .i o
a 9 t-: P
er ",
'I % ae
to .. a,: 0 V. a I*

Cr -is f 0,I H I

5- r 0 h -h e
?0 .~sr |E *r -W
4 a a 0p co

to 0 SF:4;

ts 0 a

So # to:t. coo, a'l- o
a' 0 0 __

0, C C a a" 0-

THEJ STA. r~yczi~2~i


(under Methodist Church Managementy

Applicants, preferably Methodist, musz
be Graduates with some years teaching
experience. Apply with two testimonials,
one being from present employer to:

Rev A th!rron Didier,
P.O. Box 92,
Roseau. -

to TROETTES for $uzae



"'Pssa YFo want a drink'"

POR THE ,EST OUi UUK48 iT i1-1 .e G-3
7 4


Boolacnop iL fie d L&.ae,
low la stocic: are we8t ILaeta ald
Blact Studies Cariooeas Poetry
a.Ld Prose. All t:ie Lzew writi-ugs
cu black A ericaas, Po11tic8,
.eligion at Soc.iology -not ex-
cluding WHITE kACI St ty Joel Lovel
David Lowex-thal.


Applicatioxs are i=.vited for tne aoove
poiitiox.i. ApplicaAts srhould be top-
quw.llity meejtiIca, preferably qualif-
.led. ADility to su.pezrie workers a"i
uo:.1, a&Ld adsuiM etr garage Qper.atioL
i8 esle.8tial. Applica.ts a o iuld malso
ha're satisfactory workiLg experlie a. e
in. garage mareagcemt*
LAg1: s0 to 4k; year,.
ktood salary a~d rceueflt for tae rigit

AppicatiLoas stating qualifliatioae
and experience auid accompanaed oy two
testimonial ano uld Do addressed to:
tie Manager, k.O..Dox 21, Roseau.


4" and (" Bioc'
BOAX C A-r'c Company Ltd.
Telephone 2692 and 2093.

The Board of Directors of J.Astaphan
& Co.(197o) Ld., wvnhes to remind
shareholders of the Annual Genei2l
Meeting of the Company to be held at 65
Kirg George V Street Roseau on Thurs-
day, 26t~1 Otuber, 1972 at 8.o(om


Friday CUsW01 -^.tr 2

f )ff E3T A. R

Page Nine

Friday. October 20, 1972S

R E A D E R 3''

Dear Madam Editor, I was interest-
ed to hear "The French Invasions
of-Dominica"- over the radio spoken
in cultivated tones by a top Civil
Servant recently, but in none of
the instalments did I hear acknow-
ledgment of the author of that
-booklet 'Price .One Shilling, in- .
aid of the Dominica Infirmary',Its
author was Administrator of Domin-
ica and later.Governor of the Lee-
ward Islands -Sir Reginald.. St.
Joinston, KCMG. The mistakes in the
list of Governors of Dominica were
read as given-byt St.-Johnstoi in
his booklet; for instance Col.Tho-
mas Warner -Ja Indian Warner (half-
Carib) and General Mathieu St.
Aroment was Governor appointed in
1717 by the French.

Dear Madam Editor, Some time last
week I heard over the air that our
Marketing B4ard will be trying to
obtain some kind of contract with
the U.S.Virgin Islands to have our
reject bananas, ground provisions,
citrus and other fruits shipped and
sold there. We may even get a spec-
ial weekly boat for that purpose.
Another gooq item came over the air
that a company from Puerto Rico
will be trying to establish a can-
ning factory here. As we know,we
are having too much waste such as
bananas, breadfruits and grapefruit
in Dominica, while some of our grow
ers go begging.
We do pray that these two enter-
prises will become a reality.
Can this be true? It is mostly
on agriculture that this State cdAr
survive. -GH LAW.WEANCE, Roseat,




I, Alvan Edwards of Wesley beg to
state that my wife Ruth Edwards
having left our home and nine chil-
dren on 27th March without just
cause, her children and myself are
begging her to come home and mean-
while I will not undertake any
-responsibility for bills or burdens
of any kind accumulated by the said
Ruth .Edwards .eeA Greenaway during
her absence., ALVAN F]DWARDS

SI. E,. W S

Madam,. I hope the Authorities of
the Cable & Wireless have now real-
ised the heed for a public telephone
in Mahaut. The inhabitants are many,
and telephone facilities are absol-
utely embaa ssing. The Authorities
should realise that it is some sort
of discomfort-to the public, to 'have
to ask "private subscribers to make
an urgent call,
Let's hope that they will give
a great deal of consideration to.
this appeal, and install a public
telephone at their earliest..conven-
ience. CECIL ST. JEAN, Mahaut.

Dear Editor, I wish to express my
sincerest thanks for sending me so
faithfully my subscription copies of
"The Star" by Air Mail. :, It is a
real pleasure to read the news about
Dominica, where I spent 23 years. IB
can assure you that your paper is up
to date. Yours sincerely,
Asst. Parish Priest,
The R.C. Presbytery,ANTIGUA.

Dear Madam, I would like to. join
Parry Bellot and others in congrat-
ulating the Harlem boys, they worked
hard on their shows and everybody
helped by attending to make them a
Remember boys white, black, -yllow
and brown patronized and praised you.
United we stand, divided we fall,so
for the future of our Dominica,'let
*us join hands..and work together re-
gardless of colour ,,-
On a less-happy theme, -' would
like,.to know if Leblanc arid his dying
economy and bankrupt treasury will be
,in a position to hire all:%he radical
and undisciplined girls and bbys 'who
hang around.. I say NO, and the mer-
cantile community may not accept them
either. Labour Government will die
some day and.who. knows sooner than
we expect, for Ministers cannot draw
pay and .ot be in office for three
months. Others are following that
example ,in their minor ways. I won-
der now who are the bloodsuckers?
Not the ..Catholic Bishop,priests,
sisters and rnever-to-be-forgotten
.brothers who' stick to their duty.

- --- . -r



TPUG T THE STAR Friday, October 20,1972
Page. T n .... E- S
S.A..1*A*-R*S*P*0~R*T*S* by MIorchriston BO-BO JACKET.AN by Collins PF.O'1
Football: In aspectacular tyl: 6 in. an (from p"S) 'Sir "Do-Bo chuckledir
excting match, Spartans triumphed nervous embarrassment "Sir, I think my
over .Harlem Rovers 4-2 to take the father is dead."
Coco Cola Cup (the eqUivalent of.Tthe "What yod mean think?" the policeman
'niockout).. The game started brisIjy was curious.
with both teams playing good football,* "My mother tole me...I never known
Spar.tan.sCaptain Cuthbert Uilliams him,.",Bo-Bo omitted his schoolmates'
opened the scoring with a well-taken views..
penalty but another penalty taken by -earint; headquarters, the mature
Roeras Herminus Emanuel left Spartans Sergeant was about to alight from the
goalkeeper staring. Half-time one-all. jeep. Something stopped him.. "Tell me...
Spartans went into the lead one minute "what yoU pa* is your mother's name?"
later as Lennox Emmanuel trickled one "Florence,'Sir," *Bo-Bo replied with
past Aaron's hands. L.Emmanuel took anxiety. "Sir, you going lock me up?"
a pass from young Wilfred Dontfraid "Florence." The man pondered. "Did she
soon after (Wilfred-dribbled past 3 always live at Mahaut?"
Spartans dowr.,the left field) and put "Yes, Sir., 3y the breadfruit tree,,"
the ball in the net to equalize.* I "The breadfruit tree?" the man re-
the ,65th minute Willams .converted peated," "Well, well, sonic"
another .penalty (the visiting referee "Yes, Sir."
sent off Rovers*' captain). Then L* "Your -father. is not dead. Umhh- your
Emmanuel clinched victory Tor Spartans right name is Boson Williams," The pol-
with a.terrific left-footer (in between iceman flipped his notebook knowle64eably.
times a Harlem goal was disallowed "Inever"kew what my, title was,-" Bo-
due to an infrngement by their forwards) Bo remarked, amazed. "Thank you, Sir,
With 5 minutes' left# for telling me..." (You had to soft-soap
vaded the fields but H6lem R. found these police fellows). They both jumped
the net'again only to be disallowed onto the pavementt'
The win was. celebrated by a steelband ."All right,..son, all right I'm giving
jump-up on the field., .' -. you a breakc. 'Come, run along."
GILLETTE REGISTE'TROPIHYResults: Just as Bo-Bo make-off,, he -
Celtics United 4, Saints" 1t Halcyon 4, suddenly turned back and said impulsivelyt
Saints 0.RT.I:. las-t game Celtios-Sa&it "By the way, Sir., I forgot to ask you
a goallesssdraw. DIV.II: SIiA 3, Celtics for your name.'" -
0.* Jeffers, scored 2, Jerry Lewis one. The policeman stared at him for a mo-
Strong contende-s for trophy Potters Ument,, .then replied: "Son, my name'is Ser-
7-0 against Saints lobks like'a winner.geant Williams ]ingling Williams .. .run
Desi.vad Daley..3., Joseph Hurtault 2, along now. Stay out of trouble."
Jean Bramble and Sylvester Andr6 I ea, A
J.B.YANKEY TROPHY matches start-Sunday W GAR DE'N C 0 R .s1 E R
Celtits U.* vs,., alcyon. We have just space to answer a read-
vs,., er s stuestion and to r comi + 4i.Le .

Th Trinidad., according to Armour,
Lessoe Developed Countries (LDCs) stood
outfor better.terms in way" of incentive.
and placement of industries in the small
islands, rejected the" higher tariffs on
certain imported goods to be imposed by
CARIFTA next year (since the ECCM had
recently adopted their 6wn External Tarj
iff), but agreed to raising the protec-;
tion and foreign exchangeMiotivated
tariffs to the CARIFTA level over an 8-
year period. The political lever used
to get the MDCs (Guy&na, Barbados,Trin-
idad & Jamaica) to accept .those terms
was the chance for the LDCs to accept
Associate .Membership in the" European
Common Market with EEC Development Fun.
'ding.. The More Developed Countries cant
come in under the"European Umbrella"*

Div, of Agriculture Monthly News-
letter on its editorial encouraging
"The Flower Garden in. the Homestead."
s We may add to it that a flower gar-
den, colourful and .well-kept (how-
ever small) makes an impression of
happiness and deeply impresses the
visiting stranger through ite .-
':aesthetic appeal. The Chinese peas-
ants have a proverb: If you have two
loaves, sell one and buy a lily. *
Q on pruning: wise country folk
say-that there is no set time or
season for pruning. In general, cut
back after flowering, and do not cut
back"delicate plants ruthlessly in a
very dry season. Unlike the plant-
ing of seeds or slips, the wiseacres
don't relate pruning to the times of
the moon. Prune when it pleases you!

printed & iPublished by the Froprietor, Robert E. A-i rey or ill Hoe, op---
Hall. at 26 Bath Road, Roaaau, Dominica W.I.

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