Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Ten Cents

titute for,

Do 1 N "YQnli

DrOMi--NVA t 7ory-"1, ,Y tkt
Friday, July14 197 S

The Tenth CARIPTA Council of
Ministers met in Dominion this week
and adopted unanimously a vital
resolution to seek a group relat-
ionship with the Enlarged European
Economic Community. There are no
constitutional Impediments (says
the British Government) to parti-
cipation by the Associate States.
After some bickering on the
placement of industries in less
developed States, and with certain
questions outstanding, agreement
was reached on a sch S-; for thi,
harmonisation of fiscal '..c tives
to industry, also on a cor00.17. ex-.
ternaI tariff and c is n rtec-
tive policy for GATFTA. The
More De3veloperd C,:nt.,'Is g"uaran-
tee to buy in incr asking volume,
over 'a number of years at negot-
iable prices certain "agricl-
tural comaiJlfti es capable of In-
creased production in the Less
Developed Countries."
(head John Spector vithiin)




All these telescopic names like
.. EC1, CARIFTA, OCL, and so on rep-
resent long titles which are too
much of a mouthful to keep repeating
Now we have the regional Churches
abbreviating their latest venture
too, CADEC really means Christian
Action for Development in the Car-
ibbean; in its recent Iyi 'rationale'
we note that the wor4 Caribbean
occurs seven times and the words
Christian and Catholio not at ll.
It is concerned with community and
'conscientisation' and social need.
As suah, CADEC will certainly
attract the ancommiltted as Moral
Rearmament did. Civil Servants in
particular should find it a great
-From 7-9 Sept. GADEC will hold a
seminar at the WI buatding,Domlnica,
(We' shall print details nearor the tnei).



Own a Cat,

Call 2640 Daytimes, 2433 Evenings

Benuy Pierre on. Planning aM
Agricultural Statistics -p.8
Acrostic by W.M. Pond p.
Sonia Allfroy on Oils & Nts
Your favourite Cynthia Watt
John Spoctor OG.I. Giraud a
UW Studonts' Activitioe

Whenever you are questioned by a police
officer, you need not say anything. You have an
absolute right to remain silent .You have an
absolute right to an attorney before speaking.
Anything you say may (and probably will) be
used in Court. If you are arrested you will not be
released on bail or in someone's custody unless
you state your name and address.

jItew ybrk1,i
U.8 ,A.
. OS/ .L.
j*-~~v No. X

~p. ~ I-Y1. CILld~O~dL~- -~B~_~~C~~-~C--Ulls~-~~l

~ll~l~)s~P~~IlY-IPL-~~)II~-MV~ -UIYI~-I~-rYU-lI~JP-~ll~~-~

\ \

W MIS $ssUe

Last week I referred to "the iianerelY0y od .and- kind people" of
Dominica, but I am nowod.wondering how long it ill be before Dominicans
lose their kindness ai-d goodness in the face of all the rubb:iSahb'ing ...
pumped'at them -- from "Black Cry" and a belated Ward Report to the.
oft repeated phrases shouted at:'ithem '". s are the best" .. .Yest .. It''s.
true ... Two. for one..". Even. regional meetings of V.I.Pb. can only
talk of .'economic, integration'while .the 'nearest approach to..getting.
West Indians to get to know each other is called 'cultural exchange'.
Thank heaven that St. Vincent., St.S Luoia and Grenada are proposing a
more sensible Freedom of Movement approach which can mean a real mutmial-
understanding at the grass roots.

Speehes CARIFTA and other similar conferences are, I real--
ise, bound to be on the slightly pompous hoard-room level of a Chamber
of Commerce meeting (although Secretary-General Willian Demas has the
knack of making economics sound almost human) but emotive speeches in
L.S.E. jargon about 'agricultural protocol', fiscal incentives' and
infrastructure will not cause any.West- Indian heart to beat with patrio-
tic. fervour for idxegration. Granted that .Man, especially'West Indian
Man, cannot live by heart and soul alone, neither can he nor will 'he
live by bread alone (whether. made of imported flour, cassava farine or
In his opening address at the Tenth Meeting of the CARIFTA.Council
Mr.Demas pointed out-that it -was the first Ordinary Meeting of CARIFTA
,tio be held. away from the Guyana HQ; it was taking place in a less de-
veloped country whose future he regarded optimistically; and then he
expressed gratitude to, the Government of Dominica for hosting the meeting.
On the contrary, this Government should be grateful to the Members
for attending; they badly'need same~hing to prop up their morale which has
suffered some severe shocks' up to and after the 16th of December, and.a
-gathering of heads of certain States among whom St.Vincent, Jamaica,
Barbados anid Montserrat are 'first-timers' is a bit of a boost, also
filling a few eirp hotel rooms and giving depressed taxi-drivers some.
fares for a change, Nr.Kamaluddin Mohammed, an experienced chairman,
played his part competently as usual; but as everybody knows, the real'.
discussions, at.these meetings are the asides, and the real obstacles
are the human and home-local ones in every Minister's heart, and the
real get-togethersb are over drinks or meals.' Thus there is always an air
of obscurity about these.conferences and the. public -is left wondering.- ....
what it is, all about, until suddenly they read in a newspaper that
so-and-o, has. happened, something to do with tariffs and Brussels nomen-
something., .ECLA or OAS. .There are still an awful lot of people in'.
these islands who have not the faintest' idea what the words 'Common
External Tariff'.or. 'Enlarged.irEropean Economic Community' really mean,
and even Arington Riviere can't turn,'those into patois: so most people
are .cut off by a veil of obscurity from.the true negotiations and they
are extremely -unlikely to find out unless- their pockets are affected.

Njow. I turn to the true death of the heart which is taking place in.
Dominica today. This has nothing to' do with 'CARIFTA and trade and. in-
dustry as such. An attitude of. ulnindness aind incivility -is abroad.
It occurs 'in shops (the' way customers are-.-tieated), Government. depart-
ments andj"~'hools, on th' streets and among motorists. It is eontagioug.
If people are constantly' rude or' ukind"to you, you find yourself."sub-
eonsicously taking it out'on the next fellow. I am bound to.say that I
suffer ,very little from it myself, .save' indirectly; but. the reports are
so ~a uuent and so ominous that they are worth attention. (concl-on' p4)-' :

Friday, July 1.4, 1972

Page Two


F--c~idayJ~)Sr~io~Mly ~ 14.r~ -72 Page Th t~- --

A Grand Athletic Sports Meet
is to be held at
Benjarmin's Park, Portsmouth,
on Sunday July 16, 2972.
Refreshments on Sale.
Be there and enjoy what should be a memorable day.

The public is cordially in 'ied

~orminica Coconut Products Ltd.
wishes to announce that as from z5th July, 1972,
their telephone numbers will be changed
as follows:-
FACTORY OFFICE -DIAL. 6261 or 6262
4i>8 t1/2
ms~taDim mwgooaoBia ga

Cable and Wireless (West Indies) Limi-
ted announce the following alterations to
their Telephone Directory from July i6th.

Old Number
Belfast Estate Ltd.,
P.O. Box 46 Belfast. 3228-9
Manager's Office 3228-.9
Residence 3214
Nassief, Phillip, Belfast 3214
Factory 3228
Dominica Coconut Pro-
P.O. Box 46,
Belfast. 3228-9
Manager's Office 3228
Residence 4214

New Number


Manager and Assistant Manager for
Sisserou Hotel. Salary according to qua-
lifications or experience,
.4th MW

Ou~ar $Ir
After dteeloplng the usual love
/hate relatlenship with my tart
eAr, a Viva. I decided to sell and
I bought the new 1256cc Firenza
I received it on a Tuesday gave
It a quick check-over on Wednes-
day and travelled down w Corn.
wall on the Thursday. We spent
ten glorious days there and
arrived, home having covered
1020 miles. The car averaged 36
mpg. used one pint ofotl and had
a thousand mile service. We had
sheer comfort travelling in the
ear and handling was effortless.
The engine well only one
word, terrific. The car, Fahtastic.
SHaiderf id R.E. Hewes


We'll let the
letter speak
for us


Win Customers and Friends

Where things groove through. -

out- the night,

open 7.30 p.m.

to the early morning we close
wriSrckOa *frTarra n+e*B toru ieFaVd


W av. T 'w.O

Groovy sounds and mood light.
'Every Mother's Child' sock it
to you on Sunday nights from

8.30 p.m.

442-it "


Page Three

Friday,J*dy 14, 1972





Page ForTE SARFiaJuy1,17

DEATH OF THE HEART by Johu. Spector (fr. p.2) The mariner in which child-
ren treat their parents; the way the St.Mary's boys seemed not to care
that their actions would jeopardise the education of younger brothers,
cousins and friends; the exchange of insults; the rejoicing over the
death of a human being; the treatment of tourists, visitors; and teachers
(you can carry on from there).

The author James Pope Hennessy once said that he was in Washington
on a certain day during World War II. His apartment telephone rang
constantlyy with invitations to cocktail parties or other celebrations.
When the first call came he was not aware that President Franklin D.
Roosevelt had just died. Imagine his astonishment when he was invited
to rejoice -- an Englishman on U.S. territory -- over the death of the
President. At first he simply said 'no' and sat stunned. But as the
calls came in he returned withering satire to the feckless celebrants,
using such strong terms that they seemed to slink away over the wires.
Something of the kind has been happening in our micro-state this week
over the death of Androcles,. Androcles did not carry a gua or have a
police bodyguard like the Ministers; his only weapon was his pen. But
there are others in this-State whose pens are well-tempered, loaded and
at the ready. They will carry on the defence of the Rights of Man,

Many an individual might think that such a conference was being held
,'i this State partly to help educate everyone in our community on that.
important subject -- Free Trade (CARIFTA); but I observed that aspects
of the whole show were being kept in darkness.
Does the lift ever work in the four-floor grand building known by
some as Johnson's House and by others as Government HQ? If not, dele-
gates with weak hearts, overweight, pressure or weak legs (or other dis-
abilities) should not attend any conferences there. The opening, sched-
uled to start at nine o'clock-sharp, didn't do so until 25 past nine.(I
had just returned from abroad, where people are bound to be punctual).
'One gentleman -Mr. Carrington of the Secretariat --made a brief speech
of appreciation for the hosting, after which the Minister of Finance Mr.
Armour was voted in as chairman, .
All this took about ten minutes and then the Press was asked to
le.ave. I was absolutely stunned, because the Presse is a means of educ-
ation for the people. The Herald was not even represented -afterwards
I heard they had not been invited. Mr. Julian Johnson remained in the
conference room and I thought he was covering the eve4t for Manicou
or the Educator perhapS, but later I heard he had a Government job.
Oils and Fats led to the CARIFTA meeting on Monday. It is some
sort of trade integration, and people are trying to make it into some-
thing more than that.
At present it is an integration not of national spirit but one of
the stomach and goods. After my experience at Oils and Fats I did not
attend on behalf of the Star on Monday, but simply wondered if the
general public would ever get woken up from its everlasting sleepiness
which allows a handful of men or deputy men to brainwash them,
It was my first visit to Government Headquarters, Dominica's
sJkyscraper. All I saw was a number of people sitting at or around desks.
It intrigued me to wonder what really goes on in there. S.T.A.
Canada has celebrated this month Premier Leblanc, upon'whom the burdens
her 105th anniversary as a free Domin- of State' lie. so heavy, has cleared off
ion within the British Commonwealth, to the U.S,A. on 3 months holiday.
.Various Caribbean countries sent mess-S TOhe Blak
ages of congratulation. 11e do not know MALIK REFUSES TO PLEAD: the Black Muus-
if. Dominica, which has' received so muw lir leader "Michael X" got his murder''
from Canada, did likewise.ei v*ed*. socases postponed again because of the
Alleged illness of his advocate. *****


Friday, July 14, 1972

Page Four



Mossr^'; fro t' *IM2S Of ghas o



Sei hat t

BmW tao imradsight flpa,

TOM =hlle n ay Mavo Bt

r job Is that of t ed
mre~des okr e for MS&r w

att which, We tial

6s10k r oIn awaEi on thd
SbThi'.s appoint Is .

_.. I .. late "J s l of o- 0"s a

aboli ied b MOO
Vo u ment to a Vi tft g _Satudiedt at,,

riL a*.ls Unavapeots nd

G,.s n. She preed laf In
'r ow o country for Kew
W,.e before Into
"as le. Durinsg yeas

the the th wter lo k*
ats for the African fVLa
$go Say$ modestly,
auppend to be otuUdI. so
.1 wrfes fan Ndo slight nor*

booame weU~ tollkow
t1om the UK etb moAW4 to
0e us, whese a4s6 ano-en

br mark as e~ wsof ti

nse t he was invited to
Slow~ifg the poap odf 17,
,,S,.,,, to. fe a iM," S Oyr

z 4 BFaccted 7WAluleligh.
H .s"^6?^StfeJL6gt.

F~4 y, July 14a, 972

I^r Cr.,


uly Sat. 15th $2;o
Aug Sat, 5th ~2.5o

Containing: 10139 Square feet &
9415 Square feet
M. E. Charles
P. O. B2 I
28 Old Street,
Roseau, O DomijcaU 0,i C .S.
- .
Ford Cortina 490. 7,900 miles
i Leanox or Ted Hon church

To obtain a FREE COPY of

a 1x4 page book on Biochemic
System of Medicine, a unique
s y t e m of Natural eating,
bring in three labels soaked out
fom three bottles of "N e w
Era" Tissue Salts or Elasto or

Containin: 10366 Square feet
Apply: M.. E. Charles
P. 0. Box 121
28 Old Strect,
aROSh eau, Dominica.
#i; ^ =S ~ ^

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notlngs
thereon sard Caveats for week ending: |It day of ju.l ~17,
Date Requested Person Pres.entlng 1 Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Cave
Seqcart dated t a oaboh a its r the Islse a
tr day gOf Juno, Rm e resentatlve of Phd Certficte of Tith ei
1972 lit Boug rye rCaae eaet of a portion of
PeEnted the 2th ed, by her So~acltor knoswa a gardn lyot a1.|
1I5 15n .m, Ciim A.M. pigr ltteb ofit is tak

North by inds oa thea Heirs of Peter FPrer ig
Est by lands of Aan B lrmingham;
South by hands ot heh HeI s ofMoley Xalvlw
West b lands of Frati s Charl. ,
meae( dated the uoslls Ji4a RuoAt I0 ibs r issu of a
day of June,. ..s..t Certiftllets of Title in
27,. yby her Solicitor tae ictof a portion of lair
Presented the 2Sth sabehlcarte k vv ea Sad the
da of Jaie, 172 at ojI Ah oM.Ha c tp BOYl In Statek
"sq ft, ansI bogded as ab.
Nrths East by land of Ratph Cochrtane
South a st by trand of Maimeh Bruno and Viols 6Belleveli
South West by land of hMelani Elstnne;
North West by land of Ralph CaChrase.
t es dated the gtelia Dce t for aw iss" of a
..4t. day of Ju t, ft Aic of Title t
l972 b aer Solicitor espec t of a pordon of land
4sday ofva 1972at Citm A.M., D VM g"ht ofs j p r ie a!s~
1e1t. is the )I-I *h t .a. l ofdi, 1caininta l$ isneq. t.,
sq. ft. ast bo unded ts fllo
North by Hallfax iStree; isat by Rediy Strseet;
**>h by tsds of E68rm ls.!y;
West by lands of Madeline all.,
I -------- ------
Schedule of Applcation f~tor Cfrt'fi(tc" uf Titlir and Notings there-
on afid Covenis for week l nda'r.a o bt daay of uly 1972.
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
Ser a Certificate of Title of
I thNothn thereon or Caveat.

Request dlted the Luclia David IsqU for the itstof a
12th day of June, I 'iE Ce titi3ate of Tide in
Prnaated the 7th st urit. (n the Parish of
te he7h by her Sollcitor ja H ItI Of lend
dfy of Jely, 1972a Cit C maAiM.Dpiga S ft inatifit Stkteof Dem-
l.30 Sa.m. | W,*at*i 4,700 ace
|--.----....- sa&d boarded es fovalows:
North fby Sla R f John Mc Pherion:
East and South East by Massacre River;
South West by Lcuslou Estate and land of George Joseph
West by imperial Road,

Registrar's Ofie, SYLVIA J. BERTRAND
RS eaS, Dominkia. Registrar of Tittes

NOTE:-- Any person who desires to object to the issue of a
First Certtfkate of Title in the above application may enter a
Cavtat in the above Ofnie within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
pubhi5h4d In rhti sate or from tihe date when the notelc p6r
scribed by law wa~ served on any owner or occupier of adt Joing
4nd rin rpeip of which the appilcation is made.

Pa.*.ii~i^^^ ^ tS ^ s Z ^ a *&'ASn~awiiia~iwa



-- r{iy July 14 972

ACROSTIC ... -by -. W,.M. Pond
Loftus is dead, dead ore his work
On this fair Isle is done;
For here was one who'd never shirk
Tough tasks until he d won.
Unto eternal rest though sped,
S till lives this man of men

Among us so well. still. be fed
Long from his mighty pen.
Endowed with a heart most stout,
Xemplary was he.
A man more honest, more devout
None could have claimed to see,
Devoted to a cause that's just,
E'er vigilant was he,
Righting what wrongs he thought he music

Regardless what it be.
Oh may we whq are left behind
Behold this Image bright.
Encouraged by this precious "Find",
Rejoice that men of Loftus' kind
To this dark world gave wondrous light
So special, so benign.



Arrivals: Dr. Mohamad Ashra MB,
BS from Ravishankar Univ.Raipur,
India, has taken up a 5-year appt.
as medical officer at PMH, later
goes to Eastern Dist. Dominica-
born Dr. XF'.H. Armour returned
after 5 year in Canada with his
wife and 2 children, to take up a
specialist post in the Medical
Service. He is a Paediatrician
with extensive training and teach-
ing experience. Here for an all
too short holiday was Dr. Alphonso
Borhaindo, PhbD.B (B.A. Iona Coll.
1964, M.A. Connecticut 1967;Ph.D.
Ohio State .University). Young
Dr.Sorhaindo recently completed
a fellowship in community psycho-
logy at Albert Einstein Coll. of
Medicine, Bronx N.Y, He has been
working in mental health, Ohio and
New York City, Jncluding crisis
intervention & problems of poverty
or ghetto areas of the Bronx. Dur-
ing his stay he gave free services

NEVER ,- by G.B. Gi
Never kill" a bird in flight:.
A bird is not a paper kite.
Should you ever kill such bird,-
Remember well my truthful word:
Perform the -burial rite.


Never dub a' house a home.
A house is not a home.
Should you so degrade a home,
Reflect --for some four walls mean
House is' the shell of home. homej

Never put a pig in a palace.
Only yours will be the disgrace..
A pig is a" p~, forever a pig;
It will always dance for a juicy fig.
A pig will retain his pig-face.

Never call'a man a woman,
Or call a wiomanf a man.
For although man may act like womaW,
And although'&'oman may act like man -
A man's a man, and a woman is woman.
_______' *



We have received from Mrs..
Elma Napier, a writer of dis-
tinction, the following message:
May I combine most enthusiastic
praise for Rose O's 'Thou hast
conquered, O pale Galilean' with
sympathy to the STAR and to the
FREEDOM PARTY on the death of
I have put the poem into the
right place in my Poems & Ballads.
How few know Swinburne nowadays'"

Several other readers have writ-
ten to praise Rose O's tribute to
Brother Estrada. Only one person
wrote a rather obscene letter
against it* Two readers would
like to have the verse written
in illuminated.script and repro-
duced for framing (alas we are
not able to do this yet). Others
.urge us to send a copy to Bro.
Estrada himself, but alas we do
not know his address, and only ,.
understand that he is having a
year's sabbatical leave. Thanks
to all our appreciative readers.

to individuals and families here.
His wife Mary and 3 children were
with him.'He hopes to serve in the
State in the near future. *******
Nursing Supt.Aranintha Thomas & Mrs.o
Clemence Pemberton ard off on an Ad-
min course in Barbados.

Page Seven

~-P*rrfdnv, ;7ulv1It, 1972


P',July 14, 1912

Before considering the answer to
this topic, let us examine briefly the
meaning of the term "Agricultural
Statistics" andwhat it stands for,
An objective guess could hardly fail
to relate the subject to .some sort of
.assemblement or accumulation of data
on Agriculture.
More specifically, however, Agric-
ultural Statistics is primarily con-
cerned with a study of the Agricultur-
al Structure within a "Universe of
Interest". A "Universe of Interest"
may either be a part or parts of a
region, or all portions of land and
water comprising a region. For example,
assuming that our interest is directed
'towards a knowledge of the Agricultur-
al Structure of an entire Country in
which "Complete Coverage" is desirable,
then all areas (or rather all portions
of land and water comprising that
Country) would fall within the "Univ-
.erse of Interest". 'On the other hand,
certain defined portion or specified
regions within a Country may be de-
clared the "Universe of 'Interest"upon
which attention is to be focused.
Broadly speaking, Agricultural Stat-
istics stands for procedures and sys-
'tems calculated to bring about, at
optimum costs, highly efficient results
in respect of the characteristics to be
studied. The successful application of
such procedures and systems culminates
in a reliable picture of the Agricul-
tural Structure of the "Universe of
The question "Can Dominica plan a
successful Agricultural' Development
Programme without the use of current
Agricultural Statistics?" can there-
fore be answered by another question:
"Does Dominica need to have a Reliable
Picture of its Agricultural Structure
now and tomorrow in Order to plan,and
successfully improve, its current
Agricultural Development Programme? '!
This is the questions The answer
seems obvious,
Let us therefore look forward with
patience to the results of Dominica's
1970 Agricultural "Sample Survey".
(More about "Sample Survey" to follow,)
TAY... C I
Superintendent .Philbert"is now on pre-
retirement',,and Mr. Oliver N.
Phillip is appointed as Ag.Commissioner
of the R.D.P.F. We 'wish Mr. Philbert, a
man of human integrity, well; and also
congratulate his excellent successor. *


Fiction: MA TITINE by Cynthia Watt
"Doan. a:, me oef I still cOrnfine to
bed as e6f I expectin a baby," said
Ma Titine to Genelia pettishly. Both
ladies were strolling around town at"
suns hour when all is quiet ,quieter
than ever Goodwill can be with all its
dogs and children; they were looking at'
the trees which seemed to shoot up un-
der their very 'gaze, like something in
a science film,
"Not me... I glad I' doan have no
children," retorted Genelia. "Dey too
bodderation today."
Ma Titine just signed, thinking'sad-
ly of Eurilla, so far away, and her in-
fant son Gareo Jr. who had died "as
sweet as a'bar of his little
lace shroud'."
Baby side-stepped her huge bulk
through.a closed shop doorway and"joined
them. "Wha you doin"? Stealin Miss
Green marijuana plant?" asked GenAlia
sarcastically. They all thought it a
-great joke and rocked accordingly,
"No, is hot Marie Warner but is
iCarib Warner I does like," said Baby.
"You-all doah remember is me got de
history prize every time?"
"Baby, what's dat I hearing about
dose schblaraheep? You doan fine is
damn nonsensens so many tousan of chil-
dren to sit de exam an only two or tree
passing "
"If dey all pass, where Guvmont go
get de money to pay for dem? Is -tax
dey would tax us morel" commented Gen-
elia. "A1n dey say is Julian Johnson an
dem goih rewrite awee history. Look out
dey doan ta~k out Carib Warner self."
"Young people doan care nuttin about
anybody. I doan Imow what do world com-
ing to,"' declared Baby,
"I glad I doan have no children," re-
peated Gen lia. "Dey would cause me to
knit dem cap and I cyarn knit. o' I
would pay deccap and deir head would
sweat and dey.would die of eemonia."



N 0 T0 I C .
THE ARTS COUNCIL wishes to inform
all persons desirous of exhibiting
their paintings, crafts and any
other form of art material at
CARIFESTA in Guyana (25 Aug.- 15
Sept.) that they are asked to send
them to Mr. Alec Lazare at the
Ministry of Finance, Government
Headquarters, on or before 19th
July. ..H.G. JOHN, Secretary.

Editor's Note: Although Government
has cut off paid advertising in the
STAR, we publish the above free as
we are told the Arts Council has
little or no funds. - P.SA.

. .II I



'The Windward Islands Banana Growers 6s Qia .e "[ its
members, invites sealed"-tenders to..supplys.spra oil ,' f,'th ,of
Leaf Spot (sigatoka) disease on bananaS .Wtthe-Windward Is-L ds Pof Gr eada,
St, VincentC St, Lucia and Dominica.'
Quotations are requested for:- .
A. A period, of 4 months ist September 1972,to ot^Deoember 1972.
'B. A period of one year 1st September 1972 to31st.t A ugst 1973..
C...A period of.-twoa.years Lst September. 1972 o.:31~8t August 1974.
Interested Companies should quote for the periods :A. B'd C';ab6oVe' on:the
f o owi - -ba i n .
following basli- 1.) The C.I.F. price in Eastern- Car ibbeai Currency ( .C.O.)
per imperial, gallon of spray oil for each island ex bujk storage .'tank
or other alternative arrangement iff bulk storage 'icilitias are nb0 "
available. 2) "Thde price of. the spray oil ,in" ;-.C.C per imperial..
gallon for each island, delivered in storage tlans erected at the, Oost
of the" supplier at points to be decided by the L6cal-island Banana
Association and the supplier,, or other alternative arrangement if .coh
storage, tanks are not available... ....
S). )An overall C.I.F. price in stoalge.-tanks as undoo 2
above '1 E ;C.C. per imperial gallon for the. four i6lands..taken together
as one unit, . . -....
detailed -specifications of the oi. must` be dupied.
Quantities required .by each island and- tho total gallonage :for the
four States are as -folows .
S .-,- nMontls Period 12. Mont-h. Period 24'. 2Months' Perid -
I mperiai Gais Imperial Gallbt' '' mrerial ilTtai
Minimal mum 0i "m ..... "nMili=iia ridm .m
Grenada 24,000 .50000, 70,.000 .L50 00Q o.000 00Doo -
St.Vinoent 27',000 6Q,000 80 000 180 000 '60,OO -.600
.St LuCbia 600 10 9000 180 000: O0 60'000 00'00
omnica. 1 0 600 1 0 6oo 0- 0000 2o0000
TOTALS 1 61;000 29000 4BQ. 000i 00~ 00
.-I the event of unforeseen oircum tances. wthichb miay. ci.tai1 the ,.,
application of't h. spray oil to banana, ions :Oand t .e .. Aty q'
contra~ted,-to be purchased are not utilised.dur -the; saatod
of the',contract shall be extended beyond the date .f ter na. ,o eO ."
contract, : ...., :
C.1ping Date ... Te..ders'shall be received tp tbo 3 p.miurn t'he7 28th
S. .-July, 1972 and shall be clearly Pare.d .~~W BAN Spray .
QOil -Tnder 197972/73"anid addressed to The Manager
.Bafrc lays Bank International. Ltdi .Castries, -St.oii,

Please note that the Association does not "bind i 6-ttd-',Jaocpt
thk lowest or any tender. ...'-; a :
D.. D .". ERR .IA, .: -
Seneral ManaGer.
WINBAN Office,,
Castries .
St, Lucia W I.
Lst Zjuly, 1972..
4. 87 :::.. . ...

Friday, July 14, 1972

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Friday, July 14, 1972

*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* by MOr6histodl
ATLEZTICS: .D.;GS-ay., ifat esAA }ebt .
Last weekend s National .Meet-improv-
ed an 1&it vear although.the.. stand-
ard was ati'j low, the well-traiied
DGS s4Ad g 6t over 40 medals. ',eir
Juniors Bt6k at least two medals
in every event e The Victor Ltdorumn
Trophy (most promising athlete) went
to Randy Peters of DGS. All-round.,
cricketer. Norbert Phillip took 3
golds and State footballer-D.DeWhursb
won the High Jump and Pole Vault:
the 5000 metres went to an 'unknown'
R.Mitchell a fine performance.
CRICKET: Combined Islands Leads in
the Benson & Hedges comp, with 24
points gained against Barbados and
Trinidad (Guyana 8, B/dos 6, Jam. 2
T/dad 0) with the under-19',s. Agains-
Trinidad the scores were C.Is. 328,
T/dad 155 and 150 (Sebastien 79 &
Brown 41, other C.I. batsmen all in
the double figures, In the match in
progress against Jamaica after one
hours play Jamaica was 15 for 6 --
,Gore (Capt. C.Is.) 4wkts for 5 off
7.1 overs, Thomas 2 for 9 in8. over
Barbados; gained Ist irnings honours
.in a draw with Guyana 394 Guyana,
:batting first:- Barbados 417 for 9.
Barb aados/,rinidad'. sarbados; skitt-
led out Trinidad on.a wet wicke' for
67 and then declared. at: 115/6. At
pressltime Trinida 'were 0/0. ,
England/kustralia at Trent Brid4e,
England pIt'Ahstraliai in to bat -and
they were i: 4-i.l- oui. (Keith Stack-
pole 114---J-oh-now 5/). England .,
one for 0io wicke" at''l close. Then
teams stand. one all fo. the Ashesi .
Antigua's Police Force sent a. teiTm
last weekend here and won two matches
(one full term and one Gillette style
thus taking back, the Police Force
Trophies back- to--Anttgua:. have we no
good cricketers -n the-R-.DP.?

ST. VINCENT: The dormant volcano
is again causing some uneasiness. *
Taxpayers have been well-treated in
the St. V. budget interest on sav-
ings will- ot be taedunless it ex-
ceeds .100 and wife/children allow-
ances have been increased.
DOMINICA: next meeting of the House
of Assembly is still announced as
at Court House. on Thurs,17 August.

B: id PARTY. in aid of CHILDREN& 'S
WARD1 'Princess -Margaret Hospital -
(p-*5 3.this notice-is rather inky,
so we remind readers that it will
be held at Goodwill Jyior gh Soh.
Saturday 29th July-- at 8:00 p.m.
Rose Caines has taken over from
Joan seaman adroitly. Joan got
married to By-Trinee Prevost on
Friday at Wesley. Best wishes!
Lernox leaves for England next Weds.
to study at drama school in London.
His si'ster.Sarah Honychurch goes
with him, off to a Swiss school.
We wish these two brilliant good-
looking young people all the best.
Monsieur Pierre Mesmer (lately
Minister of Overseas Affairs in
the French Government) has settled
to work with his Cabinet. His pre-
decessor M. Chaban-,Delmas was'wide-
ly pilloried for financial deals
and other affairs, The test bomb
in the Pacific which outraged the
world did not help the crisis.
QUOTES: William Demas said that
CARIFTA countries should trade with
socialist countries, for instance
China P.M, MiohaE1 Manley of'
Ja4aiica stated my Government is
co4initted to support UWI (Mona) as
a West Indian University. Mr.White-
law (British Minister for Irish
Affairs) says that if the I.R.A.
continue with ferocity, Britain will
do the same,(Many horrible deaths
in this civil war have occurred
this week.)
Senator Thomas Eagleton of Missouri
( a Roman Catholic) was chosen by
Senator McGovern asa bi 0esible
Vice President in the forthcoming
U.S. Presidential Election.Eagleton
is a liberal, against Vietnam war.

HOUSTON, Texas: Two Black Hi-Jack-
ers are on $1 million bail they
hi-jacked a plane from Philadelphia
over New York after taking $500,000
DOMINIJCA: HV.Atkinson President of
.WINBAiN visited Dominica and made
extensive field trips etc. also look-
8i a :oCfo Acaymtosl-f w at'
Grandbav for 2 months -from Canadca-

Printed & Published by the Proprietor, R.E. Allfrey of Copt Hall .'ill
Ho use, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

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