Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Mrs. Jane Lowenthal,
Research Institute forl
thbe Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street,
rayw York 10021, n.1*
UU,s,A. -vadon) Ltd.
0`v' 5 teisbury Ave, W, .
Vol. XV No. 1

Virtuy'W 9aDe(<2L,<4Bvai 3-orlu
SEP 7- "12



SEDITION, I believe, Is a
rather elastic term in Law,
used to describe any attempt
to disturb the tranquillity of
the State. It is a common law
indictable misdemeanor, #nd
embraces just about every-
thing whether by word, deed
or writing which is calculated
to disturb the State, and lead
ignorant persons to endeavour
to subvert the Government
and the laws of the country.
It comes as therefore Eome-
thing of a surprise to read in
a publication, openly produced
and openly displayed for sale,
propaganda such as this:
"'We must therefore meet
violence with violence. Revo-
lutionary violence which in it-
.f.Clf is a means to an end, for
it is the only way that op-
pifssed and dehumanized peo.
pie can overthrow an opprc '--
sive system and strive to bui'd
a society, wh:re once Can
breathe in an atmosphere' of
freedom and justice, where the
oppression of man by man
shall be no more. It is, I stress,
the only way... Brothers and
sister, prepare thyself, pre-
pare for death, prepare for
killing ,, We may be called
criminals because we seek re.
evolutionary change, brothers
and sisters, let history and
God be our judge; but do not
betray the future of our chil-
dren and country. Death to our
enemies! !"
This, and a lot more of the
came, can be found in .Black
ry,. a mimeographed six-sheet
"viewzpaper" published by the
Malicou Movement of Domin.
ica, and most disturbing to the
peace of mind of'thousands of
* Dominicans, who appreciate
that such inflammatory propa-
ganda can sway unthinking
innocents to commit: actions
later to be regretted.
It does not take any. great
gcn-us of a lawyer to
recognize that this is seditious
writing within the .meaning of
the term in the laws of most
countries, and, presumably, of
the laws of Dominica..
It would be presumptious ot
me to tell the Government of
-Dominica or its citizens what
should be done but in reply
to those Dominicans who have
written to me, drawing this
publication to my attention
and seeking advice, I can cer:
tainly say that the remedy is
in their hands. Invoke the law,
which Is there for the protect.
tion of the State.

I am further told that BrIak
Cry is actually stencilled free
of charge within a Department
of Dominica's Civil Service
during working hours, and, if
this is so, one can only wonder
at the naivete of the Govern-
ment of Dominica. To coddle
and nurse the infant cobra
may be regarded as an act of
charity, inspired by the love of
animals, but it is very much
to be doubted that t h e
S.P.C.A. would protest Its in-
stant killing.
Main object of attack in this
particular issue was the Ro-
man Catholic Church, .on
which one Kabinda all tiu-
thors, excet -Brother Gord6n,
carry beautifully exotic names,
snuch as IKabinda and Nbatu
7dhoiamad Ka etuka, etc. -
pronounces judg an ar,,
tide entitled: "Know Wno
Your Enemy Is: 1. The
The Church, "Goddess of
Hypocrisy" is accu ed of
using its schools to Instigate
foreign values and standards
into the minds of. Dominican
children, and of remaining
aMient while "black people
starve, are unemployed, dis-
criminated against, exploited
and degraded, beaten and mur-
dered and culturally and p;y-
chologically dehumanized".
The extravagance of lan.
guage. is in keeeping with the
general tenor of all the articles.
included in this issue. It serves
a useful purpose. The un-
thinking reader is undoubted-
ly influenced by this picture
of Dominicans starving -i
whether there h" been -a case
in Dominica of death 'from
starvation is doubtful; of Dorm.
inicans without work with.
out questioning whether they
want work; of Dominicans be-
ing discriminated against -
with asking by whom?; of
Dominicans being exploited
and degraded a country
of largely peasant holdings; of
Dominicans being beaten and
murdered- presumably whie
the Police stand idly by, twid-',
dling their thumbs; andi of'
Dom:nicans being culturally
and psychologically dchuinan-
ized -wha 'the only evi-;
dence of an attempt at de-i
humanisat'on so far to come
to hand is Black Cry. I I
flonctuddi on pae 3
Rsa.ADOS. .

On Press night, Friday, last week, the best
columistand staunchest friend of this news-
paper died suddenly at his home in Qood-
wiL He would have been 62 on July 4,
Had the funeral procession of Mr. Loftus
A.Roberts B.S., exemplary Civil Servaati
who rose to become Chief Secretary a n d
who ended his well-lived days on a paltry
pension from an ungrateful government been
made on foot from his home, the number
of citizens of all ranks who would have fali:
en in would have stunned detractors descri-
bing him as aloof or unpopular. Ait was,
the people trekked up to his house p pay
their grieved respects to his widowtand daut
ghters. This thinker who avoided pomp had
a funeral service worthy of a great leader,
with eulogies from Bi Bis pn Bh -an a d'
Perm. Secretary Joffre Robinson. We Will
not here repeat their well-known tributes
save to dwell on the word PATRIOT.'
Loftus Roberts- our beloved ANDRO-
CLES-was a patriot in the' truest sense,
He was proud of Balls and the other great
Maroons but did not despise the best of
European heredity and culture. Both strains
were in his make-up as a man. And here
we must a dd certain observations which
were not stressed at the rites: his great cour-
age, histotal reliability, his generosity dd
hi hhauc; of hypocrisy ( PAGE o)

Mrs, Laura Roberts, a n d her daughters Joan
Celia and Mary; Mr. & Mrs. Murray Rabeas and
Mr. Wilbur Rabess, beg to express their sincere
thanks to all those who rallied to their assistance
and who in addition or otherwise th r o u g
wreaths, cards or other tokens, expressed their
sympathy in their recent sad bereavement occas-
ioned by the.death of their beloved Loftus.

-- -- -~---


PageTwoT~fI STR frday Jul 7,197

STAR columnist AAIDROCLES of shining memory died last week-end of a
heart aneurism. The ancients used to call this a broken heart; and so in
simple literal and physical terms it would appear to be. It is known
that almost at the moment of his death Aadrocles had in his hands the
manifesto posted from Melville Hall and signed by ten Mona Campus (Dom-
inican) students of U.W.I., and that he had been expressing, to friends
his extreme revulsion at certain paragraphs in the manifesto, which went
against all his highest human and ethical principles. The smears on the
Roman Catholic Church struck at his deepest devotion, and although certain
lines in the manifesto contain grains of sende, others are simply false
.or even hilarious. From the first the STAR described this document as
a manifesto, because it resembles an amalgam of the ideas of Marx, Mao,
Lenin and even Stalin, half-cooked for West Indian consumption. Its over-
tones and undercurrents are strikingly familiar.
I do wish that these young people who have been exposed at the univ-
ersity to the exciting virus of "Chairman Mao" et al would stop and get
their perspectives right before they blast off into the weightlessness
of outdated communist jargon. Dominica, with 75,000 persons and some
30,000 adult voters -- the majority of whom are smallholders (proudly
displaying their certificates of title) -- cannot be compared with 600
million Chinese fifty years ago in desperate poverty who were exploited
by a small mandarin class and a ruthless group of European financiers:
check your dates in the little "Red Book".
iearer home compare the records of the Banana Associations of Dominica
and St, Lucia -- 90% of Dominica's 1969 out-turn of bananas came from
farmerS with less than 10 acres, 5>o from those with more than
100 acres. The complete reverse obtained in the case of St. Lucia. Then
stop and consider that this vast majority of Dominicans don't care a
rotten dasheen for either Black Power or Communism. So spare your breath,
brothers and sisters, and get down to doing something to increase the
social aid economic wealth of the community. Remember too, that Roseau
1s 1~0T the whole of Dominica. So much for "Jotting" No.3.
Referring to Education, I .presume that those of you Who have or had
scholarships which enabled you to attend U.W.I. will now return the money
since it was derived directly or indirectly from 'capitalist' sources;
undergraduates will then either "work their way through college" in the
American way or apply to Chairman Mao for a scholarship. Unless any of
you had your primary education from Convent sources, your elementary
education was by the State, but most of the signatories to this manifesto
received their secondary education from Church schools and perhaps it
must be therefore the Churches "uncanny and detrimental influence" which
causes you students to write such ill-informed rubbish. The curriculum
of the secondary schools is geared (lacking the completion of the West
Indian examination board) to the London or Cambridge G.C.E. Primary ob-
jectives are Primary Schools, Primary West Ildian Textbooks and an Adult
Literacy Campaign, By driving out the Christian Brothers, the onus of
ia.1 the male secondary education falls on the State -- which might other-
wise have devoted more funds, sooner, either to improving primary school-
ing or increasing the number of secondary school places. So much for
"Jotting" A0o.1.
iMos. 2,4,5, and 7 all contain grains of truth but they are obscured
by jargon, I must say that I smiled at "fear-installing institutions and
concentration camps (police stations)" and agree that they are 'non-
productive'; but on the subject of defence,"to defend ourselves against
England and America" is unrealistic poppycock which no sane person would
take seriously. On, the other hand I enjoyed "senile government lackeys
are sent abroad to fail exams"' Luckily for Dominica, it is still a demo-
cracy, and if biologists enjoy commentating on cricket and running radio
stations, or agriculturists prefer editing newspapers, good luck to them
- someone has to do these jobs, and 10 years ago the UWI did not have
(concluded on page four)

Friday, July 7, 1972

Page Two


True TI .AK

ir a u .. ... __ ; - "
0- 1997 1 Of 01r A ft

from Ptgg Ono
Mr. Kabinda and such-like
extremist; may, in rare in-
stances, be sincerely con-
vinced that the only effective
kind of revolution is the vio-
lent shedding of blood. They,
the few, may genuinely believe
that peaceful processes, how-
ever equally revolutionary,
will never bring about their
dreamland of land, wealth and
privileges equally shared.
But these are very, ve-ry
few. The great majority of
these preachers of destruction
are interested wholly and
solely in power. Not Black
Power, or Power to the Peo-
ple, or any other Power but
the one: Power to Number
One. Power to Us, the
Saviours and Redeemers, who
will then be able to bring
plenty to Dominica and salt
most of it away in Swiss bank
accounts, while furnishing our
homes with golden bedsteads

like Mr. Educi's.
Such 'Preachers, of course,
operate at a tremendous ad-
vantage in any society whe a
education a n d analyt':al
thought are at a premn'um.
Hypzrbolu js their weapon,
for they Ikow T hat the most
extravagant of clau s, cy-
pecally if they contain that
small graia of truhii, will be
accepted as gospel, once toe
concomitant p"mnse is sumi-
ciently alluring.
for Trut~s
Unfortunately, tihe Church
and mo't citizens find hyper-
bole difficult, because they
have greater resnpict for truth.
Their p-eachings therefore
appear dull and temporising.
lacking in the excitement of
the soapbox orators.
OfteA, too, the truth Is unr-
palatable to their hearer;, who
prefer the extravagances of
the Black Crys of the world,
which bolster their own egos
and provide them with excuse
for their own failures.
But edition is sedition just
the same. and it remains to be
seen what Mr. Leblanc will do
about it.

We have rocoivod many lotteors ad
omessagos about Rose 0's poem ded-
icatod to Brother Estrada, and will
rofor to them more fully next week.

To obtain a FREE COPY of


a 1a4 page book on Biochemic
System of Medicine, a unique
sy st e m of Natural Healing,,
bring in three labels soaked out
from three bottles of "N e w
Era" Tissue Salts or Elasto or



Containing: 10366 Square feet

Apply: M. E. Charles
P. 0. Box 121
28 Old Street,
-Roseau, Dominica.

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notlngsj
thereon and Caveats for week ending: lit dy of July 972.
Date Requested Person- Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveal
Request damd the Made Thomas as s Petr est for the Ism of a
27tb day L -: sL~ al Represtatvet of IPit Certifcate or Tit In
1972. liciaBBougN 0lec Sr eof a portion ofvhl
pre seted the 2t ed, by her Soi tor kuawn as a grden lot at
day of Janes 1972 att t ,y, Grand Btay, in the
11.15 a.m, Cilms A.M. Dupig a t. ofStPatri..In the
PwoteS oaf S~t oll(! a e. t
W&8 6i gas fate feet

North by lands of the Heirs o Peter PFreD 'Ii t
East by lands of Adine olirml dham;
South by lands of the Hell o o y Xavwwr;

12t day of June, Pirst erdficate of Ttlde In
1972. by her Solictor s t of a urtion of Eud
Presented the M6th at Masswri vlha., in Uthe
"ay Of bme9 7g?2 4at AOM6A DUpigqa Pa"h of Xt.PwAlin Sthe a~t
11, I a.m. of Dandnic, co~ntaining 60
sq. ft. and boWadedas -e.
North East by land of Ralph Cochrane:
South East by lands of Maolme Bruno and Viola Sellevale
South West by land of Melanie Eslenne;
North West by land of Ralph Co hrase.

1 97. b her.ti es ipect of a portion of tand
PrWisente t CiA M r kwaam agesdealdtilotato
presented the 911 L ,,po.l .h- in the Pat of
?ayst,11ne,9 CilmA.M.BOWW St.oo th*&Xte 01 DofmBm
11. 7,m. ---- ltto ealais ,tno

North by Halifax Streat; ast by Rodney Ssreoet
South by lands of Earl Lt14y;
Wst by lands of Madelineo l.le.
Regstrr's Office" SYLVIA J. BERTRAND
Roseau, Dominica. Registrar of Tes..

NOTE:- Any person who desires to object to the issue of a
First Certificate of Title In the above application may enter a
Caveat in the above Office within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
published In this State or from,the date when the notice pre.
scribed by law was served on any owner or occupier of e4joining
land In respect of which the application Is made.


Containing: 10139 Square ftet &
19415 Square feet
M. E. Charles
O. B&12
.28 Old Street,
SRoseau, Dominica.
484 II ,i Ill

~Bsewr~u~-n~-~L-PI----~~-- \~* '1

. agre Ttre

CF J l !* ,>

Page~I Fou TH TRIiaJl ,17

N U T 1 U .M




The Central Water Authority invites applications from suitably
qualified persons for the following posts:-
Salary Scale: $6300 x $300 $6600 x $360 $7680/$9840.
Duties: Responsibility to the Chief Engineer for Accounting,
costing, statistics, billing, paying, revenue collection,
purchasing, preparation and administration of budget,
financial control within established budget constraints,
provision of financial information required for day-to-
day management, upkeep of financial and accounting
records, internal auditing and personnel management of
accounting section#
Qualifications: The A.C.C.A. at intermediate level or equivalent qual-
ifications and at least two years practical experience
with a corporation or'business undertaking,

Salary Scale:
Duties :

Qualificati ons

(both posts)

LEAVE: (for
both posts)

$6300, $6600 x $360 $7320,
Secretary to Board and responsible to The Chief Engineer
for Personnel and Public Relations. Full details of
duties available for inspection.
:At least six G.C.E. Ordinary Level subjects one of which
must be English Language and at least three years exper-
ience as executive secretary preferably with aNcorpora-
tion or business undertaking.
Equivalent qualifications and experience will,
however, be considered.
Non-pensionable on contract basis .for three years and
terminable by three months notice from either party.
Subject to all The Authority's Rules and Regulations
for time being in force or made from time to time.
In accordance with The Authority's rules and Regulations
for posts of similar level.
Starting salaries above the maximum for both posts will
be related to the individual's experience, qualifications
and potential
To cross the bar at $7680 the person appointed must
possess the AC.C.A. at intermediate level.

Applications in writing, stating age and.full particulars of
qualifications together with two (2) recent testimonials should be
forwarded to: The Chief Engineer, Central Water Authority,
22 Bath Road, Roseau,
and must arrive not later than 24th July, 1972.
ALL APPLICATIOINS will be treated in strict confidence.

JOHiN SPECTOR (Fr. page 2) degree courses in journalism and broadcasting,
but A university degree course, like any secondary school upper form
education, taught reasoning, self-discipline and flexibility, among other
things. I do believe that these activists sincerely desire to do their
best for Dominica, but the abrupt confrontation of millions of North
Atlantic 'neo-colonialists' by a couple of dozen fanatical Dominicans
would not stir a ripple in Washington or Westminster. Get your sense of
proportion, put things in proper perspective, get your facts right and
clear without fancy embroidery, and then perhaps you can help your country
without destroying the rights: of the individual or bringing this micro-
cosmic nation of immensely good and kind people into a concentration
camp'of totalitarian thought and corruption.




Friday, July 7, 1972

Page Four

-, -_m-.--- .. -
**,-^ M ~ i.rm ii, ij~ n'ii n i i 1 i, .. -- .- - **~~ -JB ~ -- ... ... ~iu .iit~r..1111 i 1 r 1 *"Wi e **'ff "** A*~ .g
*...^ '..- -^ . -- -. ,- ^ - ^T MJ-^ -~ . B~ao ja c~ .i-.i~in~i.raiiinl- 1*1 *"" i~ ini'la TrillIT~gas*.ti|n m

SIESTA will alterthat.
One or two tablets before retiring
will induce, sound restful, relaxed
SIESTA also helps relieve nervous-
ness during the day.
| $t.8o per box of t8 Tablets.
46 G 41A


July Sat: 15th ,2e00
Aug Sat. 5th 250o

Wtt '-s



The Viva went through far more than the
usual testing that goes into a new car.
Because it was test-proved at 'Punishment
Park'-Vauxhall's unique 700 acre proving
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Test-provedfor. strength, safety,
reliability and protection.

Wr -----K. --- -.- ---L---^at~
a~ o e4rp rtr a ^ -- ,.O,,...,.,. ii... ii.ii.n~~i... ,i. ~~m.. 11., i. u.,


Letter Trays, Office Punches,
Paper Clips, Staplers and Sta.
ples, Pencil Sharpsenrs Letter
Openers, Box Files, Expand.

ing Files, Bo
Guard Files,
Bulldog Clips,

ardfiles, Nylon
Blotting Pads,



Tubs, Drawing Pins, Addi n g

Machine Rolls, Stamp


& Ink, Etc. Etc.


"I know how you feel about air pollution, but with that
mask on I can't understand your ditelat f

Available at

P/mWy's NWAE
4-ff ^_________RAM_




. Page Five

-.*d.f. July 7. A97,7



Page SixY TH T RFrdaul ,97

by Parry Bellot
Allow me to make some comments on
your latest public outpouring entit-
Star, June 30th). Essentially, as is
usually the case with educated stu-
dents, your ultimate.goal -a better
life for all Dominicans is honour-
able and undoubtedly something with
which we all agree. It is the methods
you suggest that pose the problems.
Most Dominicans believe they are im-
practicable, unacceptable and'I dare
say, probably unworkable; i.e, would
not really have the desired result.
O.K., so you do away with the
Churches, the Banks, the Insurance
Companies etc. etc. Who really'is t1i
one going to suffer more? Sure, the
banks and the insurance companies
make a lot of money, but don't they
also provide employment, assist in'
development and provide some facil-
ities for those who voluntarily re-
quest them?, I agree with youthat
more should be done to develop a
social conscience in these institut-
ions -which should change their
priorities but is closing them
down really the solution?
As for the Church, everyone knows
I am nosupporter of its principles,
policies or the perhaps unfortunate
and unnecessary influence it has in
certain areas. But I also know that
the Church has done a great deal of
good in our Society (children's
creches, financing'schools,providing
qualified teachers, solace to those
who need it, etc. etc.). The facts
are there to prove this. I can accept
more control of its influence (and
increased education is already solv-
ing this -as it has in all developed
countries); but tell me, why'must we
destr it? It is vouhtar ,isn' it?
~ou talk about dealings with for-
eign governments "and that this is
bad. How? Yes, we know that other
countries profit on our heads, but
do we not also gain? If Britain
were not to buy our bananas,, who
would suffer?' When thl U.S.or.. Canada
grants us aid, of course we realize
they gain a lot in return benefits,
but do we not also stand to gain? I
mean, gentlemen,please be reasonable
You condemn private business as
exploiters, but who provides the
bulk of the employment and the taxes
that support the soc6al-benefits we
expect and want more:of? If we were
to close down any or 'all of the bus-
iess concern which were foreign,
G (Concluded on page eight)

Fiction: MA TITINE by Cynthia Watt
Ma Titine was ill in bed. She had
received a'couple of shocks during the
last weeks, and determined and brave.
though she was, the body just couldn't
stand it. That" solid ship, La Belle Tit-
ine, keeled over,
She lay in her bed on a sultry Ties-
day morning going over the dire events'.
"Hmpf she snorted finally. "As doe
enoff tings not putting' de world upside
down, it have de Ward Report to make me
sick and hurt me right in my hatti Den
Reuben disappear.., and de nex' ting is
de deaff of Mister Androcles. And as if
dey is all tie up. Anyway dey tie me up
in a knot, Woe-ee-eeel Oompff OompfJ"
She turned slowly over towards the wall
and a big tear dripped down. Just then,
Baby and Genelia came up the steps. hey
knocked and called, "Titinoe Titinel"
"Come in..." (Sob, sob.)
"How's dee feeling today?" asked Gen-
elia. Baby'and she sat down at the foot
of the bed.
"Helas, all-you,"' Titine muttered.'"I-
not feeling good at allS Reuben diSparette
an Mr. Robert lef our mortal life I
tell you dose two ting give me a shal-day-
vee-way. I cannot pick up myself yet5"
Genelia said "But you lyin so comfor-
table, manJ"
"ComforTablej If all-you dee kniw
my suffering.., But then Ma Titine sud-
denly sat bolt upright, as if they had
struck her. 'Just as Genelia was saying
"that's right, Titine, cry it out -."
she thumped, her fist on the pillow.
"I is a fighting woman not a suffering
woman. I done lyin heah feelin my sor-
row ." -
"So what nex?"' asked Baby hopefully.
"What nex? Is dem report I goin to
attack. I wish Androcles had leave me
he pen and he brain. Garcon I going' to
miss dat column in de STAH dis weekS"
"What report you mean?"
"I mean de two of dem. I mean dat man
Ward, de one I attend all dose sitting in
de Parish TIl1l an I heah all sort of
talk about why de whole ting blaze up'
an de man seeb to wag he head so wise,
but when he write a report he lef out
everything awee give him for evident."
"Doan excite you pressure," warned
Baby anxiously.
"An I seeing de student-dem from four
cornah of UWI dey tellin us change de
system and de-odder committee giving a
report on ONA, you dean fine it forny
de fosst ting dey say is Guvment should
chanLs de system, it seem as if dey
wukkin togedder ..."
"Dat doan mean nothing good," said
Genelia and Baby loyally,

Priday,July 7,1972

Page Six


M: o N' I~ se On onent There remains a shred or two of doubt the:
r NSenator George McGeovern will be tht
Democratic nominee, but not much, Thi:
is true no less because of his convincing -
though short of decisive win in Californit
than because of the collapse of his rival,
within his own party. The politics of safety
and nostalgia have not worked for Senatol
Humphrey, and it is clear that Senatol
Muskie has neither the nerve nor the tem-
perament for the Presidency. Edward Ken,
nedy broods in the wings, but the particu.
larly violent American climate right noA
makes his fugitive candidacy by draft ot
by desperation highly unlikely. .he
President will not come out of it badly. He
will try to balance his foreign policy, which'
has been in his terms extraordinarily; suc-
cessful, against his domestic policy, which,
has been in anyone's terms near disaster,..
On the latter he can argue, to some effect
that he has been hampered by a DImo-
cratic Congress.
McGovern will now begin to assemble hi:
post-Convention campaign and almost
certainly the first reqtiirement is a decoroit
proceeding at Miami Beach, George Wal
lace and everyone else must have his say;
and there must be no uproar or shambles -
unless the bosses (new or old) somehow con
trive to deny McGovern the nomination
He is tough as a boiled owl and will stant
for no interference.


The average West
Indian will not accept
responsibility for his
present or- his, future.
He exp:ots somebody to
take care of him. For
him, democracy il five
minutes in a polling
booth every five years.
And,. having voted, his
respobnibtilty e n d s..
Somebody else. will make
the decisions and, if
things go wrong, some-
body else will fix thtdm.

He.. refuses to be in-
volved. He Mwil not ex-
press his opinion open-
ly, and, as a result, in
m a n y Commonwealth
Caribbean countries,
public opinion is weak.
Politicians o~a ignore it,
W e st Indians remain
silent and, with little or
no opposition, .power
hungry men are allowed

from an article by
to trample the rights of.
the people.
The Gove nment of,
Premier Gairy has "ac'
quired" Grenada's Iar-
g e s t newspaper, 'the
'West Indian ', and that.
paper now publishes: all
Mr. Gairy's Parly pro.
paganda. Management
of State owned Radio
Grenada is in the hands
of Mr. Gairy's Party
supporters and, in effect,
it is now a Party station..
Gracmaians know this.
The y grumble' and
wonder how far Mr.
Gairy and his. Govern-
ment will go. But thy
take to action. A few
voices are raised in pro*
test but the igenaral atti-
tude is t6 wait and see
what will haipen-w-Wr
and see IfSamebody wiN
fix the problem.

But, thoa* das eadCd
wheo we .stopped being
colonim. We have to
do for oursel~e now.
Neitber the Jeter*naWneri.
can Prss
nor anybody else cat ix
the problem, lpress
freedom: vtiks *s take
a hand, Uiless i~ West
Indians alte prlepqsd to
face their responsibilties
and force. politician, to
respect St wjilt of the
people, prdSs freedom
will be i danger together
with all -thi other free-
doms which are our
Editor's Note:
The Press legidatwio
in Antigua was found to
be "repugnant, rconsti-
hational and consequently
void?' by Mr. Justice
Allan Louisy who gave
his decision opp Je. 15.

Pago Soeea


Frid-ay, July 7, 1972

Page Eight T Jl 7

OPEH LETTER TO UWI STUDENITS by Parry Bellot (fr. 2p.6 white or religious-
owned, who really would be the ones to suffer? not be those who
got the work and those who collected the taxes (40%obOn business profits!)
And while on the subject of employment, what are you doing to provide
jobs for the many who want? What are you doing about those misguided
persons (who happen to be black and practice a rather warped "black power')
who go about indiscriminately insulting white people? Who suffers when
these tourists decide to go to the iMediterranean instead? What happens
then to our taxi-drivers, local craftsmen, our sales personnel, our re-
ceptionists, our barmen, our hotel builders, etc. etc.?What happens to
their means of livelihood?
When it comes to the land, it is there I find you students surprisingly
naive and unwilling to face the real facts. Do you really expect that
if all private land was handed over to 'collective farms' all or even any
of our agricultural problems would be solved? I trust you appreciate the
economics of small scale farming (which is why even Russia-has had to
make some adjustments). Doubtless you are also aware of the numbers of
young people who have point blank refused (though sometimes landowners
or standing to inherit land) to work it -- at any remuneration (though
it seems that our educational and class system is at the root of that
problem). Also please bear in mind the undisputed fact that agricultural
workers in Dominica are paid more than much of the rest ofithe world,
and specifically more than workers in St.Lucia and St.Vincent
Most Dominicans will agree with you for wanting "total control of our
. education" -- but does it really make sense to remove all the white and
religious teachers when we have not yet got qualified replacements? Yes,
I too want "a higher standard of living ... good roads ... and enough
hospitals and schools ... and a welfare service" for all Dominicans, but
do you honestly think this can happen overnight -- by any means you may
think of?
I must confess that oie thing I appreciate in your writings is your
apparent impartiality: no one is spared from your criticism (except
perhaps "the masses" and your selves?). But at the same time the rather
callous,uncontrolled and unreasonable manner in which this criticism is
sometimes banded about does present a credibility gap. Sometimes even
logic is non-existent; consider your statement "We will work against the
interests of the bourgeoisie, thereby helping in the development of the
mass of the people". Are you implying that work, development, enterprise,
etc. etc. should be considered bad words in our society?
Gentlemen, I can only conclude with the statement that much contrib-
ution is still expected of you. You are well-placed to assist this county
in making the necessary changes in opr society and its systems. But
please be reasonable' Please do not allow youthful enthusiasm to carry
you beyond the bounds of the real world. Of less but still crucial im-
portance, please remember that you are involved in a big publicity game
--- and both you and I know that! Many of you are undoubtedly using it
to build your ego and your name. Let us hope that you can and want to do
more than that -- and that you are genuinel2 concerned with helping the
majority of Dominicans. That of course, only your consoiencescan t-ell ---
TR I BUTE : (to Aidrocles) ...In the words of D nryd "i a ona
of God, gentlemen1but nis hatred of
We have received a splendid tribute moral Glls onesty dio not allow .him to
to LOFTUS ALEXANDER ROBERTS by Mr. be simply a follower of the Christ of
Joseph E.P. Elwin. It is copied to the sympathy aid humility, but he was also
rest of th Press, but we f uote:- a follower of the Christ of righteous
Although Loftus belonged tohe true indignation.. He spoke out and lashed
aristocracy by that I mean the aristoc- out' as the occas on demanded.
racy of intellect and character he ***As an associate and co-worker of his
never 'lost the common touch'. I know has expressed it, this man could not
that in spite of the fact that he may be bought I is price was too hi ht' .*
have been misunderstood in some quarters It is -f icult to accept that his
he was disturbed at the plight of the un- man and all that he stood for has come
derrrivileged and had great faith in them, to an end. I believe that his influence
...I remember him as Chief Secretary and will' ndurg and prevail ,
atin2 Admini4trator discharging hi dut- 'To ive in hearts we eave behind
les rith justice, fairplay & Impartiality. r not to cdle-'

Pane Eight


Friday. July 7, 1972

Page Nine

Friday July 7, 192 HE A

Pointe Michel 100-yrs ago
by Fr. R. Proesmans, C,SS.R.
Father Ardois may well have be-
lieved that the steeple he built in
1865 would have outlived the pilgrim-
age of La S4lette, started in 1872 -
although deep down as wish and as
prayer he may and must have hoped it
would not, Of the"Oteeple not a stone
or a trace remains. And La Salette
is still godn- strong. The story of
the steeple 'is not complete as it
was found. But so many of the names
of people who lived when La Salette
began are mentioned that they must
be a pleasant reminder on the eve of
the centenary celebration.
' On the 30th of July 1865 the Rev,
C.Ardois, parish priest 'and Vicar
General, blessed the.first. stone of
the steeple that stands behind the
church. Mr. John Balson and Madame
Rosalie Royer were godfather and
godmother.,The parish attended in
procession. Under the blessed stone'
in a vial of white Glass, were pis-
ed a paper and medals of Our Lady,
Pope Pius IX, Queen Victoria and the
Emperor Napoleon II. .
On Mon.3lst July 1865 the work be-
gan -bravely, and we may say
intelligently. The masons and the
other tradesmen are all locals of
Pointe Michel. The Sisters P.Fortune,
father and son Alfred Destouches,
Jean Louis Emmanuel, Avril Richard,,
Jean Richard, Germain d'Aout, Sil-
vester Montaigu, Basile iIartln.
The carpenters a:re I1essrs Louis Del-
aunay, Montlouis Ilorillet and Adrien
Athanase, And some other parishioners
(nrt column)

The Principal, staff and pupils
of the Convent High School wish to
thank publicly the followinG individ-
uals and firms who contributed so
generously to make the school's Sports
Day a success J. Astaphans; Miss
P. Bruney; Cee-Bee; Coca-Cola; L.A.
Dupigny; Elegance; Framptona; Fair
Deal; 0. Green; E. Nassief; C.Phillip
Iiss E.Royer; R. 'Sorhaindo; Miss R.
Symes; Red Store; S.P.C.K,; the Lsses
Tavernier; By-Trinee of Course; Miss
C. Wallace; P. Williamn; 'i-ss .J
Garraway; Damascus Stre; L. .Rose &
Co.Ltd.; J. Dibb; S.A. Waldron; Miss
LlMarthou; Miss Sheila S'hillingford;
II.H.V. Whitohurch; K. Brohii; Miss
Marie Karam; Mrs. S. Fadelle; F.A.
Baron; T.SD.Shillingford;- Ajar; Twen-
tieth Century Store; O,D.Brisbane.

who occasionally 'ive a hand. Madame'
Mitre Giraud allows us free of charge,
to take from the lime grove that is on
her estate, with the wood to burn it
found there. Strong'bodied stone cut-
ters Messers fxman uel, father and son
Ambroise Regis, J.B.Blaize,Joseph Afric-
ain, Henr. de la MIare, Montlouis Joseph
are the more important ones of those
who work every month 2 or 3 days to
extract the stones. The women, young"
girls and children of the village carry
them on their heads to the sea shore,
where the "sailors" and fishermen of
La Pointe put them on board,
Everybody in the village has a-share
in the work. The same keenness is shown
in cutting the wood. Outstanding among
them to provide it is John Balson, who
also gives rumn aid many other things.
Also Mr. Davies who besides puts'at
our disposal his:menj his canoes, his
oxen and carts, elad other things. Madame
Steber gives all. As'did Mr. Casimir
Birmingham.. In short,' the whole parish
gives. Most'active among the wood cut-
ters are r.,. Mlichel' Charles, the Etien-
nes, the Telemacquizs and Toussaint
Laurent at Sibouli. The lime is being
burnt in the kil1 of Mrs. Charles Jean,
the sacristan, who. on: this accoUnt'
comes very handy. Thoe sand is dug behind
the church, And cut stones are gathered
from every corner of the. parish. TWe owe
them mostly to the generosity of'Madame
Steber, Madame the'widow foreman, Madame
Jean Pierre"- Lirei Mr. John Balson and
other owners...,;.. (And suddenly the
story breaks bff, as suddenly the steeple
was broken down some 50 years later..
when the new church was already some 30
years in usej)
IyOTE: Fr.Proesmans would
welcome comments on this text. Ours is -
it proves how a great popular co-operat-
ion built this and other village churches
in Dominica. The descendants of these
people will surely defend their Church.

by G.B. Giraud
The s1- gets overcast:
It dissipates the light.
Darkness envelopes the mast
Of the ship called human insight.

The storm rages fiercely onf
Calm and reason disappear.
One wishes he uere not born
Uncertainty reigns with fear.*

As the 'storm blows itself awayA,
Reenters the calm of reason*
Those not attuned to the new way
Are said to commit foul treason.

* Friday, July 7, 1972



Page flen THE S T
From page .T
(Editorial) His courtq'.l: An.irocles was
prepared to 'take prison!r,-' -' en to
di for the truths he^ in -and
so, in effecthe did. To..him; an to us,
December 16 was Dominica's' finet hour
since the resistance of the slaves. He
never feared the mighty and powerful.-
As a writer, he was a perfectionist.-
Hit tough and brilliant scripts were
delivered dead on time, exquisitely
typed (by himself) without' blot or
erasure; and with modesty he accep-
ted the .occasional deletion or change.

A R Friday,July 7, 1972

A TRIBUTE TO L.A.R. by S.J. Lewis
"Eaglel Why soarest thou above that tomb,-
To what sublime and star-y-paven home
Floatest thqu?
I am the image of great Plato's spirit,
Asce-nding heaven* Athens doth inherit
S* .,His corpse below,"
- Epit-aph translated from the Greek by
* Shelley.
I must, in honour of LA.R., adapt
this epitaph oil the tomb of the Greek
philosopher by, of course, substituting
nhobf~rtr fnr-" ?Tato. nd Ro~eau for, A.thetns.

Generous with man's most precious asset I.he known 'he departed (L.A.R. as
--time- no troub.e6 was too much if he I used to greet him) for a long time and
could get things just right. on occasions exchanCing, ideas and views
His hatred of" hypocrisy' Ctended to on topical subjects. L..A.Roberts was an
all that was false or phoney, and made erudite person and-..certainly one of our
him impatient. Oncewlihen weo told him .best local writers: who could take up a
how a civil servant who had accepted ouicopy of our.:STAR iewspaper.without' first
invitation to a family lunch got his reading AIIDROCLES, and to be impressed
wife to telephone on 'theday itself with L.A.R.'s facile and scholarly writing
'regrets -7 but lunching with Allfreys The deceased has left a void in the
might'affedt his standing with Govern- scholastic field of our community which
ment', Androcles burst out;: "the b----y will not be so 'easily filled. Moreover
Shypocrite!" The only other time weheard he was of a gentlemanly bearing and of
him swear was over the subversive doc- noble character characteristic qual-
uments recently circulated in Dominica, ities so rare in nany.
Loftus Roberts fwas a loyalist he L.A.R. was genuine and sincere. I have
was also a Defender of the Faith. The always cherished his spontaneous letter
Defender of the'Faith, we heard strick-of condolence'to my family when a few
en friends murmur beside his bier. Al- years ago my well-beloved daughterAilie,
Though in earlier 'days we had thought ied an unexpected death that shocked
of him as almost a bigot, he could ad- the whole coramunityi
apt himself to anything save a lowering L.A. Roberts is dead. Whence comes
of excellence and supported the Ecum- another? Ily family join me in sending
enical Movement* Like us, ho did not very sincere condolences to his wife and
wish to see the Christian Church turn children in their loss.
into a mere purveyor of'social-doonom-/ R&QUIESCAT I PAC
io benefits, and lamenited the obscur- BOXING:.. a ..
ing of the great maystics and contempla- Dominica's Kid Flita meots:;St.
tives. '' Lucia's midweibht champ Young 'A. (21') in
On front page we have tried to show. Barbados YIICA stadium July 14, 10 rounds,
the symbols'.of the' outsid einterests he Flite lost his last two fights on points.
lovod: great music, flo iers and books- ATHLETICS:DASA stage their 2ndAnnual
especially history and biography. The' Meet' at Windsor Park on July 8 L, 9, The
time he gave to them was cut 'short half Marathon was run last Sunday with
for. all our sakes. He was not a man fo the Youth.Camp gaining the top .places,
all seasons and'all covers, but a man FOOTBALL t. At the DASA meeting last Sat-
for ur.seas.ons,'and especially the rday of the footballers (at DGS) it was
hurricane season, when valour,.is the c announced thsat'the season will open on
Sunday July 30. There will be three Div-
STARSPORTS ... Morchriston visions :and'6 awards. Free registration
CRICKET:" Combined Islands' under 19 teaifor 3rd Div. which will be undor-16's
on their first appearance -in the B, & H'and open to non-school goers as well as
Series took 1st innings lead over Bar- Ischools.
bados, scoring 252 against Barbados'137.' Newly-worded Rule 14 was discussed --
Sobas'ioan & -Abrahams of D/ca did wellinlthis lays down disciplinary action against
thoir respective fields of bat and ballplayerr, club' or team behaving in a dis-
**EnglCand/Australia Tests now stand at lordorly manner' towards a referee- or lino-
one all. 3rd Test at Tront Bridge, Thurs sman. Chairman of Football is G.Riiat',_

Printed & Published by the Proprietor, R.E. Allfrey of C6pt Hall Mill House
at 26 Dath Road, Roseau, Dominica, W,.I.

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