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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Mrst n, ieLLw tha i,
Lij]rartan, '
Rese.arch- ititute. for
the Stzidy of Man, jP
162 EaS~Street, .'. .
2Pe Yor 10021, N.Y.,
o ,. .PrIOntory 2691, Editor 2610, .. j A
ir. K. ,Media Reprentative: tt .a. omit T 'ortaR AU r ea tt
Confl Turner (Londqn) Ltd.
S122 Shaftesbur Ae, W.I. Edttpr PHYLLIS HAND ALLFREY F i
Vol No. 24 Fr n~ i,4s4 16 1972 "Ten Cents
On Sunday a. m. June nxth trucks, cargo
acir other r vehicles disgorged a couple of yOU can ell a
.. ,.sand members, followers and avid sten- A cnm;~aIsoj
Ts near the new Canadian gift school at habituay late for
zandbay. Police directed traffic smartly to and puts oE..f fIf
.: well marked site Flutters of greet from today, you cva~ b
':ts, dresses, tes and ribbons like flags of Sch a man wiU
Where to faud.ti .
: dmo encouraged the late joiners who ar- ies. t .n ,.
:.i o to take up party membership. The T'e .
.er was perfect aftet early showers. gl
:'he ibral diversity of all the talks was employes show tatar
onviicing proof of the true Freedom clie jobs and of the f-
ate n0o opiioAs barred. see page 2 Unpunctuality, whea it bmeot-
-.I..M also serve to tarnish the-repu
Ithus the first principle in, ta
.FBS from frittering ie away'_' and th '
RI$/ / O concentrating on one job ata tid=me u 4
Absenteeism, when It is due to tS-
1 /0 A E U Tor the abuse of sick leave pr
Soo. employer and, in a wider -aee .
in mind-the high iqcidenm of
2 employment.
Sand B-H HOUSEPAINTS pt Sor bao 8c
Goodwill Road (near P. W. D. Garage) -"
The Carib Chief's IBiH*P

Thousands of Dominicans from every part of the island, at con-
siderable -sacrifice to themselves in cost and, in some cases, discom-
fort, ,travelled tb ea buthern point to hear the affairs of their
c-ountry discussed, ant analysed at the Dominica Freedom Party Conven-
tion held in Graid"Bay last Sunday. About 3,000 persons attended -
some' half listening outside, having failed to gain admittance to the
filled Hall of the new Canadian gift school. No reporter from Radio
Dominica attended, but a report from Freedom HQ reached the air on
Tuesday at noon, by arrangement,
.I would like to suggest that the organizers"of the Freedom Party
Convention now offer Radio Dominica their recordingsof the speeches
made on that great occasion, to give the whole State the opportunity
of listening to those high-standard and mind-opening talks by Mr.
Ronald Webster, the saviour of Anguilla; Mr. Jan Carew of world fame;
our silver-tongued Alvin Armantrading; popular Ed Scobie and the
others. The condition should be that there be no editing of the texts
of the tapes by Radio Dominica. If they do not accept on these terms,
once again we ..shall have ,proof of the Government's desire to stifle
knowledge .and truth,
I now give the text of a/Resolution unanimously passed by the
vast throng at the Convention, as moved by a Freedom member from
WHEREAS the Opposition has never been allowed to present their
point of view 6n national matters to the people of Dominica on Radio
Dominica; and WHEREAS the Opposition represents not less than
45% of the voting population of Dominica; and WHEREAS it is essen-
tial and necessary for the understanding of matters pertaining to the
State that the populace be presented with all points of view; and
WHEREAS in spite of-various efforts to have time allotted to the
Opposition for expression of their views on matters of importance
to.the people of the State the Government has persistently refused
to allow the Opposition such time;
BE IT KNOWN that the people as represented by this Convention
wish to make known their indignation aria take a serious view of such
refusal; and.
BE IT RESOLVED that the Opposition once again requests of
Government time on Radio Dominica to present their views as regards.
matters affecting the welfare of the State.
S : *
It may be noted here that a distinguished guest present said he
had never seen such a big and animated gathering of people at any
annual convention or A.G.M.; and the same gentleman was amazed at
the great number of women who made it their business to attend
Three other vital resolutions moved and passed by a forest of
hands concerned the desperate state of the banana industry, the econ-
omic condition of Dominica, and controversial and unsatisfactory
legislation which blamed "most of the unrest and troubles in this
State...culminating in the stormy events of Dec.16th 1971" on bad,
rushed and vindictive legislation -- naming among other laws which
should be deleted or erased from the statute books of Dominica The
Seditious and Undesirable Publications Act; the Aliens Land Holding
Act; Roseau Market and Town Council Acts which helped to precipitate
a crisis; and others. There is, of course, more t say on these
matters. Meanwhile the resolutions are being forwarded to the
And for those who are interested in fine points of manners ahd
protocol, God Save The Queen was played and spontaneously sung by the
big gathering, who joined in the Dominica National Song afterwards
with the same zest and good will. (Continued ol page four)
(.Continued oh page four)


Page Two

Friday,June 16, 1972


bs ut f P L

VfE CWt Po w
IM. sut. )s(r .ES

A ROGANCE pF RUISRSt Quotos from David Lowonthal s important b9ok WST hDIi
SOCIETIMS.pI' Tho self-importance of newly elected rulers has eroded established
liberties. pada of government demand public recognition of thoir high status,
consider l ,,insolvos above tho law, ad exxult in their pbwer over the people.
Viewing t htr own positions as proof of
progress, ptlors in .any territories toed TU U M A1VK.fl.T
to threat y opposition as ill-motivateod U^n f I
if not sod tious... In the words of Spar- DANCE GUIMDE
row's calyp0os 'who gave you tho privi-
logo to ob4hot?
I'.y your t os and have rospoct. *' July Sat, ISt
July Sat. i5th too
and take your pick from the various new materials: BEL 'S COMBO.
lining, trimmings, buttons, buckles, men's pyjamas, ,, _-
-shortie pyjamas, underwear, baby apparel and many HOUSE LANDS FOR SALE
other necessaries. Dwelling House situate 4 m i I e s froal
At the Grocery Department choose your brand Roseau on two Acres of land cultivated in
of Whiskey, Rum, Wine, Gin, Groceries, Seasoning, oranges, grapefruit, coconuts and limes.
Sweets, Biscuitk and you name it. Dwelling house contains three large bed-
rooms, living quarters with all modern
Do not miss this chance, for remember you get conveniences.
what you want with the best service at
SFor further particulars apply to
_4-w/-If 42S-3 ......CHAMBERS, ROSEAU

Pe Fr TE ST r

A N D R CLE Cont. from p.2
To my mind, the greatest casualty
in the St.Mary's Academy issue has
been the prestige and reputation of
the Dominica students on the Mona
Cave Hill campuses of the Univere
sity of the West Indies.
Whenever the matter is discussed,
there is general agreement that'
the part played by those University
undergraduate (and at least .one
graduate prompting them on) has
been the silliest and most harmful
thing in the whole of this unfor-
tunate episode. For some reason,
many people expected a higher stain-
dard of thought and reasoning from
the University students. Now they
know better.
Even the Government-appointed
Committee of Enquiry did not take
the campuses seriously, particu4
larly their offer to giVe up their
studies to come and teach in a new
State-directed secondary school.
As one wit put it, these students
were offering to come anid teach
what we have sent them to learn
but which they have not yet learned,
Another thing which has unfavourably
impressed the public is the utter
disregard.for truth of some of
these people, Although they know
otherwise, they have continued to
base their stand on the untruth
that the troubles began when a pupil
was expelled for wearing an Afro
hair-style. People have also not
been impressed by the undergraduates
call for curriculum revision-in
secondary education directed, not
as you would expect at the State
authorities which lay down educat~ri
curricula, but at the authorities
of a private school aided from State
funds, I understand on good autho-
rity that the Academy with a
slightly larger number of pupils
cost us, the taxpayers, '$100',000
less ner annum than the Government-
owned'Grammer School, The view is
widespread that the attitude of the
campuses. is poor recognition indeed
for a contribution of this magnitude
on the part of the former St.Mary's
We regret that a police outrider
was injured while guiding the Cana-
dian High Commissioner along our
roads a truck collided with him.

Another. YView of -rPEAK BROTHER SPEAK
by Marie Davis Pienme

I would like to share in the'compli-
ments showered on Mr. CaudeironA the
Playwright, and the members of the
cast for a very good stage performance
of the play 'Speak Brother Speak", but
in doing so I would think it remis
on my part if I did not comment on
the relativity of the play to our pre- .
sent-day trend of thought. The following
were my observations.
We saw in the play the main character,
a very able performer (Mr.Lenn6x Royer)
speaking to his Black brothers, trying
to reach out td them to join forces
with him in fighting their cause Black
Identity. Buit despite his dynamism and
strong views on the matter, the end'
all was a confusion of ideas because of
the stumbling block that existed the
level of'intelligence of those hlack
brothers. For some of them this cause
meant aggressiveness towards the whites;
for others it me.nt idly standing round
the fouri corners, free love, indulging
in pot, and simply doing their own
How true to life is this today, where
in a contusion of idea ie are stripping
ourselves bare of all that can help us
to gain our Black identity whilst
holding oi to the superficial things in
order to be different. If we only paused
to ask ourselves in what way should ue
be different, iould the answer not be
in human achievement, which is the
product of: thought applied to work
thereby efiabling us to compete with the
white maan
The play again takes us to a scene
where we see a white dance instructor
tecidhing the Black brothers some dancing
techniques, but eventually what happens.?
-the Black brothers are left to do their
own thing as the ihite instructor loaves
in disgust because he could not get them
to discipline their minds and body to
achieve the high standard that ia--re-
quired. How true is this in todayts
thinking, .when we so freely accept and
imbibe all the substandard things imw
ported from outside and reject that
which would lend richness to our own
We again see in the play the Black'
brothers, in their confusion of ideas,
regarding Christianity as not being
relevant but on the other hand wor-
shipping an African idl .
(ContInized on p,;g)

Friday,, June 16,1 1972

Page Four


a. Jw------- 16 1972 T--TA aS
* CV--


Leading Life Insurance Company requires espe
rienced Sales Manager, Age 28-45. Knowledge of
Group Accident and Health Plans Administratio
Apply in own handwrit9ig g11g av0lg a
expeneGce to
P.O. BOX 207

The Roseau Town Council wishes tO
inform owners of properties within the
Municipality that the Arrears list of Mun-
icipal and Land and House Taxes for the
years 1970 and 1971 has been forwarded
to the Provost Marshal for collection and
Persons who are in arrears for those per-
iods will now have to pay their taxes at
the Registry.
Owners of properties a r e advised to
have their taxes paid as soon as possible
as p~peties in arrearswill be put up for
sale: fi recovery of Taxes.
SculhyS. Leade
464 112.

S I E S T A will alter that.

One or two tablets before retiring
will induce, sound restful, relaxed

S I E S T A also helps relieve nervous-
ness during the day.
$i.8o per box of z8 Tablets.

Youn lady, 19, wishes correspodents in Dom.
inicaboth sexes, any age. She has nry-hobbia.
Write (Mils) Micah M. Thompso,
P. O. BOX 2a4t 0. T.
Nassau N. P.

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings$
thereon and Caveats for week ending 0th day of June. 1972,
Date Requested Person Presenting i Nature of request
I whether a Certificatr
of Title of Noting
thereon or CaveA,
Request dated the Garrick Chrirstmas Request for the issue oi ao
Sth day of June, First Certificate of Title i;
1972 by his Solicitor respect of a portion of Iaa<
Preented the at Wesley village in the Pt.
day of June, 1972 at Cilma A.M. Dupigny rsh of St. Andew, in tbh
2.25 pJn. State of Dominica, contain.
S. ing 2128 square feet and
bounded as follows:-
North-East: by lands.of Symbert lkchards ad Marto Syiv#,
tar; Sout.h-East: by land of Denis Cytil; Sauth.Wst by andt
of Keleb Richards; North.West: by a Putic Road.
Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and NotigI
thereon and Caveats for week ending, 3r" day of June, 1972,

Date Requested

-...- ----9
Request dated the
23rd day of May
Presanted the 31st
a lof May, 1972 at
2.5 p.m.

Person Presenting

Maudey Ro ao
by her Solicitor
N.J.o. Uverpool

] atr

of Title

of request
& Certfica
of Noting
or C# va.E

reqUest the for Iseaftel 1
PFirst Certficate of 2Ks W-
Invee of a poirtmaoaf UKt%
pri of at. 0eso 0
two OM ad
50MAW AS WOWO;.g~az~Ilrssral

SNorthEsst: alghtlr.fWy separatig from Landoif A Ia
SODecuatmps and Henry R lMhtan; Northt*Wist ltad of IHlkia ,
Etienne and a Rlght&.f.Wy sepaurng t from Land at A1isF
andrina St. ase; Sorth-West: Land of Alexsderte St, a sa
South.East; Land of May Magsir an a Id gights.of.Wa- se
rating is from Land of Stephen Lotckhar
-- '*g----------- I.a I

Request dated the
26t day f May
Presented the 31at
day of May, 1972 at
*2j.0p.m. ,

'Notena S&e*sIs
'byaer Solidcto
NJ.d. Usteo

Nerth.Bast: Land of josepf Carbihe
Matthew Thoetms; Sout-W a : Lands
McLean Africa; South-Wes&: Land of

Reques t for 0 tw ise of
PwasS {eans os assant , *
Pit Cwsfaw of Mt 1401
of a perof &eW t
tr h eBt rAodtw, ISa n
Stae of Deiadlea, oantafti
.bounties aWOow..
; Nors.-Wasts Laudf St
McLean Africa.

Registrar's Office, SYLVIA BERTRANC
foamu, Dominli. Reastrar of T7isl
NOTE:-- Any person who desires to object to the Issue f' a
First Certificae of Title in the above. application may etter a
Caveat: in the above Offic within six weeks from the datv : f I
the first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspear f
published in this State or from the date when the notice pro.
scribed by law was served on any owner or occupier of raoSnlng
Iend in respect of which the application is made.

CI----- I---------Y~-------MalL

wisaes to informn th Gead Pub that ft&e
wll be osed for SU 4a esa Thurady, 2a

Cu be merst arvis.d tmsop ealy a-s oas
to be disapplatetd. des i



. ~w~~~ ll~~"~~

p: :i .. k

r~llrrslp~---a.r~ ~-"-rp-i-rrrpr~lImar~

Page Pqve

Fridtrl .fsaa 1C1,19a~



Friday, June 16, 1972

Poem by -G.B. Giraud *
The first time that I visited the
Nothing is greater Carib Reserve it was the most exciting
Than the great'leader. place that I had ever been to. I
A great leader, man or woman knew of no other place like it. It
MIust be a great human, strongly reminded me of the place .
where I was born, and which I left
Love is the basis of leadership when I was only seven years old.
And .effective human relationship. The Carib Reserve was so quiet, so
Wherever love is lacking," removed from civilisation, and my .
Leadership goes a-begging, childlike curiosity about the pace
and its people gave me boundless
Zest and humor are the basis of love: energy to go around making drawings of
They go everywhere hand'in glove, all the spots that fascinated me so
When zest and humor lag, much; it-was like being'a boy once more.
Love becomes an empty bag. I paid my last visit to Salybia
once again this year, It was the
Patience, compassion and modesty saddest visit.'I having lived among the
Support zest and humor'unwaveringly. Caribs for some timeI and now under-
They do so inseparably; standing'mote of their country and
They do so companionably. way of,life, I can n6 longer see
Salybia in the naive., romantic atmosp-
Strength of will and personality, here that made m~e feel at home there
Confidence and full maturity but I must always return to Salybia v
Uphold patience, compassion and modesty, it is the only pl&oe that reminds me '
Like the beacon of a light-house, strongly of my boyhood days.
persistently How the Cari Reserve has changed .
and still not changed The new road,
The keystone of great leadership cutting throiih has affected the lives
Is a goal tQ, kneel and wobrship. of the Cariba; they now spend most of
No leadership can be worse, their time plaiting bananas and
Than leadership without purpose, thinking of how to make money to live&
Sand strangely, most of the tiny shops
in the Resedve have disappeared; a lot of the young folks have gone abroad, and
(as before) the few fishermen return home most of the times with almost empty
boats. All my friends there tell'me the same thing. in one word, 'Miseryt'.'
They used to tell me that before, but I was so naive, so innocent, I couldn't:
quite understand Salybia was ,such a wonderful place where I found so many.
exciting things to draw iand paint.
Before I left I made'a drawing of the retiring Carib" Chief's house, I did
that a few times before, but this time it was so different: all the excitement
and the romanticism that attracted me to it before was not there. I drew the
Carib Chief's house now because it was a challenge to my skill in making a
pen drawing,,, nothing more.'
My little experience can help you to understand why'somo people keep drawing
and painting pictures all through their lives, and why, as children, we have
such a.lively interest in drawing. As most of us girw uhp and learn what life
really is about,,, we find it less exciting and we w. only interested'in drawing
or painting if w6 can make some money out of it; but the true artist, or the
escapist like me, never stops seeing life through the same pair of eyes used
in innocent childhood.
We regret that owing"to a bereavement, Mrs. 0Watt is unable to write her
very popular story this-week. A constant reader in St. Joseph sent this
author a welcome monetary gift with these words.: "-Ienjoy very much reading "A
TITINE by Cynthia Watt'. Like ANDROCLES, itts becoming a'hallmark of your .wonder-
ful little paper. Pleas.e accept enclosed on behalf of author. I have always '
wanted to pay more than 10 cents for reading MA TITIE. -- V'.J.C." ... Thank~i,
patron of the arts: Ie wish other readers would express- appreciation likewiaet
To G.B. Giraud: We are proud to accept the dedication t6. the poem --' too
flattering for us to reproduce without a blush, EDITOR..


Page Six

(Parish Bulletin)
This was the answer to my question: "What is the matter with you?".
I found her sitting on her bed in the little house that she rented for
three dollars a month. The house was ee'aen feet wide by twelve feet
long. Five children of primary school age lived with her. Four of
these children and a bigger one living with someone else were of the
same father, but the man didn't seem to know that these children
"Why don't you take him to court for child maintenance?" I asked.
"Ah Father;" she replied "Where then will I live? How will I be able
to walk on the streets? How will I be able to go to work if I get a job?
He will kill me, 'he had said so my name is written on his peri-knife.
See Father, (and-she pulled off her nightie from her shoulder) seer'the
wound on my back, he gave it to me. I know he will kill me. I prefer
to suffer now than to take him to court.
"Father, I have neither front nor back, no one to stand by me or
for me. I can hardly speak Ehglish, and can neither read nor write, I
have only one old cutlass in the corner to help me, I used to workeon
the roads, now there is no work, and even if there was how can I work
with this asthma? One person whom I thought could help is our parlia-
mentary representative, but he is just a hollow 'poteau pourri...
"What do you mean by this ma'am?" I interrupted.
"Well father, if you lean on a rotten post it crumbles, and you fall
with it, it is too weak to support your weight. He sent me to Simon,
to Patrick John, to Armour. I went to the building, but Armour was
always too busy to see me. I know that Patrick John will understand me,
but I still Ieed someone to back me. So I am just there 'a la miserit
corde de Dieu'. Father, I have asthma, I have it bad, you can hear
how I am breathing, my back and my chest seem to become one sometimes,
The woman said many other things, things to make one's heart break.
What I said to her and did to her and gave her will remain my secret,
but it brought a certain amount of comfort to her, and she asked God
to blesp me. I wish to say that this is far from an isolated case in
that island of ours.., there are many people like 'this who live right
in the middle of all of us. Many of them call on the priests, as this
lady did, and I know that the priests, white or black alike do a lot
to help them, do more than anybody else, the only thing is that THEY
.IEVER BLOW THEIR OWN TRUMPET, The amount of good that is being done by
priests, nuns and brothers in Dominica will never be known by, any
except Almighty God.
BLACK BROTHERS of Dominica, you are concerned about freeiig BLACK
PEOPLE, you sell 'accras' and 'pudding' on the streets to 1iAberate
blacks from Rhodesia. Do you realise that there is a place called
Salisbury in Dominica too? and that BLACK people live there? You want
to go to Mozambique, to South Africa. Just take a close look at those
who are suffering right under our noses, not from the white man, but
Instead, you want to ramsack those who are doing something for them..
The cry of this unfortunate lady, one of many, is ringing in my ears,
as it should in yours..."POVERTY IS MY SICKiESS"...
by Father Edward Alexander.
IIICIIAEL MANLEY tS FOURTH IfARRIA The Prime Minister of Jamaice (48) was married this week quietly'at his
mother's home to a radio-television star, Mis Beverley Anderson. Mr.\Nanley
first married an Englishwoman (divorced); then a Chinese-Jamaican. (Bivorced);
then an Afro-Jamaican (she died after a few months); but we haven't yet seen
a portrait of his new wife. Only members of the family were'present at-the
marriage, daughter by the first wife being matron of honour. Good lucki


~rida~, June ~6. 1972

Paz ig THE SA id Jw-1 )-


In exchange for CASH BILLS
for retail purchases (without-
discounts) totalling $200.00, we
will give you a fine AGFAMA-
TIC CAMERA outfit complete
with Flashcube and a cartridge
of colour film.

The easy to use Agfamatic will
provide you with many years of
trouble-free snapshooting.



The Viva went through far more than the
usual testing that goes into a new car.
Because it was'test-proved at 'Punishment
Park'-Vauxhall's unique 700 acre proving
ground at Millbrook in Bedfordshire.
Test-proved for strength, safety,
reliability and protection.






Offers for sale on behalf of The Receiver of
Dom-Can Timbers Ltd., the following vehicles
which are in good running condition and h av e
been repainted:
Ford Pickup Truck Reg.# 2905 $5,ooo.oo
Ford Pickup Truck Reg.* 2906 $5,ooooo
Ford Bronco Reg. 3o62 $5,ooo.oo
Ford Bronco Rqg. ~ 895 $1,200.00
The vehicles ma be inspected at the Company%
OSfce between hours of 7.30 a.m. to 4-3o pm
daily Monday to Friday. g ,
s- ........... rp a r~~h ~ ....~T~PD --ll




requires staff:

Head Barman

Experience preferred but n
Please phone p3oo during
for interview.

o essential.
office hours


P.O. BOX 4.
4SY-1/. TELEPHONE 3276, 2147

A Two store Buildia at MadWre
For palcula apply to:-
C0i=b A. M. Dupigny,
Chambers, Roseau.
Telephone 2168.
44* /1_



Friday. Jang^SALTL

,, _.,

UI :

Page Eight




THE STAR u ga= are

Friday* June 16, 19M

To The'Press' This year the Colihaut Govt School
Roseau 23rd May 1972. once again convincingly defeated
Dominica. Salisbury, Coulibistrie and Dublanc
schools in the .round of Cricket
We have been accused of encoura- Matches played in Zone A of the
going and fostering Communist infil- Western Educational District, thUs
tration into Dominica, and would retaining the Premier's Cup for
like here to refute the charges laid another year.
against us. The School haa also defeated St.
To infer from our letter that we Joseph School, Champion of Zone B,
are budding Communists is nothing in the semi-finals; gad meets the
short of a gross misconstruction of winner of the match between Zones
the truth. When we stated that're- C and D in the Botanic Gardens
ligion is the opium of the people, finals. Congratulations and good
it was not ,to suggest that religion wishes go to Captain Villeneuve
as a subject be abandoned completely George and his team, and also to
but to point out that deeds perform' the Cricket Master, Mr. B. Sebas*.
med by religious, or in the name of tian.
religion are not always free from
censure. It often happens, however, CAIADIAN HIGH COMMISSIONER
that because of their religious be CanadaHih Commissioner to the
liefs people are blinded to the mi- Associated States, Mr. Gerald au,
It would be strange Associated States, Mrs Gerald Rau,
deeds of ohers. In visited Dominica for talks on
indeed for us to ask that religion
Canadian Assistance and on obser-
be rejected when we have a thriving
Catholic community up here. It ovation to this week.
should be noted however, that even Mr. Rauwas accompanied by Mr.
religious attitudes must change in Rai d Purdee of the High Commis.
a changing world. i
Our letter merely questioned the WESTERN NEWSBRIEFS
act of expulsion on the grounds of Father ward Alexander of the
an Afro hairstyle in this day of Preytery, St. Joseph left for
Black consciousness and the rele- PreSbytery, St. Joseph left for
vance of the Afro to disciplines We Europe this week He will be back,
further suggested that Government for Christmas. Fr. Loncke is mean#
set up a Committee to establish the while "Senjo" Parish Priest. The
standardization of discipline in Livewire club of Salisbury held a
the Secondary Schools. Does this successful "Keep The Village Clean
imply political allegiance? Why Campaign".from May 28-June. 2
bring polities into the matter? Seak Brothor STeak from p.,4.
Finally, is it not time that Dom- How does one reconcile these two things
inican adults and parents learn to especially when we hear today such
accept their responsibility and to statements as "Religion is the opium
bear the onus of their task? Is it of the people". Are we saying that we
not time that they realize that in should n&w go back to the days of
a changing world their methods of idolatry
discipline must be adapted? Is it At the end of the play we see the
not time that they realize that wh& .hero dying at the hands of his own
a young person asks a question they Black brothers and the question posed is:
ought not to tell him to shut up or "Who killed him?" This question is not
accuse him but rather argue with him unusual, for with violence there is
and .come to understand him? A proper the tendency to 4. the blame on some-
evaluation of the situation will one else. Ie look for the reason out.'
place the blame on those who-are side of ourselves instead of examining
responsible, our inner selves. How much better off
(Sgd) Theodora John Rose; Judith the world would be if we all adopted
Garraway; Laura Roberts; Karen the habit of looking inward rather than
Casimir; Cheryl Trotter; Luke Prevo outward for the answer.
Muriel Monelle; A. Royer. ( o
Cave Hill Campus, UWI (Concluded oIn age sn)

TfO*. *0*RT*T'*S by Horchriston Another View'ttf SPEAK...BROTHER., .SP AK
CICKET: by Marie Davis Pierre- (from p..9)
TEST: e' i it ,iatch' be'tw'eeh-!Australie I would like- to :end on this note
and England ended with England de-i by, saying that if this play has
feating Australia byr 89 runs, at Old achieved the purpose of making us see
.Trafford on Tuesday.. .Highlight of the ourselves in real life as it was
batting on either side was a 104 part- portrayed on the stage and then make
nership between Australias ninth: pair us think aid ask thq.'aestions,
Rodney Marsh and John Gleason in their "Where do wie go from here: are we
second inning. -'* moving forwards or backwards?" then
In reply to England's first inning I would say that Mr.Caudeiron does not
score of 249, Australia were skittled only deserve praise but an accolade.
for 142 with John Snow taking 4/41 TIIIKI BROTHER THINKI
and Jeff Arnolcd4/62. Grieg and D.
Oliviera got 1/21 and 1/13 respectiveJ~ YOUI\G GOLD MEDALLISTS OF DOMIIICA
Stackpole with 53 was the only man to At Press time news reaches us that
resist the England attack. 6 DGS students have won the Duke of
Final scores in the match were Eng- Edinaburgh's top award for physical
land 249 and 234, Tony Grieg 57 and,- fitness,community service,expedition
62, Edrich 49, Boyco~t 47, M.Smith 34 and hobbies. The first three boys
and D'Oliviera 37, Dennis' Lilles 2/40 named will go to England to receive
and 6/66, Dave Colley 3/83'and 1/68, their award from the Duke in person:
oliin "Gleason 2/45 and 1/16, G.Chappe.l2 McDonald Thomas, Ian Lander, Mervyn
1/28 and 1/42 and G.WatsOn 1/29. Lestrade; -Urias Moses, Lloyd Thomas
Australia 142 and 252!, Keith Stack- all of Roseau and Norris Charles
pole 53 and 67, Rodney Harsh 91 and of..Morne Prosper. Congratulations to
John Gleason 30, the boys and to Dominica Grammar Sch.
LEAGUE: Celtics United moved to the iE SUMMARY: New Geest Banana ship
top of the local league when they de- "Geestland" to carry 500,000 boxes
heatedd Harlem Rovers by an inning and bananas c& 1 passengers (Win3dwasoxe
`68 runs last weekend,' Celtics United bananaso?1 ssengr wards-
68 runs last weekend. Celtics United crew) arrived off Roseau this week.*
gained bonus points in their: match to MV Federal Palm has been sold for
obtain 49 points in three matches. $800,O00-plus. Domiiica State Crio-
Scores in th-e natch wrere Harlem
Scores in the natch' were Harlem iket team captained by Irving Shill-
Rovers 68 in 26.3 overs and 39 in 22.4 ingford left for St Thomas today
fngford left for St.Thomas today. *
overs., E.Jarvis' 3/10 and 1/19, J.Joseph The President of WIBAN, Mr. H.V.
4/5, E,Anthony 3/17 and 3/2 and P.John Atkinson O.B.E., announces the
Jules 4/18. Celtics United 175, Jd. Her Maest in recon
Joseph 39t E.Anthony 35 anuid H.John, award by Her Maesty in recognition
baptiste 22, Boling IR. P.Oscar3/3 of his outstanding research & allied
J.Fausein 2/412 .Au'Ais1tu 2/48 and W. work on bananas in the Windwards area,
al 2/38 to Mr.' IA TEASDALE TWYPCRD of the
BCharles 2ALL: OB.E. He has been Director of Re-
I1i E first of the twoTmatch search of WINBA/N, now with OoDM. *
ii te, first of the twomatchA.C.D.. Watty ...
series the Pirates from. nAmbassador r. A.CD.. Watty, Perm.Sec. Min/Ed- Georgia U.SA. over- ucation, attended the60mmonwealth
whelmed th ,minica squad 10.1-36 in a talks on Youth & Unemployment Openii
fast moving,9icounterI. eber of .the in London earlier this month. Next
University. who sp.orte.d No..10 on his year there will be a .conf. in Zambia.
vest impressed the large appreciative Oie Unite States called for a
crowd with some fine. mid-court play. Ibombing pause" so that President
Top scores were for Pirates (L.Williams Podgorny of the USSR could reach Hanoi:
(20) 18 ,pts. S.Pboiell (42):15pts; ana'. In Stockholm, an "Environmental"
C.Clark <5(32)22pts,.F or Dominica, W.4- resolution to keep in mind the trade
blanc to0. C.Elwin: 7. & development of developing countriess
Dominica team. asi.- W.LeblanC.- C.John WaL: adopted without opposition, ***
Baptiste, C.Roberts., C.;annuel,'C.Wil- New Executive Officer of the Freedom
liams, G.John,, C.Ewin, C.David9,. M.Fre -Party, Dominica, is Mr. Gerard James -
man, P.Pemberton and A.Loblack. replacing Mr. Martin Sorhaindo, who'
withdrew from nomination.(Secretary).
Printed & Published by the Proprietor, wlll Miss C.- -please contact te
R.E.Allfrey of Cbpt Hall ill. House, a Editor about points i her letter -
26 Bath Road,. Roseau, Dominica,, W.I. next Tuesday lunchtime.

T H E S T-A R. .. Friday, June 16, 1972

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