Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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rs. -Jane Lowenthal, '
research Institute fo -
the S'tudy of Man,
1682 .ast 78 Street,
Neo Yrrk 10021, N4Y.,':
T0/5 ,,atesbury Ave, W. 1.

RESEA iR-. ......

Viruatte 'wc ost Tortuna N' YI 2N. N. Y

Fridta?, M~ay

- .-"'.s... .----r --

-,( 1972

D.D., B.A.,

Bishop of Roseau
in a Sermon on Pentecost Sunday, 21st May, 1972.
I consider it my duty to speak to you
about a grave situation which has arisen in
our schools, particularly at Saint Mary's Aca-
The C h u r c h has built and operated
schools in Dominica for well over a century, in
the firm conviction that in this way she w'as
providing a solid Christian education for the
young,people and rendering a much-needed
service to the parents and the whole commu-
We may say in all truth that great work
has been done, especially b y the religious
teachers. most of whom came from abroad.
There must be few of you here present who
were not at one time pupils of the Convent
High School, St. Martin's School or St. Mary's
Academy, and I have no fear of exaggerating
when I say that most of these will agree that
they received the best possible education in
the circumstances from devoted teachers.
Today, some people question the need
or the relevance of the church schools. And I
put the question to you: 'Is the church justi-
fied or well advised in continuing her work
of formal education in Primary and Second-
ary schools?'
If the answer is 'No', then we can act
Accordingly within a short time.
If the answer is 'Yes' -- our church
schools are still useful and even needed -
then we must open our eyes, b e watchful
ard take a stand, because there are forces at
work threatening the very existence f our
Cendded (In page 3



by Aadroclespag. two

Statement by His
Arnold Boghaert,

Christians Awake,
Heads of Religion awake and rightly lead,
Speak out fearlessly againstt devly and peed.
Disorder is rampant, disrespet is ife,
What of-the future: hatred, mischief and strife?
He's no shepherd who can t protect his sheept
He's no Christian who can't the faith *ell keep;
Christians Awake
idW verse of o poem written rat ?enluaoe

I have been a member of a village cou.
for the past seventeen months, and not a si.
gle ptiblic meeting has been held w i fh t
villagers by that council during that period
I complained to the Local Government Co;
missioner about the countitl refusing to ke
public meetings with the people; but got n
response- I again took up t h e question
public meetings with the Local Government
Commissioner at the recent Local Governmen
Seminar 9th-I2th April 1972, and again the
Loca Government Commisioner threw ice
water 'on the subject and it never got off the
included on pay ,
Dominica Freedom Party,
Uesst of aonour: RonSa4 Webatr,
Latdar of AW1XMVLLA
(Members are requdesd to wear something grS n M tse

-`L-~d-~----- ---'--Y ---r~P"~-~~~-~-~Y~r~-~-

Vp~C srf~LT NA. 311

Issues flow thick and fast and there's never a ,dll moment.
Why do Ministers want to take up residence at Morne Bruce? Forget
all this hog-wash about threats to their live& Their lives are
not worth it. If people want to get at them,it is easy enough, What
with their roaming in dark corners at nights; what of the long and.
lonely roads upon which some of them so- often travel. If people want
to get at them it will-be easy enough .
Bi~*t ending into the. action, one can come to a'number of reasonable
conclusions all of them likely enough.
First of all, the matter of investment being sp much in the air
after the discourse of Sir Arthur Lewis to the Governors of the
Caribbean Development Bank, this housing move may be financially
inspired. It is known that several.of the Ministers have taken loans
with which to build themselves palatial houses, particularly in the
delightful Roger area. Their eyes are now opened to the' high finance
practised by one of their number, He 'negotiated a lease of his
recently-constructed building at $00- per month for housing the
expatriate staff of some agency brought into the island by his .Govern-
mehnt A couple of .other Ministers are similarly engaged in building
themselves palaces 6t Roger, The idea is to put these houses
rent to expatriate firms or individuals willing to pay very high
rentals to Ministers,-so that the original loan is repaid quickly,
Meanwhile, GOvernment, at the expense of the taxpayer, will provide
the Ministers with housing in a posh residential .area at a cheap.
r This raises a question which this columnist is qualified to
In the Government Release on the subject, there occurs 'one phrase
indicating that'the rentals to be paid by these Ministers are based
on the usual .formula. Laet me say right, here and now that there is
no usual formula for fixing rentals for politicians-occupying Govern-
ment houses.' The Premier has his free of 'charge i- fair enough.
There was or is a formula which was applicable to civil servants
and which eame into beiig when housing haa to be supplied to certain
expatriate staff as a condition of their working in Dominica. It
was a kind of inducement.." Maybe their local successors have inherited
this bonanza. For such civil servants the formula provides for-some
relationship between the salaries they receive and the rentals they
pay, But a. regards politicians, there is no-provision whatsoever
setting out any formula relating rental paid to salary drawn. So
if these politicians insist on occupying existing Governments houses
to the exclusion of civil servants and, worse yet, if they proceed
to build houses for their occupancy, they will have to .pay the current
commercial rates of mental: otherwise, this will be an act of robbery
for which they will have to answer when another Government takes over.
Robbery does not only consist in breaking the glass show-cases of
Another interesting possible explanation of the gathering together
of the Ministers is the probability of their having on the drawing
boari pI.ah for brining forward further dastardly legislation which,
they are aware, will infuriate the population again and there's no
knowing this time. For, be it realized, that.,every new provocation
will provoke increasingly strong reactions 80 the Ministers may be
reasoning that it will be easier and more economical to give protec-
tion if the Ministers are all herded together at Morne Bruce. The
Government arsenal in the same compound may be a source of hopeful
strength to them. This means that we should not be surprised if these
Ministers are planning to re-introduce the Town Council Dissolution
Bill, the Banking Act, some variant of the Grenada Declaration or other
equally detested items of legislation' (Continued on p.4)

Friday,May 26, 1978


Page Two

Friday, May: 26, 19- CT. H. E S T AR Page ee

S"At St. Mary's Academy, .teaching has become impossible and little
or no work had been done by the students since Easter. The Brothers
on the staff have been the targets of insult and provocation. The
lay staff, too, have made a patient and loyal effort, but have failed
in their effort to teach. As a result, we are forced to close the
Mistakes have been made, and in particular, one unfortunate and
regrettable incident had happened a few weeks ago. Those concerned
have expressed their regret and offered sincere apologies. In spite
of this, violent' and unjustified accusations of racial prejudice and.
discrimination are being levelled at the Brothers. We accept criticism
positive or constructive criticism is healthy and welcome. But
criticism which is destructive, which wrecks a whole school, whicK,
jeopardises the education of hundreds of boys, cannot justified.
At the other schools, we have seen increasingly signs of danger:
certain incidents have taken place which I can only describe as in-
sulting and subversive; insulting, because unwarranted accusations,
provocations and expressions of hatred were thrown at the school author-
ities. Subversive, because attempts are made 'at dividing the pupils
among themselves and at setting .pupils against their teachers and.
against the authority of the school,
What are the causes of this crisis? Among a number of causes, I
would mention: the refusal to accept authority and the breakdown in
discipline; the absence in many cases of parental care and interest,
,especially on the part of the father; a growing intberance in a small
sector of the community towards people of different race or nationality;
the wrong interpretation given to 'Black Power' by those who see it,
lss .as a movement which promoted human dignity and achievement than
as a movement of hatred and revenge;..the educational system, itself
which stands in need of revision and adaptation; the frustration re-.
from the fact that so many, after they have finished,their secondary
schooling, do not find suitable employment..
What, now, is the future of St.Mary's Academy? The school must
-remain closed as long as the present .hostility and unwillingness to
work prevail. When an atmosphere returns of openness and a readiness
to accept the discipline without which no school can operate, and if
a staff can be found, then a new start may be.possible.
"-Here, I wish to add that as a former Master of the Academy and'
having watched the work done by the Brothers for the past 16 years, I
shall' always'feel deep appreciation and. gratitude, for their.. tremendous
Those-who will suffer most froin this situation are the pupils
themselves, and next, their parents who:are concerned about the
education of their sons, and I:urgently,.appeal to them Let the
students consider the opportunities still. available, for -thei;r education,
Let the parents make a new ewffor,,t fo. understand, their children and
give their full support to the school authorities." .
1 Po 001 otlo
(The Bishop then went on to speak aboUt the meaning of P TECOST).

Q U E E N and .COMM ON1EALTH ... COMMOIJ EALTH ... continued
.Her.. Majesty's official birthday A COMMU ICATEHS SESINAR from May 2 -28
will be celebrated in Dominica on. 3rd was opened oi Tuesday with speech by
June, Details exclusive to pro-Govt. i that great defender of Press Freedom,
newspapers and radio. The Queen and th-'e Premier. It is pathetic that two
the Duke of Edinburgh lunched with ; UNESCO men had to hold this semina'in
the Duke. &.Duchess of Windsor in their this;particular State -for a's'tart..***
home. near Paris last week: the first Two Iportant conferences at which Dom-
formal visit by Her Majesty to her inica was Ut1nrepresentad are: Labour Min-
uncle and his wife since the abdicat- sisters in Trinidad (ILO sOand and work
ion,. 2 '**,*******'' permits between the islands), and'Common-'
wealth Youth Exchange in London. ****'

Page Four T H E STAR Friday, May 26, 1972
One fact which must be noted, however, is the unjustified bad
name which this Government move is giving Dominica. In no 6ther
part of the democratic world have we ever heard of Ministers beigg
herded together against the possibility of political assassination.
And yet assassination often takes place in other places. Is it
therefore to be concluded by the outside world that things are worse
in Dominica than in any other part of the free world? This is one
consequence of the proposed Government action.
Readers will recall how these Ministers are gradually but con-
sistently feathering, their nests. They have increased their sala-
ries by a tremendous percentage; they have increased their other
allowances; thay have given themselves pensions; also their wives.
And now'they are setting out to give themselves housing at subsidized
To end this section, let me tell readers of the Premier's latest
stunt. He does very little work for the high salary he pays himself,
but he'makes time to go out to the rural areas and say things like
this: (he said it in Salisbury) that all the difficulties he is
having in his administration is due to the fact that he is a man
from the country and the people of Roseau are making it"deliberately
hard for him. This indicates more than mountains of words can the
state of ignorance in which this man wishes to keep the people.
When at Salisbury a questioner asked him in the same context to com-
ment on the-contents of the Town Council Dissolution Act, the Grenada
Declaration, the Banking Act and what Government had been doing all
the years for.the banana industry, Mr.Leblanc looked at his watch
-and declared that it was time for him to be on his way hoie'
.Before I come to ny other topic, will someone ask Radio Dominica
to cease making us ridiculous by referring to a prize of $200 in the
"Dial Soap" competition as a "fabulous" prize? Bad as things have
been brought in the economic life of this community, people in other
islands will laugh at us for considering $200 as a "fabulous" sum.
tf the word were contained in the original advertisement, let me re-
mind them that ,much as they change or omit words sent to them in
,other advertisements when they do not suit their policies, this word
could also have been changed to a more suitable one.
* e. S
.The question of our bananas is very much in the news nowadays --
and rightly so. But has it occurred to readers, especially banana
growers, that it was while the Government was concentrating all its
thoughts and attention on CARIFTA that it became oblivious of our
banan. industry and gave no corresponding .attention to this very-
vital area of our economic life? Now it is appropriate to ask: how
do the relative 'standings of these, two segments of the economy com-
pare? Do you remember the amount of talk they were giving us about
CARIFTA (.in which we do not sell a quarter'million dollars worth of
goods) while bananas (six million dollars, or so) was going to hell
all the time with no serious Aotice being taken of it until growers
demonstrated. For it is true that it was only the Roseau demonstration
of the banana growers of Dominica on that rainy morning in January
which roused the -Governmoht from its CARIFTA sleep. It was only the
same night that the Premier thought of getting in touch with WINBAN;
of asking other Windward Islands Premiers to discuss bananas (upon
which we are more dependent than the others); of referring 'for the
first time to the contract with Geest (although this columnist had
months before challenged the Premier to take an interest in its con-
tents) and, only much lat6r, having taken the lead from St.Lucia,
sought financial assistance from an always-willing British Government
(despite Dominica Government slightings of British Government diplo-
matic personnel) to ,help the industry in some ways,(Conicl.on p.9)

P q-i e a a- - A |

Friday MltF21.a0721


The Viva went through far more than the
Usual testing that goes into.a new car.
Because it was test-proved at 'Punishment
Park'-Vauxhall's unique 700 acre proving
ground at Millbrook in Bedfordshire.
Test-proved for strength, safety,
reliability and protection.



,I.B a ore -

for house construction or purchase in the
Following argas:-
Marigot Wesley
Salisbury Mero St. Joseph
Belfast Mahaut Massacre
Pointe Michel Soufriere
Applications are also invited from inter-
ested persons in:-

Grand Bay
La Plaine

Castle Bruce

For further information call 2389 or visit

Roseau Co-op Credit Union 4
Notice is hereby given that the UK An t i
General Meeting of the Roseau Co-operadriV
Credit Union Ltd. will be held at the Goodwi
Parish Hall on Thursday t5th June, i972 cor.
menacing at 7.30 p.m. Al members and other intm
rested persons are invited to attend. However,
only members will be allowed to take in the
discussion and vote on eay partic ar u.
The Agenda for the Meeting i" as follo~i
(1) Ascertainment of Quorum.
(2) Taking apologies for absence.
(3) Reading and approval of minutes of las t
Annual General Meeting.
S(4) Disceus imn of MstueN ul &lQ theul6B
(s) Reptm:
b Treasarr and Auditr.
) Credit Committee.
d)/ Supru o.amm anse..
(6t finished Business.
(7) New Business: i t
97i Remarks a ndA coa. ....

46 1*f, WL 40 jMAN
(fo) A ijouaiaieot
8( irs tey 81.ww^ fiHA~

Dominica Banana Grower.

Growers are .e4 4ii t naa
quality to us blue ditene f Mr A.
der to facilitate to obtain blu1ie_
the Association prepared to isuei
o aplicato, up to U ix t ml 0
diothae on credit to W w1ho2 1M. A
to repay by deduci fro a d
sales a is the case at presentC w


19th May, 1972

S" ... I l i 1 -- H
Offers to
P.O. BOX o.


Pa e Five




.-. -..av 26.. 1972 m 1 A ..- -- .-L a Ui- -- _VP P A
Letter from a convalescent's room 3 Letter from Cave Hill
I am not sure that I have any Henry Volney, a student at Cave
real justification for this letter Hill Campus of U.W.I., sent us an
except that I am idling and that interesting letter on the Shi4A.
you encourage reader's letters in predicament, Much of it is out-
the hope that we both share and moded, as St. Mary's Academy is
which almost invariably is disap- about to close. We quote from his
pointed that discussion will be words on the future:
thereby stimulated, "So, from here, where? The stud-
EBw people here are prepared ents have succeeded in getting the
to take an unpopular stand. When attention (voluntarily or involun-
it is clear that a particular view tarily) of the public, and Govern-
is likely to be acclaimed a dozen ment. The ball is now in the court
or more persons rush into print to of Government and it is up to them
.give support to that view, and as to take the initiative. A thorough
often as not, in their determina- examination of education in Dominica,
tion to assert their orthodoxy, its needs and objectives, must be
they allow nothing, grammer, spel- undertaken. It would be futile to
ling or vocabulary to stand in merely investigate the S.M.A.issue.
their way. Brave, undaunted pari To the students I would say "You
rotsi have made your point. It is now up
This, however heretical .and to Government to whom you appealed
unpatriotic as it will be condemned to act on your appeals. To carry
to be, is to declare my complete the issue any further at the pres-
disagreement with the appointment ent would be to arouse the opposit-
by Government of a commission to ion of potential allies. No school
investigate the crisis in the oper can operate without discipline and
ation of St.Mary's Academy. The any prolongation of unstable condi.
Academy is a private institution tions will be detrimental to your
and the Govdrnment has in my view education," final ines on ml
no business to interfere. I have B
great respect and high esteem for ut tt c tto It will be takn for
the Chairman of the Commission. I function. It will be taken for
have nothing against the other mernm- granted that the officially
of the Commission. MY objection is created committee hrs now super-
to the principle at state, the un- the way wil be left clea for
voiced assumption that the Govern- the Government to devise and if
ment has a duty of supervision and it works, aim credit fora
control over all active ties in solution, A workable solution
this state. That is pure dictator- will indeed be contrived because
ship and this indeed is the poli- feeling seems very strong
tical atmosphere which subtl, in- the feeling seAadems very strongkept
sidiously is gradually enveloping alive and that dedicated Christian.
us*alive and that dedicated Christi a

I understand that at a private
meeting on Sunday May 21 of par. :
ents of pupils of the school it
was resolved to appoint a committee
of those concerned to investigate,
the crisis in the affairs, manage-
ment and future of the school and
that nominations were made. This
I think was in order because the
people at that meeting were looking
after their own business. That
committee of mostly Catholic
parents would I believe have been
entitled to and would have receive
the fuller co-operation of the
Church, and would have had access
to all relevant sources of informa-

the school.
Of course the problem only
assumed its present proportions
when the protesting students
first found encouragement and
veiled support from the Minister
of Education and his manipulators.
How ironical' The opposition
never imagined their successful
agitation for the vote for the
eighteen year olds would have
had such prompt political reper-
Yours etc.,

E'rid~v~.L4a~ 26, 1912

~I uR ~~hR

P ridayr, May 26, 1972 THE2


to have fixed his finger on the button of the call-bell,
and she felt as if one had thumbed the veins around
her temple.. This is the order in which things begin
every day in her life. He will be there. she can guess.
No unseemly manner, rather amicable behaviour.
He would come because of his desire to have an
intimate talk with her and in circumstances as such
how she could, after all, manage to tell him not to
come to her so .frequently. There is a thief, she
always feels, in her bosom, who, not ,only after his
coming but also at the thought of his coming, be-
comes frightened.
When he was, she remembers, introduced earlier
to her and he started coming to her home, it pleased
her extremely, rather his coming, at times amidst
the loneliness of home, filled her wif"i unspeakable
delight of meeting some old friend. He would come
many a time in the absence or presence of her hus-
hand, make idle talks and go away. Sometimes getting
bored alone in the drawing room, he would stand
outside the kitchen, fixing his hands on the door-
."There is too much of heat in the kitchen. How
do you dare to cook there?" He would go back to
bing a table fan in the kitchen. She would burst
o.ut in a fit of laughter upon his chit t-like nature.
"Have you gone mad? Shall I cook on air if
the gas stands extinguished?" And then nodding at
the sorry arrangement of affairs he would, muttering
something inaudible, switch of the fan and
look for a suitable place to place ih from where
she alone might have air. Seeing him exasperated
out of his own anxiety, she would start laughing
suddenly twisting her lips.
"All right, keep it now there and be seated in the
drawing room. I'm just getting a cup of coffee for
... What is it that makes him think so much of
her ? How is it that he knows all her difficulties..
Radio licence has to be renewed...ration card is to be
prepared,a fresh electric bill has to be paid. He was, it
seemed,aware of all the burdens on her head, he would
come to her rescue before she could call him. When
and on what levels she kept herself making obliged to
him: during what moments she found herself tied upto
him was not yet known to her. What happened is that
he covered himself with all her burdens, but inspite
of all this scarcely could she dare to free herself from
Her husband would go out usually in the mor-
ning to come back only in the evening, completely


tired out. He had leave once in a week, but unfortu-
nately on that day coming and going of visitors bhad
no end until the dishes: were served on the table.
Hence she found it delightful to spend the time silea-
tly thus left after all was over oi Sunday. After the
suffocation and loneliness of six days a cool and calm
breeze seemed to sweep her over, as it were.
During such moments of ecstasy, to ake idle talk
with her husband seemed a sort of dtqaification to
her. To sip calm of the day stealthily gave her un.
experienced thrill and solace to her mind and heart.
....She had dClided now that she would do all
things herself. And why should she allow someone
to spread, by his -acts of benevo wle, enchantment
over the whole of house ? She would no longer fitd
it well to remember him so much as before. Instead,
in the past few days she had already nadM .im under-
stand, though ambiguously, that it was none of his
business to care for her personal affairs.
Unhurt and unmoved, he listened to all, making
no response. But she, very much, unlike her nature,
speaking harsh and intolerable words, found herself
engulfed in mysterious phenomena. It dawned upon
her that the ice of craziness within her heart was'
melting because of his unresponsive attitude. As
often as she tried to kick him out of her reminiscmto
ces, he seemed to be coping closer and closer to her.
He showed no reaction to whatever she told him,
but stopped coming for a number of days, Then,
all of a sudden, she felt herself denounced by the inner
urge of her heart. She seemed to have been eager
to talk and to hold out her affection to him for rea-
sons unknown to her.. Now he had been a person
no longer undesirable in the house-a friend for her
husband, a good companion for her loneliness and an
wicle for children. Children, on being rebuked,
would tell, "Let the uncle come, I'l tell him." Her
husband developed so much affection for him that he
was supposed to be, if some special dish was pepafrd,
invited over dinner on holidays. despite allthis, what
happened to her ? Why his so frequent visits make hr
uneasy and unbalanced? She would, she thought, tell
her husband that..that.. But she wished if could tell...
DI.. Ing.. Dl ng the bell was ringing unceasingly.
She got up and paced forward with trembling fet. It
was the time of his coming. Out of embarrassment
she paused, leaning against the doors. All of sudden
she raised her head erect having a decision and emp-
tied out her heart. "Don't come to my house. My
husband is not pleased with your frequent visits. He
takes ill of that. He was. pouring out yesterday so
many unspeakable filthy things about you,"
A voice came from outside the doors, "Open the
doors atleast." -
The doors opened.
The husband stood calm outside the door. 0

Page Eight THE STAR Friday May 28,'-'1 -

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.I -- ~*~w~-i~upar~-~--n~;~l~rud
-Pr~Pi--r~ua -- --------




Page Eight

Friday sa y 26,'19'1 '". -



E a8 hUY






Friday, May 26,, 1972 .. P E S

I would consider Pmyslf working
against public interest if I did not
endorse the remarks by 0;A.G.Sandergon
re village council oni'p. of your
papei- of Friday iary 19,1972.
The fact that some village councils
are not .having.'contact (or sufficient
contact) with the people. i; made evid-.
ent by the .fact tat wrlhen such village
councils have to tal; to their people
about "deadline .or' tho payment of
house and water rates _-whiLch inciden-
tally .is the. only thing that thase
councils care to tall. to the people
about'--they do so'by radio, After
allt why should a.village council
have to talk to such.a small community
by radio when it is. 6 easy to get the
people together and talk to them face
to face, thus giving them the oppor-
tunity to ask questions on'any matter
which they would like' t know ITBut .
here lies the secret: it is to avoid
being questioned y .the members of the
public that the cquncilq'keep out of
contact with'the people
Note well, tiadam Editor? I am.
speaking of some village councils,and
the Grand Fond Village Council of
which I am a member is the chief off-
ender in this respect,
1r. O0.A.A. Sanderson stated that
village councils havp often become the
centre of frustration and disharmony..
This is a most appropriate statement
to describe the existing situationand
to that I will add; "- "Soma village
councils do more harm than good to
-to the general development of the .
community which they pretend to serve.
The village councils to which this.
article refers have no regard for a
Village Council Constitution but take
their directions onl: from officers
of the Local State Government Division
...and such directions are not always
constitutional. .
All in all, I thiinkdr. Sanders-onts
article considered a tribute
to village councils whose members are
willing to hlp. develop the communit-
ies which they have pledged to-serve.
fI.,- Fond.
Ibadam, In Dec: 1971 a "Professor-from
the Univ, of Swansea came to Dominica
to look over the work done by some of
his graduates and the village coungils
in general, though ice saw.only a few
favoured ones* I am on one of thpse
'favoured councils.' but a silent-qup

T'A '' Page Nine

Iy popit is that all this appearance
of interest in the banana industry now
beine 'belatedly: displayed by the Gov-
erneant b'shoul hayte been manifest years
and years ago. -Xt should not.havo taken
Sd4emonstration of the baznaa growers to
rouse it from ita sleep while it dreams
dreams of. CAgrIFTA So I thixn that the
Farmers UTnion has a very strong case .
whena~t as=s the Government to. write.
off the debt duo .to the Government by
the Banana AAsociation. Anyone Wh 'dis-
agrees with so reasonable.- proposal or
fails to support it is an eaemy of the
Now, it seem,,. we are acting asr-.
porter for the immobile Premier V. does
7he know .that hias Speaker lahed-out at
CARFT4 at their last public meetihg,;:.
in a way which-.only the. pposit.on,'Par.ty
has been doing? ,;Did .the- speaker: have
his permission to do so?

Dear Mrs. Editor,Peas allow me to .
state that I a, in. total asgeement wiszth
the views of the 'article wri ten by
the Lay Teachers of the 'S.M.A, published
in the M.'y 12t.h issue of the.STAR news-
I sincerely think the time has ia ore
than aYrived fo~ the competent .author-
ities to geo together to make an-,earnest..
bid -to try*to' solve the very embarasaing
situation which still seems to be in a. :
very delicate. balance..
,ore' harm' I1 tink is being done by:
newspaperI playing up one side or ano-
ther for their own benefit,
L4t us think tfirt and foremost of,
the education of .our Youth, instead of
putting the. accent on vote catching-.
R GIJItn E. ARMOhU . .
A. condeeed .parent. .
Editor's ntte Th. .STAR never-usedi. his
issue for 'politics' and omitted to'
print the more virulent .letters whiho
circulated, One student however who
supported. discipline wrote a piece pr~: ;
dieeing the shutting of a.A. A,some
weeks ago.

porter of the Opposition'5 policieS.
'My life would he far too -difficult if
I spoke up, being. heavily ,weighted.
In your columns however must sa tha
if These ritish overlookers and ad.-
visers wpre:a little.braver than my- -
self, ai:dl looked a little more keenly,
they would see through and _speak out ,.
instead of .being polite yeemen and wom-
6n too grateful for hospialiy.. and
Sor Gooveref -it"heaig p,-. t he
obs, Rien or .

:. CTH S.A iy .... _

S *T*A*R*S *P*O*R*T*S
"The Board, for the first time,
receive Captains and Umpires Reports
on the Shell (1972) series and the
New Zealand tour. You, the Windward
Board Secretary and'the D.A.S.A. will
be pleased to learn, and so will all
members of the Windward Board, that
Phillip Alleyne was reported on and
the Board accepted Phillip Alleyne as
being one of the Best Umpires in the
West Indies". From a letter, to DASA
President Yankoy'from the UI. Cricke
Board of Control.

by Hugh Lawrence,

It happened one day. I overh.ieard
a young man saying to a friend of his,
'boy I- will never do anything for
that follow, not pven if I see him
dying In the Ioly Bible we sde that
Cain after killing his brother, rudely
questioned his maker by asking whether
he was his brothers' keeper. Sadly
to say he was turned into a fugitive.
We read again that we must love
our ncighbours, and do good to them
4.4 It 7 1 ,-, -^ ,- .i i 1 i hil1h -At

Starsports congratulate Umpire L. a, 1 I.i .-- v .,
Allyne. .. heap coals of fire on his head. Oh
Goodwyill Tournament: Dominia' and but how hard and even impossible for
Goodwill Tournament: Dominica and
us poor and frail human beings to act
StGVincent emergedd the Winsor, against exactly as our Lrd Himsolfl We get
Grenada and StLucia this wook.
In the Do /Grnada amdN6r ., St confused at times too, for I have
In the Dominica/Grenada math hrao al.. m t, oc a -called
hoard more than once a so-called
b orPhillips outstanding performance heardore than one a shome ema
clearly marked him out as the leading preacher no far from my home remark
all-rounder in the WJindwards L.:ou only live n th Lord
Etienne madea fine 91 on his debut; Jesus Christ and you will be saved.
Scores in that match were D/GA 287, At the timo he added'among other words
L.Etienne 91, Norbert Phillip 89, B. 'even do good, that cannot
,Charles 38: Mitchell 1/83, Clovey 5/52 aave you7 But as not St.James in his
Gibbp 4/42. Grenada in their first good senses when he wrote, 'Faith
inning could only master a meagre 86 without works is dead?
(Joseph 22i Phillip had the fantastic If I ua still young and hd to
figures of 4/4 off 43 Overs 11 of-whi join the Black Power Movement, I would
were maidens. G.Sli ord /9, try to have the word Power removed and
were maidens. G,Shillingford 1/29, ,
Defoe 1/17, Abraham 1/10, Laurent 2/2, use the word Unity instead.
Grenada following o did a littleWhOn the young man uttered thOse
betterr, scoring 111. (Cummings 31;,D. words, I felt sur that he meant his
Defoe 3/22, G.Shillingford 2/25, D, own black brother." We should alwaystry
Abraham 1/10, K.Laurent 1/16, W.Phiili not to hat6 anyone, whether he be
1/25). brown, red, erollpw, white or black.
In St.Vincent, St.Lu.cia battled'. Allow me to end thls letter by quoting
first and scored 198": M.Francis 49, the old Goldoh Rule. "Do unto others
R,Polius 41; Greaved 5/41 St.Vincent as.yo- would like them do unto you."
replied with 227: Cato 51; V.Rayes U.S. PREIDENU T li a RUSSIA
4/46; M.Francis 4/64 4 While the slaughter in Viet Nam by
St.Lucia scored 129 in their 2nd air and on land still goes on, Pres-
innings Greaves again being the most ident Nixon has been in the USSR
successful bowler taking 4/30. St.Vin- signing nuclear, space rand under-
cent quickly won with 104/2, This wee water agreements in the Kremlin.
Dominica plays StLucia and St.Vincent Come back to earth, mati
Grenada. At the end of the slt day St. APPOINTMEitTS TO TELEPHONE BOARD
Lucia were all out for 203 Abraham 3/5. *Mr. John Bully (onetime Federal
Laurent 1/37, G.S/Ford 2/24. Fin.-Sec. and a senior office-hol-
Domini.a l without loss. .der in Dominica for years, and Mr.
The Dominica'team in St;Lucia is: Achille Pinard, onetime Administ-
I..Shillingford, L.Etionne, L.Sebastier rather of Grenada, have joined the
V.Elwin, B.Charleo, IT.Phillip:. M. Cable & Wireless Telephone Board
George, K.Laufent,'D.Defoe, G,*Shilling whose members include well-known
ford, D.Abraham, G.Ualsh and R.Ber- local personalities the aim being
trand. .... ....., sco,- .U FJr a National Telephone System.
.You have doMAVE HIL (p.6) i LATE INEWS: Nixon & the Russiaxns have
You have donee, your bit, now leave it
up to Governmient to appoint a-NEUTRAL signed strategic arms limitation pact
body to invostiCatc the issue." Pr d and Published by the Proprietor,,
HENRY A. VOLI M, Cavo I1ill UWI R.E. Allfrey'of Copt Hall Mill House at
(This letter was written before SMA 26 Bath Road, Roseau, DOMINICA W.I.
closing was decided Editor). **** *

Friday May 26.,. 1972



buoplement i--- - -- -

Let us in the State'of'Dominica,
make the last Sunday of the month of
'iay every *ear a day of Prayer for
the State .
.Let us pray for: HOI-MS -SCHOOLS ,
CHMERES... that God may be' present
among us always in the places wherever
we work.
Let us pray for peace among:men'
especially the problem of colour,
between black aid white,f that all men
may live as one.
We need deeper understanding among
old and young that love and respect
may stand .
We pray Oo'od help each of .us to
use our talent for the common good
of all men.
This is a suggestion from one who
thinks prayers may help to change the
present condition of our State. Some
of our people have forgotten there is
a God. I am not mentioning my name,
but I feel prayers can do so much.
If readers and preachers support.
this suggestion, I will be in tune
to hear words of prayers from all the
churches throughout bur State on the
last Sunday of May this year 1972,#
and in the.years to comA

Alwin Bully!s -Play

QUIRY,4: Membe3
Mr, C.A,. 1ayinArd,
Dorothy Leevy, BA,
Parry Bellot and I
On Thursday a.r
tioned students a'
inviting comments,
'"We do hot. hoee
the West Indies"

A poor country home, a 9-day wake T~h ngs shoue unau
with neighbours and friends gathering They should 6ut.
.only have Ifaesat YA
to pray that waS the scene. Soon ion should not be
because of a Will, Celsus Aleo (work- ipp forls."
man of about 20) held the entire Apper bor."r
audience tensed right until" the end want to eby rid
since through that-Will he was dragged ant to gei rid o:
into this ,country home to possess all think we need thce
its belongings, and above all to marry (Percival arie)
fLiss Millie an aged woman against his (Percil v ar
-,express desi re despite etfe fact that having to pBr for
he. never knew her before. She however boy said "Brother
determined to: marry. him because. of a of the Students C
sum. of moiey .menti. ned' in' tie will strong hL'
which she.could possess only after talk when he was ..
marrying poor, innocent and youthful was that .money al
CealsUr. not allegedly spe~
Both Cdlsus and Miss 1illie kept Loblack's son- -rel,
the audience spellbound until Celsus' biology lab. when
father (also named Aleo) On the verge moving a bottle b.
of a "cocoa-tha" marriage, arrived to said he was stnucl
avert the wedding by explaining that our informant) by
the marriage was not meant for Celsus that C6lsus was t
but forhgelf l -il'ie ts glamour boy he had stolen fro
ex-loveri The tension subsided a bit only a few months
when in 'front of the wedding guests
Celsus' father intimated .to Millie
SORRY No "Ma Titine" and no Rama this week,

rs are ---
LIB, Chairman; ''' rs
SMr. Elkin Henry;. Mr.
MIr. Gordon Moreau uBSc.
um the Committee ques-
t Goodwill Parish Hall,,

d English literature in.
said a 5th former
cer and Shakespeare...
ut world geography and
dian geography. Relig-
made compulsory in the

Gordon Moreau "Do you
C those white Masters?"
r replied: "I don't
n here.'" The Head Boy
object3to students
demerit cards'. Another
Estrada is the Moderator
council\ and he was too
people shut up and not
lihere." Another gru-iibLe
dotted for sports tias
at on that activity.
atIed, an .incident in the
he was accused of re-
yr a female' teacher and
c..- he responded (says
striking g the lady back..
heir. joint son whom
m her when he was
old..,Quite a drama

IT 0 T I C E
Banana Growers and Truckers are noti-
fied that in view of the delay in pro-
cessing payment to truckers of the 1/2
cent Truckers Bonus it has been decided
commencing with shipment 17/19 May 1972
to include that bonus in the payment to
growers delivering bananas at the Box-
ing Plants.
Growers are asked to take special
note that this 1/2 cent is the Truckers
Bonus and the amount when paid must be
passed intact to the Trucker who trans-
ports his fruit from his shed or other
collecting point to the Boxing Plant.
Truckers'are also requested to in-
form the Association promptly if they
experience any difficulty in obtaining
their bojus from the growers whom they
serve. T;C, IRISH,
Financial Controller,
25th lay, 1972,. 1/L

- --~-


'kir~nv. ~:lav 26, 1972

rT~ Tf T;1 ~ 'P n ~

^--_ _. 1_.- J *( ^

Sniement -....TH- STA.. -- --- ieMml Friday. My 2 .


Dominica Barana Growers
Applications are:'iavited from
suitably qualified persons for
appointment to the post of typist
ina the office of the Dominica
Banana Growers Association.
Applicants should poses at least
G.C.E. "O" level pass in English
language and competence in typing
an.. filing. A minimum typing speed.
of 45 words per minute is required,
Ability to take shorthand will be a
decided advantage but is not
The salary attached to this post
is dependent on qualification and
experience, Applications stating
age, educational attainment and'
employment experience should be
'addressed, to General Manager,
Dominica Banana Growers Association
and should reach him not later than
30th May, 1972.

V. E. W nHITE,
General Manager,,

schedule of Application for Certifical;e Jf Title and Notlng
thereon and Caveats for week ending of May .1972.

Date Requested

Reque"st daaed the
I8ih day i!f May i';72.
Prescn;ed Ithe 19th day
of Mu), 1972 at I2.s

~ Bauss~--l-~l o~UM-~p-I-UC

Person Presenting Nature of reque.
whether a Certificate.
of Title- of Notli:
thereon_ or Caver,_

Ignatia Felix
.by her Solicitor
oilma k.M.-Dupigny

ReQuest for" Ilc isue o1 .
First Cerlitic:atc. of Tii'i ;:.
respect tof l prion ef
at. Dixie, St. kJiL'il, il :
ParishofSt. Joserht in :
State of Dotninica,c ,i .
ing 2769 square fe .',
bounded as follows:-

North partly by land of Felina jAcob and partly by 9o0
Access KoaJ; dSoutr by land of :Euelda Royer; Eumi by
Ravine Dixa and West by an Accos Road. ; j.

Registrar's Office,
Roseau; Dominica...

acting Registrar of Tilte,

NOTE:- Any perso, who desires to object to the issue of a
First Certificate of Tide in the above application may enter a
Civeat in the above Office within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of .this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
published In this State or from the date when the notice pr'e
ascribed by law was served on any owner or occupier of a4jolntag
I nd In respeC of which the application Is made.:

In English, French and.Maths.
Experienced Teacher
S3 Dupigny Lane, Goodwill.






Your Favourite Shoe Dealer

-4-4- '. _


- -~L-L~ ---I 1^1 LIIU--YLC---I LWI~I~-bCI


-IDP^1~lll --Y~ ~C-* IIII --- -- ..l-~-LInls



"".~~~~~I""I~"I"~I~W~~I~--~IIIII(-~UU~ _Y_


Suabt;meRP I;i(


Fhidetr. Merv ~, 1'9%2

_Z~Lk~L~ .



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