Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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'Mrs. Jahe Lowenthal,'
librarian, B
*Research In .t-~'te for
ihe Stligy f Man,
162 tagt 78 Stre'et,
New York 1002;, N,.Y
.U. S/ ..,.i.
* / .-

d*iorut P, Editor P'rLLIS SHa1D ALLFREY

Friday, J.anury 21,1*72

- 'TMa Titine A.. ..
.... ....t i


nd Pre

-AIM DO recently present-
d a Iec:are on the Sexu~l
Mythii surrounding the N,'-
vroid Race to an.logI Co,
'ei a idienrce. Dr. Sorhain
dco, a irradute of lena B.A
C nistcut College IMA ,
S.rd Ohio Stwite Utiversity
">.D Psycholgryl, i now
l 'lw at a leaduaig psy-
.:tric hospital in New
'' ik City. *-He &bo hold
port-tNme patsitioinst lona;:
;iafrfe and "Co-op" Cof-
se both in the state rof
:w York. His brother:
,, teaches Spanish at
We n4iA not underline
' reistieiiuaportas'it inte!-
'-cttual cotrihwtions made
Dewnimniia by th" cgne-
--'ttio cheth Sorvainsdo fa.
.. '
.'reidine -w, Dr Sorbtia'md.
Siavervn! r4 Packs was? firFt.
-,fied on rnCernCtn" grounds.
tma White an hegn
. i~*k for ;.'cah r exp ianatains t.-
.r I h i upur pre.s;i i, ..
f:aceks Sucih theories waer -
er:pinded am adie rged Dtkr
. e, u-F, r i.r i y. .s' upc t : e 1 ..

,n F i f : ".e
-oonr Coy and fr s upsed

\c h'sr! been siaive ban .iN t?

bictk men ic e.ths ub' Whi'f as
talking phaltlc' s 'mbk who
,'resented. athreiat U tbe
T;hnte. ParticulartV to the Whtte.-
,.haniefi. The mvBt hed tha,: the
--lrk man des red e.Seati. w-er'
.* *U .sed( M..i riy h ;tc-
-tri~r f (>}" ^41 :ii fiimprt ihl; heir
.r .inev.E an .pri free R:nck
S:(:* hri b wee-' slaves JIdn F'liack

*-r0D the nigger .: hs place
Biiak men wre.thotugihs 'if a .c
talking phalic symboh who
'resCinted a threat 'ji the
'*'.tesit. pairticularly to thp Wft U
, Blar.k rryn dpsrcdevv "'hlf

Hon. FR Stanley Fadele


woman he saw 0o1 the o:their
hand the .Back wumar was .
bearded a a passionate, w.l
and unntbilted r exual being. Dr I '
Sorhaindro says that tbis i. a ''
attitude wticih till prevails.and i
the sexual mnrths which (rew Up
around Blacks *-tri- be ar
undeF -ni' cau'seof at iam ftem
kwt-cir SchriatnAd we mn tfo
e lor the fofrr wai
psvr,'rOiial drama -whi 1 too,
pa FeW B:a 1k 'leV ,
based n-. a felt ,P ad a
mrrnf .*d "i'' t;an a cror!mm4'I
ar,;rnai. rhe Siacik ma ioesit wa (a
esi: *w ha ; adri fiet M PRAYED TKE BILL
.hti. m t'a: l:,i, Va.m.r me mum'"?r's-- --,
Sthi^ ;o- '1e IF- 'lariF Portsmoutah
.jtkO-f. 111P was ertU;br ta"rw.ure.'i > hi 1 <2(
"r rei : wat ; ^School Site
i'he Witu l~ wman (e!t idba2et At the recent openir
,:-' Mnce. her husbrnr r.f the Portsamouth'Secon-
see,;!miany -,ir.teied ;r ior a diarySchool,,it was inte-
;' a~nm -h' twhifvedbiv t bh resting to note that the
mla cr The ; L.l maRn i! Minister of Education &
g;~' nce ht h a eaed, Health did not hesitate
ac!. w;ch hei bheifvwi w-as f Ii to mrntion the $65,324
',;r-o r.aninais. i oPaid for six a.acre of
T 'ft,-. 6mn :.w -,t : nd purchased from the
: kThW ,~1 er, tr I fa thea :".: Robert Ajiecxadr
S se up a Itegal codet 1 rraw&y which to
foriade ,te;r r erect tUh school. It X ui-
a ian aoi foIrtunate tb6ugh. that.
Wbh;es ViaoL0 on fI tris ede e did anbt reveal to the
tsualiy meant death for the public thit& the tard wa .
8 !ak man ..od .t-the miniinal price
At the sanw. time Wh, .e or 25C a square fot with
: broke their o,mi .mra- aJ i6gai no cnom4petnatjin accep-
rte and hep to asso~:irta ted for the los of 750
m.ik- fre.) wth r Blacks In fact ;oconut trees Loird tea-
Dt Sorhamno noted that over." ants' gardens totailinp
pe- cent, of the Biacks In $20,000.00; betaue the
Ar'me.rt4 have sLre Wibi' blood I: ate berafactor felt that
and over 90 per ~h of th. ;s du te the School was a aecsi.
tl X. relatzo betwe p a r tv to educatiore in t -
White nar. rtand lark w%,rnan North.
Although tr Snrha indr We can be tbankfu to
oatrted a vefy f ieak piture t '. fi end .for a few acres,
te ast. he taed that ht was ;~ r little oney; and yet
', orptimstc of toe 1a!r for the.freedom and com-
rac~ :s nft'e.1i the rew al of mand of the wholIe earth.
many sn'-intrermarrnag laws. and for tha great ben e-
an he gans mad n reren fits of our being, our lf,
an, the gains made in re-ent +
.*ears by Blacks in poiinicai and health, and reason, we
econ:,mic areas He s;atr tha P I look upon ourselves as
he has&e h h on the adt'er no obhigtion.
undet eTrtne-ss and fainmess of j at ,a ,arraan

k SST .orhafgya

qairy aon 4evmsm ot
2*g0g 16 vmwarc skm
.ftua, aa ag
bmw tea jit#.I p

toe poio0 m ir h-
*dar Iztibib.e Ifr

so0 as poali9

3d cii.ll ^. QT
tad omt F41%, to
vil^a to O"TIOWS 07

rw eastri&t&aiag fi

or. a Omlftbasmf ft.
&.a 6r 1ptI a*
jmel moomie I

0sA ptepmag* MR1
bIKiatat wssaus

',- -- -~--:r~- -- -- -; -- ---- ----I--


In his Party newspaper, the present Minister of Finance affects to be
moved, by the spectacle. of the continual rise in the cost-if- living, But
his main object as may be discerned from a careful reading of his writ-
ing on the subject, is to throw blame and obloquoy on the mercantile
community which, he,feel,, but quite wrongly, is a strong support
of the,-. Opposition Party. Far be it from me to wish to defend mercantile
interests, since in any case. itis presumed- that this group is. capable
of taking care.of itself -but I see in M.r. Armour's efforts an attempt
to pass: on the blame from Government to mercantile shoulders. This I
shall not allow to pass. unchallenged.
FPom a reading of Mr.Armour's pseudo-economic effusion, one who. id
not know the facts could easily conclude that his,.was.a. brand-new Govern-
ment''bent -on doing something to stave off hardslip.on the people. It:
would hardly have. occurred to the unwary person that Mr.Armour. is spdkes-.
man for a Government now in its twelfth year of-continuous power, and
therefore one which by now should have done. something significant to
r-:rrest the increase in the cost-of-living,. As usual, of course, he is
merely playing politics with the lives of the people. For who does not
]Jiow that his Price Control personnel in the field have been notorious
:i.or making campaigning for his party their main business and control of
prices a secondary consideration? Who is unaware that the CARIFTA'Agree-
nt. into which the present Government took us without discrimination as
to its terms; is one of the greatest causes of unremitting cost-of-living
increase .? When certain persons here pointed out that CARIFTA terms were
weighted against the weaker territories like Dominica, this Government
tried to attach tags of reaction to them, until now when it is belatedly
coming to the same'view because other Governments have said so. not trying to deny that there may be. some unconscionable profit-
eering on the. part of shopkeepers, but I contend that the Government is
doing even more' to send up the cost-of-living. For example, despite the
fact that CARIFTA'goods cost more than comparable goods elsewhere, the
Government -imposes and collects more consumption tax than it used to levy....
by..way of import duty on the same goods. Surely, such action must send .
up .selling prices of :GARIFTA goods, 'this quite apart from their compar-
ative, inferiority.
.It is;.threrefore quite' unfair on the part of the Minister of Finance to
,try and o.ncentrate the wrath of citizens on shopkeepers as being the main
cause of the..continuous, rise in 'the cost-of-living, Actually, as; everyone
knows, ..increased prices and' costs, originating in the sources of supply
together with' frequent. currency manipulations. are the main causes of the
seemingly endless rise of prices which, in true inflationary fashion, is
extended even. to locally produced goods. Frivolous and uneconomic Gov-
.i 'nment expenditures derived from taxation also adds its quota to the cost-
..f-living. miseribes of the population. So when we discuss the problem, let
it; ber in a spirit of honesty,- attaching the proper weights to the several
contributozy factors, .But let the Government always remember that the
cain responsibility for controlling local unauthorized, increases is theirs.
Sch control Was. ffeativ.ely achieved during World War II when civil ser-
vants were not politically motivated and Government was competent. This
.-iovernment has been longi.enough-in the saddle to be. able to do something
about it if the will and ability were present. After all, the privilege
of being in th6" saddle) is not bestowed mainly to ride the population
rough-shod d : '"* ..
SI switch now to a very different subject. I want to discuss the new
trend in. religion that I see about, me.
It'is .with, regret .that I note that the Churches are attempting to make
of themselves glorified social welfare agencies. It seems to me that they
are now reversing .the. order of things and that "the greatest and first
commandment" is being put in' second place while "the second ... like unto
this" isbeing place..At least one gets this impression.
.. ... ... .(concluded on -Da., four)

Friday, January 21, 1972


Page Two;

F~Piday, January 21, 19'72 STAR Page Tbree~

Pictured at the end of page 8 are
some of the famous RONDO DANCE Ma Titine-firmly believed that the
THSEAER group a most exciting elements were affected by local sin
touring company from New York.They and corruption. When it rained too
will Idance at the Arawak cinema hard she blamed Government's misdeeds.
on THURSDAY next Jan. 26th, in a It had rained like flood for three
tremendous show 'sponsored by the days, and the cricket was spoilt.Now
Wai-Tukubuli group. The show star the showers were tailing off, and she
at 8.30 p.m.; tickets $4 and $3. sat in her pantry with the radio on,
The Rondo dancers have justbeen muttering: "Well de cricket stall. I
awarded a New York State Council wish Baby would come..." for since her
of the Arts grant; they have been quarrel with Ancine she and Baby were
enthusiastically received for inseparable. She saw a huge basket
premier performances of different passing beneath her window, and under
dance-styles currentin the USA. it was the head of Baby.
Thh music ranges .'from classical "I is here in de pantry Baby. Come
and jazz through folk and rock to right in. I was jus' thinking about you,"
avant garde electronic. After "I bring my food wid me. I too mis-
their big show here they go on to erable to eat alone. L'Audience fini -
Barbados, Montserrati and Antigua, Commissioner gone back to Barbados.It
The company has 10 dancers, a don' have entertainment."
lighting expert, a manager and an Titine had a remedy for everything.
artistic director. The lighting "Take a glass from de shelf, heah de
is designed by Jamaican Michael bottle," And she was delighted with
Smart; the manager and director Baby's large enamel bombful of food.
are both women. DONPT MISS THIS! When they had finished their meal and
S-- 0 M M N WEALT stretched their legs to chat, they
BARBADOS has withdrawn fromthe covered every piece of news from the
East Caribbean Currency Athority;Chief of Police to the man in the-marc)
ast Caribbeat Currency Authorital at Trafalgar. "He was drunk and had a
Banks WIASet officials have been bad leg. Look out we don' die in la L
m:Beting on fthis in Barbados.a boue ourself." Both burst out laugh g.
meeting on this in Barbados. "Now what yo dt r foh
S-TRINIDAD: by Friday morning,?7 Now what you doing' about dress foh
children had died of polio and allCarnival? askedTitine, just as Baby
primary schools remain closed.Some counter-questioned (being more politi-
100 caseschave been reported. cal), Now what we doing' about Guyana?"
100 cases have been reported.
BRITAIN unemployment has "Take Carnival firs'," said Titines"It
to over the million mark for the has till 1973 or four to finish wid
first time in 25 years big pol- at Demerara ting. You an' me got to
itical trouble for the ConsGovt, go an buy our skirt at Reliance, but
RHODESIA: Black Africans got is a question what style blouse we going'
up on their feet and rioted in pro-e..
test against the Rhodesian settle Baby was in favour of a white blouse,
ment terms. Violence rocked the and a big green straw hat she had aeen
capital, Salisbury. Many African in Asta's. But Titine thought that "
protesters were killed in demon- would be too plain; she hadn'tt wofn a
stations in outlying villages. blouse like that since-primary school.
DACCA, BANGLADESH: Sheikh And thinking of primary school made
Muribur Rahman was sworn in as bpth those ladies talk about their ear?
Prime Minister of Bangladesh. He youth they almost shed tears remem-
has problaimed a democratic state. bring their First Communion, their
DOMINICA: Mr. FranklynA.Baron beautiful white embroidered dresses,
is no longer Chairman of Ifominica their innooence. Baby thought they
Tourist Board. He did not resign, should fill in the time before.Carnival
His replacement is Mr. C.A.Butler, by joining a Novena for a Special
with Dr.Liverpool, Mr.AWL Williams Intention. All their talk was woman-
Mr. Walter Rock & Mrs. Rita Riv- talk ("I glad we have a lady mayor eve-:
iere joining Messrs. R.J.Delauney if is only ack she actin'"), and when
Austel Anselm, Anthony White and they arrived at rising prices, Titine
Mrs. Jenner Armour oh the Board. said: "Soon we have to buy water!" As
@able & Wireless ($800,000 local if to show she could do without water,
deficit) seek to raise phone rates. she pointed geerously to the bottle
..of rum, and both had a final drink.

FRiday,.iJanuary 21,.1972


Page MThree

PROFITS & POPHETS. by AD9 P- L~ (fi pageo two) ....
Whemrnone reads the diocumerifat-ion" and.;p.ropeediings -of the, recently-con-
eluded CaribbQSeh ui _i.cum i& 'nsdltation for Development.which was held
in Trinidad and to ':si-hihe principal Churches'of"the-region contrib-
uted,,.one wonders..hat has'happinqd. .to, basic Christian ideas like "Seek .
ye first the Kifngd6m'o'f'-odi and. justicee'; "I am ,the way, the truth,
the life"; !' .y ta&k isi to'- b.ri:witnss:s to the truth"; "My Kingdom is not
of this:.Worl'd" etu,. et:c:: How,., then-$, comes it 'that the. Christia Churches
find themselves embroled' in" such st:upd ,.tie s. as boycotting a reception
given by the Governor of' the visitors?- One recalls Our Lord.
sQa often accepting', hospitality" from sp many diverse sources.
No one, of course, can. have any objection tothe-Churche' concern.
with social problems;. This .isi as'.it shd ld Ibe., :and, fact, has always
been. 'The Middle .Ages .were certainly 'such a' time. But. today it 'appears
tast social problems are-'becoming the principal concern -- certainly in,
the Caribbean region. I contend that the Churches as such. tave ho special
qualificationsin. thisline. As a matter of fact, when they called their.
Ecumenical:Consultation for Developmenti they bring in a lot of.
lay professional people, to talk to them about these matters, West Indian
prophits'.like Demas and Ramphal. Moreover, the Churches are wishing to
go into the development business at a time ,when the State has largely,
and with ts far.greater financial resources, pre-empted this sphere.
Maybe: .in *retaliation we.'hall in due course .see Government moving into
spiritual spheres. I can visualise.. the Minister of Finance issuing en-
cyrlicals and a baptismal font (something of this nature is already built
into the place ).and .cohfessional being erected at Government Headquarters
on Kennedy: Venue..In the mood of omnicompetence of. this Government, I
dQn'$ "think they would like anything better. As the State gets deeper and
deeper in the business of social problems, I see little place for the
Churc hes there..: ,
In my view, 'the rol;, of the Church is niot to be technically involved
in ecooibmic and political development, cost-of-living affairs, etc. There'.
other'more qualified 'and competent agencies, notably the modern State, to
handle such matters, they have the required expertise, The State has access
.to the..national resources and haspower-s of control and coercion in these
affairs,. .Th. Churches should continue -- if you like intensify --. their
effort to form'and inform the'*social conscience with the Message of the
Gospel "and should nort, as-it now"me to be in danger of doing,
get so involved in these matters- that its own principal business remains
undone or very badly done. The present course will in the end do the .
Churches no good, even the short 'run -it gets a few hypocritical
pl.audits and this mainly from thosenot concerned or interested,in the
basic Message.,

Banana Growers are .notified.that Government has agreed to waive the
Surtax .on bananas with effect. from the week commencing 16th January4l972.
Government has also--directed.that;.the benefits accr.uing from that
waiver should be '-reflected directly, in. the' price to the growers. 1
Consequently, the'@price -payable from this week until further notice
will e :as follows- At reception Stations 4,7350 per ib.
At. Buying 3ointa .. 3593. "
In accordance with a--previouts.,deciJion the Association. will coA-
tinue'to6pay i.the :' cent bonus. to those growers who deliver their
ba'iais in field boxe8 .- '
S. ... Ag general. manager ,
18th January, -1972. ,. .
-',"- '"

Friday, January 21, 1971


Page Your....

P,0 BOX 3.

- a ,L

-- ---


Win Customers and Friends
/''.'"':"'"*""" v-~-";-- ^^ I"""- 1--

Accommodation Wanced



Many rnepie thouthr hhere was no chance
of relief from Rheumatic complaints.
Now thousands testify that Rheumatism
can be re.ived.



Ir -

*-bA.e <


A'.~~l 4 Tii~



iS ^




Internal rheumatic treatment.
Recommended for 35 years!
Available from:-
Ccrncr of Old and H 1Hsb~rough Street.
3C<1- i" \


q* u


ai~* ij

'A CK r

,.. .... TI

S.t -|

n! S ho m
in Shoes by





A. :*,
6: ^ >



JTAR- Pi *
i0 ov

,,71rslla4oauP-rc.c~,, ~I

,~rd Y---"~J
------ --- --

m~~,~,.,~,~~;L~MaJICrilurr~Yp*~-t~-^-- ----~----





-,- --" ;<" "
., -. .P


agQ 4i~i f
I-)I.TVI --I .r_IVI.Ur~- -- -_~~ llb-4L~.4~ll

Page~ Si TH STR Fiaanay2,92

The spirit of adventure isn't
dead in our youth. Remember how you
and I used, to dream of holing out
somewhere and giving the elders a
scare? Well that spirit was strong
in some of the young people who live
in upper Goodwill. Some time this
week five boys and a girl from pro-
minent families decided to get away
from it all by"' escaping from home.
Judging by their elaborate precau-
tions, it took some planning, In
the dead of early morning the bold
young ones slipped down the St.
momentt Hill and headed for the
u-per reaches of the Roseau River,
not so far from Fond Cane.Carrylng
every possible home convenience
\they didn't forget soap and a fry-
ing pan), they built strong ajoupas
on the river bank and camped there.
During the early morning light anx-
ious parents- were looking for their
kids. Police were called in but
foul play was improbable since the
disappearing children all seemed
to be close neighbours and friends.
But there was always the possibil-
ity of accident to cause anguish,
The Police found some of the kids
wandering around near Palm Grove
and"one thing led to another. The
youngsters were returned to their
parents, and the shacks which they
built will possibly be put to a
different use by the couples who
usually park at.night in dark riv-
erside spots. The sound of licks
echoed down Federation drive....

Look out! Carnival this year
may spell vengeance. What with all
this "tell-on-you" thing going on,
-( mean the Inquiry of course)....
iEvery year when it gets close to
Carnival I think of some years ago
w-en three young men in the prime
of their youth were murdered 'That
the monsters who committed the act
are free and walking the streets of
Roseau gives cause for conjecture.
This is one skel eton I like to dig
up because it serves notice on the
bastards that decent-thinking folks
haven't forgotten that dastardly
nd revolting deed. And that's
that: Let me get out my flame-proof
suit, oui. ... * *
Rama would like to send a belated
'well-done' to the staff of Radio
Dominica for the programmes they
put out last Christmas-New Year.
(Next col.)

All Governments love money, pref-
erably through gifts rather than
loans; have you been following Dom
Mintoff's smart efforts to squeeze
more money for Malta out of the Brit-
ish than they feel they can afford
(radio news this week)? Therefore
Mr. Milliam Bell, now leaving his.
Head of Development Division (Car-
ibbean,"based Bar8bados) to direct
Technical Education & Training for
Overseas Countries, is particularly
welcomed and lauded by the present
Government of Dominica, since he has:
presided at large handouts of t.K.
cash) and sweetened these admirable
sums of money by making robust speech-
es, usually at a time when the Govt.
is at a low ebb in popularity. One
such occasion was when he opened the
House that Johnson built on Kennedy
Avenue; another such, the opening of
Portsmouth Secondary School, newly
built at a cost of about $280,00Qfr.U::
on a plot bought from the late Mr.
Robert Garra.way (see perae one)
Now -we are very glad Portsmouth
has this school, for nowhere else in
Dominica (save perhaps Vieille Case)
is the need for education more piapable
The $32 million Mr. Bell described as
having been given by Britain in the
last six years included $4 million
for education; and he promised that
the level of assistance would not be
reduced, announcing also a forthcoming
sum of 345,000 for. a Teacher Train-
ing Institution for the State, This
last item seems rather anti-integrat-
ionist. A national teacher training
college with the best brains of Dom-
inica on the faculty, and a department
of patois?
We shall miss Mr. Bell's intermit-
tent voice on the radio, especially
loudly blasted on Radio Dominica, for
he sounds like famous actor Emlyn
Williams playing the part of a polit-
And we are sure (judging by the
eulogy published in.the Govt. paper)
.that the Govt... Mwi1 mis. him qva rn)n

RAMA: I would say that Joan Seaman
has endeared herself to the hearts of
listening and performing children and
has attained a lot pf poise,.
It is now a relief'to drive down
King George V Street since theypatche3
up the large potholes in front of the
Police HQ building. But how long be-
fore I damage my suspension again?
Those bloody cement jobs are NO


Friday,January 21,1972


Page Six

Friday, January 21, 1972 T H E S TA A R Page Seven '
When the meeting of Jan.12 resumed after a break for consultation
with his advisers, Agricultural Minister Etienne, chairman of the meeting,
read a release which stated that "The Board of Management of the DBGA
after consultations with Ministers of Government have decided to suhsidise
the price of bananas by the addition of one cent per pound until February
12,.." This, meant that Buying points will now pay 3.90 instead of 2.90
.nd the price at Boxing Plants will be 4.70 instead of 3.70. On hearing
the release read, I approached the Chairman of the Board and asked how
-as; this possible when the Association is heavily in debt? He replied
that Government would underwrite the amount required above the normal pay-
rents for a period of one month, and the Association could borrow this
:mount from the commercial banks. It is anticipated that by that time
the ua'ility outt'rn will be sufficiently high to--give.the grower a far
.Tore attractive price.
Having given you the facts as I know them, and realising that the
banana growers and the Association are one and the same concern, you will
agree- that in fact'this additional cent is not a:subsidy but an advance
to be deducted from the grower at times of high prices. Why then did Mr.
Etienne misinform the growers by using the word "subsidise"? Can the
Association subsidize itself? A subsidy is an-unrepayable contribution
-y Government to a commercial or charitable undertaking of benefit to the
-eople. HaG .Government declared this amount to be its'financial contrib-
,tion? What will happen- if the anticipated cqality outturn does not rise0
I understand that the present -rate-is based on December's quality outturn
of about 56%. Does the Board realise the seriousness of the situation if
the quality outturn is loW?
To crown deception with insult Government has announced over Radio
Dominica the removal of the surtax which is 15% of the Export Tax of 240
per_ 100 lbs. This news came one day after the protest demonstration,and
apparently is a unilateral decision since the Board had not been notified'
up till Monday 17 th January, The removal of the surtax is another de-
ceptive measure since the benefits are negligible. In .effect it means an
addition of 03S per lb, making Buying Point rates 3.93~ and Boxing Plant
rates 4,73a. A :aere 10 per 'average bunch of bananas. la this what Gov-
ernment offers growers who produce 70% of the gross national income?
What would have reflected well in the pockets of the humble growers
is the removal of the entire Export Tax of 210 per 100 lbs, bringing the
.currc-nt prices. up to 4.170 at Buying Points and 4.970 at Boxing Plants.
God forbid the situation to worse~nas there-will be no Export Tax for
Government to collect'
The present state of.a'ffairs of our banana industry is in direct
relation to Government' concern for placement of political stooges on
the Board of Management rather than for placing Business Brains at the
disposal of the banana growers, to cope with Geest-'a business wizards.
A meeting of Heads of *Government of the WINBAN islands to formulate pro-
posals to put before Geest is the last resort, ..and a lesson to all that
in order to survive as a nation we need strong BARGAINING POWER to handle
our affairs, of State. So FADELLE 18th Jan. 1972.

India will celebrate her 22nd Anniv- Kurt Waldheim, appointed by acclam-
eersary of Republic Day on Jan 26 ation new U.N.Sec.Gen., said in his
two days-before we go to Press next acceptance of the role: "I will try
week-a. During the past year she has to create confidence again in the
struggled through war and tribulation United Nations.. I pledge to ful-
and emerged victorious. As Mrs. Indirail my tasks to the best of my. ab-
Gandhi wrote to President Nixon on ility with impartiality & a deep sense
Dec.15: "One great moment which of personal commitment."
has inspired millions of people to that whenever any form of government
die for liberty was the declaration becomes destructive of man's inalien-'
of independence by the United States able rights to life, liberty and the
of America. "That declaration stated pursuit of happiness, it was the
right of the people to a ter or abolish it."

t^rjC s-.q


M:" ^aboe fa Dte'ieaf Chamiber of Coai
erce 'are beirby insrnbt of the Anaal G3c-e.
rad Meetgf which 'tskeS place at 5-36 psai. on
ThFBrsdp 27th JawiEBry at For Young HowL
'Maoeabcs askiaed to Sake tis very imta-
tm wae iag at -ia-f'

Government 'of 'Dom: inica
The Eleveoth Issue of Treasury Bis closedd
S? ldesday -.2th January at a.n *avge Jdi&s
unt srate of .i6Jo% This rpePsentso an average
S,-i3al mEcast .f 6.5 2% %
The ta eeanmoit tendered stood at $736,coo
&lie.St total anwint offered of $5aooo.,
Notice of another issue will be publislWd ia
due cuwrse.
P F7? 9 G if 10-#t
n uiwry, n2


'Barclays Bank Interiational
S Roseau Bfrach -

e wise,to contact the above person on
,.,e bealf" we are holding an item for
e (.ust'dyv:.
WUill he. or -any nl knowing his-
v. hereabont pteae, contact the Manager.

S-4* A2a/a


CAR NO. 3220 1'R CA.PRI 3000 Gt
..DirON.-PCR 5W I-..



.2 -r


EntSy forms for the sbove examination c-,
be obtained frota the Education Division of t
Ministry of Educatio and Heals, Govoeran..
Hsa3bqe twrtCrs..
Fees are as follows:

(a) Entrance Fee
(b) Ordinary Level
(c) Advanced Level
(d) Practicals

$4.32 per subject
Sq460 per subject
$5,oo per subject

Laifee.4o% of total Uivusity fee (a),
(b), & c. A praoisional eary mt be early i
dkcared en the entrsace fortL .
Forms nsrst be completed and returned rr
The Local Secretary, c/o Education' Divisio;.
Ministry of Education and Health, together wi.
the Treasury receipt on or before Friday, I u.
Fkwrusry, r972.
Candidates for esaminatia rmust cit.
their subjects in such a way that they will no :
involved in a situation where thdey are -xsPcear J-
aeswer two or more papers due to be held coa -
curretvy. No saernative arrangements "wil bel
made in such cass.
PrmanontS Sacrtary,
AMMalnry of Education & Hwik.
EabH 0e07r1ta. Xld.

Donr-Can Timbers Limited in Receiver-
-hip wish to advise the General Public
that they have turned over all stocks e
first quality Lumber to




Lumber Department situated at Canefiei'
in the old Dom-Wood building.
Second quality Lumber only are now be
ing sold from their Lumber yard...

. -*''.," v ., f

r~-ai~ STafte


** * "-ggL-

up~--. ~_

--~----~~ ~-~ --

9b~LI- --






Fiav ia~ntrv'2L!Sfl 1-I STAR a 1n


* i en


I ; x' V-

Applications are invited from uitably qusal-
fled persons for appointment to the post of Super-
mtcndeat of Prsons. Dominica.
The particulars of the post arc as follows:-


The Past is on the per
rrmarenT and pensionabtc
I,; A h n i h l l

- '-.7

9k p.f .a R. ,. ,

* ,:i...: ..\ih.. OCikoutid.jU\i PN."qijAIt
.fIPBItIS\ I 1;i
L 1CC t4

.... e\ '* [

SVacancy for Crown Land Ranger
: Applicad4ons are invited fromn suitable quali-
; 1 perns to- fii the vacant post of Crown Land
t-AngLtr ir; thr Lands and Survevs Divisin of the '
A :! rt i g Agricuhture, Lands and Co-opcra-

Arpicants should -referably be between the
;"se olf o and 30 years and possess at least the
ima;nrv School Leaving Certifcate.
.The.appcintment will be to serve in the Eas-
tern District with residence at La Plaine.
The, salary of the post is in the scale D,4o-27 i
6e x r-.n 4.00\XTS- Y3, s. 240 3780.
Appic-ations sh-uid he- addresse! to the Per.
.-nent Secre:ary, Mrnistr of, A-.rcu!rure, Lands
SCno-ope'i fi. ves, ~'-;vlnme: Headquarers and
UJ reach hin- n.t later than 31st January,

T0.~2.. 't
3w s ,- **.3-T:n- r C.-e -rf ta -y :
M;, .!'Y 31 /*gr;..j...:.;m, ;-nii -,-.y; Co-opet at!ves. '

6:h ;anuary. !972.

--_ --*..AJ 1ll~I~ C


SPSC 44 G.200. 290.'l
22^i3 December 'i97:

I'ubUbh Service Coirinission

P ~ I -------------- I,--
I 4 4 .

Advertisements in The STARi
appeal to'people., of thought
and action. Ask our Advertisers!

rasF: sr~a

Pacr N"n

Fid,.a_ Js~j~rv;~l_?BfZ ~

SALARY: Salarv i, at the mse ofS
$8,760 per nnum in the-
scale $8,760 x 360 9,48O
ALLOWANCE. TravelJing and subsis-
tence allowance are pay-
able in accordance with
local regubtion in res-
recet of approved travd on
QUARTERS: Free unfurnisbed quarters
are provided.
LEAVE ,ND) LE.AVE Leave and leave pasages
PASSAGES: will be grated in accr d- I
ance with local regulation
The Officer will be required "o undergo a
course o' training, preferably in the United KXig.
domn, before taking up duties.
Applictnons rmut vbe in the applicant's 6d
handwriting and should state:-
(2) School or Schools or University at which
educated and Certificates or Diplomas

Nature of presntnt an past employment.
with date.
(4) Past feXperCnce.
(5m App!isairts shouId al.o furnish testimo-

AppliL..tiinn-s wh;i:;h do not contain the above.
information will not be conridcred,
App!icaaions should be addressed to the Se-
cretary, Public Service Commi.sion, Roseia, aad
should resta he or not icr than 3?sr january, 97,2

"~ .~wu~ 'i-,~ ;'~i

eS. r. *

** BS*T*A*R*S*P*O*PR*T*S* *** *** DOMINICA N E W ****
CRICKET : by Morchriston U.W.I.: Mr. Richard Moore from the
L The pre-Shell Shielf Trial Centre for Multi-Racial Studies has
match between the Leeward & Wind been invited by the Resident Tutor to
ward Islands was won by the Lee- lecture on False Notions about Africa
..rds. .'The Windwards batted first and the Africans; and The Afro-Ameri-
at'er Shillingford won the toss(the can Experience the Future. He was
niimtch being delayed for over an hr. born in Barbados, has lived in the US
after the Umpires decided to let since age 15, is an expert in race
The bowlees' waterlogged run-up dry) relations subjects.(Lecture dateslatr)4
The Windwiads scored 163 (although La
at one stage 9 for 114) thanks to CARIFTA: Last Saturday a delegation
t ofine ostae 9 for 11) t Norbert appointed by Carib.: Assoc. of Indus-
filline knock of 6 ersey W et (yon try & Commerce (Sir Garnet Gordon Mr.
Phillip. Eversley Willet (young Allister Hughes & Mr. C.A.Maynard met
teenager) left-arm spinner,bagged the Sec.-Gen. CARIFTA on common ex-
6 for 72. The Leewards in their turn ter oe
at the wicket got 196,Livingstone ternal tariff & smaller territories,
at the wicket got 196,Livingstone problems, says the D/ca Chamberof Comm
Sargeant scoring a fine 62,George pro says th
Allen 43 and Amory 59 (topscorers).DRUGS & THEIR USES: A seminar on this
Joe Gilbb, Grenadian spinner; ended will be held at Roseau Health Centre
with the remarkable total of 7 for on Jan.22.Dispensers,Health visitors,
49, whilst fast left-arm bowler midwives etc. will attend. CM0 Dr.DQrian
David Defoe got 2 for 32. The Shillingford will take part.
Windwards in their second inningsMINISTER TO GU LOUPE: Hon..O.P.
amassed 265 thanks to knocks of 57 MINISTER TO U.
by Michael Findlay, Irin Shill- Armour & wife left today for the offic-
yingford 7, Haynes a fine 36 and ial inauguration of Raizet Airport, Pte
ingford 47, Haynes a fine 56 and
David Defoe with 5 fours and two a Pitre, a reception & gala dinner. Mr.
sixes 34 n .:. Willett again fourArmour will go on to Barbados to attend
op 107, Gould 3/66.and- Allen 2/4. a Caribbean Finance Ministers'meeting;
Left to score 235 in just under also -neetings of Reg.Shipping Council
and Oils & Pats Conferenceo
300 minutes, the Leewards easily and s & Fats Coerence
made it for the loss of 6 wickets; SALISBURY: Panellists (mainly in favour
Jim Allen (brother to George) top of joining with Guyana) will address
scoring for the entire match -82; the LIVEWIRE CLUB of young persons to-
Amtory 31 and Sargeant 37 n.o. top- night. Incidentally there is some con-
ped'-that innings. Francis got 3/82.fusion in this State over "Grenada De-
* After the match, the Combined claration" "Guyana Integration" and-so
Leewards/Windwards side was announam on. R.H.Lockhart, C.A.Maynard,Gordon
...I.Shillingford (Capt.), Vance Moreau & Raglan-Riviere might clarify.
Amory,Haynes, Sargeant,; J. Allen.
G.Allen, Richard, Findlay, Willett, GOVERNMENTS LOVE MONEY (p.6)
Gibbs, Francis, G.Shillingford, N.
Phillip and A. Roberts. Hector is Other fascinating fiscal transactions
deputy wicketkeeper. The team, are the rumoured monetary transfer of
minus Hector, left for Jamaica on $20,000 from the Head of the Guyana
Weds., where they will play a four Government to a member of the Govern-
day Shell Shield match against ment of Dominica; the town of Roseau
Jamaica starting today (Fri.)Score is abuzz with this news We'll be
at Press time:- Jamaica (batting) happy to print an.explanation or a
92 for 2 (wkts N.Phillip, r.Willett.) denial. Also a supplementary grant
***DOV)LING will captain the N.Z. of 12,221 from the British Govt. for
team to tour the WT.I.' continuation of cc .struction work on
m to t DA the Hatton-Garden Bridge (evidently
sponsored cricketseheduld to begin begun before gen. election). ? The
next Thurs.2 p.m. between Celticsb further sum of 11,684 from C.D. & W
and Saints will be without Norbert funds for the mere DESIGNS for bridges
Phillips of Saints (in Jamaica). necoding replacement or reconstruction-
BOXNG i.e. Indian River,Copt Hall,Canefield,
Reigning heavyweight Joe Frazier Belfast, Layou,Londonderry,Woodford
won a title challenge, by TKO over Hill & Roseau E...if that's for de-
LTrry Daniels (USA) in the 4th nV si what about the building? We've
o 5 (a knockdown in each roundgn t bout he building? Weve
BAiRPBALTL SEASON EXPECTED 25/2/72 "missed our death" many times this past
Printed & Published by the Propriei-year on one of those brides,
tor, R.E.Allfrey of the Mill House,Copt Hall, at 26 Bath Rd.Roseau JD/caWI

Friday,January 21,1972

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