Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Mrs. Jane owenthal,1h
Ui~ rarrian,
R, .eseach Institute for
the Btadd of Man,
162 lZalt 78 Street,
New York 10021, ,Y..
U.S.A ..... w .,
S^sL .
~ L/1TVb,,1-lCc)IL

r2 IS A2 T 78

E4Iasr PH"..S S$A?4 Ad.FRgT ' "^ *. -F
Erul*ejr. Jtnlmazryt' 72


Enough lethal weapons were brought -from OutSide thi Cow t House
t AtImory at the Mornc r 7-30 a m. o. Dec. -r Q
aud banned in the Defen Force HQ c:bhiA4 .-
'aun Magistrate's Court, to "dcea up the whole pop
niaton of Rosu", states our reporter. A whole
truckload of ammunition rifles, bayonets, tear
gSv and a number of explosives were ransported.
f'.r possible use in emergency. This traspired
from the evidence of Str. J-',sph on the second
dav of lhe CmfM: sion's hearing. '
"Thc terms of refere of of the Commisson-
JV.4 t.h part r),"vd by hiz Polc" Au" "whies
in dcraing with the disturbances;
t the part played by the Docunica Defence
c) the parn played by the persons partidcpa.
t .*g ian the disturbances -who direcdy con-
tributed to the breakdown of law ad' or- ,

4:r; .;
d) actmons done- or sa~temens made or pub-
lisbhe by any :perns zwhicat a' bI w '.:-
qndered to bbe of .cdizious or ti Wtus nas-
'" persons who innsitarted or organized the
demonstra:ion which led to the. break-
down of law and order; and
(fs all matters inodental hereto.
The Commission app-oipmd las, beea directed
t, report orn all facts relating to the inquiry, and
nake inquiries on such days and a: such places
as he shall deem proper and necessary. and to
i.'.ke juch r.'porrs and rPomendauios in the
-.ce niifes as may to hIr. seem fit with all conve-

;eant speed

SSee 4 )

- ,
C ommisioner

L *I. L A RD

IE. a. Lm AKn

The way t started


Lawyers Volunteer
:. a larF e tub rlic miming
he.U ]ast M'ni alv tgh Pre-
siden- of :..;;: Freedom;. "Paty
Eienia;s said that she
ha0 received r-fters romn one
lawver in J.l'aitca and two in
Ra 'rm.. 's giv:' free !:cal
scr'.-"ces in the caS~e~s o rhose
,um-mon<;1 tora.i; ga -
,-'r 'y h J.!1n;.-:. a prubTe n.'er n 'I '
rvDc E'e wiri mnot
pay any fin's we'll take jail
i : necessary:, said ,Miss
Charles. to great applause.

4V 4 4P
.i. .a -
__ .. .... ..* . ... *"

' r n j i 11 ,1 - .t

Eundrex s of co-rntry bananaerowers
demcnstret~ in Roseau on Weds.
with Plca.rds f7a inst the dire'sit-
astilon of the banafia irdustry.Their
,.rch p...s, Leests was stalled by
police nn ., Tcnd f "no pe, it .
At t ovt. E A e delegat-in of 50 met
zlEnis:: c Ac-Tic lture 3tlenne and
'in o0f ?inence Ar ourr to express
-i-svances. ,y -3zin.i one cent per
it. to :-rtce an i tithdrraing sirta,
(cc .icl:de" an! -SLe 10).

Ten Cent
, i i .


- --

iW10-: 71:
A -t -:.u

I'Zhspointier t ^rcri rat-fSTr;
(s ef 1 E S-~:--'', ;.10;




'^-Two.: ... -- THE: STAR' .; .'Friday, January 14, 1971
THE EyI THAT MENDO ..... b.y iAndroles'
.Ii'had to happen. For years now, this columnist,: like so many other
ceitizens, .has been warning.,s-castigating. ..reproving, censuring, rebuking
Governm et for its conduct of -the affairs of the nation.
"First-it was. its, promotion. of'. lass; hatred and. prejudice.,Then its
Scultiwation, of divisiveness between .sections -- North-versus South;, rich
versus poor; town versus country; gross bougs" versus "petit bougs".
Next' denial -by legislation in 1!68.:6f one of the fundamental freedoms
-- repe.-dm of-the pResas...Folo6wed' by politically-motivated deportations;
suce.aeded by. misuse:.of public .funds for purely party political purposes;
withholding national information so that first intimations are obtained
from outside sources; invasion of. muni-pipal rights on frivolous pretexts;
nepotism and favour-i-Tim 'in-i.Go ernment administration -of revei~e and
national assets; rough-shod riding over the Parliamentary Opposition;.
bad legislation such as the Bank Act; denying Dominicans the opportunity
of selling their excess lands .:at- good prices to rich outsiders; betraying
democratic procedures by appointing politicians to sensitive positions
requiring political neutrality; daring to emasculate the people's anciLen
institutions, e.g. the Roseau Town Council; then using a display of
armed force to prevent rightful popular demonstration against unpopular
legislation twice, in3 months; challenging the right to lands covered
by Certificate of Title, .e.g. the tatalie case and the Roseau Town Counc.
"Laings Land"; secretly bargaining'Eto take us into union by a certain
fixed date with Guyana against the wishes of the people and. refusing to
.hold a referendum to ascertain popular feeling in the matter; concoctirng
legislation compelling banana growers .to sell their bananas at any price
ofTered .by the buying company and in the same interest compelling and
commandeering trucks and truck-drivers as well. as the labour of port
workers.i`r normal- times. Finally -- and with this came the climax --'the
attempt to introduce legislation to abolish the Roseau Town Council foz
"non-co-operation" with Central Government, this '"don-co-operation"
being the refusal of the Town .Council to give free of charge to Govern-
ment for a commercial venture. hands purchased and acquired with Coun6il
The foregoing is a long, but; only partial, list of the. evils with
which this.Government has, been charged during the past 4 years. The pec.-
uliar-"onditions- of--the-moment-were., consequently,... bound to ensue. Henc
-Dominicans have never spent a Xmas Holiday Season such as was Christmas
1971 .-and New Year 1972. There was a heavy auraof suspense and foreboding
over-the land during ..this period and the cutomary peace and goodwill of
the Season was conspicuously absent.
Tn this connection, one must.-pause and pay tribute to the spiritual
leaders. of. Dominica. Theylacted at a moment when things seemed at their
darkest .and. by their efforts: gave a breathing spell when it was most
needed and I feel that'the timing f their appeals saved us from a great
evil. The few misguided persons" who. would feel that the. Church in Dominic
,has no utility will need to think again.
.,Another event.of the. same dangerous period was the mysterious arrival
*in Dominica of so many of her -distinguished sons resident abroad:" Rev.
Phillip Potter; Mr. V.C.Josse, Mr.F.O.C.(Cosie) Harris and Bishop Joseph
Sowers. Me~ of such sensitivity could not helpfeeling and sensing on
arrival that all was not well in their native land and they became so il
at ease that several of them initiated i-ioves to try and bring Government
and people together to iron out.differencies. These prestigious persons
deserve our thanks for their actions in a moment of national danger. Had
the Christian Council not acted and ...the sons of Dominica not intervened,
there is no knowing what might have happened in the period following the
16th of December,
But we are by no means out of the woods. There seems to be no
ility of going back to the pre-16th December national mood. That date
closed one era and opened another in the history of Dominicao We have
entered upon what is, an extremely critical period and one which calls for
the greatest caution and sobriety on the part of all. (Conclusion page .,,

Friday,January 14, 1972 T HE S T A R Page Three
In enlightened countries and We make no apology, save to the great-
among honourable men, when there is 'est living English poet W.Ho Auen,for
evidence of cleavage betwee.. Gov- quoting these lines from his work NEW
ernment and people such as now ex- YEAR LETTER peculiarly relevanttoday.
ists in Dominica, for the. stlke of
the nation and-:for-the-"goodf'--- The situation of our time
iatiens,,n one .-Lrtion is adopted. .Srrounds us like a baffling crime:
God grant that those conc.)rnod There lies the body half-undressed,
adopt this line. We all had reason to detest,
thi Aid all are suspects and involved
NEW PORTSMOUTH SCHOOL Until the mystery is. solved
The new secondary school at Ports- And under lock and key the cause
mouth was opened today (Friday 14) That makes a nonsense of our laws,
in the presence of a British Rep-. Who, ~ trying to shield Whom?
resentative and other dignitaries. Who left a hairpin in the room?
BANANA GROWERS'' GENERAL MANAGER Who was the distant figure seen
Mr. Vivian E. White has been app- Behaving oddly on the green?
pointed General Manager of DBGA.He Why did the watchdog never bark?
has had a lengthy and interesting Why did the footsteps leave no mark?
agricultural career, holds the .'-._her-ewere the servants at that hour?
Dip.Agric of ICTA and UWI'S Dip.. How did a snake get in the tower?
in Management Studies. /He has Delayed in the democracies
worked, in Trinida'd for several By departmental vanities,
years. The rival sergeants run about
But more to squabble than find out,
TWO MORE C 0 M A DOCTORS Yet where the Force has been cut down
Dr. Jim Ireland (Urologist) and To one inspector dressed in brown, *
DF. W.Sturrock (Pathologist) have He makes the murderer whom he pleases
joined the medical team at P.M.H. And all investigation ceases.
for 6ne month. A warm welcome. *
PINEAPLE PLANTS- But the Accuser would not be
Some 3.,000 pineapple plants from In his position did not he,
Puerto ico have been: received by Unlike the big-shots of the day,
Dominica's Div. of Agriculture for Listen to what his victims say...
distribution to farmers when nec- The Devil, as is not surprising,
essay. A His business is self-advertising
CARNIVAL PREPARATIONS Is a first-rate psychologist
The encouragement of steelbands toWho keeps a conscientious list
practise in open spaces and other To help him in his ticklish deals
ways of brightening the forthcomngOf what each client thinks and feels,
carnival season are going ahead. His school, religion, birth and breeding,
Chairman of the Central Carnival Where he has dined and who he's PeggR-ng,
.Committee is Mr. John Bully. Gen. But all his tactics are dictated
Sect:Mr. Parryy Bellot,Gen.Treas.: By problems he himself created;
Mr. Tony White; Coordinating Dir- For, as the great schismatic who,
c(ctors Colin Bully & Michaeladi.r. First split creation into two,
HE-S, S% He did what it could never do,
HE'S SUPPOSED TO LEARN FROM USv Inspired it with the wish to be
..-Having a 'close look' at the oper- Diversity in unity,
nations section of the Ministry of An action which'has put him in
Finance, Trade & Industry during Pedged as e is to rule by sin)
a 3-weeks' fact-finding visit (Pledged ao he is to rule by sin)
a 3-wee1l' fact-finding visit As ambiguous a position
Mr. Albert P. Williams, Treasurer As any Irish politician.
.itghe Tjurks,_&'Cai os-Igsla-ns. As any Irish politician.
mrii Dea D ion, ardos * *
recommended Dominica for this ex- 0 Freedom still is far from home;
ercise. For Moscow is as .far as Rome
Or Parish. Once again we wake
DR. HERBERT MARRIES With swimming heads and hands that sha~b
Barri.ster of the St.Kitts And stomachs that keep nothing down:
Oppos.Party married Miss Cheryl Here's where the devil goes to town.
Sadler of St.Martins, and has been ________ t *
.honeymooning at the Armours' est- I* The man in brown Hitler,whose,
ate this week henchmen wore brown shirts,
.e poem from which we have quoted was first published in 1941. Ed,

Pg Fu T ,TAR F"I, /anay 4 17


A breath of.,wry. salt Bajan air circulated in the Parish Hall at
Goodwill when the one-man Commission began its work at 11 a.m. last Mon-..
day morning. Although many citizens put their. names down to give et~den:cW
the entire week was more, or less- taken Up by Police and Defence Force
witnesses -- questioned on certain. points: by Miss Eugenia .Charles, with
the permission of Commissioner Mr. E.R-.L. Ward.
Although the ..a.l afs~icter f Police Mr. D. Philbert and his Dpputy
Mr. H.L.Doctrove narrated-the events of Dec. 16 in the same-moderate and
restrained manner with which they had (fortunately for everybody) conduct e,
their duties on that dramatic day, certain startling facts emerged: first,
that Mr. Philbert had an "operational plan" ready to deal with disturb-
ances or riots in and around the House of Assembly -- and this plan in-
cluded the calling iin of the Dominica Defence Force, who later grumbled
because they were not issued with guns, and of police reserves under
Inspector Joseph; also a great deal of rambling around town, to Police
H Q,'to'the Premier's Office,'where they were given instructions, and elobi
intermittent contact with Mr. Watty, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry
of Home Affairs, who must have had a busy morning. There were also several
telecommunications checks, and a visit to the Morne Armory by Mr. Doctrov
The understatement of last year must have been Mr. Philbert's reply to a
question by the Commissioner -- 'after Miss Charles told the large crowd
that the bill had been withdrawn -
"Withdrawn what Bill?" asked Mr. Ward.
"I didn't ask her," said Commissioner Philbert.
Another -most revealing moment was when we learned that the Speaker
of -the House, Mr.- Francis, gave Inspector Pierre (in charge of the House
squad, and indeed of the gate) a lidt of names of persons "not to be' ad-
mitted into the House". "This information," continued Mr. Philbert, I
communicated by telephone to the Perm. Sec., Ministry of Home Affairs"(Mr.
Watty) for advice. Later on Inspector Pierre, questioned'by Miss Charles,
gave some of the names asi:"Alvin Armantrading, Edward Scobie, Derek Philli .,
Eden Bellot.-.. Stafford Lestrade and Loftus Roberts."
We just wonder whether any Speaker elsewhere in the Commonwealth has
se:er given such instructions to a Police Chief before.
Some of the .turns-of expression used by the two top Police Officers
were quite disarming. At 9.10 on the 16th "about 20 persons were standing
on the sidewalks (outside the.Court House). The House was clear..It had
been searched by:C.I.D..I.and Special Branch Section. There was no unpleasant
atmosphere." -(Mr. Philbert). How could the poor man ever guess that by
10 a.m. the whole of Victoria Street from Turkey Lane to the junction, of
High Street the Library Grounds and the Anglican churchyard, would be
filled with protesters? Or that Inspector Joseph would report "the House "
is in disorder by a sudden mob who have overcome the Police"? The Chief
and his Deputy on arrival wove their:.way through the crowd without resis-
tance, however, and did not describe the,mob as a hostile one, both giving
graphic descriptions of how the people, satisfied.that "The Bill" was with-
drawn "dispersed jubilantly down" the street in masquerading fashion"..-
Inspector Joseph said he had evidence that the Speaker was assault ,
but when asked by Miss Charles "Inside or outside the House?" replied "I
don't know,"
The question of whether tables and chairs were deliberately broken or
broker down because "the mob" climbed on them to -see better and get space
was another moot point. But probably the most felicitous sentence in the
two first days of -proceedings was when Inspector Pierre -described how a
Councillor allegedly tore the'bill "dealing with Asolation of the Roseau
Town Council." Mr. Pierre, who. certainly had the most testing assignment
of that morning, contributed many quotes, such as "they would go for the
Premier wherever', whether visible or invisible" and this of course'
raised a ripple from attendant witnesses. The Commissioner wanted to know'
what that meant; Inspector Pierre did not know, so-.Miss Charles elucidated.
(To be continued)


Friday,January 14, 1972

Page Four


Ssy, J4an 14, I 14 972 T1 E
i----J-c--- J^-______ -IL..-.,.I\-. --m
L'-pon MinsrucI ns received we will offer
|f'or sale at our ofc'ic at 74.King George V
Street, at o0.oo a.m. on Monday I7th Jan-
uary, 1972, that Hillman Husky No.IIS2
She right to place an upset price is re-
served. fispcctin- invited. For further de-

I elphona 3124.

N---- --- ---- --- ""L CI

SAccommodation Wanted

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flakes made from' organical;,
grow wholewbeat.
/ -breakfast made from wbo
Scotiis growua oats.

GOLD KBR SP.- Made from pure wheat, nanirs
seza sat., maJr, raw sug;er-n.

-,-Sart or day. the hawpp wy wa ity
S'^S" lct ^--^^
MtWAS.*^-*-L----. .-^^ -B.-_>J^ .J-r^---^f-*c>-'-^*-+ '*''"*' *""^-- *" *-**"'* *'

PI--CI~~--- -~I__ _


' r




[' S- .'



.. Go





-QC4~L-UIWC I ~.-- C-UII




St. John's, Antigua, Jan.4,1972. Britain's Representative in the West
Indies Associated States, His Exce.l-
Dear rs. Allfrey, my Friendsency J.E. Marhham,CMG,MC,TD, returned
This letter is to tell you of to his base in St. Lucfa on Monday
something within me, I have always; Jan 10, after 3 months home leave,
learnt that we Dominicans always He expects to visit Dominica (among
await Carnival days to do some wrong other States) in the near future. *
to those who have wronged us; but I BOARD REPORT D/aAgric
telll you the 16th December 1971 Mktg.Board is se nORT: D/a r Agrico
went down in history.. And against ktg.Board is selling a report on
is said, "Dominicains eur la loi the market for local oranges (56 pages
is said, "Dominicains peur la loi : $1.50 per copy from D.A.MbB.
this is true, but not on that day;_____
.it was for a noble cause.COgaw hb RHODESIA: Roman Catholics in Rhodesia
/HW the stand taken by my country-
Sthe stand taken i w my country- have been urged not to use the term -
men and women. I was proud. "Boy" when addressing Africans. A
rtI do compliment thlandslide victory pamphlet produced by Catholic Bishops
Party for their landslide victory says: "We all have names"b **w^****
in the recent R.T.C. election, and says: "Te all have names of
special congrats to my chooldays The'Christian Council of Rhodesia ctCo
special congrats to my chooldays out strongly against accepting the
friend Stuart Williams on his re- p roposalsfor a s ettlement of the
election to the R.I.C. I wish to proposals for a settlement of the
congratulate the leader of the arty Anglo-Rhodesian dispute, which has
congenratlae the lader iof hedne an (says Ian Smith) b6en accepted by the
Eugeni Charles for her guida Council o Chifs after its present
Wisdom and wish her all success in onil Sf Chefs after AIs resent-
thenext general elections action by Sir Alec Douglas Home. *
the next general election.
We Dominicans here are trying to ANTIGUA: No: action will be taken aair.v,
form a group, which has yet to be persons charged in Antigud's Civi1
named. We know a lot of old patois Servants' strike last May, said the
songs, one of them date. from when Min. Home affairs Cases against some
HMS MOHAWK killed the people at La 30 persons were withdrawn. AItiguh
Plaine 1893 (thank you for that decided not to call six-departmints
date from Androcles, I wanted to know "Essential Services". (An Essential
the date, and the month: it happened Services bill Was in the offing in
on a Thursday.)We are trying to reach Dominica last year before the
Pukerto Rico in the near future(after troubles"of Dec. 16th':)***********
much practice) to have that song re- PEN FRIENDS WANTED
corded; on the other side of the disc I PEN RIENDS WANTED
will be a song onf or Premier Ed- I- would like Pen friends in Dom-
ward Leblanc which I am now composing. inica as I am extremely interested
It will remind you of an article I in learning about the Island and the
wrote after your 'expulsion' from the people, customs and way of life. My
Labour Party. AIR: Good morning, Mr. hobbies: stamp collecting, photo-
Ralph Nicholls! Here are some words graphy, natural history, geography,
of old Mohawk song: Single age 30 DAVID N.ALLINGTON
Jour Jeudi-la, Mohawk monte LaPlaine 57 Woo- ie dsChristleton.Chester .
S ,, ., .ueorges I peut pas conrso- !-

,Mohawk corn .corne-liPapa-moi all1
2 vou6
Lundi Matin Papa-moi dans travail
Mardi "
SMecredi "
(Arr)ive Jeuai dix heuresp.Papa-moi
Stapd ballet.
Si moi tetini 1'argent moi sA achet6
la mort.
La mort fort,doudou fti la m=t fort.
Quand moi descend een bas case Ir6ne
Pou' moi garden 0' la papa-moi y'est
Oou' moi garden' situation papa
Yka hl$ Oh Dieu, la morale kd

.Crampton pleura i peut pas reveni-y
Georges.pleura i peut pas consol6-y
Mais ses plus grand free nous console
6. nous.
Oui maman,Dominique pani l'argent
Ohyoyoi, Dominique pani travail
Oui Maman Dominije pani l'argent
Gouvelment ka choud moune pou cinq ti
7 piece land-tax:
Javis Police ou k6 mort avant moi
General-la, ou ka mort miserable
President-la ou kd port maler6
Sot choue Papa-moi pou' cinq ti piece
-- JOP. land tax!
NOTE: Jarvis was at that time the Capt._-
of Police & many residents thought
the French Presi ent ruled them......


Friday, January 14,1972


Page Si,.

Fri4#4s~JrPgPrYl4497 THg SIL



BY C. G.K.

bThere wi-l ~ef no' Antita Times
DT'ho^' time i ll t:ll
S.. ..tDOther th' who g'v.ern
Do g-,wern welI ........,...

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range of VPBrtishWines.The same grapes go
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Fond ColeI and Long 1iHoase

Appcication are invited for the trucking of bana-
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Sheds /PointPs and Boxing Plants during the pe.
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Truckers Jcsirous of contracting for deh'ier-
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and "Trucking Agrrseert" signed no later than
January 2snd I97r2.
Copies of the Truckin' Agreement can be
obtained frmm the Operations Manager of the
Association in Roscaa.
Ag CGenrai Manager
January 4th 1972 .84 f /

,S-romef say the Times
Did. lid .ii t',,
Others say that
All "-,a s very true.

Some say the Times
,rcntigua's image did spuil
Othter.a.y Oc:rruption and vEice
it tr,-.- Q : f.iL!.

moe s.y the ticence fee
iS.; noug1ht
othiers that the Bill
sfhr.iih be fought.

Some may a1,i h0
Sorme may pity
Me, my very simple ditty...
There ;s onef sure fact
History will record'this aict
* Whether this will freedom bring
Of which present children
May iater sing,
Or wthefhr t wili fear inspire,
Making freedom their main desire,
1Historians' pens will
Later tell
If those who governed
S Did govern well.

ANTIGUA TIMES, Satordoy, Jonary rv

I I 'U
S It i, noitaJd for general information that the
Issue of Government of Domiimc 7. Debentu res
S1980-S2 wa, flth subsnuribed as at istr it Decesbc
Srq97i anJ that no further applications wijl lb
| acc.-p:cd *


.---- ---
b ';


7ri'g--day uir-y 14,1912


,,___ .. __ ...


~~ ~j~r: ur 1472

Ps*g EiZgt HE STAS Frida,, Janumary?4. 1972

a-er asked kinliy 6 rtt tohe rcw Sunescw.Qr Pate w -
come rnt e4crt is 24 J$Wu4Ty i, ];7Z 'ib t .crc5aIse oc

1Isandi (c0pLYtWy 6. SloF rtc.t ?qt. tW '< w. tck PPi 09,0 "4
frt5.j At r tN E,,-'; -c re, I


The Ministeorfor CCommunications
and Works has been pased to appoim
Mri.. Hugh White. as a member and chair-;
mail of the Rent Restricton Cormmission
under rhc p:rovins of Section 4 (''rI and
of th e Re e-m R-c:tinn Ordinance
S[Cap. 1oi 0of Rvised Laws of Dorm-
I lA. 16(- with 2.":42i fro'm 'h December, Y .
Ministry of Communicationi and Works.
-i &W 241 G.7. 1:
: Uh Janfuary. I72





1arclavs Bank International
S-Roseau Branch
We wish to contact the above person on
whose behalf we are .holding an item for
Safe Cuisnd:.
Will he. or anyone Knowing his
whereabouts p*c. se, contact the Manager.


Advertisements in


li is nou.ied for general informso a c
that the Governor acting under the prove, -
sions of Section I. t. (f Cap.49 of th:<
Revised Laws of Dominica. has appoimn
Miss \ ictor.i (":oriee to be a ProbaJ1..-
Officer for i;e Stie of Dominica,
Permanent Secrt&ry,
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appeal to people of thought
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Friday, January 14, -1972,

*** S*T*A*RaSS*P*O*R*TS- ********
BY Morchriston"- contd. fr. last wk.
ATHLBTTIC After one oj? two unsuc-.
.cessful attempts to- put on an Ath-
letics Meet,'.DASAiAfinally succeeded.
'in staging a fairly, successfull meet
at' the Windsor lPark. last. July/Aug.
In thee long distancgllr rules of
*St. Vincent. .excelled...*, The Youth
'Oamp of Londonderry staged a..very...
'successful meet,. displaying hidden'
talent previ-ously -urnkndio ...b.e cause '
of the .scarcity .,f :competitions -in
the schools.- STARSPORTS ,.is aware, of
DASA'.s hard. _work in preparing the
grounds, and the other angles in-
volved izn having a satisfactory
meet; r'e' hope they'll be as solid
,..thi.s year as they were in 1971. *
During May, "Dominica sent a team .
to Grenada's Whitsun Athletics. Meet,


SW A-' 'R N N I N G
Householder, .i
You are asked to dis-
pose of all .'refuse within the con-
fines of-your premises. This could
be destroyed by trenching, burning,
burying.a d composting.
Special attention should be given
to use&. cans and broken bottles, as
these can be dangerous to your health
-'jf they are thrown heree people move
SRefuse left lying'around will cause
flies, rats 'and cockroaches to breed.
Remember. clean and tidy districts
lift the standard of Public Health in
the State.


at which our boys obtained a gold Coode & Partners, Consulting Eng-
medal. ineers, have handed Government their
BONG. final report with detailed estimates.
BNG; Boxing was unknown here of the deep Water harbour costing (at
during the earlier.part of the year Woodbridge Bay). The Harbour will be
but in'November a'young group of built, says a Govt. -release, in two
pugilists known as "We Ourselves" phases; the first is estimated to
promoted a contest under the Ring cost about $5 million, and the second
management of S..Bynoe,, to be re- about $1,500,000.
peated later in December at the omica Amarkes
same venue, Windsor Park, Both Dominica Amalgamated Wprkers Union
nights.' boxing were exciting, with obtained for eligible employees of
main boxer Roy Cobra- notching two Fort Young Hotel 9 months back-pay
victories, while Fighting Aines amounting to slightly over $10,690
was victorious ih the semi-main- (ran overall increase of about 36%,
bouts.. ranging .individually from 8.1/2% to
As.-the year closed, a clash be- about 72f.) The negotiation was, says
tween Roy Cobra and Kid Flite is a DAWU,releasd, "uniquely cordial".
anticipated early in'19i72, Kid Another agreement covering Cable &
lite had engaged in some fights in Wireless workers overalll increase of
Flite had engaged in some fights in re than 30%, totalling $20,000) was
Barbados and lost only one from a
possible three, on a points decision recently signed by the Union, who are
negotiating back-pay for Co-op Bank
TABLE TENNIS: At '71's Table Tennis embers, .amending the Tobacco Factory
championship held at the Goodwill agreement and negotiating Geest (Port-
Junior High'School,. Peterson ChMles mouth)',an Electricity workers.
defeated J.C.Joseph. Earlier in .Britain has sent us under the Overseas
the year J.C.Joseph-.played his w~a- Services Aid'Scheme:i a Plumbing In-
through to emerge Windwards .Islands structor (Mr. G.B.*Woodman) and a Mech.
Chapion with Peterson Charles Ist Engineering Instructor (Mr. M.W.Terry)
runner-up. So it would appear that 'o,(, .
our tennis players know their'sport Mr.'.O.G.Symes 1,st Asst.See. C.S.A.,
and will continue to hold their returned at the end of Dec. from a 1A
week Industrial Relations Course in U.
own when the, competition He isnodustrial Relations Course in U.-
staged. He acting as Accountant General
CRICKETER'S ACCIDENT: W.I, Test D. erek A. Pinard, now appointed a
cricketer Clive.Lloyd may-miss th Junior Supervisor of Barclays Bank,
New Zealand tour if he cannot get takes over control of the Marigot
a 'fitne-ss;' medical certificate. He Office of Barclays. .oen since mid-
SDbd eibe'r. Bor in 19 7, he married
injured his'-spine while attempting iscAonelle Brn in1947, he married
a catch against S.Australia,Dec.18, .4 '.AVnelle Bruney, has a boy & girl.




***** S*T*A4*S*P*O~ R*T*S* '*-***** BANANA DEMONSTRATION:. Government has
It Was a crushing disappoint- restored the bananas position to- ts
ment for cricket addicts as for earlier days before- they quarrelled
BASA. ThreeLdays anticipated play with the President of the then Labour
between Windwveds-Lee~ards was ut- Party (Mrs. AI.1frey) and made her acrji-
teriy washed out by tor-rential icism of the one cent per lb export
rains, without one ball being bowleditax on bananas (."you should not tax
However, the second of the two pre the productivity of the people') an
Shell-Shield matches is still to excuse for expulsion' The 3-hour
be looked forward to if rain meeting with Govt. Ministers still left
doesn't continue to deluge us.-*** banana growers dissatisfied; the j1
DASA has accepted the North subsidy only goes on until Feb.12.
(Portsmouth) .Cricket Association The Freedom Party has consistently de-
as a subsidiary of the main body. handed the deletion of surtax and ex-
; port tax on bananas in these hard tire.
CRICKET ABROAD; The last' day's.
play of the 4th Test Match between DOMINICA BANANA GROWERS' ASSOCIATION
Australia & The Rest of the World N 0 T I. C E
was.also completely washed out by.
rain, leaving the match a draw;.itf Banana growers are notified that
was played at Sydney, Australia, the Association with the approval of
and looked like a certain Aussie with the approval of Government has
victory. Australia batted first & decided to subsidize the price to
scored. 312 runs, main scor.ers.beiig growers during the period 12th January
Stackpole (a .dashing. l4. in 141 to 12th February 1972
mine,), Benaud 54 and wicketkeeper As from the Reception of 13/14th
Rodney Marsh-77, Bedi got 4 wickets January therefore, the price to grower.
'for 85 runs when the innings folded shall be as follows:-
and Intakhab Alam 3 for 75 At Rec.eption Stations 4,70 pet lbi
.The Rest in-their turn at .the I At Buying Points 39,0 per lb,
wicket were soon in trouble, At
one stage. having lost 5 wickets In accordance with a previous deci.-
for 67 runs, butwitlia timely part-ion the Association will continue to
nership between A.Grieg (70) and pay the .25,%bonus to those growers
Intakhal Alam (73) they managed to who deliver their bananas in field
reach 277. Bob Massie claimed 7 boxes. .
,wickets for 76 runs at one time AG. GENERAL MANAGER
having 6/27. Australia in their 1th Jan.1972 .298- 1/1
2nd innings;-amassed the large total i
of 546: Stackpole 95,I.Chappell 119 CALLED"TO BRITAIN TO DISCUSS CASH
G.Chappell .197.n.o. at the close, The Premier of Antigua Mr. George Wa-l-
with fine support frpm Massie (54) ter and'the Dep. Premier of St.Kitts
Iifakhal Alam ..getting 4/103. :** Mr. Paul Southwell, have gone to Bri.
Set to score 581 for victory in ov- ain to discuss fiscal positions of
er a day and a half, Gavaskar, the. their two respective States. Southwell
the Indian 'opener, who played so said the discussions in London would,
well in the West Indies and Ack- probably deal with reduction of grants.
.erman, a- South African, to Both States have been much in the ,news
a great start, reaching-15.6'before recently due to controversial legisla-
Ackerman was dismissed for 86. A tion.. .
rot 8o0 8 set in they lost in DOMINICA TAXIl ASSOCIATION
quick succession the wickets of On 7th Jan.1972 a constitution was
Graeme Pollock and' Abbas in two adopted for this Association and an
balls. Sobers and Grieg also fell. executive electld-:Pres.,Mr. Bradley
At the close Gavaskar was undefeat-' Royer; Sec.: Mr. Carlton A. Phillip;
ed with 68, but Australia was in a Treas.: Mr. William Dewhurst. Committee
strong position. .However, overnight Members Messrs. Raymond Younis,Auste'
rain put paid to. Australia's hopes Ans'elm, Conrad St.Hilaire & Herbert Win-
of outright victory play being Ston. Objects.- to foster better re-
abandoned at lunch.while the lations between taxi-drivers & public.
rain continued to pour. The exec.hopes, to meet -Ministers. soon.
Too bad for all concerned', EVIDENCE AT COMMISSION pages 1 & 4,
Morchristono A number of citizen_.gave evidenFe
Printed & Publishdby .te r before the Commissioner: report next
-rjeaw. C R peek .a Session on Saturday,. 30-12.30


Friday, January 14,- 1972

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