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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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mr's gJav dLowenthal'T
ReSearch nstite for
the Study o Man,
162 East 78 Street, .
;New York 1002, N.Y.,_
U.S, A.
."xlrIv No. rt

Friday, Ja nur : 1972

by John Spector
If the Leblane. Armomr Ila for union 4 s
Cyals gmes through then Dominica's ewcof~ .
sae devskipment will be held baeck fe a cgnera-.
'on. Cayax~ will not buy baanans, limes or other
frais *ad the Windwards wis lose theWi U.K.
market prefience for banaa G avan is the
cnly substantial exporter of timber in the Coam-
monwealth Caribbeam n Burnham sad his advia
have acted now because they know something
,vhich Leblhnc evidenrll diosn't, bt which St.
.ucia and others got wind of.
Ev"y nDomaiican who has bea ,to Mag s
ique .and Guadeloupe marvels at the redliwe
r-.perity of oer aeighboirs, and rtmU IQbM
-'ade~rig why we cannot have ach roads and
qouns, abd stich high wages and family asHow-
ace.s, despite a much lower Green Boat Price fo
The two French isLands admrnitiseravely
part of France as departments -- that's oae easM
They don't have their own internal self-govern
ment, as we do. That's a political questibe, and
-houtld be pt to one side whilewe look at ecoco-
mics. Not only can our neighbours export tkhir
tianas, pinele, rum and sugar to Frace. but
also to the whole of the European Common Mar-
ket as wetl.
And they get the benefit not only of this
market -- they can also draw upon a sp cl. fborm
of aid, the European Development Fund. Brirtin
is signing the European Common Market Treaty
this month Automatically, the West Indian, Asso.:
crated Stares can have all the advantages of being
associated with the Common Market if they wasnt
to. We could be as prosperous as our neighbors.
in Martinique. However, Britain formally enters.
'-t. European Community a year from now, in
1973, and it will take a few more months to se$t,
th- arrangements between the Community and
the West Indian Associated States. It may take
anti the end of 1974 before it is all settled.
(Continued on p;ae 4)

Andrdcl s is having a week oft

..-' ^ "farom his column

^ N this issue.
* '^^t"-:^ -^

("fChosen to act .Mayor of Rosee
during the absence in A-n& c.
Sof Mr Ed Scbie, Mrs. Ann,
t.te SHiiaire, youthful buti
Snewss: iroma, mother of s. .
t akes up the rotk with aplomr
,, Mayor Scobie had a gi- i,
S~'i. send-off with outrider, c:
Saia-, gand a truckhcI'd .f relwist.,
S when he left for ihe U.S.A.

Got yoart sumLrons yet?"
"Ba3t. of o r se, Go-t yours?"
To Such 1lck. T- live slightly
out of tc rn..." T. his Ws s snatch
of talk overheard nesr the Post
Office on Tuesy, after the town
wes abuzz with tales of the first
of the many.
Here, in alphabetical order,is
a list of 'thcSe charged with tak-
inB part inr- pa ptlic eetinr. after
a proclee ti~on prohiteting. seae.
It would see -that the allegeed
offences all. too: rl.ace in or near
the .Ho!:se of Assembly..
Antony A: ar
S -Alvin Ar .sn tread in
ic'* i t_
or -. S-rLeeda Charles
Vanc,-ist John Charles
For,. Starley Fadelle
e ?eor t : sEncis
-- :ibs, Jr.
Sd.war Scobie
Star S. Lestrade
martin Sorhaindo
Sar T.hS.stevens.
The cases will berin in the Roseau
magistrates ,curt on Jan. 31, 1972.
I'eanwhile a one-man Commission has
beer set p t. investiate the facts.
(See Pure Three)

Ten Cenfte

V TicI ~ i- L-II~~PID----ll ~ -- -LIO .

Page Two T HE S T A R Friday,January 7, 1972

Fiction A T IT 1 E by CYNTHIA WATT
Christmas and New Year were over, and. the poor abused city.slowly...:"
settled back to work. Their wind y. weather blew harshly, and. although the -
sun .was shining, there was 'a nip of cold through it' all, just as in
No-rtherh lands, from which so ..iany home-loving, visitors had. come,.for a
". holiday.
M a -Titine -awoke very-' e ly' on the fourth .,day of -the New.Year., -She
had certainly enjoyed'hierself-'. Garge and Eurilla had come over from St.
Thomas for- the seasonal -week-end; -never before had such a, spread been ,
laid on"her'-table,; and all -.the neighbours had done full justice td the
eats. Now her beloved family had breezed off. again; yesterday she had
-taken-a whole-day's relaxation, and now she was ready to.go back'to her
chores. Before .preparing a solitary breakfast, she slipped out into the
yard just in time to see Baby advancing up the road.
"Hey Titine, you early dis morning"
"Way papa! de wedder cool an' nice, so I come out an enjoy it.
Way you going yo'" self?"
"Well,. it only half pas' seven. I did feel jus' like you; I.enjoyin'
de. cool -wedder." (But there was more in. their minds than weather-talk).
So Titine invited Baby inside, and they had breakfast and followed'
that.up with shots of rum aid ginger.-ale for a chaser.
"Titine, you know what .Iheah? Dey goin' have a emergency session of
de. House- of .Assembly. dis. mont'1 Wha' you say for dat!"
Titine, whodi oyh.d the beoufs and daybahs of politics more than the
theory, said.,, ."D.e year start and.dey already starting' wid,dere fool-
ishness, .
"Eh heinz I heah dat dbee Minister have anodder coule shalviway
e.mpng dem again' Ebben, way ppap Ca pout fai' 6pi yoh?"
Titine took, a heavy swig from her glass, spluttered "Dey can all go
to-hell, I have nosin' to say..." Baby slapped her on the back, and con-
tinued:, -
"You don' heah all yet. Dey goin' charge about a dozen people for
what happen at de Court House before Chris'mas, but up to now I don' know
de.nhame of dem all, Eh eh, mi yon. bagaii"
Titine filled .their glasses and said, pushing Baby's drink towards
her, "Look Baby, drink yo' rum, dose; people don' care about me an'you,
you know. Dey only looking foh ..daselve. Les' look foh ourselves "
"But Titine, de way tings going' you don' thinkk here can have a revol-
ution? Wha' happen.las' mont' is jus .-a sample, I tink. De people not
satisfy. We goin' have plenty trouble if tings don' settle between de..
Government, de Opposition an''de people." .
Just at that moment the postman rapped at the door. He had a late
Christmas card for Ma Titine from a cousin in England. "Scobie get his
summons, frens he said with a wily grin.
"Way papa!" both women cried in unison.
"But he pass me on he way to de airport. Nobody going' stop him," said
the postman.
"Thanks God(.," said Baby. "An' what about my Queen?"
"What Qusea you mean?" asked the postman,
"It have Queen an' Queen," remarked Titine mysteriously. "It have
Queen Elizabeth. It have Golda Mare. It have India Gandle. ..It have one
woman put he in an' anodder goin'.put he out. An' de las' of de-lot is;
Baby Queen."
"But is not Scobie she put out?"'asked the postman, puzzled.
"No, is Pree-mier self," said Titine.
"I not in politics," said the postman, retiring as Baby called after
him: "Tete Solomon roulez 1'annbe -sala."
When he had gone, Baby turned to:Titine. "You tink dey summons my
Queen too)? If at all, is I sell going' bear witness I stamp. de table. I
boun' to be in de Court. Who don' in de Court not in society."
"Swear to God an' I yo' witness" exclaimed Titine in a burst of

Page Three

The Acting Governor of St.Kitts was N O T I C E
rmade a Knight by Her Majesty,Jan.l. Banana Growers are notified that
Churchill's son-in-law Christopher
Soames (Ambassador to Paris) was, in "accordance with the "Interim Fixed
made a Knight Grand Cross of the Price Arrangement" it has been agreed
Order of St,Michael & St.George.* between WINBAN and the Purchasing
Company that with effect from 1st Jan-
P E 0 P L E uary 1972 advances will be made to
the individual Associations based on
DOCTORS: The excellent news that an out-turn of 55%-59% qf best and
Dr. Gerald Grell has been appointed specials as related to a Green Market
Physician Specialist with Govt.has Price of 69.0.0 per ton.
pleased and comforted many hearts Consequent upon that agreement
in Dominica. After a brilliant car- the basic price payable to this Assoc-
eer as a medical student, young Dr. iation should be 5.931 cents per lb.
Grell got a Commonwealth Schol. for It has also been agreed however
post-graduate training in-Medicine that the Purchasing Company will re-
towards becoming a member of the cover .5 per cent per lb. on account
Royal College of Physicians,May 197 of contractual and other debts and
He has s:tdio d:. tropical medicine that a special Disaster Fund be set
and cardiology. *** COMA, our gen- up which will account for a further
erous Canadian Medical Association, deduction of .375 cents per lb.
has provided us with two more Doc- The price payable to growers as
tors to serve for.2 months each: from ist January, 1972 until further
Physician-Specialist Dr.E.M.Karpiak nojtice will therefore be as follows:-
(for PMH) and General Practitioner
Dr. D. Haug (services, to State clin- At ReceptionStatims 3.70 per lb.
ics, Britain has lent us this At Buying Points 2.9 ".
week'Consultant Mr. George Todd, a As an incentive to Growers to
Specialist Surgeon in the field of deliver their bananas in field boxes
ear, nose & throat. He has been at, this Association has decided to pay
UWI Hospital.* ALL OF THEM WELCOME! an additional .25 cents per lb. to
ONE MAN COMMISSION: Mr. Erskine those growers who dehand their
Rueul La Tourette Ward, one-time .bananas in the field. T.C.IRISH'
Speaker of both the Federal House 5h Jan. A. General
of Assembly and the Barbados House, 1972. 289-1/1General Manager.
who has had much experience in in- E /
vestigatory commissions, will start PEOPLE (from col.l)
his sitti ngs at Goodwill Parish TRINIDAD: .Mr* Ashford Sinanan, once
Hall on Monday, Jan.10 at 10 am. leader of the Feds. Opposition and
Any person who is desirous of giving now a diplomat with the Williams Govt,
evidence before him on the events has become-the 1st High Commissioner
which took place at the Supreme for Trinidad to Singapore, in addit-
Court Buildings and environs on Dec. ion to his substantive post as ri.C.
16th 1971, and the.,events which led to India. *** Mr. Vidia Naipaul,famouc
up to the disturbances, should go author, said in Port of Spain this
to the. Parish Hall and report to week "what is disappointing about
the Commission!s secretary Mr. the Black Power Movement is that its
Arlington Riviere of the Premier'ts intellectual bases seem so fragile...
Office. I t can create a state of anarchy since
ST. LUCIA: Sir Garne-t Gordon w s it carries with it a kind of 'pre-Col-
recently re-elected president of th onial feebleness, so that the whole
Caribbean Association of Industry & Imperial cycle might quite easily
Commerce at its Annual Gen.Meeting start all over again'." Naipaul said
in Grenada. He is leading a delega- he found it very hard to come to terms
tion to Guyana to discuss the pro- wth something which has "a negligible
posed Common External Tariff, intellectual content". Any come-back
BARBADOS: A gentleman with the fab- rThu ioveeS iehe? Let's have it.
e, qqte? Let 's have it.
ulous name of Mr. G.P.A. Boguslawski M 0 N E Y L,I00,000 Can. to
succeeds Mr. Golds as C.D.C!s Rep- D/ca Govt for providing water to
resentative for Eastern Caribbean widespread areas from Scotts Head to
(based in Babbados). He has served Mero. Carib.-Dev.Bank has approved
C.D.C. for 22 years in high po,sts loans of A35157n + _._ _-

-- "' --.ohluief a te e
onclusion u o .


Friday. January 7, 1972




Friday,January 7,1971

by JOHN SPECTOR from page 1
Now the Burnham-Leblanc/Armour
plan is clear. All the benefits of.-'
economic association witi th-e' Com-
mon Market will'not be available to
the larger, fully independent Com-
monwealth Caribbean States. And so,
with Dominica joined to Guyana, we
shall be cut off from the market,
from the money and from our kith,
kin and prototypes in Guadeloupe
and Martinique.
Whanshould we draw closer to --
the islands on each side of us, .no
more than 30 miles away, who speak
patois and where many people have
relatives, or Guyana -- a thousand
I:i-es to the south of us in South
ericaa -- where half the people are
East Indian? Let's start nearer home
This union with Guyana could not
come at a worse time in the destiny
oft Dominica. If we remain as an
Associated State for.just two more
years, then we get all the benefits
of Common Market Association. This
will not just mean getting hand-outs
either. It is all organised under a
special treaty with the states of
black Africa, a partnership called
the Yaound6 Convention. Like them,
we'd have-an equal say in arrange-
ments with the Europeans.
And once we are in,...then, if
we become fully independent in some
combination with other West Indian
Associated States, we can still con-
tinue to be full members of the EEC
Association, like the independent
states of black Africa, who started-
that way too. We have-prbsperity
waiting for us -- and Leblanc and
Armour and their supporters are de-
ciding to throw it away. But they
r,.ckon without the entire population
.r Domin-ica .

a""'h following brief comment was
received from'Freedom House (Govt.
h Q) Lusaka, -Eambia.
"Your daughter lpnds us the STAR
and I see references on numerous
occasions td 'The Invisib.le Man'.
This reminds me of a poem which the
Zambian children learn -
Yesterday upon the stair
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today;



by Hugh Lawrence
-I think our drivers could be a
'bit more courteous, especially when
they have to stop on.a line.Usually
there are passer-bys, including
school children of course, who must
stop and await the movement of a ve.-
hicle. The driver, knowing more of
his movement, should quickly make
signs to those waiting to cross (and
he should disregard the impatient
drivers behind who try to hoot him on.
A jeep, truck or car is a very
fast machine and can always.make up
time (with care).
I notice also that when our gar-
bage' trucks are being loaded, some
drivers with short patience keep blow-
ing their horns, and some even keep
.cursing when they are briefly delayed
No garbage truck driver would pur-
posely p.atse ;6ny -Uadu& o24del at-. other
d(dV.oelaS -at -tSy +h o-_1: do nt r'- 61e3,s
e~dryia e for that, but some drivers
might even divert their route, so
that no bad. or headed blood would
manifest itself. ..--. '
Lastly, drivers should wait a bit
whenever Mass is over at the Cathedra3J.,
especially when the crowd is heavy.
They should only move when the crowd
is lessened. Many old or weak-kneed
worshippers would be so happy and
grateful for this fine gesture. HL

F O R,


SOffers are invited for SWB
LAND ROVER"2176. Vehicles can be
;inspected at Melville Hall Estate.
S ,Manager.4
Melville Hall Estate.

Three citizens honoured by the Queen
in the New Year's honours list are
Asst.Matroniof P.M.iL. Mrs. Constance
Baptiste (M.B.E. Civil Div.); and ex-
Civil Servants Mrs. Jane Althea '~awin
nee Piper now in the U.S.A. and
Kr. Tyrell .Alexander.

Other Commonwealth honours include
TBEs for Colin Cowdrey, ex Chief Min.
Willie Bramble; an OBE for famous St'f
Lucia poet Derek.Walcott; knighthood,-
Cor photographer Cecil Beaton and a -
CBE for roundtJthe-world-sailor ~Chay/
Blyth. Motor -racing -champion Jackie .
Stewart got the OBE.


fage, Four

gPega Fiv.e
Friday January 7, 1972 THE STAR .

Tensions Rising in Guyana

)y Irwin Gtxidwin

- 1a the white clapboard
Vltoriain towa ews that
make tbhis ity appear tbe
rent ciamrmlag amd ca ,esive
it the Ca ribTbe, there is an
atmosphere of anxiety In
the umpaiated wood er
shacks built precariously on
atlts e-ar the high sea wahis
at the eCty'? Bautskir3t, ih is Increasing uncertaiamt
sad unrest
Located *"xb*ff- 'Klo sea
level : a d swven '-de-re- e
above the Equator. -at the
tGp of South Amenrca,
Georg.etown is always
steamy. These days ,; it aiso
Not aLce the sgar strikes
and racial riots that "iefl
170 dead and destroyed
nearly 300 homes during
five vioiert mrr:~ths in 1963-
1]64 has,this place beeti so

There is a sense of desper-
ation and despair in ihe v-on
vesations of rniay know
Adgeable Guyancse
"The government is ent-

nisms and discouragrma orw-
ign itvestmeantt," grumbles
a respected educator. "It's
*uicidal "
"More and m-rr- people
ate benmijng de"pIv disr

the diplomatic eorps. So far,
the police have not made
any arrests or iassed any re-
In a public statement.
Sydney King, a former aide
to Prime Mi.ister Forhes
Burnhatn now in the opposi-
tion. itenounred the mini-
dents as "acts by desperate
fools who want .to determine
(atiyana's political future by
Dr. Cheddi Jaean. a Mars-
ist and the leading ornosi
tion figure. argues tha' t.he
outbreak of politcai vit.-
lenee shows "we are dealing
with a ruthless enemy whi;
will stop at nothing, even
murder or genocide. to
maintain power "
Though he haa caautiously.
avoided saving si publicly.
JAdan. say his as.sciates,
will not ,allow hi- FPeope's
Progressive Partyv t contest
the next national elerfion.
which must hb held some
time before March. !973.
As if to support thil'- ap-
praisal, Jagan cites two giap
Ing loophoies in th. Gtu.ana
section law which, he says.
enabled Burn3ham's part,:
the Peopie's Natjonai Cn,
gress, to win in 1968.

turbed hb thp trends in our a few i.n the 'Ocre-igr dwito.
sonr-r, claims a pr rinrment mat-i: rosnmmni,. fear an
husnuta:sman. miendmnt crisis mo which
'Whas' happeaitn makes extremists might. rampage
a mix:Iery of &rur national in civil war
nmtto- one natit, one pe-o- There is s::-repn. a polif-
pie. ar-r d.unti-" erat-on of bi;ac power and
Some obsar.ers ina __a wis l niites zrouos. bearing

One h)ophote permits Guy-
anese citlens living abroad
t. viot. and the other e-
courges proxy voa ing at
hhne After the 1968 ellec-
t.on, the Opilbaon Res.areh
Center in Ltimdon maTur a
study of Guyansee suppof-
edly eligible to vote.
Thlp agpTne"- di-ertor
Sound that .he vnt:ne rei:!s-
ter was "tntdaly dishonest
and corrupt. The greal ma-
jonity of the people !ist I do
not exist. It's unprecedei.ted.
for a Conm-nioawalt.h coum-
try . a pretty awful and
disgraetf- episode "
;"'Burnham .. now tas a
m~ie, iefient ant
elyctton machine than for-
nier b.oas Curley of Boston
or Mayor Daley of Chica%.'"
said Jagan.
,"ith it and the methods
he is now ustin to supirress
dissent an!d detro.7 ., ItO-
rtnt.- hb. may as a,1 dre-
ciare a mnirar. hy here. lie-
tore that happens, lhouir
there ma nw hmoods))ed. f
bhpe no't
With tensions ao high
nere, Bturn;ham at 48 a
strappinrg -foot 2 ebuiWentp
orime mriniser wiuli. .ike
to "cool it."

"Otherwise," sayv a Romian
'-athoil priest here. "hs at,
tempts to create what he
call a Camelot In the Carib-
bean mtay be nr rat~-."
That a national tragedy
can hatpen here again, as it
die t eight A ars agr, is not
be'onv belief. Bitterness be-
tween tbe Asian ana the Afe
rCean e .ihnc groups Ca eas.
ljy e ctalate into triha! war-
fire-a grntePqure rnirc. Ti
marly 'respscti,.- of ti.;e con-
fulit betwee&r ~nrn't,a.;rts
and Roman' Catholu's in
Northern Ireland.
GWtyana's element.
making up about 38 per cent
of the 720,00306 ihabit nts,
are descended from the
slaves brought over to work.
'the sugarfields.
After Britain freed the
Isaves in the Caribbean in
1R34, hordes of indentured
i mborers were shipped over
fr'on what is now Indi.a ani
Pak-stan. and :his continued
until Woi-ld War i. Some
crme from t:hmna. Togciper.
the"e .Ctnis are Guavarna s
majority. perhaps 54 per
cent e e ate
Thee me-re are native



unh names as "Patriqts%"
Ratoon" and "Man," the lar
er an acronym for Mow
lent Against O.preasion.
Their mietwherz tictlde
University of Gtuyana pro-
essor. arid Astu4et who
re trying to organCize un-
mpioyed asd uiipoth'iira
onths. They are trat teas
ioanaltt opposing fore to
investment. and a
opposing atr.~mn overn-
wert. at thl same tUe
Last Jane, ont Mao tmaiU-
int ~ive Thrnmas. a l.'uver-
lts of GirYan! cWon0micS
>rdifres.or. departt two djif-
S,ent attempts to iur' hini
Erom his home as- kd;nap at-
cmptS HPie clrmed tihe -
ire were behind !he teiM
lents and turned over the
name Uf one paolizsMa in-
valved to authorities.
One morning las October,
in Georgetown's busy manr
ket place. called "Donkiey
Sonare", b1 street vendors.
three men hi a convertible
sshot J aosha 'Ranmanmy a
university biologist- rrit.nal-
' wounndming him i reriw-
eed "but has n)t yei re-
turned to teachi;.-.
The aitacks an.Triomrn and
PRamsammy. as wei! as aU.-
aat.ton, by other university'
reac.hnsf of efforts ro haa'ask
and intimidate them. 1as
outraged, many leaoin busi-
ress~men. cumrchmegn an4,,

Amertrdians about 7 per
cenat; tiiH iving inolr' in
the uinexpiwre.i and tildtav*r
op(d linTierlands t the
stulh. and Britih, ''r rn-,
guese and Ditch 'i prhably
no more than I or 2 pe.,
cent'. who are. the comment
cia: eirte.
Wthen sugar iwas mapritne.
BRritin s Booker farsma cort
Trolled as nnCrh as three-
quartera of the economy.
Guapnese sttjqoy`. putatig
iheir conamtryys history inf. a
wr% cansult comment: Once
officially .rkniRn as Bri.ish
Guiana, it was often tsalle
in colonial days 'B:ioker'*
Gruiana," But sinee inde-
pendence in 1i9i. it is
-Purnham's G;uyana.
ThaouL&, Booker's hb diitgs
today consist or no mr-re
than 13 per cent of -e
wealth. Burnhun. holds the
coauxir in thrall.
A bhark Lonid ori-ducatPe
iawy'r whvo aerame a p-Awoi-
fi.l trladrpuj-ton rganier.
Burrtham is charming char-
ismatri and same sa. un
niLn udon with .telan.
allrnham foutndFd the peiF
See GULANA, Pae 6

Page Six THE STAR __-FR

Guyana Cionficets' t

: ?fiV^'A,- '
pieMs Prwspvtg farty PS be
* 9at. cWs4
Jat-a Ocat Prr mi t
frtZ d4ne prty &ot a Te
Ifmt .laefi ti I9*i& M5 B
oftai'jm wetawt av. ? toir s
**-i*eWta IcwtflS a Lr? ien

tons, t"e. BrutMiW gssvtrw
ettn; Acl-ut Jx; *pi'h
bsill tA Ci~mutusnd itgS -
plenied th tof la 3i .

Brtan itam an U-lit
-taniszei hs own
iaB,.alla C fltgires.a
A* ef2'ai pIe tbsi
to is aw ipaiirt. a Dn
*, .sart' i n-

.A aet fr;ciii A-VesiAt


Asnd or- irm !te
rite'ss d'Aaiiar sti,
After ft 11
.T C cabalon of

Burne ?iFw rrn i
jd 'p V I m -1

ow--ctt I CLA1e wn

* LA

JUNE 9 71
Enrmes for the above exarmirtnon close cn
Friday 21s: Jarn.r'y. 1972 at 4.00 aM.
The feei are as follows
(a) Eatry fee .tso or $7.0
(b) Subirecr fe for each
subteci offered at Or-
dmnary level 75' or $3.60

For each subiec: at
Advanced level

vanceCd levei
Orsi Laneuage Or.

dirary kLvdc
Practical Subiects
'A' level! per subiec
'0' teLei BRCj:osp
'0' i-el~ Orhers
Local fee per candi-
zis ';


or $7.20

$3 oo




The f-orr. when completed. should be re-
turned to the Local Secretary, cMo Education Di.
a.ion, .Mminr of Edricanon and Health, to-
gE.ther with the Tresiurv receipts.

( ..






S300.771 G.~6 ;f,
:ecem ber, 97I.
,----- --I--`c~cc--;

iER ?-,- S- (e .tire t'' r
thieh were mCSt :c:ALar
in Srti:iee ss te sE yn4 e
Year caie itreSecis7
";?. t.. e ......e. Set..


Afiecans an.'t
wabtge s.citar$
9413480t *rke a
n the rP-lraCn
4LttaibIli Clor
rute ?Fr L ier.
i ere [a *E j t." '.
tatftr (irB-isr

ara and rBurranbws to: "Mr-
erArdiw" it. iodiais stiA refar
P bLacks as "niggers."
K;' is cat irtaians "co).
tes." tEach grnpt Latc'rl-
alouas 6f its own Olisgtt
Ar i. 'ft., -'c-anr, 'of
de ntreafe.

oarna WBO T,, arfl Sttw is t
vi1sEtoor <* 1 a 1 tt'eara t tte cdntai
^jriam l ra- t rnestr-siti ?el;t: .r.:.:,.q
,iro. ^r', soad u.aii'B x
oke &' 4fr's workers. maiaasiate4 tri:r.
r.J.,nWt C';o^- a 'ntiAa 4-Syswr 7t
na.T;1 bni E 8 p tbre VW(Ia
A swans wVtrae smell farm-

K.M- jretary1. 1 gW
i rtft; drc-.*rpe he
t 'CwO'f'1 rc "ipvtI>c 3.
Guyant Lo E:e liitia Sea
)of stem a',rts and the sn-

-'. and -icalt has iSter,

T' 16^!^ 'lei i;.re 't.yarzsl-
SIt7tL" as hu:r e ai 1otsrme
w^ eonitonvd progrsin, air
tae eftfr;. s a WKE "tnri
jpaiSi main become a r
wan was imed at Aftr-

Saome s0o rcovwrafvr*
1 V were stArteo4 in". .uding a to-
prrawi, r credit soceot,
harck. Frl rnsArranith a'yj.-
pany- Otheps were set s in
ftrM a. otiussing and rn-.yr

fhowvrm beahi m irf aT.d
m n'rw-rn.- ana pao.'i of

: enral or e'f( ort. T

,1 tiqaC touy6 mant .st
tser | lattknsiateronp
V UlaTs1I k1,. youthrnsmr ia,
Saiminamh sini- operation

th iefBt. Altxr nasa year ftr
w |feti.e n .- ,a-i -n iEti sw.
r rSm tent fanina-' decided to
,nas.tioFatce ut nr-n
Ri -eari.c. frad to borrow'
SSE minion this year tfi
wake nia first px''mer't
tsa'by eqwipmert and ntet
poj rouds. When .icesae it?
s lau t '1b. he; ha. 1 w indr
p r pementas among ijnsperi:
*I ^e^e dltj Garan-ffsc
"ThssienF hbs beroime.a psr-
admirda problem for eurn -
f tiam. JagarI. now aS3., tses
t tia iilos mu. h yr-nxO f u
fa tSi a.r to r"-'y or. f *r
F icrhefes There is nobCody ele
te t-. the country's Iaanershfrp.

S--- -- THE TA iis

He followed the teachings of Christ

ihe Political Philosophy of
,Martin Luthr King tv
Hanes' Waiton k.: Negr.
nrversities Press.


N ineresting study of the
Adcas which Martin
Lurh~r K;ng had in nind.
.roadly the ne'gr-'t hazc corT-
fr;ntmd whilc Armenir
soCtety with the' ch.icC L,
;iree polic-;i.', it;r there i-
the p~4tcy--unt.i r-c nt,
widelv hzd hbut whh -
dav disnmis.scd w. so.miC c,.tn-

ihat i-s to sa.. the pdiics *mf
icepting t're ltatu 2 offered
hy the while without
and making the hc,St of 1).t
Then there is the oDoisieC
ex.ireme of the RhA ; Power
'. which v.oi:ld confront the
white w" h unrerra:ned ,iio
lence, wi"th the hop.< of es.t,-
hlshing at e;ait A i:hr a en
larn area. a b i.kgoverned
Between these it-o *t>e ;inc
policy o'f M:irf:n .uher-King

_. :,..


-(hw policy I:f or-'violrence de-
rivctd rorn GCaniht, Buser a;nd
Th'or'; and b.iased ,vcry ex-
rilciti.' -n the teaching of
:.iCrT.t 4!t men. whaie ai-I
bhack. arc God' c-hildren. TFhe
obtec~ no polc) rus-i be not to
nwt doin t;he white and swe i4p
hc but to cstlatish a
lrcSi' of Isuf'iie for ai m which
il,, mrme os raciahism I nol
ting~.r known.
\!n Luther King could
fair!) Ularm. ii ihe suce a;- of
hte pohi;, A'as doubtfi. t at ai
Ica., i. ;:l(te of the aitcn:6-
tl1v: tO0 i a- l ccr tf I wi .
C:cri4m ;bat :he whites had in
laL 'nt!;iclt gross injuslinte, on
ihe blacks, and that they would
*t--"I -L comnti to do gn
if no mrutest wa' nradf
I! !. certain that whatever
iTncdent:.i biows uf violence
the blaAks, might *scceed in
im:p'osmig oni indvidusal white
men the hbacks can never co)n-
q~iue the wh.esi by vioiKncc
Vuiiernce wili be met by counter
.itofnc. When e sneak of
nma.f-' r'tht i' defend hintmeif
c nIusz re er.ii-anter that e-ven if
hni .cause to begin wi!h ig just.
it i. -.atltl mievitahy bruised
i? rihb- co-i 'e of .a lrng drawn-

out cTfli'ct and emerges from
it a great dea tess pure than it
Was to begmn with.
We have ajtopt'c :n ero-
orwlC zyste'm unaer whtch it vI
inevxta h-e t'ha prpulatioins
5ihouki bes termadilt -evervy-
where and ahtbe alt in Amernb
a, iHoi hren pea-,eably gerner.' i f. ;:he
thetr 'solubotn w!' not worb,.
w t! MarmN 4 Lit:her Kitg'' ou-
ovan work any better'?
It ii true Ihat i worked after
:a lahion with jtandhl. brti
Gacidhi confr.&t'd ian oppo.n-
enr vho U as halN f ;. i':-.'nd .if
the nfghtr.v <,- .f bhi, ,se. The:
situa;..'. is dtrierre~' in vi'ctent
Amerc a.
Both Martin I uther King
and Mr. WH;iion are Americans
who iri'., from the charactcr-
istUcab! .Anerican fading of
th-nkiing tha2t fo, e erry probletr
there is n-.essarilv a solutitan.
Thus Martin Luther Kii-g cer,-
tailv exaggerated the proba-
biijty that ht. claim would find
immediate acceptance Mr.
Wathon, secmrg ihaitahat is ,nl
,'i. toro feasiy ;concuiie? tnalt
aince 3t wil not tb tot3Uly sui;-
cas fui t ihchrefre nat worth

Yet if %e. appeall to Chratiar
teaching for our isprtoin (*:
have !o f-ice the facts that rthc;
Is muzh kn the tirwpeks in cei-
demnation of violence and in
fav-ur of ;he rule of wha Kiin_
ca!-d4 asgape--rule. by love-oi
what Btther called thi s.!tCl.,
tion, of I T hbo; lir 1 t ?~t .
bha-e iat<'o *a face the fat. I;J
th storv ,f Chris: . letd ut oi expe~ -c thar even }I
tio Lo-e can wrn m m ari mstTR;
a if'tsia and easy viatnit'y u;.'
rtose whfr I meett ,'
Man, w.ieWher whie' r hib..
bas a dcublh nature. horn ir
itn d ydidi er iOendi a
vision tpienmtl or a higher def.
6iny He i., boTrn to h1e ir tt'y
sion He is not faltred 'ihm-
'oiiuhomc of great rntrai; pr4fi
He is ;"T-.'ce- a of co'-
tinuial strife. Itday's hattie t) Le
frtight agait tomrrorrow. with
perhaps in the end a certain re-
laxaitiaon of i, terniio.f--butiau
1too ofen nft l that Anoti'er t-e-
sion .y -ake its pla Ce. MIarnV ,
L. ather krg's greatnec' a:-
rna that he suacecd4d but thal
valiant for rnghter~cis.s. tl
gavt h.1i(; .tiness ih t 'the trri'':
was worth fight?:g ior


Ifor the

t -

Ai family

1Banis Intern2tional I

Roseau Branch


We wish to contact the above person
whose behalf we are holding an item
Safe Custody.

Will he, or anyone knowing his
whereabouts please, contact the Manager.


W* aw a. pretty pgond c x
One Wht f.fatU ea t,@ itCsx. V
A' w 'Wbm 1$ d 4aa..
PFr caJedb s ,i. Siao4ws I or &Z an 4 alsml r' fIs Kin ds>.
FrOn y 4e rea ret Be .ave.
tFor ZAtIfer Ft says Y?*, !t ttheu coWeL

to K agda t tis 4 pe. 1at' threat. k ta'i Y iri Ii0.)4 ,
TBecaoae alw tshe ati- iasn9' thaz pr BiUu.a areE'l W r l .n
f& scoals 4ro aiai to E'mal sure hey kroik tUey are *
Asr I-or 4qg .kes rur Hies w eiitn n 'a breaj V th tweU
when t-?p Ztgr Pat tiaalt.
jSesat givwf t.& SHM aama;4ei'
Tfrotm aii the 44KW am ;r0v of a breatoung
HeP Ilaudzes AU" , d,-( f;'!- l r.
For Uack We Rew" Va" : azr. th*. r -u. ,, .
he ifil e-Tfw -W*k34 014.- Nt s t.m f.ti jp. dris
for a6 RP(ei He pt.ts ;u
tae u e.ftaCisty t as ? 115.
Far an imareaed s says
I atl wtVae wNa
Ar lrotes iX0*, jesu, iv sais UU-m,.
H? Makes Wi4 CMl OK scaktt.
iw the, ptro"r He? fa.res '..
Santffa I atOa a&d y*i at tjQ-eM 4k Ae. 1,;6m votei'. ;
To bw tieei. k azadri Eh a tnm ey Uleyif tv 4p ofm-cu
Ife stif debt K. So. g^enLic. re;.
dasealst b-te cosrte. bat rnweihr Aoers me a uiacrmn aim man
140 S rat2Afer Tioday Is a brand new da,
TrE evu of 4f pasa t4 na < S{ou s <. -t
C("I5-e .B-10to Afe.
Jes ts G,-d
EE maIr-
Jesu Ctiat. is tha atuierilvablr e wiBtei,

fPwr Mtte Cmfatie *wt*,-
NIa rvtght rarwad

" I ---- -- -- ---

Pas** Se*< *.

F~~,, fMa~9 7~ rQfB

~:: L



SH IE STR Friday. January 7., '1972

SOM"QAirctor oi

A eudAde unatkaba=i"e b t iiErq s4Aptak Uni
't*De & caue"afrt a"B i eds*a nia Auacwses
DO cmtfiorD MA An70 0
:- *. *- -

Assoc ieoion
Transport of hsnan2s min Field Bous fromr
SBaym he'F ^taI ntso uBox^ E and

id ri L -and L o Ouse,.

Applications are invited for the trucking of bans.-
nas uader contract fro m the A1ociation's Buying
Sheds (Points' and Boxing Plants during the pe-
io-j begrmnicg Febuary ist 19-2 and e.ndiag Jan-
Sua:- 3rst 1973.'
Truckers desirous of contracting for dehver-
in from Buingl S-L:d- to Boxing Piants, or
fr''. Bong Si..ts to ,Re;ep'ion Depots shu..ld
,pry to the As-iociauon no later than Januarv
ith tr9.a, A.l trucking cointactf wiu beawarded
and "Trucking Agreement" signed no later t ,
January 2and 1972.
Copies of the Trucking Agreement can oe
obtaped from the Operations Manager of the
Ass ion in Roseau.

January? 4th 1972

Ag General Manager

The second term of rhe Adult E4dution Pvo.
gramme is due to commence on, Jaanoary
17th 1972,
"All fees mus: be paid at the ofixe of the
Dominica (Grarmmr School before that 4dae.
Fees will rernma av for the first term. Le.:-
$3.00 for one subject '
>6 .\ for i or more _j .
'itAN tsV'T SfC0'TARY ;
j 3-,-E00 i50 G.3, ^ ;j
iStfi Jimtury. *9?<

~ ~a;pe ES~pk~ I
c-- Y.--- 1II

Each tender must be for an amount of not
less than $ oo and mu-t s#etcifv the amount
whic-h will be I.tven for ever A.)NE HUNDRED'
DOLLARS of the amount tendered.
Bils wii; be i'b ;ucd in 'r-n -minations appro-
pri te rt the amou;- request, in rte tender.
Appli:icain forrniT arn a\vaiiable at 0 e Mii.;:s
try of Finance. Tr:: nd InJu-trv The Accou't-
an: General's Officc, and the Co Ci'.C cai Bank.,,
and when completed, should be forwarJed to -.*e!
Ministry of Finance. Trade and Inaustrv in scak:
envelopes addressed
RO LAL, D, : ',i ilA.
All applcan:on- must r.aich this -M.inis:try no
later than 4 p m on Wednesday 12th January,

i i

Successful apphcants wvil b.' notified bv
letter not Later than 14th January, 1972.
The Govenrment of Dominica reserves the
right to accept or reject a::y tender n whole or
in part.

,F27/t9 G.! 2 -
InLs Deccmbarn 1971

Financial Secretarv.

'*/ I~ ^. c |

Tbhee wilU be a meeting for the arets/'
a.di as of pupi)l of the Dominca Gramm'ir:
tchol who are situng theL~ General Cerdficae
of tEducliao Examianxa ('Caombridge in June;
July of 1972.
The mneeingA wil] be Bt i, p rm, on Monday
aoth January a: The Dommica Grammar School
Ir wil! al'w th pre ts/r n to r et
(he staff and a On the:r sornv'ard' results iu
arder thar thte-tt posiKon ,is A.aily jnderztood

EAH 3(0 SSrC G.7, ; .
,So Jantfriy, A''

r-AA4MAS 7f;TE I






AIRluw-nws~--41~-slanara~irg4~auurrr~- rr i


--- 1


NOT 0 1C E"

Tenders are invitedJ fr the issue of Dorrini.
ca Goveram.en Treasurv Biil which A:iIl be made
in the sumn of $50,aooo,
These biU:s wdi b._ in denominations of $- -o,
$ $5.00, $ooo $t, $ each an.d will be trcavabl at par ninety-one days
after the date of issue. Bils will he issued on Wed-
nesday Ith Jtnuary, 1972. and payable on
Wednesday i9th April, 1972.

ri~F January 7; 1972

NCE uponn a time there
Sived a crow and his
"::*. :a huge banyan tree.
V ;ied very'happily in the
nest which they tbemsehves
S~ui .uin: the tree. But the
ay;i' of their happiness were
shcrtfived as a -black snaUke
uwd.col to crawl through the hol-
.-k'w.trunk of the tree and cat,
the chicks of the crow. This
urgedgd tte crow's family into
p.-etmnd grief for they did not
:.:w, what they coudd do about
,' Their life was reduced to
nrt of absolute misery deep-
'tva by gnawini anguish over
the itnt children and indigna-
:.ovwer the black snakle*s
-)oUs acts. They were conm-
,ty h neless against the
,"... -!r.nous creature. Despit.
:. tragedy that oy)rtneook .the-
S:', the poor cow would.
,~* desert his abode and seek.
..: e elsewhere where they
..iwd be free from the prying
S.f the reptile.
;ne day the crow-hen burst
:"i- a flood of tears and
cringed before her husband.
v my lord! Already quite a
-n;':ber of'my children haye
SbeNen devoured by the satanic
cr-:ature: How do you think
1. as a moth r, can go on tole-
ratng this situatln ? Let us
ini.-'i' out of this bhme and
'- a safer one where both of
a: anrd our children would be
safe: Norndy knows when even
if will be in danger."
The crow was on the horns
" iernmi. On the one hand,
shared the grief of the
'her over the death of her
:,iJren one after another and
":he other, he was reluctant
eave the nest where he was
:--ing for. a long time.
"My dear, how cold we
':e. this abode which' has
. th-!; h light and shade of our
-: Perhaps we wMli hit upon




c t


____THE STAR Page Nine

by reason of his own mischief
'and heartless cruelty." H
said one need not rack t"s
T H E br.nn on plans to destroy o:.
Seenwr/. They fali off ;he..-
seives like trees upon the bar.
CROW FAM IL a swollen rive
,"My friend." said the crow.
"rtel mt how this dreadful f,
SM wT H E can he donc avway with':
And the jackal was rca,
: with his cunning advice, "CTr
"" A K to vome place frequent .;
S, /' -the King of our iand. Ih:-
seize a golden chain or ne":':;.:
from Whe king's daughter hntl
plan which ti bring this hts, the jackal. The jackal fro 'e ins' dauh er a.n
lain nearer his dar.m" iP heard the patbe'hc i-' deposit tr i in srch a f.1 tl
W'' he n disco('ered. 0" 1'e aa,,
Scrow-he.-..r::. not: b he 'cr w's famir and w
sil reasured. / deeply moved.. shat be km!ed.
"O nm Loird'" ',id the crow "My dear friei..d What. So the crow aintd hKi w;i~
:. "fow can we kili thiis_ .'d he the move to ki this fle off from u:eir nest azV
nonmous creature?" senate. Neither my wife nor came 1upon a certan tiank, A.
"'Yes, I aegr, w~ith .,, c an tolerate any more killing ..they looked about, lthy Staw the
lied -he rvc "Ti '. .,ery if.or chidrenR-" the crow was women of the kings :o0'.i
... kil ; .t w hate ailrms t in tears. taking bath and on. the ha s
rn,4s. who kntow the echt.i- .,. The jackal tried to reassure. lay. a. golden chai," a nek-
a J:d wath wraose help t:h's ..'"y ifcntd, I .hai pondered Lace, nciu!iful garments a;!
wX'j) ,-;'ai.e ca ii be done ',rer your ujir..i:y agai and gc.r Tha .ciow-thz irn--
deati.' The crow's eyes again ; I am sure that dI s .diarci t'.-upion the idea. S'.i
*re scar!e't w;-:h anger ant he venorouS creature s fast ook i p. 'l.n chm.n:,.'d Li,
stencil lto an., her. r:=. unide arprtai.-bcig i dvoornsnty. off t the trcC where theyi h '
ic.h !lived a friend of So-'ncr than later .he wi! ;ic The inr' .rtervants irme'
d:a.dht: discozared tlhe the':-"
;hey picked p'i cudgel c;h.
n n ran in hot pursuit. Imn'-
1 .. diatey the crow-hen droppr:.,
: the golden chan in the snami'-
hole and watched from a dt!-.
ance as to what would har:;,'.t
S. Nw whcrt the Ki:g's :nv
climbed the tree they found :t!
....1 h issing black. snake w;::i:
A ihe oile. They k'ted the
Svenm .ous. creature. wIh
"we,:qapon they had, and re,-
co ered the' 'cden chgrA
Trius the venomotus snake filet
S", "hi';'Nody cdi

A i;ng hsr free from tfhe
,Vle ~d'igrs nIf !the snake. t"t,
C rsoW aItd fhis 'i -Ai, d in tpace:
S:. he rafter Witi. .i '
n oubr 9thenr nildren.

J.L7rj .c HJ..1 _____ _____ _--I___--_-__- __ _-11H STAR___

by Morchr.iston
League cricket faded out from
lack of interest after the Goodwill
Tournament convincingly won by St.
Vincent with wins over Dominica and
Grenada and a draw with St. Lucia,
Some new talent popped up during the
season providing 5 new caps on the
State Team, including young Sebastiar
of DGS. League cricket was abandoned
without any champion team, so DASA
decided to call Saints and Celtics
joint champs. Two first class matdaes
were played in the Gardens -- Com-
bined Islands v. Guyana (Shell Shied)
and Windwards v. India.
In the EHE-sponsored village cric
ket league at Mero, Beach Rovers of
St.Joseph emerged champions whenthlr
defeated Rosalie in the is
Rosalie United's second time in fnals
- in 1970, Emeralds were champs.
FOOTBALL:The past season collapsed a
month before the Popham Tournament
which Dominica won over defending
champions Grenada in the final match
of the tournament 3-0,Dec.4. This
dayismemorable to football enthusiasts
as the 1st time in history Dominica
hds won the Popham Cup. Our League's
final match between Celtics & Spartans
never took place,leaving Celtic Unred
one point ahead of Spartans & Saints
BASK ETBA4LL: : .sketball in 1971 was as

MONEY (from p.3) Blenheim Estate
(owned by the Armours) and London-
derry Estate gets a loan of $194,025
- the latter being owned by the La-
villes, an interconnected family.Both
loans are to be applied to planting
citrus, coconuts and avocados, using
bananas as a 'nurse crop'. The Bank
is lending $221,000 to Dominica's Ag-
ricultural & Industrial Bank to build
,factory space for rental to'small ind-
ustrialists". Dr. Carleen O'Loughlin
is coming here on Jan.13 as adviser t<
the Bank to help in an investment fea-
sibility study.of the coconut industry
Pummonses Guns! Insurrection!
Rumours of inner discontent with the
Premier! Planned coups and counter-
coups! Illustrious Son of the Soil
'speeches: Commission of Inquiry!
Scobie to USA on lecture tour' Impend-
ing house arrests.- Bulldozing Bills
and legislation! etcetera, etcetera,,.
Yes, this is the Happy New Year 1972
for the State of Dominica. Whether the
storm will be weathered with no vildemnz
remains to be seen. It would be well
for some persons who in their official
Christmas messages tried to play the
"good Guys" to remember that it was
the straw that broke the camel's back.
No issue rears its ugly head more
often than the Grenada Declaration.And
no issue will leave more scars after
it has been resolved. More so than RTC'
1972 is the year of destiny for frei
thinking Dominicans. It is the yedr thj
1il d

good as it has ever been for the last B -uv-1 I u- sory no mavier wna,
four years. Matches were always well course we choose. It is the year on
o yich We shall look back and say,"Ah,,
supported save in the dying stages if we hadn't taken that sand. sa"
of the season.Caroni Cardinals were if we hadn't taken that stand..."
league 'champs for their 4th consecu- STARSPORTS*** This Week's Sport...
tive year, and also knockout champs. The Rest of the World beat Australia
in the 2nd Division, Panthers & SMA by 98 runs to level 1-' in 3 matches;
emerged 2nd Div.League and Knockout one was drawn. Highlight was a double
Champs respectively. Our State team- -century in 2nd innings by Skipper Gar
went on one or two tours and in turn Sobers for The Rest, who batted first
hosted touring teams from overseas, and were easily dismissed for 184-Aus-
NETBALL1: Three matches were played :ralia replied with 285 (Greg Chappel2
against a visiting school team from an undefeated 115). In The Rest's 2nd
Antigua,both won by our youth team. innings Sobers slammed 33 fours and 2
No participation in the W.l.contest. sixes in his masterful 254, with strcr
Local League Chaap -Gordon's Gin from Z.Abbas (86) & Peter Pol
LAWN TENNS: Ronald Shillingford won lok (54). Australia scored 317 in te-,
the Men s Singles and (with K.Alleyne) second turn at the crease.(Doug Wal-
the men's doubles, whilst Evelyn Read ters 127).**LEEWARDS-WINDWARDS PRE-
gained 3 victories 1st ladies sing- SHELL SHIELD MATCHES (2),originally
les, doubles with J.Wright and mixed scheduled for Grenada, will now be
doubles with J.Fraser. Although St. played in Dominica. **************,:
Lucia won the home-based championship ILATE .NEWS: St ci O 0Position is c a-
Dominica's young team was praised. L ns Kln o- IToen eCounu t
(1971's Athletics & Table Tennis & Boxvi - on _s
achievements will be reviewed next w^;.~ _WW or nPo

Friday, January7. 1971.


"D-*ir^ mrv-

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