Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Mrs. Jane Lowenthal,
Librarian, -. .
Research Institute for
the Study of Man, DON%],IglC.
162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021,, N.Y., wV ute .,IUCo ,=L& ,
o3S/ No-. Frid., -Deg... .. 3.l.
-OS/5 uolt.., ......

T.IS was a peculiar h ristmas-time.
.-iefly; few people in..Dosinica were
ti the necessary msod, and we all
:ro w the resen whiy... But' ie in-
Fectious kindness engendered by the
festival o'-Christ's birth -.- vAiled;
n .d a last-mfinute spurt cf shocppinn
ear.ter.ed. those merchants who had
Cocsed down as a raetter of principle
:n Dec. 16th.. However, there was an
.tzospheere .of. ertr-+-e weariness &.nd.
usperse- which nc h~SQ oer S
en more tanib ly. There are r2-curE
ec neiotiticns, st-Ator n tt itude
-nd reprisals. T!A SIT Thee
"ear ill ,tell, for than's cannot
: e shelved inidefii tely.
e 1p nct. wish for evertri sruch
tirse-ly things as ripgtrresis and
prosperity, "5t j ust that we should-
"1 do what .is rig ht with courage,
s.d trea-t et!ers with te .nhe
;With drw t t Bl reserve.

Withdraw that Bill,

SA Quiet Season
This Christmas, some DomEi- ..
cans had trees like this; and a few like this:

But most of our people had noi Cristmas tree at ll.

NEW YOR21,2 .

--a-r-- -
author of "IN, A FREE STATE"

BT 5Tu




IW Ean



--*r vl rutiv

; ' ~ '

* ^aflWS'^-W;-'-"an


: riday,31st December,1971

Au revoir. Not mope than this, much to the disappointment of his
political opponents, is what I wish to say today to Edward Scobie who
leaves us next wee k for a temporary lecture and teaching assignment
with one of the leading universities of the United States of America.
Mr. Scobie will head the Department of Black Studies, a sub-Faculty daily
growing in importance and relevance on American campuses. He is very-
qualified to teach this'-sb-jec-t and it is also of interest to mention
that in the next month or two, his book "Black Britannia" will be pub-
lished, the subject., of this book also deals with a topic of interest to
the black man. It will be a history of Negro immigration into England in
the past centuries.
Mr. Scobie, who is the Mayor of Eoseau, has been, by,
the foremost figure: in the unnecessary controversy which the Governmeni
has thrust upon the Roseau 'pbwn Council, From the moment that Mr.Scobie
became the Mayor, he has accepted the challenge to maintain and protect
thh.ancient -rights of the city of Roseau, capital of Dominica, against
the incursions of the Leblanc Government. This,-as readers w.Ll know,
reached a high point on Thhraday, 16th Decembery, when the aroused citi-
sens of Roseau and, indeedi.-, of Dominica, gave a never-to-be-forgotten
sample of their determination to have an ancient institution reesected
when Government came up with a Bill to abolish the Roseau Town Council,
If the Government has not got the message, it is beyond hope and redemption
Scobie is and remains one of the main pillars of the opposition
Dominica Freedom Party. In some ways he is popularly regarded as the em-
bodiment of the Party and in this respect is often the whipping-boy, a
role which he accepts with equanimity. For he is no mearwarrior as thq
ruling Party knows to its cost. And because the history of the Opposition
Party is the history of the maintenance of freedom in Dominica against
the persistent efforts to .erode and undermine it, Mrs Scobie's contrib-
ution to the political we Ifare of his country has been outstanding. qWen
historians come to assess the significance of the events commencingwith
5th July, 1968, the name Edwaad Scobie is bound to find an honoured place
along with those of many of his colleagues and collaborators. So it is
not. -,strange that even .t.iayl while history is in the making, the rest
of the West Indies is looking with fascination and admiration at Dominica
as the bastion of freedom in these parts. Mr. Scobie shares a great deal
of this honour with his other colleagues.
No doubt, Mr. Scobie must find it hard to have to leave at this
particular moment when, as, it appears, important things are about to
happen in the political life of Dominica. He is aware, however, that all
those who remain will continue to press for the things for Which they and
he have stood, and that they are strong brave people So his very tempor-
ary absence will not affect the -edifice which together they have erec#,..
And should any crisis arise in which his presence is required, Scobie hac
promised to return immediately to resume the battle or to enjoy the fruiLt.
It is therefore in this spirit of self-assurance that we bid "au
revoir'l -to Ed Scobie today, letting him know what a great pillar of
support- for national regeneration we regard him. In his role of pilgr.r
towards: a better and happier Dominica .we are very much reminded of that
other Pilgrim: "Who would true valour see,
Let him come hither;
One here will constant be,,
Come wind, come weather.
There's no discouragemelnt-
Shall make hhim once relent
His first avow'd intent
To be a pilgrim.
Then fancies fleece away!
I'll fear not what men say,
I'll labour night and day
To be .a pilgrim. (Bunyan: "Pilgrim's Progress")


Page Two

o Brth fer






SOUL is love. 4-

SOUL Is pride. 4
SOUL is beint natural. 4

SOUL is primitive. *

SOUL is supplication and V aer.

SOUL is believing.

SOUL is the most basic gospel shouts. 4

SOUL is the blackest black. -

SOUL is sass and anger and rage. Y
SOUL is sanctified sex.

SOUL is sharing.

SOUL is the extremes of emotion.

OUL feels good even' when it feels bad.i&


Barclays Bank International
Roseau Branch

We wish to contact the above person on
whose behalf we aie holding an item for
Safe Custd'y.
Will he, or anyone knowing his
whereabouts please. contact the Manager.

V ,.

, .- ...,^,-..,. -----..... .__ -- r .



Caribbean Contest



- All Saints Rd.,

St. John's, Antigua

2nd Adenauer P.C. Douglas Bay Street, Portsmouth, Dominica

- a Capri
(valued *5,OOO)

3rd Billy R. Doctrove 31 Green's Lane,

4th Oliver S. Christian 49 Greena Lane,

Good; wiil,



,, $xoooo

10 consolation prizes of *10.00

Annfe mares
Denison Jo n
Perpeaua Pettier
Anctha Le Bianc
Leons A Shliingford

I Cinai Lane. Goodwill
S!ltury. Dominicas
29 Old Sctret, Roieau
Soufriere, Dormintica
55 FPde.han, Drive, Goodwllf

M. Oons co Convent, Roseu. Dominca
S.M. acobs St. Joph Prep. School, osse:u
Ardra. Dentni Barekus Grandbay Dnlnika
Mis Rlose Applewhalte 57 Queen Mary Street, Ro em
Daniel Steph~ensn 4 Green's Lane Goodwlil

. Dominica Dispensary Co.

JAMFS BRO WN, Soul Rlqther
Num ber Oiri?, is dIep tnio the soul bha


~1-~- I --------------- -------UIIP-~-I.U.--l---------.---C
I~Y~-~-U--~L-"~-~---1~-3'-111---^ - -- -- I--1

FBdd~v. EPacemkuri 31. 1;SII


Pare The,




The Windwards-Leewards kAs ociatilor on thi. Mcn campo-
of the Univversty of the West lndies s Q formulated plsrh. for
staging a week-long ".Expption" of the is.a.ds to tate place earl
in February of thi aewv year.

Thse 1.,> a.s to cerpoTV e Jamaica cam~ta and
to the realities of life in Lhe icslatnds a-d also to inform theo
islanders themselves about each cther.

An; important aspect of the exposition will be as
exhibitions of a 2.:.:.'r of .icess in cese way pcculiar-to the i-szlanddsrj
f ijs in this reT,.3; that y,':i are 'efns aeppro ached Domiiicacn
students returni-ng hone f:or the Ciaristmas vacation have taker on the
reponsi'bllity of approaching ? arsonAlities and/or busainessees s swll
as other ir4stitutions which can contribute to the -uccess of o-ur
exposition, by providirL the requisite exhibits.

We feel that th-e exhlbltiorl ant serve &a an importpcan
vehicle for promotion kuowa e.-i, ofT, nd sofe kind of psCy.ho2o.ical
contact between the islands of the region, amd more :-.p rif cally
eroding the rass of igno-ra;c e ising rn Jaacas abot
aspects of life in. "the islands".

It res-ires little imagination to realize t'at an
exhibitionr of this kiMd zai aisa serve e the interests of the i divridual
co tri butors.

We look forward to your co.-operation n f wat rill oe a
mfilestco ;of Acaievevmet on t ,hn part cf the Doiminicen student c-m~nity
on. the Mona smapus.
Taylor Eal,
lt ".A u'

December 9, 1971 nbrne A S tr
'Swnbu.rn A, S. trade

Taylor Hall,
Fellow Doni-r.ican .

Thla is a rorminder concerrnin the ".-xpobitiot" to be
put orn by the indwairds-LCeewarr Associatior early i.n Febrary,

The. exposition which is to run for one week (5c days),
has the general purpose of crpoaing tnh smaller islands to toi
,Jamaica cacpu and saocict;y to s-hXtii'c a* many features of the
islands as can be conven-ientl.y ha.indled, and in thice way, TO h.lp
educate the caspue and country to the re al-'tis of .!fe Iin %-he
islands'. An important sub. l.lar, objctiv-. of our exposition
is to inform the islanders themselves about each other.

In as iuch as tLhe -succesc of any auch exposition
depends on our obtaining a sizeale array of exhlitiss, we are
depending heavily on those >cmi.zicans spending the Cikrstmas vaca-
tioc at 'home.

is number of prso.... ,he airead. acepttC'1 rr.ousittlitiy
for obtaining items from a.nd.,cr businesses aR follows..

Page Five


r~ri~v. De-cember-jl.,.. 1971

"Titinem Titineo .Hurry Is iGrowers are notified that with
time fo' we to go..." e fect from 1st January, 1972 baanais
Baby's high strident Lagon voice w be purchased NE that is, b o
was excited. Titine hurriedly gave ill be purcathe Eoing Plants,
.a glance in:. r mirror and joined thCollection nits and Buying Points,
Baby at the gate. Both wore green,s and Buying Points
in two different shades, decorated The attention of growers is drawn
with multicoloured trimmings, to a previous decision contained in
They followed the large crowd the Notice "Pield Dehandling of
that was surging towards the High Bananas dated 21st September' 1971
Court to attend the session of the which read as follows:-
House of ABsembly where the Bill To encourage. growers to adopt
to dissolve the Roseau Town Council this improved method of handling, it
was to be debated has been decided (a) to pay an addition-
It was a motley crowd of all al .25% per lb. for demanded bananasE
ages and colours; numerous placards &-tEves e in fi ~1d b~s at the boxing
defying the Bill were held aloft, plants,
There was the stillness of Sun- and (b) to add 10% to the weight of
day over the town, as Merchants had bananas .so delivered in compensation
agreed that their business places for the loss of weight of stalks,etc.
should be closed ; those that hes-onsequent upon the "Interim mixed
itated soon shut down or kept a Consunt upon th "
chink open; the Police and Defence Price" arrangement which comes into
Fotce were on the alert, and any- effect on ist January,1972, the.Pur-
one could feel the undercurrent of chasing Company has withdrawn the bonud
tension that rippled through the for dehandling of bananas in!the field1
crowd which pr essed in and around therefore, as from that date, neither 1
the Court House. the allowance in compensation for the
"Ah chen." muttered Baby. "L knew loss of the weight of the stalks nor
we would be late: You should 'a the additional .25% per lb for dehanda
wake since four o'clock... you krow bananas delivered in field boxes will I
how you does take time to dress." apply. TC. IRISH,
Titine and Baby were obliged to .Ag. General Manager.
remain outside, as the Court House 27th Dec. 1971 276-1/1
was overpacked; even the crowd out-.
side was so thick they had to L 'Bhut up.' Who can rule Government?
squeeze against railings by the What dey say goes' Hell wid all-you
Museum. Titine was not in a good dam Freedom." (This from Ancine)o
mood; her legs began to tire and "Eh hein: but see if we not going'
worst of all she wanted to use :the win. Tink is you-all alone to live?"
toilet. She had to weave her way By the time Titine reached Baby in
Through the panting crowd again, the courtyard, things.had settled down
land had barely time to reach the and Miss Charles was addressing the
Bell Jetty. Clambering her way crowd reasonably. "Dey widdra~ de Bill'
back past Fort Young, a sudden Titine told Ancine, who was now so. ho
tumultuous uproar broke on her ears.and tired and hungry that she scarce-
When she arr ived after zig-zagging ly paid attention, turning her back
through hordes-of emotional citizens with a grunt. "Well," Baby said,"leo
she could just catch snatches of go home. We heah de res! on de radio.
conversation here and there. But right now I hungry."
".., yes, dey hurt de man, man.," So Titine and her friend-withdraw,
"...but dose police, derall right while the actors in the Assembly strug-
wee papa:", gle were also returning homein a merry
" dose Minister fault! Who mood: dancing, singing and knocking
tell Preemier to try and dissolve old tins. At Government House gate
our Town Council?" '.they -stopped en mass and booed as a.
"Messieurs, Gouvelment zaw mauit.:" means of self-expression, then chip
"I heah deymash up furniture an" ped their way home. Some wanted to g(
tear plenty papers." up the Morne, but after all,ehough il
"... an' de ambulance con fo' de enough for a day. They removed their
man. Poor fella, wha'make he leave shoes, had drinks and turned on the
he country and put hisself in all radio but what they heard was not:
our deba'" ing as hot as what had happened.

-- Friday,December -3-1,1971.

Page Six' .T 'T.HE

M AN Y.. T 'I-.A;N -K S
from the Publisher, Editor and
Staff..of the STAR'Tor the kind-.-
greetings sent. by- their many friends

Due to several difficulties s,there.
.was little :opportunity to. send per-
sonal greetings cards this year,::.
The Office Staff, vish particul.-c
early to thank: JRRC and HL" for their.
generous gifts. .
On Wadda..Dec.8th at 8 pm,Roose-
velt Douglas of Dominica, out on
$14,000 bail pending an appeal 'in
the Sir Georg6 Williams tUiversity
case in Montrealzwas arrested in
Toronto, handcuffed and taken to
jail. No reason was given for the
arrest (says Douglas in a letter
to friends which was read at a re-
cent Black Power meeting at Good-
will Parish Ha2l) save an -order to
hold him and another man (Warren
Hart) from .the Minister of Immigra-
tion. Hart was deported to the U.So
and a deportation order issued ag-
ainst Douglas, who says in his let-
ter: "it is unheard of to deport a
non-citizen with no..previous crim-
inal conviction who is a landed
immigrant while he or she has an
appeal pending before the court."
Douglas contends that "they would
.force me to commit a crime by not
appearing at my appeal and by im-
-pl'ication .the reliable black people
'-who put up ~14,000 bail on iny be-
half would lose this-money."' (He
had promised his brothers and sis-
oters that on no account would he
engage in any activity,-which would
result in having-the bail money con-
fiscated. )Meanwhile other studentss
so far convicted in the S.G.W.Univ-.
case have been issued with deport-
ation orders. These.orders have
been appealed-i Bail for Douglas
'was.categorically refused in this
matter, upon directions from the -
Canadian Immigration Minister to
Mr.. Norman Chalmers, Director of
the Dept. of Justice, for Ontario.
Both provincial Govt. and Federal
Govt. are involved! Douglas's let-
ter is long, it attaaks'.' .Canadian
Imperialists' and racism as we may
expect under such tense circumstarxes
It also hits "the control of puppet
governments, in'the (WI) area such
as Gairy,CatoComptong,. Leblanc,
Shearer, Burnham, Barrow..and Willjam
-". And t:ends up by saying that nc
intimidation can defeat a people
who are determined to win liberation


S.. ..... j, i

y' .. ugh,,Lawrence, Roseau,
--I'l thin:- a. "lot'of people: will agree
wjith mae .e I make" the following su,-.
ges-ti0n, ... We the residents of Upper
Roseau would beh happy if the author-
ities would hvte -a .banch of the Gen-
-era Post Office'placed at the new
Treasury which 'is nearing completion,
It can be a' simple pne just for the .
purchase of stamps- :and mailing -of
letters. It would.also help-"to ease
some pressure on the General one at
-times. .
SYour readers may agree with"Me; th-a
Hill-sborough Street has become .the
most important one in town. 'If .you
think of it seriously, you will .agree.
H.. Z,..
Gentlemen: First we wishto. thank you
most 'sincerely for taking the time to
send us your newspaper,
.Second, we were looking forward to.
retiring to beautiful Dominica, and
are very disappointed that, owing to
the political situation th that country
it will not be possible,
Enclosed please find payment for
our subscription to date.
We would like to congratulate the
Freedom Party on winning the .own
election and wish them continued
success. Yours very truly,
Inglewood, Ontario, Canada,
(Note.: this letter was written before
the famous etents.of Dec. 16, 1971),

Xmas number we published a message b,-
His Excellency the Governor, Sir Lou.
Cools-Lartigue. 'Unfortunately, the
final words of this message were left
.ut, so we print them now to complete_
the greeting:-'
"On behalf of my wife and myself
I wish everyone a happy Christmas and
a bright and prosperous New Year,"
We regret having truncated His.
Excellency'-s Christmas wishes.
CSCF's 4th Mothers Centre was opened
.i-. Scotts Head on Dec.16.26 Children
will get a midday meal mon-Fri and un-
employed mothers gain childcare in-
struction.* Miss E.Daniel,1966 Trainee
at St.Vincent Centre,has a school. to
a further childcare course -ih WareEnc
land for 1 year; she left Dec 28.
n. (more on p.10)

8 'TS A R A

1 D. "
Victor BTrdOui Le I/a Coconat 'PrtIcAct,
-to*-Car 2 itars,
Mrs-. ai:,d .- a -
CGnvin PtrPick Dtca Distiler',
Factors, .r/cs d ,-"t.,,

rcalia G'ren Co.S'onrert In-austr;'.al SchoolX
mec:Lih Prodtucts,,.-/'C'a Disp'emaryo

Joan itlnol ar nisetry otf d; cn t rtice
C '*-:.' S i-- .e ;. C l c.. .s' "i ,e. '', Afp'tia !abrc;- S. r'ap ,
-Caris rn fLcane ntaph4s

The aboee firr, wi'l be- circulate d Ir dvaneo on s ti
biei. of ta, e xpooitiro a4nd nill .ts told to expect "crallersE.

Po:ziblo extcibitz tnctldt

Straw products (Carit, .pst haat, wite-sladere "the worke.."
C.ocosnt products (calstahs ccoyea brooms, chac-chacs)
Oils arnd as.e soapsp, oias bay mAr. Lay olt, etc.)
Liqiors ('arieouc brands of rui whshOkey, braa.ny, ectc )
Oress (traditional coxtiTem 2 or 3 compete outfits) Fruts & preserves
Ci 3, ci. .a:' ttoes; ou.htryitt :lia,, lo- t'i4ccco, stips,
photographs, 'a s, prin-ti gs, bliiess, etc., t:, records,
(pac-is ansd "E'ngli='),
fS shelZS,, etc. tc.

aiznah h;,. accent- d ~ pm re o.'t..;.;blit for ''.tusic"i
Posie, for sts::a. te, post-cards, otc Arrn.zgemps^ts alre prri;';tl;
being d nit& tLo ;o s.oe way towardAs t.: r.cin., exen. s, lncAirred in
the operation. (su-cL as t xscesa t- gc ;., paiye.nts, etc,).

:te list .s 'net ctustive o;vcustly neither bhave
mnost Dominica students 'bee appro ac he wit va w tc ac cp+tir.
various respor.ivbil.ntzies. We trust that; all.icnriiticans ;g;in Lhozen
for the holidays ill pley thir part by ZittirS co-oprSt.! viwtb
others or xercisir.n idividual initiattivcs.

The exhibition of course, cly a )art of the
aspiti-.. Work h.s to b> .on or historical, social rnd economic
as"pe-cts; of lif' iLn tl!n islands. Thias is ha etaentiaz prerpzSuisite
to the short talks sa.d publications which will corpriY s r; lporttnt
it "' oh h"-:, crOf
part of the .osit .orn. Cecilis GreeOn .nd Calvn .P atrck have eorn-
sEnted to collasborEte. on a sketch history of Dor:inic Swiniburne
LnstradoC on the econ;a:. of t'e blessed l5nd, and -.t i6 hoped that
pirsonai. .carn be found to 'work on other as gects of national. life o-
edtacar-icz (fferderscP.r,1 poliilcs-, society f flop ard Gfauna4., .etc.

Fiall;-, hao: y:s.t another avenue if partxic~iatiot,-
i.e. entrtarinent. ,'i.ers ancers. rctcors, crap -rs" 'tare .1 'I
needed fao the firna.l "Variety Conert" r.i-t f thZi expesi`ion.
I hca. the f3ul et ctrfid crcCa t lat tnis aspect of our contr-'iution
cannot fail to e. Gc.cess-:l. Catiudeiro, Josep and Allport Laav*
be-en zugta.ste6. as porasiblf joint orga&.isers of L-is venture.

It carnost he overemphasized how important tt if tfat 3a
an/ To-rji.icSs as p's iil4 Au1 th-.rr ieght to rai&k thC "
Nightt. the ta2-t of theo a.n i'thits Way oC'r course,
t4lp t6. m nake a-- oVc r ala success of our e.positAi oP '4'2.
ICImi ^iCUM^^.^- ri.iroai-11* n i11ir-r ri-ii-i *i v '


It is notified for general information
that the Postage Rates of the. State of Do-
mrnica have been revised and the new
raises will come into effect on ist January,
o 19 7 2 ', .
S The main features of the revised rates
S.rc as follow:
i (a) T~he introduction of seven
weight steps in the letter post service.
,b) The elimination of "Samples"
from the letter-post category.
(c, The introduction of an air parcel
service to the U.K., Canada, Conti-
nental U.S.A.. and countries of the
British Comnmonwealth in the Carib-
S Copies of. the rates can be obtained
from the G.P.O. main building from
STuesday 4th January, 1972
.&.' 4 b4 r 1.971 4 N_
gi^. '.,: - .ii' i' 'j' 'i'r'iii.. ~ii .1^ .. . r.. ,.. .. i. .111 i

r-~-~-~--- -- -7--- --- _______
Cable and Wireless ;West Indies) Lin
Regional Office, Bridgetown, require the se
of an experienced Diesel-Electric Engineer.
SThec successful applicant would be based in
bados, but' would be expected to travel w
within the Caribbean undertaking engine
ternator and switchboard maintenance on ar
dependent basis.
The post is permanent and pensionable subje
age and medical examination,.
Applicants, who must have at least five year
perience with diesel machines, generating e
ment and associated switchboards in the
3-2ooKVA, must have completed normal sec
ary education and will preferably hold tech
certificates at. or equivalent to, O.N.C.
Salari will be commresurate with qualifica
and experience.
In answer to this advertisement please writ
details of education and experience to:-
Regional Chief Executive,
Regional Office,
Cable & Wireless (W.I.) Ltd.,
P . Box 32,

rv ice

, al-

*ct to

s ex-


*.- i.

As from 2nd January, 9' 2 The following
times will be the hours of business for the St. Ai-
pbonsus Credit Union
Monday Friday 8.30 a.m. 12 noon
Spm. 3 p.m.
Wednesday .only; closing hour- 4 p.m.
NOTE: The Credit U-ion will no longer be
. pen for busines.,on Siurday. .


2ao- /I






In the High Court of justice

Under and by virtue of section 6(r) (b) of
the West Indies Asso:iated Starte Suprefy,:a
Court S.R.O. No. 16 69 the sitting of the High
Court in its Crininal Juiisdiction will corm-
mence on Tuesday the irth Day of Janutry,
1972, at the Hour of ten O'Clock in the fore-
noon at the Court House, Roseau, and Sub-
sequent days thereafter.


Dated the zand day of December, 19,p

;.20, 11

Government of Dominica
The TENTH Is-'ue o Treasury Bills closed :o i
Wednesday, i5th December at an average di,-
count rate of i 63%. This represents' an annual
interest rate of 6.65 %
The total amount tendered stood at $839,oe0
against a torai amount offered of $g5o,ooo.
Notice of another issue will be published in due

F27 i9 G.i99
22ad ete;mbr, 1971

C A, oP1.AiNLO
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971 Ford Cortina No.3234
One owner; 4,ooo miles.
Brand new G Soo Goodyear Radial Ply Tyres
and Radio'
Call: 24 1, ext- 32 S a.m. to 4 p.m.
',S-44 .


W 11

-- -

Friday, De--embeir 31, ? i'

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The t Vp bIiwme th c a:o
of iavi(ag aitd w*P$Ce CbtlmwC
ta gft der arl 'W5iF-r. Tfhi
n o B s sret. tThis knd hebs
btatn CoS2&arf lt.$ t qWnie A
laug deue ;15 wrs- s't'sju n )?
ottouJy griuns wovse.
3T' : rireof :d '-iCn. ra taSTaW,
huismciiehOd Cikes sa .ig,
e'iicsac rt4 sis.i beav.' all
risc agoilcnt'y bmt Ole
sst fng$tMl aBa"ra- ta&.
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f *a w*s i sf


Geet indUtries (W.I.) Ltd. i nites ipphcations
hr the post of Electricai Mchanic Engineer,
The- successful applicant will be reqvred to tra-
vel within the Windward Isands as the need
arises, to. maintain the company's ecitricai and
e.: ic;anica installations
.pplic t.., should be qualified M Eiccical'~
Engineering, and a good knowledge 4 mechanic-
; engineering would be a definite asa t
Salary wil be coimmeasu te with aialification
,.a experience. The company opc-aw a pension
Sad life assurance sc t .e.
Applicsti'on .in the applicant's owa cid wnrtig,
taking fufl particulars of educranf, and ex-
riencv shoulJd be addressed to these. Secretary,
ees tw ldstrie, (W.I) LtLd, P.O Box o6 i
Castrics, St. Lucias e so pos laaei. a

.That desirable property .i:lua:A at Morne
Bruce and known as Ross Cott4ge.
T he property coSmmands a maagnificent
view of the city .f Roseau, 4t harbour
Sand the surrounding Areas.
It msy be regarded as one of rte best re-
idential sites on the island anr the land
meatu., ing over an irre makes it ideally
suitable fot conversion imto a taxury re-
:'rt Hotei. '
,.or further particular-s con;ac:'
iCrIephonef 31%4. -Sn


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/y ,%~B~
Vw *^^ _vt
\^ ^^ ^M^
1K f ?J y *'/ Hi i
? fc?1' '^ "' ^ "~-I

v~ding dire,:t or indirect control c'-er
mr nn in~taii'atc, waok, ArrAngr .g
ar:d c.n'trol of: Bro#dbanr, group and
'amnne ; i ulbtion within Crib.bean'"

R.igion, dnd dened inr.terfac a w.,- ,.
other AI' nigtrat!ens
Sa.ed at the Eratrrn Caribbean R.egIdf..
*a1l ffc. 3RSarhadoL. buat expecred as
undertake a*xtrnsiv. tavei
the Eastern Caribbean and nelghbourmr
cowfrtie .


Responsftsb! ite for ustliltaso an-
operatre.nal itaison of Corrtr Trtr-.
miasslo, Broadband radl., Saticlite ._n,
cable systems, Acting adcomrpafy'& rep-
restattve on, Intrernattio bodies COg-
co*rEd Wlth operation and mamat nmncC
of Telecom",unicattioas stems,
-Conmer.,surate wit* Experitece .-i6
quaclftcstrors. This >e t fis tens'c:,
sutject to age and medical amtntnatmt.
Application E hold be tade oy flssr.w
not later that 31at january 1972 to:

Regional Chief Executive,
Cable & Wfreklss LW.L. Ltd.,
Eastern Caribbean Reional Offce,
P. 0, Sox 31,
SBrldgetown, Barbadoe.'


A vacancy exists with CABLE & WTRFL.P q
(WEST INDIES) LTD,; at the Eastern Carib-
bean Regional Office, Barbados. Details are as
POSITION. Senior Teticommunuleetions En e:..
TECHNtCAL To-Degree. HNC or CA& FG u ;.Te .
EDUCArtCON nolo ericati C cae standard., n r: .
ir'ed subtats. Corporate memt rsfc,)
of t.E.E or !E.R.E an .advsragta.
EXPE PIENCE -At least 7 years engineering e.
per'ence in carrier trntmismittsn, VH,,'
SUHF, Mlcrowev an2d strbmartle cc rd
SCabie s)t ms
At least '3] years experience at snia'-r
ie' t,i including planning, a ,isu u!s.;'
ar:d c'r- 'c'.'rA n;rg of "rtje ui ti'

jGewel! Y'ncw.edge of Telephbean* si,
te:rs. Sa eiite Record. Data. Power ac'id
Sw Ichurg technicues.
DUTIES ConducXrtnc tBrhirnli c~trxurw -rnd r

Findday, ,?>

- -,.-- ..- ...A 1>

Friday,December 31, 1971

lag Te HE SA

TUaLNvU: Knock-out for Ali
Former world heavyweight champ-
ion Muhammad Ali gained a knock-
out victory over Nest German heavy-
,.eight Juergen Blin in the 7th rd.
of their non-title 12-round fight
on"Dec.26 in Zurich,Switzerlahd.
CRICKET: Five West Indian players,
Charlie Griffith,Seymour-Nurse,Wes
Hall,Lance Gibbs and Jackie Hend-
ricks will represent a Rest side
against the Trinidah State team in
a Testimonial 50-over match organ-
ised at Dr. Eric Williams' request
in honour of Wes Hall.
Captains of the Teams are Joey
Carew for Trinidad and Wes Hall
for 'The Rest.
Grenada's Premier Eric Gairy
will lead a Grenada te am against
the aLiting Barbados CavalierB on
January 8 at Queen's Park Oval,
Hurrah! Just completed is
the long-awaited basketball court
at Windsor Park. .This was brought
by the untiring and kindly efforts
of Island Coach Wilmoth Leblanc
and the co-operation of a few bask-
etball-enthusiasts; work was hurrid
on the Court in anticipation of the
coming 1972 season, which means that
for the first time in our History
of Basketball, the game will be
played at Windsor Park and on DASA's
own Court.
..._________________ ^



n r.mram I

Philogene returned from St.Vincent Professor A.V.Lochhead,, one-time Advis-
after graduating at the Child Care er to the Min.Social Affairs.,Fed. Govt.-,
Training Centre there. Miss Leblanc is in Dominica on a visit sponsored by
(a citizen of Roseau) came in 1st the Ministry of Overseas Development,
as top student the first top He has trained certain Dominicans in
student from Dominica at these Social Studies to promote the Welfare
courses.Last year,honours went to of our citizens', and must be interested
St.Lucia.(Canadian S.C.P.trainnes), in -the--present social status of his
THE,. QUEEN, -. AND THE POPE traimees: one has abandoned the Service
Both these notables-made special to become a Minister; another has gaind
reference to the importance of fam- a highly paid position and virtually
ily life in their Christmas messags.nationalised the village c-ouncils,save.
The Queen said that being a parent for a few independents,. He also plays
was more important than being an a leading part ih election procedures,
engineer ar a scientist. *-***-** Two lady trainees are now at work in
their appropriate fields, as also a
THE STRANGEST RUMOUR OF ALL (see gentleman in the South, Mr. Lochhead
next column).: That there is going on to other States to look
an emergency session of.the House around and assess how his ex-students
early next week to railroad cer ln in these islands use their training.
legislation through Assembly.(We inted and published by the. Pro rietor
ws Go would comeR.E.Allfrey of Mill House Copt all a
wish Govt. would come through with P6 Bart+h Road Rose1au T1^ iA;T 11

a denial).

s an n ca n Go


I-age Ten


On the last day of the .O.d Year
it is dif:.f.icult .to dis~n$angle fact
from fiction, as in the case of our
popular woman story-writer. So we give
readers a list of news and rumours,
and leave it to their discrimination
to weed-out the true from the imagin-
ative. Bishop -Bpwers came to his
homeland to help arbitrate in the case
ofGovt. vs. the people in the RTC
affair. He was assisted by (Judge)'Cosy'
Harris. They met the Premier in Ports-
mouth, and a further meeting with Free-
dom delegates may come out of this...
* On Wednesday next persons may be
charged in connection with the events
of Dec. 16. During the week-end,12
leaders of the people's revolt against
unpopular legislation may be put under
House Arrest. The Chief of.Police
has tendered his resignation, but is
staying on for a bit. Black Power.
members and friends had a good meeting
in the Botanical Gardens. They said
they were accused'of ,violent particip-
ation in the House of Assembly Affair,
but were certainly not the ringleaders,
They object however to the Government':
removal of democratic rights from any
properly constituted body, feeling that
any organisation may be next,.. They
also discussed plans for 1972, which
include encouraging young people to',
help in better land-use in the State.*.
A 'palace revolutiodnin the Labour hier-
archy is in progress. *Two Ministers of
Government are sick .in the Hospital. *
We do not add 'is it true?' because we
don't know.all',the answers'

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